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It’s looking like Remy. Veltman linked & Sagna a doubt for Baggies clash…

Morning all.

Quick catch up on the gossip today…

First up is Bacary Sagna. He’s a doubt for Sunday’s clash against West Brom according to The Mirror having suffered a knee injury and only has a 50/50 chance of being fit. This is a new one as less than 24 hours ago Arsene Wenger confirmed that we have no new injuries after Monday nights match against Newcastle.

Arsene Wenger also confirmed that Kieran Gibbs is likely to be back for our final league fixture of the season.

If this story about Sagna is true, I hope he’s not risked as the FA Cup final is not far off and we need him fit for that big day and if he is off at the end of the season, I hope it’s with a cup final winners medal. That’s for another day though.

Talking of Sagna, headlines in the football pages suggest he’s ready to sit down and discuss a move to Manchester City as soon as the season ends. Again, a great shame if true but that’s what happens when a club and player allow a contract to run down.

Onto another Frenchman and this one could be on his way in to the club. That’s Loic Remy and according to FootballDirectNews, the player has held a second meeting with folk at Arsenal and a deal could be in place before the World Cup kicks off. Remy will of course be in Rio representing his country together with Olivier Giroud and Karim Benzema.

I know it’s paper talk, but I honestly believe there is some truth in the Remy story, and good old ‘Arry dropped a hint yesterday about how we could activate the players £12 million get out clause. If it happens, there’s bound to be a large number of fans left disappointed with the striker who has scored 13 goals in 25 league games for Newcastle. I’m sure he’s double that tally with us….

The Telegraph believe that we are ready to battle with our nasty neighbours for the Ajax central defender Joel Veltman. With Thomas Vermaelen strongly linked to a summer departure the 22 year old Dutchman is rumoured to be his replacement.

But who was the Arsenal young 'un?

But who was the Arsenal young ‘un?

I thought this was a nice story to end on this dark and dreary Friday morning. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain posted this on his Instagram account yesterday together with:

Me aged 11 playing for Saints against Arsenal at Highbury.

It’s mad, I remember being in the dressing rooms where Thierry Henry sat feeling like I was a premiership player! 

I remember the whole experience so clearly, including the 4-1 defeat, but I set up our goal so was buzzing!

Just shows…. Dreams can come true!

I wonder if Alex means he always wanted to play for Arsenal……

Sadly, I don’t think he will again this season…….

That’s it for another day….


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235 comments on “It’s looking like Remy. Veltman linked & Sagna a doubt for Baggies clash…

  1. Typical double speak….
    it will be a busy … but number wise it wont be massive.lol

  2. New post up now, see you there after I fed my chickens :)

  3. I don’t know Adam, he seldom tells the truth when it comes to transfers so I take it all with a pinch of salt…

    Morning Ts.

  4. Good morning Adam, Rico et al…
    AW is wrong about Poldi’s data… he has played 2 times through the middle as a sub …. that is stats for you. :P just teasing btw

    So players and their clubs and agents will be focusing on the wc ?

  5. I guess the only think that can be guaranteed these days is disappointment.

  6. Depends I guess, he has hinted that one or two could leave, but as yet, the club haven’t sanctioned any departures apart from those out of contract…

  7. I saw that Rico. We must be clairvoyant I think. So Poldi, Vermaelen and Giroud and presumably Arteta are staying. Interesting bit on Vela I read. We can buy him back for 4 million Euros despite the fact that he has a 30 million Euro buyout clause. I must say that, having seen him play alongside Griezmqn this season a few times, he looks a lot, lot stronger and complete than when he was with us. I would have thought it’s a no brainer for skinflint Wenger.

  8. Morning Adam and all…

    And the WC excuse is already out…..

  9. Morning Rico and all. So, one or perhaps two new players then. Remy and Umbongo I imagine.

  10. Wenger insisted Lukas Podolski is going nowhere and also said he would love to get business done earlier than Mesut Ozil’s late arrival last August. Arsenal have a habit of late deals.

    Wenger said: “We have only two players who are out of contract – Fabianski and Sagna. All the rest need our agreement and they haven’t got it yet.

    “We might have someone available that you don’t expect to be available. But you have to be on alert. You speak about Ozil, but if we could have done Ozil one month earlier we would have done it.

    “I think overall Podolski is happy here. If you look at the number of games he has played, with the number of goals he has scored and the number of assists he has, he is a very efficient player.

    “He has over 100 caps with Germany and does not have one cap in the middle. Over 100 caps on the left. You cannot say it is not his job.

    “He is happy there. He made a great international career there.”

