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Big summer transfer boosts! Wembley – the happy and the sad!

Morning all.

Transfer Gossip:

Toulouse right back Serge Aurier, 21, to join Arsenal despite interest from super-rich French clubs Monaco and PSG (The Sun).

Manchester United will compete with the Gunners to sign France midfielder Maxime Gonalons, 25 (TalkSport).

Arsenal have been given a boost in their pursuit of Dynamo Kiev midfielder Younes Belhanda, 24, after the player said he was “dreaming” of a move to the Premier League (Metro).

Oh, and someone somewhere has started a cheeky rumour which suggests Nacho Monreal, Thomas Vermaelen, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud could all be on their way out in the summer….

Onto some serious stuff:

Arsenal at Wembley.

Those words should fill us with feelings of excitement, anticipation and visions of glory.

But doesn’t for me, it just reminds me of the many occasions that I’ve slogged away from the stadium, back down Wembley Way, whilst listening to the distant celebrations with an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach… Many of you will have shared those feelings of anguish, ones which lasted the entire summer.

Wembley is not a lucky ground for Arsenal. It’s a stadium where the ghosts of Hugh Ferguson, Don Rodgers, Alan Clarke and Rodger Osborne haunt our memories and trample on our dreams.

The Over the Line FACup Final of 1932, the injury ravaged team that ended the 1952 FACup Final with seven fit players, narrowly losing 1-0, the Trevor Brooking ‘once in a lifetime’ headed goal that robbed an exhausted Arsenal team in 1980 and who could ever forget the stumbling Gus Ceasar in 1988…

Lucky ground? My Arse-nal….

Even the Champions League experiment for two seasons saw Arsenal lose three of their six home games. It was a disaster in terms of results and we soon switched back to Highbury…

And who recalls Arsenal’s first ever FACup Semi-Final at Wembley vs Tottenham in 1991. The Champions elect who won the 1990-91 title losing only one game, somehow managed to lose 3-1 to our bitterest rivals…

Wembley jinx? A bigger jinx than even Scott From Oz… Yes, hard to believe… :-)

Those defeats linger long and hard in the memory bank and the Press never let us forget them either as they lap up every reversal with glee… And then remind us that our last trophy was 2005…

An FA Cup Semi-Final defeat to Chelsea in 2009 and that excruciatingly painful last minute defeat to Birmingham in 2011 remain the most recent visits to the New Wembley. New Stadium, same site, same kick in the Goolies for us Gooners!

God help us if we ever again reach the Champions League Final and it’s at Wembley. I think I’ll check into a monastery for the duration…

Of course it’s not been all doom and gloom, I’m just being a bit miserable. You know, having a Wath moment. ;-)

Charlie George and Charlie Nicholas remain my fondest memories from that dump in North-West London. Tony Adams heading the only goal in the 1993 ‘revenge’ FACup S/F. Steve Morrow and Andy Linighan in the same year. Marc Overmars & Nicholas Anelka in 1998, whilst Alan Sunderland brought me from the depths of despair to unbridled joy in 1979.

Arsenal thrashing Tottenham 4-0 in the Makita Cup when Brian Marwood took them to the cleaners, I loved that day…

Alex James, Reg Lewis, Paul Merson, Ian Wright, Jack Lambert, David Price, Frank Stapleton, all scored for winning Arsenal cup final teams, so there is hope….

It isn’t going to be easy against Wigan, remember Man City, twice…

It’s never easy for Arsenal at Wembley, but this time it just has to be our day.

Doesn’t it???

Written by BrainwashedKev


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231 Responses to Big summer transfer boosts! Wembley – the happy and the sad!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all.

    Loved it Kev, absolutely loved it.

    Whose silly idea was it to play our CL fixtures at Wembley?

    Surely this has to be our turn, I hope to see Aaron Ramsey flat on his back taking the plaudits having got us through and in CG fashion..

    Mind you, I’d take a 1-0 victory with Giroud having to redo his quiff after getting the winner…

  2. rico says:

    I do know really, honest. Dein.

  3. Scott from Oz says:

    In Aaron we trust.
    Morning all.

  4. ozgunner says:

    what’s happening team? All good?

  5. rico says:

    What about the rest Scott. lol

  6. ozgunner says:

    Scott only needs one player Rico :-)

  7. rico says:

    All is rosy Oz, the sun is shining and we’re off to Wembley..

    Just hope the boys really want to get there twice and put in a top class performance to ensure they do…


    Sagna Merts TV Gibbs

    Kim Ramsey Rosicky

    Serge Sanogo OC

    Simples :P

  8. rico says:

    Ha ha Oz…

  9. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning once more Rico,
    was that Darren Dein trolling again?

    Thanks for the sub-edit boss… :-)

  10. Wavy says:

    I’m an AKB……Aaron kicks brilliantly!

    We have a chance on Saturday, a slim chance, with all the injuries, lack of confidence and lack of tactics, we should just about scrape through. Man for man Wigan are obviously better players have a better manager and of course recent previous history. It’s all stacked against us! We’re even playing at one of our most unlucky venues!
    If I were a betting man I’d bet my house on the weaker team.


  11. rico says:

    Morning Kev, I didn’t touch a thing…. ;)

    Must be ST renewal time, what with the transfer budget being leaked and now a few big names being inked….


  12. rico says:

    Different competition can mean a very different approach Wavy, and seeing as we have been so so poor recently, it’s got to get better….

