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Wenger singled out by FA Chief. Time to show what we are really about….

Morning all.

Greg Dyke, Chairman of the FA has had this to say about the lack of young English players in the top league:

It comes down to two basic arguments, the Arsene Wenger argument which says your boys are just not good enough and the other says they are, but there’s a blockage.

There clearly is a blockage at certain clubs of getting young boys enough experience to get into the best leagues in the world.

I think we are the last club he should be citing for young players not getting their chance. Ok sometimes one or two in our squad could play more often but that’s a different matter all together. Also, he’d have been a lot more wise not to single out Arsene Wenger when right across the Premier League, there are many clubs who aren’t fielding many English players. Added to that, we have many younger English players coming through our Academy, can many other clubs boast the same?

I doubt it and in my opinion this just proves that when the FA get a sniff at the chance to take a swipe at Wenger and the club they do. Just like they send out weak and totally inept referees to most of our matches, especially when it’s a tough game and a tough impartial referee is required.

Anyway, it’s FA Cup day, 12.45 ko against Everton at The Emirates and Mark Clattenburg is the man in charge of the whistle.

Antolin Alcaraz could return for the visitors but Phil Jagielka could remain on the sidelines with a hamstring injury. Joel Robles is expected to continue in goal as he has done throughout the FA Cup and Lukaku will no doubt start having recovered from injury.

Lacina Traore, Bryan Oviedo, Darron Gibson and Arouna Kone all remain sidelined for the visitors.

We have a long list of injuries ourselves, Walcott, Ramsey, Kallstrom, Diaby, Wilshere, Monreal and possibly Koscielny.

Everton played an amazing game against us at the Emirates. We have to play them again in the FA Cup and we know it won’t be an easy.

We’re talking about Everton but we could easily to talk about every team in England. That’s part of the English game. When you want to win a game you have to first of all win the challenge and win the battle in the midfield.

But if you don’t manage to put your team on the same level or an even higher level in terms of intensity, in terms of [the] physical aspect than the other team, you have no chance to play your game.

Mathieu Flamini is of course referring to the league fixture we played out with Everton earlier in this season.

Everton came to us and started more like they were the home side and to be honest, we did very well to hold on so long without conceding a goal. Ross Barkley was causing plenty of problems, as was Lukaku up front but were having one of those ‘off days’. No matter how many goal scoring opportunities we created, that darn ball wouldn’t go into the back of the net.

Ozil finally broke the deadlock on the  day with under ten minutes left in the game after a super ball was played to the back post by Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott headed the ball back across the area, Giroud totally fluffed the chance but thankfully, Ozil was lurking right behind him to smash the ball home. We had chances to increase our lead but failed to take them.

Deulofeu came on and broke our footballing hearts by grabbing an equaliser….

Today we need to start a lot more lively than we did back then, we are at home, we need to play like the home side and not let Everton get an early rhythm to their game. Close them down if we don’t have the ball and force the errors, the misplaced passes and take advantage on any given opportunity.

We must get that early control, play with a lot more urgency than we have done of late and when we get chances, take them.

This is a huge game for all sorts of reasons, the main one being we want to progress and get to Wembley. We need to win to get some confidence back and of course we need a great performance from every player who has the privilege to be playing for our club…

Every player needs be in the right frame of mind, put in the right level of commitment, passion and desire because only that will win the day…..

We have witnessed moments of all of the above at times during this season, many times but not enough.

Arsene Wenger and and many of the players talk the talk, today it’s time to walk the walk!!


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391 comments on “Wenger singled out by FA Chief. Time to show what we are really about….

  1. When I go to Sainsbury’s, I love large women squeezing me between the aisles… :-P

    Boring Boring Chelsea

  2. Morning Kev, try Morrisons, there’s more in there ;)

  3. Goodmorning house. Kev, I doubt your women are as big like the ones I have over here in Nigeria…. A tight affair at the Emirates today but I smell us coming out winners. Ozil plus some pace on the wings please Wenger!

  4. Morning all.
    How about a third argument……..coaches at the youth level are too worried about results and ignore the development of the individual?
    Well, that has certainly been the case in Australia for decades.

  5. I find the Deli to be best Kev. She pinned me between the tinned plums in Brandy and the Salami. Just along from the Penne. :)

  6. Really!!!

    Thanks for the tip Rico… ;-)

    Morning All
    Morning Rico and Adam…
    Great post, sets it up nicely for our most important game of the season to date.
    It’s gonna be a tight, tactical but physical game as Everton have few who just love to leave their foot in…
    As you said Rico, this game is made for Jenkinson, to counter Baines’ pace and give him something to think about, Jenks extra height could come in handy as well.

  7. Adam, the way you describe it is quite, er, interesting… ;-)
    I must visit your deli sometime…

  8. Tiz, in that case I must visit Nigeria, it sounds quite exciting… :-D

  9. I’d second the pace on the wings Tiz..

    Scott, imo it’s all about making the step from the reserves/youth to the next level we haven’t had enough at the level to make that step.

    Dyke can say what he likes about Wenger but reality is, not many, if any who have been let go by the club at a young age, have gone on to do big things…

  10. Good morning!
    I’ve watched Soke-Arsenal yesterday,. So awful!
    Introdution from last features from Tv’s reporter: “Arsenal fail again…”

  11. Thanks Kev, Asda is another ;)

    Everton don’t like Clattenburg, maybe he pulls them up for the constant tackling….

