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Arsenal ‘missing out’? Vermaelen and Monreal join the exit list…..

Morning all.

I’m feeding off of the scraps this morning, a bit like the newspapers really, especially The Independent.

They have a headline suggesting we are set to miss out on Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata after German club Wolfsburg submitted a £15.9m offer for the 21-year-old.

How can we ‘miss out’ on signing a player when no-one knows if Arsenal are actually interested in signing him? Doh!

The Express suggest that Nacho Monreal could be on his way out of Arsenal as Athletic Bilbao are weighing up a move for our left back.

The Mirror suggest that Real Sociedad right-back Joseba Zaldua is wanted by us and a move could be on the cards and would be all tied into the Carlos Vela deal.

How many right-backs have we been linked to now, I’ve lost count!

Captain Thomas Vermaelen is the subject of an exit storyline today with many newspapers suggesting he’s agreed personal terms with Manchester Utd and will earn £100,000 a week with them, if the two clubs can agree on a transfer fee. Just how much truth is in this story remains to be seen but he and the old badger are best of friends and both players apparently have the same agent…

Selling another Captain to Manchester United is surely a big ‘No No’!

France stormed to a 3-0 victory over ten man Honduras last night, poor old Giroud only got on for ten minutes at the end. Benzema nabbed two of the French goals which will no doubt have added another pound to his value, so if Arsenal really are interested in signing him, best they get a wriggle on.

But with Arsene Wenger confirming Joel Campbell will finally be arriving in London this summer, any hope of signing a striker could be fading.

He will definitely come back to us for pre-season. He is maturing well.

Grown men don't suck their thumb!

Grown men don’t suck their thumb!

Campbell might be maturing well but just because he scored two goals a couple of days ago in Brazil, it doesn’t mean he’s ready for a season ahead in the Premier League and let’s not forget, he scored just nine goals during his entire season whilst on loan!

We need a striker who will score a lot more goals than that and I hope the club think the same….

And of course, if Vermaelen and Monreal both depart, that’s two more players who will need replacing and our ‘needed’ list is already long….


That’s it for today folks……


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358 comments on “Arsenal ‘missing out’? Vermaelen and Monreal join the exit list…..

  1. Good read and good morning Lady.

    AW did not even comment on Benzema on french Tv whilst he was doing his best impression of Goonie talking about Greizmann…

    Benzema last night after the game- “If I score, I’m French. If I don’t score or there are problems, I’m Arab. “

  2. Thanks and morning to you Ts and all…

  3. Morning all.

    Honduras – It was like watching Leeds and Chelsea circa 1970. How they ended up with 10 players on the pitch I’ll never know.

  4. They were a right bunch of thugs Syg…

    Mind you, Pogba was lucky, he could have been off for an early bath…

  5. Morning all.
    Media drivel…as always.
    Damn they can come up with a tale lol.

  6. Hi Scott, Syg…

    That was not a game for the purist…

    Messi looked lost too against Bosnia… considering Argentina’s attacking threat they were very lacklustre

  7. Don’t they just Scott but I can see there being some truth in the Vermaelen story…

  8. Rico, to be fair, even if he goes, who cares?
    Really, nobody has had many positive things to say about Tommy V for a few years now, so 10 million would be great business if it’s true.
    Pending, of course, the fact we replace him!
    Ginge, I missed it…probably a good thing lol.

  9. As long as we sign someone better eh Scott…

  10. We can’t lose TV and Sagna in the same window…

    Aw really struggles to identify defenders imho…

  11. Ginge, it’s only a rumour at this stage.
    Rico, yep……Arsene needs to get moving.

  12. I think we will Ts..

    He sure does Scott and rapidly! Well, whoever is sorting transfers out as Aw can’t be…

  13. The biggest and hottest rumour… unfortunately not raelating to us but MARCA are reporting that “Higuain is one step away from joining Barcelona

  14. TV to Yanited was always a given but I thought with Moyes it was over… but with Van Gaal and Ajax connection TV will definitely be moving to have the 3 wag click in Cheshire- Sagna, Tv and RVP

  15. The papers rely on the principle of

    “Nothing has to be true forever. Just for long enough.”

    And even then not true to start with Cant see TV being sold this summer, as then we would need to buy two Centre backs and a right back as well as the other positions.

  16. Marca are about as reliable as the Daily Mail…

  17. Sad as it would be to say goodbye to Sagna & Vermaelen, I see it as an opportunity just as long as Wenger pulls his finger out.
    Vermaelen has just not been good enough in recent times and no way could replace Merte & Kos. I dont think he is an adequate replacement for Vidic so good luck Man Utd.
    Also I think I detected the beginnings of Sagna starting to slow up, he was not getting back from forays upfield like he used to do, so Man City paying £150,000 a week for a 31 year old full back seems crazy to me. Also he may have to be happy to warm the subs bench for many matches as I think they already have a better right back in Zabaleta
    Therefore we could actually be improving our squad as long ar the right signings are made – dont hold your breath

  18. So true Rico.. considering the number of times they have run Morata fee agreed story… :-)

  19. we can’t keep selling to our rivals surely? it’s becoming embarrassing when have we ever bought a good player from them? I really don’t want to see any of our players leave for a rival again so if TV does not want to move abroad we should sell him to crystal palace…one season with pulis and he .right actually learn how to concentrate for 90mins..enough of the rant morning to you all…nice read Rico I know how hard it is to come out with any news this time of the year…Le blues

  20. morning all, i personally don’t believe any thing until it is announced on AFC’s website or i see a video where AW speaks about the topic personal. Aside of that,its all still rumour.

  21. Morning All,
    No way we will be selling to our rivals absoluting no,

    By Jeremy Wilson, Emirates Stadium10:06PM BST 28 Apr 2013

    Wenger controversially sold Van Persie to United for £24million last summer but said that he would not allow other Arsenal players to follow. Asked if Ferguson wanted any more of his players, Wenger said: “I don’t know but he will not sign them from us.”

  22. Sagna is replacement for Lescott though…

  23. As daft as it sounds Radamel Falcao to Arsenal might not be that far out…
    Monaco are due at ours for the Emirates Cup in August – I think – Wenger has great ties with Monaco and the story has been in the papers as much as the Griezmann to Arsenal stories, so who knows…? They were planning on getting shut straight after they’d bought him … according to the press….
    I’d prefer to think we were looking at him as a striker as opposed to all the other duck eggs we’ve been linked to…

    Jackson Martinez – Good god – He looks leggy and shite and could be Diaby’s twin
    Bony – African – 10-weeks home leave at the start of the business end of the season
    Benteke – Whore
    Benzema – worth £10M more after last nights showing
    Mandzukic – Is he that good ?
    Morata – again ?
    Lukaku – Mourinho

  24. Morning All
    Morning Rico. The post, bloody good work…

    Vermaelen to ManUre has to be a wind-up…
    Who is saying he’s agreed terms?
    Isn’t that tapping up???
    It’s all bollocks…

    Monreal to Real Sociedad/Athletic Bilbao/A N Other?!!
    Another load of bollocks…

    Why would Wenger, after many seasons of losing his best players, and after finally putting together a decent squad, then decimate it?????
    This is part of the usual Press/Media campaign that is orchestrated to make us log onto their shit web-sites… To earn then revenue from advertising…
    I do it, but it’s all bollocks…

    And that Benzema, what a lazy git… ;-)

  25. Vernat, I honestly believe TV will leave in search of regular football…

    Jim, so we should but yes, the question is will we? The number of players we need is totting up and AW isn’t a fan of many signings at one time…

  26. Gotta love this time of year :)

  27. Thanks snaparse…

    Morning Kev, thanks re the post, have you read it yet? ;)

    I can see TV going, but I really can’t see us selling to the Mancs, neither of them….

