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FFP a Joke!! Arsene wants Germany move & Five years for Koscielny?

Morning all….

These were the dramatic headlines:

  • Manchester City facing UEFA sanctions for breaching financial fair play rules
  • £49million fine would be the biggest in the history of football
  • Club would also be limited to a 21-man Champions League squad
  • City have until end of the week to reach an agreement with UEFA over the settlement offer
  • Paris Saint-Germain have received similar sanctions

City have been fined £50 million having been found guilty of breaching the rules under FFP.

Is that penalty really a right and proper deterrent to other clubs who spend money like it’s going out of fashion?

No, the answer has to be no doesn’t it?

Of course it’s a lot of money, an awful lot of money but for clubs like City, it’s like you and I having to find a fiver.

Just selling one fringe player and with it, offloading that players wages will soon recoup the fine because let’s face it, some of their fringe players could cost a lot and are no doubt on high wages in comparison to others, certainly ours….

Don’t they still have Adebayor on their books??

Seriously though, reducing a Champions League squad to 21 players won’t hurt them either will it? Not if a squad is rotated properly and not when a manager has a squad as deep as City’s and no doubt it will only get stronger and deeper after the summer as Pellegrini has a clear out and brings in new players….

The only way forward under FFP is to deduct points, let clubs start their Champions League campaign with a points deduction and then see how they cope. If they fail to comply the following year then either increase that points deduction or simply oik them out of Europe all together because that is the only way the message will get across.

No doubt Manchester City will appeal this decision, especially after Barcelona had their transfer embargo put on hold after they appealed a recent punishment, albeit for different reasons…

We’ve heard from both Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger about FFP and they truly believed that once the rules were in place and all clubs conformed to those rules, we’d be able to come into our own.

Well, that won’t happen if penalties like City have received are dished out by the powers that be…

Mind you, it shouldn’t cause us concern in any case, after all, we are cash rich, very cash rich.

We just need to start spending some of it!

Seems the club are hopeful of Laurent Koscielny staying put and signing a new five year contract. Well that’s according to John Cross in The Mirror and French website Le10Sport.com. If true, the new deal will keep our centre back with us until he’s nearly 34 years old. Good!

Talking of snapping up players, Arsene Wenger has revealed he was in talks with the agent of Eden Hazard and a deal was possible until Chelsea waded in:

 Yes, I wanted to take him, I had his agent at my home but again the barrier was financial and Chelsea made an effort that I couldn’t make.

He also spoke about where he’d like to go should he ever leave Arsenal:

If I was to go somewhere then I think it would be in a different country because I am so much Arsenal that I would not like to coach anywhere else in England.

Germany (is an option) because I am of German culture a little bit and it’s a country where I have never worked and I am very close to it.

Shame he doesn’t fancy a job in Holland and now……

If you want a laugh, have a look at this…


That’s your lot for another day….

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231 comments on “FFP a Joke!! Arsene wants Germany move & Five years for Koscielny?

  1. So Wenger screwed Lille for selling Hazard to the chavs by buying Park out of spite! What did that cost the club? I’ll wager all in all the cash wasted on the S Korean would have easily covered Hazard’s wages, signing on fee and agent’s backhander!

    Ah a fool and his money are soon parted!

    Morning all.

  2. If that is the reason behind the signing of Park Wavy, it was a stupid stupid move and as you say, in the long run, it probably cost us more.

    Especially on the pitch….

  3. The bastards should lose points in their
    League, and with it, lose their place in Europe.

  4. Had a feeling you’d say something like that Scott ;)

  5. You’d be disappointed if i took a softly, softly approach, hey Rico ? :)

  6. Indeed Scott ;)

    Hope City win tonight though….

  7. Yes, Rico, I hope so too.
    Not that I hate Liverpool, it’s just that I detest Liverpool.

  8. As do I Scott, enormously…

  9. Good morning all HHers, and thee Lady of the house.
    quite a sunny morning here in Uganda. Will be supporting Shitty not because i like them but i hated the way the media were building Gerrard and Brenda as the new gods of English football. was actually waiting for some lazy junno to cook up something like “FA considering offering Brenda contract as new England Coach after WC” i bet other lazy ones that jump on anything would carry on thee story and it would make headlines for some weeks….

  10. Morning F-ug. Brenda is just about to sign a new deal so that should keep the headlines down…

  11. City should be barred from signings players and have a salary cap enforced until the fall into line with FFP rules. If they do it it again the same punishment plus 10 points deduction from EPL and 3 from Champs league! IMHO

  12. The only good thing that comes out of Liverpool is the Dublin ferry! All the rest is scally shite! And two birds of dubious origin!
    Cum on shitteh!

  13. i hope he is not given a six yr contract.
    he won’t be in top four next season. he is a one competition man,not four, and with Suarez waking up from his dream of thinking he can win anything with Liverfool, things are going to get harder. am seing LS07 off to RM for 60M, and i hope they still have the guy who bought Andy Carrol for 35Mil doing their deals. all the dime wil go down the shit hole and we shall have our old (last 24 yrs) Liverfool once again. the one i love……

  14. Like the new background of our page. Thanks Rico

  15. dodgy, they’d only win an appeal…

    At last someone has spotted it F-ug ;)

  16. I did notice the background, and apologies for not saying so, Rico.
    It looks terrific.

  17. Excellent read Rico.
    I wouldn’t hold my breathe with firmer sanctions as UEFA are currently in negotiation to agree a ‘compromise’.lol
    UEFA say they di not want a long drawn out legal battle…

  18. Just kidding Scott, someone hinted that it needed a bit of a change ;)

    Thanks Ts

  19. Stunning background btw…
    Shame I can’t see Arteta,TR07,Ramsey properly… :P

  20. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Rico – I don’t think it is within UEFA’s purview to deduct league points, that would be meddling in the FA’s bailiwick. Pity though as that would get Abu Dhabi Citteh’s attention.

