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Youtube, don’t we have a keeping coach? Are we about to lose the wrong one?

Morning all.

Hero of the FA Cup semi-final, Lukasz Fabianski, has been talking about his superb penalty saves which secured us victory on Saturday:

To be honest with you I did some homework but none of them [the Wigan penalty takers] were on my list!

The guys who stepped up to take penalties [were different] so I was just guessing. It was more intuition rather than my homework that I’d done.

I was surprised that [Jordi] Gomez didn’t step up as the first one. Then I saw Caldwell and Collison taking the penalties, so I was just guessing.

I did look at YouTube and things like that, but I didn’t see anything of Collison or Caldwell on there.

Ok that’s quite a funny story really isn’t it, but what on earth is going on with our goalkeeping coaching?

Did they not do any homework on the Wigan players and the way they take penalties?

Why was it left to Lukasz Fabianski to scout around on Youtube for a bit of assistance?

Why wasn’t the keeping coach and our keepers and yes, both of them, sat down together going through everything so they had a heads up on where certain Wigan players usually place their spot-kicks?

Thankfully, in the end it didn’t matter because Lukasz got it spot on.

Talking of our older Pole, are the club about to make a huge mistake?

Szczesny has taken a bit of stick recently, especially for his performances at Anfield and Stamford Bridge when we conceded a glut of goals. Yet on the other hand, in every game Lukasz Fabianski has played for us in the FA Cup he has looked calm, assured and has seen us through to victory. Ok, he had a mad moment on Saturday but to his credit, he soon realised the error of his ways and got back into position quickly.

For sure, you could sense it in the crowd after we conceded the goal, there was a really stressful few minutes as we tried to get back in the game.

After we managed to score the equaliser you could sense the relief, and from the penalties you could see the crowd react. I think this is for the fans, I think they have been waiting a long time and they show up in every away game, win or lose they always follow.

It was a great atmosphere today as well so it’s great to do it for them.

Nice to see he cares about the fans…

It’s true of course, in the main the fans do continue to turn up and support the club regardless of what they have to endure but just how long they stay so faithful remains to be seen, especially if things at the top stay the same. By that I mean an owner who really doesn’t appear to care what the future of Arsenal FC is, as long as he is making money and doesn’t have to dig into his very deep pockets with his very short arms and spend some….

Back to Fabianski, The Daily Mail quote him as saying:

I’m very happy we managed to go through to the final, it’s a massive thing for us, especially after such a difficult game. 

But I don’t know if I’ll keep my place – it’s up to the boss. After my performance, I hope I can.

If I was Arsene Wenger, I’d leave Fabianski in goal now. Firstly, he deserves to be there and secondly the more he plays now, the more confident and focussed he’ll be for the final next month.

Another thing, I’d do all I could to keep him at the club because I truly believe that the Flappianski of old is long gone and Lukasz Fabianski is on the way to being a top top goalkeeper…

Just a shame he isn’t going to be ours. Ouch!!

Hull City will be our opponents in the FA Cup final in May but that day is a while off.

It’s back to the league challenge now, well the 4th place challenge which is now out of our hands. Up next is West Ham tomorrow night at The Emirates.

Are we going to have eleven players fit enough??

That’s it for another day…..

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159 comments on “Youtube, don’t we have a keeping coach? Are we about to lose the wrong one?

  1. Team news:

    Koscielny and Rosicky could be back – Phew!

    Monreal, Podolski and Ox to have fitness tests.

    Must mean Ramsey is ok thank goodness…

  2. Keeper issues? Fabianski to leave on a free, his choice of course but he has been treated very badly by the club. He has been given very little encouragement to stay at all. He, like an awful lot of our former players is taking to the high road! After all we never keep our quality performers rather letting them go to, usually an arch rival!
    Manone, third choice last year, has had a pretty decent season considering he has beenlaying behind a shite defence! He’s another that escaped, our loss? Perhaps.
    I don’t think if Chesney had played he would have saved the first two penalties, if fact I don’t think he would have been a hero at all, and we would now be licking our losing wounds…..again!
    Fab for me in the final. He has earned the right.

