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Thomas Vermaelen has to go! FA let us down again!

Morning all.

He has to doesn’t he?

There was a day when Belgium played football, you just knew our captain would be at the back leading the way but yesterday, he couldn’t even get off of the bench.

Whether that was down to the fact they were playing a low rated side in Algeria, or the fact that he’s not been playing enough football is anyone’s guess but whatever the reason, Vermaelen must be pretty cheesed off.

Our captain is 28 years old, at a push he may get one more chance at the World Cup but I doubt it. Between now and then though, they’ll be the Euro’s and that really could be his last chance to win something with his country…

But he needs to be playing club football each week and right now, unless something awful happens to either Mertesacker or Koscielny, I can’t see that happening.

It’s not fair on him as club captain to be sat on the bench twiddling his thumbs when he could be having a run around elsewhere….

If he does go, at least he does so with an FA Cup medal in his pocket, not many Arsenal captains can brag about that of late….

Talking of that fine day out at Wembley, we are off there again on the 10th August to face Man City in the Community Shield.

Yet again, the ticket allocation is an absolute sham!

Just 25,000 tickets have been allotted to both sets of fans and considering Wembley holds 90,000, that number is an absolute disgrace!

Ivan Gazidis isn’t happy either:

We are all looking forward to playing Manchester City in the Community Shield. However, as with the FA Cup final, we are disappointed with the official allocation of only 26,000 tickets for this match.

This means that both clubs will only officially receive a combined total of approximately 52,000 tickets, in a stadium which has a capacity of 90,000.

The club will implement a ticket-allocation policy which will be as fair to all our supporters as possible, but we appreciate that many of our loyal supporters will be unable to obtain tickets for this match.

We will be explaining our position to the FA and will try our best to obtain more tickets for our supporters.

I doubt anyone at the FA will be interested in what Ivan Gazidis has to say and I doubt the club will receive any additional tickets as I suspect they’ll be only interested in lining their own pockets whilst sticking two fingers up to the real football fans of course!

The FA bleat on about how the football in this country is declining, how there aren’t enough English players playing in the Premier League etc etc, well perhaps if they stopped thinking about making money and thought about investing it instead, English football would be in a better place.

Allocating more tickets to ‘proper’ fans wouldn’t be a bad place to start!

Still, I guess the FA would rather give those additional 40,000 tickets to a bunch of toffs who really couldn’t give a toss who wins the Community Shield!!

English football in a bad place?

For sure it is, because those who run don’t give a damn about those who really want to be at Wembley!!

Here’s our fixtures for the coming season and for once, our last game is at home.

August: 16th Crystal Palace (h) 23rd Everton (a) 30th Leicester (a)

September:  13th Man City (h) 20th Aston Villa (a) 27th Tottenham (h)

October:  4th Chelsea (a) 18th Hull (h) 25th Sunderland (a)

November: 1st  Burnley (h) 8th Swansea (a) 22nd Man Utd (h) 29th West Brom (a)

December:  2nd Southampton (h) 6th Stoke (a) 13th Newcastle (h) 20th Liverpool (a) 26th QPR (h) 28th West Ham (a)

January:  1st Southampton (a) 10th Stoke (h) 17th Man City (a) 31st Aston Villa (h)

February:  7th Tottenham (a) 10th Leicester (h) 21st Crystal Palace (a) 28th Everton (h)

March:  3rd  QPR (a) 14th West Ham (h) 21st Newcastle (a)

April:  4th Liverpool (h) 11th Burnley (a) 18th Sunderland (h) 25th Chelsea (h)

May:  2nd Hull (a) 9th Swansea (h) 16th Man Utd (a) 24th West Brom (h)

I’d say the first half of the season is slightly more tricky than the second….

There’s the fixtures, now we just need to know who we’ll have in our squad to play them….

That’s it for Wednesday…..


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386 comments on “Thomas Vermaelen has to go! FA let us down again!

  1. Can’t make plans until the Television companies have got their hands on it. Just hope we get more Sky matches than silly oclock kick offs with BT.

  2. Totally agree potter, but I strongly suspect we’ll get plenty on Bt, especially the ‘big ones’…

  3. Morning all.

    The FA bleat on about how the football in this country is declining?
    I don’t think it is.

    There aren’t enough English players playing in the Premier League?
    Put a minimum cap on imports at £10M and that they have to be internationals. That will weed out most of the shite.

    Allocating more tickets to ‘proper’ fans wouldn’t be a bad place to start.
    Totally agree.
    The big day at Wembley as never really been for the fans.
    Arsenal could fill the place on their own.
    If you look back to say 1979, I think we were only allocated 25,000 then.
    In fact – I remember a Play for Today on BBC 1 – that followed a few Man Utd fans going to Wembley to see them play Southampton in 1976, none of whom had tickets –
    “The Queen – what’s she doing there – she wouldn’t know the difference between a football and a blown-up Durex.”

  4. Wenger please give us a team of hope, pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee

  5. But the Queen is a Gooner Syg, so be nice…. :)

  6. Do you want that on here Syg?

  7. Ochoa links to us make me laugh……

  8. Morning all.

  9. He is decent for Ajacio but couldn’t help prevent them from relegation from Ligue 1

  10. Thanks Rico. I’m only half way through it. I only have time to write non-technical stuff when I’m over at the house in Cyprus. This is fiction based on fact. ‘Arsenal fact’.

    Ochoa? Had a great game and I knew we’d end up being linked.

    Almunia had a great game (a) v Man Utd in the Champs League SF 1st Leg. He doesn’t mean he was good.

    A stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

  11. He’s free isn’t he?

  12. I meant the twitter link to your personal account Syg? ;)

  13. There’s FREE and there’s FREE

    FREE comes with daft wages which is generally the reason why some players try and run down their contracts.

  14. Morning good people, good post Rico.

  15. No you’re okay Rico, but thanks….

    I’m trying to make ‘Ginge’ and ‘Fred Nerk’ stars… Their characters are in it…

  16. and ‘Bondy’ …. Forgot about him

  17. Ochoa linked to us already…….AW please save us from all this nonsense…. someone kills a fly he becomes a sniper.

  18. Ok Syg, I’ll leave the links where you left them above…

    Agree re the daft wages, and we’d be daft to pay him them imo…

  19. Thanks bondex…

    Didn’t take the media buffoons long did it..

