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Defender hints at staying & Biggest game of the Season says Arsene…

Morning all.

Much speculation surrounds the future of Thomas Vermaelen but here’s a big hint that he’s staying put whilst talking about his manager and his 1000th game:

It’s incredible – not a lot of managers do that nowadays because they come in and out, so for him to achieve 1,000 games is something unbelievable.

Everybody wants him to stay as long as he can. He’s been incredible with what he’s done for this club and for the players as well.

We would be really happy to see him signing on for a few more years. If you see him off the pitch there’s always a lot of hunger in him and a lot of ambition still. He’s not losing that at all.

So the captain wants Arsene to stay, which suggests he wants to stay and play for him, the players want him to stay and the man himself wants to stay…..

So my guess is, he’s staying…….

Sometimes, some people just really do let themselves down don’t they and Jose Mourinho did just that yesterday.

On a day when so many managers paid tribute to Arsene Wenger for reaching such a milestone, the poison dwarf, aka Jose Mourinho could only muster up a few words. None of which were full of praise:

I admire him and admire Arsenal.

It is not possible to have 1,000 matches unless the club is also a fantastic club in the way they support their manager, especially in the bad moments – and especially when the bad moments were quite a lot.

What a horrid man he is!

Anyway, the best way to shut that squirt up is to finally beat him, get the three points and then go get that league title which has eluded us for far too long.

Yesterday was an emotional day for Arsene Wenger, Arsenal FC, players past and present and of course us fans but that’s done and dusted now and today it’s back to business…

Business means getting three points and closing the gap between us and the top spot.

Chelsea have Ashley Cole out injured and both Ramires and Willian are suspended.

Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott and Abou Diaby are all out injured and Tomas Rosicky is a doubt too which is not good news. I hope he passes his late fitness test.

I doubt anyone really expects us to come away from Stamford Bridge with all the points but I’m not sure why. We have shown this season how determined we can be in defence so if we can get an early goal there’s no reason why we can’t go on and win the game.


  • Chelsea are unbeaten in their last four Premier League games against the Gunners (W2, D2).
  • Arsenal have a good record at Stamford Bridge, winning almost a third of their 76 league visits (W25, D25, L26).
  • The Gunners have also outscored the Blues at the Bridge, with 100 goals to 95.

So, all is not doom and gloom going into this game and I honestly don’t think we should play with any fear….

Pace, width and decisive passing will win this game, together with strong defending, discipline and 100% commitment to win.

That all has to come from us.

A mention for Scott from Oz, our resident blogger from ‘down under’. He’s here in the Uk and after a trip up the river, he’s off to watch the boys play for the first time. Is he excited, for sure he is and I hope he becomes the players lucky mascot both today and for the City game….

‘Game of the season’ says Arsene..

Let’s get one of the best results of the season by beating that horrid lot on their own turf!!


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270 Responses to Defender hints at staying & Biggest game of the Season says Arsene…

  1. rico says:

    Asked if he would still be at Arsenal after 1,010 matches, Wenger replied:

    “I think so, yes.

    “I want to do well, and the expectation level and the impatience is there.

    “My commitment is full. I do not want to look somewhere else. I want to stay here. There shouldn’t be any uncertainty at all.

    “My desire is to stay.”

    Wenger maintained he did not want speculation over his contract saga to deflect attention from Arsenal’s run-in.

    “It will be done soon, but I want now to focus on the end of the season,” said Wenger, whose side could close the gap on leaders Chelsea to just a point and are through to the semi-finals of the FA Cup.

  2. potter says:

    Just a word for Scott , I don’t know if the system is the same but when you get out of the stadium try to to left . If you go to the right chances are you will get forced onto Fulham Broadway stadium and it’s on the platform there that you tend to meet the standard Chelsea neanderthal.
    Anyway I hope he has a great day with 3 points to the Gunners.

  3. tsgh says:

    A very good read…

    I am heading off to the bridge in the home section… that comment from Jose has really pumped me up…
    I hope AW takes it personal and pull one over that squid….

    morning Rico btw et al…

  4. ozgunner says:

    nice post, a good read. Nowhere to hide today that is for sure. Our record against the top EPL teams is horrid. Amazing stuff from the media on Wenger’s 1000, so much support and positive spins on him, who said the press hates us?? Like every game its there to be won, they have their players missing as well, so lets get this thing done. Do i think we’ll win… no but we live in hope and law of averages says we are due one surely? Good luck to the lads. Scott appears to be having a ball, good for him!

  5. rico says:

    Morning Ts, Potter, Oz and all…

    I’m going to stick my neck out here and go for an away win…

    Maybe the occasion has got to me but I just have this feeling we’ll turn up and shock them…

    Have to get at Terry and OC is surely the man to do just that, put Terry under pressure from the off and really get at him….

  6. ozgunner says:

    pod or the Galloping Giroud up front Rico?

  7. ozgunner says:

    if Mourinho sees things going against him he won’t just sit there Rico – if we got a draw i would be more than pleased TBH. You are right though, given the occasion there are no excuses tonight

  8. rico says:

    In an ideal world Oz, neither but I suspect it will be Giroud…

  9. rico says:

    I hope he doesn’t get a phone signal in the stands Oz ;)

  10. ozgunner says:

    lets do a Villa on em!! Its on TV here as well, really looking forward to it

  11. rico says:

    It is here too…. Have friends coming for lunch so could be interesting…. ;)

  12. ozgunner says:

    dunno why, feels like a defining moment for Wenger for me – win this his stocks will really rise, loose another big EPL game and well….

  13. Rick. says:

    Good Morning Rico and the House.
    A very good read for a match day Rico. I have had good vibes for today since Villa beat them and like you I think we could get the threepoints..
    Are youy aware our Big Freindly German is on football focus at 12 oclock.
    Ginge home section you are a brave man.

