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Serge Aurier in at Right Back? Schneiderlin open to move & Problems facing todays young generation…

Morning all.

Bit of transfer gossip to start.

Serge Aurier is the man Arsene Wenger wants to replace Bacary Sagna should he depart in the summer. The 21 year old has already played seven times for Ivory Coast and is a regular for his club Toulouse.

Morgan Schneiderlin has spoken about the rumours linking him to a summer move to London:

Arsenal? I have a three year contract, then it will not be easy. It is also my dream to one day play in a great club, so why not?

He’d certainly solve a few of our midfield problems…

Enough of that, here’s today’s main post.

In the wake of a shocking world cup performance (in 2010) every man and his dog was looking for reasons, excuses and someone to blame.

Although Chelsea were the first club to field an entire side of non English players, Arsene Wenger was criticised for doing the very same thing and in certain quarters he was held responsible for the poor showing. The powers to be decided they would try and reduce the number of foreign players coming into the league and encourage clubs to bring more young English players into the game.

With this in mind they submitted a proposal for a 25 man squad rule similar to that which is in force for the Champions league.

In July 2010, Premier League Clubs voted unanimously to accept these proposals and the new rules were introduced when the transfer window closed at the end of August. This gave managers just 6 weeks to make any changes to their squad (if necessary) in order to comply with the new ruling. It also put managers in an awkward position where (because their own club had voted for them) they could not criticise them.

However Arsene Wenger was the first and only manager who had the balls to do just that.

When the result of the Vote was announced he criticised the changes saying “These rules are disastrous for football (English) and for footballers and I am amazed that the players union have accepted them’ He added that if a manager wanted to make a top line signing or promote a young player he would have to get rid of one of his established players to create space within the squad.

On 31st July 2010 Matt Barlow writing in the Mail quoted Arsene as saying the following “When you buy a player you have to calculate how much it costs to get rid of one. Then when a big club wants to sell to a smaller club there are only two solutions. The smaller club has to pay above their own potential or the big club pays part of his salary. In either case it’s not satisfactory”.

At a press conference held at the beginning of September, Arsene again voiced his concern saying he was surprised and disappointed that they had been introduced. He added ‘what do I do if the player I want to sell tells me I love living in London I am under contract and I don’t want to leave. I miss out on the player I wanted to buy’.

The following morning the press had a field day and he came in for a lot of abuse from so called experts and football fans. At this point a couple of worms crawled out of the woodwork to have their pound of flesh.

One living in the Manchester area and soaked in whiskey declared “I have my 25 I am happy with the rules and I do not know what he is talking about.”

The other worm crawled out of the goalposts at a rugby club declaring Wenger has an opinion on everything. It’s about time he shut his mouth and kept his opinions to himself.

At this moment in time not knowing what they stated I decided to research both the Premier League and Champions League rules to see just who was right. Then I took it one stage further and examined the squads both clubs had named for the 2010 /2011 season. I am no expert on these rules, just someone with sufficient knowledge of them to draw the following conclusions:

A – Arsene was being very honest and saying how those rules would affect Arsenal and his future plans.

B – The guy from Manchester was being very conservative with the truth and he also would have problems. (I could say more)

C – As they stand the rules are flawed and are not achieving what the Powers to be had hoped they would do.

I honestly believe that as they stand they are denying a large number of younger players the same opportunity they would have received had they been playing at the same time as the class of 92.

It is my opinion that English players take longer to mature then players from the continent and I seem to remember that Romford Pele and the Great Rocky were given time to mature as fringe players who were added to the first team.

In today’s game when a young player becomes Over 21 he must be registered in the 25 man squad to continue playing in the league and that’s were the problems start.

During 2013 nine of the young players celebrated their 21st birthday and should they remain at the club will have to be included in the squad for the 2014/2015 season. However this is not going to happen as of the nine, Frimpong, Boatang and Gallindo are on their way and will I think be joined by Ryo. Wilshere and Jenkinson will be promoted which leaves Martinez, Miquel and Campbell. This means that if all 5 are promoted and Arsene  is to buy the players everyone says we need he will have to create space for 8 or 9 new players within the 25.

But it does not end there….

This year the following players are 21. Ox, Sanogo, Eisfeld, Ajayi, Aneke, Afobe and Silver.

The question I ask is how many of them are good enough to take the place of an established player and who are the players they will replace.

There are other aspects of the rules which I can comment on but what concerns me most of all is the effect they are having on the future of some very talented young players.

I believe Arsene got it right , those new rules were and are a disaster especially for the younger players and I would like to see them changed.