  20. Syg, is Tony Farrell making news in South Yorkshire local press?

  21. Poor Verm, where did it all go wrong.

    Quick question, What is the difference between red, silver and gold membership? Finished college about 4 years ago and have now settled into a good job so looking to get to more games, best options? easy to get tickets?

    Would buy 2 season tickets for me and the missus now but obviously there’s too much of a long wait

  22. Not that I know of Ginge…..

    Any reason why?

  23. nice easy morning read btw :)

  24. Nickie – it’s quite easy to get tickets – but to sit together, that’s a bit harder unless its for a cup game…..

  25. Morning All,
    My target is to make the players as rich as possible within the financial constraints of the club. My target is not to give them less money. I’m happy to make them rich.

    Arsene Wenger

  26. so red membership is the best and easiest way to get tickets for my situation? got 2 tickets for emirates cup for us through general sale, Because I don’t have a red member card I guess they’ll send those out lol

  27. Thanks Nickie, shame for TV really. Think playing left back didn’t help him…

  28. I need to renew my red membership …..

  29. Nickie,
    Give the membership office a call and ask for two season tickets and say you will sit anywhere as long as they are together.
    Othewise see if can rent a couple,go on the arsenal sites/blogs.

  30. nice read Rico…….crystal palace first game let’s see if pulis can work his magic again……first seven games are really tough let’s hope we have a squad capable of taking us through cus we are still going to play the cl qualifiers in between

  31. Thanks snaparse.

    fred, :) re AW..

    Popping off for a while, catch up later…

  32. If we couldn’t handle the first 7 games or the CL qualifiers then we don’t deserve to be The Arsenal.
    Wenger knows what holes we have in the squad. Hopefully he’ll continue rebuilding in the same vein that he has the past two seasons.

    No-one particularly jumped out at me in yesterdays games bar the players you know that we’d never ever get.

  33. Syg, I guess you know him not then; he is an old intelligence copper who is now a truther.

    Snap, what are you views on Brazil’s midfield? I think Oscar should be played in the hole instead of Neymar.

  34. Yeah i’ll give that a go Fred, that’s an issue where I really need to be speaking to a human being lol. I’ve had to contact Arsenal box office because I still haven’t received my Emirates cup tickets. Had a read of the email, doesn’t state whether it’s fast eticketing(pdf format) or via post. Guess ole Steve Lamb will sort me out haha.

    Spell at left back shook his confidence. Since then whenever he has played at CB he looks like a lost lamb, against City away where he came on seemed to be playing RB most of the game! positional discipline is atrocious

  35. Syg, you got to come up with a tangible reason why Song has outlasted Cesc at Barca. lol

  36. Song LOL. They can’t get rid of him. He’s glued himself to the bench.

  37. I keep on trying to reply to your ‘truther’ thing Ginge but I keep on getting bounced back….. No idea what that is about…

  38. Best business ever done by Arsene.
    Anything more than 10 million for Song was pure theft!!

  39. I’ve kept on saying it Scott.

  40. SYG, I still can not believe Barca wanted him.
    They truly have more money than sense.
    Well, money at their disposal.

  41. Afternoon All

    Afternoon Rico, good post, I even read it twice. ;-)

    You know, I know somebody, who knows the bloke, who services the car of a bloke, who knows this geezer, who thinks he knows the guy in the burger van down Gillespie Road, who talks to the programme seller outside the Arsenal tube, who chats to the fella in the Arsenal Box Office, who also regularily debates with the Groundsman from the Emirates.

    Does that make me an ITK..?

  42. Kev, I thought you were an AKB?
    It’s one or the other mate!!

  43. Song outlasted Cesc at Barca because he has a longer………. ;)

    The BArcelona ladies need one like him.

  44. Onya Devil hahahaha

  45. Nickie contact Rico and get my E-mail address , I may be able to help you.

  46. Never knew Kolo Toure had caused problems at Arsenal…..

    Gallas and Adebayor, yes.

  47. I love †̥ђƺ first 4 matches,tricky but winnable.I want us to start on †̥ђƺ front foot this season and grow in confidence as †̥ђƺ season goes on.I know we will again pick up some injuries and having a large squad will cover than but not injuries to special.

  48. Hi, How are you all?

    Yesterday, there were Santi leaving rumors, so what does Arsenal.com do? They put videos of all the Santi goals on homepage. Awesome!!!

  49. Potter, how can you help mate?

    If it’s season tickets I think I’d probably just go onto the waiting list and do it through the club. Can you trust peoples selling season tickets?

  50. Not selling my tickets but I can help you privately.

  51. you missed the point Syg…

    Kolo and Gallas did not talk like yorke and Andy Cole.

    The same way Lauren and PV04 fell out because he was man enough to defend Reyes when all the french boys were against him…

    Hiya Dev.. Longer ??? :-)

  52. you should get the my email from the lady of the House- Syg

  53. For †̥ђƺ past 6 seasons,I have learnt something important in football,and that thing is LUCK.On injury cases,imagine last season man city should loss yaya toure,Silva and fenandinho for 3 months in January and chelshit should loss lizard and terry and kidneypool should loss Suarez and gerred,did you think squad depth with covers those injuries?No in ♍Ɣ opinion but †̥ђƺ question is Why is arsenal suffering from injuries problems every fucking season.?And when luck is on your side ramos scored that goal that won †̥ђƺ cup,aluko should have scored that empty net after fabby did his thing,that Giroud shot should have been in †̥ђƺ net agaisnt Everton at †̥ђƺ closing second of that emirate game.Luck is vital in football.

  54. Our record on the first day of season has always been dodgy… even with Seaman, TA and PV04 we still lost against Peter Reids Sunderland

  55. If you join as a red members , the club has a scheme where you can exchange tickets to other members. My son and I sit together but due to work commitments there are always 6 or so games we can’t make often midweek CL matches and we have to put them on exchange. If I have your contact number I can let you know the matches and using your memberships I can get the seats transferred to you . You pay the club and I get a reduction on my Season tickets next year . All perfectly legal and run by the club. If thats of use to you contact me as suggested.

  56. Changing the subject, a little.
    I have to register my disappointment to the choice of Aaron’s wedding suit. It was Cardiff blue! You’d have thought he would have chosen a red gilet with white sleeves wouldn’t you?
    He looked, they both looked very smart absolutely fit for purpose!
    Love Venice, a fabulous place. They have excellent taste. Hope he comes back fit and ready to go when the season starts!

