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New signing says he couldn’t turn down Arsene! Striker deal on & Are we really trying to sign Beckham??

Morning all….

No, not David, it’s his and Victoria’s boys. Romeo who is ten years old and a huge Arsenal fan has been playing for the club’s under-11s team for the past few months and now their youngest, Cruz has joined in by playing with the under-9s team.

A source close to the club said:

It is already known that Romeo is a big Arsenal fan and he is a good player. He has been training with the team for a while now.

But then it was spotted that Cruz has some talent too and he was asked whether he would like to start training with the club.

He was thrilled and jumped at the chance. He has really impressed the coaches so far. He’s been training here for the last week and it is going so well it is quite possible it could become permanent for Cruz.

No doubt both boys want to follow in their fathers footsteps and it’s good they are both with Arsenal but their careers are years away.

Stories suggesting we have agreed a deal with Alvaro Morata are gathering pace.

The Metro report via AS in Spain, that we were very close to signing Morata on loan during the January transfer window as the player wanted to get more game time that didn’t happen for some reason. Now it seems that we have agreed a deal with the player to sign him up for five years and on a £100,00o a week deal.

£100,000 a week to a 21 year old, really?

This story was kicked off by Guillem Balague when the other day he tweeted:

Morata has agreed to join Arsenal IF, I repeat IF, I insist IF, clubs agree fee. He will push for Madrid to accept Arsenal’s offer.

Well, I actually hope the clubs agree and fee and we get him signed up nice and early as he’s meant to be pretty darn good, pretty quick, good in the air, good at holding the ball and has clinical finishing ability with excellent movement off the ball….

Movement off the ball and pace, well that’s something we seriously lack isn’t it?

For the Spain under 21 side, he’s scored 21 goals in just 11 matches.

Ok he’s not Suarez, Costa or any other big named striker but he’s tipped to be the next big name in Spain and he could be ours in the summer.

Taking of the summer, It seems the club have hired some help for Arsene Wenger by hiring the old Tottenham Scout Ian Broomfield.

He resigned from what was his current post at Qpr on Friday and immediately agreed to join Arsene Wenger’s team:

The opportunity to work for Arsene Wenger at one of Europe’s top clubs, like Arsenal, was too good to turn down.

I appreciated my time at QPR with Harry, but this is an exciting challenge which I’m looking forward to.

Apparently Levy wanted him back at the Toots after their free spending summer has turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

The Daily Mirror reckon he’s been head hunted ahead of a big summer spending spree……

As long as it’s not just the Beckhams eh…..

That’s your lot for another day….

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223 comments on “New signing says he couldn’t turn down Arsene! Striker deal on & Are we really trying to sign Beckham??

  1. Let us hope the bit about a spending spree is true.
    Morning all.

  2. A nice and early post…and a very good one too… Morning Lady Rico…

    I am still not sold on Morato but beggars can’t be choosers as they say?

  3. Morning Scott, Ts (thanks) and all..

    I reckon snapping up Broomfeld is a good thing.

    Kind of suggests AW is staying though…

  4. I like the Broomfield one…
    something had to give with our scouts…

  5. TS we’re hardly beggars are we??
    Morning all…

  6. lol Morning Lee; not in terms of our bank balance but you know how the ‘suits’ are with parting with ‘their’ money…. considering they ‘wringed’ the cash from long term supporters like Adam who go rain or shine…

  7. I agree, we are far from beggars, we possibly have the most money of all the PL clubs…

    Morning Lee

  8. Good Morning Fellow Doomers.

    Hmmmm. Sounds as if the backroom staff is going to have a changeover. First the youth set up director now Broomfield.


    Change of ideas is a good thing.

    Morata I like. Provided his speed is utilised.

    So that would make it Morata and Campbell for the strike force plus Yaya.

    So in essence the attack is covered with Giroud, Theo, Gnabry, Podolski, Morata and Yaya.

    I think Bendy and Podolski will go.


    As I really like Podolski.

  9. We fans are begging, though.

  10. Morning Devil,

    Think you might be right about Podolski and he’s hinted he could go too in a recent interview. Back to Koln…

  11. The fee we will get for him will pay for Morata I feel.

    Campbell will come back.

    Oh. And there is the small matter of Silva Wellingotn as well

  12. I’m not convinced Campbell will come back…

  13. Morata vs the likes of Shawcross??

  14. Boring Boring Chelsea

  15. imagine Morata, Theo and Gnabry in attack

    Chamberlain will be used in CM so he will not play in attack

    Brrrrrrr. There is speed written all over that attack.

  16. Bongu habib.

  17. Baaa, Baaa Scott… :-)

  18. His pace would leave Shawcross standing…

  19. Morning Kev..

  20. Morning All…

    Morning Rico, good post…

    Morning Coach, Cruz Beckham eh?
    The mind boggles… :roll:

  21. Lee, pie n mash, give us a day mate…

  22. Exactly Scott… we are always begging though.. :-)

    If I had a choice I will get Jese Rodriguez instead…

    We should be going for players like Graziano Pelle imho.. an Italian beast who is very underrated and at the right age to show his talent.

    There are also the likes of Jackson Martinez with our cash reserves…

  23. Centre-back, possible right-back, striker, to start with…
    That’s just to stand still…

    Now what about properly strengthening the squad for a change?!!!

