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How have we gone from 3 to 1? Strikers off! FA need to look further than Adam!

Morning all.

Nicklas Bendtner has confirmed he won’t be staying beyond his current contract:

I’m not going to stay at Arsenal – first team football is what I’m after.

The plan is for me to move on. I’m ready for a new challenge.

I’m sure he knew before he was off but when a young Yaya Sanogo is getting more playing time than him, I guess any hope of him staying was dashed. Hope for him I mean, not us!

Other news which no doubt everyone will know by now relates to Charlie Adam and the fact that he’s been charged by the FA for stamping on Olivier Giroud. Just why Glenn Whelan hasn’t also been charged is beyond me, his bad tackle could have broken our strikers leg.

Onto today’s main post which is from ‘Down Under’….

Where to now?

Two weeks ago, we were competing on 3 fronts, yet now it’s realistically one. The FA cup.

Why is that?

Lack of ambition?
Lack of quality?
Lack of depth?
Lack of tactical nous?
All of the above?

But why, why do we have these problems and it’s not for the first time is it?

Our manager must take his share of responsibility, naturally enough but I maintain that those above him are ultimately responsible for the culture of acceptance which seemingly runs throughout the club.

Acceptance that near enough is good enough.

Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis have the power to demand success and more importantly, they have the raw ingredients in place so there is no great overhaul required!

The stadium, commercial deals and fan base is up there with the best clubs in Europe, so why do they sit on their hands and accept top 4 positions as the measure of success?


Those pointing the finger at Giroud, Arteta and Wenger himself must surely see they are at worst, symptoms of a bigger issue but why are they constantly the targets for abuse?

They are easy targets, that’s why.

Surely Stan is the guilty party here because he has no love for Arsenal, no care for the history of the club and no feeling of responsibility to the fans.

What does Stan bring to the table?

Why is Stan not the focal point of abuse and protests?

The analogy I use is that if a child is a spoilt brat and never disciplined, then is the child at fault or the are the parents responsible?

The same applies at Arsenal, because whilst Stan and Ivan ask Wenger to provide profits and little more, why blame Wenger for the lack of success when those above him see him as the ultimate manager for their cause?

Something needs to be done and it may well be to get rid of Wenger, but it will not change anything while Stan is in the background ensuring that the number one aim is the share prices.

Would a new manager really be given free reign to spend? I am not so sure.

Fresh blood could be the answer but I believe the changes must start at the top and the sooner the better.

On a brighter note, I have touched on the Football School my son attends and the idea is gaining a little momentum here in Australia. Here is the link if you are interested….

Australia, considering its small population, has always provided world class athletes in a huge variety of sports but football has always been the 3rd or 4th sporting choice and because of this the money has not been invested so the level of coaching has been left serious lacking.

But not now.

Even our very own Highbury House coach is impressed… ;)

The level of training is far beyond anything Australia has ever seen and although the fruits will take a few years to become ripe, I am positive that this country will be providing world class players on a regular basis at some stage.

My message to Stan Kroenke is to send over a few hundred kits for the kids each season, a player to visit once a year, a few bob in sponsorship and you will immediately turn a few hundred kids into Gooners.

This group will be providing professional footballers soon enough and I would stake my years salary on that – and for a tiny bit of investment, a large club, our club could have first pick of them.

Oh, but that would take foresight and cost, so Stan is out…..  :)

Anyway, we Gooners move on but where to right now I really don’t know……

Written by Scott from Oz.

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221 comments on “How have we gone from 3 to 1? Strikers off! FA need to look further than Adam!

  1. Morning all…

    Good post Scott.

    I think everyone here knows that if I had my way, Usmanov would have been our owner a long time ago as I think he would ‘demand’ success and have the kind of people on his side who would get deals done during a transfer window…

    As I said yesterday, the lethargy starts at the top and filters down through to the players….

  2. Wishing Kanu well after undergoing corrective heart surgery at the weekend….

  3. Morning all,

    I have now worked out why Scott is always positive… he sees things upside down… :-)

    Morning Scott, Rico and all

    Good post my partner in crime… ;)

  4. Yeah all the best wishes to the big man…

  5. Haha Ginge…..i offer a different perspective then??
    Rico, your subtle changes made all the difference….thank you.
    Fingers are crossed for Kanu…..

