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3 clubs can catch us, we have to win!!

Morning all.

Seriously, Everton, the Totts and Manchester United can catch us, even overtake us and nab that 4th, and last Champions League place!

We have to be focussed, we have to be united and we have to be strong. Certainly a lot stronger than we have been since Christmas.

Yes we can moan about injuries, we can moan about refereeing decisions in fact we can moan about anything we choose can’t we, as long as it makes us feel better and helps to brush away the the reality. That reality is that we are where we are right now because of Arsene Wenger, the club, and of course the players….

But we’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt, now it’s all about putting every last bit of effort into each and every remaining fixture we have and that starts today!!

The manager needs to get his selection right, he needs to send the right players out onto the pitch in the right frame of mind and get them playing the right way to win this football match.

And the players he selects, need to give everything they have within from start to finish!!

Aaron Ramsey is back which really is good news. Whether he starts or not remains to be seen but just knowing a player who was hugely influential to our great run up until Christmas is fit and ready to play again, is just what the team and us fans needed to hear.

Kieran Gibbs is a doubt but these days that is not such an issue because behind him is a fit Nacho Monreal.

Everton midfielder Ross Barkley is expected to be fit despite suffering  an injury against Fulham last week. Phil Jagielka and Steven Pienaar remain on the injured list.


  • Everton are without a win in their last 14 matches in all competitions against Arsenal.
  • The last three league meetings have all been drawn.
  • Everton’s last victory over the Gunners came at Goodison Park in March 2007 (1-0).

Everton are having a really good season. They have won their last five league games, their longest winning run since November 2002 and no team has lost fewer games in the Premier League this season than them. Added to that, they have only suffered one home defeat during this seasons campaign!

Mind you, so have we!!

We’ve had a torrid time of late, winning just three of our last 10 Premier League games (W3, D4, L3).

We have been pretty average, no, make that dreadful away from home having been battered very early on at both Anfield and Stamford Bridge but today that has to change. Martinez will have watched both of those games and no doubt he will tell his players to get at us from the off. We have to be ready for that early bombardment and deal with it. Not just roll over and fade away.

No more early kick off excuses and no more turning up and not being ready to fight either.

We have a great group of players, and today those players need to fight tooth and nail to get a result and they can do just that.

If they really want to…..







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422 comments on “3 clubs can catch us, we have to win!!

  1. the thing is oz, with wenger’s history of finding the likes of cesc, Ramsey, kos..etc the board will become more reliant on him in the hope of him building another cheap team, as the money available will be seriously reduced imo. regardless of what the club say.

  2. New post up guys…

  3. This annual capitulation has to stop….

  4. i think his luck will run out this yr m8, everton on current form wont slip up imo. (i hope im wrong)

  5. we won’t be – next season we’ll loose the place not this. He’ll buy budget again in the summer, many of these fine weather sailors will be there earning their money knowing Wenger can neither motivate or control them any more. There are no excuses, No more questions, we reaped what we sowed but nothing will change. Wenger might love the club but his ego will not allow him to quit. Not to mention the small sum of 7.5m a year lining his pockets. ” If i can’t take the club forward, i will leave ‘ Stand by your word Wenger… real progress is not something we can be accused of even by the blindest of the faithful surely?

  6. Kel, all that means is we’ll hear bollox about not having money to buy top players……… You couldn’t make it up….!

    The sad thing is some still back him can see no wrong and carry on making excuses…!

    Wenger is NOT the sole problem though and that needs to be addressed big time…!

  7. he’ll soon understand come may oz, when the number crunching people tell him we’ll be 25-30m down next season..

  8. kel – it wont, Wenger has relied many times on other events assisting him landing the spot and so it will be again this year. Everton will falter and we’ll take fourth Wenger will declare the fight shown by the side is incredible and on we go to another 2 years of excuses and failed potential

  9. Fred there are many of us that predicted this outcome but it doesn’t make I told you so any easier. Despite inwardly knowing that this would be the outcome the hope that it wouldn’t be has been with me all season. Currently I am debating whether to pay up again when the £ 1000.00 letter arrives on June 1st and I know that I am not alone in the area that my position is. Since we made the move across the railway line ,I and many like me have paid the best part of £10,000 plus to fund the Kroenke / Wenger/Players lifestyle. It’s more than I paid for my first house.I don’t know how many on here go to the stadium but let me tell you at times the atmosphere is poisonous. Of course our absentee owner doesn’t know or care , he only sees and reads what is reported to him and Gazidis is unlikely to say Dear boss we had a shit finish to the season , I suppose we must have fucked up somewhere along the line. We are now controlled by a Kabul of Americans and Old Etonians and in my experience the two groups have a common trait. Neither admit to failure , it’s always someone else’s fault. All of this could have been avoided of course had the greed group offered the rights issue to raise cash for the club but of course that would have created more shareholders and reduced their grip on the club and they didn’t want to share the gravy train with any new travellers . I put a link to a thread from a long term supporter who challenged the Arsenal board back in the Billy Wright fiasco period. He related that the board refused to talk to him because of his background . I fear this lot are cut from the same tree and tarred with the same brush..

  10. Wenger would have sold him the plan i have no doubt, he commented on his meeting with Arsene before he brought in. Its the same misguided plan he sells us every year. You are right however he should have enough about him to see what’s happening, although with neither a track record in successful sports franchises or any understanding of what our game is about, better he just push off and we need to let him know that

  11. What do we really expect when we have an owner who has fuck all idea about football…. it’s an ivestment pure and simple… he allows a manager to steer the ship because he is the great Arsene Wenger and the owner cannot see the bloke is past his sell by date. Any attempts by some at the club to highlight this fact are swept under the carpet.

    The board is run in the main by old corporate types who crunch numbers… they have zero ideas how to push a football club forward and have completely lost touch with the fan base.

    We need footballing people on the board who understand whats needed with the right blend of business acumen who see and hear the fans and understand its about being competitive and who also hold the management accountable for the on pitch activities.

  12. your right oz, wenger not responding in the jan Transfer window was a major mistake one that in all honesty is gonna cost us champions league football.

  13. In Kroenke, we truly have rusted!!

    I blame him first and foremost for allowing this current sham to unfold…

  14. banners need to come out on the American as well – the old boy got it right way back… his type ain’t welcome here

  15. in Arsene we rust

  16. The Arsenal motto should read…

    Mediocre… where it’s ok to fail and show zero ambition…!

  17. for all the players mouthing off they want him to stay, they certainly don’t show it in effort – shambles for much of yesterday again and not in the least bit surprised. We spoke of the usual collapse early on, there were many who argued, this time its different, it is not. Remember Wenger had time to cover some of these losses and sat on his money as usual – deserves everything he gets, they all do.

  18. The thing is scott,you can get a result with 10 men if your are set up right,have all these players that played yesterday become shite over night,
    Without a doubt tactics were to blame,players don’t believe the manager when not set up get something from a game.

  19. in fairness frednerk, that 4-1 victory was a little harsh on everton, that game was a lot closer imo, as for wenger the man is a legend at Arsenal the last thing i wanna see is banners wanting him out, or planes flying over etc, but i think it’s time for something new, who im not sure maybe (Ancelotti)? if he parts ways with Real.

  20. Fred, we were terrific and we were consistent when we had all hands on deck.
    Forget tactics….it is squad depth, or lack of it, that has killed us.
    I say that knowing full well Wenger is not great tactically.

  21. Hard to believe we beat everton 4-1 at home,its just like all our big losses this season,wenger bragged early in the season
    how wonderful this team were,
    how consistent this group were,
    how he never needed to add to the squad,
    we all knew we needed fresh legs up front,
    those that have stuck up for wenger (and I have been one of them)
    will now see why the critics on here have been right all along.
    Its hard to defend a man who used to be good.
    All the so called celebs and ex-players are now muttering.
    Told you so.