    Also, I thought F.C. Farcelona’s pending transfer restrictions was for irregularities in their signing of youth players not breaking FFP regulations.

  21. so Ivanovic can’t stop laughing at LS07’s tears, is he any better this season? btw chelski spent far more than pool and are happy celebrating third with no trophy

  22. I can Ts ;)

    Morning Cg. I meant points in the CL so they start the group stage with -3 points…

  23. Rico, I wrote that before your comment came through…..really I did :)

  24. You are right Cg about Barca, my confusion and will amend the post. Thanks…

    F-ug, I bet Roman isn’t celebrating…

  25. Arsenal are prepared to offer cash plus Mikel Arteta to La Liga side Athletic Bilbao in an attempt to lure midfielder Ander Herrera to north London, [football] direct news understands.

  26. Rico – My bad too. I had forgotten about the points system to advance beyond the group stages.

  27. my transfer wishlist would be Morgan Sch….(spelling), Loic Remy, Seamus coleman and a descent GK not because they are the best out there, but they are cheap, EPL tested and two of them are french. talk about low expectations but we know our Prof too well to expect much more… oh i forgot Lescott. he is a freebie and we love freebies…. don’t we?

  28. It’s a shame that Lars Bender seems to want to remain in Germany for at least one more season. His statements might just be for local consumption to mollify Bayer’s fans. I’m sure if the clubs agreed a price he would come to Arsenal. However, if his statements are a true reflection of his feelings, that price would have to be very attractive to BL and we wouldn ‘t him anyway.

    In that case Ander Herrera would be a good alternative.

  29. F-U – ” …he is a freebie and we love freebies…. don’t we?” All too true, but sometimes those freebies have been a pig in a poke.

  30. Cg :) Guess both of us are having a dud morning….. lol

  31. Agree re Lars Bender, really thought, maybe hoped he’d be joining us this summer but his comments would suggest otherwise.

    As you say though Cg, if the right money is offered, anything could yet happen..

  32. You clearly dont understand FFP.

    These are the minimum penalties for non compliance. This is an excellent starting point and it leaves us in a very strong position to compete with your Chelseas, ManCitys and your PSGs for the very best players

  33. morning im of the mind i couldn,t care less who wins the league.but strongly detest teams that buy the league.reporters and journalists really get my goat up, because martinez isnt happy, he,s linked to us, yesterday it was gotze,s not happy,we were on stand by.It seems whoever is supposedly not happy are getting connected to us for a summer move.They should be sacked for lazy journalism. OZIL,S quote was cool though pity himself and the team didn,t adhere to it through the season. PLAY FOR THE BADGE ON THE FRONT OF THE JERSEY, AND THEY,LL REMEMBER THE NAME ON THE BACK.

  34. Rico – It does seem so. Hopefully things will improve for us as our days progress. Mind you, I’ve got the excuse that it’s 3:39 a.m. my time.

  35. Boo!! The new wallpaper is lovely, rico. ;) Trust men to ignore it. :D :D

    The UEFA would be nothing but a paper tiger if it fails to enforce its own rules. The appalling thing about this is how Citeh fans have been crying foul. As if. Their management was only to keen to exploit perceived loopholes in the rules, and now that their club has been meted out with sanctions, they have the audacity to act all victimized and hard done by. They made their bed and can now die in it!! ;)

  36. If you believe that then good stuff Dan.

  37. dublin – Unfortunately lazy and journalism seem to go hand in hand in sports ‘reporting’. You could also include delusions, fiction, lies, pipe dreams and rumours, but not accuracy or fact.

  38. Did Ozil say that Dublin, haven’t seen that before, proper statement though…

    That’s very early Cg, don’t you sleep??

  39. Hi agag, trust men indeed eh ;)

    I think City’s problems fall back to Hughes and Mancini who signed players like kids in a sweet shop and paid them silly money. Now they are paying because they can’t offload them, bit like us and Bendtner over the years…

    Quite like Pellegrini though, he seems a decent man with no side swipes at us. Maybe he and Arsene are god friends…

  40. Sister AGAG – I will ignore your sexist remark “…Trust men to ignore it…” and decline to respond in kind. However, I concur with your sentiments about UEFA and Citeh.

  41. The quote is originally Tony Adams’, I read somewhere, rico :) !

    Hiya, CG. :)

  42. You might think that a 50m fine is nothing, but the fines can reach up to a billion, and will continue until the books are in order. Not only is it a 50m fine, but they also need to clear up the 100m that they’re over, or the fine becomes bigger. That’s 150m that they need – revenue. This makes it difficult to purchase players or offer new deals with higher wages. It’s not a 50m fine to the owner. However, say the owner did foot the bill. Do you think the owner is going to want to pay rolling fines every year that soon reach to €1bln?
    “If they rotate properly, deep squad, blah blah blah”. You don’t seem to understand that with 21 players, rotation means nothing. If you think City can rotate better with 21 players than we can with 25, you don’t have a lot of fate in Arsenal. At the beginning of the champion’s league, 25 players are registered. You can only use these 25 players throughout your campaign. City can now only use 21 players. That’s the first 11, 7 subs, and 3 reserves. If that had happened this year when Aguero and Jovetic were injured, they were down to 19 players. If two players were banned and another one suffering knocks, then City cannot even have a full bench. Also, new players coming in that want Champion’s league football will think “Am I going to make it into that 21-man squad as opposed to Chelsea’s 25-men?”
    Another thing is, FFP is slowly being integrated at the moment. It is not going to fully be a thing until 2017. Fines can reach up to a billion, they can demand that you reduce your wage budget, they can disallow new players to be used in your Champion’s league squad etc. You seem to be a little short sighted, here. This is the first year. Next year will get tougher. It’s like if the government are bringing taxes higher. They don’t just toss on 10%, they go 5%, wait a year, then add another 5%.

