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Ding Ding, Round One! Arsene Wenger IS staying put!

Morning all…

Happy Easter Sunday, a day to celebrate for many reasons. .

Nom Nom.....

Nom Nom…..

Here in the Uk,  we mark the occasion by wasting many pounds on chocolate eggs which if melted down would barely equal a couple of squares of a slab of Cadbury dairy Milk.

Value for money? Not in a million years……

Do we still buy them, oh yes we do….

Can’t imagine why that makes me think about a few players who Arsene Wenger has signed…. ;)

The odds are clearly stacked in our favour today but to be honest that means very little. After all, who would have thought that Chelsea would have been beaten at home yesterday by bottom of the league Sunderland.. A 77 match home winning record gone up in smoke, or should I say gone up in Sunderland…

Jose was livid after the game and mad his feelings clear about how the FA are the ones who have decided where this seasons Premier League trophy will end up and who can argue with his view. But this is just one season out of many where Mike Riley and his merry men have had a huge influence on the league winners.

And we have had too many things go against us over the years which suggest that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are clearly not one of Riley’s favourites. Stinks doesn’t it!

Enough. Back to today…

Three points today will take us very close to securing that 4th spot and although I know that in itself is no great feat, it’s huge for us when it comes to the summer and signing players…

Regardless of all of that, we are Gooners and we all want our boys to win and today is no exception to that rule!


  • These sides have only met on 17 occasions in all competitions, Arsenal have won 11 of them (L3, D3).
  • The Gunners have also won four of the five Premier League meetings, including both of Hull’s home games.
  • Nicklas Bendtner’s first Arsenal goal since March 2011 helped them beat Hull 2-0 in the reverse fixture on 4 December.

A dress rehearsal for the FA Cup Final today and a game we must win.

Nacho Monreal is back fit and Mesut Ozil should join him, whether or not both will play is another matter as surely Arsene Wenger will stick with the players who did well against West Ham in the second half.

If w can emulate that kind of work ethic and finishing quality, we should come away with three points and a psychological advantage for the trip to Wembley in May.

I know it’s not the title we are fighting for, but I hope we can finish this season off by playing some good football, and getting maximum points.

And who knows, there might even be a trophy at the end of it…..

Finally, Arsene Wenger is staying beyond the summer according to the Mirror. He’s told the board/Kroenke a while ago that he’d extend his new contract and he intends to stand by that decision saying:

I never go back on it.

COYRRG’s, three points and keep Everton behind us….



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430 comments on “Ding Ding, Round One! Arsene Wenger IS staying put!

  1. Good post Rico…

    You have to chuckle at Sunderland, but isn’t it always about ‘him’, no focus on a great result for Poyet but, as always the focus will be on the Portugese Prick…

    Just how he likes it…
    You couldn’t fit his ego into the O2 Arena…

  2. He acknowledged the fact they played very well in his interview. Even if Chelsea did have 62% of possession :-)

  3. I think we all now know Wenger is staying regardless of what he does. He little game of not signing are plain boring – as many have said there is no one on this board to challenge anything he says or does. He has the softest job in football and his wages are mind boggling -

  4. Thanks Kev…

    Poor Jose, the little man has fallen off of his little horse…

  5. Sunderland held MC to a draw and beat Chelsea.Can you imagine Wenger pulling off such a feat?Unlikely.That is why if Arsenal can’t beat Hull,he shd be off asap.
    I have lost faith in him and unless he can vary his tactics from game to game and make Arsenal less predictable,I doubt he can ever win the epl.He has choked not once but at least three times within sight of the title.Once twice is okay but more than hat is criminal.
    Of course nothing is cut out in stone in soccer.

  6. Very clever from Mourinho there Oz, by saying what he did about Safc , on paper he appears to be complimentary. However as everything else he said was couched in sarcasm it’s hard to differentiate the good from the bad.

  7. oz, I wonder if the delay has been over transfers, if of course the report we saw a few weeks ago is true..

  8. Lewis Hamilton did well again, nice to see a Gooner winning something… lol

  9. What a glorious sunny Sunday, Chelsea beat and the Portugese Dwarf in a spin,The Arsenal playing later, with the chance to get one hand on the first cup of the season.Oh the unbridled joy of it all.

    Mornin all,

  10. Morning Bt, it’s dark and cloudy where I am….. Rain due any time…

  11. Awesome Lewis – way to go my son!!

  12. We win when Lewis does Oz ;)

  13. easy either way Rico to be honest. What are they 2 games out of relegation? Given his record against the real deal teams his crowing after wins is almost unbearable.

  14. Morning Rico and all. I don’t think Dean himself actually gave the penalty. It was the linesman. The first of the season against Chelsea if I heard correctly. When you look at all the iffy decisions Chelsea have benefitted from, including the missed red card yesterday, I think that for once Jamie Redknapp got it right when he described Mourinho as embarrassing.

  15. Don’t know where you are BT . But it’s bloody freezing here . Have to keep coming in from the garden to warm up. Coat and gloves weather on the East Coast , so I doubt it will be any warmer in Hull.

  16. watched the game Adam, little doubt he will get done on video evidence, they played it enough :-) and it appeared quite blatant

  17. You on about Sunderland or Hull oz?

    Morning Adam, I actually thought Mourinho was being clever. He’s publicly said what most of us think.

    Riley and his merry men decide where the league title ends up..

    Yes the Chavs are a cheating bunch of thugs most weeks, but those referee’s have sure played a part in some dodgy results for us this season…

  18. Hope your inpending rain doesn’t end up heading over here,Rico.Hoping we take advantage of yesterdays result,though we seem to throw away these opportunities alot.

  19. the Ramies strike at the Sunderland player Rico -

  20. Where are you then Bt?

    Just one of a few dirty cheating moment by Ramires Oz, he’ll get a ban now…

  21. Clever? That’s exactly what he wants us to think Rico. I agree we have had some shockers this season and I think I mentioned Riley in a post a while back. But Chelsea had nothing much to complain about yesterday for me. After all, who has really highlighted the crap we took at Man City or the onside goal at Everton, to name just a very few? Nobody, because Arsenal are perennial underachievers and the PL see us as there to make up the numbers. But I see it as part of their greater plan to get Liverpool in for the PL so we can all swoon in romantic adoration for them and worship at the alter of Gerrard.

  22. Happy Easter everyone. I hope the Easter bunny arrived at your houses! Mine didn’t…. No change there then!
    Looking forward to today’s game. I really, really hope we win, comfortably, but not so well that we become our often arrogant, complacent selves when we play Hull in the facup!
    Otherwise it could be the ultimate f…up!

  23. Potter – it’s horrid here too, just starting raining, it’s dark, windy and very cold….

  24. oh Adam really, you can’t believe that surely

  25. Potter,i’m in N.I. it’s a bit breezy but sunny at the moment.Can’t see much heat in Hull.does it ever shine in Hull? lol.Ramires is a twat of the highest order.Had the misfortune of catching,Hansen and Shearra last night,personalities of a goats arse the pair of them.Onwards and upwards you mighty GOONERS!!!!

  26. Yes Adam, clever to highlight what we all think, regardless of what happened yesterday and from what you and others have said, Chelsea got what they deserved.

