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Who to thank? Forget Coleman, what about Clyne?

Morning all.

Do the thanks go to Southampton for beating Everton 2-0?

Or do we thank Everton for scoring two really good headed goals?

Who cares eh!

Yesterday’s result really did us a huge favour in our quest to get that trophy winning 4th spot. With two home fixtures left from the remaining three of this season, surely we won’t blow it now.

How good was Nathaniel Clyne?

Seriously, he was very very good in my opinion and outshone his counterpart Seamus Coleman…

If Bacary Sagna does leave, maybe Arsene Wenger should think again about Calum Chambers and go get Clyne.

How do Southampton do it though, they have so many players who have and still are coming through their academy yet we see so few, in fact none of late. We do of course have many younger players running their little legs off in the reserves etc, but by the time they get they are old enough to get a front door key, they seem to be offloaded.

Hopefully the arrival of Andries Jonker in the summer will give the system a good shake up and we start to see one or two start to break through over the next few seasons.

Who is fit for tomorrow:

Everybody who was available at Hull last week will be available for Newcastle. Vermaelen could be back so everybody should be there but not Gibbs, not Diaby yet. Of course Wilshere and Walcott are still out as well.

Jack is progressing well. He is still on course to be with the team in the last couple of games.

I would imagine that Jacks return will be dictated by how the last three fixtures go, I doubt he’ll start if the race for the 4th spot goes to the final match of the season.

Mind you, I don’t think it will. If we can win tomorrow, I think it’ll be enough…….

Gossip pages:

The Mirror: Arsenal have joined the £20million race to sign Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck.

Everton are ready to tie up Seamus Coleman on a bumper new deal – as Arsenal prepare to make their move for him.

The Metro: Arsenal are planning a move for Queens Park Rangers striker Loic Remy, 27 years old.

That’s it for another day, I’ll be cheering on Chelsea later…..


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365 comments on “Who to thank? Forget Coleman, what about Clyne?

  1. I’m still a little worried………….. Is Stan still in the bath naked with Lee and Micko you’ve not mentioned that in the post Rico..?

    My sympathies and thoughts go out to both Lee and Micko at this very emotional time…!

    Oh and Morning All….

  2. Morning all.
    Go Chelski?
    Hurts to say it, but it would hurt more o see the Scousers win the League.

  3. Morning all.

    Danny Welbeck – the most underwhelming England forward since …. Ricky Lambert?

    We should be looking at a lot better than that.

  4. Hey, Lee and Micko jumped in with him, so bugger them, Wath :)

  5. :) Wath, morning to you, Scott, Syg and all…

  6. Scott………… Have you survived or are you currently in A&E…?

  7. SYG, morning fella…. When do you ever believe the shit you read in the papers….? especially for 20mil thats the funniest ever….!

  8. Luis Suarez, the man half the Arsenal blogosphere did not want is totally responsible for where Liverpool are.

    He’s a winner and one of the top three players in world football. His ‘win at all cost’ mentality is also rubbing off on his team mates.

    If we had had him, we wouldn’t be applauding Southampton for beating Everton 2-0 and helping us to our annual goal of 4th place mediocrity; we’d be looking at beating Newcastle to lift the Premier League trophy.

  9. Morning All

    Morning Rico, sort out that alarm clock… ;-)

    £20 m for Welbeck…. :lol: :lol:

    Morning Wath, Scott et al

  10. Wath, Arsene called offering the services of the Arsenal medical team.
    I politely declined, as i need to get back to work in the next 2-3 days, and can not afford it stretch to next season.
    Then again, i’d be like a new signing then :)
    A bit sore mate, but after so long out, i didn’t disgrace myself.
    First half i was striker, but our defence was getting run over…no midfield hard guy.
    Second half i played sweeper and fared pretty well….
    Had a blast, but i will be sore tomorrow!

  11. Syg, if Ramsey did not get injured, we’d be doing the same.
    More to it than missing out on Suarez.
    When we lost Ramsey, we lost cohesion and all momentum.

  12. Morning rico, just caught your post before heading off to Braintree for our son’s wedding. He’s a Goooner, gets to more matches than I do now and gets even more annoyed than me when they lose, so glad we are not playing till tomorrow night!

  13. Hiya WATH.
    This season we could have won the lot.

    Wenger should have rotated Giroud with Bendtner – and he should have bought well in January. He’s a ditherer who cannot make a decision.

    Our U21’s want machine-gunning and we need to start from scratch.

  14. Morning Kev, I’ve binned it ;)

    And Theo Scott, the loss of both hit us real hard, real hard!

  15. £20million for Welbeck, blimey we could get at least two ‘quality’ players for that…

    Like Remy and Song….

    That’ll save £50m for Syrup to spend on a couple of cattle ranches…

  16. Rico, without Aaron, none of our guys play as well as with him

  17. We didn’t miss out on Suarez Scott.

    Wenger tried taking the piss out of Liverpool. In England it’s called being a smart arse.

    Suarez will be player of the year. Liverpool will be champions. Wenger is a prat.

  18. Damn, Syg I thought seeing the back of yao Gerv would make you happier? :D
    Just teasing btw…

    Morning Rico, Mr Wath, Syg, Scott and all…

  19. I agree Scott, but without Walcott we have absolutely no pace, maybe losing OC was huge too because he’s one of a few who is prepared to drive at defences..

    Losing Ramsey was bad enough but when we group them all together, it’s dreadful.

    Overplayed the lot, and as Syg says, Giroud should have been rotated a lot more and then just maybe we wouldn’t have seen the poor performances from him in the second half of the season…

  20. Syg, did you not here they admit to dodgy dealings in denying us the opportunity to negotiate with the guy?
    Smart arse?
    I really do not know how you come to that conclusion when we did everything correctly, and had every right to talk terms.
    Rico, we were going along nicely even before Theo came back though :)

  21. Yes, we should have bought someone in January, though.

  22. I’ve never had half a day in professional football but I can see our flaws.

    Ramsey without doubt is the player that makes us tick and without him we looked like relegation fodder,

    We still need those world class players to supplement what we have.

    Yao Gervais, Ginge? One door closes and another opens. You gotta love Wenger.
    We’ve now got another useless tosser from the French league to berate – Sanogo. No better than Akpom or Afobe and a player that couldn’t tie Vela or Bendtner’s boot laces….

