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Same old as Season Ticket renewal time approaches……

Morning all.

Look at those eyes......

Check those eyes out…..

You always know when the time to renew season tickets is approaching. That old chestnut ‘Transfer Warchest’ is raked up and put out there along with all the usual transfer targets spin.

The propaganda from the club is ramped up to an almost industrial level as sources from inside the club leak out tit-bits. The same old names are thrown into the mix just to jazz it up. Benzema, Mandzukic, Cavani, Fabregas, Casillas, etc etc…

Ivan Gazidis is certain to publicly claim any day now, that Arsenal are capable of competing for any footballer on the planet.

Yes Ivan, we know that the club can compete, but competing for and actually signing, well those are two entirely different matters aren’t they?!

But never mind, the world is our oyster as the promises of marquee signings are hinted at by Arsene as he gives his little enigmatic smile. And there are the new sponsorship deals with zillions to spend, the absolute shed-load of cash to invest in our team, yeah, we’re really going for it next season…

Of course the reality is quite a different matter and that’ll no doubt kick in as soon as we’re linked, for the 50th time with the likes of Saloman Kalou, Demba Ba or whoever else is going cheap in the sales…

But the situation could be about to get worse.

If Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen, Lukasz Podolski and Lukasz Fabianski all leave, the club will need to replace them in order to stand still and before thinking about other additional signings.

The depth of the Arsenal squad could be four players worse off before it’s even been strengthened and it certainly needs more depth as the last couple of months have shown. So are we just going to simply see those four replaced and maybe one quality striker signed?

Are those the five new players that I’ve read in the rumours?

And when I hear rumours of a £70 million war chest, is that £70m plus what Wenger brings in or is it £70m in total and any extra goes into the pot?

Bendtner will leave, Coquelin is set to leave, Djourou will also leave. Joel Campbell will probably be sold as will Chuks Aneke and no doubt Ryo Miyaichi could possibly join the exodus.

There’s going be a lot of depth to fill next summer, a lot….

Let’s just pray that it isn’t left until August 31st again to fill it?!!!

Written by BrainwashedKev

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222 Responses to Same old as Season Ticket renewal time approaches……

  1. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Morning all.
    Specialist in failure.

  2. vernat1066 says:

    Good Post, perhaps as a start we should get Lescott who at 31 and on a free transfer would add some depth to the Centre half options and hopefully will come with a point to prove.

    Beyond that I would like to see at least one major player before the world cup preferably in Midfield where a more physical presence is needed.

    After that what we need is pace in the team and a player to compete and work with Giroud who while he has had a good season can not play every game and stay at his best, some of the criticism of him has been unjust and it is always what he can not do what he can (53 appearances including Champions league qualification 23 goals and 9 assists)

    We dont need to go down the Spurs route and buy too many players as they cant integrate in time but we do need to buy better players and ones with different physical attributes to the current squad.

    In terms of money meh who cares how much they cost the question is how good will they be, perhaps this pre season we will get it right ?

  3. rico says:

    Morning Kev and all..

    So true, so very true. It happens every year around this time, the big names are in the press. But how do they get there?

    Do the club leak little snippets, or do the idiots from Fleet Street just make it up as they go along.

    One thing is sure and as you rightly point out, we could be on the verge of needing our highest number of players ever in one transfer window.

    Waiting until the 31st August would be an absolute disaster but I don’t honestly believe we will.

    Not this time….

  4. rico says:

    Oh, and a very good post – best I go and read it…. ;)

  5. Lee says:


  6. Fatgun-Ug says:

    Good morning all HHers. thanks kev for the post.
    this has been the best week, beginning with Liverfool Vs Chelski, to Arsenal Vs Newcastle then Rm Vs Bm and to crown it up the tall midget (specialist in wasting dime at every football club he manages) gets a spanking in his own potato garden…… and then today is a public holiday… hooooray!

    Hi Rico

  7. rico says:

    Lars, Sven or both?

    Hi Fatgun, – sure has been a good week in football… :)

  8. rico says:

    V10, sadly, I think we’ll need to sign a similar number to what Spurs did, if we lose Fab, Sagna, TV and maybe Podolski…

    Fingers crossed they all stay…

  9. Lee says:

    The better one!
    Then a top drawer striker.
    A winger.
    A right back.
    A centre back.
    A goalkeeper.

