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Balotelli deal hots up, Higuain back on & Djourou….

Morning all.

The Germans served up a bit of a dish last night by battering Portugal 4-0. Pepe’s cheeky little head-but on Thomas Muller saw him get his marching orders which really gave Portugal no chance. Mind you, they were barely in the game with eleven men let alone ten.

In other matches, the USA shocked Ghana with a 2-1 victory and Iran v Nigeria ended up 0-0.

Up today is:

Belgium v Algeria 5pm

Brazil v Mexico 8pm

Russia v South Korea 11pm

The Mario Balotelli to Arsenal rumours seem to be gathering pace although I still can’t see this move happening. As good, no great a player Mario is, he’s got history and baggage, a great big suitcase full of it. We all witnessed his behaviour whilst at Manchester City and I just can’t see Arsene Wenger being able to ‘handle’ the big Italian, or even wanting to try.

In footballing terms, Mario is just the kind of no-nonsense striker we need, not some lightweight who won’t get stuck in but he’s a bit hotheaded both on and off the pitch.

In other news and continuing with the Thomas Vermaelen story, The Mirror suggest that should he go to Man Utd, Arsene Wenger is thinking about getting either Tom Cleverly, Nani or Chris Smalling in return as none are thought to be in the plans of their new manager. I can’t see that happening either, although Ray Parlour believes that if Thomas wants to go to Utd, Arsene Wenger wont stand in his way:

Thomas Vermaelen wants to play football. Last year he couldn’t get in the Arsenal side because Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny were superb at the back. Kieran Gibbs has improved so much he couldn’t even play him at left-back.

When you get to a situation where a squad member wants to move, sometimes the player has more sway than the club itself.

If he wants to play football, and an offer comes in from a club like Manchester United, then it’s hard for the club to say, ‘no, you can’t go there, we want to sell you to a club in Italy or Spain’.

He was doing the captain’s notes last year in the Arsenal programme but not getting in the team. I can’t see that changing any time soon. He wants to play first team football.

Higuain’s name has popped up again in the same sentence as Arsenal. This time last year there was speculation about him signing for us, in fact many a story said it was a ‘done deal’ but clearly it wasn’t as he ended up at Napoli. Arsene Wenger said back then that Higuain wasn’t a special target for him so unless things have changed in our managers mind, then I can’t see this being anything other than regurgitated news.

Finally, I had to laugh yesterday when I was reading the official website. Each day they update the WC results for the countries in which are players are involved. Yesterday it was the turn of the Swiss result which opened with ‘Arsenal defender Johan Djourou……’ .

I guess someone forgot he left us earlier in the year. Still, at least they’ve amended it now…..

That’s it for a sunny Tuesday….


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200 comments on “Balotelli deal hots up, Higuain back on & Djourou….

  1. Morning all.
    Balotelli…..why not?
    Can Arsene tame him?

  2. I’m not sure he could Scott…

    Some people just aren’t for taming… lol

  3. The Puma connection offers a sniff of hope that the Balotelli story has legs, IMO.

  4. Trouble is Scott, when these things are in the papers, seldom do they come true…

  5. Rico, I read his fiancée is a London girl as well.
    I’m not suggesting it will happen, but I can see the possibility.
    I also think Weners calm way would keep Balotelli pretty happy.

  6. I didn’t know that…

    Wish something would happen Scott, something good…

  7. Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result …..AW will not buy Balotelli or anyone like him……will scrimp around , pick up Utd rejects and we will be haunted by Fabregas decision , to not take him when he is better than any midfielder we have is …….insane…..yawn yawn
    P.S one of the best blogs….:-)

  8. Morning all, good post rico… i honestly thought we’d forgotten about cesc he is no good to us imho…. I’ll welcome balotelli anyday and why not ,imagine we had bentman as a striker for so long and Aw managed him…

  9. Thanks re HH Real Gooner..

    I never thought the club would sign a player like Ozil, but they did.. That gives me hope through this transfer window.

  10. Thanks bondex…

    Did AW manage Bendtner? I’m not so sure he did otherwise he wouldn’t have got into trouble so many times.

    But like I said earlier, some people don’t want to be helped and NB seems to be one of those people.

    Balotelli, well if he arrives, we’ll soon find out what AW can do with hm…

  11. Balotelli is definitely tamable. I believe this club and squad is right for him. ie no wankers and good squad harmony. Wanna see him tearing it up.

    PS morning all and good post

  12. So Real Gooner, Ozil was a Yanited reject?
    People STILL ignore the fact we made a 42 million pound signing not 12 months ago!