  43. Haha, CG. :) Just based on my experience, which many of my sex will happily second. :P

    rico, and CG, some of the comments from Citeh fans are unbelievable! Some claim AW is a hypocrite for seeking the strict application of the FFP rules, yet being part of the reason why Citeh are in a bind because he sold them overpriced players. Super lol.

  44. ye, rico seemly it,s an old tony adams quote ” it would have to be,wouldn,t it”

  45. Rico – I’ve little sympathy for Citeh as they followed Chelski’s model of buying players they didn’t need at high prices and on high wages. Some say just to keep them from going to opposition teams. There are a number of players whose careers stalled after being blinded by those high wages and lived to regret their greed.

  46. agag, Tony Adams, now that makes sense…..

  47. Tbh agag, I haven’t seen any of the City fans comments and their club really has made their own bed. The rules are there, stand by them of take the penalty.

    Just wish it had been a bigger fine etc….

    Dublin, it sure did….

  48. AGAG – There is enough strife in the world, so I decline to engage in the War of the Sexes. As a child of the 1960’s I subscribe to the mantra – Make Love Not War.

    As for the Citeh fans you speak of – There are none so blind as those that will not see. As a good convent girl I’m sure you know the chapter and verse.

    Now goes the job hunt?

  49. I have no sympathy for them either Cg, although it’s a great shame Chelsea weren’t in there with them…

    I despise the way that club operates….

  50. read an article mon, City putting a package together to try entice messi, to England. Probably 1 of only 2 or 3 teams that could actually afford im. I wonder how that would the FFP fiasco. would they be allowed to make a bid for im, if the rumour were true ,of course.

  51. Sorry, tsb How not Now. Butterfingers or I’m typing with my toes.

  52. I read some on the Mirror or Daily Mail, I think, rico. In equal measure a staggering sense of entitlement; detachment from reality; and an unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories. :P

    I like that mantra, too. CG. :P That sounds like a proverb. The exact Biblical provenance escapes me though. The job hunt continues. I must say, the ones on offer aren’t exactly my cup of tea. :?

    Hello, dublin, Fatgun, and Scott, btw. :) :)

  53. Surely they can’t afford him dublin, not in their current situation. Unless they recoup a lot of the transfer fee on player sales…

  54. :) Agag, some fans can’t see what sits in front of them can they….

  55. am just hoping UEFA actually hand down the penalty plus points deduction. may be sanity would return. some owner of a mersyside team recently claimed contracts mean nothing in football anyway and i believe some of these oligarchs with a lot of oil/ illegal money to launder actually think UEFA’s rules just remain on paper…. it is all money laundering to me…
    how about sheik Mansour pays the fine as a soft loan to Citeh, then writes it off after one year and continues doing what he has been doing to piss on English football?

  56. Dublin, if Messi gives the slightest indication of being open to a move, I’m sure City would make an offer. I don’t think the FFP can stop them; but how they balance their books to make it look like a legit transaction that does not run afoul of the rules would take some magic.

  57. HI Agag, Dublin, Scott and all residents.
    where is Kev?

  58. Kev probably busy at work F-ug…

  59. rico, I know. :) I hope UEFA has the cojones to see the FFP through. City fans have become addicted to being a ‘big’ club; they want to play CL football, but brazenly disregards its rules. I like your recommendation of just oiking them out. But UEFA won’t do that now, would it?? All that wasted tv broadcast income!

  60. Isn’t that the plan though agag?

    Didn’t UEFA say that clubs would be thrown out of Europe if they fail to comply..?

  61. More trouble for Abu Dhabi Citeh? It seems they may have to buy a number of English/home grown players to meet UEFA’s minimum of eight. A lot depends on which player leave Manchester.

  62. arsenal are the only team now that are seriously in the black with the FFP rules and have serious money to entice players if they really wanted too. all the other teams barca, city, united etc, are in financial restraints and debt. It should be now that stan and the board finally flex their muscles and buy big.go on surprise us messi 165 million. ah ye can only dream.

  63. I’d love to think we were looking at Lallana Cg but……

    Exactly dublin, even more so now than last summer because of the new sponsor deals in place…

  64. Knowing AW, he’ll look to get Joleon Lescott, Gareth Barry, Micah Richards and Jack Rodwell all on the cheap as they are ‘expected to leave City’….

  65. Rico – That is the ultimate penalty, but as AGAG points out “…But UEFA won’t do that now, would it?? All that wasted tv broadcast income!”

    Advertisers/sponsors wont want to see any ‘big teams’ banned as it could reduce viewership in the team’s home country and possibly around the world. That could reduce UEFA’s return for the advertising, sponsorship and television rights as well. Unfortunately money talks.

    I doubt UEFA will have the cahones to impose that sanction unless the club is a blatant repeat offender.

  66. Rico – ‘Knowing AW, he’ll look to get Joleon Lescott, Gareth Barry, Micah Richards and Jack Rodwell all on the cheap as they are ‘expected to leave City’….” All those players are a major part of Citeh’s English/home grown contingent. So, Citeh have really painted themselves into a corner with UEFA’s FFP and home grown requirements. Pity?

    The downside for the rest of the BPL clubs is it could further inflate prices for ‘English’ players as Citeh spend silly money trying to meet the requirement.

    Joleon Lescott might be worth a punt if the price is right.

  67. I doubt it either Cg, which is why it’s all a bit of a joke really…

    Lescott is on a free I think…

  68. Just imagine City, Chelsea and Utd all going for the same players, it will disastrous for the valuation of English players….

    Mind you the price of footballers today is ridiculous anyway….

  69. the selling clubs will be rubbing their hands.Cesc will be included as he will be classed as homegrown.

