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Remember the last time? Go Grab it Arsenal!!

Morning all.

Three times we have met Wigan in the Domestic Cups, the last being the Carling Cup semi-final back in 2006.

It was a two-legged affair and not a good one!

Having lost at their place 1-0, we returned to Highbury needing just a victory by two clear goals to see us through.

We scored, taking the second leg into extra time and scored again to take a 2-1 advantage. All we had to do is hold on and we were into the final…

However, Jason Roberts struck with just seconds left and that was enough to send us packing by the away goal rule…

Funny enough, it was a defensive mix up which led to that winning goal, just as it was at Wembley in 2011……

Both sides are very different to what they were back then though and of course, Wigan were a Premier League side whereas now they are fighting hard in the Championship to try and regain that status. We, well things are pretty much the same, still fighting for that 4th spot and hoping our trophy drought will finally come to an end….

Today, we could take a huge step towards making that happen IF every person, player and coaches alike, give 100% from start to finish.

And we are going to have to because you can bet your bottom dollar, Wigan will!

Uwe Rosler has done his homework:

I watched the game last Sunday and it was another very impressive lesson from Roberto, tactically how Everton approached the game. 

Not a lot of people focused on how disciplined and how focused Everton Football Club operated in the first 20-25 minutes without the ball.

Everybody knows Roberto is focused on ball possession but how well the team worked against the ball at the beginning of game was very impressive.

There were good pictures for me to learn from and also take one or two things on board, like I did with Manchester City in the last round.

In the last round, Wigan went to the Etihad and withstood everything Manchester City threw at their goal, barring the one blip of course and they managed to do what only one other English club has managed to do all season and that’s come away with a win.

That’s the FA Cup for you, it’s all about one game on one day and giving your all, getting the right result and waiting for the next round, the next chance to pounce and get the unexpected result.

Not only have Wigan beaten Manchester City, they have also beaten PL sides, Cardiff and Crystal Palace in order to get to Wembley today.

So yes, respect what they have done, now let’s go and put an end to their great run!!

We have beaten Tottenham, Coventry City, Liverpool and Everton – all tough opponents and two of whom have battered us in the league.

League form goes out the window today, our poor league performances must go out the window, today is about 90 minutes, or 120 if that’s what it takes of non-stop 100% commitment, togetherness, organisation and passion.

It’s also about our manager having done his homework, he has to know what to expect from Rossler and his team and play in a way which will not only stop their threat but to know how to exploit any weaknesses the Championship side have.

Let’s not be another victim of of an FA Cup upset.

This is the best chance we have had in a long while to get to an FA Cup Final.

Go and grab it Arsenal!!





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301 Responses to Remember the last time? Go Grab it Arsenal!!

  1. potter says:

    I am afraid the post was really making sense to me until the bit about Wenger taking note of Wigan and what they do. They say he does little else in his spare time but watch, think and study football. Well if he’s been watching Wigan a lot lets hope he communicates with the team and plays the game on the pitch instead of just in his head.

  2. rico says:

    Ha ha Potter, one can only hope that going back to basics may have meant looking at the opposition before playing them..


  3. potter says:

    I too am having a day at home and not going to Wembley, I really don’t like the place or the experience , walking and steps are not my strong point at the moment and that place is full of them .

  4. rico says:

    I don’t blame you Potter, I’m sure if I lived in the City or close by, I’d have been very tempted to try and get a ticket but I don’t….

    Not sure I’d cope with the tube journey either, just thinking about it makes me feel a bit wobbly….

  5. Adam says:

    It took a leap of faith to convince me to make the horrible journey to Wembley today and at such a stupid hour too. My last two trips there have been defeats and a total soaking in the rain after the Birmingham game and the Police filtered us past the greasy food stalls, to the station which took about a hour. If someone had designed the experience to be gross, they could hardly have done a better job.
    I see rain is forecast for late afternoon too.
    My appointment with the shrink is on Monday.

  6. Sukky says:

    We are winning today,I just have that feelings,and it won’t be a narrow victory.Why can’t wenger go with 2 natural winger,Ox and gnanbry,That’s why our full back are always high up,too much of work for them to do and they are exposed.Can someone remember everton 3rd goal?its due to sagna holding the ball too much with no one to pass too.We need wingers to be on the front foot.

  7. frednerk says:

    Ha ha Rico,sounds like your trying to convince yourself we will win,
    makes me think what wengers team talk will be…..
    will it be..
    Right lads I’ve had this lot watched,most of them like a fight,so our tactics are keep the ball and if any of them wigan players act tough Tell the Ref………don’t look over to me and steve

  8. rico says:

    You are clearly looking forward to today then Adam. ;)

    Really hope this team turns up away from home for once, if they don’t, may I share your Monday appointment?

  9. rico says:

    Think Serge is injured Sukky..

    I am Fred, I truly am… Those tactics sound about right to me,..

  10. Adam says:

    Rico. :)
    I had already told him I might bring a friend. :)

  11. Micko says:

    Morning all,
    Extra time and penalties, bring it on !

  12. rico says:

    Just the one Adam ;)

    Morning Micko, I’m still in shock after Eastenders last night, did you watch it??

  13. Wavy says:

    Words will fail me if Wenger doesn’t get it right! So, enough said.


  14. frednerk says:

    I like a bet no matter who the arsenal play and its on the box I back us to win minus 1 goal to start with,so when we lose its a double disappointment…I always think we will win..always
    So I wonder if wengers thinking only of winning to-day
    or is he thinking if we lose this one..its the end for me
    Big game for Arsene.

