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State Of Play. Truly fortunate to have Arsene Wenger……..

When we look at the trials and tribulations of PL managers and just how difficult it has evidently become for a club to make the transition from one to another with any degree of success, I believe that in Arsene we have been truly fortunate.

I can imagine the conversations that must have taken place at board level and between Kroenke and Gazidis as to contingencies should Wenger decide that he has had enough and wants to either retire or seek pastures new.

It would be easy to assume that Kroenke knows little about football, but he is a billionaire who hasn’t made his money by blindly stumbling through his business dealings, waving a Stetson while yelling “Yeee Ha”. For him Arsene is the prudent goose that lays golden eggs season after season. He advocates and practices creative, quality football and gives the club a degree of respectability across the footballing world and though he can be outspoken, he is never going to display the same level of crass petulance that we can expect every time Mourinho opens his mouth.

How vulgar and classless Wenger must find that little man who spends so much of his time either bigging himself up or taking cheap shots at other managers in an attempt to enhance his reputation.

Though it wasn’t a difficult task, he dragged Chelsea down to his level when he was their manager a few years back and true to form, the footballing press adored him. I found that there was always a certain sick edge to his despicable rants that, alongside their owner’s willingness to spend crazy money, made it quite easy to detest everything they stood for. Yet, even after the great financial splurges and their on-field success very few could argue against the fact that they had bought their trophies and there was still the festering, open sore that was Mourinho.

A man like him, who was unable to show even a modicum of class towards his opponents whether he was winning or not, was the architect of a footballing ethos that was so negative, boring and cynical that even Abramovich was moved to throw him out. Watching his toy produce the never ending cycle of tedious long-ball crap, exemplified by the incessant and continuous cheating of Drogba, from his perch high above the pitch must have proved just too much. Mourinho was gone and the PL was much better for it. It was though a stain had been removed from the game and Chelsea began trawling for a manager who might bring a smile to the grey miserable expression that clouds the Russian’s face whenever the camera flashes on him during a game.

Surely Stan, Ivan and the rest of the Arsenal board must cast a worried but amused glance toward Chelsea when they think about who and what comes after Arsene. But hold on, Chelsea have come full circle and after spending tens of millions exhausting all other possibilities, Mourinho is back and of course it’s still all about him. After serving up a trophy filling in a shit sandwich to his employers in both Italy and Spain he has come ‘home’ but this time his gob is not so golden.

He has become rather tired and passé, more Mr Bean than James Bond and his barrage of insults have lost some of the sparkling quotability the press might have seen in them before. Now he seems like a rather odd hate-filled little man, shouting at the world and still bathing in his own excrement on a daily basis.

His recent insults toward Wenger and our club fell on ground somewhat less fertile than he anticipated. The football family worldwide grimaced at how truly pathetic he has become and now, in response, he has gone all sulky. He constantly plays down the chances of his own side with nonsensical metaphors and I imagine that in his own egocentric world he sees this as a brilliant psychological ploy to heap pressure on Pellegrini and Manchester City and on Arsenal and his old nemesis Wenger. Arsene had reeled him in quite nicely a couple of weeks back and he bit, big time, like the inflated-headed bully he is. Arsene of course knew he simply couldn’t resist. Pellegrini probably shook his head in indifferent disgust as he already despises him after their time as adversaries in Spain where Mourinho’s behaviour plumbed new depths of repulsiveness when he attempted to gouge an opponent’s eye after a defeat. Now, that’s class.

When Kroenke looks at this and the car wreck that is Manchester United and realises that the extremely odd Glazers are going to have to dig very, very deep to get Moyes back on track he must shudder. Rooney’s obscene new contract must have old Stan wondering if he can’t sign Wenger up for another 10 years as a buffer against all the madness that we are witnessing in football these days.

Every year we are told that things will change and that the manager will be fully supported in the transfer window and every year we never seem quite able to put together the balance of players that will equip us for competitive success at the highest level. Almost, but not quite.

Watching us line up against Bayern last week with the very inexperienced Sanogo as our striker bought this home with a bang. Giroud, out of the picture because he sees himself as a mirror-obsessed, superstar stud, banging away 24 hours a day, is not the player that we need to complete the picture and allow Ozil to express himself by doing what he does best. This is a very justifiable criticism of Wenger and one that he should have addressed before now with a speedy and deadly marksman. But, we could still win the PL. You never know. If we do, then it will surely be the greatest championship for many, many years and a great tribute to Wenger’s methods and single-minded determination to do things his way.