    But City away as you mention, is not the only time we have been robbed of a result because of slopping officiating but had AW spoken out like Jose, he’d have been labelled a moaner.

    I’m looking at the bigger picture here, Riley and his referee’s are really poor and totally inconsistent. Not sending off Suarez last weekend and the defender for his deliberate handball probably cost City the PL title…

  27. I thought you were going to say you were in the Maldives or somewhere Bt ;)

  28. None arrived at my door either Wavy, but instead I was given a yoghurt maker… :)

  29. I watched it until the end of the match , but a soon as I saw Hansen’s smirking face I turned it off.

  30. will you list our rather fortunate calls as well Rico? City scored six yes six times and could easily have scored 8/10 how did the refs cop the blame for that dismal display?

  31. if your conspiracy theories are right why on earth do we bother what Wenger does? Its clear no matter what the great man (cough) does we will never again win anything because of the refs. Can’t play without them now can we?

  32. Don’t blame you potter, not a pretty sight.

    Oz, I am just highlighting decisions that day at City that were wrong, not the chances they had or our display etc etc. The reality is, the linesman/ref got several calls simply wrong and had they not done so, the scores could very well have been level at the end.

    The fact that City missed many other chances is irrelevant, we had goals disallowed which should have stood.

  33. Lee said the same on the old post, regardless of who we put on the field, this season it has become quite clear that ’25 years on’, Liverpool were going to win the league.

    And England’s little darling and captain will finally lift the PL trophy…

  34. and so what of Wenger’s early achievements do we now see them in a different light? Was it the refs all the way along that handed him his success? Or was it OK then?

  35. wow talk about sour grapes haha

  36. Well, the penalty against Pompey that never was may suggest so Oz… ;)

    I’m not trying to defend AW, his lack of transfers, his tactics, our performances etc etc – I’m really not.

    But it’s clear, and we have all said so over the years, the referee’s in this country are poor!

  37. Sour grapes, not at all……

  38. Rico, nah they don’t have Strongbow,couldn’t be doing with that. LOL.City match was terrible for so many reasons,officals,defending,tactics etc..Complete fuc up.

  39. BT. I am an N1 boy originally too and will be that way tomorrow AM for a Canonbury Square appointment. I am sure you know it.
    Oz. No, I don’t really believe it. :) But I am starting to believe that Arsene is staying despite Merson saying that he will leave to go to Barcelona on Sky yesterday.
    They say continuity is a good thing though……

  40. Actually one of the great things about those and the previous victories under Graham was that we won titles in adversity.The 2 point deduction, Poll wrongly sending off Players , Webb misidentifying people all added to the satisfaction surrounding the wins . Unfortunately we don’t appear to have the character in our present lot to overcome a bias that I have been aware of for a long time. I always thought it was a north – south thing as we were the only southern /London club to upset the Scouse/ Mancs hold on the league but even now that Chelsea have bought their way into the picture , the ideal seems to remain. I will look up the divide of northern refs to southern ones , might be interesting.

  41. Liverpool have proved Wenger absolutely wrong again Rico. I personally have no difficulty admitting they deserve their crown. 90+ goals, 5 losses and the season started without Suarez remember? They have missed a number of clear penalties this year because of the Suarez rep. We really do seem to have trouble acknowledging that any other team might just simply be better than we are. Liverpool this year is very clearly one of them. They passed us by, simple. We should also be mindful of the limited games they have played and that, far more than the refs has them where they are IMO

  42. :) Bt, not the ‘black stuff’ for you then? lol

  43. Was Merse sober at the time Adam? ;)

  44. Clever is when you highlight a situation where you appear not to have an agenda. Mourinho is Mr Agenda and his complaints will fall on deaf ears as he is such a self-centred, egocentric excuse for a (little) man.

  45. I doubt it Rico. Anyway I never trust a man who drives into the back of a 40 ton lorry on the motorway and claims he didn’t see it. :)

  46. potter, I don’t think there are many Souther referee’s – I did a post on them a while ago, and think there is only one.. Might be Friend or Clattenburg.

  47. It amazes me Potter the little credit GG gets. Sure he messed up doing what so many managers did at that time but he came along with liverpool dominating the game every bit as much as United had if not more. Players were brought through the system a number of them and his cheap buys went on to become household names – 6 trophies in 8 years was it including the double and our first European success. 1-0 to the Arsenal was sung loud and proud, yes we had our issues but lack of planning and motivation were never one of them

  48. Sorry Adam,for confusing you i’m in N.Ireland not N1,sometimes wish i was,it would save a fortune on flights.Though this year on a self imposed exile from Emms, till they show real ambition.Did go to Wembley for a jolly.LOl

  49. Oz, I am not denying Rogers has taken Liverpool to a different level to us, he has built a squad full of pace and it’s worked.

    But who can honestly deny they are one of a few clubs that have had key decisions go their way?

    Personally, I couldn’t care less who wins the league, all I care about is the owners/manager of Arsenal getting a bloody grip and having a squad that truly looks capable of winning it….

  50. We all agreed early season and i still believe it, the departure of Ferguson has led to a far more even playing field. He held an unhealthy control of the refs No one today goes close to having his control IMO.

  51. :) Adam, but they are easy to miss…..

  52. BT. Ah, I see. When I hear N1 I am like a homing pidgeon.
    It took me more time to get home from Wembley on that bloody tube than it would take me to fly to your neck of the woods. :)
    My mistake mate.

  53. Someone will Oz, give them time… Maybe it will be Rogers ;)

  54. Rico. I have great hopes for next season though. :)

  55. Rico – I have watched them a bit to be honest and they play some lovely football, i also feel they have missed more than the odd clear call due to certain reps in their squad. It goes both ways and i simply do not agree the refs have assisted them any more than us or anyone else. opinions are like ass holes we all have one i guess:-) What are the key decisions you talk of?

  56. Rico on your last 11.18am sentence… on this we both agree no doubt.

  57. Oz. Letting Suarez stay on the pitch last week when he should have been off and the ref missing two clear penalties against Liverpool would be a start. :)

  58. To true Adam,it was a nightmare just to get Finsbury Park,yes Rico do enjoy the ‘black stuff’ aswell, as long as it’s a good one,bad ones make you feel like the Chelski drubbing.

  59. Adam 11.13. By clever I was referring to the fact that when his comments are bought up in the kangaroo court in front of the F.A. The written transcript will be looking a lot different to the nuances involved at the time.

  60. Adam – clear? I agree maybe one not the other. Suarez was lucky but i recall one or two incidents where our boys Flamini rings a bell have gotten away with similar and what of their missed penalty against Villa or the second yellow card ignored at City, refs helping them again?

  61. :) Adam, as do I….

  62. Got some great news,
    Wenger has informed Woy that Jack will be ready for World Cup selection,and that Jack will be polished,
    wenger go’s on to say that Jack will start to jog this week,
    and wait for it,could be fit in 2/3 weeks..Great News.
    Thought that would cheer you up.

  63. Oz. They were clear to me but I was sitting on the sofa at home and have the benefit of replays. But I am no impartial observer. I have despised the general neediness of Liverpool for decades now.

