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Why do fans do this? Arsene tells porkies and hopes of 3rd dashed…

Morning all.

Five minutes to go until half-time and a few fans were out of their seat and off up the steps to the food hall.


Worth missing the game for?

Worth missing the game for?


But I guess people need to eat, although I never understand why Arsenal fans would pay the prices the club charge. In fact, I wouldn’t give a penny to the club for food, not when they charge so much for tickets, why feed the hand that robs us each season?

It’s not like we see much return during a transfer window is it? Pffff

Talking of transfer windows, did you spot him?

Is he on his way in??

Is he on his way in??

Yes of course you did, the cameras zoomed in on him so how could you miss Loic Remy watching us.

Of course that doesn’t mean he’s definitely signing for us but I reckon it’s a huge hint that he might and I for one would be pretty pleased. He’d be the ideal replacement for Bendtner.

Anyway, he sat and watched our boys have a casual and calm Sunday afternoon training session and secure another three points at home….

Arsene Wenger was of course asked about Remy after the game:

Honestly I have just been informed that Loic Remy was here, I didn’t know. So don’t see any sign of us signing Loic Remy in that. I hope he has paid for his ticket!

No [I didn't invite him], that’s why I tell you I have not invited him.

Oh Arsene, you do fib…..

I can understand Arsene Wenger fielding a strong side, I can also understand him resting Aaron Ramsey as we need him fit for the FA Cup final. I’d actually rest him again next weekend even though we lack something when he doesn’t play, it’s not worth the risk. We have Kallstrom and now Diaby is back too, so let them play.

3rd was still up for grabs yesterday which was no doubt the reason for the strong starting eleven but sadly Norwich couldn’t sneak a goal against Chelsea so 4th it is for us and the league title is now between Liverpool and Manchester City which leaves Jose and his little horse, trophy-less.

How we need that FA Cup eh!!

Anyway, nice to see us scoring from a corner, a darn good one it was too and nicely headed home by the big French striker.

Must have been the haircut that did it….


Micah Richards, Loic Remy and Alex McCarthy are all linked to us today in one paper or another….

That’s it for another day, it’s Bank Holiday here in England and it’s going to be a warm one….

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267 comments on “Why do fans do this? Arsene tells porkies and hopes of 3rd dashed…

  1. Typical end of season nothing on it game, Best part of the afternoon was watching Kos and Jack’s kids being children and playing on the grass.

    A repeat post, put on the wrong post,”” too little too late”” , bit like a club I know.

  2. It was Potter, loved seeing the kids and their Dads too, Sagna didn’t give much away….

  3. Elena Baltacha has died after suffering liver cancer.

    30 years old…… RIP young lady…….

  4. Rico, I am not familiar with that lady, but another one gone way too young.
    Morning all.

  5. Morning Rico and all. It was quite nice sitting in the sun and chatting while a game with nothing much riding on it played out. Turns out that quite a few people didn’t get tickets for the Cup Final, even long term supporters. There was little enthusiasm for Wenger’s continuance either and when the pic of Remy got around there was a resigned shrug of total underwhelmed apathy. Remy? Really?
    If anybody understands what is going on they would get Kos to sign a long, long term contract today. If BM, who need a player of his quality, come calling then who knows.

  6. Ex British number one tennis player Scott, as you say, far too young…

  7. Morning Adam.

    Totally agree re Koscielny, his contract needs sorting out before the end of the season… We cannot afford to see him leave…

  8. Good match,good win, and happy emirate ending.Ozil was another thing yesterday,he was connecting everyone.Sagna was great too,it will be a shame to let him go esp. To city.When I saw remy watching yesterday,I was so confidence of him closing on a deal with us but wenger comment change that all.

  9. Hi Adam,
    We have Kozzer locked in for a few years, surely.
    Any idea how long?

  10. If Remy replaces Bendtner and we still sign another top striker, I’m all for him signing…

  11. Cheers, Rico.

  12. Don’t think Kos contract has much time left on it, maybe next summer? (2015)

    Suggestion is he’s on a very low salary so that needs to be seriously upped as he’s becoming one of the best in the Pl, if he’s not already….

  13. AW has confirmed we won’t be trying to keep Kallstrom…

  14. Sukkah, whatever Wenger says, reverse it, halve it, turn it upside down and you will have something approximating the truth :)

  15. Rico, he is one of the best in world football, IMO.

  16. I can’t see why but then Arsene has downgraded so many expectations it’s hard to remember we are one of the top clubs in the world. Wenger and the club must be so pissed off about that. Apart from score a great goal for QPR on TV a while ago, what has he actually done?

  17. Apologies Sukky, on the Sukkah typo.

  18. Sukky, as Scott says, whatever AW says, think the opposite as it’ll probably be nearer the truth..

    I’m convinced Remy will be in an Arsenal shirt next season, unless another club offer him more money….

  19. Adam, Remy is decent, but as Rico said, only as a second striker signing.

  20. Scott. No idea on Kos’s contract but I agree re his quality.

  21. Kos need a new deal though he signed not long ago but what he’s earning is too small compared to what he’s giving us.David luiz and some other shit defender are not better than him but see what they are earning.To me ramsey and koscienly are our best player this season.

  22. Scott, I certainly don’t think there is a better central defender in the PL – I on’t watch much other football but I’m happy to take your word for that… ;)

  23. I hope he paid for his ticket, story there hey? Nice post Rico

  24. I’d love to know exactly how much Kroenke is giving AW to spend this summer…..

  25. Scott. When he came through in France he was hailed as the next Henry which was plainly daft. Since then he has played for QPR where he did sweet FA and then moved to Newcastle where he has been a journeyman. If Wenger did sign him he might be ok but I think we should be looking at creating a World Class spine to the squad and Remy is far from that.

