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Are words needed?? Hull & Arsenal join as one…..

Hull City fans and Arsenal fans are set to join together as one 56 minutes into today’s FA Cup Final at Wembley to remember the victims of the Valley Parade fire.

Last weekend marked the 29th anniversary of the disaster, in which 56 people lost their lives after a fire took hold in the main stand as Bradford City played Lincoln City.

Although no official mark of remembrance has been planned for today, Hull City and Arsenal supporters will be holding a minute’s applause on 56 minutes

So low key compared to the publicity Hillsborough got and keeps on getting, yet so many lives lost…..


photo (11)


She wore, She wore, She wore a yellow ribbon!

She wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May.

And when, I asked, her why she wore that ribbon.

She said its for the Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley!

Wembley! Wembley! We’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley..



Horrid moment!!

Horrid to witness.....



What a mess....


Heartbreaking to watch....

And Heartbreaking….

What more does Arsene Wenger need to see?

What more do the players need to see?

What we fans don’t need to see is a replication of the scenes we all witnessed after our last trip to Wembley!

There should be no need for words.

This is an FA Cup Final and every single person involved at Arsenal should know what that means.

Pride, passion, attitude and 100% commitment….

Get out there boys and give everything you have to make sure this trophy with the big ears comes home and you all join the greats who have done so before you….

Can we??

Can we??




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598 comments on “Are words needed?? Hull & Arsenal join as one…..

  1. Arteta to do what Cesc, RVp failed to do… lift a cup.

    Scott how quiet are the bin dippers down your patch since their collapse? :-)

    Good read Rico… I totally agree with the point about the not forgotten 56.

    Lets SILENCE the daft pundits…

  2. Thanks Ts, I was cross with myself for missing the date!

  3. I have very fond memories of our last trip to Wembley….It got us to the final :)

  4. Ginge, Your timing is impeccable…… am in a room with two of them now, and their silence is golden!!

  5. You are most probably the only 1 or 2 blogger(s) who will cover it…

    then again they will touch on it quickly in their post after reading yours…

  6. Good, I hope they do because those who lost their lives deserve to be remembered, and their families deserve for them not to be forgotten…..

  7. Lol.. Scott…

    I even know a couple of Fijians who 4 weeks ago were sudden hardcore scousers; they have gone back to rugby all of a suddeen. :)

  8. Morning Rico and the House .Still being told to slow down Rico.

  9. morning Rick.. howdy?

  10. At last one was posted . Its a nice sunny day to get the monkey off our back, but come to think of it it is allready at the chavs.
    Kev I thought your posts were great this week and the one about cup final ticketswas spot on. Rico if I was Arsene I would stick this mornings post on the dressing room wall.
    All for now will be back later(when I have slowed down)

  11. Morning Rick. Haven’t a clue what is going on with wordpress, annoying…

  12. Morning Again All…

    Morning Rico, Great Post, honest, :-D

  13. Morning again Kev, cheeky ;)

  14. Morning Rick, you take if easy mate…

    A very good friend of mine swears by vaping Rick, he is so slowed down that he’s almost in reverse… ;-)

  15. Gotta say that another very good friend of mine has a very intelligent, delightful daughter, who he is bringing up wonderfully well…
    Another Gooner coming along nicely… :-)

  16. Morning all
    One thought: win!
    Come on Arsenal!

  17. She wore,she wore…morning all.Scott, sing your colleagues a wee song to cheer them up!! I’m i going to fast? lol

  18. Has she got blue eyes Kev? ;)

  19. BT, I am singing bud…..haven’t stopped all day!
    Wore my Ramsey away kit to work and copped a few comments!!

  20. Morning JM, Bt….

  21. I’m going outsider.Catch you later

  22. Good on ye Scott,sent the misses and her mate off at 7am with a song. lol! Could hardly sleep with all the scenarios going through my head and that song. lol

  23. Have a few things to do this morning, back after lunch….

  24. Guys, will there be a Cup final special edition shirt at all, because I want one!!
    Any ideas?

  25. Morning again. Truly Churchillian Rico.
    Blimey, it’s muggy in London this morning.
    As long as we show up we should be ok I think. I have got my lucky t-shirt on. The one with the egg stain on the front.

  26. Adam, I have Ramsey away on, and he’s playing, so we just win….it’s easy when you have a plan :)

  27. Azure mince pies?

    Probably Rico… ;-)

  28. Outsider JM, be careful amigo, hurry up insider, pronto… :-P

  29. Come on you Gunners.

    Make us feel good today.

    Go into the History books as the team who started the new era of trophies for this great Club.

    The Arsenal fans deserve this trophy.

    Keep calm and dont play with the handbrake on. If we score early go for goals to kill them off.

    If they take the lead, throw the kitchen sink at it.

    Make this final memorable.

    Lets see the masses in the Streets of Islington tomorrow in full party mood. This is the thing that lifts players on to bigger things more than anything else in my opinion.

    Hull relying on showing pictures of our pre planned open top bus even though they have p.anned the same thing.

    Lets not give them respect and smash them.

    I am going for Ozil to be MOM and Poldi to score.

    It’s like a team who’s going to win the FA Cup, we shall not be moved.

  30. :) Adam, I’ve had to change twice as it’s hot hot hot here..

    Nice comment El Tel….

  31. Hi Rico, I’m outside Costa Coffee, Grays Inn Rd having a cuppa..

    I’m groggy with anticipation Rico… :-D

  32. can’t wait……….I’m so nervous…..put £80 on Ramsey getting a goal….COYG….between nice read rico

  33. Not seen many Hull Tigers fans….

    Maybe most of the Town are going to watch the Rugby League instead?

  34. Hi Kev, still in London then?? Fab…

    I too am very groggy with nerves, might have to have a Kingfisher soon to calm me down ;)

  35. Thanks snaparse..

    Kev, I loved their parade plans, the bus is set to start off at 5pm… :P :)

  36. Am still b shitting myself. My eyes are twitching. My limbs quaking. Lips drawn back. Hair disheveled. Clothes torn and reeking of stale alcohol. God help me. It’s cup final. Am petrified. The Ghost of Birmingham is back to haunt me.

  37. Stan, settle the hell down.
    Pencil us in for 4-0 mate :)

  38. The blond Adonis????

  39. Scott I will email you my order re: phone cases ASAP…

  40. You sound worse than me Goonie, calm down….

  41. Rico we haven’t won a trophy in a decade. Am in turmoil. What if we bottle it again? Hull has nothing to lose. They haven’t got players going to the world cup. It’s their cup final literally. Bruce could as well park his bug gut in front of goal and play for penalties. Christ help me.

  42. This group of players are experienced internationals Goonster, as long as they are all up for it, we should be ok…

    Just ;)

  43. Hey Scott I need what you took brother. Hennessey don’t work. Am delirious and petrified. That’s a terrible combination. Howdy allezkev.

  44. BT Sport have an FA Cup special on….

  45. Rico in 2011 we had the same “experienced internationals” yet succumb to a relegated Birmingham filth. To make matters worse obafemi martins a shit of a player scored the easiest of goals. Even the dead queen mother won’t miss from such range.

