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Arsene Wenger – A Career of two halves. Can he get his Magic Hat out ready?

Morning all.

The 1000th Arsenal fixture under Arsene Wenger takes place tomorrow but it was match 497 which brought him his last success.

Staggering really and of course, that means that during the first half of his career with us he was pretty darn special but since that 497th fixture, things haven’t really gone quite so well – other than getting us into the Champions League place of course and as we all know, there’s no big jug handed out for that.

4th Place Trophy...

4th Place Trophy…

Plenty of money has been flying our way because of that Champions League qualification of course and we’ve needed that since we moved to The Emirates and it’s fair to say that during the early years at our posh new stadium, there wasn’t a lot of money available for Arsene Wenger to spend so to get us into the top four each season was quite remarkable.

However, this was supposed to be our season, last summer was meant to be the summer in which the club spent big and spent good. Mesut Ozil came in and he was both, very expensive but also very very good but he alone was never going to turn us into the kind of side which could dominate the league in style.

In fact we have witnessed quite a few very average and some disappointing performances of late, especially since the injury to Aaron Ramsey a few months ago and latterly, the injury to Theo Walcott.

But, we are actually winning more games than we have in years and we are so so much better placed in the league at this stage of the season since goodness knows when… The Gallas strop season maybe or had we started to slip down the table by this time?

We're doing well, on paper...

We’re doing well, on paper…

Is having points on the table more important than how we actually perform to get them? After all and as said before, Manchester United have been pretty average for many years now, yet they still managed to win the league.

Whisper it quietly, but our goals conceded is much better than it has been thanks to our defence… Well, a little bit but it’s our goals scored that is letting us down. I know there are a few games to go yet this season and that tally may well push up over the three figure mark but in all seriousness, we simply aren’t scoring enough goals.

Despite that, our win percentage is up a lot and we haven’t seen that up in the 60% for a long long time, in fact 2007/08 was the last time and before then it was 2004/05.

I do wonder what our percentage could, or even would we be right now had we signed one extra player back in the summer and then again in January when injuries hit us? My own thought is that it would be higher and we’d be way ahead in the league and on the verge of our first double since 2002..

Can it happen again?

Can it happen again?

Of course we are still in the race for the Premier League title and should Arsene Wenger finally get one over that short-arsed horrid little man tomorrow, we will be left just one point behind Chelsea and with a game in hand….

That’s how close it is..

Congratulations are in order as Arsene Wenger notches up his 1000th fixture as Arsenal manager tomorrow.

Make it a good one Arsene, because all things considered, you deserve it…..

That’s your lot for another day….

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107 comments on “Arsene Wenger – A Career of two halves. Can he get his Magic Hat out ready?

  1. Morning Rico and all.
    Nice post and I add my congratulations to Arsene on his 1000th game. It is truly an amazing achievement. If anyone hasn’t seen the video tribute in the mail this morning then I recommend they check it out.

  2. Morning Adam.

    Thanks, I was going to include the link from the Mail in my post.

    It’s funny how so many of his critics in the press are suddenly full of high praise…

  3. Love this one:


    1988-2004; 466 appearances, 32 goals

    Arsene didn’t have a go at you too often, but when he did he used to get you in the dressing room at the training ground.

    On one occasion, he tried to tell us off and, all of a sudden, three phones went off all at once.

    He was going mad, saying: ‘Whose phone is this? Whose is phone is this? Next phone goes off gets a £10,000 fine’.

    Two days later we were all sitting in a room strecthing ahead of a game and it was always very quiet. All of a sudden, a phone goes off.

    It just kept ringing and everyone was diving into their pockets saying
    ‘Whose phone is this? They’ve got a £10,000 fine!”

    It kept ringing and ringing, and ringing and ringing. All of a sudden Arsene walked over to his bag, opened it and his phone was going off. He said ‘£10,000 to me’ and he started laughing.

  4. Give ‘em time Rico. They’ll have the knives out again soon. In Vino Onanism.

  5. That’s a new one to me Adam.. lol

  6. Tomas Rosicky is a doubt for tomorrow…

  7. That’s not great news Rico.

  8. I know Adam, fingers crossed he comes through a fitness test..

    We need Ramsey back sharpish to…

  9. 30 wins from 45 matches is 66.7% (not 64.4%) which is the highest it’s ever been (both under Wenger and all-time for Arsenal), if it can last until the end of the season!

  10. You are clearly better at maths than whoever created the grid I ‘borrowed’ then Mjc..

    Kallstrom, yes, I forgot him Adam..

