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Kalstrom set for debut. Nothing for Arsene but other new contracts dished out…….

Morning all.

Football is a funny old game isn’t it.

Regardless of all the ‘big named’ players in our club, it’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who has won the February Player of the Month award. Utterly deserved too imho and he battered the rest of the team by notching up 46% of fans votes on Afc.com.

Laurent Koscielny came second and very close behind him was our oldest, yet still one of our best, Tomas Rosicky.

Alex three goals last month no doubt helped him win the award but his fearless and gutsy performances surely played their part too. Not bad for a young player who has been out injured for most of the season so far. What a super way to make his comeback.

I strongly suspect he’ll be one of the starters for Roy Hodgson’s team tonight as England face Denmark in a friendly fixture…

Other news was announced yesterday and good news too as both Tomas Rosicky and Per Mertesacker signed extensions to their current contracts.

A pleased Arsene Wenger said:

We are delighted that Mertesacker and Rosicky have committed their futures to the Club. They are players of exceptional quality and experience, and have consistently proven themselves at the highest level. There is a great feeling of togetherness and belief in the group and this news will only help to strengthen this further.

I’m glad these two have confirmed they are staying. Both are experienced international players and their performances have been key to us sitting where we do in the league and FA Cup. And of course, we still have an outside chance of getting a result in Germany.

Mertesacker said:

It was easy for me to commit myself to the Club. I have been here for two and a half great years and feel I have great support from everyone at the Club and the fans. I’m really looking forward to having more years coming up with this fantastic club. We have a great team here and we all want to do our best to win trophies.

On my first visit to England as a boy I bought an Arsenal jersey as a souvenir and I was so proud wearing it when playing football with my friends. Many years later, I have become a real Gunner, being even more proud to wear the Arsenal jersey. I am truly thankful to the Club and all the supporters for the time I have had here so far. And today I am deeply proud to have extended my contract with Arsenal. I’m proud to be a Gunner.

At least he’s said all that about being a Gunner after he’s signed a new contract and not like some who have blown out all that smoke and mirror claptrap before departing a few months later….

And there are pictures to prove he’s no fibber..


Young Gunner....

Young Gunner….

Two and a half years though, it feels like he’s been with us for a lot longer than that….

Tomas Rosicky said:

I’m very happy that I’m staying at the Club. I’m proud that I’m still here after a long time and that it still continues. I’m glad I’m here at Arsenal and we’re all trying our best to win trophies for the Club and our supporters.

Ever since I arrived at Arsenal, I have always felt that I’m at the right place where I want to be. I still feel this way now and I’m proud that after such a long time I’m still here and will continue. One big factor is that I want to win the league with Arsenal. It’s my big goal and I will do everything that I can to achieve it. Arsenal is a great club, we have a great spirit here and we are all working together to do the best we can.

Two happy players in a bunch of happy campers. Well, apart from Bacary Sagna of course and despite telling  us all through the newspapers that he’s happy and doesn’t want to leave, he’s yet to extend his current contract but there’s still time yet.

Just as there is with Arsene Wenger of course…..

Aaron Ramsey is reported to have been offered a new £100,000 a week five year deal. I know contracts mean little when players get itchy feet but tying him down for so long has to be a good thing and he’s very close to a return which is really good news.

Kim Kallstrom is also very close to being available for selection, in fact The Mirror suggest that could be as early as this weekend after the player told the Swedish FA he’s fit. That news should cheer us all up!

There’s an article HERE about what we could expect to see from Kallstrom.

Finally, we face Everton on Saturday in the FA Cup sixth round. Annoying, kick off is at 12.45, a time which hasn’t always suited the team but for once it must do as we really need to win.

Just two days later Arsenal will again play Everton but this is in the quarter-finals of the FA Youth Cup and it’s taking place at the Emirates Stadium on Monday, March 10, kick-off 7pm.

Let’s hope both Arsenal sides progress…..