    Get another manager in and he’ll be playing 2nd or 3rd tier football with Ipswich or Barnsley …

  23. Morning all,
    Win our next 2 home games and we can get the deck chairs out for Norwich, rest the team for the final, not even Arsene can fook that up !
    Don’t begrudge Liverpool the league, it’s their season, just like us in 89 they’ve had to wait a long time to do it, I’ll be shouting for the team in red and white.

    Wath, I only do showers, can’t do baths at my time of life, like a spider I have trouble getting out of them on my own.

  24. Morning Rico and all. I don’t mind Antelope Head myself.

  25. Scott – £40M + £1
    That is being a smart arse.

    Especially after kicking off the bidding at less than £30M.

    Real Madrid will come in for him this summer and offer in excess of £100M.

    We will fight it out with Man Utd for Benzema, who they’ll probably get …..

  26. Micko, i must say, i don’t really dislike the club, but their “fans” are jumping from trees here all of a sudden.

  27. Syg, Liverpool ADMITTED that bid was enough to trigger the clause!
    What part of that is Wengers fault?

  28. Reading yesterday that Sagna would be joining shi#y,
    wonder if Pablo Zebeleta is reading the same stuff.

  29. Morning Micko, I can’t see us mucking up the next two home fixtures and I think City will beat Everton, especially if they play like the did yesterday…

  30. Suarez was what we needed SYG but also agree we needed another player in midfield to run the engine room like Ramsey.

    The U21’s are a bunch that in the wider scheme are players who not going to make it…! If you look at the bringing in of Jonker and Van Loon then it appears as if wholesale change will take place at academy level which is loon overdue if most well informed people are to be believed..!

    Morning Ts…

    Glad to hear your not to bad Scott, that’s until you can’t get out of bed 2moro morning lol :D

  31. I hope Real get Suarez, as that will , as well as CL football, will have their “fans” gone for another 20 years :)

  32. Wath, you are assuming i will in fact get out of bed lol

  33. Morning Adam

    I think the £1 cheesed off Liverpool, we should have offered and extra few million and then who knows what might have happened. But I still think Suarez could have pushed the move IF he really wanted it…

  34. fred, i think he’ll end up there too but i’d rather he went overseas, surely Psg would offer him mega bucks..

  35. Micko… Adonis Stan will give you something you can pull yourself up by…. ;-)

    SYG… not sure it was Wenger who added the extra quid… I would be looking at Dick Law for that complete cock up…!!

  36. Wenger would have added 50p Wath ;)

  37. £55 million would have done it but we never would have bought Ozil then. If you look at Rodger’s buys they have been underwhelming so, to equip Liverpool for life in the CL they are going to need to stump up a few quid and buy the right players. That takes judgement. Kolo and Aspas? I doubt it.

  38. ‘We’ve now got another useless tosser from the french league to berate’ , say what you think SYG, get it off your chest, lol.

  39. Suarez got pissed off Real wanted Bale,Levy fuc#ed everyone up poncing about with the Bale transfer,if that had gone through early.Suarez/agent would have rattled a few cages.

  40. Syg, I believe most on here will agree with you on Sir-No-goal….

    Maybe next season but he was never ready in the first place; Bendtner as annoying as he was scored a crucial goal that gave us an extra 2 points…

    He is imho a big game player and has always been a super sub for us like Sheringham and Ole was for Fergie…

    Wath, that Dick n Fox combo has legendary status in negotiating deals… lol

    Dick law even messed up signing Joel Campbell at £900k… initially

  41. Adam, I think we’ll see Suarez playing ahead of Bale and Ronaldo next season….

  42. Liverpool ADMITTED that bid was enough to trigger the clause!


    Really, Scott? I don’t get OzFootball or SkyOz over here, the same as I know absolutely nothing re: Wollongong Braves, Alice Spring Abo’s or Brisbane Wallabes.

    Over here in England, Liverpool admitted nothing. There was no release clause. We were told that.
    Suarez’s agent misinterpreted the ‘release clause’ and Brendan Rogers refused to sell to a competitor, and John Henry backed him 1000%.
    £1 pissed them off totally.
    It was Wenger being a smart arse.
    A pedantic prick.
    As for Dick Law – He is a Wenger muppet as is just about everyone who works within Arsenal.
    Wenger rules! I thought we all knew that.

    If he’d had offered £55M, which was nearer the mark, then there may have been movement.

  43. Syg, on Suarez you have forgotten about the small change of £200k he earns yearly plus the £5m bonus he gets if Liverpool finish in the CL…

    There are also some attractive clauses that are reportedly making his salary close to £60M for the 4 years he signed…

    We were only prepared to pay Suarez £120k, plus £5m singing on fee if he helped us to win a title… that was cheap!

    Dick Law allegedly offered Pere Guardiola( LS07’s agent) Emirates club cards… lol

  44. Morning all,
    What gets me is surely Suarez agent has a copy of his contract? I’ve never heard of any agent not knowing what is stated in his client’s contract.

    I’ve noticed Wenger passes many teams off regarding transfers not just Liverpool.

  45. £200k he earns yearly… should read weekly

  46. That story was over here too Syg, Liverpool admitted there was a clause but they wouldn’t sell him…

  47. Top players often seem expensive when the deal is done but a couple of years later look reasonable. I am thinking Ronaldo here. On the other hand there are some mega-deal players that never quite seem the same when they move for big money. Perhaps Cavani might fit here. Sometimes it seems as if a player is at the right club at the right time and their performances at that club is what costs the money but they cannot take that with them when they move. Veron anyone?
    I suppose personality, emotional needs and culture all play a part. So many ‘big’ players seem to get divorced after they make a mega money move. Perhaps the Arshavin deal is still haunting Wenger.

  48. Syg, I think you musty have missed this one…


    The Liverpool owner John Henry has reportedly admitted that Luis Suárez did have a £40m buyout clause but that the club simply refused to sell the player when Arsenal made their £40m plus one pound offer last summer.

    At the time Liverpool were adamant that the Gunners’ bid would not trigger the release of their striker, but Henry, speaking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, appears to have suggested that the Reds simply took a hard line because “apparently these contracts don’t seem to hold”.