  46. I ll be watching this one from under my ved. Gosh look at me shake. Damn you dirk van hoosen. You did this to me.

  47. Great now even my friends have deserted me.

  48. goonie, they have matured and grown together…

    If they can’t win today, they don’t deserve to…..

  49. Where is everyone?

  50. Rico I want to believe you maam. I really want to but I have a bad feeling about this. And it’s not leaving.

  51. I’m not overly confident either goonster, but no point in getting stressed about something which hasn’t even happened yet….

  52. Do you think we can win this? Seriously I want to believe. I want to get out of this state I am. Am a mess. I ve sent the baby to her granny’s and cassie is in the hospital. Am alone rico and shitting myself.

  53. Of course I do Goonster….

    How is Cassie doing?

  54. Hull have never lost at Wembley. Hmmmm

  55. She is doing alright maam. Just left her a few hours ago. To get some sleep and watch the game. At this rate I ll probably follow it online here. Can’t seem to get myself out of my quagmire.

  56. Stan. Take it from your friend Adam that, as long as we turn up properly, we will be ok. :)

  57. No worries Kev…..

  58. Off to cut the grass, need to keep busy ;)

  59. Adam, plus the fact Aaron is playing :)

  60. Do pass her all our best wishes Goonster….

  61. You not been to bed yet Scott?

  62. On the David Carradine programme Kung Fu , the Shaolin Monk guy with the ping pong ball eyes said something that has stuck with me throughout life . Addressing the young pupil he said :- “”Grasshopper why worry , circumstances will not change. “” I guess it’s just another way of saying Que Sera,
    Take a deep breath Goonie , cream rises to the top and in this case we are the cream.

  63. Yes Stan. Tell her we are all behind her and you.

    Scott. With you around, how could I forget that? :)
    I told you he would come good didn’t I? :)

  64. I will mama bear…thanks. adam I need your strength compadre. We need this cup so bad. I need it like crazy. If we don’t win this….I don’t know how am gonna survive through it. That Birmingham debacle is still fresh in my memory.

  65. You always had his back, Adam lol.
    Rico, no…not until the final whistle :)

  66. Stan. If we win I am going to boil Durham down for glue in celebration as I know you will approve of that.

  67. I’m here again. I’va been at the beach :-)

  68. Hahahahahahhaha yeah go ahead adam. You have my unwavering consent. Plus my roof needs patching. Durham’s gob ll fit nicely. :grin:

  69. Hi JM. You lucky fellow. :)

  70. Who is Dirk Van Hoosen then Stan?

  71. Some videos please….SYG ginge Emma where art thou? Something to take away the gloom surrounding me. I need some videos guys. Anything.

  72. My cousin back home…the rat bastartd has been calling and leaving me messages in scary voices. He even sent me a compilation of our biggest cock ups. The final against galatasary, the cup final that made Owen the puffed up turd he is. The barfa final where we couldn’t hold on. The chelsea final when Drogba hit us real hard and to cap it off the Birmingham disaster. Am at my wits end adam.

  73. Stan, treat yourself to a glass of Nigerian Guiness, it never fails, well that’s what Micko says and he is an expert of all kinds of West African Guiness…

  74. Uhhhh AK you re up to something there. Nigerian guiness huh? It just might work but the question is where to find it????

  75. Nigeria is a good place to start Stan..,

  76. Yeah I know but I was hoping you know where I can find one on such short notice. You know as a cabbie. You guys know all kinds of stuff. Be a pal kev and point me in the direction :grin:

  77. the big game approaches, good luck to us all!!

  78. Howdy oz not confident too are ya?

  79. Goonster – You have the right to worry given the teams poor showing so many times this year, when Wenger and his charges have built games up like this. Bit of a no win really mate – if we win everyone says, so they should. If we mess it up people, the press mainly, will destroy us. Hard situation. We just need to play the game and get settled, we might have to be patience but an early goal would be brilliant and mess up their game plan big time i think

  80. You can get Nigerian Guiness on line ,

    Just send them your bank account details, all security pins , and your name and passport number and you will be fine.

  81. Afternoon All..(sound like a copper).
    Out with some west ham men last night,all asking me what score to-day,surely it will be 4 or 5 nil won’t it.
    What have they got up front nothing,they will pack the midfield and hope to get a free kick here or there.
    So what will we do,
    We can hope wenger will instruct our players to get wide,Hull will then double up the full backs,to stop that route,this when Podolski,must drift inside and get the knock downs from Giroud,with us having to cross from deeper positions,this is how we should approach this game to start with.
    If we can get an early goal,it should be 4/5 nil.

  82. Oz we have a truck load of players heading to the world cup. I don’t think they ll wanna get stuck in and risk injury. That’s my biggest fear. Hull ll make this as physical as they can. The question is can we dish it our back. Personally I ll rest ozil and start with TR7 Rambo and arteta. Poldi ll always bring his A game to the pitch. OG has to play to put pressure on their cb pairing with leaves one more player and trust me it’s not santi!

  83. Afternoon house. What a tense day for me. Used to enjoy being in finals, now it just seems too important that we win. Let’s do it.

    Agony already as my number 2 and hometown team Southend go 0-2 down in playoff 2nd leg. But back to 2-2 now :-)

    Read two papers this morning, Sun shows Fabianski, The Times Schezny in goal?

  84. 1.16 potter :lol:

  85. That was meant to read which leaves

  86. We are going to smash this lot!!!

  87. Hi Andrew, goo luck to Southend…. :)

  88. Fuck Steve Bruce royally!

  89. Morning lee….feeling expansive are ya? Throw some of what you re smoking in my direction. I need it to calm my nerves. It’s jangling.

  90. Havent been this excited since 2005!!!! Comeon!!

  91. I had a smoke to calm my nerves and now I’m confident…as I said get an early goal then they’ll come at us and we’ll rip them a new arse!!!

  92. what we know for sure goonster is we have more than enough ability to push them over, mind sets therefore are everything and i think given it could be a first real success for many of them, we’ll get it done 3-1 my money is on.

  93. Thanks Rico. Too much all in one day! If we win cup I might even watch Barca Athletico. If we lose wont want to watch football for weeks.

  94. ‘good’ even…

    We certainly should be smashing them….

  95. agree Lee

  96. I’ll roll you a cyber joint Stan!

  97. That ll be the day…A cyber joint.

  98. :) Lee, email me one could you please… lol

  99. Lol rico you don’t wanna be smoking lee’s joint. You don’t know where they ve been. He probably smuggled them in his swimming trunks.

  100. And had Stan’s lips around it Rico. :)

  101. Scott,14 AR16 tops spotted thus far…
    Too many nervous faces on train making their way into London…
    It was written;trophy has our name on it…

  102. Andrew, if we lose, think i’ll stay in bed tomorrow, and for the next few months…

  103. feel a bit for Kos as well, don’t tell me he ain’t nervous today ha!

  104. you and me both Rico – the media will be a nightmare – lets hope we’re calm and collected and simply get the job done

  105. Hey goonie……..
    3 fat hull fans spotted. :P

  106. Agree Oz, I bet they can’t wait for a headline…

  107. COYFGS…..come on you beautiful bastards. Let’s smash them to bits and shove the shrapnel down the throats of every TV pundit and rival fans. It’s time to rise again lads. Victoria Concordia cresit. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah

  108. Lee, send me a cyber pint of Peroni mate

  109. Glory Beckons. Time to write your names in gold as the players who broke the duck and landed the EMs it’s first trophy. Time to be immortalize boys. Do it for yourselves.