  6. Morning Ts and Scott..

    I didn’t touch a thing Scott ;)

  7. Yes you did…….’fess up :)

  8. Is that the official line Scott?: :-)

  9. Me, never… ;)

  10. Me…official…..those words never go together Ginge.

  11. Back to the post. I actually believe that a new manager would be given a large chunk of money to spend and what Wath suggested a few days ago makes so much sense…

    Maybe the funds are being kept back for a new man…..

  12. How Stoke City think they have grounds to appeal the Adam charge is simply laughable.

    Hope he gets the added game ban….

  13. Going back to your post…

    I will blame the board, SK and then AW…

    On the field AW should take all the blame for being too democratic imho…

    Contrary to what many may believe, he has little input into the youth set-up where all the politics happen from what I have read and heard…

    I think this league does not require a tactician and so fans are making too much a deal out of the all ‘tactics’ talk…

    Jose and Pelle play the same way but the difference is that they have a much more ROBUST squad.

    I strongly believe we clearly have an issue with squad management but that is debatable topic so…

  14. democratic should maybe read pacifist…

  15. Maybe you could write about that robust squad and management of the players Ts?

    No Potter for a few days, hope all is well…

  16. Ginge, i think our poor displays have more to do with whether or not our guys are up for the game.

  17. Also on a topic of our squad and especially DM I do not believe we need a BEAST of a DM but another intelligent box to box midfielder that was why Cabaye should have been bought imho…

    Fans always blame Arteta and prefer MF20 but I think we are looking in the wrong area..

    Looking back at the successful years our DM have always been poorer or slower than Arteta…

    Edu, Petite, Van Bronchuist (spelling) and Gilberto were super slow…

    What we had then was PV04 who was the box to box player doing what Ramsey is trying to do but is not quite there yet…

    On the many occasions that PV04 was either suspended or injured we had Ray Parlour deputising and his tackling, work ethics is far better than most of what we currently have…

    I find it strange that section of fans say we are weaker defensively when Arteta plays…

    Comparing MF20 and MA08, MF makes a below average tackle per game of 1.3 whilst MA20 makes 3.6 tackles which is above average…

    The average in this league is 2.2 and Fernandinho makes less tackles and interception per game than MA08 at 3.2…

    The difference there is Yaya Toure playing the box to box role…

  18. I personally feel that tactics are a major flaw in our current situation, as is not having the right players within the squad.

  19. Rico, I would love to but you know majority dislike that kind of stuff so…

    But I will give you a post for next week God willing… ;)

  20. Very good post Scott, I’m tired of blaming Wenger, it gives a new release for our inactivity!

  21. Thanks Ts..

    I think in the main, the term DM is used quite loosely, a Paddy kind of player, as I believe Yaya is similar too is what we need imo of course..

    Both were/are beasts…

  22. Good post Scott,as you say a little investment and involment by Arsenal could bring alot more interest at grassroot level,in Arsenal.Sowing the seeds for the future if you like.Finally,history for a while has shown that Arsenal don’t know where to move on to,especially at a footballing level.Arsenal at a football team level are stuck in a neverending circle.If you never learn from your continuous mistakes,you either tread water or sink.There has been one common denominator on the football team front. The club commercially has appeared to have forged ahead,but the footballing side is stale and predictable,just like the seventy minute substition rule.Have a good one everyone,from sunny but cold N.I.time for some therapy.LOL

  23. For those JCL’s who don’t know any better 27yrs ago today the rebirth of The Arsenal as we know it started…

    Thanks to Ian Allinson and the never forgotten Mr Rocastle… Thanx Rocky, one of the best day’s n nights ever following The Arsenal.

    Good post Scott…. I blame Wenger, he’s crap…. rubbish… demented…. and very very rich…. Out Out Out…

    Oh and he can take that divvy yank with him 2…!

