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Seven summer departures on the cards! Campbell wants Arsenal chance!

Morning all.

The summer transfer window may seem a long way off right now but before we know it, this season will be over and players will start leaving. Some will be out of contract, others like our captain will no doubt be in search of regular football.

Here’s who I think will be packing their bags and I’m not including those not in the first team squad.


Wojciech Szczesny
Emiliano Viviano – Going Loan expired.
Lukasz Fabianski – Going OOC.


Bacary Sagna – Likely to go – OOC.
Per Mertesacker
Thomas Vermaelen – Likely to go as wants starting place.
Laurent Koscielny
Nacho Monreal
Carl Jenkinson
Kieran Gibbs


Tomas Rosicky
Mikel Arteta
Jack Wilshere
Mesut Ozil
Aaron Ramsey
Santi Cazorla
Mathieu Flamini
Abou Diaby – Likely to go through fitness.
Kim Kallstrom – Going and not likely to ever start.
Gedion Zelalem


Lukas Podolski – Could go and has hinted at return to Koln.
Olivier Giroud
Theo Walcott
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Yaya Sanogo
Nicklas Bendtner – Going OOC
Ryo Miyaichi – Likely to be going
Serge Gnabry

Lukasz Fabianski and Nicklas Bendtner are definitely departing and it’s looking more and more likely as the days go by that Bacary Sagna will be joining them in the departure lounge.

That of course means that Arsenal will need to sign three players even before they address out short fallings within the current squad.

I truly believe that Thomas Vermaelen will depart too as he’ll be in search of first team football on a regular basis. The same could be said of Lukas Podolski who isn’t always the first player off the bench these days let alone the starting eleven.

Nothing seems to have gone right for Ryo Miyaichi since he joined us with both injuries and unsuccessful loan spells playing their part. He’s in the first team squad and surely, at 21 years old and with us lacking a left sided winger, he’d be playing right now if Arsene Wenger believed he has what it takes…

The World Cup kicks off in Rio on the 12th June with the final on the 1st July, the day the transfer window officially opens but as we all know, many transfer deals will go through long before then.

What does Arsene Wenger do bearing in mind it’s looking very likely that he’ll have to have one of the most productive transfer windows he’s had in many years?

Sign his targets early and take the risk that any one of them could get injured, or wait until the World Cup is over and then make his move?

As I said earlier, the transfer window may seem a long way off right now but when we consider the amount of players we could actually lose, the club are surely already thinking about how to replace them and who with.

No doubt one or two will make a step up from the Academy but that still leaves us with quite a number of positions which will need filling with experienced quality players.

The three key areas for me are a goalkeeper, left sided winger, striker and finally a strong, hard tackling midfielder…..

If Sagna, Vermaelen and Podolski do decide to up sticks, that list will seriously increase….

Arsene Wenger once said that he doesn’t like signing too many players during any one transfer window as that can cause problems.

I don’t think he has any choice but to do just that in the summer…

Finally, Joel Campbell is on show tonight as his Olympiakos side take on Manchester United and despite there being stories about his loan deal being made permanent, it looks like he is only thinking of playing for us next season:

As soon as Arsenal came, I wanted to join them and I believe I am ready to play for Arsenal next season.

I know I have the capacity to play there. I am only waiting for the opportunity. With hard work I know I can get there.

Let’s see if he can score a few goals against an average Manchester side, if he can, maybe he’s worth keeping…..

That’s your lot for another day….

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169 comments on “Seven summer departures on the cards! Campbell wants Arsenal chance!

  1. He has three major games to state his claim United home and away and England in the world cup. If he does well in those games I think he will stay.

  2. I’m not convinced Potter…

    But will watch tonight….

