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Will Dutch take-over change things much at Arsenal?

Morning all…

After sitting through a totally miserable and depressing 90 minutes of football, as the Arsenal Youth Team were completely outfought, out thought and outclassed by Chelsea in the 2nd Leg of the FA Youth Cup, it brought home the stark realisation that the Academy cupboard is bare…

It begs the question as to what the hell has been going on at Hale End and London Colney these last 4 or 5 years?

Where is the next Kieran Gibbs, the next Jack Wilshere or even the next Tony Adams???

Arsenal have a proud history of producing it’s own players and we had a great network of scouts who would source youngsters from all over the country, Scotland and Ireland but not any more it seems.

Of course we have to accept that producing home-made footballers isn’t an exact science and we’ve seen barren spells in years gone by when the club hasn’t been able to bring through players of First Team quality but given the investment, we should expect to see our young players showing the poise, technique, control and desire that the excellent group from Chelsea produced in both games…

It makes me wonder if our coaches and our scouts are really as good as we’d all like to think that they are and expect?!

Of course it would be ridiculous to write off our youngsters because of two games, even as we contemplate the news that our Under 21 team will be playing in the Second Tier next season but from what I saw, and you can criticise me for being too harsh if you like, other than Chuba Akpom, I didn’t see another Arsenal player who potentially has First Team Material written over him.

Josh Vickers played really well and he had too because of the awful defence in front of him. Given time he could develop, but there is a lot of competition in his position  and luck plays a big part in a goalkeepers career, more so than in any other position…
Dan Crowley is very talented, but his progress has been affected by a serious injury this season, therefore keeping up the Arsenal tradition…

I’d read a lot of encouraging things about Moore, Ormonde-Ottewell, Siemann, Maitland-Niles and Jebb, and maybe it was just a bad night at the office, but if any of them make it, then I’m a Dutchman….

Talking of Dutchmen, we have three of them joining our Academy this July 1st. With their arrival we must hope to see a gradual improvement in technique, attitude and a winning mentality, all things that we’re missing against Chelsea.

We shall hopefully see the benefits overt he forthcoming seasons after the rule changes regarding recruitment. No longer are we restricted to the London area and now we can scout youngsters from up North, the Midlands, the West Country and East Anglia. A few bloody-minded northerners in our Academy might just spice things up?

As it is, the most promising youngsters at Arsenal, remain those foreign kids catapulted into the Academy at 16, Ollson, Bellerin, Toral, Gnabry, Zelalem…

I want to see the next Rocky Rocastle, the next Tony Adams, the next George Armstrong and Ray Kennedy…

Here’s hoping……….

Written by BrainwashedKev……

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274 comments on “Will Dutch take-over change things much at Arsenal?

  1. Morning all.

    Really good post Kev.

    Are any of of current Academy players ready to make the push into the first team squad next season in your opinion?

  2. morning guys – hard to understand this as Wenger has brought truck loads of young talent, every year it 2/3 of them it seems. Where are they all? They have cost money with relocation fees, jobs, etc. Thanks for the update Kev, albeit a different story to what was expected TBH, although results very much support your report

  3. I see Martinez played 90 mins over the weekend, they lost…

    Hi Oz….

  4. Wellington also played 90 mins, his side won…

    How many of those on loan are going to return and be good enough I wonder?

  5. Morning all.

    Youth academy? Sometimes bodging a renovation is harder than doing a full scale replacement.
    Tear the fcukng thing down and start again.
    Our Academy is shite.
    Dan Crowley was the only one that looked half decent and as Kev stated – he has been injured. Crowley is the one who could make it.

    There has been no “home grown” successes since Kieran Gibbs and Jack Wilshere.
    You knew when you saw them in the 6-0 trouncing of Sheff Utd in the League Cup that they were the business, but apart from that there has been no-one.
    (Interesting here that Vela that night was a world beater and Ramsey too played very well – but these were brought in from other clubs)

    Hoyte (both of them), Randall, Frimpong, Afobe, Emmanuael Thomas – all second, third and fourth tier shite.
    None of them will ever do anything. Garbage.
    Same goes for Akpom, Aneke, or any of the other “home grown” loanees.

    However I do have to state that Akpom, Afobe are no worse than Sanogo, yet Wenger persevere’s with “his boy” yet he farmed the Londoners out. This is a valid point for discussion and is something that journo’s should ask Wenger.
    I would rather see a useless wanker from England in the first sixteen than a useless wanker from France.

    Saying that – I would prefer no useless wankers in the first 22 at all.

    From the ground floor up: Rule 1. Do not sign useless wankers.

  6. don’t hold back on your opinions SYG ha! How are you mate?

  7. Feel better for that Syg?? ;)

    You have a point though about rather seeing a Londoner play than a Frenchman when clearly there is little between them.

    One who I think could make it is Aneke, he’s had a very good season with Crewe. I know they hardly play at a top level but league one is a tough league and he’s managed 36 games, something which few of our players manage….

  8. Morning Oz, Rico
    The problem of our Academy stares you straight in the face. THEY GOT RELEGATED.

    I would have never employed Liam Brady in the first instance.

    I don’t rate him as a coach (Celtic), nor do I rate him as a man. An Arsenal man that is. He left Arsenal in 1980 and we never truly recovered for seven years and in that time he robbed us of a proper transfer fee and gave us mid table mediocrity.

    The general rule of thumb in England is that great players seldom make good managers.

    Bringing in an outsider and one from Holland is possibly a great start.

  9. There’s a bush over there needs beating around! But seriously, we need to stop papering over cracks as a football club and do the right thing!!

  10. not for the next 2 years mate at least

  11. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Kev – A great article, a good read, but a depressing story. What do think is at the heart of the Academy’s troubles; too many of the better players out on loan, poor player acquisitions, poor coaching and/or poor Academy organization?

    It seems that in other Euro countries, like Holland and Germany, their FA’s invest a lot of time, money and effort in coaching and developing coaches, both youth and adult. They seem to be more up to date on coaching methods, fitness training, nutrition, player psychology and sports medecine. While in Britain it seems to be former players with little formal training repeating what they experienced and learned as players with little, or no, modernization.