  26. Thanks Oz, I thought my pie would be ripped apart ;)

    I’m sure AW comment about Remy paying for his ticket was very much tongue in cheek…. We all know he likes to try to be funny…

    Sometimes he is, not often though…..

  27. He was when he signed Chamakh and Gervinho Rico. That was a hell of a joke.

  28. That’s what we are saying though Adam, IF he’s simply a replacement for Nik B, he’d be a good addition to the squad, but we’d still need another striker.

    If he’s signed as a main striker, then that’s an entirely different situation and not a good one…

    I’d be quite happy with Remy and Bony, or Remy and Lukaku….

  29. :) Adam….

  30. Kos contract expires in 2017

  31. As you might imagine Rico I wouldn’t. Arsenal should set their sights higher than those blokes. Could Bony step up? Who knows? Lukaku? Very physical for sure. Are you assuming that Wenger will sign a main striker and Giroud will move down the pecking order? Or perhaps sign a goalscoring wide man? It is all a bit of a gamble really. If you see a player a few times and he does some good stuff for another team, unless he is absolutely top class there is no guarantee he could work. If Wenger is going to make 2 or perhaps 3 signings, then how could one be Remy? Which 3 or 2 would you ideally sign?

  32. Morning all, Remy for Bendtner would mean another WC forward coming in. Too much to ask of Arsene.

  33. Thanks Afcalex…

  34. Good Morning Rico and All.

    Micah Richard and Remy? We sure can do better than that. Besides B52 off pitch antics, I think B52 and Remy are like for like. Why don’t we go for Bony to replace B52 and then keep OG12.

  35. Especially if one will have to be a RB and another a goalkeeper. That leaves one outfield player IF nobody else leaves.

  36. Adam, I haven’t a clue what AW will do. I’ve no idea how much money he has to spend, and no idea how many signings he plans to make.

    Unless we know that, it’s difficult to know what kind of players he will sign.

    Also, who plans to leave?

    I can see what you mean about things being a gamble but all signings have an element of being a gamble and just because they are knocking in goals for another club overseas, it doesn’t automatically mean they will do so in the PL…

    The player I’d love us to sign is Suarez but that ship has sailed….

  37. This is the same carelessness that saw us took the lead but unable to maintain it. How do we expect to win the PL? How do we expect to compete in CL? Or our we just there to make up the numbers? This must be one hell of a joke.

  38. Probably Ben and if that’s the case, then I hope we sign a player better than Remy…

    Morning Ng, AW has said that the striker he wants is to play alongside OG and not instead of him.

    That could of course be a pack of lies because he’s hardly likely to suggest he wants a player to play instead of Giroud, unless he wanted to sell him….

  39. How can it be careless NG? No player has been signed yet…

  40. My feeling is that, if he stays, he will have as much as he wants and there’s the problem. He said the other day 2 or perhaps 3. In Wengerspeak this probably means 1 or perhaps 2. I see he is spouting the “we will challenge” spiel again, like he has done for the last several years. If our injury levels persist and why wouldn’t they? Then how, with similar squad depth, will this be the case? The fuzzy logic escapes me. How can the man who designed the shallow squad and espouses the slow build-up square style of play these days be the one who changes it?

  41. Adam, I agree….we need 3 players in, all class, and straight down the middle.
    Rico, knowing I don’t watch much football other than Arsenal, you let me off lightly hahahaha

  42. Rico. I for one, I’m not keen on oversea players, some take too much time to beding. The PL has enough qualities already even though they might cost more we’ve to look from within.

  43. Oh, I’d like more than 3, but that is what we desperately need.

  44. i do not expect any signings that would seriously challenge the playboy – he will big up Sanogo and bring in another wanna be – Rico we know exactly what is in the players transfer fund and it will be him telling Mr USA not the other way around

  45. Real Madrid have shown this year that if you have a reasonable defence and a couple of midfielders who can play an out ball then couple that with blinding pace and accuracy up front you can hurt any team. As soon as teams push up on RM they are vulnerable. With a player like Ozil and Santi too we have half the equation. We need pace and quality up front surely.

  46. Adam, I have a feeling Kroenke is far too tight to allow AW to have as much as he wants…

    I don’t believe the 2,3 signings either, I think, rather hope, we see 1 or 2 more than that….

  47. morning all………..

  48. :) Scott, must be because the sun is shining … lol

    Ng, me neither, I’d much rather sign players from the PL this summer…

  49. kos is definitely d best defender in the league IMO…..will get into the real barca and Bayern teams with ease

  50. Oz, we don’t know that for sure…

    Guess I accept, reluctantly I hasten to add, that AW is staying. All we can hope for is the man who once signed pace, strength and height, does so again…

  51. I think we all agree on that Adam, a pacey winger and a pacey striker would give us so so much more.

    And a box to box player to replace Arteta…

  52. Hi snaparse..

  53. Rico. When AW starts his double talks you have to expect the worse. Didn’t we signed MA at the ‘almost closed’ of the TW? Who decided not to sign a striker during the past two TW? Who signed Kroll? Those who are responsible, whether AW, IG or Law, it complete carelessness.

  54. I don’t agree Rico. Wenger runs the place. If he wanted to buy almost any player I think he would get the owner’s backing. Obviously not Messi or Ronaldo but I think a £50 million player could be on, after he has relieved the club of a few wage bills that is. I think a more relevant point is whether he would want to change our balance by selling Giroud. The stats men will rattle off the fact that he has scored more than X or Y as a reason not to, but that is so omni-dimensional for me. It’s about the team and how it is set up and with Giroud up front we are tying Ozil’s hands behind his back. I prefer to think of how many more we would score without Giroud. Just a point of view really.