  11. Wenger on the transfer window:

    Wenger said: “It will be busy, but the main thing for us will be to keep the stability because we feel we are close. We want to add something that makes us even stronger, but, number wise, it will not be massive.

    “From my experience, the World Cup years have always been very quiet until the end of the World Cup, with no players reachable.

    “Everybody is focused in the country on their national team and there’s not a lot happening. People are away.

    “I believe this year again you will have to wait until July 15 to start going.

    “You are not the only one who decides when the business is done because it’s down to availability of players and the clubs who sell decide that.”

  12. Cheers Mick….

    My birthday is December but thanks in advance…
    You are all heart Michael…,

  13. Sukky does have a point, where is everybody ?

    Nite Gooners, keep the faith, all going well we’ll pick up another trophy this weekend, give us a wink stanley.

  14. Kev 9.43, happy birthday mate, you kept that one quiet.

  15. Guys, I don’t care what Sukky says, I love it here and that’s because of you lot..

    I’m of for the day now so night Rick, Ts and all…

    Stay safe guys…. Nighty..

  16. Hi Ginge,
    I think Mauren-ho is digging a bloody big hole for himselve and will finish with egg on his face. I know Arsene has made many mistakes but he has never put down players the way that idiot has done.

  17. Rick, I really look forward to your posts too… being so young (cough) I love a lesson in history….

  18. Bless ya, thanks Kev. I love them too…

    Enjoy your bath, nighty to you…..

  19. Still here, just having a soak in the bath.

    I’ll look forward to reading them Rick…

    My Dad couldn’t get a ticket for either the 1950 or 1952 finals.
    He’d been watching Arsenal since 1946 & didn’t get to sed them at Wrmbley until 1968…

    The FA were even worse back then, not fit for purpose….

    Rico, i’m gonna do a post on them…

    Gone now

  20. Mauren-ho’s comments on Hazard is interesting…
    Rick,same here Sir..

  21. Kev , I have enjoyed a number of your posts recently, they have really stirred my memoury bank.
    Cup finals 52 and 79 i will try to write a post on both these sometime in the coming weeks. Just bear with me.

  22. Rico, I am signing off now…
    Night All

  23. Well said Kev!

  24. Tuesday Kev now as weekends are always quiet and I want your post to be read :)

  25. Adrian Durham will be one of many Media wankers who’ll have a ticket whilst real fans aee fcuked off by the Football Association, an appaling organisation full of parasites…

    I will enjoy watching the game, in my own home.
    That way I will save myself a fortune and ensure that none of my money goes into the coffers of such a disreputable, bent and utterly shameless mob as the FA…

  26. Adam/Agag, sorry I missed you…

    Stan, re: relationships, I always make a point of speaking to Adam, before I do anything, as he has had such a wealth of experience in that department…
    He has kept me sane.

    He also plays a very tight riff from time to time… ;-)

    Rick, I really look forward to that.
    Rico has a post from me on that same subject, i’m sure you’ll enjoy it…

  27. Thanks Rick. He’s one I really hope has a future with us….

  28. Rico I think the Arsenal youngster could be Chuck Aneke.
    Ginge Kev Looking forward to exchanging veiws in the coming seasons.

  29. Night Agag, sleep well..

    Night Joe, safe trip and have a fab weekend…

    Jm, thanks, I didn’t know that about the cup in Lisbon…. Will be good to see three new clubs at the Emirates…

  30. I know Adam, moaning will get us nowhere…

    Night to you, enjoy the rest of your evening…..

  31. rico, Benfica never been at Emirates.Cup.Monaco and Valencia probably not too
    Arsenal was invitate, two or three years ago for eusebio cup in Lisbon

  32. Heading out and early start for flight in the morning have fun.
    Good night all.

  33. Agag
    Tell be about it

  34. Good night, guys! rico and Goonerjoe, have a good dinner! goonie, I’m sure you’d have another sleepless night. :D

  35. GJ, that is simply tragic. :P

    Durham, Adam??? Galling. Even if Arsenal wins, he would have nothing good to say. Nothing.

  36. Rico. True. I heard from two mates this afternoon who both got tickets. Still, it is what it is I guess. No use moaning.
    Anyway, goodnight all. I am off for the evening.

  37. At least

  38. Ar least Hull will have at least one supporter what(banned word):)

  39. Why am I not surprised Adam. Says it all doesn’t it?

  40. Agag
    Livening in Ireland and she was glory hunter, she was a teenager at the time and it was rebellion. Take your pick.

  41. Same here Joe, but for me it’s not about a trophy, it’s about starting the season with a squad which looks as if it can and then playing well….

