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Arsene Who?? He’s long gone……

I don’ t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today.

Yes, of course it’s one of the worst days [in my career]. It’s over after 20 minutes and it’s a long game after that. You don’t prepare all week to experience that kind of experience.

It’s how we respond now on Tuesday night [against Swansea] and the best way is not to explain too much the mistakes.

Seven minutes in it was all but over, 17 minutes in it was….

Outplayed with eleven, down to ten and we had no chance.

The sending off was a disaster for all sorts of reasons, the ball wasn’t going to find the back of the net and the wrong player ended up being sent off despite Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain making it clear to Marriner that he was the guilty man and not Kieran Gibbs…

Regardless, we were awful, simply awful and not for the first time this season, we conceded six goals.

After the game Mourinho said:

We pressed very high, we started very well. Ten amazing minutes. We came to kill and in ten minutes, we destroyed. After that? Easy.

What did Arsene Wenger learn from the Liverpool game when they started in a similar fashion?

The simple and most obvious answer is, nothing and as much as it pains me to say, Mourinho is right, it was all too easy for Chelsea.

That was as painful it can get in an Arsenal footballing world and I’m not going to bother dissecting the game or performances, we can do that in the comments section.

What I will say though is something has to change because right now we have a few players who just aren’t good enough to be on the first team starting sheet and the more defeats we suffer like yesterday, it’s clear that the man at the helm is all out of ideas..

What should have been a day of celebration turned out to be one of the worst days of our season…

Forget the title, this again will be a time where securing 4th spot is the best we can hope for.

As for the FA Cup, well who knows…. Right now I sure don’t!!

I watched the television programme ‘Arsene Who?’ yesterday, and I struggle to understand where that man has gone.

The man who signed players with pace, strikers who were deadly in front of goal, wingers who were true wingers and of course, fringe players who knew what their role was and played they part. He rejuvenated the old, he made the good very good and the very good, great. He turned young players into stars and always made sure he had a few workhorses in the squad who would get the job done…

Just where has that man gone?

If he’s staying with us for another couple of years or more, we need him back because otherwise, life as an Arsenal fan is only going to get harder and harder to stomach.

David Dein said that Arsene Wenger will only sign players who he believes are better than who he already has in his squad.

Well, in my opinion, that leaves room for a lot of signings and if he’s staying, he better sign them in the summer and learn a whole new tactical game because his current ideas are dated and our club is suffering because of it……

If those changes are not in his plans, well………

That’s it for another day……

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192 comments on “Arsene Who?? He’s long gone……

  1. Adam, you are probably right, both would be far too expensive… ;)

  2. Morning All

    Morning Rico, agood post, but painful to read, and to write no doubt.

    Morning Scott, Adam…
    Another day, another dollar…

  3. Morning Kev.

    Thanks – easy to write to be honest, but yes, painful…

  4. loved Mourinho’s comments, we came to kill, they did that no trouble – bugger it, hats off to them i say. Game of the season Wenger called it… oh dear and no refs to blame this time

  5. Here we go again.Yesterday was a disaster, but it is only seven days since you and all of the other doomsters were singing praises after the Spu*s win! A very bad day at the office but still worth only three points, which I accept can be ill afforded.Beat City and everything is back on again. With half a team still on the treatment table you wll get consistency, admittedly not as bad as yesterday. Don’t bleat on, cry like the rest of us “grown ups”.

  6. half the team on the treatment table?? haha we’re really stretching the excuses now – i also think many admitted we struggled to hold out against a very poor spurs side – 6 defenders on the park at the end was it?

  7. I don’t remember many on here singing praises after the Spurs game, except perhaps those of our CB’s.

  8. No Oz,no ref to blame…

    JG, we were rubbish against Tottenham, apart from the defence and a wonder strike! But beating them is all what mattered that day.

    In fact, we have been pretty average for a long time and we cant beat those clubs around or above us. If you are fine with that then good for you..

  9. It is the fact that half the team is on the treatment table that is also a concern. Even so, it doesn’t excuse tactical naivety.

  10. Morning All,

    Good to hear Scott had a good day despite having to watch that shambolic mess.

    Seems some are already coming out with the normal excuses and need to take the blinkers off…! As delusional as our spineless manager..!

  11. rubbish – the back four were all in place. Arteta would have started regardless, the keeper is No1 choice, Cazorla would have started regarless as would Giroud – thats 8 where is your half a team??

  12. Wenger doesn’t do tactics so naivety is irrelevant.

  13. Wenger’s tactics yesterday were shite! No change there then? I shall try to forget it, for now, and move on…….bloody, beaten and scared……again!

  14. Exactly Colin, the club should be looking at why so many getting injured.

    But no excuse for not being focussed from the start and set up in a way which would not concede to easily.

    It happened at Anfield and it happened again yesterday…

  15. Sorry, morning all. So cross I forgot the pleasantries associated with HH

  16. Is it not naive to think a team can play without tactics? ;)

    Morning Wath, and a spineless owner…..

  17. we all turned over with what we saw yesterday mate, even if it all was so predictable

  18. Where is the argument that Wenger should be allowed to continue along this path? I am still waiting to hear one that doesn’t hark back to the distant past. Conceding 6, 6 and 5 against our closest competitors is completely unacceptable surely.