  64. Rico. I just knew you would. :)

  65. Too many to mention Oz….

  66. we’re not good enough, we’re not well prepared, we have botched two transfer windows, we should not be under pressure from clubs like Everton, Wenger should be held accountable as should our shit board – those are facts we should focus on. We embrace the second best like we’ve conquered the world, it’s football the Arsenal way now at Arsene FC

  67. Rico :-) ok then

  68. Good post Rico.

    I didn’t get any Ishtar eggs but a win at Hull Tigers will be excellent…

    I am one of those who has always believed Mauree-ho is overrated and his achievement are more to do with what he has been given on a platter… saying that what he said yesterday and how he said it was well rehearsed…

    The other one was how he managed to orchestrate the bad temperament of his assistance by appearing as the one in control…

    My hat off to him!

  69. fred, absolutely crazy isn’t it. Let the lad play for us first!

  70. Cup half full Adam, that’s me ;)

    Hi Ts, thanks…

  71. Dippers 1-0 up already…

  72. A squad of Liverpool’s size who have played 15 or so less games than us was going to be in the top 4…imo

    The issue to me is that the likes of Pelle’ and Jose bottled it with their far superior squad and seemingly better managers who are with the times…

    And AW and his backroom staff not being up to managing the squad effectively…

    Oh and how uncouth of me… Afternoon all HHers…

  73. tsgh – they still needed managing mentally correctly mate but i agree the fewer games have been critical

  74. some good news Wilshere set to return to Arsenal squad for game against West Brom on May 4

  75. Back just before kick-off, got to get my Sunday roast cooked and eaten ;)

  76. I find it quite amusing, listening to Portugese Prick bleating about refereeing decisions.
    He was quite happy to accept that dodgy equaliser vs WBA earlier in the season.
    Steve Clarke would have still been in a job and Mourinho’s unbeaten home record would have ended a lot sooner than 77 games.
    But in the Chelsea world of entitlement all that is of little importance.
    All that matters is for the Press/Media, to bow down and kiss the Portugese Pricks Khyber Pass…

  77. Rico. Why do you and others refer to Moronho as Joss? It makes him sound like some friend of ours. As far as I a. concerned he deserves nothing but contempt and distain from Arsenal supporters. The narcissistic, eye-gouging tosser!

  78. I believe Wenger will be here for two more seasons…..unfortunately!
    More playing his favourites all the time…
    Ignoring the glaring needs of the squad….
    General inept tac tics…
    What a depressing thought!?!?
    Oh to be a Gooner!!

  79. So the “special needs” one could end up winning sweet f.a this season……now that would be funny!

  80. Prehaps maureen has second thoughts after the chavs game should have been played to-day.
    Surprised he has’nt turned on sky Tv for helping him out,effing little midget.

  81. Totally agree Kev, but aside of all of it I still admire the effort he puts in to be the victim when things don’t go his way…

    I agree Oz….

    Note that the Brenda bought the likes of Iago Aspas and a few others who have not contributed.

    How many of us thought Brenda was stupid buying Kolo? The dippers are winning the league because their competitors including us have faltered.

    And it was probably scripted that the dippers won the league straight after Fergie of Lodge Canmore had resigned…
    Anyway The FA founded in the Lodge of Tavern on Long Acre is an old boys club and AW needs the right guys around him to win again… the likes of Dick n Law and IG need to be doing the right networking instead of trying to police a serious network of very dubious financial business called EPL…

  82. tell you what tsgh – they have some very good young players – they look a million dollars again today – well rested and ready to play guided so well by the older heads. What an achievement this is now very likely to be. ah the memories

  83. Jose.
    Blah, blah, blah.
    Simple fact is when we lost Ramsey, we lost our chance :)
    Morning all.

  84. is he that good then Scott? :-)

  85. Gerrard to the rescue again, credit to Norwich they are still pushing – good game actually

  86. We are going to have to make a massive step-up over the summer to be competitive next season and this means in squad depth and quality, attitude and tactically. Everyone at the club will need to step it up, big time. Will it, can it, happen?

  87. Adam – what do you think?

  88. Lol Scott what are you smoking on? Is it from JW Henry? ;)

    Oz- I agree with what you are saying but I am not so sure how you think a top striker who imho did not exist would have made it any better…

    I still believe we could have won the title without a top striker; the issue was that the so called better players in midfield failed on several occasions but are still worshiped by most fans as AW does…

    Looking at what we can all see/hear, the dippers have continuously outspent us and their aim was to make top 4; they have been lucky and we have achieved what we should have achieved; there is no point of us crying over spilt milk…

    We are the 4th best team in the league no matter how we look at it…

    We have a game on today lets hope fr 3 points and let tomorrow take care of it’s self imho…

  89. Oz, top of the league when he was fit, so yes, he is.

  90. It CAN, Adam, doesn’t mean it will though lol.

  91. Adam, it will be the same issue this summer as we all know…
    Systematic change from top to bottom is what we need but I doubt it will happen so…

    Aw will be off in Brazil whilst we will be pulling our hair out saying AW has failed to address the issues…

    We do not know if Aw passes a list to IG to secure players but what we do know what extracts from what we read is that things do not get done!

  92. Oz. I have to be positive although I imagine the transfer window will again disappoint. If Wenger does stay then I see Giroud probably staying too. The most interesting thing, along with the striking situation, will be who should replace Arteta. Surely he will move on. The Cesc situation seems to be fluid and perhaps a big name player might leave. Whatever, I imagine that less will be done than needs to be done. I just can’t see Wenger doing very much business unfortunately. At his age, can he learn new tricks?

  93. TS. Yes, the Wenger reign has acquired a degree of predictability I agree. It is hardly revolution is it? Some might be tempted to question whether it is even evolution of the positive kind.

  94. During the summer I believed that we were wasting out time on a player who was only looking to improve his salary…

    Those who had ears listen; Pep who is Suarez’s agent brother said it but our Cambridge educated board failed to piece together what was going on…

    He would have joined us if we had offered him what he was on right now with the dippers…

    The question to me is why the so called IG’s who told fans we could compete with the top teams only offered 25k more than what Suarez was then on whilst the player is now earning close to 200k?

  95. Most of our players are over rated.. looking at Sterling and Ox is it all due to lack of coaching from AW?

  96. TS. From what I can glean from people I know who work at the club, IG is a far more proactive mover than Wenger who is comfortable making all the decisions as he knows he has the unqualified support of our American owner. The Suarez fiasco was Wenger’s thing. This is why I really hope that, if Wenger stays, IG keeps schtum this time.

  97. According to guardian we only matched Suarez’s 120k salary.. was it AW’s fault to offer such pitiful salary…?

    He stayed and earned 200k a week… we can all blame AW for lack of ambition but our board in particular IG who talks big to get true fans who are emotionally attached to the club to renew their season tickets has always failed to walk the walk.

    I doubt very match AW vetoed IG’s opinion on offering much more to LS07…

  98. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2013/12/20/liverpool-signs-controversial-luis-suarez-to-75-million-contract/

    Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez signed a contract extension with Liverpool that is reportedly worth $75 million over four-and-a-half years. It marks an incredible turn of events from this summer when Suarez pushed for a move to Arsenal and the Gunners made a $65 million offer during the transfer window. The Reds rejected the Arsenal bid and Suarez opened the season with Liverpool (albeit after missing the first six games for a suspension for biting an opponent).