    Maybe the new Dutch coaches will refresh and reinvigourate our Academy staff.

  12. Jobs for the boys Syg, rather than the right man for the job…

    Jonker has a good CV, if he doesn’t leave us before he gets here, things could finally change.

    That must mean another huge clear out Lee, we have far too much dross on loan and far too many young kids who clearly aren’t going to make the grade.

    They all have to be paid….

    Even Fulham must have a better youth system than us, they took Chelsea all the way in the FA Cup final, and only just lost out…

  13. Morning Cg…

    I think the first team coaches need looking at too…..

  14. i think they all need looking at Rico – next seasons injury tables will make interesting reading as well.

  15. Lars Bender has said he’s staying in Germany.. Darn!

  16. If AW was truthing in his recent interview Oz, we may just see an improvement on the injury front. Mind you, have a proper squad with depth and strength would help our injuries…

  17. First things first , they are trainees , they haven’t made it yet. No more Mercedes and Jaguars , give them company Fiestas and make them pay for them out of their wages. Whilst we are about it how about Fifa bringing in a rule about No agents until the kids are professionals let them be advised by their parents and a body set up by the F.A.. They need their feet firmly planted, too much too soon in the Arsenal holiday camp.

  18. German’s always say that Rico – For the last hundred years all they’ve ever wanted to do is cross the Channel to get to London !

  19. Totally agree Potter, they earn good money and think they’ve made it and possibly their football suffers because of it.

    Kids these days love money and all the gadgets and expect them from a young age, those lucky enough to be playing football for Arsenal are no different….

  20. Nice to see Jack’s goal won the goal of the season award….

  21. Potter – I thought the holiday camps died out once the English got over their fears of travelling abroad.

  22. I honestly don’t think i have ever been so disinterested in a coming transfer window. I have no faith at all Wenger will go close to whats required and again we will be left gambling on injuries to people like the playboy as we did with RVP. I know many of you go on about the world class defence but we need to really look at our weaknesses to speed. Pars is a top lad but against the runners we’re vulnerable big time. Sagna is a huge blow waiting to happen to appears. Wonder if he will cop the flack like others that have left?

  23. I hope we get Lars Bender, I really do…

  24. I hope Sagna goes overseas Oz, but it seems he wants to stay in England and reports suggest it’s between Chelsea and City.

  25. he has a family and they are settled, he doesn’t need to move abroad for trophies and although many jump up and down i can see why he wants off. More amo for those clubs we’re trying to catch. Wenger getting quite a record of passing on trophy winners to other clubs

  26. Don’t talk to me about holiday camps!

  27. CG It’s so cushy here that young English footballers rarely go abroad they just feather their nests and then fade into insignificance and obscurity.

  28. Is the Sagna issue over £20k p.w?

  29. saw a report not so long ago on the Sagna household. Adorable family, His wife is a delight as are their children. Really nice to see in these times where money seems to destroy to much.

  30. J.E.T had a £300k Merc on a provisional license…..enough said!

  31. Lee – so many conflicting stories mate, i am 100% sure he’d prefer to stay for reasons other than football but his contract situation has been poorly handled for years reading between the lines. One thing that does seem apparent he’s been a long way behind in the pay stakes since day one

  32. Morning Rico, Cg,Oz, Lee,Syg and all…

    good post Kev..

    Rico, I see you have read the Lars post…

    Imo it was never going to happen unless both brothers were moving to England…

    On his own account he has been poor and to be honest with you based on this season’s performance none of you will really like him for the £19m or so Voller rejected…

    You want a DM and Lars is not a DM anyway so lets use the cash on a proper box to box or DM..

  33. tsgh – hiya mate. I think a solid class DM is absolutely paramount and i am quite sure won’t happen for that very same reason

  34. I think so Lee, and the length of contract..

  35. Morning Ts, isn’t Lars a box to box?

  36. Potter – I take your point. Too much too soon for many of these young players; too few of whom have the maturity to handle their high profiles, publicity and too high wages.

    I think our former player David Bentley is a prime example of that. He wasted his opportunities and talent. He’ still in his twenties, but has stepped away from football and is unsure if or when he will return.

  37. Tbh, I’d like us to sign both Benders, but that would mean showing intent….

  38. we’ve offered the three years now i think Rico but apparently dropped the wage offering. Who knows but sounds like a Wenger move

  39. Syg, so you enjoyed watching B-52’s goals… he was never shite imho.. :-)

    I blame his father;he truly messed up his career by feeding his confidence into a big fat ego…..

    syg, I have to disagree with you on Aneke and Afobe… both have been very unlucky…

    Even Henderson has been unlucky with injuries which has affected their careers…

    to me the biggest failure was Randall who got more chances.. mainly because AW has always like left footed no.6 in his team..

    If you are left footed like Randall and JW; you will always get given a chance…

  40. maybe all is not lost tsgh – Wenger might step in again as the window closes and offer the wonderful Bendtner another chance to show he was right all along? :-)

  41. Rico, Lars is a box to box midfielder but similar to Ramsey but less skilful…

    He is more like Song ..

    Maybe more like Thomas Hassler

  42. Potter you forgot about JET who bought a DB9 or something similar when he signed his first contract…

  43. And we know where that Mercedes ended up….

  44. If he’s good enough for Germany Ts…..

    Signing him would mean Ramsey wouldn’t needed to be overplayed.

    Then Sven in for Arteta…

    Simples :)

  45. Oz, for me 3 DM for me who are better than what we have and can be poached..

    Morgan (southampton), Carlos Sanchez (Elche), Octopus (Porto)..

    maybe I will drop Mulumbu into the equation to get Syg out of hibernation.. lol

  46. I have said for years that we need Dutch coaches over here For such a small nation to produce the players they have done over the years they must be doing something right. Think we have a had one or two great Dutchmen if memory serves me well

  47. Thanks Oz, I thought it was 2 with an option of 3 if all goes well….

  48. It was great to see Chelski drop points to The Canaries on Sunday and The Dippers drop points to The Eagles on Monday. Wonders never cease. The Liverfool players looked shattered. Pity?

