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Sagna to City? Final chance for Arsene Wenger to get 3 points against a top four side this season….

Morning all.

Would Bacary Sagna really sign for Manchester City?

Would you blame him if he did?

Apparently, we have now caved in and offered the right-back a new three year contract but still he hasn’t signed…

Not so many years ago, Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri made the move to Manchester, not to the red side of course, but the blue side. You know the one, the one which had and still has very wealthy owners and a squad which we as Arsenal fans, if honest, would admit nothing other than envy for….

When both players left, and let’s forget that Adebayor was another, many Arsenal fans suggested and maybe even screamed that all they wanted was a bigger pay packet.

Well, even if money was the initial attraction, surely it can’t be denied that those players who decided to move have been totally vindicated? Ok they haven’t won vast amounts of trophies yet but it must be fun playing in a side with so many top players.

I’m not trying to heap loads of praise on a club which has bucket loads of money and who are prepared to ‘buy’ their way to any trophy they can get their hands on but what I will do is praise a manager who is willing to say, ‘you give me the money and I will spend it and try to make us a great side’.

And there’s the difference.

Not only that, the City owners tried with one manager and gave him time but it failed. Roberto Mancini was like a kid in a sweet shop as he signed players. But what he didn’t do was sign players he needed to fill the gaps in his squad and therefore, his side was always unbalanced. (Ring any bells?)

Yes he won a couple of trophies but he could and maybe should have done so much better considering the amount of money he spent. The City owners clearly thought that too as he was sacked and in came Manuel Pellegrini it looks like he’s about to make his side a side for the long haul…

Pellegrini is no spring chicken though is he?

No, he’s 60 years old, just a few years younger than Arsene Wenger, yet he knows how to sign wingers, he knew which striker to sign in the summer to make his attack just that bit stronger and when it comes to playing attacking football, is there really a better side to watch?

But this isn’t meant to be all about Manchester City, it’s about a manager who has money and is prepared to spend it for the good of the club and the fans.

It’s about an older manager who has a younger mans footballing ideas, a manager who has the ability to get his players to play out his ideas on the pitch.

Arsenal FC have the money and to be honest, we have the bulk of players we need to play fantastic football but, what we don’t seem to have is the manager who can beat those around him. A manager who can take us from trophy chasers to trophy winners. A manager who will make us strong again and turn us into a side which doesn’t crumble at the first sign of trouble.

Today we face Manchester City…..

The old ‘newbie’ in the Premier League against who appears to be the old ‘has been’….

If Arsene Wenger wins this battle today, I’ll be very shocked but very very pleasantly surprised.

Should we win, it would mean Arsene Wenger has out thought and finally beaten one of the clubs who sit above us in the league for the first time this season and with it, prove he’s not completely out of ideas….

We need a win and we need it badly because sadly, not only are the clubs ahead of us creeping further ahead, the clubs behind us are catching us up……

COYRRG’s, give us fans something to be proud of today!!

Go get those desperately needed three points……


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273 comments on “Sagna to City? Final chance for Arsene Wenger to get 3 points against a top four side this season….

  1. Morning rico and all.

    Very true rico, we can only hope. Been away for 10 days with little internet access, when I left I was happy although we only just scraped the Spurs win, and our playing seemed to be declining. Well it well and truly seems to have suffered in these two matches! I know we had a player sent off, but were there any redeeming features or were we poor in both?

    Excellent reports Adam last two days, I’ve just read.

  2. Morning Ah..

    Poor in all is the simple and quick answer…

    Hope you had a good break…

  3. Good post Rico, let’s hope for some spirit and fight in the team that’s all I really ask for to be honest…!

  4. Thanks Wath. Same here, none of this giving up after just ten minutes. Lets see something different, a bit of pace, grit and balls!

    And a proactive man on the sidelines!!

  5. Very nice thanks rico. Cruise with some good musicians on board, bit frustrating that they had Sky News on TV first few days, then it vanished, and £40 net access went nowhere as dreadfully slow at sea.Then when I did make contact, heard we were 2-0 down again after a few minutes!! Then heard we were 2-1 up with few minutes left. Next day …draw! Gutted.

  6. Nice Ah, think you were better off not watching…. ;)

  7. Nice post Rico. Seems to me that the season’s high point from a quality point of view was the home tie against Napoli. Apart from some flutterings in the FA Cup, there has been a slow decline since then. Yes, injuries have played a part but once again, the seeds were sown in the Summer of 2013.
    Watching us play Swansea in the week I could hardly believe I was watching Arsenal at all. Surely it must be somebody’s responsibility?

  8. Here’s where I ask what’s to lose, fans want to see passion and commitment and a result you can handle if you see the team show a bit of fight and spirit, if we play Akpom and Gnabry and they get stuck in and try they quick talented and will for sure get stuck in…. Fans react to that, they would also offer something different something maybe Citeh would not expect, what’s to lose or are the other players so fragile and so lacking confidence and spirit that would rub off on a few youngsters thrown into the game?

  9. Yep it was Scott’s fault Adam……

  10. Also possibly yours if you didn’t wear your red spandex strides……

  11. Thanks Adam. I could name a few who should hold their hands up…

  12. Agree Wath, I know Sanogo is no Pele, but at least he’ll give 100%

    And certainly a few of the younger players like Gnabry/Akpom would do the same, unlike a couple of players I can think of!

  13. Thought AW comment about him staying unless he does a u-turn was interesting and the fact that he will only stay if he knows he has done his best.

