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Vela return? Wenger: Don’t expect many signings & don’t expect any early ones…..

Morning all.

If Everton slip up later today, we secure 4th spot. If they win against City, the pressure is back on us to beat West Brom tomorrow lunchtime. We certainly don’t want or need this to go to the final game of the season because Norwich, a side who are in desperate need of three points to retain the Premier League status so best something goes our way in the next two days.

I’d like to think we are better than West Brom, I’d like to believe we are ready to blow a side who are sat 15th in the top league away with ease but the reality is, it’s so close at the bottom of the table, a loss for them could see them drop back into a relegation battle.

They’ll be up and fighting and ready to take three points off of us.

And we’ve slipped up a few times at the Emirates haven’t we?

The opening day of the season was the worst possible start to this campaign that we could have wished for. Ok, we haven’t lost another fixture at home since that day but we’ve suffered far too many draws.

Everton, Chelsea, Manchester United, Swansea and Manchester City.

It could be argued that the draws against City and Chelsea weren’t so bad but I’d disagree, both were there for the taking on the night but we just simply didn’t have enough to get all the points. The other results were simply woeful!

Those extra 13 points which we dropped would have seen us crowned Premier League Champions. In fact if we accept the two draws against City and Chelsea, we’d still be top of the league this weekend and looking favourites to become league winners.

Arsene Wenger agrees:

We started in the worse possible way, after that we had a good strong home record.

The restriction we had was in the big games, when we only made draws and not wins in some of them.

That’s where the missing points are at the moment because we are very close to the top. Maybe one or two wins at home would have made that difference.

Not only that, we have dropped silly points away from home and I don’t mean the ones at City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Everton. Forget those results, not the performances because they need to be learned from.

But, we lost away to Stoke City, we lost to the worst Man Utd side in years and we drew at both West Brom and Southampton! I get the Southampton result as they are becoming a very good side but the others? Simply not good enough…

That’s another 8 points dropped. (not including the draw at St Marys)

Arsene’s view:

The regret we have of the season is that we have been remarkably consistent, [but] it is against the teams who did not fight for the Premier League title.

But especially away from home in some of the big games, we could not claim the points.

Reality is though, had we won all of our fixtures against the sides below us both home and away, the losses to the sides who currently sit above us wouldn’t have mattered, as we’d still have been crowned Champions.

Arsene Wenger suggests that injuries to key players such as Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere hit his side hard.

When we came out of Christmas, we were in a strong position and what you want then is to have your strong players available in March and April.

We had too many injuries. It is very, very difficult – you can have one or two but after that when you have too many injuries you always have to play the same players and that is detrimental to the efficiency of the group.

The regret we have is that too many players were out at the same time between Christmas and April.

And here is where I disagree.

Yes we have suffered injuries but the manager has admitted to overplaying one or two, certainly our man who makes us tick, Aaron Ramsey and that all comes down to lack of depth, strength and/or the lack of faith Arsene Wenger has in the players within the squad because if he truly believed in every player who is listed on the official website as being part of our 25 man squad, then why hasn’t he used them when certain players have needed a day off to rest…

And if he doesn’t believe in them, why the hell are they there in the first place?

Players are more than capable of playing every week but what can’t be expected is to be playing every 3/4 days which has been asked of them when the CL starts together with the domestic cups.

Sort those issues out this summer and maybe, just maybe the injuries will lessen, our players will stay fitter and in good form for longer periods of time and our results will only benefit.

As will our seasons ahead!!

However, Arsene Wenger has said that he won’t be signing big in numbers:

It will be busy, but the main thing for us will be to keep the stability because we feel we are close. We want to add something that makes us even stronger, but, number wise, it will not be massive.

Oh and he’s also said that we’ll have to wait until after the World Cup as players aren’t available until then…!!

One player who could return is Carlos Vela and despite being happy in Spain he said:

Arsenal can come back for me at €4 million (£3.3m) at any time, which is €1 million more than Real Sociedad paid. I look at things differently these days and I won’t close the door on Arsenal, or any team in England. I think I’m better prepared to play in another country now.

Interesting one that one, he’s playing really well this season for Real Sociedad….

But it’s his team-mate Antoine Griezmann we want isn’t it?

As for any departures:

We have only two players who are out of contract – Fabianski and Sagna. All the rest need our agreement and they haven’t got it yet.

Cripes, have all the rest asked to leave……?

Just kidding of course, he was referring to Podolski and Vermaelen…

That’s it for another day……..


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302 comments on “Vela return? Wenger: Don’t expect many signings & don’t expect any early ones…..

  1. Morning rico, good post. Rather than see Villa as the worst possible start, I actually think it prompted out biggest ever signing which boosted the atmosphere all around the club massively, and that’s why we had such a good run. AW didn’t see it this way obviously otherwise January would not have happened. But then, he knows best I guess.

    Realistically, we know more will leave than come in, don’t we? (including loans)

  2. Morning all.
    A nice thoughtful and insightful post.


    As strange as it sounds – he is a player that would currently fit into this system. He was always a good player, and a fantastic finisher and 100 times better than Sanogo and Pak Doo Ik.

    Wenger mentioned Fabianski and Sagna and their contracts ending and the need for stability as we are “nearly there”.

