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Wenger might be at Arsenal next season, but will he be manager??


Tying 2&2 together and making 5!

Arsene Wenger has said:

 I will be here next season and we are in full swing looking at targets.

He doesn’t say that he will be manager.

As much as I don’t want him to go to the boardroom as I think that when he goes he should go.

But what if he did move ‘upstairs’?

There are strong rumours in Holland that Frank de Boer is about to leave Ajax and come to North London, bringing Overmars and Bergkamp as his coaches.

Looking good....

Looking good….

De Boer is quoted in the media as saying:

Spurs have made an approach. After the last league game I’ll think about it. I’ll talk to them and listen to what they have to say.

I see opportunities at Tottenham Hotspur, just as Liverpool and Newcastle, they are sleeping giants.

Spurs have let Ajax know they would eventually talk to me when the season’s finished.

What if Arsene Wenger isn’t planning on staying as manager?

What if Frank de Boer is coming to North London but not to our neighbours?

Surely there is no way either Dennis Bergkamp or Marc Overmars would even entertain coaching at WHL?

Could this be the reason why Arsene Wenger’s contract has not been agreed or at least signed?

A thought from Potter……

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292 comments on “Wenger might be at Arsenal next season, but will he be manager??

  1. I have no idea what to make of this, but Dennis to Spuds?
    I can’t even begin to imagine that one.
    Morning everyone.
    Well done Potter…thinking outside the square….

  2. Morning all.

    Thanks Potter, I very like the thought of those three at Arsenal, and with the already Dutch Jonker appointment, what could be better.

    I really can’t see either of our two old boys going to SHL…

  3. De Boer does not have to bring DB10…

    Overmars is not a coach at least the last i checked… I may be wrong though…

    Didn’t Marc Overmars sell Toby Alderweireld to Ath last season instead of selling to us for £2m more?..

    He was another option for DM role before we settled on Flamini…

    Morning again Rico and HHers

  4. Nice read Mr potter btw…

  5. Marc is now the director of football at Ajax…

    I know I am cynical but I won’t put anything past Marc… he left us to join Barca afterall after AW resurrected his career… and we were winning then so the only reason was money… or maybe Barcelona is less rainy… ;)

  6. Morning again Ts, weren’t we the ones to sell Overmars rather than him wanting to leave?

  7. An amusingly phrased Post, and it must qualify for the most questions ever posed — and no answers! :-)

    The Spuds are probably just sounding out as many potential managers as possible, including de Boer, to make sure they are not turned down again — although the Van Gaal deal seams to be in choppy waters at Manure, because he wants his own coaching staff, which does not include Giggs and his cohorts, so maybe he will still end up at WHL.

  8. Scott, re Pep from previous page… I concur mate…

    Pep is most probably setting the stage to return to Barca when Laporta gets re-elected…

    I am hearing rumours that folks at the Emptyheart stadium are going to pay of Pelle’ if he does not win the league and get pep in…

  9. A few headlines suggest we are trying to get Kasper to replace Fabianski.

    He’s available for free of course…

  10. the papers are in overdrive at this time of the year and for the next few months rubbish will follow rubbish – really hope when we see the back of Wenger he doesn’t step upstairs, nothing will change if he does

  11. I’d rather they ended up with VG at Whl Hb…

  12. Maybe Rico you have a point. I remember Barca bought Petit and Marc as a package… reason why PV04 who was good friends with Manu at that time decided to sound out RM because Petite allegedly

  13. .. didn’t want to move

  14. I like Kasper… what will his dada say?

  15. I think Wengers words were “I have given my word I will sign and I will” never in doubt this one

  16. Let’s face it. They are all really, really awful managers. I think we are much better being content with 4th, paying up and enjoying it all. That’s my plan A. I have no plan B. Just like Pep.

  17. Money Ts, and didn’t MO get injured early at Barca and career over…

  18. Martinez is ok Adam.

  19. Indeed Rico…

    Adam, if you were in Stan’s shoes financially would you buy out Pep’s remaining contract worth over £45M to bring him over here?

  20. Obviously, apart from Martinez who, after getting Wigan relegated last season, is completely and utterly fantastic. Certainly much better than Guardiola anyway. Not that I am reactionary or anything. I always judge any manager, or player by what he did during the previous game myself. Everything that went before is of no consequence. IMHO of course.

  21. TS. No. He was shite last night. I would go for Sean Dyche myself. He is the new Martinez in my opinion.

  22. Upon further reflection, if I was in Kroenke’s shoes I think I would do absolutely nothing. It’s what the fans deserve.