  12. Arsenal must win today , no way out.

  13. Jm, you were warned ;)

  14. Rico, often, it is down to the insividual, for sure, but the lack of technique is what often brings them undone.

  15. We last won the WC in 1966. There are many reasons for that and none of them are Arsene Wenger. Dyke knows as much about football as he did about TV when he ran some ghastly station or other. That is sweet FA. The reason he is involved in football at all and drawing a huge salary, is the old-boy network. He is a total knob who most likely knows where a few bodies are buried. Football in this country is weighed down by leeches like him and if there is a reason that we are unsuccessful at International level, look at cretins of his genus.

  16. Rico, you are right about young players we let go.
    Maybe the money gets to them….they lose focus??
    When that happens, their work rate drops, and everything falls apart.
    Maybe all clubs in world football come to some agreement limiting signing of players before a certain age.
    Let them do their apprenticeship thoroughly before the big dollars roll in.

  17. Maybe Jonker’s arrival in the summer will bring a few changes Scott and we start to see a few more rising to the top because as much as we have everything in place for the younger players, not enough are coming through into the first team.

    Quite a few are now at the stage in which they need to be pushing on and staking a claim. Jebb, Aneke, Akpom are just three I can think of…

  18. You don’t think much of him then Adam. ;)

    Scott, you could be right about the money, seeing young kids who have just passed their test, driving around in a £30k+ car is all wrong…

    Dyke is very quick to judge but why aren’t the FA doing something to cap wages from the top through the ranks…

  19. I love him Rico. :)
    He’s my kinda guy.

  20. Sean played Futsal last night.
    He gets an elbow to the head knocking him down, and his head absolutely crunches the floor.
    Ref does nothing.
    Opposition coach says good tackle…well, my reply was, suffice to say, straight to the point.
    Too many people who know not a bloody thing about the game coach, and the damage is often done early in a kids career.
    This coach is all about winning, which magnifies the effect his ignorance of the game has, as his kids are all about winnng.
    The kid that cleaned Sean up can play, but is a thug who walks off after each game telling everyone how many goals he scored.
    It makes me sick, because those who should be teaching him the correct way to play football do not do it…..he will be a wasted talent.
    Lst night though, to prove a point to his coach, i had Sean all over him, and the kid barely got a touch, hence the elbow…..plus, we carved them up, which, after playing good football, was pretty sweet.
    Right, rant over.
    I feel much better know :)
    3-0 win tonight.

  21. Rico, on the capping, it must be done worldwide, else it won’t work, i reckon.

  22. Adam, at last there is one… ;)

  23. I am on a roll…..apologies in advance :)
    Citeh bought an A League side in Oz.
    If Arsenal did, what a great way to blood kids.
    18-19 year olds of Arsenal quality could easily cope with the game here, and it would most definitely toughen them up.

  24. Stoke might want to sign that kid up Scott.. ;)

    That’s my point though, what are the FA doing about it, they are the ones who should be going to uefa with the idea. They may not be able to get the on board but they should at least try.

    Same with transfer fees, they are totally out of control but they do nothing to try and change this.

    But they are soon keen to send a club into liquidation….

  25. dare i say it, I think everton will put us out today. I can see them being so much more up for it than us. ive lost faith in wenger. hope im wrong. sorry.

  26. Morning Rico and HH familia…

    ”He is a total knob who most likely knows where a few bodies are buried. Football in this country is weighed down by leeches like him and if there is a reason that we are unsuccessful at International level, look at cretins of his genus.” that make me crack up…lmfao…

    So true too… maybe Dyke should speak to Fat Sam who has a few imports or Harry who’s qpr club wages are higher than bvb’s but he is such a genius that he is sitting 4th on the championship table behind the likes of Burnley and dutch speak Steve Mcclaren’s derby……

  27. arsenal and early kick off two words u don’t associate together hope the boys TURN up today

  28. Scott… Aussie Rules football is not the same just so you know… :P

  29. But will City be sending players out to Oz to play?

    With no disrespect meant, would it be any tougher for them than playing in the Championship or lower divisions in England?

    Our players go out on loan and don’t often get too much playing time..

    But that’s another story ;)

  30. Morning Ts/snaparse.

    Kick off time worries me too, need the fans today big time..

  31. Rico, fair call on FA leading the charge…
    That thug is Stoke alright.
    Trouble was, all he did was pissed Sean off, and made him even more determined.
    He gets that determination from his mother lol

  32. Rico, Snap my crystal ball tells me it will be a 2 goal win today… Toffees have not won in 19 visits here so…

    It all, depends on selection… Flamini is in so ans should be confident which will transcend onto the pitch…

  33. Rico, i’m not sure what Citeh have in mind, to be honest.
    Ginge….don’t get to cheeky :)

  34. what a disgrace QPR and harry is…poor players on absolutely crazy wages ffs what is football turning into??

  35. Happy birthday to fans favourite Flamini… 30 years today… he better make more than 3 tackles today btw… ;)

  36. Would it be better to send a player to a new club for a short spell that play a totally different style of football, or to a club that have the same system?
    I guess the answer is both, depending on the player.

  37. Yes lady Rico… no more cheekiness from me…

    where is my fave Kev by the way? The other kev who comes on once awhile… ;)

  38. Fighting…
    we are gunner…

  39. hope your crystal ball is right ts…..they have been poor away from home so

  40. What do you think of the Montolivo rumours? I believe it is old… he was on our shopping list for last summer as I said then…

    He is the more tactical Ramsey/Vidal who can do a lot for us… imo

  41. Morning TS. Glad I gave you a laugh. :)
    I am just about to leave for the game so I will catch you all later. If we lose though I shall be conspicuous by my absence and you will no doubt have to listen to Martinez rabbiting on and on and on regardless of which TV station you watch.
    Au revoir mes amis.