    I’d love Sagna to re-sign – he’s a solid performer, but what would Fabianski get out of re-signing? being the reserve to Szcny?

    Arteta is on his way out and really needs replacing, and not so much with the “BEAST” that everyone craves, just a midfielder who has an engine, who’s not afraid to put himself about and who is accountable.

    We are “nearly there”, but the fact that we are not and that we could have been, is the fault of Wenger. He saw the problem in the January transfer window and never acted to rectify it …

  3. An excellent post it must be said…
    At the beginning of the season I predicted that we will win the league and the FA cup.. by beating the teams below us and if AW managed his squad better…
    Typical of Aw his substitutions were poor especially when we were winning…There were times when a few on HH were calling for OG12 and Ramsey to be subbed with 5 minutes to go when we were winning but no it had to be a winger that came off…
    As someone who was privy to some performance data I found Aw very negligent in November, December in regards to Ramsey and to a lesser extent Ozil…
    I even said on here both players will be injured soon because they were both in the ‘red’…
    Ozil at RM almost never played more than 70 minutes a game in a far less intense league but AW so it fit to play him every 3 days after Ozil had played only about 200 minutes in pre season…

    water under the bridge now… let him bag the fa cup and kets hope AW does not repeat those same poor judgement again,..

  4. Morning Syg… we had the personnel imo to win the league if AW had not let his personal grudges cloud his judgement…
    Serge should have gotten more games but as I said when Loew mentioned that Gnabry could make the krauts squad… AW will stop playing him. ..AW stopped playing Serge immediately and started playing JW on the wings…
    Imo Bendtner should have gotten more minutes by coming on for Og12 in latter part of games but no….

  5. Morning Andrew, thanks.- you know, I deleted a line which followed the Aston Villa sentence. It read ‘the only good thing to come out of that result was the signing of Ozil.

    Great minds eh ;)

  6. Morning Ts, Syg..

    Thanks re the post guys…

  7. AW hasn’t given up hope on keeping Fabianski either, if he and Sagna both stay it would be a huge boost….

  8. Morning Ginge
    “Gnabry could make the German squad – Wenger will stop playing him – Wenger stopped playing Serge immediately and started playing Wilshere on the wings …”

    It’s a strange one that.

    I had no idea why Wenger opted to leave Gnabry out, as he gave us a different dimension in attack, and more to the point was an exciting player that defenders appeared to hate defending against.

    Wenger does pander to the “bigger” player …. Cesc, Henry, Van Persie etc..

  9. I can’t see Fabianski staying and wanting to play second fiddle to Szcny, Rico.

    I reckon he’s as good a goalkeeper as our number 1 if not better.

    I also have a feeling that Wenger will play Szcny in the FA Cup Final.

  10. I am not even surre how Serge got injured long term…
    Maybe its in his Dna

  11. Wonder if we will ever understand the Gnabry situation? He had put in some very promising performances, and then without Walcott it cried out for him to be given more chances. And from that moment, he barely got a whiff.

  12. Neither can I Syg, two of the same nationality in one side was always doomed…

  13. AWr rates Martinez who is sitting on the bench in yorkshire

  14. I don’t get the Gnabry situation either, crazy not playing him when TW, Ozil etc were out….

  15. Good morning I seen this story last night and boy did it piss me off. Himself talking about transfers.
    Jesus it’s déjà vu all over again. More torment again this summer.

    We want to add something that makes us even stronger, but number-wise it will not be massive”, said Wenger. “At the moment i have people around me who start to look. “From my experience the world cup years have always been very quiet until the end of the world cup,
    “Everybody is focused in the country on their national team and there is not a lot happening, people are away so I believe this year again you will have to wait until July 15th to start going.”
    Key word for me there is “who start to look “ “.you mean you don’t know your f**kin targets yet”. This man is waiting till after the world cup July 15th to start looking for 1 or 2 players. Meanwhile Chelsea is already in negotiations with Diego costa because they want to get the deal wrapped up before the world cup. Jesus Christ will this man ever learn. He should have his targets sorted, grow some balls and go in and get them at whatever cost, before the world cup.” WENGER OUT”

  16. Martinez is far too young imo to be a second choice keeper, he needs to be playing each week to improve. Not for us I hasten to add….

  17. Morning dublin, I wouldn’t believe a word from Aw when it comes to transfers, after all, he usually says he’ll sign players but doesn’t..

    He won’t be telling the press anything so I’m not letting his latest comments wind me up.

    Also, he said recently that the club are already looking at who they want to sign which contradicts what he is supposed to have said yesterday…

  18. The goalkeeper problem was one that we have never really “rectified” since Jens Lehmann.

    Even when we had Seaman he was regularly getting injured towards the end of his tenure, so much so that we had to rely on Stuart Taylor, who was as much use between the sticks as Ray Charles.

    I still don’t feel 1000% about Szcny, but I suppose that’s goalkeepers in general….