  22. Good point Wath… lol

  23. Cheers Kel….

  24. the top 5 teams simply play at a high tempo against us, which leaves us shocked and well beaten every time, we need new ideas and imo that means a new manager.

    ps, ramsey played in the city tanking,

  25. White coat and guards you mean Rico…………….

  26. Morning Lee, Scott, Wath and all…

    Taxi for Wenger!

  27. Morning you 2,

    I’m at the stage where it’s not even pissing me off any more that we don’t turn up for these games that matter it’s becoming such a habit i am resigned to the fact we’re gonna get stuffed and be feeble and weak.

    I can’t even be arsed to blame anyone anymore either as I cannot see anyone at the club with the ambition foresight or guts to bring about change they are all gutless money grabbing tosspots who are ruining my club.

    Someone wake me when the nightmare is over……………..

  28. Yep Aaron wasn’t playing….the midfield has been the issue imho!

  29. It is shit.
    We seem to panic once we concede.
    Our backs worked hard v Everton…they just crumbled.
    Did Aaron play in any of the smashings we copped….he was gone before Citeh, yes??

  30. We’ve conceded 40 PL goals this season and 20 of them against our top 5 rivals away from home…..that is just not good enough!!

  31. Why are we leaking goals?
    I have never seen anything like it.
    We look like a side about to be relegated.

  32. Lee, even when 2 down, i am glad Ramsey never came on.
    God knows we don’t need him breaking down again….he is our only hope.

  33. I agree Scott, time for change and as for your boy Aaron he looked he’d not been away…..shame the changes weren’t made earlier but what would I know I haven’t made 4 trillion substitutions have I?? :lol:

  34. Wenger was never good tactically.
    When he arrived, he was so far ahead of the game everywhere else, it did not matter.
    For the last 8-9 seasons, without the absolute stars he had on hand, he has been shown up, so to say he lost it is not correct in my opinion….it was never there.
    He brought to Arsenal what no other manager in history offered, and raised the bar to a level where other clubs and managers were simply forced to follow.
    Because we now do not have a plethora of superstars to call on, we are in trouble the minute we lose a player due to injury.
    That is when the financial side of things kicks in, but we all know the story there.
    Thank christ Aaron is back.
    Seriously, we stepped up a notch the minute he came on which is scary.
    Why scary?
    The kid hasn’t played for months, hist touch was way off but he was still bloody better than everything else we had on show.
    That shows two things.
    The kid IS world class, and the rest should be embarrassed.
    I stopped posting during the game because i did not want to speak in the heat of the moment….unlike me, i know!!
    That was a disgrace.
    Aaron is back and that alone means we will win the cup.
    Yes, he is that good.
    Before you laugh, remember what your reaction was 18 months ago when i said how good he would be….take a breath and then respond :)

  35. Poor ole Giroud, not only a spotted dick but varicose veins as well !

    On that note I bid you all good nite.

  36. And some bloke in Ireland.

  37. Koscielny, Gnabry, Gibbs and Fabianski (who was sick) are all due to return next week…

    Night Rico, Adam and All…

  38. Fuck the board off as well, they’re more to blame for allowing this shit year after year!

  39. Suet pudding with currants and raisins Goonster, just like the stuff Giroud appears to be running through half the time.

  40. Just watched the replays of the Wham match , How many players are in the area when Gerrard took both kicks.?

  41. Me too.
    Perhaps Wenger will be gone in the morning.
    Night all.

  42. Ok it’s getting really weird on here. Adam I think am gonna be sick.

  43. :) Adam, I like that too…… Night to you….

  44. Anyway, I’m all done with Arsenal for today…

    Have a good evening/night all..

    ’til tomorrow..

    Night night…

  45. I like Spotted Dick with ice cream and custard Rico.

  46. The hell it is.how I ve never heard of it ever?

  47. I too believe that he might well go but I am not sure that it will be a good thing in the short term. Unlike many I can’t see things improving overnight , unless things change throughout the whole club a new manager won’t affect much . Tactically I believe he is lacking but I feel he has been shafted along the way. Should a new man come in he will demand money and that may well be money that the board has held back for many years. The whole situation at the club is shrouded in mystery and how it plays out is anybodies guess.

  48. Actually, pudding, its a fab pudding! lol

  49. Nom nom Adam… ;)

    Goonie, it’s a lovely dessert here in the Uk … lol

  50. OMG rico…..did you just say that out loud? Am definitely going to have a nightmare.

  51. I love spotty dick and custard…. ;)

  52. Nah scratch that I blame WATH and that irish turd micko. I woulda blamed you too ak but I know you had nothing to do with it. You re too busy swindling unsuspecting tourists.

  53. I blame lee ak.

  54. Kev. He’s been flailing his old chap around so much it has sapped his strength. Even the majesty of his erect quiff cannot nourish him now.

  55. I bet you’d love a bit of spotty dick Stan…

    Adam, he’s running on empty mate…
    He never had any pace to start with but he looks fit to drop…

    Who to blame?

    My vote goes to Kroenke…
    Absent owner.
    No interest other than the bottom line…
    What is the point of him being the owner?

  56. Hahahahahahhaha don’t start adam. Don’t want to wake up the little one. Full lipped blonde Adonis he says . hahahahah

  57. Kev. That’s what Giroud said “What is wrong with a spotted Dick?”

  58. Stiff upper lip Adam old chap, boiled beef and carrots with a hot cup of sweet tea followed by spotty dick and custard…

  59. God bless you vonnie I was just saying that to my friends on facebook. The team was fine till the injuries hit. When theo was lifted off the pitch against hot sperms I expected le senile to sign a player but he didn’t and the players confidence went from high to well…..you know the rest. Wenger out and take your french accent with you. Coont.

  60. I thought it was the year of the Wooden Sheep!

  61. This was before your time Stan. When real men looked like Trevor Howard and placed decency and gallantry before everything else. When a kiss with a lady meant a brief peck on the cheek and not a full face sucking action with tongues reaching down each others throats. Before the time of the full-lipped blond Adonis hunk from the European mainland.

  62. Adam… :lol:

  63. It’s the year of the sloth and he just got a contract in the Arsenal’s midfield.

  64. After the Chelsea match Rosicky said it was suicidal setting up as they did, Arteta got death threats on his birthday on the Arsenal twitter. I think Wenger has lost these players. I don’t think they’re lazy or arrogant but their confidence is shot to pieces and all their manager can do is accuse them of secret drug taking and not trying hard enough. They tried to hang on with no striker until January and then Wenger let them down badly by not getting one. Wenger chooses the team and tactics, and I think he’s way past his sell by date.

  65. None of us really know what the future holds as far as Arsene Wenger is concerned.
    Up to today, I was fairly sure that Arsene would sign his new contract…

    But he also acutely aware of the fans reaction at times last season and at the start of this season…

    With that in mind I was quite taken by how downcast he was in the post-match interview.
    He sounded a beaten man…
    Almost as if he is finding it impossible to remain upbeat and therefore motivate the team.

    I am beginning to wonder if he might be coming to a decision himself.
    That is to leave.

  66. Hahahahahahhaha transistor radio? I haven’t seen those in a decade. Don’t even know what they look like any more.

  67. Apparently we are going back to basics. Warm beer on the village cricket green on a Sunday afternoon. Vera Lynn singing We’ll Meet Again on the transistor radio then home to watch Brief Encounter on the 14 inch TV before cucumber sandwiches and a nice cup of Darjeeling. Perhaps a fondant fancy.
    More tea Vicar?

  68. Ak am really dreading that game. Wigan ll be fired up and knowing our players that ll still be sulking after everton. God help us. Am loosing my wits kev.

  69. To be honest, with Ramsey, Koscielny and Ozil back for the remaining League games, I think we’ll still get 4th…

    Mixed blessing?