  42. :) Scott, good job one of you has it ;)

  43. ha ha Snap… blame Rico and Ng for that… Rico keeps criticizing it…

  44. I’d say a new club Scott, learning different sides of the game is key..

    If they stay with us, they’ll develop claws ;)

  45. I have never been a fan of loans Scott..especially to lower leagues it just doesn’t work for me

  46. I’d have thought you’d binned that crystal ball by now Ts… ;)

  47. snap, if the FA finally sort the b league out, loans could be history. Fingers crossed…

  48. Enjoy Adam… do not buy any of the michellin star battered fish skin and chips btw… :-)

  49. big montolivo fan ts..he is more a younger arteta for me and that’s what I think we need plus he is a real leader imo

  50. Rico, the kid had to get something good from his mum, didn’t he :)
    Seriously, he did not get his football ability from me, i can guarantee that lol

  51. Welcome dublingunner, I share your fear….

  52. Very sad news about the Malaysian Airline and the families of the passengers… hopefully they are safe somewhere…

  53. True Snap… I can’t believe he is 29 though…

  54. :) Scott, now that’s honesty….

  55. Snap,i think a B side in a lesser league would be great, allowing players to go through the grades with players of similar quality.

  56. Just been reading that story Ts, very very sad :(

  57. I guess so Rico..but do AFC really take loan performances seriously???Gibbs was poor while on loan but still got his chance on the other hand aneke has been impresses but still can’t get a look in…it might be me trying to make things up but u do get my drift right???

  58. Just the truth, Rico.
    My feet were always two yards behind my head.
    I was honest when i said he does things on the ball i could not at 20.
    Not sure if that is a compliment to him, or a slap on the face to me, or a bit of both hahahHa

  59. :) Scott I thought you were Mark Viduka? :-)

  60. true that Scott just like Spain do and it will take the pressure to impress out of the lads and make them learn more imo

  61. Hi all
    Unfortanly for English football there is no desire to be the best, and that’s coaches and players, coaches have endless road blocks put in front of them by the FA. I am a young coach and so I now all to well these road blocks having a level 1 and 2 in coaching the cost alone of just these two courses is unbeliaveble and the time consumption is unreal compared to the elite nations of European football. I am now currently coaching at a semi pro club academy so I can get my UEFA level 3. And as for players the mentality has to change English footballers believe they deserve a pro contract with a Hugh wage bill and add-ons, most players believe they have made it as soon as they play 10 minutes. And Wenger would be right to look else where for talented players who don’t care about money and have the desire to be the best. koscielny recently spent 600,000 to save a musical centre in his home town no English player would do that they need that money for their World Cup bing drinking in Brazil and brothel houses.

  62. Yes, very distressing news on the missing plane.

  63. tsgh, my mate bumps into Fat Sam most mornings coming out of Canary Wharf South Quay on his way to work, he has a very plush and expensive penthouse apartment there, nothing strange about that you might say, it’s just the blacked out limousine he uses quite often to take him to work in I can’t get my head around.

  64. Rico, don’t fall for Scott bigging up the A-league…

    Just watch the Standard…

  65. Ginge, i was even slower than the Duke :)

  66. can’t believed he is 29 too I swear I can still remember him been 20 few years ago oh well

  67. ha ha Micko I always suspect you and Fat Sam went way back… lol

    Maybe the Essex boys are still after him…

  68. Ginge, i never said it was great quality, mate, but it offers a decent stepping stone, imo.
    The one thing i guys do not have is a first touch.

  69. can’t believe Ben arfa is 27 Lol..what a waste of talent that one

  70. One hell of a through ball, i’d have thought lol

  71. rico,thanks for welcoming me.i was unable to reply yesterday..another early ko.i hope the boys will up for this one.

  72. Lol… Scott just teasing mate…

  73. was watching olsson recently boy he can ball..so composed but he really needs to bulk up

  74. Actually Ginge, you gave evidence to my comments on shit coaching over here…cheers bud!
    It is getting better, though.

  75. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Aneke in the centre of our midfield next season….

  76. Back in a short while…

  77. Rico you think so re Aneke… AW did not even give him a game in midfield during the Asia tour…

    Ollson is a gem Snap but we all know he may not make it in this league

  78. Where are Dev and Emma btw?

  79. Arsenal team to play Everton: Fabianski, Sagna, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Sanogo

    Everton team (to play Arsenal): Joel, Baines (c), Mirallas, Distin, McCarthy, Lukaku, Barry, Barkley, Pienaar, Coleman, Stones.

    McCarthy is another thug who will like to give Ozil and Sc19 a few kicks…

  80. Not forgetting that Yanited have an EPl game against WBA…

    Fellaini starts after a very long absence….

  81. sanogo starting I see no complains really just hope the boys turn up

  82. evening all – interesting team selection. Wenger’s last real chance at a trophy? Lets hope we progress and don’t draw City in the semi’s

  83. Well lets hope he scores his first goal for us…

    Not sure he is clinical enough but hey….

  84. Chelsea v;s Spuds far more important tsgh?

  85. Evening Oz…howdy?

    Interesting Lee Dixon is saying the same thing I say about Flamini… he talks the talk but does he do the job…?

  86. Nice to hear Roy Keane defending us when that idiot Adrian Chiles is trying to slate us…

    What Chiles knows about football is little to nothing, all he does is read from a stats sheet! Another knob!

  87. Ts, re Aneke, another year can make a huge difference imo…

  88. with the recent windows wasted Snaparse not much point whining now but again highlights the squad strength or lack of it

  89. Snap, Lee Dixon saying what you also says… he flaps his hands around doing little… playing up to the camera etc… lol

    True Oz… I forgot about that one… a draw will be perfect…

  90. tsgh – popular talking point agreed mate. Whether he is as good as we needed is questionable it seems but it is what it is for now i guess. We could have done worse because Arsene was clearly not going to buy anyone and imagine that mess now!