  24. You have a point re tactics and also the fact that he makes the wrong selection in certain games…

    An example is him asking SC19 or MO11 to do over excessive defensive jobs when he could be pragmatic like Pelle’ and Jose by having a Milner or Ramires in the squad…

  25. ha ha 10:49 is WATh is disguise… lol

  26. Ts, Pragmatic and sensible don’t go in the same sentence as Wenger.

    Me in disguise… Never mate :D

  27. Well said Wath, apart from Bould they can all push off as far as I’m concerned. Toothless and gutless, the lot of them…

  28. We don’t need anymore time bandits in midfield imo.

  29. Following on from the box to box issue …. JW only makes 1.3 tackles per game whilst Ramsey makes 3.7 tackles per game in the EPL…

    In his last 4 games before his injury when I was saying that AR16 needed rest because I had seen some data showing he was in the red his average tackle per game was 4.5 the highest in the whole of Europe!

    Some may argue JW is not a DM or box to box player but offensively his stats fall when he is playing in the no.10 role than in the box to box role…

    He is more useful on the wings where he scored 4 of his 5 goals from…

  30. As you put it WATH pragmatic translates to negative when it comes to AW… but that is the 7% of wins he needs in order to match Fergie and Jose…

  31. Ginge, how long have i been saying our record is much, much poorer when Jack starts?
    Damn, we miss Ramsey :)

  32. Ts – isn’t team selection all part of tactics. Fielding the right players to exploit the opposition.

    AW just fields the same ones regardless of who we play and from the outside it sure looks like he doesn’t look at who we are playing and works out his playing plan from that.

    Same old style, week after week after week….

    How can we go to Stoke without starting with the two players who have a bit of pace and directness to their game beggars belief.

    As does leaving out Flamini, he would have let Charlie Adam know he was on the pitch from the off….

  33. Ts, I would go as far as to say it’s common sense….!

    He seems to have zero, his attitude of better technical players will over come hasn’t ever worked yet he still sticks to it…! Some would say that’s not even lacking common sense more like total lunacy and incompetence..?

  34. I agree we miss Ramsey hugely but we could still get more out f the players we have, well AW could if he knew how….

  35. Ramsey has been out for months now but only Morgan Schneiderlin has won more tackles than him… says it all

    Why is a midfielder of his background not playing for us? Instead AW was willing to pay over £19M for Bender…

  36. Another we we agree on WATH…

    AW has no common sense! Everyone know s it but him….

    Nothing beats being street smart…

  37. Ts, you and I and normal people are usually street smart, Wenger is just a smart arse lol

  38. Ha ha Scott… shhh don’t say that! lol

  39. I must say, rightly or wrongly, when i talk tactics, i don’t include team selections, but i see where you guys are coming from..

  40. Good post Scott but Wenger has more power than just about any other manager and Kroenke loves him. What should happen regarding the way that decisions are made is very different from what is happening. If we are looking for someone to ask the questions of it is most certainly Arsene. If anyone seriously believes that Wenger listens to Ivan where footballing matters are concerned I have to tell you that he has no voice. Wenger decides who comes and who goes. He decides on how much Arsenal will or won’t pay as we have seen season in season out when we have missed out on players, sometimes for relatively small amounts. Kroenke, from what I understand, owns the club by remote control. He isn’t going to tell Wenger what to do. It wasn’t Kroenke or Gazidis who did nothing during the summer for 3 months about our crazy lack of strikers. It was Arsene who comes up with the idea of Ba at about 3 PM on the last day and then reluctantly agrees to Ozil when it looks like we would enter the new season with only Flamini on a free.
    We are caught in a circle of seasonal déjà vu as far as I can see and I could have written a virtually identical comment as this on the 4th March last year and the year before that. In my opinion the club needs a massive injection of new energy in order to capitalise on the very decent financial foundation that Wenger has created.

  41. AW growing up in post war France/Germany and not allowing him to go out did him some good but it did not make him experience the belt lashes the likes of Fergie experienced in Scotland…

    Jose coming from a political or military home made him a nasty piece of sh?te but it in the real world it helps…

  42. The fact that he is failing to select Serge to me is the final straw for me…

    I know the boy apparently struggles to play 3 games in a week due to his muscular structure and there needs to do light sessions after games but Stoke needed him at least…

    Poldi needed to play against his former club but was omitted but then was started against Stoke with SC19, and JW all wanted to occupy the same inside left position on the pitch…

  43. Lothar Matthaus has suggested £37 million Arsenal target Julian Draxler is the only player who can replace Franck Ribery.