  19. You are forgiven Wavy, just this once ;)

  20. I fear you’ll be adding another 5 or 6 after next weekend Adam..

    Totally unacceptable….

  21. Name one other supposed top team that has lost to all the other top teams around them by 5 goals or more in just 3 years… A once of hammering you can sometimes accept but to concede 8-6-5-6 is a joke and totally unacceptable… three times in once season…! Embarrassing and disgusting and yet our manager does the same thing week after week after week…! or should that read weak after weak after weak….!

    Back to zero accountability. He living in the past and how ever good he was he is ruining the legacy simple as that.

  22. Ta, Rico, I promise to be a better person in the future!

  23. He must go all out to win the FA Cup, even if it means playing a cautious game. Then he should slip away on a high but I can actually see us messing that up too. Bad results breed negativity.

  24. Goodmorning all,

    So pissed with the result yesterday. We’ ve got zero pace in the team. Not a fan of Mert, arteta or Giroud. It beggars believe to see our fullback pushed so high up the pitch when we have a DM(arteta) and CB(mert) that’s got zero pace. Blame Arsene as well. Why not keep it tight for the first 20mins and see how it pans out instead of the firebrigade approach. Lessons were never learnt from the mancity, liverpool matches. We should be grateful that the chavs spared us the blushes, it could have been double figures

    Just seen the goals again. Arteta was just joging to recover back for the 1st, 2nd and 4th goal. It reminded me of the 2nd goal we conceded in southampton when schnelderlin ran past him and slot the ball in the net. A pacy, mobile DM would have snuffed out those attacks that lead to goals.

    I just hope Ox is not going the Wilshere way. Dribbles a lot especially in dangerous areas. Cazorla is a lightweight in midfield and should be kept on the wings for goodness sake. Szeszney wasn’t interested being in the post yesterday. Some of the goals conceded could have being saved. I fear we are about to lose a better keeper in Fabianski

  25. Emma. I agree and thought that bringing Ches straight back in after Fabianski had done so well was a mistake.

  26. Weak after weak imo Wath!

  27. emma – said on the last post, if AW has any balls, he’ll play Fabianski on Tuesday and as long as he does well, continue with him until the end f the season…

    Ches knows he number 1 – Wenger needs to remind him he’s not!!

  28. My apologies Rico, spot on…

    A spineless absent owner driven by finances who couldn’t give a rats arse about the Club.
    A board with zero power and a manager who has the owners ear to carry on regardless….!

    It’s so sad to see it like this.

  29. Agreed Wath, someone needs to take control and do something fast..

    But Kroenke, as you say, doesn’t seem to give a toss, as long as he’s making money…

    Well I wish he’d piss off and make it somewhere else….

  30. Morning Wath. Perhaps results like yesterday’s might prove a blessing in disguise ( he said with fingers crossed).
    I can’t imagine Kroenke would ever sack him, but Wenger must know that it’s time to move on surely.

  31. rico, adam – ditto. He was culpable for 4 of the 6 goals yesterday. A good keeper could have kept them out

  32. Barcelona want him apparently.
    It would be a great move for him as he can become a ‘father figure’ to Lionel Messi and the rest of their team.

  33. What I think Wenger and the coaching staff have failed to grasp is, what do we do if we are pressed all over the field? He does not have a solution to the problem. Manure used to completely over run our midfield, mostly by kicking the players up hill and down dale. The equivalent of the ‘pressing game’. We have been smacked using the high pressure pressing tactic too often. There are several reasons for this, I think. Where once we always had players in support and available to make an easy pass to, now we don’t . Eg Cazorla losing the ball carelessly on the halfway line because there was not one Arsenal player near enough to him to pass to, he lost the ball and within another 5 seconds we were 2 down! Game over.
    And it happened time and again, even when Scz had the ball the centre backs and full backs were ‘pressed’ the goalkeeper had no out ball, and it was like that for the first 25 minutes or more. High energy from the chavs and a very successful afternoon, for them.
    The coach has to evolve a system that can overcome these high energy, hard pressing game sooner rather than later, imo.

  34. Mornin Adam, A blessing… we’ll we’ve had three this season so far to digest and suffer how many more..?
    You and I both know he not getting sacked, I just hope that some behind the scenes who care manage to have enough input to get things moving in the right direction again.
    If he signs now we have 3 more years or stagnating and more of the same to come. The stubbornness will just continue.

    It’s what happens Rico when an owner is an investor first and foremost.

  35. Wath. Agreed mate. I meant a blessing in that it is an unavoidable disaster for him personally and the club. He was a great manager, a man with a vision that came to the right club at the right time and performed miracles. The second half of his reign will likely be seen as a consolidation period by the Arsenal historians but, due in part to the new big money floating about he increasingly seems like a man out of place and time. The danger is that the owner has bought into him and really cannot see the footballing vista except through his eyes.
    We are well poised with lots of money, a great infrastructure and some really good players. We know that Wenger thinks we have a good enough squad to win the CL and the PL. Not many of us do but we haven’t worked a half a day in football. Now is the time to create a new vision for Arsenal and their fans, not many of whom could have been that surprised by yesterday’s appalling result.
    Those who want to will argue and debate team selection and strategy but now is the time for really firm action from the board, but I fear it is only Arsene himself who can herald the changes the club and the fans are crying out for.