    Based on that, surely he’s off ;)

  14. Bit of fun.

    If money was no object for you as AFC manager, which one player would you sign?

    Only one though….

    Mine is at Real Madrid… ;)

  15. But we are a top, top side aren’t we? Why are we looking for solutions from untried players who ‘might’ have something to offer at this level? It is of course a rhetorical question as was my earlier enquiry as to who is responsible.
    Looking at Wenger yesterday I got the impression that he was in some bizarre kind of denial about where we are as a team and a club. For me, the whole status of Arsenal for the next few years is at stake right now. If Wenger signs his new contract, as he surely will, then isn’t that rewarding failure? If so, then does this provide solid confirmation that Kroenke’s reputation for creaming money from the top of failing sports franchises has now extended to Arsenal? If these things are true – and they seem to becoming increasingly self-evident – then are we not entitled to ask what is the future under Kroenke? This is the man who thinks it’s a good idea to put ST prices up while the manager sits and twiddles his thumbs instead of improving the squad or developing some tactical nous when playing the big clubs away.
    There are a couple of ways this could pan out and the most likely scenario that I can envisage suggests that the fans will have a big role to play. And it won’t be pretty.

  16. Probably because we are sick of watching some of the most lethargic performances we have witnessed in a long time.

    We are too predictable and easy to beat, younger, quicker and fearless players could just make a difference.

    Of course it shouldn’t be like this at a club like ours but it shows what a desperate situation we are in…

  17. good morning
    Another nervous game. I expect now everything for the team and for AW.
    about M. city: This year, is a team much more balanced. Touré-Fernandinho or the spanish , give them much more security back when they attack. Was one of the reasons why MU lost 3 games this season that played against M.City.
    LAst sunday I watched Madrid-Barcelona. Mourinho probably didn’t lost that game . In his time, he played with Alonso and Khedira and sometimes alonso-Pepe and Khedira gainst Barcelona. Ancelotti, only played with Alonso but with Benzema,Ronaldo,Di Maria,etc…and look at the score.
    Versus Arsenal, we played with Matic and Luis at DM, not only with Matic and look at the score and our performance.
    I’m very surpise how many players had been sent off this year and dropped point in consequence.
    In the same way, why AW didn’t understand when we played versus a strong team, with his “football shoch”, we can’t played wth a “a very soft team” (Ex: stoke). And the statistic is evident: in 6 games away at stoke, we won one and lost 5.

  18. Adam, I think your comment about rewarding failure is something that was evident from at least 5 years ago, players contracts far to quickly improved when they had hardly come out of nappies, players who played a handful of first team games given huge new contracts without real reason, they have no carrot to improve if it’s all handed on a plate to them far to early.
    As I said yesterday if the is happy with a trophy for 4th what kind of example does that set to people within the club, accept mediocre because that’s all we aim for and if we lucky along the way we can maybe nick a cup and claim the glory with very little input from the bank account and Wenger gets to say told you so….

  19. Good read rico,
    Like the bit about old managers,wenger must of had a bus pass for 7 years then,
    Our only hope to day is if wenger plays/starts every experienced player thats fit,
    then as usual after 60 mins brings on our younger players,we have to win the battle in midfield,our full backs must sit in for the first hour,tommy has to forget about scoring the winning goal in the first 10 mins.
    Shity are beatable with the right tactics and formation,shity will want to open the game up if we sit in early.
    This is what wenger should being saying before playing a top team.
    We need a performance like the one against napoli at home,
    tacticly our best this season.

  20. Sorry adam just read 10.15 great minds.

  21. One player Rico only one and in the hear and now… Money no object….. A single player to make a difference…..!?!?!

  22. All my fault :)

  23. JM, exactly right, apart from our centre back the spine of our side is physically very weak and that’s where we lose out time and time again….!

    Least we have the savior back in a few weeks, trumpets and fanfare for the one and only Mr Diaby, maybe he will be fit for two games then out again til Xmas… That’s about the norm…!

  24. Morning JM. Half the problem is that or side has too many tiny totts in it…

  25. Rico. I just can’t see that young players with zero experience of football at this level are really going to do it. Perhaps I am wrong but it smacks of desperation to me and I have seen little in Sanogo that suggests he will make the difference. But more likely it is a firm indicator of where we are as a team and the vacuum of irritating despair we, as fans, find ourselves in.
    I was surprised that, after the Swansea debacle (our second in a few days) that there wasn’t even more criticism of what Wenger is or isn’t doing. But I think an air of indifference is setting in and I do feel it myself. The fans are slipping away but the good ship Arsene sails on regardless towards who knows where.
    Wath. My red spandex strides have proved unlucky recently. :)

  26. Thanks Fred, Pellegrini shows that older men can make top managers, IF they keep up with the game…

    I reckon AW is living off his tokens ;)

  27. Yes Wath, just one..

    That’s what I am saying Adam, it does smack of desperation but, we are in a desperate situation.

    Not suggesting we start a load of youngsters but a bit of pace in our side wouldn’t go a miss.

    Still, Diaby is back soon!

  28. Adam the question isn’t about a few youngsters having the prem leg experience it’s about them having the talent to maybe make a bit of difference and being better than what we have produced last few games, one or two younger players with hunger can in my view make a huge difference. it’s not right and agree with what your saying it should not come to this but it can’t hurt can it..? Speed talent and a hunger can be a great mix and makes up for lack of experience a little, it’s down to the experience around them to talk them through..!

