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Arsene Wenger got it right! FA Cup Final here we come…..

Wembley observes a minutes silence - 25th anniversary of Hillsborough

Wembley observes a minutes silence – 25th anniversary of Hillsborough

Morning all.

We had to wait 120 minutes for it to be right, but our order of penalty takers was spot on, as was the choice of players who were chosen to take them. Arsene got that all absolutely right, just as he did with standing by Lukasz Fabianski…

As for the rest of the match, well…………

We started well though and came out of the blocks with a bit of purpose. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in particular stood out, he was here, there and everywhere and getting forward either with or without the ball. 

Yaya Sanogo headed an Oxlade-Chamberlain cross against the legs of Carson within the first minutes – a foot either side of the keeper and we’d have taken the early lead we needed. Just before the half hour mark, Bacary Sagna fired a difficult chance high…

Sanogo had another chance soon after but that to went high and wide and then his inexperience shone through when he looked like going clear through on goal. His first touch was awful and Carson stopped any attack with ease.

I was one of a few who really wanted Yaya Sanogo to start, believing his pace and enthusiasm would give us something so different up front and to be fair it did. But his control and finishing was far from being good enough but to be fair to him, he didn’t stop, he didn’t sulk and as the game went on some of his passing was pretty good and he had one great shot which took a fine save from Carson to stop it finding the back of the net.

Despite all of the possession, we had slowly gone back to being that sideways, backwards and boring football side and it wasn’t pleasing on the eye….

Just before the hour mark, Per Mertesacker chopped down McManaman, penalty given, goal scored!

Get me a sofa to hide behind...

Get me a sofa to hide behind…

During the build up for the goal, Nacho Monreal suffered an injury (no doubt we will hear more from Arsene on that) and had to be replaced by Kieran Gibbs.

Just that change alone gave us far more impetus going forward….

What you thinking Arsene??

What you thinking Arsene??

Olivier Giroud was warming up and set to come on, I thought in place of Sanogo but no, Lukas Podolski was the man to make way. Strange one but we did look a little better playing 442.

Into the last 15 minutes of the match and it looked like it wasn’t going to be our day when Sagna saw his header hit the post and just after, Kieran Gibbs looked like he’d got the equaliser but somehow, Scott Carson made a superb save to push the ball wide….

82 minutes on the clock and all Gunners hearts were lifted.

Sanogo laid the ball off for Oxlade-Chamberlain, his shot bounced through to Mertesacker who was just wide of the far post and the big fella somehow managed to guide his header home..

The final whistle came and soon after, the start of extra time begun..

Sanogo had a good shot tipped over and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain fired a rasper which annoyingly rattled the crossbar.

That was pretty much it…

See what it means to them.....

See what it means to them…..

Penalties it was and Mikel Arteta, Kim Kallstrom, who had come on for Aaron Ramsey,Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud all fired home their spot kicks.

Lukasz Fabianski was the hero as he saved both penalties from Caldwell and Collison.

Hero - Can't believe he's leaving....

Hero – Can’t believe he’s leaving….

That was enough to see us go through to our first FA Cup Final since 2005….

The performance left a lot to be desired that’s for sure, but we got there in the end and I for one am pleased as punch…

Many things have been going wrong for a while now, but let’s not be too hasty to forget all the good Arsene Wenger has done for our club. He brought us some great players, his arrival made sure Dennis Bergkamp stayed and he won trophies after suffering many barren years..

I haven’t a clue what the future holds for our manager but if he is planning to walk away at the end of this season, I truly hope it’s with the FA Cup held high because surely to goodness, he deserves it.

Finally, I want to wish Bob Wilson all the very best as he is set to undergo treatment for prostate cancer. Be strong big guy, you can fight it and win the battle……

That’s your lot for another day…..

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175 comments on “Arsene Wenger got it right! FA Cup Final here we come…..

  1. Morning all.

    Wasn’t pretty but we’ve made the final, that is all that matters!

    Now to grind out 15 more points this season.

    Get well soon bob!!

  2. Excellent report rico. Putting the match into perspective, after the frustration watching it, we did have 4 or 5 very good chances and we practically shut Wigan out. Without the woodwork and that reflex save we may not have needed penalties.

    Not happy that players faces lacked passion most of the time, I would have expected, but hey, final it is.

    Domestically there are two major prizes up each year, and we could snatch one, and the larger Chelsea, Man U and Man City all miss one.

  3. I think so to right now Lewis, I really do.

  4. Thanks Ah.

    Podolski, Cazorla and Arteta drove me to distraction.

    Two just weren’t involved in the game and the other just slows us down every time he gets the ball…

  5. Good luck to Mo Farrah in the Marathon…

  6. Morning guys.
    The result was a much needed one.

  7. I always make a mess in the kitchen, but I get the end product cooked ;)

  8. Well, the result, as always, was a fine post, Rico.

  9. I would rather win the cup than top four. Of course want Europe, but it would serve the money-makers to be hit for their negligence in January. Doesn’t help the fans though.

  10. :) Thanks Scott..

