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Remy deal on? £25 Million for Morata & It takes two baby as Wembley date secured….

Morning all.

Soft penalty says Martinez, dead cert says Peter Reid, an Everton man….

I’m not sure you’d find one more clear cut and and easy for Mark Clattenburg to give than Barry’s foul on Oxlade-Chamberlain…

Lucky say the pundits, pointing to a couple of misses by Barkley when the scores were 1-1…

Don’t you just love it…

Ninety minutes of football and it’s all about taking your chances in front of goal and yesterday we did just that although we did take our time… lol

Four stunning goals in my opinion and yes, even the penalty by Arteta because having had the first one wiped out because Giroud was allegedly pushing an Everton player, up he stepped to fire home the second one. That showed mental strength.

Our first though was just a delight to watch wasn’t it. The run with the ball by Santi Cazorla, the movement off the ball from Ozil, the pass through the two Everton defenders was precise by the little Spaniard and the finish by Ozil was exquisite….

Great start and just what we wanted.

Flamini was the first in the book for a studs up tackle on John Stones. Another referee may just have been tempted to pull a red card out of his pocket. Thankfully, not Clattenburg.

Then just what we didn’t want was Everton to get an equaliser but they did and we certainly helped them get it.

Barry won the ball on the edge of his own penalty area, played it straight out to Ross Barkley who ran and didn’t stop running with the ball. Our defenders were trying to track back from having been on the attack and the nearest player to Barkley was Flamini. Not the slightest of attempt to block the cross was made by him and there was Lukaku and Mirallas were free to make sure the ball found the back of the net. Lukaku got the final touch.

It’s fair to say that Everton had a few chances to take the lead as did we but none were taken..

Half-time came and went with the scores level.

That nearly was 'Tackle' from behind...

That nearly was ‘Tackle’ from behind…

Again both sides had chances in the second half but neither could find that clinical finish when it was needed. That or good last ditch defending by both sides kept the scoreline the same…

Arsene Wenger made his first change on the hour mark, off came young Yaya Sanogo and on in his place came Le Quiff, aka Giroud.

Then a sudden burst of energy into our game. OC to Ozil and on went our Englishman down the right, Ozil played a quick pass back into OC’s path and he burst into the penalty area. Barry was on his trail and after OC had flicked the ball passed him and carried on with his run, Barry’s outstretched leg brought our man down…

Soft penalty decision, not in this world…

Arteta stepped up and buried the ball into the back of the net. 2-1…

Hang on, Giroud was deemed to pushed an Everton player, game stopped, Giroud booked and Arteta had to go through it all again…..

Cool as a cucumber……. 2-1!

Everton again had a few moments where they looked dangerous but they couldn’t make those moments count.

The next change for us came on 77 minutes. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain went off to a standing ovation and on came our old boy Tomas Rosicky.

2-1 became 3-1. Thomas Vermaelen picked up a loose ball in midfield and played the ball out to Sagna on the right, our captain looked like he was about to charge forward for the return ball but never did… Instead, Sagna played the ball to Rosicky and then carried on his run for the return ball which he duly received. He waited for Giroud to take a pace backwards into space, played a perfect pass into his fellow Frenchman and the rest is history. Great pass by Sagna, great finish by Giroud…

3-1 soon became 4-1.

Santi Cazorla was back defending and robbed Deulofeu of the ball, he ran and picked out Tomas on the right with a quick pass. Rosicky played the ball into Ozil and his quick ball sideways to Giroud was perfectly place for the big French striker to slot home….

What a perfect way to end a darn good performance…

You know, so many players get criticised each week for not defending, but yesterday, both Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla were back helping out, in fact our fourth was all about Santi winning the ball back in defence.

Yaya Sanogo, well he couldn’t get into the game could he but I don’t blame him, I blame the the lack of alternative experienced options within the squad. Sanogo is for the future that’s for sure.

Ozil showed yesterday just what he’s about and I hope that wonderful performance will go along way to silencing his critics, especially the Arsenal fans because they are the ones who will eventually destroy him and push him out.

Oxlade Chamberlain, well what a player he is, even when he made a mistake, he was the one back in defence making a last ditch tackle to make amends…

Captain Thomas, well for his first game in a long long time was very steady and if ends up playing in Germany, then I don’t think we have anything to worry about…

Credit to Arsene Wenger too, he made changes at the right time and they worked.

Better without Jack was the call here on HH yesterday, I personally feel it’s a bit too early to say that but time will tell…

If I’m wrong, I don’t care because life isn’t always about proving you are right is it? Is it?

Great result and the performance wasn’t too bad either was it…

Transfer gossip:

The Metro report that we can sign Morata IF we pay £25 Million to Real Madrid.

The Sunday People report that Arsene Wenger wants Loic Remy in the summer and will activate his £8 million get out clause which Qpr have in place and the same newspaper suggests that the reason our manager has yet to sign his new contract is due to him wanting reassurance that he will remain in total charge of which players come and go at the club.

If true, that does kind of suggest that the owner/board want us to be more proactive this summer. Well good, Arsene Wenger can name his most wanted and let someone else take it from there and get the deals done nice and early.

We certainly need a few don’t we……

That’s your lot for another day, I hope we get Wigan in the semi-final…….

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323 comments on “Remy deal on? £25 Million for Morata & It takes two baby as Wembley date secured….