    Luis Suárez Luis Suarez padded his bank account with a new $75 million contract. The Uruguayan striker is expected to be one of the stars of the 2014 World Cup.

    The new deal is expected to pay Suarez £160,000 a week for the remainder of the season and £200,000 a week in the following four years. The contract replaces his previous deal which ran until 2016. Top EPL stars like Wayne Rooney, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero are all pulling in at least £200,000 per week in salary this year. The new deal will catapult Suarez onto the list of the world’s highest-paid soccer players.

  99. Adam – I understand the positive thing mate but i must be honest the Chelsea game ended the line for me. Watching him just sit there did my head in and listening to those excusing him afterwards said it all as to where we’re really at now days. Wenger will buy no one who threatens the playboy regardless of the rubbish we read i agree. The top end has passed Wenger by in so many areas now i agree

  100. Adam, I am with you on Aw’s ego and want of power…

    But I am yet to be convinced that IG is a powerless servant of the club…

    IG was brought in due to his links to the MLS and the clubs ambition to break into the USA market…

    I personally do not see anything overly wrong with AW interviewing IG as people say.At that time AW was the senior person at the club due to all the changes.

    And it is not uncommon in the corporate world for a board and its MD to recruit a CEO who eventually becomes their boss imho…

  101. tsgh – i agree on IG mate – the three musketeers have a very clear path and the fans won’t disrupt that no matter how many fade outs there are. They see this as a money making business firstly, everything else is second including the people that contribute so much to their ridiculous salaries and suffer their mind silly games

  102. Ramsey to start and Ozil – Scott will be smiling

  103. TS. Ok. I understand.

  104. Homeward bound. In time for watch Arsenal.
    Who is in the way out in defence? why we are interesting in Guarey?

  105. Oz, M Platini and IG are leading a brigade to clean up football…

    The question is who has given them that commission to do ithe witch hunt?

    If Psg, City, Psg are cautioned whilst the Roman’sAbramovich of this world with their elite charter manage to weasel out then the field will get a bit more even…

    Going forward Suarez will be free to leave Liverpool if they win or finish in the CL spot which is now 99% guaranteed.

    Only BM and RM are free to spend what they have…

    This game is meant to be won and controlled by the initiated ‘elite’ and their likes…

    The new money of Psg and City will be controlled by the powers that be…

    As someone said to me this week… there is a common denominator to those clubs who are being prosecuted! and it is to do with those who won those clubs… ;)

  106. Arsenal team to play Hull City: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski,OG12.

    I thought SC19 would get a rest so that OX will start but…

  107. Cesc could be coming our way though which won’t be a bad thing…

    It won’t still address the DM or box to box issue…

    AW bending over backwards to accommodate Ox as a DM will be another mistake imho..

  108. tsgh – IG leading anything to do with football is amusing given his total lack of understanding, much like his boss, of the game :-)

  109. The teams are in for today’s Premier League clash against Hull City.

    ARSENAL: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud

    Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Flamini, Kallstrom, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Sanogo

  110. 3-1 Liverpool steady

  111. Why the fuck is wenger not starting Ox?God help us

  112. poldi and Ramsey goals…

  113. have we started already tsgh? :-)

  114. I can see United doing Everton tonight

  115. Oz, the city supporter is allegedly a top footballer and won several awards during his time in Oxbridge… have some respect Oz :P

    I wonder how a man of his official background get catapulted into Latham & Watkins LLP 2 or 3 years after graduating from Uni…

    2 years after graduating from Uni he became a founding member of the MLS…

    It is hard to believe IG was not planted at AFC by the powers that be…

  116. My cloudy crystal ball I got from Rico told me… Oz :P

  117. quite the rise hey tsgh?

  118. Moaning all…If assend stays on even after the mauling we suffered this season then we arsenal fans need to have our heads examined. End of.

  119. 2-3 now – hats off to Norwich – top game here

  120. Howdy oz…anyone but moaning-ho for the title. Pity we had a wimp for a manager the season fergucoont retired. Bummer.

  121. Rodgers throws on the defenders – will they hold their nerve? :-)

  122. goonster – assend ha very good – will Mourihno get booted if Athletico bundle them out of Europe?

  123. super intensity at Norwich and they miss a sitter

  124. I hope poop wins it just to prove assend wrong. He’s been bleating for years that we can’t compete with the money bags. Well here is poop wining it on a canter.

  125. Watch how effective Ozil is with Aaron back.

  126. November 2013-Ivan Gazidis: “We will see where Arsenal will be in January and whether or not the club will invest in another forward. Olivier Giroud won’t be able to go on all alone until the end of the season. We need to buy.”

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is sitting comfortably in the Emirates Stadium with a guaranteed pay-off totalling over £5million if the unsettled club changes ownership.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2288763/Ivan-Gazidis-lines-5m-exit-Arsenal-changes-hands-Charles-Sale.html#ixzz2zQkuTfCz
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  127. ok Scott, fingers crossed hey?

  128. mind boggling ain’t it tsgh?

  129. Liverpool got it done its theirs now i think

  130. will be really interested in their summer transfers now – will they spend to try to consolidate, they are not deep enough to play the 60 game season

  131. ok come on Ozil we need a big showing against this lot

  132. lol Oz… don’t worry my nemesis Micko will tell me it all a dream soon… :-)

  133. come on boy wonder and Arteta

  134. the dippers will have to spend..

    I doubt they will qualify for cl next year without LS07 though…

  135. Good Afternoon LAdy, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies

  136. No need to cross fingers Oz.

  137. G’day Dev.

  138. And no booking?? Doh

  139. Good day fine folk

    I feel the need to roar today

    a bit on the sick side, but still I feel the need to roar

  140. lol hull tigers…
    dear oh dear they need some rocks for the advertising board…

  141. Afternoon Devil, Scott and all…

  142. On the subject earlier coukd we just hand Liverpool the league get the world cup out of the way and hope that refs get back to proper reffing . Had Hudd got the red for his high kick on Arteta would he have missed the final.

  143. note the positional understanding between Arteta and AR16 as compared to when flamini is playing…

    Both covering the fb’s when they go forward

  144. And that was a penalty!!

  145. interesting point Potter…

    you have your conspiracy hat on like me then? ;)

  146. Afternoon all,
    Ozil straight in and no pace on the pitch. Tough day ahead with one paced football.

  147. Exactly Potter, who these days get away with a kick that high?

  148. No hesitation to book Arsenal players though!!!

  149. so per gets a card but not the ex-sperds player?

  150. That is what I said last time around Potter.

    We should just hand the dippers the title.

    Huddlestone to miss the final?? now that would be justice. we dont want ex spuddies lining up against us

    but he should have been awarded a yellow for that sort of studs up challenge.

  151. Lego hair loses lego tooth?

  152. what is this?
    13 th minutes. one yellow card; very nervous; poor performance…

  153. that should have been a penalty

  154. 4-4-1-1 today… back to basics??

  155. just a question…..how come TommyV is not even a sub???