    I do hope Fabianski starts against Wigan, in fact I wouldn’t mind him playing the remaining games, because Szczesny seems to be having an indifferent time, again!

    Sanogo for me to start at Wembley.
    No doubt AW will go with Giroud, even though he’s shot, both physically and mentally…

  70. Lol ak has been brainwashed. Classic.

  71. Where am I?

    What year is this?

  72. Come on Ginge, what do you think? ;-)

  73. What do you think ginge?

  74. guys am petrified he might sign a new 3 years contract just to piss us off.

  75. No lee the whole fucking team the back room staff and moat especially the damned medical staff.

  76. Blaming injures is fine BUT what about missed opportunities to add to the squad during transfer windows? Gross negligence on Wenger’s part…. He can fuck off ASAP and take half the squad with him!

  77. TS. I do like seaweed actually. :). Crispy seaweed though.
    Very nice article on The Online Gooner by Kevin Witcher.

  78. 70M for player without a birth certificate- JM :P

    Maybe he comes with the guarantee Falcao did not have…

  79. good memory Adam… have you been feeding on kev’s seedweed recipe?lol

    Ng, yes ;)

  80. same here rico, all i want is a manager who will view the transfer window as chance to improve the team and use it to his advantage.

    unlike wenger who in all honesty see’s it as a nuisance/distraction.

  81. We each hurt in our own way Stan.
    I have been here too many times under Wenger to believe that this is anything other than a pattern. He has cocked up big time for me and Wembley is a sideshow that he and the club will use to divert attention away what is actually going on.

  82. Still sore adam? Get over yourself my man. We re going to wembley.

  83. Spot on rico plus we always bleat on jow much other clubs spend but how much has athletico spent yet they re top of the la kiga. Wenger is a coont period.

  84. Also, I actually don’t begrudge other clubs having money, I’m just envious of them having a manager who will spend it….

  85. Am over it now. Bring on wigan. *singing* we re going to wembley!

  86. Agag. I tend to agree. When Arsenal do become a football club again I wonder what will be left. With the core fanbase eroding at an alarming rate the American franchise model appears to be a distinct reality. Wenger is strangling the life out of the club for me and if, after God knows how many years, we now hear he is going back to basics then blimey, what comes next?

  87. I detest all three too potter, but City just a fraction less….

    Your view on today is spot on, why on earth did we set up in a way… We had little defensive shape at all…. Yet we had both Flamini and Arteta on the pitch….

  88. Nice to see that the Boat Race is full of good old Englishman studying at our fine Universities….

  89. I’m back. :)

    rico, I don’t any of those teams to win; and AFC has made sure that one of them would. Eeeeeeek. The downside to Citeh winning is how much Nasti and Clicky would gloat. But media darling Rodgers or that lowlife Mourinho would be even worse.

    Adam, unless a sea change is forthcoming, which I doubt would be the case knowing how intractable AW is, then AFC will continue to be less a footballing club than a money-making enterprise. And a very average football club at that. Grrrr.

  90. I detest all three Rico , City and Chelsea for the financial distortion and Liverpool for Heysel.
    I still can’t believe the way we were so open , a point would have done we should have picked a team to play for it.
    I’m sitting here still numb with disbelief at the ineptness of it all.

  91. I so want City to go on and win this league, I detest Chelsea and Liverpool….

  92. Another dodgy penalty. The man with the ironed face will be pleased.

  93. Taylor has just made an awful decision to give the dippers a penalty…

  94. You are right Adam, I have forgotten that incident, but I still believe he is just what we need.

    We’ll have to agree to differ…

  95. We are crazy!!!!
    Media: 75 millions for Cavani!!!!!

  96. 5.07 Kev, I doubt Kroenke even watched the game….

  97. Injuries or no injuries, it all AW fault, no excuses.
    Some say RM want him as there Manager, but would RM tolerate 17 goals in 3 defeats to there arch rivals and still keep him as there manager?? Someone please tell me yes?

  98. I’m very upset and i must start workung now…

  99. But he wins matches Rico. And I think you have forgotten Martinez’ horrible outburst about what a cheat Cesc was from a few years ago. His respect for others is always contingent.
    It’s all moot anyway.

  100. Martinez is respectful of of other managers Adam. That Portuguese git is all about him and nothing else.

  101. Having ten players who work hard for the team stems from the manager.

    If he tells them what he tells us fans, then all what is in their mind is to attack…

    AW always says that the best way to defend against a side is to dominate possession and attack them…

    And still we wonder why we get beaten….

  102. Rico. If that’s the criteria, then give me Mourinho. He would do better than Wenger.

  103. Very good questions posed there Ng

    Kev, Stan was most probably trying his lasso skills…

  104. Ten years ago Ts, says it all ;)

  105. Hi T’s.

    AW needs to be ruthless (IF) he is staying. That’s a big IF. What do some players rewarded him with after what he has done for them? They are leaving to go win trophies in other clubs. RVP, Song, CF, Nasri, Greedibayo etc. When is he going to learn by putting Arsenal first before those ungrateful players?

    What is Arsenal now, are we the training club for France National Team? Why OG12 and Sonogo the main strikers when we all know they are not good enough?

  106. I agree re Pirlo not playing for us… I think you are right that this league is different… I personally think he is still a better player and if a new manager from Europe should come in will still keep him around maybe not as a first choice…

    Imho… the expectation of fans reflects on the performance of the team…

    We watch the teams who beat us having 11 players working hard for over 90 minutes but most of our fans only demand that 6 players defend for the team…

  107. He had better be a different player next week Ginge…

    Wigan aren’t no Man City, but they’ve beaten them the last two times, under Martinez and more recently Uwe Rosler, who is another deep-thinking manager and will already have a plan in place to beat Arsenal…

    I spoke to a very good mate earlier today, and he’s already sold his Semi-Final tickets.
    That’s how it affects us suffering fans…
    But does anyone think that today’s result will spoil the day of KroenkeAC…?
    Nah, that pillock is probably thinking about basketball

  108. I remember Major Major, arrived with dark hair and left with whie! Any similarities there? Oh and his wife loved peas!
    I said a while ago, ‘ a wise man knows when he has done as much as he can, and view his achievements with pride, and the retire!”
    I rest my case.

  109. One of PV04 worse games/performance for us was against Arteta… albeit almost 10 years ago .. it shows everyone’s time comes up one day…

    I mean no disrespect btw but we Arsenal fans go on about a beast in the team to win tackles to let Santi and co to do what they do best…

    Fergie had no beast in his team and won titles and CL…Carrick is not even seen as an England player because he is deemed to play sideways passes..
    and Chelsea have no beast in their teams either… some may say Matic but I think Ramires and Ramsey are more defensive than him…

    What those teams have everyone helping each other out…

    VP and Wooney all work hard; Silva nd Navas all work hard off the ball too…

    Until that changes we will win jack all…

  110. But Pirlo doesn’t play for us Ts so??

    Reality is, no matter what stats and stuff say about Arteta, he is not what this side needs…. We need someone fitter, faster and more solid…. imo of course…

  111. People are being very harsh on Arteta..

    Is he better than Barry? As a DM today he won as many challenges as Barry today and over the season has won more than Barry who is an England international or was…

    As you have all pointed out though BArry has Barkley doing the donkey work for him…

    When Ramsey came on Arteta was a different player too.

  112. Lol Adam at 4:38

    Hiya Ng…

    I still maintain Arteta is faster than Pirlo

  113. I agree again kel, I was very wrong when I chuckled at us getting Barry and was pleased when we didn’t but boy, how I would I have loved to see him in our side this season..

    He is all that we lack….

    Ross Barkley is a superb player and had our club had ambition, we’d have made a substantial offer for him last summer…

    Everton would have accepted £30-40 million I bet…

  114. Brave referring there Mr Mason….

  115. rico, imo no Arteta wouldnt get in to the everton team atm…. McCarthy, barry, barkley all better players imo i think them 3 would get in the Arsenal team tho atm? as would lukaku, baines, Deulofeu imo?