  3. Fab for me for the rest of the season Wavy.

  4. Someone will get a good goalkeeper in Fabianski.

  5. Agree Lee, I would be at all surprised to see a top club get him in the summer…

  6. Wavy, some of the fans have treated Fabianski worsethan the club ever did.
    Morning all.

  7. Hi Scott, he deserved the stick he got at the time ;)

    Not now though, he’s really grown…

  8. Flappianski was not a coincidence.

  9. Well Lloris is available from what I’ve seen.

  10. True enough Scott but that was in the days when he was named on the programme as Flapinski! Never a good start. Apart from which we, as Arsenal supporters, have to blame someone……and Fab was easy meat!
    He has at last grown into his real name now! He should play the final, just as Vieira did….Last kick of match in 2005! Same for the flapper, last save, in another penalty shoot out for the glorious gunners?

  11. Lloris set to depart is he Brad?

  12. That’s what I saw Rico. Saw PSG might be sniffing around there though.

  13. Is he that good though? He’s certainly got a howler in him often, mind you, so have a few keepers in this league…

  14. Just saying we can hardly have a go at the clubs treatment of him, can we?

  15. If any keeper had the Spuds defence in front of them they’d look like Calamity James.
    I actually think Lloris is good enough for us.

  16. Seems very stupid to have two keepers from the same country vying for the no1 spot……

  17. Not really Scott, my only complaint would be after Ches was dropped and Fabianski played so well in his place.

    He’d done nothing wrong during that time and I’m quite surprised Ches was put back in as number one…

  18. :) Brad – good point…

    Said the same to Adam a while back Lee, it was always doomed to fail…

  19. So good we are talking about a hero today! We expected Ramsay or The Ox, but refreshing that Fabianski shone. If he leaves and we win the Cup, he will be forever remembered for Saturdays saves.

  20. Exc post rico, especially points made about our coaching.

  21. Have to agree that fabianski has looked good when played,
    but he has had chances to be the No 1,
    he knows where the shop window is,free transfers are what most agents recommend for out of favour players,
    if we think back a little.. the name flappy was what we new him by.

  22. Thanks Ah.

    I know there is plenty to be downhearted about but Fab has been our shining light throughout our cup run.

    Would Ches have made some of the saves that Fab did against Totts, Everton and Liverpool, let alone the penalties?

    I’m not sure he would….

  23. fred, I don’t think we’ve had a ‘perfect’ keeper since Jens left and even he was bonkers.

    Ches, although our number one, is far from being at the top of his game. I hope we replace fab with a keeper who will truly challenge Ches because otherwise, his game will drop…

  24. Rico, i must agree…..i can not see anything he did to lose his place.

  25. Its the old chestnut with keepers and centre/backs,….experience…………how do you get it into them.
    Joe Hart went through the ring of fire early season.

  26. Scott, crazy eh…

  27. On loan fred, let another club suffer from their errors ;)

  28. Morning all,25,000 tickets for the final, says all that’s wrong with the FA and footballing controlling bodies,contempt for fans, 5pm ko.

  29. Oops Afternoon!

  30. Afternoon All…

    90,000 capacity at Wembley.
    50,000 tickets to the two finalists.
    40,000 tickets to corperate, touts, hangers-on, sponsors and friends of the appaling Greg Dyke…

    Football Association are cnuts…

    But then we knew that already…

    Afternoon Rico. Good post…

  31. 25,000 Bt, what a joke that is to both sets of fans…Disgraceful!

    Afternoon Kev, thanks and yes they are!!

  32. Lukasz Fabianski was a disaster when he joined us, making some awful mistakes.
    His decision making gave us all palpitations.

    But he has improved out of all recognition.
    When he came in at the tail-end of last season, he really impressed me, and if he hadn’t picked up an unlucky injury then he may have finished last season and began this one as our No.1…

    I will be sorry to see him go.

  33. Chez was outstanding on loan rico,how long can you stick a player at another club.
    We should have paid the extra to Fulham,but once again wenger decided to put in a cheeky bid and wind the club up the wrong way.

  34. So will I Kev… :(

  35. But he was still very very young in goalkeeping terms..

    But yes, you are right re Fulham….

  36. Oi OI…………………


    Ooops ok it seems you lot are still moaning…. I thought that was my job..!

    As usual the FA treat the fans with total disdain but whats new.. they look after the corporates and the hangers on.. FA Cup final is about being seen not about giving the clubs fans a day out…!

    Won’t ever change.

    Ts, William Carvalho………. Mark my words…!