  23. Adam, I see the indoctrination is complete… you’ll be buying Arsenal merchandise next! Look into my eyes, look into my eyes!!

  24. Adam – am i on the right forum here ! :-)

  25. Never trust a rust…

  26. Brudder. Looking into your eyes is always a mesmerising experience. :)

  27. Oz. Yes mate. I have realised that stagnation is the new ambition. Quite frankly, what is the point!

  28. Shit. I missed out a question mark.

  29. As soon as I posted that I knew I’d tee’d that up for you brudder!

  30. Lee. I know mate. Mrs Adam has been in a kind of walking trance of euphoria since she did the same the other week. :)

  31. Adam – I feel your pain brother. At least i won a fifty! I bet my mate the copy and paste “we’ve learned our lessons ” line would be used before the season is out – good old Par! Wenger can’t be far behind :-)

  32. Come on, we could secure 4th on Saturday…

    Reasons to be cheerful eh… ;)

  33. Bloody boy love :)

  34. Don’t beat yourself up over that shite grammar Adam!

  35. Rico – its wonderful, its marvellous, only wished he’d of signed for longer really

  36. That’s it Oz. Get with the program!

  37. I am meditating at my shrine dedicated to Loic Remy.

  38. Just came across an interesting article on a website called “Hotspur HQ”. One paragraph of which reads:

    It hurts to say so but Arsene Wenger has proved himself yet again as he sees off another two Spurs managers this season. He has had to do it despite strong criticism from his own fans after being clear at the top at Christmas. It was so severe, I thought he might walk at the end of this season but his board have shown him the sort of support that Spurs managers must dream of. It’s pretty obvious that If Arsenal had not had to go a couple of months without three of their best players, Walcott, Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Ozil for a few weeks they would have won the league and we would not have the most exciting end to a title race that I can

    It’s sometimes interesting to hear how others view us.

  39. I think I’ll have to cut my wrists if Dennis goes to White Hart Lane !

  40. Pep is still on course to do a double this season so he is still better than Aw if success and ability is measured only by winning… ;)

    Guardiola’s record speaks for itself. All great coaches have a formula they use for success. The main ingredient to all success is self belief. All the great ones have loads of it. Good luck Pep with whatever path you choose in the future.

    My only gripe is that AW is considered a useless manager because of lack of plan B when in actual fact all managers stick to a plan they believe in… even Jose has 1 style… the method against liverpool last weekend was the same method he used at Inter and Porto and even Chelsea under his previous reign…

    As the saying goes humans do not change their inbred habits… that is why all CID’s and crime investigators employ profilers to case criminals… imo

  41. Very true Steve…

  42. catch criminals*

  43. I’d be tempted too Steve, but it’s not worth it….

    Oz, you are becoming as cynical as Adam. ;)

  44. Steve, i have been saying it for two years…..fans of other clubs show Wenger a hell of a lot more respect than plenty of Gooners, and that is a disgrace.
    Disagree with him, criticise him, but showing respect costs nothing, and it most definitely has been earned.

  45. tsgh – not sure about that one mate – are you saying the style he used at Liverpool was for example the same as used to destroy us? He makes small but very effective changes, he shrinks the pitch better than anyone – a great final looms but i think Madrid might be a step to far even for him this year

  46. Rico. A man can admit that he’s been wrong surely.

  47. Rico – no. I just figure Arsene FC could be worse, could of been born a spurs fan – now where’s those wonderful world changing budget buys…. so excited

  48. Fancy talking Jose up lol

  49. Nothing “small” about playing 10 defenders hahahaha

  50. I have no problem with Pep.

  51. he got the job done end of – like him or otherwise. What’s his record against the football professor again? and you have never seen Wenger pack the defence, talking of spurs… was it 6 defenders he had getting in each others way -

  52. Lee, you would if he was with us earning 15 million a year with no Plan B…..i know i would.

  53. Oz, i never said he didn’t, i just disputed the “small” change.
    How exciting to watch, hey?
    What will it get them?

  54. Lol… Oz.

    Maureen-ho’s style is packing the bus or playing 3 DM in a midfield 3.

    2004 to 2006- a midfield 3 of essien, Makele and Lampard

    2013-2014- Ramires, Matic, Obi or Lampard

    AW plays 3-5-2; 4-2-3-1; 4-4-2… the only difference is that Aw loses 9% more than Jose..