    “Luis Suarez is the top scorer in the English Premier League, which is arguably the top soccer league in the world,” Henry is reported to have said. “He had a buyout clause of £40m. Arsenal, one of our prime rivals, offered £40m plus £1. What we’ve found … is that contracts don’t seem to mean a lot in England – actually, in world football.

    “It doesn’t matter how long a player’s contract is, he can decide he’s leaving. We sold a player, Fernando Torres, for £50m, that we did not want to sell, we were forced to.

  49. Sorry Rico…

  50. How can wenger pontificate about contracts,his one runs out the end of may.

  51. Hiya Micko, I heard Tevez read your remarks about him yesterday. lol

  52. I wonder if Henry’s marriage breakdown had anything to do with him departing for Barcelona….

  53. The Alice Springs Abos?
    Made me chuckle SYG.
    Rocky would like that as well. :)

  54. No need Ts ;)

  55. Rico. You know what it’s like when temptation comes along. Look at your mate Giroud. :)

  56. He got divorced before his move I believe…

  57. “Physical attraction is all very well but it takes effort to make a marriage work”
    Adam Adamant 2011.

  58. Your all such cynical bastards……………. lol

  59. If Suarez had a release clause at £40M it would have been activated.

    The Guardian article was “reading between the lines” … He implied this etc…

  60. “Unless a 20 year old Jenny Seagrove is available”.
    Adam Adamant 2012

  61. Like the team talk Gigg’s gave before the game yesterday,
    He told all the players that,
    He wants to treat every player as if they were his Brother!

  62. Thanks Rico, for putting Syg straight, since he obviously gives a fan of the Alice Springs Abo’s no credibility for being able to READ!
    Rather a racist jibe, that one, and to think i defended you on that count.
    Cheers pal.

  63. Oh, and cheers Ginge :)

  64. I thought it was all around the same time Ts, but unsure…

  65. Syg,
    Gordon Taylor, said in July, “It quite clearly states £40million is a minimum offer for discussions, but it becomes really difficult with such clauses.

    Taylor then said the ball was in the players court to force a move if he wanted…

    As I have mentioned Pep said L:S07 was not serious about moving… I am sure he knows because his younger brother is Pere LS07’s agent…

    Nonetheless, its water under the bridge…

  66. Scott. I apologise. It was quite wrong of me to be amused by SYG’s remark.

  67. No dramas Adam, but it is not taken well here mate.
    Even more so when shoved down my throat as if i am an idiot.

  68. Suarez approached Arsenal about a potential move, through his agent. Arsenal made no initial enquiry.

  69. Exactly Ts, if Suarez really wanted to move to us, he could have forced a move…

    Imo, all he wanted was more money until Real come calling..

  70. No doubt Suarez was playing games, but i reckon if the deal was right, he’d have moved at that particular time.

  71. That’s what Ryan Giggs brother’s wife said.

  72. For what it is worth, buyout clauses should be banned!

  73. There was most definitely a release clause at 40 million the question was would Suarez and his agent push it through… The fact we didn’t offer a shit load of wages meant they couldn’t be bothered to rock the boat and we couldnt rock the boat as we would of been done for tapping up otherwise how would we of known about the 40million clause…!
    If we had offered him 150k a week and a 10mil signing on fee he would no doubt of been playing for us this season.

  74. Hasn’t Giggs come out smiling like roses when his deed was even more despicable than Giroud, though i guess being a club legend will do that lol

  75. I followed the Suarez “thing” all the way through the summer and as Ginge just said at 11:18am: “It quite clearly states £40 million is a minimum offer for discussions.”
    It is/was no release clause.

    Sorry Scott. I was taking a quip from Kenneth J. Warren in Steptoe & Son : Cuckoo in the nest and one that I’ve heard from numerous Australian’s – Rolf Harris aside that is.

  76. From what I understand re Suarez. He wanted to come but the man with the ironed face and Rodgers saw it as critical that they keep him so they said no. Simple as that. Suarez threatened to go on strike and accused Rodgers of lying to him.
    Water under the bridge now of course.

  77. I don’t see the point of them really Scott, most are heavily inflated…

  78. Adam, at the point of going on strike it was put to Suarez if he doesnt rock the boat he’ll get a nice new contract with a huge increase… his big smile said it all….!

  79. He didn’t need to go on strike Adam, he was banned for the first 9 fixtures ;)

    By the time he returned, the transfer window was shut… lol

  80. All good Syg.
    Heat of the moment, and i am as guilty as anyone, ao apologies.
    When did a cntract fail to be a contract in professional sport guys?

  81. :D :D ”his big smile said it all….!” so true Wath

  82. I never said you were an idiot Scott.
    I inferred that you 10,500 miles / 17,500 km away from where ‘it’ actually happens.

  83. Asked if he would be applying for the vacant job at man utd,
    Ryan Giggs has said that he is flattered by the offer,but will turn down the chance to manage man utd,so he can spend more time with his brothers family.

  84. Fair enough Syg, but the world is a small place now.
    We are chatting, after all :)

  85. Wath. He does have quite a set of ‘Hampsteads’ doesn’t he?
    I meant after the ban Rico. :)
    Football contracts are liquid Scott. Look at Cesc, our loyal captain.

  86. Thing is SYG whether your a mile away or a million miles away all these stories are only ever in the papers or the media so the truth means nothing matters not where you are mate…! The agents players and teams all talk utter bollox and it’s reported in the media so who know’s the truth..?

  87. PFA rules do not allow explicit release clauses in contract unlike in Spain and France…

    Like Koke has a £70M release clause whilst Costa’s was £25M when Liverpool met it last summer; which was one of the lowest in La Liga at that time…

    Strangely enough Costa used Liverpool the same way LS07 used us to get improved contract…

    Costa and Jose’s friend allowed and entertained bids from Liverpool and even exceeded the release clause but then Costa got an improved deal and stayed…

    Those with cynical minds suspected he would stay for another year to get an EU passport before he left but…

  88. I hear he has quite a bite on him Adam….. IF Arsenal had shown some ambition and made his salary lucrative Suarez and his camp would of definitely made the push for the deal to happen, we tried as usual to do it on the cheap and stuffed it up.

    No use crying over spilt milk now.