  3. Rico, i reckon the kid has the talent….let’s hope the spell in Greece has done him some good.
    Morning all.

  4. Joel Campbell is the player to watch for the future and is the one who can make things happen. Imagine him and Sanogo upfront tormenting defenders like they are the only ones on planet earth. I just can’t wait for that time to come at Arsenal we also want to be like Barca fans talking non stop but we are not like them coz we stick to basics,

  5. Seeing how many players could leave in the summer is a huge worry.

    Arsenal faff around trying to sign one or two players, how on earth are they going to manage replacing those departing and address our current weaknesses in the summer…

  6. Scott, he says it’s not as challenging as Spain. He’s not scored many goals either..

    I haven’t seen him play so would be unfair of me to judge him.

  7. Kharadonha, have you watched JC play this season?

    Sanogo looks like he may turn out to be a decent striker but he’s still very raw…

  8. Yeah, both Sanogo and Campbell must be 2 seasons away from being our main man, surely….if at all.

  9. I agree Scott and with Sanogo, there will always be that fear of injury..

  10. What about Ryo, will he be staying or going I wonder…

  11. Do we have a player named Viviano in our squad? ;)
    Morning everyone!

  12. Rico, i wouldn’t bet on Ryo staying.. He is incredibly fast, but thats it…
    What’s the story about Ozil trying to run down a photographer about?

  13. Campbell: 24 games in the Greek Super League with 7 goals and 10 assists. Not bad?

    also 2 goals in 4 games in the greek cup

  14. Morning Adk.

    I read he’d only scored 2 goals this season, best I find a different site to check my facts… lol

    Ryo to go imho and yes, Ozil seems to have had a bump…

  15. Boring Boring Chelsea

  16. Morning All
    Morning Rico, interesting post.
    And how are you coping with that new laptop? ;-)

  17. Where do you check your stats rico?
    Try http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk
    In the left corner, you can write the name of a player and check out everything about him. Worth, goals, assists, games, height, position… Everything :)

  18. Joel Campbell….?!

    It’s all Greek to me…

  19. Morning Kev.

    I have it all sussed now. ife is so much easier ;)

  20. I checked Wikki Adk.

    Think I’ll bookmark that website… lol

  21. If the financial demands reported (a big risk to believe IMHO)to be wanted by the representatives of Sagna are true. Then sadly, I think he’ll leave…

    I know it’s a lot of money that he wants, but do any of us really believe that we could get a player as talented and as versatile as Bacary, any cheaper?
    And I’m talking about a like-for-like replacement, not some youngster who ‘might’ be as good in 3 years time!

    As for Vermaelen, well that’s a real concern, because Tommy Vee is a top quality centre-back, and they don’t come cheap, and that’s Wenger’s forte, cheap!

  22. ha ha, wikki? i begging you not to do it rico. The same page that said that we had bought Mario Gomez a few years back ;)
    transfermarkt is the best site for all things stats

  23. Goalkeeper is a unique position, in that Szczesny could stay fit and it’s no problem…
    Alternatively, he gets an unlucky injury and we have Martinez or Macey in goal…

    Wenger should be looking for a Brad Friedal type, age-wise, who’ll be happy to be involved in cup games, but can do a good job over a longer period…

  24. So sort out right-back, centre-back and goalkeeping cover, and we’ve stood still…

    Strengthening the squad is another matter…


  25. I’m not sure I believe the reported Sagna demands. No more than I believe he may go to Liverpool..

    Couldn’t agree more re TV, he is a top class CB but one who was low in confidence last season when things weren’t going great at the back and too many mistakes were being made by too many players.

    We appear far more organised now and there’s no reason to believe TV will have not benefited from what ever has gone on at the training ground…

    Replacing him will cost an awful lot of money. As will replacing Sagna…

  26. Never again Adk, I promise ;)

  27. A new laptop Rico…………… Did you know how to get it out the box…?

    Oh and good morning :D

  28. Came free with 2 cases of Cordonui Cava.

  29. Then Rico would def of known how to of got it out the box… The cava of course Potter not the laptop

  30. Cheeky so and so Wath, but only just ;)

    Potter, don’t you make him worse.. lol

  31. Afternoon all,

    I still reckon it’ll be a clean out. Last time Campbell’s agent said that Joel expects first team action with Arsenal.
    Sonogo will be Wenger’s boy and we won’t see a striker come in unless it’s Kalou.
    I’d love us to get Coleman to replace Sagna as I don’t see Jenks been good enough.
    I hope we do sign Draxler as a winger.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Pod and TV leave in the summer due to lack of game time.
    We’ll buy a DM, I’m guessing it’ll be Schneiderlin and Arteta will retire.
    Like others said, hopefully one or two youngsters come through to the first team.