  14. ozgunner says:

    so when the cameras cross to the home end, we’ll see one lonely red and white scarf waving gleefully :-)

  15. Pryce says:

    Morning all,hope scott come with goodluck.all the same the best to the GUINNERS

  16. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Good morning everyone!
    Hope Arsenal win today!
    And Mourinho lament something at the end : the referee, the quality of the pitch, Arsenal performance, the crowd, the sunny day, etc…
    come on Arsenal!

  17. rico says:

    Oz, I disagree, he’s staying regardless of what happens today. It’s funny really, every player wants him to stay, the club want him to stay and it’s just some of the fans who want him to go….

  18. rico says:

    Morning Rick, thanks…

    Just you and me who think we can win then… ;)

  19. snaparse says:

    mourinho what a horrible human he really doesn’t have a clue what he says…….anyways nice read Rico just hope the boys get one over the horrible ugly one

  20. rico says:

    That’ll be Ts Oz…

    Scott’s in with the away fans…. :)

  21. rico says:

    Morning JM, snaparse.. thanks.

  22. ozgunner says:

    I wasn’t referring to his Arsenal job Rico – he calls 100% of the shots and we know that by now – Every season he reaches this point, its time again to show us the results of his faith in the team was more my point.

  23. rico says:

    Oops sorry Oz, I thought you meant lose today and he’s a gonner… ;)

  24. snaparse says:

    Rico do you know if rosicky is still a doubt???

  25. BrainwashedKev says:

    Boring Boring Lucky Cheating Chelsea…..

    Lucky Scott is out to get ya…

  26. rico says:

    I don’t snaparse…

  27. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning All

    Morning Rico, a good chest-thumping post.

    Good luck Ginge.

    A draw today would, for me, constitute a great result…

    Arsenal have to be very cautious as Chelsea will just sit back, keep it tight, as usual, and wait for us to take all the risks and make all the mistakes.

    0-0 again, as at the Grove, will do me…

    Minimum risks, maximum rewards….
    Big games required by BFG, Kozzer, Gibbs and Sagna.
    Big games needed from Arteta and Flamini.

    And a brave refereeing performance from Andre Marriner.

    4th official is a dodgy cnut who would love to send Wenger to the stands on his 1,000th game.
    Watch out for him….


  28. rico says:

    Morning Kev, thanks..

    Dean by any chance??

  29. ozgunner says:

    Kev – we don’t have to worry about refs tonight surely, although i am sure their names will come up in defeat – hopefully we get this done and i agree a draw is a good result, play it tight, watch the isolations and wait for our chances. We will get them.

  30. rico says:

    Ah, Anthony Taylor. Thank the Lord he’s only the 4th official….

  31. rico says:

    Got to nip off now, catch up after the game..


  32. ozgunner says:

    see ya later Rico – all fingers crossed, game time approaches!!

  33. ozgunner says:

    i can only imagine how excited Scott is about now

  34. tsgh says:

    Lol Oz… no chance… the chavs are some mean badgers… ;)

    Rico, which of your clouded crystal glasses are predicting a win?

    2-1 to the good guys… Invanovic off!

  35. tsgh says:

    Same here Kev… re a draw…

    I have us on 8 wins 2 draws so that will require some strategic thinking and maneuvering from AW…

  36. ozgunner says:

    TR07 starts – brilliant!!

  37. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

    Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Kallstrom, Gnabry, Flamini, Sanogo
    I’m watching now images in direct from TV

  38. Joaquim Moreira says:

    catch you later
    I’m in London now

  39. tsgh says:

    Arteta, Kos and Poldi goals for me…


  40. tsgh says:

    Did TV show Jose and Aw shaking hands?

  41. tsgh says:

    Ox in CM is suicidal but hey…

  42. tsgh says:

    Flipping leaving at half time… shite!!!

  43. potter says:

    difference between Giroud and Etoo . Lazy midfield first Ox and then Santi.

  44. Lewis says:

    Well good start.

  45. Lewis says:

    Where was Gibbs for both goals. Embarrassing!

  46. Lewis says:

    Another 5-0 probably. We’re not good enough.

  47. bob john says:

    Flamini on bench again. no one to stpp the breakaways. So fecking naive

  48. ArsenalDK says:


  49. Lewis says:

    Spot on bob john. Our tactics only take into account what we’re doing. Never mind the team with great players all over the pitch that we’re playing against.

  50. ArsenalDK says:

    yes it was…

  51. ArsenalDK says:

    Gibbs red? Wtf???

  52. Lewis says:

    If the team can’t be up for a game of this magnitude then we have no hope.

  53. bradster says:

    Wow that was all terrible.

  54. potter says:

    wrong man off .3 down now .Scott may as well go to the pub.

  55. Lee says:

    Absolute shit….we just can’t beat big teams!!

  56. ArsenalDK says:

    Fuck my saturday

  57. Lewis says:

    The only question left is how many will they get.

  58. Bradster says:

    What was the plan for this game? Surely not the same as when we got thumped by Liverpool.

  59. Lee says:

    I fucking hate Chelsea….

  60. Lee says:

    Embarrassing performance….

  61. Lee says:

    Who’s fault will this be??
    No real pace in the team.
    No goal threat.

  62. bradster says:

    Sadly it was nothing to do with Chelsea and all about how we set up for this one.
    No idea why we would play a high line with Mert at the back and fast attackers that Chelsea have.

  63. bradster says:

    Game’s over, might as well go 3-5-1 and try save face. Hanging on as we are will do nothing.

  64. Lee says:

    The worst passing I’ve seen from Arsenal….

  65. tsgh says:

    Someone asked me if I didn’t support Chelsea as I looked crossed? :x

    Poor kamikaze tactics… any manager who will persist with Ox and SC19 in midfield against Chelsea with our current record especially against Jose is done!

    Maybe folks like Oz are right… Wenger is shite!

  66. Lewis says:

    We’re embarrassingly shit. And this performance is not a surprise. We are not at the same level as the top three.

  67. tsgh says:

    Just resign…

  68. emma says:

    Pffff. Game over in 16mins.12:45 syndrome has kicked in again. Looks like we don’t like playing at this particular time. Ox doesn’t look like he is up to it today, arteta recovery is a tard slow. Looks like it’s 9 v 11 as giroud hasn’t turned up as well today

  69. Lee says:

    Get this season out of the way and then wholesale changes need to be made……

  70. Lee says:

    Men against boys.