  57. You mean Aaron Rambo got married?

  58. Ok Potter, thanks a lot.

    Sorry to sound a bit rude earlier lol the internet can be a very untrustworthy place these days. I’ll have a word with the missus then contact accordingly :)

  59. Ginge
    you ever need to contact me


    my mobiles on there


    and my emails are on there

    I’ve said before – if ever you and the family fancy nipping up north – give us a shout – plenty of room and the areas quite nice .

  60. Ginge
    you ever need to contact me


    my mobiles on there

  61. Do you reckon Tommy and Judas are bandits.

  62. http://www.natm-mag.co.uk/contact-us.php

    and my emails are on there

    I’ve said before – if ever you and the family fancy nipping up north – give us a shout – plenty of room for an Arsenal lad and the area’s quite nice

  63. Definitely not Fred.

    Anyway we are supposed to be tolerant to gays …..

  64. I don’t believe the rumours either Syg.

  65. cheers, Syg…

    I will hold you to it very soon…

    I will bring my africans with me… :-)

  66. Afternoon all, according the Daily Rag, if we get past cl qualifiers, our group stages matches are followed by away fixtures. Syg, are membership renewals automatic, if paying by DD?

  67. Scott I swing between being an AKB and a Doomer depending very much on Arsenal’s transfer activity, ambition, intent (take your pick) or lack of.

    An ITK I am not, and never will be…
    I don’t need my ego massaged tbh.

  68. No problem Ginge – I bet they are lovely.

  69. They are BT62 my friend. Unfortunately I am not with the HSBC now so I have to renew via my new bank

  70. Ozil’s performance against Portugal

  71. Afternoon all.

    You read it twice Kev, that’s brave… ;)

    Thanks for the link devil… :)

  72. That’s interesting …

  73. Syg, you might have a point: Franky Vander Elst revently said Origi more complete at 19 than Lukaku and Benteke.

  74. Who wants whose email address?

  75. He has some serious/interesting ‘truth’/submissions about hillsborough too that i thought you might like to read…

  76. Hi Rico, I got Syg’s number now.cheers.x

  77. No probs Ts….

  78. Rico I think Nickie might want mine.

  79. You got mail ginge

  80. Bt, re the CL fixtures, no change re us being stitched up with away fixtures…

  81. Ok Potter, I will email it to Nickie..

  82. Yes Syg… ;)

  83. For the ‘Wengerist’

  84. I’ll take Michelle Keegan’s if you’ve got it rico, ta.

  85. Lol Can you run faster than Sinclair? Micko

  86. Let me check Micko… lol

  87. Wright from Essex I meant*

  88. So that’s what Gazidas means when he say’s he’s in deep discussions !

  89. That picture didn’t show just now Ts…

  90. Was just about to say you’ve got the wrong man Ts…

    Sinclair was with that bimbo Helen Flannaghan… (spelling)

  91. Our last 4 opening day fixtures results: drawn 3 lost 1.

  92. “… And who the hell is that ?”

    I saw that photo last night Ginge. I bet Diaby gave him a bollocking for making him look an idiot….. lol

  93. Rico, I get Michelle and Helen mixed up sometimes.. :-P

    Micko- IG and AW are scouting for a Kim Kardashian look-alikes on the beach

  94. Lol Syg, I just saw it…

    AW will next to spotting a tattoo and an ear-ring :)

    Sorry Rico if photo is offensive/inappropriate please remove…

  95. Negotiations are obviously much more laid back in Brazil tsgh.

  96. Good morning arsenal friends,

    Kike Marin** @Kike_Marin_
    El gran objetivo del #Arsenal era Marco Reus, un fichaje muy difícil, pero la lesión de tobillo parece que cierra su salida del #Dortmund.

  97. Very good read. Thanks for link Rico…

    To me TV is a fine fine player. I was amazed to see Hummels and Per being paired to such success. Maybe it was foreced on Loew but if Hummels can play with Per then TV can also do teh same as to me Hummels and TV are very similar; they just play with different foot.

    Re. TV as a DM, I know Wath, Kev and Scott have mentioned it before and I hope AW manages to convince him to stay and maybe try the DM role again.

    Folks don’t have to believe me but TV played occasionally as DM for Ajax and claimed to hate it…

    Is it not interesting that Verthogen (spelling), Alderweilder all turned down the opportunity to join us when AW said he was going to play them as the new Manu Petit?

    As I say AW from the 80’s has always liked his no.6 to be a leftie; the reason why Randall and JW all got chances and Aw boght and converted Petit from LB/CB to DM and also Van Bronchiust to no.6 from LB… Also Edu…

    So nI am certain Aw has discussed it with TV and he may have refused…

  98. It’s not Ts, honest, just it didn’t show earlier, matters not now….

    Gdna, just saw that on Le Grove too, what does it say in English?

  99. Reus our priority for summer but unlikely to happen now…

  100. The major objective of Arsenal # Marco Reus was a very difficult signing, but the ankle injury appears to close your output # Dortmund.

  101. I too read TV has said he doesn’t want to play DM, just like he doesn’t like Lb either.

  102. Ah, another made up transfer story from twitter then… lol

  103. Dna, Can’t wait for Chile game later…

    Vidal will truly show why he is considered the best midfielder in the world currently…

    I bought the England vs Chile ticket last November just to see him live but was disappointed he missed it

  104. Ts, Arsene was probably asking the guy in photo, what he was doing between August and the end of May.

  105. Van Buyten out TV in, and Belgique will be surely, in the next stage.
    Pay attention to the right back of Belgium team and the center forward from Lille who had replaced Chelsea striker.