  44. Adam, i agree he has too much power, and too much responsibility.
    I know he does not have a great handle on it all, but those above him should have the balls, the decency and the ambition to take it off him, imo.
    Make him more accountable, and push for success.
    Tell him to forget the rest and concentrate on what happens on the pitch.
    I know they won’t, and i know they love him….that’s why i reckon they need a rocket, so they then give Arsene one :)

  45. Substantial bids were made for Negredo, Bender, Cabaye and LS07 though…

    Moreover, it was not AW who was recorded by Mike Ashley down-playing the abilities of Cabaye when the player was doing all he could to join us.. something LS07 did not do…

    One of the first things I said when I started posting on here was that our negotiators ‘cheese off’ the clubs we negotiate with…

    I had heard that from certain people who claim to be in the know…

    The attitude of take it or leave it strategy made Mata’s dad go away and negotiate with other clubs when a deal had been agreed…

  46. Ginge, no doubt it is fair to say we get a hell of a lt wrong, as a club.

  47. What was said when GG was sacked?

  48. If Cabaye really could have been the answer to our midfield woes, another reason AW should take a long walk, Ashley told him the price, why did he not meet it….

  49. Bye Bye…. very good Rico :D

  50. Scott, for me the die has been cast… If the board or Stan look to take away Wengers power he’ll see it as an affront on his character and will take it very personally and I think he would walk away…! I think to much has passed for him to stand back and relinquish duties and having the final say so in so many things.

  51. :D is that being street smart or book smart Rico?WATH… ?

    I was referring to the board saying no manager will wield the same power…,

  52. Boring Boring Chelsea

  53. Morning All.
    Morning Rico.

    Hey Rico, that was a bit of a rubbish post by you today, your standards are definately slipping.

    Ah, I see, Scott wrote it.
    Ha, in that case, it was fantastic.

    Considering he was standing on his head… ;-)

  54. Rico, I think Cabaye would have been perfect for us… he had the engine of Flamini and the ball playing mannerism of Arteta of 2005 to 2009…

    I was watching the last match PV played against Everton and how Arteta made PV of all people look aged…

    I doubt AW told Law to say “25 million a lot for a reserve”

  55. Wath, maybe that is what they need to do then.
    They won’t, as they are happy with what Wenger brings them, and they are also happy to see him cop all the flack for what is, in essence, their decision…or lack of :)
    I am off guys…….later!!

  56. Cheers Kev……the brain started hurting towards the end of it lol

  57. I think you’ll find it wasn’t smart Ts it was cheeky….

    Yep spot on mate they said after GG……………… BUT we all know they also speak with forked tongue and as he started to win things he gained trust and had DD fighting his corner…!

  58. later Scott….

  59. Cheers Scott… careful Scott no sleeping upside down…!

  60. Ts, 11.53? You lost me…

    Night Scott…

    Morning Kev – just ;)

  61. Merts and Rosicky extend their contracts then…..!


  62. £15m for Cabaye I thought?

  63. Great news Wath….

  64. Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky have signed new contracts with Arsenal.

  65. BFG and Mozart’s contracts signed and announced

  66. Ha ha Rico, yep, just in time… :-)

    Agree with Scott et al, the problems start at the top.
    As a club, we have massively missed out this season.
    The present squad, as it stands, has overachived imo.
    We lost the best chance of winning the league, we’ve had in years, due to a poor summers transfer dealings.
    Poor poor management, again!

    Afternoon Wath

  67. Hiya Kev…

    maybe this summer… :P :P

  68. Afternoon Grandad, how you me old mucker..?

  69. Lol… Three different people broke the contract news in just few minutes difference

  70. And all before Sky Sports News Xrs ;)

  71. Interesting Xrs

  72. Another sign that Arsene is staying? Surely both players would want to know….

  73. Like Mugabe.. immovable..

  74. Looking likely Ts….

  75. Ah… the 25 point plan is in effect…

  76. Unless……………… He’s told them of the new manager and that he will be given a huge transfer kitty to take the club to the next level…?