  55. I think he needs a top top quality DM – the box to box is not needed with all the attacking midfielders he has signed.

  56. One-dimensional. Sorry.

  57. Adam – i think Giroud should be kept but quality options need to be purchased – he’s useful especially against the lower teams and any top striker needs a rest, He also allows a tactical change of direction (ok wishful thinking) another thing Wenger hasn’t worked out very well in god knows how many years.

  58. Morning all,
    Kozzer and Merts are both pushing up 30, if a good offer from came in for either……….arrivederci.
    Potter, any wooden legs thrown into the crowd ?

  59. I know AW is full of bollox Ng, but until we actually see who gets signed there is hope….

  60. RIP Elena..

    Nice one Rico. That is why we all love the HH.

    Just start liking Stats or data then its all good… lol

  61. Micko. I hope not mate. We have a degree of stability at the back now. Replacing Sagna will be difficult enough. Any more changes would be disastrous for me.

  62. All comes back to what we were talking about the other day Adam, which is why I blame Kroenke as much as I do Wenger.

    If Kroenke grew a pair, he’d make sure AW did the right thing….

  63. Adam, if Wenger runs the place, why does he not get credit for Ozil joining us, as his critics say he was over ridden.
    Either it is a myth that he has the power, or his critics are wrong in saying he refuses to buy world class talent.
    I hit someone else on here with this recently :)

  64. Scott, who said Kos and AR16 would be aaproached by BM last year? :)

    Hiya Ng.. hope you are well? Don’t see you much on here lately?

  65. Hi Snap… so you don’t subscribe to the Kompany best defender cack like me then? lol

  66. Morning Mick, I love your humour lol

    They both have to stay, although I can see Vermaelen leaving so that’s another who needs replacing unless AW see’s one of the younger ones as being ready to come through…

    Lord knows who that would be though….

  67. Wenger does not get players he wants. He gets the players that are left.

  68. Scott, that is a question which always stays with me…

    Hi Ts, thanks….

  69. honestly I really dont know what goes on inside arsenal and I doubt most do so I won’t say Wenger has totally control but I do have my reservations about what Wenger does on the pitch though

  70. geek, that’s because he hasn’t ever been proactive enough…

  71. Rico. I remember you told me that during the beginning of the last TW to be patient. :-)

  72. Ng, re your 11:16.. I agree totally..

    An EPL based DM like Morgan or Mulumba will be a serious upgrade to our midfield… both work dogs who will help the likes of SC19, JW and compliment AR16 as thew ‘donkey’ of the squad…

  73. Scott. Quite simply because Ozil is a very un Wenger like signing and Ozil came very late and after the Suarez debacle. Gazidis knew that, without a proper player being signed, the club was going to start the season with the fans up in arms. It was he who instigated the Ozil deal.
    I cannot see any contradiction in the fact that he does have the power and him not buying World Class talent myself. David Dein spouts Wenger’s mantra about the only thing a ‘big’ player guarantees is a ‘big’ wage. He likes to create stars and not buy them, as he always says. The problem is that, as a recently unsuccessful club, he can’t keep them.

  74. Rico, I don’t pretend to have all the answers, trust me, but I remember a comment made by a C.E.O. of a company I worked for a long, long time ago.
    Basically, the failings of ANY business is the fault of the top man, without exception.
    Not his second him charge, and certainly not those on the factory floor.
    Until Stan leaves, not a single thing will change, IMO.

  75. It must be sunny where Micko is… he is in a good mood. :P

  76. no ts he uses his strength well but isn’t really an intelligent guy plus I highly doubt organisation skill and he also has lapses of concentration too but the media will always make him out as the next moses leading the troops of ethihad to the promise land so

  77. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all Fellow Gooners in residence.

    Rico – I totally agree with your 11:09 a.m. posting, “…I can see what you mean about things being a gamble but all signings have an element of being a gamble and just because they are knocking in goals for another club overseas, it doesn’t automatically mean they will do so in the PL…” I think that explains both Chamahk and Gervinho, both were effective in other leagues, but not so much in the BPL. There are exceptions of course (e.g. Cesc and Ronaldo), but the players from more physical leagues like Germany and Holland seem to fair better in England.

    As for Arsene’s comments on Loic Remy, Arsene doesn’t give anything away until all the paperwork is signed, sealed and registered with the league. Until that is the case he deflects questions and very rarely gives a definitive answer. Is Loic coming to Arsenal, possibly?

  78. Adam, but people say Wenger has ALL the power.
    If that is remotely true, Ivan would not have made that call Wenger must have.
    I keep going back to Stan.
    If he demands it, Wenger either sends or goes.
    Stan has the ultimate power, in this case.
    The fact is he passes the responsibility to others, but that in itself is power.

  79. Hi T’s. I’m fine and you?

    I say this with all seriousness, Are we going to see the Invisible “Type of Football” under AW tenure?

  80. geekaybee – If Ozil is a leftover, I’ll have more of the same please.

  81. Ng, I have been telling myself that for the last 6 years ;)

    Scott, I think the same as you re Kroenke. I know AW gets a lot of things wrong, but one man could change the entire approach to our transfers and that’s Kroenke.

  82. I concur with you Scott re 11:48 and 11:50.

    Lol Snap… he was a DM in the past at Ajax and even at Empty heart stadium in his first season… so I am surprised how poor he appears to read the game..