  106. Ts, Vidal is hurt, i think he should rest because he is taking a risk with his career. It should be a good game, Spain might be too much for them. lol

  107. Such a shame. I think Verm could suit CDM, I wonder if Wenger had suggested this but Verm declined. Also taking into consideration how short we were at CB. Having all 3 CB’s on the field is a bad idea in my opinion, if we had another back up I think he should have given Verm a few games at CDM. It’s about time we saw one of his left foot crackers again

  108. Ts, did the lad Michy go to the WC with Belgium?

  109. Lol Dna, I foresee a repeat of WC 2002 like France being eliminated in first round…

    Ask Micko, history repeats itself. :P

    So true Jm- Origi looks a player; a young Drogba

  110. Hi Bt… Batshuayi was not included I believe I will check in a mo’

  111. Van Buyten played quite well though didn’t he Jm?

  112. Van Buyten is class Rico, his place has always been at risk at BM but he always comes back to claim it back…

    Bt, only 2 out and out forwards wee included in Belgian squad… Origi and Lukaku unless you consider Dres Merten and Mirallas strikers…

  113. I would like Spain to line up as this:

    Casillas; Azpilicueta, Ramos, Javi Martínez, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Xabi Alonso, Koke; Pedro, Iniesta and Diego Costa

  114. Pique to me looks like he has been doing a bit more dancing with Shakira than training recently.. lol

  115. Actually, Spain to drop Costa he is shite* :P

  116. Boo! How is everybody?

    rico, I think TV ought to stay; we don’t want to be like Totnum last year with too many new players, who found it impossible to gel. :D But he needs to pick himself up, he is playing with zero confidence.

  117. Last night stats for you Dna:

    Bernard, Fred, Neymar all together: 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 clearances. OSCAR: 7 tackles, 1 interception, 1 clearance
    Paulinho: 2 tackles, Gustavo 3

  118. Cheers Ts, was hoping to see what the hype, regarding the lad, was all about, thought Lukaku wasn’t up to much yesterday.

  119. Ginge, Azpilicueta was every bit as culpable as Ramos and Pique for the goals shipped by Spain. Agree with Koke inclusion but would prefer Cesc for Xavi. Xavi and Alonso struggle together, not nearly enough speed there. No spring chickens for sure. :D

  120. Shame he’s so old Ts, we could do with him….

  121. Ts, I remember Bernard making a nippy tackle right after he lost the ball :p. That said I don’t think i’ve ever watched a game where he’s looked good. Fred and Neymar average last night

  122. Hiya Miss Agag.

    Lol you have a valid point but Ramos is a match winner as in UCL so will be given another chance me think imo..

    Plus Martinez can’t go to WC and be a bench warmer like SC19 ;)… Syg wants AW to spent £40m him so… lol

  123. Bt, Lukaku might as well not have played. Invisible. I though Belgium were disappointing. So much hype about being the “dark horses” of this WC.

  124. Ah cheers Nickie, i believe Bernard made 3 unsuccesful tackles according to the stats feeds…

    Someone might have been asleep then. lol

  125. Nickie, i think you’re being very kind to Fred.

  126. He still has miles to go on the old clock me think Rico… he covered 8.1km yesterday allegedly.. very high for a CB

    But I think BM need a CB so I am more concerned with them coming to knock on our doors ;)

  127. Boo to you agag…

    I think TV is done with us, his confidence appears rock bottom and although it’s sad, he possibly needs a new challenge.

    But, I totally agree re losing so many players and if he and Santi go, we need four signings to just stand still.

  128. Ramos fancies himself a striker now; always looking to smash a header, when he’s better off concentrating on his defensive duties. But yeah, he does tend to score the important goals.

    Hiya, rico. :) How are you? Hello, Nickie.

  129. Did Fred play Nickie? ;)

  130. Lol Agag.. Ramos has skills.

    I think we may find Cesc included as a false 9 ahead of Torres and Costa

  131. :) Rico, the commentator said Fred was just on the field warming up in preparation for substitution…

  132. Spot on agag, certainly underwhelming, though Mertens looks a bit of live wire. Rico, Arsenes shopping list could get very long if that happens, i think we all know,what that means.

  133. Neymar would be a great player if he cut out the simulation; although to be fair he has not channeled his inner Tom Daley too much at the WC. But when he is playing for Barcelona, it is all he seems intent on doing.

    rico, it would be disastrous to let too many players go. Unless, it’s the crocks, in which case, we should be happy to give them away. :D I mean, Diaby, of course. ;) And our forgotten man, Park Chu-Young. Waste of wages.

  134. Oscar made the tackles but evertyhing postive went through Neymar last nite, keeper pulled off a couple of good saves to deny him, won’t win them the world cup but he’s far from average.

    Hello agag, aren’t you bored ?

    Ramos and pepe, just a couple of gobshites.

  135. Micko, great word “gobshites” lol

  136. Bt, agree on Mertens. Plus, he certainly enjoyed his interview. Spoke Dutch, French and German (?). :)

  137. True Micko, Felipe is trying to bill Neymar as the new Zico but he is far from it imho…

    In the first game when Neymar and Oscar were interchanging Oscar made an assist and was a menace even though Neymar grabbed the headlines with goals…

    Personally, I am getting very concerned with the way football has become all about who scored the goal…

    In 1990, Matthias a no.10 turned CB was voted best player ahead of even Sammer and Maradona.

    I appreciate the game has always been like that but it is getting worst imho…

    If the Kaiser was still playing in this era no one would remember him imo…

  138. Mertens was a menace against us vs Naples in the UCL

    Did anyone read about Benzema’s job when Algeria went ahead?

  139. Bt……if the cap fits !

    Reckon scott will be having a lay in !!! They’ll be lucky to get nil.

  140. 36 though Ts?

  141. The Kaiser tsgh, you talking about Steve Bould ?

  142. Come on Australia :P

  143. Micko, haha. I have a very high threshold for boredom, I would have you know. I watched Brazil and Mexico after all, not to mention Iran and Nigeria. I must say, Messi’s goal aside, the Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina match was the most snoozy by far considering the caliber of players.

  144. Micko, it’s a while since i’ve heard it. I’m hoping for a 2-0 lol.

  145. :) agag, Diaby a crock, surely not… lol

  146. Bt, I’m hoping that shopping list is a good one, a very good one..

    And it was already long… ;)

  147. Rico, I understand Diaby’s best mates at Arsenal are the physios although rumor has it that there has been a falling out, because his prognoses for three week layoffs have turned to three years in the sidelines. Haha.

  148. Rico, i think Lidls profits will keep on rising. lol

  149. Dunno if I just mis-heard the stat but Rvp is officially the worlds fastest footballer, quicker than walcott and bale, never would have believed that !

  150. Micko, Roben 37km/ph i think.

  151. Robben is also the quickest to dive. He just flopped now. Lol.

  152. :) agag…

    And Aldi’s Bt..