    Me too Ah.

    Although I’m not sure what all the fuss is about CL football and many transfers over the last few years suggest that not every top player has to be assured they are playing in the CL in order for them to sign…

    Money, that’s what drives players these days…

  11. Morning All
    Morning Rico, well balanced post…

    Being seated one row from the back, so far away that I barely recognised the players, made me feel a bit remote from the action.

    Wembley looks impressive, but gaining entry made me feel like I was entering a shopping mall…

    £6.10 for a cheeseburger (which I didn’t purchase) only confirmed my feelings about the FA being a mob of money grabbing, profiteering wankers…

    I noticed that not many fans purchased the programme either, with it’s bloated price…
    Did I mention profiteering….

    Spending an afternoon with my son and his mates made up for all the aggro connected with attending our National stadium…
    We had a good laugh, suffered the angst of thd game.
    But far from being very happy at the end, we just felt relieved…

    During the entire day, I didn’t meet one Arsenal fan, who thought that Wenger should stay.

    Or one Arsenal fan who thought that Kroenke was anything but a negative influence on our club….

  12. Morning Kev, thanks..

    £6.10 for a cheeseburger?? I am flabbergasted…

    Isn’t it sad that it’s come to this, neither an owner or manager wanted any more….

  13. My experience was similar to Kev’s. Wembley is an absolute tip. They don’t want you to take any water in so they can charge £2.20 for a little bottle. Getting away from there is horrendous. The game was shite, everyone wants the club to move on and Kroenke to bugger off. Nobody sees a future under Wenger and like me, everyone is pissed off with themselves for being pissed off.

  14. Glad I didn’t go then….

  15. It’s all getting quite depressing really, makes me wonder why anyone bothers any more…..

  16. Morning all,
    So the fat lady took the day off yesterday, Arsene was only 8 minutes away of being run outta town !
    It wasn’t pretty but job done, Ox, Fab and Gibbs can all hold their heads high, as for the others………what have we gotta do to be up for a game these days.

  17. Sounds like i missed a day out :)

  18. Adam/Kev will you bother going to the final, or was yesterday enough for you?

  19. Says it all really Micko, just three out of eleven..

    Truly depressing stuff!

    Wonder how long Ox/Gibbs will stick around…..

  20. Yesterday was enough for me. I shall sell my CF tickets to Scott if he can be persuaded to return for the day. :)

  21. Lol Adam, i doubt i would get that one past the missus :)

  22. I asked myself why Wenger started with Monreal since Gibbs was so fit. Our left wing started working when he came on.

  23. Not even if I threw in a curry? :)

  24. I can understand that Adam.

    Xr’s – agree, Gibbs is the much better left back. I’m not sure what has happened to Monreal, he once looked like he was out to make the left back place his own…

    I think Gibbs was a 50/50 before the game and AW didn’t want to risk him, but if that was the case, then he shouldn’t have been on the bench…

  25. Rico. I couldn’t agree more about Monreal. He looked really good when he came. Perhaps the lack of any discernible cover has done for him, leaving him exposed.

  26. Did anyone watch FCB vs BVB yesterday? That’s how we should defend and attack. Reus is just an excellent player. It seems Barca are on a ‘spiral of negativity’

  27. Mate, throw in flights and accomodation and i might get a result hahaha.

  28. Scott. If I had Kroenke’s money I would. :)

  29. Or Lee’s in fact. :)

  30. That has to be something to do with it Adam.

  31. Morning All,

    Great result… Nothing beats getting to a final……

    Yes it was pretty awful and we were pretty shit but in a cup competition thats all that really matters is winning.

    In the longer term yes we can all see the problems and how they are addressed is for another day me thinks. Enjoy the fact we going back to win the FA Cup… No one gives a shit Chelsea were utterly boring negative and crap in winning the Champions League…!

    Lets win the FA Cup lets move on and then the club back to where we need to be with a clean sweep from top to bottom.

  32. Lee might chip in.
    Pass the hat around, Adam….do not miss Stan though.
    Word has it he is cashed up :)

  33. Scott, with your recent history there is no way your going to the bloody final you jinx………….

  34. Moaning all!
    What a sorry state to wake up to. A victory, after 120 minutes because our crablike football couldn’t muster any more than 1 goal in normal time. We went for long periods passing the ball backwards, so predictable, so negative, so unproductive. Etc, etc!

    It’s all been said already. Yesterday’s display of inept attacking play was there for all to see. This type of football wil not fill the Ems nor will it appease the fans, even if we do win the FA Cup. This is not what we were promised before we left Highbury. Ie the extra cash from a regularly full ground would allow the board to compete in the transfer market with Chelski and the like. All it seems to have done is line the pockets of the ‘chosen few’ who sit around the large old oak table, Arf arfing or gee geeing!

    The time has come for a complete overhaul of the upper echelons at the club. A few new brooms required me thinks. And further down the food chain, starting with the pension seeker, Wenger!

  35. Remi Garde is waiting in the wings Wavy.
    Some serious upgrades needed this summer but how many times have we said that.