  77. His employers are happy it seems…

  78. Unless the ‘proposed new manager’ was German the players won’t take that huge jump of faith I believe…

  79. Now I like that idea a lot more Wath….

  80. Why Ts??

    Managers don’t have to be German to be good….

  81. Maybe he’s sold the players on a new boss Ts… you never know…!

    I doubt it but I think if the club announces his new deal they know just from reading social media that people are not happy at all with price increases lack of spending and the perception that the club totally lacks ambition, we talk the big club clap trap but do not act like one or back it up in the slightest.

    That needs to change and change quickly.

  82. It sure does Wath..

    Just a few weeks ago Arsene was sat in front of the cameras all smiles and joking about his new contract…

    Since then, a lot has happened and no talk of his future….

    Something doesn’t add up imo….

    Suggestion is the club are waiting for the 1000th game with AW in charge until his staying is announced.

    That game is Chelsea, unless we draw against Everton….

  83. Away to the Chavs may not be a great day 2 announce anything….!

  84. My thought exactly Wath, could be worse though, a home match against the Chavs… ;)

  85. As Frazer used to say… “We’re all doomed!”

  86. You are right re. 1.02

    What i meant was players will more likely commit if they know the new manager coming in… All hypothetical

    If the board said to a player and his agent that any manger was coming in they would want to know if the manager won’t come in and bring in his own players unless the manager was Loew/Klopp or the like who they have had a working relation with…

  87. :) Aren’t we just…..

  88. If AW isn’t staying, I strongly suspect the man who is set to replace him would be known by now…..

    But I get your point Ts, players wouldn’t sign if they thought AW was going and David Moyes was taking his place… ;)

    I still think AW is going to stay because that’s how Kroenke wants it to be….

    I have known to be wrong many times, hopefully I am this time too….

  89. I am in Spain doing a tour of the Catalonia cava hoses coupled with Carnaval .In Spain they party for a week .In England we have a pancake race. I am just catching up as I have found a bar with wifi

  90. I was having a worry Potter, glad you are simply on a jolly in Spain….

  91. Lucky you Potter, Enjoy mate and hope you in walking distance of your room, if not hope the designated driver has non drinking instructions….!

  92. Rico, that is great news regarding Ramsey…

    A 5 year contract looks great on paper, but as Fabregas showed, doesn’t mean alot, unless of course you have an owner like Henry.
    Hopefully Arsenal show the ambition to persude Aaron to not only see out those 5 years, but to sign another contract after it.

    Wath, I am good thanks, how are things Camden way?
    I’ve been meaning to email you.
    Maybe i’ll do it this evening, as I feel like a good moan. ;-)

  93. It is Kev – I doubt he’s desperate to return to Cardiff, they are no Barca ;)

  94. Another 3 years to look forward to then. Whoopee.
    I hear some French club want Giroud. I’ll be glad to see the back of the pneumatic French stud. Hope he’s a better mover in the bedroom than on the pitch.

  95. Which club want Giroud Adam?

  96. Can’t remember Rico. A friend who works on a news feed told me. I doubt Wenger will sell him though.

  97. He’s wanted by Le Speedoo’s Rico…

    I’ll await your email Kev, nothing like a good moan mate you know what it’s like listening to Adam….!

    Adam…. 3yrs or walk…………. I reckon it’s 50/50…!

  98. I doubt he will either Adam…

    Not CK then Wath.. lol

  99. Wath :lol:

    Thats rather unfair on Adam, Wath.
    But we do have interesting debates…

  100. Kev. I went to the Emirates shop this morning and got you an official Olivier Giroud posing pouch.

  101. Afternoon all,
    Why over complicate things, it’s simple.

    1. Sack Wenger.
    2. Sell the Emirates to the scum.
    3. And move back to Woolwich, our spiritual home.

    Follow these 3 steps and the good ole days will return, of this I am sure.