  1. Morning again Rico and all. Wenger made the subs at the right time yesterday too. They made the difference in many ways.

  2. Morning again to you Adam and all…

    Totally agree. I was surprised to see OC go off but, AW got it spot on. Maybe he was tiring.

    Thought Giroud took his goals very well too, a very good striker to have coming off of the bench.

    My concern though is our midfield, the defensive side to it is very average…

  3. not doubt the usual 60 odd minute changes worked well – good win and now for the draw – thought we should have grabbed Remy before now but there ya go

  4. Rico. Just a few minutes before Ox was subbed he lost a ball wide right just in front of us. You could see that he was all in and his legs had gone and he didn’t chase back as he had been doing all game. It obviously didn’t go unnoticed as Wenger took him off just a few minutes later. It was a great piece of work by Arsene who knew that, at that stage, we needed sharpness.
    Giroud, like Clare Balding, looked leaner and sharper too.

  5. plenty of tests await our midfield defensive mentalities Rico, i do agree not one of the strongest parts of our game

  6. We should Oz…

    Makes sense then Adam. I do love watching Rosicky chase after the ball, makes me chuckle…

  7. That’s what concerns me Oz…

  8. Very good performance.
    We pushed forward a little too mich at times leaving our back 4 eposed, but hat is probablly the only flaw in that performance.
    Morning all.
    Adam, got your response…….great to see the atmosphere was as good as it seemed on television.
    Morning everyone.

  9. Boring Boring Lucky Chelsea

  10. Need a Yaya Toure kind of a player imho…

  11. Morning Kev…

  12. Morning all, Glad to hear Pat is on the mend. Got to say that he was looking ill before he retired but i assume that was the results we had. But glad he is recovering. Pat should be a reminder to all of the Arsenal team, that being loyal is appreciated by the supporters and should any of them last as long with the dignity of Pat, they will also be appreciated.
    Yesterday the team and Wenger did us all proud, I know many had their doubts, but even so a tight game where i feel the scoreline didn’t actually show how close the 2 sides were. Arsenal i felt was comfortable all afternoon, and their goals came at the right time. Teamwork was the key and they all worked for one another a very workmanlike performance. If i had one criticism it would be our heading. Clearing headers seem to me to be just anywhere with no thought to where it is going as long as its up field. I would like to see our boys at least trying to put it to one of ours. apart from that a very good display.

    Morning all Very good post Rico.
    My timing is shit again as i just wrote this on the old post, now and again we agree Rico, and today is one of them :)

  13. Morning All
    Morning Rico, great post.
    Morning Lee, Adam, Scott et al….

    It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day in London…

  14. Thanks Sp, that’s a rarity these days….

    Thanks Kev, it is here too. A good day to sit in the garden with a coffee…

  15. Kev, mother nature knows i am heading over soon, and is beng kind :)

  16. Man Utd want Vermaelen to replace Vidic.

    I doubt we’ll ever sell a player to them again and certainly not another captain….

  17. It’ll be snowing by then Scott.. ;)

  18. interesting interview with Sherwood Kev after the Chelsea smashing – very much heart on sleeve stuff. Nice to see a manager actually give an honest appraisal and he was right his team caved in big time. Mourinho has Chelsea right on track again.

  19. good observation sp1 and agree really hope Pat has got control of his illness. Lovely to see him there yesterday

  20. Oz, i saw that, and he knows he has plenty of players not putting in.

  21. he was clearly gutted at the lack of spine shown and good on him for coming clean with his true feelings. Player backlash now? There shouldn’t be, they should stand up like men and take it on the chin.

  22. Good summary of proceedings yesterday…

    Oz, you got the result you want re the sperds losing…

  23. Lady Rico, I have a post for you for Tuesday ;)

    Will send later on…

  24. Sitting in the garden is a wonderful thought Rico, but a cuppa is more to my liking… ;-)

    Sitting outside the British Museum isn’t as enjoyable… :-|

    Scott, you just make sure that you bring your good fortune with you on your visit, and make sure to take it the City and Chelsea games…. :-)

  25. tsgh – hi mate. Just what the doctor ordered, kicked their asses big time. last thing we need is them lot getting on a good winning run now.

  26. Kev, pencil those 9 points in…..i include Swansea at home :)

  27. what time is the FA Cup draw?

  28. so Ian Wright makes the cup draw – hull is it then ;-)

  29. A very good match report, Rico, thank you and it was pleasant reliving the good moments just by reading it. :-)

    If the Mirror report is true that Wenger is not signing his new contract until he gets the all clear to carry on the transfer business just the way he likes, then that will probably give us more transfer window worries while he phaffs around looking for a ‘bargain’.

    For example, if the latest rumours are accurate, that we are interested in getting Remy for £8m or Moratta for £25m – I think we already know which one Arsene will go for, even if Moratta is the better player.

    I hope the Mirror are wrong.

  30. Thanks Ts, good news for me then :)

  31. Thanks Hb.

    If The Mirror report is true and the board/SK say no, he may very well not sign a new contract… ;)

  32. Ozgunner,

    I am not sure Sherwood did us any favours by razzing the Spurs players so publicly for lack of spirit etc.

    That is designed to make sure they come at us as hard as they can, and in a finely balanced game that can just make all the difference.