  15. Adam says:

    Has Arthur Fowler had another breakdown Rico?

  16. Sukky says:

    Hey rico,can you make it possible for people to reply on comments?It will be huge step.

  17. bradster says:

    Morning all,
    So who’s fit of the 50/50 boys?
    I see Eisfeld was training with the first team. Making up the numbers on the bench?

  18. rico says:

    I’m hoping we start quick and get at them fred and get an early goal, then go and batter them….

    No Adam, he left years ago… ;)

  19. Adam says:

    Ah. I stopped watching it the week after it started though many of my posh friends seem to like it for some strange reason. :)

  20. rico says:

    Not keen of that Sukky, it’s hard to keep track, especially if a troll gets on and starts having a go and someone…

    Hi Brad, I think all three were training yesterday so fingers crossed…

  21. Sukky says:

    Watched some of giroud clips lately,He’s not that bad,seems wenger failed with him as he did with many players.One sentence,wenger is killing most of our players

  22. Sukky says:

    Seriously? Rico? Just tell this and see how it will work out.

  23. rico says:

    :) Adam.

  24. bradster says:

    Well let’s hope Ramsey is our secret weapon and is able to do the donkey work for Arteta.

  25. frednerk says:

    Good read on news now..Barries view.

  26. Adam says:

    Sukky. Honestly, he is that bad.

  27. Micko says:

    Your so 90’s Adam.
    Steve McDonald cracks me up these days rico.
    No reyes to miss a penalty today.

  28. rico says:

    Giroud was good first half of the season, but yes, overplayed and now he’s burned out. Only one man to blame for that..

    19 goals so far this season isn’t bad on it’s own, just imagine if a pacey striker who is ruthless in front of goal was ahead of him.

  29. Sukky says:

    What about Kim,arteta and Rambo.4-3-3 would be nice.

  30. rico says:

    That kebab nearly backfired on him Micko ;)

  31. HenryB says:

    Super Post, Rico. :-)

    I had quite forgotten the game when Rpberts dumped us out on the away goals rule – how disappointing was that.

    Martinez did set his team up well to beat us last week, and although we did not play well – in fact we were dire – he deserves credit for that.

    On the tactical side, his main stroke was to play Lukaku up against Monreal and frankly it was embarrassing.
    Not only did he easily physically overpower Monreal, but he also outran him with impunity and two of their goals came directly from that.

    I presume Monreal will play today, and if Wigan have learned from Everton, and if Wenger does not beef up the midfield to help our weak link, the outcome could be similar.

    Go Gunners. Just Believe!!

  32. rico says:

    Thanks Hb.

    I’d love to see Gibbs and Monreal start and really get some pace down the left. Ox wide right and Sanogo in the middle to nab his firts goals…

  33. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning guys.
    I have no idea why anyone could be negative about today.
    Aaron is back….he brings what we have been lacking.
    They are a league below us.
    We are top 4 in the Premier League.
    We win.
    Keep the faith guys…..we are winning the FA Cup.

  34. Scott from Oz says:

    Oh, and great post Kev.

  35. Fatgun-Ug says:

    hullo all HHers.
    my fingers and toes are crossed for this one.
    thanks Rico for the post

  36. dublingunner says:

    Podolski said, Wigan have no chance if arsenal bring there A game, A joke that,s why were in this shit. Because they havn,t brought there A game to any match since the home leg versus Napoli in my opinion,they,ve been lethargic.predictable and downright out of ideas, WENGER OUT

  37. Micko says:

    Agree, great post kev.

  38. rico says:

    Morning Scott, Ramsey certainly gives us something more, hopefully that will rub off on the others….

    Morning Fg, my pleasure ;)

  39. rico says:

    Agree Micko, great post Kev…

  40. rico says:

    Dublin, I can understand your view, I really do, but is today the right day??

  41. Lee says:

    Start the game with plenty of tempo, get an early goal and then catch them on the counter…simples!

  42. Lee says:

    3-1 to the good guys!

  43. Micko says:

    He’s always nicking the plaudits rico ! Have you noticed that.

    I know we moan about the ruddy trains but those Wigan fans have a hell of a journey today.

  44. Scott from Oz says:

    Dublin, what are you on about?
    Podolski is right.
    If we bring our best game, we will win.
    Tell me exactly what is incorrect about that comment!
    It is reliant on us bringing our A game, but the statement is right.
    Catch you all at kick off.

  45. Sukky says:

    As long as I can remember,Ox and walcott has been winning our pk

  46. lule yusuf says:

    hello all. I got to say that when arsenal bow out of the running for the premiership, there is always nothing else to look forward to. cup competitions are not really exciting for arsenal imho. I think it’s because most cup competitions, be it FA, mickey mouse or UCL, involve so much tactics, something we’ve never been renown for.

  47. rico says:

    Spot on Lee, it’s all about the start toady….

    None of this tippy tappy stuff, show a bit of meaning!

  48. Lee says:

    No negativity today surely?!?!? We’ve got to be 100% behind the Arsenal today.On another blog someone wrote that they hoped we lose today so Wenger left!! Fucking mental some so-called supporters.

  49. rico says:

    :) Micko…

    Bet you don’t sleep Scott… lol

  50. rico says:

    Lule, I’m pretty excited about this, I love the FA Cp and for me, it’s better than the CL…

    Beggars belief Lee, that’s all too much about AW and nothing about Arsenal. I want AW to get CL football, the FA Cup and then leave with a bit of glory.