    When Demichel (spelling) was making mistakes the clueless pundits were slating him but DeMichelle is a top top player as far back as his BM days…

  83. morning, I said yesterday he will sign a quality striker but not the world class striker were looking for i.e Remy, and lo and behold Remy turns up at the emirates.unfortunately that could be the striker business sorted. Because he said he needs a midfielder and a defender more. maybe the 40 million buy this transfer window will be a midfielder, or else he,ll spend the 40 mill, on a keeper,defender and a mid.personally i think we,ll be winning that 4th place medal again next season. something to look forward to eh,

  84. true ts re martin he was good for malaga too..,…I know kos still needs to cut out the silly fouls in the box but overall he is better than most IMO….even the best defender Silva(IMO) still make silly tackles too

  85. We will soon Ng; I honestly believe that. AW takes in fans views more than we think he does imo…

    I mean no disrespect to anyone so hope no one takes it that way but…

    Fans have selective memory…

    1.2 season ago we were all calling for a OG12 type player. Even when we had RVP the media and pundits like Alan Smith were saying we needed a Drogba upfront to vary the game…

    2.When we had the likes of Vela and Eduardo who fans are now calling for the media and section of fans were calling for a OG12-type.

    3. Re captain issue, even when we had Cesc as cAptain and RVP as captain fans were calling for TV to be made the captain instead.. now he is deemed not good enough…
    Even fans were calling for Arteta (in his first season with us) to be captain instead of RVP…

    Per plays well for 1 season and now he is meant to be the captain…

  86. Morning Cg, you are right about Chamakh and Gervinho. And the latter is back in good form again…

    The PL doesn’t suit all….

  87. Morning Dublin, at least Remy has pace ;)

  88. I really don’t get myself worked up re transfers again as its too much stress but I really want us to sign a DM and a left winger

  89. that is because TV doesn’t play much and arteta as many believes shouldn’t be starting much next season so I really don’t see the harm in the captain talk ts

  90. I actually don’t recall anyone here questioning RvP as captain Ts, it was he who got the players together on and off the pitch..

    Re TV, it’s clearly AW who thinks he’s not good enough to break up the central defensive pairing and he’s got that spot on.

    But you can’t have a captain who is seen as not good enough for a starting place and honestly, I think he’ll leave….

  91. All this striker issue though… who is available?

    Falcao -has been injured since January…

    Cavani – I have never rated apart from at international level and even then he is no better than Diego Forlan… imo

    Lewandowski:- well..

    Mandukic- fans have given up on…

    Adrain Ramos- is joining BVB

    Drmic- is mobile but a huge gamble

    Szalai, Huntelaar have Diaby’s dna too…

    Immobile- fans do not rate him yet because he is not on the experts lips… but as I said Ath will buy hi to replace Costa

    Luiz Muriel maybe… he is strong but from Colombia so will miss a few games due to internationals and his weight issues. lol

    Finnbogason is playing well in Eredivisie but apart from LS07 most Dutch imports have struggled to hit the ground running imediately in this league… Mutu comes to mind

    Lacezzette- I am not overly confident with French strikers who come straight from Ligue 1.

    Lavezzi- I like but not prolific

    Llorente- is not that fast imo

    Greizmann- A huge gamble as the expectations of playing for a mid-table team is different to a striker expected to lead us to the peak of the EPL tree…

    Benteke/ Rodrigues- injured…

    Lukaku- will be good option but Jose

  92. Snap, who is the captain means nothing imho; so far as they conform to the ethos of the club…

    Personally, I don’t care who is the captain so far as he performs well and has tactical awareness…

  93. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Drmic at the Emirates next season Ts…

    Van hoodoodah reckons he will be….

  94. Totally agree Cg and Rico re Gerv;

    Diego Forlan could not score from 2 yards in this league but went to Spain and won the golden boot at a lower club so…

  95. Lol.. Van Hoodoodah is that your crystal glass…

  96. Will fans like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from BVB.. seeing as he has the same build as Gerv?

    Even Klopp said he was surprised we did not buy him…

  97. Gage, I see your point on captains, but Per won me when he tore into Ozil….a very recent record signing at the time….which showed he had the fire in the belly, and commanded respect, which are both qualities a great captain needs.

  98. Of course Scott..

    Per has always looked out for Ozil..

    And even last season i always defended Per when he was deemed to be too slow…

    He is a captain already being the fine collector so..

  99. Actually it wasn’t him it was Lothar Matthaus who said Drmic is heading our way…..

  100. I do care who the captain is ts anyway its all nothing really…..I rate drmic ts sanogo was a huge huge gamble but that didn’t stop Wenger from buying if I most know why don’t u rate Cavan??

  101. Bacary Sagna invited Remy according to the Mail…

  102. T’s. I honestly have to laugh @ 12:00

    We will soon Ng; I honestly believe that. AW takes in fans views more than we think he does imo…

    The last two TW were the straw that break the camel’s back for me. The money was there to be spent and he refused, why? I’ve such respect for this man and I’ve defended him countless times because we all thought he was been ‘scapegoated’, trying to turn ‘Tractors to Ferraris’, ‘Make do’… Which one of the excuses do I missed

  103. I see Cavani the same way i see Higuain…

    20 goals in all competitions for Cavaini… on 100 million a year?

    Playing next to Ibrahimovic, Pastore, etc?

  104. and that is net salary not gross…

  105. Lol Ng… that was a bold statement I guess…

  106. 10 million a year sorry

  107. Ginge – Your line “All this striker issue though… who is available?” says it all. Many of the top feeders are/will be looking for strikers (e.g. Chelski, ManUre, Real) this window. That is why I think we will go after the likes of Moratta and Griezman or the likes of Remy as a fallback. Moratta is young fast and, if RM willing to sell, should be relatively cheap. Griezman will cost more, but still relatively cheap and is fast and adaptable to play anywhere across the front line.

    I have a feeling Arsene will spend the most on a DM or box-to-box MF.

    As for the number of players bought, three, if nobody except for NB52 leaves. Add one for each of Sagna, Vermaelen, and Fabianski departures.

