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Summer signing agreed? Koscielny deal a big statement & Arsene promises to work hard in the summer…..

Morning all.

So the rumours went season ticket spin. Laurent Koscielny has agreed and signed a new long-term contract.

Great news!!

Great news!!

Seriously, this is the best news we could have hoped for as our French centre-back is key to us maintaining stability at the club and in the team and with other top clubs sniffing around, this truly is a big ‘Naff off’ to all of them.

It’s a huge statement to other clubs who think we are easy pickings. We are no longer a selling club and we are no longer a club who is prepared to lose our top players to other clubs. And Koscielny is certainly one of those.

Santi Cazorla, Serge Gnabry, Per Mertesacker, Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky, Wojciech Szczesny and Gedion Zelalem have all recently signed new deals and now with Laurent joining them, the future is looking good. There is plenty of hard work to be done by the club in the summer of course but that can’t take place until this season ends.

Having signed, Laurent said:

I am very proud to have reached agreement with the Club on a new contract. I have enjoyed four great years at Arsenal already, and I look forward to continuing to help the team in the years to come.


Laurent has proven himself to be an outstanding player since joining us in 2010 and has showed his quality once again this season. I am delighted he has decided to commit his future to the Club.

As are we…..

Of course it’s a shame that both Fabianski and Sagna are looking likely to leave but that’s life I guess when a player is allowed to run down their contract. And, both parties have had their part to play in that situation….

The Mirror are running a headline and that’s all it is because there is no substance to the story but they suggest that Sagna will wait until after the World Cup to make a decision on his future. I’m sure Arsene Wenger knows already what the future holds for Sagna…

Rumours surrounding his replacement are hotting up that’s for sure with reports in Italy suggesting Serge Aurier has in principle, already agreed a five year deal. We’ll see I guess, and soon….

Arsene Wenger has spoken about this past season and how we have to improve:

We have to continue to develop as a team. We have bridged a big gap from last season and we want to be better next season.

How can we do that? We have hard work in the summer to achieve that.

My team has shown a remarkable mental stamina and consistency in their attitude and I am very proud of the way they responded.

We are looking at some aspects where we can improve internally and we will work very hard during the summer to do that.

What he means by ‘internally’ is anyone’s guess, maybe he is making a move upstairs and a new managerial team is coming in? 

We’ll know after next weekend:

We are focused on the Cup final. After that, yes, I will make an announcement. 

I told you many times, my word is my word and I’m from a period where you didn’t need a pen to commit. It’s not linked with the FA Cup at all.

Still no word about committing to the club as manager though but I suspect it is and if so, I hope he’ll be working very hard in the summer and finally make the signings to take us a lot further than the usual scramble for 4th spot. We need to start the season with a deep, strong squad, one with pace up front and a solid, robust midfield which doesn’t get ripped through by other sides like it has done over the years and did at times this season.

Until then, it’s Norwich tomorrow and an FA Cup Final next weekend….

COYRRG’s, just two more victories……

Finally, Happy Birthday to the master of football Dennis Bergkamp who is 45 years old today..

Could he really be coming back to The Emirates this summer…..?

That’s your lot for another day…..

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103 comments on “Summer signing agreed? Koscielny deal a big statement & Arsene promises to work hard in the summer…..

  1. Morning all
    Good news at last. I remember the uproar when he signed in 2010, he’s not the type of player that can convince cesc to stay bla bla bla. Sent off on his debut, red cards, own goals, penalties, carling cup final gaff with wojeich. He’s worked amazingly hard even when he was dropped for verm and per. Hopefully the fa cup will be the start of many trophies for him and us all.

  2. Typical Arsene lol…. But no one can deny that we’ve made progress this season both on and off the field. I’d say we are a quality dm and striker away from being champions if only we can sort out our injuries

  3. Looking at the whole picture in a relatively cool way it seems to me that Wenger has put himself and the club into a reasonable to good position. Yes, last season was overall, a disappointment, but that it is done and gone. With the FA Cup Final to look forward to and hopefully win he COULD use the whole situation as a springboard to something memorable.
    He has the nucleus of a fine squad with a degree of stability and he has plenty of money to improve it out of recognition into a great squad. The only cloud on the horizon is his own reticence to get aggressive and ambitious in the market. I don’t like the words of prevarication he is using and I think that his playing down of expectations, though very Wenger, are ill advised, especially for those who got their ST demands yesterday.
    He has probably never been better placed financially and could use that to take a really positive step towards some serious success.
    Do I think he will do it? Nah, not really.

