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Striker Deal Done? Why Arsene, Why???

Morning all…

No match report as I’m bored of writing the same old stuff each week..

Yet again yesterday, the lack of passion, pace and width in our side was exposed.

The first half was awful, we were outplayed, over-run, out fought and yet thanks to some solid defending, we only went into the break with a one goal deficit…

But, during that first half, Tomas Rosicky stole the show, he was everywhere and seemed to be the only player wanting to get hold of the ball and drive us forward. Gibbs was being run ragged and it was a long time into the game before either Cazorla or Podolski gave him a bit of a helping hand.

Yet again the midfield lacked a beast, a true organiser and player who would take control and stop the ever flowing Manchester City attack…

Half-time came and went and I for one haven’t a clue what took place during that fifteen minute break…..

Whatever is was though, worked.

Suddenly there was life, there was attitude and there was a meaning to the way we played and to be honest, we were all over City.

I thought Giroud did really well during the build up for our goal, for once he showed a bit of ‘speed’ to move out to the right, collect the ball and carry on a move which ended up with a fine finish from Mathieu Flamini…

Giroud really should have made it 2-1 soon after when Sagna fired in a wonderful cross along the ground, the big lump striker didn’t even move, yet all he needed to do is get something, anything on the cross and it would have found the back of the net.

Podolski also went very close with a stunning near post shot, one which Joe Hart will no doubt admit he doesn’t know how he kept it out….

All that aside, we were a very different side in the second half, we were suddenly first to the ball, we were winning tackles and we were really having a go at the Man City defence and we as a team looked a much better football side.

Ok, so here is the why..

Why couldn’t we have started the game as we did the second half?

Why couldn’t Arsene Wenger say before kick-off what he clearly must have said at half-time?

Why couldn’t the players give as much effort in the first half as they did the second?

Why on earth and how on earth did we not win that game?

Why, when Tomas Rosicky went over in the box was he not booked? After all, if it wasn’t a booking for simulation, surely it had to have been a penalty?

So many questions, none of which I know the answer to but what I will say is how good it was to see our boys turn up and give a true account of themselves against a side who may well turn out to be the league champions this season.

That kind of second half performance is all that many of us here on HH have been crying out for, for a long while and considering the quality and experience that was in the Manchester City side, they couldn’t match us and to be honest, at times, they didn’t know what was hitting them.

Play like that for the rest of the season and 3rd place, maybe even 2nd is possible.

And don’t forget, we are soon to see the return of Ozil, Ramsey and even Diaby over the next few weeks….

See Arsene, you can do it and if you are staying, get Sagna and Fabianski to stay with you and then sign a DM, Striker and a winger in the summer…

Mind you, that striker may have already been signed as according to Sky Sports Germany, we have sealed a deal for Josip Drmic from Nuremberg. The news was broken by Lothar Matthaus and relayed on Twitter by colleague and former Swindon and Middlesbrough forward Jan Aage Fjortoft.

21-year-old Drmic has scored 15 goals in 26 appearances for the Bundesliga side this season, has denied any such deal but has said it would be ‘every boys dream’ to sign for us.

Other reports suggest that France want Arsene Wenger to manage the international team and want a deal done ready for the 2016 Euros and can you believe, Roberto Mancini is the man being tipped to become our new manager with Patrick Vieira joining him….

No, I don’t think so either.




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82 comments on “Striker Deal Done? Why Arsene, Why???

  1. no one is tipping Mancini to be boss. Andy Gray merely said someone like Mancini could do a job for us and its been picked up and twisted by every blogger

  2. Excellent read…why indeed AW….

    The Josip news is a bit old, I talked about him in January as the one we would possibly get instead of Sanabria of RM.
    the media are trying to make the Everton clash a do or die match but we have the best record against Everton so no worries there…
    we have a week to relax and get a plan together…
    what we know is that Martinez will go Kamikaze on us whilst their strength is on their lhs not the rhs and so so far as Sagna is fit, no worries there imho…
    Gibbs just has to be ready against Mirallas the dirty thug…

  3. silentstan, don’t shoot the messenger!

  4. Thanks Ts.

    I worry about the Everton game, early ko, away from home etc etc….