  36. the longer teamsters on here will no doubt remember there were those of us that declared Wenger would fall over when the business end arrived and how spectacularly has he done it – i am to blame he says, dead fkn right you are sunshine

  37. there is no board Adam – there is only Arsene Wenger FC – I would also question this really good players list – where were they in these destructions? Sure we play hard against the low teams but were are the stars when the stars really come out and play? I am not saying they don’t exist but i am saying they are nowhere near the class Wenger would have you believe. Surely they have proven that now?

  38. WATH – One solution is to ensure all 10 players are pacy. That will scare the opposition. We don’t have a striker that frightens the opposition. The chavs, mancity and dippers could afford to man mark Giroud as he’s got zero pace to trouble the CB’s rather than have both to mark him out. They can afford to push one CB forward to help with their high pressing game

  39. Only Nixon could go to China.

  40. WATH – we deserve everything we get for even offering him the deal in the first place till he’d actually proved anything.

  41. lets look at the improvement – what have we had, one win in how many years against top four sides? Over 40 goals against, it ain’t no one off people

  42. The quote from Jose sums up and differentiates between the 2 bosses…

    Jose as I always say came from a military or political background and so he sets his teams up like a seasoned general…

    Don’t get me wrong Jose is no tactician but what he knows how to do is pick is battles like a true military general will do…

    AW on the other hand well? is like a French Leclerc tank which looks the best compared to the British Challenger and US Abrams but has poor armoury.. and travels faster than most tanks but can’t fire on the move in high speed and so negates the point of high speed…

    For the military historians like Kev on here… they will know that even South Korea has a better tank than the french one… says it all imho… lol

    I am still positive we will finish in the top 2 but you all know I am hypnotized by AW so… :P

    Morning Rico and all btw…

  43. oh Arsene, what have you done to yourself? This was supposed to be a day of celebration on what you called ‘our biggest game of the season’. I love our manager, really, but he doesnt learn. We have a wonderful philosophy and style – but sometimes you need to deviate from this against the top teams. We cannot be setup against Chelsea in the same way we setup against Hull, or whoever. Vs City, I thought bad day, vs Liverpool embarrassing, vs Chelsea… I dont know what to say, but nothing was learned.

    Its all well and good to say Giroud shouldve finished in the 3rd minute (he should have) before Eto showed him how to do it. The result was coming anyway. We had NO cover in defensive midfield when we lost the ball. That is why we lost the game. Chelsea press us hard, and under pressure players will sometimes lose the ball in midfield. But then, freeze at that moment – how are we set up to recover? Answer was we had both left and right defence high up and a massive gap between midfield and Kosh/Mert. This wouldve happened to us all game, even if it didnt in the first 7 minutes. Obviously Flamini shouldve started a game like this. But still the bigger problem was the setup for this game (and the other ones against the best teams).

    I could go on how we should by now have a world class striker and DM, but this was an abject failure to modify our strategy and philosophy in the face of a very powerful Chelsea team in their own backyard. We’ve been thumped 3x this season, and my biggest concern is that we still dont learn how to play against the bigger teams.

  44. counted one away win in last 15 against the top sides – ‘we’re getting stronger every year’ his supporters claim.

  45. When was the last time we played really well in the PL?

  46. its not only Wenger either Adam, can we face reality here? – our stars were frightened to death out there – how many of them actually stood up for the cause, how many? Totally gutless

  47. I know Wath, as much as I hate Chelsea at least they have an owner who has ambition and spends money…

  48. Hi Emma, I disagree with you slightly about lack of pace in our squad imo… We have a few pacy players in Ox, Serge, Akpom, TR07.

    AW’s selection and combination is crap and is the issue… imho

    Last season I said AW will be pushing certain players out to play Ox as a CM and I like Dev thought Ox is not ready…

    Ox should be a winger for now; in my opinion AW being in this league for so long has made him a very bad manager…

    He has tried to adapt to this league too much without having the right players to implement his ideas…

    I know Ox has a lot of fans on the ‘blogoshere’ and with his dad being an old pro gets a lot of praise but to me a player just running with the ball does not excite me nor will it ever do…

    Lets compare Gotze vs Ox in the BM game…
    Most fans will say Ox was exciting because he tried to ran at players and in most cases lost the ball but at least it excited viewers…

    Gotze on the other hand plays like Serge or should I say Serge plays like Gotze…

    Gotze in that game did little exciting things but when he had the ball he made it count…

  49. Oz, we have played well 2 times since Ramsey went off against the sperds… the last time was against Everton in the FA cup…

  50. Morning Ts, we could still get top 2 but I doubt it.

    That would probably mean we’d need to win all our remaining games and I just can’t see that happening..

    I’d like to see changes for Tuesday. Fabianski in for Ches and Kallstrom in for Arteta..

  51. Adam…

    Liverpool at home maybe?