  102. Wath. Not bad odds. :)

  103. Micko. It would make a lovely Walmart. :)

  104. Now there’s an idea Micko but we should never sell to the Toots…

  105. I trusted Micko will reduce Grand order of 25 point plan to 3… ;)

  106. Thing is Adam are you a betting man……………? ;-)

  107. Side note, I really love the analysis on Arsenal player of every game. They are always really honest and insightful short videos. If you want to know where we went wrong at Stoke, and what needs to change, I recommend checking out: http://player.arsenal.com/player/4795-the-breakdown-stoke-a
    (free signup).

  108. Rico, the winger you fancied last year is rumoured to be on his way to us according to OG12’s old club president…

  109. And while I’m at it, stop paying the likes of Ozil such ridiculous wages when it could be better spent briding the ref’s, works for other clubs.

  110. Which one Ts, there were so many ;)

  111. tsgh, I remember PV4’s debut against Sheffield Wednesday, he was only on the field for half an hour but in those 30 or so minutes everyone in the stadium knew we had a star in the making, sadly for him he never quite made it to Flamini’s God like status.

  112. micko… get off the dark smooth drink… lol

    Rico, the 25 point plan that says lets rob the goyims dry…

  113. Thought I was raising some serious points myself.

  114. What is this 25 point plan b****x?? ;)

    Who is the winger Ts?

  115. Good read scott,
    Have to agree with adam..
    No one tells Wenger what to do,at the arsenal

    At that game micko,right away he was the man.

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  117. My bad…Cabella

  118. Only in training…

  119. Remy Cabella

  120. That Lee, in the world of Arsenal gets more and more hard to do…..

  121. I know, sad isn’t it…….?

  122. Never heard of him Ts ;)

  123. Sure is Lee, and yet we all know it could be so so much better….. If only…..

  124. Great piece on 7am kick-off blog.
    Have a look if you haven’t already.
    Really puts into perspective those Stoke tossers.
    Tossers all the way down from Coates in their boardroom down to the tosser selling hotdogs.
    Shit chairman, shit manager, shit team, shit stadium, shit town, shit shit and more shit.

  125. Evening all, Nice one from down under, I must say that i usually agree with our Ausi friend but how does one bad result end the dream of Goonerdom. Why was you thinking that we were fighting on 3 fronts before Stoke but now our season is more or less finished. Stoke was a bad result we all know that, we never capitalised we know that too, But in my eyes the penalty was a gift from the referee’s God, i doubt that would not hav e been given against any of the top clubs. And the stamp that the referee missed which their council never should have been a sending off. Whether we could have won against ten men i suppose we will never know, but one bad result does not see us finished in my mind. Yes the games we have coming up could quite easily finish us off but they could also see us in the next round of the FA cup and Champions league and we could also gain our place back at the top. Mathamatically we can still win a treble i say that with a grin but i will roar our boys on untill they win or get Knocked out, its not over yet even when the Arsenal support are all moaning we can still come out of this really well. Ausi’s are famous for their determination and grit i feel that you are just downhearted b ut i know you will be back shouting from the rooftops :)

  126. Cheers Adam, I can use it to keep my change… :-P

  127. rico, it’s like whatever we end up achieving we usually end up thinking we should have achieved more…….when was the last time we went into the last 3 games of a season with the chance of winning the league.

  128. You don’t like Stoke then Kev?? ;)

  129. Does it show Rico? :-)

  130. Kev, even Alton Towers is over-rated imho as well.

  131. Kev a mate of mine things the Britannia is built from BFS catalogue..

    There is no mobile or wi-fi coverage within half a mile of the stadium…

  132. mardi gras = fat tuesday = carnaval= more fun rthan pancakes

  133. Ha ha Sp1… treble of Diaby, Kim and Theo returning maybe… lol

  134. And with an ‘if only he’d signed….’ Micko.

    Was it the year of the Gallas strop or were we out of the race by the end…?

  135. Hi Sp. I don’t think Scott is saying that.

    He’s saying that just a few weeks ago we were in with a chance of the CL, yet we lost at home..

    Then, when we should have turned up and beaten a dreadfully average Stoke side to stay in the PL race but we lost.

    Two weeks ago we were in for all three, but now the realistic chance of winning a trophy remains with the FA Cup…..

    I actually don’t think we’ll get past Everton….

  136. Rico, I thought that I was being subtle… ;-)

    Yeah Mick, give me Thorpe Park any day of the week.