    Yes Kev, there is a God, and he can be perverse.

    The Petulant Portuguese Pygmy or The Special One, as he prefers to be called, must/should be regretting his words about Arsene. I see many fans are now referring to Josie Maureen Yo as a specialist in failure.

  49. lol Rico, you don’t ask for much do you.I personally will take Sven now as he can play DM, RB and CB too…

    He is more of a gilberto though..

    Or we can make Ramsey a full time DM as he is the 3rd best tackler in Europe anyway… He was first before his injury

  50. Man City fined £50 million for breaching FFP and will only be able to have a 21 man squad for CL…

  51. Morning all, great write up Syg, agree 100% watched both semis and the final.Enjoyed the final, great game,pace,power and skill,the semis,were turgid crap from an Arsenal perspective.The system employed at this level was totally ineffective,much like the first team at times.Did K.Gibbs not come from Wimbeldon? Also like Og,i gringe at the thought of the next transfer window,from the youth up this club needs a good kick up the ARSE!!!

  52. Lars will be lucky to make the krauts squad imho… with Khedira injured and Sven injured he may just squeeze in…

    Leon Goretzka is the new kid DM/CM in German making the noise.. and guess what he is team mates with Draxler…

  53. CG – nerves got them i think. They had Palace under control for 75% of that game. One or two tough free kicks against them (bang goes those conspiracy theories for another year :-) ) and once Palace scored they started to rock. They play to open in those type of situations and must learn to shut down better.

  54. Bt62, yes Gibbs came from wimbledon.

    Only JW has made it through thus far apart from Aladierre.. :D

  55. Man city will appeal just like Barca did I think…

  56. Oz – Wash your mouth out with carbolic soap. The further the player formerly known as NB52 is from The Arsenal the better. Another player who was a legend in his own mind, but wasted his opportunities and talent.

    It’s a wonder he could get that big head of his through the dressing room door. Maybe that is why he disappeared from the team for the last few months. It will be interesting to see if any club will be willing to take a chance on him.

  57. Oz, Bendtner could have been useful in the bigger games this season imo…

    He is a big game player; unlike some of our other bottlers…

  58. CG – :-) the mind boggles at how much money he has cost us – time and again we’ve propped up his loan wages not to mention paying all his summer wage – bad decision this was in every way. Hope to christ we don’t pull another stupid move with him

  59. That citeh fine will have Sheikh Mansour looking down the back of his sofa for the fine! :lol:

  60. Afobe can’t make the first 11 at my local club – Sheff Wed.
    2nd Division – currently 16th.
    Ask a Wednesday supporter what they think of him?

    Aneke is in the team and doing ok – 3rd Division – currently 19th.

    Frimpong is over at the flat-cappers of Barnsley – can’t get into a team who have just been relegated into the 3rd Division.

    Mark Randall I saw a few times. He was always shit.
    He’s now allegedly with MK Dons after being released by Chesterfield, who without him have just got promotion into the 3rd Division.

    J.E.T. He was no good in the 2nd Division so Ipswich shipped him out.
    Ask Doncaster supporters what they thought of him. A lazy show boating clown who though he was too good to be there.
    He’s with Bristol City – 3rd Division – mid-table.
    No idea if he still has the 300K Merc !

    This IS their vocation in life. Mediocrity.

    The Arsenal Academy stinks. It needed change.

  61. Bendtner is a good player. It is the ‘fine-line syndrome’. His head/brain/mind/ego has bollocksed up his career.

    If he had applied himself like Ramsey, he would have been the business.

  62. I think lee mentioned it , I went to a Youth final many years ago and sat in the directors box with Perry Groves and Paul Dikov in conversation both said they were just grateful to get the chance at Arsenal , but then again George was a manager as opposed to Arsene everybodies grandad.

  63. Morning all, and nice post, Kev.
    Is our academy to busy teaching the “Arsenal way” and forgetting the hard, physical style that often is required?

  64. if arsenal let 3 goals in after
    being three goals up with
    only one game to go they
    would be mocking us……saying how wenger likes to bottle but I have not heard or read anything about liverpool poor defensive play today…..morning Rico and all nice real keV……the youth system is something that really bothers me Wenger always talks about building within yet hardly gives them a chance… totally agree with u syg re sanogo getting a chance ahead of akpom….

  65. It’s called intent Ts, we have the money…

    Any played deemed similar to Gilberto would do just fine imo…

  66. Ginge – UEFA have to hold the line on FFP penalties. If not, they and Platini, the architect of FFP, will be jokes. The restrictions as detailed in Rico’s 11:02 a.m. posting may be enough to chasten them and PSG(?), who are in a similar position.

    UEFA wont ban a ‘big team’ from the UCL as that will effect the media sales and advertising/sponsorship deals.

    P.S. I signed off yesterday before I got to ask you about who you think Arsenal should sign and who you think they will sign.

  67. Lol… I knew mentioning Mulumbu will get you out Syg.

    Afobe and Aneke were wanted by Barca ahead of JW so they must have talent….

    Afobe had missed almost 2 years with injury he was bound to struggle…

    Martinez has been a keeper for Argentina and sitting on bench for Sheff so as Potter and co say the loan system is a bad move anyways…

    I saw all those kids in the flesh several times at Barnet and they looked the part imho…

    I am sure Rick and co who saw those kids 4 or 5 years ago will back that view…

    As I always say; when a player gets his first contract the true reason why he chose football comes to the fore…
    1. They were either shit in school and so football was a way out
    2. Money
    3. They want to be the best they can be…

    And then there is injury which ha ruined all those players career… at 19 or 20 years unless you have been established you can’t miss 2 years and expect to just walk unto the part and make it happen…

  68. I agree re 11:13 syg…

  69. Hi Cg, lets hope Platini has the cahoonas to uphold the ban..

    As I mentioned yesterday.. its not all about Platini intent… UEFA is a dark hole set-up very similarly to the IMF…
    if you don’t play ball you end up as Strauss-Kahn did…

  70. There Potter has it in a nutshell.
    Strict discipline from day 1.

    Wenger doesn’t do strict discipline.

    It is why he can never get the best out of the players when the going gets tough.