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112 Responses to Kalstrom set for debut. Nothing for Arsene but other new contracts dished out…….

  1. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning, fellow Housers.
    Is it ironic that Kallstrom, who was brought in to do a Ramsey type job, is ready at arpund the same time Aaron is?
    Oh well, let’s hope he does a great job for us.
    Fantastic news on the contract extensions….two very important players who bring much needed experience to the squad.

  2. BrainwashedKev says:

    Boring Boring Chelsea

  3. rico says:

    It is Scott….

    I read the article in the Mirror, if we get to see what the author believes we could, he may just have a big part to play yet…


  4. Wavy says:

    Morning happy Housers.
    Great news on BFG and wee Tomas.
    In the letters case he has only played football to the age age of 25, he’s spent so much time on the physio’s couch. He could give us at least another 5 years then! Similarly with Diaby, he owes so much time we could still see him gracing the Emirates at 50!
    As for BFG he has proved to be an inspired signing, slow and ponderous though he is at times he is definitely a class act. The timing of his tackles and the devastation of his trade mark 10 to 15 yard passes are unsurpassed! I know that seems to sound rather ironic, it’s not really meant to be, he plays the ‘easy’ game and he needs to be applauded for it.
    Cracking signings, Sagna to come? It will be, providing Wenger or IG haven’t pissed him off!

  5. Scott from Oz says:

    My trip took a turn for the better today……the rescheduling of the Swansea game means it is on when i am there.
    Citeh at home.
    Swansea at home.
    U/21’s away at WHL.
    Chelski away.

  6. tsgh says:

    Good morning…

    Lets the excellent run commence… 10 games to go… 24 points to pick… 7 points 3 draws

  7. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge, will that win it, do you think?

  8. rico says:

    Wavy, I think he’s a gonner…..

  9. tsgh says:

    7 wins I meant…

    That will surely do it mate… or a second…

    I want the dippers and the sperds out of the top 4

  10. Scott from Oz says:

    That will shut them up!

  11. rico says:

    We need to beat Chelsea away and City at home if we are to have any hope of winning the PL…

    And of course all the others….

    Highly unlikely I’d say…

  12. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, Liverpool can do them some damage though….two draws would be nice.

  13. tsgh says:

    I am with you a draw against the chavs and a win against Pelle when Ramsey is back and flying…

    Morning Rico… I still have faith a blind one that is…

  14. rico says:

    Agree on the two draws Scott, but we still need to win our matches and to do that we sure need to step up a gear..

    I hope the return of Ramsey lifts us a level…

  15. tsgh says:

    City still have Yanited, dippers and us to play against.. of course their games against Hull and Fulham is a banker but I think Hull will take 2 points from Shitty…

    The chavs have the easiest run and as Jose has not relinquished a trophy with his team in front in February we will need a t least a point from them…

  16. tsgh says:

    If Kim gets fit he will be very good for us…He works hard but he errs on the side of Gareth Barry speed though…
    a midfield of Arteta or Kim or Ramsey plus TR07 in the last 6 games will be 18 points…

  17. rico says:

    Morning Ts. I have lost all of mine…..

  18. rico says:

    AW will go to the bridge believing that attack is the best way to defend…

    Not a hope in the world if he does…..

  19. tsgh says:

    Until the fat referee blows his whistle I am hoping for more twist and turns…

  20. tsgh says:

    ha ha ha the same outplayed scripts he uses ,Rico?… we will be up for that one… we will be up for it because I suspect we will be outshone in Munich by a last minute goal to send us out of the CL…

  21. rico says:

    I think there will be a few twists and turns and I strongly suspect we’ll be a big part in them…

    That’s just it Ts, we all know who will probably start and how we’ll play and when has AW ever got one over Jose…

  22. Lee says:

    I think the dippers will have the biggest say in who wins the league…..