  89. I know Adam, I was being cheeky…

  90. Ts………. your just cynical as per my 11:12 comment……!

  91. I wonder how Suarez passed his initiation to start wearing red strings on his wrist? ;)

  92. Wath. Surely we can repeat the same mistakes at least once this summer. It just wouldn’t be Arsenal if we didn’t.

  93. I see the 3rd striker at Monaco dreams of playing for Arsenal now as well……… it was his dream as a kid………

    Fcuk me if I tell the media it’s my dream as well you reckon I’ll make the back pages…?

    What utter cnuts they are really….!

  94. Ts the red strings are his “fooo shwaaaar” strings…!

  95. Adam, we must have a little wager maybe 5p…. On what players we have nailed on to sign and then go and blow it….!

  96. lol.. wath; my dream is to gaze in AW’s eyes and help him with his zippers…

    An 80k annual salary is all I am asking for…

  97. Ts. now the zipper comment is very worrying… next you’ll be on about jumping n the bath with Stan Lee and Micko after feeling left out…!

    I’m saying nuffin more……………

  98. Wath. You’re on. Lee will join in I am sure. His annual player appraisals are something I always look forward to. :)

  99. Adam, yes, the Cesc situation more than proved how ridiculously irrelevant contracts can be.
    Clubs may as well offer a wage and nothing else.

  100. My sincere apologies Wath… I will fasten his Velcro instead…

  101. Is it true Puma got the sponsors gig as hey invented some new fandangled, stick proof zipper?

  102. Deal Adam……….. We will liaise accordingly and set dates for the bets to commence and names to be forwarded to the cause….

    Stick his velcro Ts…. I am even more worried now…. Rico you may have to censor some of the comments shortly.. just wait til Stan wakes up and see’s what he missing out on…!

  103. Stan is headed to Stans ranch on a quest to stop a certain deal!

  104. Oh shit.. Stan meets Stan…. It’s gonna get messy…..!

  105. Mmmm….i bet they are already in the bath together!

  106. I’m keeping out of it Wath ;)

  107. Rico, with those two fatcats already in it,there is no room for you in the bath anyway :)

  108. What 2 from 3 are the fatties Scott………. careful now lol

  109. TS, did you see with his goals yesterday Bony has scored 25 goals this season for Swansea….!

    Now did I not say the bloke was worth a punt last July….!

  110. Wath, i am not touchng that one hahaha.

  111. Wath, he handles the League well.
    Bloody decent player.

  112. :) Scott, phew….

  113. He was well worth a punt Scott, big strong fast two footed and good in the air… 10million fee wasnt it…? there are still good players to be had at decent prices but where are out scouts… Oh yes they looking for the free transfers………..! How stupid of me.

  114. Bony would do well at Arsenal… Although I know that comment won’t go down very well…

  115. You started talking about Bony from last May…

    He is better than Yaya that is for sure!

    I guess folks were worried he might be another Gervinho in disguise… lol

  116. Rico, he is definitely worth a try.
    I have only seen a bit of him, but as Wath just said, he has plenty of things going for him.

  117. Ginge, comparing Bony to Toure is a little silly, isn’t it :)

  118. So Wickham has just scored again for Sunderland.
    He is on a roll.

  119. Who me Ts? Was it that long ago…..lol

    I’d say so too Scott, for all the reasons Wath gives and 25 goals is good considering Swansea haven’t been brilliant this season.

  120. Penny just dropped Ts, you meant Wath… oops

  121. I love Medel the pitbull

  122. Bony is strong and has attitude… Gerv always looked meek n mild and like a strong wind would blow him over….!
    I liked the look of him Ts and thought he would do a good job for us, now he’s proved it in the league I’d say he’d be an even better bet to buy…. awaits the abuse from Adam :D

  123. Looks like Cardiff are going back to the Championship…

  124. A penalty given after a player stays on his feet, that’s a rarity…

  125. Ts…. Money aside…. what defensive midfielder would you buy in the summer…? Would you go for your man Schneiderlin or someone off the radar a little..?

  126. Sunderland just got a penalty that the ref gave after waiting to see if Wickham scores when he didn’t he brought it back and gave the penalty.
    Now I don’t want to sound like a broken record but did not something similar happen for us against hull last weekend no penalty for us.
    Refs ha!

  127. good afternoon,great game yesterday,Everton scoring the only 2 goals and losing.love it.I think the striker debate “CRISIS” could take a different turn.Wasn,t it well documented in jan, that wenger wants to turn draxler into and out and out striker like he did van persie, who started his career as a wide man. That could still happen. I believe he will go back in for draxler. but whether it,s enough to solve the striker situation. just a thought.

  128. I was surprised Joe as the shirt pulling started outside the area. Def a red card though..

    Afternoon dublin – you are right about the Draxler into a striker stories but not sure that came from AW though.

    A move for him in the summer wouldn’t surprise me at all…

  129. It also happened against us when Sagna tripped a West Ham player in the area, no penalty given against us….

  130. I ink we have had a better rub of the green from officials this season than we have for years, but still, we are behind the ledger.

  131. Think….THink…

  132. Rico
    You of course are right but I only remember wrong decisions against us.(smily face)

  133. Scott
    That was going to be my next post

  134. I think we have been robbed of quite a few penalties Scott, and opposition players have got away with many fouls against us, especially in midfield…

  135. joe, for a smile type : ) but with no space…

  136. All because the papers highlighted the Jarvis incident , suddenly the rules change . Mavis Riley reacting again and moving the goalposts without telling anybody.

  137. Dublin, wrong mate, we’ll only hear how close we were to getting Draxler just after he signs for Bayern in the summer, you know it makes sense.

  138. :) Potter, how very true…

  139. No penalties… poor ref decisions…. unlucky injuries…. Bla bla bla and if our Aunt had balls she’d of been our Uncle…..

    Make your own luck, have a big enough squad and 90% of the excuses wouldn’t be applicable would they….!

    We always look for excuses when the truth hurts..!