  32. Hi Bradster,

    Coleman is rated very highly isn’t he. His valuation might frighten AW….

    Morgan would do me too….

  33. And Draxler of course. Suggestion is he’s ft again and ready to play so another CL fixture to watch….

  34. I agree Rico but he suits our style, prem experienced and proved his level of skill so worth paying a higher fee.
    We could get Stekelenberg or Vorm if those two team’s form continue.

  35. I forgot Johan Djourou – make that 8 out in the summer….

  36. I’m agreeing Bradster honest, I’d love to see us sign Coleman just as I would Draxler.

    And we could do if AW keeps his nose out of how much we pay for them…

    If the Draxler transfer fee stories are true, the club have been very daft imo..

    What is £3m when you have nearly £200m sitting in the bank..

  37. I wonder what Wenger has in mind for Coquolin. Take over from Arteta or out the door?

  38. You nailed it Rico – at minimum we need
    -hard tackling defensive midfielder
    -left sided winger (especially if Podo goes)
    -Central defender (if Verm goes)
    -Right back (if Sagna goes)
    -Goalkeeper (backup)

    You ask if Wenger should sign his targets early or wait? To me the only answer is do it early, do it seriously. There is no way that Arsenal can do that kind of business in only a month if we wait till after the WC. I say we need those players as a minimum because we have four competitions to compete in, and we dont want to fizzle out. Also, we know Arsenal is generally hopeless in the January transfer windows. And, competition for signings is only going to intensify after the WC.

    We’ve been waiting 4 transfer windows for a genuine replacement for RvP and about 18 transfer windows for another Vieira ;)

  39. Oh, and if you want a good stats site, I really like: http://www.whoscored.com/Statistics

  40. We never buy early so think we in for a long horrid summer then again we’re used to those so what’s new…!

  41. morning Rico…….I really like Campbell he is a good player . ….we can’t expect to have sq all over…….he should make a very good squad player they might even force his way thru as he is capable IMO

  42. I’d forgotten about Coquelin too Bradster – hopefully gone in the summer

  43. Sadly Roger, Wath is right, we seldom get in there early and sign players – but that has to change at some stage and we need quite a number of signings.

    Too many for 31st August that’s for sure….

  44. Hi snaparse, I’ll have to take your word on that as I haven’t seen him play..

  45. Too true, we seldom buy early… In fact, can someone genuinely explain to me the ‘logic’ not buying early? Or can we just not get our house in order/make our minds up and put our money on the table?

  46. I think it’s to save on 6/7 weeks wages and keep the interest coming in on the money we are to spend.

    No proof of course just my own thoughts…

  47. We faff Roger and Wenger can never make his mind up on who to push though on when buying a player, he’s been like it from day one fortunately DD was around to twist his arm into making decisions seems these days to many wait on his pondering ans the players are lost…!
    Others need to step up to the plate and get the deals done in my opinion

  48. I think your being very critical there Rico on not wanting to pay extra salaries…..

    True though lol :D

  49. You thought it was only Adam who was an old cynic Wath ;)

    I agree re DD and others needing to step up this summer. Someone needs to grow a pair and tell AW to move aside and then just go get the deals done…

  50. Hi all, Trouble is, every transfer window is groundhog day. We all think this must be the time we pull out all the stops, only to be left disappointed!

  51. Hi Bj, spot on….

  52. Agreed Bob John problem is this year the fans know for sure 100% there is big big money there to be spent so can see the shit really hitting the fan is that bank account isn’t drained adequately..!

  53. How does one grow a pair Rico?? ;)

    Good afternoon Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Nice one as always Rico.

    Surely we should appease Kev and get Darren Bent.