    Managers do not make those sort of comments just for the sake of it, or to be ‘honest’ I am afraid.

  33. Cup of tea is my preferred too Kev, but already had 3 this morning, was due a change ;)

  34. I reckon that battering will only gee them up for next weekend…

  35. I hope for Wigan, means City are out :)

  36. Rico,

    I hope you are right, because we need AW to select the players he wants and for the club’s financial people to do the rest.

    My worry, is that if the story is true, i feel the the Board are so devoted to Arsene, and from their perspective it is understandable, that they will give in and agree to his demands.

    That would be a big mistake.

  37. much prefer that than them going to Chelsea and winning

  38. ha! good point Rico – Wigan athletic FA Champions, who’d have thought it hey?

  39. Henry – they have a game before they face us i think mate – the euro league do they call it :-) Tough game too, Benfica is it not? They will be well there for the taking by the time we get there

  40. I am off…..night all.
    8 working days to go…….i can do it, surely.

  41. night buddy

  42. Maybe its me but have you noticed how big games have been spoilt by very dodgy decisions. I start with our game against Stoke, One point behind the leaders and we needed a win to put pressure on and the referee gives a penalty for Kosi’s hand ball. Penalty and sending off. Killed the game off and handed the points to Stoke. Chavs V Spuds, Looking like Maureen might lose his home record Chavs not been playing well and Spuds begining to jel Diver Eto tried before to get free kicks with dives that Tom Daley would have been proud of. Then low and behold a very light touch in the box and i don’t think it was a direct chance to score and again a penalty with a sending off game over. Manchester Utd Van the man commits a terible tackle Yellow card rightly so but then commits another no other choice but to send him off but of course the referee chats to him and allows him to stay. David Moyes knows how lucky his team has been and hykes him of after that Utd had an easy afternoon. I know i moan and i know i always say the league is fixed but how much more of these blatent wrong decisions have we got to take. Chavs amassing points while teams have games in hand that should never be the case no team should ever have more than one game behind the others.

  43. Oz, I didn’t see the Sherwood interview, but I saw the entire game and I actually thought that Chelsea were lucky.
    Vertonghen slipped (unlucky) but why he didn’t just knock the ball out for a throw mystifies me?
    The penalty was very very soft, Eto’o is a serial cheat whose body posture most of thr time is horizontal. He also does a great job at pleading with referee’s, a talent he has perfected over his 25/35/45 years as a professional footballer…
    The third goal was just moronic by the Spud defender. Again, head the ball out for a throw, but instead he heads it back towards his goal and into the path of Ba.
    The forth came again from a Spud defender slipping and allowing Ba the vital space and time he needed to get his shot away.
    Was that result due to brillant play by Chelsea?
    I don’t think so….

  44. I can see where AW is coming from Hb, as the manager he should decide who signs and who goes, but he shouldn’t be involved in any of the financial side to any deal and imo, that’s what happens now.

    Name his targets then bugger off on a cruise or something… ;)

  45. Under Martinez though Oz, not sure they are the same these days…

    Fingers crossed City do an Arsenal and think the game is won before they turn up and then lose…..

  46. sp1 – there are teams who might throw a few Arsenal decisions this season as being rather fortunate mate – what goes around comes around. I think this season has been one of the fairest (Fergie retirement anyone?) for some time. We all have to play 38 games mate, you’re either good enough or you are not. Do agree on the fixtures as City are now under huge pressure but hats off to Chelsea for making it that way. Spurs were never going to Stamford Bridge and winning.

  47. Night Scott..

  48. We didn’t have a player sent off against Stoke Sp…

    Our performance was woeful, had it not been, I doubt we’d be worrying about that dodgy penalty

  49. Kev, neither Sherwood or I agree mate. Spurs were never going to win that game and they didn’t. If we’d have beaten them by that score we’d all be in party mode. Sherwood was right his team just didn’t make a game of it when the questions were asked. Eto and serial cheat???

  50. Agree Rico

  51. Morning Oz, you have your view which i your entitled too, but i am afraid i disagree. Yes your right that this season we have had a few calls for, but you know as well as me that has not always been the case. We are now at the time of the season where decisions are crucial having a few decisions for at the start of the season wins you nothing but in the last 8 or 10 can win you trophies. What comes round does not even it self up as our trophy cabinet is still empty.

  52. i think instead of looking at the refs you may focus your attention on our manager and board and our complete lack of ambition mate – we reap what we sow, never better highlighted than watching that poor soul so completely out of his depth running around in our forward line last night. I have no sympathy at all for Wenger. You are right of course mate, it is only personal opinion.

  53. I actually think some of the referee’s performances during our matches has been nothing short of woeful.

    When we draw or lose it’s easy to point the finger at the referee, but invariably, our own performances during those matches needed to be questioned too…

    After all, when a decision goes our way and we win, no-one moans about the referee then ;)

  54. I truly felt for Sanogo yesterday Oz, but I don’t blame him at all…

  55. i don’t either Rico – I felt for the kid TBH

  56. Oz. I have to agree re Sanogo.

  57. We seem to be at loggerheads mate, Wenger and the board have got their faults God forbid i have moaned enough but were in 3rd place and were through to the next round of Fa cup and were still in Europe I dont think thats bad for Arsenals manager and the board. but of course we all differ

  58. Seems as though Bendtner is now completely out of favour.

  59. Sure does Adam, strange really considering…. I did read that he was injured…

  60. Sanogo did a job, yes he finds it hard at the moment but i agree with Wenger decision to play him. Bandtners off and i am glad Sanogo is for the future and he has come in for some very tough games, But the guy has tried his best and i don’t think he has done bad against very good sides. Wenger made the change and Giroud came on when players had tired but Wenger made the right choices.