  156. On first glance it looked soft and like Ozil tried to win it.

  157. hamstring injury dev…

  158. yeah it seems so Ginge

    you know my preference for 4-4-1-1

    the same level as your 3-5-2

    But I think that it will be only for the first half

    in the second we will go back to 4-2-3-1 or a flat 4-4-2

  159. but for 4-4-1-1 to work effectively we need to get Ray Parlour and Bobby Pires back to optimal fitness. Plus get DB10 to rotate with MO11

  160. Holy Lord. nearly 70% possession

  161. lol dev…

    ox would have worked better in a midfield 4 than Sc19 imo…

  162. hmmmmm

    I feel Scott or Ozil will get the first goal

  163. sorry.

    Should have said Ramsey not Scott

  164. So lucky that Hull are so bad in the final 3rd.

  165. dev i like 4-4-2 too but you need legs and brains in the midfield 2..

    only kim,Scott and Arteta have the brains to read the game in a midfield 2…

  166. devil, TV is injured…

  167. come on boys…
    only 30 minutes before they wake up… so far as we do not conceded before 3 o’clock

  168. My lunch guests have finally taken the hint and have left!!

    Now I can watch…

  169. Ozil looks like he is not ready

  170. bad host Rico ? :D

  171. Hull are playing a high line

    now why did TW go and get injured?

    Maybe the Ox should have started

  172. I think Poldi and Ozil need to swap positions!

  173. Our passing is shocking!

  174. What did I say before k.o Oz?

  175. There you have it.

  176. goallllllllllllllll

  177. And just after I said that, four beautiful passes end up with a super finish from Aaron Ramsey…


  178. Great movement and well done Scott…Ramsey

  179. Boy wonder… Ramsey! Only if AW had managed him better in November

  180. I should have put a fiver on Scott getting the first one.

    Would have got me 40


  181. 4-4-1-1 working thus far…

    come on lets turn it up!

  182. come lads.

    Ozil is on 1 to 12 to get the 2nd

  183. Sagna top defending…

  184. Poldi coming from inside left position with Ozil moving to outside left is confusing the 2 sperds guys

  185. that’s inter-lateral changing Ginge

    good coaches teach that to kids from a very early age

    it is the reason why AW wants technically adept footballers, especially number 10’s

    that is why we have various players who are no 10 specialists in AM positions

    and we keep complaining about square pegs in round holes.

  186. Ramsey back in 2.5 games and he has already upped his stats in the tackles and interceptions area…

    one man welsh team we are becoming! ;)

  187. Stunning goal, what a ball from Giroud….

  188. Check my 1:29pm post…

    crystal ball works :P

  189. Wow that was amazing goal

  190. Giroud’s cross, Ramsey’s header down and a stunning finish from the Pod!!

  191. Dev… is that the inter-lateral changing at work again…

    The sperds boys are watching… clowns

  192. I dare AW to sell or drop Podolski

  193. inter-lateral changing intelligence it seems.

  194. 16 starts 10 goals for Poldi… dench!

    10 goals in 23 games not bad at all for a 70 minutes player!

  195. We look ok.

  196. It was Bradster.

  197. make it 11 goals my bad

    In EPL 11 starts ,7 goals, 2 assists

  198. Alrighty then….now that’s what am talking about. Come on you fucking gunners. Yeeeeeeees. What is the score agsin?

  199. It is all about intelligent players as we say Dev…

    pretending to be talking so the camera picks up an ‘organiser’ is all a farce imho…

    Last season and this season the combination of Kos, Per, Ramsey and Arteta were the meanest in the whole Europe…

  200. I told you I want to roar today……

  201. Movement of the ball Ramsey the boy wonder!

    Cruyff junior!

  202. Ramsey: 1 goal, 2 assists in 2 games.
    Podolski: 3 goals in 2 games.

  203. You know, injuries have really cost us this season, really cost us…

    If AW can build on what we have and bring in 4/5 top top players, we’ll be there…

    Ramsey back has lifted a few, just has Ozil’s return. Even Giroud looks like he’s gained a bit of pace again like he did in the first half of the season… ;)

  204. True Rico… that was why I was always defending OG12…

    When I said Ramsey was carrying this team in September most thought I was just a ‘Scott’ lover ;)

  205. 2 class finishes bet Scott is smiling – off to work, lets hope we finish them off

  206. But is that a good thing ginge? That’s so sad.

  207. It is sad Oz but the likes of Ox and JW have to put aside their ego and learn like Ramsey learnt of Arteta and TR07…

  208. I don’t think anyone thought that Ts, I really don’t. All that Aaron Ramsey was doing was very clear to all.

    Just as Olivier Giroud was pretty darn good in the first half of the season, and he really was.

    Both overplayed and it’s cost us dear.

    I know I knock Giroud, but I wouldn’t sell him, I’d just sign a pacey ruthless one to play in front of him, or instead of him….

  209. Go steady Oz….

  210. I still think we fell apart when theo was lifted off the pitch against hot sperms. We should have replaced him but as always nothing happened.

  211. Where’s Mick, ah yes, the pubs are open in Ireland today.

    Surrounded by plastic Mancs, I bet that beer tastes good.

  212. Still no card for the spuddie?

  213. Goonie, that also was a huge day, Theo is another big big miss in this side…

  214. you have a point goonie but Theo was absent until Nov/December so…

    He was truly out of form after his contract signing…

  215. That’s the best comment I ve read all day rico. OG is a beast when utilized correctly. Ask most Pl defenders who is the most difficult player to play against. It hurts that we can’t play to his strength. I won’t sell him either. Keep him get theo fit and get another pay tricky player. Cuadrado comes to mind.

  216. Not really sure why the commentators are knocking Monreal…

  217. Thanks goonster…. ;)

  218. If SC19, Monreal joins Ramsey by not going to Brazil we will again have a good start to the season and with additions you never know…

  219. Cuadrado is going to BM allegedly goonie…

    another Hazard scenario comes to mind

  220. I think we have a very very god group of players. Just get rid of the waste who make up the numbers and replace them with top stuff!!

  221. Hey ginge what’d the news on Cuadrado amigo? Are we still getting him?

  222. Yikes…you mean we lost out on him too? Lord God give me strength.

  223. Poldi you poacher

  224. Go Pod Go Pod!!!!

  225. Sell Podolski????

    I don’t think so, bloody well play him more!!!

  226. allegedly Goonie… i hope its just rumours..

    He is owned by 2 teams in Italy and IG is allegedly procrastinating sitting on his high horse!

  227. Podolski again

  228. He Scores When He Wants…

  229. That left foot is a killer.

  230. He’s an enigma rico. A player I ve always had huge faith in. So chuffed for him.

  231. That wasn’t good by Giroud. Should have been one touch, a burst of pace and 4-0..

    Ah, Giroud hasn’t got pace ;)

  232. will a swap for Draxler do it for you Rico? :)

  233. I love him goonie, but so often he looks like he’s not interested in the game…

  234. I hope we do not score any more even though we could do with improving the goal difference..

    I do not want these bottlers to get to Wembley thinking we beat Hull easily a month ago so…

  235. Ginge we could use a Cuadrado kinda player right now. Gerwanko could have been that player but unfortunately he wasn’t home the day God was distributing brains!