  37. Spot on Kev,house party it is then,cheap drink,better facilities and somewhere to hide if it all goes wrong.Lol

  38. Are we signing him Wath???

    I hope so, a beast isn’t he?

  39. His not so cocky,I know

  40. Not so cocky now..I mean

  41. Who fred, Ches?

  42. Al I know Rico is someone will sign him… Mark my words :D

  43. Yes Wath, I too am pretty sure someone will, rumour is it will be Moyes….

  44. Where’s Ginge? How many penalties has Chesney Allen faced this year? And how many has he saved?
    I probably rest my case. I don’t think he saves many…..if any!
    Flappy is a better keeper in that regard, probably better prepared!

  45. When Podolski got subbed for Giroud it reminded me of Arshavin on for Ox. Just waited for someone in the team to do the RVP and the crowd to sing you don’t know what you’re doing. They just booed.

  46. Chez of coarse rico.

  47. I don’t recall any Wavy…

    Fab saved one against Bayern too…

    Brad, trouble is with booing, some thought it was for Podolski’s performance..

  48. I thought so fred, he’s had his mad moments though, some of which looked pretty cocky..

  49. Lol, sounds like the crowd should’ve added “you don’t know what you’re doing” to the boos to ensure Pod knows it’s not directed at him. ;-)

  50. BT, not sure if getting a ticket for that dump is a good thing or not tbh?!

    I will enjoy the day, a la Potter, in front of the TV, with a case of Peroni by my side.
    Yes I will miss the atmosphere, but at least i’ll have a good view and when the game ends I can have a kip instead of fighting my way to the M40…

    Greg Dyke & co can go feck themselves…

  51. Can’t believe your such a poor supporter Grandad… how can you not go to a final…?

    Poor attitude……….

    It’s that shit peroni I don’t agree with not the not going………. ;-)

    Get on the vodka mate makes the screen look so much better… bit blurry sometimes but better all the same…. Even Sanogo looked good to me…

  52. :) Brad, or something stronger towards Kroenke…

  53. My old man’s classic on Saturday…. “That Sanogo couldn’t trap a bag of cement!”

  54. Nothing wrong with Peroni!!

    Prefer Cobra though :)

  55. Ha Ha Wath…

    I guess that’s the cynic in me lol

  56. Mongoose is good too Rico!

  57. Give me Strongbow and some JD and all is good.Ivan G, has just shared his disappointment at the allocation of tickets,but you can come down to Emms and watch it on the big screens.Bless him,what a guy.

  58. Cava ain’t bad Lee….

  59. BT62, If I were a cynical type like Adam and Kev, I’d say Ivan was trying to make few extra quid…. perish the very thought!

  60. I know I met this lady from Berkshire who got absolutely mangled on it……………

  61. Mongoose is lovely Lee, reminds me of my working days, we had it in the bar at the place I worked :)

    Bottled of course…

  62. Lee,i thought that was a given,LOl

  63. What’s the other Indian beer, Kingfisher?

    I like that too….

  64. Hmmm, can’t think who you mean there Lee…

  65. Funny you should mention Berkshire gals Lee, as I also met one of those and as you say, they do like to party… :-P

  66. Huff Huff ;)

  67. As a teetotal myself I would caution against the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

  68. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    Bendner Diaby Ozil and Kossy trained with the first team this morning

  69. Arsene Wenger always has a lot to say about everything.

    Well here’s your chance Arsene?

    Why not say something about the ticket allocation for the final….

  70. Hmm, I am sure I witnessed a few beverages pass your lips a few months ago Adam…. ;)

  71. Brocklyn lager is good too….

  72. Afternoon Rick, that’s good news…

    Love to see Diaby get on the pitch tomorrow….

  73. Especially at the Emirates Adam, well not unless they’ve started to offer finance!! I’m sure the APR would be extremely favourable……..

  74. Did you see that shit penalty by Costa at the weekend? A geezer behind the Getafe goal had his arse out….

  75. Not ever heard of that one…

  76. Kev Gazidis has spoken out about the ticket alloction and the club are saying they will screen it live at the the Emirates.

  77. Evening all,
    The Fabianski situation kind of reminds me of Flamini’s one a few years back.. Always knew he had talent but only really showed it in the last year of his contract and by then they are off to another club.