    He deserves it…

    I’m sure he’s already made up his mind about his future in any case…

  51. Lee says:

    Rico have you got the cava chilling in the fridge?
    Scott, you got the port ready?
    WATH…..well there’s a Y in the day, the GG will be close by.
    Kev, he’ll be peronied.
    Adam will be guzzling a nice claret.
    Stan will be creaming.
    Micko will be on the Nigerian lager.
    Potter will be supping Abbot or something along those lines.
    TS will analysing the comprehensive drubbing we hand out today! ;)

  52. lule yusuf says:

    Lee your 11:56 is spot on. some guys let their hatred for wenger outweigh their love for arsenal, something that genuine fan would not do imho. even if I may know that wenger or any other manager would mess up the team make up, I would still back whoever is on the pitch.

  53. Lee says:

    Lule, I seriously think Arsene’s time has come to move on but not until the end of the season, so let’s get behind him & the team!!

  54. lule yusuf says:

    hey Rico, I hope your expectations shall be thoroughly met, both in terms of performance and outcome. elsewhere, I wonder if Diaby will be given a new contract!

  55. rico says:

    I’m off the % stuff Lee, I could do with some of it today though ;)

  56. rico says:

    Ts will have his mileage meter on lol

  57. rico says:

    That’s really funny Woody…

  58. Wath says:

    Lee, missed out what Lee will be drinking which on a day like today will be anything he can chuck down his neck :D

    Afternoon all….

    She Wore…………….

    She Wore……………….

  59. Lee says:

    You know me so well….

  60. rico says:

    :) Wath.

  61. bradster says:

    So that’s bye bye Moyes then? Louis van Haal in.
    Surely without cl, Man U will struggle to buy players with Moyes in charge.

  62. bradster says:

    I’m pretty sure we’ll be 5th after this weekend as well. Doubt there will be any other result but a win for Everton against Sunderland.

  63. goonster says:

    Morning all….A bit apprehensive this morning. God help me. Lee I stopped creaming a while back been shitting ever since arsene ruined our season by not replacing theo. What a wank. I pity you adam. My dreams always have this knack of coming true.

  64. rico says:

    I though van Haal was off to the toots?

  65. rico says:

    Sunderland are fighting for their lives, we can but hope….

  66. goonster says:

    Uwe rosler is a mad genius. He ll make arsene look like that bushman from the movie the gods must be crazy. Arsene is so infuriatingly devoid of ideas and tactics. Someone tell me again why the twat earns 7 million quid a year. It’s beyond me.

  67. ozgunner says:

    Amazing, Evertons destiny for the top four now lies in their own hands, These final games have been incredibly kind to Wenger many times in recent years, i expect nothing different this time around, as poor as we have been, we’ll still finish above them

  68. bradster says:

    The one Glazzier brother met personally with van Haal according to the reports.
    I think the players have given up. Bardsley and Colbeck refused a new contract.

  69. rico says:

    Hi goonster, calm down ;)

  70. ozgunner says:

    goonster, there is nothing other than one bad day at the office to indicate Wigan has anything to look forward to today. They are marooned in the Championship for a reason. We have some huge embarrassments this year, most of which are our own fault, but can’t see any fear at all today 5-1

  71. rico says:

    They’ll drop point Oz, I am sure – we just have to make sure we don’t, and that’s the hard part. We have a few tricky ones left…

  72. ozgunner says:

    glad when the season is over to be honest Rico, those smashings we took did my head in and told some sad sad tales IMO Very disappointing again and some equally disappointing excuses flowing again i see

  73. bradster says:

    No doubts there Rico, Wenger’s 4th place trophy should be Arsenals.

  74. ozgunner says:

    hope all those that are off to the ground have a great day, off to bed for me soon, tough week. Night all and fingers crossed

  75. rico says:

    You and me both Oz… Seems the majority view is that AW’s is off so the summer could be very very interesting for us…

  76. rico says:

    Hope so Brad..

    Night oz.

  77. tsgh says:

    Afternoon Rico and all…
    I enjoyed reading that…
    Micko,I got your measure now…you Essex boy.lol

  78. rico says:

    Afternoon Ts, good ;)

    Nipping off out with Fido, be back shortly to get all tuned in for Wembley :) :)

    Later guys..

  79. agirlagunner says:

    Boo!! It will rain down goals today. nd it would be all AFC. :)

    COYG!! rico, you have your bottle of bubbly ready?

  80. goonster says:

    Not too long now…hey AGAG how are ya?

  81. agirlagunner says:

    Boo, goonie! I’m good. Howdy? How’s the baby girl? Keeping you up nights, eh? :) :P

    I fully expect our boys to show up and get this done and dusted.

  82. goonster says:

    I fear for “our” boys AGAG. They are so shit right now even acrinton and Stanley ll whip em.

  83. agirlagunner says:

    Ha ha, goonie. Of course you had to choose Accrington “Stanley” FC. Is that your alternate club? :D

    Not today though. We’ll smash ‘em.

  84. goonster says:

    Nah my alternate club is Willem II. I wish I can share your optimism but I don’t see it AGAG. Arsene ll lose us this game. Poor adam he is really gonna be shattered.

  85. tsgh says:

    TV05 clean sheet plus a win for us…
    The spuddies are losing..