    AW’s 57%; Jose 66%

    That percentage is high by all accounts but one manager has a strike force earning over £600k a week whilst ours earns half that…

    Plus Roman vs Stan

  55. Oz, you mention the Spurs game, which we won, yet say Wenger doesn’t do tactics.
    Tell me more……..

  56. About what Adam?

    If AW, he’s got plenty to admit he got wrong….. lol

  57. Except about Aaron, hey Rico :)

  58. i love his tactics Scott – He’s the best. maybe he had Jose giving him some advice that day? Not sure but it was uumm different for sure and got the job done so hey!

  59. Further to the Dutch touch on our league is that Van Gaal who could end up at any one of a million places has his faithful disciple in Jonkers who has pretty much been with him all of the way. Should he go to WHL then he will try to get Jonkers to go with him. Would this leave an opening at our place too ?

  60. Good man…must have hurt lol.
    Negative barstool :)

  61. Could be a lot worse Oz, but could be a lot better too ;)

  62. You got me there Scott… lol

    Potter, good point about Jonkers, the media believe the pair could end up at Utd…

  63. Interesting question Potter…

    Jonkers has always harboured ambitions of being a coach just that he failed at his first attempt when he got the chance…
    His other attempt was at Holland u-21 level…

    An assistance managers job at spurds wwill be very attractive to him…

    Bring back Comolli I say.. ;)

  64. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Interesting article Potter, but I think your opening line says it all – “Tying 2&2 together and making 5!”

    I can’t see Arsene stepping up to a Director of Football position. He likes to be in total control.

    As for Kasper coming to Arsenal, as Ginge said “I like Kasper… what will his dada say?”. Also, what will our former top scorer Ian ‘The Mouth That Talks and Talks and Wont Shut Up’ Wrong Wrong Wrong say? He and ‘dada’ were never the best of friends, to say the least.

  65. Hiya Cg,

    What was your take on BM’s performance?

  66. I don’t know Rico.

  67. C.G The way I looked at it was not what he did say but what he didn’t . Effectively he said ” I will be at the club next season” he did not say in which capacity. The reason I broached the thought was to take a sideways look at things and not follow the obvious path. It was too easy just to say 1 in and 1 out.

  68. As for Frank de Boer going to manage Tottenscum – anything is possible. However, I think the Totts are just trying to cover all the possibilities as the managers on the move play an extended game of musical chairs and the Totts don’t want to be left empty handed.

  69. Frank won’t work under Aw either imho.. what AW said about his brother may still be on his mind ;) Then again money talks…

  70. Morning Cg….

    What don’t you know Adam? ;)

  71. Potter – I can’t say you are wrong – just that I think it unlikely. Time will tell. If, as and when it happens; I will be one of the first to acknowledge your insight.

  72. What I have changed my mind about Rico.

  73. Dennis for manager!!!

  74. After last night and earlier Bayern games no way is Mandzukic an upgrade on Giroud. Nasty piece of work too!

  75. Adam, you don’t know because you changed it….is that clear :)

  76. Scott. You’re confusing me now.

  77. C.G I am not saying that I am right , I just threw it into the ring as a discussion point.

  78. Agreed B J , Mandzukic is not for me either.

  79. Adam, i am glad i’m not the only getting a headache.
    I blame rico :)

  80. Jose’s tactics are over rated…

    How was Jose’s tactics at Sporting before he took over Champions Porto?

    The recent drubbinsg were more about us imploding than Jose’s tactic… same as Brenda’s imho…

    Last night Agag and I noted how Pep started more cautiously against us than against Carlo’s team… he started with more defensive minded players against us than against RM in both legs

    Did Pep’s ego take control over judgement going into the RM fixtures ..

    Did he think RM struggle against his teams in the past?

    Pep obviously revers AW and so went into the game cautiously…

    In 2005 when we packed the bus against Rednose in the FA cup final… AW acknowledged that fergie’s team was better than his…

    Maybe if Aw took a step back and realised that Jose is a very good manager things will be different… next season

    When Aw has the likes of Cruyff a true winner as a player and manager as well as Franz the KAizer saying Jose can’t be compared to Jose no matter how many titles Jose has won; it is fair to say just maybe those views cloud AW’s judgement…

  81. :) Adam.

    Keep me out of it Scott lol

  82. Good morning Ginge.

    As Regards Bayern’s performance vs. RM, I’m still trying to absorb/believe such abject failure at home from the ruling champions of Europe and current champions of Germany. It was like watching an NHL ice hockey game, I was expecting a fist fight(s) to break out at any time. BM were bereft of ideas and devoid of tactical nouse. Their defending was Sunday pub league level at best.

    April has been quite the month for seeing teams self destruct.

