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Matthias Ginter. Join the club Redknapp!

Morning all.

Sometimes you just have to hold your hands high and admit you were wrong and that’s just what Jamie Redknapp has done:

They (Arsenal) showed great resilience and Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker were magnificent at the back.

I was critical of Mertesacker when he arrived in the Premier League, but I have to take my hat off to him now.

He is so strong, great in the air and dominates strikers. He’s a proper defender and was crucial in keeping Tottenham at bay.

That’s just what I need to do too because whilst many around me were backing our big German, I was all keen for him gone and a quicker, more mobile defender to be signed up.

How wrong was I eh….

But it’s not just him, Laurent Koscielny has improved enormously too and together they have become our rock at the back. Bacary Sagnas form has returned again this season too and both Nacho Monreal and Kieran Gibbs have proved themselves too.

Even Santi Cazorla’s defending has improved and I’m sure Iv’e seen him back in our own box or just outside it making a good tackle to win the ball, and on more than one occasion. Against Everton it was his defensive play which set up one of our goals, the fourth I think, so overall, every player seems to be putting a little more effort into protecting our goal.

God stuff eh!

Talking of younger and more mobile centre-backs, the name Matthias Ginter just won’t leave the press when it comes to who Arsenal are being linked with. He can play in the holding midfield position too apparently and he’s meant to be one of the next best things coming out of Germany and despite being only 20 years old, he’s already playing for his country albeit just the once.

Could he really be the player to finally fill the hole we all too often have in the midfield?

At 6′ 3″ tall, he’d certainly give us a lot more height and just maybe, he’s the man to replace Abou Diaby….

I wonder if Arsene Wenger thinks so………

Finally, good luck to the under 19’s who take on Barcelona tonight in the Uefa Youth League quarter-final.

That’s it for today, have a good one….

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261 comments on “Matthias Ginter. Join the club Redknapp!

  1. Morning Rico and all. If Vermaelen is leaving I wouldn’t sell him in this country. I haven’t seen Ginter but we will need a quality replacement for sure.
    Wenger should have identified the players he intends to bring in, especially the 2 strikers we will need if Giroud’s wife gets her way and I really hope she does.

  2. Morning Adam.

    I see Fred is the name in the press today as it Batshuayi

  3. Why would he do that Adam? Best to leave it until the last minute and then we’ll be able to pick up a bargain or two…..it’s only small matter of the World Cup in the summer!

  4. it was jamie redknapp

  5. Morning guys.
    Ginter’s name did the rounds last time, did it not?
    Since he has played for Germany, he can not be too bad at all….kind of like BFG :)

  6. Adam has turned you into a cynic Lee, he did the same to me a while ago…. ;)

  7. It’s just all so predictably boring…..

  8. Lee. Sorry mate. I usually wake up with my sensible head on and grow more cynical as the day passes. You are of course right in asking why he would do that. It makes far too much sense. :)
    Spurs have given him a beautiful excuse for not buying too many players.

  9. Damn, even i have had the odd negative day since you lot got your claws in lol

  10. Oops, thanks Gareth, I meant to write Jamie but for some reason wrote Harry ;)

  11. no worries mate!

  12. But true Adam… ;)

  13. There was a joke there but I refrained Rico…. ;)

  14. We knew you’d see it the right way Scott, you just took your time ;)

    But Lee is right, the summer will just be like so many before, wait, wait and get left feeling let down and disappointed….

  15. Rico, they are just minor moments of weakness :)

  16. That one went over my head Lee, maybe not a bad thing… ;)

  17. You wait until you’ve watched them live Scott, those moments will increase ;)

  18. A spending pot of £100m on players, so the Telegraph reckons, wages are included in that amount. Equals one £42m player and his wages over a four or five year contract. So one perhaps two in, or a load of small boys!!! Or other clubs rejects aka cheapies!
    Don’t think there will be many new faces around the training ground in September. It will be a case of make do and mend……..again
    Oh one new face…..Diaby a former French international, probably a steal!

    Morning all.