  23. tsgh says:

    Hopefully we have no injures or scares tonight… knowing our luck

    Yaya played only 56′ minutes last night against Belarus… he was poor…

  24. rico says:

    You could be right with their fixture list Lee…

  25. rico says:

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dippers win the PL…

  26. tsgh says:

    Michael Owen will become 6 feet 2 tall if that happens…

  27. rico says:

    They have to be in the best position and no distractions of Europe etc…

    Be awful if that happened though…

  28. Scott from Oz says:

    They can not win it, imo, because they just an not defend, and the defence is the first thing to fall apart under pressure.

  29. rico says:

    I hope you are right Scott….

  30. rico says:

    Off for a while… Laters…

  31. BrainwashedKev says:

    Liverpool to win the EPL you say….

    Cheers Rico, now I am really depressed. :-(

  32. frednerk says:

    Rico you saying the dippers mite pick the pockets of the chavs

  33. Lee says:

    Realistically, the one trophy we can win is the F.A cup, is closely followed by the coveted 4th place trophy…..so do you use the the squad against Bayern??Because I would…

  34. Wavy says:

    Adam guilty as charged! Isn’t it shame he wasn’t red carded at the time, the result could’ve been reversed, and we wouldn’t have had all this naval searching depression we have suffered these past few days! But we can look forward to watching Stoke lose at least the next 3 games. Such a shame!

  35. Adam says:

    Whelan should have suffered a similar fate. Weak by the authorities.

  36. HenryB says:

    A belated thank you for a nice cheerful Post, Rico. :-)

    It is always good to hear players making complimentary comments about our team, and I suppose it could be said that it is cupboard love for all the wads of cash being thrown their way, but I actually really believe it from Per and Tomas.

    Good lads.

  37. HenryB says:

    Very true, Wavy, and it could have been worse.

    He is a squalid fat cheat, but he is one of Stoke’s best players, and in other circumstances he could have been banned when they were scheduled to play one or more of our competitors.

    Thankfully that has not happened.

  38. BrainwashedKev says:

    I will mostly be supporting Aston Villa, Norwich and West Ham over the next 3 weekends and hope they take 9 points off of those Stoke bastards…

  39. rico says:

    Evening folks..

    Adam gets a ban then, should have been more than just three matches….

  40. rico says:

    Just a thought Kev/Fred, they are in the best place….

    Thanks Hb…

  41. rico says:

    Yes he should Adam…

    Both should have been sent off on the day and we’d have got all the points…


  42. BrainwashedKev says:

    Rico, Stoke Bastards are only 6 points above the bottom three, so despite whatever Arsenal do or don’t do, we can still enjoy the strong possibility of those Bastards slipping into the drop zone….

  43. rico says:

    I bloody hope so Kev, if ever there was a cub that deserved to be relegated it’s them, and Hughes deserves no different too!

  44. rico says:

    Oh well, dinner calls me away…..

  45. Micko says:

    Quiet day, rosicky on the score sheet, this time next week we’ll be ranting and raving !

  46. rico says:

    Very quiet Micko….

    We will, no more CL is my guess, well, for this season….

  47. tsgh says:

    hello Micko and Rico…

    Are you going to watch the krauts…?

  48. rico says:

    Hi Ts, I’m watching Top Dog for Sports Relief…

    Far more entertaining …. :)

  49. tsgh says:

    Dev & Snap…. Kroos, Ozil, Lahm and Schweinsteiger in midfield… super mouth watering…

    Groskroetz makes his debut…

  50. tsgh says:

    Nah Rico… you are missing out lady… ;)

    those 3 German midfield maestros with Ozil against Vidal and Silva…

    Its like 1990 AC Milan vs Ajax all over again…

    Best 5 midfielders in the world on the same pitch… lol

  51. tsgh says:

    2 minutes gone and I am creaming like Goonster… lol

    Kroos to Ozil to Schweinsteiger…

  52. tsgh says:

    Jansen is playing like Santos at lb…. Sanchez exploiting him big time…

  53. Micko says:

    Hi rico, tsgh,

    Just on my way out to watch the Ingurland game.