I see the proposed U23 B league as a step in the right direction but will it ever happen? I doubt it.

Maybe I’ve got it wrong, what do you think?

Written by Rick.

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100 comments on “Serge Aurier in at Right Back? Schneiderlin open to move & Problems facing todays young generation…

  1. Morning all.

    Really good read Rick.

    I am surprised that AW was against the new rules when they were imposed as at that time wasn’t he still very reliant on the younger players?

    The b league surely has to be put in place and soon as it’s the only way forward imo.

    And the only one out of those you list to be able and is already proving he is, is of course OC..

    Can’t see any others getting a chance next season and to be honest, we need mature and experienced players to move our club up a level.

  2. Really good and interesting read Rick.

  3. Good read Rick.
    Drogba and Eto’o pair of cheating fucks!!!

  4. Add Ramires Lee.

  5. Wonder how many of the youngsters Jonker will clear out…

  6. Loved this bit:

    At this point a couple of worms crawled out of the woodwork to have their pound of flesh.

    One living in the Manchester area and soaked in whiskey declared “I have my 25 I am happy with the rules and I do not know what he is talking about.”

    The other worm crawled out of the goalposts at a rugby club declaring Wenger has an opinion on everything. It’s about time he shut his mouth and kept his opinions to himself’.

  7. How was the Ark Adam?

  8. Eto’o is not the only one who employs this method either. That primitive called Kyle Walker who plays down Tottenham High Road has made it a fulcrum of his career. Dirk Shyte the ex Liverpool ugly mug conned a penalty out of Eboue to save a game against us a few years back with it and of course Sturridge had added it to his repartee of snide moves.
    The latest ploy I have noticed is when defenders challenge in the air by turning their back into a player and disregarding the ball completely. A very average and rather unpleasant player called Danny Rose did it for the whole match against Sagna on Sunday and nothing was said. It is really playing the opponent and not the ball.
    But no doubt Eto’o will be looking for a penalty and a sending-off against Kos with this very move on Saturday.

  9. The Ark was good Lee. grilled Haddock with mash and a wally. Unfortunately, while staggering about in the early hours in bare feet I crashed my little toe into a door frame and it not only looks truly horrible, but the searing pain is excruciating. :)

  10. Andre Marriner is the referee….

  11. Top post Rick.. a nice one indeed…

    The worm from the rugby club is now plying his trade near London… who would have thought he could make it down here…

  12. This is the best and most erudite article I have read on football in ages. Absolutely excellent.

  13. Who is the worm in question?

  14. What’s a wally, other than you for bashing your toe Adam…. ;)

  15. Twinkle toes… :-P

  16. A pickled cucumber Rico and thanks for the sympathy. :)

  17. Ah the Pulis-thing. When I see him I wonder if Darwin got it right.

  18. nice post Rick

    from the youngsters only 2 have a chance….

    Zelalem and Gnabry

    the rest will go the Lansbury way

  19. Boring Boring Lucky Cheating Chelsea

  20. Morning All

    Morning Rico, Adam, Lee, George, Ginge, Scott (somewhere in the air) et al….

    Rick, that really is a top post, a big improvement on the… ;-)

  21. :) Adam, you know I hope your big toe gets better quickly… ;)

  22. Morning all

    Aurier in? I would be pleased

    25 matches with 5 goals and 7 assists in the league for Toulouse this season. And he’s still onliy 21

  23. Aren’t door frames kind of permanent things? Or did it step out on you?

  24. George so you have the curse of the Porche re new owner of your old one…? lol

    Re. Aussie girls…One of my mates was going out with one… he fell in love like a crack addict and even gave up eating meat and wearing leather… they got engage etc and the girl said they should fly over so she can introduce him to her parents and so he left his masters degree and flew to Sydney with her… when they got there he told the guy he was rekindling her relationship with her girlfriend and so the guy should go back home if he wanted…

    My mate has not been the same since…

  25. ginge-love is for the movies ..poor bloke..

    I didn’t want to sell the 944s but circumstances had it that way.

    The stats for Aurier are impressive ADK….i’d rather Sagna signed the contract on offer though

  26. Welcome Simon, Hopefully Rick will see your comment shortly…

  27. Mugged by a doorframe

  28. Morning Kev

    Adk, now it’s been in the papers, it’s bound to not ever happen..