    Simples! :lol:

  10. Scott From Oz says:

    Morning all…….top post, Kev.

  11. rico says:

    Lars then….

    I’d go with that five and get them in nice and early, none of this late dealing and no pre-season stuff…

  12. rico says:

    Oops, six ;)

  13. Lee says:

    I’ve got a feeling Loic Remy will be our striker….

  14. Charlie says:

    Lars Bender,is not commercially viable due to very low replica shirt revenue.

  15. potter says:

    Adam following your comments regarding season ticket renewals and cup final tickets , we had the same conversation last night in my family as my son and I are too destined for a day on the settee with a few beers and sarnies awaiting the demand from the club for another year of turmoil.

  16. rico says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised…

  17. potter says:

    I have to say that as far as new players are concerned , at the moment I don’t give a toss.

  18. rico says:

    Charlie – what makes you say that….

  19. Lee says:

    Harsh but fair Potter!

  20. BrainwashedKev says:


  21. Lee says:

    Where is it drunk?

  22. rico says:

    At The Emirates, £10 a pint…

    Morning Kev…

  23. BrainwashedKev says:

    Next door to Tanzania…

  24. rico says:

    Has Scott blown up his new ipad…

  25. Sukky says:

    My day was probably great at last,chelshit lost 3-1 in england.Though,I lost a lot of naira on bet but there is not a problem in the world which can’t be solved with a chelshit defeat.And the best feeling in the world is that the specialist in failure will end up with a trophy and the special one will be trophyless again,second time in a row.Aha

  26. rico says:

    Sukky, you are very confident about the FA Cup…

    I just hope we can win on Sunday, suffer no new injuries and go from there…

  27. Scott From Oz says:

    Haha Rico, just trying to set it all up again!!

  28. Sukky says:

    Seems the media have finally started “operation let’s leave wenger and frustrate moyinho”.Yesterday,this stat came out :’morinho has won 2 out of 14 available trophy and he has spent 258m during this time’.Seems someone is turning to a failure himself.Aha

  29. Sukky says:

    Rico,try to be positive sometimes.If ozil,giroud and ramsey are avaible,am confident about another easy victory.

  30. Scott From Oz says:

    Sukky, Jose’s problem is he sets himself up for a fall all the time.
    He gets what he deserves, and has nobody to blame but himself.
    I hope he keeps failing :)

  31. Sukky says:

    On summer signing,I don’t wanna be happy for nothing.I just wanna be surprised.

  32. Sukky says:

    I love bible,pride goes beyone falling

  33. rico says:

    Not easy Scott..

    Sukky, what’s not being positive about not wanting to suffer injuries..?

  34. Sukky says:

    Even if we are without our important players,am confident we will win it.I just got that feelings

  35. tsgh says:

    When did Brainwashed Kev start writing cynical posts?

    You are meant to be brain washed Sir? :-)

    I totally agree with the post Kev btw… unfortunately IG the spin-master has made our purported war chest a matter of Ad nauseam…

    Still all the best wishes from me to Rick mate… God bless and fingers crossed with your results.

  36. tsgh says:

    Sukky your 11:55 is top post mate…

    You are now becoming more positive than Scott… which is worrying btw :)

    My views on Jose are that when he had a limited budget at Benfica what did he do? Ferreira, whom he had first encountered as his teacher at ISEF and later lambasted the veteran coach by stating, “This could be the story of a donkey who worked for 30 years but never became a horse…. inter alia dispicable man he is…

  37. rico says:

    He’s been spending too much time with Adam Ts ;)

  38. BrainwashedKev says:

    Afternoon All…

    Afternoon Rico, did you manage to read it in the end? ;-)

  39. tsgh says:

    Lol Rico… green tea and all… ;)

    Maybe the police need to investigate what their green tea actually is…? :P

  40. rico says:

    Afternoon Kev, I did ;)

  41. BrainwashedKev says:

    It’s only for medicinal purposes Ginge… ;-)

  42. BrainwashedKev says:

    Therefore Rico, I am happy… :-P

  43. BrainwashedKev says:

    Gotta say that I have yet to see anyone wearing a Chelsea shirt today…

    Seen a couple of Atletico shirts funnily enough… ;-)

    Of course, I gave them a cheery wave…

    The Specialist in Boring Football and Bullshit really got what he thoroughly deserved…
    It’s nice when justice is seen to be done.., :-)

  44. rico says:

    Ha ha Ts, you might be right…
    :) Kev, I bet they are all in hiding…..