  70. Another rule which I think is crazy, how can a foreign player be classed as home grown..

  71. i can see Ross Barkley going to shitty for 40M, Luke shaw to the Chavs for 35M, Lallana is british so the Mancs will be interested, Shitty will have no space to accommodate all their players and will hav to sell some foreign ones and that is how players like Henderson will be valued at 20M, Joe Allen 15M, Seamus may hav his value at 25M, i.e if he features in the WC and England will hav the same problems it has had for decades, not exporting enough talent to other European major leagues cz young hopefuls in England cost twice the cost of an Established french International or a German International. Per cost 10 Mil, same range with Poldi, their equivalent in English soccer would be valued at 30 M……

  72. at one time Wilshere was named the world’s third most valuable player after Messi and Ronaldo, not that he is shit but truthfully, what was that person smoking when he made the valuations?

  73. English players are really expensive compared to those from overseas, unless they are world class of course…

  74. Fatgun – “… what was that person smoking when he made the valuations?” Possibly one of Liverfool owner John Henry’s ‘cigars’.

  75. Afternoon Rico and all. What a sorry state of affairs and proof that Abramovich and that bloke that owns Man City, plus the ultra-weird Glazers are all enemies of football and are dragging it into the gutter.
    Even with all the money Chelsea are stuck with an insidious psycho creep named Mourinho who espouses attritional football so that HE can win games. Sod the entertainment. His team of mercenaries lose games but Jose wins them. Win or lose, that man serves up some of the most boring and gutless football ever seen in this country and has made everybody in World football, bar a mere few thousand Chelsea supporters despise everything about that revolting club. Pulis could do a better job and for a lot less money. Man Utd are running the biggest debt in football. They owe hundreds of millions and are robbing Peter to pay Paul, redeemed only by the fact that their income is so high. Man City and FFP? Who gives a toss what the fine is? A $ on a barrel of oil and we’ll end up paying their fine for them at the petrol pumps. Who, in their right mind and apart from the fans of these clubs could ever wish anything other than disaster upon all their houses? Then there is Liverpool. The needy old Scousers, living on the scraps of stuff that happened 30 years ago. Shanks, King Kenny, football more important than life, Hansen, Lawro and the whole dreadful cabal of ex-Liverpool players who dominate the TV pundits and their hangers on. You know the one’s like super-knob Martin Tyler who cannot mention the name of Arsenal without giggling about our decade long lack of trophies but never mention the fact that Liverpool with their shithole ground and history of tragedy haven’t won the PL for more than twice that time. We are not allowed to speak of their darker side though. That has been conveniently brushed under the carpet. The only remnants are the crumbs of entitlement and an enduring fallacy.
    Who could want any of these ghastly institutions to win anything, yet here we are again thinking that Man City is somehow the least vile of them all.

  76. I hate job interviews…
    Herrara?was he not the player yanited sent 2 clowns to try and sign on the final day of summer TW?

    Bilbao only sign natives and so I doubt they would take MA08…
    Why not Morgan?

  77. wow Adam…
    You went in hard?:D

  78. Afternoon Adam.

    I’e been impressed with Pulis this season. Deserve to be awarded manager of the seasons for what he has achieved at Palace…

    I like your comment….

  79. Lescott and Richards I would be ok with, especially if TV leaves and Sagna, Remy up front and then we have enough to look in the top bracket for DM and Wingers perhaps if he has recovered from his ACL Khedira from RM would be worth a punt? and Wide players back in for Di Maria maybe ?

  80. rico, I think kicking them out of CL would be the last resort. In the meantime, the parties are trying to reach a compromise agreement. I wonder which other clubs other than City and PSG are similarly situated.

  81. This is the most complete summary I’ve seen so far of the pending UEFA sanctions against Citeh;


  82. Rico. Pulis has done a good job but for me he was the architect of Ramsey’s broken leg in that he loaded the gun and the brainless Shawcross pulled the trigger. I will always hate him for that.

  83. I can only speak for myself but my dislike for City is less than it is for Liverpool and Chelsea, hence I hope they win the PL..

  84. I’m not sure I’d like to see either at The Emirates V10…

    I would have thought Chelsea are close agag, maybe that’s why Mata was sold..

    As will I Adam, but judging him on what he has done this season and nothing else, he’s done very well. Doesn’t mean I don’t still hate him though, and Shawcross….

  85. Give it time Rico. They bought Jovetic to stop us from doing so and Chelsea have done the same with several players over the years and will again this TW.

  86. I don’t need time Adam I care very little for City, I just see them as the best of a bad bunch..

  87. Afternoon all in da house,just read that the club membership is to go up by 10% this year,typical.The shiteh and Psg situation,should be interesting to watch unfold and to see whoelse is on the list.Good old Arsene,we nearly signed….. usual story,did notice the new background Rico, can’t wait for cup final day (party time),get the season over on a high (hopefully) and prepare for a summer of torture.Story doing the rounds that Drmic is to join Leverkusen,don’t they know you can’t do transfers until after the WC!!! LOL.

  88. Hi Bt..

    Walk time for me, catch up later….

  89. Adam – I’m sorry to have to say it, but your rant is an accurate summary of the state of football and the reporting of it in England today. A very sad state of affairs.

  90. it leaves the begging questions how dumb some of these footballers are. a case in point is Jovetic, he knew he would play all most games if he signed for us, his agent blindfolded him to sign for shitty because of agent fees, very well knowing they had Dzeko, aguero, negredo, navas, silva, nasri, milner etc all fighting for only 3 spots in the team. even if he was fit, he still would be doing a Song at Barca- warming the bench all season,

  91. Adam, don’t hold back now, sir ;)

  92. Rico – “…I just see them as the best of a bad bunch..” I prefer to think of Citeh as the lesser of three evils in the race for the league champions.