  52. Lady Arse reckons Ramsey is back for City….

  53. TS. I am in complete agreement re Ox and I think the Goetze comparison is spot on too. Ox has shown clearly lately that, while he is an exciting prospect, in the absence of Theo he should perhaps have been used to give us some dynamism from wide for the remainder of the season. He is far too raw for the CM role at the moment for me and gives the ball away cheaply.

  54. Rico. We were ok against Everton but screwed up when we should have ground it out at the end. I thought we were decent against a spirited Southampton at home but we have been very average since the turn of the year. Better in the FA Cup though. :)

  55. any wins we get will feel shallow to me after the nightmares of these ‘important games’ as Wenger called them – 17 goals in three top 4 games, loose by a goal or two OK but concede 6, 5 and 6!! – so we beat Swansea, wow. The point has been well and truly proven, now watch Wenger try to paper over the cracks with his sales rubbish as we beat the lessor teams

  56. Wavy… I think Jose, Roberto, Brenda and all who have beaten us recently have all use the tried and tested Fergie method..

    A method Jose at Inter used against AC Milan too when Pirlo was there… BVB and Chelsea used it against Juve in the CL too to negate Pirlo…

    When a team has a quarter back like Pirlo or Arteta, the easiet way to stop that team is to put a player i.e a number 10 next to the DM/quarter back…

    So why did Jose play Oscar against us but not against Shitty and Yanited or Liverpool?

    In all cases the opposition team played a player right next to Arteta making Arteta not have the ability to play and dictate the game from the back…
    Oscar and Wooney are always used that way against us…

    Last season when we beat BM, Ramsey played on top of Schweinsteiger but this time round without Ramsey imo, TR07 should have been played centrally instead of on the wing..

  57. i agree also on Ox tsgh

  58. Adam, agreeing with me again? lol.. How you doing Sir…?

    Rico, maybe Kim and Flamini in CM mid-week

  59. Yep, agree re both those matches Adam, but you asked when we last played well, not decent…. ;)

    Much much better in the cup…

  60. Morning all,what a fucking disaster,we were destroyed so quickly and efficiently we couldn’t even run up the white flag.I hadn’t even time to get behind the sofa! Wenger takes the blame,bloody hell that’s big of him,he knows there’ll be no repercussions from above.We havn’t played well since….can’t remember,the three pts against the shit last week was good,but on the whole it was embarrassing to watching a team like the shit have the ball for so long.I just think Arsene is lost in the new era of the epl,young dynamic managers, bring new tactics and energy to clubs.Wenger was a visionary once,now he’s just a man with blurred vision and a mind to match,stuck in the past.Arsenal the club,now have big decisions to make,find the new vision and energy from someone/where our we just stagnate.We’re not even a good side to watch anymore.Was that Scott on Arsenal Fan TV?

  61. Ts, you sure it’s not you agreeing with Adam?? ;)

    That’s what I hope for, I guess Ox will be out for the game on Tuesday…

  62. TS. Not bad thanks but a little concerned about the club. :)
    All this agreeing is getting a bit worrying isn’t it? :)
    Rico. A very good point. I am always looking for the positives though and pinning my hopes on FFP. :)

  63. roger 11.02. Can’t disagree there…

  64. Adam, I think the problem with our owner is that your spot on the bloke has zero knowledge about “soccer” so he runs the club as a business and sees the investment he trusts the manager who has many decades of experience and is a great soccer manager. The owner will look at the board and ask well who of you have managed a club so I take his word over yours all day long.

    When will that worm turn….?

    Emma we all been crying out for width and pace for years. In the early years his teams were big strong and fast and we had pace all over the width with proper wingers… Now as Lee says we have a midfield full of midgets and no wingers and no pace up front.

    Glaringly obvious but he fails to see it….! Neglect or sheer ego..?

    It seems the manager and management team are all failing dismally on many many levels.

    Ox is a winger offers us pace wide… He is not a central midfielders arse…. If he don’t wanna play wide then we don’t need another self centered big head… sell him…!.

    I also concur… where is Gnabry why is he not being used. Also after the two no shows from Giroud last two games I’d play Sanogo just because he cant surely be any worse..?

  65. I think you are spot on Lady Rico…

    I am now agreeing with Oz and Adam more than ever… :-) a great worry as Adam just put it…

  66. With been the 4th best team in the league for about 9 years now,
    no improvement,no medals,no cups whats new?

    Well I can’t remember shipping 17 goals in 3 games in a season.

    We all thought the players were gunner give wenger a performance to mark,game 1,000.
    Instead we had to once again endure a gutless,spineless display of eleven geezers walking round the pitch huffing and puffing hands on hips looking at the grass grow,while all around the Chavs were scooting past them with the ball………………. yes, the ball,
    and even giving them the time to choose which corner to stick the ball in.

    Glad I never went,watched it at home went to put the kettle on,
    came back game over 2 down.

    I come from Learn the hard way brigaid,so I wonder what the manage and players learnt form the City and Liverpool games,
    looks like nothing/zero.
    In dustrial language we would call that 3 warnings then Instant dismissile.
    As Sugar would say…Your Fired

  67. BT62, I said similar to a friend of mine this morning about the way we play. The ‘beautiful football’ that Dein and others bleat on about is long gone, and only when we play against sides who let us play do we see something close to it but in the main we are slow, sideways and backwards….