  13. Djourou (Lans) joke !!

  14. I hope Ozil wasn’t a 1 off and that it broke a boundary in terms of going for proven quality

  15. Nickie, the window before that, we brought quality in as well, so hopefully that trend continues.

  16. Thanks Nickie, good point and no big egos, unlike at City when he was there…

  17. Balotelli is a no go. The AFC hating English media will influence the Refs and he will get red cards, incorrect offside calls and no penalty awarded in his favour

  18. For me i dont need balotlli in arsenal thats me

  19. Morning all, I would says it’s as much about Mario wanting to change, as it is about Aw being able to tame him. Scott as you say the Puma link gives it legs, would be a match made in commercial heaven for them.I think the fixtures come out tomorrow i think. No Tom Cleverly, thank you!!

  20. Morning all,

    Santi on AM rumors,

    “I won’t think about it until the end of the World Cup. I told my agents that I didn’t say anything to stop the rumours,”, said Cazorla.
    “I’ve been told it’s a good club by Villa, Koke and Juanfran. And I know Atletico well. I won’t know if there’s anything there until after the World Cup and I don’t want to know.”

  21. BT, I have used the term “tame” myself, but I honestly reckon Wemger would understand him, and guide the guy…..plus, as you say he wants to change.

  22. Balotelli is a world class player. I have no problem with world class players at Arsenal.

    It’s the shite that Wenger buys who he tries to palm off as being world class or ‘good’ players that I abhor.

    As for Wenger ‘taming’ him? That I do not know.

    Without sounding prejudice here, and it may do to some who don’t know me.
    Wenger did it with Patrick Viera, but Viera had something between his ears that Eboue, Adebayor, Diaby and Song and more lately Gervais did not.
    Viera was open to advice and eventually curbed his recklessness.

    Check Paul Pogba v Honduras … That is the exact recklessness which Viera came to the club with and eventually had ironed out of him ….. You’ve seen this recklessness with Eboue, Song, Adebayor, Diaby and Gervais …..

    It is the ‘African’ mentality, instinct – call it what you will … And Wenger cannot manage it. He likes to think he can, but he cannot.
    Mourinho can, but Wenger cannot.
    Ferguson tried it and went back to Plan A.

    Bergkamp recently stated, “He (Wenger) just told us to go out there and express yourself.”
    Did he say the same to Eboue, Song and Adebayor?

    Certain players need strict man management.

    Would I have Balotelli with us – even with his baggage? without a shadow of a doubt. Why? Because he’s world class.

    Would I have Benteke? Fcuking never.

    You can cope with the odd idiosyncrasy with a world class player so long as he’s not getting sent off and costing you points – or upsetting the equilibrium within the dressing room. However at the moment there is NO one to form a clique with.

  23. No Cleverly for me either Bt..

  24. Santi being tapped up then Gdna… ;)

  25. Balotelli is shit. we’re all clinging on to the hope of balotelli because we cant attract anyone better. ffs, ramsay never broke his leg for this

  26. Syg, I’m not sure it’s a cultural thing, it’s just certain people just don’t want to be helped or want to learn and improve.

    David Bentley, Nik Bendtner, JET are just a few Europeans we have had who just don’t have a brain in them when it comes to behaving..

    I’m sure there are more …..

  27. higauin? ffs, can we all stop making up rumours on twitter and accept we’re going to be stuck with Vela and Giroud next season. top players dont want to play for us. if ozil had the chance he’d fuck off. lets be realistic we’re better off going for Darren Bent or Kone.

  28. Well rico, to be able to put up with such a hopeless footballer for so long needs a lot of skills… no dumbly for me neither.

  29. Rico, add Rooney to that list.
    Prime example.

  30. *****either

  31. No Gunner, but all the same……

  32. Syg, never got the Benteke thing myself, if Mario can get his head in the right place, there’s one hell of a player waiting to take the world by storm.

  33. Yeah it does seem the trend has been broken Scott. But if we take a look at the previous window we lost RVP and brought in questionable quality. Giroud 1 good season unproven in premier league. Podolski only seemed to stand out in the poorer teams, never made it at Bayern. Cazorla, can’t say I had seen him an awful lot of him. Ozil is the one with great proven pedigree at the highest level

  34. For sure Scott, there are plenty around at other clubs…

    I think the problem we have had is hanging on to a few of them for far too long…

  35. morning Rico balitelli is great let’s not forget van persie came with his problems too like him or not so many of our players see Wenger as a father figure because he helps them with other aspect of their life too I’m not trying to say Wenger would make balo a saint but just trying to say ur is worth a punt….he recently got engaged so u can say he us maturing???……..nice read between

  36. He’s the type of player we need BT62.

    He’s certainly not a bad kid.

  37. Nickie, most fans were thrilled when we signed Santi and Podolski, two big names in the game and Podolski was and still is a top German international.

    Giroud was the one doubted imo and I know he’s not everyone’s favourite but he’s still managed to score a good number of goals.