  45. rico says:

    Stewart Robson:

    “I met one of the members of Arsenal’s sports science department and he said he told Arsene Wenger on many occasions that ‘you are working the players too hard’ and Wenger took no notice.” Robson told ESPN FC

    “In fact, the rest of the coaching staff told him to be careful what he says because Wenger could get him out of the club” he added

  46. tsgh says:

    Lol for medication?… Kev; so you like the Beattles are smoking your tea… organic legal high. :)

  47. tsgh says:

    The typical sign of someone being a snitch is Robson… lol

    He might be right on this one though…

    As i was said in November I saw data that showed Ramsey and OG12 were operating in the red zone but…

  48. Sukky says:

    The reason why I loved arsenal is because we gave so many young players chances to prove their worth but gone are those days.Is it pressure or what?

  49. tsgh says:

    How is it that the same man said in the summer that the reason why AFC fail is because we do not train hard enough.. but then AW is over working players…?

    Ramsey’s excession had nothing to do with how many games/minutes he played for us but rather the number of games he had to play for 90 minutes for Wales as Bale had been given presidential excuse…

    Also AR16 was the only player amongst our top 4 competitors who played every single pre-season game and completed it…

  50. Joaquim Moreira says:

    good morning evryone!
    It’s a holyday oday in england?

  51. tsgh says:

    Indeed Sukky, AW seems to have lost faith in the youth system imo…

  52. rico says:

    I’m not overly keen on the bitter and twisted ex employee either, but I do think he is spot on…. Well, the member of staff at the club…

  53. rico says:

    Hi Jm, not until Monday….

  54. tsgh says:

    Is it a holiday in portugal? JM

  55. Sukky says:

    Don’t know about english but its holiday in nigeria

  56. tsgh says:

    Well the whole western world celebrate the birthday of the Order of Perfectibilists today and Monday…

    Kev will visit 10 Duke street with his apron, I guess whilst smoking on green tea… :-)

  57. tsgh says:

    Nice info Sukky; I didn’t know Nigeria celebrates May 1 too? I have to call my relatives in Ghana to find out if it is a holiday to…

  58. Joaquim Moreira says:

    yes it is. Worker’s day!

  59. tsgh says:

    Workers day? that is one way of calling it…

  60. Joaquim Moreira says:

    ok, World Labour Day.

  61. rico says:

    It’s a quiet day, that’s for sure….

  62. BrainwashedKev says:

    Actually Ginge, I will be visiting GCHQ to speak to your boss, to grass you up, as you should be working on the Ukraine crisis and intercepting Russian communications, instead of blogging on Arsenal…. :-)

  63. Sukky says:

    God,this place is pretty boring today.

  64. rico says:

    Feel free to spice it up Sukky ;)

  65. rico says:

    The snooker is exciting though….

  66. goonster says:

    What you need is a dose of the goonster. Rico how do I post with smileys. Come on. Am the only dude that don’t do that. Not fair*sulking*…and hey morning all.

  67. rico says:

    Hi Goonster, you mean you haven’t worked them out yet??

  68. rico says:

    Go to the top of the page goonster, you’ll see a heading ‘Using Smilies’ – click on that and all will be revealed….

  69. southyorkshiregunner says:

  70. southyorkshiregunner says:

  71. southyorkshiregunner says:

  72. southyorkshiregunner says:

  73. goonster says:

    I ve been fiddling with that since adam joined us here on HH. Wanna let him know how much he greases my pot…see that needed a smiley face. Darn it rico.

  74. southyorkshiregunner says:

  75. southyorkshiregunner says:

  76. southyorkshiregunner says:

  77. southyorkshiregunner says:

  78. potter says:

    All memories SYG. No more this year though.

  79. rico says:

    goonster – for a smile just type : lol : but without spaces

  80. rico says:

    Happy memories indeed Syg….

  81. goonster says:

    Err syg what’s with all dem videos amigo? Are you ok man?

  82. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Juventus-Benfica and Valencia-Sevilha tonight

  83. goonster says:

    Lol without spaces….I just did that. Grrrr this is so hard.