    Ozil is just a glory hunter tsgh, everyone knows he’s Turkish really, no wonder he keeps missing penalties for us !

    Laters guys.

  54. rico says:

    No way, watching those woofas is far better Ts :P

  55. rico says:

    Night Micko, enjoy the pub… oh, and the footie lol

  56. tsgh says:

    Later Micko… :D

    Ingurland… ?? dont you get tired of watching ‘rugball’… I may fall asleep watching that…

  57. tsgh says:

    :D Rico…

    keep an eye on Bendtner against us…

  58. tsgh says:

    Ozil to Gotze and its in… quality…

  59. tsgh says:

    Sterling is a diver now???

  60. rico says:

    I’d rather watch paint dry than to watch him Ts ….;)

    I’m off for the day, you enjoy the footie….

    Night all…

  61. tsgh says:

    This is football…

    Total class… nothing hurried or forced; intelligent movement of the ball…

    Chile and Vidal asking questions too…

    Then I switch over to our boys and then… :)

  62. tsgh says:

    Night Rico…

  63. tsgh says:

    Thank heavens Sagna & Giroud rested for our FA cup tie…

  64. tsgh says:

    Costa makes his debut for Espana… 10M added to his fee now I guess

  65. tsgh says:

    Dear oh dear…

    Wenger confirms on French TV that Koscielny has a minor hamstring injury, hence he isn’t playing for France tonight..

    France 2 up Benzie and Matuidi…

  66. tsgh says:

    ‘Glenda Hoddle ‘complaining about JW and Henderson’s performance… both replicate our static ie AFC midfield with JW in there…

  67. tsgh says:

    Klose in false 9…. AW should watch and imitate that and play Serge and Ox on either flanks with Ozil in the false 9 role in Bavaria next week…

  68. tsgh says:

    Ozil in false 9 instead….

  69. tsgh says:

    Another player Aw should have signed…
    Stunning debut goal for France…


  70. tsgh says:

    Vargas, Vidal, Sanchez tormenting the German back 4…

  71. tsgh says:

    The BFG is having a ‘mare tonight…

  72. tsgh says:

    Lallana on for JW… 57 minutes completed… hopeful he is fit for the weekend…

  73. tsgh says:

    Benteke does a Gervinho and misses an open goal… lol

    Already Lallana showing AFC academy is shite!

  74. BrainwashedKev says:

    Looks like the perfect time for Vermaelen to step up for the Everton and Bayern games.
    If Wenger risks Kozzer vs Bayern and he breaks down, then the ‘Prof’ deserves all he gets…

  75. tsgh says:

    Hiya Kev… I am with you there… TV and BFG against Troare and Everton not too bad…

    We may have to raid Southampton again next summer…

  76. tsgh says:

    loew switching Lahm away from the DM role… Kroos patrolling in front of the back 4… things look much much better now.

    It looks like the Krauts still need Khedira in midfield…..

  77. BrainwashedKev says:

    Sanogo will play against Everton, Giroud will be saved for the Bayern game…
    Reckon that Wenger will have Ramsey in the squad for Bayern.

  78. tsgh says:

    re AR16 hope he is not rushed back…

  79. BrainwashedKev says:

    Ginge, i’d like to see Khedira in our midfield.

  80. BrainwashedKev says:

    Gnabry in for Everton as well, well I hope so…

  81. tsgh says:

    I will take him…

    He and an inform Ozil will be mouth watering…

    Not sure AW will buy a player who could block JW’s place though…

    Khedira out of favour at RM… I can see him with Jose to replay Mikel/Lampard

  82. tsgh says:

    Typical Ozil plays 89 minutes…

    Superb performance tonight… he needs more around him..

    His performance tonight shows its not OG12 as Klose is slow too.. its more SC19 and JW around him imho…

  83. tsgh says:

    Kev you will enjoy this lil move by Ozil..

  84. tsgh says:

    replay= replace* even

  85. BrainwashedKev says:

    Yeah, well I still reckon that we should go for Bent.