  116. Hi Ng, none, and there starts out midfield problem imo…

  117. I don’t see him the same way Adam, not at all. Maybe he likes to talk, but so do most managers….

  118. Good Day Rico and All.
    To answer your question Rico,the answer is NO. Who among the top 4 would start Arteta as their DM?

  119. Calm down Stan…

  120. TS. I doubt that. Dein would have talked to Wenger about it for ages and while they swapped anecdotes about the good old days both players would have gone somewhere else. :)

  121. Wavy. I remember that prick John Major coming up with that one. He was finished too by then.

  122. Dein would have gotten us Cabaye and Vucini at least and not spilled shite to Fat Ashley or the players agents over the phone to piss them off…

  123. but first, we must define who will be our coach for next season. and not sign players.
    that was Totts polytical for this season and produce unbalance team

  124. My test of how a player who perform is always will Fergie sign him?

    Fergie wanted Ramsey because he knew the big could turn up on the big occasions…

    I copied and pasted a quote from Fergie’s book last year…

    He said something like he only watches and decides on a player on how he performs against his title rivals…

    Aw/our scouts watch a player 100 times with most being in games no one is interested in because if our scouts turn up during a live game he believes we will be out bidded…

  125. It’s a bit late. With 5 games left to be ” going back to basics”. Wenger after today’s game!

  126. Because he is a loudmouthed arsehole Rico. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do a good job. In the same way that, although I believe Wenger to be a very decent man, I don’t think he is doing a very good job as Arsenal manager.
    I think too many people cannot separate the two things. Football for a club like Arsenal surely must be a results driven business. The days of the Ancient Mariner staying on as manager for decades is long gone.

  127. Beats me rico. He is so inept it’s painful to watch. Seriously how does this old fool make 7mil a year?

  128. Adam, imo, both Arteta and Flamini were very average today…

  129. Arsene goonster, only Arsene would do such a stupid thing!

    And why exactly did we sign Kallstrom??

  130. Why do you not like Martinez though Adam? For all things football, he’s getting it right..

    Ts, he did, but I doubt he expected to get hoofed out of the club in the way he did…

    I’m not convinced Dein is past it, had he been in place, I think we would have signed a few more players that we have done….

  131. As Kev says, Kroenke is an absent owner who doesn’t give a shit.

  132. Ask yourself the question in a different way maam. Who buys an AM and turns him into a DM? Arsene is.

  133. goonster, i’m just saying that Kroenke knows naff all about football, who the heck will be out there scouting a manager?

    This club can’t even scout and sign players properly….

  134. This is just too much for me menta. I need me a drink.

  135. TS. He did. Dein too is way past it now. But you reminded me that Kroenke should bugger off too.

  136. Just a question guys/gals.

    Would Mikel Arteta have started for Everton today had he not moved to us??

  137. Dein brought in Kroenke first though didn’t he…?

  138. but I know

  139. True Rico. We’ve seen where Wenger’s vision and methods have taken us so why would anybody want to go that route again. The club reeks with staleness and you could see it on the field today. As you know I despise Martinez but I think he must do a better job than Wenger is. How could he do any worse? Get some out, some in and have a season of pace, power and consolidation before being given the big money for the players to push you back up to where we should be.
    Using injuries as an excuse is a pathetic cop out.
    Mind you and as an aside, I thought the Scousers treatment of the shockingly bad Arteta was horrible.

  140. FAt Sam tactics lok very good…

    Playing Diame in the front 3 to stop liverpool from playing from the back…

  141. Don’t start rico. That’s how we get to where we is now. Too many average Sunday players. Splash the cash and get a beastly dm. No more cutting corners. Enough is enough.

  142. But Kroenke wouldn’t know where to look JM, he’s no David Dein….

  143. Heads in the sand goonster, that’s why.

  144. yes, but we can find (probably) the right man without spend a lot of money.
    When AW arrived nobody (or almost) knew him and probablty had a few names ir the air.
    Un unknow manager for the media, but with good work in the pitch, in the management of the team and with ambicion his the solution. Not the opposite.

  145. Diame is playing very well against the Dippers.

  146. Nowhere Adam, absolutely bloody nowhere!!

  147. So true Adamant. He is stinking the whole place up. He’s been found out why some akbs can’t see it is beyond me.

  148. Time waits for no man. When Wenger came in he was dynamic and new and he made other managers look old, tired and stale. Now the same thing has happened to him. It’s the way that things work. He must resign now but agree to leave at the end of the season. The FA Cup, as Kev says, is for the fans. It should not cloud the issue.
    How can any manager be assessed except through results?
    If you can’t play through injuries then your squad is not deep enough. You might be able to offer it up as an excuse occasionally but we have the same shit year in year out.
    We went into this season with Giroud, a very, very average mid table player, as our main striker. That is almost a sacking offence in itself for me for a manager at a top club. Then to compound it in Jan by not addressing that or the other long-term problems? Come on. Where is the managerial leadership in that shit?

  149. JM, I believe most managers could be tempted to move for the right price and prospects. And who could deny we are a great prospect?

    The right manager, right spending and right tactics and we could win an awful lot and certainly do a lot for many a managers CV.

  150. You might be right Micko, but I still think he’s perfect for us…

    Maybe a good salary and the promise of a big transfer chest might sway him….

  151. Goonie, also Liverpool’s midfield of Coutinho, Lucas and Gerrard is all brains and power plus throw in Henderson and you have a top team…

    They have a bad defence but with their midfield scoring goals against the top team when Suarez can’t score against they have a chance this season…

  152. I agree Ts, yet a certain group of fans were slating Ozil, yet he creates, that’s what he does best.

    As for Ramsey, I’m just sure gad he’s back and fit for next weekend…

  153. Gee jm we are the mighty arsenal. Surely Simone or conte ll jump at the opportunity to manage us. Come on man.

  154. JM- Sam Allardyce earns 2 times what Conte earns and so with the right persuasion he might join us…

    I agree he won’t want to join us though same as Simeone who is Ath true and true…

  155. Be interesting to see how Big Sam deals with the Dippers.

  156. Roberto Martinez won’t leave everton for a while yet rico, told Kenwright he’d get them top four and CL, stayed loyal to Wigan when bigger clubs came calling, he’ll see out his contract.
    James McCathy, best player on the pitch today, advantage everton on goals difference as well, it may come down to that in the end.

  157. Goonie in my view football is won and played by the midfielders…

    we only have 4 midfielders (Ozil, Ramsey, TR07 and on his day Arteta) in this team who will make 7 out of the 10 CL teams in Europe…

    To me several of our midfielders have no football brain to push us into the elite league i.e semi’s of the CL

  158. Nowadays, Conte don’t leave Juve for going to Arsenal, Simeone don’t leave A.Madrid for going to Arsenal. Those teams are in the top in Europe and Arsenal is in the middle (unfortunately…). Moreover, they probably are very expensive and won and win titles in theirs countries. Why they move on? They can reach new important titles in their Leagues and in Europe.
    Martinez ok. He grows up season by season. He never fight for titiles ou big titles.And he have ambicious. How much we must pay to Everton?
    but for me, i choose another one.

  159. All i’m saying is that to get the best from any team you will need your best players playing. Who would you pick on current form Koshielney or Vermin, you can go through many other playes and decide who you would have picked but if they are not available in numbers you will have your hands tied.

    All pros but some are better than others, that’s why they are number twos, pick your preferance Gibbs Monreal Ozil and whoever, You can miss maybe one or two but six and above is asking a lot.

  160. True Rico…

    As I was saying before the number of goals we have scored since Ozil got injured has dropped immensely?