  108. ts u also forgot 45goals in one season for Napoli??Cavani is not Gonzalo…….he is a much better player…..playing on the wings at PSG as well

  109. Does anyone know if Bobby Pires has got his coaching badges?

  110. Snap- Edinson Cavani is one of the most overrated players out there. During the course of 2011/2012, Cavani had only one superb performance – against AC Milan, which was out of the blue. He was extremely inconsistent, because after that Milan game, he scored 1 goal in the next 7 matches.

    36 y.o old Di Natale.. was performing better than him in Serie A

    This season at Psg, even Le Blanc had to publicly back him by saying this nonsense.. ‘TheUruguayan’s mediocre performances of late are down to the fact that the forward’s thoughts are on the World Cup.’

    16 goals plus 1 assist from over 30 appearances in the league…?

  111. Bender Cg??

    I’d like us to sign both….

  112. Player ratings are only personal opinion guys…. Let’s not forget that…

  113. Cavani plays on the wings for Uraguay most times too I believe at least in the confed cup…

    Maybe I am not making myself clear; I like and rate Cavani but it is all about value for money… I won’t pay £25m for him and pay him £200k a week at his ‘age’. lol

    That si why I always backed OG12… £12m at 60k p/w… bargain another AW master stroke imho…

  114. maybe he is overrated ts I give u that but strikers this days are general poor compared to the days when we had Rinaldo rivaldo etc but I don’t think he is as bad as u make him to be……..but I get for that money he should be doing better but the transfer window is what it is

  115. I’m sure that model though Giroud was a master stroke Ts, but as far as a striker goes, he’s ok….. lol

  116. lol Rico…

  117. 22 goals, Rico……not a bad return for him, I reckon.
    Not his fault he never cost 25 million :)

  118. True Snap;

    As I always saying I am only judging him on his cost and hype.. I rate him and Higuain nonetheless just not as highly as they are made to be…

    Cg, I rate Jose higher than Morata… personally.

    I like Greizmann, if you remenber before the window closed I was fuming that Aw did not make a move for him before he featured in the CL qualifier for his club..

    I even posted this video then…

  119. Was kidding Scott..

    I know I have moaned about him, especially in the second half of the season but as long as we sign a very different striker to give us more up front, I won’t be disappointed if he stays…

    But if he went and we signed two top class strikers, I wouldn’t complain either… ;)

  120. Lol Rico so true ts always defends giroud but says he does not rate cavani

  121. Ging. “Tractors to Ferrari” were your words and “Scopegoat” was from davilgunner. :-)

  122. rico, I was in the crowd a few years back when Fran Merida threw his shirt into the crowd and the kid next to me caught it, it was like all his birthdays had come at once, didn’t have the heart to tell him he was off in the summer.
    tsgh, you missed the average french bottler off your hit list !

  123. I like griez too ts but I really like draxler and wish we would go back….ts what do u think of fermino of hoffeiham

  124. Ginge – I’m with you on Giroud being good value for money, but he does need some help from the likes of Morata, Griezman, Drmic, Lukaku etc.; maybe even Balotelli, if and only if Arsene can manage him.

    Rico – I’d love Gondogun, but it is unlikely we can get him, so like you I’m pulling for Lars Bender.

  125. Lol Ng and Snap

    I am deluded though you know Snap

  126. Each to their own snap ;)

    Micko, I always thought Merida would make it with us, bet he wishes he stayed now.. That poor young kid, wonder what he did with the shirt…

    ebay maybe?

  127. Definitely Rico.
    We could do better, but could easily do worse.

  128. Absolutely Scott, much worse, and we have over the years which is why it’s so important to get this summers signings right…

  129. If anybody hasn’t seen it may I recommend the Geoff Shreeves interview with Wenger on Sky Sports. I think it is really good and Wenger talks a lot of sense. I like people who talk sense and don’t twist everything as an opportunity to big themselves up. It also answers some of the questions that often arise on here regarding the do we, don’t we side of the financial debate. Wenger is extremely considered and realistic during and not at all knee-jerk.

  130. I saw it yesterday Adam, thought it was very good…

    Seems like the injury crisis is finally going to be looked into…. About time too….

  131. Roberto is a solid performer but is a bit more attacking I think… correct me if I am wrong Snap.

    Cg, Kev and Rico are the biggest advocates of the Benders on here… I rated them last season and the season before but this season both have been inconsistent…

    What threw me off Lars was his performance against Yanited… that was my test! If he could not boss Cleverley then it will be a huge gamble…

    I like Sven purely for his defensive discipline but less of a total footballer than Lars…He can play RB, central defence too…

    I am not sure how Lars will fit into our system with JW and Ramsey..

    There won’t still be a specialist defensive midfielder player imho..

    Aw will have to do another conversion…

  132. Ginge – Jose would be a good buy, but from what I’ve read RM see him as the future and are unwilling to sell.

    snaparse – Draxler would be great, but I think a hot commodity like him will be out off our price range. Who knows though, the likes of him could be our one marquee signing. A lot depends on how much our others tagets cost, if we are successful in buying them.

    I think Arsene has a short list of primaries and a list of alternates. We have been sorely disappointed in the past when we have focused on only our major targets.

  133. Micko, the french bottler :D

  134. Exactly Cg so they would sell Morata to us as he is surplus to requirement..

    Its like us selling Afobe to them… lol

  135. Thank goodness you don’t sign players for Arsenal Ts ;)

  136. Rico. What struck me was how balanced it was. He is obviously a very intelligent man but, as with all such men, not infallible. His sense of realism seems intact and though he still looks like a romantic idealist at heart I also reckon he is a steely bugger too.
    I thought Shreeves was right to push him on pragmatism with regard to our approach too.