  13. tsgh says:

    Excellent read Kev…

    I remember us also struggling against WHU in 1989 or 1988 in the FA and then won by a single go in the FA cup…

    Yaya has had more chances than Park who was one of Ligue 1’s top strikers even for a relegated AS Monaco team… he was also Korea’s top striker but got nothing…
    Time for him to earn his place… I may even call back B-52

    The favouritism I dislike is that B-52 got suspended from the grounds for his antics in Denmark even though he was not in the squad for BM; whilst OG12 gets a tickle for having his personal match before his poor showing at Liverpool…

    Time to give Akpom a chance imho…

  14. tsgh says:

    Whatever we do I hope SC19 is not started imho…
    He is not made for these kind of back against the wall games especially against a physical wigan team with Maloney and Watson plus even Garcia Penche pulling the strings… imo

  15. ozgunner says:

    trouble is we all know what winning this cup means and for me the last weeks have made is very clear we need serious surgery – will winning the a third preference event will be used to paper over the cracks yet again, i think so.

  16. tsgh says:

    So you don’t want a win then Oz? ;)

    personally believe winning te FA cup may see the back of AW…

  17. Scott from Oz says:

    Watch the spark Ramsey brings to the side.
    Watch how those around him suddenly look better.
    Could I be right twice in 2 years?
    Bet you all hope so :)

  18. rico says:

    Ts, no Nik for me, he’s gone….

  19. ozgunner says:

    tsgh – to be perfectly honest mate, i just don’t care either way. I am so over all of them and feel they ALL need a real kick in the arse and there is no one in this whole club capable of doing that which is why it continues year after year. I see no change in sight either TBH

  20. Scott from Oz says:

    Oz, I have asked what those complaining about no trophies for 9 seasons would do if we won the Cup, and you just answered it……tell us the Cup is not worthwhile.
    Mate, if you are going to use a point to suit your argument, then how can you turn on it when it doesn’t help your case?
    Sorry, but that is not fair.
    I have not heard a single person say the FA Cup is third rate until the last few weeks.

  21. tsgh says:

    lol.. Scott you are always wrong… Sean says so… ;)

    I will play TR07 next to Ramsey and drop Arteta or play Arteta, Ramsey and TR07 and try to replicate the performance that got Conte, Pelle’,Klopp and Pep all to tip us as the potential title winners…

    I can’t believe TR07 has been playing as a box to box player for years and current for his national team too but Aw has only played him there 1’s…

    On the occasions that TR07, MA08 and AR16 have been on the pitch together they have talked amongst themselves and changed things though…

  22. ozgunner says:

    rubbish Wenger has made it very clear year in year out this is our seasons third priority, come on mate

  23. tsgh says:

    I agree Rico but at this stage he is better than Yaya imo…

  24. rico says:

    I do Scott :)

    As much as finishing outside Europe and losing on Sat may just ring the changes, I desperately want us to win the FA Cup, get 4th at least and then let AW walk away with his head high.

    Unless he’s bought himself a ‘football in 2014/15 workbook and is busy reading it as I type… ;)

  25. Scott from Oz says:

    Oz, I aimed that at you, not Wenger.
    Just like 4th has never been good enough, not its imperative.

  26. rico says:

    Better, maybe slightly but Yaya just looks so keen and enthusiastic and he seems to hold no fear….

  27. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, that is my wish as well.
    Get that first trophy since the move, and walk away gracefully.
    Won’t that put a rocket up Stan?

  28. rico says:

    Oz, I think this season he has said the FA cup is very important…

    It sure is right now :)

  29. Scott from Oz says:

    I would play Yaya.
    Yes he is raw and unproven.
    Giroud is flat….he is done for the season.

  30. tsgh says:

    Rico- AW bringing in Dragan for Boro will be a great start imho…

    I can’t stomach Boro’ being the hype man for AW and earning 10k a week doing jack all imho…

  31. BrainwashedKev says:

    Whatever the modern day view is of the FA Cup, I for one, will be absolutely delignted if we win it, not least for the Psychological benefits that it’ll have on the entire club and fanbase…

    Of course, our usual critics in the Press/Media, will do all they can to belittle that Arsenal success (Please God) but they’ll have no effect on how i’ll feel when I am (Please God) standing outside Islington Town Hall celebrating our first success (Please God) of the Emirates era…

  32. rico says:

    It should do Scott… It should do, he’ll also have many a sleepless night knowing any new manager will want the assurance of money…

  33. Scott from Oz says:

    Well said Kev.
    It will be enormous for us.

  34. rico says:

    I don’t enough about Dragan Ts, so I’ll have to take your word on that but it’s quite clear the other idiot hasn’t been doing much for a while….

  35. tsgh says:

    I hope be breaks his duck this weekend tho’…

    I really wish AW will go back to basics and play the hungry young players like he use to….

    Akpom to me has a lot of potential and is Arsenal proper too…

    Watching BVB drop certain players and playing the likes of Durm and dropping Sahin was a delight and they could have won against mega rich RM who spent over £120M on players last summer if Lew and Mkhitaryan had their shooting boots on…

    Fans and pundits talk about AW poor buys like Ozil; what if Aw had spent 37 million on illaramendi… he makes Denilson look like Dunga in CM…

  36. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, that’s right.
    Unless he wants a nobody in.
    Either way, Stan will be in the shit lol
    He will miss Arsene even more than his most ardent of fans.