  29. It would have to be Messi then Rico the man can win a game in 10 seconds and he can destroy a team in 10 mins we have no one even close to him or that ilk that can turn a game on its head, we used to have a couple…!

  30. Hi wath,
    If we had a leader or leaders I would agree with playing young players..but we don’t.

  31. Wath. I guess you might be right but, when I see a player like Arteta unable to manage a single decent 10 yard pass in a game and not being the only one either, then I think that confidence is shot to pieces. In that case, yes, why not try the youngsters I suppose.

  32. Ronaldo for me Wath..

    I often think of Paddy, how many times did he win a tackle in ou own half, up he’d get and those long legs would cover the pitch in seconds. He’d either find a team mate ahead of him or go all the way on his own…

    Invariably we’d score…

    Now look at the way we play. Heartbreaking….

  33. What we certainly don’t have are players who can manage a game, depending on how it is balanced. How many times have we thrown away late goals because we just couldn’t close a game out by keeping the ball in non-dangerous areas?

  34. Adam, I believe that the players have lost all confidence, but no so much in themselves, but the way they are being asked to play…

    As you so often say, something seriously has to change…..

  35. Rico. You have told me that you don’t like cheats and yet you pick Ronaldo, the king of them. :)

  36. Rico. You and I and several others have been calling for change for quite a few seasons now but nobody with any power at the club has heeded our call. :)

  37. But he’d be our cheat Adam ;)

    I’m starting to believe that if we only get 4th and don’t get the FA Cup, AW will walk away in the summer….

  38. Hi all,

    No worse than Suarez as a cheat. I would also go for Ronaldo who can win a game on his own. Messi needs the right kind of players which we clearly don’t have.

  39. Hi Brad, good point re Suarez, yet we all wanted him in the summer…. :)

  40. Brad Ronaldo sulks like a girl when it don’t go his way I’d say Messi don’t need anyone he just does it himself…!

    Fred your right we lack people that lead by example but one or two young ones may just help, not talking about 3/4 and for that they don’t need to much help just faith in their own ability, Rosicky would help so to Merts Arteta for me is just being used wrongly and that’s a shame as I think we’s a very good player but he is slow and isn’t a defensive midfielder so should not even be in that position that now allows criticism, totally unfair on the bloke.

  41. Rico. :)
    So true. I have been calling for a decent cheat for quite a while. Diego Costa, even though he is shit, fits the bill too. In fact just about all Spanish players are enormous cheats and conmen.

  42. I would say that, although Suarez is certainly a cheat, that he has cleaned it up this season and I have seen decisions go against him because of his reputation. Ronaldo though is in a completely different league as a cheat for me. He can win a game on his own with a stunning act of dishonesty-and frequently does.

  43. Anybody notice how Bale now don’t get accused of diving…. It’s due to the fact they all at it in Spain…!

  44. Spot on re Arteta Wath, although I am sure someone tried to convince me he played as a ‘DM’ at Everton. However, I thought he was always their creator….

  45. Not Santi though Adam… ;)

  46. Never Santi Rico. Nor any of our players. :)
    Agreed re Arteta too. It is anathema to our leader to play any player in his proper position it seems.

  47. That the same as an enema Adam…?

  48. What four players from the Wenger era would you add to this team/ squad as it stands to take us to the next level and why…?

  49. Slightly less lovely though Wath. :)

  50. Henry



    Sorry, how many Wath?? ;)

  51. Vieira, Thierry, Dennis and Cesc perhaps. It could be any number of them though Wath. Overmars for his pace, Gilberto for his quiet authority. Seaman for his calmness and the confidence he instilled in the defence. The list goes on really. Who, in this team, would get into the Invincibles and the teams before?

  52. Adams – leadership

    Bergkamp – vision and incredible ability to create and score goals.

    Henry – no explanation needed ;)

    Then either one of Campbell, Pires or Parlour….. Hmmmmm
    Or maybe Paddy or Petit…

  53. Yep, Campbell, Pires for sure. Hold on, did the same manager buy all those players? :)

  54. I’m getting depressed now.

  55. I’m not sure any would on this seasons showing…..

    Maybe Ramsey…

  56. So am I Adam.

  57. Just think how good Ozil would be in that Invincible team

  58. Back in a bit, off to mow the lawn…

  59. My four are based on what I feel is missing in the team and not necessarily me picking four star players from the past 17years.

    I think we lack spine in the team and the fight to win a game. I think the back four is pretty decent they are let down by lack of support and protection in front of them so bearing in mind my choices are pragmatic to add to what we have.

    Mr Emmanuel Petit, a powerhouse of a player, good in the air great left foot got stuck led by example and always gave the back four protection……

    Mr Bobby Pires, quite simply the man had everything, skill, speed and a footballing brain, he could cut inside or go round a player on the outside you never quite knew what he would do…

    Mr Ian Wright, the fox in the box, a goal scorer supreme yet he could make a goal from nothing or be on the end of a 1 yard tap in, he was quick hit the spaces and also got in where it hurt…..

    Last but not least it would have to be Mr Martin Keown, the man knew how to motivate, he was quick good in the air and had the will to win attitude? I take him over tony Adams purely because he was a quicker centre back but also in the dressing room he was mr motivator.

  60. Thing is though Wath, there are so many players we have had under Wenger who could all make a huge difference to this current squad.

    Reyes on the left wing
    Parlour, the perfect Mr Utility
    Gilberto, the recycler and reader of the midfield and who was so often in the right place at the right time to nullify an attack…

    In all honesty, we could pick any four of a large number of players and we’d be a top top side….