  38. Morning snaparse and thanks.

    RvP was a kid when he joined us though, he learned and settled.

    Balotelli is a grown man, he should have learned by now….

    But until he’s signed, I’m not going to worry about him… ;)

  39. Don’t get me wrong, not getting over excited over a rumour, nor suggesting I think we will get him, but if possible, I’d take him for sure.

  40. ‘T’ – just how do you come to the conclusion that Mario Balotelli is s**t??

    And what on earth makes you think Ozil would leave if he had the chance?

    And Higuain was from one of the newspapers, not twitter, so keep up!!

  41. Syg, can we have Falcao as well? lol

  42. snaparse says:
    June 17, 2014 at 11:02 am ……. on point.

  43. I thought Balotelli was older than 23, maybe he could yet grow up then… ;)

  44. Rico, imagine how good he will be in a few years.

  45. I’d love to be in charge of transfers BT. There’d be dust and feathers everywhere…. Diaby would be the first to have my boot up his arse and out of the door… Over £20M he’s cost us and for what? Sanogo would be loaned out to Wolves or Ipswich …. and Myachi? what’s the point? we need speed, yet he’s never played bar the CC.

  46. Scott, I honestly thought he was older and thought he’d have grown up by now, but yes, at 23 years old and with the right manager, he could mature and be a truly world class player….

  47. Balotelli is a step up on the quality that we have . We should be looking at building a squad that gets about 40 games a season per player. This gives room for injuries , suspensions etc. We have been guilty of overplaying too many players throughout the years , we now need to have players that can come in without the quality going down. If he is available and the deal can be struck then we should go ahead with it. But that’s what I thought and still do about Cesc.

  48. :) Syg, surely there’d be a few more feeling the end of your steel toecap…

    Lescott has signed for Hull City…

  49. Potter, agree re having the squad depth, it’s long overdue…

  50. Yeah i’m not saying they were bad players and I was so happy to see Pod, Caz and Giroud to come in. I’m just saying that Ozil was the first world class proven at International and (World Class) Club level.

  51. Ditto Snap re RVP

    Rico good post… btw

    I think you it took Robin a bit longer to settle…
    The reason the away boys made up the song ‘Robin she said no she said no..’

    Syg, Gervais is just misunderstood… :-) and thanks for jinxing Ghana too…

  52. Syg, you’d wear those boots out, me thinks..Rico, dodged one there ref Lescott. Potter, read on ANR this morning, that Fab was told he would have to dump Dein jr, if he was to come back, he said no.

  53. I think ballo is good player,let AW sign him coz you can’t compare him with Giroud.

  54. LOL Rico

    I read that re: Dein BT62.

    The reality is though – that the guy who wrote it is Myles Palmer – a 60 year old pensioner who tries to make himself sound better / cooler / more hip than he actually is …..

    When he says he was working in his office … He means upstairs in the back bedroom of his council-type semi-detached house in north London … When I say I’m working from my office I mean my office down at Robin Hood Airport (not that I ever go down there) – When I work from home I say I work from home … Never pretend your something that you are not.

    Adam can talk all day about him … A closet Man Utd fan who’d love to blow Stevie G and Rooney the Marine off… in reality he’s a bit of a dick head. ….

  55. If they let Cazorla go I takes the non re signing of Cesc seem even more bizarre.
    The only conclusion I can come to is that, we are a selling club!
    Where does that leave our ambitions for the future?
    Well, in the toilet, really!

    Still it’s all mirrors and smoke! Truth? What is the Truth, in football?
    The ball is round and goals ain’t! The players are poor and refs are bent! The owners are rich, the owners are greedy, the owners are shite!
    And, we are foolish to place our fate in the hands of such shysters and charlatans!

  56. Arsenal track record in the transfer market have the fans on edge. lol

  57. I think i’m going to enjoy the WC, and put transfers to the side. To be honest I come here read the blog daily but haven’t really been checking in on twitter or Newsnow as often as I usually do just because it’s mostly crap and my mind has been occupied with the WC. In our minds we must all know newsnow and 95% of the stuff on there is complete garbage lol. When the world cup is over we’ll be in July 1.5 months till the transfer window closes and 1 month away from the premier league, thank god we have the world cup or this would have been a very tedious month.

  58. Take it your not a fan of Palmer then SYG…? ;-) You missed out “know it all cnut” on his brief resume’ you wrote on him……

  59. Braking News,

    HH top blogger Ts affectionately known as ginge is missing in action from 11:00 pm UK time, after his Ghanaian team lost to a average USA team at the 2014 WC. Anyone with information is being asked to contact Rico at HH. lol

  60. Stop worrying about rumours.
    Damn, it’s the same every season, and probably 99% of the rumours turn to dust.

  61. Exactly Scott, it’s all rubbish lol. I read from Daily Star on the day Cesc signed for Chelsea “Chelsea pull plug on Fab Deal” (along those lines early morning) When Cesc signs Daily Star goes with “Exclusive:Chelsea sign Cesc” it’s all total crap haha

  62. Syg, Adams mate Mr.Durham has admitted his wife/partner is an Arsenal fan.lol. Have read ANR, now and again, always knew his office was in his house, never thought he implied anything else.