  24. Morning Rico and all. I was hoping that the tipping point I fell over the edge of at the weekend might have seemed somehow diminished with the advent of a bright and sunny Monday. But no. We need change otherwise I fear we are in for more of the same.

  25. I still think we need a no nonsense DM and being constantly linked to snow white’s side-kicks is getting tedious…..

  26. As for sagna…£100k p.w he can fuck off imho!

  27. Rico,Dev… Morata is not too fast…
    As I said to Adam last week why do we go for the plan B or rejects…

    Morata has gone backwards in my view…

    13 games and 3 goals no assist whilst Jese has come from nowhere and scored 5 goals and provided 4 assists and is keeping out a mega signing like Isco…

    RM are only going to sell Morata to us because he did not achieve his potential imho…

    Anyway I do take Ballegues word like a pinch of salt…

  28. As for Wenger…..£140k pw he can fuck off imho!

  29. Thanks Kev, talk about sign them up early eh. Still, if they turn out to have feet like their Dad’s then…. ;)

  30. Agreed Kev, that’s just for starters, then a winger and DM at least…

  31. Morning Adam.

    I don’t think we’ll see it unless Kroenke grows a pair…

  32. 100kp/w for Sagna for another 2 or 3 years is not bad at all imho

    But I guess the club will rather buy a 24 y.o defender for £10M pay £2M signing on fees and give him £45kp/w for 3 or 4 years without any guarantees.

    If Fergie was AW he will give Sagna what he reasonably wants as he can play LB,RB and CB better than most players our inept scouts will purchase…

    Continuity at the back is crucial imho…

  33. Ts, I don’t believe a word that man says….

  34. The area of consideration was the Head coach, but i wonder why we are celebrating just because we sign a scout. Let’s Arsenal sack Wenger and sign another coach then we’ll celebrate. Lol! Wenger to leave the Gunners?

  35. But Sagna is no spring chicken, what is he now, 32 years old, 33 next season?

    Compare his demands to those of Tomas who is happy to accept a rolling one year contract…

    I doubt he is on £100k a week…

  36. I got that wrong, he’s 31… Still no spring chicken ;)

  37. I’ve heard that Morata is about as good, potentially as Costa…. So he’ll be shite then!
    Good news about the Beckhams especially if they turn out better than the Chingford chimp!
    Campbell never played before, will not come here to play subs bench blues! He’ll be sold in the summer imo.

    Morning everybody. It’s a neautiful day.

  38. He was 31 last month… Rico

    He still runs and covers more ground than the likes of JW and Gibbs etc… enough for Sky to substitute BS’s stats for JW against BM…

  39. Good day all,
    get Coleman and he will be happy to sign 5yrs on 80k per week, he is an upgrade on Sagna save for experience but Sagna will not be here forever, Morata will fight it out with Sanogo and Campbell. atleast we shall have options with people who have an ounce of talent. not all expensive buys are value for money! Soldado anyone??? reminds me of a certain Mateja Kezman… Andy Carrol….

  40. Wavy, its not here, it’s raining…..

    Ts – but £100k is still a lot to be asking for at 31 years old. I think he wants one last bumper deal and elsewhere…

  41. Morning all, nice one Rico.
    Changes at the Arsenal, new coaches new scouts and a 42 million signing. We have a new ground and now it looks as if new idea’s are being introduced, sounds very encouraging. Arsenals Sponsors are in place and the books are looking good. Most of the deadwood has been let go and talk of new players in the wings, Wenger’s contract still not signed and his contract will be up at the end of the season. I wonder whether Arsene see’s himself as the man upstairs, over seeing things and us with maybe a new man at the helm. Our spending power look’s to be ready for new players. We haven’t sold any players to our imediate rivals of late but we have made a statement with a record signing. why would Wenger ok such a signing if he intends to retire or move on. Arsenal are still in position for a European place. But we didn’t enlist a striker in the winter window, Wenger knew Walcott was out for the rest of the season Ramsey also for a lengthy spell but only covered with an injured Midfielder who in all fairness could be out longer than Ramsey. Wenger goes with Sanogo who up till now has not shown that he is good enough but Wenger still chose him as a starter against the European Champions. Watching all this unfold makes me believe that we are still not ready to actually win anything, but it makes you think that we are nearing the time to start competing. Results this season have been encouraging and i can only assume that we are doing better than expected, i wonder whether Arsenal are producing better results because other teams have had changes in management, but now they are settling they have overtaken us and look to continue till the end of the season.I wonder whether Season ticket holders will believe that we will go all out in the summer window, i suppose we will have to see if they renew or not.

  42. Fu, Coleman would be perfect….

  43. Simple question on Sagna is can we get someone as good for similar money, and younger?
    I think he has been massive this season, but then again, we do need to look forward.

  44. Morning Sp, thanks..

    I wouldn’t call losing at Stoke, or at home to Villa, or at OT good results…

    But there’s more to it surely, what about some of our ghastly performances, one’s which will continue unless bigger changes are made….

    And no, we are far from being a side ready to win something but then we have been stuck in that situation for a few years now.

    Who’d believe we are a very wealthy club eh….