  11. It only seems like yesterday that we were turning to each other and saying, “who, ah well we’ll see!”
    And we have haven’t we? Apart from the last eight years he has done really well! But, every season, mostly we have been kept interested until at least November and sometimes the season defining week in March!
    Happy days. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster but I still derive an immense amount of pleasure and pride when someone asks me who I support and I reply Arsenal!
    Wenger’s part in the history of the club is guaranteed, no bronze bust for him, or has already got one? He’ll surely get a statue outside the Emirates with the rest of the gang!
    1000 mornings to everyone.

  12. How uncanny, AW’s 500th game was away to Chelsea……

  13. Arsene Who?? On Sky 1 tonight at 6pm….

  14. He’s already got one Wavy…

    Diaby would be a huge boost, but…..

  15. Bust? Is it 32AA? Or is it a statue that serves as a pigeon loft during the quiet hours?
    Thanks Rico, the brain/memory is not what it was!!

  16. The 1000 games mark is remarkable and it interesting to see the win percentage figures. In one way against Spurs for instance we could not ask for better and 20 odd years ago that was all that really mattered. However things have changed and the game against them is now purely a local domestic and the bragging rights come from games against the 2 artificial clubs and of course United. Had he been able to tactically turn those results round I would have no grounds for complaint about his term of office. However so far he hasn’t.

  17. No worries.
    I’ll settle for one stat: 84 goals scored against Spurs!

  18. If any further comparison between the two men were needed then take a look at Wenger’s dignified and self effacing behaviour at the press conference and the way that the surly an spiteful Mourinho has refused to accept the FA charge that he is a pratt.

  19. Ha ha Wavy, no idea but knowing Arsenal, it will be small, just like the cannon he’s been given today…

  20. Long-time rival Alex Ferguson has led the tributes to Arsene Wenger’s longevity on the eve of his 1,000th game in charge of Arsenal.

    Wenger and Ferguson, the former Manchester United manager, spent the best part of two decades competing against each other for domestic and European honours.

    While touchline tempers often flared between the duo and they sparred verbally with each other via the media, there is no denying that the Ferguson-Wenger relationship has thawed down the years.

    And as Wenger this weekend prepares to become only the fourth manager in the modern era to pass the 1,000-game barrier at one English club – following in the footsteps of Matt Busby, Dario Gradi and Ferguson – the Scot has spoken of his respect for the 64-year-old’s achievements and footballing ethos.

    “I congratulate Arsene in reaching this momentous landmark,” said Ferguson in a statement released by the League Managers Association.

    “Having also reached the same milestone at one club, I cannot emphasise enough the level of dedication, resilience as well as sacrifice required and for that I have for the utmost admiration.

    “Over the years we enjoyed some fantastic battles and you could say we had survived together and respected each other’s efforts to play good football.

    “I always enjoy watching Arsene’s sides – Arsenal play the right way.

    “Playing against them always presented special challenges that I burned many hours over the years thinking about.

    “He has always been a conscientious member of our trade who makes it his business to help other managers.

    “Perhaps the biggest compliment I could give Arsene is that I could never be anything other than competitive with my rival for 17 years.

    “Overall this achievement once again shows what stability can bring to a football club and without doubt he has created a permanent legacy during his 1000 matches with the club.”

    Read more at http://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/ferguson-lauds-momentous-wenger-milestone#8HiEmAbgSwdZFlDp.99

  21. Potter, have you seen AW interview today?

  22. Well said Adam..

  23. Still think he’s a jock bell….

  24. And that Portuguese git couldn’t even mutter a ‘well done’ for our manager…

    He’s horrid!

  25. I doubt Wenger has ever sent his team out to maim the opposition or cheat their way to a result. Ferguson has and on many occasions but this has all been airbrushed out of his history now. In many ways Arsene seems like a man from a bygone age. Whatever criticisms I have of him, I believe that he has been absolutely fantastic for our club and that we should celebrate his time with us. History will show this period as pivotal in Arsenal’s development. If any further comparison were needed them take a look at the sack of shite down Tottenham High Road and see what could have been. There was a time when the two clubs were of similar stature. Hard to believe I know.

  26. So AW has turned down many chances to manage other clubs….

    Will Mourinho be in the stands tomorrow?

  27. Well said again Adam.

    It’s all getting a bit emotional today and I want him to stay….. ;)

  28. I hope this will be a rejuvenated next 500 games for Arsene and Arsenal. We have been much better this year, and we dare to dream again. Will that little bit of extra world class quality up front and a touch more strength at DM, we can win trophies again. Im really hopeful for an FA Cup this year to get the monkey off the back, and who knows, miracles happen – beat Chelsea this weekend and the double is not an impossibility. Congrats to Arsene, do what it takes to win trophies again and leave the legacy you deserve.

  29. Thanks Rico. I agree and I think that Mourinho’s whole personality and character has merely highlighted Wenger’s qualities. Even Allardyce said something nice about him and I am sure others will follow as the day progresses. I don’t want that Portuguese slimeball to say anything decent about him as it would inevitably be tainted with ego and self molestation.