    Accountability and having fire in the belly is key.

    That “lack of” is the reason we capitulated at Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton …

    Accountability and having guts is something that is taught from being young.

  71. Shit rolls down hill….

  72. Don’t get to depressed about youth academys.if you look back over the last 5 years fa youth cup winners,
    how players have played for England..
    ………..Jacky boy thats all,
    The Chavs since 2010 have won it 3 times,who have they produced up to now.
    If your looking to see youth players from most of the english academys going on to make it as internationals,
    Its only the south coast at the moment..ain’t it

  73. agree fred

  74. Who’s Mulumba, Ginge?

  75. Cg, I haven’t had any sniff of potential buys yet…

    I am meeting one gentleman who works as a sub -contractor who claims to be a ‘relative’ of one of our scouts in the next few weeks so will see if I can get some info if indeed he has…

    Last summer all his tips were spot on so…

    If I was in Ivan’s or Aw’s shoes…

    DM- Morgan Schnerderlein/ Fernando
    Midfield- Barkley
    Winger- Cabella
    Striker- Immobile

    I will then make Sagna our 2nd/3rd choice CB against fast teams instead of Per…

  76. Youssouf Mulumbu* of WBA…

  77. Re; man City
    £50M fine plus ban them from doing transfers for 5 years would be better

    Same goes for PSG, Monaco and ANzhi

  78. If we can’t get a striker I will get Reus or Muriel

  79. Without going into to much detail,
    Scott you right in my opinion,
    2 Captains stand for me over the years,John Terry and our Tony,
    I see both of them as kids,
    Terry was kicking anything that moved,and Big Tony was waving that arm up at the ref every 2 minutes.

  80. Ts,last scout to unload a bit of info got the bullit.

  81. Barry Silkman,Jerome Anderson, Mino Raiola won’t be best pleased Syg with your hard stance… lol

    Do you know Pere brought Torral and Bellerin to Arsenal?

    The same man who sold us the LS07 crap…

  82. SYG – Many of today’s young players might enjoy a Mistress of Discipline cracking the whip on them.

  83. Hi Scott..
    :) Lee, maybe he’ll ask Wenger for a loan… After all, we do seem to be a bank/building society….

  84. Syg, re the fine line… very true.

    Those days when I was in my 20’s I knew some club promoters who had dealing with Jody… he was never looking to build on what God gave him…

    He loved hanging with the ‘urban’ boys instead… and they all disliked John Terry big time for being a rat.

    How interesting that Jody Morris ended up at Hearts whilst Terry became a Chelsea legend…

    12 or 13 years ago I would have said Jody Morris would have had a better career

  85. that Aurier looks alright as well

  86. dunno CG from what we saw after the event didn’t do the playboy much good :-) His game went to hell for a while

  87. Xavi had named Morris as his “toughest opponent” from when Barcelona played Chelsea in April 2000 before Pep Guardiola came back to mastermind a 5-1 victory at the Nou Camp in the second leg. “The Millwall lads were saying, ‘What’s going on here?’” Morris says. “I said, ‘Oh, you know, it’s just about Xavi’. He gave that interview when he was one of the best in the world, so it was great for me. Mind you, he was bloody brilliant when I played against him.”

    The same way Riquelme and Di Natali labelled Frimpong as the strongest DM they had played against…

  88. I like Rico and Wath’s cheap (cough) value for money option Bony and Clyne too…

  89. Josh Mceachran was also mentioned as top player for the future not long ago…….on par with our jack.

  90. Sorry Ginge, I didn’t read that one re: Mulumba

  91. Ginge – If, a big if I know, Arsene could rein in Balotelli’s antics; could he do the job for us?

  92. Never mind Ginge, Frimpong will be pitting his wits and strength against the midfield maestro’s of Crawley Town and Crewe next season …

  93. Clyne and Bony for me too :)

    Shame he’s not called Clyde…. lol

  94. Immobile for me, every time…

  95. Afternoon All, thanks for positive vibes…
    Busy busy, so can’t respond yet…

    Afternoon Rico… For me, Bellerin and Akpom…

  96. Would not mind seing Remy come in at a reasonable fee to replace/cover NB and or Podolski who might well move on i think in the squad, would provide a little more pace and his goal scoring record is not bad. Bony no thanks with the African cup of nations taking place next year we would lose him in january.

    Lescott is available on a free from Man City and at 31 would be a good squad signing with TV and Sagna likely to leave but i would like to see the most spent on DM and Wings were Size and pace needs to be brought in.

  97. Afternoon Kev, just the two eh. Says a lot doesn’t it….

  98. I have a feeling Morata is one of Arsene’s primary targets. There was an article during the January Transfer Window stating that Arsene didn’t buy a striker so he could assure Morata that he would get regular playing time with Arsenal. Now this;


    If Real go after the likes of Suarez, Morata will be further down the pecking order at RM. The price should be well within Arsene’s range.

  99. Think you could be right about Morata Cg…

  100. Hi Rico,

    Although I like Sagna as a Man I see him as a weakness for the Arsenal.

    He is a good solid player with a great attitude but for me not enough skill or cunning.

    How many times do we see Sagna 1v1 with an opponent with acres of space to knock it past him and go? What does he do? He looks to pass back to Per. I have also seen him get done down our right side far to often. Per is not fast as we all know so the opponent only has to beat Sagna to leave them with a fair crack at running past Per.

    This might be harsh but true.

  101. Last year everyone was wetting themselves about Benteke, this year it’s Bony.

  102. I like Bony Adam but I’m in full control of my bladder….

  103. Cg, you know I like Balo’… anyone who will get Syg ffing and cusssing is my player :-)

  104. In fact i will take Montolivo too from AC Milan…

    El Shawaaray (spelling).. what happened to him?

  105. Glad to hear that Rico, but I think Adam was using wetting more in the sense of our Blonde Adonis – Goonster.

  106. Rico. Why does nobody call for Benteke these days?

  107. I know Cg, was being cheeky to Adam ;)

  108. Fred, I missed your 11:38 initially. :)

  109. Adam, he is injured…

    Another of Syg’s players .lol

  110. Ginge – Your El Sharaway (sp.?) refernce reminds me of the Italian striker, who’s name escapes me, but who won the Golden Boot at Italia ’90 World Cup. He was the greatest thing since sliced bread and a very hot commodity who quickly faded into obscurity.