  86. rico says:

    Afternoon all….

    No Agag, a bottle of sparkling water though… ;)


  87. snaparse says:

    really can’t see us losing tbf I expect a big performance from Wenger and d boys and I hope they deliver we should all get behind the boys ……nice read Rico

  88. rico says:

    Sanogo starts apparently..

  89. snaparse says:

    hi ts I used to watched TV during his days at ajax and I must sat I’m really disappointed with his development….. he should be up there with the best ball playing cb IMO…but I agree with u I can see us keeping a clean sheet and spanking Wigan tbh

  90. Rick. says:

    Afternoon all
    No Rosicki Chuba and Eisfeld subs
    Thats a turn up for the books

  91. tsgh says:

    Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Sanogo

  92. tsgh says:

    eisfield in bench…
    Another goal from him

  93. tsgh says:

    Akpom too…sweet

  94. tsgh says:

    hi Snap, Rick, Agag

  95. tsgh says:

    On; predictive text

  96. tsgh says:

    Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Sanogo

    BS vs Beaujois

  97. bradlop says:

    sanogo and Giroud or sanogo on for Giroud?

  98. AndrewH says:

    Afternoon all. Nervous expectation. When draw was made I thought we had City, so we have to capitalise. Where’s Rosicky, injured? Come on Sanago, be a star.

  99. tsgh says:

    Yaya only

  100. Rick says:

    Hi Ginge,
    I am feeling very excited for Chuba if he comes on he will not let us down.

  101. tsgh says:

    brad,og12 is on the bench

  102. rico says:

    Spot on Lee Dixon and Roy Keane!!

    If players aren’t up for this game, then they shouldn’t be at Arsenal!!

  103. tsgh says:

    Lets hope he gets 10 minutes at least; Rick

  104. rico says:

    Thanks re the post snaparse..

  105. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, rico, snap, ginge and Rick. :) :)

    I see you’re saving it up for the finals, rico. :P

    goonster, relax. We’re off to win this.

  106. bradlop says:

    Thanx ts. it would’ve at least been surprising with Sanogo and Giroud both on.
    If they hurry with my pizza I can catch the start.

  107. potter says:

    Arsenal team: Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Sanogo

    Subs: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Kallstrom, Akpom, Eisfeld, Giroud

  108. snaparse says:

    spot on Dixon and keane

  109. snaparse says:

    tbh akpom really should be ahead of sanogo or atleast given the same opportunity.. plus I think akpom is the better player imo

  110. tsgh says:

    But we know OG12 will come on instead of Akpom so…

    But good experience for him…

    Eisfield on for Poldi in 2nd half will be good. The young TR07

  111. potter says:

    1 major disadvantage for Akpom he is not French of African decent.

  112. rico says:

    Hi Agag, I drank it at Christmas… ;)

  113. tsgh says:

    True Potter

  114. rico says:

    Very true Potter

  115. agirlagunner says:

    A little worried about Monreal, tbh. Been looking rusty. I hope he has a top game today.

    rico, you should try those grower champagnes/farmer fizz. ;) Some interesting bottles out there at a fraction of the cost of those grandes marques bottlings. ;)

  116. rico says:

    Plenty of empty seats, you sure we are not at The Ems..

  117. rico says:

    I’m off it all Agag, until Christmas :P


  118. rico says:

    So close Postie…

  119. AndrewH says:

    So close!

  120. tsgh says:

    Ramsey… super player..
    where is Scott

  121. rico says:

    Ramsey and Ox have started really really well…

    Postie is doing ok too…

  122. AndrewH says:

    Some nice touches and flicks from Sanago

  123. rico says:

    Everton beat Sunderland :(

  124. rico says:

    Come on Gooners, raise your voices, the boys need you!

  125. tsgh says:

    No movement from Poldi and Santi…

  126. AndrewH says:

    Poldi playing? :-)

  127. rico says:

    Santi and Podolski need to get more involved…

  128. rico says:

    Great minds and all that Ts ;)

  129. rico says:

    We’ve slipped back to the sideways, backwards and slow football….

  130. AndrewH says:

    When we get a free kick in their half, swing it in!! Why short 8 yard pass to a player who has to go backwards.

  131. rico says:

    Spot on Ah

  132. tsgh says:

    Eisfeld please

  133. rico says:

    Poor first touch…

  134. rico says:

    Crikey, is that AW off his seat???

  135. rico says:

    Kev, if you happen to check on here at half-time, my messages won’t send….

  136. tsgh says:

    When was the last time Santi was effective as a no.10

  137. agirlagunner says:

    We’re dominating possession and not doing much that is meaningful with it. Come on, boys!

  138. AndrewH says:

    We needed that early goal.

  139. rico says:

    Not today that’s for sure!!

    Same old agag…

  140. rico says:

    Agree Ah.

  141. AndrewH says:

    Hit the target!

  142. rico says:


  143. rico says:

    That wasn’t offside!

  144. AndrewH says:

    No where near offside

  145. AndrewH says:

    Carson stops Sanago twice

  146. rico says:

    Poor first touch again, come on postie…

  147. potter says:

    2 up with a real centre forward

  148. AndrewH says:

    Was he a former postman?

  149. rico says:

    Need a rocket up a few players backsides….

  150. goonster says:

    God help me. Am having a nervous break down. I have a bad feeling about this guys. Wigan could sneak it on penalties.

  151. rico says:

    No Ah, but he said he wanted to be I think..