    It went down when RAmsey got injured but nose dived when Ozil went too…

    I am not going to touch on chances created as fans hate stats but it may be due to another lack of options when it is needed the most…

    I know fans say we miss Theo but did not play a lot this season before his injury…

    Over playing our better players before christmas every single season does not help.

    We should have a petition to verify if our club doctors actually have the degrees and qualifications they claim to have!!

  161. Sad really. Just pathetic. We ve been mauled 4 times this season. So my question is……what happened to the best defense in the league?

  162. We have lost a whole midfield but the one lucky decision AW made this season was to buy two midfields instead of two strikers. We had a German international, Czech International, Spanish International etc. but no tactics or direction.

    On the other hand, maybe we didn’t cross most of the time because they knew how Giroud was performing!

  163. Hard to disagree kel….

  164. Seriously guys, I think our future should be in the hands of Roberto Martinez…

    Three superb loans deals secured and he drives passion and commitment through the heart of every player in his side…

  165. True Wavy… maybe not all AW’s fault today but doing his usual default changes isa trigger for anger

  166. Fa cup or not, 4th or 5th…. I don’t care Wenger must go, fucking pathetic performances this season naive tactics, zero motivation, failure in the transfer Window, I’ve had enough, scholes was right million miles away.

  167. No Goonster… lol

    Wavy, we do, I have been thinking that Giroud is a good plan b and maybe he is but one thing is for sure, his performances of late have been dire but is he really being given any service?

    Back when we played with pace and width, he was scoring goals but when we play like today and as we have for a while, he looks shocking.

    His little 2am romp has hardly helped his cause either, but I think of days like when we played Everton in the cup and he came off of the bench, his play was really good….

  168. Agag, I blame Dein for selling to a Dupont going by the alias Kroenke tbh…

  169. Agag. Hi there. Yup, the old Arsenal emotional roller coaster is in full swing isn’t it? My only hope now is that Wenger leaves of his own accord because I cannot see Kroenke sacking him.
    Depending on who comes in next I can envisage a scenario where CL football next year might not be the best thing. Let’s face it, we make it through every year with no expectation other than earning some money out of it and what do we do with that money? Nothing. It is a negative spiral ambition-wise.
    I maintain that this season is a testament to a once-great manager who has had his time. Watching him now makes me embarrassed for him and the club. Even if he wins the FA Cup I don’t see it makes any difference. We know what he is going to do next year don’t we?

  170. Adam, pipe down, mathematically we can still win the double didn’t you know.
    Dominated again, pish poor, we needed to show some blood and guts today, could have cemented 4th place, it’s going down to the final day of the season again.

  171. Sanogo’s goal was valid!
    More from less. Arsenal are a tired team with low morale, lack confidence and that seems little solidarity.
    This is what we have repeated over the years. It begins almost always good, and on the first defeat, the problems begin.
    This year, as in past there were many injuries. But there were several games that we were playing with 10 (always an expulsion, usually sooner!), 40 goals against, and 20 (!!), awayt of 4 teams and a inability for changing situations.
    Transmitted to the idea that players no longer believe in coach or in its methods and words.
    Arsenal need new and fresh ideas. Young and out of time trust, the “ghosts” of all recent ages.

  172. Steve take your point about injuries , but the players we did have were not organised to keep the game tight and go for a draw at worse. We were so open on both wings and our lightweight midfield got over run. The maxim should have been that if you can’t win make bloody certain that you don’t lose.

  173. What you are saying then Sp, the players who turned out today are rubbish??

    Those players are all internationals who I’m sure, if they had been given some kind of guidance and a better game plan, may just have played better..

    Even simply starting with OC could have made a difference but no, when we need width and pace, it’s clearly wise to leave him on the bench….

  174. We need a paces striker, we need pace! If Costa is shite then Giroud is shiterer……….make no excuses for him, he is just not good enough, not for the EPL. Sad cos he has scored a few goals but how many has he missed? How ,any scoring chances did he make for himself today? How many times did he beat a defender to the ball? How many times did he look like a professional footballer?
    And he’s not the only one in our injury ravaged team that turned out today.
    A really shameful display. Don’t just blame the manager though, he wasn’t one of the players who put on the shirt!
    What have Arsenal morphed into??

  175. Ahh come on rico. Just this once. I promise I ll be subtle. Please. I wanna let loose.

  176. Been here and there, goonie. How have you been?

    Ginge, I’m not one to knock AW, but we have been stale. There were excuses when money was hard, but Gazidis, Kroenke et al. are quick to brag about our finances so why are we making do with so many second-rate players???

  177. All undone 7 months of dreaming,its like watching an effing horror show,how can they sit on that bench and watch that.

  178. I am more worried about 2 of Ramsey, Kos, Sagna and Ozil leaving than us buying the players we need to challenge tbh…

  179. No ‘c’ word goonie, that’s not nice…

  180. Plus Simone is younger vibrant and dresses better.

  181. Had a look at Grove, at least something made me smile this afternoon.

    Ozil has urgently been in touch with Amnesty International :-)

  182. No that’s next week, we have to cock up the cup first.

  183. Arsenal completely outplayed, Everton at home and with the referee as one sided as usual, free kicks dismissed and their second goal should not have been allowed a man offside by a mile and standing right in front of the keeper Blatent interfering. Everton played their luck and their decisions but on the day deserved their win.

    If you only have half of a squad to pick from you will lose . Nobodies fault just a build up of injuries, Ramsey coming on showed what we have been missing, any team without key players out in force will never be the team they should. Should just a couple more be ready for the semi, we might just stand a chance.

    Koshielney Gibbs Wilshere Gnabry Walcott Ozil Diaby more than half the team.

  184. You ahve a point Goonie…

    Conte, Simeone, Rijkaard or Martinez for me

  185. But I think we’re in danger of getting all emotional again…

    Don’t worry Gooners, on Monday Ivan Gazides will announce to the watching world that Arsenal has, not only has a £100 million war-chest, but a £150 million war-chest.
    How exciting…

    Then Stan Kroenke AC will jet in.
    And then jet out again…

    That’ll sooth the nerves….

  186. If Everton and Martinez make it ahead of us into the CL, it will be a record in Europe as the size of the wage bill has always reflected the teams who qualify for CL in the top 4 leagues

  187. Hello, Adam. I’m so soo sooo angry. AW and the players should be ashamed of themselves. We were absolutely embarrassed just now.

  188. We don’t need van gaal. He’s an old fool. I hate him for all the thrashing he gave to my local club while he was coach of ajax in the 90s. I ll take Diego Simone. Thank you.

  189. Rico. On peanuts too – only £143 million a year wage bill.

  190. Arsenal love Santi but he was embarrassingly beaten by a backheel flick then complains to linesman instead of tracking back… says it all imho.

    IF a new manager (a top manager like Gaal comes he in, SC19 will be one of the first to cop the chop imho…

  191. Whoa AGAG where the heck have you been lil mama? I ve been worried sick. Ask adam.

  192. :) Adam, I’m sure he will….

  193. rico, mygod. The more I see of our players, the less I want to watch football. Grrrrrrr.

  194. Agag, I blame AW, those players are given absolutely no direction at all…..

    They go onto the pitch lost imo…

  195. Was Park, an international striker worst than Yaya to be given less playing time than this clueless and inexperienced player?

  196. Rico. Be careful. SP will be along soon to have a pop at me and let us know what a great job Wenger is doing.
    Hi Agag….

  197. For real rico? I ve been saving up to unleash for a while. May I use the C word too?

  198. Needs refreshing from the board to the manager’s office to the playing staff. Stagnation is the only word I can find for it.

  199. That’s what angers me so much Ah, at 2-0 and with changes, we may just have sneaked a point, but no, Mr Arrogant sits and does nothing.