    Now I’m really depressed…..

  61. I was thinking Parlour for the grit and determination and also the main man Sir Bergkamp but decided against that as if. Özil plays behind Wrighty with Bobby on the left and Theo on the right imagine the creativity and chance they would make and score…..

    As said if it’s only four there are many permutations that would help this squad I just feel we lack the passion and the guts and determination not really creativity. Aaron with Petit would be an excellent partnership. Keown scares the shit out of anyone with those looks so the whole team would listen…

  62. Just wanted to highlight the fact with what we have got in the squad we not that far off being a very competitive side but we have also said that for the last 5/6 years always those 2/3 players short….

    When you look at all those ex players mentioned and you look at us now and we complain about pace and power the question has to be asked why Wenger went for small and technical when the winning formula was already there…? Why did he change..? What made him change..?

  63. Rico, Reyes was one of my biggest regrets, he was quick skillful and could of been an absolute superstar for us, wrong time wrong place me thinks plus he was a bit of a nancy boy, missed his mummy to much…!

  64. Same here re Reyes Wath, I loved him but he was such a whimp. I know he was treated badly by the Neville sisters but he should have toughened up and then he’d have been great for us…

    Huge regret….

  65. I don’t get the change in approach either, how can he go from power, pace and height to tiny flaky players….

    Surely they were’t always cheaper…. ;)

  66. Money means less true Arsenal players means less passion.

  67. Morning all,
    Still on the witch hunt trail i see. Has it ever dawned on any of you all the other teams below us in the league, Have you ever thought how long some Premier clubs have waited for a bit of success, Yes those ones that never see European football, clubs who never win cups, those teams we call the lesser teams cannon fodder the lower end of the Premier. Comments about Wenger being rewarded for failure tickled me. David Moyes won nothing at Everton that i can remember if he has i’m sure you will remind me, yet this man gets the most coverted job in modern day football. High reward for what. You may have a very low opinion of our Manager and your entitled to your view, but if you want to gauge a man by success you have to gauge him by his fellow Managers. Pelegrini a new manager inherited most of his side, built nothing Mouriniho Nomad manager comes in when a team is built gets sacked then comes back when someone else has built the side again. Both these Managers that are supposed to be the Bee’s Knee’s win things buying one or two players doesn’t make them Briliant. All those teams below us, are below us for a reason and that reason is that Wenger has steered us, for the last seventeen years to the top half of the league he has secured European football for all those years and he’s a wanker in your eyes and gets slagged off by Supporters, All those Managers that have held positions for some while know how hard it is to compete in this league Yes Chelsea And City have great players and so they should with what they have spent but dont tell me that Your Mourinhos and Pelagrinis are so wonderful when they have only been here five minutes. Lose the billionares then show me how good they are.

  68. Just off to do some shopping on my broomstick……!,

  69. Hapgood, Drake, Bastin and James

  70. Steve, for my part, you always make good points, but most the others so as well.
    We all want what’s best, and we all want improvement.
    We all have different ways of saying so.

  71. Caesar, Hawley, Wood and Kosmina

  72. Apparently, it’s gonna be a scorcher tomorrow

  73. Gatting, Devine, Walford and Price, beat that kev !

    rico, never had much time for Ronaldo but my opinion has changed slightly over the last few weeks, did you read the story of how he paid for a baby’s brain operation out of his own pocket, 72 grand plus follow up’s at 6 grand each until he fully recovered, maybe there’s a decent guy trying to get out afterall.

  74. Hiya Scotty, You dont know how disappointed i am that your visit has coincided with a lack of form. Our top players injured when we needed them most has been heartbreaking. When we lose or have a bad turnout i am no different than everybody else i am annoyed angry and very moody.

    Even so, Even when my pride is hurt I am still a Gooner, I have seen bad results in the past and i expect more in the future but i also expect the good results as well, Today i hope its one of those days, but being honest with our injury list i very much doubt it. The Citys and the Chelsea have an arsenal of stars, and if i speak the truth we will all ways come up short. Many say millions are there for the spending, But i honestly think if they were Wenger would lick his lips and spend spend spend.

  75. I still dont think we are missing much to be winning trophies again. We are very close… add a top top striker, top defensive midfielder and (maybe) a pacy left winger and Im satisfied (not losing any of the current first team obviously). With that extra quality and depth, Wenger simply needs our defensive setup to be much tighter and more compact against our top rivals and play it more like a long chess match. Im not calling for Wenger out, Im calling for Wenger to spend to fill those gaps and adapt defensively against our nearest rivals. Evolution not revolution.

  76. Seems like a curious case of penis envy in regards to man city rico. There are haves and have nots it quite simple. With the squad they have they should be running away with this league.

    We’ve already beaten a top 4 side in the scousers and we can do it but of course we need to improve our record against our main rivals our we’re destined to finish 3rd or 4th every year until we find a solution.

    We’ve had one summer transfer window since all the commercials have dropped and got an ozil, why don’t we take a breath and give the club and the manager a chance to utilise this in the summer?

    We smashed our transfer record last summer lets see what this one has to bring.
    This season was about seeing progress, being in the mix till the end and a potential cup win signifies that.

  77. Witch hunt Sp? I thought I was quite positive…

    I did see the story about Ronaldo Micko, credit where it’s due eh….

  78. Dan, ‘penis envy’ – being the lady I am, I wouldn’t have a clue what you are on about!

    Think you’ll find that when we beat Liverpool, they weren’t in the top four!