  236. 4-4-2 folks that is the reason.. or is it 4-4-1-1 Dev? :-)

  237. Ts, i want as many as we can get. If they can’t raise their game for Wembley, then sell the bloody lot!!!

    But they’ll be ready, I’m sure…

  238. ‘…unfortunately he wasn’t home the day God was distributing brains!’ lol Gonie

  239. Hull will be short Jelavic and Long, both cup tied. So that makes it even harder for hull.

  240. atm they are playing 4-4-2 mate

    with Ozil going out on the flanks and pulling players allowing Podolski to sneak in and feed off OG

  241. 3:26pm will go with that Rico. :-)

  242. Thanks Brad…

  243. Plus we ll have the biggest gooner of dem all ready and raring to go rico. Jack the lad Wilshire. Can’t wait guys. I might make it to London. You never know.

  244. Giroud you little tinker, so unlucky there…

  245. That’s really unlucky hitting the bar

  246. so Aw does tactics SOMETIMES… but fans believe what the experts on tv say we are playing i.e 4-2-3-1…

    I don’t rememebr the last time we played that double pivot…

    This season we have played more like 4-1-4-1 on most occasions…

  247. Amen to that goonie….

  248. now AW do not be a spoilsport and take off Poldi before he gets a hat-trick

  249. Take OG12 off and bring on CJ25 or Ox

  250. for the record Podolski has scored on 45 and 54

  251. These commentators do talk shite!

    ‘Arsenal led the league back in Feb and so many thought they’d go on and win the title’…

    No they didn’t, everyone said we don’t have a squad deep enough or strong enough!!!


  252. Stan, if you can make it to London, then Old Compton St will be a rocking and a rolling…

  253. Or Yaya Ts ;)

  254. Wenger needs tactics against pacy attacking sides like Chelsea, Liverpool and City.
    We seem to be ok against slower and lower teams.

  255. Agree there Brad.

  256. Nah kev I have a daughter now. I have to live a saintly life henceforth. Gee am scared AK she’s got part of my dna what if she grows up and becomes a whore? Am petrified guys. Which is why I wanted a boy. Darn it.

  257. Brad, AW needs to be pragmatic too..

    drop one attacker and play safe for 50 minutes.

    In all those games we have started with more attackers than those teams even against BM we started with more attack minded players…

    Good sub…
    Personally, I don’t want to see Yaya again until next season…

  258. That early Ts? ;)

  259. Lol…Rico. That is still 4 months away

  260. Saint Goon!!!!

    now that is saying something

  261. Two tackles on Ox, the second was a pen.

  262. Exactly Ts… ;)

  263. that is two pens today not awarded to us.

  264. Calm down Stan…

    Your daughter will be fine…

  265. It once took 2 years to be awarded a penalty at home..

    In that time Yanited get 14 pens at home…

    Enough conspiracy cack from me today ;)

  266. If we qualify for the CL then Hull will go in the Europa cup.

    we have got a very good PR department on the field. Podolski and Ramsey

  267. No substitute for pace.

  268. Oh no Rico… he is coming on

  269. Gee kev I didn’t know you were nostradamus.

  270. BBC Sport’s Simon Stone is reporting that Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck is considering leaving the club. The 23-year-old, who favours a central striking role, is frustrated at being used regularly in other positions. He has two years left on his contract but is debating whether to move rather than accept a new deal if one is offered in the summer.

  271. what do you think fine folk??

    Should AW try and buy DW????

  272. Yes Devil, 2 pens not given…

  273. Apparently we are after Chris Smalling too devil…

  274. lol…. Lee and Adam will draw blood. lol

  275. Smalling is shite now!

  276. I like him and has pace devil.

  277. Another MoTm performance 9 this season… top top player

  278. I feel that Smalling and Wellbeck might be good additions as squad players. Better than Djourou and Bendy for sure.

  279. Yaya Sir-no-go

  280. I would also keep Kallstrom for another year.

  281. If we sign Smalling then CJ25 will drop down the pecking order again…

    I think Bellerin will be given a chance next season unless Sagna leaves…

  282. Wellbeck could just be another ‘Sturridge’…

  283. spindly legs has fallen over his shoelaces it seems

  284. me too re kim

  285. I think the same Ginge.

    AW wants Bellerin as RB and that is why he was offering BS only 2 years.

    CJ will be sent on loan next season

  286. Aaaaahhhhh.
    Very satisfied.
    Great result.
    Decent performance.
    Job done.
    Momentum is building, and our form is improving leading up to Cup final day.

  287. I don’t think we’ll sign either Smalling or Wellbeck..

  288. Seems as if Bellerin is very technical and he resembles Azpilicueta regarding playing style. He is highly rated and if Smalling comes then the latter will be playing as a centre back

    TommyV will leave or not depending on how the Kos situation develops

  289. Certainly a great result Scott…

  290. Come on Utd :P :P :P

  291. Righto……..off for now fine folk

    need to take my medicine and rest a bit

  292. 9th motm award for Scott…

    Even higher than RVp in his final season with us…

  293. Ginge, hardly fair on RVP comparing him to Aaron :)

  294. Go steady Devil, have a good afternoon…

  295. Yes Stan…

  296. Gosh, the storm and rain here with me is so bad that we have no satellite signal…. The rain is so so heavy and the thunder is pretty loud…

  297. Can’t believe I want Man U to win.

  298. Neither can I Adam, but I do…

  299. well, not a good performance in my opinion. Against a quality team, on the 30th minutes were be 2, 3 or 4 in defeat….Against a medium team, our midfield quaility players, make the difference. There were be many freee space between sectors and our defence was normally in wrong positions. Against faster players were be a another dramatic score
    I must say, for the the first time, I supoort United now

  300. JM, it was no vintage performance, that’s for sure, but still a step towards form and momentum.

  301. Rico. Odd isn’t it? Sgt Major Moyes will have them hyped up I would think.

  302. Having seen Giroud have a half decent game and the lines vanish from Moyes’ forehead I believe miracles can happen Rico.
    Loved seeing Ozil back today.

  303. I will take a draw.
    I just can’t bring myself to cheer them on :)

  304. Adam, Ozil didn’t do a lot, but damn, he showed some classy touches.

  305. Smalling and Welbeck, could be useful squad signings, but I couldn’t see ManUre selling to us, even if Wenger wanted them..

  306. Scott. That would be several steps too far I agree. :)

  307. Hi Jm, join the one day pass for Man Utd supporters ;)

  308. Doesn’t look like he has though Adam….

  309. Adam. I thought Ozil was awesome today, some of his touches and passes were sublime. But he’ll never be singled out unless there’s a guy up front who can put an end product to all that he does…

  310. oh where is the grand master?
    Penalty awarded? mmm

  311. Oh I think he did quite a bit Scott. He isn’t always looking to play the Hollywood ball but has a lovely balance and understanding for me. Plus he gives us a much, much better shape when moving forward.
    We beat a shit team today but did it with a bit of class.

  312. Hull were good Adam ;) ;)

  313. Thought Szczesny had a decent game….

  314. Rooney needs a new club, a new drive and a new incentive. He’s become very stale at man utd…

  315. flipping yanited… 2-0 down

  316. Good refereeing by Clattenburg…

    2-0 Everton… Mancs really are awful!