  19. I’d rather Fabianski than Szczesny on this seasons performances alone…

  20. Morning all,
    Whats your take on the planned protest?

  21. Seaman should have been dropped by Aw much earlier… Mallinger(spelling) like fabianski never got that chance…
    it didnt help with Tony Adams threatening AW not to drop the back 5…

  22. Dublin, exactly my thoughts, but then we hear the same every year so why would this be different?

  23. Ye rico we,ll have to wait and see. Just for once you,d like im to go in and surprise us with an early world class signing.Because after the world cup. The bidding wars start, and as we all know wenger doesn,t do bidding wars. It,s he,s price or nothing. So frustrating.
    “a leopard and all that”

  24. Morning Ben..

    Mixed views from me. I can understand it but if only a small numbers are involved, will their voice be heard by Kroenke?

  25. Totally agree Dublin, being as tight as he is, you’d think he’d be intelligent enough to know that a good WC for players will only see their valuation increase…

    Just be bloody proactive for once, is that too much to ask for….

  26. Call me cynical but I am not convinced that Sagna is injured.

    Last home fixture, the chance for the Emirates faithful to say their goodbye etc etc etc…

    Just like AW to deny him that….

  27. Being an Arsenal fan this last 8 years turns you cynical rico ;-)

  28. Hiya Ben. There was some bitching between Pedro on Le-Grove and the She Wore a Yellow Ribbon the other day about the merits and de-merits of protesting.
    The biggest protest I ever saw was at the Villa home game – the atmosphere was toxic and downright horrible.

    The reality is that we have a great core.
    Wenger cut out a lot of the crap and replaced the void with a lot of good players.
    The other reality is that there are still a couple of dodgy players present that need getting out and the subsequent voids replacing with great players.

    When I specify great, I mean great.

    Every time a blogger states that Wenger is a wanker, it gets picked up by the club.

  29. That’s very true Andrew ;)

  30. Morning All…

    Morning Rico, not read post yet… ;-)
    Just a comment on Wenger’s comments (excuses) from yesterday…

    So, the World Cup is gonna affect our transfer business is it?
    Well let’s see how affected Chelsea, ManCity, ManUre, Liverpool and Tottenham are shall we?!!!
    Somehow I cannot see them all leaving it until August 31st like us…

    Supermarket sweep coming up this August as we feed on the crumbs and Kroenke banks another massive profit…

  31. Morning Kev, I wouldn’t bother ;)

    I hope you are wrong, I really do…

  32. Morning all,
    Might as well shut up shop after the cup final rico and re-open in August.
    Players unreachable…..my arse.

  33. Can’t believe I woke up to this. So I Guess it’s another painful summer again. Why don’t he just fuck off and leave us alone. We are close he says…no we are not. We were outplayed by everton smashed by chelshit and obliterated by loserpoop. Yet he wants to stay for another two years and everybody is happy! God help me. I don’t need this this early.

  34. Morning Micko, sounds like a plan, a good one….

  35. And moaning all…Am depressed as fuck right now.

  36. I thought wba match was away?
    Micko, Goonster 2 more years… just hang on tight it will be over soon… lol

  37. Hi goonster, I have to disagree, we are close, we have been for a few years now but time and time again AW fails to sign the players who will take us up another level.

  38. Nope, we are at home Ts…

    Norwich is away next weekend..

  39. Thanks Rico

  40. This is the closest we have been in 8 years.
    This could have easily been a double season.

    He ought to have rotated Bendtner and Giroud 65/35 rather than 90/10 and Sanogo should have got nowhere near the first 11.

    The same applies to the midfield.

    One or two changes per game – never wholesale. I’ve been saying it for years.

    The January transfer window. That trump card ought to have been played.

    I think we’ll get Lars Bender. No idea who else.

  41. Guys among the top teams we could only beat Liverpool(sperms don’t count they are tiny tots) we lost heavily to all the teams around us and y’all say we were close? I don’t think so. We had a full strength team when we visited the wastelands. What was the final score? Yeah I thought so. We haven’t been close in a decade. End ofm

  42. I thought we were pretty close in the season that Gallas had his strop, threw that away in Feb didn’t we?

    Totally agree though, rotation has cost us this season…

    Together with lack of depth of course….

  43. 40,000 cheering on Citeh at Goodison today, it must be pretty grim for Liverpool.
    Reminds me a little bit of Man U vs tottenham in 99, last day of the season, a win for the scum would have seen us take the title, they took the lead of course but fcuked us over in the end ! Another one that got away.

  44. Almunia and Glichy – the weakest link

  45. But as the post suggest goonster, had we not draw so many matches at home, and beaten the clubs below us, it wouldn’t have mattered…

    Losing at Stoke, drawing at home to Swansea and Everton and of course, losing on the opening day of the season is where we lost the PL this season….

  46. You and me both Micko, in fact I hope City win their last three and take the crown…

  47. We led till xmas then theo picked up and injury and our title ambitions went up in flames. Slowly and gradually the other poor saps began to fade from playing too many games. We were close…psssssst that’s how close we were.

  48. Goonie, 4 of the starting line up were taken ill at the emptyheart stadium- goonie
    we also had 2 goood goals disallowed to make it 3-4 before it went to 6…

  49. Its disgusting that the young kids who make the ball in pakistan get paid less than 20p a day whilst the players make up to 500000% more…

  50. What kills me is that maureen is so relaxed whenever he plays us. Home or away. He is so calm. Never pensive or restless. But i saw him grow a few grey hairs against relegation fodder Sunderland. It’s unbelievable. How many matches now yet no single win. Wenger out.