  110. Stuck down Kings Road… Ugh :-(

  111. Ginge, I am smiling :)

  112. We Re the arsenal…..yeaaaahhh

  113. some good press going into the new transfer window would be a bonus too

  114. That’s my 4th bottle and it’s not even 9 . 30 am yet. God help me

  115. We are the pride of North London
    The cream of the south
    We hate United because there all mouth
    The Cannons will roar and The cockerel will fall
    We are The Arsenal the greatest of all.

    La La La.

  116. haha take it easy goonster otherwise you wont even be able to see the game :-)

  117. Oz at this rate you are probably right sir. Time for some home made coffee.

  118. Potter print that oj a tshirt and sell it amigo. That shit is banging like my black neighbor ll say:grin:

  119. Gee am drunker than I thought. The grin thing didn’t work.

  120. Yep…I nailed it.

  121. Goonie, calm down!!

    Kev, hope you are clear by now…

  122. Am calm maam….see what I did there. Am rhyming y’all*hic hic*

  123. tell you what, that must be the softest run to a cup final in it’s history for Hull – no one real test, they even got Sunderland when the wheels were falling off. Middlesbrough, Southend, Brighton and Sheffield United, what a easy run that is. Today they come back down to earth. :-)

  124. Oooh to be….oooh to be….oooh to be a GOONER! come on arsenal. Come on.

  125. One bad result, cannot take another one today. Lets see Ozil be a star today. Ramsey just be Ramsey. In fact why cant they all play well? Time to turn up in a big game for once.

  126. Oz, please don’t mention Southend again today ;-)

  127. AndrewH my home town Peterborough also went ass up mate after a poor season by their standards in this league. So sympathies.

  128. in fact one of their home boys George Boyd may well play today, thinking about it

  129. 2 & 1/2 hours to go. Im cool calm & collected and thats how I expect to stay untill i hear Abide With Me. Thats when it will sink in
    that we are about to see our beloved Arsenal win some silverware
    I have just watched Rambo being interviewed ( on BT sport) and the way he came over tells me the team will be really up for it.
    Happy veiwing all you gooners where ever you are.

  130. Lol.i directed the hull fans on the wrong tube line. :P

  131. Good Afternoon Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Get reaaddddyyyyyy to rrrummmblllllllllleeeeeeeeeee

  132. tsgh – hope you have a fantastic day mate, wish i was there for this one as well

  133. devil – kick ass time approaches

  134. I feel that if we do not loose, we will wipe the floor with them today.

    I hope we dish out a thrashing. Its been a long time overdue. And the highest scoring Final record badly needs to be broken and smashed to smithereens

  135. yeah Ozzie. I hope we kick their ass into oblivion this time around.

  136. Oz, you still got our old lad Barry Fry?

  137. hi guys…we really have to do this!!!!how much can one set of fans be allowed to suffer anyway?…

  138. you know what mates??? 2-0, 3-0 will not satisfy me. I want a big one. I want one for every season without a trophy now. I want them all to turn up for once and butcher them in a way that their day at Wembley will be ruined. I want the Hull fans to leave the ground at Half time as it will be a point of no return.

  139. I hope you are right devil.hope this is one of those vintage arsenal days when wengerball clicks…

  140. oh yeah Andrew, no moving that old fart ha! Met him a couple of times actually and no doubt he loves the posh, the way he goes about showing it at times is a worry indeed!

  141. I feel as when Ozzy Osbourne sings….Diary of a madman.

  142. Hi Devil….

  143. Arsenal fans are really nervous today…imagine what Athletico madrid fans are feeling right now.it could all go tits up today if messi decides to come to the party despite doing so well for 37 games!!!

  144. devil – they are premier league opposition mate and they will die for their badge today – not sure there is any walkover going to happen here. 3-1 would do me nicely thank you

  145. Hi Kt, good to see you back….

  146. Infact I am feeling the high adrenalin rush I used to get before the games when I used to play.

  147. Kt, who gives a stuff about the Madrid fans… ;)

    Or the Barca ones for that matter….. lol

  148. This is weird, we should be kicking off in 15 minutes…

    Whose bright idea was it to move kick of to 5pm

    Back in North London Rico, no more trips to bloody West London…

    A Stanstead would be nice…

  149. ktr7 – my money is on Barca as well – it went south in the last game for Athletico, should be over now – Real will beat them as well and no one will remember this season in a couple of years. Tough game this football lark

  150. Hi Coach, this is gonna be our day this time Habib…

  151. Rick, Leona Lewis, a Gooner, will be belting out Abide with me, goose bumps or what…..

  152. an omen Rico is what is it

  153. Good to be back rico.i had forgotten how special being in the FA Cup final is.

  154. They could at least announce the team at 3.00, give us a crumb to be getting on with!

  155. We are the North bank….

  156. 2 hours left….

  157. Hiya habib.

    I feel this is our day.

    I do not even contemplate a pie in the face.

    And yes……..I do want us to hand a thrashing. We have suffered enough as it is.

  158. Bloody hope so Oz….

  159. We are the clock end…..

  160. Since 2005 FA Cup final we have lost 2 Carling cup finals and a CL final .am with devil on this…we have to win today surely?…

  161. Be more than goosbumps Rico

  162. :) Rick, sure will….

  163. Adrian Chiles, why Adrian Chiles…..!!

  164. She wore she wore, she wore a yellow ribbon….Afternoon all.ready for war!!!

  165. Real Sociedad wants Vela and want to pay the 12 millions. Fantastic!

  166. Windass says just pin the ‘Arsenal Parade plans’ on the changing room wall…

    What about Hulls plans fattie???

  167. Why Bt?? ;)

    Jm, matters not if we pay the buy back clause….

  168. I could punch Chiles, and I’m not a violent woman!!

  169. 1 hour 30 minutes!!!

  170. rico you can just feel how desperate non-arsenal fans and the media are for us to fail.the underdog winning will make for a better romance of the cup story.am not even nervous today…i hope we win convincingly today.we deserve it.

  171. Sure can Kt. But when a presenter is so biased, it’s wrong, very wrong….

  172. Hello all from cyprus

  173. Hi Syg, having a good time?

  174. I feel that at the final whistle the roar will be such that the presenters will have to put the volume down.

  175. Love the Arsenal bus…. :)

  176. rico thats why am hoping we really turn on the style today.we need to shut them up.they are so deaperate to see us lose its pathetic.

  177. Rico, chiles already looks like so many have punched him, one more won’t hurt!! JM did you enjoy the Giro in NI . SHE WORE SHE WORE

  178. rico, Vela is good in La Liga not in English League. 12 milliond in our pocket it’s much more interesting.