  78. More money on ‘refreshments’ for the club then Rick…

  79. 5.2% is a bit strong for me Lee ;)

  80. I only drink claret or burgundy these days Rico. :)

  81. Meths can be quite refreshing Adam…

  82. Very nice too Adam.

  83. Evening Mick, sorry you were stuck in moderation.

    Agree, very much like Flamini….

  84. Kev. A small meths after an evening meal can be a wonderful digestif.

  85. As you so rightly say Adam, a small meths following say a pasta dish, like penne for example, can aid the digestion…

    Rocky swears by a meths I believe… ;-)

  86. Rick, nice to see Ivan feeling so strongly on the annual ticket fiasco…
    Maybe he’ll let me have his ticket? Lol

  87. Too late Kev, I have it… ;)

  88. I wonder if Josh will be there on May 17th?

    I can just imagine Kroenke juniors excitement at the thought of his first Soccer Super Bowl Final.

    And if the Emirates Reds score he’ll be out of his seat waving his cowboy hat and yelling “Touchdown”…

  89. Rico lol

  90. Followed by the all American yeeeeehahhhh!
    I say, how in british is that, eh what? (PHW speak, when really we don’t want his sort here!)
    Heaven forefend !

  91. Sorry, only joshing!

  92. :) Kev….

    I hope they are all gone by then…

    He’ll be line dancing if we win…

  93. Off for an hour or so now…

  94. Knock knock….

  95. You and me Rick ;)

  96. Just watching the Reading match, hoping for a home win to get them in the play offs…

  97. Rico have you seen the article written by Alistair Magown for BBC Sport . He states that the England Ladies Manager (Sampson)
    is saying too many foriegn players are coming into the Womens Super League.
    He then starts on the Premier League saying that the number of English under 21 players in the league reached a new low last year and that this season some teams including Arsenal have fielded teams without any home grown players.
    Arsenal is the only team he names so I take it (just like Dick Van Dyke) as an attack on Arsene and Arsenal.
    If the pair of them had spent a little time in looking at the real facts they would have found out that last season English U21 players recieved more playing time at Arsenal than any othe team in the league,and that they reieved nothing at all at Man c ,Chavs, Wigan and the rugby club.
    This season City and the Chavs are still not giving them any playing time.
    Now in the case of home grown the following over 21 h/g have
    played for us, Chessny Gibbs Rambo Theo and Bendner. The following English U21 h/g are allso playing for us
    Jack The Ox and Carl.
    Thats a total of eight and that is more than the other top four have .
    I wish some one would put them in the picture.

  98. I haven’t seen that Rick…

    What a load of twaddle they write….

  99. Just read that article on the BBC Rick, funny how we are the only club cited…

    Some things never change eh….

  100. That’s me done for another day, catch up tomorrow.

    Night Rick and all….

  101. Laast week I watched the Fulham Reading youth cup game.
    Very impressed with all 22players and most of them were english.

  102. Night Rico.

  103. Hey Mick, next time your up Dublin way, see if you can catch up with Jonathon Liew.

    He writes for the Irish Independent.

    Anyway, if do get to speak to him, can you do me a big big favour, and kick him in the bollocks for me…

    Cheers mate, I owe ya a pint…

  104. Mick 3.59, this place ain’t big enough for the both of us !

    “Kick him in the bollocks for me” hehehe.

    Heatwave in Kerry today guys, good news it’s coming your way, get the factor 30 out rico !!!

  105. Tough game tonight…..any good news re the casualties???

  106. Morning Lee and all…

    I reckon they’ll all be fit Lee, barring Jack, Theo and Mesut :P

  107. Yep, he’s a probable…

  108. Big Sam says AW must spend £120 million in the summer to beat the rest..

    I’d say he’s not far wrong…..

  109. bypassed by Everton and Liverpool this season in the league so far, United caved in under new management and he still see’s it all as a success – what a nightmare

  110. I still think we’ll get 4th and the f.a cup….leading to 2yrs more of Arsene! Deep fucking joy!!!

  111. what a load of complete rubbish this is as well…

    The Arsenal manager continued: “For many years I was sitting here and had to convince you that it was important that we were in the top four – now it is in a reverse position, you say to me ‘you realise how important it is for us’.

