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Didn’t see it, don’t want to but something has to give….

Morning all.

I didn’t see the game yesterday and having read supporters views on the match, I’m not going to bother watching any re-run either.

From the initial team selection the same old thoughts came into my mind. Where is the pace, who will take the responsibility of running at their defence or make the runs behind their defence to get the breakthrough…

Anyone, or no-one?

You’ll have to answer that…

I did see the penalty decision which I thought was rather soft and considering the linesman, who was stood just metres away from the incident, kept his flag firmly down it was surprising to see the referee blow his whistle.

However, that same man totally missed the clear stamp on Olivier Giroud by Charlie Adam much earlier in the game, a decision which would no doubt have totally changed the outcome. As would the sending off of Glenn Whelan, who had clearly stamped on Girouds leg on 38 minutes.

Three match deciding incidents of course, but if all the stories about how dreadful we were are for real, don’t let the blame rest with the referee.

Both Whelan and Adam will no doubt face a retrospective investigation by the FA, but that won’t help us will it….

What would help us is a few changes in the way we play when we are places like Stoke City…..

Thankfully Aaron Ramsey is back in training and scheduled to return for our trip to White Hart Lane so he’ll give us something different, it’s a great shame that Theo Walcott won’t be appearing for the rest of the season though as we miss him.

Serge Gnabry is one of a few who can fit right into the role that Walcott plays, yet we don’t see him. Why?

The loss sees us drop a place into 3rd, behind Chelsea and Liverpool.

I’m sure there will be many twists and turns in this league campaign comes to an end but something has to give if we are to remain in the top four.

Starting with team selection and the way we play and that’s not just because of yesterday, it’s been clear for the last few months but when we are winning it’s deemed acceptable but when we lose against a side like Stoke, it’s clear something isn’t quite right.

Now we have the international fixtures on Wednesday and then it’s Everton in the FA Cup next weekend.

I seriously hope we can turn up and play some of our best football for that match because I think that is our best chance to break the trophy drought….

That’s it for another day…..

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303 comments on “Didn’t see it, don’t want to but something has to give….

  1. i think we have one win in six up there now -doesn’t really show any lessons learned does it? Surely we knew what to expect?

  2. Shocking record Oz…

    You’d think that we’d be a bit more tactically aware of them by now and no how to get a victory.

  3. I can’t see Liverpool fading away. It’s looking like we are in for a battle to get that 4th spot again, unless AW springs a few surprises against City, Chelsea and Totts….

  4. The new managers are settling in now Rico, we gave Brenda plenty but this is the best Liverpool side for a while. He has done his job and improved them. I said a number of weeks ago a trophy less fourth is a very real possibility now. If spurs beat Cardiff and then us… watch out. Hopefully they will have their normal break down when it matters most

  5. and lets be honest, that break down has saved Arsene’s arse many times in the past, along with the FIFA 4 team EPL ruling of course which is also being looked at.

  6. Can’t disagree there Oz. On days like today I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for us to have a new manager with fresh ideas.

  7. I’m hoping them being in Europe will help our cause too Oz.

  8. Totts are still 9 points behind us….

  9. This was a comment I saw on twitter yesterday….
    How very apt and about sums up the attitude of the club from board room to management……

    “In last few yrs Liverpool recruited Suarez, Sturridge & Sterling. But apparently no options for Arsenal to spend their £120m”

    Wenger would rather play with five midfielders than buy proper wingers and give us the options going forward that we need.

    If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable…! It’s not funny though..!

  10. It’s not funny is it Wath, it’s embarrassing…

  11. As long as that contract of Wengers remains unsigned, there is always hope. This was always going to be a battle for 4th as soon as the summer window shut and he didn’t bring in a striker.

  12. I don’t understand why Gnabry didn’t start, he’s a tough direct player and likes to get at defenders…

  13. Morning all.
    Liverpool staying strong means others will drop points…..not that it matters, as on that performance, we are no chance.

  14. Morning Rico and HH familia…

    I would say there was nothing to write about during the game…

    We only made 2 attempts on goal in the first half and the second half was like a train wreck…

    I know lots of people may disagree but AW playing his best team every match day is very naive and ‘fraudulent’.

    For a manager of his calibre he should be doing more…

    JM and a few of us have gone on about how JW and SC19 should not be starting together… especially against a team like Stoke RFU…

    Scott asked earlier ”Can i ask what the hell is Jack offering us??”

    In my view nothing mate… absolutely nothing! No player apart from Poldi talk communicates with JW on the field… he is always trying to tell people what to do and to be honest with you he came to light just before TR07 went off but that was typical of him…

    He looked on the bench and saw who was warming up and then upped his game…

    Last season in January I mentioned that if AW dropped JW will will go on a qualify for the CL…

    He did that after the 2nd leg of the tie against BM and the rest is history…

    I like JW and want him to make it as most but to me he is extremely overrated…

    Giroud well??? He is beginning to play and strut his stuff around on the pitch like someone who knows he is ‘untouchable’ in his position…

  15. Fed, not only a striker but a winger, we have needed one for years.

    And then not to sign one or both in January was neglectful…

    Scott, not sure they have to play too many sides around the top though do they? Be good if they do though….

  16. Plenty keep banging on about not signing a striker, but that did not cost us yesterday at all.
    We were woeful, and Giroud had no service.
    Every time we have a loss, the same people are blamed….
    I ask what Jack is offering of late, yet cops very, very little criticism.

  17. Rico, Citeh and Chelksi at home, i believe.

  18. Morning Ts.

    Bet you are glad you went….

  19. To be honest Scott, that question could be asked of a few and not just Jack.

    Apart from the defence and Rosicky, who of late have truly put in a top class performance each week.

    But then things could be a lot better surely if team selection was very different.

    We have too many midfield players who are similar imho and playing them all at one time will always hamper a performance.

    I’m not sure I blame any of the players, just the system they are asked to play.

  20. Scott – a pacier striker could run behind the defense – pull them out of position. Giroud doesn’t really offer that. He isn’t good enough with the ball at his feet and doesn’t have pace. We needed that yesterday, but we also needed width and I too don’t understand why we didn’t change it up when what we had wasn’t working. The Ox was an obvious choice, but I would also argue that Gnarby should have been as well. With Ozil and the other two coming on, we would have more options over the top because that is what Ozil specializes in.

  21. On Serge, when Lowe said that he could make the squad to Brazil with the krauts what did I say AW will do?

    Team politics and corporate crap is killing the game…

    I was talking to one of the police officers in Stoke and they talked about how our players are pampered and he is a gunner too…

    The players get a whole train not a carriage to themselves on match days.. a plush virgin train…

    When I first saw that a Manchester last season I thought it was a one off but allegedly not…

  22. Thanks Scott, two draws then hopefully ;)

  23. Scott, maybe another striker of top quality would of mean’t peacock Giroud would not of even been on the pitch…!?!?!
    I class strikers as wingers as well mate as they will get at defenders cause problems create chances and also score you goals…

    As Rico has pointed out when you have the pace of Ox and Gnabry on the bench who can play wide right or left and cause problems why were they not picked….?

