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Revolt got us through. Giroud caught plotting his exit? Ozil ‘Boo Boys’ should keep quiet says Liam Brady..

Morning all.

That ‘revolt’ was last season according to Kieran Gibbs and it all began after we lost at the dump that is White Hart Lane.

It is difficult to know what happened in that transition, but I felt the team went on a kind of a revolt and refused to be defeated again that season.

That is football these days, it changes very quickly and we adapted when it was hard and also when times were better. The team went through that and it has come out stronger.

We showed a terrific response and hopefully in this last stretch of the season we can show that again. It is important to remember what we did last season.

We don’t have many good moments to look back on from the last few seasons but this time last year I honestly didn’t believe we’d get into the Champions League places but other results and of course our determination and gritty performances made sure we did.

Unlike last season though, we don’t want or need a loss to the neighbours to kick us on, we need a victory to truly spur us on and give this league challenge a real go.

Of course we’ll have to do that without Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey for a while. Arsene Wenger was coy on Ramsey’s situation yesterday in his pre-match interview suggesting a further two weeks is needed for him to recover and he was quite vague about exactly how long Ozil will be out for but a grade two hamstring injury is possibly around four weeks.

Our little German has been the victim of an awful lot of criticism recently as we all know but Liam Brady thinks those who have been knocking him are well out of order:

He’s not deserved the criticism in his first Premier League season. Everybody needs time. He started off really, really well.

People forget Arsenal lost Ramsey and Walcott at a crucial time. Those players were very good for Ozil. Think of how many goals he set up for both of them. With those two players missing it’s made a hell of a difference to his game.

Arsenal have had a lot of bad luck with injuries in the last few weeks.

Just how much truth and common sense is in that statement, especially the injuries but that’s a big can of worms which seriously needs opening and putting right because each and every season we suffer far too many for it to be a coincidence…

Finally, Olivier Giroud has again been snapped in an awkward situation. Not with some busty model this time but with a football agent other than his own. According to the Daily Mail our French The striker held a 45-minute meeting with UK-based adviser Muzzi Ozcan at Aubaine restaurant in Hampstead at around 5.30pm on Thursday evening.

Giroud’s agent Mickael Manuello, who was not present, insisted the meeting was meant purely for commercial purposes.

Did I mention a can of worms? Well there’s another…..

That’s it for another day, tomorrow it’s derby day……

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81 comments on “Revolt got us through. Giroud caught plotting his exit? Ozil ‘Boo Boys’ should keep quiet says Liam Brady..

  1. Morning Rico. As far as Giroud goes, personally I couldn’t care less.
    Moyes has been having that treatment since he took over at Man U. It was all part of a makeover to make him appeal younger and more dynamic.

  2. Morning Adam.

    I am not fussed either way, as surely a striker who is better than Giroud will be arriving in the summer.

    If this latest story turns out not to be for commercial deals, I can’t see AW keeping him…

  3. Could simply be he’s able to afford a better moisturising cream now.. ;)

  4. As you know Rico, I am a Clinique man myself. :)

  5. Don’t know what’s happening with wordpress, the heading was all wrong today, maybe I need to make sure I hit the save button more than once ;)

  6. Morning Rico et al, I can see that Le Quiff may be exploring his options. Many on here and elsewhere have been relentless in their assertion that he ‘is not the answer’ or we need a ‘world class striker’ or he needs a rest, etc. etc. so if he feels his future lies elsewhere it would hardly come as a surprise that he is acting proactively! As someone said once, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

  7. Morning Wavy.

    My own view is that he’s a good player to have on the bench as shown against Everton but as well as him, we need a striker with pace…

    Not sure AW was impressed with his early hours romp and he won’t be impressed with this latest story IF he’s plotting a future elsewhere.

    Would he be so daft to meet an agent so publicly?

    Surely if he was looking for a way out, his agent would be doing all that for him and in secret.