  79. Good afternoon and a welcome back Lady Rico…hope you had a good one?

    Your crystal ball and flurry dice was a topic of conversation when you were gone…

    5’oclock k.o get in there…

    Afternoon HH

  80. Reyes and Lauren left because of the divide in the dressing room… imo

  81. Micko, how did you know I was a cheap-skate re. going to free games? :-)

  82. Afternoon Ts, thanks and it was rubbish ;)

  83. My crystal ball and fluffy dice? I don’t have either…

  84. Rico did you get the pic?
    2-1 to the good guys!

  85. Henry,DB Viera and Adams

  86. Just seen it Lee, thanks…

    Kev sent me some too…

    Good time clearly had by all ;)

  87. Was a hoot!
    If we had my four in their prime we’d of won league already!

  88. No width Lee…… :-)

  89. Afternoon Ts….

  90. Add my four too and we’d have won it by Christmas ;)

  91. Hiya Mr Wath…

  92. Penis envy, crystal balls, furry dice….

    I am shocked Rico…. ;-)

  93. I wonder if Wengers comments are aimed at the board to let him have his way or he’s off…?

  94. Kev throw in your spandex’s mate and we bang in trouble

  95. It certainly is a beautiful, warm sunny day…

    Wonder what the attendance will be today.
    Of course the club won’t reveal that fact, being the opaque franchise they now are…

  96. As was I Kev :)

  97. What is ‘his way’ though Wath?

  98. Wath, I am, in fact, wearing my spandex, in honour of Jonah, er, I meant Scott.

    Rico, I could well imagine your embarrassment… :-P

  99. ‘His way’ Rico, is best sumed up in his favourite catch-phrase ‘We will play our game’…

    In other words, don’t take into consideration the strengths of your opponents…

  100. lol Kev…

    I think you are right, same old same old regardless and the best way to defend is to attack…

    Hmmm, that doesn’t work with our strike force….

  101. I see the mancs had a nice easy stroll around today……

  102. However many show up the club will say that 60,000 took the trouble.

  103. Wonder how long before that £120million in the bank gets cobwebs….
    Oh stupid me it won’t because by June it’ll be more like £150million…. Then it’ll get cobwebs….!

  104. I wonder how many pubs Scott has frequented so far today :-)

  105. SP. Your 12.25 gave me almost as much of a laugh as my earlier post about failure gave you. The day I have to compare Wenger with managers at the bottom of the league to work out if he is doing a good job may be sometime away. Wenger is paid a huge fortune to win the PL or the CL. He hasn’t done that for 9 years. What do you call that? Success? If it is then please tell me another manager who has been as successful, with Wenger’s resources and is still in his job. If we all accepted failure as readily as you do then failure is what we would deserve.

  106. All of them Wath…

    That £150 million will be a a vault somewhere and only one man with the key…

  107. Time for a surprising win!

  108. AH. We all live in hope. :)

  109. I hope so Ah. I really do.

  110. The players owe it to the fans after two dreadful performances.

  111. we beat City today and Wenger will be crowing like mad and many will be declaring him god again – i am so over all this shit – 1 in 15 is enough, get on your bike, take the damn board with you and lets get this club out of this horrible mindset ffs

  112. Adam 3.02pm does my head in how many still talk of past achievements like they were yesterday for christ sake – I just don’t get it, can they really be that scared of change?

  113. Afternoon Adam BTW

  114. Afternoon All

  115. They do Ah, as does the manager…

    Afternoon Oz, one victory won’t change a thing in my book, other than 3 points notched up.

    But, if AW gets it right today with selection and tactics then he’ll deserve all the credit he gets..

  116. Afternoon Oz….

  117. Oz. To listen to them you would think that the day Wenger leaves we should shut the door and turn the stadium into a Walmart. An idea that I am sure Kroenke has considered. There seems to be another school of thought that says if you criticise Wenger then you have forgotten the debt of gratitude we owe him. Tell you what if I left a job at his age with about £50 mill in my account I wouldn’t mind too much. But, seriously, I do think that Arsene has carved out a unique situation for himself. Personally I would like nothing better than for him to get it together, utilise his assets and win the PL.
    Anyway, all the best to all. I am leaving for the game soon and expect a win, otherwise why would I bother. :)

  118. have a good day mate – me off to bed – hi/bye Rico and Wath

  119. Glutton for punishment Adam, fair play..!

  120. Adam,
    I hope your still laughing after the game, Could be more ammo for tomorow.

    Just a thought, do you remember the last dozen games last season where we fought tooth and nail for our trophy wing fourth position, Now i know Champions League makes no impression on you at all as we have as you have said many times, No chance of winning it. But being the lifetime supporter you are, you must have been really pleased that we went on that blinding run.

    Let me ask you to cast your mind back again and ask you if you remember Mourinho clenching his fist in astonishment as c Chelsea clenched their Champions League Place. Do you remenber David moyes jumping for joy on the touchline as United also qualified. Maybe you remember Pelagrini going Ape and punching the air. No of course you never.

    All those Managers wasn’t involved with the teams there at now was they, That success was down to other Managers wasn’t it. 17 years Wenger has achieved that and this year with his leadership we got through the group of death, we also got knocked out by the best team in the world which didn’t surprise anybody.

    But Wenger has fought for all those 17 years and that is no mean feat even somebody like you who hates everything he does must have some admiration but perhaps thats lost on you,

    Yes United or Chelsea may go on to win the Champions league and i hope one does but its nothing to do with their so called Managers.

