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Agent talks, Wenger makes Remy contact & Personal terms agreed for Aurier?

Morning all.

Conflicting striker news in the papers today.

Some believe that it’s Loic Remy Arsene wants on board, others believe it’s Mario Balotelli.

According to a Marseille insider:

Arsene rang our chairman. He seemed to be more interested in what kind of person Loic is. He didn’t give any trouble in the three years he was here.

Until May 2013 of course, when he found himself behind bars for a day but to be fair, he’d left France by then and since then, all allegations against him have been dropped. If this so called ‘insider’ is telling the truth, it would appear that there’s still a slight chance Remy could become an Arsenal player this summer.

But hang on, isn’t Arsene Wenger supposed to be having a chat with the agent of Mario Balotelli this weekend?

Yes he is if we are to believe The Daily Star, the same newspaper who suggested that the Italian had hoped to join up with his old mate Jose Mourinho at Chelsea but surely they won’t need him if they are signing Costa?

‘Need’ doesn’t come into the equation when talking about that under tall Portuguese man though does it, we all know how much he likes to try and get one over Arsene Wenger and no doubt he’d go to great lengths to scupper any transfer plans our manager/club have. So much so, I’m surprised he hasn’t signed most of the players we’ve been linked to so far this summer!

No wonder the club give nothing away!

Knowing that, just where has the story about Serge Aurier come from?

L’Equipe and Get French Football is the answer. They both suggest that personal terms have been agreed between the player and us and all that remains is a transfer fee to be agreed by Toulouse and Arsenal. The deal is suggested to be ‘long-term’.

We’ll see but I’m not holding my breath!

Germany had a bit of a wobble last night as they only managed to draw with Ghana. Nigeria sent Bosnia packing from this Word Cup after winning 1-0, they now need just a point from there last game to secure a place in the knock-out stages. Mind you, that game is against Argentina who are already through to the next round after they managed a 1-0 victory over Iran thanks to a very very late goal by Messi.

Today sees Belgium take on Russia at 5pm. South Korea play Algeria at 8pm and the USA play Portugal at 11pm…

Can’t say any of those fixtures will tempt me into watching…..

Have a great Sunday all….


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72 Responses to Agent talks, Wenger makes Remy contact & Personal terms agreed for Aurier?

  1. Wavy says:

    Morning Rico and fellow fiction writers, nice one!
    I’m putting all my faith in Dick signing two, Bent, Umbongo. Then we will be “complete”!

    More nonsense to follow when I put my brain in gear.

  2. Canadian Gooner says:

    Good Morning to The Lady of the House.

    The prospect of the Yanks making CR7 cry like the Germans did doesn’t temp you Rico?

    He and the Spaniards think all they have to do is show up to win. It hasn’t been a good World Cup for the Iberians.

  3. potter says:

    And the beat goes on & on & on.

    If you believe the papers Arsene is metaphorically sitting on the floor surrounded by cards with names on and he is playing spin the bottle. Truth probably is that he’s actually juggling and trying to see where the names fall and in which position. If he goes to form he will dither and keep moving them as one by one they snapped up elsewhere and ends up with those that are left.

  4. Canadian Gooner says:

    Wavy – Such cynicism, the transfer window isn’t even officially open yet. This could be a very long summer for you.

  5. El Tel 1 says:

    Morning Rico,

    We are getting linked with everyone at the moment.

    Balotteli would be low on my list, I would even take Remi above Him. Same output less trouble and a chance for Joel Campbell to step in to cover.

    It is also more like Wenger to go with the cheaper option.

    If we buy Aurier are we getting an upgrade on the over rated Sagna or just another Eboue?

    I liked the look of that Pjanic fella last night for Bosnia.

  6. Wavy says:

    Cg, it has been already! Every morning I get up with hope in my heart of hearing the club have bought an inspiration player who will take us forward, and every morning I find I am confronted by the lack hole of inactivity!
    Times never change! Although one morning a signing will be announced, I just hope it lives up to my and every other supporters’ expectations! And The club buy a special player.
    But I’m not holding my breath.

  7. rico says:

    Morning El Tel, Cg, Potter, Wavy and all..

    Cg, not really but I do hope the US win…

  8. rico says:

    I don’t believe for one minute we’ll be signing Mario…

  9. Canadian Gooner says:

    I can see the club signing Super Mario, as long as Milan don’t become greedy and squeeze a few extra million from us based on his WC play. If not him, then Manzukic or Remy. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing Joel Campbell in pre-season exhibition matches.

  10. Scott From Oz says:

    Morning all.
    We will be spending.
    The League will be ours.
    I missed a penalty today.
    My second in 38 years of football.
    I am suffering.

  11. rico says:

    Hope it’s not Manzukic, he’s meant to be a bit slow…

    You could play for England Scott, they usually miss penalties… lol

  12. Canadian Gooner says:

    Scott – Stick with Australia, they are a better team.

  13. rico says:

    :) Cg, you are spot on there….