  37. rico says:

    Spot on Kev…

  38. rico says:

    Akpom on the bench maybe…

    I’m still not convinced AW will walk away Scott..

  39. tsgh says:

    Rico-I don’t know much about Dragan apart from that he was a proper no.10 too… but was the original Diaby… he was tipped to be a great but was always injured at OM…

    Interesting how Gary Linker is always complaining about our injuries record… he has forgotten about his in the later stages of his career!

  40. frednerk says:

    Even taking into account our last 9 games,
    should be a comfortable win,
    agree with scott ramsey,big plus for us.

  41. tsgh says:

    I have never seen Flamini and Arteta communicate on the pitch…

    Teh 30 minutes that AR16 was on the pitch the communication between them was refreshing…

    No flapping of hands in the heat of battle when no one really listens…

  42. rico says:

    So no idea what he is like as a coach?

    Do you guys ever read any of the ‘Eds’ comments on the rumour site??

  43. rico says:

    Call me curious, but I wonder why Sky Sports are showing our successful seasons on TV again today..

    Do they think they know something I wonder….

  44. tsgh says:

    Rico-No I don’t I only go there when Malaga is about… any news?

    Dragan won a few titles in Japan…

    When we played against his team in Japan he set them up very well and I liked what I saw… he will have some new ideas too and has that Brian kidd aura about him…

    My only hesitation will is that he may be another friend/disciple of AW

  45. rico says:

    I too agree re AR, a huge boost for all concerned..

  46. tsgh says:

    Rico, you are becoming a conspirator too? :)

    What is your theory on why they are showing our successful years…?

  47. potter says:

    1993 when the Donkey won the Derby one good day at Wembley and 1971 when Charlie hit one for another.

  48. AndrewH says:

    Good post kev, even though I started getting miserable remembering too may events!

    Scott, please don’t say ‘we trust’ in any context, it makes my blood boil seeing the banners still ;-)

    I would not be totally surprised for us all to be deflated as the team news comes in …. AR on the bench.

  49. rico says:

    I said Ts, do SS’s think they know something?

  50. tsgh says:

    Rico-I just read the rumour site…
    Interesting…I said on here awhile back that I heard Stan came down to sign his part of Aw’s contract but AW never said down to do his… I have recently suspected that Sagna will be Aw’s first signing at Psg too. Also considering the elimination of Psg last night…
    Laurent Blan’s contract won’t be renewed that is for sure imho..

    The ass-kissing he was giving Ibrahimovic and the fact that when the list of who voted for who came out Aw chose him over ronaldo and Messi too says something to me…

    Not sure about the Klopp rumours though… he just signed a new contract extension with a £10M release clause… can anyone see Stan paying for Klopp to join us?

  51. rico says:

    The 2005 wasn’t bad either, batter for the entire game and then won on penalties, what a steal :)

    Sadly though, that was the beginning of the end…..

  52. tsgh says:

    Maybe the players know he is going.. :P

    The latest comment from TV was also interesting… their body language is very telling…

    As I have been saying though… I am more worried about 2 of Sagna, Ozil, Kosser and Ozil leaving than us bringing in a striker for top striker… who are scarce to find too…

  53. Scott from Oz says:

    Andrew, i am hoping for a change of its use :)

  54. AndrewH says:

    morning rico, was that when we decided to play Dennis up front as a lone striker, an awful decision …. but we somehow won?

  55. rico says:

    Ah, my own thought is AR will be the first name on the team-sheet after his cameo on Sunday…

  56. Scott from Oz says:

    Aaron will be skipper :)

  57. rico says:

    We’ll have to see what unfolds Ts and we won’t have to wait too long…

    How rude of me Ah, morning to you too…

    Not sure, but it was the game when Giggs had an open goal but skewed it over the bar :)

  58. Scott from Oz says:

    Keep the faith guys…..the Cup is at the Engravers already :)
    Night all.

  59. BT62 Gooner says:

    Afternoon folks,can anyone advise on good watering holes around Wembley,for pre match guzzling on Saturday? Cheers in advance.

  60. Bob John says:

    Love the article Kev. Although David Price never scored at Wembley. Are you meaning the 1st goal against the Mancs where Price cut the bal back for Talbot/Sunderland to score 1/2 a goal each? My dislike of Wembley and Liverpool stems from 1971 when a mob of scousers beat up and robbed my then 16 year old brother outside the ground taking his ticket, money and watch. Assuming that some of the perpetrators are still alive (shame!)the thought of Liverpool winning the league and bringing joy to theose bastards fills me with bile!

  61. rico says:

    Night Scott….

  62. rico says:

    Afternoon BT62, loads where I live but nowhere near Wembley ;)

    Lee, Adam and Kev might be able to help though….

  63. rico says:

    Bj, that’s an awful thing to have happened to your brother, bastards.

    I dislike them enormously…. Finger crossed City beat them this weekend…

  64. BT62 Gooner says:

    Cheers Rico,could turn into a slow crawl from Finsbury to Wembley! Lee,Adam and Kev any input on boozers close to Wembley?

  65. Wath says:

    BT, the Pubs down Wembley hi rd will be mobbed… I’d drink off manor and get to the ground just before kick off…! The big old boozer outside Preston Rd was always decent but not sure nowadays…?

  66. Wath says:


    Afternoon All…

    Ts, you rate Aurier don’t you….?!?!?