  140. You old cynic Micko…. lol

  141. Micko………… how you mate………. Are you in or out of the bath……?

    Just asking…………

  142. Aunt Arsene then Wath ;)

  143. Ginge, gazing into Arsene’s eyes and helping him with his zipper…

    Was that one of those those comments, that as soon as you hit the send button, it kinda dawned on you what you had sent, and you thought ‘Oh shit’…..?!!!
    :lol: :lol:

  144. Had to get out wath, Stan’s bikini line was right down around his knee’s !!!

  145. So much for the blonde adonis then Micko…. it’s all lies then…. I can hear your disappointment……

  146. Lmfao Kev… exactly like you read my mind…

    Wath, the defensive midfielder one…

    In my view, AW is not looking for an out and out DM otherwise he would have given someone like Frimps another chance and he won’t be playing JW or Ox as a CM..

    I believe Aw is looking for a deep lying play maker i.e Arteta or JW… that was why he tried to buy Seb Perez but the FA denied work permit…

    I think we have several players including even Sc19 who can play Arteta’s role.. what we need is another Ramsey i.e a box to box player to compliment…

  147. Kind Abou in the background

  148. Look at the love and adoration Aw has for Abou…

    Its pure unadulterated awe of such a specimen of a man…


  149. I think he looked at Frimps maybe being to small height wise to do the DM role properly…!?!?

    A deep lying playmaker for us has been found out time and time again when pressured on the ball I hope Wenger sees the need for more power and physical presence in the middle of the park…! Aaron cannot do it all and needs help.

    I am gutted Carvalho’s agent is mendez….! You prefer the Porto fella though don’t you…!

    You think Lars Bendy can do the Arteta role..? Not seen enough of him to judge.

  150. to true micko like we nearly had yaya toure, ibrahimovic,hazard 4 seasons ago before chelsea even heard of im, drogba and the best one we agreed a fee with sporting lisbon for 4 million. till fergie pumped it up to 11 million and the help of queiroz. All if onlys

  151. Lars can do the job but I am not sure how he will fit into our system with the likes of JW, Ozil, Ramsey around and he prefers to play in a redrawn CAM for B04… for the krauts he is played as a DM

    The octupus is the porto player… have a look and let me know what you think…

    City went for him in January 320M so not sure we will even enquire..

  152. Is Lars good in the tackle Ts or more of a Gilberto type wall player who just gets in the right place….?

    Will have a butchers now at the Octopus…

  153. sorry that fee of 4 million was for ronaldo

  154. Klopp said Lars is harder than Chuck Norris Wath… he puts himself about but he is not consistent enough for my liking…

    I guess he goes about his job quietly…

    Sven is the better defender/DM but not as skilful so… its a tough one

  155. As you say Ts problem there is if Citeh want him that’s us with no chance….! Looks pretty tasty…!

  156. Klopp said Sven sorry…

  157. Well when you look at history Wenger would want the more skillful not necessarily the most proficient for what we need which is all about square pegs round holes as usual… we have enough skill in the squad for me we need that supplemented with grafters..!

  158. The octupus is a very solid player…

    I really rate him as he is different… he commands the midfield

  159. He looks speedy as well Ts.. covers the ground….. Certainly puts himself about…!

  160. Off to watch this footie crap seeing as it’ gets me out of cutting the grass anything is better than that…!

  161. Totally agree Wath re 1:56; grafters

  162. Just the opening of Sky’s coverage with all of those scallies singing their bloody lament makes me want the Chavs to win more than ever.

  163. Ditto Potter, an absolute joke that coverage….

    Come on you blues ;)

  164. Think this could get a bit feisty….

  165. chavs to win too… Hansen and Shearer can then crawl back into their holes

  166. ‘Liverpool have scored many from set pieces, and a vast array of penalties of course’

    Yes Mr Tyler, they have….. lol

  167. And take Redknapp and Carragher with them Ts..

  168. lol Rico. I don’t mind Jamie tight pants though a least compared to the squilling scouser

  169. 1-0 to the Chavs :)

  170. I don’t like any of them much Ts, they all spout poppycock…

  171. Moaning all…Am sorry rico but am rooting for poop can’t stand that coonty dwarf maureen. Loserfools for the title. Plus I know a whole lot of glory hunting chav fans back in Arnhem. Will love to rub their noses in the dung. Come on Liverpool. (Smiley face)

  172. What a way to start my day. Thanks rico for ruining it. Grrrr

  173. afternoon all!
    Fernando is in the way to england (probably M.city…)
    William Carvalho too (probably Chelsea…)

  174. Hi goonster, that’s ok, just hope you are left disappointed ;)

    Here here agag, hello to you….

    Hi JM, all good news then… lol

  175. Come on AGAG. Not you too.

  176. It don’t matter maam. The title is heading to anfield. So am relaxed.

  177. I loathe both teams for different and obvious reasons.

  178. Arsenal big problem is in midfield and the distance between lines
    Demba Ba is the best player in the pitch at the moment

  179. May not if they lose today goonster.

    Adam, as do I, just Liverpool a bit more….

  180. Hello, all. Hiya, rico. Isn’t it ironic how Stevie Me Me Meee is to be credited for the assist on Ba’s goal? :D

    I loathe all teams other than AFC, Adam. :P Hiya, goonie. It wouldn’t be impossible for Citeh to win the prem, goonie, if that helps. ;) Hiya, JM. :)

  181. Who would you choose to fill the gap JM?

  182. :) Agag, it certainly is….

  183. As much as I dislike Chelsea and loath Mourinho, the arrogant sense of entitlement that we have had to suffer from the Press/Media and assorted Proffessional Sousers littered across both, has moved me to cheer on Chelsea.

    An uncomfortable but understandable position I would suggest…

    Come On You Blues :-(

  184. Exactly Kev….

  185. The problem is Flamini and Arteta can’t play with same intensity, so many games a season and against young, quickly and strong opponents, we are unbalance. Look at today game. Mikel and Matic are both DM and in the center. They are completely diferents players but very eficiente for the team. Now with William on the right and Schurle on the left, Liverpool must play for the center. but the lines between the defenders and the middle are very close. so, right and left Liverpool backs are out of the game and they must play by the middle
    Liverpool forwards haven’t free space for speed and run like they want.

  186. Alice Spring Abos….that’s a fucking classic! Still laughing no at it!
    I fucking hate Liverpool….and Chelsea and Citeh! Shame we really fucked up this season because it was there for the taking!
    Suarez cheating fucker….
    Professional scousers are massive wankers too….