But then there is the club’s PR and that is the face of Arsenal to its supporters. As anyone who attends the games through a Season Ticket will tell you, it is getting fearfully expensive these days and the cynicism with which us customers are treated with regards to pricing of games that fall outside the ST and any refunds that are due is breathtakingly opportunist and does absolutely nothing to foster a feeling that we are all part of the club. If Gazidis spent his time changing this perception alone, then the supporters would feel a lot better. Give a little and you’ll get a lot more back Ivan. Let’s not kid ourselves that Arsenal aren’t primarily motivated by money because they are, but perhaps if they attempted to make it less obvious then supporters might not feel quite as marginalised as they have grown.

Overall, Arsenal are in a pretty good place at the moment. The squad is generally ok, despite a couple of glaring gaps and some unfortunate injuries, but there are challenges in the immediate and mid term future. The games will come and go and what will be will be. But the transfer window in the coming summer is possibly going to see players, big players, leaving. In other words there are times, a few months ahead, that may well see more players than usual come and go. Wenger and Kroenke understand the need for stability for different reasons I am sure and will want to keep that turnaround to a minimum.

We mustn’t be afraid of change but, through sites like HH, we do have a voice no matter how small that may seem and we owe Wenger the benefit of the doubt even when he seems entrenched in his own ways. He is never going to satisfy everybody, but a trophy would go a long way toward making his point more emphatically.

I think that he really deserves it.

Written by Adam



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142 comments on “State Of Play. Truly fortunate to have Arsene Wenger……..

  1. Genius Adam. I loved it…..

    Morning to you and all….

  2. Brilliant, Adam….it has been too long.
    Morning guys.

  3. Totally agree Scott, as is your next one ;)

  4. Coming soon, Rico , but don’t expect me to uphold the standards you guys set lol

  5. Beautifully written, Adam, and a pleasure to read.

    Mouringho is indeed despicable and sums up the ethos and unpleasantness of Chelsea and their administrative management.

    There are many fans who recognise what Wenger has done for Arsenal and rightly so, but until he wins a trophy, hopefully this season, he will labour to convince all the fans, who are understandably restive after seeing the spendthrift oligarch and oiler clubs sharing out the spoils between them.

    Mourinho’s reputation has benefitted greatly by managing clubs who have thrown money at buying the best players – and the best players win you trophies – and for the fans of Inter, Chelsea and Madrid that is all that matters – and they all turn a blind eye to the appalling self serving crap dished up by Maureen.

    Arsene needs to spend money to buy top players, and although we will never match the spending power of the moneyed clubs, it will give him a chance to secure his legacy, and us fans the chance to luxuriate in a well earned championship – or two.


  6. well good and well balanced article

  7. hi rico,there is only One Arsene Wenger and in him we trust.

  8. :) Scott, don’t include mine in there ….

    Hb, totally agree, get on and spend this summer, if he’s staying of course ;)

    Hi Tim, not sure i’d go that far….

  9. Henry, i see Wengers most important reason to win a trophy is so we can all see the fruits of the past 8-10 years toil.
    He needs it as mich as the club and its fans do, as he has been the voice we all hear/heard when discussing the lack of spending in that time.
    We need to know it was all done for a reason, and a trophy will provide that evidence.

  10. Rico, how you manage to churn them out each day is beyond me, honestly.

  11. Hi Rico, and a very good morning to you. :-)

  12. Adam is right – if by some miracle we go on and win the PL, it will surely be the greatest achievement by any PL manager…

  13. Scott @ 9:59,

    Exactly right that a trophy will be of benefit to both AW and the fans.

    We can still do it this year – fingers crossed. :-)

  14. Good morning to you Hb :)

    Great result for the under 19’s last night…

  15. Guys, anyone available for the U21’s game v Spurs, please come along!!
    March 28 at WHL!!
    My trip keeps getting better and better :)

  16. Now why did you omit to mention Loic Remy in such a beautifully constructed masterpiece? ;) The song by Madonna comes to mind mate, I loved reading it as much as I like to hear that song.

    Sometimes we fail to appreciate what we have and try to look elsewhere. Its only when we have lost what we have that we realise that what once was can never be again.