  4. :) Jeff, I can understand fans view when we signed Kos and he didn’t have the best of starts if I remember rightly but now, well he’s a huge player for us…

  5. Adam, couldn’t agree more about where the club/squad is. All we now need is 4 really good and early signings to set us up for what could be a great next season.

    I wouldn’t mind another on the 31st August then…..

    Really looking forward to the FA Cup, finally get one under our belt and who knows where that will lead us….

  6. In fact 3 would be a pretty good summer, as long as they are in addition to replacing who leaves….

  7. Four would be nice Rico. But 4 good ‘uns. No Kalou’s or other flakes.
    Oops, I just had a déjà-vu. Again.

  8. Morning All,
    Win the cup Mr Wenger and go upstairs,make this discision.
    Straight away,he would get back the fans he has lost.
    If he says that he will remain for a futher 2 years this will only destablise the club,once a manager makes a statement like that,history tells us the players are not fully focused.
    Great news on Kosser,shown even the his worst critics what a good reader of the game he has become.
    Rico answer to you and Kev questions,sent email.

  9. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Great way to start the transfer window by nailing down one of our prize assets and spinal players.

    Rico I’m not sure we have seen the last of Bacary Sagna. I think he was expecting a rush of suitors willing to pay his wage and signing fee demands. While I’m sure there are many teams that are interested in him they might not be willing to meet his demands.

    Waiting until after the WC will give him a chance to put himself in the shop window and raise his profile, if he and France do well. As time goes by and other candidates get bought it may force other teams hands or he may find that his demands are too high for a player that may only have a season or two left at the top level of play. He may yet have second thoughts on Arsenal’s offer, if it is still on the table.

  10. Absolutely Adam, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask….

  11. Morning fred.

    If the players are truthing, they all want AW to stay so him going could destabilise the team. Of course they might just all be saying what they believe they should be….

    But like you, I’d love him to win the FA Cup and then go climb the stairs…

  12. Will check my mails shortly fred, thanks…

  13. good morning everyone!
    win the cup and then and then I do the balance of the season

  14. Morning Cg.

    You could be right but it would dangerous for the club to play along with the waiting game surely.

    I can’t see him staying now….

  15. Adam – Amen to your 10:22 a.m. post, but I hope it is not déjà-vu all over again as far as the transfer window is concerned.

    Rico – “All we now need is 4 really good and early signings to set us up for what could be a great next season.” While really good signings would be great, I don’t think we”ll manage the early part for all of them. One good early signing like Bender or Martinez for the DM or a good forward like Benzema, Griezman or Morata would be a show of intent. A lot of the top players will want to leave signing transfers until after the WC in hopes that a good performance will raise their choice of teams, signing bonuses &/or wages.

  16. Remember Fergie announcing ..This will be my last season…
    cound’nt win a game could they.
    He had to quickly back track that statement.

  17. good morning everyone!
    win the cup and then and then I do the balance of the season

  18. sorry…

  19. Rico – Whether Sagna stays or goes, it would be prudent for Arsene to sign a new right back as Bacary will start to lose some of that pace of his and become more injury prone. If Arsene buys someone like Aurier at a good price and with promise/talent, we then have the opportunity to bed the player in over the next two to three seasons. That is unless Arsene is planning to promote from within the Academy.

  20. ****Umbongo signs a lucrative 5yr deal at Arsenal.****
    Get Kalou and Gareth Barry signed up on frees then we’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll. With those additions 4th will be a piece of piss

  21. The partying has already started in Umbongo’s homeland!!!

  22. Good point there Cg, on the other hand, they might worry about a bad WC and think top clubs will back off ;)

    But in all seriousness, the transfer window doesn’t open until after the WC finishes but we all know deals can be done before then and if players really want to come to Arsenal, the WC wouldn’t, maybe shouldn’t matter and we want players who want to be at Arsenal for the club rather than a big wage packet.

    Also, surely players look at how much playing time they are likely to get if they joined clubs like City and Chelsea…

  23. Good point fred. There is hope then…..

  24. You are nudging ahead of Adam in the cynical stakes Lee ;)

  25. Brudder Adam’s cynicism has definitely rubbed off on me…..I was a staunch AKB before I first met B.A and he took me over to the dark side!!

  26. I think Adam has had the same affect on Kev too…. lol

  27. Lee – “With those additions 4th will be a piece of piss” I think your taking the piss with that statement.

  28. Rico – “…on the other hand, they might worry about a bad WC and think top clubs will back off” Attitudes like those of Lars Bender’s recent quotes are the exception, those of the likes of of the player formerly known as NB52 are the rule. Supremely confident to a fault, a legend in his own mind who may yet end up David Bentley.