  83. Stand by your guns Adam or cannon as the case may be

  84. So who do fans thing we can get as a striker… REALISTICALLY?

    Cavani has been shite in the CL…

    Mandzukic is not mobile enough allegedly..

    Costa has been his usual self..

    Villa is old…
    Lewandoski is gone…

    Keisling is slower than OG12

    Geizmann can’t play upfront by himself…

    Maybe Kev’s Llorente…

    My argument when fans slate OG12 is that how many times in the top games do strikers actually win matches for their teams…

    Our midfielders need to step up!

  85. tsgh – big ask mate, what are we 30 odd goals behind both Liverpool and City. Almost a goal a game now.

  86. Bony and Remy….

    I’ll get my coat… ;)

  87. The abject failure was inevitible for Pep coming on the back of Jupps sucess last season Cg…

    He could have only matched that achievemnt…

  88. Lol… was that Wath posting as Rico? :-)

  89. i also read somewhere so not sure if its right that we were worst of top ten clubs for goals against away? another real worry

  90. No Ts, it was me, honest :)

  91. Yes 31 goals.. but just 7 points behind them;

    9 of 10 of Gerrards goals are penalties?

    My point was in the big games strikers do not necessary make any difference in the current 5 man midfield most teams play…

    How many CL games have a striker won the tie for their teams apart from Ibrahimovic and one or 2 others?

    How many matches has Costa won for Ath in the CL?

    As I say our midfielders need to step up… there is no denying that…

  92. Oz 20 of the 41 goals we conceded came against 3 teams…

  93. Seriously though I have always rated Bony like Wath…

    Wath was obsessed with Bony though! :D

    Like Wath I was calling for him instead of Micko last summer…

  94. tsgh – yeah those pesky big games, hate them

  95. My thoughts on a forward is that we don’t need a better version of Giroud , we do need another Ian Wright, Kevin Phillips type goalscoring player as an alternative to give pace and timing of runs for Ozil / Santi to aim for.

  96. :-) Oz… cynical.

    All AW’s fault I admit.. ;)

    But if you consider that the bin-dippers have had little injuries and no CL or European disruptions…

    Also the teams doing better than us have all outspent us…

    Yes, the tired old argument…

    AW has money and refuses to spend… but we have that money in the first palce because AW ‘refused’ to spend.

    egg and chicken I guess…

  97. True Potter.. I am with you…

    Bony- £20M

  98. instead of Michuo last summer…* it should have read

  99. We need the guy from AM who keeps finding these fantastic strikers!

  100. Back in a bit, got a couple of things to do…

    I like Bony too Ts!

  101. I absolutely agree with you on the light game schedule for Liverpool playing its part and they will need to invest to cover the heavier program next season mate.

  102. Potter – pace pace pace then watch ozil come to life

  103. You mean we should pay Mendes bigger agents fees Scott? Lol

  104. Scott, I have been talking about Torino’s striker Imobile for awhile.. Ath are going for him to replace Costa.. watch the space…

  105. I agree Rico, I also like Bony M….

    How does it go Ra Ra Rasputin…

    I’ll hum it and Adam will play it…

  106. Ginge – I think there is a good chance of Arsene going after Antoine Griesman (spelling?). He is more of a winger than an outright striker, but is fast, mobile and scores well from the wing.

    He is young with plenty of potential, just the type of player that Arsene likes and can play anywhere across the front line. Maybe a target for conversion to an outright striker like Arsene did with TH14. Also, we have missed the penetration that Walcott gave us with his pace, especially against those teams that parked the bus in front of their goal.

  107. and he is french Cg.. lol

  108. Bony M… ? Is Mr T the lead singer? :-)

  109. Napoleon Solo – That should be – Ra ra Rasputine lover of the Russian queen. Most of the youngsters on here wont know what your talking about.

  110. Draxler is still a possibility, Bony looks the part and the others Ginge….strangers to me bud :)

  111. whats up with ben arfa likely Wenger target or no?

  112. That’s the one chaps…

    Dig the groove

  113. Ginge – If we aren’t first through the door for some of these targets, even then there is no guarantee we will close the deal, we’ll have to wait until the big spenders like Farcelona, Real M., PSG, etc. have made their moves. Add to that the World Cup complications of negotiating/talking with players.

    I know it not Arsene’s style, but it would be wise for us to try and get most, if not all, of our business done before the window officially opens and/or the players leave for Brazil.

  114. Scott – Yes! Draxler is a possibility, but I think we would be outbid as he is one of the hotter high profile targets.