    Micko, I heard that too, has to be wrong surely….

  153. And so does Cahill :) :)

  154. And Cahill scores! too. Wow.

  155. Bloody hell!!

  156. What a stunning stunning goal by Cahill…

  157. What a goal from Cahill !!!

  158. Wake up Scott… ;)

  159. I’d love Australia to win this….

  160. It was a real beaut rico, van basten-esque…..

  161. Take a bow Tim Cahill.

  162. Ts, stats are like mini skirts, don’t read too much into them. Lol. Brazil always struggle against Mexico, brazil will be there at the end don’t worry. The EPL player are letting us down.

  163. Sure was Micko, Bergkamp esque ;)

    I won’t mention the old badger either….lol

  164. If the Aussies can keep this up, there’s a shock on the cards…

  165. Di Jong hasn’t tried to maim anyone yet. :D

  166. Give it time agag… ;)

  167. Nasri is reported to have signed a new £180,000 a week deal at City..

    Not about the money?? Of course not…

  168. I’ve heard of show boating but being carried off in a boat is a bit different….

  169. Catch up later, off to light the bbq :)

  170. Rico, you’re getting the Aussie vibe….

  171. rico, haha on the showboating comment.

    Where are you, Scott??? :)

  172. The old badger does it again. What class for a wanker. Haha.

  173. Agag, say what you think lol.

  174. Van buyten is very slowly, no reflections, nor is agile

  175. Bt, I just don’t like Holland for many reasons… ;)

    agag :)

  176. De jong is ♍Ɣ man of †̥ђƺ match,he was outstanding ,made a lot of interception and broke so many attack.What a wonderful player,he won’t be bad for us though .

  177. Looking forward to how Spain react tonight. Scott will be proud of that performance and rightly so. Rico.

  178. valiant effort Scott…

    Where is oz btw?

  179. Agree Bt, just a shame they couldn’t bury a few of the chances they had….

  180. Need to walk the woofa before Chile beat Spain, catch up shortly….

  181. Come on, Sanchez and Vidal. Rico, would you believe my friends are texting me and saying how ‘hot’ Muller is, and that Robben is a ‘stud’. Ewwwwwww. I just gagged. What am I missing? Some of my friends have zero taste in football allegiances.

  182. Will the Aussies be the first to fly home ? Takes the pressure off Ingerlund.

    Working off the bbq rico.

  183. Spain have never lost to Chile………..’history repeats itself’

  184. You got spec-savers over there agag ?

  185. Micko, Chile seem up for it though.

  186. No, Micko but we have a Sunglasses Hut. Lol.

  187. Many have written spain off already but I can’t see it myself, costa will have to up his game tonite mind ya.

  188. :eek: agag, ditch them lol

    Yes Micko, and it worked I think, well, for Fido…. lol

  189. History is there to be broken.. Come on Chile…

  190. First :grin:

  191. Gee do you guys really hate espana that bad? I mean santi Is a spaniard.

  192. But he’s not playing goonie…

  193. Hahahaha rico you re something else. How ARE You Doing maam?

  194. Agag, your friends mustn’t get out much.

  195. Iker…what has happened to you! come on chile!

  196. I’m good thanks goonie, will be better after a Chile win.. How are things with you all??

  197. I am appalled, but that’s what happens when you jump on the football bandwagon, I guess. Lol. The ones to score are suddenly hot and study. Icky, I say.

    Hiya, Goonie


  199. Get in!!!!

  200. 1-0 Chile :P :P

  201. yes chile..
    Ramos and martinez half asleep

  202. Casillas has really lost his form….


  204. Of course, Pedro takes a tumble. Tut.

  205. Alonso not getting back in front of Alba , their problems defensively are at full back.

  206. Costa 6’1 verse Medel 5’6.lol

  207. does anyone else thing Costa is going to struggle in the premiership?

  208. Potter, iniesta is playing ahead of Alba though me think

  209. How was that not a foul on Sanchez?

  210. Iniesta is further forward it’s Alonso’s job to protect his defence.

  211. In 2002 france as world champions had Trezeguet, TH14 and Cisse as top scorers in Italy, EPL, and Ligue 1 with close to 75 goals between them but still failed to score a single goal in 3 games… ;)

  212. Nickie, Cesc will lump it to him, and Mourinho will hope that Costa will score.

  213. I’m not sure Nickie, he looks unfit to me but I’m really unsure about him in England….. A big part of me thinks he’ll struggle somewhat..

  214. I do like Sanchez…..

  215. Nickie, Costa will work well in Jose’s style but I don’t rate him personally and never have…

    As I always say he is no better to Julio Baptista before he joined us and Julia struggled here…

    I noticed him in 2012 when he was on loan with Vallecano when he replaced Michu then; their formation suited him like at Ath…

  216. So the Chile players get booked and the Spanish don’t? Pffff!

  217. ha ha Costa just met the Pitbull. :P

  218. Lo Rico.. conspiracy?

  219. He does look a bit out of depth in this Tournament, maybe it is a fitness thing. I’d like Sanchez at Arsenal we need that accomplished hybrid winger/cf. Similar build to Aguero, quick, skilful and can finish. Think we’re dreaming tho

  220. To be fair to Costa Ts, and considering you are a stat man, his goal ratio has got only better and better as the seasons have gone by.

    He can score goals, of that there is no doubt, but whether he’ll enjoy some of the away trips in the PL remains to be seen.

  221. well for our sake I hope he bombs lol plus the cheeky bonus of seeing an unhappy Mourinho

  222. Dna, I think Spain needed Arteta. :D

  223. Nickie, costa’s had a great season, gone off the boil right at the wrong time, is he fully fit ? Pulled his hamstring just before the CL final.