  24. Yeah, was pretty average game… 0-0 wouldve been a fair result imo. Pen was totally soft. To be fair they were good in defence and didnt mind playing on the edges of the rules. Respect to Giroud for taking so many hits. But yes, we needed to mix it up, and I thought the Ox shouldve started… or come on earlier to inject some pace and width. He has been good for us lately so I doubt you could say he needed a rest. It wasnt so much that individual players were bad, but that they were so average. In games like this we need someone who make something out of nothing with some brilliance… It was pretty hard to see where that spark was going to come from the whole game… and that is a worry. Dont bother with the highlights Rico, if you can even find them.

  25. Having a pacey striker gives us a different option for different opposition but this is where we go wrong imho, we set up the same way with the same players regardless instead of analysing what we are up against and setting up in a way which can exploit any opposition weakness.

  26. Scott – Chelsea would be away – they got 0-0 at our place

  27. Hiya Lady Rico…

    I normally like to go to a few away games not for the results really but the laugh…especially when you are sober and you listen to drunk happy men moan after games… lol

    I have a few away games coming but if I can’t get cheaper train fare then maybe I will not bother…

  28. Yep Rico – agreed. And that is why we will never win a trophy again with Wenger. Being overtaken by Liverpool should be a serious kick in the teeth for him because they do not have the money that we do.

  29. roger, trust me, I’m not going too… Totally agree, Ox and Gnabry should have started.

    We knew they would be a tough and physical side yet those two are possibly two or our toughest and most fearless players yet both on the bench.

    Its ridiculous….

    We have a squad of very good players, but they are just not being used in the right way or at the right times….

  30. Oz, i was talking of Liverpool, bud.
    Wath, with the service our guys offered yesterday, it wouldn’t have mattered whether Giroud started or not, imo.
    We need Ramsey back more than anything else.
    He makes everyone around him better.

  31. Morning all, For someone who never saw the game, that is a very good write up. I watched the game as i have every game we have played this season. It doesn’t take an expert to say that our team is lacking in quite a few places. Yes we have all called for reinforcements but that hasn’t happened for one reason or another. Your right of course Rico that we have very little pace on the flanks but its also true that its not up front or at the back either. I knew Ramsey would return as soon as Internationals came up as who doesn’t want to play for their countries. Injuries have been a major blow for us this season and we can also say the same for previous seasons as well. Arsenal yesterday went forward all day, but we know the pitfalls of Arsenals attacks forward to the edge of their box and then it all breaks down. We have a very slow attack and the many passes we need to get that far up the field gives teams time to get back and defend. We have skillful players but they can not thread a forward ball through defence’s and if they do we have no players who can actually finish off. Having pace down the flanks is not the answer as the faster they are will not help as we have no one in the box should a ball be crossed. Arsenals good results this season have been through pressure build ups we keep going until a mistake is made and then we have capitalised on it. I watched Suarez yesterday break from deep and carry the ball with team mates busting a gut to support we have no one that does that so a slow build up lessons our chances. I would agree that players like Flamoney should have played as Jack has been flat of late and Cazorla was knocked all over the place. Wenger i feel made a few bad choices for this game but we haven’t the style of player to play against teams like Stoke. Fortunatly most teams also try and play football and its these clubs where we stand a chance. Stoke cause us problems every time we play them but we know that and do nothing to combat it, Its my opinion that we are still in the race i expect us to overcome this disappointment and now that Ramsey is ready to play for his country he may just start doing what he should be doing for us.

  32. Frederico, it is a valid point you make, and a good call.
    Same point Wath made, but it sounds better when someone else makes it :)

  33. Ts, I’d be livid had I paid out to watch that yesterday…

  34. WATH, I am not sure if having pacey wingers would have helped yesterday…because of the players mentality…

    The players turned up thinking they would win…

    I was speaking to an older lady who was in the row in front of me when the boys were warming up and she thought the players would not turn up… because she says as someone who goes to almost all games when the boys are up for it she can sense it…

    Go on flickr or the likes and see how many action shots/photos are available… we spent most of the game walking around… no sweat was broken at all…

  35. Fed, that’s just what makes me so angry, we have all this money sitting in the bank yet AW won’t spend it. It’s not like we need to spend hundreds of millions, just a winger and striker would have made a huge difference last summer or in January.

    However, this summer, it’s looking likely that we’ll have to spend vast amounts as some are going to leave….

    I’m not sure AW is the best man to be in control of that….

  36. Thanks Sp, Ramsey is not back until the Totts game, March 16th I think…

  37. Rico, your point about a good squad seems wasted on Wenger when he isn’t pragmatic enough to change things…!

    You need to compete against the teams like stokeRFC and then you need pace and width to create chances and a striker to put one or two of those chances away. Our play was slow lethargic and we gave the ball away soooooo many times i was beginning to think our players thought we were playing in red and were confused. Wenger watches this from the bench yet never ever changes things. He’ been utterly brilliant for the club but I think he’s stale and far to set in his ways…! Do we stick or twist…? I know what i’d do.

  38. we need an inspiring striker, someone who can take the ball and do something special when needed. He has created a team full of central attacking mids and wonders why we suffer from a lack of service out wide? If your bringing Ozil on why remove Pod? Why was Chamberlain left so so late? Game made for Flamini, where was he? What about Gnarby? We sit and do nothing and its not like we were destroying them exactly is it?

  39. Not sure why the players would have thought they were going to win, not with the results history…

  40. Rico, I am livid no doubt…and rewatching the game now on the recorder…

    I think it the fact that I was not surprised with the result looking at the line-up…

    Scott, I am with you on Ramsey but then we love him too much so we will be biased… lol

  41. Couldn’t agree more Wath.

    Arsene Wenger is about as proactive on the sideline as he is in a transfer window…

    What would be ideal is him getting someone in to help out on the tactics. That’s how Fergie won so much…

    But he’s too stubborn.

  42. We were crap.
    That is it.
    Ginge, honestly, i can tell in the first 5 minutes if we are up for it, because the theme is set that early.

  43. Ts, I think we turned up with an attitude of we can’t win this… I didn’t see an attitude of this will be easy it looked to me like the lack or urgency and tempo (apart from Rosicky) was down to us lacking belief to be able to win up there. It was like a sunday afternoon kick about, no balls to roll our sleeves up and say right lets win this….!