  187. Sterling walks like he’s shat himself…just saying!

  188. Not seeing the game Rico, but I really don’t need too…

    Wenger could never do what Mourinho has done today…
    To do that, Wenger would need to identify and accept the shortcomings of his team/squad against such an opponent as Liverpool.
    He would have to sacrifice his ‘We’ll play Our Game’ rubbish and set his team up to nullify rather than attack a team, that’ll blow you away if you are too open…

    For all his years as a manager Wenger continues to show the same character faults, and seemingly learns nothing from a succession of painful and humiliating thrashings…

  189. Big game manager Special needs one…..Arsene????

  190. Intelligent team and very solidarity

  191. Lee :lol:

  192. and it’s there again!

  193. Fuck off Liverpool!

  194. Another lesson

  195. Nobody is expecting Wenger to send his team out to play like a Mourinho team every week, but there are games, during any season, when you have to sacrifice your attacking instincts and be pragmatic…

    That is not a case of not being true to your beliefs, that’s just being streetwise, sensible and intelligent…

    Well done Chelsea…

    Watch all the Scousers start crying…

    Come on Crystal Palace, put them out if their misery… :-D

  196. Kev, you are spot on. Chelsea have been so so boring, but that’s because Jose just drummed in to defend and it’s got a very well deserved victory.

    And imo, the officials have given Chelsea nothing and some of the free kicks/corners awarded to Liverpool were a joke…

  197. Agree again Kev, all this ‘the best way to defend is to attack’ is an absolute load of poppycock. The best way to defend is by defending….

  198. Rico don’t start on that refereeing line…. ;)
    But they still won the game in adversity, something we can’t do….

  199. Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Lady Diana, Michael Owen, Maggie Thatcher, Jamie Carragher, Lord Nelson, Jimmy Tarbuck, Cilla Black, your boys took a hell of a beating…

  200. Am livid right now…don’t understand why my fellow gooners ll want a chav win. Grrrr

  201. Fuck off kev….I hate you. Grrrrrrrr

  202. I say Stan, that’s a bit harsh…. :-P

  203. i’m watching now city and Madrid

  204. Lol….just angry ak. My apologies.

  205. I ll go on a hunger strike if the chavs win this league. I will guys.

  206. Kev. Excellent points mate.
    I enjoyed looking at the Scouse crowd though. What a bunch of mongs. Old boilers and gas meter thieves.

  207. Gas meter thieves?? Hahahahahahhaha omg adam ll be the death of me. Hahahahahahhaha

  208. What’s a broiler adam? Isn’t that some sort of chicken?

  209. A boiler Stan, not a broiler. :)

  210. Oops my bad…do you guys hate poop that much? Gee.

  211. Torres is still good for something. :cool:

    Calm down, Stan.

    Hey, AK! It’s awful having to cheer on the Chavs, but hey!

  212. Stan. Ask Lee for a more accurate translation. :)

  213. Ahhhh come on AGAG. If it were that bad rooting for them then why do it? Makes no sense.

  214. :) Lee, but yes, despite all that went against them, they got the victory…

  215. Stan, City only have to win their last games and it’s theirs…

  216. Why lee adam? Don’t wanna see him for a long time amigo. That fella is incredibly hairy. Am still ridding the bath off his hair.

  217. I thought y’all said shitty were out of it? It’s too hard to keep up. It’s doing my head in. Today its Liverpool’s to lose then it’s in the bag for the chavs now shitty could still nick it? That’s it. Am done. If I don’t know any better I ll say you re trying to drive me crazy adam.

  218. All three can still win it Stan, but City will win if they win their last 4 games – think they have a game in hand..

  219. Lot of wins in there… lol

  220. Adam 4.15, :lol: :lol:

    No probs Stan, your still my buddy… ;-)

  221. Cheers kev you owe me a beer anytime I visit London then. Old Hampton has my name written all over it.

  222. Are you sure rico, thought if liverpool win their remaining games they’re Champions, it’s all a bit of a mucking fuddle, we’ve all been so fucused on the 4th place trophy to know what’s happening above us !

  223. What happens if all 3 finish with the same points and goal average.

  224. Hey Shopping Buddy, how’s things Manila way???

    Yeah Agag, I hate cheering for Chelsea, and complimenting Mourinho is horrible, but credit where credit is due….

    And Stan, yes, many off us have a deep apathy for Liverpool after suffering years of their success, via many favourable refereeing decisions at Anfield…

    Not least the Press/Media having a hard-on following any Scouse success…

    Strangely enough Everton don’t enjoy the same arse-licking treatment as their city neighbours….

  225. Old Hampton Stan??? :-D

    I think you should see Ginge, and ask him about zippers… :-P

  226. Yes Micko, SS’s guys said the same, it’s City’s to lose now….

  227. I doubt that will happen fred, City have scored 100’s lol

  228. 2-0 City, great strike..

  229. Liverpool 36 80

    Chelsea 36 78

    Man City 34 74

  230. they will not finish with the same points and the goals scored (1st decision) and goal-average(2th decision) is completely different.
    Unfortunatelly, Arsenal is not there

  231. Stan if you go where Adam and Kev want to take you they’ll be an old Hampton with your name on it!

  232. Citeh will be 35 77 with a better goal diff….

  233. Hi Rico. I have let my hatred of Liverpol and reasons known previously. I really hope City do it now

  234. Anyone but the scousers!

  235. Everton could be tricky Lee, but win that and the remaining games are easy for City…

    Hi Bj, you and me both, as Lee says, anyone but the Dippers….

  236. Have you seen the results between the top 4 teams Chelsea have taken 16 points out of a possible 18 and they still favorites to win the PL.

  237. Should read not favorites to win PL

  238. Lee :-D

  239. In a way, Liverpool’s defeat helps us as it’ll make ManCity more detirmined to beat Everton…

  240. No Ben Arfa tomorrow…

  241. I hope they do too Kev, good and proper….

  242. The way it’s working out, if we take 6 points from Newcastle/West Brom, then Wenger can play the Stiffs at Norwich…

    Or at least those in the 25 man squad who’ll not be starters at Wembley…
    And a subs bench full of Kids…

  243. Funnily enough Rico, my mate who gets me the odd away ticket couldn’t get any for the Norwich trip…

    Seems like the away fans are up for a party?