    And as Potter said, what’s the point in bothering at all when the game is already over…

    Sanogo, although not the best striker to come off the bench, showed more about him than Giroud did…

  200. Absoultely no fight. Players just cluelessly running around. Our players shouldn’t be paid their wages. They have done nothing to earn their keep.

    Hiya, goonie, howdy? Hello, emma.

  201. So why is the postman playing ahead of Bendtner when he is getting paid to do jack all..

    I am not even sure he is training with us anymore…

    AW’s personal vendetta against certain players is the big issue…

    Akpom or Afobe should be playing ahead of Yaya every single time but both are not French or from Franco Africa so…

  202. Apparently there’s some very good kebab restaurants outside the stadium…

  203. goonie, Adam is right, but the folk on here are too decent…

    But if it makes you feel better, fill your boots and say how you really feel….

    I’m livid to say the least!!

  204. Not the football you see, just visiting Wenbley… :-(

  205. Offside! Ha. Sums up the afternoon. Looked better with Ramsay and Ox on but we knew it had to improve so why wait 3-0? Just someone answer me that.

  206. If I was Sagna, I’d go too Lee….

    Hi agag.

    Outplayed, out though, out tactic’d (if there is such a word)
    And I have already written tomorrow’s post.

    Thanks Arsene, now get us the FA Cup and then pack your bags!!!

    Take Giroud and a few others with you!!

  207. With Spurs and United getting closer , there is every possibility that we could be out of Europe all together. Wonder what the board would do then ?

  208. Goonie. It could be an inferno on here but we are all far too decent.

  209. I might take a lil peep then Goonie

  210. Well I’m really looking forward to visiting Wembley next week…

  211. Like someone say win or lose the FA cup, Wenger should do the honourable thing and not sign that contract

  212. Hahahahahahhaha I love them down at legrove. It’s an inferno on there. Hey ginge.

  213. Hiya Goonie…

    Very true Agag; he has bought a bunch of players who want to play a certain brain of football their predecessors played without wanting to do the hard work…

    We have a bunch of serial bottlers who choose to play in unnecessary areas of the pitch…

  214. I hope he can fit a magazine through a letterbox better than he plays football ffs.

  215. Should have had a pen and hit crossbar, best two efforts when 0-3 down. I thought raising hands and pushing someone over was at least a booking? But let’s book Arteta instead. Another Dean performance.

  216. I know it don’t matter but Atkinson loses it again. A really poor excuse for a referee.

  217. I want to kick him in the nut do bad. Argghhh. Damn you arsene. Rot in hell.

  218. Hello, all.

    Ginge, it’s just angering. It’s a total failure in strategy/tactics; he bought these players. He is accountable. And frankly, there is little to be proud of in our performance these days.

  219. My father in law is roaring with laughter. The old whiskery tool don’t have a clue what is going on but just to tick me off he is watching “soccer” with me. Why did cassie let him in the house? Why?

  220. He is joining him at Psg so… its all a big Con

  221. Very good striker Ox

  222. It has been said that we did not need Ozil… but has anyone checked out how many goals we have scored since his injury?

  223. Says something when the best player on the pitch is probably going to fuck off at the end of the season…..

  224. Hiya Agag…

    It looks like Aw has no more true supporters here but Sir Sp1… very brave man though…

  225. Fuck up in the FA cup and fuck up for the coveted 4th place trophy….that’s on the cards with this bunch of serial bottlers!

  226. If I was Wenger I’d do the honourable thing….

  227. Per has been shocking this calendar year!

  228. Good god. Our club’s capacity for implosion really is spectacular. I’d love to hear the excuses for this.

  229. Never said this before but AW must do the decent thing. pathetic watching

  230. Sanogo that’ll clinch it…has it come to this? Our levels of expectation have lowered so much!

  231. I still maintain as last summer than I will swap JAck and Ox for Lallana and Barkley… top players

  232. same here Emma…

    Poldi could have played as the false 9

    Its amazing how Ox is rated higher than Barkley…

  233. ohhhhh Sanogo

  234. In all honesty Emma it’s not going to make a difference

  235. If I were Wenger should have left Podi and taking-off santi.

  236. AW says it’s an accident :-)

  237. Still Arsene poke your nose into another club’s business you wanker…

  238. OG12’s head is gone… but because there was no backup he had to be played..

    I said at the time that B-52 though disliked should be moving ahead of Yaya and OG12…

    B-52 is another big game player you can trust to come on and score from the bench..

    How many times did Yaya score as a sub even at ligue 2?

  239. Wenger just realised that Giroud (not some) is having a mare.

  240. Another drubbing!

  241. Another suspension when he is needed and he has still completed less tackles than Ramsey even though Aaron had been injuried over a long period…

  242. Giroud looks like a sulk to me…great when it’s going well but you wouldn’t want him in the trenches with you.

    He’s gave up weeks ago

  243. I know fans will say Arteta not good but at least he has brains…

    Barkley has more football brains than most of our players

  244. Should have been Arteta , just watch him get a knock now , Flamini is already out .

  245. Yep 65 mins, AW can now make a change. Didn’t need a change at 0-2 did we.

  246. Ha ha ha what a fucking joke….inept squad assembled by a has-been manager!
    Out thought by another manager…yet again!
    It’s fucking embarrassing….again and again!

  247. The same old default changes…

    Poldi needed to stay on today…

  248. The game we don’t want next is the fa cup semi…

    U fear a Blackburn/Bradford/Birmingham type performance as our confidence is totally shattered

  249. Don’t blame you either Woody, enjoy the F1, I to hope Lewis the gooner can win…

  250. Arshavin was way better than Sc19 imho…

    at least he was a big game player

  251. We need four goals and still no changes??

    Poor, very very poor management…

  252. No point subbing now , far too late.

  253. Will Everton get an easier game this season?

  254. This is going to be only the second time in 30 years of watching the arsenal that I change channel/walk out before the end of a game.

    F1 time! Let’s hope Lewis can win that

  255. 0-3, Wenger might think we need a sub now. Incredible.

  256. That’s me turning off the TV. What is Wenger waiting for to make the changes?

  257. Chelsea all over again there…

  258. Flipping kamikaze…

    BAck into my hole then…

  259. Comedy of errors!!

  260. Unbelievable

  261. lol Woody…

  262. I’d play Oxlade-Chamberlain thru the middle…

  263. What a sad state. Thru ball to Giroud and he is bringing the ball back infield. No pace

  264. Martinez for me next summer I am afraid …

    He should bring Barkley too …

  265. Keep digging make it comfortable.

  266. Ts’s u are extremely positive!

  267. Everton will go above us next weekend…

  268. I agree Kev…

  269. Scott we will draw this at least I am sure…

    If not then I will crawl back into my hole… lol

  270. Take Arteta off, we need him for Wembley, bring on Kallstrom, Ramsey and AOC…

  271. come on boys we can’t fire blanks on a sunday too…

  272. We need an early few goals lol.

  273. Top defending TV..

    if I was AW i the absence of Kos I will play Sagna and TV together and never BFG and TV…

  274. A poor pass it must be said imho…

  275. Just what we all said at the time Ah…

  276. Scenes of Per racing after Naismith will get Sp1 out of his mansion soon… :)

  277. Remember the lift the players got when Ozil signed. Oh how a lift end Jan would have helped.

  278. WAtch Barkley play the box to box role 3 times better than who ever we had playing there in the first half… tsk

  279. Oh, and if we play like this against Wigan Kev, we won’t be going to Wembley a second time this year…

  280. Afternoon Kev. I’m livid.

  281. he is playing his usual 4-2-3-1 now

  282. Afternoon Rico…

    I’m trying not to get too emotional as I know it upsets Mick, but really, where does Wenger go if we fcuk up against Wigan next week…

    Wenger may not rate the FACup, but it might just save his arse…

    We needed pace in the team, and AOC gives us pace.
    But not from the bench.

    Nevermind, we’ll play our game, blah blah fcuking blah.

