Thank Goodness they're over! Akpom recalled to save us?

Morning all.

Still bitter, angry and totally downhearted after Saturday? Yes, me too!

Over the last few seasons we have managed to go on a last ditch strong run to secure Champions League football but I don’t think we’ve ever had to do that after such an embarrassing and disastrous defeat as we suffered just two days ago.

I don’t think it’s over yet either as Manchester City head to The Emirates on Saturday and if Arsene Wenger sends them out in the same fashion next Sunday afternoon, it will end only one way.

In any case, what’s chasing Champions League football all about? Attracting top players? Of course because top players want to play at the top level, do we sign them? No, not often and I think we all know it’s more about making money than spending it.

Anyway, up next is Swansea at home tomorrow night and after that it’s:

Man City at home Sunday 29th March

Everton away Sunday 6th April

Wigan – FA Cup Semi Saturday 12th April

West Ham at home Tuesday 15th April

Hull City away Saturday 19th April

Newcastle at home Monday 28th April

West Brom at home 3rd of May

Norwich away Sunday 11th May.

That’s just nine games to define our season and thankfully, not one kick-off time is 12.45. I’m glad they are over because we really have a poor record when playing away from home at that time. Just why I don’t know and clearly Wenger doesn’t either as it wouldn’t happen time and time again.

Of course the FA Cup is our best chance to finally win a trophy but there’s no way should Wigan be underestimated. After all, it’s their best chance to win something this season too and they’ll be up for the match at Wembley. Even if we do manage to beat them, we’d still have a very awkward and tricky opposition to face in the final so that big jug remains very far from our grasp.

Although mathematically we can still win the league, it’s highly unlikely as things stand. However, from now until the end of the season, that should be our aim. Arsene Wenger really has to get a grip of things and get our boys playing the best they can in every single remaining game.. 

Starting tomorrow in front of the home fans..

Finally, Chuba Akpom has been recalled from his loan spell. There are mixed stories around why he’s returned, one suggests it’s us who have recalled him, others suggest Coventry got fed up with him returning to help the kids out. I wonder if Arsene Wenger, like us, is fed up with watching Giroud? Somehow I doubt it…..

Have a good week all, I’m off to sunny climates….

Well, not really, but I am off for a few days and if anyone wants to write a pre-match and/or match report, please let Wath know…

That’s your lot…….

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