  71. emma says:

    The chavs could get to double figures if they want it.

  72. tsgh says:

    Against Bayern I said that if we started with that same midfield 3 we will get hammered…

    All AW had to do was play TR07 next to Arteta but hey he had to do it a certain way…

    I am sticking out like a flipping sore thump amongst the chavs too…

  73. tsgh says:

    Don’t rate MF much but this game needed him next to MA08…

    home time…

  74. emma says:

    ts- You are right. Should have sticked Ox on the wing and play rosa with arteta. Ox gave the ball away in dangerous positions which led to the first 2 goals. The lad still got a lot to learn. Too much praise is now getting into his head and he has started making that same mistake wilshere did

  75. ozgunner says:

    worlds apart as we ready for another 3 years of this, oh dear

  76. tsgh says:

    hiya Emma…

    One reason why I do not rate English pundits and experts is that a player is good when he scores…

    Tactically Ox and Sc19 are not CM… period!

    Going on the tube now… later.

    What a waste of time and a saturday afternoon…

  77. ozgunner says:

    potter – you are spot on mate – those first two touches by the strikers said it all, it really did.

  78. potter says:

    So we cocked up the first two goals but the third is where I am confused.Its only red if the handball stops clear goal scoring opportunity. We know the ref didnt see it and the lino didnt put his flag over his chest so it wasnt him. So who made the decision.The ballwas going wide and there was no Chelsea player near it so no opportunity there.

  79. emma says:

    Turning point: Giroud had a chance to put us ahead and fluff his line. Seconds later a proper striker(Eto) had the ball in our net

  80. ozgunner says:

    tsgh – travel safe mate

  81. Joaquim Moreira says:

    AW didn’t study the others teams before the games?
    Mourinho solution: Schurle between Gibbs and central defender. Gibb is never been there and Podolsky not help enought (why? I don’t know…) Put Luis and Matic together because will play Ox out in his better position, Santi must do on our midfield what he must do close the area and we are not strong in midfield in defence and in attack.
    Fist goal: so many space between lines; second the same; the third the same…
    This game is lost,. We must try to have no more red and yellow cards.

  82. bradster says:

    Worst is when we play against other teams they try something different and give us an extremely hard second half.
    We’ll just go out and do the same shit over again.

  83. ozgunner says:

    agree JM a well thought out game from Mourinho again, poor old Arsene 11 zip now and this loss should, it won’t, but it should really tell Wenger a story

  84. Woody says:

    Giroud is missing…again!

  85. BrainwashedKev says:

    It’s easy to get emotional as a game as big as this goes so spectacularily wrong.

    But I felt leaving out Flamini was a massive error.

  86. ozgunner says:

    City, Liverpool and now Chelsea added to the inability to beat a depleted United side it’s all to familiar mate. They are in cruise mode and watch Wenger claim how good we were in a second half, assuming they don’t score again hahah

  87. ozgunner says:

    Woody, who?

  88. Wavy says:

    One crumb of comfort…..Marriner will be resting next week and perhaps the week after. Not much good admitting you’ve got it wrong when the games still in play, the damage has been done!
    Oh for technology. Let the refs become umpires with reference to the 4th official and replays then maybe everyone will be playing on the same playing field!

    5 now! Shameful!

  89. bradster says:

    That was poor Schezny

  90. Lee says:

    Only another three years of this shit….sorry but his time is up! He shows his ambition every transfer window!
    5-0 now this could be double figures and the knock on effect for the rest of the season will be massive!!

  91. ozgunner says:

    they so need a few months with Fergie taking them to task – soft as shit no wonder they don’t want Wenger going anywhere haha

  92. kel says:

    surprise surprise, another thumping for wenger in a big game.

  93. emma says:

    Szeszny is like an amateur keeper today. No selfie no like it. I feel for fabianski

  94. bradster says:

    Imagine the others slip up and we still win it even though we got thumped by City, Chelsea and Liverpool?

  95. BrainwashedKev says:

    This could be eight or nine….

  96. emma says:

    Like i said earlier if the chavs want it, it could reach double figures

  97. Micko says:

    Lads, it’s all about Wenger today, 1000 games is unbelievable, the result doesn’t matter, we’re lucky to have him at the helm, end of.

    Emotional kev, not a chance, I love all these thrashings.

  98. He had the time and money in two transfer windows to get us a real, good striker with pace, and he cooked it. Then went to his adversary for help and asked for loanee (Demba Ba) and as was expected, he turned him down.

    Some are defending OG12 as good striker when he lack the main ingredient as a striker.

  99. Lewis says:

    Hate to say it but this has to be Arsenes last year with us. No teams fucks it quite as spectacularly as us!

  100. kel says:

    im sorry but im tired of Arsenal being embarrassed in these big games, getting beat is no big deal, but getting destroyed like this is just a joke i hope and pray wenger can guide us to the FA cup, and then step down, the man is finished imo…

  101. Lee says:

    Bradster we won’t win the league not while Wenger is manager!this was his best chance and he fucked it up massively!!
    We’ll fuck up in the F.A cup and yet still reward failure with a bumper new deal for Wenger! It’s a fucking disgrace, who is accountable??
    Still we make a tidy profit as a business and that’s what counts!!!

  102. ozgunner says:

    this display is just a another completely predictable joke – you might have a 100m in the bank Wenger but how badly have you misjudged it all again

  103. Lee says:

    Zero game plan or tac-tics.
    Team of fucking midfield midgets.
    A shit no1 striker.
    One player with pace.
    It’s been wonderful Arsene but shut the door on your way out!!