  51. Hahahahhahhhaaaaaahahahahah listen to yourself ginge…we had 3 goals disallowed. How many title contenders concede 6 goals in one game? Not once but twice!!

  52. Politics, Ginge?

  53. Hi Rico, Goonster, Kev, Micko etc,
    Great post.
    I have to agree with Goonster, some of the games we have lost, i.e. Everton, Chelsea, we never got out of the traps. So although by putting out our strongest team, Wenger may feel that we are not that far away from success, how many games have we seen our best team play? Too many injuries, some players forced to play when “in the red” etc etc. Wenger needs to bolster the squad with players that can come in when called upon and make a difference, not just make up the numbers.

  54. Hi Marinello, thanks…

    The early ko times seem to be a problem, goodness knows why though but our worst defeats have been on a Saturday lunchtime…

  55. Goonie the dippers were on top at christmas…
    we won on boxing day and went on top briefly…
    theo played 10 times before his injury including playing for England

  56. Syg…its the way the world is I guess…
    but that is for another blog so….

  57. If Wenger blows it next season then he will never see the second year of that contract. The fan’s patience has been stretched to the limit. As far as the PL title is concerned I see our squad as being some way away and have very little confidence that Wenger will address it fully. With him it’s always one step forward and two steps back.

  58. Ginge stop making excuses for wenger.he sees these players during training he knew they running on empty yet he kept playing them. Who does that? Haven’t y’all notice that our best players tend to go missing for huge chunks of the season. Year after year. It’s baffling.

  59. Adamant

  60. Am sorry adam…I don’t wanna take that chance. He needs to go at the end of the season. Can’t trust arsene with my shit let alone arsenal. Wenger out.

  61. I think you’ll be right Adam. A bad transfer window in the summer will soon get the fans up, in a negative way….

  62. Goonie, I know its all if and buts but… AW is here to stay so we need to all have our fingers and toes crossed come wembley…
    very true Rico re early k.o.
    how odd is it that we played most of our fixtures against our rivals at 12:45.
    If only we played those games at 5 or 8 on monday night…

    Rico, so what do you thing of my stats that we lose at 12:45? Not all stats are gibberish :P

  63. Goonie you are right if course…
    just pulling your legs buddy

  64. Good thing it’s just my legs you re pulling. Micko and lee were going to pull something else during our fiasco in the bathtub:lol:

  65. Rico. As I said to you on the blower Arsenal really need to step up the quality of the squad but, with all this “we were close” stuff, I think that I sense where Wenger’s head is at. It’s No Change as far as I can see.
    As I mentioned a while ago, you cannot offer up the excuse of financial limitations as being responsible for the club’s failure for years, if when you do have big, big money available, you do nothing with it. Those stances are totally incompatible.

  66. Hey adam how’s the missus? Beautiful day here in the south. Finally some sunshine. Phew was worried there for a while.

  67. Hiya Marinello…

    Stan you’ve really got the hang of the Smiley Faces… :mrgreen:

  68. She’s ok thanks Stan. Your family too I hope.

  69. Lol in your face allezkev:lol:

  70. Looks like it’s Remy then next Summer Adam???

    How exciting?!!!

  71. :lol: Stanley….

    Practice makes perfect mate…

  72. Yeah we re alright. The baby and mother re both soundly asleep. The drunk grandpa wit a huge gut and goat beard is snoring loudly like a blubber whale in the next room. When ll this geezer leave? God help me.

  73. Kev. I can’t wait. After his majestic performance against us in the week I really saw what we were missing.
    Happy Birthday mate. :)

  74. It could be chamakh coming back…lol

  75. Goonie. That’s an attractive image. :)

  76. Ginge you crack me up :laughing:

  77. TS. Don’t wind me up. :)

  78. Rico, Reading are on ss1

  79. Trust me adam it’s not….would rather see WATH’s hairy back every second of the day.

  80. I try not to Mr Adam… :P

  81. Is today your birthday Kev?
    If it is many happy returns Sir

  82. Gee ginge show me how to make dem faces. I only know how to do this…:lol: even then I suck at it.

  83. See what I mean…..grrrrr

  84. Denilson has a buy back clause… :P

  85. I know only semi colon plus ) no space or colon plus D no space between

  86. That’s hilarious….who’s next gerboue?

  87. :) re your stat Ts, but it’s fact, we play early, we lose, apart from the FA Cup against Everton…

  88. Adam, I still don’t believe a word AW spouts. In fact I wish he’d keep quiet and lets actions speak louder…

    Ts, thanks, I already have it on and poor Reading robbed of a penalty and a poss sending off for Burnley….

  89. Goonie. What is the general feeling in Holland about Van Gaal?

  90. I thought Kev’s birthday was later in the year, much later?

  91. Rico. Agreed re Arsene’s mouth, but I suppose that he is only answering questions asked by journos, all of whom have an agenda. Whoever does his PR should surely have said something about his transfer schtick though.

  92. Folks think he ll fail. My cousins especially but who cares what those numpties think. They are all drunks. I think he be a huge hit. He ll bring the best our of van crap again I fear. He is a ruthless tactician.