  112. Me too Lee….

    But a big transfer kitty, sign a few leaders and top players and bobs your uncle… :)

  113. To be fair Oz, what AW has said is true, it has always been important to get into the top 4, we needed it for money when we moved to The Emirates…

    The problem is, over the last couple of years, especially last summer, when we had money, he didn’t spend it.

    This summer, whether it’s AW or another manager, we all know 100% what the new sponsorship deals have brought in financially and there is absolutely no way the cub can’t spend big…

  114. we’ve always known the importance, its standing still and making do with that every year that has irritated the masses Rico – its 2 wasted windows when we were in need that caused the issues, its his stubborn nature his team were good enough when the obvious was they were not.

  115. Yes I know Oz, I was merely defending his latest comment.

    The media who ask him the questions, can’t have it both ways.

  116. I don’t want him with the “war chest” we’ll be linked to the usual suspects, sign none of them as they’re too expensive also don’t forget it’s a world cup year! We will sign a couple of Ligue 2 players and soldier on with what we’ve got…..Diaby will be like a new signing!!!

  117. i can honestly say i have never seen the media say with his resources he shouldn’t be top 4 Rico. and they are dead right

  118. Morning Rico and all.
    It’s a vicious circle isn’t it? Fourth place might have earned the club money and in the early days of the Emirates that would have been important for sure. But the annual struggle for that position has lead Wenger into a spiral of complacency. We have no chance of winning the CL so it is purely a financial thing. As he regards this as a trophy I believe it has bred a degree of arrogance in him and that this has seen us fall way behind our opposition in the PL. Forget the CL. Complacency and a general smugness has spread through the club and left us in a situation where the costs to the fans are rising and the quality of football has gone right down the pan. Now we are looking at a turnaround of about 8 players with those leaving and their replacements coming in and unless this is fuelled with some burning ambition, I can see Wenger bottling it again. I cannot envisage him doing what we need purely because it is so obvious. He will have his own mind made up and this will involve the usual mixture of decent young players and flakes. He will not put the club in a position of strength by the end of the transfer window simply because he can’t.
    He got us into this position, how anyone thinks he can get us out is beyond me. But, as we see, day in, day out, football fans have very short memories.
    Change is natural and can be good. The board need to make that change because the risks involved in next season with Wenger in charge are simply too great.

  119. I’m hoping Diaby will be fit for sale Lee…

    No Oz, but they have gone on and on about us being only ever in the top four – I’m not defending the negligence shown by AW each season but the press are a bunch of wankers who will do anything to undermine AW and our club…

  120. in 2012 the supporters trust were enraged we had 60m sitting for investment and still sold our best and did not replace them – so now we have 120m and we expect what?

  121. Morning Adam.

    I honestly don’t believe that AW sees getting a CL as a trophy, I really don’t.

    But he certainly seems to have far too much belief in a very shallow squad and that for me is his huge failure.

    He quotes this 25 man squad rule but in all fairness that’s a load of old bollox because a good 4-6 of our 25 man squad are either too young, not good enough or as in Diaby’s case, a permanent fixture/fitting in the sick bay.

  122. In a truly bizarre way, our appalling ongoing injury situation could actually save Wenger’s job. It’s a ready-made excuse for him but we all know that we will have the same level of critical injuries again next season, perhaps worse.

  123. It’s staggering to think that we could sell/lose 15 players this summer and out of all of them, we’d only miss Fabianski…..

  124. 2011 “we are now ready to compete with the best with one or two super super players i believe we will be ready” uummmm

  125. Is it just me who thinks this but have our injuries have worsened since Gary Lewin left?

  126. put some dates in google followed by his quotes, it makes hilarious reading – he’s been coming up with some real crackers for a while now

  127. Rico. You might not believe it but the truth is that he has said that it is. I see no evidence that he doesn’t believe that. What Rodgers has done at Liverpool this season must be especially galling for him. But, if you are right then that makes the last 9 years of his tenure even more disastrous doesn’t it?
    I still haven’t heard a single decent argument that makes a case for him to stay.

  128. The spectre of Kalou must be looming large by now. :)

  129. not so long ago… “I have full faith in Nicholas, he is now mature and ready to show us all his great talent, this is why i asked him to stay” oopps

  130. 9.18am agree 100% Adam

  131. There’s a difference between needing top 4 for money and actually believing it’s a trophy though Adam. I don’t for one minute doubt that he sets out to win the league, I really don’t.