  17. Good Morning Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

  18. Morning Rico and all. Scott. Where are you staying in London when you visit? You know that Tottenham is like The Night Of The Living Dead don’t you? I got lost in the fog a couple of months ago and found myself there. They knew I wasn’t a local as my car was worth more than £150. They staggered up to the window with drool and chicken gizzards hanging from their lower jaws. “Got any gear mate.” They screamed. I had to mow at least 100 of them down before I got to the relative sanctity of Finsbury Park.

  19. Morning Devil…

  20. Devil, morning.
    The one thing i have always said is we will hit a massive brickwall if we sack Wenger….the time he leaves needs to be done very, very carefully, imo.

  21. Morning Adam. :)

  22. Devil. That is exactly what my third wife said to me. :)

  23. You are quite right in your assessment of the special needs gnome. He is very much the progeny of the owner, leopards with the same spots. I have no illusions about the integrity or honesty of the owner and how he acquired his wealth, he knew exactly what he was getting when he employed the dwarf, first time round and was quite happy to repeat the appointment, second time round. The pair of them are cast from the same mould. Classless!
    Thank goodness and all that’s glorious that the Russian helicopter did not land on PHW’s front lawn and make him an offer he could not refus, all those years ago!
    However, they should be mindful of the old saying, “what goes round comes round”. Chelsea and its employees will end up in the mire eventually as they have no class and even less honesty!
    How much longer will we have to put up with the abuse from down the road, kings Road that is? I suspect not too much longer, the big mouthed micro dot will overstep the mark once too often with his obnoxious attitude and remarks and will be asked to pack his bags, again. The really astonishing thing is that Abbie re-employed him at all! More so because the ‘moron’ wanted the manure job. To their credit not even manure would stoop to that level of effluent!

    As you can see Adam you have sparked a somewhat biased response from today’s offering. Thanks, the topic of the Portuguese man of no grace has been a festering issue with me for some time! Nice to be able to get some of this bile out of my system.

    And long live Wenger and long may he reign, trophies or no trophies. We could be a lot worse off, look at the mess the spuds have got themselves into! There but for the grace of PHW? Well maybe!

    Morning all. The sun’s shining and all’s right with the world, at least it is just now.

  24. Haha Adam, should i be scared :)
    I am staying at the Gunners Pub…..they were kind enough to have me here after dinding out i am coming from Oz, as they usually don’t do accomodation…..damn handy, i say.
    I arrive on friday, March 21 and am doing the staidum tour that day, followed by the Away Boys river cruise the following day to Chelski…i am still working on tickets for the game, and am hopeful.
    No solid plans at this stage for the next few days, but a coffee with Kren Rocastle is happening, as is a night at the greyhounds with Paul Bleasdale from the ASFC on March 26.
    Spuds away on friday March 28, and then there is the Citeh home game which i am sorted for.
    I am obviously hoping to catch up with my HH friends, and am leaving it open to a day that suits…….lunch, dinner, game, coffee or a few pints…..i am easy.
    I head to yome on March 31.

  25. As I’ve said before Adam you should consider a career change…..you surely can’t continue as a gigolo for much longer!?!?

  26. Top marks Mr Adam…

  27. Moyes gone??? Rumours out there……..

  28. February 26 (Press Association) — Manchester United have confirmed to the New York Stock Exchange that manager David Moyes will leave the club my mutual consent.

  29. Lee. Thanks mate. That pic of Giroud in his underpants has inspired me to continue as a gigolo for a while longer though these days I only appeal to Carol Vorderman lookalikes and they are physically quite demanding and a crushed pelvis is a constant worry.

  30. Moyes gone? Cripes, that’s a shock and not what we need….

  31. Why am I not surprised to see Carol Vordeman’s name on here ;)

    Not everyone can fly a jumbo….. lol

  32. Scott. Do you mean The Gunners pub in Blackstock Road?

  33. That is the one, Adam.

  34. Rico. Yes, it’s a new skill for me. Lee is giving me lessons though. :)
    A man of his experience etc….

  35. Scott. Then you will immerse yourself in the full Islington experience for sure. That is, as we say in the local parlance, my Manor. Or used to be.

  36. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Adam – Another excellent article. In your own words “Yeee Ha”.

    I loved some of your imagery for the The Malignant Portuguese Pygmy; especially “Now he seems like a rather odd hate-filled little man, shouting at the world and still bathing in his own excrement on a daily basis.”


  37. I was pretty lucky to arrange that, Adam….
    I must say though, i am expected at several other pubs in the vicinity at various stages while i am there.
    I shall do my best to have a pint or two in them all :)

  38. Cheers CG and TS. Very much appreciated.
    Is the Moyes story true? I hope not. All that Botox hasn’t done him any favours.

