How have we gone from 3 to 1? Strikers off! FA need to look further than Adam!

Morning all.

Nicklas Bendtner has confirmed he won’t be staying beyond his current contract:

I’m not going to stay at Arsenal – first team football is what I’m after.

The plan is for me to move on. I’m ready for a new challenge.

I’m sure he knew before he was off but when a young Yaya Sanogo is getting more playing time than him, I guess any hope of him staying was dashed. Hope for him I mean, not us!

Other news which no doubt everyone will know by now relates to Charlie Adam and the fact that he’s been charged by the FA for stamping on Olivier Giroud. Just why Glenn Whelan hasn’t also been charged is beyond me, his bad tackle could have broken our strikers leg.

Onto today’s main post which is from ‘Down Under’….

Where to now?

Two weeks ago, we were competing on 3 fronts, yet now it’s realistically one. The FA cup.

Why is that?

Lack of ambition?
Lack of quality?
Lack of depth?
Lack of tactical nous?
All of the above?

But why, why do we have these problems and it’s not for the first time is it?

Our manager must take his share of responsibility, naturally enough but I maintain that those above him are ultimately responsible for the culture of acceptance which seemingly runs throughout the club.

Acceptance that near enough is good enough.

Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis have the power to demand success and more importantly, they have the raw ingredients in place so there is no great overhaul required!

The stadium, commercial deals and fan base is up there with the best clubs in Europe, so why do they sit on their hands and accept top 4 positions as the measure of success?


Those pointing the finger at Giroud, Arteta and Wenger himself must surely see they are at worst, symptoms of a bigger issue but why are they constantly the targets for abuse?

They are easy targets, that’s why.

Surely Stan is the guilty party here because he has no love for Arsenal, no care for the history of the club and no feeling of responsibility to the fans.

What does Stan bring to the table?

Why is Stan not the focal point of abuse and protests?

The analogy I use is that if a child is a spoilt brat and never disciplined, then is the child at fault or the are the parents responsible?

The same applies at Arsenal, because whilst Stan and Ivan ask Wenger to provide profits and little more, why blame Wenger for the lack of success when those above him see him as the ultimate manager for their cause?

Something needs to be done and it may well be to get rid of Wenger, but it will not change anything while Stan is in the background ensuring that the number one aim is the share prices.

Would a new manager really be given free reign to spend? I am not so sure.

Fresh blood could be the answer but I believe the changes must start at the top and the sooner the better.

On a brighter note, I have touched on the Football School my son attends and the idea is gaining a little momentum here in Australia. Here is the link if you are interested….

Australia, considering its small population, has always provided world class athletes in a huge variety of sports but football has always been the 3rd or 4th sporting choice and because of this the money has not been invested so the level of coaching has been left serious lacking.

But not now.

Even our very own Highbury House coach is impressed… 😉

The level of training is far beyond anything Australia has ever seen and although the fruits will take a few years to become ripe, I am positive that this country will be providing world class players on a regular basis at some stage.

My message to Stan Kroenke is to send over a few hundred kits for the kids each season, a player to visit once a year, a few bob in sponsorship and you will immediately turn a few hundred kids into Gooners.

This group will be providing professional footballers soon enough and I would stake my years salary on that – and for a tiny bit of investment, a large club, our club could have first pick of them.

Oh, but that would take foresight and cost, so Stan is out…..  :)

Anyway, we Gooners move on but where to right now I really don’t know……

Written by Scott from Oz.

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