  137. Adam; I see you looked into Aw’s eye listening to that interview..

    He will hypnotise you Sir… :P

    Aw., is a great man; that is why lots of top coaches go to his talks on tactics for UEFA most summer… imho

  138. Can we just forget about tranfer for a while and discuss about our season?

  139. One action replay too many Sukky.

  140. Your views then Sukky…

  141. Agree Adam, and he clearly cares and get’s upset when we lose.

    Anyone who thinks he sets out to get 4th is very wrong but considering that he made it clear that he wants to win the PL, FA Cup and CL, I just don’t understand why we never quite have a squad capable of doing so…

  142. We blew it all because of overplaying players because our squad is too shallow…

    From top to 4th in one month..

    That’s my view of the season..

  143. Interesting Aw stated/corrected himself by saying we can compete with all clubs if all clubs respect ffp…

    But some writers will omit the respect the financial fair play bit next month…

  144. :) Micko…

  145. I think whatever happens to Man City over the next few weeks will play it’s part this summer..

    Won’t effect us of course but clubs like Chelsea and Man Utd might have to stop and think….

  146. Or should that be ‘affect’ Adam. ;)

  147. NG – I’ve just remembered why your “..Tractors to Ferraris…” comment struck a cord with me. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a wealthy tractor manufacture and sports car fanatic. He loved and owned many Ferraris, but had some concerns with some aspects of those cars. He had the opportunity to talk to Le Commendatore (Enzo Ferrari) about them, but was brushed of as a dilettante by the great man. The enraged Ferrucio went on to make his own marque in sports cars – Lamborghini.

  148. Ginge – It will be interesting to see if UEFA actually follow through with their sanctions on clubs that abrogate the FFP guidelines. I doubt any of the ‘big’ clubs will be banned from entering the UCL due to advertising/sponsorship money concerns, but it appears they are serious about imposing salry caps on those clubs UCL squad lists.

    Lets hope UEFA are more than an old toothless tiger.

  149. Very true Cg, but you know about the old saying…

    all roads lead to Rome.. but in football’s case it leads to Nyon…

    Agents and their likes all have interests.. and I doubt Platini is connected enough to step on any certain toes…

    This is an interesting read..


  150. Another night has come and gone. The birds are starting to sing, so dawn isn’t far off. I bid you all good night from me and good day to you.

    Keep The Faith!

  151. night Cg…

  152. Night Cg…. Or should I say morning….

  153. TS. What do you think that link is saying?

  154. The FA Cup final against Arsenal on May 17 will undoubtedly be the biggest game in Hull City’s history. Yet, cruelly, The Tigers may well go into the game with something resembling a second-string side.

    Saturday’s miserable defeat to Aston Villa in a game very much in the shadow of the upcoming cup final for both players and fans came at some cost to manager Steve Bruce.

    Centre-half James Chester picked up a hamstring injury that all but rules him out of Wembley, while forward Sone Aluko missed the game with an ankle strain that has put his participation in the final in doubt.

    Strikers Nikica Jelavic and Shane Long are ineligible for this season’s FA Cup as both played for their former clubs in the third round. Allan McGregor, Paul McShane and Robbie Brady are long term absentees who – baring miracle recoveries – will miss the rest of the season.

    That leaves Yannick Sagbo, who hasn’t started a league game since January 18, and Matty Fryatt, who hasn’t started a Premier League game this season (or ever in fact), as the only strikers Bruce has available.

    Each has weighed in with crucial goals in the cup run so far but we have not met anyone the quality of Arsenal. Fryatt doesn’t have the pace or strength to trouble the Gunners defence. Sagbo has both but lacks the finesse to link up with midfield and hold the ball up.

  155. afternoon all ts re Roberto I was thinking him as an option on the wings ala nasri type very skillful plus quick and he scores goals too plus he is a good playmaker if he isn’t in the Brazil squad ur will be a joke in my opinion as he has out performed neymar and Oscar imo

  156. Talking of Oscar snaparse, seems Jose has upset a few of his players, things might be going belly up over in West London… :)

  157. Laters….

  158. true Rico JM talks to much……I have a feeling hazard will be off and dunno if he will allow Oscar remember he let mata go because of him so….

  159. Diaby

  160. Speaking of FA cup final,I don’t care who start for hull.In as much ramsey,kos,ozil,santi and giroud are available,we are going to win the FA cup in style.It won’t be a narrow victory,I promise you that

  161. Seems there were spaculations licking Lizard to P$G and barcal.It will be interesting to see chelshit loss him.I will be the happiest man if that happens.

  162. Hi Rico and all HHers,
    squeaky-bum-time has come a bit late, but i dunno what is happening in Boreenho’s kitchen the last two weeks! but it is fun to see the whole chelshit set up looking so clueless with all the million pounds they spent in the last three seasons.

    the tall midget standing at the bridge is going trophyless for the second year running…..

  163. Very balanced interview. As I said before, I’ve respect for AW and all what he’s done for Arsenal. I just wish I have half the football brain he has. We’re in a position whereby we just can’t compete with those bottowless pockets clubs, so we have to be practical and do what we have to do. We just can’t sit down and wait for FFP to grow some balls and have some teeth before we compete. Whom knows when clubs like Barc, RM, Mancity and Chelsea would respect FFP and cut down on there spending? Managers come and go and it’s a recycling process and we’re fortunate enough, among the big four or five, to be consistence with the same manager that is why we should have taken advantage of this season to clench PL. All the other clubs above us have new managers and for once we’re able to keep our players without selling no one, and those with injuries, we should addressed adequately during the TW. Well, unless the resources was not there.

  164. As soon as the sanctions come out the first available lawyer on hiscoach and horses will drive straight through it. The sheiks have more money than Fifa or Eufa and will not want their playthings interfered with.