    Then it will be the turn of Adam and Loic Remy.

    WATH would surely welcome geriatric Puyol with open arms. He is partial to geriatrics.

    Finally my worst nightmare might come true…..Song back in the red and white. (YUeeeeeeeerrrkkkkkkkkk)

  54. Afternoon Devil, thanks and I’ll get back to you on that one ;)

    I wouldn’t be too disappointed if it was Remy who AW signed, if he can score in an average Newcastle side, he’d get plenty more for us…

  55. Dev, not sure about partial to geriatrics I just have to amuse them… Hence my weekly visit to amuse and do my good deed seeing Grandad Kev and Granny…! No idea how she puts up with all his nonsense…!

  56. No no no re Song, never ever in a million years should that lump come back….

    Vertonghen wants out of the Totts, sign him up and turn him into DM ;)

  57. Who is the granny Wath??

    Be careful before answering…. lol

  58. As has been mentioned by a few on here, when TV is fit rather than waste him on the bench surely there are certain games he’s be useful helping out in midfield as a DM next to Flamini or Arteta..?

  59. I am claiming the 5th on that one Rico but lets just say………. Hmmm ok lets not….!

  60. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    There seems to be conflicting stories about Campbell.
    His agent is reported to have said he is very happy where he is and will only come back to Arsenal if he is certain of a first team place. I seem to remember Bently saying the same thing and 48hrs later he was on his way to Blackburn. Bye Bye Joel?
    Rico I beleive Arsen has been working on the next t/w since the last one .I estimated that to bring in the players that everyone is saying we need he would have to move up to 10 players out. He started doing that in Jan.
    By the way do you think he reads H/H.
    We both stated that Serge needed more playing time and I said
    he should play him against Shakita.
    I am hearing he is in the squad for tonights game. I hope he is not warming the bench again.

  61. It must be a Belgian thing , TV doesn’t want to play midfield and Vertonghen was offered the role with us but chose Spurs because they promised to play him at the back.

  62. I agree again on TV, but that requires AW to think outside the box…

    That’s where Pep is so good, Lahm, one of the best fulbacks right now, yet he moves him into midfield and he’s a little tiger…

    Funny he didn’t play there against us though….

  63. Vertonghen I would have in a heartbeat.

  64. :P Wath…

    Afternoon Rick. I hope AW has been working since the summer 2006 ;)

    Good for Serge and like you say, hope he plays and not watches from the subs bench, no point at all in that. Is Sanogo lined up to play?

  65. Just realised, he’s too old!!

  66. Bizarre Potter….

    Whatever happened to just being happy to play….

  67. Beat me to it Rico.
    I think Akpom is upfront.

  68. Yep, just read that Rick. Good. Is it live on afc.com or the television do you know?

  69. Wath = Moan Moan Moan…

  70. No it isnt Rico There is so much more on live tv and this match is way down the pecking order I live in hope that one day they will restart Arsenal TV. and we will be able to wacth all the res games.

  71. Shame Rick. Ditto re AFC TV, long overdue a return…

    Nipping out for an hour, Fido is getting restless…


  72. If I recall, Wenger was asked about Costa during the January Window and made a comment along the lines of that it would cost Arsenal some £140million to sign him…

    Well the transfer fee is gonna be around £50m I suppose, so was Wengef factoring in his wages over a 4/5 year contract, a signing-on fee and a bung, er, I mean commission, for his Agent?