  36. Hi Micko. Nearly all the fans think Wenger should go and take Kroenke with him but how many of them think he will still be here next year?

  37. Wath, how about if i wear a Sheffield or Hull kit??

  38. Morning Wath. Well put….

  39. Scott…. You stay exactly where you are I don’t care if you wear a kilt…! ;-)

  40. But we won Wavy ;)

    Adam, I think AW will be here next season.

  41. I know you do Rico. :). Unless it is purely for the money, I cannot imagine a reasoned thought process that would allow him to do that though.

  42. I sacked my Dennis shirt and went back to Aaron last night…job done.
    He remains undefeated.

  43. The silence from inside the club is deafening.
    Shame on every one of those share-holders who sold their souls and the millions of supporters down the river, to line their own greedy pockets.
    This modern incarnation of Arsenal bears minimal resemblance to the one it has usurped, the one that used to be a real football club, based around a community that was in touch with its supporters.
    The supporters deserve all the silver-ware going, I’m not sure I can be so generous towards Stan Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis or even Arsene Wenger.
    Why did we leave Highbury? Weren’t we told that it was so we could compete with Europe’s elite? Eight years on and we’re as far away from that level as we’ve ever been. ‘We didn’t sell any of our best players last summer…’ has been the oft trotted-out mantra from those who believe Wenger walks on water. Quite frankly, who was there left to sell of any real value?
    ‘We’ve been unlucky with injuries though…’ What, again? For the umpteenth year running? Nothing to do with having an under-prepared light-weight squad that the manager has failed to add proper depth to, or playing players in the red-zone? Or being so over-reliant on youngsters that he quite literally runs them into the ground until their bodies break down, so that we don’t see them again for months? It couldn’t possibly be that, could it?
    To hear some people talk, you’d think it was us, Arsenal who went into yesterday’s game as ‘plucky underdogs’.
    We didn’t beat them in 120 minutes of football, we merely proved that our massive wage-earners are better at taking penalties than those on far more moderate salaries.
    And Uwe Rosler handed us a significant boost when he took Callum McManaman off after 67 minutes, not that we were tactically able to exploit it, and there was more than a hint of desperation in pairing Olivier Giroud up top with the raw but largely ineffective Yaya Sanogo. A strike-force I can only possibly think you’d consider if you wanted to get promotion from League One on FM2014.
    Commercially and financially of course, the club are in rude health, but that’s to be expected when you have a billionaire owner who takes on a huge institution that is Arsenal and refuses to speculate by gambling any of his own considerable wealth. For him, Arsenal and The Emirates stadium is a massive cash-cow that he can milk for years without the aggravation of having to invest, and sadly that attitude transmits right through the club, which is why there’s no real winning-mentality and hunger on the park.
    The desire for football success has taken a back-seat at Arsenal, Kroenke’s only concern is that his personal shares keep growing in value, and as London is fast becoming the preserve of wealthy oligarch’s, he can’t really fail. We’re a shambles from the football perspective because Wenger doesn’t have to answer to supporters as long as he makes Kroenke a profit.
    The sad truth is that The Arsenal some of you grew up supporting has been lost and will never return.
    Well done on the match-report, rico.

  44. Well, perhaps he’s ready to change his ways Adam?

  45. Yes Rico, we did win but it was the manner of thhe victory that I found so dissatisfying. Our football was absolutely shocking. It was lifeless, un progressive and completely lacking in any creativity. Not the sort of stuff that we have become accustomed to. We are better than that, or at least we were!
    Winning is obviously the ultimate achievement but I take very little satisfaction from what I witnessed yesterday and perhaps what worries me more is that we are going to get more and more of this type of unutterably tedious ‘soccer’!

  46. As did I Wavy, it was awful to watch, but if we win the FA Cup the history books won’t care how we won it..

    Our football is poor and changes have to take place but I can’t see much change, if any before the summer.

    Right now I just want for 6 wins out of 6 and then make this a summer to remember for all sorts of good reasons…

  47. Guys, i didn’t think we played that badly.
    With a clinical finisher, we win by 4 or 5.
    Suddenly, we look better.
    I am not suggesting we great, mind you.

  48. Adam, 4th place and an fa cup will bring in 35 mill, Kroenke won’t wanna change a thing, Wenger will decide if it’s time to call it a day, putting a 2 year contract extention under his nose worth 15 mill would be very hard for anyone to refuse, will most likely be “as you were”

  49. Go to the Final Rico?

    I doubt that i’ll get a ticket, the FA will be handing the tickets out to all their sponsors, business associates and other hangers-on.

    The Corperates get the next look-in, and then it’s the touts.

    The FA are a bunch of self-serving shit-bags, always have been, always will be…

    If my son somehow gets me a ticket, then I will go, but only really to spend the day with him, watching football together as we have done for almost 30 years together.

    I am beginning to really detest, what the sport I love, is evolving into….

    There were times yesterday Rico, when I seriously asked myself ‘What the fcuk am I doing here?’