  63. I get it Nickie :)

  64. Bt, the office is a shed at the bottom of his garden I reckon which is where he gets all his scoops from… The compost heap…!

  65. Nickie, I don’t mind talking about transfer rumours, but I certainly don’t get stressed over them any more…yes, I used to.

  66. tbh I was all over Drax in Jan because I think I was craving another big signing. I’m glad we haven’t taken him yet. Having taken a step back, watching some of his performances i’m glad we didn’t spunk 30mil+ on this kid. However, i’m interested to see how he does next season. If he does well, re-assess and maybe try again.

  67. Wath, lol, my office isn’t at the bottom of garden, but still has the same effect as the compost heap! lol

  68. :) Gdna, no idea where Ts has gone….

  69. All you high flyers with an office!

  70. I use the shed as well Scott but don’t tell anyone………….!

  71. :) Wath, say what you really think….

    Scott, same here, it’s all bollards until someone is confirmed…

  72. Ts, you were in spam, it’s the name swapping that does that…

  73. Scott, on your side of the world, my office would be known as a dunny! lol

  74. Bt, on Scott’s side of the world your office would be upside down…!

  75. Offices are over rated :)

  76. BT, here we call them crappers lol

  77. Which wouldn’t be good if it was a dunny… ;)

  78. Wath, everything here is actually right way up!

  79. So Draxler turned down Arsenal because he wanted to spend another year at Schalke…

    Read another way, the financial package wasn’t large enough for him and more importantly his Agent…

    He’s probably holding out for Bayern…

    Forget him, I have…,

  80. Wath, oops!

  81. Afternoon All

    Afternoon Rico…

    SYG, good points today, you’re on a roll mate…

  82. Afternoon Kev..

    Warm in the City?

  83. We signed Overmars and Petit on ‘this day’……

    Two like those would do just nicely Arsenal!

  84. Balotelli’s agent talking up a move

  85. Didn’t he say we are one of few clubs who can afford him?

  86. Good read rico.

    On Balotelli his agent Mino Raiola is a snake.i would avoid working with him as much as possible.

  87. Thanks Kt, all football agents are snakes… ;)

  88. 10th of August is our first game.

    Back to Wembley we go to play City in the Community Shield Cup….

  89. 26,000 tickets allocated to both clubs, tickets cost between £20 & £45

  90. Another ballot ?. Same as the final , families of three. 2 adults and 1 child , bet the child gets the ticket again.

  91. He is the worst rico…trust me.he is quite disruptive to clubs his clients are in.

  92. Tkt allocation is a fucking joke.. FA are a fucking joke… the FA Cup excuse was tkts for extended FA family… isn’t that what the community shield should be for…? FA Cup is for the fans… ooops def not it’s so the FA can make as much money as possible which is par for the course with all these football associations around the world…. Bottom line is fleece the fans whenever possible..!

  93. Afternoon Rico gentlemen, balo…telli…it was a tough Night yesterday

  94. Couldn’t agree more re the ticket allocation, it’s a disgrace….

    Kt, I didn’t know that…

  95. Afternoon luznic…

    Off to cut the grass…

  96. Former Schalke manager Ralf Rangnick slammed Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for not getting the best out of Mesut Özil and hindering his development.

    “Mesut has tactically not really evolved over the past two years. The fact that he is a gifted footballer, everyone knows that. But in the game against the ball he still has major weaknesses,” Rangnick told German newspaper Frankfurt Allgemaine.

    “I have in the past season seen some games of Arsenal. They often conceded too many goals in big matches, because no work was done after losing the ball enough, to win it back.

    “With Mesut it is a temperament problem. If he had played in the past two years at Dortmund or Bayern, he would be tactically much better.”

  97. Arjen Robben is officially the fastest footballer of
    all-time after reaching a top speed of 37
    kilometres per hour as the Netherlands thrashed
    Spain 5-1.
    The Bayern Munich man left Sergio Ramos trailing
    as he sped through the middle of the pitch and
    into the penalty area before firing home the fifth
    Dutch goal in Friday’s game.
    Prior to that record-breaking burst, Arsenal and
    England star Theo Walcott was the quickest
    player in the world with a speed of 35kph.
    Robben’s previous personal best was clocked at
    30.7kph for Bayern. Perhaps, more impressive, is
    the fact he has broken the record pace set by a
    footballer, at the age of 30.
    Further down the list of speedsters are
    Manchester United’s Antonio Valencia in third
    place (35.2kph), Gareth Bale in fourth (34.7),
    fifth-placed Aaron Lennon (33.8) and Cristiano
    Ronaldo (33.6), who is now sixth.
    Behind the Real Madrid man in seventh and
    eighth spot are Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney,
    who have recorded speeds of 32.5 and 32.1 kph
    Usain Bolt remains the fastest man in the world
    and of all-time. The Jamaica 100 and 200 metre
    runner ran 44.72kph in the final of the World
    Championships in Berlin in 2009.