  93. It’s good night from me and good day to you fellow Gooners.

    Keep The Faith!

    AGAG – Best of luck in your job hunting. We can’t have have you wearing the same shoes all the time.

  94. Spot on Adam,the Filthpool cartel on tv sicken me,you can add Andy (i hate Arsenal) Townsend, right up there with them,odious F**K!!

  95. Agag. I try not to. :)

  96. Good night, CG! :) Re: shoes, my sentiments exactly. :P

    Adam, there’s nothing to disagree with re your post above. And you do have a way with words. ;) Especially when you are laying into Martinez the Evertonian Messiah. Lol.

    For whatever reason, Liverpool enjoys a strong following in SEA. Imagine how unbearable their supporters would be if they actually win.

  97. Actually, sitting here with a cuppa I realise that I detest Man City as much as any of the other clubs I mentioned and along with a few that I didn’t. Haven’t City been guilty of serious and gross cheating? Haven’t they sought to gain an unfair advantage over us in particular, but by definition, other clubs, by flouting the rules? Haven’t they and us been aware of the FFP restrictions for what seems like years and years. They knew when they signed a lot of their players that this would place them outside the rules just as sure as if they had played unregistered players or filled their team with crystal meth. It’s all illegal where the rules of the game are concerned and as a result they will probably win the PL because they have broken these rules. They have compounded their transgression by introducing a crazy and very cynical sponsorship deal that they thought would sail past the footballing authorities and I imagine that there were other pressures bought to bear of a fiscal nature that we will never hear of. They have cheated us with their blatant refusal to play by the same rules that we and others have. Hasn’t their arrogance caught up with them and don’t they fully deserve any punishment that is dished out? The fact that they are apparently angry seems to compound their arrogance that they can simply stroll into a country and take over its national game without ever contributing a single thing toward its creation or development?
    The fact that their manager seems a fairly decent bloke should not get them a pass. He is merely less detestable than that little unshaven creep in west London.

  98. Again, I agree, Adam. It was in horrified fascination that I read the comments in an online daily, and the things said by CIty’s fans in defense of their club beggars belief, not least of which: “restriction on trade”; the existence of a big club cartel that refuses to let them in, the creation of an alternative European league, etc., etc. Lol.

    Whatever happened to arms length transactions, eh? Good corporate governance? No need for that when the sugardaddies are writing blank checks, I guess.

  99. I can’t work out just why Wenger keeps coming up with this “I nearly signed so and so”. It seems completely daft to me.

  100. Afternoon folks, what a funny old walk that was. Rain one minute, blazing sunshine the next. Good news is that after getting quite wet, the sun dried me out :)

  101. Would that be the unshaven creep ‘some’ wanted at Afc Adam… ;)

    Evening to you by the way :)

  102. Adam, it’s a great title for his next book ‘ Did I ever tell you about the time I nearly signed…………’

  103. :) Micko, I agree with Adam, all he is doing is highlighting just how crap he is at securing deals for big named players…

    Players who would have taken us to PL champions by now….

  104. Won’t his comments merely highlight the fact most will say “if it wasn’t for the lack of finances”……….. makes out he tried his best to get the very best talent out there BUT did he really….?

  105. Hi Wath. A team of the players we almost signed would be quite decent. I do agree though re finances and would reiterate that, if he is using the lack of finances for not signing these players, what will be the excuse now that we do have the money? If he signs Hazard from Chelsea (zero chance) I might be convinced things have changed otherwise it seems too easy to make the circumstances fit the facts. Or the other way round.

    Yes Rico, that very same creep.

  106. As you say Adam, all circumstantial to suit the needs of covering actions or lack of actions to apportion blame elsewhere….?

    If he truly wants to sign world class players he now can and not bat an eyelid…. the big question is will he..?

    I bet he don’t spend half the 150 million…!

  107. I doubt he tried very hard Wath and if people think that he did, well….

    Ghastly, horrid midget Adam, that’s him….

  108. So, you reckon that the total outlay will be less than £75 mill Wath? Including any money that might come in too.

  109. Normally on another site, but your headline caught my attention as FFP is one of my pet hates !.
    I fully agree that the only way FFP ( False Fcuking Promises or Fcuking Flying Pigs as I like to call it ! ) will work is by points deduction or like they did to Malaga…..a ban !.
    That PSG sponsorship from The Qatar Tourist Authority for £165M per season is such a piss take that UEFA officials will drown from trying to piss in the wind in trying to stop such a piss take !. hahaha
    Although, I must say that I`m on a nice little earner from all this !………I`ve just bought a sand paper making factory, so fcuk B&Q and Wickes……I`m selling the sand paper to the Qatar Tourist Authority as Qatari Post Cards !. hahaha

  110. Welcome Cockie Monster… That’s quite funny ;)

  111. Adam, I know you addressed Wath with your comment, but my own thought is he’ll sell a couple, Pod and TV, sign 3, maybe 4 players and we’ll be exactly where we are now….

  112. Rico. You never know. He’s already told us that financial constraints hurt us in that we couldn’t afford top players in the past. But the other day he warned the fans not to expect big signings. Or did he?
    It’s all smoke and mirrors to me.

  113. That’s half the problem Adam. Too many false promises in the past have brought us to today and our pre transfer window thoughts and I guess most of us expect little.

    But, he’s never been in a better position than he is now in.

    Will we finally see the old Arsene, the one who signed Henry, Overmars, Petit etc etc etc..

    I bloody hope so…..

  114. Ahhh, players we missed out on !……another pet hate !……actually, I`m building up quite a few pet hates that a call from the RSPCA is imminent !.
    We had Ronaldo with a name on his shirt, but Darth Wenger wasn`t prepared to pay the amount Manshafter Std wanted to pay !……..We had Ibrahimovic , but he sulked at having to play a trial game !……..Liam Brady was sent to watch Theo, but came back praising Bale !……Yaya Toure was on trail and some qualification stuff etc` fcuked that up !.

