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Arsene’s staying? Casemiro wanted & A night to blow away the bubbles…..

Morning all.

I’ll start with the transfer gossip and The Mirror report that as well as Morata, we are hoping to sign Casemiro, a Brazillian box-to-box midfielder. I’ll admit to knowing nothing about him but he’s being described as being the player who could take over from Mikel Arteta.

This is Jack Lang of The Mirrors view of him:

He has played a little deeper for Real, picking the ball up from the defence and starting attacks. While perhaps not a natural defender, he could perform a role similar to that of Arteta at Arsenal, anticipating danger rather than clattering into opposition players on a regular basis.

That made me chuckle…….

Seems like only hours ago that we were celebrating our penalty shoot-out victory in the FA Cup semi-final, maybe that’s because it was. Why this fixture has been scheduled for tonight goodness only knows, surely tomorrow would have been much more sensible.

Still, it is what it is and there’s nothing like playing again after what should be, a morale boosting victory…

We needed it too…..

Could do with these two on form tonight....

Could do with these two on form tonight….

Just like we need the return of a few players…

Team news from the manager:

We have plenty of uncertainties for muscular problems and fatigue. Who could be available who was not in the squad on Saturday? Maybe Rosicky and Koscielny – we’ll have to test him definitely today. There are plenty of uncertainties so I have to make up my mind late on.

The main uncertainties are Monreal who had to come off with a dead leg. Podolski had a little [muscle] problem but I think he will be alright. Then there is Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey (both muscle tightness). They are the main problems.

Koscielny will be tested today (yesterday) and I have to decide after training if I take the risk or not to start him tomorrow (today).

Well I hope Laurent Koscielny passes his fitness test with flying colours because we need to get our defensive stability back again.

Same goes for Aaron Ramsey but considering he is only just back from a long-term injury and after playing for such a long period of time on Saturday, maybe it would be wise to rest him for this one and let Kim Kallstrom make his full debut, after all, that’s what we signed him for. If Serge Gnabry is fit, then play him too and let Oxlade-Chamberlain have a breather as he too struggled towards the end of Saturday’s game.

We have a squad and we seriously need to use it tonight. Zelalem, Akpom and Eisfeld are all options too although it does seem that Arsene Wenger is reluctant to call upon any of them right now…..

Nicklas Bendtner and Abou Diaby were both training yesterday, who knows, we could see either, we might even see both!!


  • Arsenal have won six successive league matches against West Ham and are unbeaten in the last 12 meetings in all competitions since a 1-0 home defeat in April 2007.
  • West Ham’s only goal in their last five visits to the Emirates Stadium was scored by Jack Collison in a 5-1 defeat last season.


  • The Gunners have only taken two points from their last four matches. They have not gone five league games without a win since registering five successive draws in January and February 2009.
  • Arsene Wenger’s side have gone 15 home games unbeaten in the league since the opening-day defeat by Aston Villa.
  • They have earned more points than any other side this season after opening the scoring: 55 from 20 games.

Big Sam will no doubt head to The Emirates rubbing his hands together with joy, he’ll know there is no better time to be playing us. Not only because of recent form but playing 120 minutes of football just a couple of days ago will have taken a lot out of our players. Well some!

We have just six games left of this seasons campaign, six matches in which certain players need to step up and start playing the way we all know they can, the way they did before Christmas, the kind of dogged football which saw us rise to the top of the league and not the kind which saw us fall away so rapidly.

Arsene Wenger on the future:

We do make plans for next season, we are really focused and working very hard. Every day we spend time on that.

It’s vital to me to make the top four. I want this club to play in the Champions League.

What will be an advantage is our desire to play in this competition because we love the Champions League and just to imagine how much we love it will help us to achieve it. I would like them rather to concentrate on the pleasure to be in it rather than the pain of not being in it.

It is vital for the young players as well. You learn more by playing against Bayern or Barcelona or Real Madrid than if you play in the Europa League, that is for sure.

You don’t go backwards, but you want to play with the top teams.

On the other hand for many years I had to convince you it was important we were in the top four.

Now it is in a reverse ­position, you say to me, ‘you realise how important it is for us’.

A sure sign he’s staying?

Arsene Wenger wants that top four place and there’s no doubting that will have been drummed into the players minds.

Enough to see a better performance and a much needed league victory?

I think so…..

COYRRG’s, go blow away the bubbles and give us something to be cheerful about……..






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312 Responses to Arsene’s staying? Casemiro wanted & A night to blow away the bubbles…..

  1. Richard Goh says:

    V need all 12 points and a stumbling everton. Go Gooners!!!!

  2. ozgunner says:

    lets hope his expressed importance of the top 4 doesn’t end with his other expressed importance outcomes this season. City, Chelsea and Liverpool come to mind – we need Everton to slip up now that is the amazing fact otherwise both Merseyside clubs have passed him by.

  3. rico says:

    We do Rg..

    Oz, Everton have a few tricky ones, mind you, so do we…

    Tonight has to be 3 points and nothing less otherwise it’s Europa…

  4. Lee says:

    Everton have both manc teams don’t they?

  5. lance says:

    gnabry is also injured so no chance of him replacing ox.
    hopefully rosicky is fit and starts in no 10 role he is not effective on the wings

  6. ozgunner says:

    There is no doubt at all in my mind Wenger will stay in his comfy 7.5m + job regardless – he’ll quit when he’s ready not when results indicate, otherwise he’d be gone already IMO At least Liverpool have destroyed his no one can compete with the City and Chelsea’s of this world nonsense.

  7. Adam says:

    Is the Europa league qualification better than winning the Carling Cup?

  8. ozgunner says:

    Adam hahaha

  9. Adam says:

    Oz. If we lost the FA Cup and got 4 points from our remaining games do you think he would stay?

  10. Lee says:

    “Top 6″ trophy for a few years then……

  11. Lee says:

    “There is no priority other than being at the top level in Football. When you look back, you’ll see than Arsenal has been consistently [for Sixteen years] at the top level of European Football. You will find we have been consistently in the top three of four in England, some years we won [the League] and some years we didn’t win. Maybe one day people will realise that it’s not so easy to stay at the top, as well as facing financial compulsories that you face at that level.” AW

  12. rico says:

    Thanks Lance..