  179. Henry Winter @henrywinter
    #afc: Fabianski; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny,
    Gibbs; Arteta, Ramsey; Cazorla, Özil, Podolski;

  180. CMON!!!!!!!!!

  181. #Arsenal subs: Szczesny, Vermaelen, Rosicky,
    Wilshere, Monreal, Flamini, Sanogo

  182. Me too Kt, but that would just be a bonus. The club, the players and us fans deserve this…

  183. Fabianski get in! Poulter punch Chiles!! She wore she wore she wore a yellow ribbon!!

  184. Bt, I’d gladly land another one on his choppers….

    Jm, but he has bulked up, maybe he’s ready for the PL now…

    Fab in goal, good!!

  185. Why did she wear it Bt????

  186. I go with that line up. But I want Jenks to play not Bac.

  187. Just changed my name…..to HELL RAISER.

  188. Campeones campeones oooh ooh oohh…campeones campeones ooh ooh ooh…hic hic

  189. Suited and booted. Good!

  190. Ok Rico……???

    Did you notice the change in name?

  191. Yaya to score…
    Red Army come on…

  192. She wore it for The Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley!!

  193. Team in full:

    Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud


    Szczesny, Vermaelen, Rosicky, Wilshere, Monreal, Flamini, Sanogo

    Arsene saw my team ;) ;) :)

  194. No ox in 18.
    SC19 starts

  195. nice…
    Common Arteta

  196. Dixon and Poulter aclass above every one else

  197. Good side. Should piss it. I said same v birmingham. Ramsey playing 3-0..

  198. Fuck it might stick the flag out now…Wembley….Wembley..We’re The Famous Fuckin’ Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley.I’m going to quick again!! LOL

  199. Spot on Rick, love Poulter….

  200. I still say that Sagna should not have been in the first 11.

  201. Spot on Wrighty, the board are too weak!!

  202. Hi Rico. Noticed the change in name?? I am Hell Raiser now. And I am still in moderation

  203. Wrighty is being very very honest….

  204. But then….others would say that it should be the best 11.

  205. Out now Devil…

  206. I prefer another one.
    Our line up is good hope enought
    bale scores for Madrid now…brrrrr!

  207. Bloody hell Sherwood and Kean .
    Wht is the world coming to.

  208. So close now……

  209. Tim Sherwood is a goooner, Tim Sherwood is a Gooner! lol

  210. Thanks Rico….

  211. Hull parking the bus….
    Hiya Syg…howz Cyprus?

  212. Nice comment and dig at Tim Sherwood by Lee Dixon :)

  213. Hi hell raiser the dev?
    Hull playing 5-4-1.lol

  214. Time for Red Stripe Rico!! She wore she wore!!!

  215. 5-4-1????

    OMG. in 2014!!!!

  216. Come onnnnnn

  217. :) Bt, Red Stripe gone and the Budweiser is in now, thought it best considering the sponsors ;)

  218. Go Leona…..!!

  219. So thoughtfull Rico, Red Stripe Army!!! lol

  220. Empty seats!! Bloody touts!

  221. Leona should have worn red ;)

  222. Are you watching Tottenham? Lol

  223. Oooooh I just creamed…leona lewis is gorgeous. Did you say she is a gooner? Nice. :grin:

  224. There’s only 1 AW…electric

  225. Awww geeee…..wish I was there.

  226. She Wore She Wore, She Wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May!!! Lets GOOOOOO!!!!!!

  227. COYRRG’S… Smash em….!!!!

  228. 5-4-1.

    With 3 centrebacks

    a diamond midfield

    and a lone striker.

    If I played my teams like that I would hang my head in shame.

  229. A final thanks that Wigan beat City away otherwise I don’t think we would be here. Do it!

  230. Lol dev…
    Modern football eh?


  232. first shot and they score.


  233. What a fluke goal.

  234. Now it begins….the trailer park will be hauled in front of their goal.

  235. zonal marking strikes again

  236. It’s over..I told ya

  237. 0-2.

    what the hell????

    are they playing or what????

  238. Oh no. I’m crawling back into bed….

  239. 0-2 down. And now the niggly fouls will start. Time wasting. Bus parking. Mark my words. We are all over the place.

  240. Well done Gibbs…

  241. Time for JD!!!

  242. rico, this is the worst possible start!!!!

  243. that was nearly 0-3.

    I bet that all the neutrals and pundits who want Hull to win must be wanking themselves with delight.

  244. At least there’s plenty of time. No need to panic!

    Oh who am I kidding?

  245. Stunning Santi!!!

  246. Cazorla gets one back with a superb strike.

  247. Yeaaaaaah

  248. oh Santi Cazola!!!

  249. Hi Agag.

  250. 3 set pieces. 3 goals.

  251. Thank Christ!

  252. U beauty…santi 2006 vs RM again

  253. You said it AndrewH thankd christ indeed

  254. Hello, guys! Am trying to distract myself sneaking a peek Atleti v RM, too.

    Come on, Arsenal. Three more!!!

  255. Is Ozil on the pitch???

    Or is he still in the dressing room.?

  256. Card Probert!!!

  257. You gutless twit Probert!!

    Mind you Bacary’s rolls were a tad excessive!

  258. NO YELLOW CARD????

    are you bloody serious you dick head?

  259. You mean prickbert rico…what a tool.

  260. Where is Ozil? Time to be a giant!

  261. Goonie, Probert has no control of this game at all!

  262. Plenty of time to turn this around Gooners.

    How did that jammy doughnut tsgh get a ticket !!! That’s what I wanna know.

  263. And Ramsey agag, he’s not in the game at all…

  264. He is a lenient ref Rico.

    but that was a yellow card in all its glory and in every way.

    we cant seem to play our passing game. We have not managed to string more than 7 consecutive passes.

  265. Thank goodness Micko ;)

  266. Ramsey and Ozil are invisible.

    It seems as if we are playhing 4-1-2-1

    With a hole in the bloody midfield.

  267. He’s more than that Devil….

  268. If we keep giving those type of corners we will not score a single one from there. We need the short corner to make them get out.

  269. TR07 please

  270. Is Ramsey playing???

  271. Well Wilshere and Flamini cannot be blamed for that appalling start…

  272. These players won’t have a better time to shine, rico. That’s why I’m cross they look like they’re not up for it!!

    Barca winning so far. :(

  273. Giroud has lead in his boots!!

    Yes I know ;)

  274. Wenger needs to make some tactical changes at half-time, that’s if he is capable…

    Giroud really isn’t gonna do it today…

  275. Kev. No they can’t!

  276. Can’t be arsed…. i am the hidden hand mate. :)
    still time for magic…

  277. No Oxlade-Chamberlain is a massive blow…

    Sanogo is really no fcuking option…

  278. Kev, our bench lacks options imo. I’d get Monreal on and push Gibbs up for pace….

  279. Ramsey, Podolski, are they playing?

  280. Steve Bruce has put on a few pounds, who said you can’t have your cake and eat it !

  281. Huge blow re OC…

  282. Both aren’t in the game, nor is Ozil..

    If they wake up, we can win this….

  283. Ramsey too deep…
    It was going to be tight…
    Poldi too static…

  284. In front of goal, we are shit…

  285. Too deep, he’s invisible….

    Big H/T for Arsene Wenger….

  286. tsgh, any more inside info on what time our player will be sent off, guessing it must be 2nd half now.