  30. Boring Boring Lucky Cheating Classless Chelsea

  31. roger, good comment…

    I actually believe we will get something tomorrow, even a win…

    Adam, I heard Sam, he managed to string together a few quite kind and sincere words…

  32. Morning All, from sunny, but chilly, South Kensington…

    Morning Rico, an excellent and well-balanced post…

    Morning Adam, some great points…

    But remember everyone…..

    Tomorrow isn’t about Arsene Wenger…

    Tomorrow is about Jose Mourinho….

    It’s always about Jose Mourinho….

    The Portugese Prick…

  33. Kev. I know a few Chelsea ST holders who detest Mourinho’s lack of class and really object to the way he continuously drags their club’s name through the mud with his egocentric and despicable behaviour. The vast majority of them are too stupid to notice though.

  34. Morning Kev, thank you…

    And a small one too….

  35. Morning everyone
    Just read that Mandzukics agent is in London to sign a precontract with either us or the Chavs.

    Anyone heard about this?

  36. Anyone heard from the wandering Aussie……… Has he arrived yet… Is he drinking the Gunners dry as we speak/type…?

  37. Adk, the fact that Caughtoffside are reporting it is enough to suggest it’s not very true…

  38. You reckon he’d have been allowed through Customs Wath? lol

  39. Barca v Ath Madrid. That should be a good match…

  40. Mancs get Bayern lol

  41. I read it on metro rico?

  42. Ramires and Willian are not playing tomorrow. That is a huge minus for Chelsea!

  43. Perhaps just reprinted then Adk…

    Mourinho will be in the stands too won’t he?

  44. Perhaps it is. But it wouldn’t be bad with Mandzukic in our team :)

    Idk about Mourinho, but would it even matter?

  45. Guess not really…

    Is Mandzukic good then? ;)

  46. JM on AW

    ‘The tribute is to say that any one of us, we’d love to have the same privilege with our clubs.

    ‘I admire Wenger and I admire Arsenal, a club that stands by their manager in bad moments – of which there were quite a lot.’

    Classless ‘orrid man…

  47. Rico, check your phone….!

  48. It’s on Wath, nothing…

  49. Rico
    Classless is right what a nasty man Mo is fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  50. I think Mourinho must get his script from the online Gooner’s anti Wenger forum.

  51. And legs and toes Joe, be massive to beat them…

  52. Every moment is a bad moment when that effluential slimebag is around.

  53. If there is any justice in this world then we will beat those scumbags tomorrow. Especially because of Maureen’s insults.

    And to answer your sarcastic question rico: YES! He’s almost as good as my man Edin Dzeko ;)

  54. I hope we don’t buy the BM man myself.

  55. Haven’t ever read his articles Potter…

  56. Adam, you seen the story about Torres going back to Ath Madrid and the deal to see Costa go to Chelsea?

  57. I did Rico. Oh well.

  58. We can hope we get him Adam..

  59. Nipping off for an hour….

  60. We can surely do better than buying the Bayern reject!

    Of the poison dwarf, as my wife would say of someone she detested, ” he is beneath my contempt”. And I shall waste no further words on the vocabulary challenged employee of the disgraced former Russian oligarch! I wonder how many players they will be able to afford after the friend of Putin’s bank accounts are frozen or better, seized?

  61. Adam, 10.58, yeah Mourinho is sucessful, so was Attila the Hun, Bob Mugabe, Ghengis Khan and a few other psychopaths, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Portugese Prick is a charmless wanker.

    He actually suits Chelsea, and all that that ersatz club stand for…

  62. Rico the online gooner is an offshoot of the fanzine and it has a forum which in the main has an anti Wenger agenda. It is very cliquey and anyone that has differing views is eventually driven out of town. There are articles in the fanzine section that are sometimes worth reading but the forum is largely best forgotten.

  63. Hmm, just finished a delicious cuppa.
    The sun is shining, making a dump like King’s Cross almost picturesque….

    Kallstrom, now I wonder if we’re gonna finally see our loanee Super Swede make an entrance tomorrow, and will he make any difference??

  64. Seems as if Vermaelen isn’t definately set on leaving in the summer, as his representatives are discussing a new contract for our Belgian stopper.

    Would be fantastic news if Verm signed a new deal.

    Ajayi, Olsson and Toral all trained with the senior squad.

  65. Afternoon Rico and the House. Sorry I went missing yesturday I had a unexpected visitor who just would not leave.
    I did have a couple of comments which I had for you which I hope to post later today.
    Good post Rico set the tone for a very emotional day.
    BBC sport football compared Arsenes 999 games to fergys 1,000 with the following results,
    Arsen P 999 W 579 D 223 L197 F 1845 A 961 W%57.9
    Fergy P 1,000 W564 D 248 L 188F 1784 A 944 W% 56.4
    one nill to Arsene.