    Potter, that’ll be Akpom then…

  152. rico says:

    Roy Keane spot on about Mikel Arteta, sideways, backwards and nothing forward…

  153. snaparse says:

    dorumum wining gosh I hate tipy tapy football much prefer counter attacking…..reus and the Armenian killing Bayern plus I like kehl too……back to arsenal I think what this team mostly needs is an identity and truth be told carzola should not be a no10 for us he really doesn’t know how to connect the midfield and attack plus he hardly ever run the channels like ozil or rosicky does…..he should watch hleb more…lol

  154. rico says:

    If we don’t produce something up a few gears in the second half, forget a second trip to Wembley…

  155. goonster says:

    Rico you just jinxed it. We re doomed. I tell ya

  156. rico says:

    It’s certainly pretty average at best Goonster.

  157. goonster says:

    He can’t even motivate his team for a semi final game. He’s finished. Step down now arsene. Gosh am so pissed.

  158. rico says:

    Some of our players need to shoulder a bit of blame too, especially the one who has been chatting to the press about commitment this week and wanting to win things!

  159. AndrewH says:

    Is extra time then pens?

  160. rico says:


  161. goonster says:

    Then bench him. That’s why the manager takes all the blame to me. He is washes up, done and passed it. Please step down arsene. I don’t even care for the FA cup any more. Just leave and take ya stench with ya.

  162. rico says:

    Yep, you have a valid point!

  163. rico says:

    Oh well, AW will say Monreal was fouled in the build up..

  164. AndrewH says:


  165. goonster says:

    Lord look at them all lumbering up and down the pitch. This can’t be the same a re arsenal I grew up supporting. What a shame.

  166. potter says:

    Gibbs on we have just gone up a level , shame we are chasing the game now.

  167. rico says:

    Now watch Wigan defend this 1-0 until the end…

  168. AndrewH says:

    What have we become?

  169. rico says:

    This is simply awful…

  170. goonster says:

    Told ya…..it’s over guys.

  171. rico says:

    Giroud has got to come on now surely

  172. rico says:

    For Pod????

  173. potter says:

    But not for Podolski

  174. AndrewH says:


  175. goonster says:

    Am just in a sad state right now. There is nothing glorious about our club anymore. We need change. From top to bottom. So sad. I feel for the poor bastards that traveled from all over to watch this show of shame at wembley. So sad

  176. rico says:

    Arsene Wenger looks a lost man, and the sad thing is, it’s all of his own making….

  177. AndrewH says:

    Where is the passion on their faces?

  178. tsgh says:

    Its not looking good…

  179. AndrewH says:

    Look at that free Kick again, back into our half.

  180. potter says:

    As a gesture I reckon the prices should be reduced by 5 %

  181. AndrewH says:

    Do we even deserve it?

  182. goonster says:

    I just pictured titi paddy v ljunberg and the other invincible watching this and shaking their heads then pictured van crappy rolling on the floor in laughter. Lord God what happened to arsenal.

  183. rico says:


  184. rico says:

    Just the 5% Potter?

    No Ah, not at all!

  185. rico says:

    Why not one more sub??

  186. rico says:

    Akpom for Sanogo?

  187. rico says:

    How did that not go in??

  188. AndrewH says:

    We need a pen, no other way if scoring

  189. rico says:


  190. AndrewH says:

    Atones for pen. Why wait this long for some pressure?

  191. rico says:

    Now come on boys, one or two more!!!

  192. AndrewH says:

    I did say we day ago needed 4-4-2 :-). Instead of tippy tappy.

  193. tsgh says:

    Who scored?

  194. rico says:


  195. tsgh says:

    Thanks Rico

  196. rico says:

    A header Ts..

  197. rico says:


  198. rico says:

    5 mins added

  199. tsgh says:

    Is AW making right chances for 1’s?

  200. AndrewH says:

    We should be up other end! Not giving away corners

  201. rico says:

    Extra time then, survival of the fittest!!

    And they have a few booked ;)

  202. tsgh says:

    eisfield please Aw…

  203. AndrewH says:

    Ramsey feeling it now.

  204. AndrewH says:

    How has Sanago not touched that in

  205. AndrewH says:

    How many efforts has San had now?

  206. tsgh says:

    Yaya’s confidence will be shattered

  207. AndrewH says:

    We have found our current level. Upper half championship.

  208. rico says:

    So so close…

  209. tsgh says:

    Ox never a CM imho

  210. rico says:

    Ox is dead on his legs

  211. AndrewH says:

    I have horrible memory of penalties. Someone called Vaesson?

  212. rico says:

    Oh dear, I hate penalties….

  213. AndrewH says:


  214. tsgh says:

    Flappy save 2 olease

  215. AndrewH says:

    Carson has been MOTM

  216. rico says:

    I’m feeling slightly nauseous….

  217. AndrewH says:


  218. tsgh says:

    Arteta you Lego legend…
    Flapp,Kim bullet

  219. rico says:

    Sanogo can’t watch bless him…

  220. tsgh says:

    Come on og12

  221. AndrewH says:

    3 out of three

  222. AndrewH says:

    Please Santi

  223. AndrewH says:


  224. rico says:

    We got there in the end, 4 stunning penalties, 2 top class saves and we are through!!


  225. AndrewH says:


  226. agirlagunner says:

    My knees have been reduced to Jell-o.

  227. tsgh says:

    respect from me to santi…
    He didn’t bottle it…
    As I said earlier flappy to save 2

  228. AndrewH says:

    First thing we have done right all day.