    Yes Lee, City away and Utd at home I think…

  13. Adam says:

    Brudder. I can see you, Kev and myself sharing a Walrus burger while watching us play Gulag Gazprom FC on a freezing Thursday night in the Baltic now. :)

  14. ozgunner says:

    i think he should go regardless of outcomes now – he has proven without doubt he can’t take this club forward – he’s had money, time and got to do things all his own way – we’ve got what? Excuses, year after year excuses. Every team has injuries and he had time to cover for theo and Ram and he brought what, and how many games has his one freebe played exactly? No one will convince me he is right for this club any more.

  15. Adam says:

    Lee. Problem with that statement is that we are not at the top level of football and haven’t been for quite some time. I imagine though that his definition of ‘top level’ is somewhat elastic and growing more stretched by the minute.

  16. ozgunner says:

    bugger, now have to delete all that post because of you Adam, ha! you are spot on with Wenger’s acclaimed top level not being anywhere near the reality. We are now fighting the likes of Everton and Spurs and those are the facts. Progress? Really?

  17. Adam says:

    Oz. In a more balanced world the question that would be asked of each and every board member plus Gazidis and Kroenke would be very simple. Do you believe that, with Arsene’s proposed movements in and out this summer, that Arsenal can win the PL or the CL next season?
    I am of course assuming that his transfer plans are at an advanced stage. :)

  18. rico says:

    I think he’s staying….

  19. ozgunner says:

    sorry Adam to answer your question more clearly – yes i think he stays regardless, this little political play of his, not having time to sign the piece of paper is just more rubbish.

  20. Adam says:

    I know you do Rico. But if we did lose the FA Cup and got 4 points more, do you think that would make any difference?

  21. ArsenalDK says:

    If we qualify for the EL, at least we have a chance of getting past the last 16…

  22. ArsenalDK says:

    If we could get a manager like Klopp, we would dominate the league.. But Dortmund would never let him go…

  23. dublingunner says:

    Although he says there planning for next season,the next sentence he says its vital for him that they make champions league,Which could mean vital in that if they dont make champions league, He will rethink he,s plans and decide the club have regressed under him.

  24. Wavy says:

    Sound familiar:
    “Our biggest source of recruitment is here at home – the young players we produce from the Academy. Obviously we will bring in players, but our squad is young and what we want to do is develop it and keep it together.”
    Martinez, from hie presser this morning about his Everton squad!
    He must be ear marked for us, same philosophy as the Wenger Fagin!
    After Wenger’s comments and demeanour yesterday he gave every indication that he was staying for another couple of years. Oh joy. He can’t leave yet, anyway, Daiby still two years left on his contract……they will leave together, photographed with linked arms heading down the Holloway Road toward St Pancras International destinations ay Paris!!

    Morning all

    Winning tonight 2 months ago was a gimme…..now a draw may turn out to be a good result! When was the last time we won a game in 90 minutes, I can’t remember! Was it last Christmas?


  25. rico says:

    I don’t know Adam and I hope that scenario doesn’t play out….

  26. Wavy says:

    ….gay Paris! Another crucial typo error. Sorry.

  27. ozgunner says:

    Did he not say recently “we will finish the season and then judge our needs”. What makes you think given our 11th hour track records, that are firmly entrenched now, this summer will be any different?

  28. rico says:

    Utd are linked with Klopp Adk…

  29. rico says:

    Totts away Wavy, a long time ago….

  30. Adam says:

    You’ve convinced me Rico. I am now sure he will stay.

  31. potter says:

    Woed on the German streets is that Klopp will not break his contract with Dortmund and has 2 years to go.

    Alan Brazil show as I drove to work…………….and the band played believe it if you like.

  32. Wavy says:

    Bloody hell, that’s ages ago, Rico!
    Judgement day gets closer and closer. Should we judge him on the 1st or 31st of May? I should think the 1st will be all revealing, win lose or draw the Cup game down the road!

    It’s spring time, the sun is out the birds are singing in the garden, I should have a song in my heart and bounce in my step looking forward to the warm serenity of another happy summer, sans soccer!, instead I’m full of woe and sadness, pessimism and ill will to all mankind! It’s just not right!

  33. Adam says:

    Wavy. It’s only a game. :)

  34. rico says:

    Adam, I meant the not winning the FA Cup and only getting 4 points from our remaining fixtures.

    All I want is for us to win our remaining fixtures and win the FA Cup.

    Whatever goes on with AW and Kroenke will happen in the summer.

    And if a new manager is coming in, then I’d certainly love fr him to be taking us into the CL. Maybe even with a squad capable of winning it…

  35. rico says:

    So that’s him and Pep ruled out then potter – both have 2 years to run don’t they..

    And AW is reportedly offered a 2 year contract.

    I can see something unfolding there… lol

  36. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    Just another day in paradise, but it is game day.
    Bring it on.

  37. BrainwashedKev says:

    Walrus burger, yum yum…

    Morning All….

    Morning Rico, good post…

    Just having my adverts changed…

  38. ozgunner says:

    given the fixtures list in our favour big time its hard to see your wish not coming true Rico – at least the winning that top four trophy again.

  39. ozgunner says:

    Wavy – can’t be that bad mate, uumm can it? :-)

  40. ozgunner says:

    Potter – how tough is that league every decent player in sight wants BM and all they have to do is say OK. Must be very hard to manage anything there now.

  41. potter says:

    Wonderful thing conspiracy.

  42. rico says:

    Hi Scott, big game day :)

    Morning Kev thanks, what’s going up next then?

  43. rico says:

    Good Oz, I hope so…

    Ha ha Potter, I have a few ideas….

  44. BrainwashedKev says:

    Some boring Investment company Rico…

  45. BT62 Gooner says:

    Morning all,read last night that Casemiro lost his place at Sao Paulo to the great Denilson,bodes well.I think Arsene means if he misses CL,he’ll spend even less money.ArsenalDK wish i had your confidence about progression in the EL,i see it as a competition Wenger would see as inconvenience and below him.