  93. He has very odd lips though. Full, yet somehow withdrawn.

  94. :

    Gervinho will come back in 2 years time when Rudi Garcia takes over from AW…

  95. Gee adam what’s with you and Dutch lips? YOU Re begining To Creep ME out.

  96. Nah ginge it’s the Slavic twat at grampus that ll take over from arsene and from what I hear he is no better. God help us.

  97. Agree Adam, you’d think he’d know how to play them by now. Maybe he does….

  98. Goonie. I had a Dutch girlfriend once with enormous lips, hence my fascination.

  99. Don’t think DB was full of praise for van Gaal… I think he’ll fail…

  100. Rico you think…I know. See the difference :grin:

  101. Gee adam….I hope the missus is not reading.

  102. Adam, you mean Chris Soult and Tom Fox (who said that the club was about money inter alia) have better PR skills than Aw? ;)

    Tom Fox epitomises everything wrong with AFC…
    :) Rico, when I first said we lose at 12:45 2 or so years ago a few thought it was a baseless observation…

  103. Danny Ings again, what a super goal…

    Not good for Reading of course….

  104. Don’t trust a guy named fox.

  105. How naughty of them Ts ;)

  106. I’m off to potter around in the garden and clean the car…

    Enjoy the day guys, catch up later…

  107. Lol goonie.. you mean Dragan Stojković… the original Diaby. A player who allegedly had the potential to be a world great but the moment he signed for Aw it went down hill with injuries… :-)

  108. Reading are playing well Rico…

  109. Cripes rico…you drive too?? Ve always pictured you in a horse carriage. Just kidding. Have fun ma’am.

  110. Exactly that’s the dude…well I did watch some of their games. He is not scared to make early substitution like some people I know still I don’t want him. Let’s go all out for alegri spaletti or another pragmatic Italian coaches. About time we go Italian.

  111. TS. Whoever does advise him should be saying “Arsene, don’t start with the World Cup year excuse and don’t say that we aren’t going to buy many players, do not mention the self-sustaining financial model. In fact keep schtum about the whole thing. At least until after we have had the fan’s trousers down over the season tickets anyway”

  112. Adam you ll make a mean snake oil sales representative.

  113. Gervais (I loathe to call him inho) coming back ….?

    fckng hope not.

    Same goes for that other tosser – the so called “assist master” warming the bench of in Catalonia.

    Fabregas I would have back. I don’t know where he would fit in, but he was a player that carried the rest of the team for three seasons.

  114. Goonster. No she never reads the blogs after she saw one of my more sickening posts some time ago.

  115. I don’t blame her poor thing. I wouldn’t wanna be stuck wit you for a day let alone a lifetime. How does she put up with you. :grin:

  116. Isn’t the quality of Championship matches awful? This Reading v Burnley turnout is drab. It’s like watching Chelsea play Chelsea.

  117. Totally agree Adam but AW and schtum… :)

    I knew the mention of Gervais or Frimpong would get Syg on here pronto…

    human habits eh??? :P

  118. Chelsea vs Chelsea without Hazard… lol

  119. Stan, you sound like my earlier wives. I dunno how she puts up with me frankly. Perhaps she admires my punctuation. What about your Mrs then? She obviously has a tremendous sense of humour.

  120. Syg assist master pfffft songinho suck eggs. I hate that shit head. Cost us so many points with stupid fouls in the wrong spot. Plus he is too slow to be marauding forward at even given chance. No we don’t want either of dem back.

  121. I am sure Wenger would love to buy Hazard.

  122. Cause am a blonde Adonis adam. Why else. I mean have you seen me? Am a Greek god. :grin:

  123. It would be worth a bid just to piss Mourinho off.

  124. Hahahahahahhaha don’t make me laugh. Hazard and wenger can’t be in the same sentence. Unless put this way ” hazard snubs wenger says he is shit” :grin:

  125. “The Beast” aka Frimpong has found his true level …….. and he still can’t get a game …

    The reality is that he is what he is – a thick shit.

    There’s a fine line between success and failure and rule one is once you get the chance – don’t fcuk it up.

    Do your talking on the pitch not over twitter or instagram

  126. Stan. I hope you have told her just how lucky she really is.
    Personally, I think that Hazard would be fantastic for us and if we had any real ambition we would make an illegal approach for him.

  127. Totally agree re Hazard… but will Jose sell to us?

  128. Lol re Frimps..

    You will see him in the wc though ;)

  129. Hazard coming to us ll be like the Pope twerking during easter mass in st peter basilica. It’s impossible.

  130. Goonster. Do you mean financially?

  131. FAO Stan the Goonster … Impossible ? Nah


  132. Hell yes adam….Arsene ll bust a blood vessel rather than pay over the odds for hazaed. Plus maureen is a prick of the highest order. He ll rather sell him to the spuds than us.

  133. Syg come on now….not in the front of the huge throng on easter Sunday. Imagine him straddling the pulpit in his tighty whitties and going na na na na na….Gee I sense an earthquake. :grin:

  134. Imagine? I’d rather not…..

  135. The totts are losing 2-0.. lol

  136. Losing to who ginge? “

  137. Financially, Hazard is entirely do-able but I doubt whether Mourinho would sell to us. He was always far too talented and attack-minded for Chelsea though. Mourinho’s spiteful attack on him yesterday was interesting, but hardly surprising knowing what a vicious little psycho he is.