  244. We should be able to get 6 points from our next two…

    Shouldn’t we? lol

  245. :) Kev, the celebration of the 4th place trophy… Hopefully.

  246. Rico :-p

  247. Evening Rico and the House.
    With both scouse teams losing a bad week (for me) has got alot better. Another big week coming up and a good win tomorrow will
    be great start.
    Loved the look on the faces of Hansen and Carragher, they have been so smug I wonder what they will have to say now.

  248. Well A. Madrid won 1-0 in Valencia

  249. Stan. It’s Old Hampton St for you then. :)

  250. Evening Rick. I too enjoyed seeing the smile wiped off their faces, hope it stays that way until the end of the season….

  251. Nipping off for an hour….

  252. I’ve been periodically listening in to the Palace vs City game on BBC5Live, and a very hilarious listen it was…

    Alan Green, that well-known plastic Scouser from Ulster was commentating…

    When it was 1-0 to City all we heard was Green going on about the EPL still being in Liverpool’s hands if Palace equalise…
    You could feel the desperation in his voice.
    It was delicious… :-D

    Of course when City went 2-0 up Green banged on continually about a Palace pulling a goal back and making it ‘interesting’…
    Interesting for whom?
    Merseyside perhaps…

    At times his pleading for a Palace goal was nauseating, but very very comical. :-D

    As the final whistle went you could feel a deep exhaling from Green..
    An exhalation of bullshit maybe…

    What a gas… :-P

  253. Kev :- Funnily enough Rico, my mate who gets me the odd away ticket couldn’t get any for the Norwich trip…

    I live 20 minutes from Carrow Road and I can’t get one either . Reckon my son and I will go the Compleat Angler and try to pick them up , otherwise it’s home and the box

  254. Yep, I’m gonna enjoy MotD tonight…

  255. Just his pretty balloon bursting Kev.

  256. I was up there last season Potter…

    Had a couple of beers in a small hotel bar near to the ground…

    Bit of a dump, but the burger outside before the game was quite tasty…

    No idea what was in it, but it was meat… I think? ;-)

  257. The beer was ok though Potter, and the ground had changed out of all recognition to what remembered from my last visit in the 1990’s…

    I always thought that Ipswich was a nicer ground.

  258. Kev your 4.06 Iwas thinking why has kev left Green and Shearer off his list they are as bad as the rest of them. Its unbelievable who biased they all are for the Scousers

  259. Should be how biased.

  260. Evening all…

  261. Brenda moaning about two buses parked at Anfield…..

  262. One bus was used to bring all the old players that want a piece of the prospective glory to write about .The second was for all the flags and banners they had before the start. Shame they lost.

  263. What’s Arsenal’s points against the top four over the last few years?
    Bet it’s shite…those refs are fuckers!!

  264. Potter, they were out of the woodwork today in force….professional scousers in abundance plus the Surrey set too!

  265. Ha ha Potter, a great shame….

    Those refs have a lot to answer for I’m telling you Lee.

  266. So does our squad Rico..

  267. Now you’re talking Lee!

  268. Still sweet corn teeth will be our saviour….
    I still feel we’ve all been indoctrinated into believing this top four mantra that AW f.c spout!

  269. Rico, you know where I stand relating to AFC…Wenger needs his mojo back or he is to fuck off! The squad needs 5 players and 5 good players not from the Alice Springs Abbos!!! :lol:

  270. Do you think he can get his mojo back though Lee?

    He must think he can or surely he’d pack up and leave…

  271. You’ll have Scott on your case Lee….

  272. Or it’s the self preservation society all over…..?

  273. Top class striker, DM/HM and a winger would be a good start and all before the WC kicks off…

  274. Night I’m all rugbyed out after today! Sleep tight gang!

  275. I just don’t know why he’d carry on, ignoring all the criticism and booing and sign a new contract , if he really didn’t think he still has something to offer.

    If I was him, I’d get 4th spot, FA Cup and say thanks, bye bye…

  276. Night Lee…

    I’m off too, night all….

  277. Miquel had another start for the foxes and kept a clean sheet…

  278. Ginge, reports say he was very impressive

  279. Rick, sorry mate, but the list was endless, how fantastic to see them knocked off of their arrogant perch..

  280. Maybe now that Leicester have got promotion, they might be tempted to make us an offer for Miquel?
    I can’t see any point in him coming back to Arsenal, if he can’t get a game for Leicester, then he ain’t gonna get a game for us….

  281. tsgh, that’s another 500k for the coffers, loic remy may not be a pipe dream afterall.

  282. Kev, it was wonderful waking up to the Scousers getting belted.

  283. It was very enjoyable listening to it Scott… :-)

    Mourinho has showed everyone how to stop them.
    So expect more bus parking at Anfield in the near future…

    See how they cope in the CL… ?

    It could be quite amusing… ;-)

  284. Not half as funny as our record kev !

  285. What record is that Mick?

    Aston Villa have a better record than us ffs…

    Arsenal’s record in Europe in General is fcuking disgrace…

    But who cares, we’re up for the Cup mate…

    Night All…

  286. Yeah but they had Peter Withe kev, that’s an easy card to play, nite matey, bring on the geordies !!!

  287. Today was one of those days when I really enjoyed the Conversations in HH. I was just cracking up with laughter.
    I hope 2moro also feels the same after our game with NC,

    Frednerk @ 11:14
    Like the team talk Gigg’s gave before the game yesterday,
    He told all the players that,
    He wants to treat every player as if they were his Brother!

    Had to get out wath, Stan’s bikini line was right down around his knee’s !!!

    Wath @ 1:33
    So much for the blonde adonis then Micko…. it’s all lies then…. I can hear your disappointment……

  288. Morning all….

    Ng, it has it’s days ;)

  289. Hi Rico……early start?

  290. Hi Scott, had a rotten night. Still awake at 3.30, then after finally getting to sleep, woke up at 6 am ish…..

    Must be the excitement of nearly securing 4th spot….