  19. As long as he doesn’t buy Diego Costa. He’s shit.

  20. And there’s always FFP to consider. :)

  21. Just £100 million Wavy, what about the rest I wonder….

  22. Who’s this Costa, Adam, and why do you hate him so :)

  23. Who does FFP play for? He sounds shit like Costa!!!

  24. Scott. He runs a chain of coffee shops called Costa Coffee in this country and he is shit. Rico and Lee will confirm this.

  25. How much would we get for Giroud?

  26. So you hate coffee?
    Nah, there is more to it.
    Is he the latin lover your 3rd wife left for :)

  27. Giroud would have to attract 15 million, i reckon.

  28. Morning all – all this talk of transfers should really wait until the summer. Start stressing now and it will seem like the longest transfer window ever.

    We will see 3 signings this summer – for wenger that’s the magic number. He doesn’t believe I can add more than 3 without risking the balance of ur team…spurs anyone?

  29. I expect the rest has gone to good causes! The USA seem to have something of an economic crisis, I wonder if it has wound up there? Maybe it’s keeping a few poorly paid cowhands in employment!!

  30. How long is left on Giroud’s contract??

  31. Boring Boring Lucky Chelsea…


  32. Morning All…

    Morning Rico, fantastic read, just off to read it… ;-)

  33. Morning Kev, few juicy tackles would be nice ;)

    Scott – Costa is shite…

    Woody, it’s hard not to talk about transfers….

  34. Nice one, Rico. :-)

    It’s interesting to hear the rumours about Ginter, and his main selling point seems to be that he has played a game for Germany, which is good, and that he is 6′ 3″ tall, which is so, so.

    The thing is we already have a 19 year old Nigerian U 21 international, Semi Ajayi who is 6′ 4″ tall and well thought of, and in addition we have the 19 year old, U 21 captain Isaac Hayden who is 6′ 2″ and has earned rave reports during the season.

    So we already seem well stocked with our own youngsters.

  35. :) Kev, you are such a toad… lol

  36. Hahaha, Kev!

  37. Good points Hb but are they good enough or do their faces fit??

    Do you know if either will be playing tonight?

  38. Not sure rhat I can see Wenger splashing out more than £20 million on any one player.

    Ozil, increasingly, looks like the exception that proves the rule.

    So I don’t expect Wenger to sign any shit players like Costa, sadly.

    Ginter and his ilk look more likely.
    As far as wages are concerned, the club will be saving loads when Sagna, Vermaelen, Giroud, Bendtner and Fabianski leave, so the wages issue imho is a diversion and an excuse not to spend.

  39. Thank you Rico… :-P

  40. We are soooo close to being a sensational squad……..

  41. I can’t see any big money spending either, well not on one player, especially after all the headlines Ozil has captured…

    Funny though, had he spent big on a striker to play ahead of him, those headlines wouldn’t be…

  42. Nipping off for an hour…

  43. Good points Henry, Olsson, Akpom, Hayden, Bellerin, Toral possibly, Campbell probably.

    That’s our new signings…

  44. Hi All,

    I still feel that we never needed Ozil at the start of the season. I always wanted Gervinho and RVP to be replaced.
    We all wanted that enforcing DM and settled for Flamini because it was him or no one else.
    I actually wanted Fellani back then but thought he was way over priced. He would’ve been similar to Song with a better eye for goal from set pieces.

  45. nice read Rico and good afternoon everyone…I rate ginter and I think he would be a suberb addition ..the youth team game will be live on Eurosport for any body interested…will be a very good game for our boys to prove their worth..

  46. I reckon £20 million for Giroud.

  47. Not if he forces the issue to go , We paid about £ 10 million for him , if we get £15 mill we will be lucky. Wife wants him back in France and that restricts our options.

  48. Potter. The whole wife thing is not proved yet. It may be true but who knows? I think closer to £20 mill myself. I would sell him regardless of what his wife might or might not want. After all, there are no ‘other’ women in France.