    So it could have been a front three of ….,.Bale ….Ibra`…..Ronaldo….with Yaya behind !. We could have won The Emirates Cup 3 times on the trot and kept it !……..I feel suicidal now…..I love that cup !.

  115. Cockie Monster – You sound as cynical as some of us here ;)

  116. Hi rico……….normally on Bergkampesque ( HH is on their Blogroll ! )and sometimes on Aresnal Arsenal !.
    I`m classed as the Bergkampesque Doomer !……understandable as I am The Protector of The Chart of Doom !…..( my like for like points table comparing results from last season ) hahaha

  117. Barnsley have released former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong.

    Frimpong signed for the club from the Gunners in January however he failed to make an impact at Oakwell, and could not prevent Barnsley dropping out of the Championship.

  118. Hi CM (easier than typing all that ;) ) I removed my question as I realised where I’d seen your name….

    AA, good old Peaches, Rasp, Kelsey and co.. We all used to blog together once on Lg and then Avenell Road. Guess times change….

  119. That’s what city deserves.

  120. Fulham want Nikki B…. That would suit him, he’d blossom in the Championship…. ;)

  121. A bit harsh there rico, about a player of Ballon d`or potential !.

  122. Hi Sukky..

    Harsh CM, hmmmm I don’t think so ;)

  123. We need a resident doomer I think. :)

  124. I thought that was you Adam. Or me… ;)

  125. Not me Rico. You maybe. :)

  126. Maybe Adam ;)

  127. Here comes doom and gloom now.lol

  128. What do we make of this one ?


    Personally I would take it. i can play 3 or 4 players out of position , tell them not to pass more than 6 yards ( 5.5 metres in France )Cut back on shooting , not to attack the ball at corners either attacking or defending and most importantly make my substitutions no earlier than 68 minutes. In fact I would do it for half the money.

  129. Looked at Afc site,no FA Cup merchandise on sale yet,guess it’s easier to put 3% & 10% respectively on tickets and memberships.

  130. Frimpong is a free agent now?Wow,this guy just throw away his career.I remember his game against losserpool,I thought we have see what we were looking for.I wish I have the opportunity he had,I would have be choosen over sanogo but who knows?am not from france.Poor fimpong,I guess you will find him on twitter now rather than training pitch.

  131. On BBC website…..Mohamed Al Fayed is blaming Fulham`s relegation on the removal of Michael Jackson`s statue !.
    I feel a bit of guilt here, as Arsenal have not won a trophy since I dismantled what was going to be the first ever statue outside the Emirates !…….sorry !….. but not only did Stepanovs have a first name of Igors, but he was also born in a place called Ogre !.

  132. :) Potter, I’d take it too.

  133. Or should I say, I wish he’d take it….

  134. Sukky, too much time on twitter killed his Arsenal career…

  135. Dinner calls…

  136. He wouldn’t have been able to pull the wool over thier eyes, for as long as he has at Arsenal.Failure there would mean the sack,not good for his ego or profile.

  137. So is it now #Dench or #Dropped….? poor ole Frimmy…

  138. Drenched could be it.

  139. Evening all..

    Nice post Cocknie..

    Wath, loosen your purse strings… lol

    Another false reporting by the media…

    Frimpong only signed for half a season… he was not released from his contract…

  140. Ts have you been spreading malicious rumours again :D

  141. Bt, exactly why he wouldn’t take that job with Monaco….

  142. Ts, so he’s left on a free then, same difference ;)

    Did you get the job?? Should we expect to see you in an Arsenal kit in a coaching role next season?? ;)

  143. Did he get the job ? No he’s coming to Monaco with me.

  144. lol Rico…

    If I became the coach of Arsenal.. we will be resigning Gervinho, Gabi, Kroos, Koke and Balo’. Sagna will get a 100kp/w 2 year deal.

    I will bring Di Natali out of retirement…

    I will then sell SC19, JW, Yaya.

    I will promote Olsson, Bellerin, Aneke,Akpom and give Afobe another 1 year contract..

    It will be more depressing under me than under Aw tutelage so enjoy Aw’s presence because it could get worse… ;)

  145. Tsgh,your team will be pretty creeply.

  146. Come on city… it looks like the Emptyheart is full this evening for once…

    Oh and Diaby will get a 2 year extension… lol

  147. You off to Monaco then potter… lol

    Thank goodness you didn’t go for an Arsenal job then Ts…. lol

  148. Sukky… we will be going back to AC Milan under Satchi (spelling)

    with Ramsey as my Rijkaard,

    Kroos as my Albertini

    Morgan Schnerderlein as my Costacurta

    Kosser as my Baresi

    Vermalean as my Maldini

    TR07 as my Donadoni

    OG12 as my Massaro in the front 2 of my 3 5-2

  149. Rico, since I don’t want to be cussed by regulars on HH when I became the imaginary/undercover manager I will afford you 1 option( a player under £10m… you choose I buy… :)

    You never know I might be AW’s handler… I told him no Higuain, Williams and Jovetic… lol

  150. Carlos Vela.

  151. To please Kev, Rico and Dev in a 4-4-2 system

    I will pair Balo and OG12 in 1 match

    Sagna will be the ever reliable Tassotti

  152. No he will forget his passport… Rico

  153. evening folks
    news and news in the media
    City is not very confortable in the game…

  154. Hi JM

    Rico wants Calvarhlo…is he moving?

  155. Evening All.

    Evening Rico… Good post…

    Adam, you are really on form today…

  156. William Carvalho… moving? He is expensive.
    But let we see his performance in the world Cup and then we will see.