  91. Rico, Roy Keane and Neville admire and defend us more than most of our ex players…

  92. the thing with flamini is he really doesn’t do much but people just like his aggressive way not me dou….re sanogo he also has a poor first touch or maybe Im making too much out of the little I have watched about him

  93. the gap is closing tsgh and a draw at Stamford Bridge would give them belief, we’re next for them. – Chelsea win for me please and the bigger margin the better but knowing Mourinho 1-0 will do him ha!

  94. Snap, Yaya has some good ingredients as AW will say but as always we go for the cheaper and poorer option… Paul-Georges Ntep was much better but because he was not injury plagued and free… ;)

  95. Hmm, I like your way of thinking Oz…

  96. I disagree re Flamini and as Lee Dixon said, he’s the organiser which he is, but like so many more of our players of late, he could do a little more…

  97. Snap, Sanogo had a fair bit of time out, ao i hope he has just been a bit rusty.
    Kick off is nigh…good to see Vermaelen getting a run.
    Ox, as well.

  98. leopard and spot tsgh?

  99. hey Scotty – Sanogo has had his whole career out mate – Arsene and his gambles hey :-)

  100. Does he really organize though… I do not see any player following his orders imo…

    I think Dixon was choosing his words carefully imho…

    MF20 is an addition but tactically he is poor at his age even though he is a grafter…

    Anyway… lets do our 1 in 11 for 12:45 k.o today…

  101. Ts, I particularly enjoyed his comment about not signing Ozil to defend, just as when Cantona played for Utd, they all knew he didn’t defend..

    It’s a shame Arsenal fans can’t see that about Ozil.

  102. I think he does, but we can differ…

    Arsene has had a haircut, that’s a good omen ;)

  103. Adam is missing ‘the wisdom’ is favourite manager is spilling to the cameras… :)

    Yeah good to see TV getting a chance…

  104. True Rico re. Cantona and Ozil inference…

  105. Hope Fabianski doesn’t get injured…..


  106. Oz, Arsene is a gambler hahaha.

  107. Hope SC19 is up to this.. Coleman is no sloth.. I would have preferred Poldi because of his starting position when we do not have the ball as compared to SC19 but hey… nitpicking as always… ;)

  108. true that Rico re ozil he even covers more ground than wilshere but the English media will overlook that

  109. Yaya to score…..yeahyeah.

  110. Ox and Sc19 on the sheet

  111. Oh No… Roy not convinced at JW?

  112. shame gnabry isn’t starting but hey in arsene we trust right??

  113. convinced with*

  114. ha ha Snap… he does not want Serge to go to the wc it seems…

  115. Good signs….plenty of movement.

  116. y so ts????

  117. He will prefer Ox to play so he makes England so Dyke will get off his case me think… my paranoia as Micko says… lol

  118. Lol ts I really don’t think gnabs will make the WC squad regardless of how much he plays now and arsenal should come first

  119. Stunning move, and that’s what pace gives Ozil!

  120. Class finish.
    He has NOT been out of form….those around him have………pure class.
    Love it.

  121. Flamini makes me laugh…

  122. Nice strike, Yaya…..confident enough to take it.

  123. ozzziiilllllllll that should get the monkeys off his back for a while

  124. Why dpean’t Arteta take the shot more often…..that was a lovely strike.

  125. Pure class…

  126. Doesn’t that was meant to say.

  127. When did we last see a counter attack???

    Just asking ;)

  128. regardless of what I think of his first touch I still think sanogo is going to be a beast for us as he is still going to improve

  129. 7mins ago ts

  130. Sagna again…top player

  131. What a waste of money!

  132. And before that …Snap?

  133. So Ozil does not defend??? Pure class!

    Excellent reader of the game…

    7th on distance covered data already… out of 20 palyers

  134. Ox makes an error…..no hands in the air…..no look to the sky….he chases back and wins the ball….brilliant.

  135. ts u really need to stop feeding the trolls he might look disinterested but he is always involved even when he was at madrid

  136. Wasn’t he just Lee ;)

  137. Scott that’s what we need knowing fully well the referee cant reverse his decision players still chose to complain instead of doing the proper thing

  138. lol.. snap

    pure tenacity from Ox… Scott

  139. Is it just me, or does Clattenburg look like Bear Grylls??

  140. Ozil could have had two if Arteta had seen his run through the middle…

  141. Spot on re OC Scott…

  142. Snap, it pisses me off when our guys do it….some always do it.

  143. duel between MA08 and Barry is beautiful…

  144. ox has earned his place imo

  145. We need to shoot more, their keeper is all over the place…

  146. See – he nearly knocked that one in ;)

  147. He does Scott… re Bear

  148. COYFRRG

  149. Good start. Everton look dangerous tho:

  150. Ox should be one of the first on the team sheet….he is turning into the player we all knew he would.

  151. We should shooting at their goalkeeper with every opportunity.

  152. Already MA08 is clocking up the tackles stats …

  153. Is Baines all that???

  154. TV is a delight to watch when he has the ball….

    where is Ng?

  155. Tippy tappy

  156. What keeper, Lee :)

  157. Ginge, i don’t watch a lot of games that do not invoved Arsenal, but i have always thought Baines is a left foot….that is it.

  158. shhhhhhhh ts u don’t want Scott banging the vermalen to DM drum do u???