  46. Morning rico, HH.
    Big test of character against the Walrus’s long-ball cloggers.
    Unless we act uncharacteristically early with our summer transfer dealings, I fear another trolley-dash, because Wenger will be in Brazil earning even more money with Canal+
    How the football God’s smite us Gooners!

  47. rico says:

    Fitting Kev ;)

    That was a while ago wasn’t it Bt? He’s been playing for Madrid,albeit not often….

  48. rico says:

    Morning newsco, do you know your link doesn’t work??

  49. rico says:

    It’s good that AW will be in Brazil,means he can keep his nose out of transfers and let others get the deals done….

    Or b) as Lee would say….

  50. Which bit of it doesn’t work, rico?

  51. ozgunner says:

    off for a nap, facing another 12 hour night shift tonight, woe is me :-) – take care team and fingers crossed Fat Sam is grumpy later tonight

  52. BrainwashedKev says:

    Lee always has a plan B


  53. Is that ozgunner of ‘BK’ fame?

  54. Wavy says:

    I’ll cheer up a bit if we win tonight. However, I need a performance not tippy tappy backwards ball! Then I may actually enjoy my glass, or two of French table vin!
    I’m feeling a bit Eeyoreish! It hasn’t happened for years. The Billy Wright years!
    Need I say more?

  55. rico says:

    Your link doesn’t go to HerbsArmy website Newco

  56. rico says:

    Night oz…

  57. rico says:

    :) Kev.

  58. Herb'sArmy says:

    Is that better rico?

  59. frednerk says:

    The spin will start on transfers for the season ticket holders to digest any time soon,
    we will hear that we have 125 million to spend on new players,
    we will hear that between 20/30 of the top players want to sign for us,
    we will hear that as the transfer window is about to close,that only exceptional players will be considered,
    we will hear that the chavs,shity and the mancs have over spent and will be reported to the fair play league.
    we will be remind………..and once again wenger will repeat one of his famous sayings.
    If you give a stupid man money,you will only make him more stupid.

  60. BT62 Gooner says:

    Yip Rico,few years back,also reports of a bad attitude,well suppose everyone can change,except Wenger. lol

  61. rico says:

    It’s the same Herb, goes to a website but just says ‘nothing found’ – unlike when I use to read it….

  62. rico says:

    That’s already started fred…

    And Nik Bt…..

  63. Herb'sArmy says:

    I don’t know how to fix it, rico, I’m not very computer-savvy.

  64. BT62 Gooner says:

    Rico,had forgotten about the good old bacon slicer.Wish Wenger had as well,a bloody embarassment.

  65. rico says:

    Is HerbArmy website still up and running??

  66. Danish Gooner says:

    Can anyone actually confirm this question.We could earn as much money or close to if we enter the Europe League and reach the final as we earn when going out in the first knock out stage of the cl ????.If this is true it doesnt matter one iota if we qualify for the cl,only Wengers pride will be hurt.

  67. rico says:

    At least he’ll be gone in the summer Bt, and a few others should be joining him too…

  68. rico says:

    No idea Dg, but I wouldn’t bank on us winning Europa Cup….

  69. Adam says:

    I believe the CL income far outstrips the EL. Taking travel, injuries and the crap football etc into account the Europa League is a liability.

  70. Herb'sArmy says:

    I assumed it all feeds through wordpress rico, I don’t have a website.

  71. rico says:

    Ah, sorry Herb, I thought you did, was so sure I used to read it a while back…

    Off for a while, catch up later…

  72. rico says:

    Herb, you’ll just have to stay on here then :)

  73. Herb'sArmy says:

    Haha, guess that’s me snared then! :)

  74. snazzer88 says:

    1 0 To the arsenal [hopefully]

  75. Wavy says:

    Fredn you are sooooooooooo……………right!

    If Le Chef stays it will be a rerun of the rerun ofthe rerun all the way back to 2006, same old transfer business, or rather lack of it!
    The club and Wenger have reached an accomodation he has to make stars whilst they stash the cash. Luverly, just what the Dr, Banker, land owner, even the Oligarch ordered. We pay they take! It’s the old order, the haves and have nots.
    We want new, exciting players to move us forward they just want to line their already fur lined pockets, sorry gold lameéd wallets!
    I’m sick of it. The continual plea of poverty and prudence. Spend the money on class players, usually you get what you pay for!
    Oh shag it! I’m off to John Lewis’ to spend a shed load of money on some new clothes and hang the debt!

  76. BrainwashedKev says:

    It doesn’t matter Adam, you can dress it up anyway you like.

    Next season it’s You, Me and Lee, HH Europa Toads on Tour.

    First stop Lokomotiv Sebastopol, Crimea.
    Then it’s Torpedo Minsk, Belarus.
    Finishing off at Internazionale Baghdad.

    Don’t forget to pack the AK47 & body armour…
    It’ll be a gas…

  77. BrainwashedKev says:

    At 15.06 today, all the church bells in Liverpool will ring to remember the 96 who died at Hillsborough…

    I wonder if all those Liverpool church’s will ring their bells in unison later this year to remember the 29th May???

  78. BrainwzshedKev says:

    29 years ago, on the 29th May, 39 football fans died on the steps of the Hysel Stadium.
    Of those 39 murdered fans there was two minors, one only 17, the other 11 years old. He would be celebrating his 40th birthday this year!

    600 people were also injured as the Liverpool thugs went on a rampage.

    14 Liverpool fans were convicted of manslaughter.

    English football was banned from europe for 5 years.

    Lest we forget…..

  79. Lee says:

    29th May National hub-cap day?

  80. Herb'sArmy says:

    100% agreed Kev, equally as bad, and only four years earlier.

  81. Herb'sArmy says:

    In other news, according to TalkSPORT, Manchester United have agreed a £35m deal with Porto for William Carvalho, who will sign a five-year contract.

  82. Herb'sArmy says:

    Sorry, Sporting Lisbon, not Porto. D’oh!