    It has to be the shared experience with other Gooners…

  50. Scott, only you could say we didn’t play that badly !!!
    We are where we are, no point in talking about a clinical finishers, that’s why we have Sanogo starting games now, bloody ridiculous.

  51. It is disappointing to hear you guys speak like this, but the disappointment lies not with you.
    Money…..dirty rotten money.
    It ruins everything.

  52. 6 out of6 would do for me too. But please, please make them performances that are worthy of praise not excuses or the reinvention of the ‘lucky’ tag!
    Finishing 4th? Well maybe! Winning the cup, well, should do!
    Judge me in May!!!

  53. Agree re the striker Scott, maybe a winger would have helped too..

    I totally get that Kev, I really do….

  54. Micko, i never said we were great, but i didn’t think we terrible…..i have seen much worse of late.

  55. Popping off for a while, catch up later…

    Night Scott…

  56. Night Rico…..night all.
    I am off.

  57. News Co Plc.

    Welcome to HH and what a great comment…..

  58. Didn’t play that badly, never said we were great but didn’t think we were terrible, you trying to confuse me Scott….nite mate.

  59. If my son somehow gets me a ticket, then I will go, but only really to spend the day with him, watching football together as we have done for almost 30 years together.

    I am beginning to really detest, what the sport I love, is evolving into….

    Kev :- How true., Very much the same applies in this household. For the first time I can remember my son and I refused to apply for tickets and we sat on the settee with a six pack of Banks Bitter and later two bottles of wine . The wife provided Cheesy garlic bread and (sorry Rico ) barbequed spare ribs .and we watched the whole sorry display in comfort. Cup final tickets as gold members with a few away credits we have half a chance . But damn those ribs were good.

  60. Hi all. A few thoughts. The only shot Wigan had on target was a penalty yet some people are saying they deserved to win. Why? Just because you are the underdogs doesn’t mean you deserve to win a game when you can’t even get a shot on target! Yes we played poorly but still had all the chances and Carson made several saves.
    2nd Fabianski is our best keeper and should stay in goal.
    3rd Over the years we have always struggled in semis against lower teams – Sheffield United, Middlesboro, Wolves, Sp*rs. I think we have done enough in the earlier rounds to more than deserve our place in the final!

  61. PS. I hope the 30th anniversary of the Bradford fire next year receives the same level of publicity and respect as Hillsborough.

  62. And the Ibrox deaths too B.J. Not that I have any great love for Scottish football but all of us that used to get in and out of terraces no just how potentially dangerous it was.

  63. hbTPotter, that sounded a very enjoyable way to watch the game.
    Tbh, the club will be doing my son a big favour if they give him a knock-back.
    I’ll probably travel to Romford and watch the Final in the pub with him, whilst saving a fortune…
    Greg Dyke and his cronies can go whistle up their own back-passage.

  64. I agree Bob John.

    Sometimes the ‘expert pundits’ baffle me. How is it possible that a team that had 39% possession and only 4 shots at goal (some from some distance) are viewed as unlucky, yet a team with 61% possession, 16 shots with 3 hitting the woodwork are considered lucky!!!

    Our keeper did nothing until the shootout and their keeper was one of the best players on the pitch.

    Yes we are a much better team, but our confidence is shot to pieces and Wigan are on a high.

    Football is not won on paper…ever…remember Bradford?

    We were not pretty for much of the game, but when we needed to we dug it out. We would never have come back to 1-1 this time last year.

    And just to add, we are missing a good few players that would have started that game. Yes we should have the cover, but we all know we don’t!

    Sanogo, Monreal, Arteta and possibly Pod and Vermaelen are just not good enough for AFC

  65. Actually they probably are but they should be the bench.

  66. The problem though Potter is that we currently have 2 players for each position (except centreback), so if we want players in then some have to leave.

    If we want a quick winger to come in then Pod probably has to leave. If we want a proper holding midfielder, then either Flamini or Arteta needs to leave. Where does a new striker leave Sanogo?

  67. Never thought if say this but envious of the power and pace in the Liverpool team!

  68. Lewis – new man in took a season to find his feet now look at them – story here for all those scare mongers. Suarez must be very relieved Liverpool called Wenger bluff

  69. People shouldn’t talk bad about the win yesterday. I thought that all that matters is that we won and not how we won. Do not forget that they are defending champions and defeated Manchester city twice in a row – one on Wembley turf and the other at Etihad. If we had a clinical finisher,we would have won the game long before half-time. Only thing that matters is that we are FA finalists which by God’s grace we shall win come May 2014

  70. Rarely watch other teams but what a game at Anfield

  71. Xr – don’t think there is a fan anywhere that is not happy we’re in the final. The cost come the summer window, given Wenger’s ideas of a good season is the worry and i have no doubt this run will cost us quality imports again mate. The table and results don’t lie, we need surgery on and off the pitch. Players, attitude, ambitions, motivation, training, you name it, it needs overhauling

  72. Iot of disappointment on the site this morning with the way we won and are recent run. I will be honest with 10 minutes to go I was starting to think Mr Wenger may have taken us as far as he could.
    The result and some looking for the reasons why we have gone from being top PL at the end of feb to the sorry state we seem to be at the moment.
    I can only come up with 2 reasons 1 lack of a forward with pace and experience which we needed to buy in July or august.
    The other and I feel the biggest reason is injuries and no matter what people say about the size of Arsenal’s squad I defy any team in the PL to lose the number and quality players for as long as Arsenal and do any better. That’s why I came back to the belief that Mr Wenger needs to sign he’s new contract and buy 2-3 players needed for Arsenal to win the title next season oh and some protection for are players from refs.