  28. ts good performance but I’m not getting carried away as Honduras isn’t really a team we shouldn’t be beating I thought Benz was good(I know you don’t rate him Lol) all in all I was pleased…..I don’t know why valbuena never gets attention he really is a good player maybe height?? cabaye valbuena and natuidi were my men of the match…..ts help me ask Wenger why he didn’t get matuidi?..a midfield of both him and Ramsey will run the oppositions out if ideas lol

  29. syg smh re Ben arfa…….it just proves that talents means nothing if you don’t work hard and stay focussed….

  30. I have Rico… :-D

    A silk purse out of a sows ear.

  31. Morning Lady and gentlemen, bright day here Nigeria and Ghana in action today, Sagna went for retirement plans in citeh, vermaeleen I will say good riddance, England played well but Henderson and sterling are not the real deal, Barkley and Chamberlain are, Henderson plays like a robot

  32. Morning lady and gentlemen, Bright day here as Nigeria and Ghana are in action, sagna went for retirement in Cite, Vermaeleen I will say good riddance

  33. Germany v Portugal tonight at 5pm uk time, that should be a goodie…

  34. Morning luznic.

    Nigeria v Iran
    Ghana V USA

  35. Rico Germany and Portugal is 5pm UK time, oops always always have issues with my first comment

  36. Got to love Caughtoffside, they suggest TV to Utd with Nani coming to us….

  37. I realised my error luznic and have changed the time…

    I’m glad that one is as 5pm as it won’t interfere with Eastenders and Coronation Street…. ;)

  38. You know I have a feeling AW and IG are waiting for all these big money clubs to spend what they can before he goes into the market, I am sure and I will remind you again by September 1, AW and IG will surprise us, good positive ways that is

  39. SYG what do you think of Remy?

  40. I’d like to think the club are being proactive now, not waiting to pick up what gets left…

  41. Snap, I honestly rate Benzema and Cavani and falcao and all the bollocks strikers I just won’t pay more than £25m plus a salary of 80kp/w for any of them… :-)
    The same way folks were last summer asking for Jackson Martinez even though they had not seen him play…

    Personally all this Benzema world class defies my way of thinking… maybe I should stop thinking like an engineer… ;)

    To me Karim plays in a far better team and roughly scores equal number of games as OG12 with not a greater conversion rate…

    8 of his 14 assists were to CR07 so…

    Yes he scored 2/3 goals last night but against a team that Derby’s 2007 defense could have fared better and Hondurus was 1 man done for a half and a bit…

    My argument is always that pound for pound is he that good to warrant us IG and AW paying £40M+ in addition to his £100k+ weekly salary?

    I know he has won the CL but even Ryan Bertrand has won a UCL medal whilst better players haven’t…

    Rant over :D

  42. Snap- Valbuena is super class and I will also take Ayew from OM;

    But as I have always caveat… Valbuena is a bit short but will always pick him over SC19 as a big game player…

  43. Morning everybody. Here we go again, debating journo’s make believe! Sadly of the 100’s of pieces of misinformed fiction they ‘put out there’, there is always one that has ‘legs’!
    Vermalen to manure, possibly. Will he improve their defence? Must do but not by much otherwise he would have been a regular for us, and he no longer is, but he is an excellent squad player. Shame if he went, but I don’t see him making the difference at manure.
    Have we hung on to Djourou? Ready made replacement! And he speaks several languages, ideal!!
    Campbell I think has a chance. He will make a good squad player, for sure. Someone suggested we send Sanogoal to Olympiacos on loan for a year. Sound plan!
    Greaseman, thought he was ok last night but nothing exceptional. I know it ain’t going to happen but I’d far sooner have Vela back, if he wants to return, though I don’t think he does, AM seems far more attractive.
    Lastly, is Nacho a Basque? If not he has little chance of going to Bilbao. If he is the story may have some truth in it.
    Here endeth today’s epistle, all based on fictional journalism!, I think I need to get out more!!

    Sorry wrote this much earlier but it wouldn’t post…..too quick….again!

  44. CoF- Now that is an equation and a half a genius can come up withRico… TV to Yanited and Nani to us… lol

  45. I cant wait for all these to end and see where we’ll be at the end of the window.

  46. For those slating TV.. maybe they should watch him next to Kompany please…

    I believe we fans have selective memory sometimes…

    Before last season how many fans on here were calling for TV to get fit so that we could get rid of Per?

    How many times did TV also rescue us in his first 2 seasons with us?

    Syg was ‘brave’ to admit he was one of those who wanted him as captain…

    The Cahill over Per debate never ceased either…

    I am not sure were AW can get a better defender than him with his pedigree re European etc without paying over £15M..

  47. Monreal , born in Pamplona , famous for Bull runs and it’s basque heritage.

  48. The problem with TV is that he has lost confidence in himself .Give him a few games and he’ll be back to his best.

  49. fare enough ts we have to agree to disagree or is that not have it’s been said??anyways I respect your opinion but I think you are thinking like Ab engineer c’mon illaramendi went for 30mil ffs and he isn’t really much more than arteta IMO you look at neymar and bale and while they are very good players are they really worth that much?? I would say no but I that is today’s market for you

  50. Thanks Potter, could happen then, maybe, perhaps…….we’ll see.

  51. We shouldn’t forget that injury,lack of playing time and the consistency of per and kos contributed to Tv’s downward spiral.

  52. So true Snap re Asier… :-)

    Good point Bondex

  53. The way its going with our squad and the fear wenger has of bring to many new players to the club at the same time,
    we could narf make a lot money again this year…..Exciting Yer Woppee

  54. Goood morning one and all, again Rico i salute your fortitude, like you i can see TV moving on for regular football. Syg, was having the same thoughts as you, ref Falcao now that’s what i call a superstar striker. We can all dream about the unattainable. as for TV, hasn’t really cut for awhile, as long as he’s replaced with a proper player, not a square peg.