  121. Cheers Oz, hope you wake up to a great AFC win……

  122. Hope it’s a good one for you and all at The Ems Adam…

    Good comment by the way…

    Night Oz..

  123. Off down the pub for some pre-match liquid refreshments…..

    Let’s hope we turn up today and give Citeh a run for their money, no pun intended of course…!

    Later all……

  124. afternoon
    Anyone who thinks Wenger is the manager who once was, or is the one to take the club forward needs to check in the priory pronto..
    ffs crystal palace doing what we should have done at the bridge a week ago, and they managed by pulis the faeces..
    what wenger has done to the club is always going to be there, but not forget that Arsenal FC gave him the chance to make his name, fame and of course his millions, which could be the only thing left of his legacy if he doesn’t resign at the end of the season.
    lets face it he will never change, we have been waiting for that since 2008, why do we think that could happen now..
    gross negligence, incompetence, taking the piss ..all of the above..
    broke back kallstorm to save the season!!! and wenger trying to justify his action is criminal imho.,
    you figure it out..
    I agree with all the realists in this blog
    time to move on..

  125. Sp, there is the problem. 4th place is not a trophy, getting CL football is not a trophy either!

    I say why compare us with clubs below us, shouldn’t we be aiming to catch and beat those above us and not looking down the table??

    We are a very rich club and it’s about time we started to behave like one….

  126. Enjoy Wath, have a few for me……

  127. Chavs are losing…. 1-0

  128. Crystal Palace have beaten Chelsea 1-0..

    That speaks volumes!

  129. shavi, you sound as disheartened as most of us on here…

  130. Palace result……….ridiculous! Chelsea must be shite!

  131. And to think we let them score 6 Wavy!

  132. Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

    Subs: Fabianski, Bellerin, Jenkinson, Kallstrom, Gnabry, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo

  133. Same old, same old….

  134. Ox on the bench is a good start…

    Poldi vs Zabeleta…
    Late kick-off as I say…

    Come on boys

  135. Less talking from Flamini today please…

    Arteta vs Silva… a duel to savour

    TV show you are the nuts you were 2 seasons ago…

  136. If our team had the heart of Palace team we would be World beaters. Credit to Pulis and Palace they played nice aggressive positive football. Frankly our team has been mentally fragile for many years. We are flaky and crumble against the top 4 -6 teams. I guess that mentality starts at the top and the leader of Colney crèche. It would be superb for the boys to repay us Gooners with a win today against the favourite.
    Been a Gooner for 37 years bleed red and white will never lose belief. Come on You Reds.

  137. 24 goals from 63 is not bad at all but not good enough…

    The pundits are blaming OG12 but the midfielders do not create for him in the big games…

    Suarez a big game player? ;)

    Our midfielders need to step up…

  138. Agree a117, no heart, that’s us.

  139. Arteta v Silva Ts, only one winner imho….

  140. more twist and turns to come…

    Why did the special one lose to Poo-lis of all people with his ‘superior’ up to date tactics?

  141. Lets see Rico…

    I am more worried about Flamini vs Yaya and SC19 running away from Fernandinho than Silva vs Arteta tbh…

  142. For what we are about to receive may we truly be grateful ! if we can keep it down to 3 this week it will be like a moral victory.

    11730, as much as I dislike Pulis if he manages to keep Custard Palace up this season he deserves Manager of the Year imo.

    C’mon Arsenal.

  143. I’m worried about all of those you mention Ts, not just Arteta…

  144. I’m already cheesed off as England look like they are out of the T20 WC….

  145. Hi there.
    Catch you all at the half-time.
    I’m in front of TV set

  146. ox is not fit. Muscle problem

  147. Could be a lot worse later rico :-(

  148. Me too JM, and it’s not started too well….

  149. I know Ah, I am expecting it….

  150. 5’oclock k.off

    We may lose but we won’t be a complete disaster like 12:45’s

  151. Is Dean the ref?

  152. Dean has obviously changed from the red of Manchester to the blue!!

  153. Typical this ref always officiated at least 3 out of our last 10 games in recent seasons…
    Our lhs needs help.

  154. Just what we need, Dean!

  155. Surprised Tomas didn’t get booked there….

  156. Good stuff Gibbs and Santi… At last someone is helping out on our left.

  157. Tr07 orchestrating play already…

  158. Schezny please! Shit

  159. Stupidly given away

  160. Shame no-one else is joining in Ts.

  161. Arteta and giroud are so ineffective.

  162. We are being outplayed and over run in every position…

    No pace, no control, no bloomin anything!

  163. Agree 100% Rocky…

  164. All my comments in moderation

  165. Miles offside…

  166. As Neville said…
    Silva running behind MF20.
    Instead of doing his job he was trying to tell people what to do.. .

    No runners as I always say but its Og12’s fault…
    Still in this game.
    Serge needs to this game

    Good play flamini…unlucky

  167. Shows how average you are when you are causing Dimechelis zero problems.

  168. If we had a striker with pace, one ball through the middle would split their defence. But we don’t!

  169. Is Cazorla still on the pitch?

  170. Neville says every thing that is said on hh…
    Sc19 is a poor number 10.
    Arteta poor so far…

  171. I wish someone would just shoot,

  172. Sanogo would be right at him Rocky…. Yes, desperation, but he would….

  173. We could do with Serge running behind them.

  174. Rico….

  175. Kim and Serge 2nd half

  176. On the plus side, we didn’t concede for 17 minutes this week !

  177. I so wish Tomas Rosicky was 5 years years younger….

  178. Yes Rocky? ;)

  179. And it’s still only 1-0 Micko

  180. Every cloud, eh Micko?!

  181. rico, I could have quite easily have popped down my local but I’m sick of it !!!