    Crap post Kev, boring and positive….. Are you demented…?
    I’m going back to the bar for another double… only double that’s realistic…!

  67. rico says:

    Afternoon Wath, just up?? ;)

  68. rico says:

    Aurier and Bellhanda would be a good start in the summer wouldn’t they Wath?

    And Santi is trying to convince Casillas to move too…. ;)

  69. tsgh says:

    Hi WAth… I thought you went about with GG in your camouflage camel bag? :P

    I do but he likes the limelight too much for him to be on the good books of AW…

    The reason like M’villa’s case AW opted out I read once…

  70. tsgh says:

    Rico, don’t tell me off but I keep telling you the player is Cabella not Belhanda… ;)

    Belhanda is a cross between Chamakh and Adel Taarabt imho…Both lazy as they come…

    Belhanda will be another no.10 who will go short when he starts getting kicked by the opposing DM… I think we have a few of those…

    Belhanda is now playing with Dynamo Kyiv… Cabella is the winger I know for a fact you would want… :D

  71. rico says:

    Oh, ok then Ts – no Belhanda then. Doh, silly me… lol

  72. tsgh says:

    for RB, Coleman for me but at £17M minimum we wont go there and so I will go for S04’s Uchida instead… they can have Poldi as part of the deal now as it was purported,unless a new manger comes in and decides to use him differently…

  73. Wath says:

    Cabela for me Rico don’t rate Belhanda that highly to be honest..!
    TS you still think Gonalons a good option or rather Schneiderlin..?

  74. rico says:

    That’s fair Wath, I always thought he was quite good but to be honest, when a player is in the media begging for a move, I do wonder…..

    I like Schneiderlin though….

  75. tsgh says:

    I am not so sure Gonalon is defensive enough or a leader that can take us over the line when needed…

    Saying that this season the Mrs has put me on football rations so I am not so well informed on Lyon/Ligue 1 apart from their form which is not too great…

    Like most French players they are a revelation when they come through initially but then they do not fulfill their potential imho

    For me we do not need better players but big game players… what most pundits call leaders…

    Look at the chelsea squad as an example… we have more captains in our squad than they have but they have big game players…

    When Chelsea bought Schurle, I said that he may not be technically as good as Reus or SC19 but he will put in the shift and won’t go hiding…

    A team of the likes of Mata, Silva, Santi, Ozil etc will be top quality on paper but equipped to win any manager a title in this league imho…

  76. tsgh says:

    The Belhanda and OG12 combination was like TH14 and DB10 in 2003 but different leagues different expectations etc… i always thought he liked to play too deep against physical teams; and he does not tackle much…

    At Montpellier he was a big fish in a small pond…

    When Montpellier won the title and the presssure was on them to at least finish in Europe as no one expected them to finish above Psg, OM etc they bottled it so…

    Cabella was the only expection

  77. rico says:

    Rubin Kazan’s teenage forward Sardar Azmoun has told Iranian television that he has an offer on the table from Arsenal as he considers his next move.

    The 19-year-old also claims to have been approached by Serie A heavyweights Juventus and AC Milan after catching the eye in the Russian Premier League this season with three goals in 10 appearances.

    He insists no decision on his future has been made as yet, with all options set to be considered.

    The youngster is flattered by the interest, as he is yet to be capped at senior level by Iran, and has revealed that discussions regarding a possible summer switch will continue ahead of the re-opening of the transfer window.

    Azmoun told showNavad: “I have offers from three major clubs: Arsenal, AC Milan and Juventus.

    “I also had an offer from Barcelona, but due to their transfer ban the club is out of the picture at the moment.

    “The talks with both Milan and Arsenal are getting very serious. Both clubs have spoken to Kazan.

    “But for me, it’s important to keep focus on Kazan. We have seven games left, I will decide after these games.

    “I’m very proud to have Arsenal looking at me but, as I said, right now I’m only focusing on the Russian league.”

  78. Wath says:

    Ts spot on with Belhanda, def a luxury player and goes missing when it matters, we have had enough of those and still have a few..! Cabela always seems up for it and it pretty game to get stuck in as well.

    If i am honest I want Jenkinson given a chance if Sagna goes…!
    Also want like a few for Akpom to be given more chances it’s madness he went preseason tour scored and put himself about and then don’t get a look in through the season.

  79. Good Afternoon Rico and All

    Good Read Kev; such a nice history lesson. But this time it would be different. We don’t have the bottomless pocket like Mancity but Wiganians are going to live to respect us. We are Gunners for a reason. This FA cup has our name written all over it.

  80. Wath says:

    I hope the players don’t go on the pitch Saturday thinking the Cup has our name on it Nash…!

  81. rico says:

    Afternoon Ng..

    Ditto re Wath’s comment, we want balls and attitude from our lot, otherwise we’ll be gonners…

  82. tsgh says:

    Hi Ng…

    Wath…to me it is negligence on Aw’s part… I was discussing the same with Syg over the summer re Akpom.

    The same way AW went with Aneke and played him as a CB because in his mind he was not going to use him… Aneke is another player who has the power to come on and drive at teams… he can even play as a DM too…

    shocking how he and Afobe showed loyalty to us by not joining Barca and got nothing back…

    It is a worry is this is true.. Santi-“I want titles and that is why I came to Arsenal,” he says. “Every football player wants to win titles. We’ve gone many years without winning one. And if not, what I’ll look for in my next destination is to have the chance to win.