  14. Scott From Oz says:

    Gotta love team mates.
    Two minutes after my failed attempt, It was on YouTube.
    Still, it would only have made it a 5-1 loss :)

  15. Scott From Oz says:

    CG, I am always proud of Aussie teams when they give their all :)

  16. Canadian Gooner says:

    Rico – Mandzukic is similar to Giroud in many ways , including a lack of pace. However, that was a gut busting solo run from ‘Slow Olivier’ to score against the Swiss.

    I’m hoping for someone a little different to compliment Olivier. A signing like Balotelli, Benzema, Di Maria, Morata or Remy; but I fear Benzema has played his way back into the hearts of the Barelona chiefs. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  17. rico says:

    Have you got the link Scott??

  18. Canadian Gooner says:

    Scott – Advance Australia Fair – the Socceroos have done you proud.

    I’m off to bed to catch a few hours sleep before today’s games kick off.

    Keep The Faith!

  19. rico says:

    Cg, that’s why I hope it’s not Mandzukic, I hope we sign a striker with pace and one who knows where the goal is.

    Who that player is I don’t mind really, as long as he can get 20+ goals a season…

  20. rico says:

    Sleep well Cg…

  21. Scott From Oz says:

    Rico, not a chance I’ll share it hahahaha.

  22. Scott From Oz says:

    Night CG.

  23. rico says:

    How about facebook Scott? ;)

  24. rico says:

    I’m off to enjoy a lovely summers day in the garden, catch up a bit later….

    Night Scott…

  25. Scott From Oz says:

    Rico, now you’re just being cheeky hahahahahaha

  26. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Dzeko scored a clear goal yesterday. Another mistake from the referee with big influnece in the final score and atthe final table.
    I don’t want Ballotelli.
    Do you have any news about the GK and the Dm?

  27. Wath says:

    just been sitting in the garden and I’ve just seen a ball fly past in the sky…………….. Scott, was that you…?

  28. A ball fly past in the sky you said Wath???

    Blimey. Surely it is not John Terry’s ball still doing the orbit? Or Beckam’s?? ;)

    Good Afternoon Sunshines and Moonrays!!!!

  29. Hell Raising Devil says:

    It cant be Scott’s. His shot would barely reach the six yard box :P

  30. potter says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t a pig towing an Arsenal has signed banner behind it.

  31. Wath says:

    No Potter def no pig pulling a banner… Also probably a bit to soon for Scott’s crappy penalty to of got this far….! Another day or two and it could of been his…!

    John Terry’s… maybe Dev never thought of that.

  32. Scott From Oz says:

    Nailed the shot…just hit it an inch wide!
    Then I hit the post with a free kick, and hit another a mile over the cross bar from 3 yards out.
    One of those days!!

  33. Scott From Oz says:

    And thanks for the sympathy hahahaha

  34. Wath says:

    Hark at him………… hit the post, hit the bar,just missed this, just missed that… cleared off the line…. Couldn’t hit a barn door blah blah blah….!

    You were crap admit it……………… :P

  35. Hell Raising Devil says:

    now dont bluff Scott. You know…..the ball never reached the six yard box. :P

  36. southyorkshiregunner says:


    The high point of Spain’s training session ahead of their game against Australia was unfortunately not a show of brilliant football but rather a dispute between the team’s manager and midfielder.
    Del Bosque admonished Cesc Fàbregas for not making an effort in training and then went on to take away the starter bib from the player and hand it over to Xabi Alonso.
    The Spain team were just getting going in the training session for their third and last game in the World Cup with Del Bosque watching over his starting players. At one point, the manager finally lost his patience with the midfielder, surprising all present.
    Del Bosque had had enough of Cesc’s attitude and ordered him to take off his bib which the starting players were wearing and put on one of the black tops that the other players were had on. Xabi Alonso was then chosen to wear the bib.
    Another player held Fàbregas from behind to avoid the incident becoming even more unsightly with all the media looking on during the open training session.
    Cesc had been training with little intensity for all the world to see and with an apparent attitude of disinterest. In all probability Del Bosque admonished him for this slackness.
    The new Chelsea player feels that the Spain manager has been unfair with him because he has been changed from a starter to the team’s third sub against Holland to not even playing for a minute against Chile.
    Asked about the scene in the following press conference, defender Raúl Albiol assured, “I didn’t see anything odd; I imagine that he is as upset as all the rest of the team are.”

    Read more: Del Bosque – Cesc Fàbregas tiff – MARCA.com (English version)

  37. Hell Raising Devil says:

    Cesc is cheesed off because AW snubbed him.

  38. Wath says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor little baby………………….! He’ll fit in so well at the Chavs with that ego..!

  39. Hell Raising Devil says:

    He is cheesed off WATH. He has realised that he is no longer the favourite of AW and AWFC so he is turning into Shrek mk2.

    Next year he will cheese off Maureen-Yo. And that is the worst thing he can do.

  40. Hell Raising Devil says:

  41. Wath says:

    Dev, I couldn’t give a rats arse about him mate… Payback is a bitch and this is payback for the way he behaved before he left….! Fcuk him…!

    Hope you well mate.