  84. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I’m sound Stan.
    I’ve been busy at work. Get this weekend out of the way and I’ll be over in Cyprus next week ….

  85. goonster says:

    Nice to have u back amigo…I miss your twitter updates. Especially during the transfer window.

  86. goonster says:

    Hey syg still haven’t seen the chav game last night. U have the video? Be a pal and post it. Thanks

  87. goonster says:

    Rico did you see maureen’s face last night. He looked like a freshly flipped turd. Hahahhahah. Wat a tool.

  88. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Watch this one. Johnny Giles on Jim Furnell

  89. goonster says:

    Hahahahahahhaha that says it all. Maureen is shit.

  90. rico says:

    I did goonie, a picture to behold… and Terrys.

  91. Adam says:

    Afternoon all. I’ve just been to Old Hampton Street for some cake and an Earl Grey. Stan, they’re looking forward to seeing you down there. :)

  92. goonster says:

    Hey adam…how are you this glorious day. Am tipsy can you tell? Hic hic.lol

  93. goonster says:

    Darn it..what ll I give for a smiley now.

  94. goonster says:

    Let me try again…lol without spaces.

  95. goonster says:


  96. rico says:

    goonie, you need to add : before and : after

  97. goonster says:

    I give up…I can’t do it. I just cant. Grrr.

  98. rico says:

    Afternoon Adam, raining in London?

  99. goonster says:

    Oh ok….hold on

  100. goonster says:


  101. goonster says:

    Yaaaaaay I got it rico…In your face allezkev. This deserves a beer.

  102. Adam says:

    Yes Rico. I got very wet indeed.

  103. rico says:

    Hoorah goonie….!

    It’s finally stopped here Adam, been a nasty old day hasn’t it….

  104. tsgh says:

    Syg, your trips to Cyprus can be blamed for Aw’s failure to buy…

    Stay in the UK for once.. lol

    I forgot to ask you about your wrestling match with the python or was it an alligator?

  105. BrainwashedKev says:

    Stan, well done… :-D

  106. rico says:

    Took long enough Kev ;)

  107. BrainwashedKev says:

    Anyway, I’m just off to Duke St
    Lata ;-)

  108. BrainwashedKev says:

    Rico, those bloody cats eyes, every time I refresh…

    Now who do they remind me of??????

    Ah Umbongo..

  109. rico says:

    :) Kev, can’t think who they remind me of either….

    Maybe all will come clear later this month….

  110. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Whip snake….. would have wrestled it but it was too quick, Ginge.

    Saw Crocodiles the other year at the crocodile farm in The Gambia but didn’t fancy it.. Julie didn’t mind patting ‘em, but me? I stayed well clear..

  111. tsgh says:

    After all the big talk; Your Mrs is braver than you are…

    You wer lucky the crocodile was not one of the juju stauff from Gervinho’s village… :-)

    Lata Kev… I want membership to your elite club…

  112. goonster says:

    :lol: I nailed it.

  113. Micko says:

    Them croc’s must have been pretty docile tsgh, Gervinho probably made them dizzy running round in circles all day.

  114. goonster says:

    Howdy ginge

  115. goonster says:

    Micko that was cold:sad:

  116. goonster says:

    Oh shoot it only works with smiles and not frowns? I feel sheepish.

  117. tsgh says:

    Hey goonie and Micko…

  118. BrainwashedKev says:

    Is Kasper Schmeichal the man to replace Fabianski?
    Can’t ses him putting any pressure on Szczesny…

    As for Chambers, apparently Shaw is going to leave and Lallana is rumoured to be leaving Southampton.
    If Southampton sell one of their bigger names then they won’t need to sell Chambers…
    Who then, is gonna replace Sagna???

    Vermaelen may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t want him to leave…
    Lescott was mentioned on here earlier, but can you imagine his wages?
    Ginter is the flavour of the month or what about a cheeky bid for Vertonghen?

    Podolski’s replacement could well be that Swiss geezer who plays in the Bundesliga?
    Don’t really wanna see Pod go, but it’s looking likely…

    And after all that, we still haven’t sorted out the marquee striker.
    The replacement for Arteta or the pacy left winger…

    That could be as many as seven signings this summer…
    Will £70millikn be enough, will Wenger even spend it or we gonna be short in squad numbers again next season….