  5. Re Josip, I think the news came out yesterday again Ts, but we all know what happened the last time Sky Germany said we were close to a deal…

  6. Morning all,
    Happy Mothers day to all our Mothers on HH.

    Against supposedly the best team in the League, Arsenal did Pretty good i felt, and when you analyse that we were short of 6 of our players it wasn’t a bad result at all.

    Flamoney put himself about and got on the end of a good cross looked a bit lucky to me but that had me jumping for joy. I felt that Arsenal got themselves up for this game, although at the start and after their goal my head did go down, but thankfull the players didn’t, I disagreed with the comentators and the pundits that City had the best of the game as i had it the other way, but that’s just opinions. Chzezesney worries me his handling and his kicking has always been a problem for me, but many like him so i suppose i have to go along with the Majority but i do that reluctantly.

    When you look at the Arsenal side at the moment with Flamester and Arteta Rosiski and Sagna in their thirties you have to realise that we are getting a bit like what Moyes was moaning about, with being left with OAP’s we have got some exciting youngsters but Wenger seems to be reluctant to use them. But i think its plain to see that new recruits will be needed fairly soon.

    Many believe we should extend some of their contracts and if we can afford to do that i would be happy as they can still be good backups and they have the experience which is needed.

    Fabianski leaving at the end of the season is a shame in my eyes as he has just come of age for me, but we will need a good keeper, and that for me that is Paramount. Nice performance Arsenal, that put a smile on some of our faces if only for a short while.

    Leave a Reply As usual, i timed my comment at the last minute and posted this on the last post. Many will probably feel it should have stayed there.

  7. Morning All

    Morning Rico, good post…

    Scott made a good point at how the game looks different when you are there as opposed to when you see it on TV…

    The atmosphere?
    The bigger picture??
    Who knows why…

    Anyway, I thought Podolski had a great game, I also thought that Cazorla was everywhere, linking up play and making tackles.

    Rosicky was outstanding, man of the match for me…

    Both BFG and Verm were superb…

    Sagna was top class and despite the fact that City pressurized Gibbs I thought he did well. Still got forward and linked up well with Podolski…

    At times I looked at Arteta and just thought that his legs had gone,
    But he made some crucial interceptions.

    Flamini as the attacking-mid, now thag’s a new one, and it might just work in our remaining games. Mathieu to get the Cup Final winner maybe???

    Giroud struggled for most if the game, for me.
    Tbf he had Kompany and the other geezer all over him and often lacked support.
    But his body language, his pained expressions, just man-up OG ffs.

    AOC had an immediate impact, I was disappointed that he didn’t start of at least come on earlier.
    Sanogo did ok in his cameo. Shame Kallstrom didn’t get on…

    Chez was a bit flaky at times, I kinda expected that Fabianski might get a start!

    Anyway, that was my view from the cheap seats…

  8. That’s the problem with transfer windows. The decisions you make during them are those you have to live with the whole season, especially if you don’t take advantage of the January opportunity.

  9. Finally, I thought the crowd were superb, even when we were losing they never gave yo and drive the team on…

    Home advantage and the psychological effect it may have on our team could explain our results against the top sides.
    Two victories over Spuds
    Two victories over Scousers
    Goal less draws vs Chavs and ManUre
    Score draws vs Everton and City

    The problem is away from home, 12.45 kick-offs!

    So, the answer might be a change in routine for these games.
    Plus a rocket up their arse before ko..?!!!

  10. Still some tasty games for everyone still involved.

    We have Everton and then a run in which we should be able to get good points.
    City have Liverpool away, and then like us points available.
    Liverpool have Spurs today, Man city home, Chelsea Home.
    Everton have Arsenal home , Man utd Home Man City Away.
    Chelsea have Liverpool Away.
    Spurs have Liverpool away,West Ham away,Stoke away,West Brom away, Sunderland home ,

    So Chelsea and City have the points and fewer big matches. The rest other than us have a few banana skins about, should be a few more twists to come.
    We are too far back but should have enough in hand for the famous trophy.

  11. Morning Sp..

    Morning Kev, thanks.

    Pretty much agree re the performances.

  12. I say get the boys up and dressed three hours earlier for the early ko, then they’ll think it’s 3pm ;)

  13. Adam, as far as the EPL this season is concerned, it has been a lost opportunity from Wenger.

    Even if Wenger spends £60 or £70 million in the summer.

