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Thank Goodness they’re over! Akpom recalled to save us?

Morning all.

Still bitter, angry and totally downhearted after Saturday? Yes, me too!

Over the last few seasons we have managed to go on a last ditch strong run to secure Champions League football but I don’t think we’ve ever had to do that after such an embarrassing and disastrous defeat as we suffered just two days ago.

I don’t think it’s over yet either as Manchester City head to The Emirates on Saturday and if Arsene Wenger sends them out in the same fashion next Sunday afternoon, it will end only one way.

In any case, what’s chasing Champions League football all about? Attracting top players? Of course because top players want to play at the top level, do we sign them? No, not often and I think we all know it’s more about making money than spending it.

Anyway, up next is Swansea at home tomorrow night and after that it’s:

Man City at home Sunday 29th March

Everton away Sunday 6th April

Wigan – FA Cup Semi Saturday 12th April

West Ham at home Tuesday 15th April

Hull City away Saturday 19th April

Newcastle at home Monday 28th April

West Brom at home 3rd of May

Norwich away Sunday 11th May.

That’s just nine games to define our season and thankfully, not one kick-off time is 12.45. I’m glad they are over because we really have a poor record when playing away from home at that time. Just why I don’t know and clearly Wenger doesn’t either as it wouldn’t happen time and time again.

Of course the FA Cup is our best chance to finally win a trophy but there’s no way should Wigan be underestimated. After all, it’s their best chance to win something this season too and they’ll be up for the match at Wembley. Even if we do manage to beat them, we’d still have a very awkward and tricky opposition to face in the final so that big jug remains very far from our grasp.

Although mathematically we can still win the league, it’s highly unlikely as things stand. However, from now until the end of the season, that should be our aim. Arsene Wenger really has to get a grip of things and get our boys playing the best they can in every single remaining game.. 

Starting tomorrow in front of the home fans..

Finally, Chuba Akpom has been recalled from his loan spell. There are mixed stories around why he’s returned, one suggests it’s us who have recalled him, others suggest Coventry got fed up with him returning to help the kids out. I wonder if Arsene Wenger, like us, is fed up with watching Giroud? Somehow I doubt it…..

Have a good week all, I’m off to sunny climates….

Well, not really, but I am off for a few days and if anyone wants to write a pre-match and/or match report, please let Wath know…

That’s your lot…….

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106 Responses to Thank Goodness they’re over! Akpom recalled to save us?

  1. ozgunner says:

    so we beat Swansea and we sit and hear Wenger beating the same drum – so old this story now. He should be made to watch this game 3 times a day for months – 6-0. 6 fkn 0 in the game he declared the seasons most important.

  2. ozgunner says:

    Have a good break Rico, you deserve your time off and thank you for providing what you do with HH for all of us.

  3. tsgh says:

    Enjoy your break Rico…

    Who is WATH again? lol

  4. rico says:

    Morning again Ts, Oz and all. Thanks guys, I’ll try ;)

  5. ozgunner says:

    Are you taking on some posts while Rico is away mate? :-)

  6. rico says:

    Yes, you can manage 4 posts surely Ts… ;)

  7. Adam says:

    Same from me Rico. Have a great time. :)

  8. tsgh says:

    Who is going to do the spell check for me Oz? ;)

  9. rico says:

    Thanks Adam, I have my flip-flops packed – and my snow boots ;)

  10. rico says:

    Off now so catch up at the weekend, you all be nice to Wath :lol:


  11. ozgunner says:

    they call it Microsoft Word mate ha!

  12. tsgh says:

    Lol… Oz

  13. Lee says:

    Enjoy Rico…..

  14. Wavy says:

    Have a good break Rico and don’t forget to pack your sandwiches! It’s a long way to the inhospitable shores of the English Channel!

  15. potter says:

    Man City at home Sunday 29th March

    29th March is Saturday and it’s a 5.30 kick off too.

    The only Saturday game we have is 3rd May against W.Brom all the rest have been moved for the mighty television schedules. Makes you wonder about the value of having a season ticket as midweek evening matches are getting harder and harder to attend.They have to realise that so many fans no longer live within an hour of the stadium , or probably they just don’t care.