  317. Rico are you going to convince IG to match wooney’s salary?

    Judas may be cheaper…

  318. No, not for me any more Ts, I thought Rooney was a good guy to sign but a friend kept telling me that he was passed his best. I believe he was right……

    Rooney will stay at OT because imo, no other club will match the wage he’s on…

    An RvP return would never surprise me…..

  319. Rooney just hasn’t got the running power of Giroud Rico :) nor the quiff height.
    We had Naismith for a trial when he was with Rangers with a view to an offer. He spent a week training with the first team squad but was considered just too weird so we never signed him.

  320. How weird was Steven? Adam

  321. :) Adam…

    Pfffff re Naysmith, why did we not sign him?? He’s annoying but quite ruthless…

  322. Rico I ll rather have adethewhore than van prick. Just saying. Hey Adamant.

  323. I don’t want either goonster….

  324. Wenger doesn’t speak Glaswegian Adam.

  325. Lol rico..

  326. How convenient..? When results start going well and Aw is most likely to stay…

    Laurent Blanc has announced he will be signing the contract extension he has been offered with PSG..

  327. Blanc’s got 2 years then.

  328. Spooky Ts…

  329. Every manager seems to have 2 years, including Arsene.

    I’m telling you, it’s all a cunning plan to get Pep…. ;)

  330. Yes Mr Potter and Rico…

    It’s always well scripted isn’t it?

  331. Yes Ts, it is… There seems to be a managerial merry go round going on….

  332. United playing like us , crablike passing eventually going back and giving the ball away.

  333. lol Rico… Pep will be concerned about the intrusion of EWnglish media if rumours are true? ;)

  334. I turned it off potter – so boring….

    I was slightly tongue in cheek Ts, but it does all make me wonder…

  335. mata must be thinking damn…

    at least his dad got a big transfer fee…

  336. lets see how it pans out Rico… God willing…

  337. This could be the 10th MUFC defeat in 22 games in all competitions since turn of the year…

  338. I think we all know AW is staying Ts, what happens in a few years time will be what it is….

  339. Mata must be thinking ‘why the f**k did Arsenal not make a sensible offer a few years ago’……

  340. Nah rico he ll thanking his stars he didn’t join all those years ago to end up playing with sir no goal.

  341. Everton looked impressive…
    Southampton (a) Man C (h) next… if we win all our games we will finish 3rd…

  342. Rico. Problem is I think we could all give a plausible answer to that question. :)

  343. lol.. Rico

    We made a graet offer; we just did not want to pay the agent fees being asked by his father…

  344. lol goonie…

    Just imagine though Adam. A super little player who has been ruined by Jose and now by Moyes….

  345. Or his wages, or the transfer fee.

  346. Ts – I’d be more inclined to think the deal offered by Chelsea was more attractive….

  347. I agree a Rico. I thought he was hasty in his choice of Man Utd. But, you make your bed…..

  348. :) Adam, I think wages were a huge part of it…

  349. Absolutely Adam. Absolutely!

  350. We did dawdle though Rico. Just like we did over Ribery I am told.

  351. Agree Rico and Adam… knowing the way we handle signings…

  352. Gotta win 4 more cup finals, simples…

    Wembley will bare no relation to this afternoons game.
    Gibbs, Wilshere, Rosicky, AOC could be starters?

  353. I heard that about Ribery too Adam… He was very nearly a Gooner..

  354. Who will they come in for though Kev?

  355. Agree Kev, and the loss today will fire Hull up even more…

  356. Anytime I listen to Martinez, Adam’s views come to mind..

  357. Potter, I thought you might be interested in this:

    ‘The daughter of a wealthy Fifa delegate who helped in the controversial decision to name Qatar and Russia future hosts of the World Cup received a £2million payment from a business associate of her father with Qatari links, it has been claimed.

    Antonia Wigand Teixeira, the daughter of Brazil’s Fifa representative Ricardo Teixeira, was paid the large sum of money in 2011.

  358. Creeping out of the woodwork now its too late.

  359. I’m off for the day guys..

    Great result!

    Catch up tomorrow on a Scott post hopefully…

    Night all, I have a few chocolate bars to munch on…. ;)

  360. Ts. :)
    He is never verbally challenged, that’s for sure. Is Roberto.

  361. Great result,Giroud and poldi have be really great in our last 2 games.Seems Giroud is injured.If that is true,its bad.Am I the only one that notice we hardly go forward when Giroud went off.Ozil had a good game,decisive when it matters.

  362. Ok. Arsenal beat Hull .The cf could be different. We just need to use the Everton /Mu game as a yardstick.
    MU made more passes and had 67% possession and lost. Arsenal play like MU and I won’t back them to beat Everton/Chelsea and Pool in the next season.Too many passes slow down the attack .Ok they have ball retension,so what. It’s goals that count and not greater possession and passes..
    There are reports the gunners face a pay cut. What about Wenger?
    Since he is the manager he shd have a 50% paycut if not the axe.
    Pool are within sight of the title. I think Rodgers more pragmatic and
    tactic savvy than Wenger will 98% wrap up the title.

  363. Rico nice to see you finally came round to my point on injuries costing Arsenal the PL this season. Before you and others blame Wenger for not resting players most of are long term injuries came from contact tackles on our players during matches.

  364. Wolfgang
    What makes you say we won’t beat Liverpool and Everton next season we beat both this season in Liverpool case twice. So how can you make a prediction like that. As for Chelsea all we need is for refs to actual give us the penalties we should be getting and we would have beaten Chelsea and man city this season as well.

  365. Wolfgang, you are entitled to ignore the fact that Liverpool played a hell of a lot less games then us.
    You can ignore the fact they screwed us over, illegally I might add, on the Suarez deal.
    You can also ignore the fact they got more penalties in one game than we got all season.
    On the flip side, I will ignore the fact that you have no idea.

  366. Morning Rico and all. From what I saw we should have been awarded two penalties yesterday but they are deemed insignificant alongside the foul that never was apparently.

  367. Gjoe, I haven’t come round to your view on injuries. Yes they have cost us dear but the players picked up injuries because numpty nuts overplayed them!

  368. Morning Adam, Scott and all..

    I thought two also Adam.

  369. Hiya Rico. It is somewhat annoying when a complete non-event like a dive for a foul seems to be the main talking point from yesterday. How Moss missed those two penalties or the serial fouling by Thugglestone was very poor.

  370. I was quite surprised Huddlestone was on the pitch at the end Adam, serial fouling and one quite nasty one I thought…

  371. I agree. But I suppose he is so incredibly slow he looks even clumsier than he is. But you’re right, there were some nasty ones in there. The boot to the head one might have supposed would be a yellow card for a start.
    I thought Chesney looked solid too and like you Ozil’s touches impressed me. No real downsides to yesterday’s performance.