    Lee :lol:

  29. That’s what happen’s when men are left home alone ;)

  30. Was Aurier not the one who wore an Arsenal shirt and took a photo last summer saying he was joining us…?

    We then ended up making a bid for Uchida of S04 but they asked for Poldi as part of the deal…

    I am not sure Aw will go the African route soon unless the player is exceptional imho…

  31. Same here about sagna… I will still keep Sagna and play him at CB if TV leaves…

    Miquel was doing well for Leicester last year but he hasn’t featured much… his last game was against Stoke in January me think…

    he has chipped in a goal too… but Leicester’s main CB pairing are as good as some of the EPL defenders…

    I will still keep him if he is not impatient as he is a ball playing CB…

  32. Wenger only ever signs “exceptional” players who will, “overall improve our team”!
    Eg. Park, Jamshack, Bendy, Cygan, Sylvestre, etc etc etc.
    All paper or agent talk. As I said yesterday, one or two in of any real quality, all the rest will be fry!
    Morning all. Good read Rico! Or should that be Rick? A nom de plume Rico….clever!

  33. All Rick this morning Wavy :)

  34. Could someone explain to me, if you have a 25 man squad for the start of the season, and buy 2 more players in January, do you have to drop 2 players from the squad to make room for the new 2?

    Totally agree with the point that this 25 man squad rule limits opportunities for youngsters – often English youngsters – because while some managers might be willing to give them a run in a few PL games to build experience, they are hardly likely to take a risk on many of them over the course of a whole season.

  35. I would guess the answer to that would be yes Roger. Not that we have ever encountered such a problem…

    At the start of this season we had Park, Frimpong, Diaby and Nik making up the numbers….

  36. I believe Frimpong was on the home grown list as was JW and CJ25 etc

  37. Ok, but Diaby, Nik and Park all took up spaces. Spaces which the club could have used for ‘proper’ players..

  38. Lee. The doorframe just seemed to leap out at me. :)

  39. The squad rules need to be revised by a non biased independent body that can oversee every angle. We need a new system that doesn’t curtail progress of youngster development and revamps the abysmal loan system that certain clubs abuse whilst stockpiling players. it needs to be done independently because every decision made by the powers is kneejerk and the long term effect is never considered. The motto of the F.A should be :- never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

  40. Lol… proper players… so true…

  41. Agree Potter…

  42. Traffic is a git today…

    I suppose even if the FA came up with a great idea that would encourage the development of English players, the EU would find a reason to make it illegal…

    I wonder what it’s like to play Rock Around the Clock on one leg??? ;-)

  43. Maybe allow clubs to have 7 subs, but the two extra places have to be English U21/23 players?

    Would UEFA/FIFA allow it?

    Would the poxy EU allow it??

  44. Rick, have you seen much of Crowley (prior to his injury, back now) and what did you think of him?

  45. Good Afternoon Rico and the House.
    I would like to thank you all for your remarks .
    After reading your comments there a couple more I would like to make.
    Potter your 1215 is what I have been saying since I descovered what the rules were. If they remain as they are I think they will cause more problems for English Clubs and the England team.
    But can you see the Powers to be that introduced them admitting they were wrong, and that Arsene was right.

  46. Also George Dobson, Rick, how do you rate him?
    Another who can, like Hayden, switch between C/H & D/M.

  47. Apparently the rules were changed last year, allowing clubs to scout players from anywhere in England (& Wales I guess). So it’ll be interesting to see if Arsenal have scouted any youngsters from Up North, the Midlands and the West Country?
    Not read anything yet, as the club are probably rebuilding it’s scouting network/contacts in those areas…

  48. Afternoon Rick…

  49. Rico your 9.46 At the moment you are spot on but things could change before the end of the season.
    I will use The OX to make a point .He will go to the world cup and play next season as a U21 player for us with Tomas and Mikal.
    Then Arsene will have to creat space for him within the 25.
    He will have to decide which one of two would leave
    I think that is plain stupid.

  50. But isn’t he already in our named 25 Rick?

    Maybe I need to re look at the ruling….

    But I have to pop out for an hour so will do that later….

  51. Rico the 25 are for players who are over 21.
    Clubs do not have to register players who are under 21.

  52. Kev I watched Crowley destroy us last season when he was playing for Villa . He scored 2 and made the other 3.
    Not played much this season(injury) but what I have seen he could be very good. Very good first touch fast feet and a good football brain. What more can I say.
    I have only seen Dobsen in the highlights of the last 2 youth games .
    From what I saw he looks comfortable on the ball and like Hayden is not afraid of getting stuck in. At the moment both are still only 16.

  53. Rico the 25 are for players who are over 21.
    Clubs do not have to register players who are under 21. Rick 2.02

    +It’s a stupid rule ,you can have as many under 21’s as you like but as soon as they get close to possible first team selection you have to ship them out, which is why a lot of clubs neglect their academies and just buy in ready made foreigners.