  61. Rico. Perhaps he has been involved some threesomes?
    As for Sanogo, I think it is difficult for a club of Arsenal’s stature to blood and develop young players like him. The only way you can get away with it is if you don’t have a proper strike force.

  62. Ah, maybe it was him Adam…. ;)

  63. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Rico – Good game report. It makes a great difference when the whole team plays as a team with all hands to the pump in defense. As already noted, even Ozil and Santi were tracking back to help out.

  64. Kev – Boring Boring Chelski certainly had some help from their opposition. If they were being honest, the Tiny Totts should be given credit for the assist on a few of Chelski’s goal. An abject display by our ‘neighbours’.

  65. sp1, not logger heads bud, just different opinions is all. I have agreed with you far more often than i have disagreed in truth.

  66. Morning Cg, thank you, certainly much easier to write after a performance like yesterdays…

  67. Wenger has had his fingers burned again after the Bendtner ‘great striker’ remarks. Hopefully we will finally see the back of the fool this time and Wenger won’t stop any more of his transfers.

  68. Sanogo did a decent job, he is young and raw, but wont improve without game time. I would rather we played him than the Danish Nut Job. I wouldn’t trust Bendtner to put in an honest effort.

  69. Sp, where we finish is all that counts…

    Nothing is won in March ;)

  70. Fair do’s Oz :)

  71. Very true Rico, but its nice to be in the mix.

  72. off to work team – fingers crossed on the cup draw – see you all tomorrow

  73. There was a moment in the match which could have really boosted Sanogo, he was in the right place, just in front of goal and free.

    Can’t remember who passed to him but the ball was just behind Sanogo and he couldn’t get a good touch on it..

    A better ball into him, may just have got him on the score sheet..

    He’s very raw but there’s certainly something about him. Once we sign a striker in the summer, a 6 month loan at a Championship club could be the making of him, as long as they play him of course…

  74. It is Sp, just think where we could be though had we signed a striker and winger back in the summer… ;)

  75. Just remembered that we (North America) change back to Daylight Savings Time this morning. So, I’ve already lost another hour and am off to bed.

    Keep The Faith! and pray for a good draw in the FA Cup semis.

  76. Giroud came on and ended up being the darling of the Emirates, Sanogo went off a little dejected. He would have learned a lot yesterday, when he sat down in the stands and watched Giroud like a hawk which all CF do he would have noticed how Giroud moved into positions he would also know that Giroud is not the fastest but he saw his positioning and his one touch goals . Next time he plays that will be going through his mind and all i think he needs is to score a goal and his confidence will soar. Sanogo is quite a big lad but he is coming up against defenders who will hit him in the back kick him almost everytime he recieves the ball and some of these guys will tell him what they think of him. First team selection is all about settleing in and it wont be long when he will be getting bookings and getting stuck in. In all honstly i dont think he will go on loan, only should he get injured. In fact i feel Giroud would go before him, now thats a statment eh.

  77. off out catch you all later

  78. Bye Oz, Sp and Cg, go steady..

  79. Sanago, at his age is going to be a fine stricker in the future, but should be giving a playing time to mature. The win is a sweet one against eveton, and if tuesday game is played with more added spirit to win, we will have a possitive result against bayern. I believe in the posibility. Gunners 4ever.

  80. Welcome AA – I personally feel we need a miracle, but they happen sometimes…

  81. Looks like Sheffield Utd are going to be in the draw, two quick goals and game over…

  82. Arsenal vs Sheffield United in the final…?

    Works for me… :-)

  83. Yeah, works for me as well… :-D

  84. :) Kev, any but City would do me….

  85. Great point Rico, gotta say, you’re on form today… :-P

  86. Sheffield and us in the pot then….

  87. It’s the sunshine Kev ;)

  88. My son worked yesterday, instead of going to the game Rico.
    Priorities and all that jazz.

    But he popped into a pub close to Liverpool St on the way home, when the scores was 1-1…
    Unfortunately, and in his words ‘It was like walking into the Tottenham Supporters Club’… :-(
    But he then enjoy 40 odd delicious minutes of listening to a pub-full of Spuds agonising as Arsenal scored 3 goals, including that twice taken penalty…
    He said it was difficult to contain his emotions at times, but it was fantastic listening to them all urging on Everton and looking sicker and sicker as Arsenal advanced into the Semi-Finals… :lol:

  89. Yes, I luv the sunshine as well Rico

  90. :) Kev, that’s funny, I bet your son couldn’t stop laughing….

  91. Staying out of it today though, haven’t got my suntan cream yet ;)

  92. The last time we played a poor team in a final, as I recall, we lost!
    Prophet of doom semi will be against citeh! Wrighty will see to it., so he can have something to carp about on 606 tonight.
    It will be a Citeh Sunderland final, citeh will win and Sunderland will be relegated!
    I do this prediction stuff for free but my observations can be paid for, just contact the Fixers Board c/o The FA, Wembley.