  104. Bradster. your 1:47, right on point.

  105. emma says:

    Vermaelen loves his high line. He forgot that Mert has zero pace

  106. ozgunner says:

    i just feel pity for him now TBH – so totally lost in his own importance and so out of touch with the levels required to be a champion

  107. Lewis says:

    They deserve more

  108. ozgunner says:

    emma – Chelsea have been picking that off right from the first whistle – they call it getting your tactics spot on

  109. bradster says:

    I still think it’s not over this season. City plays United and Liverpool. And Liverpool to play Chelsea. Chelsea seem to screw up like last week against Villa so if we’re extremely lucky we could win it.

    We need to respond from this and not collapse and throw the FA cup away.

  110. I see no difference between OG12 and Chamahk for a club as massive as Arsenal… Both of them are second rated strikers, imo.

    When will these kind of results would stop?

  111. bradster says:

    Did Wenger not shake Mauriho’s hand?

  112. ozgunner says:

    hats off to Chelsea, no controversy here to use as excuse. Made to look very very poor in every department and again a complete failure when the question is asked – roll on the next 3 years

  113. Lewis says:

    Well played lads. Really great.

  114. Lee says:

    Fucking embarrassing…..woeful on every level!
    No real leader on the field no one with any bollocks!
    Sub standard squad picked by the myopic one!
    You’ve been brilliant for Arsenal but your time is up!!!

  115. Lee says:

    Maureenhoe left before the final whistle…..

  116. goonster says:

    From a wonderful high to thump. ..what a way to welcome brianna into this world. Arsene is done IMHO. He should step down. It’s the honorable thing to do. What a load of crap. Am so numb.

  117. Lee says:

    How many of that 11 would get in the Invincible’s team? The decline is embarrassing!

  118. goonster says:

    Am so angry am shaking. 3 times this season we ve been thumped by more than 5 goals. For a supposed big team we sure know how to collapse. Arsene out please. Enough is enough.

  119. Lee says:

    Congratulations Stan!

  120. goonster says:

    Still can’t believe loserfools put 5 pass us!

  121. goonster says:

    Thanks Lee but it’s ruined a wonderful day for me. We make other teams look too good. Chelshit had to sweat to get a 1 nil win over Everton yet we get thumped by a chelshit side missing ramirez. It’s fucking disgraceful.

  122. ozgunner says:

    “we always have very strong finishes to our season” öur squad is now ready mentally to win” ï have full faith my squad is good enough” “we dont need to spend money for the sake of it” “we will show our worth today”dear oh dear oh dear

  123. goonster says:

    Lee the invincibles never happened. Pretty sure I dreamt that cause I sure as hell can’t believe this same manager assembled them.

  124. bradster says:

    Now Wenger can say I’ve been in charge of 1000 games for Arsenal and got thumped by more than 4 goals, more often than any other Arsenal manager.
    Can add that to his 30 years experience and us fans know fuck all.

  125. ozgunner says:

    just can’t wait for the giggle at the excuses to follow – Wenger waving his feather duster in rage haha

  126. ozgunner says:

    bradster he has set many unwanted records in recent years, many just choose not to see them mate

  127. goonster says:

    Pitchforks and torches…..it’s time to ring in the changes. Arsene out NOW!

  128. BrainwashedKev says:

    So do I Mick, I just suck ‘em all up…

    If we win the FA Cup, I will very very happy Mick, daresay even emotional…

    I suppose when you’ve seen your team lose as many times as I have Mick, I just get so pissed off at feeling pissed off.
    So I won’t get pissed off….

    But you have a couple for me mate…

  129. ozgunner says:

    and now we’ll hear – “you lot are over reacting” you watch – amazing

  130. ozgunner says:

    the cup is a raffle Kev – Wigan are holders ffs – should not take away from 17 goals in three games when it mattered most

  131. tsgh says:

    Best news today.,..Congratulations to the one and only Goonster…!

    Its not over in the league btw…

    Maybe, I need to change my crystal ball… lol

    7 wins 1 lose 2 draws will still take us to the top of the tree …
    As I said and still believe we wll lose against the big 4 teams and still win the league… no more shite play..
    Ox, sloppy passes in midfield is one reason Dev thought Ox can';t be a CM… at least not yet…

    Not picking on any player by the way… we have a coach who is stuck in a maze when it comes to the big games…

    We need Rambo back next to Arteta or MF in midfield… SC19 is never a no.10…

  132. bradster says:

    I reckon Liverpool is gonna struggle today. They’ll need a penalty or 2 to win.

  133. goonster says:

    Pinch me am dreaming….did we really concede 17 goals in just 3 games this season? Lord God in heaven.

  134. goonster says:

    Thanks ginge but 6.0!!!

  135. tsgh says:

    When we won against Everton at 12:45pm I said 3 players who are always poor at that time were out… 2 started today…

  136. tsgh says:

    Goonster I wrote a post a few weeks ago saying 54% of goals we have conceded were against 3 teams now make it 4…

    Have a drive on the house for us Goonster!

  137. goonster says:

    Ginge but 6.0????? Christ give me strength.

  138. ozgunner says:

    goal percentage has gone to shit very quickly now and some claimed best defence in the league a few weeks back – torn to shreds so easily again today but who is to blame?

  139. bradster says:

    I understand that reasoning ts but that’s pathetic of proffessional millionaires.

  140. tsgh says:

    BVB better win or else…

  141. goonster says:

    Lord I can’t even sit still. 6.0????

  142. bradster says:

    Surely the players don’t decide for themselves to play a high line and push players higher up the pitch Oz.

  143. ‘Congrats… Stan.’ Welcome to the world of Fatherhood.

  144. tsgh says:

    True Brad…

    I know and agree OG1 is shite but before the chavs scored today, he won the ball 3 times but no one was near him and running into the channels for a lay-off…

    Last season when our season went to pots, AW switched SC19 from the no.10 role and played TR07 there instead and we got results…

    Go back to route 1 I will say to AW if I saw him…

  145. ozgunner says:

    no they don’t bradster and against that pace, well….

  146. bradster says:

    Haha, i called it. Go Cardiff!

  147. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Why did we finish and play all the games versus the big teams with 10 very early?