  54. Lee. You and I are as one where Costa is concerned. :)

  55. And Bobby P it seems!!

  56. Kwik Fit, call themselves Kwik Fit…

    Only wanted two windscreen wipers……. Doh!!


  57. Thanks Potter…

  58. And me Adam/Lee :)

  59. Wengers 1000th game Saturday. .his last trophy was in game 497.

  60. Hopefully his next trophy will be before, or on his 1011th….

  61. How much did they charge you and what vehicle was it ? Only curious because I sell motor accessories for a living.

  62. You have given me inspiration for a post Lee. Thank you… ;)

  63. £23 for two Potter and on a Rav 4….

  64. 1 long one 1 shorter 10 minute job , retail price £ 19.00 here.
    always good to get competitor information. If they didn’t do it clean the screen with white vinegar and newspaper and get all the accumulated grease off of the screen before you use them . They will last much longer that way. Any other car info required just ask.
    I am here to help.

  65. Does anyone remember the famous John Sitton programme when he took over Orient as manager and completely lost it, sacking players and offering to fight them and ‘bring ya f*cking dinner’? I get the feeling that a certain Middlesex manager is heading the same way! Hopefully!

  66. That’s it, one was more expensive than the other…

    Bless you for the advice Potter, I will do just that, thank you…

  67. :) Bj, not heard of that one…

  68. You could have bought some new wipers for that price rico !

    I don’t think he was happy Potter, that was a proper rant, great clip.

  69. That youtube clip brought a tear to my eye.

    That’s passion, that’s wanting the best, that’s wanting to win…

    And I get that, utterly…..

  70. I did Micko, and they were fitted ;)

  71. I’ve definately seen healthier smileys rico, are they feeling a bit poorly lately.
    I’m with George, looking forward to seeing the youngsters on the league cup show over the next couple of seasons, after that it’s anybodies guess where they’ll end up, 1 or 2 is the best we can hope for.

  72. They changed yesterday Micko, no idea why though. WordPress is having a senior moment I think…

  73. Evening Rico and Micko.

  74. Evening Adam, how is your big… toe ;)

  75. It’s the little toe Rico and it is painful. I have some cream on it but it’s in an awkward place. Still, I can take it. :)

  76. :) Adam, but I know you men like to think that small is big which is why I thought it was your big toe…..

  77. Rico. There is so much I could say to that but I think I will just say goodnight. :)

  78. :) Adam, nighty to you. I just had a lovely surprise….

  79. Seeing as it’s so quiet, I’ll be off too..

    Great post today Rick….

    Night all…

  80. Benfica knocked out Totts
    Porto Knocked out Naples…
    Probably we are not in the last 8 of the Champions League because we dropped points and the scored in Naples
    Thus, Portuguese League is not so bad…

  81. John Sitton, that cnut destroyed Paul Brandon’s Arsenal career, smashing his leg in several places.

    Hope he rots…

  82. Yeah Rico, what’s happened to the smileys….???

    I just thought that everyone was miserable today (wink)

  83. It’s quite amusing, to listen that whinging Portugese prick Mourinho, bleating on about his lack of strikers.


    Ok serial cheat Samuel Eto’o might be nearing 37/38/39 (take your pick) years of age, but who was responsible for signing him Jose?

    Then there’s Lukaku Jose, currently doing well at Everton.
    A Chelsea player your responsible for loaning out…

    Demba Ba, isn’t he the player you refused to loan to Arsenal Jose???
    Has he suddenly become a crap player?

    Finally £50 million man Fernando Torres, surely the ‘Great Jose’ can motivate a £50 mill striker?


    Well there ya go, all mouth and no trousers Jose…

    Fcuking wanker….

  84. Has he landed yet??

    Morning all..

    I didn’t know that bit about Sitton Kev…

  85. Morning Rico and all…..

  86. Morning Lee…

  87. Morning Rico/Lee.

    No sign of the Aussie yet then?

  88. Morning Kev, no, I keep checking he’s not in moderation…

  89. He’ll be cream crackered that flight is a killer!

  90. He’ll be too excited though, he’s probably already at The Emirates with his camera… ;)

  91. He’s probably having a kebab for breakfast, down the Holloway Road.

  92. Sagna’s representatives having a last round of talks with Gazides and Law over the next few days…

    Pity that Wenger and Sagna can’t just sit down together and discuss it….

  93. :) Kev, loads of chilli….

  94. Sure hope they can sort something out…

  95. New post up now….

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