  287. Extra-Time and Penalties???

  288. We have nothing in front of goal, nothing whatsoever…

  289. What is wrong with Ramsey???

    Is he fit??

  290. We are sitting deep and allowing them all the space…..when we should press them high up and giving them little to breath about

  291. Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish…

    This had Luton 1988 all over it….

  292. That last play says it all. Santa knowing Giroud is too slow for a through ball.

  293. She wore,she wore!!!!

  294. No pace, no invention, no concentration, no guts
    Suppose otherwise, we are doing ok

  295. ozil out and Tr in..
    We are not putting pressure ahead and there is plenty of space between lines.
    We have to be warriors players and no superstars

  296. Kev, massive 75 minutes coming up.

  297. the fotball must change at the half-time and quickly

  298. Aaron, fire the hell up!

  299. Mick, you said it mate….

    I could without it tbh, but I’d take that now

  300. Pace… we lack bloody pace….

    Going forward and up front we are so so timid….

  301. looking at the first goal again.

    Poldi’s fault and lack of marking plus he is looking everywhere bar the ball and opponent.

  302. Wow Sanchez what a cracker of a goal.

  303. Wasted January Transfer Window…

  304. This is war!!! Come on!!! Fuckin man up!!

  305. We seriously need to come out of the blocks second half….

  306. we look frozen again – poor at the back and nothing up front at all – dear oh dear

  307. Grow men crying around me…
    Still time…get in.

  308. You put players on both posts’ at corners….

    Fcuking basic defending

  309. we do Rico and have for some time now – Wenger is the only one that can change that – fast break days dead and buried – they might crumble to errors as they get closer to winning it though

  310. need to level it up first 10/15 then we can finish the job

  311. Oh welll………..once we were 0-2 down in 1930 vs Hull and then we won 4-2 over two games.

    Malta was winning 1-0 vs Spain in the first half in 1983 and then got thumped 12-1 in the second.

    And once with 20 mins to go Arsenal were loosing 1-2 vs Sheffield Wednesday, Campbell came on and we won 7-3.

    so there is still time.

  312. Just like Wigan semi. Why are we feakin in this state?

  313. Spot on Kev…

    Wishful thinking Oz, I reckon Hull will be even more up for the second half..

    A few of ours really need to wake up and realise where they are!!

  314. ginge……if you are not crying then you are not a grown up man :P

  315. still think we’ll win this can’t play another half that badly

  316. F/T….. Laters…

  317. Where the hell is Scottttttttt????

  318. Sanogo and Wilshere warming up.

    I bet that Hull players are quaking in their pants and creaming with fear.

  319. Good stuff Gibbs..

  320. I am sorry mates.

    But we will not turn this around.

    we will not win it.

  321. 56 mins – well done Hull and Arsenal Fans….

  322. That’s a penalty!!

  323. Of course it was.

    We are upping the tempo.

    But we will not score.

    The attack is too static

    We need a proper winger

    and we need to put up a second striker.

  324. 442 then with Yaya on… :eek:

  325. Special delivery on the way!!!

  326. Aston Villa (h), Stoke (A) and now Hull (final)…….games we should not have lost. We failed to turn up.

    The current version of Kevin Campbell (Sir no goal yet) has come on.

    Will he turn it around???

    I doubt it

  327. Looking better….

  328. 30 mins to make this a good season. COYRRG’s

  329. Another penalty …………great save by Livermore

  330. 25 mins to save this season.

    Otherwise AW will have lost more finals than he has won.

  331. What do we have to do to win a penalty??

    break another leg???

  332. Another penalty!!

  333. We will not score.

    hull are a 2nd version of Mourinho’s tactics. They do not want to score……but their intention is to hinder every AFC player from playing the ball. Even putting them off balance.

    And its working

  334. 2-2 Kosssssssssssssssssss

  335. Sh*t, Kos is hurt!!

  336. Rambo scores and is injured.

  337. Big game player…
    It was written

  338. Its Kozzer.

    I thought it was Aaron.

  339. This is WAR!!!!

  340. A war which only the Arsenal players put themselves in.

    Had the general used the right tactics and mentality it would have been a skirmish.

  341. Its all about the journey..

  342. COYRRG’S!!!!

  343. It’s about the final destination Ts!

  344. If Hull sneak it, it would be outrageous since the subs done by Bruce were intended to defend the lead not attack.

  345. We won the league in shite hart lane… :P :P

  346. Gibbo??? How did you miss…. :(

  347. now wouldnt it be perfect if Huddlestone scores an own goal. A spuddie handing the trophy to us!!!!

  348. Another penalty??

  349. She wore She wore!!! This is war!!!!

  350. Fcin cheating officials

  351. Probert is a knob!!

  352. I hope we do not have extra time.

    I cannot bear 30 minutes of extra time playing like this

    its a hard slog

  353. Do not bloody concede Arsenal!!!

  354. I thought that the AFC players should steamroller and shatter themselves in the record books. I was right.

    they have steamrollered us the fans and shattered every fan in goonerdom with this performance…….even if they win it.

  355. all the stats are pointing in our favour. But the score is 2-2.

  356. That was a great piece of skill by OG. Good control, great turn and good shot under pressure.

  357. extra time beckons………..

  358. back to Devilgunner

  359. 30 more mins….

  360. Atleti have won the Liga, rico. Crowd of 95000 and only 400 away fans got tickets.

    Now, for Arsenal to win the Cup!!

  361. Anyone else got a headache through shouting! At the players, the ref, Lino.

  362. TR7 winner in extra time??

  363. 2 penalties…
    but 2 subs AW! Open your eyes!

  364. Well that was exciting wasn’t it? :-( :-(

  365. She wore she wore!!!

  366. Five penalty shouts, two certain. Ferguson would have ballistic, what had AW done? Nooo, crossbar.

  367. Oh Ollie…..you have a 20 foot by 8ft area to aim for and you aim for the crossbar which is only 3inches in diameter??? ;)

    That was tough on Ollie and Ramsey.

  368. Ferguson would have made sure that Probert would have been in his office tomorrow to be screwed 5 times by an elephant in his a**e.

  369. Arsene hasn’t a clue how to get over the line anymore, just keeps falling over, time the team put this final to bed ffs !

  370. Sanogo’s first touch makes Theo look like a world class player…

  371. ffs we are playing Hull not Real or Bayern or Barca.

  372. My postman delivers more!!!!

  373. CBA…….he never had a clue. All he had was that all the clubs and coaches around him were so crap that he seemed different. But now they have learned and he has been found out.

  374. COYRRG’S!!

  375. Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  376. Fuckin AR16

  377. Now come on and get another an put this feckin game to bed!!!

  378. yesssssssssssssss

  379. get in

  380. Aaarooooooooonnnnnnnnn

  381. Just peeed in my pants. Hahaha. Yay!!!!!!!

  382. SHE WORE SHE WORE!!!!!!!!

  383. Please please let that be it

  384. Enjoy theride gooners…
    Get in.i said it was going to be tight…
    Fat Bruce. :P:P
    parking the bus…
    its electrifying here hh…
    Micko..you legend

  385. That was a save from Yayas shot….

  386. if you peed I nearly shitted myself ………. Flappy went back to his old ways…..