  83. Wath says:

    Ts, many making a lot from what Santi has “supposedly” said but at all times he does say “we”…. he classes himself into all the comments. Someone does need to point out that part of the problem is the luxury players in the team don’t put in a shift and that leaves far to many covering the lazy ones… Again Wenger sees this, BUT………….

  84. rico says:

    Aneke is another I like Ts, didn’t he do pretty well pre-season?

    Together with Zelalem….

  85. tsgh says:

    I agree re CJ25…wath

    I have always thought that you either played a proper double pivot like AW did in the last 10 games last season (with Ramsey and Arteta) with their prime task to cover the full backs when they go forward or you go slightly defensive on one flank like AW use to do in his better days with Lauren and Parlour instead of Ljunberg against the better teams…

    I know twitter and blogs were going on about our CM against Chelsea and Liverpool but to me the game was lost on the wings… same as against Everton too and the big games in the last 4 seasons…

    Brian kidd has made sure that pelle’ goes with Milner or Clichy and Kolarov on one side in the big games… he hardly starts with NAsri and Silva in the big games knowing that he will have 5 or 6 players defending…

    Solidifying one flank in a big games does the trick from observation as a spectator… Fergie always did so and Jose does with Ramires/Willians on the rhs… during his first reign he use to drop Joe Cole or Robben and play Essien on the rhs too and played only 3 attacking minded players…

    When you watch Pep with his far superior teams start with more defensive minded players than we did in both legs… it becomes very difficult to defend AW even for a deluded fan like myself.. ;)

    I believe the worst job in football is being a fullback at Arsenal under AW…

  86. Is this not what we being witnessing for the past few games? Whereby our players give up before we even started? This time we should impose our will as soon as the ball start moving and show them who they are dealing with. From the word GO we should show them that ‘this particular FA cup’ we are ready to ‘live and die for’ because our respect is on the line and the Cup has our name all over it.

    This time I refused to lower my expectations. We should never stop believing…

  87. tsgh says:

    True Rico, Aneke and Eisfield rescued us 2 seasons ago too but got no showing…

    Eisfield stats for the seniors 1 goal, 1 assist in 1 start and 1 substitute appearance… very impressive imho…

    AW compared Eisfield to pires but chooses not play him…

  88. tsgh says:

    I really rate Zelalem but I don’t think he is ready…

  89. frednerk says:

    Paddy the greatest French midfield player I have ever seen,
    this season gerrard has been the stand out for me,
    not sure if we will find a player in that class,so wenger has to find 2 players to play in our midfield,before anything else,
    2 players that know how to play,wenger cannot teach this type of player, the art of that postion comes with experience and a winning mentality,
    I like arteta and flamini but we know now the lads are just not up to it.

  90. rico says:

    Does beg the question why doesn’t AW trust players like Eisfeld?

    Especially when we consider how he once loved his project youth…

  91. BrainwashedKev says:

    BT, I make Wath right, unless you want a few cans in the street, don’t bother trying any pubs close to the stadium…

    Wath, I wrote the post with you in mind… :-P

    We’ve all suffered at that toilet… ;-)

  92. rico says:

    Just as we know AW won’t go out and swoop for two fred, unlike when he got Paddy and Petit. What a duo they were….

  93. BrainwashedKev says:

    Ah Bob John, well spotted…

    I wondered how long it would take for someone to spot my deliberate mistake… ;-)

  94. tsgh says:

    Eisfield is efficient like a Scholes or Iniesta or Xavi were at that stage in their career imho…

    He is like AW calls an assasin…

    AW likes flashy players now imho…

    I asked this question last summer… if Cesc was 16 y.o now would he get the same chance he got then…?

    Its like Gedion… he does not tackle now close down play but Aw may prefer the hollywood pass he attempts 3 times in a game…

    Fred, to me Gerrard is a very top player… he leaned his trade playing everywhere under Houlier. He was humble enough to learn from the likes of Hamman too.. something the likes of JW and Ox should be doing with Arteta and TR07 still around.

    Look at Didier Hamman he was always slower than Arteta but Rafa managed to use him in the right games.

    In that CL final, when he came on at 3-0 down he helped the likes of Gerrard flourish and the rest is history…
    The shocking thing is when AW said on Tv that now Flamini also wants to attack and so he will run out of defensive players… tsk????

  95. rico says:

    :) Kev, that old chestnut…..

  96. Wath says:

    Thanx for the kind thoughts Kev…. Please don’t bother next time :P

    Ts, I think Wenger saw the way Barca played and thought that was the blue print. The thing is you still need to defend and we don’t, def not as a unit anyway. 1 or 2 passengers you can sometimes carry but def not 3/4 or 5 in a team not a hope in hell.

  97. tsgh says:

    True… it looks like we 3 carry on average 3 players a game imo…

    I am not so sure how we play is based on the spanish formation because they close down but play side to side when going forward.

    It looks like we are trying to play like Hollland ni tournaments…

    when we can be bothered we beat almost everyone which is the part that is difficult to take…

    What some of the players have to take into consideration is that most coaches will not accept passengers no matter how good you are…
    Klopp won’t accept that nor will Conte or even Simeone imo…

  98. goonster says:

    Morning all….Am really worried about the trip to wembley guys. Am shitting my self currently. God help us.

  99. rico says:

    The question is then, why can’t certain players be bothered?