  49. Maybe she will keep him on a leash and only let him out when she has too.

  50. Helo again all…

    £20 million for Giroud Adam, what you smokin? ;)

  51. Rico. I am not saying what he is worth but rather what we could get.. It would include his quiff and old chap obviously. :)

  52. Afternoon all. I knew Merts would come good! My faith in him from day 1 has not been let down!

  53. Rico,

    I do not know who is in the U19s team to play Barca tonight, but the game is being shown live on British Eurosport and Eurosport Player on Tuesday from 5pm (UK time).

    Fingers crossed but it is going to be tough for our lads!

  54. Rocky. I noticed that. Giroud too? :)

  55. Adam – interesting how lightly he’s got off with it all – I remember the Ashley Cole incident, it was all over every paper for months haha – Guess the wife is no celebrity then?

  56. Hi all. looking forward to a “few juicy tackles Vs Galatasary” nice one Rico

  57. Oz. Apparently no congress took place. They were discussing haircare products.

  58. ‘Arsenal to lure Wenger with 100m kitty’ – uumm think if we offered him 5m only he would be much happier :-)

  59. Wow Adam, you rate Girouds old chap that highly?!

  60. Piss off about Giroud Adam!! You know where I now stand on that issue!!

  61. Adam – yeah in his underwear. Bikini wax maybe?

  62. Oz. That is very cynical of you. I think you have fallen under Rico’s influence lately. :)

  63. Rocky. I know mate. :)

  64. Quiff or no quiff Adam, I can’t see any club paying £20 million for him…

  65. Can’t help thinking now thet whenever he has a bad game when we are away from home, that he has been up all night chopping into the local scrotes til all hours in the morning!

  66. I couldn’t see any club paying £26 million for Soldado Rico. But I am chuffed they did.

  67. Never know, PSG may come in for him… Could get 20m then!

  68. Giroud only has to score 5-6 goals to finish the season in the mid twenties for the season. Why would any club want to ship out a striker with that kind of goal scoring record. Ok he may not be world class? but he’s no donkey. Just a thought who can Arsenal get to replace him that’s not tied in to a contract with Real,barca,munich or the oil money clubs.

  69. I think it was just me Rocky…. But I ca handle being wrong, I’m used to it… lol

  70. Costa?
    Even though he’s shit of course.

  71. I’m wondering why the sex-pests wife thinks anything will be better in France?! Are they a better, higher quality of scrote over there? Or maybe just the fact no-one would give a shite and it wouldn’t be all over the papers, making her look like a money-orientated woman who is desperate to hang onto the lifestyle of doing sod all for a living but living off his wages? Or is that just the cynic in me?!

  72. Rico – Wenger will want a profit so will have to be over 15m Although i am 100% sure its all hot air – why would moving to France guarantee he’ll keep his wick only for the Mrs? – don’t French teams have away games then?

  73. Its ok, we have Theo up front next season……

  74. Rocky. That is just the glorious cynic in you. :)

  75. Thought so Adam!!

  76. off to work – catch ya all laters

  77. Wilfried Umbongo is out of contract I hear….we could contact Roma about re-signing Gerwankstain, that’s us sorted!

  78. £30m for Lamela now that’s a bargain!

  79. Good point Adam re Soldado… ;)

  80. Lee. You’re a big fan of Giroud. I reckon he would be around £20 million in this inflated market.

  81. Fat Gun, I can hope ;)

  82. Those pricks wasted some serious dough on a plethora of South American pre-op transsexuals……fucking funny!

  83. I seriously don’t think he’s that bad Adam, he should be our plan B not our no1 striker…….

  84. PSG want Ozil….

  85. Just goes to show that spending money is only half the answer…

    Spurs really have shown how to go out and spunk £100m on not much.

    Also, while they have a fantastic team what have City got for their 200 squillion, billion they’ve spent?

    1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup and a Premiership they couldn’t win outright! And that’s taken 5 years!!

    1 League in 5 years, for that money!!!

  86. I have to agree with Lee, why sell Giroud, just sign a very different kind of striker who would give us more pace and then have Sanogo learning from both…

  87. Woody, I blame Mancini for that, he was like a kid in a sweet shop and just signed players for fun.

    My own view is Pelligrini will just make them stronger as the seasons go by..