  8. Perhaps he launching a new range of posing pouches?

  9. Morning all, Good post Rico,
    Just been reading that Bendtner has had a fine imposed on him from the club of a hundred and four grand, Bendtner apparently pulled out of our Champions league clash because of a knee problem but as we flew off to Germany Bendtner flew off to Copenhagen without permission. When asked if this was it for Bendtner, Wenger replied yes, he’s contract is up at the end of the season.
    Wenger has also stated that Tim Sherwood the new manager at Tottenham should be given time as he has started to come under pressure. Wenger said that he handled himself well after being goaded in the technical area against Benfica. Wenger added that England are always moaning at the lack of young English managers, so should get behind him. Wenger surprises me all the time, our closest rivals, yet he still stays proffesional and fair, a class act in my book.

  10. Small ones Adam?

  11. They would be no good for me Rico. :)

  12. Thanks Sp.

    Problem is, it’s not the FA or the ‘English’ who will decided Sherwoods fate, it’s that plank Levy and we all know he’s a bit like Roman and likes to change his managers often…

    I saw AW’s interview, he looked pretty cheesed off about Nik and made it quite clear he shouldn’t have travelled and won’t be staying. I doubt he’ll play another game for us…

  13. Sorry Adam, extra small too. ;)

  14. Those might keep my ears warm Rico. :)

  15. Good points Rico, I would also like to add my twopenath to the Giroud story. The press can make up a story about anything. Although i must admit i have criticised Giroud since he came to Arsenal, he has done well with us and he shows that even with his lack of pace he still is a handfull for some of the best defenders out there. A man goes to a resturaunt with a friend to have a meal and questions asked or assume he is looking for pastures new. Maybe he was just hungry, i get that all the time.

  16. I saw part of Sol Campbell’s interview last night and thought it to be one of the more moronic things to come out of Sky. Afterwards they had Lee Hendrie, looking like he had been given a good kicking and then plugged into the mains for an hour, trying to sensationalise it. If Sol believes that racism played a part in his career then surely that is his opinion and he is fully entitled to hold it. Al that was needed was that hysterical twat Jim White to start screaming how “Sensational” it all was. It wasn’t. It was one man’s opinion. Another case of Sky pandering to the lowest common denominator in our society.

  17. Morning Rico…when is the highbury house app coming out?ok back to the post.i see Liam said what reasonable people have been sayin reozil anyways can’t wait for the nld hope we spank them chickens good

  18. :) Adam…

    Sp, maybe he was just hungry… lol

  19. Haven’t seen that interview about Sol, all sounds so very typical of Sky Sports…

  20. Morning snap, HH app?? What is that?

    I’m with LB too, speaks a lot of sense…

  21. Rico. It really is awful. There are so many interesting questions one could ask of Sol, all of which eluded the dick from Sky.

  22. Sol’s interview and assertion was purely for publicity to hype up his new book imo. He was probably put up to it by his agent ‘Sky’ Andrew! As you said Adam to ‘sensationalise’ the thing for the lowest common denominator, neanthertal (sp) man. Often to be found down Tottenham way!

  23. Sol’s apologised to the Spurs fans apparently , still can’t see them buying the book though.

    One has to wonder what’s between Bendtner’s ears , you have to conclude that if the taxi stories are accurate it isn’t as big as that between his legs.

  24. Meant the phone or tablet app Rico…..don’t mind me…heard rosicky is a doubt for tomorrow wonder how our bench will look like

  25. I can imagine Adam…

  26. I wouldn’t know how to get an app for a tablet/iphone snap but I’m welcome to be told how?

  27. :) Potter re Nik…

    I see Adebayor is all pumped up for the derby. Wonder f he’ll get his usual red card….