  83. Herb'sArmy says:

    A tad insensitive, Lee.
    29th May 1985 was the day of The Heysel Stadium tragedy, which apart from the needless loss of fan’s lives, also had wider implications for English football because UEFA slapped a five-year ban on all our clubs playing in European competitions.

  84. Micko says:

    “You learn more by playing against Bayern or Barcelona or Real Madrid than if you play in the Europa League”

    Wish Arsene would have elaborated on that, I’d love to know what we’ve learnt from playing some of the big guns over the last 16 seasons ! Not a lot I’d say.

  85. BrainwashedKev says:

    Herb, I did a follow up post, but it disappeared…

    I had to check the date of Hysel myself, so Lee wasn’t gonna know, I certainly didn’t…

    39 people died in Hysel that day.

    Conveniently airbrushed out of our domestic football folklore, whilst the Media wrings it’s hands over Hillsborough….

    What about Bradford as well?

    Lest we forget.

  86. Lee says:

    Herb, I know the significance of 29th May, it was tongue in cheek tbh mate….I wonder if 11th may will get the same media coverage as Hilsborough? Doubt it….

  87. BrainwashedKev says:

    Mick, a great point mate…

    Wenger certainly didn’t refine his tactics in europe following a succession of european exits at the hands of the ‘big clubs’…
    You know, the clubs that actually win european trophies…

  88. Lee says:

    Pissed up supporters without tickets…. not a good thing!

  89. BrainwashedKev says:

    Ibrox, nobody in the media talk about that!

    Burnden Park, if I recall, was another disaster forgotten about…

  90. BrainwashedKev says:

    How is it in the office Lee? :-D

    I’m enjoying a blissfully warm afternoon, getting a nice tan, just outside London City Airport….

    Isn’t work hell sometimes??? ;-)

  91. Lee says:

    Will Sir – no -goal start tonight???

    Yeah been a bit busier tbh Kev…..

  92. Herb'sArmy says:

    No worries, Lee, nice to know there are fellow Gooners who know their football.
    The Bradford City – Lincoln one was particularly harrowing for anyone at Valley Parade that day.
    And as you rightly point out Kev, the Ibrox disaster in 1970.
    Each deserve their own day of remembrance and reflection among the football community.

  93. Adam says:

    Kev. Have you ordered you Saloman Kalou shirt yet?

  94. Rick. says:

    Burden Park 1946 I think over 30 died and over 400 injured.
    During the war I was evacuated to Walkden near Bolton use to go to Burden and would climb over a wooden fence to get in with out paying. It was that fence that collopsed causing a lot of injurys.
    I will never forget it.

  95. Lee says:

    I was talking about the Valley Parade Stadium…. but I suppose the plethora of professional scousers that pepper the media don’t really give a fuck about the 30th anniversary of that!?!?

  96. Lee says:

    Adam, it comes with matching sweetcorn teeth….very fetching!

  97. Lee says:

    West Ham are 9-1 to win tonight and we’re 5-1 on……seems a bit fucked up?!?!

  98. Adam says:

    Lee. Say it ain’t so brudder. :)

  99. potter says:

    Despite my inner feelings < worth a punt on Wham £ 5 down a pint and a half, £ 50 back. evening out at a tapas bar.

  100. BrainwashedKev says:

    Adam, you always suss me out…

    I thought I’d suprise everyone, damn… :-P

  101. rico says:

    Afternoon all..

    Herb, snared you are … ;)

    Re Bradford Lee, it will on here, Bj mentioned it the other day but folk are right, that horrific ‘event’ seems to go under the radar each year…

  102. BrainwashedKev says:

    That’s the one Rick…

    Simon Inglis’ book on football stadia covered it quite well.

    Archibald Leitch anyone?

  103. BrainwashedKev says:

    All the same, it was a tough decision Adam…

    Super Saloman or Dashing Darren….

    So much choice…

  104. Herb'sArmy says:

    I hate to say it, but I do wish Arsenal had as much about them as Liverpool, from a football point of view.
    I’d love a Bill Shankly type character to rock up at The Emirates and shake the club from the rafters. A revolution not seen at Arsenal since the days of Henry Norris and our greatest manager Herbert Chapman, instead of the spin-doctor politician types that are Wenger and Gazidis, who have hypnotised and dumbed-down the expectations of the fans so much, they don’t even have the class to apologise when they suffer what are becoming all too regular humiliations on the park.
    Arsenal are the fifth richest football club in the world, and we’re still miles away from winning the CL.
    No wonder people like Durham laugh at us. Are the club even aware that he mocks us with his ‘Daily Arsenal’?
    Can you think of any other club who would allow themselves to be laughed at and humiliated daily on a national radio station?

  105. rico says:

    I found your comment in moderation Kev, no idea why it was there…

  106. rico says:

    Trouble is Herb, the more people like Durham ridicule AW and the club, the more it seems AW is determined to prove folk wrong by doing it ‘his way’…..

  107. Adam says:

    Herb. There has been a consistent theme on HH from some of us that Kroenke is a huge part of the problem. You are right about humiliation and the reducing of expectations that Wenger has bought about. Personally I think Gazidis has been hamstrung as Wenger has Kroenke’s support in all things because he makes a profit. But that’s a side issue. Unless Wenger has a total change of heart and direction then we can be sure of more of the same and quite frankly, what are the chances that he will change at his age?
    The support for both of them is at an all-time low from the fans and if he does sign another contract I see things getting very, very sticky for him and Kroenke next season.
    The fans have had it with both of them and the fans will be heard.

  108. Herb'sArmy says:

    His ‘way’ hasn’t worked since Dennis Bergkamp left the same summer we moved to The Emirates, rico.
    And let’s face reality, an FA Cup will pale into insignificance if Chelsea win a second CL.

  109. rico says:

    I know Herb, I know…..

  110. BrainwashedKev says:

    Thanks Rico, I thought that Wath was up to his old tricks. ;-)

    Good points Adam/Herb…

    Next season could be a shit-storm…

    On the plus side, Josh might become more involved.