  45. Isn’t that short sighted imho..

    Sagna can play CB, LB and RB…

    Coleman can play only RB…

  46. Coleman Scott…

  47. In fact perhaps Martinez could bring him with him….. :)

  48. Our Irish buys have been superb for us in the past too…

  49. Isn’t it better to have a master of one trade than a Jack of all??

    For me a better solution would be signing a beastly DM who can also slot in at the back if things get that bad with injuries….

  50. Also, if we had a ‘proper’ squad, such issues of filling in would rarely pop up….

  51. I understand that perfectly Rico but red cards do happen in games and injuries too…

    Even BM,RM, City, Chelsea have players who have a few players who can fill in in different positions…

  52. I agree Rico and hard no nonsense DM!

  53. Is it too late to give Vermaelen a crack at DM?

  54. 25 man squad – that allows 2 players in every position with 3 places to spare. Those 3 players can be the utility players surely…

    How long have we been saying that Lee? Yet never does that signing arrive….

    I actually think it’s disgraceful….

  55. Ts, not wishing to sound rude but I don’t give a toot about the clubs you mention. If AW addressed our own needs we’d be head and shoulders above all of them….

    Scott, apparently he doesn’t want to play there, or at left back…. But it would surely help this seasons challenge…

  56. BM bought Thiago for 25M and had Martinez the most expensive DM in the world all out when the season started… Schweinsteiger was also injured …Some may say he should not have sold Gustavo a few weeks before…
    Pep then played Lahm as a DM until the 3 midfielders just came back a month ago…

    BVB lost all their top CB and had to play Bender at CB

    City also had a £30M pound Fernandinho who is 30 y.o out recently and had to play Demichele in that role… they have a big squad too but things happen…

    I think I am with Dev when he says strikers,DM and CB should play in their natural positions… if you can

  57. Welcome Gunner, no-one is celebrating getting Broomfield, just glad that someone, who seems to be a better scout, is now on board.

  58. Sagna has never really been described as a centre back its only that he has said that he is slowing down that he has been used elsewhere. Sagna is 31 and has been offered a 2 year deal but he wants more. I like Sagna and i also believe his wage of 60 grand is low for what he has done but he is getting no younger. Van Persie went at 31 and won trophies but he is hardly setting records at the moment and his age is against him. We must look forwards for the future and buy younger.

  59. A few seasons ago we lost all our LBs and TV too… even with 2 players in every position things can happen with our luck…

  60. Sp1..we don’t even know he is asking for 100k p/w…?

    From what I know he is being offered 70k a week

  61. Morning Ginge, had i been incharge i would have put Sagna’s wage up without a contract agreement just to show good intent.

  62. Exactly so if Sagna leaves, sign a right back and forget the other positions ;)

  63. Hiya Sp1 I am with you… Fergie and Yanited kept the likes of Giggs, Scholes there for a reason…

    Some may say Rio’s form is gone but he is still offering something at 35 etc…

    Yanited are offering Wooney 300k p/w at his gae for a reason…

    I find it funny how fans are always complaining about paying loyal players but complain when our board do not want to pay an extra £1M for a new player who they may not have even seen play…

  64. Sp, your 10.27 contradicts your 10.19 about Sagna…

    Must sign younger but then you say you’d pay Sagna just to show intent??

    I’m lost ;)

  65. Of course Rico, if he leaves it is a MUST we replace him with Quality…

    All I am saying is it may be better to keep Sagna even at 80k for 3 years than to buy a new import who may not settle into the bright lights of london…

  66. Jenkinson is a ready made replacement, he has good games and bad games but he hasn’t exactly had much play. even if Sagna goes we still need cover, if you believe Jenks is still not ready we will have to buy a right back or a cover right back.

  67. I think most here Ts have seen players we are linked to play and make their comments on what they see,

    Otherwise, they make it quite clear that they can’t judge a player.

  68. Personally, I’d rather Sagna stayed but at his age and with his injuries, if he’s demanding £100k a week, then I just think that’s a bit too much.

  69. We as fans have to be careful with all this the player is over 30 stuff IMHO… we do not want to be the club where any player over 27 y.o and at his peak will not renew his contract knowing he will be kicked to the curb at 30 y.o

    So if Kolscieny at 28 now entering his peak decides at the end of the season that he would rather leave to get a 5 year deal at Psg or Barca/BM because we have this STUPID age discrimination policy… will fans moan?

  70. can understand what you are saying Rico but we do get a season out of Sagna where Theo half a season and is Theo 100grand effort

  71. I’m not sure there is an over 30 policy any more. If there was Tomas would be gone and Sagna wouldn’t be in talks over a new contract.

    Over 30 silliness is long gone imho…

  72. Sagna has had less injuries than almost all our players…

    Yes he had 2 leg fractures but that can happen to anyone… its not like a muscular or joint injury imho…

  73. Catch you Latta

  74. Theo is saleable still Sp, there is a huge difference imo…

    If he was put up for sale, they’d be many clubs interested in signing him I’m sure….

  75. What was his injury earlier this season Ts?

  76. Ginge, Kozzer is on a decent length contract, so we say NO!

  77. hamstring injury… and he was out for only 1 match..

    Poldi got a hamstring injury and was out for how long though…

    TV earns more than Sagna but how many times has he played for us over the last 3 seasons?