  42. Rico. Adrian Durham has a ticket.

  43. I’ve not purchased arsenal merchandize in about five years because I felt the club could have spent more money over that period. So I made a deal with myself that I would only start spending when we won a trophy. So if I go to the stadium on cup final day and we win it would be nice to be subsidized by the club.

  44. Goonie, there are other smileys, you know. Go check rico’s link above. ;)

  45. Exactly Joe, the club could easily do that to somehow try and compensate for so many fans not getting a ticket…

    The FA should be ashamed of themselves….

  46. Goonerjoe, a ManUtd-supporting daughter????? Oh no! :shock: How’d that happen??

    goonie, rico can bin you easily, Blonde Adonis or not. :D

  47. Stan. Avoid women. They will only break your heart.
    This is from a man who has been married 5 times too.

  48. Oh trust me Goonie, no-one is above banning! Not even you :)

  49. I am a pleb, the also seems to be a ten pound voucher to spend but as you said why not open it up for free.

  50. Dang the smiley didn’t work there.

  51. Hey Adamant…any tips:lol:

  52. Hey AGAG rico can’t bin me….Am the goonster for crying out loud
    The only blonde Adonis on HH..like Garry Coleman ll say “what chu talking about Willis” :lol:

  53. Exactly Joe, why even ask for an entrance fee??

    And who are the plebs? You sound like the policeman involved in that political wrangle …. lol

  54. Agag
    I thought that was the way of the world all the women in my life are tough.

  55. She does drop me to the pub and bring me home it’s not all bad oh she supports man utd what can I say.

  56. Hi goonerjoe. :) Goonie, be on your best behavior from now on or rico will bin you. :D She’s a tough one, she is.

    Maybe you need to take the baby out for a walk. :) I’m sure she’d like that.

  57. I thought they were daddy’s little angel. What is going on with the world??

  58. Wtf…oh my. You mean a girl can actually go a whole week without talking to her father? Now am scared.

  59. I am in my fifties and she still lives at home and some times we go weeks without talking and that hurts.

  60. Rico
    It’s a tenner to get in to the posh seats and five with the plebes. Was thinking I’d have a look at how the other half live also thought it would be a great place to be if we win.

  61. At 25 I ll be in my late 50s. So I can take it then but not now. Am going crazy goonerjoe. The little twerp just won’t shut up. Grrrrrrrr

  62. That’s ok Goonie, I’ll forgive you… This time… ;)

  63. Goonster
    I’d like to tell you it will get better but my 25 year old still up sets me.

  64. Adamant

  65. Am sorry maam…Forgive me guys. Guess the strain of parenthood is getting to me. Brianna has been crying all day. I bathe her fed her change her diaper and even did a dance for her but nothing seem to get her out of her foul mood. God help me. I’m need therapy when this is done. Afternoon good people.

  66. Not for me Joe!

    All that is is another way of making money off of the fans….

  67. Easily done Agag ;)

  68. What do people think of going up to the Arsenal stadium to watch the FA cup final.

  69. rico, how could I forget Berba??? :D

  70. And Berbatov, is he still up for grabs??

  71. I suppose Adam the take take take formula has been working. But I really hate it when there are empty seats in big matches/cup finals. I presume they are for corporte sponsors who cannot be bothered to attend. Just hate it.

  72. Agag. Quite simply, the FA do not give a hoot about the supporters and neither do our club. It’s all take, take, take and it’s working. If you complain you’re labelled as a moaner and advised to stop going.

  73. Kev. You are right mate. How could I forget those players?

  74. Adam, that’s awful. :( The allocation is just too small. Why make so many tickets available to people who don’t really care about AFC/Hull? Doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, it would mean so much to supporters.

  75. Don’t forget Kalou, Bent and Immobile…

    The choice Adam, is breathtaking…

  76. Bony or Remy? We are truly spoilt for choice.

  77. Hey Rick, me ol’ china, that is brilliant news…

    So pleased for you and yours….

    2014 is turning out to be a memorable year…

  78. There isn’t a bigger club in Wales so I guess that means he’s available :)

  79. Bony says he is happy in Wales but wants to play for a bigger club…

  80. Not tonight Agag, a night off :)

  81. Lol Agag…
    Of course AW football club is important

  82. Hiya, Ginge. Howdy? AFC is important in all circumstances, IMHO. :P

    Still job-hunting. Not impressed with the choices out there. ;)

  83. Agag. She is quite well thank you and sends her best wishes. We are both disappointed that we didn’t get the Cup Final tickets that we applied for though.

