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Sometimes it’s just about the points and and beating ‘them’!….

Morning all.

It’s true you know, sometimes there is more to one game than turning on the style and boy those days don’t come much bigger than yesterday.

Going to SHL and earning all three points is all that mattered yesterday and our boys did just that.

Tomas Rosicky got the only goal of the game with an absolutely stunning strike and that proved to be enough.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain got caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when he tried to chip Lloris but his shot was awful and the easier option would have been to feed Podolski who was in space to his left.

For some reason, Tim Sherwood decided to have a hissy fit, took off his gilet in anger and threw it onto the seats. I suspect the reason was watching his side get ripped apart so easily…

Mike Dean missed a clear penalty when Jan Vertonghen hauled Laurent Koscielny over but what did we expect? Only Mark Clattenburg gives us those……

We had other chances during the game but couldn’t make any of them count but it mattered not when the final whistle was blown.

Get back in the shadow.....

Get back in the shadow…..

It would be quite easy to criticise the attacking side to our performance yesterday but, there’s plenty to be positive about with our defensive performance and that won the day.Merte sacker and Koscielny were yet again immense. The entire team were clearly determined not to let our 1-0 lead go and they didn’t.

As much as the stats will suggest Tottenham had a lot more of the ball than us, they barely troubled Szczesny’s goal and even if they did get a sniff, they weren’t good enough to take their chance.

Not the best performance by us but that makes the victory even sweeter doesn’t it and we walked away from SHL as the winners for the first time since 2007.

So that’s three wins out of three over them this season. Sweet!

Now onwards and upwards as we head to Chelsea at the weekend, a side we are just four points behind and with a game in hand.

Defend like we did yesterday and we can win it….

That’s it for another day….

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243 comments on “Sometimes it’s just about the points and and beating ‘them’!….

  1. F.O.Y.S! Shit performance offensively but defensively we were awesome….. The treble over that shower!!!

  2. Well said Lee.

    Morning to you and all…

  3. hello – i watched the replay and quite how we got the three points is beyond me haha! So poor offensively and yet very good defensively. Really not looking forward to Chelsea or City

  4. I am, Oz :)
    Morning all.

  5. hi mate – clock running down :-)

  6. I do nt think spurs did enough to even get a draw. They dominated the ball but had less shots on target than us.

    We’ve battered teams more than that and come away with nothing, so spuds reall have to look at themselves there I’m afraid.

    Apart from when he dropped a few scezsney was never troubled

  7. It is, mate.
    I am getting pretty edgy.

  8. Morning all. How can we still be in the title race with no proper strikers?
    Giroud? Everton can have him. Sanogo? Too raw. Anyone else?
    We need two class strikers this summer IMO

  9. Woody, i thought we had things under control for the most part, as well.

  10. Oz, we can beat both of those sides…. :)

  11. Neither do I Woody, Merse had to be smoking something…

    Adk, I reckon Giroud will do as his wife tells him. Back to France it is then…. ;)

  12. uumm ok Rico :-) hope you are right. I expect one point at best so anything more i am happy

  13. Rico, being a married man, i advise Olivier to do exactly that :)

  14. we don’t know there is any truth in any of this, or do we?

  15. I was a pretty happy guy watching the game over a Sunday roast. We probably shouldve had a pen, Ox’s horrible chip, and Ox blazing over from a Podolski cut back… defence was solid, but our midfield was under a lot of pressure defensively. Looking forward to Ramseys return. But hey, winning a bit ugly away is what you need to do sometimes. If we had the 3 points at Stoke we would be right in the mix. If we beat Chelsea Ill keep believing in the remote possibility of a double… Then we buy some world class strikers next summer please…

  16. For once motd had it right by saying spurs didn’t do enough.

    We played a solid game where we kept shape in our half and didn’t commit much forward. We can’t get any grief for that, we don’t go there and win every year.

    Also, ‘pundits’ go on about how we need to find a different way to win when we do, u can’t give us grief for it

  17. :) Oz, def think we can beat Chelsea without Ramieres constant fouling…

    Ha ha Scott, very wise….

  18. Our defence, apart from a few collapses…..which i blame on our entire 11…..is sorted, unless Vermaelen and Sagna go.
    If we can get a top class strike force, we will be untouchable in the League.

  19. Woody – reading through some of the game posts it appears there were quite a few on here frustrated by how we were giving the ball away and being outplayed by them -

  20. I disagree re our midfield Scott, I think it’s pretty weak defensively..

  21. Hi all,

    United would win, back in the day, like we did with the ref helping them and everyone said they were great and Fergie is an amazing manager.
    We got done what we needed to do. I reckon it all depends on the day. We can totally slam Bayern in the first 30 mins at home and get a credible draw at their ground.

    We are not world class but apparently we don’t need to be in this league judging from others results. Only over after playing Chelsea and City.