  111. rico says:

    :) Kev, he might have been…

  112. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Adam,
    to a degree I think you’re right, but Wenger is quite shameless, you only have to look at his recent transfer dealings to see this.
    As much as a lot of the fan-base is turning against him, he still has plenty of support simply because a lot of them are terrified of change.
    He was hung out to dry a little after Dein’s departure, and it was absolutely criminal that he (Dein) wasn’t replaced with someone of a similar ilk, but part of Wenger’s problem is that having accidently being given so much power, he has failed to delegate, which is part of his unravelling.
    Gazidis doesn’t have the power to sack him, and Kroenke doesn’t want to because under Wenger his stock value just keeps rising.
    The very fact that there’s a new bumper contract on the table shows us that they have no ultimate desire for success, and that they couldn’t care less about the opinions of the fans.

  113. Micko says:

    Who cares what you think Adam, your just a revenue stream !!!

  114. rico says:


    ‘part of Wenger’s problem is that having accidently being given so much power, he has failed to delegate, which is part of his unravelling’.

    You know, I have also believed this was the start of all the problems, he was given so much power after DD left and then when Ivan came in, he was so involved in everything, it became his norm..

    But, once Ivan came in, someone, Kroenke no doubt, should have said ‘ok Arsene, you’ve done a good job, now hand over the reigns to Ivan’

    He didn’t….

    And there lies one huge control problem…

  115. rico says:

    You off to the pub for viewing tonight Micko??

  116. Micko says:

    Work commitments tonite unfortunately rico, I can see the game being a bit of a slog, important we do ‘em if we wanna be playing with the ‘big teams’ as Arsene would say.

  117. Adam says:

    Micko. You’re right. In 20 minutes I will be off to make my second financial contribution of the week. :)

  118. rico says:

    Shame Micko, I think we’ll see a better performance tonight…

  119. rico says:

    Adam, I envy you….

  120. Adam says:

    I bet you do Rico. :)

  121. rico says:

    I do Adam, honest, I really do….

  122. Micko says:

    Good on yer Adam, a couple of late goals will see us get all the points this evening.
    I’ll have to check in later in that case rico.
    C’mon Arsenal…..Over and out.

  123. rico says:

    Enjoy Micko….

  124. rico says:

    Dinner calls, back in time for ko…

  125. Lee says:

    Sir-no-goal on the bench!

  126. rico says:


    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Arteta, Rosicky, Kallstrom, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

    Subs: Ox, Fabianski, Sanogo, Jenkinson, Akpom, Bellerin, Ramsey

    West Ham United:

    Adrian, Demel, Reid, Tomkins, Armero, Noble, Nocerino, Diame, Downing, Jarvis, Carroll

    Subs: McCartney, Vaz Te, Taylor, Jaaskelainen, C.Cole, J.Cole, Johnson

  127. rico says:

    Great to see Kos back, not so happy about TV at left back though…

  128. tsgh says:

    Evening HHers and Rico…
    Kim gets his first start; lets hope he gives us a ‘bullet’ into the bottom right of the goal…

  129. tsgh says:

    Almost a whole team missing from squad…Gibbs, Monreal, Flamini, Diaby, Wilshere, Walcott,Özil, & Bendtner not in the squad…

  130. tsgh says:

    “Ramsey & Chamberlain are not medically available. Gibbs is out. I don’t have much choice tonight.. pfff

  131. AndrewH says:

    Evening. Two fresh legs in midfield, think that was vital. Maybe Ox and Rams give us 15 minutes at end. Gibbs obviously injured.

  132. tsgh says:

    I hope Akpom gets a chance tonight before Yaya thus tbh…

  133. tsgh says:

    True…. the experience andd marathan running trio of MA08, Kim and TR08 will be vital tonight against Jarvis and Noble…

    I hope Per is up for it against Carroll…??

  134. rico says:

    Evening Ts and all…

    Nice veggie kebab consumed before the bubbles are blown away..


  135. Scott from Oz says:

    Relax guys, we have this.
    Aaron’s hat trick is happening :)

  136. rico says:

    You know what, Remembrance service doesn’t get this kind of respect for so long…….


  137. rico says:

    Not another two games on the bench Scott ;)

  138. Scott from Oz says:

    Giroud will perform tonight….watch this space.

  139. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, he will get them in the last ten minutes hahahaha

  140. rico says:

    :) Scott..

    Has Kim touched the ball yet?

  141. rico says:

    Well, I guess I was wrong about seeing a very different performance tonight…. :(

  142. tsgh says:

    veggie kebab Rico???
    is that meat with lots of veggie? :P

  143. tsgh says:

    Kim will settle…

  144. rico says:

    :) Ts, no!!

  145. rico says:


    And a booking for that? Get real mr friend!

  146. rico says:

    Credit to Jarvis then, he could have got a pen…

  147. tsgh says:

    you know that will be the talking point at half time…

  148. tsgh says:

    top defending TV

  149. Scott from Oz says:

    Too much fancy stuff when 20 yards out.
    Our midfield is getting walked through.
    I hope we hold out ’til Aaron and Ox come on.
    Hold out v West Ham…..yep.

  150. rico says:

    This is awful.

  151. emma says:

    Is this arsenal playing?
    We don’t look like we will score if we continue like this ;(

  152. rico says:

    Hi emma, this is what we have become. Awful.

  153. rico says:

    Oh dear Giroud, why not just bury it????

  154. emma says:

    Giroud is shiteeeeeeeeee

  155. rico says:

    AW looks livid…

  156. emma says:

    Why not use your right foot. Donkey

  157. rico says:

    He is emma!

  158. Lee says:

    Rico, if he’d put his foot through it he may of messed his hair up!

  159. rico says:

    And people wonder why I backed Sanogo to start in the FA Cup..

  160. rico says:

    :P Lee.

  161. emma says:

    Podolski has put on his invisible cloak.
    rico – I would rather Akpom have started over Sanogo

  162. rico says:

    I get that emma, but I’d rather Akpom than Giroud right now….

  163. tsgh says:

    Sagna must stay…

    c’mon… will AW be brave and put on Akpom or Bellerin on the rhs in the 2nd half… both have real pace to burn

  164. rico says:

    Well bloody heck!!

