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Giroud gets rewarded & Theo dishes up a nice surprise…..

Morning all.

It’s Thursday, there’s nothing much to write about and when it comes to lacking enthusiasm to write something about Arsenal at this time of the season, I sit right at the top of the list!

I’m sure I’ll get a little more excited next week as we head towards a trip to Wembley for the FA Cup Final and we have a few posts from Kev to look forward to in the build up but right now it all just feels like we’ve been here before. And that’s because we have but this season it’s worse as we were there at the top at Christmas and back in January when we needed a couple of signing to see us cement our top place in the league, it didn’t happen.

Will we ever get a better chance?

Time will tell……

Fans have been voting for their favourite goal from April on the official site and it’s no great surprise that Olivier Giroud’s fine strike against West Ham got the majority vote. It was pretty good wasn’t it?

Actually no, it was better than that!!

In case you didn’t see the Sky Sports poll for the goal of the season, we won that as a team with Jack Wilshere, not only being involved in the pre-goal tricks and flicks, but for finishing what was a superb team goal.

Other news….

Well he might not be involved on the pitch but off it, Theo Walcott has been making one young supporter very happy. He found nine-year-old Junior Gunner Lucas in the crowd and told him that he’d been randomly selected from over 30,000 Junior Gunners to be Arsenal’s mascot for the FA Cup Final.

Not only will Lucas be heading off to the final as mascot but he’ll be taken around the changing room before the game and then of course, he’ll lead them onto the pitch for kick-off.

Great times for that young lad, especially to have had his Arsenal strip and FA Cup Final tickets presented to him in front of the Emirates Stadium crowd.

Walcott said afterwards:

It was brilliant to be the one to tell Lucas he’d be our mascot for the FA Cup Final. He is Arsenal-mad and a lovely lad, so I am very happy for him. I hope he remembers the day for a long time to come.

Sometimes, football can really bring happiness to it’s fans.

It certainly did for this young fan and I just hope we can go and win the FA Cup and truly make his day…

And all of ours of course…..

Finally, congratulations to Helena Costa who has been named as the new manager of French second-tier club Clermont Foot – becoming the first female to take over at a professional level in the country. She’s only 39 years old…

Wonder if we’ll see Hope Powell soon managing in one of the lower leagues here in England?

Imagine that here in England eh, some old fashioned farts are still struggling to accept Sian Massey running the line. Even though she’s possibly one of the best at her job….

That’s your lot for today, have a good one…..

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109 comments on “Giroud gets rewarded & Theo dishes up a nice surprise…..

  1. Catch up a bit later, got things to do this morning…

  2. Morning all.
    It’s getting towards the end of a damn long season, and nobody deserves a break more than you, Rico :)

  3. You’re right , it’s Thursday and there is nothing to write about. See you in a couple of hours then.

  4. Morning

    Yep you’re all right. Where’s Kev:

    Boring boring Thursday!

    Wenger has already got a new right back lined up that’s why Sagna is off. God knows who it is though!! Moo of course

  5. I saw that Giroud goal against West Ham as it happened right in front of me. Nobody was more surprised than him when the ball stuck under his foot. And me of course. :)

  6. That is not nice, Adam :)

  7. Adam you rotten cynical sod….. :-)

  8. A very quite morning…

    Since the lady of the house is not around… I can post some stats showing how Denilson and Gervinho are exactly what we need… :P

    Not forgetting Kev’s Darren Bent whose record is unquestionable…

    Morning all

  9. Morning Wath.. let Malaga Gooner out of the sin bin… I need a laugh… lol

  10. Scott and Wath. Rico has turned me cynical. If you remember when I first came on I was quite different and extremely positive. :)

  11. Mornin Ts, had a mate popped in yesterday dragged me to the pub so didn’t get to greet you back…
    You will join Malaga in that sin bin if you try tell me that Denilson is better than a footballers arse :-)

  12. I blame her as well Adam….!

  13. Rico is to blame….it is no longer on John Terry :)

  14. She has become the ruler of evil and the monger of doom….!

  15. Indeed she has, Mr wath.

  16. ,You must be in block 9 , 10 or 11 then Adam . I am at the back of 10. Will have to meet up some time.

  17. I for one am not sure I can cope with the despair of the next ten weeks of nothingness !!!!!!!

  18. As opposed to the last 9-10 months of pain and suffering, hey Wath lol

  19. If you are used to not getting what you want for christmas or your birthday then you will be fine with AFC’s transfer window dealings… :-)

  20. Something like that Scott you know how it is :-)

    I am still waiting for a decent Xmas n b-day present Ts, last decent pressure I got was when I was about 8….!