  229. agirlagunner says:

    Flappy MoTM. Whew!!!

  230. AndrewH says:

    If we had lost that, who would have any legs for Tuesday

  231. AndrewH says:

    Keep Fabianski in, he deserves it

  232. goonster says:

    I died and shit myself a couple of times. Gosh damn you arsene. You ll pay for this.

  233. rico says:

    Not sure they’ll have any legs for Tuesday anyway….

  234. AndrewH says:

    Sant’ down the middle. Never like that, thank goodness goaly dived.

  235. agirlagunner says:

    Sooo soo happy. In the end, all that matters is that we did it. Our boys have done us proud(ish). :D :D

  236. rico says:

    Fabianski must play in the final, and AW should do all he can to get him to stay….

  237. goonster says:

    AGAG I almost had a heart attack. Look guys fa cup or not arsene has got to go. He is inept. End of.

  238. goonster says:

    He won’t wanna stay rico. Arsene ll always prefer chezzer.

  239. goonster says:

    Congrats guys…A trophy on the horizon finally.

  240. AndrewH says:

    More like it Goonster, we can get back to AW next week ;-)
    Absolutely exhausted, watched alone as wife out on a hen do, glad had some company on here to suffer ring with!

  241. potter says:

    Got away with that then.

  242. rico says:

    Goodness knows why after this season goonster, Fabianski has been outstanding…

  243. rico says:

    :) Ah, I too and mentally and physically drained…

  244. AndrewH says:

    Seriously though, we just did not show the passion we needed. All I was wishing for during game was those not playing, Ozil, Walcott, Wilshere. Not a good sign. Ox and Fski excepted.

  245. tsgh says:

    from creaming to pooping your pants goonie… lol

    now Sanogo needs to be benched! Akpom ande Kim deserve a chance..

  246. rico says:

    2005 all over potter…

    After that I’d be tempted to say it’s got to be our time…

    On that note, enjoy the win, if not the performance…

    Catch up tomorrow…..

    Night all…

  247. goonster says:

    I might cream when verm holds the trophy aloft in 5 weeks time….oh hold on I just did. The thought alone just brings it about. You know what I change my mind. 7 years contract for arsene. And an extension for everyone else including diaby. Am feel very generous this evening. In arsene I trust.

  248. tsgh says:

    lol goonster..

    Night Rico

  249. agirlagunner says:

    Good night, guys. :) :) Not exactly our shining moment, but I’m not complaining.

    Too much to drink, goonie. ;)

    ginge, and BvB won, too. On top of it all, Barcelona lost to relegation team Granada. Hahahaha.

  250. Sukky says:

    At last,We nailed it.Proud of the spirit,really poor game.

  251. Joaquim Moreira says:

    hello everyone!
    I’m abroad and I’ve watched the goals and the final score. Ufff!! We reach the final!
    We were beaten by chelsea again. Now in u-18
    Everton won again….

  252. Micko says:

    tsgh, I admit to having crossed over the border to Romford for the odd forray or two in my youth but always made it back safely to my home patch, the mean streets of Norf Landan !

    A stay of execution for Arsene, lots of disappointed journo’s this evening I suspect, stall the printers, we will have to wait a little bit longer to hear the exclusives on Arsene Wengers successor !

  253. AndrewH says:

    Night all

  254. BrainwashedKev says:

    Micko, 10.15am…

    Psychic Mick…..

  255. BrainwashedKev says:

    Did I have anenjoyable afternoon at Wembley yesterday???


    It was 2 hours plus of agony…
    All I felt at the end was an overriding feeling of relief…

    Sagna had a great game, as did AOC…

    Sorry Rico, I thought that Sanogo was poor…

    Fabianski must play in the Final…

    Wigan were organised, but offered little…

    Arsenal were predictable…

    Night All

  256. Scott from Oz says:

    Funny, i never doubted for a second we would get through.
    Even at 1-0, i thought it was a matter of time.
    How good were our penalty takers and Fabianski?
    Hats off…they did the job perfectly.
    Job done, and one day, Sanogo will be an absolute beast.
    He just needs to get a much better first touch, but the talent is there.

  257. Scott from Oz says:

    Who was it said Fabianski was a great keeper?? :) :) :)

  258. ozgunner says:

    have to say Scott, your elation at beating a championship team on penalties says it all as to where we’re now at as a club mate. Fifth in the league behind the loan team Everton, miles off the top again and only 4 points in front of the totally hapless Spurs and Wenger is king? Also your great keeper? Is this the one Wenger has allowed to run out of contract? Nice to be in the final but it papers over glaring cracks make no mistake.

  259. ozgunner says:

    Kev – i agree with your post. Made very hard work of that now we have to focus on staying out of the europa cup. Evertons fixtures will help’- this season disappeared on the back on Wenger’s bad calls in the January window, salvage what we can.

  260. Lee says:

    Well talk about make hard work of that….
    A club of Arsenal’s stature and our fire power is Giroud, Sanago and NB is beyond a fucking joke!
    Still we in a final.
    Morning peeps.

  261. ozgunner says:

    Agree Lee – Although its great to make the final, it’s hard not to believe it will cost us big time again in the coming window. We only need super super players etc… you know the story. Really needs to look at today’s table, its all there, the so called improvement he talks of every year once again is not present in the facts.

  262. rico says:

    Bob Wilson has Prostate Cancer……

    Be strong big guy and you’ll get through it….