  88. Apparently no congress took place. They were discussing haircare products. quote.

    Has Clinton’s lawyer crept out of the woodwork then ????????

  89. Plan C and I might agree. :)
    For me he is so totally undynamic and slow that he negates Ozil and when he is fit, Theo too. He seldom runs behind the opposition’s defence and must be very easy to play against because defenders see everything he is doing happening in front of them. Anybody who watched Liverpool destroy Manu Utd with pace and swift transition could be in no doubt why we have taken a single point off of Man U this year. A really, really top striker would revolutionise us and stretch our opponents game. But that is just my opinion of course.

  90. Hb, thanks re your earlier, the match is set to record here…

  91. He did pretty well against a strong Everton defence though Adam…

  92. What a knob this bloke is…

    Audacious Nicklas Bendtner is looking for a staggering £104,000-a-week from his next club.

    The exiled Arsenal striker, 26, is looking for the exorbitant fee as he is out of contract in the summer which means the outfit that sign him will not have to pay a fee.

    Bendtner, on £52,000-a-week, has held talks with a string of clubs in England and abroad over the past year after finding himself surplus to requirements at the Emirates.

    Should he manage to land the salary he is after, he would be earning bigger wages than many of the established strikers in the Premier League.


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  93. Rico. Against Spurs in the PL earlier, he was MOTM. Against Everton he came on late but did ok. I am not saying that he is rubbish every game but I think that Wenger has conditioned us not to expect the best strikers. For me he is nowhere near the quality we need. I maintain that if we had bought Suarez as well as Ozil, we would be in a better position. We need a player of that sort of quality and we haven’t had one since RVP left. Gervinho, Chamakh, Giroud, Bendtner, Sanogo?

  94. Rico… Sanogo could learn from Pele but he’d still be shit

  95. The difference tho Adam is that Liverpool play with 2 up, which means that can do that more. We play 1 up with runners coming from deep and are harder to mark.

    For the way we play you need someone who can hold the ball up, which Giroud has done quite well this season – but not the last few games!!

    My view is that we need a different option upfront. Someone with real pace and trickery…Henry would be ideal…

    That way we have different options. We don’t play against United etc all the time, so when we play your Stokes etc Giroud might be the man for the job, but playing against United you’d want someone with more pace and more directness to attack the defenders.

    If we have 2 strikers that do the same thing, we have no different options when we’re struggling to break teams down so Giroud stays for me.

  96. Woody – You say that, but Liverpool hardly found us hard to mark recently… Or Stoke!

  97. No true, but they have battled problems at the back and they are constantly changing their formation.

    It’s good, it works for them, but whether or not they can do it next year in the CL is another matter.

    Also, they have only beaten us out of the top teams I think.

    One thing I know about us is that we have only just found defensive stability this last 12 months….it’s taken 8 years to find and I don’t want to lose it now by changing the balance of the team by going top heavy.

    Scoring is only a problem for us against big teams and thats generally because we are one dimensional.

    Thats what we need to change by having variety upfront.

  98. Perhaps Giroud’s wife loved living in France and found the excuse to move back. Also, maybe she’s missing her flame there.

  99. Also, I would point out that we beat Liverpool twice this year.

    Apart from a very rubbish 20 minutes that game was 1-1 for the last 70 minutes.

    We were simply awful at the beginning

  100. Scott if & when you are about.
    This is the sitch.

    We can’t do Monday.

    But we’re all ok for Wednesday evening.
    Let Rico know or leave a message on here Digger.

  101. I agree Woody. But we hardly looked like scoring. Liverpool are now playing the way we used to with Henry up on his own, but Pires, Wilturd, Freddie, Reyes et al bombing on from midfield. The fact we haven’t come close to replacing Henry is what annoys me.

  102. Yeah Sorry Scott / Kev… The guy who is buying my flat has arranged for a survey on Monday so I can’t make it as I need to work from home.

  103. You can’t replace someone like that really, but year I agree.

    I find it so frustrating as well. But that’s my point we are predictable when we play big teams, they suss us out.