  44. Wath, I know what I’d do too…. ;)

  45. Stan needs to tell Wenger to manage the side, and that is all.
    Let others do the rest.
    Ginge, we are trendsetters :)

  46. I have said it and even Neville has said it too.. AW needs to find another Ljunberg or Pires…

    Ramsey and Serge are the closest we have to do what they did…

  47. Agree Scott – we looked in for a long one 5 minutes in.

  48. Ts, I feared the worst too when I saw that starting eleven.

  49. Spot on WATH… sunday kick about sums it perfectly mate…

    Maybe the mid week break they had…

  50. Arsenal Wenger said:

    ‘I felt we had a good defensive performance and overall we are unlucky to lose this game. Offensively we didn’t create enough and our offensive game was poor considering our standards. At the end of the day we didn’t score because of that. We conceded a goal that was a nice gift from the referee but it can happen’.

    Ok, that’s very honest.

    But, what did he do to change it during the game?

    And that’s where is all goes wrong!

  51. I think that Wenger isn’t stubborn when it comes to tactics, he just doesn’t know what to do. When we beat Cardiff at home, Bould had to tell Wenger to change it up with about 7 minutes to go in a drab 0-0.

    I just don’t think that Wenger does tactics and top flight football has passed him by.

  52. Ts, we have all said it, and for a long time……

  53. By the way – I sit behind the dugout at the Emirates, so I saw Bould do this…:D

  54. Observing the number of times our fullbacks got the ball at the back and only TR07 gave them options it was painful to watch…

    Scott, you may not like this but I have to agree with you Flappy will be a great loss…

    Personally I will drop Scez from now onwards not because he has done anything but because he plays like it is a training match imo…

    Scez slows the game down that Oliver Kahn…

    I was impressed with Ox when he came on…

  55. acceptance as usual Rico and it will not change i am afraid as we’ve been at it way to long now. No one understands just how good we are, forget stat’s, results and tables is how he always appears to me. Such arrogance at times

  56. Rico, If wenger insists on playing 5 midfielders all of whom are similar it’s hardly surprising that when one picks the ball up in the centre circle and looks up to play a pass forward there is no one available or running so we then get into the usual backwards and sideways bollox… Can wenger not understand the problem..? he also see’s it week after week like we do.

  57. good call WATH

  58. Agree Fed…

  59. Morning Rico and all. I only watched the game on a half decent feed so my view of proceedings take a distant second place to my ideas on what the result and apparent performance tells us.
    I believe it might have been Einstein who said that stupidity was making the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result. If it wasn’t Einstein then I wish it had been me. As we know, Arsene doesn’t do tactics. He sends his team out and tells them to play, ignoring the opposition’s strengths. How pure an idea that is and how very Arsene. If we lived in a perfect world it would even be worth applauding. But unfortunately we live in a world that include teams like Stoke and managers like Hughes and Pulis. We live in a footballing world where yesterday’s result was virtually pre-ordained fom the moment Mike Riley sat and decided to send one of the weakest, limp and ineffectual referees to what must be potentially one of the most incendiary fixtures of the calender. Ask yourself why. A referee who either didn’t see or ignored two clear red card offences and gave a very soft penalty that was ignored by the linesman who had a much clearer view.
    So, there is all that baggage to consider while lamenting the dropped points. The proof of Riley’s bias lies in the referee’s overall performance. It was shocking. I do not know what drives Riley to make these decisions but I am convinced that there is something going on. Whatever the case, Riley is clearly doing a lousy job but the idea that he can be removed from a position of such power won’t happen as he apparently heads a privately sponsored organisation called the PGMOL. Mysteriously funded means that it is wide open to corruption and bias.
    But now, on to our team and Arsene because their performance on the day was every bit as bad.
    Anybody who has watched the way the season has unfolded will not be surprised at yesterday’s result. Upset and disappointed, yes, but hardly surprised. I wrote a very pro-Arsene post in the week because I felt like it, but it is possible to feel several things at the same time. From what I saw yesterday, we stank. I could go on about Giroud, our lack of width, our desperate need for a powerful midfielder, the problem of Jack, where to play him and why he is such a liability at times, our paucity of striking options etc, etc. we have all debated it many times on here. But, to look at it in the cold light of a bright Sunday morning in London I feel slightly numb and not a little annoyed. So, just a few questions. Arsene, how could you actually ignore the most recent two transfer windows so blatantly and rely on Olivier Giroud, Bendtner and Sanogo to take us through the season? How could you possibly think that was enough? Who did you think that Ozil was going to supply the ammo for? Why do you hate wide players so much that you have declined chance after chance to buy one for seasons now? Walcott offers our only genuine width and Podolski and Cazorla are not wide men despite being played there. Can you not see how easy we are to defend agains with everything channelled down the middle. Yes, we look great against Sunderland at home but Stoke and many other teams are not inclined toward being so obliging. They do their homework and successfully work out a cunning plan to shut us out. And to be honest, it is hardly rocket science is it?
    I could go further as I am sure many will but, to see the season begin its annual crumble before our eyes when we know we have the finances to change it, to see Wenger making the same mistake at crunch time year after year would test the patience of a saint. There is a stomach churning inevitability about it.
    So, I ask another question. Isn’t it time for a change, a complete change of direction? And isn’t the reason because we don’t win anything any more? For sure we could end up worse off in the short term and there are no guarantees that the new regime would bring success. Who could take over? Isn’t the club stale? Aren’t the tactics transparently one dimensional?
    The questions go on and on after a day like yesterday.

  60. Fed…winning in this league does not require tactics imho…
    Maybe against the top 6 teams maybe..

    Same as in Europe…. its his team selection… as Rico puts it square pegs in round holes…


    I love AW but I think his arrogance and overconfidence in his team selection that is the issue…

    All we had to do was take the game to them imo…

  61. :) Fed, and there was me thinking Bould was all about the defence. lol

  62. Oz, sadly I feel you are right and I don’t say that off the back of yesterday, it’s been clear to see for a while.

    Wath. Exactly, he sits and watches but does nothing. And then the following match, dishes up more of the same old rubbish.

    Then we see a performance like against Sunderland and every appears rosy, well clearly it’s not.

  63. Another top comment Adam… and I think you do not need to see the game to right a post after an Arsenal loss in all honesty…

    ‘Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.’ sums up our perdicament

  64. TS. Cheers. I am just so depressed about the sickening predictability of the whole thing.

  65. Morning Adam, well put.

  66. tsgh and for years mate

  67. good post Adam although i disagree on the refs, we’ve had a few rather good calls ourselves and as i pointed out after the most recent one, we’d be quick to forget them next time. Easy out? To have your hand up there in the box rests the blame in one place and looking at Kos’s face and lack of complaint, he knew it too. It happens

  68. Adam – ‘sickening predictability’, very well put mate

  69. Einstein said that stupidity was making the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Adam merely repeated it. ;)

    but Einstein did not write the rest of the comments so we have to give credit to Adam for that now.

    The problem is that Einstein is not around to repeat what Adam said regarding AW. ;)

    As I said yesterday. There are certain defeats I can stomach. But the ones against Stoke, Villa and the spuddies I do not accept them.