    As I say some of our unwritten policy breeds jealousy imo…

    Vermalen:” … I want to stay but we all know football. I am 28 and I think I still have my future ahead of me but the club may decide they may not want me and so you can not say never…” February 2013

  78. later Sp1…

    I hope Scott… I am just being hypothetical…

    He only has 2 more years after this season; that will make him 30 when his contract is about to end… players talk like the rest of us and if BM or Barca/Psg come with a bid and offer him a 5 year contract will he stay knowing he will be given a 2 year contract max at 30 years old when he can be guaranteed trophies and more money somewhere else??

    This is not aimed as a disrespectful comment but is it not strange that section of fans complain about lack of trophies but are always stating we should do exactly what the board already do… always looking after tomorrow when football is a bit of now and tomorrow…

    Look at a player like Cabaye… a player who we needed and would have made us much stronger.. he scores from set-pieces and shoots from long range and is a fighter but because of his age fans preferred to pay over 19m for Bender instead who has no experience in this league and is not even as good now and there was no guarantee he would improve anymore…

  79. Wenger’s job, although multi-faceted, is to equip the squad with enough quality and balance to compete and hopefully win a trophy over a full season. Despite having thought about it for several seasons and watched as players like Chamakh, Gervinho and now Giroud have formed our strike force I really cannot work out how a man with his eye and intelligence can possibly think that this has been good enough. Not only that, but to pass up the opportunities that transfer windows offer seems to me to be a convoluted mix of general madness and eccentricity. Whatever, it makes no sense to me at all but I would entertain any theories or sensible arguments.

  80. Nzonzi “We know Arsenal play good football but when you start kicking them, they don’t like it. We don’t care. We’ll keep on doing it”

  81. Thanks, I couldn’t remember…

  82. Not sure there are any Adam.

    Premeditated assaults Lee…

  83. Adam,
    My theory is that he’s lost the f’kin plot big time… All that money in his bank account has sent him do-lally…..! Is that a sensible theory :D

  84. ha ha WATH..

    Adam leave my Gerv alone… :P

  85. I suppose everyone has seen how Liverpool pulled one over us with Suarez – who DID have a buyout clause? http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/26414167

    Makes me a bit ill, as he wouldve made an impact like no other player at the Emirates. They played that smart – something to learn from.

  86. Nzonzi always was a footballing purist.
    What a statement though. That’s why Costa, though total shite, would be great for us. He is a git and a troublemaker but he never gives defenders a moment’s peace. Yes, he plays the game for AM on the edge of legality and most of the time is pissing people off. But would an warthog anus like Nzonzi prefer to play against him or a super stud like Giroud?

  87. Wath. I can’t help but agree with you. I really think it is time he moved on and I don’t mean upstairs.

  88. roger, Suarez should have pushed for a move – if he really wanted to sign for us…

  89. Hi Adam… I take it you joking about Costa being shite… ?

  90. Always the bridesmaid…..that’s us!

  91. Exactly Rico… Suarez stayed and earned more at Liverpool than the 130k he was apparently promised..

  92. Is Pogba any good?

  93. He was last night Ts ;)

  94. Good to very good coining Syg’s phrase but over rated imho Lee…

    He suits Italian football in my view but its nice to think Fergie lost a gem when he chose Cleverley over Pogba…

  95. I kinda disagree that Suarez should have pushed for a move- we hit the Buyout clause – and then we shouldve gone ALL OUT for the player we want – because WE want him, not hanging back to see if the player likes us enough to come over here. Its not high school dating.

  96. Not even sure we are ever a bridesmaid, at east they get to the occasion…. :(

  97. I see Rico…

    Interesting… even though I was never a big fan of his even when he was having a purple patch I never thought he will be shite…

    But as I argued last November/December he was never worth the £35M…

    He will come good in the last 2 months again like he always does…

  98. But Henry told Kroenke they wouldn’t sell to us under any circumstances roger…

    It would have need Suarez to submit a transfer request at least..

    Still, all water under the bridge now….

  99. TS. My feelings about Costa haven’t changed really. When I saw him playing earlier in the season I thought he had more skill than his bullish nature revealed. He would take half chances and was a complete thorn in the side of opposition defenders. He was the sort of bloke that you hate playing against but love to have in your team. Lately he seems to be less accurate in goalscoring but unsettles defenders in a way that Simeone must love. He isn’t as deadly as Suarez or Aguero but is a completely different prospect to Giroud who I think should be sold as soon as possible for his complete lack of professionalism and the way he has put his old chap before the team.

  100. Only upstairs for Wenger Adam should be on a dbl decker back to his retirement home

  101. Maybe Henry asked Rothchild to tell Kreonke and Dickie Law to sod off that was why we walked away… ;)

  102. Ts, just teasing Adam really. He’s a bit of a bruiser but does like to fall over in the box. Bit like Suarez really….

  103. :D .. ‘he has put his old chap before the team.’

    My view was always that Costa had not played upfront on his own.. and at Ath he had Turan,Garcia, Lopez, Koke who is like Ramsey whilst we have the most static midfielders ..

  104. Rico. He does have that in his nature. The whole of the AM team play the game on the edge. But he steams into Sergio Ramos regularly and mullers Pique when he can too. He’d do for me, but not under Wenger who probably sees him as a winger.

  105. The Spanish league is like that though Adam, they all fall over at the first opportunity…
    :) re the winger comment but I know exactly where you are coming from….