  84. Hi Rick…good to hear its all good news.
    When you unwell it makes you appreciate how life is meant to be led… And how Arsenal is so ‘important’ ;-)
    And don’t worry you will be blogging and telling us about the youngsters for a very long time…
    The Creator will make sure of it…

    Hiya Agag..
    Have you reduced the unemployment stats in your patch ;)

  85. Next, you’ll be prepping dinner, rico. ;)

  86. Thankfully, I do Adam. And there are always malls. How’s Mrs Adam?

  87. Not a fan of Chesney. I’ve never forgiven the 6-2 v. United, and he went on to this year to outdo that awful record and get absolutely smashed by Liverpool Citeh and the Chavs.

  88. I have Agag, it was lovely. Chilly and breezy etc, but really nice…..

  89. Agag. I hope you do have A/C in that case. Melting sounds uncomfortable. :)

  90. I hope Sagna stays; would hate for him to go to Citeh. I know he has had serious injuries, but he’s one of our few reliable players, and he doesn’t have a moan at every other thing.

  91. And Rick, thank you re HH, means a lot…..

  92. I am well, Adam. It’s the height of summer here, without A/C, anybody would melt. :?

    Hello, rico. :) Gone for a walk?

  93. Agag, those four and a winger, we’d be made :)

    Oh, and replace Sagna and Fab of course….. :(

  94. Rico. It’s great news and gives us all a lift.
    Agag. Not bad thank you and yourself?

  95. Evening Adam…

    I was having a worry yesterday when we heard no news from Rick, certainly worth waiting for eh…..

  96. Adam, you know goonie, always hyper. At least, he’s not smashing car windows and getting in trouble with the law. ;) :) How are you?

  97. Evening Agag & Rick…

    Rick, that news is simply wonderful, I’m so so pleased for you and your loved ones…..

  98. Rick. That is great news mate. I was thinking about you yesterday.

  99. Great news, Rick. :) :) Good to hear. And may you continue to be in good health. ;)

  100. Evening Rico and Agag.
    Is the pouting blond Adonis playing up?

  101. Been reading about the Hazard-Moanrinho “spat”. Mourinho’s response has been odd, to say the least, but he really does nothing to dispel the notion that he is an arse, does he?

  102. Evening Rico and the House.
    Weather wise yesturday was awfull but for me it was really great.
    All the tests I had have come back clear and I have been told at this moment in time I am in good condition.
    A big weight has been lifted and I can now get back to normal.
    I would like to thank all those on H/H who wished me well your surpport was really great and is a fine example just how good the Lady of the House and her blog is.
    Once again thank you all and I hope to contribute for some time to come.

  103. Boo!! Haven’t seen much of Bony or Remy. But let’s get them both and the Benders, too!! :D :D We have a warchest, don’t we?? Now, if only Kroenke would get spending.

    Hello, all.

  104. Thanks for that JM, I wasn’t even sure there would be an Emirates Cup as it’s WC year..

    Those three clubs haven’t been in it before have they?

  105. Emirates cup: Benfica, Mónaco and Valencia

  106. Goonster – I know you don’t like Arsene Wenger but let’s not make it personal or start name calling! HH is better than that and so are you aren’t you?

  107. Sukky, plenty of other blogs out there if HH is so boring for you….

  108. Afternoon all..

    Can’t think what you mean Micko ;)

    Goonster, I’m not sure who the young kid is, was hoping someone here would know..

  109. Why is this place boring again?Rico need to do something.

  110. He meant silvestre WAS world class… lost in translation me think… :P

    2 more years that is all

  111. This is the same guy that said shitvestre is world class. He is really a retard.

  112. Ginge how much longer do we have to endure? I can’t take it anymore. Wenger out now.

  113. Hey hey watch your words… howdy Goonie?

  114. See why we need to rid ourselves of that french twat. I mean seriously how many young footballers is he going to ruin before he fucks off? Lord I loathe that old fool. Grrr

  115. Yes AOc is injured… brought on when he was not quite ready by AW… imho

  116. The 2 musketeers… Micko and Sir-Cream-A -lot

  117. rico 12.09, easy tiger, carry on like that and you’ll be getting an invite from tsgh for a sleep over !

    I think if Arsene fancied Benzema he would have snapped him up at Lyon a few years back, we were heavily linked with him at the time until real came sniffing, if he does become available hope we make a move for him, might have a new manager by then !