  165. ….kcab sii Dia

  166. Diaby, is like a new signing…

  167. Using FFP as an excuse to buy what you need is a jock really. Are they going to suspend Barc and RM for violating one of the fine line among the so many rules? UEFA is all about money and you’re not going to mess around with those that bring in the doug.

    AW tried to compared how we lineup for Bayern Munich and Chelsea. Two different teams that play different football. The only similarity they each have eleven players in the pitch. Chelsea just sit back and allow Arsenal to pass the ball in front of their back 6 and as soon as Arsenal give the ball away they counter-attack. While BM is an attack-minded team. Why did he think Morinho put Oscar on Artate?

  168. If we take the spine of the arsenal team as,Giroud,Arteta and BFG
    and you were the other team manager working on the tactic’s or system to beat these three,
    you would’nt have to be a brain surgeon would you,
    I love these boy’s…But
    I’ve seen milk turn quicker.Lets be fair..Arsene

    I am a bit surprised that people still think for some reason,
    that wenger is not,
    The head cook and bottle washer,at the Arsenal.

  169. Allegedly RM want Kos too…

  170. Evening guys and gals..

  171. Kev, Diaby has been that for too many seasons…

    Potter, you might be right, be interesting to see what gets dished out to City over the next few weeks….

  172. fred, love that comment. Spot on too imo…

  173. I know kos and I love arsenal but some part of me what kos to go.He deserve more than this.

  174. Sukky, that has to be the most crazy comment! Kos was plucked from a lower league in France I think and given a chance – without Arsenal, he’d still be there I suspect!

  175. Sukky you for real?

    He owes us a winner in the FA cup; BCFC CoC comes to mind.

    Evening Lady Rico… who you rooting for tonight…?

  176. Sukky. You must be joking right? Do you remember the Championship Cup with Birminham? Kos was a raw material when he came to Arsenal.

  177. .. and the 9 own goals he has scored Ng… still a top player though…

  178. who are you backing tonight Ng?

  179. Those are the type of comments when said to players that they tend to forget where they came from. This is one of the reasons I said AW needs to be ruthless with some players. Because it all about them.

    T’s. agreed. Top notch

  180. Lol,so you guys love kos.Well I will try that stuff with OG12 next time.I want losserpool to win the league.I guess I have a soft stop for CAPTAIN STEVEN G..Though,am a striker but he has been my inspiration since when I was young.

  181. T’s.Crystal Palace all the way.

  182. Sukky we all love kos..

    I wanted the dippers to win until I realised I can’t stand hearing Brenda talk how marvelous he is…

    Same here Ng… CP all the way… In the ideal world the dipers will lose tonight and draw the final match so we can finish 3rd…

  183. I like Stevie G too Sukky. I think he is England’s best player But when they lied and said they had spent less than us I woke up from my romantic slummer … ;)

  184. Palace for me too….

  185. Hi Ts, Palace!

  186. AW is right on one thing, L’pool 24 years without the PL title yet no one is harass or reminding them every hour.

  187. LS07 complaining that he is sick… lol

    £10M bonus earned in the last month.. who says its all about trophies.

    Not forgetting 2 personal accolades

  188. Rojas or what is his name?(Red face I guess),if he win the title I can cope with his rubbish but if moyinho win the title,the world won’t stop listening to the lost one rubbish.

  189. No chance for the chavs now me think.. re winning league.
    Ng, Aw tried to rub it in with Reeves :-)… does anyone know who Reeves supports?

  190. Ng, they won the CL, kept all the critics away…

  191. Evening all,Chelski uff a goal down at the bridge,4-2 down in a final,priceless!! lol

  192. Chelsea cannot win the PL now….

  193. Chelshit logic:Di matteo wins FA cup & UCL-sacked! Benitez wins Europa League-sacked! Mourinho wins nothing-the special one!

  194. Hiya Bt…

    True Rico…
    Steve G can wear his CL medal…

  195. Poo-list has done well for his team this season…

    we shall see next season though…

  196. Evening Rico and the house.
    Channel 24 youth cup final chavs4 fulham5
    Fantastic game watch it .

  197. Diaby: ”..There are two games left, you have to be realistic. But if I could be the 23rd man on the plane for Brazil… I dream of that.”

    He is serious about going to Brazil… shocking. If I were him I would be considering being fit for August…

  198. Evening Rick, did you have a good birthday?

  199. Hiya Rick… have you had a good weekend?

  200. Bugger, Dippers are 1-0 up…

  201. Rico Ginge It was great thank you. First hangover for a long time.
    Its getting better tonlght watching Fulham beating boring boring
    Chavs. Nowchavs4 fulham 6

  202. rubbish..
    the dippers still have a better goal difference too…

    For all its worth… Rico, you always thought the dippers would win it so… I blame you for it. lol

  203. it sounds like a good match. which station is ch 24 please?

    Glad to hear Rick..
    Where are George and Sp1 recently?

  204. Fab stuff Rick, apart from the bad head ;)

    I did Ts, but never wanted them too.. Mind you, I think a few on here thought I was mad suggesting they could…

  205. Ginge Itv 4 freeview. Ht same score

  206. Honestly, I did think you have been smoking on some of JW Henry’s veggie sticks Rico :P… but only because you dislike my stats (cough) facts… :D

    Rick, I shall tune ion 2nd half… this dippers game is a bit flat…

    Poo-listy trying to help his fellow Welsh man. ;)

  207. Looking at their team, few injuries and no distractions, it was pretty clear they’d be in with a good chance.

    However, next season will be very different for the dippers….

    As it will be for us unless…..