  21. Ginge, I want a big, ugly DM for Xmas, and a brilliant striker for my birthday.
    Am I selfish?

  22. Wath, damn if hope he gets some business done this TW!

  23. wonder how many injuries the world cup will give us

  24. Only after we sign them Oz lol

  25. lol be just our luck mate

  26. Hiya Potter. I am in the east stand overlooking the goal at the north bank end. We enter via entrance H if that makes it any clearer.
    For sure, next season I would love to meet up before or after the game, whichever suits you best.

  27. Lol Scott, Wath…

    Well I set my expectations as low as it should be…

    Any signing is a bonus in my book…

  28. morning all……can’t wait to see diaby in the world cup

  29. So a decent signing is Kos signing an extention to his current deal then…
    Then there is Diaby to look forward to as well…. Yippee…..

    Can’t wait…

    Then we get to August and we sign Yaya Toure, Suarez and Hazard….!


  30. There is a bar at block 10 which stays open after the game , my son and i usually stay near there and watch the highlights as we let the crowd go over the bridge. If we sort it out it would be good to meet . Obviously it will be next season so don’t hold your breath.

  31. Another new coach for the Totts… unfortunately my favourite coach for replacing AW. Howevwr, probaly is the way to Monaco
    Helena Costa was good for our women team.

  32. Afternoon All…
    Afternoon Rico…

    Chelsea spend billions, bore the pants off of everyone, whilst the Portugese Prick drags himself and his artificial club through the sewer, and wins nothing..

  33. Morning/afternoon snap…..

    The less players ewe have at the WC the better in my book…!

  34. Potter. I shall look forward to it.

  35. Afternoon you cynical lot…

  36. Ah she’s back……

    Reckon she been going through all those spells out of her little black book…!

  37. Cheeky toad Wath….

  38. Rico. Welcome back. I have been trying to stem the tide of negativity. :)

  39. Hi Adam, I thought you’d be the one revving the waves up ;)

  40. Bernard insists that Spurs made an offer for the youngster and their rivals, Arsenal, could not cough up the money to prize him away. Bernard, who has 10 caps for Brazil, says he came close to making the move to the Premier League.

    He told FourFourTwo: “We had offers from Tottenham, and according to my Atletico president Arsenal were interested too, but didn’t have the money. All of it happened in a moment Europe was facing a serious financial crisis, so there was interest from various teams, but the only one able to pay straight away was Shakhtar.”

    Begs the question :- Couldn’t or wouldn’t ?

  41. long time..still doing great work Rico :)its been a pleasure to follow the blog from Svalbard this year..please now that we up here is very Thankful for the work You and all the other Gooners do to keep such a great blog !
    the best part of this year is the growing feeling that we’re finaly headed in the right direction..if we havent had all the injuries this year..we would have run away with the title..so oil punks and other rag teams ..better watch out…
    im more than happy with Wenger and i think that he has changed quite alot,there still are a few thing he must work at but let him do that in peace and harmony..
    and finally one small thing..do anyone know who owns the team ZeroGravity on our fantasy premier league competition Highbury House is…we have had one heck of a fight all year and i would just like to Thank him/her for a truly great fight and wish her/him the best of luck heading into the last duel.:)

  42. Which youngster Potter, or should I read back…. lol

  43. Hi tom, long time no see.. All clearly good with you?

    Hmm, I’m not quite as happy with AW as you are! Our season could finish on a bit of a high with the FA Cup and then hopefully, Mr Stubborn will shock us all with a few top top signings in the summer…

  44. Yes Adam, Vous…. ;)

  45. Bernard is a Brazillian international forward that we were linked to in the last window . Make of it what you will.

  46. Big shake up in football on the cards then…..

  47. Thanks Potter…

    The answer has to be, didn’t..

  48. he will be in the World cup

  49. Thx Rico all well here..back home finally been a hard winter..but heey..all forgotten already ..
    my opinion on Wenger is as in life…one step at the time Rico..we could agree on the stupidty of not buying a striker in january..
    still look at our team..closely and with maybe one or two additions..well its pretty good all over…
    everyone seems to dislike Diaby..me well i dont ..i think he will be a great player…and mind my words he will be the new Vieira…
    Bendtner out..striker in..here we should go all out and try to get a proven quality striker..and thats it for me..
    sagna out get Jenks in ..solved..
    and im sure we’re going to add quality..even if its only one player..and Rico im seing a plan behind all this..finally i might add..

    next year..we’re going to be one heck of a team :)

    lets give Hull a spanking and voila..suddenly we got the winning mentality back too ;)

    aqnd a final note Rico..we work in teams up here and dare i say Thanks toy You and this superb Blog..4 other members on my team have bacome ardent Gooners..not bad ey !