  70. Sadly so Oz…

    You know I love Aw but I think even I have reached the point where I can’t keep ignoring what you all have been saying for a while now…

    Naively, I presumed AW had changed his squad management policy and so before the start of the season I said on here that we would win the league…

    By November however, even though we were flying high on the league table I thought AW was running the squad into the ground and that we may leave to regret it…

    It hurts me to admit that just maybe a different manager could do better than Aw is in these type of games with the same squad…

  71. I am with you Dev…

    I honestly thought that we could win the league losing against the likes of Chelsea and the 2 Mancs but then loses to Stoke and dropping points against Villa is unforgivable…

  72. given our record against top EPL sides this season so far tsgh, i am not sure its just these types of games we need improvement and a fresh aproach in either mate

  73. Thanks Rico. It was cathartic to write but it doesn’t really help my frame of mind.

  74. Good morning all. I don’t often post but read with interest so shall say this once.

    1. Giroud’s best quality is hold the ball up and bringing others in to play. But , who? Therefore why is he playing as a lone striker. Doess’nt make sense.

    2. Don’t blame Ozil .He is a quality player who need pacey runs to feed into. Again , who? We have no pace.

    3. And most importantly. We are one of the biggest, richest clubs in the world. Until we start to act like one in the transfer windows and stop cocking around with stupid last minute bids for second rate players, we will win nothing , sadly.

  75. Will it not be very SAD if Don Vito ends up being another player who we allowed to leave but … wins the 51st trophy within the last 9 or so years that we have won jack all…

  76. jules – spot on me son. Think like champions act like champions, we do neither

  77. We charge like champions though…

  78. I would love to sit down with Wenger, give him a decent dose of truth serum, and ask some questions!!

  79. haha! Ain’t that the truth mate

  80. can i come Scott?

  81. Exactly Oz. Pappe Cisse at 10.30pm/ Kim Kalstrom! Please.

  82. who jules? oh yeah the player brought in to ease the loss of Ramsey, that went well then :-)

  83. Yep , the one with the already injured back! Tremendous business.

  84. Oz, i am sure you’d love to perform the injection hahaha

  85. :) Adam… I totally understand….

  86. lethal injection… lol

  87. Good comment jules…

  88. Adam, that should have been tomorrows post :)

  89. Scott, I’d rather resort to torture… He puts me through it on a regular basis…!

  90. Make him watch a replay, you mean, Wath lol

  91. Thanks Rico. So pissed off this am , we can’t even out do Mark Hughs, Crouch and Charlie Adam. Should beat rubbish like that. Look at the pace LFC played with and how they press. We play sideways and backwards (Arteta can’t do forwards anymore).

  92. He’d probably have a bookful of excuses Scott, Torture sounds good to me… Lots of pics of Jose and Fergie…. and audio clips… that should drive him insane…!

  93. Wath, you are just a cruel bastard lol

  94. Join the club jules and totally agree..

  95. Throw Pulis and Hughes clips in there Wath, that should finish him off….

  96. I am i am Scott, he deserves some of his own medicine….!
    I’d have a vid of the Livpoo game and that shit from yesterday on in the background and I believe I would be a very spiteful and vindictive torturer ;-)

    I’d have on audio repeat Jose saying “I am the special one”….. That would surely drive Wenger round the twist…!

  97. Although i agree with lots of the comments by Arsenal supporters who have experienced Arsenal for years and years, i feel that it needs to be pointed out just what many are asking for now. Yes a loss to Stoke and the others hurts, and annoy’s us but what is it that you actually want,
    Do you want a change in Manager just so we can win a trophy but while doing that could end the consistency of top 4 finishes for 16 years. Management is measured over a season and Wenger has finished us top 4 for all these years. Yes your annoyed at yesterdays result so am i but what do we do. Personally i feel we are punching above our weight this season but of course i see success as trophies, but i like the fact that we finish top 4. Bringing in a new Manager may result in a trophy but that is not guarenteed its also not guareenteed that a new Manager will get us top 4 and its not guarenteed Wenger will get us anything either. I look at other teams and see most of the top teams have changed Managers but so far none have won anything yet. Spuds spent a hundred mill but since spending have changed Managers again they i point out are still behind us. We have to be sure when we choose what we want, are you sure that a change is right at this time and are you prepared for what could result. I wonder if you are.

  98. I forgot about those Rico, consider it done… Would you like to assist…? If it gets serious I’ll invite Ts to bring along some of his “tools of the trade” that “special umbrella” could come in handy as well.

  99. Steve, some fair points you make, but as one Wengers staunch supporters, i ask this….are we punching above our weight division because of his lack of inactivity in the transfer windows?

  100. I sure would Wath…. lol

  101. Sp, I don’t mean sack him now, I just wonder if we’d be better off if he just left at the end of this contract, preferably having won the FA Cup and securing at least 3rd place….

  102. Rido, i reckon he’d leave on a high if he won something.

  103. SP, always respect your opinions and thoughts but I think what many are looking at is way outside of parameters of what you have mentioned.
    We’ve all well most of us have seen us as a really shit team, we’ve gone through longer waits for a trophy as well BUT it’s now about a lot more than that and there lies the inherent problem.
    We the fans are treated like shit these days… Wenger came in and treated us to the most amazing brand of football and actually we possibly under achieved with those teams…..
    We have now endured bullshit and spin for far to many years… There are as you know zero guarantees in football and anyone who spends 200million or employs a new manager can never think it’s a trophy guarantee BUT i want to see my team given a chance and actually in there fighting for trophies.
    We have a board driven by greed and yet they say all the right things, we have a manager who talks to us all like we have no knowledge of the game and that we can have the wool pulled over our eyes while he earns the most staggering of salaries….!

    No risk no reward I say and if we get a new manager who has new ideas and wants to change the squad and how we operate then for me it’s a risk worth taking BUT he needs to also come in and make sure there are guarantees in place on being allowed to spend and spend properly. If that’s a problem then as said previously Wenger is as complicit when accepting his huge salary but knowing full well the owner will not back the ambition of the fans to make us a club that can challenge.

  104. if i am honest here, i won’t be to disappointed if FIFA do take a place off the EPL – its a false dawn season after season this damn mystery top four cup

  105. Morning Scott, You know how much i love the Arsenal and me you as who in their right minds spends the amount of time we do reading and discussing them this much. But we all think that a mountain of cash is there waiting to spend on the best team in the world, but no one really knows how our bank balance is. I imagine that sponsors, season tickets, shirt sales, and enterprises, makes us very wealthy, but i also understand how building a fantastic stadium and paying high wages to an enormous staff, could use a vast amount of that. I look at other clubs spending and usually its new managers who spend what the club can afford then they leave and the club is left with the bills. I have no idea how wealthy we are but if i was going on looks i would say were alright but what do i know.