  111. Rico – I didn’t think an innocent country lass like you would have caught the reference. There’s more to you than meets the eye.

  112. Probably because he’s injured Adam and a bad one…

  113. :) Cg, you’d be surprised….. lol

  114. CG :- There’s a lot to be said for a leafy lane and a haystack.

  115. Rico – I’m sure I could/would be, but we’ll leave that for another time.

  116. Toto Schilacci is teh man Cg,

  117. Oi Oi Potter ;)

    We will indeed Cg lol

  118. Potter – There certainly is and it would seem like you have a personal story there.

  119. Ginge – Got it in one. That is indeed the man of a very short moment.

  120. then there was Jean Pierre Papin. The greatest ‘bottler’ of all time… lol

  121. i said it last year and will say it again Remy for me everyday – he will replace Giroud quickly in the starting line ups. Him Ozil and Theo, look out its the express train

  122. Oz, I can’t believe you like Remy… :)

    He is not really a big statement? ;)

    Aurier and Remy in one day… what is happening to you…

    Next you will be saying lets re-sign Gervinho.. :D

  123. If only this is true, things could be looking up;


    However, I, like most Arsenal supporters, am bracing myself usual protracted summer transfer saga with a mad dash to the finish on deadline day with some unexpected surprises. Yet, I still live in hope we can due a good deal of our business before the WC.

  124. Off for a couple of hours…

    Catch up later. Night Cg, Oz and Scott….

  125. Lol Cg… AW spending that amount on a defensive player… ?

  126. we have to bear in mind the way Wenger thinks mate – he wants cheap options everyday. Remy is that, he’s french, Wenger is already on record saying he rates him, he’s not world cup tired and can still improve in the right side, making him worth more than the 12m it will cost to get him. Got to appeal to Wenger surely?

  127. night Rico

  128. I doubt we will be seeing any of these gentlemen doing a lounge act any time soon. It’s great that they have reason to sing the song, but their singing leaves much to be desired. Hopefully their playing on the day is much better than their singing.

    of thesehttp://www.offthepost.info/blog/2014/05/video-arsenal-players-sing-she-wore-ahead-of-fa-cup-final/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+offthepost%2FTLAa+%28Off+The+Post%29

  129. Well it’s good night from me and good day to you.

    Keep The Faith!

  130. Potter – There certainly is and it would seem like you have a personal story there.

    What goes on tour stays on tour, and that would be telling !

  131. off to work for me – night all

  132. Night Oz and Cg

  133. Good Afternoon Rico and All

    Kev. Good read; it nice to know once in while about the Youth setup. Not all of us have the privilege to watch them play. Maybe, as you say, a new setup could bring a much improve Youth System.

    Interesting discussion as always.

  134. Hi El Tel, sorry, I didn’t see you in moderation, you are out now and hope you pop back….

  135. Afternoon Ng and all….

    I see Ronnie O’Sullivan had a nasty car accident last night after losing the snooker final. He and his son are lucky to be alive according to reports…

  136. If Remy went to any other ground but the The Arsenal to watch a game,the papers would all be saying Done Deal,
    Looks like,
    even the rumour mongers are getting pissed off.
    Anyone seen Mr Cross

  137. Howdy folks…

  138. If Remy comes to Arsenal to replace NB52 that fine but, I don’t see much improvement there. Not much intent there, methink.

  139. Did anyone remember that great piece of skill remy pulled to release gourfran against us? Ginge he might not be titi or le sulk but in the right hands he ll be a world beater. I ll take him. He is good in the air. Don’t get bullied. Pacy and tricky. Sign him I say.

  140. Nasher loic in arsenal with ozster Rambo and Santiago pulling the strings will be a 30 goal striker. I watched him a lot in Marseilles. He’s not as bad as people make him to look. Alright question…remy or nobody? Thought so.

  141. Ha ha fred, someone in The Mirror used it as a headline…

    Hi Goonster…

    Ng, I’d be fine with Remy replacing NB, but still think we’d need another….

  142. After the MA8 fiasco (when we did our transfer at the last minute) the following TW Arsenal did all there business early before the Germany camp. I hope we do the same this year.

  143. Morning rico…remy ll be fine. If we get him and theo comes back stronger plus OG then am fine with that. Just get a mobile goal scoring dm and a new rb if sagna leaves.

  144. Rico. If we get Remy to replace NB that mean OG12 is staying and mean the striker business is over and done with.

  145. Be interesting to see what happens with Afobe, Campbell and Akpom this summer….

  146. Nothing ll happen rico…they ll all be sold off. Just like Simpson JET and co. We got sir no goals remember?

  147. I’m not against Remy goonster, not at all…

    Ng, we don’t know that for sure, as I said the other day, I’m going to wait and see what AW has planned and who he signs before getting stressed about it.

    History of course points to another transfer window being a disappointment but until we know who’s staying and going, anything could happen….

  148. That’s what I mean goonster, if they all go then we’ll definitely need more reinforcements….

  149. Got to nip off, back shortly

  150. Hi goonie, Ng…

    Goonie, I always rated Remy myself just that last summer folks wanted higuain instead and plus that ‘case’ hanging over his head he was not popular whenever his name was mentioned..

    My argument then and even now is the same… It could be worse; what if Aw was sniffing around Gomis of Lyon…?

  151. Exactly….but are we going to get them? Your guess is as good as mine.

  152. Nah ginge…we already have a lump in OG. Gomis to me is one dimensional. Let the sperds go for him. We need a Suarez type player. Unfortunately there are very few out there. So I ll settle for loic. I see a bit of titi in him. If arsene can work his wonders on him (even though he seem to have lost it) I see a beast emerging.

  153. That the stressing part of the league because once the window is closed there is nothing you could do about it, you just have to deal with what you got. To live through the anticipation everyday hoping that deal could be done ahead of time is what causes the stress especially when you don’t have any ways to influence it.