  50. Listened to the bit wenger said about hazard popping in for a cup of tea,
    Did’nt he say the same about,
    Ronaldo,YaYa,and Peta Chec..
    I must admit..
    If I made just one cock up..not sure that I would want to tell the world,
    But four players round for tea,and we end up with none,
    if its not the money,
    it must be the garibaldi’s.

  51. Afternoon from a wet and miserable Cornwall !.

    Great news on Helena Costa being the first woman to get a professional job in football !. I watched the Arsenal ladies quite a few times and apart from some dodgy goalies and the physical side of it, their skills are on a par with some past and present Arsenal men`s team !.

    Helena Costa should do a great job……..as long as she isn`t required to try and reverse park the team coach !.

    Of course, I am just jesting about women drivers…..

  52. Thanks re HH Tom… Not sure we see things quite the same but, that’s ok…. ;)

  53. Hobnobs are the way forward fred….

  54. Hi Cm, having played the ladies game, I’m thrilled to see a young woman in charge of a professional club. Really hope she succeeds and opens the door for others….

  55. From the horses mouth..No early signings
    No change there then.31st August.it is

  56. Miss Collins, 78, and Miss Beacham, 64, will go head to head for a TV advert for the chocolate bar Snickers.
    Dressed in glamorous gowns and dripping with jewellery, the two will play out their famous diva behaviour in the dressing room of a football club.
    Miss Collins, who has since made her name as a novelist, will storm into the changing room and accuse a team-mate of stealing her deodorant.
    After taking the chocolate bar, she transforms into a footballer with the new slogan: “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

    Might work rico..would’nt bet on it though.

  57. As I`m not a regular….what are your thoughts on our expectant summer signings ?…..personally, I haven`t any expectations apart from Sith Lord Wenger blaming the World Cup for another late showing and Jeff Blockley brought back on loan to cover Mertesnailer !.

  58. :) Fred, I do like the current Snickers advert…

  59. Cockie, there is a way to resolve that, become a regular ;)

    Summer?? Who knows what AW has planned….

  60. Thanks for the invite, rico, I shall certainly keep casting an eye over your fine site !.
    I like to say I`m not an “AKB” or an ” In Arsene We Trust”….I accept the great service he has given us and could kiss him for it, but then there`s the times he makes me mad and I could **** him !….so I`m probably more of an “In Arsene We Thrust !”, as he does look rather fetching in his puffa jacket !. hahaha

  61. I don’t like labels Cockie, there is no need for them imo.

    Judge each season as it is and to be fair, the last few have not given us too much to smile about. Does that make me hate the manager, of course not…

    But I do think there is plenty of room for improvement, plenty.

    I hope he gives us a good summer because I would hate to see him sat their in his seat, struggling with his zip all winter and having to listen to the bombardment of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ each home game…

    But, if he mucks up, then he reaps what he sows….

  62. Every extra year wenger signs a new contract,he risks the good will of the arsenal fans,
    I know a few who hate wenger,in fact one never talks to me any more,his been telling me for about 5 years now that,
    wenger has been taking us all for a ride,I just hope his not about to be proved right.
    I would hate to see wenger leave with his coat,sorry tail between his legs.

  63. Yes !…..a good summer rico, but like an earlier comment, is he a making excuses already ?.


  64. Agree fred which is why I hoped he’d get the FA Cup and walk away gracefully…..

    Of course, there is always a chance that he intends to go out on a real high after spending big in the summer…

    Then again…..

  65. Wenger talks rubbish Cockie…. Always has and always will when it comes to transfers….

  66. I’m off for the day guys, catch up tomorrow…

    Night all…..

  67. Evening Rico, I was just about to launch into another rant following the predictable and boring comments from Wenger re: transfers…

    Then I thought of Digger and decided not to…. ;-)

    Where’s Wavy? :-)

  68. Watching Masterchef! Sad old git (me not you Kev)
    Watching England ladies on my I device thingy!
    A man who can multi watch and blog too, but only during half time!

    Wenger – transfers – you’re having a larf ain’t yer?

  69. Wavy, Masterchef, :roll:

    Say it ain’t so mate… ;-)

  70. OK, that bloody optimistic Aussie ain’t around, so I can have a bloody good moan…

  71. Funny how Wenger has been critical of the coaching that youngsters in England get, following the Greg Dyke blueprint….

    And Arsene can speak from a position of strength when you can see that his 17 years at Arsenal, have seen the club ‘he’ manages has developed an absolute hanger-full of English talent….
    I mean, there’s Jack Wilshere, and then there’s, er, LittleJack Wilshere, and then who could ever forget the one and only, er, Jacky Wilshere.

    One and only is the name of the game eh Arsene?