    That’s me done, early start again tomorrow.

    Night Ginge

  86. tsgh says:

    night Kev…

    I shall call it a night too…

    I am crazy but talking to myself for ages is not my forte… :P

    Good goal by Sturridge…

  87. tsgh says:

    Ginter makes his debut… his price goes up too…

    The commentators are pleased cos we have scored… tsk

    Poor performance 2nd round max in Brazil f we are lucky…

    Percentage ‘rugball’

    At least Sagna and OG12 rested for us…

    gone now…

  88. Scott from Oz says:

    Gimge, i know i am the broken record, but give Ozil options….that is what he is missing.
    Too many of our guys pass and stand still.
    When we have movement, we pass every it as well as Barca, but it does’t happen much……usually, it is pass and stop, pass and stop.
    They pass and move.
    Seriously, Ozil at Barca would be the ultimate midfielder in world footballer.
    Well, unless our guys sop thinking the job is done when they release the ball…..if that happens, he will be, anyway.

  89. tsgh says:

    Scott… howdy?

    Totally agree… and also players trying to run with the ball when it is not needed imo…

    Lee Dixon now thinks JW is behind Lallana in England midfield…

  90. Micko says:

    You ain’t crazy tsgh just a little bit paranoid at times !

    The same can’t be said of scott, will never take him seriously until he’s spent a night in the Gunners pub, never gonna happen.

    1 nil england, scary moment for Jack but he came through ok, as for Bendtner, he’s only confirmed what we all know, he’s worth his weight in salt.

    Nite gooners.

  91. Wavy says:

    Keidera is injured and will probably not be fit for WC. Not out of favour just crocked.

  92. Scott from Oz says:

    I will be there for 10 nights….you’re just jealous :)

  93. Lee says:

    Make sure you’ve got your Kevlar on Scott……

  94. Lee says:

    Kev you about?

  95. Lee says:

    Wenger claims Bayern Munich winger Robben went down far too easily in their Champions League first-leg tie after Wojciech Szczesny’s challenge in the box. The score at the time was 0-0 but Bayern scored twice against 10 men to seal victory.

    Robben said: “Wenger’s comments are typical for a losing coach.”

  96. BrainwashedKev says:

    Morning Lee…

    What’s up mate?

  97. Lee says:

    Robben is a such a waste of internal organs!

  98. Lee says:

    Pie and mash today?

  99. BrainwashedKev says:

    Robben not only plays like a snide, he looks a total snide.
    Classic Mourinho-type player.

    Mourinho’s ‘failure’ jibes are gaining momentum, it’s an easy riposte to any Wenger criticism.
    But that’s what you get for no trophies over nine seasons!

  100. BrainwashedKev says:

    What time you want picking up Lee?

  101. BrainwashedKev says:

    Lee, pick you up by RBS again, yeah?

  102. Scott from Oz says:

    Lee, kevlar?
    We Aussies don’t wear that shit lol.
    Morning guys.
    In exactly 14 days, i will be somewhere between Sydney and North London!!

  103. Lee says:


  104. BrainwashedKev says:

    Ok mate, 11am it is…

  105. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning gents.

  106. rico says:

    Morning ladies…. :)

  107. Lee says:

    Do Juan!

  108. Scott from Oz says:

    Hiya Rico.

  109. rico says:

    Hi Scott..

    I’ll need to google that Lee.. ;)

  110. tsgh says:

    Morning all,

    Somewhere between Sydney and Nth London…?

    Whilst you are up there check to see if the world is flat or round…? lolI don’t trust them when they use gravity to explain why you do not fall off the face of the earth…bollox I say!

    True, Khedira is injured now… he was behind Alonso, Asier and the ex-sperds in the beginning of the season though… that was why he was doing all the come and get me comments after his partner in crime joined us…

  111. tsgh says:

    Scott, I thoughty you may enjoy this super goal…

  112. rico says:

    New post up now

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