  159. Absolutely shit defending.

  160. Disappointing.

  161. Where’s the tackle, take Barkley out maybe?!

  162. What a waste…

    Typical sucker punch…
    Flamini should have made a tackle…

  163. ohhhh noooooo

  164. Where was the organisation and tackle??

  165. COYRRG’s…

  166. Scott, doesn’t know what he is talking about re Tv to DM… he sees things upside down… :-)

  167. That’s what happens when you get an early booking!

  168. Flamini scarred as he already has a booking but come on. Let him run the pitch and pick a cross. Absolute bollox.

  169. We need a top striker so badly.

  170. Sanogo is struggling to get into this game…

  171. Don’t we just Lewis…

  172. Lol ts…don’t let Scott hear that

  173. Leave Vermaelen alone…….pick on me all you like though.

  174. our striking option is beyond embarrassing for a club of our statue imo

  175. Lovely ball

  176. Lol scott

  177. Not sure about upside down, but at 12.30 am, i feel something lol

  178. Great stuff OC

  179. Ox has been excellent in recent weeks.

  180. Ox is a star.
    He is one serious footballer now.

  181. Another gaff and another recovery…

  182. They look very dangerous on the break.

  183. What a tackle by OC… that is what i like… Theo take note

    If he does that for 2 more games he will get in my purple book… :-)

  184. Far too much space being given to their midfield..

    We need a top class DM…

  185. that is why I think he can be a really good cm

  186. Coleman should cop a card for that.
    Piss poor effort!!

  187. Draxler on the left, Barkley on the right next season.
    They even look alike.

  188. I hope the cheap skates at our board level are taking note that Coleman is still not as good as Sagna…

    Offer BS a deal!

  189. Barkley can play DM too…

  190. Roy says what he thinks…

  191. agree tsgh – we’re making hard work of it again. 45 minutes to keep our trophy hopes alive and pod must come on for the kid up front – not close to good enough

  192. Scott – agree on Ox starting to look his old promising self today

  193. Poldi can test this ‘goalie’ for sure Oz

  194. we need a few players still Rico and agree DM definitely one of them

  195. I will give Flamini 10 minutes and drop him and bring on Serge or Poldi…

    Move Ox next to Arteta

  196. the changes will come we just have to wait an hour or so and hope we’re not behind mate ha!

  197. DM has to be Schnerderlein or Ginter for me…

  198. 45 minutes of giving your all Arsenal…


  199. MA08 was vey slowly to shot and Everton scored. We not defended well again. Many free space between lines.
    Hope we can win on the second half.
    However, 10 (!!!!) attempts on the 1st half !

  200. I do think AW needs to change Sanogo very soon…

  201. the Southampton guy for DM for me

  202. again why is nb-52 not in the squad?

  203. yeah that is Schnerderlein- snap

    c’mon boys…

  204. COYFRRG…

    45 minutes to save our season…

  205. Awful free kick from Arteta…

  206. Rico how is Sanogo playing?

    Is Giroud and/or Bendtner on the bench?

  207. Rosicky and Giroud have to come on surely….

  208. Rico, what about Vermaelen, is he up to speed?

  209. Not in the game Kev, too much too soon for him imo

  210. AW needs to change the CM first…

    MF20 is treading on egg shells…

  211. He’s just made a gaff to set Everton through, thankfully Barkley hoofed over. But he’s been ok, maybe he and Merts could have done better for their goal but the cross should never have been allowed to be played…

    Flamini’s defending was awful….

  212. Wish our team actually knew how to attack a corner or free kick! We’re so bad at it we might as well just give them the ball.

  213. What kind of service is Sanogo getting Rico?

    Any decent crosses?

  214. Rosicky Ts and let OC drop back a bit..

  215. Not a lot really but he’s not in the game Kev and not really doing a lot imo…

  216. I agree Rico but we know Monsieur Wenger has a Tuesday night date in Munich so…

  217. I’d replace Sanogo Kev.

  218. Well he shouldn’t Ts, this is more important right now.

  219. Kev, lets just say Distin is using all his experience to out Yaya…

  220. Barry has been superb again today…

  221. Here comes Giroud

  222. Well it’s getting on for 65 minutes, almost substitute time… :-(


  223. Sorry but if Arteta is sold in the summer, I for one won’t be sulking…

  224. Sanogo off for Giroud…

  225. Is Podolski on the bench???

    We need a goal.
    He is a goalscorer.
    Go figure?!!!

  226. Penalty

    No Ozil!!

  227. Speed and directness….penalty.

  228. No Ozil please

  229. Please Arteta…

  230. Yes Pod is on the bench…

  231. Pure class Arteta… I love you mate…

  232. You know what Rico, I would take a replay if you offered it to me now…

    By the time of the replay, we’d be out of the Champilns League and that might just concentrate the mind of Arsene….

  233. Cool calm Mikel….

  234. Pure pure class

  235. as much as I detest b52 surely his experience should give him the edge over sanogo no?

  236. Get the fuck in there! Arteta showed some bollox then!!

  237. At last, and Everton booking!

  238. Pure class… Cool mas a cucumber! Top Man often under rated but classy player imho…

    Lego head

  239. He did Lee…

  240. How Giroud got booked for that is crazy

  241. I love arteta

  242. I know what you mean Ginge, but I love those big women in Sainsburys even more…. ;-)

    Now come on you fcuking Gunners, DEFEND PROPERLY…

  243. 2.11 Kev, it shouldn’t be that way though should it…. :(

  244. Top defending TV…

  245. Rosicky on for OC… Strange one….

  246. No it shouldn’t Rico, Wenger should have a strong enough squad to have a better option than Sanogo up front…

    I’m not gonna hammer the boy, but he should be coming on at the end of games and getting 15/20 minutes, to develop.
    A club like Arsenal shouldn’t have a raw kid as it’s alternative to it’s main striker…

    Wenger’s had long enough to sort it out and is procrastinating over it as he did when it took forever for him to sign a couple of decent centre-halfs…

    I mean what pillock has Mikael Silvestre as a centre-half????