  224. Possibly Ts, so many crazy decisions so far would suggest something isn’t quite fair….

  225. They are putting it about a bit though Rico.They are being a bit physical, pressing quite quickly.

  226. True Rico, his figures as AW will put it is amazing considering his age too..

    But I don’t like the fact that he contributes nothing outside the box 7 out of 10 times…

  227. Agreed Micko.

    I think we just all hope he fails in the PL because if he doesn’t, Jose will romp the PL…

  228. So are Spain Potter…

  229. GOOOAAALLLLL!!!!! haha

  230. Chile’s issue is lack of squad depth.. aside form that their first 11 is as good as most teams in the WC..

    Its a shame Vargas did not want to join when he was leaving Naples… I don’t think he suits the Los Che loan move…

    Vidal’s magic

  231. Dreadful keeping but super finish…

  232. Casillas? once one of the worlds best. He has made some horrendous errors in the last couple of months

  233. Micko, history repeats itself as they say.. :)

  234. I wish we could close sides down like Chile are doing….

  235. I remember someone posting on one of the other blogs that we should pay what it takes to get Casillas..

    I don’t blame him too much he has a young baby… long nights :D

  236. Casillas form is all down to Jose surely?

  237. There’s a few of those Chile players I’d love to see in an Arsenal shirt… :)

  238. Rico, re 8:47 that is what Wath has been saying with the type of signings sections of fans want…

    More luxury players is not the way forward especially with our 12:45 k.o

    Football has gone back to how it was in 1992 to 1996… high pressure and stamina.. less skills to a lower extent

  239. tsgh, it’s good to know football isn’t broken ! eh rico.

  240. Adios Espana….

    Agree Rico, Vidal, Sanchez the goalkeeper, all quality players…

  241. Every dog has his day..

    Casillas and Buffon are the very few goalies to have started at the top and stayed there for 10 or so years…
    At least Buffon had a stint in Serie B… Casillas was captain at 21/22 y,o for RM and Spain… his time is up me think.

  242. Tbh Ts, both Wath, myself and many others on here have said that ever since HH was set up….

  243. Sure is Micko… lol

    Hi Kev, and some. They are seriously working hard….

  244. Ts, you and your bleedin history lessons about players! ;)

  245. Bravo plays at Real Sociedad. He can be our second GK and Forget Vela

  246. tsgh, I blame southampton, didn’t they sell alan shearer to Blackburn for 3 million in 1992, since then everything has snow balled !

  247. yes JM- he bosses his defenders…

    I know Medel the pit bull is short but he plays CB at 5’6 better than most 6 feet CB..

    Its a shame he left Seville to join Cardiff.. I guess more money; I still consider him one of the best terrier type DM in the game… the Sth American Gattuso if you like…

    Re. History I am learning from Kev and Syg ;)

  248. Rico, they work hard, but Barca and Spain in their pomp, worked hard despite the quality of the players…

    Robben is a top top quality player, but look at him work…

    Quality players put in a shift just like the water carriers.
    Wenger’s Arsenal of 1997/2004 were full of quality, but look at the way those guys worked.
    Physically strong, exceptional technique…
    They took English football to a new level…

  249. No bad for a pub side, hey guys?
    Micko, we were lucky to get past nil….:)
    I said it from the start…..we can not match the better sides technically, or talent wise, but for heart, no side out there betters us, and we proved it.
    The agent of Matthew Leckie apparently had 12 phone calls within an hour or two of the Chile game finishing….more now, I’d say.
    Watch us next time, and even more so in 8 years where we will be having a real crack.

  250. Jm, I think Afc have forgotten Vela..

    Micko, you are on a roll….

  251. Joaquim

    I think i’d rather take money from sociedad for vela, use that for players we really need and sign a free agent back up keeper

  252. Wavy, what happened to Spain is they were having so much success, that they forgot to regenerate their squad.

  253. Totally agree Kev..

  254. Lol Micko- Walker had money then..

    Peanuts next to Sheik Mansour and Roman though but still…

    Don’t forget Chris Sutton too.. he is bankrupt now


  255. Ts, the problem with Spain is that they are lacking confidence, all the Madrid players should have started, Iker is a very good GK not playing regularly for his club is affecting him. All the GKs who sat on their club team bench is struggling. Ts, the football gods gave up on MA08. Lol

  256. Scott,

    That Matthew Leckie really impressed me over the 2 games, how old is he? does he perform like that for his current club? he’d be a good addition to the premier league if he was to come

  257. Scott, your boys were robbed imo.

    Had chances to win it but just couldn’t get the ball over the line.

  258. Scott, I will take Leckie and Jedinak from your crew.. cheap and cheerful..

    Aussie players who have come to this league have done better than Sth Americans tbh…

  259. lol Dna… what’s happening?.,.. me mentioning MA08 in the same sentence as Spain is not getting you all wound up? :D

  260. Leckie is 23 years old…

  261. Probably because playing for Spain and Arteta in the same sentence is laughable Ts :)

  262. Rico, don’t agreed with me too much, or I’ll be accused of being an ITK… ;-)

  263. Scott, I was rooting for your lads, had a great chance to take the lead but fluffed it, the dutch went straight up the other end and scored, game over, always had a soft spot for tim cahill, great model pro, no idea where he’s playing now.

    Catch ya tomorrow guys.

  264. Nickie, 22-23…. Around that age.
    Plays in Germany, but I don’t see the games,
    He’s always been talented, but until Ange Postecoglou became coach, he never really got enough chance to show his worth.
    We had some Dutch coaches then a German who spent their entire tenures trying to get results rather than improving the squad for the future.
    This guy is PL quality as a manager, believe me.
    I don’t base this on one result……we’ve been calling for him to get the Aussie coaching gig for a few years now,
    His players play for him, and his sides play beautiful football.

  265. :) Kev, I agree….. lol

  266. Ts, the worrying thing for AFC is only 2 players from our starting 11 start for their country, why mention MA who is not even considered for selection. Lol

  267. Night Micko..

  268. Micko, he is playing along side a certain Thierry Henry :)
    Yeah, we do lack quality, but a lack of experience within this group probably hurt.
    Keep them together for next time and watch us go.

  269. Vidal and Medel haven’t put a foot wrong, so far. Wow. Just wow.

    And Ancelotti, rico, he was only the Cup keeper for Madrid last season; Casillas is bound to lose form.

  270. Night Micko… dont give up yet.. there is always Euro’s for Spain. :-)
    Dna, was just teasing with Ma08 comment really.

    Re starters from our team true; it is because only AW can make them appear better than they do..

    As I always say a lot players of our so called better players lack work ethic pure and simple imo…

  271. But Jose started the rot agag ;)

  272. Agag, you know I love Medel. and Vidal simply the best and you know how I rave about Ramsey and Kroos but he is in his own league… imo

  273. Jose’s best asset is knowing when to abandon a club.
    Same as Fergie die with Yanoted.
    Timing is everything.

  274. Enough of that, Ginge.

  275. Ts, lol

  276. Has there been a better goal than Tim’s?
    What a stunner!
    Left foot, as well.
    Ginge Jedinak is definitely good enough for us, IMO.