  165. Scott from Oz says:

    We couldn’t.

  166. tsgh says:

    pure shite…

  167. emma says:

    You just know it will happen. We look so midtable team this days

  168. rico says:

    Giroud needs to FRO and let Akpom come on…

  169. emma says:

    No shape, no purpose, no direction.
    Cazorla has being shite for the last couple of months.

  170. Lee says:

    Fucking shambolic!

  171. tsgh says:

    come on….
    lets back back from behind and win pleaseeeeeeee…….

  172. rico says:

    Great goal Pod!!

  173. tsgh says:

    SC19 has been poor all season…

    Poldi you frimps…

  174. rico says:

    Stunning Pod!!

  175. tsgh says:

    Flappy has to play remaining games too…

  176. Scott from Oz says:

    Damn he can finish.
    If Arsene ever works out Podolski is a finisher…that is all….then we will see the best of him.

  177. rico says:

    Santi was good pre Christmas Ts..

  178. tsgh says:

    Poldi needs to apply himself 10% more to become the player he should have been imo…

  179. emma says:

    ts – Szeszny is a train wreck

  180. rico says:

    Spot on Scott, the bloke is not a bleedin left winger, he’s a finisher in a 442…

  181. Scott from Oz says:

    Everyone is going to our safe targets.
    Arteta, Giroud and Szcezny are copping it, but we have no bloody midfield.
    They are walking straight through us.
    Get Ramsey in now, else we will concede another.

  182. AndrewH says:

    Why pod look so stern after scoring?

  183. tsgh says:

    9th goal for poldi… a player of his type should be starting more than 15 games a season but still blame him 80% plus AW 20%…

    imho, SC19 will always have moments of magic… the question is will that always be enough…?

    SC19 had a very good game at Fulham in September and then got injured. It took him several months to regain his form and then lost it again imo..

    His form has been this way since January 2013 though imo… he had 6 excellent seasons and then fatigue kicked in due to being overused or opposition just worked him out…

    I still think the lack of pre-season played a part too…

  184. tsgh says:

    Merson talks shite… !

  185. tsgh says:

    I just think it will be difficult to find a better no.2 than Flappy considering we have other positions that need attending to… with or without AW of course…

    He could do with a couple of games before the FA cup final…

  186. Rick says:

    Every time he opens his mouth he pases wind ginge

  187. rico says:

    Ah, prob because he’s bitter about being the first one always off, yet he scores…

  188. rico says:

    Ts, that’s what I said in my post yesterday, Fab should be playing now. period.

  189. tsgh says:

    Lol Rick

    Sorry missed that Rico…

  190. tsgh says:

    If Diame played like this 15 times a season he wiould be playing for a CL team not WHU…

    As I always say about him he turns up when the TV camera’s are on… ;)

  191. emma says:

    We’ve started the 2nd half like we did the first. No intensity.

  192. rico says:

    Ts – do you watch Diame when the cameras are off?

  193. tsgh says:

    lol… I was just joking… i was implying against the big boys…

    He reminds me of Fellaini…

  194. rico says:

    8 mins to wait emma, then we might see a change…

  195. rico says:

    Big Boys Ts ?? Counts us out then…

  196. tsgh says:

    Song to VP…

    OG12 you beauty… where is Agag

  197. AndrewH says:

    My word!!! Control

  198. AndrewH says:

    Elbow in ribs as well!

  199. AndrewH says:

    Look what happens when we play the odd ball forward.

  200. Scott from Oz says:

    Where has that been?
    What a goal.

  201. tsgh says:

    why is Sanogo warming up? tsk

  202. tsgh says:

    we playing 4-4-2 now though…

    AW does tactics sometimes… ;)

  203. tsgh says:

    almost whu vs Arsenal october 2012…

  204. Scott from Oz says:

    That is Santi at his best.
    Taking them in, then taking the shot.

  205. tsgh says:

    La Mozart needs to calm down a lil… he is on a yellow card… we need him

  206. BrainwashedKev says:

    We need that bloody third goal to put this to bed…

  207. tsgh says:

    good play Mozart…

    lets go for the third…

    the next sub will be crucial… ox on the wing will be good

  208. Scott from Oz says:

    Don’t think i have ever seen Sanit work as hard as he is right now.

  209. BrainwashedKev says:

    Get that third goal and rotate the likes of Sagna, Cazorla and a n other….

  210. emma says:

    We’ve got to score the 3rd goal to be save. Gone into our shell now

  211. tsgh says:

    good sub…

    true Scott… 3.1k run this half…

  212. Scott from Oz says:

    Shooting boots are a bit rusty, hey Aaron haha

  213. rico says:

    Shite shot Ramsey…

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  214. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge, my favourite stats man :)
    Here is one for you.
    What is our win/ loss ratio with and without Aaron this season?

  215. tsgh says:

    dench… poldi

  216. Scott from Oz says:

    What a goal!!!

  217. emma says:

    We miss u ramsey. What a header pass

  218. tsgh says:

    and what an assist from the boy wonder…

    Scott.. you don’t want Rico to say we should get a room… :-)

  219. AndrewH says:

    Still no smile, but I am. Lovely header Ramsey. Take kalstrom off now

  220. emma says:

    Ramsey is a baller

  221. BrainwashedKev says:

    Podolski in a 4 4 2…..

    Has Wenger stumbled on the position that is best for Podolski and the team???

  222. tsgh says:

    Scott before the boy wonders’ injury we only lost to AV, Dortmond and City with him in the squad…
    so without making it like I am biased just calculate the 2 losses out of the games we played before then…

  223. BrainwashedKev says:

    Be nice if Bellerin and Akpom could get a run-out.

    Probably won’t happen if we don’t get a fourth….

  224. tsgh says:

    Kev, with Arteta and Kim in the middle it is like Edu and Silva in the 4-4-2…

  225. Scott from Oz says:

    So is it a lack of a striker, Ginge:)

  226. tsgh says:

    Kim is obviously rusty; he has played only 8 games in since October so..