    You can sit watching knowing where the balls going…who’s going to pass to who. We need more variation and to do that you need different types of player.

    All teams fail to score…City couldn’t score at Norwich, Liverpool can’t beat any team in the top 4 apart from us once out of 3 attempts…

    Just because we drew a blank at Stoke and United – both teams that we have always struggled against isn’t the end of the world, but it does show a problem. and one that can be fixed by injected more pace and skill in to our attack.

    1 pacey tricket striker and 1 pacey tricky winger would do it for me.

    Players would be under more pressure for their spot and if somethings not working then CHANGE IT!!! and not on 71 minutes everytime

  104. I agree about Suarez Adam, or another pacey striker but if we are sitting here expecting to sell him for £20 million, then how much will it cost to replace him and sign a top quality striker.

  105. There’s something about Sanogo I like Rocky, he’s a way off yet but I think he might just come good…

  106. I can understand that Rico, but with him and Giroud it doesn’t exactly fill you with excitement.

    You’d prefer 2 lighting scary attackers plus Giroud or Sanogo.

    Sanogo doesn’t look the fastest to me either…not lighting and his touch and turn is pretty slow. I think I’ve seen buses do 3 point turns quicker than he turns in the box.

    That said, I agree that there is something about it. So far we’ve only really seen it in the Liverpool performance though. He looked well out of place against Everton

  107. And a big strong pacey HM/DM/BtoB midfield man Woody…

    As much as I agree we have never truly replaced Henry, we’ve never replaced Vieira either….

  108. Yeah I agree there. We do need a new DM – for me neither Flamini or Arteta would get in my starting 11 next season.

    It would be Ramsey plus a proper strong defensive midfielder to sit infront of the back four, but who can also play the ball out.

  109. We won’t see more than 3 signings this Summer at best.

    1 x DM
    1 x Winger
    1 x Striker

  110. Rico. Quality top strikers start at about £40 million and they earn the big bucks too. That is what Costa might cost. Perhaps £35M ?It would depend on who is in the market for him. For that you might be lucky enough to get that player that gets one chance in the 80th minute of a CL game and takes it.

  111. Woody, i’m not suggesting that honest, like all on here, I want to see AW sign a pacey striker – it’s a must imo.

    Then with Giroud, Campbell and Sanogo all doesn’t look quite so bad, not forgetting Akpom will soon be knocking on the door.

    Pacey striker
    Proper left sided winger

    Those three imo must be signed as a minimum and that’s before replacing whoever leaves iike Sagna, Fabianski etc

  112. Adam, but what I am saying is if we sell Giroud, we have to replace him as well as signing someone like Costa…

  113. Ok, maybe sell Giroud and get Costa and Remy?

  114. No keeper Woody?

  115. Rico. I know. It makes our transfer inactivity even more baffling doesn’t it?

  116. Afternoon Rico and all…

    totally agree on SC19… he is finally making tackles especially when he plays in-field…

    Ginter is off to BM imho… if he wanted to join us he would have joined us last summer when Le Coq joined the ‘black foresters’…

    Kev at 11:19 am I think W. Silva will be our speedster on the wings next season… he has it going forward not sure about his willingness to track back though…

  117. It does Adam…

    I’m sure Costa could very well end up in the PL but unless someone at the club shows a bit of ambition, he’ll be snapped up by another club pretty darn quickly.

    Soon as the Spanish league ends, get in there and activate the clause and get a deal done…

  118. Afternoon Ts.

  119. Why has Silva played so few matches this season I wonder?

  120. Jesus, have we still got Wellington? I’d be amazed if he, Bellerin, Toral etc ever play in the full squad

  121. We sure have a few out there on loan Rocky.. 13 I think, including Djourou…

  122. Wasn’t silva always being slated by his managers for being lazy and gorging on pizza?! That may be why… But I see from his tally of about 8 goals in 70 matches since he’s been on loan, he is JUST the kind of guy we need!

  123. For the love of God. Djourou? I forgot that guy existed! And yet we are no doubt still paying for that mug?

  124. Wellington……

    Hmm, not sure about that one Ginge.