    Anyhow’s rockys on and it’s a good chance to make a few quid, just gotta find where I put my swear box !

  182. When TR07 gets the ball the number 10 is not doing his job…
    This team lack tactical players without Ramsey and Ozil in the front area…

  183. Not even a pint of the good stuff could get you out Micko, says it all…

  184. I’m not gonna swear today micko…. Got a pizza on the way and relatively calm at the mo….

  185. Re TR07 being 5 years younger,I agree totally.
    Rosicky distance covered is like a 26 y.o though

  186. Tr07 is the only one showing any urgency

  187. We need a proper no.10 and a left winger

  188. That could have easily been a red card!

  189. Is Podolski still on the pitch??

  190. Are we giving it a good go, any chance of a half time up-date.

  191. Trying from PC as 4 phone messages in moderation. Neville called it a dive, typical.

  192. Lol Micko…
    They probably doing their breathing exercise in the dressing room…

  193. Ah, Is it because I left a gap between Andrew and the H, or because I said shit as the goal went in ;-)

  194. ts, not a right winger as well?

  195. where is Podorsky?
    Run back to the ball …
    Bit helps defend …
    Gibbs or another player or give him the ball, he can not, he is “not prepared” or playing with it and the ball has to come back …
    Given his speed, he should be by the counterattack were to be made, but never is there r …

    Santi and Rosicky are making a great game.
    conclusion: Giroud is completely alone and the consequences ae obviously.

  196. We are Micko, but we don’t look like scoring. We need changes now and need to get Gnabry and Ox on imo.

    Podolski is not in the game at all….

  197. rico, Podolsky got in the game to lose it on the half way line leading to their goal

  198. We have Theo and Ox plus Serge in that area me think AH..
    I know people say we did not need Ozil but since his injury we have created 72% less chances…
    As I always say and Neville was saying there are no playing breaking behind their midfield.
    To me SC19 should never be a no.10 in big games…
    Last season Aw learnt and dropped him for TR07 instead…

    Still expect a goal from SC19 or Poldi.
    Serge has to get 20 mins at least…

  199. Out now Ah ;)

  200. Could be a Serge cross to Sanaogo with 3 minutes remaining, soon after they have come on!! Will it still be 0-1 though?

  201. I want him off AH…

  202. Still ook on the bright side we are still only 1 down and not 4 like it has been lately!
    We’re still in with a chance, slim I know but a chance none the less!


  203. Thanks rico

  204. Sorry i didn’t see them earlier Ah, bloomin match got in the way ;)

  205. We can win this. COYRRG’s….

  206. rico, I do feel for gnarbry, comes into the side, doesn’t look outta place, chips in with a goal, plays in the CL but more often than not finds himself back in the U19’s.
    Reminds me of Walcott a few years back, a regular in the England team, gets injured and then gets called up for for the U21’s.
    Back to the game.

  207. Giroud is so static when we attack.

  208. Micko, place and chips in one sentence, makes me feel hungry…

    Spot on re Gnabry…

  209. Great goal and well played Giroud in all of that!!

  210. You flamster.

  211. COYRRG’s… Come on!!!

  212. Giroud, how the heck didn’t you get your toe on that???

    Super cross from the Bac…

  213. Wrighty would have buried that chance!!

  214. Sweet!!

  215. Giroud’s toilet.

  216. Are the stats i saw correct? 1 shot and it was off target?

  217. Aw switching Arteta and Mf20 position has made all the difference…

  218. A big fat number 2 Rocky….

  219. tsgh 5.08, less talking, more goals please.

  220. So crude rico.

  221. What’s the score? 1-1

  222. Same tackle as on rosicky, they get free kick

  223. Arteta has been a big bowl of wank today.

  224. Kim and Serge please…

  225. Did someone say they thought Arteta wasn’t getting a new deal? On this performance, good.

  226. We need to make a change…
    2 players have stopped running…

  227. Bad sub imo…
    Sc19 had slowed down in the last 10 mins

  228. Pelle going for a draw…

  229. Artera appears poor but he has done a solid job against Yaya….

  230. I’ll take a draw!

  231. I thought I was being polite Micko.

  232. Yes!!! Sanogo!!!

  233. Yes Brad, 1-1

  234. Hmm,no escape for us going forward with that change imo…

  235. Rocky, with Everton breathing down our necks will that be enough.

  236. Exactly micko. Do our morale a world of good too

  237. I guess that’s not a bad result considering…

    However, why the heck couldn’t we start the game as we ended it?

    We should have got 3 points today….

  238. More twist and turns…

  239. Bit of belief back, terrific rosicky, cazorla and sagna

  240. Not a drubbing then the press will be disappointed!
    We looked really good in the 2nd half. Much, much better!
    Lets hope that our miserable Mach has come to an end!
    The 4th place trophy is not in dispute, hopefully!

  241. So important to get at least a draw next week.

  242. We can’t win any game versus Chelsea, M.City. MU…
    However, if we not scored 3 goals against Swansea, wasn’t so bad.
    We must now fight for the 4th place

  243. Rosicky was awesome today, but around 70/75 mins he was knackered… Understandably…

  244. I’ll take that result. Gives us a bit of breathing space. I’m off for a nice relaxing evening. Have a good night all

  245. Night Rocky..

    In fact night all, I too am off to relax on a Saturday night…

    Don’t forget to put the clocks forward tonight in the Uk…

    Night all….