  137. Not really Kev, but I read between the lines ;)

  138. You just enjoy it Potter… :)

  139. Evening Rico, Guess i misunderstood, appolgies to Scott, Am i the only supporter that still thinks positive.

  140. Don’t think so rico, without looking I think we finished 4th, don’t know the answer myself.

  141. I get the ‘being positive’ Sp, I really do, but the way our season unfolds year after year, I learned a few years ago that I needed to stop burying my head in the sand and accept that there is a serious problem….

    Not that I am suggesting you are doing that of course… ;)

  142. We did Micko but I think we had a chance that season, only a few silly draws were our downfall…

    And some rubbish performances of course….

    Bit like this season really…..

  143. surprised to read Abou still has 1 more year on his contract…

    Does he write the contract for himself?

  144. TR07 gets 2 year contract on 90k… As much as I love the mozart I think its a bit too much considering Sagna is more reliable…

    goes to show the favouritsim at AFC…

  145. Tomas is a rolling one year isn’t it?

  146. No 2 year extension until 2016…
    He signed a similar 2 year deal 1.5 years ago…

  147. Interesting Rambo is getting an extra 20k a week contract improvement…,

    I rate him but I think its too early especially being injured…

    Maybe they are worried RM or BM will come in for him to replace Alonso or Schweiingsteiger…

    At least the high cost in ST is going somewhere…

  148. Where did you read that Ts about Tomas, I read it’s a 1 year…

    Re AR, that’s all about making sure he’s on a long contract in case of the likes of Barca come calling I suspect…

  149. Dinner calls…

  150. A czech site… my translator says he will be here until 35… considering he just turned 33 y.o

    I may be wrong… time will tell

  151. It says a 12 month contract with option for a second depending on appearances… makes sense then…

    However, I am always puzzled by this scatter gun model that Law, AW and Gazidis implement ……… the apparent sensible model where you allow your best players to leave virtually every year for next to nowt apart from last; pay our more mediocre players virtually the same as your very best players who walk away ,renewing of contracts for perma-crocked players who really do not offer the club anywhere near value for money…

    SC19 has a longer contract 2.5 to go but is going to get an extension whilst MA08 with 1 year to go is not going to get one…

    I know MA08 is not everyone’s fave but he and TR07 should be made to stay on as youth coaches if possible…

    CAn anyone honestly say that SC19 at 29 y.o will be the same player at 31 when is current deal is expected to expire…

    If I was AW I will swap him with Koke or Gabi next summer…

    But the malaise at AFcis hard to make sense of this days… i have finally woken up from my Wenger hypnosis… :-)

    It looks like AW did not learn from the Pires 1 year offer criminality…

    He allowed Bobby to leave for free and then went on to sign Silvestre on a 3 year deal when he was shite…

    Anyway its a BIG con… AW will walk and sign Sagna as his first signing for Psg…

  152. TR07 apparently ahd a clause in his contract to sign a 2 year deal when he made 25 appearances… that was why he was not played sometimes…

  153. See, a one year rolling, just like Dennis :P

    They were cut from the same loyalty cloth….

  154. Finally Ts, finally you see sense… ;)

  155. :-) What was for dinner?

  156. Getting ready for Yaya in the u-21 match…

  157. the dippers have announced a 50M pound loss… wow

  158. And they would fail FFP…..

  159. will they?
    They have to qualify for the CL then…

  160. Morata playing for Spain u-21 against Germany if you interested…

    Sanogo starting for France too…

  161. Yes, but if they do qualify, they could get thrown out. According to an article I read…

  162. Neither matches are on television though sadly…

  163. they should sell Suarez to us… ;)

  164. Forget Suarez, go get Darren Bent…

  165. Forget Suarez, get Sturridge…..

  166. We never get any bother with Vermaelen I notice, in fact I’m sure that I read some quotes attributed to him saying that he still wants to stay…

    Personally I’d be happy to see him stay…

  167. Think he’s off Kev. He wants to be playing….

  168. Early days for Liverpool Rico, let’s see how Rodgers copes with European competition and injuries?!
    We’ll see next season, at the moment they’re enjoying a good run, but they’ve have a lot of luck with injuries…
    See how they do if Gerrard misses a couple of months…

  169. Yeah, sadly I think your right, but I’d try to keep him by offering a new deal, and see how if goes…
    Because you know, odds on Kozzer gets injured after Verm leaves.