  73. Lot of disappointment

  74. how many years have we heard this line mate “2-3 players needed for Arsenal to win the title”

  75. 2-2 now at Anfield amazing

  76. How many years have we not had the funds to buy the class of player needed and not have to make do with youth and players that did not make the grade.

  77. well we’ve had 2 full windows to address both needs and to cover injuries with bags of money admitted to finally – your thoughts?

  78. How Pool get away with defender punching ball away like a goalie!

  79. Same thing enough players to cover how could any team cover for the amount and quality of players Arsenal have injured for the last 2-3 months.

  80. GJoe, you mention not buying forward in August. It was even crazier not buying one in January. Pure negligence because we were top of the league and let January just slip by.

  81. AndrewH
    They are this seasons darlings of the refs now that red nose has retired.

  82. Bj, your 12.08. Spot on and it will on here!

    Back in a bit, busy afternoon in the garden…

  83. Who was available in Jan you won’t get quality of forward in Jan that arsenal needs.

  84. AndrewH – agreed, in fact we all agreed at the time with the Theo injury purchases had to be made – Wenger disagreed and he’s got what he deserved 13 points behind now is it again? 1 win in 16 against the top EPL clubs? Still the excuses flow like water

  85. Oz, we sound like a broken record, but as you say, we all knew in August and January, but someone knew better. I think there must have been someone out there better than a sulky Bendtner when Untested Sanago was already injured.

  86. GJoe, I wish I had your faith in AW, then I wouldn’t get so angry. Sadly the last eight years do not support your faith. During the years when there was no money, possibly, but last few have been a waste.

  87. As far as I know are funds only improved last year the money in the bank most of it came from transfers. Did we not make a loss in are recent accounts. Did we not spend 42.5 million on a player in August and tried to buy 40 million forward of world class. Just a point we made some finals in the last eight years and are in another this year. Also look at are injury record over the years I think it’s fair to say that it’s inhibited our chances of winning something over the years.

  88. Afternoon all, or is it evening now…

    Who won the cup semi?

  89. Afternoon all, having just returned from my Wembley jaunt,i have to agree with Adam and BrainwashedKev,Wembley is a tip.Fiver for a pint of cider,outside the stadium from a temporary bar,never looked at the food prices just knew they would be extortionate.The game itself was pretty much what i didn’t want to see,but not really any surprise.To be honest and i’m a bit ashamed to admit,i was kind of relieved when Wigan scored,thinking this could be the end of Arsene.The match itself was the usual tepid stuff,but we got through and maybe if we win,Arsene can move on and we can move forward as a team and a club.Getting out of Wembley to the tube was a nightmare,big thanks to the boss at The Blackstock for the free fryup,most people i talked to want change and Arsene gone,go with a cup and thanks for the memories. Best wishes to Bob a Legend and gent.

  90. Gjoe, if your wondering what that strange noise is it’s me playing the worlds smallest violin.

    Blades giving it a good go, 2-1 up, half time.

  91. You get stuck on the tube Bt ;)

  92. Thanks Micko, hope they can hold on…

  93. BT62, that was just the dry run yesterday.

  94. The dippers playing 20 less games this season and it shows….
    How city lost with that squad??

  95. Funny thing rico, I was within walking distance of the Old Wembley but somehow always ended up in the queue for the train when trying to get home ! I kid you not.

    Hull draw level 2 each.

  96. Ha ha Micko… That’s funny, easy done though I bet…

  97. Ts, as many as 20? Don’t think they have suffered too many injuries either have they, good management, sheer luck or simply just fewer fixtures?

    Maybe we should try it ;)

  98. Micko
    So that’s how you deal with facts and You know what you can do with your small violin.

  99. How city lost with that squad??

    They should have had a penalty at the death , Skyrtl puching a corner clear. Missed by Clattenburg and his Mr Magoo lino.

  100. Hull City it is then…

  101. Gonerjoe dont mix up the £42 million for Ozil with the £40,000,001 for Suarez . It only existed once . Had Suarez arrived Ozil wouldn’t.

  102. Had nearly given up the will to live, just to get to the tube, bit hoarse today.lol.Packed in like sardines,trains terminating early but plenty of singing lol.Rico.Micko didn’t expect much,so no real surprise,certainly wasn’t dry once we finished the tube journey back.lol. On a more sombre note,really sad to see a couple of fans seated close by, having a real go at each other,stewards had to step in before it got really out hand.It was a bloke and woman.The booing of Poldi was gutting to hear,i know he was pretty poor but surely we’re above that.