    Campbell seems to be the lad for that job.

    Miyaichi needs another loan, with an EPL club that’ll play him.

    As I said Ginge… Olsson, Akpom, Bellerin, Toral (?), Oh and Martinez (gk) are gonna fill in some of the vacancies….

  125. Yeah a new keeper as well if flappy leaves.

    I have a feeling Sagan will stay, he’s too crucial at the moment.

    I would accept costa and rely to replace giroud, but I still think he gives us something different

  126. That’s the fella Rocky….

  127. Miyaichi is never going to cut it at Arsenal either. I hope he does, but just can’t see it.

  128. Morning folks a 100 million huh? I ll believe it when I see it. Hey rocky how us tricks?

  129. Hi Goonster. Been a while. All good here ta. You?

  130. Rocky your 2.18 made me spill my coffee. Buahahahaha.

  131. Thanks mate!

  132. I really don’t think arsene ll let giroud leave just yet. Maybe not for another five seasons.

  133. It’s just not his style to buy a player and sell him 2 years later. Nah not when he is french.

  134. He’ll let him go after a couple of dogshit years for us when he has no sell-on value whatsoever. Right, just off to brave the Post office on the Strand…. I may be some time.

  135. I hope so Woody re Sagna…

  136. Hi goonster….

  137. Exactly rocky just like he tried to sell us the idea that shitmakh wad the reincarnation of Jean pierre Papin.

  138. I said weeks ago that we should not get optimistic about signings following the last minute splurge on Ozil . What ever we buy it will be within budget and as we have a few leaving for nothing it will only be wages that we are saving .I expect Campbell to come in so that won’t cost much , If Giroud goes that will give us a striker with another either box to box or back 4 if Vermaelen is off . I am not holding out hope for a record breaking spending spree.

  139. Morning rico….take a bow maam. I see you finally admitted to writing of mertemonster too early. Welcome to the light.lol.

  140. Spot on potter pretty sure that’s what Le scrooge is holding out for before he signs. Diego Simone please?

  141. Rocky, try Trafalgar Square post office.
    They’re pretty quick in there…

    Failing that, the South Pole… ;-)

  142. :) goonster…..

  143. Must dash, Fido needs a walk… Laters…

  144. Optimistic about signings…not me at all!

  145. Think it is the same one… just off William IV Street? Either way, it was less agg than I expected!

  146. Hey grand pa kev…Gee kev brainwashed?? Really? ?

  147. I think we all have different ideas about signings Lee and I doubt any of us will get what we want, but I think we should be putting all of our effort in to supporting the team for the remaining games this season.

    This could be our best season for years, so I think we need to put as much effort in to support the team as we expect each player to put in when they take to the field.

    Fans can and do make a huge difference.

    Anyone who’s been to Emirates when the atmosphere is negative will know what I mean…the Villa game springs to mind.

  148. Ahhhh Goonster – another day in your life is over mate…how many days left?

  149. Failing that, the South Pole

    That only works at Christmas , rest of the year the service is pretty slow.

  150. We can’t do anything but support the boys right now….and moan like fuck on here!

  151. Gee woody am gonna be a father not morph into WATH.

  152. Yep…

    We are generally quite a pessimistic bunch though us Arsenal fans.

    I’d think the one club that’s been through it worse than use over the last 10 years is Liverpool and here we are joint on points with them, we’ve had yet another CL campaign and they haven’t, we’re still in the FA Cup and they aren’t and yet they are much more positive about where they are compared to us.

    Yet we have the better squad, that imo, only needs a sprinkling of quality in a few areas to really make us a force in this league.

    They need to add depth for a CL campaign next year and make improvements for league and cup comps in the country…

    We are in a better position yet they are excited and positive.

    If you didn’t know better you’d think Arsenal are fighting relegation…

  153. You’ve changed your tune since yesterday – glad to hear it :)

  154. I had too. Kev scared the crap out of me.

  155. Hope you are well Stan and looking forward to becoming a father.

  156. No Adam am not apparently it involves changing the diapers. Am no poop changer. Hell I need someone to change my when I cream.