  246. No time to read through the posts as there are beers to be drunk.
    What a sensational effort.
    The performance was terrific as well.
    The crowd was immense and there was not a dry eye in the house at the Supporters club when Karen Rocastle was introduced……to see 50-60 even 60 year old men getting a photo taken with her and walk away crying was one if the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
    Cheers to everything and everyone Arsenal for this experience.
    Talk tomorrow

  247. Just home. I would love to answer your earlier comment SP but cannot understand what it was you were saying.
    Great effort by the team this evening. We were a shambles before their goal but then got it together and really should have won the game. To take on an in-form Man City and have them rocking at times with only 10 men was great. They didn’t create much but we managed the different phases of the game well. Scott is right about the crowd and I am really pleased that he got to experience the place with the right atmosphere. They really showed the team they were behind them.
    An important game that gives everybody at the club a bit of a lift.
    Have a good evening everyone. :)

  248. Thought we’d win 2-1……gutted! We’ll Scotty, at least they put a shift in tonight!!! Blow the froth off a few for me Scott!!!

  249. Night brother and Rico. Night all.

  250. Night all…..

  251. Well it was nice to see us put in a shift and show some fighting spirit…. Least we didn’t have 11 imposters on the pitch like last week but begs the question where was that effort last week..?

    With a proper striker we could of won today and if only we had a little more pace on the wings. Citeh are great going forward but under pressure they not so good, not so sure they gonna win the league.

    Have a great evening Scott and so glad you got to see a decent performance….

    Night all.

  252. Oh what a night :)

  253. Morning all..

    France want Arsene Wenger to be their manager according to reports….

  254. Morning Rico.
    What a night it was.
    Our boys really had a crack.
    It’s disappointing to see what they CAN do compared to what they have done of late, but no point dwelling on that.
    I see a few had a crack at Arteta.
    There is definitely a different perspective from the stadium as I thought he was fantastic, and next time I disagree with someone’s opinion of a performance, I will definitely remember it looks different live compared to on the box.
    Stats aside, Giroud played well and ran his backside off.
    Our back 4 were brilliant as well.
    Podolski worked harder than normal and did well.
    The rest…well they were all bloody good.
    That was the performance I came to see :)

  255. Morning all,
    So glad day light savings is over. No more bed by midnight for the late games.
    They can have him, it’ll suit Wenger. Can have as many French players as he wants of any age, no transfers or deadlines. No he can’t find top top talent.

  256. Morning Scott..

    Just wish we could have got the winner, I think we deserved it after the second half performance. Much much better…

    How many pints did you consume last night?? ;)

    Really pleased you finally got to see a much better match…..

  257. Morning Bradster.

    I’m juts glad to see some sunshine and warmer weather here…. lol

    Not sure he’s ready to leave just yet….

  258. Just wonder what he told Ozil is his plans. Perhaps nothing to get him to join us.

  259. Roberto Mancini being tipped t replace Arsene Wenger. I hope not!

  260. lol Bradster

  261. Watching the highlights of the weekend. Cardiff vs West Brom looked like a cracker for a neutral.
    Southampton looks really good still, especially Rodriguez and of cause Lalana.

  262. I’d love us to sign Lallana….

  263. Morning Rico and all.

  264. Morning Adam and what a lovely sunny one it is….

  265. It’s still quite overcast here Rico but will hopefully change.

  266. It will Adam…

  267. Morning all….
    howdy Scott…
    we should have won but beggars cant be choosers.

    I thought MA08 showed why he is still important to us.when he was moved into the defensive midfield role in the 2nd half, he made Silva go unnoticed…
    yes he does not have the legs butt I thought he used his brains…

    goog box to box performance by mathieu too in the 2nd half…
    yes AW does not do back alley tactics like Jose but as Klopp said, his tactics are like an opera band.sometimes its the lil change like swapping TR07 and Sc19 positions that makes all the difference…

  268. I still blame Scott for at least 4 of the chelsea goals… ;)

  269. Morning Ts..

    New post up now..

  270. Morning all,
    Happy Mothers day to all our Mothers on HH.

    Against supposedly the best team in the League, Arsenal did Pretty good i felt, and when you analyse that we were short of 6 of our players it wasn’t a bad result at all.

    Flamoney put himself about and got on the end of a good cross looked a bit lucky to me but that had me jumping for joy. I felt that Arsenal got themselves up for this game, although at the start and after their goal my head did go down, but thankfull the players didn’t, I disagreed with the comentators and the pundits that City had the best of the game as i had it the other way, but that’s just opinions. Chzezesney worries me his handling and his kicking has always been a problem for me, but many like him so i suppose i have to go along with the Majority but i do that reluctantly.

    When you look at the Arsenal side at the moment with Flamester and Arteta Rosiski and Sagna in their thirties you have to realise that we are getting a bit like what Moyes was moaning about, with being left with OAP’s we have got some exciting youngsters but Wenger seems to be reluctant to use them. But i think its plain to see that new recruits will be needed fairly soon.

    Many believe we should extend some of their contracts and if we can afford to do that i would be happy as they can still be good backups and they have the experience which is needed.

    Fabianski leaving at the end of the season is a shame in my eyes as he has just come of age for me, but we will need a good keeper, and that for me that is Paramount. Nice performance Arsenal, that put a smile on some of our faces if only for a short while.

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