  291. Pfff,Ramsey didn’t make tram of the season :-)
    Morning Rico,Scott and all

  292. Morning Rico and all. Sorry to hear of your bad night. Imagine if we were fighting for 3rd place. None of us would sleep. :)

  293. Don’t get ahead of yourself there Adam!

  294. Morning Ts, Adam and Lee..

    Adam :)

  295. Morning TS. You’re right of course. I must keep my feet on the ground.

  296. How did Aaron not make it?
    That is a joke.
    Rico, go back to sleep and i will keep this mob honest :)
    4th….not very exciting, is it lol

  297. Thanks for the offer Scott but have a couple of workmen due this morning, might not be a good idea…. lol

  298. Don’t have too much fun, Rico :)

  299. Fourth place of course means that we won’t be able to sign anyone of note until we have played the CL qualifier.

  300. Oi Oi Scott ;)

  301. Tram, hmm that brings back memories of rationing, listening to the radio, lighting up the coal fire, cycling to the Arsenal, cup of Bovril at half-time, Classified Star,News and Standard, bread n dripping for tea…

    There ya go Wath, you remember, me taking ya to the Arsenal, me in my cloth cap, you in your shorts with yer rattle, cheering on Reg Lewis and singing ‘Anchors Aweigh’… ;-)

  302. Morning All,
    Wonder what Sir Alex is thinking now,noisy neighbours,off there perch or will it be:On José Mourinho: “He was certainly full of it, calling me boss and big man when we had our post-match drink after the first leg. But it would help if his greetings were accompanied by a decent glass of wine. What he gave me was paint-stripper.”
    I hear he was secretly hoping we would stay the distance.
    Not sure if he is sleeping to great.

  303. That’s always an excuse Adam, just like a WC year..

    Tbh, anyone looking at our squad should see we are not far off….

  304. I mean to know we’d be a good club to sign for Adam ;)

  305. Remember the shed at the back of the northbank(jack Kelsey).

  306. Ha ha, Fred, nah mate, I started up the Clock End.

  307. Rico. But you must know that WC year is a very difficult time to try to sign players. :)

  308. Is every year, WC year then Adam?

  309. Kevin. That remark displays a degree of cynicism I hadn’t expected from you. :)

  310. From Rico, yes. But not you.

  311. Sorry Adam ( holding his head in shame)… :-)

  312. Kev do you remember just before kick off a little mob of geezers all wearing sheepskins standing under the clock,as soon as the other team came out and the away supporters started to cheer,the sheepskin mob would charge into them.
    From the northbank we just waited for 3pm every home game always the same mob.

  313. That will cost you one giant Percy Ingle cream doorstop. As penance. :)

  314. Back after.

  315. Well our “top” striker reckons that fourth is ok and winning the f.a cup was a bonus! Please tell me this isn’t true! if yes, then there’s the problem with Arsenal.

  316. It’s a deal Adam, they are delicious….

  317. Lee. Is he operating in the same time zone as us? We haven’t actually won the cup yet. I fear we have not seen the last of him either.

  318. I had the last one for breakfast the next day Kev but as I bit into it the gallon of cream shot out the sides and all over the bed. Mrs Adam was delighted.

  319. Fred, I started off at the Clock End mid-60’s with my Dad.

    Then it was the Schoolboys Enclosure circa 1969/71.

    North Bank 72 onwards….

    Sheepskin coats? Yeah, there were a few around in those days, Adam and Lee still wear there’s, even in August… ;-)

  320. Morning Kev, fred…

  321. Giroud and Kalou… got a nice ring to it!

  322. I was passed over the heads of men wearing flat caps and reeking of Woodbines to my place behind the goal at the North Bank while clutching an apple and a bag of sherbet lemons.

  323. Adam, ha ha ha, that’s the best way to eat them…

    I wouldn’t like to see Mrs Adam in a temper, cor, she is a powerful woman who I hold in the highest of respect…

  324. Lee. Are you going to the flame pit before the game tonight?

  325. Lol Kev… I love the croydon tram

  326. Kev. I just told her you said that. :)

  327. Tell Mrs Adam, I’ll get her a Belgian bun next time… ;-)

  328. No my old man is crook! So I’ll be mainly spot welded to the sofa tonight!

  329. Glad I didn’t disappoint Adam ;)

  330. Nothing serious I hope Lee…

  331. Ok off to the Osteo, see all you luvly Gooners in awhile…

    Morning boss lady :-D

  332. The only consolidation is that Baines did not make the team ahead of Luke Shaw… lol

    No Arsenal player in the team of the year… Coleman ahead of Sagna, Ivanovic and Zabeleta

  333. Adam, Spuds have no trouble signing world class talent before CL qualifiers :)

  334. Kev, after that boat show fiasco involving Mrs Adam, gallons of shampoo and five burly security guards…..I’d steer clear mate!!!

  335. £90M plus change

  336. A rash….blaming his change of washing powder! Proper rock and roll stuff!

  337. Go steady Kev, hope it’s pain free…

  338. Tell your dad to change back then Lee ;)

  339. Too late.. ;)

  340. The media and pundits love for kompany is outstanding. what a joke!!!! just played 25 games, only 7 clean sheet, 1 own goal and many mistakes, even Jose fonte and TV are better than him…

  341. Scott. That’s true. I think I might support them instead :)
    Lee. Sorry to hear that mate. Mrs Adam is in stitches remembering her outrageous behaviour at the Boat Show.

  342. Two of those security guards are still having weekly counselling, I am told….the trauma of that fateful day’s events!

  343. Interesting goalie ‘stats’

    Clean sheets and goals conceded…

    Petr Cech 16.. Goals Conceded 26

    Tim Howard (Everton) 14.. Goals Conceded 36

    Wojciech Szczesny (Arsenal) 14.. Goals Conceded 41

    Artur Boruc (Southampton) 14.. Goals Conceded 45

    Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) 13.. Goals Conceded 49

  344. If all those players sold had been properly replaced, I doubt any of us would have moaned. But to sell them and replace with either sub standard players, or no player at all has been negligence of the highest order….

    Same old, sell big, spend small!

  345. Rico. I would have moaned. :)

  346. How silly of me, I forgot you’d be moaning Adam ;)

    New post up now…

  347. Ginge, I was looking at something similar in the paper this am….PL golden boot we have no one there, golden glove ches is third, bad boys we have no one there and we are top of the fair play league!!

  348. Our top striker problem solved…

    Sydney FC just confirmed Del Piero has been released. They can’t afford to keep 39-year old on his salary.. a free transfer for us…

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