  39. Mr. Moyes looked like a deer caught in the headlights when the camera panned the ManUre bench during their abject display against Olympiakos yesterday. The commentator on the feed I was watching said it the was the worst ManUre performance in recent memory. They were playing like they were all seriously constipated.

    Even though they had both Vain Wooney and Judas van Pursestrings back and fully fit they hardly got a shot off during the entire game. With Vidic and Ferdinand likely to leave (retire or transfer) at the end of the season and with their other deficiencies; they are going to have to do some serious buying this summer. It is so dire it almost brings tears to my jaundiced eyes; almost, but I prefer to have a good belly laugh at their troubled situation.

  40. Ferdinand looked like he had already retired to me CG. He had just forgotten to mention it to Moyes.

  41. Rico – I trust that you and our other regular residents based in and around London have survived without any major damage from the recent storms. Kev’s cab hasn’t floated away?

  42. Adam – Similar comments about Ferdinand had been made during the broadcast by one of the commentators.

  43. :) Adam, I bet Lee has his own private jet….

  44. Morning Cg, all is fine here thanks. Have some nice weather today and long may that stay so other less fortunate in the storms can get some kind of normality back in their lives. Although it’s going to take a long time…

  45. I think so Rico. I reckon he illuminates the runway with his piercing eyes when coming in to land. :)

  46. You are on form this morning Adam…

  47. I got a decent night’s sleep last night Rico.
    And I know you like euphemism. :)

  48. Our young Costa Rican loanee Campbell looked a tidy player with a good burst of speed on Olympiakos’ right wing.

  49. Took his goal well too Cg..

    I still think he’ll be gone in the summer….

  50. Adam,

    Absolute class post my man….! Precise to the point and extremely accurate. A new pair of dodgy spandex strides are in the post for 1st prize.

  51. Rico – Hard to say if Campbell will return to The Arsenal or be sold. However, if he is sold, we should get a good price for him.

    I think he’ll return long enough for Arsene to compare him to the likes of Gnabry and Zelalem; unless someone offers us silly money for him.

  52. W.A.T.H – Enough about spandex. the last thing we need is for your Grandad to get going on that subject again. I thought we laid that one to death last year.

  53. Tsb “laid that one to rest”.

  54. The song by Madonna comes to mind mate, I loved reading it as much as I like to hear that song.

    Sometimes we fail to appreciate what we have and try to look elsewhere. Its only when we have lost what we have that we realise that what once was can never be again.

    More Joanie Mitchell I think. About time they changed Stamford Bridge into a parking lot.

    Great piece Adam will read it a few times before commenting.

  55. potter – How about a sewage treatment plant rather than a parking lot. More appropriate I’d say.

  56. Cg, stories in Jan suggested he may stay where is on a permanent deal, last night may have changed AW’s mind… lol

  57. Rico – I can’t say I would be fussed one way or the other, but you could well be right. He certainly looked more effective than Vain or Judas.

  58. Boring Boring Chelsea…

  59. Me neither Cg, not really. Unless of course we aren’t planning on signing a striker in the summer, then JC would be needed I guess…

  60. Afternoon All
    Afternoon Rico…

    At the garage, out of here by 1pm hopefully, then a cup of green tea with my name on it… :-P
    Busy day.

  61. Rico – If the press are to be believed – HA HA – we are planning on buying a striker. I hope we are, but I’m not holding my breath for it.


  62. Adam, that was a magical post mio amigo…

    It soared between the distain we have for Mourinho, to the respect we have for Pelligrini mixed in with the reverence we hold in Arsene…

    Some salient points as per usual, not least the perceived money-grabbing ethos of our club…
    Gazides really needs to be more pro-active in that area…
    You take the fans for granted at your own peril…

    The need for Wenger and the club to ‘walk the walk’ and not just ‘talk the talk’ on transfer business this coming summer, is very pertinent and fully endorsed in these quarters…

    But as you say, any success enjoyed by Arsene this season, will truely be ethical success.

    Great post my friend…

  63. Afternoon Kev, I take it you won’t be watching them tonight…

  64. Scott staying at The Gunners!

    Ha, I used to drink in there in the 1970’s…

  65. :) Cg, considering where the story came from, I doubt it’s true…

  66. It’s good to talk to you all again, but I have a dentist appointment later this morning and need a few hours sleep. Besides I want to be off, just in case Kev gets going on spandex again.