  22. Morning Rico, Lee and all.
    Apart from the odd performance here and there we have been shit for some time and our defence has really been bailing us out. I cannot help but think that we need some serious dosh spent in a few positions though. With zero pace up front and no commanding midfielder the ball comes back with alarming regularity. The folly of the last two transfer windows is biting us now as it also means that taking that big step up could mean more in comings than Arsene might feel comfortable with.

  23. I was one of them oz, but football is about more than dominating the football.

    There best chance came from our keeper dropping the ball and we had the ox who really should have scored, per nearly snuck one in and we had and def pen not given.

    On the balance we did more in terms of goal mouth action and deserved to score more.

    That said we were poor in midfield, but I think the early goal made us sit back and protect

  24. Morning all,after the game some pple are asking why our boys were celebrating like that,my anser, beating your eniemy in front of his people is sweeter than wining a lottery.

  25. I don’t think it’s that bad Adam.

    U have to remember we’re missing pace with Walcott and our best midfielder in Ramsey. Plus we’ve been without others recently.

    In fact injuries have not been kind to us – if Liverpool wre missing players we are they wouldn’t be on the run they are.

    With everyone fit we have problems, except upfront

  26. Morning Adam.

    Can’t disagree there, a strong midfield enforcer would have stopped a lot of the balls ping back at us yesterday as would having pace up front. We had no outlet, no-one able to get the ball and keep it or to start a good passage of play forwards..

    A recycler…. ;)

  27. Pryce – yep agree with that – Spurs corporate made the decision against Solar due to the shadows being cast from the Emirates i hear

  28. Too right Pryce, a victory a SHL was well overdue…

  29. And that French git has had opportunities to buy the necessary players but decided against it…..

  30. I know i have gone here before but the money we have stashed has come at a cost – if we’re serious, we are now up for quality at RB, Robust Tall DM, Pacey Wings and Striker (possibly 2) -

  31. That’s got to change in the summer IF he’s staying for another 3 years…

    At least 5 players are needed…

  32. And a keeper Oz, surely AW won’t see Martinez as being ready. Szczesny needs competition to keep him on his feet…

  33. 5 players!! oh Rico – does that include the 3 to 4 16/18 year olds gambles from the french lower leagues? :-)

  34. rico, a shame his wife doesn’t tell him to score more then. On the pitch that is ;)

  35. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Lee – Your 9:49 is a good summation of most Gooners’ opinion of the results.

    Adam – I have to agree with your 10:31. Without the pace of the likes of Walcott and Ramsey we lack the ability to penetrate other teams back lines with any regularity.

    However, when all is said and done, the team have learned to win ugly, grinding out results when not playing well.

  36. Ha ha Oz, we don’t need any like that coming in over the summer, unless they are for Jonker’s team….
    :) Adk…

  37. Morning Cg, except of course at Stoke…. :(

  38. I’m upset we didn’t spend, because such a wasted opportunity. Mind you our Manager didn’t get into his stride until the final day, and what with injury worries over the midfielder he did sign, you couldn’t really expect time for a striker ;-)

    But be even more upset if we had frittered away 100m Bale money like Spurs have. 26m Soldado!

  39. Woody. We might have to agree to differ on that one. Injuries are part and parcel of the game and even when we have Theo hurling up and down the wing we have no striker able to respond. For me, playing Santi wide is a waste and Ox isn’t ready for that dominant midfield role yet. Arteta looks like his legs are not great so I think that, injuries notwithstanding, we are certainly weak there. I think we are stretched and Wenger has missed opportunities to remedy that. I think that, if we had that World Class striker(s) and some wide pace we might well be sitting top now.

  40. Says it all though Ah, he so lacks ambition in the transfer windows and doesn’t appear to know the meaning of ‘proactive’.

    Her we are coming towards the end of March, just two months before the season ends but I wonder if he’s given any thought to who we need to be signing….

    Somehow, I doubt he has….

  41. tend to agree Adam – we’ll get our fourth place again no doubt and there is no doubt that constitutes absolute success to Wenger and his gang – until that attitude changes well…

  42. Plenty of time for that on August 31st Rico. :)
    A loan bid for Ricky Lambert?

  43. Rico – I’m hoping the Stoke game was a one-of aberration.

    Also, I agree 100% regarding competition for Szczesny. I know Fabianski has had his critics in the past, but he has settled down and has been solid for us when pressed into service recently. Too bad we couldn’t keep him.

  44. Should never of let Gerwankstain go……..

  45. I am unconvinced that Fabianski is worse than Ches.

  46. Looks to me that Giroud’s head (and old chap) are somewhere else already.

  47. Adam, no I reckon we will try for Demba Ba again, LESS chance of getting him.

  48. :) Adam…

    I hope so too Cg and we’ll soon find out because we have a few tasty away fixtures to come..

    Two Poles chasing a number spot was never going to work imo and out of the two we have, it’s hard for me to pick who is the better right now….