  106. WATH – there is one problem here, no manager worth his salt will come in as number two and make no mistake, if Wenger is there calling the shots from upstairs, that’s all we’re offering

  107. SP , never said anything about changing the manager. I say we should start acting like stature of the club we are. It is glaringly obvious what we lack. Every window we are two or three quality players away for doing the business but we fail time after time to address it. THAT IS THE POINT. Stop messing around, get in done and starting winning things to breed a winning mentality. And please don’t start on about our financial self stability etc etc. This is Arsenal Football Club. Bank balance is not a trophy, nor is top four.

  108. WATH – good post BTW, i totally agree with you

  109. Scott ditto your 11:43

  110. With respect Steve P , it is your view that that is the problem . You on the board mate , win nothing!

  111. Would be deserving too Scott…

  112. I have a tile cutter Scott, that might assist with some very quick answers? Just saying… :-)

  113. Spot on Wath…

  114. Wath, afternoon mate, you always come up with good comments and these one’s don’t sound GG fuelled. Yes i can see where your coming from and for some one like yourself who spends money to watch their team, i can understand why you would take a risk. Me i will wait like i always do as i have not given up on him yet. I just love Pain.

  115. enjoyed tonight but alas, work calls again. Catch you all laters, bye people – come on Cardiff!

  116. Sp1, I can see where you coming from BUT how and why do we experience so many of days…

    Saying that if AW left and joined Partizan Belgrade I may end up following Partizan too because I like Arsene…

  117. Afternoon Jules, believe me mate if i was on the board you would know if we had the money or not. Their money is made by people like us and we should know exactly what our spending power is.

  118. See you soon Oz..

  119. Sp, but we have money, plenty of it…

  120. Jules, had it been up to me i wouldn’t have brought Ozil, but i also wouldn’t had sold RVP

  121. If we had signed players like Ozil before, RvP wouldn’t have wanted to leave…

  122. How are you so sure Rico

  123. Players who i would have brought, Cahill and Samba Aguero and Hazard and caybaye. and Reyner

  124. Exactly Rico, SP , wouldn’t have sold RVP to Man U , that’s for sure. Oh, here you go Alex, here’s the title for you!

    Anyway, stuff to do . have a good Sunday guys.

  125. I would have signed Darren Bent… :-P

  126. Boring Boring Chelsea

  127. Because RvP said his and the clubs ambition didn’t match each other. In fact once he knew Cazorla was joining, didn’t he try and stay?

    But all too late because he’d made that statement about the club…

    You too jules, catch up soon…

  128. Morning AK, I would have expected that. Boring Boring Arsenal

  129. Hi Kev, I know you would… ;)

  130. Afternoon All…

    Afternoon Rico, that must have been as difficult a post to write, as it was to read.

    Top post Adam

  131. Sorry Kev, did I forget some punctuation?? ;)

  132. Laters. :)

  133. Sp, the thing your ignoring is that our financial accounts are public… Everyone can see what we have. They not fiction they not under or over what we have they are fact and for years the fact was tempered by what can we spend what can’t we spend…. We have to keep 22.6 million in reserve to pay our yearly debt. Anything over that amount is available for spending. We also have a 40million overdraft to buy players as well thats rarely mentioned.

    The fact we have so much cash wealth and fail to buy quality players for me is a failure of both board and management.

    They are both responsible and accountable for dereliction of duty.

    If the board faff around then Arsene should be banging the door down saying… GIVE ME THE MONEY….

    If Arsen faff’s in spending the board should be on his case saying SPEND THE MONEY ON QUALITY PLAYERS…

    The board lack the guts to tell take control as they don’t want to upset his ego in my opinion and Wenger is happy not to spend the money as he still feels he can fulfill the lifelong dream of winning and making a team without spending a fortune.

    I could of course be totally wrong and talking utter shit.

  134. I knew you would SP…

    To say that Arsenal haven’t competed this season isn’t really fair.
    After all, Arsenal have probably spent more weeks at the top of the EPL than any other club…
    Injuries to Ramsey and Walcott have really done for us this season.
    Just see how ManCity struggle without Aguero!
    We have some great midfielders, but with the notable exceptiln of Aaron, none of them provide enough goals on a regular basis.
    It is debatable ifthe reasonfor this is more about tactics than technique, ie shooting a little more often…
    Our attack and it’s paucity is the fault of the manager.
    Just as it took forever for him to solve our problem at centre-back, he seems to be eager to replicate this with the attack…
    Dithering, stubborness, lack of real financial muscle from above, I don’t really know for sure?
    But to me, the FACup is all important.
    Arsenal will finish top four, of that I am sure.
    But the club, the fans, the players and most importantly Arsene himself (even if he’d never admit it) need to win a trophy. And FACup is definately winnable….
    So fcuking go and win it…

  135. SP. The accounts are published and in the public domain. You don’t have to wonder if we have money or form opinions as to whether we do or don’t as it’s all there in black and white. Just because Spurs have spent all that money and fucked up that doesn’t mean we have to. Punching above our weight? I don’t think so really. I think we are corroding from the inside.
    All the fans really want to see is improvement but, as yesterday proves, we are treading water. Liverpool are showing us what improvement really is as they have very good strikers. We don’t and it is killing us stone dead.
    Oz, if you look at the decisions we have suffered then those that have gone for us are far, far outweighed by those that didn’t. I am thinking yesterday, Man City away and Chelsea and Villa at home to name but 4.

  136. Good comment Kev.

    3rd and FA Cup win would do for me… Then as Wath says, the board need to start taking a bit of control and forcing AW’s hand in the transfer window,,

  137. As long as Wenger considers top four a trophy we’re fucked….time for a change, let the new manager have the transfer kitty in the summer!

  138. The longer that new contract isn’t announced, that might happen yet Lee…

  139. Spot on Lee,

    That sums up the mentality… If it’s ok for the manager to say 4th is a trophy why would the players ambitions be any higher…?

  140. hi Rico………..I agree totally with Scott ……..its OK to just blame giroud(I think we need someone better by the way) but wilshere really doesn’t offer anything to team play tbh…..he just falls over his hills and complains all day…its criminal that a b2b midfielder only attempts 1 or 2 tacklers per game …….even when people where calling for Ramsey to be dropped……. you could see that he was working hard making large amounts of tackles and helping the team…….. sometimes you just have to pick ur team based on efforts and not just pure talent IMO………we just have to move on and focus on the next match but as a fan that wants the best for my club I’m really pissed off

  141. But then why do the board accept that?

    As much as Wenger is getting a lot of things wrong, that toothless bunch of old farts are equally to blame…

  142. The board must know if he will or won’t renew by now. A last minute search for a new manager though in keeping with this board’s lack of urgency and over reliance on Arsene, won’t do us any favours at all.
    Wenger can only be judged by results and not whether he’s a gentleman or not.