  55. good point re valbuena……..I agree about vermealen too but whilst per has gone on to prove the fans wrong verms have failed to build on the fans trust I can’t say I will be disappointed if he leaves as he is a good player and he wouldn’t want to be third choice knowing Wenger with rotation issues plus cb isn’t really a place you want to rotate much…..I just don’t want any if our players move to a rival even park

  56. Wavy, agree re Campbell, good squad player and that’s all at the moment imo…

    Definitely need to send Sanogo out on loan…

  57. Snap, so how much will you pay for Karim in this market? honestly just gauging your valuation and debating civilly of course :-)

    The telling point is Aw does not seem to rate him…

    As you were in France and possibly watched on French Tv… Did Aw rave over Karim or Greizman more?

    Personally, I will take Bony over him any day as Bony in the last 2 seasons has scored more goals…

    That is me in the Syg’s African sin bin. :)

  58. Morning all,

    Tony Adams

    “The club came under criticism for not winning a trophy and I was one of them! It was important for them to win that,” Adams exclusively told Express Sport.

    “Hopefully it will be a pivotal moment in the careers of the squad members and they can go on and win league titles.

    “However I don’t think they will win the title as Chelsea and Manchester City are blowing the league apart and Man Utd will come again.

    “I don’t think Arsenal will finish any higher than 4th at the moment which is a little bit sad, but they needed to win the FA Cup because they had stick from the fans.

    “They played some remarkable football at times last season, but they they do leave themselves open.

    “When they come up against big teams they tend to leave themselves too open because they want to play freely and roll teams over.”

  59. Thanks Bt..

    fred, just have to hope the board and owner think differently…

  60. Remy Luznic?
    He’s okay, but I think we could do a lot, lot better.

    I’m not saying that Arsenal as a club should sign ‘fantasy football players’ and go for every top name that’s available, it is just that if last pre-season taught us anything – it is that if we hit the transfer market with intent then it gives the club a buzz and forms the foundations of a great season.

    Last season – we should have done the double. It was there for the taking.
    Wenger’s dithering, Ramsey’s injury and being forced to play a Ligue 2 player were the main reason we did not..

    Suarez would have won us the double.

    I hate it when we are linked with mediocre players and every African that publicly whores himself out to Wenger …. I hate it when we roll over for ‘bigger’ clubs to take our best players …. I hate the dithering and the aloofness of Wenger….

    If he can chuck £42M and £200K p/w at Ozil he can chuck a similar amount at Javi Martinez. Martinez might not be the player people want, but he is the player we need.

    Draxler, Greizmann? They are both do-able.

    Falcao is a long shot, but if the money’s offered, it is very do-able.

    Arsenal are as big as any club – It’s getting the people who run it to realise that.

  61. Great news….

    Michael Schumacher ‘no longer in a coma and has left Grenoble hospital’ says his manager

  62. Hi Dna,

    I tend not to agree with Big Tony often but he is spot on on this one..

    As I always say we lose not because of quality but lack of fight.

    I was in Stamford Bridge when we got thrashed and had to leave at half time because to me most of our players have this mentality that their job is to attack and not defend…
    We ‘argued’ over MAta vs Oscar and I am sure you now agree Oscar is far superior…

  63. Good old Big Tony.

  64. Morning All,

    If TV goes then shame but we move on… that fact he’s agreed a deal already so the papers say is piss funny… say’s who..? he isn’t a free agent he’s under contract… such pricks…!

    TV goes we get Ginter…. Sounds good to me.

  65. For that same fee for Martinez I will go for Fernando the octupus though;

    To me Aw has stopped being pragmatic and become a bit confused with what his strategy is in the market…

    Ps Ozil is on far less than £200k though

  66. We need Ginter regardless Wath… morning btw :-)

  67. Ginter needs to be bought this summer for sure Ts….

    All SYG is stating is what we all been saying now for years…. We have buckets loads of money… show some fucking ambition and intent and get the players we “NEED”….! We don’t need show ponies we need steel speed and power in the side.

  68. Syg, exactly, Arsenal are a big club, once they realise it and act like it, if ever, perhaps we’ll get the Arsenal we all want. Successful and feared for all the right reasons.

  69. ‘Arsenal are as big as any club – It’s getting the people who run it to realise that’.

    How very very true Syg…

  70. The way things stand we have Miguel and Hayden as potential 4th and 5th choice CB…

    I know sections of fans rate Hayden but to me at his age he is not really better than previous players such as Frimps,Merida and Muamba.

    I know different maturing age and all and he is english and so will get his chance but he struggled against WBA in the CoC next to MA08 and his disciplinary record is even worst than Frimp was at that age…

  71. SYG well said and we all know Wenger will not buy Falcao, javi I know he can bid for but we also forget the availability of the players, sadly SYG I don’t think I can see past Remy or Bony, Mandzukic is doable but isn’t that another Giroud type player, I leave the sorting out to AW I think he will get the right bunch am very sure

  72. Hi Wath, totally agree re the steel, speed and power….

  73. Hasn’t the club been run the same way though? on a shoe string

  74. All most of us want is for the club to start and be winners again.

    How good did the FA Cup win feel?

    I’ve not felt that good about a football game since the 2-0 win at Anfield in 1989 – but let’s be honest – our ‘lack of fight’ and poor defending nearly bollocksed that up.

    I don’t hold with the ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ or ‘playing the game the way it should be played’ ethos.
    That’s all well and good but it’s WINNING that counts. We play to win. That is what sport is about. being the best there is, or at least trying to be the best there is.

  75. When is TV contract expire? Arsenal probably have to sell him or he will walk free like Sagna, if he leave i think it gonna be too much work in the summer to get the squad competitive number wise/quality wise. It seems we now need to bring in a RB, 2 x CBs and a GK, which is a lot to do just so we have the right numbers, no mentioning we need a new CF and a DM. AW in Brazil doesn’t help.

  76. Hiya Luz – I never thought he would go for Suarez or Ozil – but he did. Suarez is as good as Falcao if not better. Ozil is very good and will shine this year as did Pires in his second season.

  77. Neither do I, points win things, not pretty football, not always…

    Gdna, next summer I think..

  78. Syg, Ozil will shine, if he has the right tools to work with.

  79. JC’s contract expires the season after next so in effect he will come to us play 15 or so games excel and then hold us to ransom for a huge salary or walk for free…

    Yes this is what we have managing our club.. cough their club as PHW would say…

  80. Bt62 Gooner says:
    June 16, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Syg, Ozil will shine, if he has the right tools to work with………totally true.

  81. Damn I wish we could fast forward through the TW each year.

  82. Ramsey keeping fit gives Ozil the tools…that was shown last season.
    Theo fit as well is the icing on the cake.

  83. Ts, we already have too much squad level players in the 1st eleven to be adding more, Arsenal need to spend at least 90 mil to get a new spine for the team, against bottom teams we are the most comfortable team in the PL, so our main additions should be top class additions. AW sell quick, buy slow mentality is holding us back, we should have bought Di maria last season for 35 mil and get Cesc this year for 30 mil which would be a better deal than Ozil for 42 mil.