  157. Fuckers have won the CL though Woody!

  158. Stan. That’s a really beautiful image.

  159. You re welcome adam..lol

  160. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    I’m hearing good and bad news for the U19s.
    Serge and Chuba are both in the team but Hayden is injured.
    I was looking forward to seeing him in action today just to show how much he has improved. A massive blow for the team.

  161. Something I’m not looking forward to either Stan!

  162. Yeah but that was a bit flukey Lee – AC Milan through it away.

    Plus does that make up for all the dross…you can’t live on it forever.

  163. I hate them with a passion….but I wish we had Suarez, he’s exactly the type of player we need right now!

  164. Agreed Lee

  165. Yeah Rock, the same PO…

    Hey Stan, Big Daddy… ;-)

    Sleepless nights. :-P
    No more nights out.
    No money.

    You’ll luv it mate… :-D

  166. Bring it on kev….Am ready and if it gets too tough I ll make a break for it. Arnhem is never too far from me.

  167. When’s the kid due, Stan?

  168. Drogba re-signing for the Chavs?

    Is that possible??

    Abramovitch could have caught a cold from Crimea.
    Here’s hoping…

  169. Rock, how long for you’s..?

  170. Sometime this weekend….men am at my wits end. Look at my limbs quaking. God I need me a drink.

  171. It gets better Stan……..unfortunately not for a few years, my five year old daughter woke me at 1.30am with a bad cough, got into bed fell asleep immediately but was coughing in her sleep!!!
    I woke at 4.50am in a my little pony adorned bedroom after about 30mins sleep…….the joys of parenthood!!!! :lol:

  172. Ok now you guys are really trying to make me run.

  173. Told my wife not decorate our bedroom like that…. ;)

  174. Mine is due October 1st Kev

  175. Haha! More of a Care Bears fan Lee??

  176. Am not scared lee….I can take it. Gee even an old drunk like micko has a kid. It can’t be that hard. If he can do it so can I.

  177. Good luck with it Stan!

  178. Thanks rocky I guess this means no more old Hamptons road for me. Bummer.

  179. Carzolra and Ramsey have just signed new contracts

  180. Stan, old Hamptons????

  181. Carzola yes but ramsay I doubt it. Didn’t he just get an extension a few months back?

  182. Do you mean Old Comptons Stan?!

  183. Yeah lee you guys promised to take me there sometime. Remember? You adam rocky kev and micko.

  184. Although I’m sure you could get a few Old Hamptons down Old Compton St….

  185. Potato potata rocky…..

  186. Zelalem also signs a new contract

  187. 2 VERY different things Stan!! Don’t go to old Compton st and ask for a Hampton!

  188. Why not rocky? One good turn they say deserves another.

  189. hmmmmmm…..

  190. Exactly. .. .

  191. dirty sod!

  192. Afternoon all…

    Good news re the contracts, come on Sagna, get and sign yours…

    Serge nearly got the kids a lead against barca…

  193. You soon to be a Dad Rocky??

  194. Olsson missed pen

  195. An ‘Ozil’ moment Rick….

  196. Half Time 1-1 Serge .
    This is a very good Game .

  197. I’m going to watch it tomorrow Rick…

  198. Barca youth tea. as horrible as their 1 st team

  199. Brilliant Akpom get in

  200. our youngsters do not look good.

  201. And I’d love to smash the Barca keeper in the mouth.

  202. Hi Rico. Sorry, popped off for a bit earlier (and off home in a sec). Yep, October the 1st if the due date is accurate!

  203. Agreed Rocky , it’s like watching the young players in the first team. Making poor choices and giving the ball away by passing without looking.

  204. Santiago signed until 2017
    Aaron signed until 2019

    Great news.

    October 1st… Nice one Rock.

    Stan, Old Compton St is right up your alley mate.