  143. Hi snap.

    I can’t comment on the players yesterday as didn’t see the game…

  144. Pretty good write up for a mIrror journo and lots of very pertinent comments and observations..!


  145. You’d think so Adam, but then with this board, who knows…

  146. Rico. The problem might be that we do know, unfortunately. :)

  147. He’s right, we have been ‘getting away with it’ for ages…

  148. :) Adam, yes. I strongly suspect we all know that the owner/board want him to stay. However, if this season ends in disaster, I’m not 100% sure AW will want another three years….

  149. Adam, there was a whisper this morning from someone who is normally quite informed saying AW won’t be getting a new contract and the new man is in situ….
    I can’t see that myself but would that explain Jan and no spending and maybe the board deciding Wenger needs to spend and him telling them he does it his way or not at all…?

    Yes I know it’s all hypothetical but it would make sense I just don’t see the board having the balls to make those kind of calls..! Especially when the owner just see’s success in pound signs and a new manager means risk and possibly no CL footie IF it goes pear shaped..?

  150. I wonder how much involvement Jonker will have once he arrives. I know he’s taking over Liam Bradys position but with his experiences, surely he could give something different to the first team..

  151. Louis Van Gaal has hinted he’s on hs way to the PL, maybe he’s not heading to Man Utd or Tottenham…

  152. I really wonder why Wenger thinks playing 5 midfielders is the best way of breaking teams down

  153. Bob Mugabe is always a managerial option imho… ;-)

  154. Interesting comments in a dutch paper with interview from Kyle Ebecilio saying that players Rowley brings in get better treatment than players Brady brings through…!
    That is dangerous ground if any truth in that one BUT maybe why Brady has had enough…! Backs up a few of the whispers over the years as well. Rowley another with to much power or say so..!?!?!

  155. That’s awful if true Wath.

  156. Wath. If that is the case then we are in for an interesting and probably bumpy ride. The only thing is that Ivan did say that Wenger would sign. Of course this could have changed. I will be sorry to see him go but excited too.
    Any ideas who they might be looking at? It’s a whole new debate isn’t it?
    Mugabe for me too Kev.

  157. We’ve never replaced Viera or Henry IMO with top drawer players….Diaby was supposed to be the real deal but he’s been a perma crock, giroud should be our “plan b” striker at best we need a proper top drawer striker and those that say we don’t need are mental. Wenger will get another contract sign a plethora of midfield midgets and not address our burning deficiencies! We will continue not beating manure, citeh and the chavs, be also rans in all the cups….and the annual capitulation will continue.
    Something has to change and it has to happen soon!

  158. I too would be sad to see him go but there are some really top young managers out there..

    Martinez, the Southampton manager, and of course Moyes could soon be out of a job ;) ;)

    I’m not sure the ride would be bumpy….

  159. Blaming officials,pitches etc really bores me too, have a team good enough to smash these shit teams…like we used to!

  160. Or Stoke Lee, we won’t beat them either…

    I agree, change is needed, either AW changes or he gets changed…..

  161. Adam, Ivan said we’d have a very busy summer last year and that we’d sign players early…

    That didn’t happen either….

  162. Tbh Adam, i’d not really given Wenger’s successor much thought as I had kinda assumed that AW would sign for another 3 years, and that may still be the case…

    But it does make you think who could possibly come in and improve on what Wenger has done…?

    Louis Van Gaal would certainly bring a less attractive, more pragmatic approach.
    Does he still have the desire to do the job?
    Up the level it would require.

    Do the Board go for a quick fix merchant, who’ll win a few cups, be expensive and then piss off after 3 years?

    Or go for a younger manager, who’ll come with a longer plan, someone who’ll be given time?

    But as Adam says, Bobby.M does tick a lot of the boxes. ;-)

  163. /large

    That’s the article in the dutch paper…!

  164. Go on Sunderland………………

  165. That’s very honest from Ebecilio and he’s no reason to lie..

    Crikey, 1-0.

  166. Someone like Van Gaal until we could get Pep would be interesting perhaps.

  167. I hate to say this, but as a football coach, Arsene Wenger is expired. The very sad truth is that his failures only serve as a motivation for him to do it his way next time, if only to prove to everyone that he had a plan all along. I dont know exactly how arsenal can become great again, trophy-wise, but what I am absolutely sure of is that it does not include Wenger staying on. He is too old to Change.

    On Jack Wilshire, I said it here on this Forum some time past that he is an integral part of our problem, but I was hushed up. Yeah he tries on some occasions, but several other times he is shit. My biggest problem with him is that he has such a high opinion of himself. To him, he can play poorly but others around him cant. And because our manager defers to him, sonner or later, he might start causing disaffection in the dressing room, if he hasnt already.

    Why was Flamini not blooded against the physical SPOKE rugby team, why why why, words fail me so.

  168. Do you honestly think Pep would come to us Adam….?

    Funny how Rijkaard has never gone back into management… I wonder why..?

  169. I’m not sure he’ll be leaving Bayern any time soon, why would he want to…

  170. Uz, I was surprised not to see Flamini start.

  171. I have been saying this for awhile.. Frank Rijkaard should come in with our non-flying Dutchman as no.2…

    Rijkaard made Barca and not Pep or VAn Gaal…

    He was the only manager to stop the sorry state of Barca going years without a trophy…

    The only problem is that I doubt society has moved on enough to employ a non-traditional manager like him with his race and religion…

    As a big Bvb fan I like and rate Klopp but he has his own demons that most of us may not be familiar with imho…

  172. Wow, Uzo… ;)

  173. I was surprised Frank turned down Psg last summer considering his Saudi links…

  174. Snap, are you looking forward to the potential of seeing Schweinsteiger, Lahm and Kroos playing in midfield with Ozil floating?

  175. Wath. I think that the board must see Pep as an attractive proposition and I think he would love to manage Arsenal. After he left Barca I saw him at the Emirates regularly. Also, there seems to be an idea among managers that the PL represents a huge challenge. I also feel that Arsenal offers the right man a truly incredible platform from which to build something significant.

  176. Ts. You are right. I have seen Klopp at pitch side looking absolutely mental and in a totally demented way too.

  177. One thing for sure, if all the talk about how the club want to spend big but only Arsene is against it is true, the next manager is going to have a lot of money to spend.

    If of course AW doesn’t stay….

  178. Adam, I concur with your point on Pep… but I don’t think we can prise Pep away from Bavaria with Rumeineger still around.. at least not in the next 3 years…

    It will cost us in excess of 30M to buy out his clause too and we can guess how tight our board are…

    Pep could of course win the quadruple and decide Arsenal is the next challenge…

  179. Rico. And some players to move on. :)

  180. WATH the Ebecilio comments have ‘legs’ mate…

    The reason why the likes of Zelalem are getting chances even though I am certain he is not ready…

  181. TS. I was thinking in about 3 years time. Will BM dominate German Football for the foreseeable future?
    I like Pep. He doesn’t blame anybody or overly criticise the opposition. I just think he would be an attractive candidate.
    No harm in idle dreaming I suppose. He doesn’t tolerate shit performances either.

