Striker Deal Done? Why Arsene, Why???

Morning all…

No match report as I’m bored of writing the same old stuff each week..

Yet again yesterday, the lack of passion, pace and width in our side was exposed.

The first half was awful, we were outplayed, over-run, out fought and yet thanks to some solid defending, we only went into the break with a one goal deficit…

But, during that first half, Tomas Rosicky stole the show, he was everywhere and seemed to be the only player wanting to get hold of the ball and drive us forward. Gibbs was being run ragged and it was a long time into the game before either Cazorla or Podolski gave him a bit of a helping hand.

Yet again the midfield lacked a beast, a true organiser and player who would take control and stop the ever flowing Manchester City attack…

Half-time came and went and I for one haven’t a clue what took place during that fifteen minute break…..

Whatever is was though, worked.

Suddenly there was life, there was attitude and there was a meaning to the way we played and to be honest, we were all over City.

I thought Giroud did really well during the build up for our goal, for once he showed a bit of ‘speed’ to move out to the right, collect the ball and carry on a move which ended up with a fine finish from Mathieu Flamini…

Giroud really should have made it 2-1 soon after when Sagna fired in a wonderful cross along the ground, the big lump strikerĀ didn’t even move, yet all he needed to do is get something, anything on the cross and it would have found the back of the net.

Podolski also went very close with a stunning near post shot, one which Joe Hart will no doubt admit he doesn’t know how he kept it out….

All that aside, we were a very different side in the second half, we were suddenly first to the ball, we were winning tackles and we were really having a go at the Man City defence and we as a team looked a much better football side.

Ok, so here is the why..

Why couldn’t we have started the game as we did the second half?

Why couldn’t Arsene Wenger say before kick-off what he clearly must have said at half-time?

Why couldn’t the players give as much effort in the first half as they did the second?

Why on earth and how on earth did we not win that game?

Why, when Tomas Rosicky went over in the box was he not booked? After all, if it wasn’t a booking for simulation, surely it had to have been a penalty?

So many questions, none of which I know the answer to but what I will say is how good it was to see our boys turn up and give a true account of themselves against a side who may well turn out to be the league champions this season.

That kind of second half performance is all that many of us here on HH have been crying out for, for a long while and considering the quality and experience that was in the Manchester City side, they couldn’t match us and to be honest, at times, they didn’t know what was hitting them.

Play like that for the rest of the season and 3rd place, maybe even 2nd is possible.

And don’t forget, we are soon to see the return of Ozil, Ramsey and even Diaby over the next few weeks….

See Arsene, you can do it and if you are staying, get Sagna and Fabianski to stay with you and then sign a DM, Striker and a winger in the summer…

Mind you, that striker may have already been signed as according to Sky Sports Germany, we have sealed a deal for Josip Drmic from Nuremberg. The news was broken by Lothar Matthaus and relayed on Twitter by colleague and former Swindon and Middlesbrough forward Jan Aage Fjortoft.

21-year-old Drmic has scoredĀ 15 goals in 26 appearances for the Bundesliga side this season, has denied any such deal but has said it would be ‘every boys dream’ to sign for us.

Other reports suggest that France want Arsene Wenger to manage the international team and want a deal done ready for the 2016 Euros and can you believe, Roberto Mancini is the man being tipped to become our new manager with Patrick Vieira joining him….

No, I don’t think so either.




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