  28. Watching all these ex footballers telling their tales of having it hard as kids or not being picked for a captain because of your skin colour does make Poignant watching. Both these players finally made it to play football for England and Arsenal so both were successful. Yes many will admit to reaching for a hankie after listening to Wrighty, I mean not having a pair of trouses to wear for a special night, and waiting all day for his want away Dad to turn up with the dosh. Yes i can see how that could tear jerk many. A man who was accused about his sexuallity, goaded by many and still rose to stardom is a success story on its own, I can remember him not being able to play for a while because of emotional problems and all he moans about is why he wasn’t picked as Englands Captain. Both poignant stories i’m sure but for me it meant nothing. From about ten years old i had a paper round which paid me about 5 bob a week, as soon as i got my wage My Mother stopped my pocket money, i worked as a delivery for a butchers which i did on my bike before school i also did a milk round at weekends Potato picking behind a tractor a bread round, snow shoveling in winter and working in nurseries in the summer holidays, but the point of telling you all that, even at a young age i could have brought myself a pair of trousers. I also played football for 30 years and also hoped that one day i would be found and elevated to Arsenal but sadly i just wasn’t good enough. I worked right through the next 50 years and worked bloody hard but still i am just an old man with a worn out body who never played for Arsenal, but i still have plenty of trousers but who gives a fcuk.

  29. Not bitter then Sp ;)

  30. Just saying Rico, that many would have given their high teeth to had played for Arsenal and England me being one of them. Where they both earned more in one week than i earned in a year, yes i suppose i’m jealous in a way, but i’m white with a history of white ancestors and i couldn’t even get a trial let alone a game for the Mighty Arsenal or England. and i am more patriotic than any of them. Take it on the chin and say maybe in another lifetime but dont knock what lots of others would have been greatful for.

  31. I’m not sure it’s as simple as that though Sp.

    I think listening/reading about the views/lives of professional sports people, whether footballers or other sports is interesting and surely it’s the the sports bodies can improve all sport.

    I personally found the programme about Ian Wright extremely interesting and it just goes to show how football/sport can change a persons life for the better…

  32. Maybe its just my views Rico, its a democratic country, and the people in charge have taken it on their selves to flood the country with foreigners.Our own English Premier league has now more foreign imports playing than English. I personally find that wrong. I have never been given the right to express my opinion, and am still waiting for a vote but off course they will wait untill the foreign contingent out votes the English view. I am not doubting the foreign players abilities at all and i am not racist in any way. England football team will always struggle because of this fact, as English players are not given the chance, as everybody keeps saying English people are lazy they dont want to do anything.All i’ll say on that matter is foreign owners with foreign Managers means foreign players. In England that cannot be right

  33. That’s a whole different subject though Sp…. And much deeper than just a game of football..

  34. I’m off for a while now….

  35. Hi all,
    I just wanna add to the foreign idea. They already have a vote when it’s so easy to nationalise foreigners because they’re good sports persons.
    Just funny Auzzies haven’t been allowed to return.

  36. When Bendtner is send to Qatar? He will be penalize or not? 3 months of wages at least…
    We shall not speak arround Giroud…
    What did the english press says about J. Jesus, Benfica manager?

  37. Not impressed . They are backing Sherwood.

  38. Where is everyone
    Extra Time inm the U21 Cup semi Final .
    After 90 mins 1-1 Hayden with Goal
    Ryo carried of on stretcher.

  39. Come on France!!

    Evening all, what a beautiful day it’s been here in the Uk….

  40. Come on Villa….

  41. We lost in the end then Rick :(

  42. We were knocked out in the U21?

  43. All quiet here so I’m off for the day…

    Night all…

  44. Chavs lost, two sent off and Jose :) :) :)


    Gone now….

  45. Hopefully Moronho will be banned next week and Arsene won’t have to shake his slimy eye-gouging hand!

  46. Turned TV on and watched last twenty minutes :) :)

  47. Great start to St. Paddy’s bank holiday weekend,
    Ireland doing the biz in Paris, Brian O’ Driscoll, take a bow !
    Tomorrow, pummel the Yids in their own back yard and feed their guts to the pigs !
    Monday, watch the parades and sink a few Guinness’s, does life get any sweeter !

  48. Morning all..

  49. Happy birthday Theo, wish he was playing today….

  50. Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has reportedly been ordered to get a move back to France …by his wife.