  170. Anyway, I’m done for the day guys…

    Have a good night and catch up tomorrow…

    Night all…

  171. Good point Kev, all easy for the dippers when they are chasing one goal….

    If Tv goes, he MUST be replaced….. surely….

  172. ’til tomorrow….

  173. Yes Rico, if Verm goes then we’ll need a quality replacement, maybe Matthias Ginter from Frieburg could fill the vacancy?

    Night to you…

  174. Ajayi had been training with the first team quite regularly lately.
    Not seen him play, so I haven’t really got an opinion on him.
    Doesn’t look like Ignasi Miquel is gonna make the grade.
    The Arsenal cupboard is quite bare in terms of young centre-backs.

  175. Kev, we’re in a very fortunate position re. centre backs, we have Johan Djourou on loan at Hamburg, we could always call him back if push comes to shove, after all if you believe the rumours we’re still paying his wages !!!

  176. Djourou :roll:

    Don’t go there Mick. I saw a few snippets of Bundesliga Footie on TV last week, and I’m sure that I spotted Johann looking confused as his team conceded a couple of goals…
    Memories eh?

  177. Another German defender would suit me just fine…

    Where’s the new Willie Young when you need him?

    Night All. Night Mick.

  178. tsgh, your people know more than me but I heard we tried to get Spartak Moscow to take back Kollstrom when we found out the extent of his back injury but Spartak gave us the finger, might have something to do with us paying his wages until the end of the season, did you hear anything similiar ?

  179. You be careful out there kev.

  180. Jack Frost please fuck off…..

  181. Darren Gough got a touch of the Olivier Girouds…

  182. Morning guys.

  183. Did he miss the target, Lee?

  184. Nailing a 23yr old bird…

  185. I think that is disgusting behaviour.

  186. Some can not keep it in their pants….simple as that.
    Celebrity or not, it makes little difference.

  187. What nailing a 23yr old bird Adam?

  188. When you put it that way Lee. :)
    I understand it but cannot bring myself to condone it. :)
    Certainly not on a public forum.

  189. Did he use reverse swing?

  190. Was he standing on his head when ding the deed…..if so, he must be an Aussie, hey Kev :)

  191. It’s a beautiful sunny morning in London and the roadworks are creating a wonderful gridlock….

  192. Morning/Evening Scott….

    Ding dong… ;-)

  193. Hiya Kev….

  194. Morning Lee/Adam…

    Darren Gough, does he have a Quiff?

  195. I think he used an inswinger Kev.

  196. It was his googley that swung it…..

  197. I tend to favour the Flipper myself

  198. I reckon it was his googly…

    Morning Adam, Lee, Kev, Scott and all…

  199. He yorked the crap out of her :)

  200. oops. sorry Lee, didn’t see your comment…

  201. Hope she sent his middle stump flying….. :oops:

  202. There is always someone going too far…thanks, Rico hahahaha

  203. Great minds and all that…..

  204. Morning Rico, wonder what happened to his bails? :-D

  205. I’m gonna set up a mobile crystal meth lab, anyone in?

  206. What are the projected profits, Lee?

  207. What me Scott, never…. lol

    Maybe Giroud was keeping wicket and he’s got them Kev, after all, he wanted a threesome…. ;)

    Indeed Lee….

  208. Lee, if you set up a mobile pie n mash shop I’d defo be in… ;-)

  209. Hats off to him….fancy bowling a maiden over at his age.

  210. $10m plus p.a

  211. Lee. I’ll be Jesse Pinkman to your Walter White. We could match the colour of the product to your eyes.

  212. Count me in, Lee.
    If you need a hand with import/export of good, yell out.

  213. Kim Kallstrom in the frame for Saturday…

  214. Kim Kardashian more likely….

  215. Adam, what about setting up our lab in the back of a black cab……?

  216. A sort of mobile lab that is constantly doing U-turns into advancing traffic?

  217. New post up now…

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