  118. Is aoc injured? Come on where is everybody?

  119. Hey rico who is the young gunner in that photo? Looks familiar.

  120. Howdy folks….what’s new?

  121. Morgan will be a great addition but ross barkley,not so sure.Bony or remy will be a decent signing.Seems some people have started to watch football with their brain this days,OG12 is the best hold up striker for now,I would have choosen lewandoski but many don’t see him that way.Costa won’t survive much in england.

  122. Lee, I wonder if, somewhere in the world, there is a player called Shirtlifter??

  123. Bent and Bender in the same team…. is Shunter available?

  124. Me Kev, never ;)

  125. :) Kev, I know how you feel…

    Off to walk the woofa, catch up later…

    Lee, have a fab weekend in Great Yarmouth, mind the pickled eggs and hope you got the bird seed… ;)

  126. Are you being ageist Rico? :-P

  127. Tbh Ginge, the name, Immobile, just makes me chuckle…

    You know, a bit like Danny Shittu…

    But I’ll take your word for it that he is the nuts…

    I haven’t got SKY, so I don’t see all the foreign Footie, save for the odd CL tie…

    But, being serious Ginge, we’re gonna be linked with almost every other footballer on the planet between now and August 31st.
    Yep, I’ll be reading it the same as everyone else, but forgive me if I struggle to take it all seriously… ;-)

    Having said that, did I mention that Afsenal have been linked with Darren Bent?!!! :-D

  128. young folks like Kev know no hardship. in the good old days there were no lie-ins… ;)

  129. Gnasher

  130. I don’t know how Lee gets up early every day.

    I was up at 6am and I could really do with some settee to have a doze on….

  131. If you were serious about Immobile then he is a proper poacher…

  132. was that Kim Kardashians or Carol Volderman’s stats?kev :D

  133. I don’t know Umbongo’s stats Ginge…

    I also like stats…

    36 24 36…

    I quite like the idea of having Immobile in the team…
    Is he a False 9 or a Static 10..??? ;-)

  134. Both would be tip top Kev, we missed out on the de Boers, why not make amends with the Benders ;)

  135. I don’t believe all that kind of stuff Ts ;)

  136. Well it’s where he drinks that’s the issue!

  137. We need both Benders imho…

    West Ham is too good for Wilshere, Rico…

    Wenger should flog him to that little shit team in Spain…

    Umm, you know the one, boss?!!!

    Yeah, that’s it, Barcelona….

  138. what are Umbongo’s stats Kev? :-)

  139. Umbongo

  140. I like the Bender’s especially their low yellow card tally..

    My only concern is that they do appear to be proper twins..

    When 1 gets injured the follows within a few games..

    They even scored a rare goal on the same day…

    Both have said they won’t want to be playing in different leagues…

    Thatt tells me that unless both players are in England it might not work… and considering a bid of £19m was rejected. If Lars is selected for the WC, Rudi voller won’t accept less than £20m…

    If that hapens to be the fee then I would prefer someone from this league like Morgan as he is more defensive; thus enabling JW and co. to flourish?

  141. Ah, just seen – phew!

    Barkley would be a great signing, Morgan, well he’d give us more than we have but I think I like the thought of Bender, either of them would do ;)

  142. Remy, £38 million?? How do you come to that figure?

  143. 38m should be £8m

  144. Dm- it has to be Morgan Schnederlein…

    In fact I won’t mind paying £25m for either Morgan or Ross Barkley.

  145. You know the answer on EPl strikers… Lallana, Bony, and Benteke/Rodriguez if they weren’t injured…

    I am beginning to like the idea of Remy but he will still be 38m plus and demand £80k…

  146. :-) I try Rico. I really do… but you know habits are hard to kick… ask AW ;)

  147. Which PL striker would you like us to sign Ts, and which DM/HM

  148. But you don’t listen Ts so……. ;)

  149. proceeding*

    Rico, you keep reminding me stats are shite so… :D

  150. I have to agree with your assertion on Benzema…Bj

    Going forward, Aw’s transfer policy has to be heavily based on:-

    1. the potential recruits work ethic- we have too many luxury players we do not need another one imho…

    2. The league he comes from…- ideally i would want a DM/striker from the league no imports

    3. the players ability to read the game…- some may call it leadership; but I believe leadership comes with trust and confidence; all though others are allegedly born with it… I believe leadership is heavily influenced by environment and upbringing…

    We need players who can adapt to proceeds like TR07, Arteta and Kim, Per, Sagna and Ramsey. Maybe Ozil to a lesser expent as he has the brains but lacks application… imho.
    When the going gets tough certain players can change where on the pitch they are playing or competing whilst other can’t…

  151. What did you say Lee, I wasn’t listening?

  152. Ts – you know my view on stats.. ;)

    Hi Bj, you could be right but AW has done that with so many players, I’m more inclined to think it was more about him learning..