  98. I am not worried about the transfers, I am not an AKB, but I am sure AW knows we are waiting for him to either stumble or do it right, he is no fool he won’t give us falcao but surely he will give us something good and I am sure its not Vela or J Campbell……..plus SYG comments about the African thing I accept as some African players loose their heads once they feel they are in a big club, Adebayor I can’t stand, Gervais why did Wenger even bother, though Eboue is a darling but what about KANU and Toure they were good servants to Arsenal, you are half correct its a cultural thing and believe me I really don’t want any African in Arsenal right now even serge Aurier is all muscles no brains

  99. The FA have confirmed that Arsenal and
    Manchester City will receive
    approximately 26,000 tickets each for the
    Community Shield showdown on Sunday
    10 August.
    The allocation – 1,000 more than the
    Gunners received for May’s FA Cup final
    triumph over Hull City – sees prices
    range between £20-£45, but has been
    deemed a disappointment by CEO Ivan
    Gazidis who has again pointed out that
    38,000 tickets will fall into the hands of
    people not directly involved with the
    participating clubs.
    “We are all looking forward to playing
    Manchester City in the Community
    Shield,” he told Arsenal.com.
    “However, as with the FA Cup final, we
    are disappointed with the official
    allocation of only 26,000 tickets for this
    match. This means that both clubs will
    only officially receive a combined total of
    approximately 52,000 tickets, in a
    stadium which has a capacity of 90,000.
    “The club will implement a ticket-
    allocation policy which will be as fair to
    all our supporters as possible, but we
    appreciate that many of our loyal
    supporters will be unable to obtain
    tickets for this match. We will be
    explaining our position to the FA and will
    try our best to obtain more tickets for
    our supporters.”
    Arsenal have won the Community
    (formerly Charity) Shield 12 times in their
    history but haven’t taken part in the top
    division’s traditional curtain raiser since
    2005/06 when we were beaten 2-1 by
    Fingers crossed we can pick up where
    we left off at Wembley by snaffling a
    second piece of silverware in consecutive
    visits to Wembley.
    Arsenal have yet to confirm the date that
    tickets will be put on sale.

  100. Ktr7. The fastest man of all time is Steve Austin….
    ….Oscar Goldman of OSI clocked him at 97km/h in 1974..

  101. Way its going we might make a transfer profit this summer. Vela payment, Captain, Fab all bring in some money. Cazorla?

    But never mind, Joel back, be like a big new signing.

  102. In fact Fab1 and Fab2 both brought in money!

  103. Kanu and Toure were extremely humble players Luznic ………. taking away the fact that Kolo Toure got needlessly sent off with Emmanuel Adebayor in the 2008 League Cup final v Chelsea…. And this is while the officials completely missed Emmanuel Eboue decking Wayne Bridge whilst trying to break it up…

    Just for the record Jon Obi Mikel got sent off for Chelsea.

  104. Gdna, bearing in mind he’s only been with us a season, that man is an idiot!

  105. Syg, 2.46. :lol:

    I loved that programme, I grew up with that….

  106. Joel is a shiny new signing lol. He’s never played for Arsenal. Wenger said he’d look at him in pre-season. If Sanogo gets a spot ahead of Campbell in the squad Wenger has gone mad. Sanogo needs a loan whereas Campbell has had experienced different leagues around the world, Champs league and WC. Not only that he looks a better player and is younger. No grudge against Sanogo but he is a lad who’s been chucked in by Wenger who let’s face it, shouldn’t be anywhere near the Arsenal 11 until he gets some experience elsewhere

  107. Andrew, I get why you think that, the club hardly appear to be being proactive but, and I’m not trying to defend the club, as someone here suggested the other day, maybe we are waiting for the new Puma kit deal to kick in before seeing all our wonderful new signings in their shirts….

  108. John Obi Mikel is another example of a player who just never listens and never raises his game, the lad was a real talent playing at the U20 in 2005

  109. Spot on Nickie.

  110. Was about to say the same thing re:Ozil.he barely been with us a year.if anything then the ‘master tactician’ mourinho isn’t all that then since he has been with mesut for 3 seasons…

  111. Rico,Wenger always goes by the book you never know if he really was just waiting till July 1, if we sign all our players now, then how do we get into the news

  112. Luznic I agree re:mikel.in that U20 tournament he was the 2nd best player behind messi.he was even playing as a #10 then.he has seriously wasted his talent at chelsea.