    Yes, something has to change and there’s only one way it will….

  68. WATH – good post mate but this comment “I’d play Sanogo” really tells us all there is to say about the abject failures of Wenger and his group of merry (overpaid) men

  69. I know Bendtener is not liked but to me Aw messed up big time by picking Yaya over Bendtner at this crucial stage of the season…

    Park was never a bad player and even scored a goal for us but he was made to rot when he could have been that fast 3rd choice striker we needed imho…

  70. :) Adam, I’m pinning my hopes on the WC and AW spotting a few good players in the making. Although I know it’s difficult to sign players in a WC year….

  71. We all knew you’d see sense one day Ts ;)

  72. Wath, I’d start Sanogo on Tuesday in a flash, all that kid needs is a goal to set him on his way..

    But it does smack of desperation doesn’t it and a club likes ours should never be in this position…

    Shame Nik couldn’t couldn’t behave himself, but again, that’s desperation too but at least if he’s in the mood he’d give us something very different to Giroud…

    Not that that’s difficult!

  73. It is Rico and the answer is not always to spend money.
    Especially if you can’t motivate them.

  74. lol…. Rico. well spending every day here was bound to be have an effect on my view point…

  75. I blame you then fred, never put the kettle on just after kick off…lol

  76. Adam, watching our club at the moment is indeed worrying and it fucking hurts watching us put in such embarrassing performances and once as said can be forgiven but three times in once season is unforgivable and yet the same mistakes made over and over. It highlights for me the players who are being used as square pegs in round holes. I think Arteta is a great player, he was over run yesterday and made to look like a cart horse… He’s been asked to do a defensive job yet he’s a play maker but due to his footie brain he can hold BUT he should not be there…! Why do we not have a proper defensive midfielder, why oh why was Flamini on the bench… Another show of ego from Wenger to Jose with my technical players will outplay you and we will win………. Wrong again Arsene it ain’t work before has it..?

    Wher does the club go what decisions do the board make, who takes responsibility and holds the manager accountable… no one i suspect and there we go back round in circles again.
    Until Wenger buys proper players for the positions we need them for we will forever be also-rans and keep saying well “what if”…!

    For the way the club totally fucked up the PR around the 3% ST increases they could see a revolt come May if things are not set forth in a proper manner.

  77. Very true Adam. Our squad isn’t as bad as Arsene Wenger is making it look.

    I totally agree that Serge should be playing too…

  78. WATH – last time i agree with you and tsgh tonight, this is getting boring now ha!

  79. Not only Arteta either Wath, he does it to so many players. Plain stupidity!

  80. would love to see a fergie or even Mourinho take this lot Rico – i think we’d see a very different big game team

  81. well, off to work i go, what a fkd weekend again. Take care all and see ya laters

  82. Off to drown frustrations and annoyance….. Have a good afternoon all…!

  83. I think we would Oz…

    Have a good day Oz, and Wath, sink a few for me…Enjoy!

  84. Morning all.
    We were over 20 points off top spot last season, so I think it is fair to say that, in general, we’ve improved.
    Also, I was 20 yards from Sczezny in the first half and had a perfect view.
    There is not a thing he could do to save any of those goals.
    The 5th goal took a bounce just in front of him that bounced a lot higher than it should have.
    He did nothing wrong.
    Other than that, I can not disagree with anything else posted.
    We were shit.
    Wenger needs the FA cup trophy, and to leave in a high.
    Kev and I sampled some Grolsch last night and had a whale of a time!
    Today I am meeting up with my man, Ginge!
    The Gunners Pub have made me feel right at home….I even pulled Kev and I a beer last night :)
    This is certainly a special part of the world.

  85. old hat,out dated.finished. That,s wenger. since transfer window closed.We,ve only managed 10 points in 7 prem games, I feel he let the team down when he didn,t buy any body and i think the team feel let down too.The finish of he,s new contract cant come soon enough for me.

  86. Afternoon Scott ;)

    I agree, FA Cup and then leave…..

    Glad you are being looked after good and proper :)

  87. dublin, the end of his current one can’t come quick enough for me….

  88. That John Gee fella is sticking in my sore craw bin hin rico. What a tool.

  89. Off for a while now, later folks…

  90. Now now goonster ;)

  91. I mean has he really been watching us against the top 6. We are shit. Am still mad as a bull. How do reconcile 6 against chelshit 6 against shitty then for fuck sake 5 against poop! God give me strength.

  92. Snow, hail stones and rain have all changed my plans…

    Fido can wait ;)

  93. Hope everybody had seep well.
    We finished again with 10 men versus one of the big teams. Early. Very early again.
    AW didn’t learn anything about Liverpool game and commit the same mistakes.
    Now, I hope we can win the FAcup and win mostly of the games, albeit our fixtures will be, for me, much more difficult.
    Then, it’s the deadline for AW.

  94. Hi JM, AW doesn’t learn full stop.. One day he’ll learn that it’s beneficial to watch the opponent before playing them and set up in a way to nullify their strengths..