  29. If I wasn’t feeling so spaced out this morning I might be tempted to respond to those scurrilous remarks. :)

  30. Rico – The following article sums up my thoughts on the Sagna situation, although I’m not sure I agree with his conclusion about Jenkinson;


  31. CG me take the piss, not a chance! ;)
    The truth hurts Brudder!

  32. He’ll never be a good as David Bentley Cg ;)

    No defence though Adam.. lol

  33. Lee – If Arsenal make three such week buys as you suggest, I think many more of us will be drawn to the dark side.

  34. Rico – “He’ll never be a good as David Bentley Cg” Talk about a player being damned by faint praise. Yours has to be one of the best.

  35. :) Cg, it was meant that way too, honest.

  36. Morning all…

  37. Howdy rico….kozzer signed up huh? Good start now win the FA cup and retire arsene and I ll probably forgive the 6.3 5.1 6.0 debacle.

  38. Rico – I’m sure it was, but it was done with such finesse. I bow to a master, OOPS! mistress of the put down.

  39. Hi Goonster.

    Thank you Cg… lol

  40. Hey CG what are you doing up compadre? It’s past your bed time.

  41. Hullo all HHers and the Lady of the house.
    something does not smell right re: Arsene’s comments. This guy is going up or out. just waiting for one last moment of Glory ala FA cup and he will make an announcement. if he has given us his word that he is staying, what else does he want to announce?

  42. Hi F-ug, I’m kind of with you there, things seem very far from being cut and dry with him being the Arsenal manager next season.

    If he is to step upstairs, the club have done very well to keep it quiet.

  43. Rico arsene plays with words a lot. He ain’t going no where. He ll still be there in 2017!

  44. Do remember the Thierry Henry statements regarding his future, season after season they were ambiguous to a fault. Was he going? Was he staying? Well, maybe, but which?
    Wenger’s statement is similarly ambiguous. Is he staying? Is he going….to Monaco? Is he going ‘upstairs’?

    I defy anybody to unpick his statement and deliver its true meaning to ne and all, at this stage.

    My daughter works in. The south of France, will she come ‘home’ will she stay where she is? What would you do, given the choice? Good job, nice flat, good friends or come back to the family home?
    I know what I would do!

    Wenger knows what to do at this stage of his declining career. Give up the day job, go upstairs and play at being Director of Football for amcole of years then retire quietly to the country….the country of his choice, write his memoirs and drink excellent vintage wine!

    Sounds just how I am spending my declining years, with the exception of the memoirs! I mean who the hell would be interested in my un eventful life or world?

    Good luck to the old warrior.

  45. And why is everyone shouting bender when we are talking about DM?Martinez is way better in my opinion.

  46. *amcole???
    A couple of……
    I’m having a lot of trouble with my pees!

  47. this is the first time Arsene is talking about managing another club. he says he would consider Germany, but which job is available there for him?? they have only two clubs competing, all with managers that have had more success than him recently. he knows he can’t mention France becoz all the junnos will start adding one to one and getting 11. it would also open a bidding war btn Monaco and Psg as both do not hold their current managers in as high esteem as they do Wenger. there is a big spin unfolding at the end of the season with Wenger but something huge is changing…

  48. Goonster – I’m a big boy now, my mommy lets me stay up late.

    How are you adjusting to and coping with fatherhood?

  49. We’ll soon see goonster…

  50. Can’t see him going back to Monaco Wavy, might as well manage Oxford ;)

  51. I have to agree with Stan “Rico arsene plays with words a lot…”

    Arsene is like a politician, very adept at sidestepping a question altogether or giving a response that doesn’t really answer the question. He can be direct when he wants to be, but wont be drawn on giving direct answers to questions he doesn’t wish to respond to, like will he or wont he sign player X.

    You must read or listen to his responses very carefully as much of what he says are qualified remarks with many ifs, ands or buts. Unless it is simple announcement or statement of fact, never take Arsene at face value. I wouldn’t want to play poker with the man nor would I want to be a lawyer cross-examining him.