    Fingers crossed that Gnabry progresses and that any two from Akpom, Bellerin, Olsson, Toral and Zelalem step up a level to the first team squad….

  119. tsgh says:

    Replacement for Arteta? now you have confirmed you smoke your illegal green tea… :-)

  120. goonster says:

    Where is everyone?

  121. Micko says:

    Stan, I always had you down as a bit of a winker.

  122. goonster says:

    Nah maybe be a wanker cause I cream a lot:lol:

  123. rico says:

    I’m not sure he is either Kev, re Kasper…

    Hi Micko…

  124. tsgh says:

    Sir Cream- A- lot

    Micko, even you must be pleased Jose got ‘found out’ last night?

  125. rico says:

    Surely Bender is the man to replace Arteta?

    If the Bender story has any truth to it….

  126. tsgh says:

    Kev- on a serious note I like the look of Rico’s new find Clyne as a potential replacement for Sagna.

    He is a londoner too I assume since he playe for Crystal palce and won the best player of the season for them ahead of Zaha…

    Next season if I will want Bellerin to be used as the pragmatic card on the rhs ahead of CJ25 or Sagna in the top games…

    He is decent at defending and his ability to counter attack will get Micko excited for once and Goonie creaming as per usual…

  127. goonster says:

    So glad he lost last night ginge. Imagine him being the first to win it with 3 different teams. Lord we won’t hear the end of it but I fear it’s only a Matter of time. He ll win it.

  128. tsgh says:

    ffs this typos… I am out of here.. chat later

  129. goonster says:

    Rico bender is beyond us. He ll be over priced. We ll probably get your main man diame:lol:

  130. goonster says:

    Ok what happened to my comments rico?

  131. rico says:

    Ts, he’s not a new find, I think it was with Wath I have been talking about him before now….

  132. rico says:

    It’s out goonster…

  133. BrainwashedKev says:

    Yes Rico, Bender could be the eventual replacement for Arteta.

    Sorry Ginge, he can’t go on forever, he’s what, 33..?

  134. goonster says:

    What happened though? I didn’t curse did I?

  135. rico says:

    I read something the other day suggesting he might return to Everton Kev. Can’t see it myself though…

  136. rico says:

    He’s 32 years old, too old to be playing every week in the PL and in the position he’s in….

    Don’t know – found your comment in spam..

  137. goonster says:

    Knowing assend we ll probably end up with figuroa. :lol:

  138. BrainwashedKev says:

    To replace both Fabianski and Sagna is problematic as they’ll be leaving for nix…

    Wenger can bring in some funds for Verm and Pod, which he can reinvest in new signings…

    Bender could cost £18 million…
    Draxler could cost £35 million…
    That’s £53 million gone on those two…

    That leaves £17m for 5 players plus what Wenger can earn from sales…

  139. rico says:

    If AW wants a proper DM, maybe Sven would be the better option..

  140. rico says:

    Haven’t we got just under £200 million spare though Kev ;)

  141. Micko says:

    tsgh, told you months ago Real and Juve would be a winning double !
    Stan summed up Jose perfectly at 3.10.
    rico, has someone used up their nine lives.

  142. rico says:

    Micko, somewhere I suspect… lol

  143. BrainwashedKev says:

    I have my doubts about Wenger going on a spending spree myself, especially when you look at the figures involved…

    I also have my doubts about marquee signings…
    I really cannot ses if happening…

    I imagine that Wenger will go for his usual ‘unknowns with potential’ malarkey and maybe a couple of Flamini type free transfers and even a last minute loan or two…

    I’ll believe all these big names when we sign them…

    Same old same old…
    Once the season ticket money is in the bank…

    £70 million… Dream on… :-(

  144. AndrewH says:

    Afternoon House. I expect many of you have seen this but I just came across it. Top 5 for an Arsenal Fan:

  145. Micko says:

    Kev, it’s a world cup year, you can add another 10 mill onto those prices.
    Here’s an idea, why don’t we do our business early for a change, nah that’s far too sensible.

  146. BrainwashedKev says:

    Wath knows the figures better than me Rico…

    £200 million, ha ha, if Kroenke put his hand in his skyrocket, yeah, but that ain’t gonna happen anytime this side of Eternity…

  147. rico says:

    Sure hope you are wrong Kev, I really do….