  157. I agree with Rico buy Vela for the 3.5m it’s no lose deal if he doesn’t work out we could always sell him for a big profit.
    f….ing hell I’ve agreed with Rico and I am looking to make money for Stan the wig.

  158. Being in touch with my female side, may I say how nice the new wallpaper is…
    All we need is some lace curtains and a vase of flowers. ;-)

  159. Hi Kev…

    Curtains and Apron?

    Its not even a full moon and 3rd thursday of the month… :-)

    Gj, all Arsenal fans have been brainwashed and indoctrined… we just refuse to admit it..

    we fans talk about cost cutting and savings than IG, AW and their Havard analysts..

  160. Tsgh
    It’s not the money bit it’s agreeing with Rico:)

  161. Darn internet!!

    joe, I knew you’d see sense one day..

    Evening Kev, thanks. Another busy one??

    Ts, I won’t even bother ;)

  162. Yes… 2-0

  163. Good…

    I’m done for the day…

    Night all…

  164. Night Rico…

  165. Real Madrid out of the league. Lol lol. :D

  166. Lol Agag… its getting better..

    Night rico

  167. Javi Martinez, does anyone really believe we’ll get him?
    Are we really interested in him anyway??

  168. Hello, Ginge. :) And Ronaldo looks to have done his hammy in. Tsk. The way it’s looking (fingers crossed, we win the Cup) Ozil would probably be winning the same number of trophies with us as he would be had he stayed at the Bernabeu. Haha.

    Kev, good on you for noticing the wallpaper. ;)

    Good night, rico. Sleep well. :)

  169. And even if we are actually interested in Javi Martinez, does anyone seriously think we’ll get him…

    Wenger will fanny around, have the player and his agent at his house and then Martinez will go and join Chelsea.
    It’s pathetic…
    But oh so predictable.

  170. nobody believes it for a moment, Kev. :P But, AW seems to have his eye firmly cast on German soil for our next purchase. Been buying a lot of the lot, AW is.

  171. lol Kev…

    Agag- it looks like Simeone will take the title… tsk

  172. Good Evening All.

    Javi Martinnez with such a prize Tag? No chance, I say

  173. As much as i’m looking forward to the FACup and finally ending our trophy drought (hopefully) my expectations for this summer are rock bottom…

    I am sick of seeing us linked to players that we don’t stand a chance of signing….
    It’s so fcuking soul destroying.
    It’s so fcuking boring.

  174. Evening Agag, how are you?

    Evening Ginge/Nasher

  175. Kev. Try no to put too much hope on it,

    Hi T’s and Agag

  176. Hi Ng/Kev..

    we know its going to be more lows than highs so with me its all about doing my damn best to take it lightly…

    where is Malaga gooner btw? :-)

  177. Kev, imagine how the endlessly long this summer would feel. :P All that money, and Syrup ain’t buying.

    Ginge, hate Barca with a vehemence as you well know, but Enrique for Martino is no improvement. The latter has had a rough go with all their internal politicking and with egotistical players more interested in making the WC cut than winning the league. Lazy Messi, lazy Xavi, et al.

  178. We won’t get Bender or Draxler, we won’t get Schniederlin or Chambers, Martinez would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic, and as for Hazard, well that’s hilarious…

    I used to love the transfer windows, now I dread them, as Wenger dreads them. But we dread them for different reasons.
    I dread them because I know that it’ll be another major disappointment.
    Wenger dreads them because he has to answer for his lack of activity and ambition…

  179. Hi, Nash. I am well, Kev. :) And you?

    Off to make breakfast, guys. Catch up later.

  180. Kev, maybe we’d get Morata AND Cesc. :P That wouldn’t be so bad.

  181. So this is what it’s come down to, another end of season meaningless kick-a-bout with Norwich on Sunday.

    I remember when you could come on to this site for a bit of banter, now it’s just full of doomers, well I’ve had enough, that’s me done, catch you all tomorrow.

  182. That’s me done, night all…

  183. Night Micko and Kev…

    Agag, if Barca appoint Enrique it will be like Yanited appointing Ryan Giggs.. lol

    Night Agag and all

  184. I see a lot of double Standard when it comes to Football. Would we be moaning if we had a owner like Chelsea or Mancity, to buy and compete, for any player that would make us win the EPL??

  185. These days if you really want to win Trophies you must be prepared to spend and buy the RIGHT world class players that could allow you to compete in all front. Have a OWNER whom is interested in the sport, not only in the financial aspect of the things.

    How many times have we seen Roman Abramovich on the stand when Chelsea is playing? How many times have we seen Stan Kroenke on the Stand when Arsenal is playing?

    Would I blame Mancity in spending there ways in winning the EPL, buying top players all around the world to make them fight for every trophies, if possible, from their rivals in the EPL? No.

    How do we show INTENT? By selling our best players to our rivals every time they walk through the door and make an offer we can’t refuse?

    I won’t Moan if Mancity won the EPL, they have a good manager, a good team and, most of all they have a owner whom wants to win trophies. Not just one who is concern about increasing Seasons’ Tickets year after year so that his cash value goes up to protect his investment.

    Why are some supporters calling for Alisher Usmanor then turn around then to criticized Roman Abramovich and
    Shiekh Mansour?

    Why didn’t John Henry jumped at the first offered or encourage another offer from Arsenal for LS? Could Stan Kroenke had turn down such offer or encourage it?

    Well, you rather in it to win it or you are in it to make profit…

  186. Nashua. Because nobody wants Usmanov to come in and behave like either of those two. But we would all like to see an ambitious owner. Simple really.

  187. Adam. To be honest something have to give; profit or trophies. While the fans/supporters call for trophies, Stan calls for profit.

    Usmanov comes in and show ambition by not backing down when Arsenal compete for players toe to toe with Chelsea or Mancity we should be ready to run at a loss. We been buying for cheap and sell for profit.