  106. TS. True. When you think about Arsenal it is almost impossible to conceive of them as anything other than a Wenger team with all that entails.

  107. Is the entire fanbase really that naive ??? Morata the next big thing in Spain.Would Madrid let him go if he was a talented youngster,no.This is another attempt for Wenger to try and be clever and on the cheap as always,instead of finally securing that Jackson martinez,Diego Costa,Radamel Falcao he is jeopardising yet another season on unproven talent.It is why everyone gets furious with wenger being on the cheap and risking yet another season.

  108. If AW were to step down…..it should be away from AFC.

    His presence there would merely put the pressure on the new manager.

    Just in case no one noticed. And I might be mistaken. However have you lot noticed that when we played to our brilliant best we had some of the invincible players here. TH14, BP07 and recently DB10.

    Were they an inspiration?

    Get them here each week then

  109. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Rico – Your article today has sparked some spirited debate.

    Interesting about the Morata rumours. One of the articles I read on that posited that the reason Arsene didn’t sign another striker during the January transfer window was that he wanted to assure Morata that he would get lots of game time if and when he transfers this summer.

    Seemed a bit mad to me at first reading, but it would show him that Arsene certainly did intend to give him regular playing time. Also, the World Cup this summer is going to add a level of complication to signing players. Anything that can be done to get an agreement in principal with a player before the summer would be a great advantage.

  110. When things are going wrong Wenger always comes out with all this stuff about who he wants to buy. It seldom comes to anything though. It’s all PR.

  111. Danish, ‘he’s meant to be the next big thing in Spain’ – that’s not from me, that’s from a few pundits.

    Don’t shoot the messenger ;)

  112. Morning Cg, I think it’s the performance on Saturday which has kicked off the debate ;)

  113. There are lots of good players around Rico. But if you won’t pay the money you won’t get them. It does give the club the opportunity to bleat about who they almost signed though. We’ve heard that often enough. Didn’t Ivan start up with the ” busy summer ahead” spiel quite recently?
    They must think we have the memory span of goldfishes.

  114. Danish Gunner – A high transfer price for a striker doesn’t guarantee that he will be worth the price. Just ask Tottenscum fans if Soldado was worth it or Chelski fans about Torres. A number of last summer’s big striker transfers, so far, have been a big bust.

  115. Rico – I have to agree with you on that. When we are doing well the discussion here can be a little like conversation at a very proper and civilized afternoon tea.

  116. Spin spin…..groundhog club!

  117. Be a good idea to ramp up the ST price wouldn’t it? Oh too late it’s already happening…..you can’t make this shit up can you?

  118. Lack of performance you mean? ;)

  119. Hiya Cg…
    The wheels have come off big time… all due to a large part a lack of squad management rather than squad improvement imo…

    Another summer where the club won’t sign any top player because the board and the ‘Havard analysts’ will deem transfer fees to be over inflated…

    Also they won’t want to buy before the competition is over thinking any said player will get injured before kicking the ball in anger for us…

    A long hard summer ahead…

  120. Griezmann is the latest Adam…

  121. :) Cg, I like that HH is seen that way, so very British … lol

    You have a point Lee ;)

  122. Arsenal record in final 10 EPL games: [12-13, 26pts] [11-12, 18pts] [10-11, 11pts] [09-10, 17pts] [08-09, 23pts] [07-08, 17pts]

    Bracing myself for a bumpy landing… still keeping the faith…

    Psg are going for Pjanic whilst we still play clueless midfielders without bottle…

  123. I think it’s both Ts and one reflects on each other.

    Having a proper squad allows for better rotation/resting.

    Our squad included Frimpong, Ryo, Diaby, Bendtner and Park at the beginning of the season.

    Now it includes all bar Park and Frimpong but with an added crock Kallstrom…..

    That speaks volumes…..

  124. Seems to me that supporters are looking everywhere bar England, in one sentance we say he cant play in the Premier league cause its to hard, the next it will take him too long to settle why the fkuc are we not buying premier league ready tried and tested players, We watch the premier every week and we see good right and left full backs we see many midfielders and we also see lots of scorers. we sell premier league players who have gone on to win cups lots of cups also cups in Europe but we still harp on about foreign talent. Offer the right money for the right player and don’t get off the case till we have him. simple actions that only needs the right money fcuking simple.

  125. I agree Roger we get close but at the final hurdle, AW dithers..

    No doubt he will continue to do so. Unless of course that decision is taken out of his hands which is something I pray for if he is set to stay….

    But then there is still the tactical situation to address. However, adding a winger, striker and DM at least, would certainly make things a lot easier for him…

  126. N’zonzi, what a pathetic specimen, but typical of the kind of cnutox who is lorded over by wankers like Shearer and his MotD cronies.

    No doubt Gordon Taylor will be bursting with pride as another member of his discredited PFA exalts over the violence his shit club dishes out to a club which tries to play technical football. But then Taylor is a typical Northern shit-head…

    Meanwhile the Media Darling who is Mourinho, stands on the cusp of another title.
    The English Premier League…
    What a world of shit it is….