  148. goonster says:

    Thanks Nashua but but 6.0???? In 5 seasons we ve been thumped by every big team in Europe. Milan barfa twice manure poop now chelshit! Gee who’s next toteham hot sperms? ?

  149. ozgunner says:

    tsgh – go back to france i’d say :-)

  150. tsgh says:

    where have you been Ng? Are you a dad too?

  151. tsgh says:

    lol.. Oz

  152. bradster says:

    Another thing is Wenger wil never be fired as long as he maintains his trophy.

  153. Micko says:

    tsgh, it’s a big no, no sitting with the opposition, you always stick out like a sore thumb, can never relax, I done it at the slum when Kanu got the late winner and would never do it again.

    Stan, congratulations hope Brianne and mum are doing well.

    Kev, when your at the end of your rope tie a knot in it and hang on mate.

  154. tsgh says:

    Brad, I dont want AW to be sacked though… he has done a lot for us..

    He should be man enough and resign with his ego intact imho…

  155. ozgunner says:

    with 7.5 mill on offer and the easiest job in football, why the hell would he resign?

  156. Hi T’s. I’ve been here as always but just too emotional to comment.

    we all, being making excuses for AW when the going was tough, saying we’re trying to ‘make do’. But those two transfer windows open my eyes. This season was his perfect opportunity to set the record straight. Sir AF gone, Chelsea and Mancity new managers. And most of all, we didn’t sell any of our valuable players. All we needed was to add, but then again AW cooked it up…

  157. ozgunner says:

    now the press tell us how devoted he is not taking another million quid raise, who the hell offered him that and for what??

  158. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Again, most of the goals we conceded are loss of the ball in midfield, lack of coverage for these failures, bad posicion, quick players on the break and scored!
    Against Chelsea have the best defense, it was enough to put two strong players in DM, quick players and play in the midfield errors and poor positioning of the team.
    Probably, and we played thinking about not having the initiative in the game but worried cover and hold on the game, the result would be another.
    AW has not realized the following: a good defense wins games, a good offense wins leagues.

  159. T’s. yes I’m a dad. My first one will be twenty-four in May. Two younger boys and one of them was born in London.

  160. ozgunner says:

    1000 games, think you’d learn the basics wouldn’t you

  161. tsgh says:

    Good advice Micko.. won’t do it again especially at the bridge…

    the scums are a bunch of soft ‘tards so…

  162. tsgh says:

    Seriously Ng?? I always thought you were 40 max…

  163. ozgunner says:

    Nash – 3.32pm spot on, his ambition or lack of it was really highlighted through those windows – just well off the pace when it matters and has been for a very long time now

  164. tsgh says:

    verey true Ng re 3.23pm.. it hurts to admit he has past his date…

  165. ozgunner says:

    opps 3.23pm yep

  166. Scott from Oz says:

    Welcome to Engerland, Scott hahahaha
    What a day.
    The Away Boyz Cruise was sensational , and thank god for that.
    The result…..well, we are GOOOOONE now.
    Still, It was almost embarrassing trying to hear supporters of a club winning 4,5 then 6-0 silent.
    Swansea Tuesday, and if we are as bad as Chelski fans, I will be pissed right off.
    Anyone local to the Gunners pub should drop in for a pint with me.

  167. Marinello says:

    What a massive let down today. All over in the first ten minutes. Chelsea players must be thinking “how easy was this?” Felt sorry for the travelling Arsenal supporters who were still singing at the end. Too many players give the ball away too easily and then we get punished. What damage has this performance done mentally to the team? We talk about the FA cup, make no mistake, Wigan will be up for it and will fancy their chances. Chelsea bossed the midfield and we had no width or pace… how many times have people on here said this?
    Come the big games, some of our players go missing, when called upon to stand up, they fall over, make a tackle, some pull out…
    Feel really let down today.

  168. tsgh says:

    When are you going back Scott…

    I can only do weekends but would love to pass through next weekend for a drink or 2…

  169. tsgh says:

    Spot on Marinello…

    I talk about the lackk of big game players quite often on here… AW will rather play flashy players than ‘proper’ players…I guess it excites fans..
    As i always say… we lack big game players… especially without Theo and maybe Ramsey.

    I am not picking on SC19 btw… but last season i compared him to young Oscar and said I would swap him for Sc19 any day…

    Also the midfield combination was a joke! I was never impressed with it in BM… with the same players available a more ‘street smart ‘manager would have torn Jose a new one but… hey???

    Aneke is a big brute and should be playing for us in midfield instead of JW and maybe Ox but because he was not bought and does not fit a certain profile he has had no chance…

    He has scored again today albeit in the lower leagues but…

  170. ozgunner says:

    Marinello – you are right, changed my impression of many today’s game in truth. It was not just a one off, now the trend is becoming increasingly obvious

  171. ozgunner says:

    tsgh – spot on mate

  172. tsgh says:

    Oz, at least in the past we use to play well but you could tell we were naive and inexperienced and so we got caught and lost by a goal…

    That was understandable then but this last 2 seasons no excuses mate…

  173. ozgunner says:

    tsgh – i agree again mate. As i said after a 1000 games his understanding seems well short of the mark

  174. ozgunner says:

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has skipped his media duties after his side’s 6-0 hammering by Chelsea.

  175. Joaquim Moreira says:

    after the big defeats this year, we have scored defeats at home…
    Hope this changing for next tuesday

  176. ozgunner says:

    I was waiting for his usual “we have learned our lesson today and will respond against whoever we play next” Fact is ain’t no excusing these constant blow outs and you ain’t learned nothing so stop treating us like fools

  177. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge, my number is 07473308566
    So text me anytime.
    Guys, what else can we do other than smile and sink a pint.

  178. ozgunner says:

    Arsenal gave the official explanation that Wenger had to go, as the team bus was leaving early, but it is an excuse that is unlikely to wash with the league bosses. – how unconvincing is this ffs

  179. Marinello says:

    Ozgunner, maybe he should have asked Steve Bould to face the media….
    TSHG: I agree with all that you have said. Wrighty said after the match that time and time again against the big teams we capitulate once we go 2-0 down, and when defending stand off and appear to jockey forwards, who are on the attack which eventually more often than not leads to them having a shot and scoring.
    Don’t think John Terry broke into a sweat today unlike his Mum when being chased by shop Security Guards……

  180. rico says:

    Goonster, you a Daddy?? Congratulations, shame that every birthday you’ll remember our 6-0 drubbing…

    What a shocking performance and result!!