    That, in essence, is the cost of just one player…

    Even ManUre and Liverpool don’t engage in those kinds of transfers, only those artificially financed Petro-clubs like Gazprom, Abu Dhabi, PSG, Monaco et Al, can think in such terms…

  73. I would guess that Wenger’s high-powered team of scouts, plus the highly efficient combo of Fox and Law, have been on the case since January, and a litany of top players are being lined up for next summer, with the cream of the crop being Kalou & Darren Bent…

    You heard it here first… ;-)

  74. Rico he is a talent that am sure of….just hope he stays focused and work on some aspect of his games

  75. can’t really see TV in DM u need to understand that lahm is so so intelligent he can easily adjust now I’m not saying TV can’t but one if the reasons why he was taken out if the team was because of his positional discipline and I can’t see it improving in a DM position….imho

  76. Dear oh dear, the special needs one is proper upset with the press, he’s branded them unethical! And that they have spoken out of turn and turned a private conversation into a public exclamation! Oh I say, how simply rotten of them! To expose him for the uleasant spiteful little gnome that he is.
    Perhaps he should apply the old English adage, do as you would be done by, and try to add it to the ethical living he obviously so craves!
    Nasty little s**t!

    Afternoon all. I’m feeling much better now!

  77. * unpleasant, iPad typo!

  78. dont diminish the level of shit Wavy!!! ;)

  79. Very busy post rico, much like our summer me thinks only more going out than coming in.
    ‘As soon as Arsenal came I wanted to join them’ Is this the same Joel Campbell who then went and had talks with Manchester United leaving us hanging……joker !

  80. Dwarf doos, mm, I wonder if they were ethically sourced? Bet they’re just random droppings!

  81. mourinho really is a big mouth wavy……..he really talks like an illiterate tbh

  82. I’m always busy Micko, my post reflects my life.. (not) lol

    Spot on re JC, the same player who failed to turn up at his first scheduled medical…

    Arsenal fan my…..

    Afternoon all…

  83. Evening all, Interesting post Rico, I suppose we have to wait and see on who stays and who goes, I am just wondering should we win the league and say a cup who the hell can we blame for being so bad, after all, ten games left, and still only a point behind the leaders with such a shit side put together by that Nomad Wenger,

  84. Evening Sp, if we win the league and the FA Cup, AW should be knighted ;)

  85. I though Arsene Wenger was quite settled in England, hardly call him a nomad…. lol

  86. Couldn’t happen Rico Could it without spending a penny in the winter

  87. I prefer to think that had we spent in the Jan window, we may just have been top Sp and have a much better chance of actually winning something.

    Especially when one looks at our up and coming fixture list…

  88. RIP Coluna

  89. I prefer to look at one game at a time, win that and we might be top.

  90. Rico not only is he playing he is captain and listed at 19.. Bellirin is in at right back. Come boys you can do it.

  91. Should be 10 not 19

  92. Jm, that’s sad news…

    Don’t we all Sp but you were looking ahead to the finish, so i did too with how we are to get there…

    Well well Rick, that’s a positive surprise…

  93. anyone catch the Dortmund game????…….reus is a wonderful player……heard he has a release clause which kicks in in the summer

  94. Not me snap….

  95. rick I see gnabry is the team captain????…..interesting. ….I still think he will end up in the middle..don’t know if its cf or am

  96. hi Rico… how’s ur evening????

  97. Same as most other evenings really snap ;)

  98. I amhearing we have made a good start. Serge Akpom and Toral looking dangerous. Have hit the bar but still goalless

  99. Toral scores one nill

  100. rick how’s zalalem playing…..haven’t been impressed with him in the few games I have seen…

  101. Sp I think his form leaves a lot to be desired. In my opion he is not in the same class as Ollson. No more goals.

  102. I suppose for the next two days we can only hope. A Joel Campbell hat-trick and Eboue crocking half the Chelski team, getting sent off and nutting Moronho on the way off!

  103. Half time one one
    Back later

  104. I’m off to watch Campbell perform and like Potter, I have to watch on the internet!

    Thank goodness for ITV player :)

    Night all, catch up tomorrow..

    COYRRG’s under 19’s….

  105. Bob John, if it all goes pete tong, Scott’s coming over for the Chelsea game, he’s well known for his flying headbutts, he’ll sort Mourinho out big time, a life ban from Stamford Bridge to boot, don’t think he’ll be overly bothered !

    rico, I do think a lot of footballers think us fans have just got off the banana boat sometimes, we’re not all green behind the ears, a little bit of honesty sometimes would go a long way.