    The England National is exactly what the cnuts at the FA, EPL, SKY et al, deserve…

  127. Wenger has had opportunity after opportunity to buy the players we need to really compete and he hasn’t bothered. A couple of seasons ago it was only the crushing defeat at Man Utd that persuaded him we weren’t at the races and last season he did absolutely bugger all for 3 months, sulked when we didn’t get Suarez and got Ozil as a panic buy at the last minute. If it was left up to him I doubt whether that deal would have happened. I want a manager who challenges the club to match his ambition, not someone who operates in his own bubble and doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

  128. Sp, Seamus Coleman is British and plays for Everton….

  129. You have a point Rico…

    but it could be argued that AW lacks faith in his squad or should I say favouritism is stunting his selection policy…

    As I said recently AW tried to buy Nick Powell from Crewe and he was even going to guarantee him a place in the squad but then he chose united because he wanted to stay in his area…

    We have Aneke who is better but is not even being considered…

  130. English National Team….

  131. Go Kev, Go Kev ;)

  132. If that is true Ts, it’s just one of a number of reasons AW should go.

    Because clearly, he isn’t putting the club before his own favourites, which if I’m honest, is looking more and more likely to be true as this season has unfolded….

  133. Who though Adam?

    And you can’t pick Pep because he’s with Bayern….

  134. Rico – HH is usually fairly civilized, with the exception of the late summer transfer window when we haven’t signed any significant player(s). We are all justifiably a little irritated and short tempered.

    It is a bit like an extended family in the House and that’s why you have that core of regular posters who keep on returning. Keep up the good work. We might not say it very often, but Thank You! – we do appreciate your continuing hard work.

  135. Don’t get me wrong Rico, they dont have to be British but they do have to be Premiership ready. Of course i would like to see British players as it is the EPL but any player who can step in and be ready has to be an advantage. Wenger we know has a hang up with spending and results of 8 years suggest he wont change tells me that if we want to change then Adam and Wath and the rest is right, we need a change in charge. Everybody wants change but it can be worse than it is already, but it seems supporters are willing to take that chance but are the board.

  136. Rico, I shouldn’t have had that Veggie Ravioli last night,

    It always gives me the hump the following day… ;-)

  137. Bless you, thanks Cg..

    I hope the next summer transfer window is the one where we are all up until the last minute hoping for just one more, after a great summer of signings…..

  138. Sp, was pulling your leg really as I know you would like to see more Brits.

    There are some good players in the PL, many of whom would make us a much much stronger side.

    Three are at Southampton…. ;)

  139. Many clubs are struggling financially, offering money that they can not turn down would secure many good players. Cayhill Carl Walker at one time was a possibility Parker could have been worth a punt for very little SWP could have come Cabayee with the right offer any offer we make is really an insult and penny pinching if we need a player we should offer what they cant afford to turn down. Suarez was a good offer but also a derisery offer 45 mill may have been the price but we will never know.

  140. I think we could sign five world class players and still win fuck all….Wenger has lost his mojo, time to move on!

  141. Rico. Arsenal is one of the top half dozen jobs in football I think. Most managers would love the job. Klopp is a nutter, Martinez is a windbag, Pep is busy for the next few years, Simeone would be a bumpy ride but is probably too much of a risk. But, I reckon that one of his teams would never roll over like this Arsenal team tend to. It’s the sheer inevitably of each annual collapse and the obvious lack of foresight that Wenger exhibits season after season that has lead to this circle of failure that the club finds itself in.
    Wenger has had his time. Who takes over is another question entirely. But being concerned about who could possibly come next is not, in my opinion, a reason for Wenger to stay.

  142. Ginge – I can`t agree with your 12:21 pm post. In the past Arsene would persist with his best eleven barring injury or suspension. Even going so far as to rush rehabbing players back into the team before they were fully fit and ready.

    This season there has been more regular team rotation between 1st and 2nd choice players. The primaries get a little rest and the secondaries get some regular playing time to keep match fit. We have had a bad run of injuries to some key and regular players like Ramsey and Walcott who were doing so well for us in the first half of the season. I think Walcott`s speed was sorely missed against the Neanderthal knuckle draggers that are Stoke FC.

    However, we do need and have needed for some time a quick and agile striker and a no nonsense hard tackling DM who is to tall to part or Snow White`s entourage. We need a few (two to four) top notch/world class players. Contrary to what Rico? said, I think it’s most of our players who need to grow a pair, not Arsene. Tony Adams would have broken both feet kicking tha collective asses of many of our team. It has been god to see the likes of the BFG and Flamoney expressing similar views to some of their team mates like Ozil.

  143. Adam, I was just interested in who your thoughts were with..

    I’m not afraid of change, in fact right now I’d welcome it with open arms and from Kroenke through to Wenger.

  144. Lee, I think we need to sign those five too but that won’t happen under AW…

  145. I don’t want him signing anyone tbh!

  146. Cg, I think they all need to grow a pair, AW and some of the players alike, and of course the gutless board and owner…

    It starts at the top and filters down imo…

    Totally agree re Adams but I suspect, like Bould he’d not allowed the freedom he’d like in the dressing room…

    But you are right, it needs someone like him….

  147. But sadly though, deep down we all know it’s only a case of when and not if, Arsenal say he’s staying….

  148. Some of our new large sponsors such as Puma are not going to want associate their brands with an under performing club. I think they will pressure the Board of Directors and may even help finance some significant summer signings.