  372. Seems as though the Rodger’s revolution at Liverpool has cost rather more than many of us thought. Figures I have just read reckons they have spent about the same as Man Utd over the last five years. Roughly £100 million. We of course have made a profit over that time. No wonder the dippers are running at a loss.
    Personally I am proud of our balance sheet. :)

  373. Agree, there were a few times a card could have been shown to him.

    One of the best games for Ches, he didn’t look like conceding at all…

    Yep, some good stuff yesterday, even Giroud had a decent game… lol

    But it was only Hull… :P

  374. How much of a loss are they running Adam?

    FFP likely to threaten their CL challenge, after all, it’s meant to be our saviour isn’t it…. :)

  375. Rico
    If you look at yesterday’s game you will see the main reason why we have so many injuries at Arsenal. A team determined to injury our players and ref happy to let them away with.
    The should have been two red cards for Hull, Longs attack on Artata which knocked out his tooth how much force was needed for that. Also an arm to the face of Giroud We will be very lucky to have no injuries from that game.

  376. Joe, yes we were lucky yesterday not to pick up further injuries but we didn’t.

    Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud have all been over played this season because we don’t have a strong enough or deep enough squad to rest them properly.

    This resulted in Ramsey and Ozil being injured and Giroud being totally burned out…

  377. Morning Rico, Adam, Gj and fellow HHers,

    Adam did you take a puff off Kev’s and J.W Henry’s puff at 8:48am? :P

    You have a point Gj on injuries but I think you are slightly mistaking on how our injuries occurred throughout the season…

  378. Gj,- Ramsey’s, Theo, JW , Arteta’s injuries were nothing to do with an opponent…

    It could be argued that Ox’s injury on match day 1 against AVFC was due to an opponent however you will see that it was actually OX who injured himself through a bad tackle like Theo…

    Anyway, I wonder how Cesc has not had his default February hamstring injury since he joined Barca? MAybe its to do with the warm weather or LA Liga playing non-contact football.

    AW has always over played his players… the likes of PV and Keown use to wiggle out of games by accumulating suspensions in the successful era imho…

  379. Morning all.
    Officials suck.
    We all know that.
    Liverpool will be the luckiest side to win a trophy in the history of football, apart from Chelski in the CL.
    Still, if you put yourself in the position, luck comes your way.

  380. Oh, and Ramsey is the most influential player in the League.

  381. Morning Ts..

    How did Pod get his – I have forgotten..

  382. Morning TS. No, I read She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and if the figures are correct, there were a few surprises there. Not being anything like a decent businessman, I am unclear as to the ramifications
    Not sure on the figures Rico but just under a million quid a week if memory serves.
    I am looking forward to the first censures under FFP and hope that Chelsea get it really stuck on them in the coming days for that horrible turnout on Saturday.

  383. Rico-Poldi tried to ran for the first time in the second half against Fulham and he pulled his hamstring…

  384. Interesting Adam, re ‘s.w.a.y.r’ post on Liverpool..

    I touched on it yesterday morning on here about howe IAgo Aspas and a new have not really contributed this season..

    However, folks like Sterling and Coutinho have truly stepped up this season imo

  385. Adam on the FFP I also touched on how Roman and Monaco will wiggle out whilst the new money of Psg, City will be hounded…

    Look at how RM and co. managed to stop Valencia’s billionaire take over…

  386. Morning Scott..

    You are not biased of course on Ramsey….. ;) ;)

  387. Scott prove your 9:19 post with stats… :P

  388. Weak managers loves injuries/slight knocks,keeps the squad happy,
    no need for excuses,everyone gets a game.

  389. TS. So, a fiscal conspiracy then?
    I doubt any of us are expecting much re FFP but surely reasons and figures will need to be provided. Personally I would like to see Chelsea hit really hard purely because they are so utterly despicable.

  390. Pod suffered a hamstring strain. Was going to be out for 2 to 3 weeks it turned into the better part of 5 months. Now that may have been due to over training. Is there such a thing as being over fit? I think there is, and I think our squad suffer from it. It is a curse! It has cost us big time, I reckon

    Morning all

  391. Hi Wavy..

    Adam, the chavs managed to report a profit of £1m last a few months ago…

    They even stipulated that the CL win has not been factored in yet…

    pigs flying comes to mind

  392. TS. If we step back and take a measured view, has the big, big money coming into the game done anything positive except to enhance the wages of a relatively few players?
    Seems to me that it has interfered with the natural law of things. If not for Abramovich Chelsea would have been out of business years ago and their ground would be flats for the rich and a Waitrose supermarket. This must be preferable to what sits there now surely.

  393. Morning All

  394. Morning all,

    Does that figure include selling Torres, Mascerano, Meirrales, Carrol, Keane and Reina. I can only remember Torres 50m but i’m pretty sure there were a few more sold and they must’ve got something back.

  395. TS. But I believe they are back now to losing the customary £1.5 mill per week.

  396. Perhaps add Alonso in there too. I can’t remember when he was sold to Real.

  397. :) fred, what you saying?? lol

    Morning Kev, Wavy, fred, Bradster….

  398. Brad. I think Dalglish had a massive spend-up before retiring to the golf course in an effort to increase the size of his arse even further.

  399. Saw MotD last evening…

    Another two stonewalled penalties turned down…

    It’ll be rather ironic if we win the Cup on the back of a penalty…

  400. As long as we don’t lose it on a dodgy one Kev….

  401. Morning Kev. I hope we win it with a fierce Poldi drive that cannons off Huddlestone’s great gut and into the net.

  402. Indeed Adam.. but I am known to entertain socialist views so I will share that view too… ;)

    Look at what Ken Bates did to his former partner…

    The club is steep in a tradition of ….. ;)

    As I posted yesterday how come IG will get a £5M fee if he is sacked for doing jack all…

    I know AW is no angel but I bet he hasn’t got such an agreement…

  403. Brad, Carroll was sold at a £35M loss

  404. Four more games to go and Podolski really has to play in all of them, he is really on form and it isn’t as if anyone else is smashing them in the onion bag at the same rate.

    Seems that after almost two years that super-intelligent Arsene has worked out Pod’s most effective position…

  405. Ginge, you know I don’t do stats lol

  406. Kev, suddenly Podolski is no form at the same time Aaron is back :)

  407. :) Kev, didn’t take too long then..
    :) Adam, or his big fat backside….

    New post up now…

  408. Like i said yesterday, i got one view of the Ozil penalty and it looked like he tried to buy that one. We would be going on how unfair it was if we had it against us from a Suarez or Rooney.

    Second would’ve been if Ramsey wasn’t able to have a shooting chance. Surely we don’t expect advantage and a penalty?

    But according to me many penalties would not be given. To me a touch does not make a foul nor prevent a scoring chance.

  409. Tsgh
    I am not a doctor but just before Theo had he’s injury he was kicked in his leg around the knee. As for Wilshire rotational fouling on his ankles and now is just recovering from broken foot bone inflected by a liverpool player playing in a friendly international match. As for Ramsey it may of been over playing him but how many games had he actually played by dec 26.
    I have seen a breakdown of or injuries on another site and most of our injuries are caused by impact tackles(fouls).

  410. Tsgh
    Cesc plays football where refs do not allow the kind of tackles that refs allow in England more proof players leave the PL and the health improves.

  411. Looks like everyone has moved on to the new post

  412. Injuries have played a part in us not winning the PL, but Wenger had January to add players and decided against it.Lack of intent imho.
    As for the refereeing decisions yeah they’ve been diabolical but so we’re our performances against citeh, chavs, scousers and toffees away! We need to stop blaming other forces and look closer to home!!!

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