    Afternoon everybody.

  93. Rico, he wanted to stay until the final whistle, but he told me he just had to get out as he was struggling to contain himself…
    Wish I’d been in there with him..

  94. You are a breath of fresh air Wavy ;)

    He should have stayed to watch the Spud game Kev ;)

  95. Or should I say, ray of sunshine Wavy ;)

  96. Hull should have had a second penalty, O’shea really is rubbish..

  97. Hull 2-0, that’s them in the draw, now just one more to go….

  98. 3-0, definitely game over..

    Come on Wigan ;)

  99. Knowing the way are luck with draws this season it’s city then.

  100. Feeling pretty bullish today rico, don’t care who we get in the semi’s.

    What time is the draw ?

  101. Our luck

  102. 15.50 according to BBC website but its not! Just back from a weekend away, great result. We deserve Sheff Utd after Spuds, Liv Eve. Lets see!

  103. I’ve got a touch of the Wavy’s, it definately won’t be Sheffield Utd Andrew !

  104. Ah it’s on now !!!

  105. F it city it is

  106. 4 pm
    How is everibody?

  107. Bugger, it’s City or Wigan…

    Come on Wigan….

  108. Citeh it is then, they would have to be despatched sooner or later if we wanna go on and win it.

  109. what a surprise!

  110. If we do go on and win we will definitely deserve it…Spurs, Liverpool, Everton and City on route to the final is pretty unlucky.

    Ok we got home draws, but still…

  111. If you are going to win, you have to beat the best Micko… :)

  112. Re my earlier prediction, I got some of it right – Sunderland to be relegated!

  113. The fa cup final has come early this year rico, Hull must be very happy.

  114. You been dabbling with those tea leaves again Wavy !

  115. I hate always being right.

  116. Oops, you’d already said that Micko ;)

  117. Hull have been happy since the day they sacked Brown Micko..

  118. Gjoe, don’t you start all that ‘being right’ stuff ;)

  119. rico, my local team Southend not so happy!

  120. The truth is the truth but come on Wigan

  121. Ah, have they got Brown now then? If so, they sure have been tango’d ;)

  122. This coud be the mosdt significant day for Arsenal in last 9 years..

  123. rico, 3 points from our last 15

  124. Hi Stv, long time and all that, you well?

    Sack him I say Ah, that’s shocking….

  125. Go Wigan, 1-0 up….

  126. Come on Wigan put it to the universe

  127. Hello rico I am fine. not getting to hh as I’d like :)

  128. Good to hear you are well but a shame you can’t get on HH Stv :(

    Gjoe, knowing their luck it will end 5-1…

  129. Get in there Wigan. 2-0

  130. I’ll be around rico sure ;)

  131. Would be nice to see Yaya get sent off…. :)

  132. Good Stv…. :)

    So close to being 3-0 ….

  133. That’s our last remaining challenger for our trophy being punched

  134. Blimey – 3 changes on 50 mins by Pellagrini…

    That’s brave, yet very risky….

  135. Long way to go yet though….

  136. That’s good, 3 subs on and Yaya looks like he’s struggling but still on the pitch..

    Fingers crossed, go Wigan, go Wigan….

  137. Come on Wigan….

  138. Absobloodylutely Kev :P

  139. I got the subs wrong, Toure is off…

  140. If Wigan survive this onslaught, hats off to them….

  141. Hold on lads, we’re all behind you

  142. City’s goal should have not been allowed…. :(

  143. I feel like i’m a Wigan fan Kev ;)

  144. Why not Rico?
    I daren’t watch, just in case I inadvertently change citeh’s ability to score!
    Oh chuff it they have!

    Come oooooon Wigan you can hang on……how about a classic breakaway? arsenal style of course?

  145. This could be so important for us. And its not in our hands.

  146. It’s almost too much to bear watching this…

    It’s sad times that were that worried about meeting city in the semis, but you kinda know how that mind turn out eh!

  147. How long to go?

  148. Offside by an interfering player Wavy.

    Too F*****g long Lee….

  149. Woody, it is. So so want a Wigan victory…

  150. 10 mins Lee..

  151. Wigan could have gone 3 up but numpty nutts shot instead of playing a pass…

  152. It’s just unbearable…

    We really should win this cup if wigeon best city.

    The again we should have won the carling cup final against a poor Birmingham team

  153. They’ve been flying under Uwe Rosler, can’t be more than 10 minutes Lee.

  154. Fortune I meant, not numpty nutts ;)

  155. “Nanny McPhee 2″ taking precedence at the moment….the joys of young children! :lol:

  156. This is worst than watching Arsenal try and hold on ;-)

  157. It’s painful

  158. The film is shit if anyone gives a monkey’s!

  159. :) Lee, must be tough. I had to suffer some of the ‘oval ball’ game first …..

  160. I’m on radio with no BT, dreadful!

  161. Come on the , let’s get one here

  162. I won’t get it on Amazon then ;)

    Woody, it is….

  163. How many penalty appeals!!! Any of them valid?

  164. The rugby was good Rico!!!

  165. Jeez – 5 mins of injury time

  166. 5 mins extra time…

    Come on Wigan, just bloody hold on…

  167. I know Lee, loved it. Not keen on the Welsh…

    England look good these days,,,

  168. Lancaster could do a Woodward….

  169. I cant listen, another 5!

  170. Bollox, good chance for Wigan….

  171. 4 mins to go..