    Some agents, players and/or their current clubs may want to wait till after the World Cup in hopes that a good showing will raise the player’s profile and the transfer fees.

  115. Kev – First you were AllezKev, then BrainwashedKev, then Napoleon Solo. You remind me of the film The Three Faces of Eve.

    Who is the real Kev or who is Kev in reality?

  116. CG, i think for Wenger and the club to prove it is serious, it needs to buy a big gun.
    Ozil…there remains a question mark on whether or not Wenger wanted that deal, or it was forced on him to appease fans, but if we get another high profile signing, it will be proof positive the club is having a decent crack.
    If not, the questions remain, and the moaning will get louder..

  117. Kev reminds me of Colonel Flagg!

  118. For Kev…… “I’m with the CIA, but I tell people I’m with the CIC, so they think I’m with the CID”
    Or for Adam….. “Nobody can get the truth out of me because even I don’t know what it is. I keep myself in a constant state of utter confusion.”

  119. Scott – Unfortunately your big gun may be someone else’s pea shooter. Also, as Chelski has seen with Torres, numerous clubs with Andy Carrol, Tottenscum with many of their buys; a high priced high profile player isn’t a guarantee of a good buy.

    I’m sure we will get a well recognised striker (e.g. Benzema, Draxler), but the rest will be youngsters with potential (e.g. Griesman, Bender, Aurier). Let us hope that we don’t leave it till late as we have done in the recent past.

    I live in hope, but don’t expect miracles.

  120. Scott – A good chuckle there. It took me a minute or two to place Colonel Flagg. I’m not sure that M*A*S*H played in the U.K.

  121. Same here mate, i do not let it get to me as there is no point…if i can not control it, i won’t stress over it.

  122. Amen to that Scott.

  123. CG, that Flagg was one classic character-he was a nut case.

  124. i think Griesman, Bender would be very good buying – like them both a lot

  125. Make of this what you will, but at least it indicates the club are currently active in the market;

    It’s true! German insists that transfer to Arsenal is happening, regardless of denials


  126. hi CG – he has been going on about this transfer for some time now – i do hope this is not the only one although i already stated i do not expect Wenger to buy anyone to seriously challenge Giroud, i really don’t

  127. Oz – That is why I think a player like Griezman would make sense. He would not be a direct challenge to OG but an adjunct. More of a replacement for Walcott who even when fully fit will take time to ease back into full time competative play.

  128. Afternoon all…

    Cg, that one is interesting, I guess we won’t have to wait too long to see if it’s true…

  129. Kev likes a bender!

  130. Get in there…. ;-)

  131. CG the striker call will answer a lot og questions i think. Pretty well everyone agrees Arsenal needs a quality finisher not someone around 13%. I thoroughly expect him to stubbornly refuse to pressure the playboy – lets see what happens.

  132. Flagg, it was on British TV, but I didn’t really watch it…

    Wasn’t there a guy in it who dressed as a woman???
    I’ll just load the gun…………

    Now Bilko is another matter, that was a scream…
    Still laugh at it now….

  133. Is it all about pressuring Giroud though or signing a striker who is the total opposite to him.

    ie Quick, strong and clinical in front of goal…

  134. Rico – Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for answers on this summer’s transfers.

    Also, if Abu Dhabi Citeh beat Everton on Saturday we could have two games to give the Young Studs a run out. I read quite a bit about them, but if they don’t play for the first team I don’t get a chance to watch them.

  135. Cg, spot on mate… re Josip Drmic

    You are the second person on here to have spotted that news.., a very good striker

  136. Kev – You are a true 20th Century Man.

  137. Ginge – I’m rarely first past the post, but I usually finish.

  138. I hope not Cg, imo, we must get the crucial ones in before the WC….

    Striker. DM/HM and a winger….

    Then see who goes and stays…

  139. agree with that Rico but i fear the yearly excuses will come first

  140. :D Cg, those rumours definitely have ‘ legs’… Matthias was cheesed off about that really…

    Klopp asked about him before they bought Ramos to replace Lew… and Bild reported so in February

  141. We will get one player before the world cup… 1 after the world cup and 2 or 3 in August depending on injuries and recoveries…

    Its a template set in stone…

  142. i also expect the tradition of no more than half the reserves being spent so assuming we have 120m (i actually think its more) he’ll spend no more than 50/60 tops – thats one decent one and 2 gambles in my book, again we wait and see. His job then begins again of convincing the masses to buy their tickets because this is our year. As Adam has said so utterly predictable

  143. Ginter too allegedly but since Mirror.co.uk has copy and pasted Bild’s article it will be jinxed


  144. Ginge – It was the attributed quotes in the article that caught my eye. It wasn’t the usual unnamed or informed source (e.g. the tea lady’s second cousin’s idiot son).