  16. Lee says:

    Potter, it’s not like they really give a fuck is it?

  17. potter says:

    Probably in fact definitely not Lee.

  18. Adam says:

    That evening KO on a Saturday is really awkward. When you get home your day is finished and you have spent the afternoon waiting to go to the game. Still, as long as the TV bosses are happy eh?

  19. Lee says:

    Wankers the lot of them…

  20. Adam says:

    But rich wankers brother.

  21. potter says:

    Can’t drink in London because of the 2 1/2 hour drive home , Get back just in time for last orders.

  22. ozgunner says:

    lost a lot of its sparkle this year for me after the last month or so. We’ll finish fourth and maybe even exchange the cup with Wigan but you just feel with a bit of vision and leadership we might for once really have stepped up.

  23. Adam says:

    Potter. Can I say how much I admire your commitment with a 5 hour round trip. Have you always lived so far away from the ground?

  24. Adam says:

    Oz. There’s always next season. We can compete financially with the big boys now.

  25. ozgunner says:

    yeah ok Adam ;-)

  26. Adam says:

    Oz. Just trying to remain positive. :)

  27. bob john says:

    I hate to criticise Arsene out of respect for his legacy but what Saturday showed us is that from 1000 games he has learned nothing. Fran McLintock summed it up yesterday when he told how the 71 double side approached big games. keep it tight, quieten the crowd, don’t concede. Arsene’s ego and the need to prove he knows best will be his downfall

  28. Danish Gooner says:

    May i remind the Author of this article that Wigan havnt been defeated for almost three months,this game could be the final nail in Wengers coffin,if this team goes a do another Bradord or Blackburn Arsenals world will implode.

  29. Bob John says:

    Also really disappointed with Wrighty on 606 yesterday saying how he admired Moronho and his attitude of not caring what people think. That is why Wrighty will never be a legend in my eyes as for all his goals, his behaviour and stupidity (getting stupidly booked in the semi against PSG when the tie was pretty much won and being banned for the final!)brought embarrassment to the club.

  30. Lee says:

    They lost in February..

  31. ozgunner says:

    Bob – what’s wrong with not caring what people think? There are millions like that and if anyone can up their noses at the critics its Mourinho – he has one packed trophy cabinet from Porto on.

  32. Lee says:

    He’s a fucking horrible turd of a man but he wins trophies!

  33. ozgunner says:

    Wigan caught City completely off the money, we’d have no such excuse – They are 18/20 points off the pace in the championship, that is the fact. Wenger doesn’t win this from this position well….

  34. Adam says:

    If people mistook your wife for your dad you might have the hump with the world too.

  35. ozgunner says:


  36. Lee says:

    I used to work with geezer that’s wife looks like Art Garfunkel….poor fucker!

  37. Lee says:

    Wenger: ‘We must respond in the right way’

    Dear Arsenal supporter,

    Everyone at the Club is focused on giving the right response to Saturday’s defeat at Chelsea when we play Swansea City on Tuesday night.

    The game at Stamford Bridge was a nightmare for us and I take full responsibility for it. The players are deeply disappointed, as we all are.

    We have to think deeply about it because it is not the first time it has happened in this kind of game. It all went wrong and we failed completely on Saturday because we did not turn up with a performance.

    We felt we prepared properly, but we did not produce what we can, so it is puzzling. After 20 minutes, the game was over and it became a long afternoon.

    That is the most disappointing thing, that we were never in the game. It is puzzling because we were knocked over basically without feeling we had been in the match.

    Now we have to win our next game. That is what we have to focus on. It’s vital that we show character and respond in the right manner on Tuesday night against Swansea City. We are all determined to put this performance behind us and respond.

    Thanks for your support. ,

    Arsène Wenger

  38. rogerbij says:

    Thanks Lee, I just read Wengers mail too. Maybe I feel differently to some on here because actually I dont think “we did not turn up with a performance.” The effort was there at the start, but what I saw were a few mistakes that got absolutely punished.

    The guys were trying hard, were getting pressed hard, and sometimes the ball will be lost – but when that happened we were exposed with our pants down – both left and right backs were well up the pitch and poor old Arteta doesnt have the pace. We needed a more defensive mindset to work ourselves into the game, keeping it tight for when things break down. Probably starting Flamini alongside Arteta wouldve been a good start.