  172. Mike Brown goes out with Tony Woodcock’s daughter……

  173. 3 mins….,..

  174. 5 minutes!!
    FA got the fix in then, for their prestigious investment vis. Saudi citeh?
    Come on Wigan you can doit…..for us!

  175. Always loved Woodcock…

  176. That’s it surely…..

  177. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  178. Ours to lose!!!!! YESSS

  179. Del Boy – they’ve only gone and bloody done it!!!!

  180. Thank fuck for that!!!

  181. Wigan will be bloody tough to beat though….

  182. What a result, our boys must be thrilled to bits…

    Now go bloody win this FA Cup..

    And no tracksuits for Wembley!!!!!

  183. Fantabuloso!
    Just didn’t w
    See that coming. I’m off to polish my crystal ball, it must have gone ‘blind’
    Note of caution in my joy……if Wigan can beat citeh where does that leave us?
    Just kidding.. I hope!

  184. Oh yeah, it’s our year Gooners… :lol:

  185. So they smash us for 6 and score one against Wigan hahaha the football gods are smiling on arsene now!! Amazing well done Wigan see you at wembley lads

  186. I love you rico …..

    “That’s your lot for another day, I hope we get Wigan in the semi-final…….”

  187. It’s certainly all in our hands now……

    Turn up, give 100% and take it seriously.

    I think we will……

  188. We’ll have to live with the tag “Its ours to lose now” for the next couple of months.

  189. Don’t care Micko, if we cant beat Hull & Wigan after the fiasco against Birmingham, then we don’t deserve anything. This is our big chance

  190. I watched both games today Micko, and neither will be easy. If we get by Wigan

    But, if we turn up, and we play like we did yesterday, we really can win this FA Cup.

    But if we turn up in tracksuits and think it’s our name on the cup like we did when we faced B’ham, we’ll lose.

    The other three clubs will want this, we have to want it more. We certainly need it more….

  191. An amazing line up of teams for the semi’s who’s have thought – all home draws now this. Writing on the wall? Still got to get it done but could we have had a better chance now?

  192. Rico
    Just back in form walk well done Wigan I told you the universe has a sick sense of humour. But yippie

  193. Back to work what a great result that was 😃

  194. The interesting thing is how Wigan held on.

    City battered them but there were very few out and out chances, and I think we are better in that department..

  195. Why not go all out for Bayern then..

  196. No one else has put out three teams like Liverpool, Spurs, Everton, all teams that could have won it. Well …. not spurs!

  197. I think we will and rightly so Stv. Because that’s our next game…

  198. Ah :)

    When you put it like that……

  199. Off to get dinner now… With a skip in my step ;)


  200. City goal had a player interfering in the goal. It wolud be not a valid goal.
    Well, probably we are lucky but we may don’t miss that Wigan it was the last winnwr of the FA Cup
    The game will be in wembley?
    Nevertheless, I think will be better then citizens.. and we can go throught and reach the final
    Come on Arsenal!

  201. Morning all.
    I slept well, and have woken up even better.
    Citeh gooooone……….aaahhhhhh, the thought of it is just sensational.
    Before the SF, i hope the boys watch a replay of Bradford game, then before the final, Birmingham.
    Somehow, i think we uave a much more resilient lot, but still, they need to be sparked into action.
    Must say, just s
    Reading back, it was funny that people were dreading the thought of meeting Citeh…no such thing as a certainty in football :)

  202. Jm, I didn’t think \City’s goal should have been allowed either..

    And yes, the semi finals are at Wembley… Will be a tough game…

  203. Hi Scott. Not the fear of playing City, just the sheer delight they were knocked out…

    There’s a difference…. ;)

  204. yes, rico, Fear against Wigan because they are the “owners” of the cup and of course they wantreach the final again. But in a normal conditions, we can go forward.

  205. I have to say I was dreading it and simply because our big game record has been poor in recent years.

  206. We are very different to City on the attack Jm, I also think we are more solid in defence. But it will be a tough game I’m sure…

  207. Exactly Woody, mind you, the two losses last season in the cups still haunt me so our record against lower sides of late isn’t good either…

  208. I’m done for the day now, too much excitement.. ;)

    Night all, enjoy the rest of your day….

  209. I have a couple of wishes. In the utopian world of my imagination, I should like Arsenal to win the FA Cup and the League, but if we cannot win the latter then for one season only please let citeh win it. I cannot envisage a world where the poisoned dwarf struts his stuff ramming his middle finger up to everyone arrogantly and contemptuously! It would make me mad! Not sure i could stomach Brenda winning it either!

    COYRRGS for all those silver starved fans

  210. rico 6.12, I wouldn’t fancy my chances wrestling you for the remote control !
    No quadruple for Citeh this season, by Wednesday the triple will probably have been just a distant dream as well, gotta feel for the Northern monkeys.