    If Arsene sticks to the template you speak of, I hope the pre-WC signing is a striker or winger. However, with a good performance and exposure at the WC likely to raise transfer prices and wage demands of players, especially the young up and comers, I’m willing to bet that most business will be done prior to Brazil. The remainder will be post WC bargain buys.

  145. Oz will you take Balotelli?

  146. I share that view too Cg

  147. i would carefully word the contract tsgh but yes i would – if he settles and one day he will, he is one hell of a player

  148. I concur Oz….

  149. Ginge – I think Balotelli would be a challenge like our former player ‘The Incredible Sulk’. He might be more trouble than he’s worth or Arsene might help guide him to manhood. A big gamble, but it might pay off. Lukaku would be less of a risk.

  150. well haven’t seen a bed for over 30 hours so off to me sleep – take care and see you all tomorrow

  151. I hope its different this summer Oz, I really do….

  152. Well the second game of the other UCL semi-final kicks off in about six hours and I haven’t had any sleep yet. So, I’m off to bed.

    Let’s all be Atletico Madrid supporters for the day.

    Have a great day fellow Gooners. Keep The Faith!

  153. Bob Hoskins has died…. :( RIP…..

  154. Night Oz and Cg….

  155. Later Cg and Oz

  156. Shame
    RIP …

  157. Just heard that Mrs Adam and I have been unsuccessful in the ballot for Cup Final tickets. When you think of the grands and grands I have given the club over the years it is really irritating. Still, as long as some associated hanger-on or associate of Greg Dyke goes instead of us, then that’s all good for the game I suppose.
    What an absolute liberty.

  158. Terrible news Bob Hoskyns…

  159. Adam, that a total shitter mate…

    If you ain’t got any then my skn’s got no fcuking chance…

    Wonder how many Club Level miss out????

  160. *my son’s got no chance*

    Poxy phone

  161. Wonder how many tickets Josh Kroenke will have to dish out to all his massive soccer mates???

    Yee haw, touchdown…


  162. You are kidding Adam?? B’stards…

  163. And there was me thinking football was all about the fans….

  164. Ahhh yes frank de boer my favorite all time Ajax player. Sign him up. He ll get the best our of Wilshire and the likes. Being dutch nothing ll make me happier than seeing my beloved arsenal managed by us. COYGD and wenger out. Moaning all.

  165. Fido needs a walk… Laters..

  166. Can my day get any worse?Yes! It can,if chelshit make the final.

  167. The Long Good Friday one of my favourite films!
    R.I.P Bob Hoskins!

  168. I expect the annual letter any day now saying Dear Mr Adamant, most valued supporter. Please get your credit card ready, bend over and we will be round to roger you sometime soon. Perhaps just after the Cup Final that you won’t be attending.
    Love Arsenal FC.

  169. I see Adrian Durham has a ticket for the final.

  170. A bit late in the day, busy again, but well done Potter, a good post mate…

    As far as Bergkamp and Overmars going to the Slum, at the end of the day, it’s just a job to them mate…

  171. Good Afternoon Rico and All.

    Nice debating read Potter. You would be responsible for any fighting that break out. Lol.

    Hi T’s. Your 11:17 on the last paragraph kinda confused me. Are you comparing Jose to Jose?

  172. It’s disgusting Adam….. loyal customer like you,too!! ;)

  173. Nasher, it’s part of his mind games…

    Ginge is an expert in counter-insurgency… ;-)

  174. I know Lee. I will just have to watch from the prone position on the couch. :)

  175. Evening all….

  176. Or behind the couch Adam…

  177. 3.20 Adam. :P

  178. Rico. I see there is a protest at Kroenke’s decision to raise prices before game on Sunday.

  179. Just been reading that Adam, good. Only problem is, he’ll no doubt be far away and sat combing his syrup in front of a mirror telling himself how handsome he is!!

  180. If only he knew that we all know he’s not Adam…. ;)

    I wish he’d fook off!!

  181. Evening all,
    Anyone have any luck with cup final tickets today.

  182. Evening Micko. Ouch… ;)

  183. Completed the hattrick today Chelsea, Birmingham and now Hull.

  184. Chelsea want Paulinho from the Toots…

  185. You in the money then??

  186. Just ticketless rico….ouch !

  187. I thought you meant you had won a few pounds… ;)

    Did you try for the final tickets?