    And if that is the case, why does AW constantly pick them and keep them?

    Surely he and Bould must see from the sidelines….

  100. goonster says:

    I have a bad feeling about this. My heart race increased after the poor showing at Goodison park. Uwe rosler is a mad tactician. He ll get it right and as usual le senile ll get stuck in his zipper. God somebody bitch slap that old git and slap some sense in him. My dead grand mother ll do a better job now.

  101. rico says:

    Get to the loo then Stan! lol

  102. Wath says:

    Oh what a thought…. the image of Stan shitting himself is not a pretty picture…………

    How you Stanley….? A bit late but congratulations on the birth of your daughter…! I pity her lol

  103. goonster says:

    Hey rico…I changed brianna middle name from Robin to Denise. Forgot the Dutch coont is a manure player.

  104. goonster says:

    Howdy WATH….thanks man. It’s been tough. Being a dad is scary and fun at the same time. Sometimes I don’t know what am doing but hey it always comes out right. I pity her too.

  105. Wath says:

    You’ll learn as you go Stan…. Plenty years to get it right mate..!

  106. frednerk says:

    Hi ts,
    The thing is you are born a winner,its in you.
    When paddy walked onto the pitch,(and I was their) to make his debut(rhubarb) he instantly controlled the the game,at the time we were crying out for midfield general,
    I can remember gerrard making his debut,even on the TV he looked a player.

  107. goonster says:

    Adamant…going to wembley are ya?

  108. Adam says:

    I have decided to self flagellate once again Stan yes. After last weekends circus of horrors I decided not to go but Mrs Adam, who knows a masochist when she sees one, changed my mind.

  109. goonster says:

    Is anyone feeling the same way or is it just me. The shadow of Birmingham looms over us. My fear is we had a better team then yet lost to them. So what do yall think will happen on Saturday? GOD HELP ME.

  110. Wath says:

    I reckon she just whispered sweet nothings in your ear adam and you were well up for it ;-)

  111. goonster says:

    Don’t go adam. I have a bad feeling about this. Where is my lucky rabbit’s foot when u need it.

  112. rico says:

    :) Goonie

  113. goonster says:

    But seriously like you said rico I don’t care if that old french mug wins the FA cup. I want him out. Enough is enough. Conceding 20 goals in 4 matches is outrageous. Arsene wenger out now.

  114. rico says:

    I hope the players are more positive than you lot! ;)

  115. goonster says:

    What players rico? Seriously which of em? A team is a reflection of its manager. Wenger is a spineless gutless worm hence his teams exhibits all his traits. That’s why the punk was fired by monaco. Wenger out now.

  116. goonster says:

    Do you want to tell me poldi Vermalin Tr7 flamster and the rest of em aren’t winners? You know what bring in a new coach and watch this sane team smash the premier league to bits.

  117. Lee says:

    It’s Wigan for fuck’s sake we should smash the granny out of them……..should I say!

  118. goonster says:

    Well lee it was Birmingham too back then and we shoulda smash the great grand granny out of em but you know What happened. Am scared yall. Scared shit less.

  119. Lee says:

    Flamster is banned…my Dutch fiend!

  120. goonster says:

    Lol lee am no fiend you prick. Flamster is banned you say? God help us then. And so it begins.

  121. rico says:

    Calm down Goonie… :)

  122. rico says:

    Kallstom and Ramsey in the middle, that’ll sort Wigan out..

    My worry is TV and our strikers. Could be a game where the midfielders need to step up and get goals…

  123. tsgh says:

    So you went from creaming to shitting yourself goonie?

  124. Lee says:

    Sorry Stan missed the “r”….if the cap fits though!?!? Adam told me….

  125. goonster says:

    Ginge I stopped creaming after wengoat played ozil as a winger.

  126. tsgh says:

    We always blame our strikers but how many goals have city and chelsea strikers scored recently? Even last weekend Gerrard had to step up for the bin-dippers…

    Even lets look at a top strikers goal ratio against the top teams?

    Demba was lucky to score against psg last night by being afforded a change due to Schurle coming on earlier as a forced sub;or was it Jose’s motivation superiority…

    When we have 5 midfielders all wanting to be the new cesc and a 19 y.o telling Aw he prefers playing as a CM then we have a problem imo…

    Fred, I agree totally but my question is why is JW considered the best talent since Gazza?

    I love Aw but he has gone soft…

  127. tsgh says:

    Lol… goonie… when was that… I must have missed that one… just kidding off course.

    He played JW as the no.10 instead…

  128. goonster says:

    Whoa ginge did chelshit go through last night?

  129. rico says:

    :) Lee, I did wonder about sticking an ‘r’ in for you but I was too late… lol

  130. tsgh says:

    AW made a career buying players who had a point to prove…

    He has stopped doing that imho.. he is now buying players who are not necessarily going to get better and definitely do not have the work ethic…

    Maybe he learnt that the likes of PV04 truly never wanted to stay with us for ever… and so he should be concentrating on getting the likes of Akpom and co up to speed instead of Yaya imho..

    He is now buying players who feel privileged to be playing for us but are not earning their stripes… OG12, Yaya, Flamini etc.

    In Arteta’s case we have gotten 2.5 good years out of him… it is now time to be looking beyond his likes at least on a weekly basics…


  131. Lee says:

    Bayern Bayern Bayern!!!!!!!

  132. goonster says:

    Gee guys answer my damned question. Did chelshit go through last night?