    Arsène`s reticence to sign a new contract is more to do with his/the team`s lack of success rather any contention over his remuneration or contract conditions. Obstinate/stubborn though he may be, I think even Arsène can see the writing on the wall. This summer is the last chance saloon.

  149. CG….last summer and last January were the last chance saloon. Fail to win anything and he will go.

    I doubt if he will renew now.

  150. Do you think Arsene Wenger or Stan Kroenke are two men who would tolerate being told what to do though?

    One seems happy to watch his investment make more money, the other seems happy to go along the same way.

    I suspect Puma have been fed the same spin as we have….

    Last summer was the last chance saloon for me, and January cemented my thoughts….

  151. I actually feel sorry for Ivan Gazidis, he seems to be stuck in the middle…..

  152. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits to being a fan of Real Sociedad’s Antoine Griezmann, but appreciates that he is not the only one.

    The French midfielder was rumoured to be a top target for the Gunners during the January transfer window.

    No move was made, though, and the 22-year-old remains in Spain.

    There may, however, be an approach being readied at Emirates Stadium, with thoughts already starting to turn towards the summer market.

    Wenger likes to keep his transfer cards close to his chest and has refused to be drawn on whether a bid will be tabled.

    But the Gunners boss has admitted to being among those closely monitoring Griezmann’s situation.

    He told French football television show Telefoot: “Yes, we follow him in great detail.

    “He attracts other clubs as well. But we follow him, he is a known commodity.”

    In other words, we’ll try but already have the excuse when another club signs him… ;)

  153. Devil – You may well be right. I am sure that you and Rico reflect a large section of Arsenal supporter opinion on that subject. Time will tell.

    I just hope that the club is working hard behind the scenes NOW to expedite some summer signings, before the players report to their national teams and fly off to Brazil for the World Cup. That will only further delay an already painfully slow process and may result in inflated prices if they distinguish themselves.

  154. The cynic in me Cg believes the WC will only add to AW’s already long list of excuses not to sign players…

  155. Rico – Cynicism should be left to the ancients like Kev and me – not innocent country lasses such as you.

  156. Anyway dawn approaches and this hopeful old cynical sinner is off to bed. Have a great day fellow Gooners.

    Keep The Faith!

  157. Cynical…. Me?….. Never…..

    The last time I heard anything so rediculous was when Wath said he was in a good mood… :-D

  158. Ridiculous

  159. Night Cg, seep well…
    :) Kev, I missed that day….

  160. One quick question before I go. Is there any news on whether there will be a video review of the deliberate stomp on Giroud’s leg around the 57 minute mark? The offending thug’s name escapes me at the moment.

  161. Charlie Fucktard Adam???

  162. CG, knowing the EPL, they’ll probably make Charlie Adam their player of the month for March

  163. We seem to go from one transfer window to the next hoping to sign the players we all know we need.
    Wenger says that we will know more when we play the top sides,
    Mancs 0 points,Man City 0 points,Chelsea 1point, this was before the last transfer window.
    Wenger says Podolski is a world class striker?
    So Wenger refuses to buy a striker,
    Wenger says Sanogo is the new Anelka,
    after giving up Podolski,
    Wenger is now spinning The new Anelka tune.

    We are have now headhunted ex spuds scout Ian Bloomfield in the hope that can help us get the sort of players that have helped The Spuds to greatness.

    Are we getting mugged off once again.

  164. Even Graham Poll said the stamp was a disgrace….

  165. Never has someone’s middle name suited them more Lee ;)

  166. We do fred, tedious for such a big and wealthy club isn’t it….

  167. Or rather embarrassing….

  168. The financial aspect is enormously important of course but I am just as concerned with the fact that Wenger just doesn’t seem to be able to motivate players, especially for the crunch games.
    Looking at A. Madrid last night I was thinking that, even had they got done by a late goal and lost, their fans had every right to feel good as they had given everything. Simeone, prowling the touch line like a fiend, was pushing and inspiring them. The tactics and lines were being adjusted all the time to suit the game as he saw it. Playing against a team of expensively assembled stars from Real M. they gave everything and probably should have hung on for the win. But the intensity and desire is something that Wenger often talks about but very rarely do we see it on the pitch. Saturday’s shambles against Stoke wasn’t an isolated incident or a freak result was it?
    Does anybody think he is going to change his ways now, after so many years?

  169. Old dogs and tricks………

  170. Old frogs and tricks….

  171. Brudder. I find it all immensely frustrating.

  172. No… Not even Barbara Woodhouse could work her magic on Arsene Wenger….

  173. Adam, I really really am losing the will with all things Arsenal…what’s great is the banter in the office after an Arsenal loss at the weekend! Shouts of more dust for the Arsenal trophy cabinet this season, again! Harsh but 100% spot on….
    Surely it can’t be that hard, we need (have needed for ages!) a top striker, a beast of a DM, a CB and a RB…..to be getting on with!
    I don’t think AW has it in him anymore…time to move on!
    It’s almost like the stubborn twat knows what we need but deliberately goes against the grain!!

  174. Hello all,
    This Morata guy really excites me.
    Struggles to get in the Madrid first team, if you don’t include coming on as sub for the last 15 or so minutes but plays in most of their cup games so he must be good, can’t wait !!!