    Remy has been cleared of the Rape charge… Feb I think the case was dropped..

  153. I think Wilshere we be plagued with injuries through out his career, I personally would sell him (abroad)….but don’t listen to me as I told Frank Sinatra not to sing “My Way!!”

  154. Hi all.
    Few points. Rico I think AW played Rambo wide to keep him out of the way of the Joey Bartons, Mickels and Tiotes of this world until he felt he was strong enough to compete with them. Re: Benzema I think he he highly overrated. Quicker than OG12 but misses as many chances, has worse control and is much lazier. Re:REmyhas he still got a rape charge hanging over him?

  155. Sleep tight Cg.. don’t forget your cocoa before bed… lol

  156. Rico – Statistics are a very useful tools, but like any tools must be used properly. Data is easy to collect, but is often incomplete &/or incorrect and often difficult and time consuming to analyse. They are a lot like people, they shouldn’t be taken at face value and never to be trusted until verified and even then used with caution.

    That is what I did for a living until I retired. Anyway, it is very late. So it is good night from me and good afternoon to you.

    Keep The Faith!

  157. ranged=ranked or rated*

  158. So OG12 is world class… as stats is baseless… ;)

    Seriously, though I use stats for the following reasons:

    -goals scored
    -distance covered
    -number of tackles
    -games and minutes played.

    I have never used stats for assists as it does not take into consideration who is on the end of the pass…

    Nor chances created by a player…

    If Ozil/cesc pass to VP or Messi 6 out of 10 times they will hit the target.

    if Ozil/Cesc pass to another B ranged player then it may be 3/10 but then the B ranged striker might be more willing to get himself into more dangerous positions that Messi or VP won’t attempt..

    I never consider passes made etc…

    My argument is always that if a striker is going to be judged on goals scored then a DM can be judged on tackles made and attempted…

    The reason why I will always say Flamini is never better than Arteta…

    That was the reason why even last season I considered Ramsey amongst the likes of Vidal and Kroos when only Scott and a few backed him… ;)

    The reason why I stated that Fellaini was over rated… ;)

    And that Costa won’t score as many goals this year as he did last season and even had a bet with Ng that Costa won’t score in January…

  159. Lol.. I do Rico…

  160. Ts, you must believe that stat, you are a stat man ;)

  161. Absolutely Cg, which is kind of my point really stats are there for one thing, manipulation……

    But I love Jack though…

    Night Cg, sleep well…

  162. Just the three Mr Brady, make it 5 and I think he’s spot on…

  163. There are lies, damn lies and statistics.

  164. No I am just saying AR16 and Ozil were fit too…

    Our form dropped off when Ozil also got injured…

  165. Rico – I’m having a few woops moments today. Nearly or past time for bed for me.

  166. Typical propaganda… the stats is just being shown to justify England’s manager selecting him for Brazil…

    text book PSYOPs… lol

  167. :) How did I know you’d say something like that Ts..

    One stat that doesn’t suit your theory eh…… ;)

  168. That stats is not accurate because it does not show that Ozil, Ramsey played in the games he played in…

    Of all the games JW played in this season AR16 did not play in 8 of those… and we won 5 of those against Villa, Sunderland, Liverpool, the scums…

  169. Just been on SS’s Ts.

  170. Where is that JW stats? Rico

  171. I have to put my hand up to being one of ‘those’ fans re Ramsey, but again, I was more frustrated with AW for playing him left or right rather than central.

    It might all be part of him learning his trade, but at such a young age and after such a nasty injury, it was risky imo.

    And look how he could have been playing if played central….

  172. It’s Giroud’s second Cg.

    I don’t blame him though, I blame the situation. How can the club expect him to play in every game and perform well. We had no proper back up to allow rotation and after Christmas, his performances dropped off…

  173. Rico – Further to your Wilshere statistic – it was only a year or two ago when many Arsenal ‘fans’ were slating Ramsey and now its OG12 in his first season.

  174. Ginge – If goal.com is your standard for reliable journalism, you are in trouble mate.

  175. The other one was interesting too Cg ;)

  176. Just going to read that Cg, thanks..

    Spot on Kev, can’t believe he’s not being sold off to West Ham or somewhere similar….

  177. WOOPS! Wrong link there. Her is the right one;


    It’s pretty bad when you can’t even manage cut and paste.