  49. Adam – Ricky Lambert – did avatar write that?

  50. top draw Striker and Remy would be my choice if ‘the super husband’ goes

  51. Think you are right about Giroud Adam, funny how he was so much better against Everton and then all the press stuff again during the week was followed by a dire performance yesterday….

  52. Wash your mouth out Lee ;)

  53. Rico – I think Szczesny is the best choice for the long term, but he has to competition from a hungry team mate ready and able to step into his boots.

  54. Adam – agree and Rico agree.

  55. watched the Sherwood throwing incident which the press picked up on – is he to soft for this level? He spoke of actors in this game, one of which he certainly is not in fairness

  56. spurs are so shit we can afford to be shit and still beat them..it doesn’t get better than that clearly the boys were tired after chasing Bayern for 90mins so I can forgive the performance we really do need bodies back….morning everyone nice read Rico…..COYG

  57. Morning all. Good account of the game Rico. Spurs had the ball more than us, but what did they do with against a GGraham like defensive performance? F… All! Are they crap? Yes they are! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
    Sorry about that.
    Of strikers and other signings. “Vee av Akpom, vee av Campbell, vee av eenurf.” Mark my words. Spend cash? You’re having a laugh!

  58. I really don’t go for this needing 5 players…

    If we got 5 more players in then some we have no will leave because they don’t play enough.

    A balance is needed and I would say we need a defensive midfielder, a striker and a goalkeeper.

    This is based on only Fabianski leaving.

    For my money, Flamini isn’t what we need to solve the problem and I don’t think Arteta is either. I would start with Ramsey plus a proper defensive midfielder and have Arteta and Flamini as back up.

    For the attacking midfielders, we have Ozil, Wilshere, OX, Santi, Podolski, Rosicky – 6 players for 3 positions.

    Maybe Podolski will go and if he does then we need one in.

    Upfront is where we are so short and this is where Wenger has made massive errors.

  59. Cg, hopefully when Fabianski leaves he will do so with an FA Cup winners medal in his pocket….

  60. Thanks snaparse/Wavy..

  61. 18 months ago – Arsene Wenger “Let me surprise you: Lukasz Fabianski could become the best goalkeeper in the Premier League, even better than Wojciech Szczesny”, claimed Wenger.

  62. Woody, a right back and a winger that’s five……

  63. That would be nice, rico

  64. And if Giroud goes, that’s six…

  65. Wouldn’t it just Ah….

  66. here’s a question:
    Källström is available, why didn’t he play?
    Because he’s crap!!

  67. Just read something that made me soooo excited:

    Speaking on November 21, ahead of the Southampton game, Arsene Wenger said: “Diaby will be back in March.”

  68. Interesting post that has stimulated a fine debate…

    morning all btw…

    The WHL looks even more out-dated than AW’s zips…

    I have never sen so much white-paint in my life…
    but that is another story.. ;)

  69. Oz, I think he will be and I’d bet this time next year he’s Poland’s number one…

  70. ADK, what year?

  71. We don’t need a winger Lee – not unless Podolski leaves.

    We currently have Walcott, Gnabry, Podolski and the OX. I would like to see young Serge get more game time next year as I think he would be someone who can replace what Walcott gives us.

    A right back yes, but again thats only if Sagna leaves. and thats a replacement not an addition

  72. Adk, probably because it was against Totts, he wouldn’t know what it meant to us. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him start against Chelsea…

  73. What was all those white specs across the TV screen, thought it was snowing, then wondered if just litter from the dump?

  74. Woody, have to disagree, we seriously need a winger, a proper pacey, tricky and clever winger…

  75. AndrewH, I KNEW that someone would ask that question ;)

    Was wondering my self… Wonder what that little rascal is up to..

    Keeping the physios preoccupied i guess

  76. Rico, is Di Maria a utopia?

  77. Hi Ts..

    Hasn’t Diaby been written off for the season since that March return comment?

  78. He’s certainly meant to be pretty good Adk…

  79. Do you have a source on that rico? It still says on the official site, that he’s back in march.. But otherwise, surely he’s being released from his contract this summer?

    rico I meant, is he acquirable ?

  80. knowing Wenger I will wait until 31st august but I think we really do need a left sided attacker with pace..

  81. As I said Rico, someone would need to leave. If Podolski leaves then I agree.

    I don’t think Podolski always fits the way we play. He seems to get lost in a lot of games…too many in my view.

    I really like the guy, he seems great in the dressing room etc, but you have to ask whether he would get in the City of Chelsea teams? Or Barca? Or Bayern?