  175. Lee, Champions league qualification every year, don’t knock it !

  176. You are not alone Lee.

    Hi Micko… shame we can’t actually compete in it….

  177. Better dust in the cabinet than no cabinet at all!
    Anyway, have you seen the price of silver polish?
    We’re richer staying as we are…..potless and tarnished!

  178. rico, don’t know a lot about Ian Broomfield, we should have made a move for Joe Kinnear imo, funny story a little while back, he was at St.Andrews scouting and recommended to the directors that they make a move for Shane Ferguson, the only sticking point being he was already a Newcastle player, Birmingham had him on loan !

  179. Lee. I know and I was saying to Kev on the phone last night, the nature of this last loss has been the tipping point for me. If he had anything left to give, he’s surely given it by now. I might be very wrong but at the moment, I can see no future in him. Just more of the same. I mean no disrespect to him at all. I just think the club needs revitalising.

  180. Read something about Ian Broomfield when he was at the spuds,
    he scouted Charlie Adam when he was at Blackpool but Liverpool beat him to it.

  181. :) Micko, that’s really funny…

  182. Lucky escape then….

  183. Ah the coveted top four trophy how could I overlook that gleaming trophy….thank fuck you reminded me Micko! :lol:

  184. Charlie Adam has a face you’d never get tired of punching!

  185. So has Mark Hughes….

  186. As usual, about as subtle as an air raid lee !

  187. Everyone now gone??

  188. hello Rico…

    Micko back to his old self? lol

    Have you pre-ordered Morata’s shirt yet?

  189. Hi Ts, I don’t buy any shirts. Until the club do something about the situation we are in, they aren’t getting my money….

  190. Lee, if you are reading, how many episodes of Breaking Bad has there been please?

    Thinking about getting the series on DVD from Amazon…

    Purely based on watching the main man on Top Gear :)

  191. haha me neither…

  192. FA have charged Adam, surprise, surprise! I hope Stoke enjoy the profit of their cheated 3 points while having to do without their midfield player for three games. A point per game! Not to mention the fine. Far be it from me to pre judge the outcome but, he is guilty as charged!

  193. Wavy, I thought beating Arsenal was worth 6 points?

  194. Wavy, and so they should. And I hope they get relegated!!

    That is all that shower of s***e deserve….

  195. Didn’t Glen Whelan stamp on Giroud too, why is that going unpunished?

  196. I am calling it a night…

    Later Peeps…

  197. I’m off for the day folks…

    Night all…

  198. Good point Rico, re: Whelan. A 3 game ban for him as well.
    Adam should get 6 games for two stamps.

    And what about referee Jones, demoted to the Football League should be his punishment, but those cnuts at the FA will probably give him the Cup Final.

  199. Rico there’s five series I think, I watched the first three on DVD and the last via netflix (which is free for the first month) I guarantee you’ll be hooked on it once you start, it’s a slow burner but gets bloody lively…..

  200. Mornng all.
    Hiya, Lee!

  201. Morning Rico, Lee, Scott and all.
    Rico. Lee turned me on to Breaking Bad. It really is good. Even better than Eastenders, hard though that is to believe. :)

  202. Hola Scott….

  203. My brother just be on to a ripper of a series….Black Sails.
    Breaking Bad i am yet to watch…is it really based on Wath wandering the swamp that is the area around WHL causing havoc?

  204. “Just put me on to”…that should read.
    Speaking of “should read”, i need to start before i hit “post” :)

  205. Morning Kev, Lee, Adam, Scott and all..

    I agree re Adam Kev…

    Thanks Lee… Five series, crikey, I’ll never find the time to watch them. ;)

    Better than Eastenders, surely not Adam. ;)

  206. Is it as good as Home and Away though?

  207. Everything is Scott….

    ’12 Years a slave’ is on my list of things to watch too…

  208. Heard that is a great movie, Rico.

  209. Ditto Scott, pick up a few awards the other night I think….

  210. The movies this last year have been shockingly bad generally. I saw American Hustle recently and thought it to be really, really awful. That bloke Bradley Cooper was shockingly bad though not quite as shitty as Christian Bale. As for slave movies, no not for me. Give me The Dambusters every time. :)

  211. You see that more people have viewed the Lego movie than all the Oscar nominated films put together….

  212. Morning Adam, Lee, Scott, Rico…

    Thought that Gravity was a good film…

  213. Scott, Prisoner on Cell Block H, classic Australian television.
    Once viewed and your hooked…

    All that movable scenery, all those memorable punch-ups, really up there with Crossroads as TV gold… ;-)

  214. I don’t really watch films, maybe I need to get out more ;)

  215. Lee/Adam what is it with this Breaking Bad?
    Is it a cops n robbers or a sitcom?
    I’ve no idea lads…

  216. A terminally ill chemistry teacher sets up a mobile crystal meth lab……

  217. Darn, I thought it was cops and robbers too….. :(

  218. Oh i think Alvaro Morata is the perfect signing for arsenal but its a shame how come 21 year old player gets larger salary than other old and expirienced player.And on the other hand it will be extremely foolish to see Germany machine Lukas Podolski leave the club,he should not leave the club at all we better sell Yaya sanogo out and we welcome campbell and park back in the club

  219. Trust me it’s the bollocks.

  220. New post up now…

  221. Might have to put it on my Christmas wishlist :)

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