    ManC will spend £150 million.
    Chavs will spend £150 million.
    ManUre will spend £100 million.
    Liverpool will match, maybe exceed our spending.
    Spuds don’t matter,
    Everton will spend less.

    So will Arsenal have caught up, dropped further behind again or be treading water?

  14. Up early Rico, maybe Lee could give ‘em an early morning call? ;-)

  15. Rico, I didnt realise it was an early k.o
    Maybe Denilson can be loaned for that match ;)
    Personally, I thought Aw got the balance right by not starting Ox…maybe his slight muscle issue influenced his decision…

  16. :) Kev…

    1.30 against Everton, on Sunday Ts… Not quite as bad as 12.45

  17. Morning all, I bet Scott is nursing one mother of a hangover :-)

    No Ox I can forgive if he had a slight muscle problem but then again if he has a problem why even risk him on the bench, has Gnabry maybe asked Wenger if Diaby is his love child..? Why is he not being used out wide..?

    First half Rico thought we ewe better than you have given us credit for to be honest, we didn’t give up and although slightly over run at times we hung in there. 2nd half was as u say a different attitude completely and we unsettled the oilers who didn’t seem comfy when a team got at em….. Show what we can do when we can be bothered to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in.
    Still crying out for width speed and a proper goal scorer though, highlighted yesterday big time for me.

  18. Any pre 3pm kick off is a worry………..

  19. Have to agree with Scott/ Kev about the difference being at the ground it often surprises me how people that watch on T.V form different opinions. Could be that subconsciously the commentators get through although we all try to ignore them. At the ground you see things that T.V misses but don’t get the benefit of the replays highlighting incidents that the viewer gets.
    For me Rosicky man of the match.and the Sweeney rendition at the goal was both loud and hilarious at the same time seeing the look of total confusion on the faces of those too young to know what it was about “” Shut IT””

  20. Hi Wath you are too kind on them ;)

  21. Morning Gooners ,
    Very good post and I couldn’t agree more with you …
    Apart from the final bit regarding a possible new manager.

    Of all the name we’ve been linked to in recent times, I strongly believe that Mancini could really DO a very good job at our club.
    Don’t get me wrong , I still think and I’m pretty confident that AW will sign for another 2 seasons come this summer , however he won’t be at the helm forever and I’m sure the board is trying to identify someone who can come in at and hopefully hit the ground running (kinda like Wenger when he arrived in 1996)
    We need to avoid another ‘Moyes’ at all cost!!

    Having said that , I don’t think there’s a better candidate than Mancini to take over and when I read his name being linked with us I got genuinely excited.
    I remember clearly when he took over at Inter Milan. The club was dubbed as ‘long time losers’ and he managed to create a group of winners who managed to lift their 1st trophy after a loooong drought.. Moaninho inherited that group of players and won the treble soon afterwards.
    But it was Mancini who set the basis of a winning team.
    The same happened with City … He managed to win their 1st trophy (which is always the most difficult one to get) so he definitely has some great qualities AND , more importantly, has a vast experience both in Europe as well as in the EPL.

    Hopefully, the Afc board will consider that and won’t make the error of appointing a so called legend (like Adams …let alone Vieira) or someone who has no EPL experience like the Borussia coach. I would only make an exception for Guardiola , but I don’t know if Bayern will allow him to leave so soon.

    Hopefully , the future will be bright for our Club !!!!

  22. Great win for Lewis Hamilton, :)

  23. hi everyone….it’s been a while…..good performance from the boys yesterday I really couldn’t ask for more seeing as we almost have been using the same team for 3games running …..the injuries hasn’t really helped IMO but the damage was done during the past transfer window me think so all we can do is get behind the boys and hope with some luck we can get 2nd or 3rd place…..drmic is a good player from the few matches I have seen but we all know how hard it is to succeed here but it is a risk worth taking if we are going to spend big on the DM and LW position

  24. Morning GG, thanks re the post..

    Mancini isn’t for me personally because despite spending so much money, he really didn’t have a balance side. However, some of his signings were class but then on the other hand, look at some of the others he paid big money for…

  25. Hi snaparse..

    Time for me to dash, got lunch to cook and stuff. Back later…

  26. Drmic Paper talk , One report say’s his wife is house hunting in London another says he’s not married. Believe it when it happens.