  84. Congrats Aron!!

    Aaron Ramsey ✔ @aaronramsey
    Thank you to everyone who was a part of the last week for making it so special for us #MrAndMrs

  85. Scott, Ramsey is one of the tools, but we need others as well, Theo yes but has Theo ever had a injury free season?

  86. I am just trying not to get my hopes up, till today I still tell myself, AW didn’t want us to spend 42m on Mesut, I need him to do it again to prove my thoughts wrong, no matter what anyone says I won’t believe it until he can sign another top class for more than 30m, so that’s why I say I don’t see past Remy or Bony, SYG we will survive the 10weeks break for the ACN if we buy Bony all we need to do is say he is injured like AW always lie to rest some players

  87. BBC sportsday:

    David Ornstein
    BBC Sport
    Posted at 12:41
    “Thomas Vermaelen’s agent has denied reports that the Arsenal captain has agreed in principle to join Manchester United.
    “It is claimed the 28-year-old will move to Old Trafford subject to United reaching agreement with Arsenal over a fee after the World Cup.
    “But his representative Kees Vos told BBC Sport that no deal is in place with United or any other club.”

    Mirrors and smoke?

    The silly season is in full swing….marvellous!

  88. Congrats to Aaron and his wife….

  89. We need keeper,fullback,holding midfielder,striker and maybe a centreback=4/5 players,
    thats without squad size taken into account for the 4 competitions.
    Leopards and spots……Um

  90. The first thing the agent needs to be saying is a sale would only take place IF Arsenal are prepared to sell him….!

  91. And a winger fred….

  92. Fred, old leopards and old spots…

  93. And perhaps that his player loves Arsenal and will be battling for his place next season… ;)

  94. Just had a quick look for all Man Utd new signings to ponder on,
    The fixtures for Man Utds European games have just been published.
    Swansea away…No passport worries for them..Aye

  95. SYG, 12.06, top quality comment…

  96. Don’t be daft Rico, battling for your place when the agent can get one last payday out of his client….!

  97. Ginge, 12.21…

    How does Haydens and Frimpongs disciplinary compare then Ginge?

  98. cheers Kev

  99. SYG, 12.26, Hear Hear…

  100. what do you want Kev, reds, yellows?

  101. Wayne Rooney has announced through the media,
    That if Nani go’s he will go with her.

  102. Dna, where are Jose and Pelle’ as we speak?
    IG is also doing his UEFA ambassador/UEFA ECA Executive board job in Brazil but he gets no blame…

  103. Fair point Wath… ;)
    :) Fred, you are on a roll…

  104. Ginge, if can do it from the same stage of their careers (so the age Hayden is now), all cards, and over how many appearances at that time…

    What website are you using btw?

  105. Just trying to cheer meself up rico.

  106. congrats Ramsey

  107. ts I don’t know much I will pay as I am no arsene or Ivan but i think the market is inflated for such so u can expect to see crazy sums been paid for players

  108. It’s working with me fred ;)

  109. i using Statso, Arsenal,wiki, UEFA nextgen,transfer market and my own database ;)

    Hayden at 19- no long term injuries; red cards 3 at youth level; senior appearances 1 CoC; plus 2 non-appearance on bench;
    England 17 appearance at u-16/u-17,u-18,u-19 1 goal

    Frimps- At 19- 1 anterior cruciate ligament during training; 3 CL appearances; 4 EPL appearances;2 CoC; 1 red card in EPL; 1 at Youth level
    England 12 appearance at u-16/u-17 with 1 goal; 1 u-21 call up no show due to injury and 1 opting for Ghana
    Frimpong missed 20 months in total from 2011 to 2014 due to 2 ligament injuries.
    Loan to Chalton before 20 years old

  110. “Dna, where are Jose and Pelle’ as we speak?”

    They both have better squads than Arsenal, not a good comparison. Plus Jose is 13 yrs younger than AW.

  111. Snap, personally I care not how much a player cost but most AFC fans do that is why they say Ozil at £42M should be doing more whilst as you know RM spent 50M or Asier and Isco and they both played less than Ozil; Albeit some may say they won the CL..

    How many goals did Cavani score in Ligue 1 and his transfer fee and salary but OG12 gets slated for turning up all year round and making even more tackles on average than Flamini. I agree we need better but to me he is a trier and I like triers…

    OG12 is like a BMW M3 racing with F1 cars. You pay for what you get… we have always tended to shop loan and pay high whilst the develop…

    We paid £9m/12m for him and he is on 60kp/w but folks are comparing him to Cavani and Suarez on 200k a week.

    Fans complain about our salary but we have the 4th highest salary and we finish 3rd or 4th but spend less than even Southampton on transfers… in my view without AW we won’t even compete…

  112. Frimpong joined Barnsley for an undisclosed fee on 31 January 2014. He went straight into the squad for the Yorkshire derby against Sheffield Wednesday, but was sent off after 31 minutes.[25] Following Barnsley’s relegation from the Championship, Frimpong was released after only four months at the club.

    His agent says clubs from Serie A are looking at him !

  113. You are dodging the point imho… Dna

    The season is over a manager can do what he wants lawfully if it falls with his/her clubs remit…

    Until someone can really tell us with evidence Aw is the reason why we have not signed anyone, imo it is just a witch hunt…

    For all we know he has given a list to IG and Law… IG said in the Q&A that the club was in discussion with players.. he did not say AW is away so we can’t negotiate…

    We as fans can’t have it both ways ‘he has more power allegedly but and so should delegate’ but on the other hand ‘he should be in London negotiating with players…’

  114. Ts, nobody would buy a M3 to race against F1 cars… lol

  115. Frimps signed for 6 months Syg…

    Barnsley were relegated with more than 4 games to go… 4 other players whose contract were about to expire were also released but they got no mention because they wont get any hit…

    I blame his agent for advising him to move and even taking a pay cut whilst his agent made more money from the deal than Arsenal and the player himself…

    The player wanted to play and so was willing to go to anyone who would guarantee him playing time…

    The thing is Aw blocked him from joining Fulham in August because he probaly thought he had a chance but missing 2 years out will kill most players career… Remember the season before he was on loan with Fulham and played in games disposing Sidwell sometimes

    Its like Balo’ and fans views that he is a liability? The fact is how many games does he actually miss? Balo’ missed less games through suspensions or injuries than Flamini and JW so…

    I personally do not fall for media drivel…

  116. Bt- AW bought Wiltord instead of Van Nisterooy and DD was there… that has always been AFC’s modus operandi.

    As PV04 said we shop from lidl instead of Harrods…

    Its like voters blaming Tony Blair for wars when the people pulling the strings laugh all the way to the bank

  117. Ts, would it be more beneficial for AW and Arsenal to rest for the upcoming season than to be in Brazil. With the travelling for preseason and all by December he looked ragged and tired, i’m not buying into the argument list given to IG, no player transaction happen at Arsenal without Lord Arsene present.