  277. Cahill is evergreen. :) Scott, fantastic showing from Australia, shame it is such a difficult group.

  278. Rico :-D

  279. Jedinak. Lol

  280. What a chance to bury Spain ….

  281. It’s over for Spain, their body language ain’t right.

  282. Lol Scott; Aaron will take over from him next season…
    You know I rate Jedinak considering he plays for Pulis he has teh intelligence.
    As we know he is approaching 30 so maybe Aw won’t buy…
    Note only 3 of Chiles players are starters in Europe.. even Isla is a sub

  283. We really would be so so good with Sanchez in our side. Wonder if Arsene thinks the same…

    I doubt it….

  284. lol Dna, Jedinak is better than Gustavo…

  285. Santi Cazorla!

  286. AW inquire after Alexis allegedly last summer last minute

  287. DNA,
    Are you still telling us we should sell Ramsey?
    That’s the laugh hahahaha
    You really know your players.
    Ginge, I know he won’t, but he’d definitely be a bloody good squad player.
    Anyway, back to work.

  288. I bet Sanchez has never even crossed his mind lol

  289. There is s reason Jedinak plays for Palace. Lol

  290. what’s all this nonsense we’ve enquired about Reus?

  291. The thing is before Barca appointed their sacked coach; Alexis wanted out especialloy with Neymar arriving;but we were after Suarez; when the Sth American came in Alexisa said he would stay

  292. would love reus for sure

  293. I would sell Ransey for 10 mil if AW & IG is part of the deal.

  294. This Spanish performance is a bit like Iniesta’s hair, a bit thin and very grey!
    I think they’ve done. No more tikka takka.

  295. Dna, you know Pastore did not make Argentina squad whilst some other shite players have…

    The great Di Steffano did not make Argentina squad and failed to play in world cup with Spain.. loads of examples… where a player plays imo does not define his quality

  296. I told you, Ginge, Ramos is more intent on netting a goal than defending. Lol.

  297. Before anyone accuses me of claiming to be ITK..

    check below.. As I said allegedly reported…


  298. Ts, so u honestly thinking Jedinak could play for Arsenal? U got to be kidding me, remember I know him so you can’t make up stats to convince me. Lol

  299. Lol Dna.. :-)

    I only make up stats to show MF is shite

  300. Vidal ran close to 11 km tonight. Wow.

  301. I’m off guys… Be nice lol

    Night all….

  302. Is Fergie in charge of Spain.. 6 minutes added time?

  303. Six minutes of stoppage time? seriously?

  304. Retribution for disrespecting Arsenal, tapping up Cesc Fabregas.

  305. Goonie where are you?
    Spain out of WC as my crystal ball said… :-)

  306. Tiki taka is finally dead. Hooray!

  307. Yep Agag re distance covered; Vidal does those figures with Lichtsteiner almost every 3 days for Juve.. exception…

    As I always say my dream midfield 3 would be Ramsey, Kroos/Morgan and Vidal for us…

    If we had those 3 Dna won’t ever moan again… lol

  308. Saatchi style of play is back Boban, Alberti, Rijkaard, Donadoni running around like nut cases..

  309. now England next tomorrow..

  310. Ginge the info on Vidal was flashed when he was substituted. He ran 1.5 km more than the team average. What engine. And fresh from a knee injury, at that.

    Night, Rico.

  311. Micko, your predictions were off again. Ha ha. something wrong with your crystal ball or turtle or armadillo or something.

  312. if I am asked to continue with collecting stats I will suggest that Vidal and Ramsey’s stats are compared when Juve and us play in Supercoppa and our Community Shield.

    Juve vs Naples and us vs Man city

  313. Lol Agag re Micko…

  314. Ts, Chile hunt in packs like we used to with Thomas Rocastle Davis and Richardson…. to a lesser degree Petit, Vieira n Parlour..!

    Chile were tenacious and gave Spain no time yet were quick and incisive…!

    Scott, well done 2 your lot as well mate they played really well.

  315. Cesc hasn’t had a kick, and it’s too late now. He has either had a serious falling out within the squad or his form has deteriorated so badly that he can’t get a pick.
    Maybe Wenger knows best!!! Where Cesc his former love child is concerned. Tarred with the same brush as his Spanish compadres, they have learned how to be shite! Costa has taken his shite quality to the national side….successfully! Or rather unsuccessfully!
    Spain crap and out.

  316. Boo, GG Man, why are you NOT at the WC?? :P You were the last time, right?

    I’m just happy those Barca players continue to get no joy. Hahaha. Santi was better when he came on than Martinez/Costa/Pedro was for the chunks of time they were there..

  317. Hi Wath… didn’t see you pop in..,

    Catch up tomorrow gents

  318. Loved the Iniesta comment by the way, Wavy.

  319. Evening Wath, thought that Vidal had a good game this evening…

  320. Chile’s approach to the game was reminiscent of liver pools and Chelsea’s against us. As WATH said, they got them surrounded and pounced like rabid dogs
    , snapping until they had control of the ball and the game. Very, very impressive. In fact a dogged display. Rico and especially her woofa would/will be proud of them.
    There have been a few impressive displays already this WC, Chile have just joined The Dutch and the Aussies, plus a couple of others ……..?
    Is the new style going to be the ‘swarm’ surround the player with ball and sting him and sting him until your team win it back, otherwise known as heavy pressing! Did plenty of that in my youth, sadly it never got me anywhere! Probably because my initial approaches were to aggressive and I got fouled out!

  321. Who saw the banner of Arsenal yesterday, amidst the fans of Korea? Was focused worldwide on the 1st plane :-)
    Sagna,Fabisnaky, TV, Cazorla… many important players… we must buy half a team for next season

  322. You have to be careful with some of these guys who play like world beaters for their country.

    They show a passion and desire, that earns them a big move and then patently fail to replicate it.