  82. Any body thinking yesterdays performance was acceptable is kidding themselves. Apart from Rosiskis goal and heroic defending we were shit. 2 Chzezesney blunders could have lost us that game and you think he needs competition, he needs replacing with a competant Keeper. All the talk about 3 4 or more players is of course right as how can you rely on Ramsey who has been injured more times than he has played Theo Walcott the sameWilshere the same Gibbs likes a bit of time off as well Diaby who is a crawling limping misfit lets face it we have a pathetic team when it comes to injuries. Good players yes reliable no. With players as weak as these how can you plan a season Arsenal could treble their already large squad and end up with having to build an extention on the sickbay. When you look at how many have missed games this season let alone past seasons you can clearly see that our training is wrong. Young men most in their prime who should all be perfectly fit who spend so much time out being injured should be a lesson learned. Buying a big Midfielder or striker or even wingers will not change the pattern at Arsenal. We need desperatly to look into why young men are so weak and why they hardly tackle why our wingers do not take on defenders why our centre forward can’t run and why our biggest player has no pace thats where the money should be spent. Rant over.

  83. Ginge – They need all that white paint at Shite Heart Lane to cover up all the yellow stains from fans like ours wetting themselves from laughing so hard and their own fans losing all hope of making a top four position and staying in The Arsenal’s shadow for yet another season. Sad isn’t it (HA HA).

  84. Good rant Steve, but the result acceptable. We could have played well and lost. Happier this way, as long as it doesn’t paper over the cracks in Wenger’s eyes.

  85. Yesterdays performance wouldn’t be acceptable if it happened in every game, but sometimes you have to win like this.

    I mean if Chelsea, City or United of old played like that and won everyone would be saying “that’s the sign of champions”.

    Now, I don’t think we will be champions, but ask yourself if we would have won that game last year?

  86. Adk, the return of Diaby now would be a huge boost, even if he could only play a few games…

    Oops, silly me, I doubt RM would sell another to us…

  87. Regardless of whether Pod stays or goes, I still believe we need a left winger Woody. I too love Podolski but….

    We have Theo/Gnabry’s pace on the right, we need the same on the left and in the middle with a nippy and deadly striker…

  88. Yeah I think that’s it Rico, he’s not good enough for us.

    He has his moments for sure, but are they regular enough? Some will point to Wenger not giving him the opportunities, but I’m not convinced he’s earned them.

    The problem if he stays is that we’re paying him £100k a week to do nothing.

    I do think that Liverpool have shown exactly how 1 or 2 quick fast tricky players can transform a team.

  89. Even if Podolski stays which I doubt, we still need a winger….to definitley compete we need five good players.

  90. Anyway we can dream of buying five players……

  91. AndyH yes the points were welcomed but we cannot play like that and expect trophies at the end of the season. Gooners are happy we beat the Yids i understand that but the team have may frailties and what with our set up we are in the snipers eyes before we get there. Looking at our team and how they played how many were like me waiting for Wenger to bring on Flamoney. I could see the writing on the wall yes we defended in numbers but i bet you a penny to a pinch of shit every Gooner feared the worse. I took a deep breath at the end of that game and had i been religious i would have looked up and said Thanks.

  92. Hiya Rico,

    I said after the international break and you guess the right one… :D

  93. If it were my choice I’d get rid of Flamini and Podolski.

    Flamini does a certain job, but he’s not very clever about it and gets too many bookings/suspensions. We could get someone in that position to do a much better job than what he does in my opinion.

    Get a Draxler, or whoever to replace Podolski and finally sign the striker we’ve been waiting for for the last 2 years and I reckon we’ve got a decent team.

    If Fabianski and Sagna leave then we obviously need replacements for those as well.

    The big question mark for me is whether Szec can remain our number 1 keeper. I think he will be a top keeper when he matures, but can we give him that time?

    That error yesterday was a similar lapse that led to us losing the CC final and yet here we are 3 years on…

    If he continues to do that then we cannot carry him

  94. Woody, he’s hinted at going and AW doesn’t play him which suggests to me he’s a gonner in the summer.

    Lee, sadly I think that’s where it will begin and end….

  95. Arteta is another one, does he stay or go??

    He’s not what we need when playing sides with pace, mind you, neither is Flamini.

    Ts, you lost me there…

  96. Re the keeper, as I said earlier, I think the better of the two Poles is leaving…. :(

  97. Who sanctioned having two keepers from the same country? Le clever one? Fucking stupid imho!!!

  98. For an intelligent man he really does make some really bad calls!

  99. Arteta just keeps the ball moving. We certainly don’t see the same player that we saw at Everton, but then he’s being asked to do a different role.

    I have doubts about him as well, but if we buy a new defensive midfielder then we would start with Rambo + new buy, leaving Arteta on the bench and he’s not the worst back up to have around

  100. We have lots of players from the same country Lee

    Why would that matter?

  101. I think your wrong, he will buy 4 or 5 players but they wont be the ones you want. Wenger now has money to spend of that i am certain but not the amount that is rumoured. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he spends 60 to 70 mill but they will be good players but not of the quality that you all want. Then again i could be wrong.