    But he knows how to play CM like a Scandinavian… Gravesen etc comes to mind…

    I agree Bellerin and Akpom; no Yaya please…

  227. Scott from Oz says:

    Did they boys cop a rocket at half time, because they most definitely put on a better display in the second half.

  228. rico says:

    Well played Santi, so so so much better….

  229. tsgh says:

    lol.. It is lack of Ramsey as I was saying in November… his distance coveed then was more than anyone in the league and 3rd in Europe…

    Strangely enough according to the gps stats log… 67% of SC19’s run tonight were sprints… his 2nd highest all season.

  230. rico says:

    Ts, but I have the key and the camcorder ;)

  231. Scott from Oz says:

    Kim has been very decent.
    I love Jenks….great run first up.

  232. tsgh says:

    Lol… you perv Miss rico… you can watch just don’t show to Micko… ;)

  233. rico says:

    If anyone wants to write this match up I’d be very grateful, I am bored with writing negative reports ;)

  234. rico says:

    :) Ts… I won’t show to anyone…

  235. tsgh says:

    watch the position kim is taking when we do not have the ball…

  236. Scott from Oz says:

    We are just better with Aaron playing.simple as that.

  237. tsgh says:

    Scott what is 2 out of 16 in percentage? lol

  238. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, if i get time later this arvo, i will.
    Check your inbox in the morning.

  239. BrainwashedKev says:

    Good to see Podolski play 90 minutes…

    Good to see Jenkinson come on…

  240. Scott from Oz says:

    Hang on Ginge……i will get he abacus out lol

  241. Scott from Oz says:

    Job done.
    I am off to work.
    Sleep well, fellow Gooners.

  242. tsgh says:

    Cj25 needed a game or 2 just in case for the FA cup…

  243. tsgh says:

    9 goals from 15 starts…1, 90 minutes completed…

  244. rico says:

    Bless you Scott, really good and kind of you… :)

    I love Aaron by the way… ;)

  245. BrainwashedKev says:

    Ginge, how do you rate Kallstrom?

    Would you like to see him signed permanently?

  246. rico says:

    Have a good day Scott..

  247. tsgh says:

    Kev, I think we need a full utility men like him in the squad…

    Players who will not go hiding when needed and can play 10 to 15 games a season on 50k a year me think…

  248. rico says:

    Great result…….

    Night folks, its been a long day.

  249. emma says:

    Kallstrom is way better than flamini.
    Cazorla stepped up in the 2nd half
    Ramsey makes everyone plays better

  250. BrainwashedKev says:

    Have a good day Digger

  251. tsgh says:

    Night rico…

    In the last 32 games that AR16 has started or played as a sub we have lost only 4 times… says it all imho

  252. AndrewH says:

    Iquitos impressed with Kallstrom. Started off apologising a lot for misplaced passes, but grew into game and by end looked comfortable. We needed someone to last 90 minutes and despite rat Alladices attempts to get him sent off, he kept his cool.

  253. BrainwashedKev says:

    I agree Ginge, the only fly in tne ointment is his age and the cost of signing him, fee/salery etc…

  254. tsgh says:

    I agree Emma…

    He was at fault for whu’s goal but he stepped up and did the basics right…

    He took orders too from even Santi…

    We have seen Ox mouth off at Sagna, Arteta, Per or even Kos in a game…

    btw, I like MF20 but as some pundits have said he does not do his job but wants to instruct people during ‘heat of battle’ when adrenalin is flowing and people hardly take instructions… that is why soldiers practice until it is 2nd nature…
    His down side is his positioning is bad imho…

  255. AndrewH says:

    Night rico, night all

  256. Rick says:

    Merson still passing wind.
    What a prat.

  257. tsgh says:

    night Ah,

    true Kev, the Russians might want a huge fee…

  258. tsgh says:

    lol… i cant believe Merson is praising an Arsenal player though???

  259. BrainwashedKev says:

    Martin Keown on the radio seems to think that Wenger will stay and that the fans should hold their nerve!!!

    Keown isn’t a Paul Merson or such like, Keown is an intelligent man who thinks about the game and doesn’t take cheap shots at the club…

  260. AndrewH says:

    Seeing them again, three terrific goals

  261. BrainwashedKev says:

    That’s me done…

    Night All

  262. tsgh says:

    Keown is a legend… a shame Tony is not like him… if he was he would be our assist. manager imo…

    Kev re. Kim, interesting how all the top teams have someone like him… BArca had Abidal; BM have Buyten, bvb have Kehl and Frederich (spelling), AW had Grimandi and Luhzny and Fergie had Fortune and Berg…
    I think top teams new few hard men like that who are happy to play 10 or 15 minutes here and tere when needed… the issue is when Aw tries to pass off Silvestre as Paolo Maldini… lol

  263. tsgh says:

    Night all… enjoy!

  264. Scott from Oz says:

    Ramsey makes everyone play better, Emma?
    I have a disciple :)

  265. Scott from Oz says:

    Kallstrom really impressed.
    He is not afraid of the hard graft, a d does the simple things well.
    Cool and calm under pressure….a nice little pick up.

  266. Micko says:

    1 down, 5 to go, didn’t see the game tonite but a big win for us.
    Surprised to here Kallstrom started, convinced he only came on at the weekend to take a penalty and play the last 10 minutes, didn’t look match fit, huffing and puffing at the end of the game, maybe I was wrong, kosser coming back will only make us stronger for the run in.
    tsgh, that bloke who follows you to work every morning, the one with the limp and the patch over his right eye…….that’s me, hand over that tape rico.

  267. Scott from Oz says:

    He hardly has the lean look of a 90 minute footballer, but he got better as the game progresses.
    Actually, the entire side did.
    We were woeful in the first half, and to be honest, i thought we were gone when they went one up, because we had nothing.
    After half time, we were a little better, but then something clicked and we just stepped up a few gears, not that it was hard to do lol.
    Still not great, but if we maintain that effort, we will win our remaining games.
    The goals were superb.