  103. Gjoe, my own thought is we could have got a striker in Jan, even one on loan would have helped, but we should have got one back in the summer. AW tried for Ba so it’s clear he wanted to get a striker in and had he done so just a few weeks prior to getting Ozil, Chelsea would have done that Ba deal….

    But he left it too late as usual.

    The in Jan, yet again AW sat back for far too long and did nothing despite TW, NB and Ramsey being out. Really really poor management imo…

    Then what did he do, sign a guy who had a broken bone in his back….

  104. Was the booing not for AW for taking off Podolski instead of Sanogo Bt?

    Shocking to hear that about the fans…

  105. Glad it’s Hull. If we beat Shef Unt in final, all we would hear about was they only 3rd div. forgetting we beat three good teams on way. With Ozil, Wilshire, Kos back, surely we will do it. If we have a fit striker left of course.

  106. Potter
    What you wrote my be true but how do you know this the facts are we made a bid for Suarez and Liverpool not allow Suarez to leave.
    We where involved with Mardrid for months over a player was it Ozil or someone else.

  107. Hull 5-3

  108. Rico
    Your right we could of done with a striker in Jan but who. The problem with looking for a striker in Jan is that good ones are with clubs that won’t let them go even on loan. I think our best bet might of been Remy but he has or had charges hanging over him and might end up in court.

  109. Ah, but if we win, it’ll be ‘only Hull’ ;)

  110. Only by studying the accounts , after the Ozil transfer we actually posted a loss of £ 2 million. The new sponsorship’s don’t kick in until this season , so should the manager whoever that may be is given all the new cash then possibly we can go to another marquee signing with a couple of good ones too.

  111. It all comes back to what I posted earlier that are fall from the top of PL has nothing to do with the lack of strikers but the destruction to are mid-field Walcott ,Ramsey,Ozil and Wilshire all at the same time. Plus other injuries Kos and Gibbs oh and don’t forget Diaby :)

  112. Higuan hat-trick today in Italy. Sure I read somewhere in the summer we had signed him :-)

  113. Gjoe, I am sure there would have been someone out there who could have given us something more/different up front but because NB was on his way back, AW didn’t bother imo.

    Remy has been cleared of all offences now but back in the summer he had that charge against him so I can understand why AW didn’t go for him…

    But, the reality is, our lack of transfer business in the summer and again in January has probably cost us the league – it could yet cost us a CL spot and the FA Cup…

    I truly hope it doesn’t.

  114. Rico you maybe right,well the better half recorded the match, so later i’ll put myself all through it again and see what i can deduce.Hull in the final,won’t be easy need to really up our game for that one.

  115. Gjoe, all comes down to one thing. A small and shallow squad which can’t cope….

    We lack in 3 positions imo, a striker, a winger, a DM/HM and getting those would purely get us up with the others.

    With Sagna and Fabianski leaving, our needs will increase in the summer.

    Five new players is looking like being a minimum.

  116. GJoe, don’t you think AW was lucky that Giroud didn’t get injured early on instead of our midfielders. Who would you have played up front if Giroud had got injured for first four months of season? AW had managed to sign another striker on a free who had a history of injuries and yes, did his back in before playing for us.

  117. Don’t do it Bt, once was bad enough surely ;)

  118. Rico,i’m a glutten for punishment,maybe things will look different with the Strongbow glasses off! lol. Maybe Arsene should try them on for a while!

  119. Afternoon chaps. How bad was Sanogo yesterday?! I would rather have a look at Akpom to be honest. I celebrated like a lunatic but thought the performance was extremely poor

  120. Stubborn Mr Wenger lines up 4-5-1 against 3-5-1-1 wigan had 8 behind the ball and crowded out yaya,all he needed to do was bring podolski inside 4-4-2 and take on wigans 3 centre backs,we were lucky in the end to get out of jail.
    I know not everyone knows systems and formations that well.
    But then again ..nor doe’s wenger.

  121. Rico
    Our squad is not that small we only needed a world class striker and center back. Our mid-field is the best in the PL again it comes back to injuries.( I know broken record).

    I have said all day we needed a striker and we have been lucky with Giroud but Sanogo (spelling) was bought for the future.
    Also back in august we tried to sign Ba on loan from Chelsea but their manager pulled the agreed deal.

  122. We tried to get Ba at very last moment with no plan B. inept.

  123. AndrewH
    I am sure walcott would have played up front and Poldi who has not had a great season could have and not unreasonable so been ear marked as a striker at the start of the season as cover. That’s me coming up with plan b and plan c. Ba was Chelsea going back on an agreed deal and was not Wenger’s fault. You say inept because you want Wenger out of arsenal. The only inept or stupid thing Arsenal did was having anything to do with Chelsea.

  124. Who cares?FA cup final,here we come

  125. Ah, I’d like to think Ba was a plan b, however….

  126. Gjoe, sorry but I totally disagree re our needs. Arteta is done, Flamini isn’t good enough and Diaby is a crock. DM/Hm or whatever folk like to call them is a must…

    :) Bt, you must be..