    Keep The Faith fellow Gooners!

  67. Rico – The sports press are a bit like Ivory soap 99.9% pure. Only in the case of the press, it is pure bullshit, not soap. Rumours are cheap, but real news is hard to find.

  68. :) Cg, sleep well and hope the dentist trip goes ok…

  69. CG re your 12:20 AM not gonna comment on what Grandad laid last year Granny may read this…………

  70. Oi Oi Wath….

  71. Catch up later….

  72. Scott staying at The Gunners!

    What is that a tent in the garden.?

  73. You are of course correct Adam , Gazidis and the club for that matter seem to get their information from the sychophantic element of the support and I don’t think they realise how much discontent is running below the surface . They seem only to hear what they want to and while they can sell out the ground even when Season ticket holders don’t take uptheir options they are hardly likely to change tack.

  74. Marc-André ter Stegen passed a secret medical with Barcelona last week, ahead of his £10m move to Spain this summer

    Matuidi has also re-signed on with psg until 2018 at least…

  75. Van Judas is listening to his lil boy inside again by playing the blame game again…

    van Persie on Dutch TV: “Other United players are often in the zones I’d like to play in. I find that a pity.” http://vine.co/v/MmYFldMK6dK

  76. RVP and Rooney :- This town’s not big enough for both of us.

  77. The grey goat moaning as usual, can always console himself by counting his wages…..

  78. ha ha ha…

    Eto’o’s ex-girlfriend says the 32-year old striker, who Mourinho joked is 35, is actually 39. “He was born in 1974

    Dear oh Dear….

  79. No one ever gonna be able to prove that Ts….! Obefemi was another one of “dodgy” age….!

  80. :D WATH… you forgot about Kanu…

  81. Afternoon fine folk, have we sold anyone?? ;)

  82. Hahaha Wath and ts… Kanu, Drogba, spit Diouf, Obafemi are all younger than Essien imho. But the greatest cheat has to be Julius Aghahowa of wigan fame.
    We lived in the same state where he worked as a police officer. Imagine my shock when i saw him play at the U 20’s in 1999. The then 30 year old had suddenly become leaner and had shaved all his beards in order to claim 17 yrs old. Thankfully he got found out in the EPL.

  83. Evening all. Very good post Sir,
    Reading a lot of supporters comments over the past few months has surprised me a bit, There seems to be a building Hatred for Chelsea and their leader. Although i can understand how Maureen can get up your nose, i have to say that i feel a bit sorry for him rather than despising him. He comes to the Premier League takes over from Nomad Managers that have done most of the rebuilding and all he does is change a few things and he gets results. Why i feel sorry for him is he honestly believes the the British Public loves him, After his sacking he tells us all how one day he will come back as he loves England and London and they love him. He goes to other clubs who also have been built by other managers and has success there but the people and the press don’t take to him and he doesn’t like the feeling. Maureen busts a gut to come back but what he fouls to understand is how fickle the British nation is. They love to build a champion up but they also love to see them knocked down as well. Something in the British People that turn on somebody as quick as they had took to him. Personally i see just another Manager no better or worse than what us and everybody else has. Wenger learned a long time ago speak only when spoken to as the British public have always hated him but he does have their admiration Maureen still has a long way to go.

  84. Evening Rico and the House.
    Excellent post Adam, how long did it take you to write it .no dont tell me you wrote it in your lunch beak.
    Ginge what are your thoughts on Omonde-Odewill and Maitland-Niles i am hearing goodthings about both of them.

  85. How the paparazzi quickly turn, they are battering Man Utd in the newspapers…

  86. Evening Rick

    Sp, how can you feel sorry for that weasel… :)

  87. Agread Rico,
    He deserves everything he he gets.

  88. Amen to that Rick…

  89. Evening Rico, I find the guy entertaining, talks a load of shit most of the time, but football needs characters and i like the needle when its aimed at Wenger, and i think Wenger does as well.

  90. Hi Rick. If I told you how long it took you wouldn’t believe me. :)

  91. I can’t stand him Sp, anal is the only word I can think of which describes him and his antics…

    Nipping off for dinner, back in a bit…

  92. The reason that the media are hounding United is they are winding up the supporters as they have heard that United are forcing season ticket holders to buy tickets for the return leg.

  93. I suppose we all see things different Rico, now if you were talking about Nile Ranger i could understand you comment.