    Take Georgi Hagi who was fantastic in a world cup some years ago. It earned him a big move, Barcelona if I recall, where he was pants and ended up getting flogged off to Galatasaray…

  323. Ta Agag. I try you know. Football is supposed to entertainment and I have a lot of laughs, usually at the expense of others. Sad old git that i am!z

  324. Wavy some of the French and Croats looked good as well.

  325. Kev, I have a shopping update for you. Lol.

    I’m happy Santi played and that he played as well as he could. Cesc who??? I wish though that France and Germany don’t progress past the next round so our players can have a good pre season

  326. DNA, there is a reason you can’t see quality…a lack of knowledge.
    Seriously, what an argument you make.
    Because a players plays at a shit club, he’s a shit player?
    Well, in that case, every Arsenal, by YOUR DEFINITION, is a top player.
    Next time you criticise one of our boys, remember this conversation, but if you don’t, I will remind you.
    LOL about that :)

  327. Wath, imagine those Aussie boys with decent coaching through their youth?
    They have the heart, the athleticism and the natural talent is there, it just needs to be nurtured.
    All our best players have headed overseas at a young age, but there is no real need to now.
    We will be a much better country in 5-10 years time, without question.

  328. Spain….they are an old side now.

  329. Ok Agag, what’s new???

    I’ve not done any retail for awhile…

    Scott, your boys were unlucky it seems, I’m afraid that I missed it, too early for me as I was still working.

  330. Shoes. :) Lol. Thirty percent and all that, Kev. :P

    That dutch boy Memphis scored neat goal though. Shame, would have been wonderful if Australia held on to their lead. van Pursey suspended for the next game though. Maybe, Chile can beat them and top their group. ;)

  331. Hey Agag, you still have a crush on Fernando..? ;-)

    I thought he was pants tbh…

  332. Will be interesting to see the Aussie improvement over the next 4/8 years Scott… Could be interesting.

    Hi AGAG, couldn’t be bothered with Brazil to be honest and didn’t want to waste my money on England, SA was fun went to loads of games and drank loads of wine and GG…. Hope your well.

    Kev, Costa was shite mate lol ;-) BUT that other fella we discussed was the dogs….!

  333. More shoes, ha ha, you and your flexable friend… :-D

    Actually I might get myself a pair (or two ;-) ) of trainers in the near future…

    I quite like the Puma trainers, actually always have, always liked their design, not bulky like so many others.

    I trust that matching handbags are in order, to go with your new shoes… :-P

  334. Think Chile can and will beat Holland AGAG… they were very impressive tonight… Only downfall for me is they could suffer from set pieces where they not the biggest of teams…!

  335. I will always have a soft spot for Torres. I nearly bought a Torres duvet, Kev. Haha.

    Can’t say I blame you WATH, with Wooney, Johnson, Welbeck Baines, et al., England are just hopeless. :)

    Mandzukic looking sharp.

  336. Quite impressed by Chile tonight, WATH; played better than in their first match. Vidal, Sanchez and Medel gave a standout performance.

    Kev, some things there’s no point resisting.

  337. I am off now. Catch you guys later.

  338. Yeah Wath, def-mid is certainly a position that needs attention mate, nuff said ;-)

    I didn’t see Argentina, but Chile are the best South American team i’ve seen, and they play football.

    Costa isn’t fit, but he is still shit.
    And don’t get me started on Benzema, lazy, useless bum. ;-)

  339. Song red carded. Barca players are having a mare. Yay.

  340. Argentina were painfully boring, Kev. You would think they didn’t have Messi or Aguero or Higuain.

  341. AGAG Argentina play like a set of individuals… Chile play like a team…! Take care AGAG.

    Yeh Kev that to mate lol ;-)

  342. “DNA, there is a reason you can’t see quality…a lack of knowledge.
    Seriously, what an argument you make.” Hahahaaaa, lack of knowledge. LMFAO

  343. That’s your response, DNA?
    It’s even more timid and baseless than I expected.
    Scott one, DNA nil hahahahahahz.
    Wath, I cringe at the lack of coaching some of these current guys would no doubt have copped as kids, yet still made good players.
    We will have no excuses in the future, but I reckon no fear of big opponents either.
    I hate the term “respectful loss”, but all things considered, that description could not be more accurate after the Dutch game.
    Now, on to Spain.
    On form, we will be favourites hahaha.
    I just wonder if our guys can get back up for that one, though.
    Very proud Aussie, as always.

  344. Night Agag…

    Up early tomorrow (the Lee shift), so that’s me done.
    Night All
    Night Wath…. Mums the word.

  345. Nite Kev, Am off as well, Nite all….

    The Spain game will be very interesting Scott, have a good day fella.

  346. Cheers mate….bloody work gets in the way of a truly good day, but gotta pay for the next trip to North London!
    Bye all.

  347. You’ve gotta wonder how much Song was paid to commit an unprovoked assault on .mandjukic? A bit of spot fixing perhaps? I can find no other reason for him behaving so deliberately violently, in full view of the referee!
    He has to see a therapist! Of he’s innocent!

  348. Song is ill Disciplined and irresponsible, and always has been, I reckon.
    Still, at least he is someone else’s problem now lol.

  349. Morning Lee

  350. Morning Kev, I thought on last night’s performance we dodged a bullet with Costa in fact all the Spain players were shite (apart from Santi)

  351. Morning Kev, I thought on last night’s performance we dodged a bullet with Costa in fact all the Spain players were shite (apart from Santi)

  352. He must be injured….

  353. Morning guys.
    How much game time did Santi get?

  354. Yeah Lee, that Costa is rubbish.
    He’ll struggle this coming season I suspect. Just like Drogba used to struggle eh? ;-)

    Scott Santi had about 10/15 mins at the death…
    He should have started for them as he looked sharp when he came on.

  355. Both Lee… ;)

    Morning to you, Kev, Scott all….

  356. Santi was in top form when the season ended, and would definitely have done better than their midfield.
    Morning all.
    Our Aussie boys really caused a stir, and I’ve never heard so many talking about the sport in this country.
    They did themselves and their country very proud indeed.

  357. Just hope Del Bosque doesn’t throw the reserves in for the last game and open them to injury. He should stick with te ones that failed and won’t play again.

  358. I feel for Wrighty’s family, what a gutless act!

  359. Agree potter….

  360. Morning Rico et al,

    French pundit: “Cazorla, so no Fabregas tonight” Wenger: “I feel like there’s been an attitude problem in the first game”

  361. Morning Ts..

    New Post up now…

  362. Spaniards eh? They’re all shite!

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