    Hold on, it was Arsene…


  247. bring gnabry on for Santi please

  248. Ozil… almost world class,but plays anywhere he is asked to…. top man imo…

  249. ”what pillock has Mikael Silvestre as a centre-half” – lmfao

  250. Deulofeu is coming on…..

  251. Great stuff….

    3-1 :P

  252. I thought Sagna had pulled up injured then..

    Great ball for Giroud to slot home….

  253. Top finish OG12 what a pass from Sagna…

    Top player now sort him out with a contract… you cheap skates!

  254. Almost world class?? :lol: :lol:

  255. Giroud was superb there.
    Still shit though :)

  256. Same here Rico re Sagan…
    Deulofeu first scorer at Erm this year…

  257. Feckin awesome!!!


  258. And then.

  259. Top stuff…

    When was the last time we saw a counter attack and OG12 was on the pitch… slow coach!

  260. Where is my crystal ball… wrong signals it keeps giving me… :-)

  261. Jenks at left back??


  262. To me he is world class but not everyone agrees so…

    What a difference the team looks without a player trying to dribble every single player on the pitch…

  263. It’ll be shoved where the sun don’t shine one day Ts ;)

  264. Not on here though re Ozil…

  265. Where’s that idiot who said he’s take a draw?!!!
    :lol: :lol:

  266. Ginge, no Jack, we look better.

  267. Note OG12 has more goals than Tevez…

  268. What utter knobs the commentators are, if Barkely had scored, if so and so had scored, Everton might be…..

    They didn’t, period!!

  269. I think we’re a better team without Wilshire…..

  270. Ha ha Scott.. I didn’t want to say that…

    Micko and Rico will gang up on me soon..

    Hello Allezkev… someone likes to pretend to be like you but not quite like you… ;)

  271. Lee you agreeing with Scott and me??? :-)

  272. Well done you Gunners…

    Great result against a very good side…..

  273. Kev- I heard Adam has a press conference with Martinez very soon….. :P

  274. Onya Lee :)

  275. Allez, yeah fancy that other geezer saying he’d take the draw!!

  276. Happy with that performance. Well done lads.

  277. No Rico, the pundits think we were lucky… ;)

  278. Certainly think our attacking was quicker today….

    Just need Arteta to play the ball forward a bit quicker and spot the runner…

  279. Ginge miracles can happen! ;)

  280. Now for a 3 goal win in munchen?!

  281. Scott at least OG scores against top 6 sides unlike someone I know ;)

  282. Townsend and the other knobhead totally gutted. Biased pair of wankers!

  283. pity it takes an injury for Wenger to knw we play better without wilshere despite his obvious talent

  284. Need a quick striker!

  285. ha ha Bj…

    well, well Lee :-) still JW is useful he just needs to reduce his opinion of hinmself and try to be a tad more selfless… imho of course

  286. Giroud’s positioning was sensational for both goals, as was the delivery to him.
    Sanogo….people are being very harsh on the kid, imo.
    It is not his fault he is our second choice striker.
    He needs at least another season.
    Still, he does make his opponents life hard.

  287. Ginge, that little buck tooth piece of shit?
    Keep things clean, please :)

  288. what a fine last goal – brilliant – you may well be right on Jack Scott – 4-1 and a contract extension for Arsene in the bag

  289. real let off with the Barkley miss but how cool was Arteta – great stuff my son

  290. Sagna?? Pay the guy Arsene he still won’t earn as much as you do

  291. I can se where Adam is coming from re Martinez…

    Oz- ”he still won’t earn as much as you do”

  292. love watching TR07 – great he’s in for another season or two

  293. Yanited win 3-0

  294. Chelsea should finish the Spuds season today so a good day will be had by all!

  295. Sorry, but forget Arsenal and Wenger……..i would always pay the manager more than any player!
    A manager has much more influence on a club than one player.

  296. Tr07 is an orchestra conductor…

    Arteta was sensational today too… won 3 more tackles than MF20

  297. Oz, agree on Rosicky.
    Vermaelen was terrific as well.
    Ox was superb…MOTM, for me.

  298. FA cup draw tomorrow.. watch how the power that be orchestrate to give us Shitty in the semi’s…

  299. Night guys….i can sleep well :)

  300. if that’s how it comes, that’s how it comes tsgh – i have no doubt they would want us and City in the final however if given the option

  301. night buddy

  302. MA08 nscored his last 6 penalties… even Frank and Gerrard can’t compete…

    Where is our Evertonian Emma? ;)

  303. Night Scott….

  304. not easy that second one mate but very cool head when it was much needed – forgot to mention thought Ozil played his best game for some time today as well

  305. A lot of supporters worries are over for another day. Myself i thought we would win if our team turned up. A close game and chances for both sides, but Arsenal showed the concentration that was needed. I felt the substitutions was at the right times, Sanogo worked hard but i felt he could have put himself about a bit more but he’s new and will bed in. Ozil exelled in my mind from start to finish he worked his socks off and i would say that has been his best game so far. The Ox also wanted to go to Wembley he worked tirelessly and i reckon Wenger wanted him to save a bit for Europe. Cazorla also did his bit. People wonder why i all ways praise Sagna, again he showed why we need to keep him, give him the money he wants and sign him up he’s worth every penny. In fact all the team did great, Fabby in goal and he looked safe, this guy has made me feel easier when a ball comes in the box. Wenger would be happy with this result more than he showed. He knows this team have got the talent, and he should know we need a couple more players, but we are still making progress and what more can you ask for, Well done you Gunners

  306. It’s hard to disagree re Jack slowing us down…

    Just think how good we’d be with a pacey box to box/DM…

    If only Diaby could get fit and his body keep him fit….