  148. BrainwashedKev says:

    Mick that is far far too sensible an idea for Arsenal to consider…

    It’ll be the usual supermarket sweep on August 31st…
    I doubt if Tom Fox or the other yank will bother jetting into London until August 30th…
    Why waste money on the hotel bill?!!!

  149. rico says:

    Hi Andrew, I’d have Liverpool in there instead of City…

  150. BrainwashedKev says:

    Rico, it’s tipping down here in London, been raining all bloody day…

    Could do with some of JM’s sunshine to cheer us up…

    Is it typical weather over there in Ireland Mick?
    Good weather to spend the evening in the pub mate…

  151. rico says:

    That’s very true Kev. I just hope they are looking to do some early business for once and not wait for the WC to be over…

    Or worse still, our season to have begun…

  152. BrainwashedKev says:

    Right that’s enough moaning from me, I’ll leave all the rest of the moaning to Adam and Wath…. ;-)

    Lata All

  153. rico says:

    Same here Kev, not even been out with the woofa, she flatly refuses to go out in the rain when it’s so heavy…

  154. rico says:

    Catch up later….

  155. tsgh says:

    Kev, you know I was joking about Arteta comment right? :-)

  156. tsgh says:

    So Wath has been talking about Clyne..

    Wath spreads the £200M rumours and then goes and suggests a cheaper alternative to Coleman? :-P

  157. rico says:

    Ts, you do twist things ;) ;)

  158. rico says:

    I wasn’t joking about my Arteta comment :)

  159. tsgh says:

    I know you are never joking about lego hair..

    I twist things? lol

  160. rico says:

    Was teasing about Clyne…

  161. Gonerjoe says:

    Evening disappointed to see the weather in London has taken a turn for the worse. Heading to London this weekend for my brothers 50th birthday I bought him a ticket to The WBA game it’s a shame he doesn’t like football I’ll have to use it :).

  162. tsgh says:

    lol Wath has me in sin bin so … lol

  163. rico says:

    Hi Joe, it’s meant to be nice over the weekend, picks up tomorrow….

  164. Gonerjoe says:

    That’s great I’ll bring shorts and a tie shirt with rain gear:).

  165. Gonerjoe says:

    That should be t-shirt bloody iPad

  166. rico says:

    Reports suggest that van Gaal has accepted a 2 year deal with the Mancs and will be announced on Wednesday….

  167. rico says:

    I’m off guys…

    Night all and morning Kev ;)

  168. rico says:

    Last out, first in. I really need to get out more…. ;)

    Morning all…

  169. Lee says:

    Morning Rico…it seems that Costa is Chelsea bound according to one of the tabloids!

  170. BrainwashedKev says:

    Night Rico

  171. rico says:

    Morning Lee… yes and I wonder if they’ll make a serious attempt to get Giroud as a replacement…

  172. rico says:

    Morning Kev…

  173. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning Rico…

    Morning Lee.
    Arsenal we’re never gonna take on one of the big hitters for Costa…
    His signing will mean that Mourinho can park the bus and still steal the points if Costa nicks a goal. Drogba Mk II

  174. rico says:

    That’s if he no serving a ban Kev ;)

  175. BrainwashedKev says:

    That’s gonna be an interesting one Rico, because if Atletico get a big wad of cash from Abramovitch for Costa, then they might make a really serious offer for Giroud, and I don’t mean £15million…
    If they test the water with a £20+ million bid, then Wenger might be tempted.
    He could then sign Mandzukic I suppose, or maybe take a punt at getting Dzeko?

  176. BrainwashedKev says:

    A ban won’t bother him Rico, after all, it’s all about him anyway…

  177. BrainwashedKev says:

    It’s overcast and a bit chilly, but dry in London today…

  178. rico says:

    Or Benzema Kev?

  179. rico says:

    Same here, windy, nippy but very grey.. But, we are meant to have a mini heatwave over the BH weekend….

  180. rico says:

    Who Kev, Roman, Mourinho or Costa?