  211. Guys, i wasn’t having a crack, it just read beautifully……..dread to ecstacy over a few hours, which took about two minutes to read.
    It was great :)

  212. Evening all,
    Very happy with how the draw worked out with the afternoons Results. But not because City got knocked out, but because they cannot win a Quad. Any competition that reaches the semi’s means that a lot of good teams have played and been knocked out which in turn tells us that all teams left in have done very well and deserve their place. Past years have seen Arsenal knocked out in the final few games so every game is important. The word favourites will come up a lot in the next few weeks and its important for Gooners not to get carried away. A competition is not won till the last game, The teams left in are there for the simple reason that they have excelled themselves the same as us against Everton. Every team could be a potential winner, so concentration and homework is the order of the day. I stand by what i have said all season, One game at a time and by that i mean another game against the European champions, A tough ask i know but i believe we can do it. Lets worry about the next game first as that is also very important. COYRRG’s

  213. Steve, it is a longshot, but imagine if we won the double?
    Still, as it stand i would take the FA cup, as my recent post here predicted :)

  214. Morning Scott, Yeh a great weekends football without a doubt, Your prediction blinding, I have to appologise to you from the other day where i misinterpreted your post’ and of course Rico corrected me, But you know me i do tend to get a few things wrong, :)

  215. Maybe Lady Luck is smiling on us again, at last, Rico… :-)

    Two visits to Wenbley then a knees-up outside Islington Town Hall, coming up!

  216. Steve, no need at all apologise mate, i get as much wrong as anyone :)
    Kev, it is about time that, not only did we have some luck, but we take advantage of it.
    Right now, there is not a factor on the world stopping us from winning the Cup final bar our own arrogance or complacency, and if that is allowed, then Arsene should be hung, drawn and quartered, alongside our squad :)

  217. this result shows why its the greatest sport on the planet – super stuff Wigan but be warned, your time has come

  218. We are due, Oz :)

  219. run em off their legs at Wembley sunshine – They give us 68% possession and its good night nurse

  220. there are a number of posts around concerning Wenger’s luck at how things have turned out. Far be it from me to defend the prat but we have beaten three top six sides along the way so fully deserve our place in my opinion.

  221. Morning Roco and all. I am up bright and early as per usual (not).
    How does Lee manage it every day? :)

  222. Morning Adam, who is this Roco? :)

  223. Morning Kev -it’s about time…… :)

    Morning Scott, Oz and all

  224. Oops, sorry Rico.
    It was early though. :)

  225. :) Adam, just kidding with you…

  226. What was that Crufts winner??

  227. Bloody hell…..

  228. A pre 7.00am party….

  229. Surely we can’t fuck this potential piece of silverware up?

  230. Or b)………

  231. Blimey. That Poodle. Was that weird or what?
    I like dogs but think that Crufts is really about the strange obsessives that do that stuff to them. I could even believe it to be cruel at some level. Surely a dog should be just that and not some bizarre creature. When the commentator tried to make out that the “cut” was perfectly natural for a working water dog I just laughed. The Pekinese from the previous evening looked just about the most uncomfortable little creature I have ever seen.
    And the American Cocker with that tiny head was also very strange. Mind you, Clare Balding in those skin tight trousers was almost as unsettling. :)

  232. It must of been like a Korean smorgasbord……

  233. Morning Adam, Rico, Scott and all..

  234. Morning Lee. Amazing how a little sunshine wakes us up earlier…

    b) by the way….

  235. Totally agree Adam, let a dog be a dog and judge them on natural beauty, nothing else.

    Poor Claire ;)

  236. Lee. Dog people at that level are like meth tweakers. They always want to go further and get a bit higher. The result is that poor Poodle.
    The help Dogs are wonderful though. I much prefer them.

  237. Rico. You have to admit that those trousers were way too tight. She may have lost weight but inside there is a big woman wanting to get out. :)
    I watched the people bouncing around as much as the dogs. There were some really odd people too.

  238. I wanted the Rottie to win…

  239. How did I know that was coming Adam… ;)

    I’m saying nothing… ;)

  240. I wanted the woman who was 5 feet tall with a 68 inch DDD bust crammed into a 1950’s tweed suit to win.

  241. If we finish 3rd in the PL and win the FA Cup, I’d be pretty happy…

  242. Adam did you see Eto sniffing poppers before the kick off on Saturday evening?

  243. I could never trust a Rottweiler. I liked the Fox terrier.

  244. If we finish third I’ll be happy…. ;)

  245. I did Lee. The horrible cheating git.

  246. They are wonderful dogs Adam, IF they have responsible owners.
    :) Lee, at least we can say we’ve been to Wembley…

  247. Rico. I don’t like the idea of giving a home to an animal that could kill you if it got the hump.
    After my last two trips to Wembley I doubt I shall go this time.

  248. Morning Lee, Adam and Roco…. ;-)

    Wembley here we come…

  249. I like the idea of walking one who would look after me if someone else got the hump ;)

    :) Kev…

  250. I am really looking forward to the Semi-Final, as the atmosphere should be electric, due to there being more proper fans at that game…
    The Final isn’t as good due to the thousands of day-trippers and hangers-on who snaffle tickets from sponsors, the FA, club officials/staff and other legitimate touts…

    Adam, you should go mate, third time lucky…

  251. how about third and 12 points or more off the top Rico?

  252. Rico, I grew up with Rotties and they are wonderful dogs however when their owners are bellends it can ruin them!

  253. Now now Oz… ;)

  254. I shall consider it then Kev. :)
    Point taken re the Rotties but they worry me when I go to a house that has one that keeps sniffing you below the waist as their owner assures you that the dog is “alright really”.