  307. Ozil and Santi were excellent I thought.

  308. Fabianski’s little juggle worried me for a second Sp, otherwise, another pretty solid performance…

  309. Ditto- Sp1 but I think AW gambled with Flamini by keeping him on… Wooney or a Jose’s team would have sent him off imho

    Martinez’s teams are honest like AW’s teams… Mark Hughes or Pardew would have made sure we ended the match 10 vs 11

  310. Eddie Butler commentating on Ireland Italy. Does this mean we won’t have to put up with his anti- English crap tomorrow?

  311. I knew we would do well too because 3 of the players who hate playing at 12:45 did not start so…

  312. Rico, which Diaby are you talking about? ;)

  313. JW needs to be a winger for a while imho… or play centrally against teams like Everton or Southampton who allow opponents to play.

    He will come good he just needs to accept he is not as ghood as Townsend thinks he is…

    Is it not funny how Ozil whoi has played in international semi’s and won trophies plays where he is told and not talk about how he is not a winger etc…

  314. If i speak the truth Rico i don’t understand all this goalkeeping punching, If your struggling to reach a ball ok but if you can catch it you should everytime. Fab’s Juggle did get me fidgiting but he grabbed it and held it and it wasn’t easy. I can see him go and i will have the right hump.
    Afternoon Ginge, Maybe your right mate but when Flam is there you know he will challenge, he will miss a few games during a season but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

  315. Whilst Arteta was scoring today.. Huntelaar was…

  316. I did look up Diabys stats not like me at all, bit he’s name comes up now and again. Debut for Arsenal 21 jan 2006 total number of games , cup and europe and Leage 135 with 19 goals. Not a lot for 8 years is it (out him in my mind)

  317. lol Sp1… a very unlucky player…

    when is enough enough?

  318. Off for a bit. Laters…

  319. Ginge, Now :)

  320. well thats put me in my place – sprouting off at making the wembley final and my mate says “yeah you could be famous like Wigan” uumm sort of put the cup into perspective. We really are hanging out for a bit of success aren’t we ha!

  321. Just got back from a thoroughly entertaining game with a very good atmosphere. They interviewed Pat Rice on the pitch at half-time and I have to say that the majority of the Everton fans who were not lying comatose after hearing the price of a beer and some food applauded him warmly. Even Giroud, free from copulating complications did ok.

  322. lol. Oz a bit harsh from your mate me think…

    Sp1, maybe a coaching role for him…

  323. oh well off to bed for me – night all

  324. City game postedponed… tsk

  325. lol Adam.. how was your chat with Martinez? ;)

  326. On a serious note though, glad to hear Rice is feeling well.

  327. TS. I dunno as he hasn’t let me get a word in yet. :) He says it wasn’t a penalty, the score doesn’t reflect the game and he has decreed that the Sun will rise in the west on Tuesday.
    Agreed. It was quite emotional seeing Pat but hearing that he is on the mend really helped the good vibe today,

  328. cheers Adam re Rice… a true gent.

    The sunshine and the result makes it a grand day for us… at least we turned up against a team we don’t lose against so…

    Better still, a good result between the sperds and the chavs will be the icing on the cake later on…

  329. Stoke losing Yes!

  330. And we have beaten Spuds, L’Pool and now everton along the way to the semi’s…

  331. The reason B52 is not playing is that he is injured. He tweaked his ego when looking in the mirror after Wednesday’s game, he’s having a rub down as we speak!
    Who needs him? Sanogo, Poldi and Le Quiff, it’s enough, isn’t it?

    Ox my mom today, with Ozil, Cazorla and Sagna not far behind. The game was close, until the penalty but thereafter it was vintage Arsenal! Loverly Jubberlee!

  332. Good afternoon then Adam??

  333. Hi there!
    Like you can see, it’s enought playing with two players between Cazorla-Ozil-wilshere,
    in my opinion, the lines between the defence and midfield were very large
    The game was changed when Giroud came in

  334. He certainly made a difference Jm. Hope he can keep that up for the rest of the season…

    Keep his ‘old chap’ as Adam calls it, in his pants and he might… ;)

  335. Hazard does an impression of his best buddy Gerv… lol

  336. hi ts and evening Rico barca lost to Valladolid how cool was that?????

  337. Just home , nervy game before the goal and should have been out of sight before they got theirs. Penalty was right but soft , strange it was right in front of me but happened in slow motion. After that it was one way , Sanogo not ready yet , I reckon he has been the biggest boy in the class all through and is finding it hard when he comes up against bigger lumps than him like Distin. Giroud changed things as did Rosicky , The Ox simply ran out of steam after being our best outlet all game. Finally I would officially like to apologise to Clattenburg for ruining his accumalator which he quite obviously had running.

  338. Lol Potter.. The FA’s men in black will be knocking on your door soon with that comment. ;)

    I missed that Snap… I had a few things to do before…

  339. Evening folks..

    So then, the Toots lost 4-0. Good to keep them behind us, but not good for us as far as catching up Chelsea…

  340. All quiet here so I’m offski..

    Night all.

    Wembley here we come ;)

  341. Night all…

  342. Typical Spuds, when you want them to get a positive result they go and lose 4-0…

    Great result for the Gunners…
    Yes Rico, Wembley here we come, twice, and then Islington Town Hall…

  343. Lee, I notice that that other twat is keeping a low profile… ;-)

  344. I’ll take Hull City in the Semi-Finals…

    Night All…

  345. Great day, wins for The Arsenal and Ireland as well.

    Reading back through the comments looks like Flamini was shit again, don’t think he’s played a decent game all season !!!