  181. Lee says:

    Is Mandzukic that much better than Giroud? Not from what I’ve seen….but I suppose I’ll get statistics thrown at me! We need to not fuck about with unproven players as far as the striker position goes, really push the boat out!
    Apparently this Drmic kid rumour has legs….. I’m not going to wind myself up with who we will or won’t get, I’m sure Arsene has his short list of world class players lined up!?!?Ready to rumble as soon as the window opens and before the WC starts. I just hope history doesn’t repeat itself ie like the last few windows! I can dream.

  182. Lee says:

    A perfect weekend to spend in a caravan in Great Yarmouth!

  183. Lee says:

    Dressed as Dennis the Menace!

  184. rico says:

    Totally agree with all of that Lee, I’d actually rather keep Giroud and just sign a very different kind of striker. Someone who has pace and knows where the goal is..

    At some stage, things have to change and for the sake of us all, I hope it’s this summer…

  185. rico says:

    How lovely Lee, stag weekend by any chance? ;)

  186. Lee says:

    I wished Rico, it’s my son’s U13 rugby tour! One of the fines is having to eat pickled eggs dipped in peanut butter! Just to give you a little insight into what lies before me……

  187. rico says:

    Oops, not so lovely then and best you make sure you don’t get fined…

    I like a number of weird food combinations but picked egg with peanut butter??

    Don’t think even I’d try that one…

  188. BrainwashedKev says:

    Black and red hooped jumper?

  189. potter says:

    Don’t want to worry you Lee but the weather here is close to bloody awful., cold wind off of the sea , cloudy and definitely not sun bathing weather. If it was October I would say , Winter draws on.

  190. rico says:

    I thought more of a red and white with a number 10 on the back… ;)

  191. rico says:

    Mind out for Minnie Minx ;)

    Morning Potter, bracing then…

  192. Adam says:

    Morning Rico and all. That does sound like an awful combination. I have pickled eggs dipped in sand and evaporated milk for breakfast most mornings though.

  193. Lee says:

    This is what my son and I will mostly be wearing!

  194. rico says:

    Morning Adam..

    Lee, I do hope you’ll share a few photos…. lol

  195. rico says:

    Have you bought a wig Lee?? ;)

  196. Lee says:

    Rico, what happens on tour stays on tour! ;)

  197. Lee says:

    Comes with the outfit… cheeky git! ;)

  198. rico says:

    Blonde moment. Clearly the wig is included…. Doh!

  199. rico says:

    :) Lee

  200. Lee says:

    Had to get Dave dyed black to look like Gnasher!!

  201. rico says:

    Poor Dave…… ;)

  202. rico says:

    I used to have the Beano when I was a nipper, loved it…

    Beano, Beezer and Jackie :)

  203. Wath says:

    Am sure how ever Lee dresses up he’ll still have piercing blue mincers…..

    The rest will look like crap but you know how it is……………

  204. Lee says:


  205. Wath says:

    Now Now…………..!

    I look at the top of the post and wonder who’s in the pic………….

  206. tsgh says:

    Good morning Rico, Lee, WAth and HHers

    If OG12 goes we can poach Sergei Regrov from retirement…

    His stats at sperds was so remakeable GG lost his job over that signing.. :-)

    I believe Ath will go for Cerci and Immobile from Torino instead of Giroud tbh…

    Wath, I can explain;someone cloned my account to type all those slaunderous posts that referred to you… :P

  207. tsgh says:

    We had pacey and small strikers until 2 years ago… Robson was one of those who rallied fans to believe we needed Aw to copy Chelsea’s Drogba big striker upfront approach.. ;)

  208. Wath says:

    Ts, the cynical side of me says I can check out with GCHQ and my secret “Umbrella” men and I know full well it was “YOU” who wrote those slanderous comments…..! SIn bin at the ready…………

    Oh and morning you lot…..!

  209. Wath says:

    I think that Mandzukic bloke is a complete and utter yard dog…. He’s ain’t as good as Giround and in fact nowhere near as good in my opinion… then again I ain’t got a scooby I like Bony…. Long as Clyde ain’t included…!

  210. rico says:

    Wath, it’s a big moggy…..

  211. rico says:

    Morning Ts and Wath….

  212. tsgh says:

    Hiya Rico

  213. Wath says:

    Lee a moggy……….??????? different………. that his stage get up..?

  214. rico says:

    I hope Martin Keown gave them all the reasons why de Boer shouldn’t go to Whl…

  215. rico says:

    Just Fridays I heard…

  216. rico says:

    New one up now…

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