  182. I thought you may have something to add on Ebecilio Ts, I heard Brady has been banging his head against a brick wall for many years…!

    Adam, see where your coming from re Pep but we need a new man now not in two years so where do we go then… stop gap or another option…? we can’t stagnate 2 more years if Wenger goes that would be as stupid as keeping him and doing the same thing for another 3 yrs.

  183. Ts, I like Martinez….. I know Adam will want to shoot me I just think the bloke plays the game teh right way, he has fresh ideas and he also gets his team grafting as well, I’d have him as an option and have DB10 as his No2…!.

    I think there are many options out there the fact that so many seem to think the club crashes just because Arsene leaves is frankly ridiculous, you’d think the club was only 17 years old….! The problem with JCL’s…!

  184. Not too many Adam ;)

  185. I’d be happy if we got Martinez Wath.

    A stayer I think….

  186. BM will dominate unless complacency sets in…

    BVB can’t compete financially even with their on the field success.
    The likes of S04 are also going to lose Julian Draxler to BM soon imho…
    Pep is a true gent but maybe too much of a pacifist for this guerrilla battle ground called the EPL… Zlatan may say otherwise but then his ego and B-52 will exceed the richter scale if it could be measured…

  187. What a stunning goal from Toure, from absolutely nothing…

    That’s what happens when you are prepared to shoot!

  188. City’s second is pretty good to, Nasri…

  189. ha ha WATH… I like Martinez too but I am trying to be on the right side of Adam so… :P

    On a serious note… he has the same history as AW…
    Relegated and then taking on a bigger team…

    Typical Nasri went missing when he was with us 2 or 3 years back in the cup final but then…

  190. Ts, that was a top top class strike wasn’t it….

  191. so 2 ex-Arsenal players are going to win something… ain’t life a bitch…???

  192. Top finish Rico…

  193. Ts, when you look at what Martinez has done to EFC after the dour way they played under Moyes I think Martinez is young enough to give us something… I like the way his teams graft and yet he still wants to play good football.

  194. Don’t think it will be their only medals this season either Ts..

  195. Just like our players used to do…. Now it seems they don’t always want to put in 100% in every match.

    Maybe they don’t like the tactics either….

  196. I have always rated Martinez WATH… in fact I won’t blink even if he took over us without our bank balance…

    He also has the perfection’s view of the way the game should be played but did not grow up in post war France unlike Monsieur AW and so has a bit more common sense…

    Him like Pep has been ‘ass-kissing’ Aw’s for awhile hoping maybe he could have the chance with us…

    Someone who knows a few of the EPL players very well told me Martinez did not take the dippers job because that he believed that would have blocked any potential move to us in future…

  197. Rico, I rather Pelle’ than Jose winning the league… caught between a rock and a hard place comes to mind…

  198. No Martinez for me. He is the Carol Vorderman of football.
    But if he wins something I will support him and deny I ever voiced a negative opinion.

  199. Does he plan to fly around the world too? :P

  200. Me too Ts, without a second thought.. I like what Pelligrini is dishing up each week. Entertaining football and he’s not big headed about it…

    It’s not his fault City have money and he’s allowed to spend it.

  201. :) Adam, I know you are not a fan…. of either. lol

  202. Mrs Adam just reminded me that I hate every other manager, so with that in mind I say yes to Martinez on the condition that he sells Giroud so he can continue his career as a quiffed stud somewhere else.

  203. Mrs Adam is spot on… lol

  204. Rico. Probably true. :)

  205. Pelle’ has paid his dues in the lower tier of the game so I have the utmost respect… he is always my Latino Wenger…

    Moreover, he bought Cygan from us so…

    What about Rudi Garcia? He is making AS Roma a foprce gain even after Rafa spent tonnes of cash last summer…

    Note, his first signing will be to bring Gervinho back! :P

  206. Good write up rico. I cant even think of anything new to say on a short post without repeating myself so I’m saying nothing!

  207. 3-1 game over…

  208. Thanks Ah.. We seem to say the same things don’t we yet nothing changes….

  209. Wishing team A or B won the league I really couldn’t give a flying fuck, it should of been us BUT what I do know we’ll never win in it with Wenger at the helm…..time to move on!
    This season was his last chance to win the PL and he fucked up big time, he showed his title aspirations in January by signing a Scandinavian diaby! All this bollocks about no players available or that they’re too expensive….blah blah blah! Money talks, don’t tyre kick go and offer serious money for the right player!

  210. Wait for it… Nasri will definitely use this win again to justify why he left us… :(

  211. I did read somewhere, that Roberto Martinez is very keen on ravioli…

  212. I suppose if you want a trophy Arsenals not the place to linger……

  213. The guy in charge at Atletico Madrid, Argentinian if I recall, is doing quite well in impossible circumstances….

    Wasn’t he the Argie who got Beckham sent off?

  214. Lee, that was only if we don’t win in.. Guess I have already accepted that we won’t, not this season…

  215. Not under AW it’s not…

    He’s a bit of a no nonsense looking guy Kev…

  216. I’m watching Costa, he’s s**t… ;)

  217. I’m watching Thor with the kids….he’d make a good DM!

  218. Pie and mash next week Kev?

  219. Just googled him Lee, he sure would…..

    Stoke would be sorted…..

  220. Groundhog F.C that’s us…

  221. That’s tame for you Lee ;)

  222. Rico, there’s a similarity with him and Emmanuel Petit….

  223. Must be the hair….

    He has blue eyes too Lee… lol

  224. Rico,I’m just losing the will with everything Arsenal at the moment….the inevitability of how the season is going to pan out etc. The false promises of new signings in the summer, Wenger and his piss poor excuses about not being able to sign players because of the WC……

  225. Not as piercing though!

  226. Petit, Vieira, Overmars, Anelka to….

    Gilberto, Freddie, Pires, Henry to….

    We really have regressed…..

  227. Are they piercing though….. cue Adam!!! :lol:

  228. Great minds brudder!

  229. I get that Lee, utterly and like you, I can see the way our season will pan out…

    After all, the script has been the same for so many seasons now….

  230. Definitely not Adam….

  231. Rea Madrid are such a bunch of cheats….

  232. Lee. I am with you. Tipping point yesterday for me. It’s just too boringly predictable now.

  233. His physique is quite striking though…..

  234. We may get to the F.A cup final but shock horror we’ll come up short imho……

  235. I can’t see us beating Everton….

  236. Who Adam Rico? Honed and chiselled….

  237. True Rico. Mrs Adam said Brudder Lee was very tall when she met him.

  238. Adam you up for a pie and mash run too?

  239. If I can mate, for definite. Are you watching the Madrid derby? It’s a fascinating view of the excitement and cheating culture of Spanish football. Costa is shit though.

  240. Bruvver Lee, I am always up for pie n mash mate.
    Just let me know when and I shall be there… ;-)
    Your call buddy…

    Then you can tell me all about the God of Thunder… :-D

  241. Thor Lee ;)

    Very tall Adam….