    April and we’re still in a cup competition, looks like the times are a changing.

    Hull City kev, that’ll do for me too, bring ‘em on !

  346. Scott, a wembley semi-final must be tempting !!!

  347. Micko, when will it be ?
    I am no chance of extending my stay though.
    As it stands, i get Citeh and Swansea at home, and Chelski away….not too bad for ten days though.
    Do you get over?
    I would love to meet as many Housers as possible….game, lunch, coffee or beer…..

  348. Can we make it a must that Ox plays when Ozil does, by the way??

  349. Scott, I don’t know anyone who’s done B&B at the Gunners Pub, damn right I’m envious, the old Highbury East Stand is within spitting distance, the emirates another stones throw away.
    The fa cup semi-final is on the weekend of the 11th April, you’ll love Citeh game at home but I can safely say Chelsea away will be the highlight of your trip, by the end of it you will have done more games than me this season !
    Wish I was over, haven’t even got a passport at the moment.

  350. Micko, i am a friend of the pub on FB, and asked if they do accommodation.
    Their reply was no, they don’t.
    I asked could they recommend somewhere, as i am coming rom Oz for the first time, and they basically said if i am coming just to watch the boys play, they would sort me….i felt pretty chuffed, i must say.
    For Chelsea, i am on the Away Boys river cruise as well…….should be an absolute blast.
    Next trip, i will pay you a visit.
    The missus has family in Ireland, and i have a heap of greyhound pals o catch up with as well.

  351. Scott, I’m in Farranfore, County Kerry if you wanna spend a nite or 2 in the emerald isles, your more than welcome as your travelling half way across the world, only catch, you’ll have put to put your watch back 20 years when boarding the plane, the offers there if you want it.
    Time for my bunk.

  352. Cheers mate…20 years is not enough….i’d love to have visited Ireland 100 years ago :)
    Talk soon.

  353. They probably would have sent you back.

  354. And I would not hold that against them, Potter :)

  355. Morning all.

    What a beautiful morning here in the Uk, sun is shining, birds are singing and Arsenal are off to Wembley… lol

    Well, not today but soon…..

  356. Morning Rico. I missed you last night. I imagine you were watching Crufts? What on Earth is that Poodle stuff about, to say nothing of the Pekinese?

  357. All too easy, hey Rico :)

  358. Morning guys.
    Adam, the crowd seemed to be rocking last night……how was it live?

  359. Morning Adam. I did watch some of Crufts, it’s on the planner to finish watching later… I had an early night…

    Morning Scott… It was in the end …. ;)

  360. Claire Balding has trimmed down Adam ;)

  361. Morning Scott. It was a really good atmosphere, especially after a nice interview at half time with Pat Rice. I could see how emotional it was for him as he thanked the fans for their support along with the board, the club and Arsene. He gave Wenger a superb endorsement and said that, in his opinion, he is the best. He added that fans should remember that which I thought was great. It was a timely reminder of what it means to be a Gooner even if the club has it’s hands in our pocket for too much of the time. Ignore all the stuff in the papers about the score line flattering us. Yes, Everton played well but didn’t actually create much. Fabianski had little to do really and football is about defending as well as scoring goals. Our goals were superb and as a team effort the last one was clockwork.
    Yes Rico, Clare has slimmed down, but I still wouldn’t. :)

  362. So Bernhard Bresslaw and Dawson will be out of the NLD?

  363. She wouldn’t let you Adam… ;)

  364. Morning Lee, good news.

  365. Giroud probably would though…morning Rico,Adam, Scott and Housers! Been laid up with man flu…

  366. Rico. Thank Gawd. :)
    Morning Brudder. I was hoping that Adebayor would get sent off or extremely badly injured but, no such luck. Spurs were comical though weren’t they?

  367. Kaboul will be out too won’t he?

    Unless they appeal…

  368. Did I tell you I met Kaboul in a clobber shop Rico?

  369. I watched some of the chav game…..Vertonghen’s body language he really doesn’t want to be there, methinks. He should also play in boots with studs!!! :lol:

  370. He’s angling for a move to Stoke I think Lee.

  371. Kaboul is a ringer for Bresslaw…..every time I see his fat head I think of him saying ” ‘ere Sid!”

  372. His swede is frightening in real life Lee.

  373. He’d fit in with that team of fucktards!

  374. I think you did Adam, nice guy…. ;)

    Just that Lee? ;)

  375. New Post up now…

  376. I can imagine, amazing how good ozil is with pace and movement in front of him.

  377. Totally different player….

  378. Morning all, Glad to hear Pat is on the mend. Got to say that he was looking ill before he retired but i assume that was the results we had. But glad he is recovering. Pat should be a reminder to all of the Arsenal team, that being loyal is appreciated by the supporters and should any of them last as long with the dignity of Pat, they will also be appreciated.
    Yesterday the team and Wenger did us all proud, I know many had their doubts, but even so a tight game where i feel the scoreline didn’t actually show how close the 2 sides were. Arsenal i felt was comfortable all afternoon, and their goals came at the right time. Teamwork was the key and they all worked for one another a very workmanlike performance. If i had one criticism it would be our heading. Clearing headers seem to me to be just anywhere with no thought to where it is going as long as its up field. I would like to see our boys at least trying to put it to one of ours. apart from that a very good display.

  379. Adam, thanks for that.
    I did not get to see Pat’s talk….we were luck enough to hear some idiots give their opinion at half time on why Everton would roll us!

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