    This result is not puzzling me like it is puzzling Wenger. We didnt lose because we didnt try hard enough, we lost because our strategy didnt fit our opponents. Against average opponents we can just play our own game and expect to win. Against the best teams, we need to adjust our philosophy and strategy to grind out tough results and try to seize on those little moments of opportunity.

  39. Adam says:

    My mate’s wife looks like Ian Dowie. We call her Ian though.

  40. rogerbij says:

    Oh Rico, you say 9 games to define our season – Im really hoping for a 10th – an FA cup final win. Which will make me happy enough!

  41. goonster says:

    Morning folks….being a parent is exhausting. I didn’t get no sleep last night and I just heard it gets worse. Lord help me.

  42. Lee says:

    It’ll get better in a few years….

  43. goonster says:

    Lee am about to lose my mind.

  44. Lee says:

    You’ll be fine Stan…

  45. goonster says:


  46. goonster says:

    Adam don’t do it buddy. You can’t take this.

  47. Adam says:

    Congratulations Stan. Nice to hear some good news. :)

  48. Lee says:

    Mrs Adam back?

  49. Adam says:

    I won’t Stan. I promise. :)

  50. Adam says:

    Just now Lee. She had a great time but is wondering why there is no food in the house.

  51. Adam says:

    I told her it is because I have eaten it all.

  52. Lee says:

    Fucking mice…..

  53. Adam says:

    I’m a one pot man myself and have been combing dinner with desert in the pan and eating it from paper plates to avoid the inconvenience of washing up. I find it works well alongside a pipe of crystal meth. The breakfast of champions.

  54. goonster says:

    Thanks adam she is a pain in the patella but she is adorable. She has my Dutch posture and blonde curly hair. Dang I wish she were a boy. I ll teach him how to be a blonde Adonis. Bummer.

  55. Adam says:

    But does she have your lips Stan?

  56. goonster says:

    I knew that was coming. …hahahahahahhaha adam you numpty. Nah she dont. She’s got cassie’s.

  57. Adam says:

    I didn’t want to disappoint you Stan. :)
    But I am happy for you mate. I bet your Mum can’t wait to see her.

  58. goonster says:

    Yeah hopefully she ll be over soon. Can’t wait to take her and cassie home sometime.

  59. Adam says:

    That will be great Stan. I was in Holland last October but Amsterdam this time. Had a fun time just walking around.

  60. Rick. says:

    Afternoon to the house.
    Some great news(not) Betner trained with first team this morning.
    Kossee is out with calf injury and Bellerin will take his place in the squad. U 21 are beating te hammers 3-2 at the moment ” for Akpom.

  61. Rick. says:

    Should be2 for Akpom

  62. goonster says:

    Amsterdam sucks…lol. Arnhem rocks.

  63. Rick. says:

    Final Score 5-3 Akpom very impressive. hat trick

  64. Scott from Oz says:

    Afternoon all.
    A lovely day walking the streets of London, sampling the local amber nectar in a few pubs and having a counter meal to die for.
    Thank god everything else outside of a horrible 90 minutes has been sensational since I got here.

  65. Lee says:

    Diego Poyet anyone know anything about him? One for the future….?

  66. Adam says:

    Lee. That’s Gus’s son isn’t it?

  67. Wavy says:

    Gus Caesar’s? Or have I missed the poyet!!!
    There seems to be plenty of interest in young Diego, but is he an exceptional talent? Probably not….so he won’t be coming to us!

  68. Lee says:

    Yes it is Adam, a guy in the office was saying that he is a tidy player. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about him? We need shit players like Diego Costa right now!!

  69. Lee says:

    Mike Dean on Saturday then….

  70. Rick. says:

    The FA have cleared both Gibbs and the Ox .
    Both can play against Swansea.
    Common sense prevails.

  71. Lewis says:

    Wish I could see that as a positive Rick.

  72. potter says:

    Adam I was born near Kentish Town and lived in London until I got married and could no longer afford London prices.My work took me to East Anglia where I now live.Although the A11 and then motorway is quite good it’s the getting to it that takes the time.
    As I said a few weeks ago the onset of more and more mid week games will eventually lead to me giving up the season ticket that I have held for far too many years.