  113. I’m sure we will see signings soon luznic, well, I bloomin hope so…

    Not long until the 1st July…

  114. Rico, I come in here for your optimism when mine is vanishing!!

  115. Hi Dna, the Ghanaians were truly useless.. they went into the game thinking they would beat USA but as I have always said to Snap and Kt, Klinsman is a very fine manager and tactician and should be managing Germany instead of Loew…
    you have in the past few days posted/quoted a lot opinions of potential ‘experts’… so I get surprised when you ask for luxury players who don’t work hard…

    I know I have no everyone is entitled to their opinions but until we as fans stop turning our noses off to pragmatic signings because they ain’t house hold names we won’t go forward and will suffer 6-1 thrashings even without AW…

    As I always say Jose or Simeone will never sign someone like SC19 as skilful and talent as he is…

    Our players do not work hard enough…

    Your at 2:28 pm
    “I have in the past season seen some games of Arsenal. They often conceded too many goals in big matches, because no work was done after losing the ball enough, to win it back.

  116. Wonder what us fans would have thought had wenger not signed Ozil,
    we seem to hear more rumours of players going ..not signing.

  117. My browser is really playing up…; when I type it appears on screen in slow motion; is anyone having same issue?

  118. The funny thing is IG and Aw have said we won’t make any signings on this side of the world cup but we falling for the rumours. :-)

  119. Some stats I read…

    Germany have scored 19 of their last 20 penalties at the World Cup – the only player to miss was Lukas Podolski.

  120. Ts lol, Ghana was better than USA in every department, the US was lucky. Your browser need a new signing. lol

  121. :) Andrew, mine will wear off after the 31st July if we haven’t signed anyone….

  122. Ts how do you rate Wenger tactically?…

  123. Anyone who watches The Arsenal live can see the defensive shortcomings. That’s why I was so keen on bringing Cesc back into the team. I am fully aware that Wengerball has no room for a defensive tackling midfielder. With Cesc, Ozil , Cazorla and Ramsey we would have reverted to the fast passing style we had with Cesc , Rosicky and Hleb and would have defended by having more of the ball than we do at present knocking long balls to Giroud to knock down or hold up. Every time the ball is played long to a lone forward the percentages say that possession will be lost , which is one reason why English football has gone backwards since the introduction of the backpass rule , other countries have realised that defenders need to drop back to receive the ball whereas in our league it’s just put your foot through it and welly it upfield.

  124. By the way I think Germany and Netherlands have been the most well organized teams in the tournament for me so far.

  125. Ts, I don’t think anyone is falling for the transfer gossip, we all know it’s newspaper bollox!

    Doesn’t stop us from chatting about ‘what if’ though…. :)

  126. Wenger is a stubborn tactician. He seems to have this thought “i don’t care who the opposition is, we play our way” and against the big teams no game plan well and truly destroys us. One of the only times I think Wenger showed good use of tactics was the FA cup final to go 4-4-2, although maybe this wasn’t tactics and was more of an “all or nothing get all attacking players on and go for it” thing

  127. I’d much rather have a strong midfielder signed, one who has pace and strength and knows how to tackle properly…

    One who can intercept the opposition move and turn it into our attacking play.

    One who can recycle the ball throughout the game and one who will plug the great big gap we have so often seen when facing sides with pace…

  128. Very laudable Rico and effectively I agree it would be my choice too but it is very unlikely that it will be Wengers’

  129. Sorry about ‘allegedly’ jinxing your result last night Ginge.
    I watched the first half and was in a similar mindset as I was during the Nigeria v Iran game. Total garbage.
    It was said in this morning’s match reports that the second half was much better.
    On a positive note, Ghana are still above Portugal and their kit is nice.

  130. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    Logging on this morning I received a messge from AVG telling me that the Heartbleed Virus is is becoming more of a probleme. Since then I have run a check on some of the websites I use and have found (according to AVG) that the BBC sport news weather, BT internet and Jeorge Bird are being shown as being vulnerable.
    There are other sites I am going to check and I am posting this to find out if other AVG users or anyone else is having any problems

  131. Syg, u lost the bet yesterday?

  132. Rico, it’s a beautiful sunny day in London Town today.

    Liverpool away, a tough start

  133. Hi rico I have a comment in moderation . can you read it?

  134. But why though Potter, surely Diaby was always meant to be that player…

    If we had a fit and more focussed player like Diaby, we’d be sorted.

    I hope AW isn’t expecting him to be fit for an entire season….