  106. It sure would Micko… and yes, we are not all green behind the lug-holes….

    Don’t know about Campbell, Perez is is looking good ;)

  107. So far he’s big , fast , rangy and tricky. Giving Evra a hard time.

  108. Such a cruel deflection hehehe.

    1 nil Oly, poor ole mancs.

    Nite rico.

  109. Olsson cmes on for Zalelem 65 min
    Scores pen 70 mins

  110. Not sure of the spelling but Olaitan is a greedy bugger.

  111. Serge on 74 min 3-1
    Akpom a real handfull.

  112. Great win 3-1. Only downside Kamara red card ( 2 yellows) Silly boy misses the Q/F against Barcolonia. The boss looked happy.

  113. Campbell just scored a cracker, so i hear.

  114. When is the 1/4 final , I fancy a trip to Catalonia , visit San Sadurni for the Cava.

    Great goal from Joel , 25 yards or so.

  115. Scott, his first in the Champions League, nice goal to open his account, we’ll never know how good or bad he would have been at AFC, he’s off in the summer imo.

  116. Rio Ferdinand reminds me of David O’Leary during his last season at Arsenal…..very ropey, will surely hang up his boots at the end of the season.

  117. Vidic and Evra at the end of their contracts too

  118. Potter, remind me how many points does rvp get for a conversion ?

  119. My opinion:
    Fab has evolved .
    With a good management team , can make 30-40 % of the games . If leave is to be No. 1 in a medium / high team .
    Sagna : was the best player against Sunderland . Come to play with much ease and is overcome when playing with TW14 or Gnaby , getting strong right hand to attack and defend . Is at the end of the line but play more one / two years since switch to another defender and AW realize that the team and own benefit or to play with TW14 Gnaby .
    TV ‘s definitely injured ? Arsenal need 3 good plants, but does not fit well with Kos or Mets . It is perhaps the most complete of 3 , which means that may be underutilized .
    Diaby – The next statue to be built, after MacClintok .
    Kalstom and Viviano – have no opinion
    Podolsky – must play under the left side and a player in the middle of Autumn . With Gibbs or Nacho , the left side is strong , but you can not play at the same time with Sagna -TW14/Gnaby . Incidentally , one of the defensive imbalances is caused by wanting to pounce on ” force” on both sides.
    NB and Myachi – I think the days are numbered at Arsenal .

  120. JM, I don’t care what kev says, your worth your weight in salt matey.

  121. Surely Moysey has to go, no life at all in his pathetic team tonight, Rongkey and Vanconversion was terrible Moysey has to go boring boring un united. worst team in the north.

  122. Why he can stay at Manu for years

  123. Potter no date yet forQ/F just in march. Both Hayden and Crowley are injured and out for 3weeks. I hear they should be back for the Q/F so your guess is as good as mine.

  124. Good point :)

  125. Steve, Rooney was manUre’s best player by a bus ride tonite, unfortunately for him the rest of the team were seriously flagging behind, some would say a spent force, long may it continue.
    If he’s worth 300 grand a week then I’m a dutch monkeys uncle, no offence Dutch !!!

    Nite all, over and out.

  126. Nte Micko and all

  127. rico, just for you and tomorrows post, who’s the only Arsenal player to have scored against Man United this season………the one and only Joel Campbell !!!

  128. Just seen the Marco Reus goal for Dortmund… AND he stayed on his feet to assist for the 1st goal….

  129. Great result….

    That’s the Youths win over Shahktar…

    Rick I agree, Olsson is quality.

    Zelalem is a vgd player, but for some reason he doesn’t do it at that level.
    I did read that he hasn’t signed a pro-contract yet, not if that’s true, but if it is then that is a worry.

  130. *not sure*

  131. Quality goal by Campbell…

    Does he have a future at Arsenal?

    I daresay it’ll all be down to one thing, money….

  132. Rico, it’ll be interesting to see if Mourinho’s barren tactics succeed in Europe?

    I quite fancy reading a post on that Portugese prick, something laced with surgical observations…

    Now, who could do one of those? ;-)

    Night All

  133. Kev. I agreed; Campbell goal was quality. 25 yards off and was well curved to hit its target. As Micko said, the only player of Arsenal to have scored against ManU this season.