  73. Scott from Oz says:

    Wasn’t me, Lee.
    Promise :)

  74. Scott from Oz says:

    Sorry if I have asked already…..
    Is anyone going tonight?

  75. potter says:

    Sadly not , can’t do midweek games now .but I will be there for City on the week end.

  76. BrainwashedKev says:

    Kim Kallstrom to get his debut tonight?!!!

    That’ll make up for Saturday then…

    Morning All

  77. tsgh says:

    Morning Kev and all…

  78. Adam says:

    Morning all. I shall be there tonight Scott. I wouldn’t miss Kallstrom’s debut for anything. :)
    Potter. A Stoke Newington boy eh? It’s changed round there now. :)

  79. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning Ginge/Adam

    Yes Kallstrom’s first appearance certainly gets the juices flowing Adam. :-P

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have a day of grouting and painting ahead…

    Deep joy…

  80. BrainwashedKev says:

    Oh, and Chelsea are still Boring Lucky and Cheats


  81. Adam says:

    Kev. I hope you consulted Oz before doing that grouting. :)

  82. Scott from Oz says:

    Potter and Adam, will you head for an ale at all before hand?

  83. Adam says:

    Hi Scott. As I drive there and park by Highbury Fields with Mrs Adam in an allotted spot it is difficult to find another free space near The Gunners, but I could hook up before the game near the stadium or where I park which is a 10 minute walk from you. Whereabouts in the Emirates is your seat? What entrance will you use? I use H.

  84. Mr Wath says:

    Morning you lot….. WordPress doesn’t like me much so I have a new name but I am still the moans miserable one….!

  85. Scott from Oz says:

    I believe I’m in the clock end but I pick up the ticket at the box office before kick off, so until then I am not totally sure.
    If you and me on 07473 308566 when you arrive, we will sort something out….. Even to meet up at half time.

  86. Mr Wath says:

    I see we had yet another accident on Saturday according to our manager

  87. Scott from Oz says:

    Wath, he really does dig a hole for himself sometimes, doesn’t he?

  88. Mr Wath says:

    At the moment Scott best I not describe the current feelings I have for him but if he digging I hope he makes it deep enough he can’t get out when I push him in…!

  89. Mr Wath says:

    Kev, don’t forget to plaster you know who into the wall……..

  90. Adam says:

    Scott. Hooking up at half time is impossible unless we are seated close together as the flow of people is crazy. You could meet me at Highbury Fields and we could stroll down to the Emirates together or possibly by Chapman’s statue outside the Clock End. I will ring you when I am 15 minutes away and see if it works.

  91. Mr Wath says:

    Adam, why don’t you meet in the Barn for a shandy…?

  92. Lee says:

    Got to win tonight…..

  93. Lee says:

    We got any players coming back soon?

  94. Mr Wath says:


  95. Lee says:

    I honestly would have that cnut put down!

  96. Mr Wath says:

    Due to extreme technical issues it seems as if I won’t be able to load a new post today as wordpress won’t allow me into the HH engine room…..!

    If during the course of the day I manage to “break in” will get a new post up and let you all know but for now we will have to carry on chatting here

  97. Mr Wath says:

    How did I know you’d say something like that Lee lol

  98. Lee says:

    WATH, (and anyone else) who would you buy to put us back on track (realistically) and who would your outs be?

  99. Adam says:

    Wath. Parking and time make that difficult. :)

  100. Adam says:

    Morning Lee. On form again mate?
    Diaby is hoping to go to the WC too.

  101. Mr Wath says:

    New Post up, I managed to kick the door in……

  102. Adam says:

    Lee. Your 10.13. I have a conservative manager and an outsider who would give us a bumpy ride but would absolutely go to fucking war with Mourinho and his ilk.
    Martinez is where I imagine the board would look. He could be ok.
    Simeone for me because he is an absolute nutter who is the most proactive manager I have seen tactically during a game. He would also challenge the board to match his ambition and gets the best out of players. Look at what he has done at Athletico Madrid and without spending crazy money. It might not work though. :)

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