  268. Sukky says:

    Great game tonight.Let’s enjoy the victory.Great goals from golden leg poldi,supeb control and good goal from giroud.Why can’t he use his right for the first chance?Anyway we won,one down,5 to go.Can someone tell me our remaining matches?

  269. potter says:

    Kim’s positioning and ability to cover the left back in particular allowed Podolski to;do what he does best , hang around the edge of the area and score goals. Kim’s presence meant he did not have to cover his full back , albeit Vermaelen doesn’t attack as much as Gibbs or Monreal and therefor is in position most of the time. T.V needs to be kept as reserve left back and centre half and be rotated even when there are no obvious injuries. He has all the qualities a squad needs.

  270. Micko says:

    Scott, just seen the goals on sky, thought poldi’s 3rd was the pick of the bunch, smashed it into the back of the net, it’s a world cup year, he’s biting at the bit, play to his strengths and we might just retain our 4th place trophy !!!
    Time for my bunk, laters.

  271. BrainwashedKev says:

    Sunday 20th,
    Hull City (a) …………. 14.05 ko

    Monday 28th,
    Newcastle Utd (h)….. 20.00 ko

    Sunday 4th May,
    West Brom A (h)….. 13.30 ko

    Sunday 11th,
    Norwich City (a)…… 15.00 ko

    Saturday 17th,
    Hull City @ Wembley…. 17.00 ko

    Sunday 18th,
    Knees-Up outside Islington Town Hall

  272. Scott from Oz says:

    Enjoy the 18th Kev :)

  273. Lee says:

    Five more cup finals to be won!!!

  274. rico says:

    Morning Lee, Scott and all…

    Can’t believe this season is nearly done, where’s the time gone…

  275. Lee says:

    Time flies when you’re having fun!

  276. rico says:

    Ha ha Lee, in an Arsenal world, we haven’t had much of that…

  277. potter says:

    But the club has had the time .

  278. rico says:

    Probably Potter, especially Kroenke, bet he’s been laughing all the way…

  279. rico says:

    Awful news in Korea… Those poor poor people…..

  280. Adam says:

    Morning Rico and all. Shocking first half but, after they scored we did much better. Impressive energy levels from Santi and quite how Giroud scored that goal must have surprised even him. The crowd was good considering everything that has been happening.

  281. rico says:

    Morning Adam. The first half was awful wasn’t it, maybe a bit of lethargy, understandable really but…..

    Stunning goal by Giroud wasn’t it, I was left speechless.. ;)

  282. tsgh says:

    Poor news indeed Rico…

    I totally agree Potter re.11:26pm

    Micko, there was me thinking the man with tyhe limp was the man I knocked off his bike… ;)

    Morning happy peeps…

  283. rico says:

    Morning Ts.. I promise I won’t hand that tape to Micko….lol

  284. tsgh says:

    Funny how the media are beginning to turn their backs against Pelle’ for flopping against the dippers…

    Anyone know more about what’s happening at AVFC?

  285. tsgh says:

    Lol.. Rico… there is no telling wgat he might do with that… and I don’t mean selling it either..

    Actually, thinking about that tape could turn me into a Kim Kardashian if you realise it… no royalty to Scott

  286. rico says:

    Hope Palace are on defensive form later….

  287. rico says:

    :) Ts…

  288. Adam says:

    So was Giroud Rico. :)

  289. rico says:

    :) Adam, I bet he was….

  290. Adam says:

    Rico. I loved his flick/shot in the first half though. It was so…..Giroud. :)

  291. potter says:

    Ts , on the subject of the media . I find it strange that this morning they are concentrating on the heinous foul by Sagna on Jarvis but have totally ignored Skrtel’s handball at the end of the City match.

  292. potter says:

    I loved his flick/shot in the first half though.

    Put your foot through it , burst the net or take the keepers head off

  293. tsgh says:

    True Rico, what about the push before OG12’s goal…?

  294. rico says:

    Adam, my head went in my hands at that point… ;)

  295. rico says:

    What push Ts??

  296. rico says:

    Potter, that incident may just cost City the PL… How it was missed I just don’t know…

    And why wasn’t Suarez sent off I wonder…

  297. Lee says:

    He got clobbered in the box…..it’s usually him doing that!

  298. rico says:

    Ah, the defender backing into him…

  299. Lee says:

    Do you think Suarez would of gone over if he was in Jarvis’s boots?

  300. rico says:

    Great shame Kallstrom wasn’t fit and healthy when we signed him….

  301. Adam says:

    Rico. Surely the powers that be have told Riley that Liverpool should win the PL title this year and Clattenberg was just carrying out his instructions. As I saw it, City should have had two penalties and Suarez surely must go for that dive. It was absolutely outrageously pathetic, but then they have cheated their way to quite a few points this season with their cheating haven’t they? I imagine that the overwhelming emotional power of Hillsborough proved too much for the PL to resist arranging a Liverpool win to boost the PL brand.

  302. rico says:

    Errrrrrmmmm – Oh yes, without a second thought Lee…lol

  303. potter says:

    In a heartbeat Lee. As I drove home last night it was interesting to hear a Manyoo presenter on Talk sport ( Goldstien ) saying how moral Jarvis was and that you wouldn’t want to support a team where players dive like Suarez.
    I couldn’t help thinking about the usage of Beckham’s free kicks by players dropping like stones around the edge of the box. Scholes , Rooney, Young, RONALDO .
    Pot kettle etc.

  304. rico says:

    Well said Adam, well said!

    And I strongly suspect you are spot on!

    I really hope City or even Chelsea can dig deep and win this PL, because as much as I dislike them, I detest the cheating Dippers!

  305. Lee says:

    Shame our board/manager didn’t show any ambition because the PL was there for the taking this season! Spinelss fucktards the lot of them!
    I suspect we’ll scrape 4th and next season the under performing teams will strengthen, really really was a missed opportunity!

  306. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.

  307. rico says:

    Agree, now we’ll need to spend even more in one hit to catch up because sure as heck other clubs will….

  308. rico says:

    Morning Scott..

    New Post up now….

  309. Scott from Oz says:

    Lee, if we can clone Aaron, we will be fine :)

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