  27. Have to agree with the post,we went out for the first half under prepared again,sagna and gibbs in shitys half for silvas goal,
    but a great second half.
    I have my doubts about whether it was the half time team talk or the fans who motorvated our players.
    Watched the palace/chavs stream,before our game,
    for those who think getting beat 6 nil is just a car crash,
    watch the palace lads put a shift in.
    Surely the least we can expect form our team is to compete every week for 90 mins.
    He maybe a plonker but..Pulis knows how to wind a team up,maureen,stood with his hands in his pockets not a word,he was so pissed off he started on the ballboy.
    Last week he sent the chavs out to kill us,but we beat him to it,
    we looked half dead to start with.

  28. Morning Rico
    I see your point on Mancini and I agree with you on the fact that some of his signings were definitely not good and he overpaid , but I guess that when you have new owners with bottomless pockets you’re may well get pushed to get as many new players in as possible (the same happened at Chavski when the Russian took over)
    At Inter, he didn’t have as many funds at his disposal and he still managed to win trophies.
    Like most Italian managers, he tries to build his team though a solid defence , but I feel he’s done a pretty good job up until now considering that he’s not as experienced as other managers.
    Another candidate , would be Ancelotti as Real may well sack him if he doesn’t deliver a trophy this year. Like Mancini has EPL experience , and perhaps more importantly, knows very well how to win the CL … Which is a huge plus IMO !!!

    Anyway , Let’s wait and see how we end this season , then move on and start planning for the future.

  29. Morning all.
    A simple reason for those at the game gaining a different perspective to those at home……at home, you can’t see what is happening 20-30 or even 50 yards from the ball as the camera is obviously locked in on it.
    The greatest example of this is Aussie Rules..a game that MUST be watched live as so much happens off the ball.
    The passion with which the local fans celebrate a great result was something to be experience after the game.
    The area was pumping for hours, and I can only attempt to imagine what it’d be like fare a trophy win.
    The experiences I take back will live long in the memory bank, and just make me even keener to get back, but this time I will have to bring my family over as not having them with me has been the only negative.
    I certainly sunk some Ales last night, but it was for a good cause :)

  30. I had a feeling you’d have a bit of a thirst Scott….. Least you got to experience a good atmosphere and to see the team roll their sleeves up, when the crown sense the team is showing fight then it feeds all round the ground and the place is lifted.
    When the fans in the mood it can be as loud and as intimidating as anywhere it just doesn’t happen enough.

  31. Looking forward to next Sunday.
    I’m not gonna predict an Arsenal win as Goodison Park is one of the most difficult grounds in England to get a victory.
    But if our team show the same endeavor, resilience and bloody- mindedness up there, as they showed yesterday, then I reckon that we can get a draw and keep the Toffees at arms length…

    A cup of Mrs Adam’s green tea should make it a memorable day.
    Maybe pie n mash afterwards???

  32. To top off a great trip, we are at the ladies game today.
    4 Arsenal games in 8 days!!!!!

  33. It shld of been five but you bottled going to the dump on Fri…. :-)

    Agreed Kev, same fight n commitment as yesterday and toffees away is def winnable

  34. Nah Wath, we kept talking about getting tickets , but it went no further lol

  35. Girls are down 2-0 today at half time, 3-0 over all.

  36. Henderson playing like Ramsey…
    We blame OG12 alot but our midfielders do little to threaten defenders…
    If you consider a midfielder in Yaya is the 2nd highest scorer after SaS…

  37. You can’t trust the useless sperds not to choke…

  38. Afternoon all…

    Spurs putting up about as much fight as we did at Anfield….

  39. Shame about the ladies result, seems they aren’t the force they used to be in England…

    Ring any bells ;)

  40. Sad news about Kate O’Mara who has passed away today. Loved watching her in Dynasty… RIP……

  41. Can’t complain about Spurs at Liverpool , we need to look at ourselves first.

  42. Exactly Potter!

  43. Howdy folks….haven’t seen the game yet so can’t give my opinion but men being a father is exhausting. I didn’t get no sleep last night. Did I cry this much at night when I was a baby? Gosh am thinking of bolting guys.

  44. Stan, toughen up :)
    Rico, our girls played Birmingham off the park but had no end product, so yes, it sounds familiar :)

  45. :) Goonster…

    See Scott, it’s running through the club ;)

    Doesn’t help that Chelsea nicked our girls in the summer….