  133. tsgh says:

    Of course Goonie… last minute goal from the striker Jose said was not good enough… 3-3 on aggregate but they went through on the away goal…

    The interaction between Ba and John Terry after the game was a sight to behold …

    Psg also a one man team… Cavani for £70m as someone said we should pay for him… tsk. he has been playing like Kanu at Portsmouth lately… lol
    Not sure how clueless Le Blanc did not play Cabaye… maybe he was injured…

  134. rico says:

    Go Bayern, go Bayern – 3-0 at least I hope :)

  135. goonster says:

    Bummer you think they can go all the way ginge?

  136. rico says:

    Did someone here suggest we should pay £70 million for Cavani, I must have missed that one…

    Ts, was it you?? ;)

  137. rico says:

    He was rubbish last night, Ibra would have buried that chance, mind you, Giroud would have too ;)

  138. tsgh says:

    Rico, TV is not that bad; yes he has not kept a clean sheet for ages but… he covered Per’s backside last weekend otherwise it could have been worse… Per is another player who has played too many games…

    I think he has one eye on the WC…. whilst TV has a point to prove to make the first XI instead of Jan V…

    For Wigan I would go CJ25, Sagna, TV and Gibbs at the back

  139. tsgh says:

    Lol… Rico… you cheeky lady me suggesting £70M for a player? Never! :D

    I rated Gerv why will I do that?? ;)

  140. goonster says:

    Look how low we ve sunk. Damn you wenger. I can’t take this no more guys. Am having a fit. If chelshit wins the cl one more time before us. I ll throw a bag of shit on arsene.

  141. tsgh says:

    Ath will beat Barca and probably beat Chelsea…

  142. goonster says:

    Are u sure ginge. This is Jose we are talking about here. That evil dwarf can plot the downfall of any team let alone athletico. Am worried y’all.

  143. tsgh says:

    Simeone is a proper Capo though…

    His teams work ethic is second to none plus they have Koke, Gabi, Turan, Costa and Villa.

    They have played Barca 4 times already this season and it has all ended in a draw…

    My only fear is that Jose could tell Costa to have a shocking game so he gets a higher signing on fee or weekly salary… a conning snake he is…

  144. frednerk says:

    ts been watching jack since he was 9 or 10 he played a year up then 2 years up he always had frimgpong around to do the heavy stuff,its a bit like 11 ronaldos alright going forward,but bread and butter is what gets you through a game,in this league,
    for jack to really hit the big time,he must be given a free roll.
    No pun intended.

  145. tsgh says:

    Miranda is by far the best defender in Europe currently and I doubt Eto or Torres will get a sniff.

    Does anyone know the rules on if Coutois (the goalie) will play for Ath if they are facing Chelsea as he is on loan from Chelsea

  146. tsgh says:

    Very true Fred re JW and Frimpong…

    JW even thanked Frimps for making him the player he was…

  147. tsgh says:


  148. goonster says:

    I hope they don’t go all the way
    My chav mate ll finish me. Boy look at me shivering. Am at my wits end guys. I blame you arsene. Go to hell and take your gaelic accent with you. What a turd.

  149. rico says:

    Ts. TV was half asleep on Sunday. Awful. But then I know he wasn’t alone…

  150. tsgh says:

    lol… sleep walking for 70 minutes…

  151. rico says:

    Goonie, chill man ;)

    Ts, Miranda is a funny lady too, and very good in ‘Call the midwife’… lol

  152. rico says:

    fred, yet he’s the only one who doesn’t seem to get a free role…

  153. goonster says:

    Well I think he does get a free role at home. He made Archie and her little sister didn’t he?

  154. rico says:

    Ha ha goonie..

  155. rico says:

    Very quiet tonight…

  156. potter says:

    Everything worth saying has been said . The lull before the storm.

  157. Adam says:

    I’m here Rico. Just had a lovely chat with Kev. :)

  158. rico says:

    Hi Potter, Adam..

    And the lovely Kev… ;)

  159. Adam says:

    Rico. Are we signing Belhanda then?

  160. rico says:

    I hope there is no storm after Saturday Potter….

  161. rico says:

    I hope not Adam, not after what Ts and Wath have said…

  162. Lee says:

    We’ve already got bell-ender at the club!

  163. Lee says:

    Come on the krauts!

  164. Lee says:

    Moyes looks freshly buffed!

  165. rico says:

    Which one Lee? ;)

  166. Lee says:

    Form an orderly actually we are well stocked in that department!

  167. rico says:

    Ah, Nik!!

  168. potter says:

    However just a memory of how it used to be , when players stood up for their mates.

  169. rico says:

    We sure are!

    I could name a handful…

  170. Lee says:

    Riberry needs a bolt through his neck to finish the look…

  171. rico says:

    Didn’t GG have to make a public apology after that incident potter and struggled not to laugh??

  172. rico says:

    Go Bayern….

  173. rico says:

    You can be so cruel sometimes Lee ;)

  174. Lee says:

    1-0 to athletico…

  175. potter says:

    Yes a few got fined including George but it didn’t settle it.The league took 1 point from United and 2 from us. ( nothing changes ) but when we went on to win the league as the league chairman walked onto the Highbury turf with the cup , he was told exactly where to stick his 2 points .

    Up the Arse.

  176. rico says:

    Did that s***e player Costa score or is he still injured?

