Revolt got us through. Giroud caught plotting his exit? Ozil 'Boo Boys' should keep quiet says Liam Brady..

Morning all.

That ‘revolt’ was last season according to Kieran Gibbs and it all began after we lost at the dump that is White Hart Lane.

It is difficult to know what happened in that transition, but I felt the team went on a kind of a revolt and refused to be defeated again that season.

That is football these days, it changes very quickly and we adapted when it was hard and also when times were better. The team went through that and it has come out stronger.

We showed a terrific response and hopefully in this last stretch of the season we can show that again. It is important to remember what we did last season.

We don’t have many good moments to look back on from the last few seasons but this time last year I honestly didn’t believe we’d get into the Champions League places but other results and of course our determination and gritty performances made sure we did.

Unlike last season though, we don’t want or need a loss to the neighbours to kick us on, we need a victory to truly spur us on and give this league challenge a real go.

Of course we’ll have to do that without Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey for a while. Arsene Wenger was coy on Ramsey’s situation yesterday in his pre-match interview suggesting a further two weeks is needed for him to recover and he was quite vague about exactly how long Ozil will be out for but a grade two hamstring injury is possibly around four weeks.

Our little German has been the victim of an awful lot of criticism recently as we all know but Liam Brady thinks those who have been knocking him are well out of order:

He’s not deserved the criticism in his first Premier League season. Everybody needs time. He started off really, really well.

People forget Arsenal lost Ramsey and Walcott at a crucial time. Those players were very good for Ozil. Think of how many goals he set up for both of them. With those two players missing it’s made a hell of a difference to his game.

Arsenal have had a lot of bad luck with injuries in the last few weeks.

Just how much truth and common sense is in that statement, especially the injuries but that’s a big can of worms which seriously needs opening and putting right because each and every season we suffer far too many for it to be a coincidence…

Finally, Olivier Giroud has again been snapped in an awkward situation. Not with some busty model this time but with a football agent other than his own. According to the Daily Mail our French The striker held a 45-minute meeting with UK-based adviser Muzzi Ozcan at Aubaine restaurant in Hampstead at around 5.30pm on Thursday evening.

Giroud’s agent Mickael Manuello, who was not present, insisted the meeting was meant purely for commercial purposes.

Did I mention a can of worms? Well there’s another…..

That’s it for another day, tomorrow it’s derby day……

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