  94. Boo!! The wordsmith is back. As always, Adam, you write so beautifully.

    As for Mourinho, there are no words for him. Such a paragon of self-regard but ironically, he is so painfully insecure. He is beneath contempt.

    A trophy at The Emirates cannot come soon enough; AW does deserve it and so do fans.

    Hello, all!

  95. Nile Ranger Sp, who is that?

    Hi agag, well said on all fronts…

  96. Boo, rico. How are you?? I must say I love seeing Manure in shambles. :D :D Saw their match earlier. Oh, how I laughed.

  97. I’m well thanks agag, you??

    I’m enjoying their performances too ;)

  98. I’m good, rico. :) Hope you’re not having a torrid time with the weather. ;)

    And I love how Judas is now taking swipe at teammates. Typical! But he made his bed and can now DIE in it. :D

  99. Thanks agag, we got away with the weather quite lightly where I am..

    Judas is reported to want a move back so you may have to be nice to him again ;)

  100. Come on Galatassary…. :)

  101. I’m off for the day now, night agag.

    Night all, enjoy the rest of your day….

  102. Good to hear, rico. We are having unusually “cool” (still hot by your standards, I’m sure) weather here. I love it.

    Judas is certainly sending out feelers. I read his grandpa’s comments last week. Eeeeek. I bet Mrs. VP is dying to get out of the wasteland that is Manchester! Haha.

  103. Damn… so Kevin Hart did not even bother going to Old Trafford to see Wooney but when to see the Corrie stars and the other oilers across the road…

    Kevin Hart and Liz Mcdonald posing in a photo… who would have thought!

  104. evening all btw…

  105. it looks like my biggest fear may happen…

    only Jose and his oilers may go through to the next round from this Island… another boost to his over inflated ego…

  106. Hiya Ginge

    RM 2-0 up

    the longer the chavs stay in the CL the better since they will have more games to contend with.

  107. if the chavs loose the semi it will hurt them more than if they go out now.

  108. Make no mistake……this year RM and Barca want to contend the final between themselves. BM might have something to say about it though.

    unless we beat the bavarians 3-1 in their own backyard

  109. imo…..three of the semifinalists will be RM, Barca, BM.

    unless they meet before that is.

  110. I am with you Dev re 8:38

  111. I think psg will win it though…

    S04 look very poor tonight against RM…

  112. tsgh, would Kevin be a relation of Tony Hart, he was a big hero of mine growing up, you wanna see the crazy things him and morph got up to.

    Jose has the chance to create history, the first manager to win the Champions League with 3 different teams, God would truly have to shat on our heads for that to happen.

  113. Forfan makes a huge difference to S04’s attack…

  114. Poor miss by Julian earlier…

  115. ha ha Micko… as Kev said recently if Jose wins either the league or the CL most of us would have to give up following football…

  116. Micko, If Tony and Kevin were related I would be a Ashkenazi

  117. Oh I dunno, I can just see you at home in Golders Green.

    You still travelling up to the Northern slums this weekend.

    Bale running riot, Arsene dodged a bullet there.

  118. ha ha… breaking bread with Levi…

  119. at least the chavs could not win…

    Still a very poor and over rated league imo….

  120. A score draw away from home tsgh, job pretty much done & dusted.

    Melo a bit of a header, Dogpoo a bit of a turkey these days.

    Just checked our honours list, 13 league titles, doesn’t mention if the leagues were over-rated or not, the fa need to look into that.

  121. A bottle of Portinho do Covo 2012 to enjoy…
    This weekend… ;-)

    Night All…

  122. Brilliant article Adam… absolutely brilliant!!!

  123. Morning all..

    Harsh on poor Julian on his first return after injury, and they were up against Real Madrid and not a side like Man Utd…. ;)

    Morning all…

  124. I hope that’s after a comprehensive win at Stoke Kev…. :P

  125. Welcome Mark, sorry you have been stuck in moderation, I was in the land of nod….

  126. Rico are you up??

  127. Morning Lee, I am….

  128. I see the rain is back………

  129. Hammering down here, and high winds too….

    Snow forecast to arrive by the weekend….

  130. I’m off to do my fitness class, the new post should go up around 9.40..

    Catch up in a couple of hours…

  131. Aerobics… ;-)

  132. There he is…..

  133. I’m not up yet.
    Morning Rico and chaps.

  134. Thank you Mark. Much appreciated.
    Kev. Don’t forget to chill that bottle thoroughly first.

  135. Morning all.

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