  102. Rico, I was referring to Diaby returning…

  103. They are both vying to get the no 1 spot for their country of course it matters…………

  104. I agree Sp1, in the early 2000’s, DD and Aw told PV04 we had big money to spend… when he was told how much he said he was deflated… £25M to which he responded with the comment that will buy you a few players in Lidl but not Harrods where he expected us to buy from…

  105. Afternoon all, the game were’nt easy on the eye or the nerves for that matter but that’s the last we’ll hear from our poor relations for another season.
    We won’t beat Chelsea at the brigde next week so enjoy the good times.

    tsgh, ‘the French coach who pioneered Arsenals modern era is looking ahead to many more and promising a 3rd distinct period in which he will spend the huge money he has always sniffed at and win again’……..I’ll believe it when I see it !

  106. Exactly Lee, said the same to Adam a while back….

  107. Happy Paddy’s Day Micko! Blow the froth off a few for me…

  108. Also, one thing that’s being forgotten imo is the amount of spaces there is in our squad right now.


    That’s four places to fill before anyone else leaves..

    If TV, Sagna, Fabianski and Podolski go, that’s eight players needed….

    One or two might push through the academy, but that’s still six summer signings needed…

  109. Hi Micko, was a nervy time but as you say, that’s them gone for another season.

  110. I say Ryo as I don’t think he has what it takes…

  111. Thanks lee, the parades are up next, great weekend so far, back to work tomorrow.

  112. I agree its time for Arteta to play bit part but I am always going to seem biased when it comes to him…

    I compared his tackles attempts and success with the likes of Fernandinho, Lucas, Matic and he fared equally or better than them with 4 successful tackles that was not deemed a foul on an opponent… but 2 of his other midfielders/colleagues won 1… and they lies the issue imho…

    When Ramsey who I have always defended on here as the best tackler in the league is around and he is paired with Arteta we make over 9 successful tackles each game… 7 when he is paired with Flamini…

    In the last 10 games last season Arteta and Ramsey had the best stats in the whole Europe which helped us to win 8 and draw 2 times…

    Ramires made 2 tackles before his nasty one… Gerrard and Lucas made 7 successful tackles between them…

    In my view no single player can make all the tackles for a team in a match… Frimpong/Tiote try and we know what their yellow card tallies are…

    I was also looking at old stats… Silva and PV04 use to make 8 successful tackle together per game and with Parlour also average just over 3 a game it showed why we were stronger… that is over 11 in a game.. Adding to that, DB10 and Ljunberg averaging nearly 2 successful tackles per game…

    We know have Ozil and Theo who when fit averages less than 0.2 tackles per game…

  113. I caught someone ordering a Guiness and blackcurrant at the weekend…..ffs, what a waste!?!?

  114. ha ha Micko is that Gerard Houlier?

  115. Blackcurrant in Guinness?? That’s worse than lime in lager….

  116. Could do with Galatassary getting stuck into the Chavs tomorrow…..

  117. Boring Boring Lucky Chelsea

  118. It’s a punchable offence in my world!

  119. Afternoon All.

    Afternoon Rico. Love the picture (bunch of tossers).

    My son was there yesterday, ran the gauntlet from all those untermensch scummers as per usual.
    Quite suprised that there wasn’t a riot on Tottenham High St after the game, as they do enjoy trashing their own front door, the mugs.

  120. I don’t think Bendtner, Ryo or Kallstrom can be considered players that need replacing.

    Ryo has never been a first team player and therefore can’t be missed, Kallstrom has never played a game and as for the Dane…well we’ve known for a long time that we need another striker.

    We need one thats going to be the main man. If Giroud stays he can be on the bench on play when the starter is rested.

  121. Kev – I think the needle on your record player is stuck on the same track or is that the 8-track on an infinite loop?

  122. Lee – I agree that if both players are good enough to start it’s a problem, but remember we’ve had these two long before they could be considered good enough.

    In fact Flappianski got his name from somewhere and I don’t remember too many Arsenal fans that happy with him until this season.

  123. :) Lee.

    Afternoon Kev.. Great day for your son :)

  124. For sure they are Woody, they occupy a space in the squad, spaces that need to be filled with players who can actually give something to the teams challenge each season…

  125. Think the most we can expect from the Bridge is a draw.

    Mourinho ain’t gonna give up his unbeaten record to Wenger, nevermind the 1,000th game malarky…

    Gotta a hunch that we could beat ManCity though.

  126. Never say never Kev ;)

  127. Yeah Rico, he was ‘made up’, his first win at the Slum.

    CG, I don’t know what you mean…
    CG, I don’t know what you mean…
    CG, I don’t know what you mean…

  128. I doubt we will go there and win either, but you never know.

    The question is will Mourinho play like a home team, or play like someone who i scared to fail.

  129. Being a manager is really difficult, You have two top goalkeepers and you favour one, but you know the other one has had slip ups in the past. You have a keeper on loan who has yet to play and you have a youngster who wants to play. You decide to play your favourite in the league games and your second in the cups but your keeper either gets injured or gets banned. Do you play your second keeper leaving the loanee on the bench or do you give your youngster a trial. A premier Manager must play his best option and go to his No 2 so why have we a loanee who gets a nice little earner and whats the point of a youngster as his prospects are shit. I can see management is not for me. All i would do is look for a very reliable safe keeper and keep the youngster. but i bet i would be wrong.