    Afternoon all…..

  181. Adam says:

    What happened this week was that many people, including myself to some extent, got caught up in the 1000 game thing. Wenger is a very decent man and has a sense of dignity that was only exemplified even further by the crass Mourinho and his spiteful neurosis. There were many tributes and a whole host of Wengerisms and quotes from those close to him. It was emotional but we should remember that we were talking about the past.
    Without wanting to go into the nuts and bolts of the game today it seems to me that these kind of total blowouts have become emblematic of these last years of Wenger’s reign.
    I feel myself caught between my affection, respect and gratitude to him and the cold, hard facts of what I see before my eyes. But I do think the club needs a new direction and a change of personnel at the top. They need a no-compromise manager who is going to challenge the ambition and desire of the board and change the mindset of the players here and those that will inevitably come in. It might not be pretty for a while and I envisage power struggles throughout the club.
    For me, Arsene effectively wrote his own letter of resignation when he remained so ineffectual in the recent transfer windows. To go into this season with Giroud as the main striker and with no pace up front and to then to further compound that error by ignoring the opportunity to improve things in January has bitten him in the arse. How did Giroud accept the compliment and the faith shown in him? We all know the answer to that.
    I have serious reservations as to whether Arsene will renew now and I hope that he doesn’t. Everything is too cosy at Arsenal. We all have our own ideas about what should happen next but I seriously doubt whether the board have.

  182. Marinello says:

    Hi Scott, sorry that your first game didn’t go the way it should have,
    but at least it didn’t rain…
    Swansea up next, have to hit the ground running with that one. Maybe start with Gnabry.

  183. tsgh says:

    Lol… Marinello… ‘Mum when being chased by shop Security Guards……’

    He has money to buy any lawyer so…

  184. Marinello says:

    Good post by the way Rico.
    Adam, a good well written comment that sums up how I am feeling right now.

  185. tsgh says:

    Top post Adam…

    You see I finally agree with you Sir… :P

  186. ozgunner says:

    a disaster if he resigned, is was they said Adam – What chance do we have? – gutless from him today not facing the press after his world beaters were smashed again. Mourinho kicked his ass again be a man about it. All so wrong and I feel now would be a good time to take a break from the late night support and constant buying of merchandise to feed Wenger and his puppets pockets – so over him and all of them in truth. Surprised? Not in the least, he’s reaping only what he has sowed

  187. Marinello says:

    TSGH, I see his Dad has been scuffling after a few bevies. Think he head butted someone on the chin, maybe he’s not as tall as his son……

  188. Adam says:

    TS. I am overwhelmed but think that we may have been closer in our thoughts than either of us knew. :)
    Scott. I am sorry that you had such a shitty welcome result-wise but, as I am sure you know, it’s all in the game. Funnily, I will be driving past a The Gunners in just under an hour on an errand. Have a nice time.

  189. Marinello says:

    Question is, if he did resign, who would replace him?

  190. ozgunner says:

    Liverpool now 4-2 up and City 2 up – wonder where our new settled and focussed team will finish this year? Am so angry with all this crap. Loose fine but ffs, roll over like this every time we face a decent club in the league?

  191. rico says:

    Says it all really Adam…..

    Thanks Marinello….. All the hope and dreams shattered in 7 minutes…

  192. Adam says:

    Marinello. I am sure we all have our shortlist. :)

  193. rico says:

    Well, for today anyway…. But the reality is, it’s all down to the summer and January just gone by….

  194. Adam says:

    Hi Rico. Feeling a certain déjà-vu?
    I am.

  195. Wavy says:

    Adam etc i agree with the view that Le Chef has probably had his day. A wise man knows when to say goodbye! The problem, as I see it is simple……but who should replace him? Where is the man equal to the task of providing at least the next 15 years with CL football on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, where is the man who can and will take us to that level of excellence that we win everything every year for the next 1000 games?

  196. ozgunner says:

    am off to bed, what a shit night

  197. rico says:

    Hi Adam, yes…

    Night Oz…

  198. ozgunner says:

    Wavy and what is the point in pocketing 30m a year from a cup you will never win and then not spend any of it? I really want UEFA to reduce the teams and take this top four crap out of the equation personally. He has survived to long on the strength of their rule change

  199. Adam says:

    Wavy. As I said, we all have our ideas but I doubt whether our next manager will achieve 15 years at the helm. Arsenal is one of the top jobs in the footballing World and most top managers would love to have a go. With the infrastructure and financial clout/current squad etc. Wenger’s reign will look different viewed in hindsight.

  200. @Wavy. DD said I quoted, “You’ll never get anywhere unless you stick your neck out.”

  201. Adam says:

    Wavy. When? It must be at the end of the season. If Wenger told Stan that he was leaving then I imagine they would look at Martinez but I am not saying he would be my first choice.

  202. ozgunner says:

    surely its better to have tried and failed then to do nothing at all and accept the same result year after year after year? We are treading water and relying on others getting wrong as much as us getting it right at times. A huge opportunity was missed again this year, we were not good enough when it mattered and that is the story of so much of Wenger’s reign now

  203. Wavy says:

    Points taken. I’m off now to come up with a shortlist. I may be be little while!

  204. Marinello says:

    I used to like the ex Swansea Manager, the Danish chap? I know that he got sacked, but so has Brendon Rogers a few times before he went to Liverpool… Just a thought.

  205. rico says:


  206. Marinello says:

    Thanks Rico. Laudrup played a quick up tempo game similar to the old Arsenal. He’s probably available.
    I reckon we will cling on and get 4th place in the League this year.
    Could be worse, could be supporting the Spuds…..