  135. I know DNA. It just goes to show.

    Nigeria of 1994 would have walloped Iran 6-0

    Whether it’s international football or what – I just don’t know. England have club cliques and the odd shit player that stops us from progressing to where we should.

    Germany looked good and actually won playing a proper team.

    France looked good against a very menacing Honduras, however they are hardly top tier with Wilson Palacios being their country’s golden boy.

    Holland, I missed but caught the highlights, which is basically as informative as Youtube.

    Both Brazil and Argentina looked sound enough

    However it’s still early days and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Ghana could beat Portugal and cop a draw with Germany to go through.

    A point worth noting is that a totally shit and underwhelming Greece side won Euro 2004 by sticking the boot in and sending everyone to sleep … and Kung Fu experts Korea got to the semi’s of one of the World Cups.

  136. Diaby is a conundrum ,He has been with us for 8 years and has averaged 15 games a season. had Wenger seen that style of player as a necessity he would have bought another one in that time. I often wonder whether if he hadn’t been injured at the end of each contract would he have been sold.

  137. Abou Diaby is currently in Brazil showing his mental strength as Wenger’s personal non-boozing and non-smoking valet…..

    ….. Either that or his gone to see his twin-brother Jacko Martinez who Dick Law is currently trying to sign ….. even though Wenger has told the ‘fumb ducker’ ten times already that its Javi Martinez who we are after…..

  138. @ syg very funny….. the world cup is the only thing making this period bearable.

  139. Belgium Team: Courtois, Alderweireld, Kompany, Van Buyten, Vertonghen, Witsel, Dembele, Chadli, De Bruyne, Hazard, Lukaku

    Subs: Mignolet, Vermaelen, Fellaini, Mirallas, Mertens, Defour, Origi, Lombaerts, Januzaj, Vanden Borre, Ciman, Bossut.

    Algeria Team: M’Bolhi, Halliche, Bougherra, Medjani, Ghoulam, Bentaleb, Mostefa, Taider, Mahrez, Soudani, Feghouli.

    Subs: Si Mohamed, Belkalem, Mesbah, Yebda, Lacen, Ghilas, Brahimi, Slimani, Cadamuro, Djabou, Mandi, Zemmamouche.

  140. Belgium 3-0 Algeria

  141. A win against Bosnia Bondy and you’re through !

  142. No match of the day favourite Fellaini in the Line up?

    And TV must be brewing inside Alderweireld ahead of him… 18 months ago he was teh captain of Belgium… lol

    Witsel in midfield is as mad as Syg talking about Song and Gervais…:-) I think Witsel has calmed down though so will be worth a punt

  143. :D :D Another Syg classic

    ‘Either that or his gone to see his twin-brother Jacko Martinez who Dick Law is currently trying to sign ….. even though Wenger has told the ‘fumb ducker’ ten times already that its Javi Martinez who we are after…..’

  144. What happening Dna and Syg being ‘nice’? :P

    Where is Cg btw.. has he found himself in Brazil?

    Syg, you know J.Martinez was disposed by Lahm and Kroos in midfield last season? Albeit, he was injured for a while but still…

  145. ”On a positive note, Ghana are still above Portugal and their kit is nice.” Micko I am sure will have a different opinion on that. :-)

  146. Hi Rick, I can’t see your comment in moderation…

  147. potter, I think you raise a very good point, maybe Diaby would have been sold. Now he’s fit and with one year to go, will he be sold off?

    I can’t see it personally, although I would sell him…

  148. Rico lts on now 4.23

  149. I agree that we do not use all of resources to their optimum and there seems to be a one size fits all policy. I think that TV could be used as a front sweeper playing 10 to 15 yards in front of the back four to provide the speed and strength we lack there now with Arteta, Flamini playing slightly further forward of that as his out ball as his passing may not be what is needed there but his other attributes I think could well be used to help the team.

    He has more pace, size and strength than the other options currently and his spring and tackling would be well used, also at the moment any lapses he makes tend to mean that the player is in on goal while playing further forward there should still be a line of defence further back and he could if needed drop in at the back and play in a back three leaving the full backs free to go forward.

  150. Even at the WC the Suprs are shite.

  151. Thanks Rick, would you run HH through a check too please, I’m sure something isn’t quite right with the site…

  152. And good afternoon to you too Rick…

  153. You know you’vre made when Rico uses something you posted on HH.
    Good evening all

  154. Well played Algeria. It’s a pity we can’t defend like that (a) v chelsea

  155. Hiya Ginge – You okay mate? felt for you this morning when I saw the score. really.

  156. Evening Joe… ;)

  157. lol Syg

    Snap, is it not amazing how another MoTD favourite is not looking colossal in the belgium defense? ;)

    Hi Rick, are you enjoying the sun and the WC?