  130. We got any players coming back for the weekend?

  131. Don’t think so Lee, maybe Kallstrom

  132. Howdy folks

  133. The one thing I always say to myself is the league don’t lie
    spuds 5th us we were 4th at the time,
    3 times we have beaten the spuds this season 6 points and knocked’em out the cup..so yes we held on to that goal and our passing went out the window…but the players dug-in.

    Whats so annoying is we all know what we need,

    Were not as far off as people seem to think

  134. Kev – I think your right about our game away to Chelski at the Bridge.

    Maureen will have his team park the bus in their box and hit us on the counter-attack. He wont want to risk us closing the gap on them and will want to deny Arsene a victory on his 1,000 th game in charge, a benchmark ‘The Spacial Needs One’ can never hope to achieve before Roman’s rubles run out.

    If, God forbid, Chelski win; we’ll have to suffer through the biggest ‘cock on dung hill’ display by their petulant pygmy of a manager.

  135. Still buzzing I tell ya….hey my baby is due next weekend. Fingers crossed it’s a boy.

  136. :) Woody, he won’t want to lose that’s for sure…

  137. Morning mama bear….how are ya

  138. Diaby Lee ;)

  139. Stan my man, how you doing? Great to take all three points at shit hole lane!

  140. Hey goonster, how are you??

  141. I thought we’d had him put down?!?!

  142. Crikey, how time has flown goonster, seems like only yesterday you told us you were set to become a Dad…

  143. Hahahahahahhaha yes ma’am it’s scary huh? Am petrified as it is. Lol

  144. Me and cassie agreed we don’t wanna know the sex of the baby till it got here. So am hoping it’s a boy. Yikes what if I got a girl?

  145. I need a drink. It just dawned on me guys. Am gonna be a father!

  146. Girls can still support Arsenal Goonster, don’t worry!

  147. Gee I can barely take care of myself yet am about to have a baby? God help me. Am freaking out rico.

  148. Thanks woody but it’s harder with the girl child you know. Christ I hope it’s a boy.

  149. I’ve two boys and a girl Stan, the girl is a real handful…..

  150. Thanks Lee you just made me shit my pants. Am in trouble guys. I don’t the first thing about being a parent.

  151. Haha – don’t worry yourself Goonster, no one ever does.

    I never thought my brother was cut out for it, but he’s the best Dad. I cannot believe the change in him…and he loves it

  152. in fact, you know what – your life is about to change and for sure, it will change for the better…

  153. You think so woody?

  154. I hope you are right compadre. I really hope you re right.

  155. Oi oi, not all girls are a handful! ;)

  156. Goonster – Boy or girl, fingers crossed he/she/they is/are healthy with all the correct parts in the right places and working properly. Gender is a minor concern. Each have their own challenges and rewards.

  157. Hey CG where in God’s green earth did you pop out from? How are you doing amigo?

  158. Woody’s bang on the money, your life will change massively for the better Stan! Just be prepared to eat cold / burnt food for a while and have fuck all sleep!!! All good fun mate.

  159. Rico AGAG is handful isn’t she plus that Italian broad who kicked my butt a few years ago. Clorinda or something?

  160. The majority are Rico! ;)

  161. Haha, yeah cold food is annoying…or you have to stagger your meal times with your other half.

    I’m not sure if you like a tidy house Goonster, but you can forget that as well.

  162. Ok I think I just had a heart attack. Cold what? No sleep you say? How else do I keep my blonde Adonis persona going? That’s it am making a run for it. Cassie is just gonna have to do this without me.

  163. To be honest goonster, I’m a bit jealous.

    You’re going to have an amazing few weeks when the little one gets home…

  164. Amazing? That’s just a pooping crying machine. Where is the amazing in that?

  165. You’ll see Stan!! Proper life changing stuff…..

  166. Then when they get mobile you have to re-configure your entire house!!!

  167. Goonster you’ll soon learn. Within a couple of months you will have morphed into your Dad and a little bit of your Mum! You’l. Catch yourself saying stuff that you absolutely hated your Ma and Pa for! Like, if you do that again I’ll…….you fil in the ‘family’ threat! Or come here my precious and have some of Daddy’s chocolate! And all the other nice and nasty things you experienced as a child! Not forgetting to say to yourself or make a note of all the things you will never do that your Mum and Dad did do/say to you.
    All parenting is reflective of upbringing with, hopefully a conscious rejection of the ‘bad’ bits but with the perks of more good bits!

    Well that’s my experience of parenting and my two seem to have turned out all right! A few blips on the way but they are both pretty level headed adults. They both support Arsenal after all! So I obviously got some of it right!,

  168. Stan – I am well and I wish you and your partner an easy and speedy delivery. Your life will change, whether that is for the good or bad, is up to the new parents. If you invest enough time, energy and lots of love in your child; you’ll be amply rewarded. Enjoy!