    Morning Lee, Oz and all….

  263. rico says:

    Kev, re Sanogo, so do I.

    But, I don’t blame him at all, I blame the situation we are in and having to call on him in order to rest/rotate Giroud who has been equally as bad of late.

    I agree with Scott though, if he can get his first touch right, he may turn out to be a good player but again, how much football has he played in the last couple of years? Maybe even Diaby has played more times?

    What I do find hard to understand though is how matured and experienced players like Cazorla, Arteta and Podolski were so very average.

    Arteta is all about sideways and backwards and the other two just weren’t really in the game and didn’t seem too bothered about it. Having bleated on to the press last we about how we need to find this, that and the other in order to win trophies, Cazorla really didn’t show any of the kind of football he wants to see.

    It must be tough to play a good game when a number of players can’t be arsed.

    Roy Keane may not be everyone’s favourite person/pundit but he hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said that if players can’t be bothered, they don’t deserve to be at a club like Arsenal!

  264. rico says:

    I don’t get all the criticism over how the players celebrated like it was a final after winning the penalty shoot-out either.

    Those same buffoons are the one’s who like to remind us in every sentence they mention Arsenal, that we haven’t won a trophy for……years. Well we have just got to one so why can’t they wind their necks in for once!!

    I bet Man City would have liked the chance to have got to penalties during their match against Wigan!!

  265. Adam says:

    Morning Rico and all. As a match day experience yesterday left quite a lot to be desired for me. Whatever it is some see in Sanogo has evaded me so far. I see an awkward player with no touch who makes bad decisions. Sure, he will get better but can you imagine any other top side in Europe starting a game of such importance with a player who is so raw? It goes to Wenger for me and not the player. He has let us fall so far behind with his constant lack of transfer activity and blunt refusal to address what everybody (well, nearly everybody) else can see so plainly, it constitutes gross negligence for me. It’s not Sanogo’s fault, it’s Wenger’s. A proper striker would have taken the game away from Wigan in the first half. In the second the midfielders were looking for other options apart from him and it wasn’t until Giroud came on that there were any. At least he wasn’t get bundled off the ball, the silly big sod.
    After 16 years of him, to be left in this state, cobbling together sides of players with no game plan and no drive or pace is really not on.
    Speaking to fans yesterday on the train there and back and inside and outside that ghastly shithole Wembley it is very clear that Wenger has lost them. Big time. I was surprised actually at how everyone just feels that it’s time to move on now. It was writ large on the pitch yesterday. We really were quite awful against a team that offered virtually nothing.
    Funnily enough I found little appetite among the fans for Martinez either.
    Anyway, we’re through. If that’s all that matters to you, then so be it.

  266. Scott from Oz says:

    Oz, we are through to an Fa Cup final, yet you still look for any negative you can.
    Citeh aren’t there…that’s right, Wigan beat them.
    Liverpool aren’t…..who knocked them out again?
    Seriously, you should not put yourself through the pain of following Arsenal mate…..its obviously too stressful.
    Also, where did i even mention Wenger, let alone label him King??
    Forget the “level” our club is at….what is wrong with some Arsenal supporters and their “level” of support?
    Yes, we were ordinary, and i never suggested otherwise.
    Why, though, can Gooners not celebrate an FA cup SF win without having doomsayers telling us what is wrong with the club?
    It is amost as if some want us to fail so they can tell us all “i told ya so”.
    Morning all.
    Apologies for being happy.

  267. Scott from Oz says:

    Adam, it isn’t all that matters mate…well, not to me.
    It is, however, something to enjoy.
    Win the cup.
    Arsene leaves with a smile.
    The new guy can top up our squad.
    That is what matters, but for a short time we can smile.

  268. Adam says:

    Morning Scott. If it happens then that will be a step forward but I wouldn’t take it as a given mate.

  269. Scott from Oz says:

    I asked a question elsewhere……
    I wonder how people would feel if we beat Wigan 6-8 weeks ago and Liverpool yesterday.

  270. Scott from Oz says:

    I know, but that is what i’d love to see happen.
    I admit his time is up, but to go out with the first trophy since the stadium switch would be fitting.
    Fingers crossed.

  271. rico says:

    Morning Adam.

    Yesterday was awful, but in the here and now, yes, I am thrilled that we are through to the final and I hope we can go on and win.

    But of course the problems run deep, that is very clear to all.

    What happened on the pitch wasn’t for the first time either so it really was no great surprise to see us play the way we did.

    The summer will bring changes, one way or another…

  272. rico says:

    Morning Scott, I’m happy, very happy that we won….

    I believe if we can get the FA Cup, huge pressure will be lifted everywhere within the club.

    As for AW, he’s made up his mind already I am sure and his ‘the Wigan win bears no relevance to my future’ confirms that…

  273. Adam says:

    Rico. I agree, but the question is, what changes? Just a cursory glance at those about to leave tells me that a new manager will likely have to do 6 ins and 6 outs to stand still. Quite honestly, can you see Wenger achieving that? Especially when your strike target could well be Kalou?

  274. Scott from Oz says:

    My gut says Wenger will go.
    No evidence, obviously, just my feeling.
    I reckon Yaya will be good, but two, three years down the track.
    I disagree with you on his potential, Adam, but you are right…he is certainly not to blame for being asked to lead the line.

