Didn't see it, don't want to but something has to give….

Morning all.

I didn’t see the game yesterday and having read supporters views on the match, I’m not going to bother watching any re-run either.

From the initial team selection the same old thoughts came into my mind. Where is the pace, who will take the responsibility of running at their defence or make the runs behind their defence to get the breakthrough…

Anyone, or no-one?

You’ll have to answer that…

I did see the penalty decision which I thought was rather soft and considering the linesman, who was stood just metres away from the incident, kept his flag firmly down it was surprising to see the referee blow his whistle.

However, that same man totally missed the clear stamp on Olivier Giroud by Charlie Adam much earlier in the game, a decision which would no doubt have totally changed the outcome. As would the sending off of Glenn Whelan, who had clearly stamped on Girouds leg on 38 minutes.

Three match deciding incidents of course, but if all the stories about how dreadful we were are for real, don’t let the blame rest with the referee.

Both Whelan and Adam will no doubt face a retrospective investigation by the FA, but that won’t help us will it….

What would help us is a few changes in the way we play when we are places like Stoke City…..

Thankfully Aaron Ramsey is back in training and scheduled to return for our trip to White Hart Lane so he’ll give us something different, it’s a great shame that Theo Walcott won’t be appearing for the rest of the season though as we miss him.

Serge Gnabry is one of a few who can fit right into the role that Walcott plays, yet we don’t see him. Why?

The loss sees us drop a place into 3rd, behind Chelsea and Liverpool.

I’m sure there will be many twists and turns in this league campaign comes to an end but something has to give if we are to remain in the top four.

Starting with team selection and the way we play and that’s not just because of yesterday, it’s been clear for the last few months but when we are winning it’s deemed acceptable but when we lose against a side like Stoke, it’s clear something isn’t quite right.

Now we have the international fixtures on Wednesday and then it’s Everton in the FA Cup next weekend.

I seriously hope we can turn up and play some of our best football for that match because I think that is our best chance to break the trophy drought….

That’s it for another day…..

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