  46. When do you fly home Scott and have you had to add extra poundage on your luggage?? ;)

  47. Scott am thinking of ripping my eyes out. Afternoon rico. Heard you went on a trip? Good for you mama bear. Hope You Had A Good Time.

  48. Hi Stanley, I did and it was awful, hey ho eh ;)

  49. Wanna trade places rico? I don’t think so.

  50. For sure Stan, just grow a pair like everyone else has had to do ;) ;)

  51. I fly out tomorrow at noon.
    I have had a ball but I really miss my family.

  52. I get both there Scott…You have a safe journey home…

  53. Glad you enjoyed it Scott, especially 2nd half yesterday, safe trip back.

  54. Stop whinging Stan, it’s called responsibility, just make sure you stick a top hat on it in the future.

  55. How do rico, blood and guts performance required at Goodison next week me thinks, nothing less, seems like ages since we won a game.

  56. Come on Scott, spill the beans, what did you think of the worldy heritage site that is Borehamwood today.

  57. If we beat Everton, I think we will go the rest of the season undefeated including the cup.
    Rico, I am lucky enough to be meeting Keiryn and Sean in Hong Kong for two days.
    It breaks the trip up nicely.

  58. Micko, the game was actually at Barnet for some reason.

  59. Hi Micko, agree and the reason it seems like ages is, because it is… Shocking really…

  60. Ah yes, get your credit card ready Scott, your wife has to get equal for all your AFC spending ;)

  61. Underhill ! You dodged a bullet there.
    A final forray tonite I take it, you’ll need to go home for a break.

  62. I’m off guys, the light is going and I need to get the feathered ones all locked up and safe before night falls… Well, the four of them…

    Have a great time in Hong Kong Scott and safe journey home…

    Night guys, we’ll start winning again now that Scott is off home… ;)

    ‘Til tomorrow, stay safe…

  63. Rico, I don’t want anyone having a crack at me, so keep your finger on that delete button, but £600.00 on Arsenal gear was spent.
    Most for Seany, but some for family and friends.
    I also got him a fantastic pair of Futsal shoes (hard to find in Oz for kids) and Football boots (cost an arm and a leg down under).
    He has had a great Arsenal trip lol.
    I just had proper fish and chips, and am now having a few quiet ales to wind down.

  64. Micko, Barnet was quite a nice set up in a fairly quiet area, so it was a nice afternoon out.

  65. I’ll be ready and waiting on the delete button Scott ;)

    £600 – don’t tell Kroenke, he’ll get you back soon….

    Sean is going to be one happy chappie…. lol

    Gone now…..

  66. Stan, he can get stuffed and buy another ranch lol
    A one off, and yes my boy will be ecstatic so worth every cent.
    Next time we all come.
    I know I’ve said it a lot, but I am amazed at how much I’ve missed them.
    Stan(Goonster) all the grief the bub is putting you through now will be worth it forever.

  67. Scott, you have a safe journey to Hong Kong mate!
    Bet you can’t wait for the family reunion!?!?
    You’re now an official member of the HHCC!
    You’ll be in Aus for the Everton game…..we’ll probably stuff ‘em, bloody Jonah! ;)
    Take care mate!!!

  68. More ales.?.. jeez Scott you have drank this country dry…

    Enjoy last last evening in London mate…

  69. Senderos having his usual calamity…

  70. To those who have my phone number and are kind enough to be sending me SMS messages, I ran out of credit today and as I’m going home tomorrow, there’s no point topping it up.
    I have received a few wishing a safe trip home and it’s much appreciated.

  71. 600 quid, that’s half a season ticket or a days work for kev !
    Safe journey home Scott, laters.

  72. You are more tight with you cash than Stan, Scott.. :P

    Take it easy…

  73. Cheers Micko.
    Ginge, I look forward to best time bud.

  74. £600 Mick, yeah it’s really quiet at the moment…
    Don’t know how I manage?!!!

    Scott, Digger, you take care now.
    Have a safe journey and we all look forward to seeing you again in the near future…
    Bon Voyage…

  75. Kev, I shall return.
    Thanks for a great time mate.
    R.I.P Rocky.

  76. Morning all…

    RIP David Rocastle….

  77. Indeed R.I.P……….legend!

  78. Sure is Lee…

    Morning to you…

  79. Thank fuck he’s gone back to Australia…we might start winning again! ;)

  80. New Post up….

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