  275. rico says:

    Very good question Scott and I strongly suspect there would be a very different feeling amongst fans…

  276. rico says:

    That’s a million dollar question Adam but having a gutless board behind AW hardly helps.

    I very much doubt Kalou will ever join Arsenal though, if AW truly ever wanted to sign him, he would have by now surely…

  277. Adam says:

    Scott. He really has to go and the evidence is on the pitch. Our form recently is that of a relegation side and I can detect no game-plan at all. At a time when the club has, financially, never been in better shape, the crap he is serving up is all the evidence we need that he is finished. If we don’t make the CL then it will be a real consequence of his inert style of management. I cannot see any future under him myself but I bet that Kroenke can.
    Sanogo is a sideshow, just not a very funny one.

  278. Scott from Oz says:

    Wenger may as well neck himself if he stays on and doesn’t spend up big.
    Rico, if i do say so, it is an interesting question…..it should make no difference, but it would.

  279. bradster says:

    Morning all,
    I’m sure we’re all happy to be in the final, it’s the way we went about it that’s the problem. Especially because our stand out performance was the saves and how well we took penalties.
    Some say Wigan threw that one with the penalty takers they chose. I would agree, especially when Gomez scored one in the game.

    Your positivity Scott reminds me of SP when we were top of the league. Then his positivity of second, third, top 4…. Surely we can be unhappy with aspects that are wrong with the team, game play, tactics, etc and still be relieved and ellated that we made the final?

  280. Scott from Oz says:

    Adam, that is why i have always said nothing will change until Stan leaves.
    Any new manager will be asked to produce exactly what Wenger has.

  281. Adam says:

    Rico. It isn’t the board that’s gutless. It is Kroenke’s business-plan. The board at Arsenal are purely symbolic. Wenger has Kroenke’s ear and Kroenke is not ambitious.

  282. rico says:

    It has Scott….

    Adam, there are reports around today that SK wants to get AW’s new deal sorted this week….

  283. Scott from Oz says:

    Bradster, i am not asking anyone to forget or ignore the problems, but plenty around the net expect us to forget the result.

  284. rico says:

    When I say board Adam, I mean Kroenke and his puppets..

  285. Adam says:

    Scott. The fans will not take much more of this stuff. They will vote with their feet. It has happened before. The support for Wenger is very, very low.

  286. rico says:

    Morning Bradster.

    My view is poor performance, great result in the end….

    As soon as the season finishes, huge issues have to be addressed…

  287. Adam says:

    Rico. I can easily see that would be true. Pretty soon there will be something of a backlash against the whole of the club. I can’t work out why Usmanov doesn’t just make Kroenke an offer he simply couldn’t refuse.

  288. Scott from Oz says:

    Adam, can you see ST holders not renewing in large numbers?
    Alternatively, will they renew but not attend?
    Rico, changes simply must be made this time around.
    As i said, if Wenger stays and stuffs around in another TW, he will have a target painted on his forehead.

  289. Scott from Oz says:

    Adam, that is a great question re: Usmanov, and that is why i am not sure about him.
    He has so much money, and proclaims to love Arsenal so much, why doesn’t he do just that?

  290. rico says:

    Maybe Usmanov is waiting for the right time Adam. That time could be very soon…

    I can but hope…..

  291. Adam says:

    Scott. I can mate. It has been happening for a few seasons now. The waiting list is a myth. If you are as totally apathetic as the fans and then you are asked to pay a quite ridiculous amount of money to watch what Wenger is dishing up, then they are awkward bedfellows. You yourself saw the poor fans turnout against Swansea yet the club boast just under 60,000.
    The club have taken the piss out of the fans and the fans know it. But they will be more concerned with the fact that they cannot sell the corporate boxes for next season. A number of large businesses have declined to renew already. You remember what you said about the Chelsea fanbase to me? That is what is happening at Arsenal.

  292. Scott from Oz says:

    Fair enough.
    Let us all hope the necessary changes are made, and quickly.
    I am not pretending all is well because we beat Wigan, but i think winning the Cup gives Wenger the perfect send off.
    Again, that is just my take……hope i am right.

  293. Adam says:

    Personally, I am only pissed off about it because I care. I cannot bear to see the Greek tragedy that is playing out in front on of our eyes. It hurts everyone who loves the club and that was the real story of yesterday for me. The sadness among the fans and the way that they shrug their shoulders about the decline of Arsenal. There was about an hour’s queuing to get to Wembley Park station after the game. An hour of tight, packed fans and how I wish Wenger could have been standing incognito in that throng to hear what the fans really think.
    The fans are the club.

  294. rico says:

    There is no better time than the end of May for AU to make his move if that’s what he truly intends to do…

    Mid season, especially when we were sat top was not the time, no way would Kroenke entertain selling then but if we end up 5th and not winning the FA Cup, Kroenke may just think, ‘I don’t need this crap’…

    He may think that anyway, especially if AW leaves as any new manager will want a big transfer pot to spend…

    Imo of course…

  295. rico says:

    That’s just how I feel Scott….

  296. Scott from Oz says:

    Adam, it would have been even better to have Stan amongst them :)
    Lets win this cup and see where it leads us.
    I reckon the club is positioned to be a dominant club in Europe IF Stan allows it.

  297. rico says:

    You know Scott, I actually don’t give a toot about Europe, I much prefer the domestic league and trophies…

  298. rico says:

    New post up now….

  299. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning All…

    Scott, I wonder if Cowboy Kroenke even knew or cared that his moneypot had a game yesterday…

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