  118. Lord Jesus,

    AFCPressWatch™ @AFCPressWatch · 4h
    Losing Vermaelen is good news for Mikel Arteta. He is expected to be promoted to club captain and eyeing contract extension. #AFC

  119. AFCPressWatch™ @AFCPressWatch · 4h
    #MUFC won’t comment on the Vermaelen to United rumour as nothing has yet been signed and sealed. #AFC #ArsenaI

  120. AFCPressWatch™ @AFCPressWatch · 19m
    Sky Bet: Transfer specials 16/06 Betting Suspended -Vermaelen To #MUFC #AFC #Arsenal

  121. Most probably Dna, so why ain’t his bosses telling him to conclude deals before he goes…

    He must be a Lord AW because his bosses see him ticking all the boxes…

    Note, his deal was up but we heard an Oxbridge educated CEO telling the world a 64 y.o manager can’t be replaced…
    The funny thing is expected a 2 years extension but he got given 3 years…

    I might be missing something but if you worked somewhere and your boss had no back bone and gave you a carte blanche 99% of folks would take the piss too by doing things their way…

  122. I don’t want to see Mikel Arteta as captain…..

  123. Ts, have you ever heard of educated fools. Stop mentioning who is educated where, because i know people with all sort of qualification that is acquired by doing online courses and are dumb as a door knob. 1 of the best qualification is common sense, which is not really common at arsenal.

  124. lol Dna… MA08 led us to the FA cup triumph and not TV…

    Per was captain only 8 times this season; guess who was the captain the rest of the time apart from Sagna 1 time…

  125. Rico, the feeling is mutual but it might be harsh reality.

  126. Actually Ts, sure if a person has great pride in what they do for a living, they do the best they possibly can at work.

    Has AW been doing that?

    I’m not so sure he has, not for a while….

  127. Ts, i think fans complain about the wages because of the way they have been awarded, eg Park paid wages never plays, Nikki B and younger players given fat wages and contributing next to nothing.The money or some of it, could have been saved and spent on better quality players or rewarding and keeping the better ones we had.The wage structure was fully endorsed and implemented by AW, by his own admission.

  128. “I might be missing something but if you worked somewhere and your boss had no back bone and gave you a carte blanche 99% of folks would take the piss too by doing things their way.”

    Ts, i have u in high regards, don’t spite your face by cutting off your nose, if u love Arsenal why would you do such a thing. Are you saying AW lacks integrity?

  129. What Gdna, TV doesn’t want me to be captain? ;)

  130. Rico, lol. The way you love the club and hate to hear me complain i’m confident you would do a great job. lol

  131. Rico, don’t want to see Rtita at all. lol. Except taking pens. lol

  132. Whoever decided Nik B should be paid £50,000 a week needs a drs appointment…

  133. :) Gdna….

    You and me both Bt, I hope we are watching a younger, fitter and stronger player in the midfield. Arteta at best is a squad player…

  134. I rest my case then Dna…
    The employee becomes more powerful than his bosses…
    Anyone who became a founding member of MLS 3 years after graduating university is either brilliant or well connected… ;)

    If I was eithe rof those I won’t be an arm chair expert on here I would be in Brazil sipping on something exotic and looking at some fine specks on Copacabana beach like a rapper signing his first record deal :-)

    And the fact that we may not agree with what or how the club does things imho does not mean they are ‘fools’.
    Rico, with all due respect AW’s bosses think he does a job second to none…

    IG said Aw can’t be replaced last month…

    Anyway enough of that… its only going to end one way with someone taking things personal so…

  135. Rico, you may book Arsene for that appointment, after he gets back from his Brazilian holiday.

  136. Bt, I totally agree but we Arsenal fasns make it out like we are the only club with mismanagement…

    Lescott earned more than almost all our players and played only 10 games for city last season…

    Soldano cost the scums how much and how much did he score?

    I am sure if any fan had a brilliant idea he could have applied for one of the Financial roles at Arsenal…

  137. Ts, you an armchair expert?? Now that has made me chuckle…. lol

  138. I don’t think the board do Ts, not one bit, otherwise they wouldn’t have stepped in and signed Ozil.

    And I’m not sure any of them think he’s doing such a great job, seems to me they just lack the balls to go and find someone new..

  139. :) Bt, I think I might….

  140. Are you suggesting that our board are scared of the unknown ? Or just their own shadow.

  141. Wenger was not too dissimilar Bertie Mee.

    Both were underwhelming footballers who made a career out of management.
    Wenger, possibly through economics, Mee through physiotherapy – Nothing wrong with that.
    Both were aloof in their persona and in short no-one really knew what they actually thought.
    Both inherited a good core of players and added to it.
    Both tinkered with players positions to get the best out of them – George, Graham and Storey to midfield – Henry from the wing, Wiltord to the wing etc.
    Both dithered and pissed around until they ended up buying (or not buying) what the club did not really need.
    Both failed to adequately replace who had gone.

    Wenger’s ‘failure’ was 4th spots in the league and runners-up medals – however he had an excuse for this ‘minor failure’ – The Stadium move…
    Mee who’s tenure was somewhat shorter and his failure somewhat worse, did not.

    Here is the difference: Mee got old and lost the plot and chucked the towel in, whereas Wenger got old and saw he was losing it …. and began a series of change as part of a rectification process. Buying Podolski, Giroud, Carzorla, Monreal and Ozil was a big, big move for him.. a move in thought.. And a move that finally won him something ….

    Hopefully he’s recognised that and he can build on it.

    He’s recently turned Fabregas down and by the looks of it he’s turned Vela down too…. why?

    Being an optimist I am assuming he has much better players lined up…

    On the other hand being a pessimist, maybe he’ll instil some of the rot we’ve missed last season and he’ll go go back to basics and procure a shed load of towel boys and insist this is Diaby’s year.

    Most of us get the ‘sum of all the part’s ethos – but good world class players that ‘fit’ is the only way he as a manager can move upwards and onwards. If he doesn’t do that, he’ll go backwards.
    It is what he has to do. I think he knows that.

  142. Ozil said he made up his mind about joining us when he spoke with AW so how did the board step in to sign Ozil…

    Stan only got involved as Ozil and his father wanted a better salary and the board needed approval from Stan; it could have been far worst if we had won against Av as I am sure Stan won’t have compromised

    Even Alex Fergie said the club were going to sell RvP to him for about £10m until AW stepped in and got the best deal for the club…

    The board could not even sell Cesc; it took AW to stop preparing for CL qualification with Udinese to conjure up the clauses to get more for us when our board were again just happy to make any profit on the 500k we paid for Cesc. Albeit the clause was never used but still….

    So if Aw is not doing his best for the club then I don’t know..