  72. And when Arsene arrived at Arsenal, he had Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Ray Parlour, Paul Merson all graduates from an Arsenal Apprenticeship. With Stephen Hughes in the Stiffs, ready to come through…

  73. Kev you miserable old got lol….
    Don’t forget Kieran Gibbs an Cashley…. There been one or two other who gone elsewhere and done ok none set the world on fire apart from Bentley of course who is gracing the world stage as a top top talent….. Enuff said abt that little knob

  74. Yum yum!
    And JET and Frimps …..etc all world beaters, oh and Cesc he was assimilated! And has a house in Eaton Square!what could be more english than that?
    A question, what is a Dyke? If its a ditch we’re in dead lumber, ditched in fact!

  75. Actually Wath, I did check after my moan, and you are quite correct, but Arsene didn’t have any input on Ashley Cole, in fact, wasn’t he prepared to sell him…
    Bentley did though, come through almost entirely under Wenger’s influence…

    All in all it’s still a pathetic return for 17 yrs…

    Night mate…

    Over to you Digger, Mr Optimistic, ;-)

  76. Night Wavy…

  77. Morning all….

  78. Kev, even I can find little right with the “Arsenal way” at a youth level…..they are too bloody soft, form what I’ve seen.
    Morning Rico and everyone else awake.

  79. Morning Scott, don’t think there are many ;)

  80. They’re soft lol

  81. Morning Rico and all.

  82. Morning Adam… Had your tea and toast?

  83. I have Rico, but I feel very groggy this morning. :)

  84. Once again Wenger gets in the press for the wrong reasons , wonder if Blanc had not got a new contract and PSG had approached would he feel the same.

  85. Surely not Adam, that’s so unlike you… ;)

  86. Surely AW would not go to a club like Psg, all that spending would go against all he stands for….

  87. Morning Potter. He does seem to have an opinion on everything and the need to share it. In this instance I believe he is right though. Man City have cheated by not abiding by the rules and perhaps FFP should be instigated in the PL too in some form or another.
    So, Man City win the title. When you look at the money they have spent and the fact that it has not been generated through footballing success, is it really such an achievement? Apart from some Man City fans, who or what does it serve?

  88. I do agree with him though…..

  89. I am more concerned with his latest downplaying of any hopes we Arsenal fans might have for some ambitious, quality signings. He seems intent on stamping out any excitement early this year.

  90. Morning All…

    Morning Rico, Adam, Potter and Evening Scott…

  91. Kev. I hear that London cabbies are going to protest against some app or other.

  92. Morning All,
    Wonder what the team wenger will pick for the norwich game,
    Played for a club many years ago,we won the league and we had one more league game to play,after that we had a cup final to play the manager at training 3 days before the league game came in to the changing room and ask ..Hands up….Who wants to play saturday..everyone just carried on talking.
    He played the stiffs..
    Wonder if wenger will do the same.

  93. Yes, Wenger does seem to have an opinion on everybody elses business.

    Shame he does complain about ticket prices at Arsenal or the way that the FA distribute their cup final tickets or the price of food and drink at the Grove or safe standing, all things that affect Arsenal fans, the people that pay his wages, but who Wenger couldn’t give a shit about.

  94. Morning Kev and Fred.

  95. Kev. He’s a company man alright. Seems like the FA Cup has come at just the right time for him.

  96. Yes Adam, they protested around the Shard this Tuesday gone. It was gridlock, I couldn’t get close…

    Yes it some American company seeing an opportunity to get into the London market, but i’m not sure that it’s Kosher, so no doubt someone has taken a bung at Tfl…

  97. Might catch you all later on.
    Heading for a benefit night…..top man, 35, diagnosed with that dreaded disease a month after his first baby was born!
    Life…gotta love it!
    Later, everyone.

  98. I hope he does fred, let some of the fringe players play, you never know, one or two might surprise him…

  99. Take your Mastercard Scott… Hope you raise a lot of money….

  100. Adam, we’ve only got two more years, then he’ll be gone, he’ll be 66 by then, so if he wants to try the Bundesliga he’ll have to get his skates on…

  101. Lata Scott….

    Ok, breakfast is on the table, lata.

  102. I hear Tommy’s been trying to get hold of John Terry,to see if has any tips how to conceal a football kit under a suit.

  103. will you add Matthew Upson to the list Kev?

    Morning Rico,kev, Fred, Adam, Scott and all

  104. Not forgetting Arteta will be leading this team to its first trophy in 9 years…

    Kev, what do you think of the Krauts provisional squad…

    Lars made the squad; the surprise for me was Khedira… and maybe Drum and Volland but both are expectional players so…

  105. :) fred.

    Morning Ts.

  106. Morning Lee, I watched that, it’s very funny….

    How was the big apple?

  107. New post is up now…

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