  178. Yeah, Jack’s got no pace, he can’t tackle properly, he doesn’t score goals, can’t head the ball, he runs with the ball (damned fool), slows down play, is basically useless and a complete bounder….
    He should be thrashed…

  179. Me too fred…

  180. I have heard his shi#e…Rico

  181. An interesting statistic just for anyone who is interested.

    We have won more games this season when Jack Wilshere played than when he didn’t…

    Now where are those Jack moaners?? ;) ;)

  182. Interesting post Cg on Benzema…

    its not on goal.com so it is probably false… :-)

  183. fred, Costa would blow half of the £120 ish money we have. Would he really be worth it?

  184. GG lost his job on Postiga and Sergiy Rebrov…

    harry also bought Ashavins friend… Pavlyushenko (spelling).

    Lol Rico.. I knew you would say that about the DM role…

  185. Very true Xris… I indeed forgot about that…

    Spot on Cg-Playing 4-4-2 permanently will be a change in Aw’s approach; he has played versions of it this season when Ramsey is fit but I am not sure we have the personnel in the squad aside from Ramsey to play the perfect box to box role in a 4-4-2 system… unless he buys a Vidal or similar…

    I am not sure Bender has played in 4-4-2.

    In fact both Benders have lost their places in the new version of 4-1-4-1 system Klopp and Hypia have been playing…

    Lars was I guess injured so until recently Reinatz(spelling), Rolfes and Castro had taken his place…

  186. Ts, perhaps if we had a proper defensive/holding/box to box midfielder, Giroud wouldn’t have to defend so much…

  187. A statement would be a bid at least for Costa,we know the chavs will out bid us……………..but you never know.
    Remy at the moment……… is he top 4?
    I like Giroud…. his been good this season,
    but he needs 5 chance’s to put 1 away…..
    get a bit sick looking at his tongue every time he misses.
    We to have to invest in a strong defensive midfielder,a player who can get around a pitch,someone that can work with Jack and arron,
    we can’t expect Ozil and cazola to get stuck in away from home again..Wake up Wenger

  188. Ginge – As usual at this time of year, it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Maybe Benzema will replace OG12 as per the following;


    Despite Olivier being quoted saying he is happy to stay at Arsenal, there have been rumours that he &/or his wife want to leave. Only the Shadow knows for sure?

  189. Xr!s – I’m with you on OG12. Too many fans are rushing to condemn him before looking at the whole picture.

  190. Ginge – I have heard that Giroud and Benzema are not the best of friends due to them both fighting for the same position in the France team. I don’t think that Arsene would revert to playing 4-4-2 to accommodate both on field.

  191. Tsgh,
    you forgot to add that OG has been a lot fitter than Aguero all season even though he’s played more matches,been more physically dealt with by defenders and also you forgot to mention the quality of players Manchester city have around Aguero

  192. Ginge – It was only a few years ago when Torres was scoring at will for Liverpool and Chelski paid huge money for him. Could you find many, if any, Chelski supporters who would tell you thatwas money well spent?

  193. Just been talking to a friend about Griezmann, seems to tick all the right boxes..

  194. Agree Cg;
    ..but if we recall IG said he could sign Messi for £25m and pay him £200k a week so miracles do happen… :-)

    You never know this time Perez might want to do us a favour and sell Benzema for £15m to us…

    On a serious note though, reading between the lines, Aw is not a big fan of Karim…

    He has been put on the spot a few times on Canal + and AW has said it will take a lot to get OG12 and Karim to work together…

    Rumours from the french camp also suggest they do not have a decent working relationship…

  195. I agree Cg, I really do, was just kidding with you… :)

  196. Rico – That “there might just be someone out there who could pop in and hit the ground running” is a very big IF. I’m not saying there isn’t, but it is a big gamble.

  197. Ginge – Loic Remy might not be Arsene’s first choice target for a striker, but if the club put all their efforts into landing the likes of Benzema and we get outbid like last year he might not then be available as a fallback. Add the likes of Antoine Griezman on the wing(s) and we would be doing well. If we can land an A-lister like Benzema, so much the better.

    We can’t leave it till late August this year as too many big clubs are in the market, especially those with new managers &/or big bankrolls.