  42. Hell Raising Devil says:

    I am ok mate. Just a bit pissed off because we have not signed anyone yet. I mean……AW has the money, it is increasing as well since there is also the Vela clause and Cesc money so he cannot complain now.

  43. Nickie says:

    Afternoon all,

    Solid post rico :)

    Actually feel sorry for Vermaelen now, wish he’d be given a chance to sit just in front of the defence. Hate seeing him miserable and on the bench

  44. rico says:

    Evening all…

    Thanks Nickie..

    Devil, you and me both re no signings!

  45. Micko says:

    Tony Adams was always hitting the bar scott, your in good company.

    Vermaelen’s world cup looks to be over, might wanna come home early to see how he looks in his new manc jersey.

  46. Gunnerdna says:

    New Arsenal jersey spotted in OFFICIAL Puma Store in Macau #afc #puma [via @JamesClarkAFC]. pic.twitter.com/Y3IkHexDvD

  47. rico says:

    :) Micko..

  48. Another 5 on the clock today. Will soon be pushing up to 6.

    Signed any1 yet??

  49. rico says:

    Night guys, catch up tomorrow…

  50. Scott From Oz says:

    DNA, the official kit has not even been finalised yet, so ignore that.
    Arsenal Australia are in touch with Puma, as we are able to source the shirt on the day it’s realised worldwide, rather than have to wait til it’s released them sent over here, and they have been adamant it’s not yet been finalised.
    Morning all.
    Wath/Devil/Rico, I was a bad player out luck yesterday lol.

  51. Micko says:

    What a relief scott, it’s good to know Arsenal Australia will let Arsenal London N5 let the world know when the new kit is released, that’s a weight off my shoulders lol.
    As much as I like puma i would rather walk around with needles stuck in my eyes than have fly emirates emblazoned across my chest ! Fcuk em.
    rico, I’m back in the saddle again after that sham the other night, algeria vs South korea was actually a very good entertaining game this evening believe it or not.

  52. allezkev says:

    As far as Scott’s missed penalty is concerned, that’s because he was wearing high heels and suspenders…. :-D

  53. allezkev says:

    Apparently, The International Space Station reported seeing what seemed like a football, heading out into deep space, probably towards Uranus…

    What was that you saying Scott about blasting a shot miles over the bar…
    Stick to table-tennis Digger. :-P

  54. allezkev says:

    It seems that Oxlade-Chamberlain aggravated his knee injury in training the other day and is definately out of the Costa Rica game on Tuesday.
    Alex could well end up being the only outfield player, not to get a run-out in the WC..

    Lets just hope that he’s fit for Arsenal, when the season kicks-off in just over 7 weeks time!

  55. allezkev says:

    Night All…

    Morning Lee

  56. Scott From Oz says:

    Micko, I’m not suggesting that at all.
    It’s happening worldwide with official supporters clubs, which is great for us overseas supporters.
    All I said was Puma here have told us it is yet to be finalised.
    I guess we can always take the word of someone who saw it in Macau lol
    Kev, it was a beautifully struck penalty, but that damn wind got hold if it :)

  57. tsgh says:

    Morning Rico and all,

    Scott, I thought you were Pirlo when it came to taking penalties? :)

  58. Scott From Oz says:

    Ginge, I’m not that old hahaha.
    That’s two I’ve missed out of around 30, but what a miss!!
    Too confident…..what can I say lol.
    How goes it?
    Give me an honest answer….can you see our Aussie boys sticking it to the Spanish?

  59. rico says:

    Morning Scott, Ts and all…

  60. Scott From Oz says:

    Hiya Rico.

  61. tsgh says:

    Hi there Lady? Good weekend?
    Scott, I am always honest mate…

    I would love it if/when the Aussie’s stick it to the Spanish…

    Was reading about Cesc… lol

    As you and Wath summed it up payback is a bitch… as I always say AW always pays back somehow and some way.. lets see next season if Cesc is the same Cesc…

  62. tsgh says:

    I will go 3-2 Scott…

  63. Good Morning Sunshines and Moonrays.

    it will be 5-1 Scott……….

    ……to the Spaniards. :P

  64. tsgh says:

    Then the Devil turns up.. howdy mate?

  65. Hell Raising Devil says:

    I am fine Ginge.

    The OX is out from the next game as well. Let’s hope they send him back so that he can be ready for the beginning of the season.

  66. rico says:

    Yes thanks Ts, you?

    Morning Devil..

  67. Scott From Oz says:

    Devil, I am worried that Spain will suddenly turn up, and that our boys left it all on the pitch v Goonsters boys.
    Still, they will give it a go.

  68. Scott From Oz says:

    Ginge, I will take a 3-2 win :)

  69. rico says:

    OC will be back Devil, they all will be and probably Wednesday. ;)

    I’m quite glad he misses tomorrows match, just hope his injury is nothing serious and just a little niggle…

  70. Hell Raising Devil says:

    That is why I think it will be that score Scott. I feel gave it all vs the Dutch.

    And another thing is that I feel that Del Bosque will go with some young ones to prepare for the future. So I feel they will be out to impress.

  71. rico says:

    New one up now..

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