  387. that was a 2nd attempt at Flapping it up.

  388. Do not concede!!!!!!!!

  389. 9 years…..

    FECK OFF!!!!!

  390. Well that was never in doubt…. :lol:

  391. Blood pressure is up.
    Vein in head is throbbing.
    Thank god that is over!

  392. Fuck them all. fuck them all, we’ll not be mastered by no fuckin bastard!!!!

  393. Shit I didnt need that

  394. Ha ha ha ha ha, don’t they just love to put you through the wringer….

    FACup Winners 2014…… Arsenal FC

    Get in my lads….

  395. 2 mins since arsenal won a trophy

  396. We are fcuking Arsenal !!!!! Get in.

  397. What a difference Tomas made when he came on….

  398. We suffered for 120 minutes

    But now take pleasure that the pundits, the spuds and all those who wanted us to loose means a summer of HELL FOR THEM FUCKING LOT


  399. Sanogoal madevelopment the difference


    Go shove that “trophyless” label down your throat!!!


    We still have not collected the trophy yet.

  402. I’m sooooo happy, I could pee! Oh, I just did. :P

  403. Arsene Wenger can smile now. :) But mn, we were put through the wringer!!

    Wenger: “We wanted to make history … We made history in both ways: how not to start a final and how to comeback. I think this is a turning point in the lives of the players.”

  404. I know Sanogo isn’t what we need right now, but if there is a footballing brain in that head of his, he could be a superb striker…

    He looks like a very young Kanu….

  405. Rico all is right in the world

  406. I loved that comment agag… I also loved how he walked away from stupid contract talks…

  407. It is Joe…

    Feck off Mourinho, feck off Mourinho :P :)

  408. The champers is open.

    Well done everyone. :)

  409. TV gets the trophy, good….

  410. Enjoy Adam, have a glass for me, actually, make that two for us…. :)

  411. Party on!!!! Everyone welcome!!!!!

  412. At Madrid won the Spanish title, well well….

  413. Have a glass for me too, Adam! I hope it’s a fab vintage. :P You pairing it with fried chicken? :) Yum.

    rico, Mourinho set himself up for what I’m sure would be a neverending ending reference to his being a “specialist in failure”. Even for his low standards, that was particularly odious!

  414. She wore, she wore……

  415. Serves him right agag, reap what he sows….

  416. Rico. Just did it. Mrs Adam and I had a toast to the Wenger, the team and all on HH. It was absolutely lovely to see Wenger so happy after seeing him so stressed for so long. Really, really happy to see him like that. See you at Islington Town Hall in the morning. :)

  417. Roy Keane on giving Fergie the bumps:

    ‘We’d like to have thrown him p and not catch him’ :P :P

  418. Arsene looking a bit cas, shirt and no tie, like the world has been lifted off his shoulders, enjoying the moment with the fans, given the bumps by the players, it’s all very emotional.

  419. rico, i posted about Atleti earlier, addressed my comment to you at 6:56. :P End to end stuff. Cesc went asleep for Atleti’s goal. Haha.

  420. We our Arsenal!!!! Fuck them all!!!

  421. Totally agree Adam and seeing him get the bumps and to be drowned in Champagne made me truly smile…

  422. Ooops, sorry agag… :(

  423. I died twice and went to heaven then creamed till my apartment Stank. Arsenal the only team to give u multiple heart attacks in less than 90 minutes. So chuffed.

  424. She wore a yellow ribbon,she wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May!!!!!

  425. And 3 pens turned down!!

  426. Cheers to you Agag, my good mate.

  427. She wore, She wore, She wore a yellow ribbon!

    She wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May.

    And when, I asked, her why she wore that ribbon.

    She said its for the Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley!

    Wembley! Wembley! We’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley..

  428. Rico. The refereeing was truly shite. I agree. Stan, that’s a powerful image. :)

  429. Adam am over my demons….Somebody pinch me. We finally won a title and maureen went trophyless for another season
    Did I step into a parallel universe overnight?

  430. Goonie, sending Cassie and Brianna my well wishes and all the positive vibes. :) Oh, and calm down, Stan!!

  431. It was Adam, truly woeful!! But we were pretty average for the large part of the game too ;)

  432. Hey AGAG you needed to see me earlier today. I was a mess. So glad that’s over. Now to shower. : grin:

  433. With you alL!!!!!! she wore,SHE WORE!!!!

  434. Agag, bet your glad you didn’t crawl back into bed now !!!

  435. She is naked…she is naked…:grin:

  436. Barca coach has been sacked!

    My money is on Martinez taking over….

  437. Maybe not, some other guy is tipped to take over ;)

    Actually, who really cares :P

  438. Micko, you know I didn’t. Lol!! Soo happy!

    Clinks champagne flutes with Adam. ;)

  439. Haha, rico. The stains lost, and we won!! Woot woot!

  440. Blimey its been half an hour since we last lifted a cup.

  441. No Rico. He’s been going for months now. Luis Enrique takes over.

  442. Rico……….allow me to write the title for tomorrow’s post…..

    It has been since yesterday since Arsenal won a cup……

    That should push it up their fecking arses

  443. Congrats to AFC, today is certainly the best day of 2014.

  444. rico, I counted five pens shouts if you include the handball, seen even them given before when hands up. The push was obvious, and they should have been down to10. Then when we hit the crossbar I was starting to think it was not to be. Been a travesty if we had lost.

  445. I am very drunk I love everyone

  446. Oh God am fucking druck

  447. Lee Probert has to be one of the greatest fcuking knobs ever.

  448. Devil, feel free :)

  449. Adam, he comes out smiling, medal in hand, no controversy of sendings off or pens.

    But we overcame so he can sod off and be forgotten

  450. Bruce was extremely churlish when you think what his team got away with.

  451. Andrew, you have a point re the penalties…

  452. Andrew. You are right mate. Fcuk him.

  453. What about the post too devil?? ;)

  454. 8.46 Adam…. Spot on!

  455. Sukky, you didn’t manage to catch who was in goal for us today did ya……..fab was the first pole to play in an fa cup final, the boy done good.

  456. Difficult for me Rico. Too pumped up to write anything other than a biased report.

    It will be an article shoving all the insults up the pundits arses.

  457. Hmmm the Peroni tastes just that little bit better than usual…

    Looking forward to seeing the highlights tonight and see what I missed as I sat fretting in my cab around from Highbury Corner…

  458. Kev. We’ll see you in the morning mate. :)
    After breakfast of course. :)

  459. Hiya Kev. Pressure is off those broad shoulders for you mate.

    I am so pumped up atm. the adrenalin is still high.

    Blimey its one hour and a half since we last won a trophy.

  460. I need vino to calm me down now.

  461. Breakfast at Dishoom?

  462. Defo Adam, you serious?

  463. I think the parade leaves The Grove at 11am

  464. Just kidding devil, i’ll be doing it ;)

  465. Breakfast as Dishoom sounds awesome…..

  466. Why not mate?
    John Salako – another shithead.

  467. Rico I’ll pick you up from Paddington at 8.30am :-)

  468. I can pick you up at Liverpool St if you like Adam?

    Just give me a time mate…

  469. Is Lee coming???

  470. :) Kev, I wish….