  283. I see everton catching us on the break

  284. If we can get an early goal, we’ll up the tempo…

  285. Spot on Woody.

  286. Wake up Wenger and make a couple of early changes, 60 mins isn’t good enough!

  287. Away fans are outstanding as always.

    You have to give them credit…we all sit here moaning and they sing their lungs out

  288. Agree Adam, on both!

  289. watch the goals now…

    after 2 now so we have woken up…

  290. He won’t make tactical changes , just personnel. He doesn’t think tactics.

  291. who has ever seen Arteta and Ramsey talking…?

  292. 3 drop points…more of the same

  293. Does he have a plan A Emma? :)

  294. AH – ;)
    Wenger has no plan B. I bet he will make the wrong tactical changes in the 2nd half. Other than that we don’t look like scoring. Wigan next week will be very interesting as they are the inform team in the championship at the moment.

  295. It’s sad but the price we were always going to pay.

  296. Flamini booked so suspended for Wigan & West Ham games

  297. Lewis, AW is playing 4-4-2 today…

    but without the legs of a Parlour, Silva and Paddy its like playing Edu, van bronchoist and Pires against a younger and hungrier midfield…

  298. Tactics..Wenger….,chalk….cheese anyone.

  299. Emma, I think you have more tactical nous than Arsene Wenger .

  300. Personally I will take OG12, flamini and santi off and bring on Ox, kim and ramsey…

    Finally Jamie is seeing what I have been saying about flamini… a total headless chicken..

    Only AW will play a plyer who had played dm less than 8 times in 3 or 4 years at milan as our top dm…

  301. Hoddle saying it’s poor defending. But our midfield is over run and awful. So is our attacking our best part?

  302. Does Wenger study the strength of the opponent? He does but he just doesn’t care. Same old tactics with the same personnel. We all knew Everton are stronger on their left side with Mirallas and Baines then why not start OX to give them something to think about

  303. Olivier Giroud
    A man in glue.

  304. Why does he never try anything different? It’s fucking rediculous!!

  305. Got to be Alex, Aaron and Sanogo half time. Can’t be worse than that can it? We have it out wide, switch backwards into middle, lose it then they counter attack. What are we doing?

  306. Watching arsenal play these days makes me weep.
    We lack imagination. Can’t believe this was the same team that was at the top of the league for several weeks. Giroud can’t even trouble Distin. SC19 is just a shadow of himself. Two DM that’s got zero pace and don’t know what they are doing. Monreal turning out to be another andre santos.
    At this going rate, Ramsey can’t save us

  307. Our club needs someone to install some pride back in it. Wenger is a man out of ideas and out of time.

  308. We have to have the worst strikers in the PL….

  309. Embarrassing, what are the Arsene knows best crowd thinking now. Or the board. Do they care?

  310. Same predictable team, same predictable tactics. So so boring.
    I’m so fed up with this shit, please don’t sign that knew contract.

  311. That was simply awful!!

  312. So, giroud is slow…has a poor touch, bad reactions, poor positioning and doesn’t hit the target often enough.

  313. Really glad Wenger knew in January we had such potent striking options.

  314. I wish AFC fans can see the distance covered info…

  315. And a few new players in with the new manager Lee!

  316. Lewis, they also have a lot more passion for the shirt they wear..

    Ramsey for Flamini, please AW

  317. Players like SC19 really need to start stepping up in a big game…

  318. We need a new fucking manager….

  319. No urgency in our play whatsoever..

  320. I reckon we need 3-4 players and a season with a normal level of injuries.

    The last few years we must have had double the amount of any other top team

  321. Everton player for player have a much better team than us, on paper and in reality! Least we’ve got a load of money in the bank. That always makes me feel better about our annual decline as a team.

  322. Top defending by Sagna

  323. 2-3 new players this summer? More like 15 new players

  324. I reckon my grans got better reactions that giroud. It seems to take hima while to realise what’s happening in front of him

  325. Vermaelen not good enough…flamini not good enough….arteta not good enough…giroud not good enough.

    Our squad not good enough – 4-5 injuries at once at we’re always fucked, every single time

  326. This will be another pasting if they don’t wake up!

  327. Who says AW does not do tactics…

    we are playing Poldi behind OG12 as most have been asking for…

  328. Our whole season flushed down the toilet in 1 month!!!

  329. Why is Kim not being used..?

    Who is the big game player


  331. Naysmith should have been potter, that’s for sure…..

  332. Shocking defending, absolutely shocking!!

    Hang your heads in shame for this performance so far Arsenal!!

  333. Do we have any attacking threat? Have they played together before? Rubbish.

  334. I know 1 is in the book but a lot seem to be getting away with it.

  335. only AW will decide to play 2 in midfield with 5 games to go when Martinez always floods his midfield…

  336. This is absolutely awful!!

  337. So poor defensively

  338. As I asked yesterday… if Navas can defend playing on the wings why can’t our so called wingers…

  339. Have these guys ever played together?

  340. Arteta started a move to the rhs but flamini also follows the ball forward without watching if Monreal has cover on the lhs… another poor tactical awareness in midfielder due t not having a proper box to box midfielder…

    Ramsey never ever did that even as a younger player…

    I also watch the training photos and see Arteta and Flamini playing against each other in the 5vs 5 r 7 vs7 …

    This lack of partnership shows because there is no chemistry between them when it comes to match day…

  341. No passion, no will, no spark…. Are we Tottenham in disguise?

  342. Fcuk we are shit, only one team gonna win this game. No pace, no energy from Arsenal.

  343. A bit harsh on TV JM imho…

    Sagna and the bfg are getting pulled to cover the holes in the flanks leaving only TV to cover as Nacho is also too high up the field…

  344. Baines has freedom of the pitch

  345. TV is so awful!

  346. We need a proper box to box midfielder!

    It hurts watching…

  347. It was bound to happen… our fb are fully exposed…!

    Still it was never going to be a clean sheet with TV on but we have the time to come back…

    We awake in 15 minutes when it is 2 pm so more time!

  348. Poor set-up so far… we don’t have the legs to play a flat 4 in midfield imo…
    we are getting outnumbered in CM by at least 2 players when Everton have the ball…

  349. where is Dev btw? hope he is well?

    A different threat with Barkley… Flamini needs to sit deeper now…

  350. That’s not good methinks.

  351. … and Monreal too I must add

  352. Typical that Sagna is being left unprotected against Baines and Mirallas etc…

  353. Seems Podolski is prepared to take a pop.

  354. good! it looks like tr07 is starting centrally initially at least…

    come on…

    not sure about the 4-4-2 against their 3-4-3…

    And afternoon all btw

  355. That was close…

  356. Wenger has a comment on everything why he just can’t concentrate on the job in hand , I don’t know.

  357. HopeTV keeps a clean sheet today…

    I am going for a 2 goal win…

    OG12,Arteta and Sc19.

    Another Poldi smasher…

  358. Interesting no flappy a week before FA cup when he was guaranteed a start

  359. Wavy, think you could be right re your earlier. Lose today and the chins will be dragging the floor…

  360. Bellerin is a very good player, versatile with bags of pace…

    Oxlade-Chamberlain on the bench?!!!
    Not sure about that one…


  361. Crunch time, if we are outplayed like most of the game against Spurs then good luck to Everton, we wont deserve it. If we turn up from first minute and play like our last 45 against City then I’m sure we will get something from game. Reckon a draw.

  362. It’s what raises human beings above the levels of the animal kingdom. We make mistakes, we reflect on our errors and we devise strategies to overcome our shortcomings. Where does that leave Wenger in the animal/ human kingdom?
    We shall judge him at about 3.30 today!
    Wenger and tactics? It’s more like ticktacks! Anything can happen and usually it does and not for the best either!