  169. Pooping and crying are the negative parts people focus on.

    Yeah they don’t do much for a little while, but you just wait and see.

    You come back here and state your position 2 weeks in…

  170. I gotta get out of here. Not you too wavy.

  171. :) goonster, poor agag…

    I must be the exception then Lee ;)

  172. But am not cut out for all that “dad” stuff woody. Am just not. God help me.

  173. You are all so cruel – poor Stan the man ;)

  174. Oh, an after thought……..you have to remember the times without children are past! It’s no
    Onager all about you! You will be living entirely for others from now until the great reaper arrives! Once a Dad always a Dad! Young, middle aged or ancient! You are the font of all wisdom, knowledge and wealth. Especially wealt, they are always in your bank account, but its ALL GOOD!
    Enjoy every minute it’s better than a roller coaster!
    As well as having to deal with a lot of shite, or is that Costa?

  175. *no longer…..

  176. Hahaha font of all wisdom he says. Me and wisdom don’t go hand in hand wavy. As a matter of fact I think wisdom hates me. Just ask WATH.

  177. You’ll love it , every day there is something different happening.You won’t notice the little bad things that happen because you will be watching the good things . And when you get that first smile you will melt.

  178. He don’t know me too well do he? Lol

  179. You are a ‘gooner’ therefore you display signs of great wisdom already!

  180. Wavy – My experiences with my three children were much the same. We’re all friends, I enjoy their company and they too are all Gooners. My older son has been across a couple of times and caught a few Arsenal games.

    To date, I have three grandchildren and I’m also enjoying them. My grandson, 2 years old at the end of the month, loves nothing better than kicking the football around the yard and cheering “Yeah Arsenal”. He and sometimes his twin sister will sit with my older son, their father, and watch and cheer on our beloved Arsenal. My younger son tried to fool him with a bright neon coloured rugby ball, but he tossed it aside and was right back to his old football.

  181. Catch up later guys..

    In case you are not back for a while goonster, hope all goes well for Cassie….

  182. But if it’s all good and dandy like you all sound then why do we have so many fatherless kids?

  183. Thanks mama bear

  184. You’ll be fine Stan…..only the first few years are a bit of a pain! ;)

  185. Hold the phone! CG you’re a grand dad?

  186. Stop it lee….seriously you re gonna make me flee back to arnhem.

  187. Stan – Many of the ‘fathers’ of those kids aren’t real fathers; just scared, self-absorbed, selfish &/or immature males. Fatherhood is what you make of it.

    Potter is right. If you have a heart, that first real smile will melt it. As Wavy said, parenthood can be a roller coaster ride, but it just makes all the highs that much sweeter.

    No need to panic. Most of us, if we are honest, were a bit or a lot scared the first time around. That will pass.

  188. I hope you re right CG. Am about to lose it.

  189. Goonster, let’s put it like this…It’s not as bad as watching Arsenal throw the CC final in the last minute…or watching us ship 8 at Old Trafford…

  190. Yikes are you sure woody? Looks pretty steep to me.lol

  191. Stan – Yes, I’m a granddad and am hoping for more, boys or girls, doesn’t matter.

    I missed yesterdays game so I could attend my youngest granddaughter’s christening. I could have watched most of the game, but my mind would have been on the game and not my family. If we were trailing or had lost my face would have looked like thunder during what should be and was a very happy occasion.

    My younger son and I checked the score when we returned to his home for lunch. “One nil to the Arsenal” just put the icing on the cake.

    It has been a very long day. So, I’m off to bed.

    Have a great day fellow Gooners. Keep The Faith!

  192. Night CG and thanks for the kind words

  193. The problem you have Goonster is that before the event you focus only on the negative.

    Other babies are so so different from your own, that you cannot imagine there being any positives, but you just wait my friend…you just wait

  194. Hey Stan, what if you have twins? :-P

  195. Hi All, my son was born on 1st May 2011 at 14:00 CAT. just one hour before the last time we beat Manure. The doctor was my friend and was an ardent Manure fan. my wife was left to rest with my sister keeping around and we hit the pub for the game with my/our doctor and guess what? i won twice that day. Goonster, being a father is the best thing you cn have in life and who knows, may be we shall get one over the “special needs one” come on you gooners!!!

  196. Or you could just man up stanley ! The first 18 years are the worst, after that you’ll be fine and be pushing up 50 by then.

  197. Evening all, Stan the man, all the advice is sound mate all sounds positive, Sex is a thing of the past though son nearly all women are worn out afterwards and their moods are fcuking intolerable and in some cases you forget what a shag is, if they have stitches they never heal or thats what the mrs will say, if your at the birth you will be the biggest bastard under the sun if your not, she’ll tell everybody you dont care, you will be skint all the time and you will be frustrated and you will have rows when your not trying to sleep apart from that the gang are right great time to be a Dad and it last forever, My thoughts are with you, Dont worry about being a kid yourself as you will age overnight.