  154. My view is that AW struggles to buy the level 2 type players who cost in the region higher than £20M…

    AW knows how to unearth a gem or 2..
    However,maintaining a top player’s performance to match fans over inflated expectations is another topic for another day…

    fergie got around it by only buying big from this league- Cantona, Carrick, Ferdinard and RVp… that way there was little requirement for a player to settle and adjust to this league…

  155. Exactly goonie.. Gomis is next to useless as a footballer.

    Definitely a Newcastle level player…

  156. Hi T’s. Bony over Remy for me.

  157. True Ng…

    Klopp is going to buy him… I have read

  158. Don’t forget Valencia and Babatop

  159. Lol.. goonie Aw still has it..

    OG12 the best pound for pound striker in Europe.. :P

  160. Lol… Babatop was decent for 1.5 seasons…

    he was just too lazy for Fergie to value…

    Valencia well that is an enigma; same as Kagawa

  161. T’s says “OG12 the best pound for pound striker in Europe.. :P”
    well, for 12Mil. you might be right.

  162. What is this I hear about sagna going over to wastelands? Any truth in that ginge?

  163. Most of the players that are needed are already in EPL. They might cost more, but so what?

  164. Believe it or not ginge a berbercrap during January window might have sustained our title surge.

  165. I wish i knew mate…re Sagna; it will be waste imho…

    He could have indeed but; he chose Psg for a Big reason… lol

    Unless Pelle’ has guaranteed him a CB role because he would have to compete with Zabelleta for the RB role…

    Totally agree Ng re buy form EPL…

    Have you guys seen much of Alex Lacazette?

  166. Just a bit ginge…He is the shit in serie A but can he cut it in the rough and tumble of the epl. Just lie Muriel he ll struggle.

  167. Southampton =Lallana
    Swanson =Bony
    West Bromwich =Foster and Mulumbu

  168. Southampton =Nath Clyne

  169. lallana is a bit of an attacking midfielder…

    Rodriguez was quite good before his injury

  170. 4.23 Ts, exactly why I’d prefer we signed PL players this summer…

  171. Re-Lallan, can he be used on the wings?

  172. Hi Rico… you are back already/

    We were all good. ;)

  173. Indeed Ng…

  174. Muriel likes his food…

    I was talking about Lyon’s Lacazette…

  175. Remy over Bony as he wont be off to the African Cup of Nations, and given the sort of figures that are bandied about for transfer kitty of £75 million that would still leave over £60 for three players who we need and on top of that i would Sign Lescott (repeating myself :-) for free so that would be five players in with I think Sagna, NB and Podolski and Vermallen leaving as i cant see the last two being happy to sit on the bench.

    The other three players we need to sign are Midfielder Winger and RIght back and they need to bring some Strength and speed to the squad which is lacking this.

  176. interesting observation V1066 re. Afcon

  177. I did say I’d be ‘shortly’ Ts lol

  178. V10- has the ACON’s not been moved to the summer now?

  179. Wikipedia says

    The 2015 Africa Cup of Nations is scheduled to be the 30th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the football championship of Africa (CAF), held from 17 January to 8 February 2015

    Though Wiki is about as reliable as hereisthecity or caughtoffside

  180. I got that wrong then V10… oops…

    Know what you mean, especially the glorified headline that is CO…

  181. Javi Martinez. He’s for sale, Spanish and would fit in.
    Cheating bar steward, but he knows his job.

  182. Thinks Cg posted a link about him earlier Syg, maybe Santi could have a word…

  183. When you going to write a post for us here Syg??

  184. I’d take Remy, but I don’t really understand why Le Pontiff Wenger didn’t buy him when he was an emerging star when playing for Nice. I believe he was offered and AW knocked him back. He doesn’t usually change his mind, unless he can now see the finished article and values his Improvement, plus of course, his market cheapness!

    Sagna going? All the signs and suggestions are there, whether he is going to citeh or PSG,well who knows? But I think he’s off. I reckon Wenger has upset him, somehow…we shall soon see.

    As for the rest maybe one more signing, then I think we’ll hear those magic words,”ve av done our business and I sink ve ‘av eenurf”

    Hope I’m wrong!

  185. Question there Wavy, was Remy definitely offered to Arsenal back then or was it just media speculation?

    My fingers and toes are crossed on Sagna but if he goes, I just hope the right signing is made to replace him…

    Issue for AW is, does he believe in Jenks, or does he sign big….

  186. Surely if he was offered to QPR that would mean that he was available to Arsenal?

  187. Adamant

  188. Yes Adam, but I bet Qpr offered a silly wage and transfer fee because that idiot owner of theirs started signing players for fun….

  189. I’m off to Cyprus in the morning for 16 days, Rico.
    I’m hoping to get wired up for the internet at the new house.
    I’ll do a post whenever you want when I get back – give me a topic, remit or whatever and I’ll back it up with stats, facts, figures and what-not….

  190. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    Good post Kev but tell me when you become Dutch what will you call yourself.
    Like you I was very depressed watching both legs of the semi-final, and could not understand how we have become so poor.
    I think you are wrong to right off players like Moore and Maitland-Niles as they are both only 16 and(from what I have seen) I honestly believe they are very talented young footballers.
    From some of the comments I have seen I cannot understand how Larriman and Gatting can stay on at the club. We are in the process of loosing 3 young players because they (it is alledged) fell out with Larriman and do not want to work with him.
    In the past I have spent many happy hours at Underhill watching our younger players in the flesh and have been disapointed when certain players left because I thought they could go on to good things.
    Saying all this I am hoping the Dutch trio will sort things out,and we will see a big change next season.

  191. Rico, he’s hardly set the Championship or the PL alight so I say keep away. This of course means that we will almost certainly sign him thereby staying on the course we have been on for a while. We have a lot of money and need 3 massive players, perhaps 4 if Sagna goes. We all have our favourites and strategies no matter how totally bizarre.

  192. You have a fab time in Cyprus Syg, and look forward to the post when you get back…. Thanks…

  193. Afternoon Rick, I think the main problem is that not many of us get to see the younger players on a regular basis and as Kev says, it would be unfair to write of any after just two games.