  134. Rico. You’re right we need players to replace those who are supposedly be leaving before even the WC start. But don’t we all love our manager and know him too well?

    There is nothing that would please me more than AW winning the double once more before he hang up his hat and move upstairs. There’s no better time than now. Him going on a bang; a big bang. But we all know he’s a procrastinator of late.

  135. morning Ng……..Joel is quality he just needs to work on his decision making imo

  136. United- Hahahaha
    RVP- Hahahaha
    And my hometown club beat Celtic.

    Good Morning!

  137. The friday night before Citeh game, our U/21’s play Spuds at WHL……anyone keen?

  138. Nice goal by Joel Campbell…

    Your wish is my command Kev.. ;)

    Morning all..

  139. Morning Scott. If you’re thinking of going over there make sure you get your jabs first. Tottenham High Road is a cesspit inhabited by contagious mutants existing on fried chicken.

  140. Lewis, first time they’ve been beaten this season isn’t it?

  141. Interesting revelations last night by the Spanish Chipmunk on the Arsenal-Morata situation.

  142. Adam, what was that?

  143. I will take that under advisement, Adam :)
    Morning guys.

  144. Scottie, I missed your boy’s goal last night against Moyes as I thought Serge and Ollson in the youth cup will be better.Very good performance at Meadow Park last night… I was not impressed with some of Zelalem’s play at all…

    I still find it strange that Ollson who has been the captain and most consistent player
    was a mere sub… he changed the game approach when he came on…

    Akpom should be a rhs winger imho… he has a huge future but maybe not at Arsenal…

    Kamara the young Frimps…. very very good DM imho…

    So Moyes is a top manager 12 wins 6 draws and 8 losses in 26 games as it was last season with Everton too…???

    This league is over rated anyway so…

    Morning all

  145. Hiya Ginge,
    I do rate Campbell feom what i have seen, but he still has a way to go…
    I just put a post up on a FB page saying a day ago most were asking who Campbell is, but now he is pur Yanited slayer, yet 2 weeks ago Sanogo was a crock and and now he is better than Giroud lol
    Time…patience…..they MIGHT make it.

  146. Seansschool group had their first game today against a very well credentialled and long running academy side from Sydney.
    4-0 up at half time, and mercy was shown……kids were a
    Swapped from each aide to balance the ledger which was a great idea, but damn, these kids are good.

  147. What’s the difference between David Moyes and Olivia Newton-John?

    Olivia Newton-John didn’t get fcked in Grease!

  148. Haha Lee….love it.

  149. Excellent Lee.
    Rico. Balague announced that Morata has agreed terms with Arsenal for next season and all it needs is for RM to stamp the agreement by allowing the deal to happen.

  150. I read that Adam….what do we know of the guy?
    Young and pretty good is all i have heard…never seen him play.

  151. Scott. He looks good to me – tall, young and strong- and has a quiff to rival Giroud’s. But Balague is notoriously unreliable. It must be all those acorns he stores in his cheeks.

  152. :) Lee.

    That’s quite interesting Adam, he’s meant to be a pretty good player isn’t he?

  153. Jesse is better than Morato though…

    we always seem to get plan B…

    Scott, I will do the sperds youth game…

  154. Adam, he also has large Hampsteads!!

  155. TS. But Jesse is a wider player isn’t he?

  156. Cheers, Adam.
    Ginge, i will let you know for aure on a few days…..i’d love too, though.

  157. Worse performance in Grease since Shane Ritchie played Danny Zuko…

  158. I’m sure in ‘Summer Lovin’, Travolta suggested otherwise though Lee ;)

  159. A bit Mr Adam… a bit more clinical imho…

  160. TS. Jesse has looked class when I have seen him. Is he keeping Isco out?

  161. I think so too at the moment, Adam…

    Snap, is more religious about RM so he may know than me…

  162. New post up now….

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