  138. Tim sherwood’s a gooner…Tim sherwood’s a gooner. Hahahhahah Men I love the away fans. If I ever go see arsenal play live it’s gotta be an away game.

  139. Spurs seem to be in mega disarray…. I can’t see Sherwood being there come August….

    I don’t have a hatred of Spurs as I’m not from London – From a football perspective they looked a good side at the beginning of the season with AVB…. It would be interesting to find out the real reason why it all went tits-up…..

  140. Really adam….Maureen attacked him? Hahahahahahhaha do you have a link. This I gotta see for myself.

  141. Mourinho slaughtered him at yesterday’s press conference. There must be a link somewhere Stan. Put the words Mourinho, Spite, Hazard and Psychopath into Google perhaps.

  142. Only one bath a year Adam….

    Cheers mate :-P

  143. Hahahahahahhaha am loving the implosion at Stamfordless bridge. It’s therapeutic. Don’t ask adam. :grin:

  144. Dead funny that Adam lol

  145. Howdy Ak care for some freshly brewed coffee. Made it myself. How’s tricks anyway? *stewie Griffin’s voice* swindled anyone lately? :grin:

  146. Good performance for Totts.
    Fernando can’t play for Portugal n the world Cup.

  147. Ginge my Birthday is in December…

    It’s that Mick, putting rumours about. ;-)

  148. Lol.. Kev… best wishes anyway

  149. I think oblomovic might want Diego Simone after the mid week fiasc9. His face at the end of the game says a lot. Maureen is probably shitting himself right now.

  150. Me, swindle Stan?

    Perish the thought… :-)

    Green tea for me mate….

  151. Yuck green tea…I can’t even put thay swirl down. Tasted it once and never went back. I love my coffee though.

  152. on paper the chavs need to sell in order to participate in next season’s CL but we all know the clout ‘Michelle’ yields…

    Jose is probably trying to get Psg to buy Hazard subliminally…

  153. for you Syg.., something to cheer you up..

  154. Jose can’t even spell subliminal. lol

  155. Thanks for that ginge…made my day. Didn’t really see him play. I was born the year he singlehandedly won the world cup for Argentina. My favorite part of that world cup is how he made the English defense look like mugs. Hahahahahahhaha. Best player ever. Messi don’t come close for me sorry.

  156. glad you enjoyed that…

  157. You got to watch this then goonie..

  158. Hahahahahahhaha is that Trevor Brookings? What a tool. Hahahahahahhaha. That’s priceless.

  159. Ginge if Maradona were still playing today. How much do you think his worth ll be?

  160. Lord God in heaven….what a player. He makes Messi and Ronaldo look like Gerwanko. Am sorry guys I ve seen footages of pele at his prime but nothing compares with what I ve just seen Maradona do now.

  161. Priceless probably; but then the ‘suits’ in football now wont want him as he would be too much of a high risk…

  162. the player who got me hooked on bvb

  163. my fave defender of all time..

  164. Mathias sammer I thought he was a bayern legend….oh that was Lothar Mathias. My bad.

  165. Goonie as a Dutch man what did you think about keoman..
    he was another dirty top defender/sweeper.

    Football is not made like it use to be anymore… I blame Jose for all that

  166. My dad couldn’t get enough of that team ginge. He kept raving about Stefan chapuisat (spelling). Dortmund back then were a fearsome force.

  167. Is it me or everyone here,without coming here in a day,my day won’t be complete.

  168. You are not far off goonie… Sammer sold his soul to the Bavarian devils… he is now working for BM instead…

  169. Ronald was an ajax man. I hate ajax. I can’t remember how old I was when my dad took me to watch vitesse play. Ronald koeman got away with so many fouls that his name became a swear word in our house. :grin:

  170. Graham Taylor in shell suit is very similar to David Icke… :P

  171. Thanks Ginge, I will save that up for December.. :-)

  172. Said it a little while back tsgh, Maradonna took Napoli to another level, we need a similiar signing this summer who will do the same for us, I could be wrong but I don’t think Remy is the face !

  173. Bummer I kinds liked him but so did paddy v to shitty. Hey what did you think of the German team then. Hassler sammer my man kohler and of course the greatest poacher that ever lived Jurgen Klinsmann.

  174. lol… but I remember that game when DB10 scored.. the good all days.

    I was in my teens then and I have loved entertaining football since…

  175. Funny how I had an affinity for the German team back then when we had the golden generation of Dutch football. The koemans Rijkaards gullit and my favorite dutch striker of all time van Basten. What a player.

  176. you are right Micko re Remy but we are where we are imo…

  177. Maradona was brilliant. The first time I saw him was v England at Wembley as a kid.

    Cruyff was my idol as a young lad. Quick, elegant and very little backlift. He made football look easy. But then again football is a simple game – it is just that the mega professionals would like you to think that it is far more complicated than it is ……

  178. Likr it or not ginge I became a gooner all because of that guy. Guess what I think it’s time I wrote my first post for yall. What do you think? It should come during the off season though. I ll tell you my story. How I became a gooner.