  198. Thanks Ts…

    Cg, I totally agree re strikers from outside the PL, and bedding in time is not something we really need or can afford but you never know, there might just be someone out there who could pop in and hit the ground running… ;)

  199. I am pleased fans are beginning to appreciate what Og12 brings to the team…

    He also helps us defend from set pieces something we need especially in the skullduggery of EPl managers…

    He also tracks backs something Poldi or TW14 won’t do…
    imho, LS07 and the bin-dippers won’t have the same effect next season as this season… teams have now watched and taken in the way to nullify the duo…

    Note, how many goals Sergo Aguero scored in his first season and how many he scored last season and this season…

    I know a few dislike stats or as AW calls it data… but if you consider Aguero is on £200k a week and he has scored equal amount to OG12 who earns £65k then…

  200. I’m sure he would too Cg, and Bony. I wouldn’t be totally against either…

  201. Got to agree Cg, Remy and Bony can both play upfront on their own and anywhere in the front 3 too…
    All joking aside I agree with Wath and Rico on Bony…

    Also funny how no one is talking about Michu anymore…

  202. Kev, did you see your old friend Llorente last night? His performance made OG12 look like Kluivert…

    I can’t believe the media linked us to Atomic Ant Giovinco for £20m when he is 5’4 and has only scored 3 goals all season…? goes to show, the papers just make up stuff…

  203. Rico – With our midfield setting him up, I’m sure Loic would score more goals. He would be a good pairing with Giroud. Loic is more direct and has the pace to catch those quick through balls that Olivier just can’t. Also, he wanted to come to Arsenal when he was still playing in France.

    The more prolific strikers would take time to adapt to PL, if they adapt at all. Arsenal are exceptionally lucky that Giroud adapted so quickly. He’ll be even better next season.

  204. Morning again HH la familia…
    Good read Rico…

    There we go again with a certain gentleman rejecting another overpriced striker for a cheaper £20m version called Bony inter alios… :P

    In Micko and Goonie’s word’s ‘show some ambition’… lol

  205. Morning Cg

    I’m not set against Remy either, but it would be nice if we could get someone a little more prolific…

  206. I’ll expect they’ll buy someone Xr’s

  207. Xr’s, I’d say Giroud was one of many who have been overplayed imo…

  208. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    We can argue over which targets are real or not and which targets we like or not, as the case may be, but it seems as if the club are active in the market early this season. It would be great if we had our major targets secured before the WC kicks off.

    I think Loic Remy would be a good buy and would score more in our team than with the Barcodes. Also, he already has plenty of Premier League experience.

  209. Rico,
    i read to psg. Wearing a psg shirt to an interview in France after their match with psg fuelled the speculation. If he leaves,who will create for Chelsea..lol

  210. Giroud is good but not all can withstand what he’s gone through,this season. He’s played most matches along with Per and works extremely hard in most matches. Fans should understand that people do get tired and with his height and size,he must be a little slow and ball-control most times will be hard for him.

    Could anyone name any target man that has a better ball-control,makes intelligent runs he does in most matches,works so hard,hold up play and does those cute flicks which mostly works?

    Lastly,his goal returns are not bad although he can be frustrating. He doesn’t need to be sold,just needs help with another clinical striker with a different quality as his

  211. Morning Kev, thanks cheeky ;)

    Morning Xr’s, Hazard could be off I read….

  212. You wicked thing Lee…. But I’ll remember that :)

  213. that works Lee… don’t forget the clingfilm wrapped over the toilets….!

  214. Morning All…

    Morning Rico, good post, and I have read it… ;-)

    Think of all those Tottenham fans aged 18 to 24 who cannot remember a time when they finished above Arsenal…
    Long may it continue..

  215. I know considering the fee’s attributed to other so called star strikers BUT Bony for 20million when we know he scores goals in this league and is now settled after 25 in his first season and at 24/25 years of age him and Remy would give us pace goals and know the league for decent money.. allows us big funds for a defensive midfielder maybe a winger and or another central midfielder..? do we need two or one defensive midfielder and another centre half if Vermaelen leaves..?

  216. Juventus lost their chance to play EL final at home last night.

    So funny to hear Hazard admit that Chelsea are not made to play football. No class and club respect in that team.

    Morning Rico and all

  217. I am trying to buy some bird seed….apparently you throw it on the caravan’s roof and at first light the birds start pecking the living shit out of it waking everyone up! :lol:

  218. Remy over him any day….

  219. Loic Remy it is then?

  220. I agree WATH surely we can do better than Mandzukic?

  221. Mandzukic – no thanks Wath

    I’m with you Wath, keep Giroud and get a pacey player in…

  222. It does make me laugh that fans and media seem to like Mandzukic yet for me he’s half as good as Giroud who everyone loves to hate and say isn’t good enough. Thing is if Giroud had a striker next to him who also pitched in with 25 goals this season we’d be saying that they are a decent partnership…!

  223. Good job they have gone then… ;)

  224. I’m in a trance…………….. those piercing blue mincers have me spell bound… bloody moggy…!

  225. Morning all, wake up :)

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