  471. I’m off for the day guys with a big smile on my face…

    Well done Arsenal, well bloody done….

    Night all….

  472. Would be lovely if brudder Lee could make it.

  473. Off for the evening. Kev see you on SMS. Rico, Agag – big kiss.
    A lovely evening go the rest of you.

  474. Good night my dear friends.

    I am a bit jealous of you all regarding tomorrow morning.

    we all deserve to go and sleep with a smile.

  475. oyyy Adam…….I want a kiss as well

  476. More calm now
    We won!

  477. Hugs, everyone!! Good night! Soo so happy. :)

  478. All you gooners going tomorrow have a great day.
    Wish I could be there with you. Its 3 Hours since we won silverware.
    Well done lads.

  479. Trust it to be JM who chirps in with calmness :)

    I am still pumped up.

  480. how long has it been since the last cup win by the spuddies?

  481. Gdna – you are back on, be nice and you can stay but…

    Just adhere to the rules eh?? Otherwise you’ll be back in the bin post haste…. !

  482. I went to do some spuddie hunting on their blogs.

    I was reminding them that the last time we won a cup, that is around two hours ago, seems like light years away already. So imagine how long it must feel for that lot to remember theirs.

  483. Arsene Wenger is wanted for attempted murder after an elaborate 9 year assassination plot was uncovered on Saturday evening.

    The Arsenal manager undertook a flamboyant attempt at ending the life of Vital Arsenal editor, Rocky7.

    The plot came to light following the FA Cup final on May 17th 2014 when it became obvious that the Frenchman had spent the last 9 years trying to sneakily kill the rotund Yorkshire via the means of lethal heart attack.

    After 8 seasons without a trophy, Wenger contrived to ensure the Gunners fell 2 goals behind to the un-fancied Hull City within 7 minutes of the start of the FA Cup final only to spurn chance after chance and hitting the woodwork before finally winning the cup in the most dramatic of circumstances in an attempt to induce cardiac arrest in the internet muppet to end his sad little life.

    Wenger`s plot was foiled however following a slight oversight. Rocky7`s was able to endure the ordeal as his heart had already been stolen by Arsenal back in 1987.

    Arsene Wenger is still at large and was last spotted on the streets of London sporting a soggy shirt and a smile.

    Read more: http://www.arsenal.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=543258#ixzz320XOJVOj

  484. ARSENAL!!!!!ARSENALl!!!!!

  485. Rico, I’m now stress free, we won a trophy. lol

  486. Just behave Gdna… ;)

  487. Bt62, your gonna have the mother of all mother hang overs in the morning.
    As for me i’m off for a swift half and a lock in, the nite is still a puppy.
    Adam, a big smacker from me.
    Laters gooners, earth to wath, come in wath !!!

  488. It was written…
    What a ride?
    TR07 comes on frees AR16,the rest is history…

  489. Mr Wath.. heard hrard Gg is becoming scarce… :]:P

  490. Rico, i will. Wish i could be at the parade tomorrow, the distance is such a pain.

  491. tsgh, trust that irritant pep to go and ruin your party ! Hope you had a great day, catch ya tomorrow.

  492. DNA dna…howdy?
    I told you we will win something this year?

  493. ts, lol. Every afc fans deserve it, hopefully it becomes a routine.

  494. Night all, be thinking of you that go to Islington tomorrow. I was there last two occasions we won ;-)

  495. I’ll be there Andrew. :)
    Along with about 200,000 others probably.

  496. Talkshitite make me laugh… they now implying 1 in 9 is not good enoug3h. ?.
    AW looked like the most relieved man on the planet earlier…

    stan was at wembley in his 3 peace suit…
    Micko, Pep messed up my double party. But AW with his tie off estatic makes up for it…

  497. Ok, just settling down to watch the FACup Final highlights…

    To catch with all that I missed whilst I sat in my cab having a mental breakdown whilst Arsenal made a massive job of beating Hull…

    Bruvvers Lee and Adam are chilling out by text, reliving the day…

    Had a great chat with Wath…

    Frankly it’s been a fantastic day…

    Thank you Rico, none of this would have possible without your blog and your hard work…

    We all luv ya boss….

    And you Agag… ;-)

    Night All…

  498. No wonder it took us 9 years 4 stone wall penalties none give the refs in England are corrupt

  499. Lee was absolutely right, when he told me that we should have had three penalties…

    Extra time now

  500. Lee you was right, Ramsey’s goal was magnificent, a top top class finish…

    Despite the angst, Arsenal were easily the better team and thoroughly deserved to win…

    We should have won a lot more comfortably, but that’s not the Arsenal way…

  501. Steve Bruce was having a moan at the end…

    Funnily enough he never mentioned the three penalties Arsenal should have got…

    Now to have a big summer in the transfer window and the sky is the limit…

  502. Memorable day, great chat Wath, thoroughly enjoyed the vibe (that’s vibe not vape) with my HHCC buddies, but where were you Rocky???
    Potter gets my vote for joke of the day (Nigerian Guiness)… ;-)
    Night again to you all…

  503. I’m off for my game now, and a the few hours broken sleep will come in handy.
    I can not remember the last time I was so excited to be a Gooner, and it goes back a lot longer than 9 years.
    Arsene, you deserved this!

  504. Watching highlights on itv Ramsey’s injury cost us the double

  505. she wore!!!!

  506. What a day! AW and the Boys do us proud. This type of feeling is hard to describe; it’s hard to put into words. And I’m sure, I saw it on your face. What a day.

    AW, I still believe you have it in you, the changes was superb. Now go on the market and get us what we need so we can continue where we left off.

  507. have a great day at the parade everyone – at last! Well done Arsenal one and all

  508. Wakey wakey.

    Gooooooddddd Morning.

    Hell………..We have not won a cup since yesterday now.

  509. Morning Devil and all..

    Well did we win??

  510. Morning Dev,Ng Rico and all

    Oz.. hope you enjoy yourself upside down? :D

    Dev, it was magnificent yesterday…
    AW looked 10 years younger..

    I won’t have had it any other way… this over a 5-0 win every day for me…

  511. The Hell Raiser… I like that Moniker…

    Where is Micko with his sore head?

    Syg, did you wrestle any more snakes…

  512. I see Kroenke managed to get himself to Wembley…..

  513. Morning Ts, 5-0 for me any day of the week…

  514. He did Rico… in his 3 piece suit

  515. Morning Rico and all. It’s gonna be super hot in Islington today.
    Breakfast with Kev in Dishoom first though.

  516. SHE WORE SHE WORE!!!!!

  517. Lol Rico.. I know you would say that :-)
    I know I am a bit f’ed so…
    As my father in law said to me once when he found out what I do back then… he was like you must be mad to jump from an aeroplane trusting a rope and a cloth to save your life…

    and then volunteer to be blind folded, chased by alsations and 2 para and 3 nights sleep deprivation…

    The price I had to pay for all of that ?

    Now I wish I can have more than 7 hours sleep a night :D

  518. Morning Adam, you going on the parade?

    Have a fab time and a lovely breakfast first, wish I could be there….

