Podolski: Arsenal the best ever! It's fun reading the newspapers these days…

Morning all…

The press are having a field day right now aren’t they?

Having gone from goodness knows how long of being right behind the red side in Manchester, they are absolutely berating them.

They have headlines suggesting David Moyes United career is hanging by a thread and they even have a photograph of him stood by a blue exit sign which I thought was quite clever and slightly amusing. Especially as the blue side of Manchester are soon to be heading off to Wembley for their first final under their new manager.

Then there’s another headline which relates to RvP and how he’s been caught telling tales on his new manager to the Dutch press. He says that his club’s tactics are all very wrong and that’s the reason Manchester United are not having such a good season.

After watching some of their match in the Champions League, which was so dire I turned it off, I think it’s more of a case that players are rubbish under performing and appear disinterested in playing for their new manager. Still, at least they are all becoming very wealthy along the way and the longer their spiral downwards continues the better…..

Then of course there is Chelsea and Jose, who Adam wrote about yesterday, rather splendidly I must add. Well Jose has also been caught out, not with his pants down like our very own Giroud but apparently he’s been overheard telling someone that his strikers are rubbish. Well something like that anyway which will no doubt irk his current strike force…

Not even a 1-1 draw in Turkey last night pleased those good old journalists, ‘sloppy defending cost dear’ they write this morning. Ha!

There’s a rumour going around that Jose is going to do all he can to sign Mesut Ozil in the summer……

Mourinho loves to keep in touch with his former players, sending them messages and this is what has been done with Özil.

Mou has told the German to ignore the strong criticism he’s getting for his poor performances at Arsenal and will make every effort to sign him.

That’s from a Spanish source called AS.

Well maybe Chelsea can give us Eden Hazard and Nemanja Matic  in exchange if Jose wants him that badly!!

Talking of Mesut Ozil, the best the press can do with us is to really stretch out the story of him bumping into photographer in his car and of course ‘that penalty!

If that’s all they can come up with then good.

Lukas Podolski:

The team spirit is always good here, even after defeats. This is a great team – there’s a good atmosphere between us and up until now, we’ve had a super season. We need to keep that with us now.

I’ve been at a few clubs and in different dressing rooms but I’ve never been in a team with such a strong spirit. You feel comfortable here – be it on the pitch or off it. You always look forward to being with the team and I think that helps us in matches.

So whist everything appears rosy in our backyard, it makes a change for other clubs around the top to have a taste of the kind of journalist garbage we have had to endure for years…

Makes fun reading though…..

That’s it for another day…..

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