Kalstrom set for debut. Nothing for Arsene but other new contracts dished out…….

Morning all.

Football is a funny old game isn’t it.

Regardless of all the ‘big named’ players in our club, it’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who has won the February Player of the Month award. Utterly deserved too imho and he battered the rest of the team by notching up 46% of fans votes on Afc.com.

Laurent Koscielny came second and very close behind him was our oldest, yet still one of our best, Tomas Rosicky.

Alex three goals last month no doubt helped him win the award but his fearless and gutsy performances surely played their part too. Not bad for a young player who has been out injured for most of the season so far. What a super way to make his comeback.

I strongly suspect he’ll be one of the starters for Roy Hodgson’s team tonight as England face Denmark in a friendly fixture…

Other news was announced yesterday and good news too as both Tomas Rosicky and Per Mertesacker signed extensions to their current contracts.

A pleased Arsene Wenger said:

We are delighted that Mertesacker and Rosicky have committed their futures to the Club. They are players of exceptional quality and experience, and have consistently proven themselves at the highest level. There is a great feeling of togetherness and belief in the group and this news will only help to strengthen this further.

I’m glad these two have confirmed they are staying. Both are experienced international players and their performances have been key to us sitting where we do in the league and FA Cup. And of course, we still have an outside chance of getting a result in Germany.

Mertesacker said:

It was easy for me to commit myself to the Club. I have been here for two and a half great years and feel I have great support from everyone at the Club and the fans. I’m really looking forward to having more years coming up with this fantastic club. We have a great team here and we all want to do our best to win trophies.

On my first visit to England as a boy I bought an Arsenal jersey as a souvenir and I was so proud wearing it when playing football with my friends. Many years later, I have become a real Gunner, being even more proud to wear the Arsenal jersey. I am truly thankful to the Club and all the supporters for the time I have had here so far. And today I am deeply proud to have extended my contract with Arsenal. I’m proud to be a Gunner.

At least he’s said all that about being a Gunner after he’s signed a new contract and not like some who have blown out all that smoke and mirror claptrap before departing a few months later….

And there are pictures to prove he’s no fibber..


Young Gunner....

Young Gunner….

Two and a half years though, it feels like he’s been with us for a lot longer than that….

Tomas Rosicky said:

I’m very happy that I’m staying at the Club. I’m proud that I’m still here after a long time and that it still continues. I’m glad I’m here at Arsenal and we’re all trying our best to win trophies for the Club and our supporters.

Ever since I arrived at Arsenal, I have always felt that I’m at the right place where I want to be. I still feel this way now and I’m proud that after such a long time I’m still here and will continue. One big factor is that I want to win the league with Arsenal. It’s my big goal and I will do everything that I can to achieve it. Arsenal is a great club, we have a great spirit here and we are all working together to do the best we can.

Two happy players in a bunch of happy campers. Well, apart from Bacary Sagna of course and despite telling  us all through the newspapers that he’s happy and doesn’t want to leave, he’s yet to extend his current contract but there’s still time yet.

Just as there is with Arsene Wenger of course…..

Aaron Ramsey is reported to have been offered a new £100,000 a week five year deal. I know contracts mean little when players get itchy feet but tying him down for so long has to be a good thing and he’s very close to a return which is really good news.

Kim Kallstrom is also very close to being available for selection, in fact The Mirror suggest that could be as early as this weekend after the player told the Swedish FA he’s fit. That news should cheer us all up!

There’s an article HERE about what we could expect to see from Kallstrom.

Finally, we face Everton on Saturday in the FA Cup sixth round. Annoying, kick off is at 12.45, a time which hasn’t always suited the team but for once it must do as we really need to win.

Just two days later Arsenal will again play Everton but this is in the quarter-finals of the FA Youth Cup and it’s taking place at the Emirates Stadium on Monday, March 10, kick-off 7pm.

Let’s hope both Arsenal sides progress…..

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