  188. Only through the season ticket rico, haven’t done enough games this year to deserve it but would have been nice for my mate if it had come through, oh well all round kev’s.

  189. rico, Paulinho is the man I want in Arsenal

  190. I’ll be behind my sofa Micko, usually am when the team plays….

  191. Really JM? You clearly rate him highly…

  192. Enjoy the game folks, I’m off for the day…

    Night all…

  193. How is Gary Cahill allegedly better than our Koz? :D

  194. Lol.. because kos plays Arsenal so he is rubbish and just had one decent season…

  195. Ng, I was trying to say … they rate AW over Jose…

  196. Costa has done something in 150 minutes…he has won a penalty

    Spend £60M on him asap…

  197. Is he going to miss?

  198. He has scored..

    What a week… Jose is going to end up empty handed…lol

  199. Ginge, didn’t miss this time. Yay to Atletico.

  200. Had to come back and laugh at Chelsea…

    Come on Madrid :)

  201. Ts, I take it you don’t rate Costa?

  202. Rico, I know. Lol. The Special One will not win anything…

  203. Rico, Costa has missed four of the ten pens he has had to take. Lol.

  204. Hi agag, I wouldn’t write them off just yet, wait until 89 mins :lol:

  205. Rico, I shared my views in Nov/Dec that were not welcomed by a few on here…

    As I said then, I think Baptista was far better than Costa at teh same age.. but Baptista failed with us…

  206. Thank goodness he scored that one agag… ;)

    3-1 :P

  207. I take that back agag, game over :P

  208. And Turan scores. Hahahaha

  209. 0-3..

    where is the tactics..

    the new kid on the block with improvised guerilla tactics…

    Robben said he won’t be watching this match…

    Calledron said the same.. lol

  210. Diego Simeone now going to AS Monaco…

  211. But we fans all see things differently Ts, doesn’t mean any one of us are right or wrong…

    Costa may come to the PL and bit an absolute hit, he may not…

    Until he actually does, none of us will know for sure…

  212. Sukky must be chaffed to bits?

    Nice week for me… thank heavens… :-)

  213. Has Simone agreed a deal with Monaco then?

    Or are you just guessing Ts?

  214. Of course Rico. No one know the future not even my crystal ball… :)

  215. The tinkerman is leaving…Dmitry said Simeone shared his ambition.. I don’t know how he came to that conclusion… he also added AW was welcome if he wanted the job

  216. Ah, just thought you knew something we all didn’t Ts, your comment sounded so sure… ;)

  217. Night, Rico and ginge. :) I am enjoying seeing Mou squirm, he will be out of a job soon enough. Haha.

  218. My 9:17 was in agreement with your 9:16

  219. Thankfully, I don’t believe all the garbage the media write, so I just prefer to see things for what they are, when they are and not make too many assumptions….

  220. Night Agag… its a joy seeing Jose lose.

  221. Night agag, sleep well…

    I’m off again too now that I know the Chavs are beaten….


  222. we nearly bought Turan too….

  223. Ive just phoned to say I love it, ive just phoned to say I really do.
    Cahill we are golng to do double what was he smoking.

  224. :) Rick…

    Gone now…

  225. Ginge we have nearly bought a hundred other players. Lol. The Chavs are going down like such girls hoping for a free kick or pen. Pathetic.

  226. :D Agag

    Rick; you well?

  227. Another Mourinho Masterclass. :)

  228. Rick, I guess everyone is smiling. :)

  229. Haha, Adam. The Russian will fire him soon.

  230. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Tactical genius, my arse.
    Specialist in spreading verbal fertiliser!!
    Love it.
    Off to work, but just had to say that :)

  231. The ‘special one’ is a specialist in failure! You heard it here first!

  232. Agag, i just got an email from Roman’s PA……could it be :)

  233. Big day tomorrow ginge. Seeing consultant in morning will be getting test results. Bit apprehensive.

  234. You will be fine Rick. My prayers with you mate…

  235. Jose is talking about injuries… lol

  236. He is talking about having more possession.. dear oh dear.. :D

  237. Rick, I hope your test results come out clean. :)

    Scott and Wavy, can’t wait for Citeh to win the league so that Mou will not have anything to show for. And for us to win the Cup, so that AW can stuff that Specialist in Failure comment down Mou’s throat.