    Its not his fault the board have no balls…

  143. Ts, i,m not worried about mismanagement at other clubs, it’s when it occurs at Arsenal, that i take issue with it.

  144. Maybe both potter….

  145. I hope he’s learned and builds on what we have, otherwise it’s going to be a long old three years ahead…

  146. AW may have been the man who during a phone call made Ozil make up his mind, but imo, he wasn’t the one who initiated any deal.

    Anyway, moving on from that as it’s old news really.

    All that matters now is the next couple of months and Arsenal and Wenger making sure we are finally well prepared and equipped to face the seasons challenge….

  147. Shopping for me now so catch up later…

  148. Bt, totally agree but no silver bullet exists on financial management in football management or national budget management… imho

    No team can have a squad of 15 CR07, Yaya Toure, Suarez’s, Per etc all allegedly world class.. you need a mix of Devante Cole, Jordi Hiwula, Jamal Blackman etc

    At the end of the day, the owner/shareholders have to decide if he is getting value for money;
    That value for money is trophies for football fans but to the board it means something else…

    If it was about trophies Jose won’t have been sacked nor Di Matteo…

  149. wow

  150. Excellent news on Koeman… one of the best defenders ever imho

  151. Syg I enjoyed reading your 3:25

  152. Ts, you say Ozil made his mind up after talking to AW, would this not imply that contact had already been made by someone else, and AW was used to push it through.He was hardly going to say “I’m not talking to Ozil”. If we had beaten Av, AW would probably have signed no-one.

  153. Ts, Rico beat me to it. lol.

  154. True Bt but if Aw was so unambitious as he was made out to be.. he would tell Ozil, ‘ I will play you on the lhs and never as a no.10, as I already have JW or SC19′ ;)

    Yes contact was made by Law… if you read my post over last summer when we were linked with Higuain and Di Maria I said it was another RM player AW was after… and even mentioned Ozil but 2 people on here said Ozil will never play for a has been manager like Aw…

  155. So basically you are saying the club can’t sign any player without AW’s influence? Maybe that is why IG says AW can’t be replaced because maybe the club is not as grandiose as we fans thing we are… ;)

    Allegedly even Manure could not recruit due to new Chairman and Moyes lacking credibility and Yanited is the biggest or 2nd biggest club in the world

  156. .. on the other hand the chavs are able to sign players without having a manager in place;

  157. Love it….

  158. Lol… £60M for a 28 y.o coming back from a cruciate injury? Not even considering his tax free salary of net £200k a week…

    That will never happen as it is highly likely that the other cruciate will go within 18 months needing another 9 months out…

    More fuel to the fire for fans…

  159. Syg, could it really happen, the dream…lol

  160. I know I am a kill joy but this is the same player who chose AS Monaco a newly promoted club over Chelsea last summer when a deal was agreed….
    Instead going for the tax free oil money…

  161. Anything can happen Bt62.

    I never thought I’d see Arsenal win two doubles but I did.
    I never thought Arsenal would buy a player like Bergkamp, but they did.

    Stay optimistic until 1st September, 2014.

    Then call 07943 809 162

  162. Germany: Neuer, Howedes, Hummels, Khedira, Ozil, Muller, Lahm, Mertesacker, Kroos, Gotze, Boateng

    Portugal: Patricio, Alves, Pepe, Veloso, Coentrao, Ronaldo, Moutinho, Almeida, Meireles, Nani, Pereira

  163. what’s your take on Emir Spahić, Ginge?

    I only watched the first half last night as I was bollocksed – but he looked okay.

  164. It’ll be a cracking game DNA. Certainly better than the other two games. £10 on Germany, Nigeria and Ghana.

  165. Syg, lol. US might beat Ghana. lol

  166. Syg- he was linked to us 2 seasons ago and you called him another Le Squid. :P

    Emma and i were talking about him last week.. he is my fave CB in the Bundesliga but he is 34 y.o or close

  167. Syg, supporting ghana.. I got a headache reading that :D

    Dna, a HH bet… Ghana to win

  168. I called him Squillaci? I’m sure I’d remember that. Didn’t realise he was that old. I’m going to have to move the chair closer to the TV !

  169. actually 3rd best after Subotic, Howedes

  170. I never said I was supporting Ghana lol – I just think they’ll beat America.
    It’ll be a boring 1-0.
    Ghana may well qualify as they are certainly capable of beating Portugal. It maybe a case of who gives America the biggest hiding in that group.
    I hope they qualify for you.

  171. Ozil as false 9 as predicted by none other…
    :D Syg stop the friday night curries mate

  172. Howedes – He’s another one who is being linked with Arsenal…

  173. according to wiki 33, 34 in august my bad….

  174. Someone on here argued with me that Hummels will take Per’s place in the WC last year… own up :P

    Howedes is solid but I will still take WAth’s love child Ginter as he plays DM too

  175. Syg. lol. USA might use their hands because that’s football for them. lol

  176. keep me informed on game I leave office at 5 so….

  177. Like Austroilia. Shite at football so they make their own sports up that only they can play ….

    Baseball, American football in the good ole’ US of A
    and tying their Kangaroo’s down sport in Oz

  178. Howdy good people….what’s new?

  179. Hahahahahahhaha syg Scotty oz is not gonna like that…kangaroos huh? Hilarious.

  180. Ts, we could knock this back and forward all night, off to watch Germans what does the turtle say for this one Ts?

  181. Hmmm, I wonder who that ‘none other than’ could be….. :roll:

    Come on England, 5 more wickets :)

  182. Kroos makes me cream like Goonie and Dg… lol

  183. Bt- all good buddy all a bit of fun…

  184. These Portuguese players are a dirty lot!

  185. muller you ugly bastard…

    that pass from Kroos to Ozil was like Sammer to Klinsman

  186. Pepe has always been dirty.. veloso too

    Moutinho has regressed moving to AS monaco for cash

  187. I think we are watching the new World Champions.

  188. They ought to do something regarding play-acting – trial by video technology. I would be embarrassed dropping to the floor like that.

  189. Portugal are never going to win this WC Syg… ;)

  190. I love this German team,I love the stupidity of pepe.Ozil look more comfortable and There’s isn’t much runners ahead of him.

  191. Lol Rico.

    Ginge will be rubbing his hands together hoping that Ghana can put them out of their misery….

  192. 3 more, come on England….

  193. Talk about a one player team eh, and even Ronaldo is playing badly…

  194. Exactly Sukky..

    I watched Ozil at youth and Bremen and he had no runners… we have shite midfielders with no tactical brains without when Ramsey, TR07 and MA08 are not playing together…

    Also Khedira not playing DM as the media purport…

  195. Syg, if Italy get that far they will beat the Germans me think…

    Loew still a bit too naive like AW… sweet philosophy but not Jose-like enough

  196. Portugal will beat Ghana… we flatter to deceive Syg…

    If you can watch the match tell me what you think of Ayew please… I rate him highly but you know I will even though I disliked his father Abedi pele…

  197. 2 more, come on England…. :)

  198. lol Rico

    Are you watching cricket or Rugby?