  205. Congratulations to you and Mrs Rocky. Wonderful news….

  206. I wonder if it written into the rules and regulations of UEFA, that the opponents of Barcelona MUST always have at least one player sent off…

  207. Just need Bac to sign Kev…

  208. Lost 4-2 then :(

  209. Not sure that he will Rico. :-(

  210. Me neither Kev but whilst there is time, there is hope….

  211. Rocky & Potter did you watch the complete Match
    Do you really think that in the first half they did not look good.

  212. How is it every time an Arsenal team gives away a penalty it’s accompanied with sending off.

  213. Evening all,
    7 foreigners starting in our youth team tonight, sign of the times I guess, expect it in the 1st team but not the youths, wouldn’t have happened in my day.

    Wouldn’t write off Diaby just yet, if he can re-ignite his fire in the next few weeks……………..ok I’ll stop there !

  214. Rick only the last 30 minutes and they were already down to ten men. However I stand by my comments that it wasn’t so much the fact that they were losing possession but the way that they were doing it. I do have the whole game recorded though and I will watch it tomorrow.

  215. It’s the stupid law Gjoe, one which is about to be changed I think/hope…

  216. Micko, Diaby says he’s going to play again this season and go to the world cup… yee ha ;)

  217. Well, the time has come for me to catch up on the soaps and go to bed…

    Night all, go steady…

  218. 2022 rico ?

  219. Nite rico, take the weight off your feet and enjoy.

  220. Micko There were 7foriengers in the Barca side as well.
    6 of them were from Africa and english clubs cannot sign them from there.

  221. Potter watch the first half and then tell me what you think.

  222. Micko
    The 3 subs where English I think so the team finished with 7 english players. Also I think Toral has an English parent.

  223. Also one of are very best English players Crawley is out injured plus all are young English players out on lone.

  224. Just watched the Chavs , they won easily Drogba almost seemed to be doing enough not to be accused of not trying. Galatasary were trying to kick them about but kept kicking Ramires and Willian. Not much use for us.

  225. Rick, I know more about stuffing owls than I do about our youth teams.
    Tend to live off the scraps yourself, tsgh and kev throw my way.
    The 1st team give me enough heartache as it is !!!

  226. Afternoon all.
    I can do Wednesday lunch or afternoon, but i have something sorted for wednesday night…..
    Thursday is totally open.

  227. 2022 Micko, that soon eh??

    Morning all…

  228. Morning, Rico.
    Wake up everyone.

  229. Morning Scott, i’ve got the dentist Thursday, but I should be ok for the evening.
    I will check with Rocky, Adam and Lee.

  230. Morning Scott, just because you are all excited….. ;)

  231. Morning Kev. 2.30?

  232. 11.30 Rico. You too?

  233. And Morning to you too Rico.

  234. Not until 2nd April for a filling…. :(

  235. Morning doomers!

  236. All smiles here, Lee :)

  237. I bet Scott…..

  238. Morning Lee….( aka Frazer) ;)

  239. That’s a killer journey you’re embarking on….

  240. Don’t tell them your name Pike!

  241. I am not looking forward to the flight, Lee, that is for sure.

  242. They don’t make them like that any more eh…..

    ‘Stella’ is quite good though….

  243. How many hours is it Scott?

  244. A little over 23 including the stopover in Hong Kong.

  245. You’ll be able to catch up on your sleep Scott… ;)

    I struggle with 3 hours flying….

  246. Arms ache…..

  247. Rico, the longest flight i have ever been on is 90 minutes lol

  248. Who you flying with Scott?

  249. Rico, you’re on fire this morning…. de-mob happy?!?!

  250. With a few mates isn’t it Scott? ;)

    Just up early Lee, I’ll be in bed by 5pm ;)

  251. New post up now…

  252. Rick I will give you the first half hour where we closed them well and attacked a lot. Once they scored however they took the midfield , Olsson, Zelalem and Toral disappeared and I thought Gnabry could have done more. From then on it was Barca’s game .The keeper went off after an hour and once it was down to ten the energy lost in the first half hour told and they romped home. Akpoms equaliser near the end was totally against the run of play, Looking at next season there is a lot more development needed before any become regular first teamers. Gnabry can stay on the fringe but that’s about all.

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