  179. Glad you enjoy Sukky…

    My son can’t go tomorrow, so I’m on for the game….
    Always good to see the last game of the season.
    Saw it with Adam and Mrs Adam last year…

    If someone had said 12 months ago that we’d finish 4th and (hopefully) win the Cup, I’d have signed for that.
    And it still constitutes a good season…

    But, it could, and should, have been even better…

  180. hasler and Kohler are amongst my fave midfielders

  181. Germany (West) have generally always been a good tournament side.

    1974. Holland were THE side. Total football. Brilliant.

    I don’t think Holland conceded until the final and it was Germany who undid them.

  182. looking forward to it goonie

  183. I loved litbaski(spelling) too ginge he was something else. Didn’t he play for moenchenglabach?

  184. Is it me or has football lost its soul. Syg is right. These modern footballers make it look so hard. I ve seen vitesse Arnhem players play 4 games in a week back then! No fatigue or complaint of muscle strain of any kind. Oh how I miss the old days.

  185. very true Syg.. cruyff

  186. Kev, last home game of the season, seems weird reading that.
    Sukky, the good news is your back on rico’s christmas card list again !

  187. He was great and all but the true dutch master is our own iceman denis Bergkamp. What a player. Even jan moulder agrees with me on that. :grin:

  188. Ginge could you post a video on him let all compare and contrast. Johan was great don’t get me wrong but Bergkamp was out of this world. We have a saying back home that had he been a brazilian or argentine he probably would have won the ballon d or a few times. Not like he gives a shit though. Denis comes off as someone who cares little about public opinion.

  189. I know Mick, every season seems to fly by quicker than the last eh?

    You coming over for West Brom?

  190. Ginge, none of that would have got past Wilf Copping…

  191. Jan mulder….never seen that side of him before. Met him in person a few times. Great man I must say.

  192. *that lot*

  193. Giggs losing… ha ha ha ha

  194. Evening all, just going to catch up… :)

  195. I don’t do Christmas cards Micko ;)

    Sukky, stop moaning about the place then ;) ;)

  196. Hey rico

  197. His own dad said that? Wow talk about a kick in the nether region. That’s gotta hurt

  198. Ha ha, Utd lost to Sunderland at home…..

  199. Hi goonie, I’m chuckling at the mancs…. ;)

  200. Not to mention the Toots :)

  201. Now that’s a new one….He is ad dull as a dishwasher. Hahahahahahhaha

  202. How come we couldn’t even nick a draw off em. This stinks.

  203. We did at home goonie, but we should have beaten them, and certainly shouldn’t have lost at the old toilet!

  204. So fulham have been relegated? About time. :grin:

  205. Has that been confirmed?

  206. Yes maam..fulham and Cardiff sadly. Just came in my news feed now.

  207. Cardiff and Fulham both relegated then.

  208. Oops, just seen goonie…

    Come on City :)

  209. TS, I really like the idea of rudi garcia. Is there any thing that might link him to Arsenal, any comments, rumours, interest shown in either direction? French is a good start.

  210. What’s the current score rico?

  211. Go and get Barkley Arsene, pay big and get him signed!

  212. 1-0 Everton

  213. Gee this is not good…we need shitty to win. Don’t want maureen laying his grubby hands on the title. Come shitty. Come oooooooon.

  214. but Norwich it’s very close to be relegate too.
    We need win tomorrow

  215. 1-1 now…

  216. Big phew agag…

    We sure do Jm, because Norwich will be up for next weekends match…

  217. Aguero off injured…

  218. we need win tomorrow. today score is irrelevant

  219. Hold your nerve, Citeh. Then I can go back to disliking them after they win this.

  220. No Jm, if City win, we cannot be caught by Everton. But, we need to win because we should win…

  221. Hi agag ;)

    I’ll keep on liking them until they win their last matches and pip the Dippers, then it will change again ;)

  222. Haha, rico. The bindippers are an unbearable lot, and I’m sick of all this YNWA thing they do; but I cannot stand Nasri and Clicky getting another title and rubbing it in AFC’s face either.

  223. 2-1 City :)

  224. rico, Citeh are playing like Arsenal. :) All possession and no cutting edge. Haha.

  225. YNWA agag, what is that?? I won’t like it though I know… ;)

    I don’t care about those two any more, but at least Nasri admitted he left for money…

  226. No quite agag, they scored ;)

  227. Ooops. Dzeko scored just as I was mocking them. :P

  228. rico, it’s that You’ll Never Walk Alone song and scarf flashing. Eeek. Haaate it.

  229. yes rico i know, but we must look ahead and try the 3thr place.
    It will be very important a) Directly to Champions League 2) Our season start later

  230. if things go as expected the bin-dippers could be 3rd tomorrow and us in cl…

    Nigel,- re Garcia one of my wild imaginations.. lol

    I like him though.. he may not be a box of winner but he builds teams unlike Pep and Jose.

    What he is doing at Roma iss remarkable considering how much Rafa and Juve spent last summer…

  231. Oh that agag, does my head in too….

    Just going to eat, back shortly to gloat ;)

  232. We missed a huge opportunity not getting Ross last summer when the so called experts were raving about Fellaini…

    top top player…
    He should be starting for England instead of some the media faves…

  233. The positions the boy is taking on the pitch… you wouldn’t think he was 20 or so years and from England imho… ;)

  234. Ever-loan are missing Distin… what happened to Samson, I meant Lukaku?

  235. rico, I sear, I want to scream when I hear it.

    ginge, Barkley is goooood. :) Hadn’t realized just how skillful he was until recently.