  242. I’m watching it Adam and you are right on Costa. Likes a tumble in the box doesn’t he….

  243. Lee can you grab me a dbl pie n mash and extra on the liquor pls mate………….

    Was yesterday a watershed for those giving AW the benfit of the doubt…? Enough is enough and if EFC beat us next week even Adam will say that Yes Martinez is a viable option ;-)

  244. No eels WATH?

  245. Wigan and Birmingham do not have the financial clout of AFC.

    Yet they were still winners during the last 8 years.

  246. True Devil. But they were relegated too. :)

  247. Good afternoon fellow doomers.

  248. Its all kicking off in the Madrid derby….

  249. Afternoon Devil…

  250. Afternoon all,
    It’s not over like others say but extremely difficult and most unlikely.
    No sure if Ramsey can save our season but we can’t be any worse with him.
    Wenger needs to pay better attention to the player combinations and that some really don’t gel.
    Wow, howz that? the bulldozer’ wanted to rip Maurinho’s head off and now seems the ref’s too

  251. So in other words Bradlop, it’s over ;)

  252. That ‘orrid lot are 1-0 up against Cardiff….

  253. Its the proverbial carrot season after season.

    It gets dangled in front of us till it wets our appetite and then its taken away from us.


    The club has to decide.

    If AW has to go though he has to go. Not moved upstairs.


    Otherwise it will be even worse than it is now.

  254. Ronaldoooooo

  255. And if Pep comes to AFC and fails than who will be to blame???

  256. Devil, knowing our luck he’ll move upstairs and be in charge of transfers ;)

  257. Yes I read it Rico.

    Someone at the club needs his arse spanked.

    with the belt that Sir Red nose got 6 of the best from his teacher when he was still 9 yrs old.

    This lack of accountability at the club is something which makes me very angry.

  258. I don’t think Pep will come to Arsenal any time soon, if ever..

  259. That’ll be you to blame Devil.

  260. That’s what they said about Gervinho Rico.

  261. Why though Devil? If Liverpool wouldn’t sell, there is nothing anyone at Arsenal could do..

    Where they went wrong is faffing around chasing him when Henry said no way.

    Should have moved on and signed someone else up front.

  262. What Adam, that he’d never sign for Arsenal?

  263. Someone needs this at the club. AND BADLY.

    Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson says he owes his success to being beaten with a belt by his favourite school-teacher when he stepped out of line as a schoolboy.
    Ferguson, 72, the most successful manager in British soccer history, says he now has the belt in his study at home after it was bequeathed to him by the formidable disciplinarian Elizabeth Thomson before she died.
    “Six from that belt and you were in absolute agony. That was the punishment you had, in my case, usually for fighting in the playground,” he said in a feature entitled “My Best Teacher” published by the Times Educational Supplement.
    Ferguson, famous for being a fierce disciplinarian whose “hair dryer” verbal admonishments of his players are the stuff of legend, said: “Elizabeth Thomson was an inspiration to me.
    “She had a raw determination about her and she improved everyone she touched.
    “Mrs Thomson endeavoured to make you be the best you could be. Yes, that part of me comes from her.”
    He says he kept in touch with her long after his school days ended, and while he was enjoying trophy-laden years of success at first Aberdeen and then Manchester United before he retired at the end of last season.
    “When she died, I couldn’t go to her funeral but months later I got a parcel. She had bequeathed her belt to me.
    “Her nephew sent it with a letter saying ‘You’ll know more about this belt than anyone.’ It’s in my study now. My grandchildren are terrified of it.”
    Corporal punishment was banned in Glasgow schools in 1982. Ferguson went to school in the 1950s.

  264. On today’s showing, Costa was s**t…..

  265. There was no-one better than Giroud available though Rico.

  266. Ivan needs it Devil, to use on Wenger.

  267. Yes Rico. Re Gervinho. Costa seemed more skilled earlier in the season but he seems to be like a bull now. I still like him despite the fact that he is shit. Bit like a super Chamakh really, only different. :)

  268. How we could go from chasing Suarez to getting nothing beggars belief..

    But we all know so different Adam.

  269. Probably AW will take such a beating philosophically.

  270. I’d rather Bony Adam ;)

  271. Lallana and Rodriguez are another two I’d seriously think about…

  272. I actually don’t think Costa would suit the PL, he goes over too easily for a big guy and would end up missing too many matches because he’d be sent off for simulation ….

  273. If Wenger doesn’t change how and who plays then the top teams will easily figure us out and we’ll lose.

  274. I think they have already sussed us out Bradster.

  275. I’d take Lukaku if he’s still for sale

  276. I think Ox, Ramsey, Ozil and Rosicky can make the difference.
    Perhaps even Sonogo can make space for others and offer power up front.

  277. Yes, he’s another but I doubt Jose will sell to us any more than J Henry would…

    And Serge, he has so much to give to this side but doesn’t get enough time on the pitch…

  278. Sanogo had a huge chance to get the point yesterday but missed….

    I couldn’t bring myself to mention that in the post because he’s young and raw.

    I bet he’s feeling bad enough already but I like the look of him and what he could be in a year, maybe two’s time….

  279. Back later…

  280. This will make you laugh, my laptop screen has decided to tun itself upside down…. If anyone knows how to rectify the problem I’d be grateful… ;)

  281. Anyway, I can’t type upside down so I’m off for the day…

    Night all….

  282. Ah, forget my cry for help, google saved the day… ;)

  283. I am off though….

  284. night Rico…

    Are you guys being serious about Costa being sh#t…?

  285. hi ts…..Germany are my tip to win the world cup…..don’t think leow will us lahm in the middle though but that middle u put will be too strong for any control imo….they have it all and are disciplined too..what do you think of bellerin????? I really rate him

  286. hiya Snap… you have a point…

  287. Bellerin I like…. I saw him play live last week.for the u-21’s

    Not sure he is there yet defensively

  288. Rico, re:7.46, why don’t you ask Scott or Oz…

    They’re always upside down… :-P

  289. Kev, it’s you mob who have it wrong :)

  290. Wakey waaay, it’s another day, a nice sunny day in London…

    Early start for me…

    Lee, how on earth do you do this every day… :-(

  291. Early……that is late :)

  292. Scott, how are you gonna cope when you land in London and all the blood runs to your feet??? :-P

  293. Here comes my next job…

    My first job was a Kiwi, always a pleasure talking to Kiwis, such nice people… :-D


  294. Cheeky bastard haha!

  295. Get used to it Kev………

  296. Kev, as a Welshman, you would have a natural affinity with Kiwis :)

  297. Morning all..
    :) Kev, very good…

    Numptie me has pressed the ‘post’ button in error so the new post is up now….


  298. Ah, the upside down discussion again? lol

    Morning Scott, Rico,Kev and all…

  299. Still keep asking myself why didn’t Flamini play?

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