  255. Morning guys.
    So many of you already up and active….i’m impressed :)

  256. When is the SF on?

  257. I never knew that Lee, how lucky you were. I share your opinion on them, wonderful dogs, dickhead owners who have lead to so much bad press.

    Same with most dogs, if they are trained and exercised properly, they are fine but putting a big dog in a small home and don’t walk it, is a recipe for disaster…

  258. April I think Scott

  259. 12/13th April..

  260. :) Adam, no dog is fussy where they sniff…

  261. Rico. My writing colleague has one and he is a dickhead of major proportions. That dog freaks me out and I always ask for him to be locked in another room as I can easily imagine his jaws clamped around my privates. He spends the whole time barking and crashing against the door until he is allowed in when I am told not to make any sudden movements.
    Mind you, I was savaged by a Chihuahua several years ago.

  262. I know Rico. Some bigger dogs who have taken a shine to my groin have been most embarrassingly gauche about it.
    At least with a goldfish you don’t get that sort of nonsense.

  263. :-) Rico

  264. The South African police have said that Oscar Pistorius may get the electric chair.If you ask me he was dangerous enough on a pair of prosthetic legs why give him a mobility scooter????

  265. ‘I was savaged by a Chihuahua’ hahaha the mind boggles

  266. Says it all Adam, the owner….. But dogs usually love humans if they have been properly socialised when young…

    Is the Chihuahua ok? lol

  267. :lol: Lee, that’s so so funny.

  268. Love it, Lee :)
    Rico, you’d think they’d schedule it better, like when i’m there.

  269. i’d write and complain Scott – most inconsiderate mate

  270. Roses are red
    Violets are glorious
    Don’t use the bathroom
    If you’re with Pistorious.

    Told to me at the Emirates on Saturday.

  271. Rico. I wear a cricket box when I go round there these days. :)

  272. Morning all.
    Just been reading Oliver Giroud’s statment to le Equp (spelling) saying that he has offered apologies to his with and Wenger and the fans for his behaviour with an underwear model, He said that he shared dialogue with Wenger who has backed him and he wants to put the whole episode behind him. Reading between the lines i think Oliver was only trying to help the model straighten her gusset but i also feel that his team mates also offered their support, Bendtner allegedly offered to take the wife for a Piza and a safe drive home While i hear that Wenger wanted to offer his support in taking her for a weekend trip to a nice little French Hotel he knows, Ex Tony Adams said he’ll drink to that and Merse said he bets it happens again. Ex Cashley said he will help anyway he can and Theo has said she may just need a bit of the treatment table. My suggestion is for her to get a dog, go for long walks and think of Cruffs.

  273. Touche Adam…..very good!

  274. You’d think so Scott.

  275. :) Adam on both but you’d need more than a cricket box….

  276. Rico. How about a stainless steel codpiece? :)

  277. That’s more like it Adam… lol

  278. No quite sure what you mean there Sp… ;)

  279. Right Roco, Missed out the chickens :)

  280. You leave my chickens alone ;)

  281. Everyone’s up early this morning it seems. Except Wath of course.

  282. Oz, i already have hahahaha.

  283. That’ll get him here…. lol

  284. Surely Wenger wouldn’t sell Vermaelen to Man Utd?

  285. Wouldn’t need to if Wenger made him a midfielder

  286. Didn’t he say we would never sell to them again?

  287. SP. I have never got that idea myself.

  288. We shouldn’t sell Yanited a bloody thing, unless it’s ticking :)

  289. I hope not rico. I imagine Moyes might want to swap him for that knob VP.

  290. Scott. Or extremely toxic.

  291. That would really piss me off….

  292. Jacks out for the remainder of the season wouldn’t hurt to give him a couple of games. I know he likes playing CD but i think he could really enjoy creating. and he likes a header up front. Or am i just trying to keep him. :)

  293. Toys were out of the pram after van rapist got subbed yesterday.

  294. SP. Apart from one major cock-up he played well on Saturday. Especially considering his lack of playing time.

  295. Adam, combine the two…..simple lol

  296. Scott. You have an evil side I think. :)

  297. Lee. He’s never really understood that No means No.

  298. to leave the squad with only 2 recognised CB’s would be criminal, can’t see that happening, surely the depth lesson has been learned by now.

  299. Oz. He would need to be replaced surely?

  300. Adam – with what exactly? We both know the answer don’t we, more money in the bank?

  301. I am sweet and innocent, Adam, truly i am :)

  302. Oz. I am with you. But I understand TV’s desire to play more often.

  303. Can’t believe you wouldn’t welcome RvP back :lol:

    Adam, I think AW/Arsenal learned from the fans reaction to selling RvP to the Mancs…

  304. Scott. Funnily enough, so am I. :)

  305. I can see TV leaving, and Podolski.

  306. Rico. Would you welcome RVP back?

  307. The rapist can find a dead bear and stick his head up it!

  308. Would I heck Adam, he’s made his bed!

  309. New post up now…

  310. Even Wenger must realise that Theo Jack and Aaron have injury problems all have regular spells out . I would feel that Wenger will realise that by how he brought in the Sweede. I would imagine that his buys in the next window would reflect that Should Giroud keep scoreing and with Sanogo taking off the pressure by just being there makes me think that a CF will be a secondary signing

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