    Not play into their hands…

  95. Totts are looking good…. ;)

  96. Afternoon All

    Spuds are losing…

  97. I don’t care about the totts kev. Fuck them. We are the arsenal.

  98. hi everyone bad day for us yesterday… it’s really strange how every time we meet a strong team the game just ends in the first 10 to 20mins…our boys really bottle it when it comes to the big boys IMO….our manager has has refused to learn from past encounters..Wenger is a very intelligent guy thus it’s really surprising that he doesn’t learn and adapt to situations..we fans deserve much more IMO..the players should be ashamed of themselves as in such a big day for the boss the let him down completely I’m really disappointed as this defeat clearly shows we don’t learn from past experience and it also shows that Wenger can’t cut it out with the big boys again IMO..nice read rico

  99. They are Kev, 2-1…

  100. Snaparse it’s really disheartening. We ve conceded 17 goals in 3 games! So much for the best defense in the league.

  101. Win the FA cup and bugger off arsene. Thanks for the invincibles even though I pretty much think I dreamt all that. We need a manager who gives a fuck about us fans.

  102. Gee I just read what I posted. Am so mad I can’t speak right. Damn you arsene. Grrrr.

  103. For once I totally agree with legrove. I hope he don’t sign a new contract. I ll take Roberto Martinez.

  104. Am feeling all foul this morning. Where is micko when you need him.

  105. We beat Liverpool twice at home,
    we drew with the Chavs at home,
    we drew with the Mancs at home
    I think we will beat Shity at home,
    it ain’t that the top sides are better players than us ..is it
    our home form says so

    We need a couple of hard-nuts,who no how to fight,
    not half a dozen fancy dans on £100,000 a week.

  106. Hi snaparse, thanks..

    As would I re Martinez…

  107. Finally rico agrees with me what are the odds??…..hmmm I need to have more children.

  108. Stanley, everyone on here will tell you I have been hoping for Martinez for a while. You need to read on here more, not have more kids ;) ;)

  109. Totts snatch it late on…

  110. Our yesterday score is in all the headlines and on the first page of many newpapers…
    For me, Leonardo Jardim (!!!). who is he? sporting coach
    totts 3-2 …..

  111. Just whe you think the weekend can’t get worse………..

  112. Afternoon Rico and the house,
    It must have been very painfull writing your post for the game.
    We both got it very wrong didn’t we. No one has mentioned how poor Kossie was ,I think he should miss out against the swans.
    Reading todays posts I find myself agreeing with Ginge its not all over yet, having rambo back will make a big difference.
    Kev Dan Crowley played 45mins yesturday lets hope the injury is now behined him.
    Rico I hope you have a good holiday enjoy Dennis and I look forward to hearing your veiws on it.

  113. Agree Bj, I thought they were done at 2-0 down. Pfff!

  114. tsgh, get with the program, it’s the 4th place trophy again.

    Semi final tickets go on sale tomorrow, allocation of 42,000, stiff upper lip kev.

  115. Afternoon Rico and Micko. Fourth place is a trophy really isn’t it?

  116. Hello Adam, will you be heading Wembley way ?
    Being getting it in the neck from the brother in law and his clan, all Chelsea, they were on the box yesterday before the game on the BT sport program, it’s something I’m not proud of.

  117. Jolly good show Mick, what what…

  118. Afternoon Rick, we sure did get it wrong….

    Thanks re my hols, I’ll mail you my thoughts on Dennis :P

  119. Afternoon Adam, Micko and Kev..

    Can’t believe anyone thinks we’ll get 4th and the trophy which comes with it….

  120. Eurosport report that they’ll be no pre match press conference from Arsene Wenger..

  121. Hi Micko. I will probably get tickets but don’t know if I’ll go yet.

  122. Of course you will go Adam, you know you can’t resist a bit of pain and suffering, that’s why you’ve had 15 wives…. ;)

  123. Not quite 15 Rico, but 5 certainly. :)

  124. :) Adam, but I think you got my point….

    You looking forward to tomorrow??

  125. What is happening tomorrow Rico?

  126. What happened yesterday???

  127. Rick, that’s good news regarding Crowley…

    I see that Chuba Akpom has been recalled from his loan at Coventry.
    Maybe Wenger is gonna go with Akpom, who can play on the flanks?

    Also I agree with starting Sanogo against Swansea.
    In fact i’d start Gnabry as well.
    Might as well…

  128. Mrs Adam is home….

  129. Sanogo, Gnabry, Kallstrom and Fabianski for me Kev…

  130. I’m off for the day guys, got to get packing… :)

    Catch up in the morning….

    Night all…

  131. Oops. I temporarily forgot Rico. :)

    Night night.

  132. Coventry are saying that they sent him back because of Arsenal recalling him to play in the under 19s and that it upset their plans for him.

  133. Potter Jeorge Bird is saying we have recalled him for first team cover. Who ever is right I am pleased thats he is back he has got what every one is saying we lack, thats speed.

  134. No guarantees that he will get game time though. Probably got a nice cushioned Recaro seat lined up for him.

  135. Scott… hope you enjoyed the yorkshire pudding and the trimmings mate? ;)

    Micko, 4th is a trophy show some respect Sir… :D
    Have a good holiday lady Rico…

    Night all

  136. Interesting watching two teams with a game plan really have a go at each other. Almost like real and barca have been prepared on the other teams weaknesses and strengths!