  208. But I must admit,the chelshit youth team is way too better than ours.

  209. Nice block for Allen’s marker on their goal by Flanaghan I think.

  210. Rico love the 4th medal

    Bet the spuds and the toffes wou.ld love one

  211. definitely the sperds would love one…

    I haven’t seen my next door neighbour recently..

    when we were losing he made sure I could spot him every morning… lol.

    He even had the nerve to ask me if we would like to buy back Ade-bawhore? lol

  212. I bet Rick… lol

    Potter, Im watching the snooker rather than the dippers…

  213. crystal palace for me….I hate Liverpool didn’t hear from them for almost two decades and all of a sudden it looks like I’m watching Michael Jackson thriller people waking from the dead and telling me how they are a superb team and all………….hi Rico rick ts and all………nobody wished me a happy birthday ……..not cool..Lol

  214. I’m done for the day.

    Night all, catch up tomorrow….

    I want Selby to win but Ronnie is a Gooner.

    Life is tough sometimes…..

  215. Rick, I can’t believe how empty the chavs stadium is for such a match?

    Last September when the kids were playing at the Erms it was almost full…

  216. Hey Snap; happy belated birthday! when was yours?

    Night Rico

  217. I like the look of Williams andBaker of Fulham ginge.

  218. My first time seeing them. Rick

  219. Sorry not Baker Roberts

  220. Fulham look well drilled…

    The gaps between their midfield is very well rehearsed.. imo

  221. 3rd ts………how is you mate watching the bin dippers??

  222. 3-3 now… typical chelsea. they never give up

  223. sorry ts I meant 5th which is today ……typo problem

  224. hope you had a good one Snap.

    Rick, I like the look of Wiliams…

  225. what a team? 4-3

  226. Ah, happy birth day then.. and many more

  227. Lol Johnson is England’s first choice right back???

  228. the chavs have won it… pfff

  229. interesting re johnson.

    Night gents…

  230. hello
    Palace 2-3 come on Palace!

  231. Ginge thats why I try to follow youth football.
    Unlucky Fulham. Night all

  232. 3-3 :-)

  233. Revenge is a dish best served cold as they say.
    Last time the scousers won the league in 1990 they beat Palace 9 nil at Anfield, makes the result even sweeter for the eagles tonite.

    Never heard of Elena Baltacha before this morning but seeing the tributes on tele this evening what a brave young lady she was, her ole man played for Ipswich amongst other clubs and the USSR as well, a very sporty family.

    Fred 6.40, time to call in the men in the sheepskin coats me thinks !!!

    Happy Bornday Snap, hope you had a good one.

    Nite Gooners.

  234. It’s ACMilan all over again……..only in reverse!
    Shit hot!

  235. I take it all back Pulis…
    Rico your boy Ince…superb
    Morning all

  236. Morning all..

    3-0 up with 11 mins to go….

    Sounds like one of our old results, surely Pulis will get manager of the season now, he certainly deserves it…

    Always said he was good Ts… :)

  237. snaparse, belated birthday wishes from me too, if I’d known I’d have baked a cake ;)

  238. Morning all…

  239. Morning Dennis, how was Yarmouth??

  240. Was a hoot, lots of nice parents loads of alcohol then loads more alcohol followed by stupid drinking games….. oh and some good rugby! Picture en route!!!

  241. Morning brudder.
    Please send me that pic too. :)

  242. Sounds fab Lee, and lovely weather too…

  243. Morning Adam.

  244. Got back Sunday night…up at the crack of dawn to spend yesterday on the Norfolk Broads with my dad and off to New York this afternoon! I can’t wait to be at home doing sweet f.a!!!

  245. You must be shattered!!

  246. Morning Rico and all.
    Take it easy brudder. The life of the playboy jet setter ain’t easy. Ask Kev.

  247. Did you watch the Liverpool game Adam?

  248. Kev Heffner as he’s known!

  249. Yes Rico, absolutely knackered!

  250. Morning All,
    Lee talking of rugby Pulis did alright last night,I used to think that Pulis thought it was free kick/offside when passed forward.
    Wonder what Stevie G was thinking when palace scored the 3rd one…Istanbal ..maybe not.

  251. How long in New York Lee?

    Morning fred…

  252. 2.30pm flight today come back on 7.00pm Thursday straight into the office Friday morning!

  253. Ouch, that’s harsh! Go steady, you are no spring chicken you know ;)

  254. I know, I feel older than my years today…..

  255. Just seen the collapse at Selhurst Park highlights :P :P

  256. Hi Rico. I watched it until they were 3-0 up then turned off. When I saw the score later I tuned into MOTD. I was torn between it and the new creation sitting atop Lineker’s head. These younger wives always do this stuff when they marry rich, supercilious knobs like Gary.
    But, seeing the Liverpool players after the game was really quite nice.

  257. Seeing Suarez, Cole and Terry sobbing their eyes out all within one week is a sight to behold! Karma is a wonderful thing…..

  258. All that is needed is a total meltdown at Chelsea now and I won’t feel so bad about the season. Almost. :)

  259. Lee you got the best of the weather , peeing down today. Hope the rugger went well.

  260. Now Gotze is now happy with Pep…

    I love the transfer window…

    Malaga Gooner where are you?

  261. Yes Potter it was dry, windy and sunny. The rugby was all good, the tournament was won by a team from Hull (big 12yr olds that had only switched codes 2yrs ago) Funny seeing a parent sent off for back chatting a ref’s decision!!!

  262. not* happy… even

  263. Klopp after Bony… according to DW.de

  264. You need a nice relaxing lunch Lee ;)

    I too enjoyed seeing the Liverpool players after the game, bet Suarez wishes he’d joined us now :)

  265. If we are to believe the reports in the press Adam, all is not well at Chelsea, you may just get to see that meltdown ;)

  266. New post up now…

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