    Hi AndyT – Sanogo was pretty poor but I honestly don’t blame him, just the situation….

  127. fred – you need to have a word with AW, someone certainly does….

  128. As mad as I was yesterday,I didn’t know when I jumped out of my seat with joy.I was very happy we won at the end.My brother,stupid chelshit fan was singing in my ears.Am just glad carzola shut him up.Now we need that 4th place trophy.

  129. I know what you mean Rico. I just thought against a championship side he might show a bit more.
    I had a right result and watched the game in one of the boxes and unbelievable for me was in there with Kenny Sansom, Frank Stapleton, Phil Neal and Alan Kennedy. What brilliant blokes, none of whom were very complimentary about our performance, or Mr Wenger.
    Felt very guilty drinking in front of Kenny Sansom, but it was free!

  130. Rico
    Have you seen Arteta’s stat’s for yesterday we will disagree on Flamini and as for Diaby you could’ve said the same for van persie. And any way Diaby is not the problem it’s all the other injuries to are mid-field he’s replacement is already at the club.

  131. Sukky, I was happy too, only with the outcome mind you…

    Andy,but how much football has he played in the last few years?

    If he can sort his footwork out he might turn out to be pretty good, but I think he’s in need on a loan next season…

    Get you, great company to be in, well Kenny ;)

  132. Stats mean nothing Gjoe, nothing at all. I could have gone out there yesterday and passed short backwards and sideways passes as he did.

    We’ll have to agree to differ….

  133. And I don’t buy the injury excuse, it’s all too easy to use that – the only player from midfield we have truly missed is Ramsey imo…

  134. That’s me done for another day…

    Night all….

  135. AndyT, nice one, hope you filled ya boots.

    Frank Stapleton you say, Kev’s been trying to track him down since 1981 !!! A bit of unfinished business I believe.

    Nite Gooners.

  136. Frank Stapleton, traitor!

  137. Good luck Bob Wilson, met him at Wembley a few years back….

    Absolute Gentleman and massive Gooner.

  138. Yep all the best Bob. First Pat now Bob. Puts results and performances into perspective.

  139. Thanks rico, I didn’t want to continue my thread of negativity obviously because we’re supposed to be celebrating reaching the cup final, and as a club that’s been starved of success, we can only retain hope in the face of much adversity.
    In reality we were never in the title race. Of course the perception is very different because for many weeks we occupied top-spot, but from a position of great strength in January, the manager allowed the league campaign to crumble by refusing to reinforce in key areas. He had twenty-six days to replace Walcott.
    He allowed the ‘odious one’ to laugh openly at him, and when his 1,000th game gave him the perfect opportunity to ram Mourinho’s shallow words back down his throat, he meekly surrendered with no guts or passion for the fight.
    Still people argue and say things like ‘Imagine Liverpool without Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard and Coutinho, or City without Aguero, Yaya Toure, Silva and Kompany, and see how they’d cope…’
    If these spate of injuries at Arsenal were a unique one-off situation, those arguments are extremely valid, but it’s a scenario at Arsenal that keeps repeating itself season after season.
    Other clubs don’t get anywhere near the same amount of injuries Arsenal accumulate because they look after their players better, they are more professional and far more disciplined in their approach to the game, and have better genuine squad depth. The FA Cup tie with Coventry illustrates Wenger’s naivety perfectly. It’s no coincidence that Arsenal have topped the injury league-table for the last decade. It is poor preparation and neglectful management.

  140. Spot on new co….I just don’t wanna get into a war of words with gooner joe but seriously? You still stick up for him after we got whupped by shitty poop chelshit and everton??? Not by a lone goal but a white wash. Gee I guess the only time you ll want him to leave is when chelshit ladies team put 29 goals past us. Men some people….Grrrr

  141. Morning all…

    Agree again NewCo

  142. Morning Rico and all.

  143. Morning Adam, another beautiful sunny one….

  144. I see Podolski is having a moan now about being subbed…

  145. Hi Rico. Yes, it is quite lovely here, bright and not too hot.

  146. Podolski has never seemed part of the team to me though. A winger with no pace? He only really does damage with the ball in front of him in the middle though he can whip a great low cross in. Another Wenger square peg in a round hole. What a shambles Arsenal are these days.

  147. He’s certainly not the quickest Adam, but then our entire side isn’t exactly built on speed.

  148. True Rico. It is built on one man’s antiquated view of football unfortunately. Rodgers has made Wenger look a mug this season though he does have a couple of world-class cheats in his team and hasn’t been burdened by the CL I suppose. How Wenger must detest Liverpool.

  149. I still think these players could do a lot better Adam, the way Cazorla and Podolski swanned around doing bugger all in the first half on Saturday was embarrassing, as was Arteta’s passing…

    Ox showed the way at the start, but no-one wanted to join in…

    Gibbs was the same in the second half, but as he drove forward, who was prepared to move for him?