  363. Afternoon all
    come on Arsenal!

  364. Team in full:

    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud


    Viviano, Jenkinson, Bellerin, Kallstrom, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo

  365. He already has said those things Kev…

  366. If only that had happened the last Jan Adam…

  367. Will Arsene come out with the same old shit???

    You know “We’ll play our game”….

    Just like we did at Stamford Bridge, Anfield and Wastelands…

    Or doing the same thing over and over again.
    And expecting a different result…

  368. I see Wenger’s kicking off about the loan system now.

  369. Win today and I think we’ll win the rest. Lose today and we could easily finish sixth. Win the cup and well still have Thursday football. That’s another kind of cup surely. Is it not better than the 4 th place trophy which we have won so often it has been presented to us permanently?
    I think today will be a draw, at best, and they will use the well known merseyside tactic of running at us mercilessly for the first 20 minutes in the hope. Of building a 4-0 advantage! Are we ready? I bloody well hope so!
    Will Wenger have preached the right sermon on this sabbath day? Or will the team still be singing the matins hymn from their meeting with citeh in praise of how good they were that day? Forgetting that only the present counts?

    COYRRGS you can do it if really want!

  370. Yes, for those who have never visited Wembley, once you get through the excitement of visiting such a historic football icon, you’ll notice that the surrounding area is very much like an industrial site, like some old Northern mill town fallen on hard times.
    It really is a bit of a toilet, an old toilet even….

    Outside of a football occasion, you’d never dream of visiting the area.
    But not quite as bad a Tottenham High Rd…
    That’s another couple of levels…

  371. Rico. That’ll buy a couple of players in January when the ones we get in the Summer are injured.

  372. Wonder what will happen with the other £100 million Adam….

  373. Kev. I know. It’s difficult to conceived isn’t it? Still, the waiting list is at least 40,000 still, so there shouldn’t be any problems for the club in getting the money in to invest in the team.

  374. Moreno, no idea Kev, he could be a left back and AW plans to play him up front… lol

  375. Season Ticket spin, really Adam, surely not?!!!

    Would our club ever stoop so low?

    I’ll hopefully be meeting up with you outside Wembley before the game then mate…

  376. The story came from the Mirror, that paragon of bullshit…

    Maybe they meant Dan Moreno?

  377. Hi Kev. I do have a pair of tickets for the Wembly shithole next week mate but, if we lose today I will sell them and give the money to a Cancer Charity and an Animal refuge equally.
    Interesting to see that the PR spiel about the £100 mill has started already. Do I smell ST renewal time in the air?

  378. Moreno, isn’t he a striker?

  379. Thanks Rico re: Spuds/Mancs…

    Just shows how we’ve fallen away this season, if we’re worried about teams 7/8 points behind us….

    What fcuking joke!!!

  380. Can’t see us going for a left back we have two…

    Abate is the right back we are being linked to….

  381. We being linked to him?

  382. We sure were Scott, great shame we didn’t get all 3 points, we deserved them….

  383. Moreno of Sevilla, never heard of him…

    Rated at £50 million…. :lol: :lol:

    Is he any good?

    Is he a big lump or a nippy Suarez type?

    Does he have a dodgy injury record (always a major consideration for Arsene)???

  384. Everton v Arsenal Sun 6 Apr
    Arsenal v West Ham Tue 15 Apr
    Hull v Arsenal Sat 19 Apr
    Arsenal v Newcastle Mon 28 Apr
    Arsenal v West Brom Sun 4 May
    Norwich v Arsenal Sun 11 May

    Surely 9 points are a certainty, not sure about the away fixtures ;)

  385. I reckon we turned a corner v Citeh…..we were the better side that day.

  386. Utd 7, Totts 8 Kev…

  387. Morning Scott, if we turn up, all 3 surely…


  388. I’m with you on that one Scott…

    Think we’ll get a draw…

    Rico, how many points behind us are Spuds/Mancs?

  389. Diet, training and hard work has won us doubles over the years and i must admit rotation was only if we had knocks. Nothing has changed in my opinion. 11 players on the pitch its up to the players to last 40 odd games a season . That way you are a professional footballer less than that you are part time. Wages should determine what you are. I think the game rate would improve.

  390. Morning all.
    Tough game ahead, but we are capable.
    I expect a result…..juat not sure whether it will be a one point or three point game.

  391. He taught me everything Kev… ;)

    Absolutely Pryce, we are overdue a win aren’t we…

  392. Rico, 11.22 :lol:

    You’re getting as cynical as Adam… ;-)

  393. wanted to name him Ramsey but had another name already. he is called Jesse… abt 20yrs old…..

  394. WIN WIN WIN is the only word today for me.up the GUNNERS

  395. Behind every injured player there is a reason why Sp….

    Perhaps if you and us all knew that reason, the blame may just be taken away from the individuals and plonked on someone else’s shoulders!

    Too much training
    Lack of depth in squad to allow rest/rotation

    There are many reasons why we suffer so many injuries, but I strongly suspect that the players are not to blame.

  396. Ah, I see, then a very good birth date indeed, he must be 20 years old by now ;)

  397. Morning all, reasonable post Rico.
    You blame who you like, for me its about injured players. Ozil Walcott Ramsey Koshielney and Wilshere Many would say that they would start had they been fit, but all broke down when we needed them the most. Blame of course must be on Wenger as well as he brought them in, but surely not for their injuries.

    Everton is a well run side with a manager who looks like he is going places. His loanee’s has helped a lot and The Everton spending power has reduced the manager to secure loans. The man is very astute and i feel he has turned Everton round but has he done enough to turn us over.

    I believe with the lack of our injured he could well do, but he knows Wenger’s Arsenal, and he will not be that confident even at home. I feel the game will be decided by who turns up on the day I expect Everton to be bubbling over but i also expect the Arsenal boys to be up for the contest, Had we had the walking wounded playing today i would have said Arsenal but with places filled in by No 2’s i would expect it to go either way. But i will stick my neck out and give it to us 1.2

  398. FG’s little one was born when we last beat the Mancs… ;-)

  399. Morning Kev, who’s birthday is it?

  400. Morning FG…

    Yep Adam, it is so bloody frustrating to see where we are, and where we could be…

    Why an intelligent man like Wenger cannot see this coming beggars belief.

    Maybe he isn’t as intelligent as we all think???

  401. Adam, you sorted for the Semi-Final?

  402. makes me a proud father and Gunner. Morning Kev

  403. Fatgun, what a great birthday mate…

  404. I see Gnabry has joined the injured list….

  405. Morning Fatgun, thanks….

  406. Good morning HHers. Good read as usual. Thanks

  407. No Adam… Mind you, I hadn’t given it a thought..

  408. Rico. Are you going to the FA Cup semi?

  409. Morning Adam, I totally agree…

  410. Morning Rico and all. Failing to equip the squad with enough depth, which has become something of a speciality for Arsene, always nudges it’s reminder to you at the end of the season. Why we are once again in this crazy predicament when we we had the wherewithal not to be is incomprehensible. Every season when we should be fighting for the title we are struggling for fourth.

  411. Morning Wavy, Hb..

    Thanks Hb, I actually worry about Utd catching/overtaking us more than I do Everton, although they could quite easily get that 4th spot.

    My own view is every one of our remaining 6 fixtures are a must win because that’s the only way we stand a chance of getting 3rd, and we need 3rd…

  412. Spot on Post, Rico.

    Never a truer word has been spoken.

    We can complain about injuries, biased referees, bad luck etc, but it will all sound like self pity if we blow 4th place after such a great effort up until December.

    I do not think it is a ‘must win’ game, although I am sure we will hear that a lot, because Everton have a tough run in, even if they do manage to beat us, but if we implode it will be handing the CL position to one of the other clubs on a silver platter.

  413. The toffees today……..could be sticky!

    Morning allv

  414. And now AW is moaning about Lukaku and Barry playing for Everton…

    But he has a point……

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