  207. rico says:

    He did Marinello, I wouldn’t have a clue as to who Kroenke would look to should AW walk away..

  208. tsgh says:

    Night Oz…

  209. tsgh says:

    No Laudrup for me imho…

    His track record shows he will be more mbitious than our board which will be a marriage made in hell…

    I say lets tempt Rijkard out of retirement… He was the only man capable of halting Barca’s 8 year trophy drought and built the current Barca for Pep to take the plaudits imo…

  210. Marinello says:

    Okay everyone, I am off to the shops. Try and have a good remaining weekend.
    Take care all of you.


  211. tsgh says:

    later Marinello…

    You know its shite when Suarez and dipperpool are considered the cool team currently…

  212. rico says:

    Bye Marinello…

  213. rico says:

    No after match press conference by Arsene then.

  214. tsgh says:

    Rico, he says he takes responsibility…

  215. rico says:

    So he bloody should Ts.

  216. rico says:

    Just written tomorrows post and you know what, it’s the easiest I have written all season and it took me around 15 minutes!!

  217. Micko says:

    Blunt and straight to the point I hope rico.

    Scott, a real baptism of fire !!!

  218. rico says:

    It sure is Micko.

  219. rico says:

    I think Scott will have seen Arsenal in a very different light today…

  220. Joaquim Moreira says:

    AW out?
    A Portuguese or a spanish coach.
    Benfica coach will be probably free at the nd of the season

  221. rico says:

    At least the Benfica coach would ensure we always beat Spurs JM ;)

  222. Scott from Oz says:

    Guys, the weather was lovely, the beer was tasty , the result sucked.
    I would not change any of it, because losing is part of the game.
    What I would liked to have seen is plenty of our guys putting in as much effort as their supporters

  223. rico says:

    What about the performance and tactics Scott??

  224. Joaquim Moreira says:

    probably yes but Mourinho don’t joke no more…

  225. rico says:

    We are though JM..

  226. Lee says:

    Non existent tactics….the bloke is finished imho!
    Who will give us top four? I’d like a winner to take the helm and use the funds that are available to purchase the necessary players. Wenger shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near that kitty, otherwise we’ll have a plethora of midfield midgets added!
    He showed his title intentions in the last two windows, a once great manager and he’s certainly revolutionised Arsenal but it’s time to fuck off!

  227. rico says:

    Lee, i share your anger and view….

  228. Lee says:


  229. rico says:

    Off topic, but how good was Becks last night when he re-acted that famous fall for Comic Relief…….

  230. rico says:

    Jorgi for me Lee…

  231. Lee says:

    Our results against our top four rivals over the last seasons is embarrassing…..Wenger has lost his mojo, let’s draw a line and move on!!

  232. Lee says:

    There will be life after him we just have to embrace it and move on!

  233. Lee says:

    I’ve a feeling that we’re going to fuck up the F.A cup….we have a team of bottlers, no real leader, who rolls their sleeves up and digs in when the shit hits the fan? It all filters down from the top imho so change it from the top down!!! Or be prepared to be rumped every season by our top four rivals! Deja-fucking-vu or Groundhog Day as per……

  234. Lee says:

    I’m properly angry and it’s all so predictable…….bye Arsene!
    Night all…..

  235. Micko says:

    Lee, that’s Wengers problem, he doesn’t know how to get over the line anymore, too often falls when it really matters.

    Mourinho’s biggest win in the premiership, that’s what today’s milestone will be remembered for.

    Anyhow’s I’m not letting it ruin my evening, time to get the wellies out.

    Laters lee, rico.

  236. rico says:

    Well said Lee. Night to you….

  237. rico says:

    Night Micko….

    In fact, night all….

  238. Wavy says:

    I’m back! It wasn’t so cold out there! The only manager currently working in England that I would employ would be Martinez a, because he’s foreign b, because he’s young and has fresh ideas, c, because he’s a good tactician, d, because he has a good eye for spotting talented players, d, because he has integrity and e, because he is intelligent. That’s enough to be going on with! But even if Wenger leaves Martinez is very unlikely to come to us because he has become a naturalised Lancastrian, even married a Lancashire Lass! And he has only been at Everton a year, so………..?
    Laudrup wouldn’t be a bad shout, I mean he won the Milk Cup, after all!
    Looking abroad there are plenty of bodies, from de Boer to Benitez, from Pep to Klopp! I’m being silly now but who ever comes in has to be bloody good!
    I’m off now. I’m going to spend the evening inspecting my naval. I’ll see if that offers any solutions! Will post again soon with the final answer!
    I shall not be watching MoD!

  239. Joaquim Moreira says:

    I think this score will be the deadline for Aw.
    hope we can win the FA CUP and be at the CL next season

  240. frednerk says:

    Well wants new,we love Wenger but,we know what’s wrong don’t, we. Poor old bouldy,sits there watching the full backs playering like wingers and the midfielders thinking,I can score and be a hero. What a joke

  241. bradster says:

    Morning all,
    Things i’ve notice:
    1) Giroud excells against lower end teams. Trying Sanogo against the big boys could offer space to the midfield.
    2) A stupid high line tactic should have Kos and TV as the pairing.
    3) If the title is gone then be like Wenger of old and play Olsson or Hayden instead of Arteta, his pace is gone and has become a liability. Flamini is not the answer to replacing Arteta.
    4) Schezny either just had a shocker or threw the towel in after the second went in.
    5) Cazorla wil never be a number 10 and excelled last season cutting in from the left.
    6) Pod is lost in most gaves and a luxuary we can’t afford waiting for a left foot thunder bolt.
    7) We need Walcott to get in behind, next pacy option is Ox. Screw the he wants to play central, be a team player or out the door.

  242. Adam says:

    Morning Rico and all. Woke up at 5.30 am but it didn’t feel any better. Dropped off for a couple of hours but still can’t feel anything other than the need for change.

  243. rico says:

    Morning Adam, Bradster, fred and all…

    Your no1 says it all brad, when a player with so little experience is called on in place of Giroud, it shows what a mess we are in up front..