    I do wish the club would get off of their butts and get their own TV channel again like they used to…

    I too hope Jonker and his new ideas see a few younger players coming through, regardless of what nationality they are…

  194. Adam, I get that utterly. In my ideal world, we’d sign Suarez, that DM who plays in Portugal (can’t think of his name) a top class winger and then of course, replace all who leave properly..

    I guess knowing Arsene Wenger is staying makes me believe it won’t happen..

    But then I blame the mere fact he is staying, on Stan bloody Kroenke!!

    If he and his little puppets, aka the board, are happy to see things carry on as they are, then nothing will ever change…

  195. SYG. When he was in Spain he was great. Having seen him a few times for BM he looks like he is playing out of position and in a tactical straitjacket. Certainly young enough to be great again though.
    Rico. I get that but feel that we are not too far away as we are. An injection of class and character should be achievable surely.

  196. Martinez would more than fill the hole.

    When people on here mention beast. They generally mean a big ugly fcuker who would look dead scary and who would not afraid to put the boot in … and who will probably go missing for six to eight weeks come January.

    Martinez is 6’3, brutally cynical, very mobile, very good in the air and can play football as well. He can also cover centre back.
    He plays with a tier one European side and is a proper international with a country that don’t just hand out caps to just anyone.

    Bayern paid £40M for him, but now don’t want him as he isn’t a Guardiola type player.

    He is the best in the world at what he does.

  197. You are right Adam. He was utiised in central defence a lot of the time. Make no mistake – he would fit into our system like a glove.

    Imagine a bigger, stronger, quicker, more dependable, more cleverer and more powerful Mikel Arteta with the teeth of Luis Suarez …

  198. Again I agree Adam, but then we have been ‘sot far away’ for so long now.

    3 world class players and 2 really good players would take us to a whole new level…

  199. SYG. I think you are right, especially about his cynicism. He certainly doesn’t take any prisoners when I have seen him play for BM. The more I see the Germans the more I think Pep looks an awkward fit there.
    Have a good holiday in Cyprus. :)

  200. I always say ‘beast’ Syg, but by that I just mean a guy with presence, a guy who fears no other, a guy who will put his head where others won’t put a boot…

    But a proper footballer all the same, a Petit, a Gilberto kind of guy who can read the game and stop the ball being played through the heart of our midfield…

  201. Rico. I think we are ignoring the fact that WC cup year makes signing top players very difficult. :)

  202. It does Adam :lol:

  203. And we are ;) ;)

  204. I doubt Mourinho would let us sign Martinez though.

  205. They would Rico. (@7:00pm)

    But remember that although Wenger likes laying out the table to show his fine Baluga caviar, smoked Scottish salmon, French veal cutlets along with his beautiful silver and diamond cut crystal…. he just can’t resist sticking a dog turd on the table as well.

    Whenever he shows off his Fabregas, Van Persie, Arshavin or Nasri … you’ll always get an Eboue, Song or Almunia.

    The idea is to use good or great and never supplement it with shit.

  206. SYG. That’s a novel but true way of looking at the whole thing really. It made me laugh anyway. :)

  207. But Chelsea have Matic, surely he won’t be signing another….

  208. Rico. That pr–k would do ANYTHING to shaft Wenger.

  209. But FFP will worry him Adam!! :roll:

  210. You are of course spot on, that K**B would do anything to get one over Wenger…

  211. Rico. If it costs Abramovich another £30 million to piss off Wenger and potentially weaken Arsenal, do you honestly think it would concern Mourinho? I will be interested in how the Man City appeal goes. Once a few quid starts flowing under the table that is.

  212. Another reason I’d love to see Usmanov in Adam, Roman would know not to even try against a man much richer than him…

    Just written a post about City for tomorrow….

  213. L’Equipe claim that Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna has agreed terms with Turkish giants Fenerbahce.

    The French international will see his current deal expire this summer and interest has been heavy after he failed to negotiate a new deal with Arsenal.

  214. Lmfao 6:48 pm Syg

    Evening again

  215. Eboue made it into the UEFA CL team of the year 2006 Syg.. have some respect. :-)

  216. Hiya Rick.

  217. Hi Ginge Intersting comments today.

  218. Rico, 6:27 do you mean fernando the octopus?

  219. should be interesting

  220. 7.09 Syg, and there lies the problem….

  221. Indeed Rick.. did you manage the catch the last bit of the dippers game…?

    Pulis has earned my respect until next month… lol

    I will even loan him Aneke, Bellerin and Campbell if he wants… lol

  222. Just remembered Ts, Carvalho…

  223. Evening Rick….

  224. 11 mins – that’s all we needed to watch :P

  225. Yes I did great to see the Tears flowing.If we were to loan him a player I would like it to be Hayden .Just for a month.

  226. Evening Rico.
    Talking of loans Ginge there is a rumour Jenkinson could go on a season loan have you heared anything.

  227. Have a good holiday Syg..

    Eboue and Gerv will be awaiting you with a machete… ;)

  228. If Jenks goes on loan, we need a top right back imo…

  229. Evening all,
    Kev, are you asking if AFC is more than just a first team squad ?
    Maybe Sunday may go a little way to telling us a bit more but I can’t see it myself.
    SYG 7.09, a bit harsh on Diaby.

  230. Lol… Rico.

    Talk shite this morning tried to say ours at NUFC was worse..

    I beg to differ since we were 1 man down due to that dubious yet stupid Diaby sending off…

  231. Evening Micko.

    As usual, just as you arrive, my day is done.. Have an episode of Prey to catch up on….

    You need to put the clocks back in Ireland Micko… ;)

    Ts, they always look for something worse at Afc…

    Night all, have a good one…

    ’til tomorrow….

  232. Hi Micko, did you see the liverpool debacle?

    Night Rico

  233. Tsgh
    Not to forget the two dodgy penalties

  234. I keep telling ya rico, we’re already 20 years behind……catch up tomorrow.
    tsgh, I must have been the only one on here who was shouting for the scousers, always been a big fan of Stevie G, without him Terry Henry wouldn’t have scored half the goals he did !

  235. Lol.. Micko; you pranking again ring…

    Sukky was supporting Stevie G too..