  199. How many times has Gotze and co. run with the ball for the sake of it…

    Our pundits get so excited when our players do that and then we end up losing it in dangerous areas..

  200. Ts, the older Ayew is a very good player, his brother is not that good.

  201. Cricket and football, although the latter is quite boring.

  202. Muller to win golden boots..

    Klose one goal away from all time record but still just a sub.. will probably start against US of A if/when Germany thrash Germany..

  203. Germany thrash Germany, that has to be your best prediction ever Ts…

    And that one won’t come true…. lol

  204. Dna- Jordan is less skillful but a bit more deadly in front of goal than Andre imo…

    Funny how J Boateng will face his half brother on saturday.. one for Germany one for Ghana…

    Dna- What do you think of the Chancellor spending her time in Brazil instead of Berlin…

  205. Lol Rico… I didn’t realise you read my post :D

    Germany thrash Ghana*

  206. One needed from 5 balls….

    Come on England…..

  207. 3 goals muller…

    What a gem…

  208. I try not to Ts… lol

  209. I just realised no Schweinsteiger in midfield… You might be right Syg… this performance is very impressive

  210. :( :( It’s a draw….

  211. ts u are u seeing my boy kross?? quality player lahm is an all time great IMO

  212. Maybe Portugal are missing Postiga :P :D

  213. Ts, the chancellor probably looking for u or OG12. lol

  214. scratch the first u

  215. Really enjoyed that.

  216. That was a very good match

    Snap; Kroos is world class imho

  217. Now watch out for Iran.lol

  218. Iran ?
    I remember them playing Scotland in the 1978 WC. 1-1 Danifar scored….. Scotland scored with an OG.

  219. Ginge Germany won’t win the world cup. Just like the last world cup. They re showing their hands to early. Folks will know how to nullify their threat soon. By the quarter final they ll head home again. Just like my beloved oranje. The sky is blue. It’s the azuris to lose. You heard it here first.

  220. 7 goals in World Cups for Muller now. Wooney still waiting for his first… ;)

    Syg, bearer of bad news… AW allowing Rakitic to join Barca? tsk

    I blame Snap for that though :-)

    Very true Goonster… it will be a shame for the krauts but there can be only 1 winner…

  221. :D Syg.. you not following Frimps ?… next you will be ‘Denching’

  222. Brazil got this man. lol

  223. Syg, Sukky,Snap so Cesc or Rakitic who do you prefer?

    I know Dna prefers Cesc so I won’t bother asking :P

    Do you think Barca are following AFC’s model of selling big and buying low?

  224. Seriously syg re iran? :-)

    Damn, thanks for that info I will have something to tease my Scot buddy with now…

  225. Hey DNA how are ya

  226. You re from the islands right? So whom are u rooting for? Please don’t say oranje. You ll jinx it.

  227. I follow 114 – one of them is Geoff from Arsenal, Ginge.
    The Frimpong thing got re-tweeted.
    I don’t follow football players, just the odd football journo, some companies in the the tunnelling and piling industry and the odd Arsenal fan ….. For the record the biggest wanker is Arseblog.

  228. Brazil all the way goon. lol.

  229. Lol Syg.. I know you don’t follow frimps… just kidding as always. lol

  230. “I know Dna prefers Cesc so I won’t bother asking :P

    Do you think Barca are following AFC’s model of selling big and buying low?” lol

    What happen to the sell quick, buy slow method Ts. lol

  231. Hahahahahahhaha you re doomed compadre. This Brazil team is the worst in living memory. Color tv that is not black and white like kev and WATH used to watch in the 19th :grin:

  232. Sunderland buy Pantilmon.

  233. Goon, At the CF position, but everywhere else we can mix with the big boys. Don’t tell me i waste my 90 bucks buying a jersey. lol

  234. I don’t watch as much European football so I can’t comment on Rakitic….

    A bit over elaborate v Brazil, but you can’t ‘really’ gauge a player properly in the World Cup as they all play for different clubs and they are either playing with inferior players or you get get cliques …

  235. Well you did waste 90 bucks. That coulda gone into kroenke’s pocket. Too bad though cause this celecao is the worst I ve seen and trust me I have seen a lot better.

  236. Rakitic have a good season lets see if he can repeat it.

  237. Potter-Surprised about Pantilmon move.. does that mean Don Vito is going to Yanited or Italy re Naples?

  238. I’m gonna buy 1 more Nike AFC Jersey, not a big fan of PUMA. lol

  239. Hey ginge which was your favorite brazillian team of all time. My dad used to yap about the 66 and 82 teams. Mine was actually the 94 even though I wanted baggio to win the world cup.

  240. Dna, good point I guess Navas moving has helped;
    Rakitic before 2011 was being dubbed the S04 Rosicky when he was in the Bundesliga… he has always been good but playing as a winger/no.8 was not really his forte in Seville

  241. Ts, what are Arsenal waiting on to get some free squad fillers, Lescot and the Fulham keeper.

  242. Same here Goonie… 1994… Dunga and fat ronaldo/Rivaldo… lol

  243. Me too dna but hey if they help us land the world class beast of a cf we need then trust me am gonna name my next child puma :grin:

  244. I have never been sold on Lescott Dna… but I am a bit prejudice against left footed CB’s so apart from a very few like TV, Distin, De Boer.

    I will take Fegarua (spelling) though

  245. Yeah but my player then was blanco. That dude was tough aggressive and an eye for goal. Whatever happened to Brazil. They don’t produce them like they used to anymore. The last was Ronaldinho. Robinho neymar and the rest and just average Joes.

  246. Come on Nigeria ! Keshie

  247. Blanco Rai Leonardo and dunga those guys were the shit.

  248. Valderama was my player… the colombian Gullit… check my profile photo

  249. Awww shucks my adopted nation the super falcons is it? Come on jay jay okocha.

  250. My goalie Higuita… but brings sad memories of Escoba getting killed because of a game of football…

  251. ts I prefer the cesc that was with us but right now rakitic and even pjanic(I confess he is class) rakitic is more reboust and is also a sweet passer of the ball….kross over all though lol

  252. Football is not the same Goonie…

    all these Cavani’s/Wooney’s on billion pounds. tsk

  253. Yeah I liked him too back in the day bit prefer asspilla and their mad cap goal keeper rene guijita(spelling)

  254. Lol Snap, Koke, Vidal, Kroos, Ramsey different class imho

  255. One player I admit I got wrong was Strootman…

    Goonie if Strootman was fit you would be making semi’s me think…

  256. Tell me about it. I grew up wo shopping litbaski Hassler summer and for the oranje gullit van Basten and my main man frank pretty boy Rijkaard. So sad. 1988 ll forever be my favorite year. I was 2 :grin:

  257. El Loco Higuita

    For you Goonie..