  188. Adam, there is only one reason I can come up with explaining why I’d prefer Citeh to win rather than Chelksi or Liverpool…….I do not know anyone who supports the bastards!
    Over the last 3 months, scouser supporting scumbags have surfaced suddenly, and they warrant no more than a cursory glance from me, but Citeh fans are still very, very thin on the ground here.
    The club itself has sold its arse an the FA have not only allowed it, but accommodated it, as they did Chelski a decade or so back.
    Proud to be a Gooner :)

  189. Those days when football players would say to a club “Till death do us part; for better or worse”, were far gone. Now is “What have you done for me lately?”, very few players are ready to stick their necks out for their employers. No matter what there respective clubs have done for them it always about “THEM”. You don’t believe me? Do you remember when RVP scored against Arsenal at Old Toilet, when he kissed ManU’s Emblem for the whole world to see?

    Well, please remind me again how long was he on the Treatment Table collecting his wages?

    Aaron Ramsey was from Cardiff City.He even went back there on loan. When he scored against them for Arsenal, what was the reaction from the Cardiff City supporters? And how did he behave after he scored?

    My point is, if we are really serious about winning the EPL again we should be ready to show ambition with some serious intentions, and it does not come cheap. When you factor in the cost of buying those world class players and their ridiculous wages, sustainability goes out the window.

    How many of the clubs above Arsenal this season in the ‘Position Table’ are making profit this fiscal year?

    Is Stan Kroenke ready to take a loss, forgo a profit so we can buy big and show ambition so we can compete? Is AW ready to be ruthless with those players with big egos, who tells the manager where they want to play? At what cost the board, manager and his coaching staff are willing to go to win the EPL and once again be in the UEFA final and even win it?

    Too many questions that I don’t know the answers to…

  190. Nashua. I think the tragedy of Arsenal is that Kroenke wouldn’t have to accept a loss for us to buy big and to compete I don’t think we need to look at the Chelsea or Man City model. We have the basis if a really good team and have done for a while. Just a few top players would do it and apparently we have the money.
    I think of it as the great Arsenal conundrum.

  191. Sorry. Morning Rico and all. :)

  192. Morning peeps,looking forward to today post and chat with intelligient gooners.

  193. Morning Adam and all…

  194. What you doing on here then Sukky? ;) ;)

  195. Morning AKB’s, Gooners and Doomers…

    Agag, I would be quite happy with Morata and Fabregas.

    Morning Adam, did you stay behind to salute the team last week?

  196. Morning Kev…

  197. Sukky, i’m looking forward to a good old moan, with a load of fellow moaners, oh and Scott… :-)

    Morning Rico.

  198. Morning Kev. I did mate. I watched as they walked round the pitch and wondered if it would be the last time I saw Sagna play live in an Arsenal shirt.
    We will likely have a situation to address at RB as well. And what about Vermaelen? Dangerous times but big opportunities too.

  199. I see that Jens Lehmann might come to England to work as a Coach…

  200. 42 seater Kev?

  201. You’re sharp this morning Rico. :)

  202. Adam, I got the same feeling re: Sagna, that I got at the Hawthorns a couple of years ago with RVP.
    He’s gone mate…

    Has Koscielny actually signed a 5 yr contract, or is that report a bit of Arsenal spin?

  203. Good nights sleep Adam… ;)

  204. I agree Kev but hope he goes to Turkey. Chelsea or Man City would be wrong somehow but hey, he probably only has about £10 million in the bank and a bloke has to eat.
    I was rather hoping for the Skull Cracker to meet Mourinho late one night but I see he has been captured.
    Glad to hear it Rico. :)

  205. I am a bit more optimistic that both Vermaelen and Podolski will stay, as it goes Adam…

    Wenger will probably bring in a right-back and a reserve goalkeeper, but only because that is the bare minimum and he has to…

    As for strengthening the squad, well, that’s anybodies guess and going on the past few years Arsene will fanny about, miss out on all the quality targets and be panicking on August 31st….

    I expectations are lower than a snakes belly…

  206. Perhaps Jose could meet up with Katie Price Adam, she’s quite scary….

  207. Morning all.
    Kev, stop whinging :)

  208. Very good Rico… ;-)

    A good kip certainly does the trick… :-)

  209. Morning Scott..

    Sure does Kev….

  210. Rico. :)
    A Big Brother household with her, Mourinho, Jesus Martinez, Pulis, Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Scott and The Skull Cracker would be worth seeing. Probably The Man With The Ironed Head too. And Rooney. And Posh Spice.

  211. Who is Katie Price Adam….?

  212. Kev. That would be Jordan, the government Minister For Taste.

  213. I love David Walliams Adam…

  214. And poor Scott and Victoria…. :(

  215. Rico. Somehow I just knew you would. :)

  216. I do too. I think he is a wonderful all-round entertainer.

  217. Atletico Madrid midfielder Diego is free in the summer…

    Just saying…. ;)

  218. He did a lot for charity too Adam, he’s a funny guy who takes the pee out of Simon Cowell. Anyone who does that gets my vote.. ;)

    Although Cowell is a huge dog/animal lover so I find it hard t dislike him for that reason alone….

  219. Rico. I reckon Wenger’s ahead of you on that one. Didn’t we try for him some time ago but he chose Wolfsburg where he flopped, big time. I could be wrong.

  220. Mourinho loves all animals too and is a massive contributor to dog charities.

  221. Don’t think we need another attacking midfielder anyway Adam, out and out left winger would be better wouldn’t it.. And he’s getting on a bit… ;)

    On top of a few others of course ;)

  222. I’ll have to make an exception for Jose ;)

  223. Let’s keep hoping that dear old Arsene does the business then. :)

  224. All we can do Adam, all we can do….

  225. New post up now…

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