    But I do believe he’s a buffoon to believe he can do so with such an average and shallow squad.

    His downfall is not signing what we truly need to become winners, his management of who we do have and failing to do his homework before a match.

    His motivational skills would appear to be nil also because some of our players are really performing badly. Had he had a deeper/stronger squad, they’d be dropped.

  132. Look you wankers judge him in May! ;)

  133. Oz, he did that to boost NB’s confidence, AW didn’t know the idiot would naff off to Denmark and going on a binging session…

  134. May 2016 Lee?? :)

  135. No Rico. He actually has said that 4th place is better than an FA or Carling Cup. He sees 4 th place as being indicative of a successful season. Name me another manager at a decent club anywhere that would go into a season with Giroud as their only realistic striking option. He has cocked up (relevant where Giroud is concerned) in a huge and massive fashion this season. Then, having seen what a tosser Giroud is, to refuse to strengthen in January, when we were top of the league except with a bloke who had a broken back, is right out of the pages of some crazy comic. You literally couldn’t make it up. Incompetence doesn’t even come close.

  136. If we want this club to move forward it has to be without the syrup and AW!

  137. Brudder. Dare I reinstate the old cry of SOJI?

  138. Fair enough Adam…. But deep down,I am not sure that I believe that he truly believes that on a footballing level.

    Financial yes, but maybe that’s driven into him by that American idiot who cares only about his money.

    I’m not trying to defend AW for his failings in the transfer windows etc, not for one minute….

  139. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea BUT if Arsene had got Remy in January he would of masively helped the cause, plus he wouldn’t of cost fortunes!

  140. If I had to choose one Lee, it would be Kroenke….

  141. he has said that Adam, many many times. Usually after embarrassing results i might add. :-)

  142. Agree Lee, but wasn’t he already tied down to a year loan deal with Newcastle? Can that be broken for a sale?


  144. Lee – over the if’s for me he’s had so many opportunities and constantly proven without fail, not to be up to what’s required in so many ways. Now the line is “maybe we got complacent on our top four finish ” who the hells fault is that then?

  145. And have a sneaky feeling he was still on bail in January for Rape, think it wasn’t until Feb the case was dropped…

  146. I think you make a good point Rico. But trying to boost the confidence of a nut job like Bendtner and talking cobblers to the press really has diminished him as a man and made him look a right plank as a manager.
    By having such limited ambition he has set out to fail and blokes like Rodgers and the vile Mourinho must be pleased that he and Arsenal just aren’t factors worth considering these days.

  147. its hard to get quality players when you go to the store every year at 2 minutes before closing mate

  148. “We try to go a different way that, for me, is respectable. Briefly, these are the basics. I thought: “We are building a stadium, so I will get young players in early so I do not find myself exposed on the transfer market without the money to compete with the others. I build a team, and we compensate by creating a style of play, by creating a culture at the club because the boy comes in at 16 or 17 and when they go out they have a supplement of soul, of love for the club, because they have been educated together. The people you meet at college from 16 to 20, often those are the relationships in life that keep going. That, I think, will give us strength that other clubs will not have.”

  149. “I am in a job where you always look in front of you. Unfortunately, the older you get, the less distance there is in front of you.”

  150. “We do not buy superstars. We make them.”

  151. I’m not denying that Adam, not for one minute, but I can’t slate the manager for doing things he’s not done wrong.

    The fact that we were dragging him back from a move to Palace was wrong, not the fact that he was trying to keep a player on side because he knew he’d need him..

    Instead of taking the chance to get himself a good move in the summer, the fool let himself and Arsenal down yet again…

  152. this year has seen our rep take a huge hammering helped by the disastrous score lines he has assisted to produce. How much longer does it go on? So we loose next season 5-0 to Chelsea and to him that’s improvement, that is what we’re dealing with here now. You know its true.

  153. Those days are long gone and whether they return is anyone’s guess…

    Anyway, go and moan on the new post ;)

  154. “What is unbelievable is that, I am in a position where people reproach me for making a profit. The people who lose money – nobody says a word. Reproach the people who lose money. I do business by managing in a safe way in a healthy way, and on top of that you reproach me for making money. It looks like we are in a business where the desired quality is to lose money.”

    3. Boring, Boring Tottenham

  155. BBT is spot on…. ;)

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