  238. Thanks ginge I will let you know outcome night

  239. Me too Agag.

  240. All the best Rick.

    Night all

  241. There is no stomach bug that a chelsea loss cant cure…. Who says i need to see a doctor? I feel fine already

  242. :lol: Just been told the score by Rico. :lol: Chelsea to finish with nowt. :lol: Liverpool to finish with nowt. :lol: ManUre to finish with nowt. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  243. Seems money can’t buy ‘the special one’ love or the champions league with chelsea, is that 4 semi final defeats with the blues now.

    The first manager to win the CL with 3 different teams…….dream on Jose.
    Funnily enough, haven’t heard from my brother in law who was at the bridge tonite, may have to give him a quick tinkle in the morning.

  244. What will the morning’s papers have to say? They have built Mourinho up to be almost a God this week.

  245. Adam, who cares hahahahahahahahahahaha?
    Rick, thoughts are with you mate, keep the chin up.

  246. All the best Rick am sure the results will be positive…..!

  247. Rick, God’s blessings are with you.

  248. At least they were in the semi-final…

  249. So Jose can use injuries as an excuse but not us?
    He should walk in AW shoes one year and see what failure looks like…
    Morning Ng,Rico,Scott and all…
    Oh and Micko is happy for once….:)

  250. Morning Brudder. He’s been to the semi final quite a few times now apparently. But then, he is a master tactician. Just not a semi final specialist. Still, it’s nothing that another 200 million quid won’t cure.

  251. Still Brudder, when Arsene gets his hands on that massive war chest and beefs up the squad with a plethora of perma crocks, gerwankstain’s cousin and Wilfred Umbongo we’ll win the quadruple!
    Next year will be our year!

  252. Col U my new club…

  253. Boring Boring Hilarious Chelsea….

  254. Morning Lee, Colchester have quite a swanky new stadium just off the A12…

    And a couple of Arsenal ‘old boys’ playing for them…

  255. Brudder. I look forward to those things with eager anticipation mate. Remind me though, where is Umbongo from?

  256. They do indeed Kev…. it’s probably not £1200 for a season ticket, £15 for fish and chips or £5 for pint.

  257. All the very best Rick, positive news later I hope…

    Morning Adam, Kev, Lee, Scott, Ts, Ng and all….

    Can’t believe how cruel you are being, the only English club left in the CL and all that…… ;)

    Did I hear one of the commentators suggest a Chelsea player could have gone over in the box when they needed goals…

    Tsk tsk….

  258. Swanky new stadium, a few Arsenal old boys… hmmmm

    But do they win??? ;)

  259. It’s a country bordered by Angola, Zambia and Tanzania…

  260. Kev, we might end up with nothing too :(

  261. Swanky new stadium, guaranteed top four finish, the odd cup run and generally take the piss out of their supporters in a gargantuan fashion! Sound familiar?

  262. Very Lee…

  263. Morning Rico and all. I think he might have suggested that he should have gone down in the box.
    I knew someone who went down in the box once.

  264. Just the once Adam? lol

  265. Hi Rick…
    How can we finish with nothing…
    If City win at Emptyheart we get a trophy.
    Note our trophy brings in as much money for AFC ltd and Rothchilds Empire as finishing first…

  266. Yes Rico. Only that single occasion. :)
    Am I evil because I loved seeing John Terry in tears after the game?

  267. Down to your tackle Adam?

  268. Lee. I was always firm in the tackle. Many could attest to that.

  269. Not at all Adam, it’s always nice to see a man like Terry in tears…

  270. I too liked that moment but when Diaby tried to decapitate Terry that was a beautiful moment….

  271. Morning all… Adam, mou will be be knighted by the papers for pontificating that his 525 millon pounds little horse won’t win anything. They will revel in his prophetic ability and worship the fact that after starting six defenders he only conceeded three goals compared to Arsene who bluntly refuses to defend and conceeds six. Afterall only Jose can work with squads worth over a billion pounds and win nothing for two seasons…. It takes a failure specialist to know another. By the way only one London club has a trophy chance this season… Poor considering the millions spent by toots and mou.

  272. Morning JoyJ. Even Hazzard has mullered him and his ‘tactics’.

  273. Firm tackle is a necessity!

  274. I have always found it to be an essential too Lee.

  275. my 8:45 should be Hi rico

  276. Diaby’s finest moment….

  277. Ts, only for those who see money as being a success… ;)

  278. Morning all.
    I read Hazard is not impressed.
    Boo boy how.
    He was mightily impressed when they threw a mountain of cash at him!

  279. Boo bloody hoo…
    My new iPad is one hour old and the bastard already makes up its own frigging words!

  280. Morning Scott, shame eh….

  281. Morning Jeff…

  282. New post up now….

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