  177. rico says:

    :) Potter and rightly so. I do recall that but being so young, it’s all quite vague in my memory…. lol

  178. rico says:

    Pep pacing the line… Reminds me of our own….

  179. Lee says:

    He’s injured still….

  180. rico says:

    Bayern are missing the ‘swine’…

    Another old crock then Lee. lol

  181. potter says:

    The Swine :- Ask Rooney about that , cheating bar steward.

  182. rico says:

    Its al a bit too easy for the mancs right now…

  183. rico says:

    You missed the ‘diving, play acting’ bit!

  184. Lee says:

    Rooney is a horrible turd of a man! Oh and a cheat…

  185. rico says:

    He is….

    Robben needs to take a tumble, just like he did against us. Not that I condone such behaviour but I want Bayern to win…

  186. tsgh says:

    Interesting how Man ure play better with Fletcher in the squad…

  187. rico says:

    I hate all that Robben is, but for football alone, he’s darn good…..

  188. rico says:

    Hate to say it, but well done Utd…

  189. Adam says:

    A couple of things. German Botox is good and this match is crap. Bayern look average and surely nobody would pay big money for Mandzukic, would they?
    There seem to be a dearth of really dangerous strikers at the moment. Having seen Cavani The Night Stalker last night. He was average too.

  190. rico says:

    Yes, a boring game but maybe that’s because the Mancs are just doing what they need to in order to shut BM out…

    And they are succeeding….

  191. rico says:

    I bet we see a different Bayern in the next half, especially as the Mancs need a goal….

  192. Adam says:

    What about Moyse’s forehead though? Smooth or what?

  193. AndrewH says:

    Evening. I have a cunning plan, lets play 4-4-2 with Sanago (or Giroud if he has shown any energy in training) flicking on to Podolsky as our fox in the box. He can shoot after all. Rostler will be so thrown that AW has thought about something different he will be open mouthed and not recover.

  194. Lee says:

    Like a baby’s derrière!

  195. AndrewH says:

    Ramsey and Oxlade running from deep to join them when we have a slower build-up. That should do it.

  196. rico says:

    And your plan ‘c’ Ah ;)

  197. rico says:

    I’m off guys.

    Night Lee, Adam, Ah, Ts, Kev, Potter and anyone else I have missed….

    Catch up tomorrow…

    Go Bayern…

  198. tsgh says:

    Night Rico..
    Mandzukic fine goal 1-1…

    Still Pep is over rated imo…

    The Cruyff school(AW, Pep, Klopp etc) vs Fergie graft school(Jose, etc)…

    Only 1 winner

  199. tsgh says:

    Man’ure conceding 1 minute after going ahead and no comment about mental strength from commentators etc…

  200. Adam says:

    He just couldn’t be as bad as he was looking.

  201. tsgh says:

    Muller super player… yes get in…

  202. tsgh says:

    Lol… the strikers of this era are not doing themselves favours apart from LS07 of course…

  203. tsgh says:

    Yes Robben you beauty…. lol


  204. Rick. says:

    Hi ginge for all his cheating Robben has still got it .

  205. tsgh says:

    Robben is a player Mr Rick…
    I would like Theo or Ox to learn from him…

    A modern winger imho…

  206. Rick. says:

    If only they could Ginge

  207. tsgh says:

    A firmer/stricter manager who can demand more is what they need imo…

  208. tsgh says:

    Goonster… as I was saying before Simeone has Ath are a force…

  209. tsgh says:

    night Rico and all

  210. BrainwashedKev says:

    Well that’s it for ManUre’s season, all kver before Easter.

    Now if that was Arsenal, then we’d get well slated in the Press/Media.
    But you won’t hear a peep from those tossers as it is the Mancs…

    Thanks for all the positive comments…
    Even Wath’s…

    Night All

  211. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    Aaron is back.
    We will win :)

  212. Lee says:

    Morning Scott……we gotta! And I think we will. So manure can’t steal the coveted 4th position via winning the CL all we got to do is win every game. Come on boys!

  213. Scott from Oz says:

    It is ours, Lee……

  214. Lee says:

    Think we’ve got to be as positive as we can!

  215. rico says:

    Spot on Santi!!

    Morning Kev, Lee, Scott and all…

  216. rico says:

    Ath Madrid knocked out Barca too, wow!

  217. Lee says:

    Adam has had his hair styled like Simeone’s…very fetching!

  218. frednerk says:

    Ball players like santi need a platform,
    the system wenger uses plan A, is counter productive,
    it only works if we have the ball.

  219. rico says:

    Best I google Simone and see what he looks like… ;)

    Agree fred.. Same with Ozil..

  220. Scott from Oz says:

    That’s why we need Aaron back…..he offers the platform.
    Damn, I sound like his dad, but I so think he brings everything we have been lacking on the pitch.

  221. frednerk says:

    Interesting who plays in midfield,
    at the back….. like to see jenks play with sagni centre back,looks like sanogo will play up tops.

  222. rico says:

    Surely it will be Kallstrom/Arteta and Ramsey

  223. frednerk says:

    Is it the right time for Kallstrom to make his debut ?
    no news from the training ground this week.

  224. rico says:

    Why not fred, he’s an international and should be used to the big occasion…

    AW’s press conference shortly..

  225. rico says:

    New post up now…

  226. frednerk says:

    Got the impression,wenger brought him in as insurance for the injuries we had,looks like we may be getting a few back now.

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