    Would love to hear Adam’s imagine Martinez interviews. Makes me laugh all the time.

  236. Lukaku just scored, ginge. :D

  237. Dawid Kownacki (Lech Poznan) Arsenal?
    Mancini Toots coach?

  238. 3-2, it’s getting close, maybe too close :(

  239. How was that a free kick to Everton? Doh!!

  240. This knob of a ref is in charge of the FA Cup final… Lord help us!

  241. Wow, Citeh have lost three of their main men…

  242. Is this to be the ref, rico?? Nooooooo!

  243. It’s showing too – just hope they can hold on and get all the points..

  244. According to the commentators, yes agag. He is absolutely rubbish!

  245. I bet there would be 8 mins of extra time, rico.

    Why do we always, always get the crap ones officiating our matches?

  246. So we lose agag, so we lose…..

  247. Come on City, 1 more minute to hold on….

  248. Hold on Citee

  249. Makes end of season interesting. Didn’t want it handed to Pool.

  250. They did Andrew, they did……

  251. What a strange game though, the Everton fans wanted City to win so the dippers may not win the league…

    I’d be the same if it was the Toots….

  252. Now Arsenal can rotate a bit. Bring in Wilshire for 30 mins? Nice if Diaby had been finally available. I’d Gnabry still injured?

  253. Villa and West Ham for City and bot at the Etihad, surely they won’t drop points against either….

  254. Yay!! Beyond the reach of Everton now, right?

  255. I’d rotate now too, not too many because we don’t want to drop points and end up with negativity in the camp…

  256. rico, a really strange one. the Everton fans were singing some song about Gerrard presumably his “slip”. Makes me laugh though.

  257. Yes agag, 4th is secured now…..

  258. That made me chuckle too agag…

  259. That’s me done for today folks, off for a lazy Saturday night…

    Take care all and have a good one,

    Nighty and catch up tomorrow..

    4th place trophy in the bag…. ;)

  260. Evening Rico and the House.
    Should be a great day at the Ems tomorrow Every one should be in good mood . Come on Arsene give Akpom and Bellerin a game .

  261. Hiya, Rick. :) Maybe, AW is newly-inspired to go for third. ;) I hope the Chavs and the Dippers lose their remaining matches. ;)

  262. Enjoy the rest of your day, rico. :) :)

  263. Hiya Agag, Rick, Ah..

    Night Rico…

  264. Good response from Ramsey re: Scholes criticism. Seriously, Scholes?? Does he realize how much worse their team has performed than ours? I would understand the smugness of players from teams that are in contention for something. But United were so laughably pathetic this season. They have far exceeded AFC’s capacity for self implosion. :D

  265. Hi Agag I think third is a bridge to far. The Chavs would have to lose both their games at home to Norwich then away to Cardiff.
    I cannot see that happening can you? Are you going tomorrow Ginge , it should be good.

  266. Rick, but this season, Chelsea have lost to the less glamorous clubs. Villa and Sunderland and Palace recently. ;)

  267. No Rick, unfortunately I am only able to do away games..

    Night all… stay safe

  268. Now Arsene, for heavens sake take Ozil and Ramsey out of the last two games.

    Let them come on from the subs bench with 20 minutes remaining, just to tick over…

    Play Kallstrom/Vermaelen/Jenkinson
    in last two games.

    Rotate Arteta and Flamini, one start each.

    One start each for BFG and Kozzer, let them partner Verm and have a break before the cup final….
    Same with Rosicky, Giroud and Cazorla.

    Use Sanogo, and as Rick said, Bellerin, Akpom, even Zelalem and Olsson…

    Keeping a balance between the teams intensity whilst given them a breather…

    Bet that Arsene plays his strongest team tomorrow… :-(

  269. Looking forward to celebrating the 4th Place Trophy tomorrow.

    Night All, and Mick…

  270. Morning Rico and all.
    Yes Kev. The champagne’s on ice for the 4th place trophy.

  271. Just getting ready to leave for the annual snoozefest which is the coveted 4th place trophy and the meander round the pitch by all the players and their kids at the end. It gives us the chance to see Diaby and take note of any physical changes he may of made , hair , beard , wooden leg anything pertinent. . It’s always good to see where your money got spent before next season’s begging bowl comes round.

  272. Morning Adam, Potter and all..

    Wonder who will grace the turf today….

  273. I see we are linked to Costa.

    Coffee anyone??

  274. Hi Rico. I’ll take a cappuccino thank you.

  275. Oh and we are linked with Rio Ferdinand who, at 46, still has a few good years plodding around in front of him.

  276. Mines a latte please Adam, skinny of course…

    Wonder how Dennis the Menace is getting on… ;)

  277. I laughed when I saw that Rio story, you couldn’t make it up could you. Well someone did I guess….

  278. Brudder Lee must be sick of pickled eggs by now. But I bet he’s having a great time. :)

  279. At least the birds are being fed well….

  280. New post up now….

  281. Rio Ferdinand….???!!!

    Is it April 1st…???

  282. Typical end of season nothing on it game, Best part of the afternoon was watching Kos and Jack’s kids being children and playing on the grass.

  283. Potter, you are on yesterdays post…

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