  66. Well I made it.
    I have already done the legends stadium tour with Charlie George guiding, and downed a pint if Fullers London pride.
    Afternoon all, and it really seems weird being in the same timeline as you all
    Just picked up my ticket, so thanks once again to the great men who helped me arrange them.

  67. Afternoon folks..

    Potter, sounds like a place to skip then….

  68. Good news on TV Kev..

    Afternoon Rick, no probs re yesterday..

    The stats between AW and Fergie are interesting, clearly Fergie pushed on from 1000 fixtures, let’s hope Arsene can do the same….

  69. Afternoon Scott, Fullers LP is one of the best…

    Glad you arrived safe and sound..

  70. Hey Digger, welcome to the Old Country…

    The Legends Tour, not done that yet myself.
    I am envious…

  71. What Adam? Fullers London Pride, if so, yes imo :)

  72. I must have some when I next visit a pub.

  73. I try to when I go the pub but the last time I did that, the pub didn’t sell it…

    It’s a lovely real ale….

  74. A pint or three of Pride , Luvverley.

  75. Really good read imo… David Dein on Arsene Wenger


  76. Totally agree Potter, wonderful stuff and my local sells it. Just a shame it’s a dump so I don’t bother….

  77. Rico
    When the squad rules were introduced Man Shity had more then 30 players over 21. They got rid of 2 and a couple more played for the res and in the domestic cups,and 2 were banished to train with the academy.
    Now Bridge went on loan(Brighton I think) until his contract finished when he joined Reading on a free . All the time he was on loan Shity played part of his salary.
    The other player went on loan to Madrid then to the Spuds and then made the deal permanent. It is alleged he only agreed to the permanent move on the condition that he received the salary which he was on during the contract period with Shity. The contract runs out at the end of this season and it is reported that Shity are still paying part of his salary
    As Arsene said in 2010 when a BIG club sells to a SMALL club
    they could have to pay part of the salary.
    Two nill to Arsene.

  78. Arsenal will beat Chelsea tomorrow, I strongly believe, Ox and Arteta(pen) to score. Mo’s unbeaten home record will end and we’ll all sing //Stamford bridge is falling down falling down falling down, Stamford bridge is falling down fart fart Mourinho.//

  79. kene – I actually believe we will win too…

  80. Well said Kene

  81. London Pride eh Rico….
    Never had that off of a tap…
    But it’s quite nice out of a bottle…

    I have a nice bottle of Portugese white to drink, hopefully I will be toasting the demise of that Portugese prick tomorrow. Quite apt….

  82. Got to try it on ‘tap’ Kev, it’s god and so much better than from a bottle…

  83. And you have a toast on my behalf Kev, after we beat that ‘shower’….

  84. Off to get dinner..

  85. I thought Bergkamp was God rico !

    Don’t often do it but i’m writing tomorrow off, can’t see us getting anything from the chav’s.
    Swansea and Citeh, that’s a different matter.

    I know, so much for the joys of spring.

  86. Kev. Your 6:18 gave me a chuckle. :)

  87. He still is Micko…

  88. I just have this feelings that we will beat the classless chelshit and their stupid mou wanker tomorrow.Happy for arsene,that’s a great acheivement.End it with a win tomorrow.

  89. :) Sukky, how come you don’t get on here more often?

  90. Quiet here so night all…

    ’til tomorrow…

  91. Adam, I hope to drinking to your good health tomorrow as well as that tossers demise…

    Personally I think we’ll get a draw at the Bridge.
    But that’s ok.

    Plenty of games left and Gazprom have the distraction of PSG to look forward too…

  92. Can’t wait for ManUre vs Bayern…

    Night All….

  93. Morning everyone, and I actually can say that, literally.
    Curry for tea last night, preceded and also followed by some lovely pints of proper, cask conditioned ales.
    This is what I wanted to try for so long, and I was not disappointed.
    Obviously it is different to Aussie beers, but I can not imagine beer was pushed through lines by gas a few hundred years back, so this is the real thing and I love it.
    Match day.
    Away Boyz river cruise and Chelski.
    My body clock is adjusted already….. I am up at 5.30 a.m as I am every morning!
    This place is brilliant.

  94. Welcome Scott, let’s hope the boys do you (us) proud today! Wipe that smug smile off that smug Portuguese fucktard’s face with a home drubbing!!!!

  95. Morning Scott, Lee and all…

    Curry for tea, whatever happened to cucumber sandwiches with crusts removed?

    Great to hear you have settled already Scott and having a great time.

  96. Morning Scott, curry, curry, curry….

  97. Cyrus (spelling) the chef is on Saturday Morning Kitchen…

  98. Morning Kev..

  99. Morning Rico and all.

  100. Morning Adam…

    New post up now..

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