    Last month Jennifer Giroud shut her Twitter account after the Arsenal and France striker admitted to cheating on her.

    Just hours before the Gunners’ FA Cup clash with Liverpool last month, the 27-year-old apologised following allegations that he had slept with model Celia Kay.

    A source told the Sun on Sunday: “She’s agreed to take him back, but only on the condition they leave London and England.

    “He’s desperate to save the marriage because he knows how stupid he’s been – so he is going along with what she wants.”

    The report adds to speculation over the future of the France striker, 27, after he was apparently spotted on Thursday meeting with ‘super agent’ Muzzi Ozcan.

  51. Morning Rico. Perhaps his wife thinks there are no attractive women outside London. Surely if you wanted to discuss something like that with an agent you could do it somewhere other than a cafe in Hampstead High Street?

  52. Perhaps our strike force next season will be Remy and Sanogo.

  53. Morning Adam.

    You would think so….

    Don’t forget the super striker Joel Campbell…

  54. I must admit that I did forget him Rico. Silly of me. Did you see the Chelsea game. The end was funny with Mourinho determined to prove once and for all what a complete knob he is. Apparently he is baffled why Ramires got sent off. :)

  55. I didn’t see it Adam, the Ramires tackle was a bad one wasn’t it and William should have got a straight red instead of a first booking?
    So the papers say…

    Really glad Ramires won’t be playing next weekend, he’s a dirt little so and so…

  56. I think his point was that he wondered why Agbonlahor was not also sent off for charging off the subs bench to push Ramires. From stats posted after the game seems that they think they have similar problems with Foy to the ones we have with Dean.

  57. Willian had committed rotational fouling throughout the match , the second yellow was just an accumulation of totting up.

  58. Guess he has a point Potter but as much as I know it’s wrong, it’s good to see others having to suffer as we do.

    Mind you, sending of Agbonlahor would have made no difference to the result, a very pleasing one I hasten to add.. lol

  59. Morning everyone.
    It’s Derby day!!

  60. It sure is Scott….

  61. William’s second yellow was very soft but, as Potter says, he had been niggly all match. If an Arsenal player had committed the Ramires foul it would have been on the front page. It was truly, truly shocking. He should get a hefty ban for it.

  62. Just be the 3 though won’t it, annoyingly…..

  63. Must be more Rico. Hart should have gone too in the Man C match.

  64. Can the FA intervene Adam?

    What did Hart do?

  65. A Hull player tried to con a ref for a penalty and Hart went mental and stuck his nut into the player’s face.

  66. Ah, agree then…

  67. Hart was booked though so that will be the end of it.

  68. It will.

    I want Utd to win this lunchtime, been a long time since I wanted that to happen….

  69. Kastrinakis, one of the most obsessively anti-Arsenal Sun sports writers is on that journo program on Sky right now. What a loathsome, slippery creature he is.

  70. Rumour has it that Boyd spat at Hart sparking it off. The media will do whatever they have to in protecting one of their golden boys.Hart however has said he didn’t spit but that’s not going to stop the accusations being aimed at Boyd.

  71. Kastrinakis is a proud member of the NUJ… ;-)

    Morning Rico, Adam, Scott

  72. National union of what is that then ?

  73. I’ve given up watching that programme Adam, they are all earning a lot of money for spouting garbage…

  74. If Boyd did spit, he’s a disgrace…. Little worse than spitting at an opponent..

    Morning Kev…

  75. Me too Kev, I am ashamed to say. I love the way Kastrinakis is hinting at a Mohican with his bizarre barnet.

  76. The pitch is a phlegm-rich environment Rico. :)

  77. It’s another beautifully sunny and warm day here in London.

    Even a dump like Paddington Stn seems pleasant…

  78. Disgusting Adam ;)

    New post up now..

  79. Journalists’ Potter.

    Adam, Kastrinakis also seems to be formulating a strange looking mush, you could say that it hints at being, how can I put this, ironed….

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