    They shouldn’t need AW to tell them that…

    Rosicky was missed hugely I think and that in itself speaks volumes, a 32 year old, yet a player who is prepared to run his legs off…

  150. Morning Adam, Rico and all…

  151. Wonder if wenger had offered 43 mil for suarez how that would have been recieved.
    Read yesterday Diaby’s back in training and could be available..
    Wonder what for…Summer Break is all I think of.
    You could’nt make it up..

  152. You know Rico, you are right but Cazorla has never really been given a role, except a free one. He has great qualities but is playing in probably the strangest team of Wenger’s reign. Same with Podolski. What is he supposed to be doing out there? There are so many questions that could be asked but quite frankly, what is the point? The club is out of date, totally unbalanced and is being held back by Wenger who should have gone 3 or 4 years ago.
    The price the supporters and the club are paying now is for the great years of Wenger and the move to the Emirates. These are the consequences of an absentee owner who doesn’t give a shit and a manager who is managing for himself, faces no accountability and just doesn’t see that football has changed. He has had the hump with the big money coming in and this is his stand against it.
    If he stays then it will just go on and on and on. The fact that he has virtually zero backing from the supporters seems to mean nothing. The whole sorry mess is sad beyond belief for me but then I am just a paying customer. If I don’t like it I should stop going, right?

  153. We are the polar opposite to how we used to play….the tippy tappy slow sideways bollocks on Saturday was embarrassing to watch! The Ox tried to grab the game by the scruff of the neck but apart from him we looked shite!

  154. Or go and support another team…that’s always a classic from the “head up Arsene’s arris” brigade!

  155. Morning brother. Yes, that’s an especially irritating one isn’t it. I suspect like you, I am sick of the whole embarrassing debacle now.

  156. http://descrier.co.uk/oddities/us-first-marijuana-vending-machine-unveiled-colorado/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=us-first-marijuana-vending-machine-unveiled-colorado

    Was this what Stan was smoking ??

    If I was Podolski I would be fed up too. It’s not his fault that Wenger chooses to play him the wrong way, a kind of Arshavin mark 2. The man is a class act. He is dangerous and scores goals cutting in and coming on to the ball about 20 yards out. Not his fault that the manager is incapable of changing his style to get the best out of his players preferring to try and mould them into doing things they are not suited to.

  157. Top four for 16 seasons is another classic…..
    Yeah Adam, I watched the game with my dad on Saturday an Arsenal fan of over 60yrs and he said SK plus Wenger have to go!
    Also the fact that our fire power was Sanogo,NB and Giroud was a joke…..

  158. Potter. They should have one of those machines in the Emirates then we could all giggle our way through the games. :)

  159. Lee. And I don’t imagine your Dad is the reactionary, glory hunting zealot that many of us are accused of being. :)
    Wenger has so little support it is rather tragic. Still £8 mill a year on the table? Mmmmm…..

  160. Morning Lee, Potter and Fred..

  161. The polar opposite Adam but I reckon you knew that….. ;)

  162. Lee. :)
    I still think he will go but, if he stays then the summer transfer window and next season is going to be a roller-coaster. He simply must know he has lost the fans.

  163. I see Sherwood has been on the pipe….. comparing Eriksen with Bergkamp, please fuck off!

  164. But didn’t Podolski play out left for Cologne and for Germany?

    I know Wenger has a mismatch of a football side with square pegs in round holes but i still believe players could dig a bit deeper for the club.

    Whether they are just utterly fed up with the lack of direction, or Wenger or all of it – well maybe they are….

    I know I am…

  165. Has anyone else read Stillness and Speed, or is that a silly question?

  166. Morning all,

    I still blame injuries on over playing and that is due to lack of confidence in the squad and youth.
    No team can afford the luxury of having a player like Pod in the team. 90% of the time playing with 10 men.

  167. Lee. That’s like comparing caviar to fish paste. :)

  168. Lee , I have only 58 years of watching the rise and fall of the Arsenal empire, but I agree with your father , I didn’t want Kroenke in the first place and for that matter I didn’t want Fiszman either , the day the rumours about him going back on his deal with Dein surfaced I suspected that he was only in it for personal gain. He was albeit for his family. The club’s gone stale , the powers that run it are solely interested it’s bank balance and it will not change whilst the absentee owner keeps his controlling shares.

  169. Rico , yes he did but you have to see the style of players around and behind him. Klose was forward and People like Ballack , Khedira and Schweinsteiger were doing the midfield dirty work and whilst they were doing their thing he was amassing his international goal haul quite nicely thank you.

  170. Morning Bradster,

    Leads back to having a small squad nd like you say, AW not trusting certain players and if he doesn’t why does he keep them?

  171. Good point Potter, but I still maintain he could work a bit harder for the team. He seems to want the ball to him but isn’t prepared to work for it or move for it.

  172. New post is up now…

  173. Lets be fair I bet stan has’nt a clue what shape ball we use.

  174. Even at 70yrs old I wouldn’t dare tell him to go support another team…..

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