  158. lol Syg

    Snap, is it not amazing how another MoTD favourite is not looking colossal in the belgium defense? ;)

    Hi Rick, are you enjoying the sun and the WC?

  159. i bet nasri wishes he’s representing Algeria now… lol

  160. Nice header MF…

    Definitely a 2nd striker.. lol

  161. Romelu Lukaku failed to register a single touch in the opposition area during this match. omg

  162. Well, those subs were spot on. That’s the old Fellani from Everton back then…

  163. Back defending and then popping up in the box to head home…

    Just what Diaby could have been doing…

  164. That’s staggering Gdna..

  165. I’m having an early one…

    Night all….

  166. A year ago sections of fans and media alike were slating Aw for not buying Gustavo especially with Paulinho joining the sperds based on both players confed cup showing…

  167. ts u don’t rate Gustavo??????

  168. Well played Mexico.

    Brazil are a bunch of cheats!!


  169. Rico, behave and leave ma team alone. Ts, Gustavo is a better DM than MF and MA. You need to notice only Ozil & BFG start for their country, what’s that telling you? Lol

  170. Thought you took an early bath rico !!!

    Capello up next, wonder if he’ll carry on from where he left off in 2010 !

  171. night Rico Brazil is overrated IMO

  172. snap, Brazil coming in for a load of stick over here, their one shining light Neymar, otherwise very average.

    Fred (not our one) was getting murdered on the box, brazil a nation of over 200 million and some how he gets the nod, 22 touches in the first two games, there’s no hiding place.

  173. Looks like Van Gaal is in for Khadeira, despite many claiming he’s a crock…

  174. Morning Rico abd all…

    Scott I know you lurking somewhere… ;)

    Brazil’s best player imo is Oscar and should be played as a no.10 in my view.
    Neymar is exciting to watch but as in my view players who just run with the ball for no reason do not excite me… Gotze is proving a more complete player now than Neymar; Dare I say even JC is a better all round player.

    That Brazilian midfield is shocking… I can’t believe Ramires is not rated and Bernard over Coutinho?? come on felipe…?

  175. Morning all.
    Holland have NEVER beaten our Socceroos.
    We have a win and two draws…not bad for a pub side, hey SYG :)
    Stan, we are coming to get you!
    Ok, we can’t beat them, but as long our boys belt shit out of Van Persie and Robben, who cares?
    Let’s give Robben something to bloody dive about!
    Morning all.

  176. Ginge, word has it Brazil tried to adopt Aaron, but that’s another story :)

  177. Oh, FIFA did not get the papers through early enough I heard Scott… :-)

  178. Scott, when Syg wakes up remind him US of A beat us in the 50’s i mean England.

  179. Lol……and best yet, the term SOCCER has it’s origins in England.
    True story :)
    Neymar…..I must say, he has to he’s of brilliance, but he does not compare to the worlds best…not even close.

  180. True that Scott…

    Apparently, in the early days of the sport among the upper echelons of British society, the proper term for the sport was “Soccer”. Not only that, but the sport being referred to as “Soccer” preceded the first recorded instance of it being called by the singular word “Football” by about 18 years, with the latter happening when it became more popular with the middle and lower class. When that happened, the term “Football” gradually began dominating over “Soccer” and the then official name “Association Football”.

  181. Palace at home first game…

  182. Dna, if you around in my view national team selection does not define the quality of a player

    Coutinho was omitted for Bernard; albeit the latter is a natural winger but come on…

    German omitted Kruse and Keisling 2 of tehir better players for different reasons.

    Di Steffano never made the Argentine squad and never played in the world cup…

    I can give you tonnes other examples…

  183. That is a potential banana skin…

    Considering we have qon les than 3 of our last opening day fixtures in 8 years…

  184. Man city passed on Cesc and are buying Gaitan… is that logical?

  185. Morning all…

    Just sorting out the fixtures :)

  186. Hi Rico, Jagielka to Arsenal gathering momentum

  187. Jagielka is decent…I’d take him.

  188. More than imo, but he has turned us down 2 times and he is now 31 y.o.
    He plays CB and DM seamlessly.
    Also based on several fans assertions that all ‘decent’ to good players players want to win and play at ambitious clubs, the reason why we lose players I am a lil’ confused on that one ;)

    His salary whilst playing for Everton being more than TV and Sagna’s during his time at AFC I guess makes little difference. ;)

  189. How was the stag Lee?

  190. Morning Ts, Lee, Scott and anyone else reading… ;)

  191. Yeah was good thanks… all this transfer bollocks is getting on my nerves, people claiming to know this and know that when really they know fuck all!

  192. Seems people like spouting bollocks all day long…..all very fucking tedious!

  193. Lee, I know enough to know nobody knows anything :)

  194. Totally agree Lee… but a chap I know, knows the groundsman at The Emirates and he said……………..

    New post up…

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