  258. I have the ( USSR)CCCP vs Holland final on VHS goonie… a class match… Koeman your enemy.lol

  259. but on his day cesc is probably the best no10 in the world but the barca move was a bad choice imo

  260. Ginge am not gonna get into that with you. We had Bergkamp overmars the de boer twins seedorf Davids and the rest at France 98. What happened? The oranje just like arsenal and bottlers. We ll fail again ginge. Not even Jan mulder or Johan Cruyff can save us.

  261. Oh please I hate that turd face koeman. Can’t believe I ll be seeing his face on live TV managing Southampton.

  262. Pardon my typing guys. Blogging and feeding the baby at the same time. Am sorry.

  263. ts Vidal is the best box to box midfielder in the world imo although Ramsey might get their soon….his tackling rare is just ridiculous wat a player I know its only the Italian league but still ..

  264. Snap, for me a no.6 and a no.10 have to be left footed. lol

    Only Matthias, Pirlo, Deschamp, Arteta, Schweinstriger are the exceptions for me at no.6… lol

    For no.10 baggio, Gullit, Okocha, Kalusha, Valederama, the great dennis are the exceptions

    Who remembers Kalusha?

  265. Ginge are you crazy?? You left out my hero Zizou. Are you serious? Kalasha over Zizou?

  266. Oh shite Zizou… yes I am mad.. lol

    Yes the great Zizou

  267. Oh and Sammer, Hassler, Frings, I left out too… too many greats…

  268. You better go have a cold drink. :grin:

  269. Holy cow what about stefan effenberg? Remember him?

  270. But Zizou was a winger at RM though so… lol

  271. Double act with his brother.

  272. So true Dna; t but he is a Bavarian so…

    Sammer a BVB great..

  273. Lol goon at least u thrashed Spain if u was u I would be buzzing nobody gave u guys a chance so u should just enjoy it

  274. Well we both know Madrid is a crazy place…One of my all time greats too was boban of yugoslavia and of recently Croatia. What a player. I read somewhere that pirlo horn his skills watching boban. Don’t know how credible the story qas. But they have some similarities.

  275. Double act with his brother. Koeman that is.

  276. Snap I ll not celebrate nada as long as we re still in the group stages. Let’s get to the finals hammer the opposition 7.0 with seconds on the clock then I will celebrate. :grin:

  277. Oh shite Boban but Dagan is another fish

  278. Wow that brought tears to my eyes. They don’t make them Like that anymore. I love Enzo francescolli too. Men football is dead ginge just like you said. Bummer.

  279. Too many Jose’s and win at all cost mentality..

    It stated with AC Milan buying all the dutch talent though..

    In the 1980’s a team like Naples could get lucky get a Maradon and win the title; these days you need Sheikh Mansour..

    Gone are the days when football mangers wore jeans and smoked on the touch line…

  280. Nigeria doing their thing, they ain’t 3 bad. lol

  281. Lol yeah I remember that. Hahahahahah. My dad took me to watch AZ some time ago I remember seeing the coach smoking on the touch line.

  282. when talented teams like Red Star Belgrade could just come through on talent…

    One more for you..Igor BELANOV

    But the most under rated was Hagi..

    Anyway enough reminiscing for 1 evening

  283. What’s the score dna?

  284. Yikes I remember hagi and hristo stoikov. Dang.

  285. So did Portugal win?

  286. Lol Portugal win in which sport? Rico

  287. Aurier vs Japan..

    Good performance but I think his starting position is almost always wrong…

  288. Ts, out of interest, at what level did you play or coach football?

  289. Goon, 0-0

  290. Lol goon its all about enjoying the moment for me…..baresi was my favourite defender alongside maldini

  291. The most boring game so far. Probably play until midnight tomorrow and it’d be 0-0.

  292. Snap I remember baresi alright. Against Ajax he was made to look like a mug by George finidi. Great player though. My favorite defender of all time is Italian too, costacurta.

  293. SYG :grin:

  294. costacurta was cool goon the Italians just produce defenders at an astonishing rate……loved tasotti also

  295. Syg, the next 1 is gonna be worst. lol. The world power UsA vs Ginge. lol

  296. Night all….

  297. I think they have a conveyor belt somewhere. Remember how canavarro single handedly won them the world cup in 2006. I like the azuris. Am rooting for them.

  298. Good night rico…please let the bed bugs bite. They gotta eat too.

  299. John Terry and Ryan Giggs sorry they are not at the World Cup.


  300. Dna you re one crazy jamaican :grin:

  301. I think they will surprise a few…….but I’m still tipping the Germans

  302. Goon, a little fun is good at times. lol

  303. Snap the hallmark of the Italian team is they get better during the competition. Remember back in 94 they lost one drew one and won one yet they were 5 minutes from lifting the world cup. I won’t put it pass them. Am tipping them.

  304. Yeah man :grin:

  305. 18 Aug 14 First game of the season.

    Liverpool vs Arsenal at Anfield.

  306. Wtf..are you serious??? Arnfield?

  307. SYG, all I will say is at least we Aussies still win the games we made up :)
    Morning all.

  308. Too true Scott. LOL

  309. Goon, i prefer to play the big teams first. lol

  310. Syg, how did Pold beat OG12? lol

  311. Is that Angela Merkel? Yeesh

  312. No idea DNA lol. Did you see her up applauding when Germany scored their second? Brilliant.

  313. hello
    League starts on the 16th august?

  314. What’s she doing in Brazil? What’s next Obama high fiving the US team?

  315. How are the games going today?

  316. I didn’t watched Portugal. I will watch later, maybe tomorrow.

  317. tsgh, is your granny missing a set of curtains by any chance, check out the collars on Ghana’s jerseys !

    JM, your better off pretending it never happened, I’d deny it myself, ronaldo 29, getting on a bit now, will it be the last time we see him at the world cup !

  318. Podolski and Merkel! Who’d have thought it?

    Star turn, Pod that is, of he leaves I shall become a life long supporter of the ‘O’s’! Pod is a god!

  319. Bye, bye Ts, Muntari face tell the story. lol

  320. Ginge :grin:

  321. Thomas Vermaelen to ManUre?

    Tom Cleverley to Arsenal?


    Chris Smalling to Arsenal?

    Morning Lee…

  322. Mario Balotelli for £25million?

    Night All

  323. Kev, that’s the latest rumour doing the rounds…..Balotelli.
    Could Wenger tame him?

  324. Morning Scott and all…

  325. Hi Rico.
    What new?

  326. The roooomer mill rumbles on………!
    Morning all.

  327. It’s for entertainment purposes, Wavy!!!

  328. Very little Scott….

  329. Balotelli is flavour of the day ATM.

  330. He is, and TV to go…

  331. Love the rumours hahaha

  332. New post up now…

  333. Ah, right. I’ll file it under ‘humour’, then!

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