  52. I know this will divide opinion on here but none the less it is an interesting article;


  53. I agree – AW contradicts himself a lot too. I don’t believe a word he says these days….

  54. It is very humid in Northern Ireland

  55. You on holiday JM??

    Afternoon all…

  56. No, It’s the “Giro” (cycling)

  57. For = From!

  58. Afternoon Rico and all…

    The manager of Rottenham looks like he enjoys his pies…

  59. Good luck then Jm, hope it all goes well…

  60. Afternoon Ts…

  61. Evening all,Jm it’s certainly damp over here! Are you following or taking part? Arsene move upstairs with the FA Cup (i hope) and make me happy.

  62. Evening Bt, would be the ideal end to our season….

  63. I’m off to enjoy a Saturday night…

    Catch up tomorrow all….

    Nighty night…..

  64. Adios Rico,JD time soon! lol

  65. Night Rico…

  66. Don’t tell me tsgh, let me guess, back in the hospital ward by any chance !
    Many happy returns to Dennis, my only gripe, he should have gone left and not right in 99, still they say time is a great healer.

    Time for some porter.

  67. WoW… Senderos has become the main man of Mestalla Stadium… :D

    Hiya Micko… not yet Micko.

    Abou Diaby will probably miss the world cup through dropping a towel on his toes…

  68. watching an old video of bobby pires and Santi playing in the same team for Villareal…

    things never change… lol

  69. If you kill yourself, its suicide!!! If you kill someone else, its homicide!!! If you kill loads of people, its genocide!!!! If you haven’t won a title in over 20 years, its Merseyside!!

  70. no wonder we have so many issues signing players, just look how he’s messed about with his own deal. No pressure, no questions, over 7m a year and he can’t find time to sign a piece of paper that’s already all agreed to – great summer ahead again no doubt

  71. Morning Lee, Oz and all…

    :) re Merseyside, would love to see Newcastle beat them today…

    Barry?? A season too late maybe….

  72. sure the barry thing is press mischief – no way will we sign someone like that

  73. I sure hope we don’t Oz, I’d rather see Aneke get a chance…

  74. Oz, no way??? It is Wenger we are talking about here…. oh and Eto is the other name….. ffs surely we should set our sights higher??

  75. Eto?? Bang there goes another season then if these hideous reports are true!

    But I doubt they are…. Just the k**bs in the press!!

  76. I suppose its pointless getting bent out of shape….Wenger will only buy super quality,get them all signed up before the world cup ready to rumble on day one of the PL!

  77. Morning Rico, Lee , Oz and all. We could have done with Barry this season I would have thought.

  78. I’m trying not to Lee, let’s see if he’s staying first ;)

  79. Morning Adam.

  80. Pff, what about me?? ;) ;)

  81. I see Usmanov isn’t as rich as he was, his fortune has fallen to just£10.65bn!

  82. Drmic got relegated yesterday despite being third highest scorer in the Bundesliga triggering a release clause of £5 million . Lothar Matteus says he is a shoe in for us if we move quickly, So that’s not happening then

  83. The words ‘act quickly’ gives it away….

  84. morning Rico of course – sorry :-)

  85. trouble is not really competition for Giroud, another gamble. Get someone who can score in this league. I still think Remy should be looked at seriously, he will go if we’re not quick – there that word quick again. uummm

  86. :) Oz..

    Totts are in talks with Rem, apparently…..

  87. there’s a surprise – he will improve them no doubt – It’s United that we will have to watch, money to spend like us, no Euro distractions, if they get the right guy they will hard to keep out of the top 4

  88. Can’t see Liverpool being in the top 4 next season though…

  89. Van Gaal is set to be announced for the Utd job…

  90. not sure about them Rico – they need to buy 4/5 to maintain their challenge – if they loose Suarez.. end of but they know that no doubt. Stevie G also a question has to how many games he can compete in now. The United and Liverpool summers will be interesting, I expect both to go for it far more than Wenger

  91. In any case, get the right signings in and we won’t be worrying about the others….

  92. Morning All

    Morning Rico.

    It’s a miserable, cloudy, chilly and damp day in London Town today…

    Barry? Eto’o? Kalou? That’s the dream ticket… :-(

    You couldn’t make that shit up….
    Let’s hope that’s exactly what some hacks have done?!

  93. we’ve been in that position for years Rico in truth but always manage to mess it up when it matters most. Not just about names either the whole ‘we’ve done so well getting fourth’ mentality has to change as do the ‘no shows’ when we face the big sides.

  94. They need to though Oz, we just need 4 ;)

  95. interesting how for some time it was only a couple of real deals short, now suddenly (and you are right) its four needed – there is a story here.

  96. It’d be more if I had my way ;)

  97. New post is up now..

    Oz, I’d move a few on too….

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