    Pace pace pace, we so seriously lack it on the attack, and we seriously lack a DM/HM when defending.

  244. rico says:

    Adam, I woke around then too and the first thing I thought about was 6-0. Annoyingly, I couldn’t get back to sleep after that….

  245. rico says:

    The Mirror claim Utd have agreed a deal for Carvalho, if that’s true, why haven’t we gone for him??

  246. Lee says:

    Because our manager is a fucking idiot Rico….

  247. Lee says:

    He loves playing Russian roulette with the squad, why? I just don’t get it, he’s bloody intelligent surely he can see?!?!

  248. Lee says:

    Szczesny -thinks he’s better than he is.
    Merts – good player but too slow
    Gibbs – perma crock
    Sagna – good player
    Koscielny – good player
    Arteta – squad player at best
    Cazorla – good player
    Ox – has potential
    Rosicki – squad player
    Podolski – too slow
    Giroud – not good enough.

    Massively miss Walcott and Ramsey, however I’d sell Wilshere , Giroud & Podolski to help fund the new players that are required….
    Get Ozil some movement in front of him and get a proper DM not another midget would be a step on the right direction.

  249. rico says:

    Morning Lee, agreed there….

    Stubborn and so behind the times!!

  250. rico says:

    Maybe he’s not so intelligent after all, not when it comes to playing PL football in 2014!

  251. rico says:

    If Wenger had any balls he’d drop Ches and play Fabianski on Tuesday..

  252. Adam says:

    Morning brother. It must be obvious to even the most myopic that things are not great and Wenger has cocked up. He knows that too I suspect. I cannot remember the last time we played really well in a league game. Surely a big thank you followed by a new regime is needed. Listening to all the guff this week from Wenger and Dein I couldn’t help thinking that he seems to be managing by anecdote these days. We can play musical chairs with players and discussions as to who plays where will always follow a defeat like this.
    If Arsene does sign a new contract does anybody think he will change his ways? I don’t. And I don’t even need to like our next manager as long as he makes it happen on the pitch and goes to war when he’s out there.

  253. rico says:

    I don’t think ‘change’ is a word familiar to Arsene Wenger. I hope it is to Stan Kroenke!

  254. Lee says:

    Still massively angry but my 9yr old is playing in a wrong shaped ball tournament in Colchester so I’m off…..

  255. potter says:

    I put this on the AFC members forum :-
    It’s the philosophy of the way we play. Our one touch football is played too quickly when we meet teams that press and tackle quickly. The instructions from the bench seems to be play it quicker and consequently we don’t think about where and when we are passing and the ball is given away. We are desperately in need of a midfield general that will put his foot on the ball and dictate play . We have been missing this player for years , since Cesc left , and it has been a glaring gap in our set up. We have no-one that can actually hold the ball and give other players time to get into the right positions. All of our players are too similar. It’s easy to play against us , just set up a strong defensive line and get fast powerful midfielders to crowd our little players and as their passing becomes more erratic intercept and break quickly get one on ones and score at will. If you can do this early in the game we will never settle and a collapse is inevitable. Against teams that lump it forward Kos and Per have no problem but the better teams that mix it up in the middle found us out years ago and until we rethink the whole policy against them it will continue to happen.

    That’s how I feel although I have not got 30 years of football management uner my belt , I am 67 yrs old and have been involved either watching or playing since I was 8 , so I think I am qualified to have an opinion.

  256. Adam says:

    Rico. I agree. A week or so ago I asked the question as to whether we will win the PL again or the CL under Wenger. I don’t recall any Yes votes. The need for change is obvious but I see a big danger in the club trying to replace him with another of his type as if he has conditioned the board toward conservatism. Players these days are mostly spoilt young millionaires and they need a blaze lit under them to perform but I would look around at football today if I was them and fight fire with fire. Whatever is going to be done needs to be well into the planning stage now but I have no faith that this owner and board will take anything other than an ultra safe route. I say identify your man and go all out to get him. Most top managers would love the chance to manage Arsenal and we all have our favourites I am sure. Wenger has been great for all he has won and for the financial stability he has bought to the club during the move to the Emirates but he has gone stale now.

  257. rico says:

    Hope it goes well Lee…

  258. rico says:

    Spot on Potter…

    Adam, the first change we need imo is Usmanov…

  259. Adam says:

    Rico. I know what you mean but can’t see that happening until Stan thinks the Goose ain’t gonna lay any more golden eggs.
    Potter. Completely agree, but this is Wenger’s way isn’t it?

  260. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    Wenger was a broken man after the game.
    I think he may be stalling on signing again until seasons end, and if we win the Cup, he may just go out in a high note.
    Time for change…..yep something needs to be done.
    Had a few pints with Kev last night….what a champion!!!!!

  261. rico says:

    I know Adam but until there is direction from the top, Arsenal will stagnate….

  262. Adam says:

    Morning Scott. If that is our own Kev then he is an absolute diamond for sure. :)

  263. rico says:

    Morning Scott….

    Fingers crossed we win the FA Cup then…

    What tipple did you sample last night?

  264. rico says:

    Totally agree re Kev Adam…. Diamond Geezer ;)

  265. Adam says:

    Rico. Possibly, but we are already stagnating for me. A new manager might well cause an upheaval at Board level. Results are everything really and this board need to be challenged as firmly as the players that will remain after the new man has begun his inevitable cull.
    Many see change as a frightening prospect and yes, there will be challenges along the way but at the moment we are looking at another three years of the same aren’t we?

  266. rico says:

    I meant to include a ‘continue’ in my sentence Adam…

    Change is not to be feared and it certainly isn’t by me, I welcome it right now but I know that isn’t going to happen. Maybe in the summer it will and I can only hope it does….

  267. Adam says:

    Rico. I am afraid the names of Remy and Schneiderlin won’t fill the diehards with eager anticipation.

  268. rico says:

    Are we even likely to sign those two Adam? I doubt it…

  269. rico says:

    New post up now….

  270. Adam says:

    Too expensive probably. :)

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