  519. Watching Kroenke yesterday, two things struck me. Firstly, he seemed wildly excited so I wondered if he ‘got it’ at last. Secondly that I thought he was jumping about so wildly that his syrup might fly off and land on Gazidis’ head.

  520. Kev, I am told highbury corner was maniac last night… :-)

    You didn’t have anything to do with it? :P

  521. Rico. Experience has told me that the crowds in Islington will be epic today. We will probably try to get a look at the team but it will be difficult and the searing heat won’t help. The bus will go right past where I lived as a kid so there’s a bit of nostalgia thrown in too. We will try.
    Breakfast at Dishoom could be interesting. Sorry you and brudder can’t be there. :)

  522. Boom boom boom get the fuck in there!!!
    Maureen how’s that trophy cabinet this season you poisonous vertically challenged c**t? How was the league title you shell suit wearing curly haired job dodging fucktards? Van rapist did you enjoy that? Well you got your 30 pieces of silver!! As for spxrs you really are the most deluded bunch of wankers that walk the planet
    Steve Bruce can fuck off, what a prick in his post match interview he was really embarrassing! Looks like Dean Windarse was hiding under Bruce’s jumper……
    My head hurts!!

  523. Ivan could have done with it Adam, the sun must have been warm on his bonce…. ;)

  524. Someone to pull his wig/weave off.. :-).

  525. Who actually went to the game?

  526. Morning Lee – well said…

    Had a sneaky feeling you’d have a bad head…. ;)

  527. the singing/atmosphere was epic…

    ‘2 nil up and you still f’ed it up.’..

    ‘we won the title in shite hart lane…

    ‘Robin she said no…’

    There is only 1 AW’
    :D :D

  528. Morning brudder. Another early morning, post FA Cup classic from you.
    Did you see Kroenke have a ‘special’ word with Sagna?

  529. 11.48pm Kev – Bless ya, thank you….

  530. And Arsene plonked a big fat kiss on Sagna’s head at the end.

    Could he yet stay??

  531. Red ARMY!!!!!!

  532. Morning Bt….

  533. No-one on here Lee…

  534. It will be amazing if he stayed…

  535. Suntan cream on then Adam, hope it’s a great day. I suspect you’ll have a blast…

  536. No one on here Rico? :)

  537. I was answering Lee’s question Ts…

  538. We’re The Famous F**KIN Arsenal!!!

  539. I assumed that…

    Micko, wakey wakey !!

  540. Sad to report that Steve Bruce was harpooned by a Japanese Whaling ship last night when he took a swim.

  541. His excuse was that white was unflattering on him…

    Pep after Ramsey allegedly…

  542. My mate is there for the parade and has a chance of getting into the Town Hall,lucky man!!

  543. All joking aside about Bruce, he looks an unwell man….

    At times I thought he was going to do a Tommy Cooper on us….

  544. She wore…she wore

  545. Watching the match again!! Again!!

  546. I ve been drifting in and out of sleep guys. This feeling is epic. Better than sex. Dang my kingdom for a trip to Islington now to witness the parade. She wore she wore.

  547. Did any of y’all seen Sanogo’s tweet just before kick off? That kid is gonna be a legend. Am still buzzing guys.

  548. We R The Arsenal!!!!

  549. Hi Goonster….

    If Sanogo can sort his brain and feet out, he could one day be a good footballer….

    Loan him out to a newly promoted PL side for the season and see if he improves….

  550. The players will travel from the Emirates Stadium to Islington Town Hall, Upper Street and back in two open top buses. The approximate timings are:

    11am: the parade starts next to the stadium at Drayton Park, by Martineau Road. From here the players will travel in open top buses along Drayton Park, Aubert Park, Highbury Park, Highbury Grove, St Paul’s Road and into Upper Street.

    12noon: the parade will arrive at the Town Hall, where there will be a short appearance by the players outside. This will be followed by a closed reception in Islington Assembly Hall.

    1pm: the parade will leave the Town Hall and head back towards the Emirates Stadium where there will be a team appearance on the Emirates Stadium podium.

  551. It’s an amazing feeling….for once goonerdom is at peace and one accord. Yesterday I saw no AKBs or WOBs. I only saw a sea of red and white. Oooooh to be

  552. Hey goonie.. howz it buddy.. still creaming.. Kleenex are making a fortune off you.. :P; buy some shares in Kleenex mate

    Plenty of AKB where I was… :-)

  553. Rico I ll give anything to be among the vast crowd at Islington this morning. So jealous of you guys right now.

  554. Morning ginge:grin:

  555. How many are expected ginge? I hear 200000! Wow that’s a throng.

  556. Would you give away your blond Adonis looks for a bit of Fat Bruce look? :) … to be at the match

  557. So would I Goonster, but I’m not going either….

  558. I am jealous of you in London. Wish I was there

  559. Ginge I ll give it all away to look like bull frog alladyce. My kingdom for a trip to Islington now.

  560. A few several thousand mate …

    I must say I really respect the hull fans..

    no sense of entitlement at all… they came for a party.. they thought it was going to be their day when they went ahead but we came back hard…

    After the game we traveled with some of them in the same carriage all the way to Victoria station…

    On the tube to central London, we started singing …’you were 2 nil up and your f’ed it up’ they even joined in…

    Super atmosphere/experience…

    I will add Hull to my next season away list now…

  561. Hey Hell Raiser… morning mate.. good to have you back.
    Its shocking how mobile signal is still not adequate at our national stadium… it was hard not being above to blog

  562. On the train on my way now. :)
    Stan, I will give them your regards mate.

  563. Hope you are not feeling groggy Adam ;)

  564. Dev, were we not talking about Simeone winning titles last year? amazing how far he has come along…:-)

    You even tipped Ath and Diego as CL winners at the start of the season… is he still your tip?

  565. Morning adam…lucky you. Enjoy your day my friend.

  566. We R ARSENAL!!!!!!

  567. Morning to all you luvly Gooners…

    It’s red-hot day in London Town…

  568. A little groggy Rico but a brisk walk to the station helped.
    Thanks Stan. Will do.

  569. Howdy kev…going to the parade too??

  570. Goonie, Koeman tipped for West ham job…

    I will be pleased for him… he was a very fine specimen of a defender…

    Morning Kev… are you going to the parade?

  571. She wore she wore…I learnt that yesterday thanks to bt62 gooner. Been yelling out she wore she wore all night. Pretty sure my neighbors a re e spooked. :grin:

  572. Koeman for West Ham??? Errr did I miss something? What happened to bullfrog alladyce? Did he get fired??

  573. WHU fans want him out…

  574. I don’t blame them…I want him pubis that prick pardew and McLeish out too. But hey what do I know?

  575. Enjoy Adam…

    Morning Kev…

  576. Lee, 8.19, lmfao :lol:

  577. Morning Rico… It’s a red letter day :-D

    Shame that you, Lee, Wath and Rocky can’t be joining us today…

    And Fred and Wavy and Scott and Oz and Coach and Canuck and Cockie Monster ;-) and Potter and Stan and Ginge and FatGun and Coach and everyone, it would be one hell of a party…

  578. Morning Kev…

    Really wish I was sharing today with you all, have a great time won’t you….

  579. New post up now….

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