  198. Still, I’m glad we beat Spurs. :)

  199. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    Have been
    off line since 4oclock sat . Blamed word press turned out to be a BT box outside my house.
    Disappointed the U21 lost on sat really thought they were in with a chance in that one. Poor team selection
    , no Serge Akpom or Olsson. U19 in Barca for tomorrows game against those lying cheats . The game is on Euro Sports with 1700hrs ko.

  200. Adam I’m over the moon we beat the scum.Loved Sherwoodsaying we are papering over the cracks , the only crack is the one between us which is getting bigger
    I see the chav fans are giving Sir Chriss Hoy a load of abuse on twitter, they think he was the refagainst Villa. His respones Idiots. Love it

  201. Evening guys and gals..

    What an afternoon, started off lovely with a walk in the sunshine followed by a trip to Tesco and Aldi ( I love their Pitta’s ok!) which didn’t go so well. Bought two bottles of Red Wine from Tesco ready to give to a very nice man who is chicken sitting whilst I go away and before I could get to the car the bottom of the bags broke!!

    Red wine all over my nice trainers! And they were made just for me!!

    However, it ended well with Tesco giving me a lovely bouquet of flowers and they are buying me a brand new pair of trainers…..

  202. Sp, I take offence from your last comment, quite an insult on the female gender imo..

    Maybe the women you have met to give you such a view just simply went off you!

  203. Afternoon Rick, I must record that match, been a long time since our young guns have been on tv…

  204. Rico, did they replace the wine
    How long you away.Dont forget the book.

  205. They sure did Rick…

    I’m taking Dennis with me to read, he’s already packed :)

  206. You whining again rico !!!

    Tesco are good like that, would never have happened at Aldi’s.

  207. No they sell their bags and they are better quality

  208. :) Micko, you know me too well…

    It wouldn’t happen at Aldi as I take my own bags… lol

  209. 9p and a bag for life Potter…lol

  210. Sorry my comment made such an impression on you Rico, Perhaps i;m on the wrong blog wont bother you again,

  211. Evening Rico. Off soon?

  212. Sp, you should know you can’t slate ladies on here and think you’ll get away with it… ;)

  213. Evening Adam, won’t be too long ;)

  214. We’ll miss your steady hand on the rudder Rico. :)

  215. Morning all.
    Rico, i should have added….when everyone is available, our midfield is brilliant.
    Ramsey suddenly makes them look better in defence.
    Two days of work left……

  216. I have just watched Clock End on main website.
    They showed a clip taken 15mlns after the end of the game yesterday. All the spuds have left and our away fans are still there
    singing their heads off . Brilliant.

  217. :) Adam, I doubt it…. You’ll be in fine hands…

    Not going until Monday but can’t wait to see the sea….

  218. Hi Scott.

    No, regardless of if everyone is fit, I still think we lack a brute in midfield…

  219. The away fans have been superb Rick but then that’s because they are true fans.

    The Ems has a mix of true loyal ST holders but also far too many JCL’s and the latter are ruining it…. imo of course…

  220. Where are you going ?

  221. Weymouth Potter, nothing too exciting for most but I love the south coast….

  222. Hi Scott have a safe journey mate , enjoy your tour with the King
    it’s very special.

  223. Scott, I misread your comment. I thought you wrote ‘rico should have added’ ;)

    See, I need a holiday…. lol

  224. Went to Lulworth Cove as a kid as we travelled to Cornwall. Nice place, terrific views from the top of the cliffs . Enjoy yourself.

  225. Thanks Potter. Many parts of the south coast are beautiful… I love it…

  226. I’m off for the day now. You all have a good one…

    Night folks….

  227. My God, does Dorset realise that they’re gonna get hit by The Cava Queen… :-D

  228. Abou Diaby, played his last game for Arsenal, exactly a year ago yesterday, 16th March 2013.

    The 27 year old then suffered a cruciate ligament injury.

    It was reported, at the time, that he would be out until the end of 2013.

    Didier Deschamps still held out hopes that he would be fit for the World Cup. But those hopes look pretty forlorn at this time.

    In January this year, Arsene Wenger stated that “His recovery is going slowly, he is still on a long-term recovery programme”…

    And in an interview, due out in France Football magazine, Diaby is quoted as saying “I’ll never give up”…

    Sources close to the club have actually stated recently, that he is scheduled to return to training in 3 weeks!!!

    Diaby has one more year on his contract, that expires in the summer of 2015…

  229. Kev, do you think he is good for another few games :)

  230. :) Kev, haven’t touched that stuff since…… hmmmmm

    Morning to you, Scott, Lee, Adam and all….

  231. Back in a bit….

  232. Morning Rico and all.

  233. Hi guys.
    Boring, i know, but two sleeps to go….
    Is anyone able to catch up for pint, lunch……anything?

  234. Morning again guys…

  235. Not flying out to Oz for a coffee…. ;)

  236. Haha.

  237. New post up now…

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