    Strange concept.

  137. Potter 7.52, fair play to Coventry, nobody likes to get shat on !
    He either plays for us or he plays for them, bit of a pish take imo.
    One things for sure, Akpom will be the only loser, he won’t get any playing time for us.
    tsgh, I’m not worthy.
    rico, looks like you saved Adam from the dog’s house, enjoy your hols, bring us back a bit of rock won’t ya.
    Nite all.

  138. Evening all.
    Ginge, I must say, I had a fantastic few hours with you, and do hope to see you again soon.
    Highbury House has some very special and generous members, and yourself and Kev are top shelf as far as Gooners are concerned…..thanks again.
    A quiet day tomorrow followed by my first home game.
    Yes, I can truly say I am living the dream.

  139. Still angry….

  140. Good job we are not meeting up Scott, I’d soon change your view. ;)

    Thanks Ts, Micko and of course I’ll bring back some rock, will a big pebble do?

    Morning all…

  141. Morning Lee, me too!

    Merts blames the early kick-off times. Doh.

  142. Rico, I have already been warned about you :).
    Lee, we had better win tomorrow else curry could be getting thrown around on Thursday night :)

  143. I read that Rico, if we have players that can’t turn up and play at 12.45 then sell the fuckers and buy some that can….we pussy-foot around these pampered millionaires, it’s a joke!
    Must win game….will the ox get a ban?

  144. Lee, can they ban Ox when the officials saw it and made a decision?
    Interesting one.

  145. Tbh I’m not sure… the ball was missing the goal!

  146. Yep, it sure was missing.
    Am I right though…….the FA state that when an incident is seen, and acted upon by the officials, they will not take further action?

  147. I think Gibbs will get his card rescinded and Ox will get a ban….

  148. They turned up ok for the Everton game Lee, feeble excuse isn’t it..

    I bet you have Scott… ;)

  149. Morning Rico, Lee and Scott. I too am still royally pissed off. Something’s gotta give.

  150. Should be a yellow for OC and nothing for Gibbs but we all the FA, they’ll just dish the ban to OC so he’ll be out tomorrow night..

  151. Bet George Graham would have had the players up for an early kick-off!!

    Morning Adam, join the ‘royally pissed off’ club!

  152. Looks like Bendtner is heading to FC Copenhagen, can’t he go now…

  153. Will Arsene be at Arsenal,next season?

  154. Guys, I have to admit I am still buzzing from the whole experience, that I’m finding it hard to even contemplate the crappy performance, so forgive me.
    Tomorrow night will be different.
    I will be more switched on to the game.
    Cup Win.
    Wenger retires.
    Everyone is happy……that is my wish.

  155. And take Giroud with him.

  156. So Scott, are you getting the flavour of Islington from your time down the Blackstock Road at the Gunners?

  157. And a few more sub standard players that we have……

  158. Adam, I am enjoying the flavours immensely :)
    I keep telling my Aussie mates they have never had real beer until they try a cask conditioned London Pride.
    Una from the pub made a roast dinner last night, and that was damn tasty.
    I had the best curry I’ve ever tried the other night, but I have been assured to expect better on Thursday, so I am salivating at the thought.
    This place is just brilliant.
    I’d move here for the Arsenal and pubs!

  159. I think he will Adam.

    Yes Lee, there are one or two aren’t there…

  160. I am glad you are enjoying it Scott. Have you walked through Highbury Fields yet? I played football there as a boy practically every day and I park there for the games. We lived under a mile from where you are staying. The old ground at Highbury, that you must have seen, gave the whole borough a real vibe. The Emirates is more corporate and less ‘of the people’.
    The weather looks good today for an Islington stroll.

  161. I am not so sure Rico. He is a proud man and I can see him walking. On the other hand I can just as easily see him staying.

  162. That’s my wish too Scott. FA Cup and then bugger off….

  163. Adam, I am doing a tour through the old stadium area through a friend if a friend who lives there, but yes, the back if the old stands are there and look brilliant.
    Old, but brilliant.
    Talking to some Cheslki fans on the trai after the game, I asked are they always so quiet, especially when dominating a game.
    They said that if there were 35,000 Chelski fans there, probably around 15,000 are locals…..the rest are tourists.
    Seems to be happening at all big clubs.
    I obviously am a tourist, but I never thought it was that bad.
    It is all about money, but not just at Arsenal.

  164. My own thought is if we finish in the top 3, he’ll see that as improvement and should we win the FA Cup, he’ll think he’s doing everything the right way and want to carry on…

  165. Rico, being honest, that would be a decent pointer we are improving though.
    It would be hard for anyone to argue since the biggest point has been a lack of trophies.
    Not saying it should happen, but it really would give him a decent case.

  166. One away win in fifteen away games against top four sides….that’s just not good enough!

  167. The table suggests we are improving Scott, but its very misleading imo. What it does is highlight just where we could be had AW made just two signings last summer and Jan..