    Hiya Gj

  236. hello there!
    Who talks about Fernando (Porto) and William Carvalho (Sporting)?

  237. Tsgh
    What do expect from a radio station which broadcasts the argument that our unbetween season was nothing special.

  238. lol… very true…

    At least Ginger Durham is going after Yanited now… Ryan Giggs and the class of 92 are his latest victims…

  239. Evening All…

    CG, 10.23am, to me the rot set in when Dermot Drummy left, to me that showed a worrying lack of ambition, because if we cannot hold onto our best coaches then what’s the point?
    Chelsea just seem to cherry pick our club at will and the tight cnuts that run our club, just bend over and let them shaft us whilst thanking them for the favour.

    Pathetic management.
    Pathetic Owner.
    Pathetic Board.

  240. Try not to listen to that (banned name) after all his rants he’ll still use he’s FA cup ticket what a hypocrite.

  241. Rick, respect to you mate, but I disagree.
    I wasn’t at all impressed by Moore and Maitland-Niles attitude in that semi-final vs Chelsea.
    It smelt of ‘Big time Charlie’ syndrome.
    No fight, poor character, they won’t make it mate

  242. SYG, I understand the points your making, but we got to give Jonker time, it might take a couple of seasons for him to turn things around…

    The distractions of being a young professional footballer in London are vast.
    It takes dedication and a strong mentality to knuckle down and make sacrifices to become a top player.
    A lot of our youngsters may suffer from a false sense of their importance, with fast cars and fast girls becoming more important than their careers.
    Things won’t change until we start sourcing more kids from outside of London…

  243. Trouble is though Kev , we can source them from outside but once the mollycoddled lifestyle kicks in they lose their perspective and go down the Bentley , Pennant , JET etc. route.

  244. Agreed Potter but how can you take the glittering future from their eyes? The prospect of playing for a Premier League club has to be euphoric.problem is only one in fifty/100 even get close to the first team.
    A good 8 year old will train with a club for 8 years, he thinks he’s made it, he’s met the manager who tells him his future is star spangled, what is the boy to do? He believes all that is said, he finds ‘new’ friends he spends his money, which is not inconsiderable, for a child and he thinks he’s ‘made it’! The whole of today’s blog has reflected the failure of our youth system, full of hope and a handful of success, 3 6 12 in 20 years! Out of how many kids turning up at Hale End? 100’sand 100’s!
    It’s not the fault of the coaches of even the kids there only 1 or 2 who ever make the big time out of 1000’s taken on.
    That’s why so many players are transferred in. A club can’t sign all or even many outstanding boys who actually make the grade.

    This is the future not a lot of juniors becoming seniors from the Academy, sadly!

    There, another really positive post!

  245. Morning Rico and all.

  246. Morning Adam and all….

  247. A good 8 year old will train with a club for 8 years, he thinks he’s made it, he’s met the manager who tells him his future is star spangled, what is the boy to do?

    Time for a different speech :- How about , This is just the start there are 30 of you in this room and only 1if any is expected to make it to the very top. You have the chance to get there but it will take dedication. Your attitude is as important as your aptitude. You will be tested along the way and most of you will leave. You will be paid good money but we will hold the greater percentage of that in trust for you payable on your 20th birthday or the day you leave.The star spangled life is there but if you want it start working now.

    Not necessarily at 8 but at the time of the first or second cull , as they go into the upper college.

  248. Morning all.

  249. Potter, my boy goes to a proper football school here in Oz.
    No mollycoddling here…….they have a flat football each day to pump up.
    They must clean their boots after training sessions.
    If they play up in class, they miss the next training sessions.
    Basically, they are teaching the kids discipline, and to be responsible.
    They turfed a kid last year who was the best 15 year old footballer in this country because he was a smart arse.
    What would Arsenal do in that situation?
    I don’t know, but am interested in the answer :)

  250. Morning Potter & Scott…

  251. All we really know are the names of the ones that have gone on to waste their talent at the Arsenal’s hand. The ones that didn’t make it have faded away but it seems that the ones that might get elevated before they are mentally ready to accept the responsibility.
    Arsene has always traded proudly on the premise that the young ones will get their chance, maybe there should be a caveat on that stating that their chance is an appearance for the reserves and the opportunity to force there way on from there.

  252. Januzaj was on the end of a nasty tackle last night, looks like Hull’s David Meyler will be banned and missed the FA Cup final…

  253. Any way it looks likely that our youth set up is to be thrown into further turmoil as I fully anticipate that Van Gaal will get the United job and that Jonkers will do a Clive Allen and leave us before a ball is played. United will offer us Ferdinand as compensation.

  254. Potter, totally agree. Jonker may not even get to us in July.

    Just hope he’s a man of his word and a deal has already been agreed and signed….

  255. Then of course De Boer and Bergkamp will go to Tottenham and our board will meet three weeks later over Brandy and Cigars and say “” What happened there then “?

  256. De Boer has allegedly said he’d welcome a move to the PL. If we let him and Bergkamp slip under the radar, things could turn nasty.

    Especially if they do both end up down the road although I can’t see Bergkamp going there….

  257. Why not he’s a professional and knows that he can’t wait on the vagaries of Wenger’s whims about staying or going.

  258. Just think he has too much respect for Arsenal and the fans…

  259. That’s what they thought about Jennings and Sol.

  260. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, I’ll be upset if he does….

  261. But, to be fair, we don’t see many if any going from us to them, George Graham has to remain the biggest surprise….

  262. Heroes come and go , I will remember the football just like I did for Brady and others that let me down too.

  263. Alan Sugar on Twitter:

    “Ungrateful fans at Arsenal,you chase Wenger out .We at Spurs will have him any day of the week.Please do your best we have a contract ready,”


  264. That’s all we can do….

    New post up now….

  265. George was a different thing , he left under a cloud as the board had no option in his case . Unfortunately the honour of our board was not reciprocated by the spineless authorities that had their pound of flesh and then let all the other perpetrators off the hook.

  266. Kind of meant after he left and then turned up at Tottenham. For sure the board had no option but to ‘sack’ him….

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