    Also, we need to learn how to beat those around us…

  168. That’s a shocking stat Lee…

  169. It’s all about ambition and aspiration isn’t it? Once you start telling people that 4 th is a trophy then you have set a standard and sent a message. I think that the fans are not so stupid that they cannot see that the league is rigged in favour of the mega-money clubs and that the move to the Emirates hindered us. What they cannot work out is why any team, let alone Arsenal, would go into a new season after doing F all for 100 days, with essentially just a slow and cumbersome player like Giroud as the only striking option. And having done that, do the same again the January window almost sticking two fingers up to anybody who said that we were short up front.
    The whole set-up needs challenging. Kroenke has had it far, far too easy.

  170. If it is true that we made an offer in January for Saloman Kalouless then that does worry me.

  171. I agree we should have some even better, but it does offer a defence.
    January was the killer for me.
    I never said too much about it, but really did make me question Wenger more than ever.
    I could not understand the logic at all.
    There is definitely the stench of complacency about the place from top to bottom.

  172. Been…..been even better.

  173. Scott and the stench of the money rolling in…….

  174. just finished watching the game again – you learn far more about the side from games like this in my opinion and you know what saddened and angered me the most? Watching the hapless Wenger sitting there, not moving while all this was going on. Was he on his feet changing tactics? Was he up offering encouragement? Did he lead from the front? No, No and No. 7.5m and he sits there like a sulking schoolboy. Watch his leadership performance in this game, it tells a sorry story for me. Has the penny finally dropped for him?

  175. Scott. Last Summer Gazidis was giving it the big ‘un about how our days of austerity were over and that now was the time we kicked on as we really did have the money to compete. I doubt that Wenger liked this very much and found the whole thing rather gauche. We thought we had Higuain but bottled it because the price was too high and then signed Ozil at 5 to 12. I believe this was what could be termed a ‘panic buy’ because the blogosphere was really hotting up about our terminal lack of ambition. Our other striking option was Ba. That, as far as I could see, was it, apart from Flamini on a free.
    Anybody who had watched Mesut, week in, week out for Madrid knew that he is a progressive player who can kill the opposition with a single ball. For me he is half of a very promising equation but with the laboured off ball running of Giroud, he was always going to struggle under the weight of that enormous transfer fee.
    Every year we say this is the season when the shackles are off and we are going to sign proper players but we don’t. We sign good players, ask them to play out of position and do not prepare them for the opposition they will face. There seems no game plan and the reason given seems to be that Wenger doesn’t do things that way. Perhaps this was ok when we had a proper team like the Invincibles but clearly it is not working as Lee’s stat about our results away against the top teams show. What, if anything, is ever going to change under Arsene?

  176. i once said Adam you could give this guy the best 11 in the world and he’d still win nothing. I truly believe it mate.

  177. Summer was the final straw for me, not signing a striker was utter neglect. January just confirmed my last straw really, despite sitting right at the top of the table…

  178. i watched a bit of Arsenal TV today, the anguish on some of these lads faces was amazing. I guess moving over here you kind of loose the… what’s the word, intensity of it all? So many, asking what appeared to be questions that have gone on so long unanswered

  179. Spot on Adam.

    ‘This is the summer’ has been said far too many times…..

  180. He’s shown his title ambitions over the last few transfer windows….this season was the best chance he had of winning the PL and he fucked it big time!

  181. Oz. You might be right. What I can say, with some certainty, is that Arsenal fans are asking the same questions as they have done for years now. Though there are still many I imagine who are scared of the idea of losing him.
    For me, the burning question for a long while has been who takes over? We know what Arsene is going to do. We will see it against Swansea tomorrow.

  182. Good morning folks…

    Micko I am told you are well connected and wealthy… ;)

    Likewise Scott re 10:26pm… ;)

  183. Oz. He won plenty of trophies, so that comment is rather inaccurate mate
    Should have been in the middle of it mate lol
    Adam, I say this a lot, and it is not defending Araene, but attacking those above him.
    THEY must lead the way with our direction.
    Arsene should be taking direction and not giving it except on the pitch.
    That is what’s fundamentally wrong with Arsenal, IMO.

  184. past tense Scott – it not inaccurate is what’s happening today and has been happening for years – we have to stop living in yesterday in just deepens the pit mate

  185. New Post up now…

  186. Scott. From what I can gather, there is no shortage of ambition on the board but Wenger has the ear and the nod of Kroenke and he is the owner. The board could sit Wenger down, as I believe they have and tell him that he can spend so much and that they want him to buy some proper players. He does not listen to them. Seriously mate, he takes not a blind bit of notice of them so pointing the finger in that direction is, to me, quite wrong. It is also a get-out for Wenger. Ask Wath. He knows.
    The Arsenal board are conservative, they always have been but I know that Gazidis is hamstrung by Kroenke’s admiration for Arsene. Let’s face it, Stan doesn’t want to be responsible for the appointment of a new manager who might just fuck it all up. He would rather let the status quo drift on for as long as he can. Wenger isn’t doing much but he delivers the financial income from the CL every year. I, as a fan, appreciate this but get fed up with the fact that I know we could never win it as it is just a money spinner and nothing more. We go in, play a few games, get knocked out, take the money and go home. I think that blaming the board might seem reasonable but you must remember that Wenger probably has more power within his club than any manager in the world.

  187. Adam, someone should have demanded he spend or leave though, that has been my issue all along.
    Stan won’t though…..we all know that, and that is where the problem starts.

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