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Rosicky better than Jack? Make room Arsene, make room!!

Morning all.

We needed a good result after the Bayern match and we got just that.

Just a few months ago we were all raving about over that very special team goal which Jack Wilshere finished in style. What a treat that was eh…

Back then, doubts were that we’d witness such a goal again this season.

Well shiver me old timbers, the boys went and did something very similar again yesterday, the only difference being that Tomas Rosicky was the player to finish the wonderful move off.

The goal was good, no, it was really really good and it will no doubt be up there with Jacks for goal of the season. The little dink over Mannone was superb and possibly the goal overall, was better than Jacks.

I bet Dennis Bergkamp enjoyed it too……

The rest of our goals were taken well and although Sunderland didn’t exactly do a lot to stop us scoring, the players still had to make sure they found the back of the net and they did just that.

Although when I heard we had 70% possession in the first half, maybe we should have scored a few more….. lol

The downside to the afternoon was Jack Wilshere, Lauren Koscielny and Nacho Monreal all picking up injuries and us conceding a goal, something we haven’t done at The Emirates in the league for a long time. Mind you, it’s been a while since Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny haven’t played alongside each other and when Sunderland scored, our Frenchman was having an early bath….

Wenger said this about Jack:

He had a tight hamstring, I don’t know if it is bad or not. They tell me it is not too bad.

On Monreal and Koscielny, Arsene Wenger said

Koscielny is a back problem and Nacho is his foot. I think both of them should be available next week.

Our next fixture is away at Stoke and hopefully all three will have recovered by then….

Still more mobile than Giroud? ;)

Still more mobile than Giroud? Ha Ha.

Finally, I’ll end with Arsene Wenger’s comments about Dennis Bergkamp:

He changed the destiny of the club because he arrived at a moment when football in England was changing. He was the first big star to arrive at this club, having been at Inter Milan. Overall I think he contributed to transforming the way we played football here. Nobody forgets him. Always the biggest admiration is from the players who played with him. Everyone admitted Dennis in our team. Even today, when I meet the former players they speak always about his class. He was class, intelligent and he had another quality that is a bit lost today: he was loyal to this club. He deserves special treatment.

On whether he could join the club…

I am not against it one day. One, he has the qualities, but you need to have the need as well because we have a big staff already. He is now at two clubs that made Dennis Bergkamp. The first, and certainly the most important one, is Ajax. He is at Ajax now and a coach there. The second club that is important in his life is Arsenal. Maybe that will be the next step!

I imagine every Arsenal fan would love to see Dennis Bergkamp return and if our current ‘big staff’ situation is the only thing preventing that then I’m sure one of the coaches would relish a fresh challenge elsewhere.

Make room Arsene, make room and get Dennis Bergkamp back home where he belongs……

That’s it for today…

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128 comments on “Rosicky better than Jack? Make room Arsene, make room!!

  1. Good Morning Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    Compare this……….

    ……….to this……….

  2. Morning all.
    Great performance, and a great day in the history of Arsenal FC.

  3. Morning All
    Morning Rico, nice post.

  4. Two very special goals.

    Will we ever see anything like them in the EPL???

    Of course I would not mind AFC players get a hat-trick.

    Ozil or Cazorla next.

    Nice match report Rico

  5. Oh, and, both goals were seriously brilliant…i won’t chose one over the other :)

  6. Bongu habib.

    ok Kev?

  7. Morning Scott, Kev, Devil and all.

    Thanks re the post..

    Was it really a top class performance by the team, not having seen it all I didn’t know…

  8. Tough to call one better than the other, both were top class goals….

  9. First half was surely one of the top three performances we have ever seen at the EMS I feel.

  10. What about the second half Devil ;)

  11. Boring Boring Chelsea.

    Watched MotD last night, thought we looked excellent.
    Chelsea was the next game… Tedious, pedestrian, grindingly boring.
    Countless millions spent by Abramovitch to witness that dross.
    God help us all if that Portugese prick wins the EPL…

  12. Yes, Devil….we were totally dominant in the first half.
    Rico, we were brilliant early.
    Ginge has had it right all along….so has Devil.
    It has taken me a while to catch up, but being a dumb Aussie and all……. :)
    Rosicky MUST start when fit…end of conversation.
    Ramsey and TR7 offer exactly what our side needs to make them tick…….movement off the ball and options.
    Ozil has been awesome early on, and plenty seem to think he has faded, but has he?
    No, i do’t think so.
    Early on, he had Ramsey.
    Then Rosicky.
    These two are our most important players, and not necessarily because of what they do, but because of the fact they make other players play their best football.
    Yes, i have always rated Aaron, and you all know that, but damn Tommy is important, especially when Ramsey is missing.

  13. When the fourth goal went in the level dropped a bit, especially as Sunderland effected two changes which affected them positively. When Koscielny and Monreal went off our shape and team play suffered a bit. But it was not something to worry about.

  14. Morning All,

    If I am honest Rico we played well in the first half but Sunderland were truly awful… bit like as good as livpoo were the other week we were as shit…!

    You can only beat what’s in front of you as usual and we did that well but Sunderland were pathetic. We won and we won well just a shame we picked up silly knocks on a few players. A week to recover and kick on with another win at Stoke.

  15. Oh,Jose is a fucking disgrace to the football world!!
    Excuse the french, but what the hell has he brought to the game?
    His side win due to a free kick “won” from a dive in extra time, yet he has the gall to accuse Arsenal of being boring.
    Honestly, would love to meet that little prick in a pub even more than i want to catch up for a beer with Aaron!
    He would end up with his tail between his legs, or a black eye.
    Yes, Adam says it more eloquently than i ever can, but in my opinion, he is the germ on the arse of a flea hanging on the scabby sores of a mongrel dog……fancy being a Chelski fan!!

  16. Morning Coach.

    You ok habib.

    Watched MotD at a mates.
    We saw the Arsenal game.
    Then Boring Boring Chelsea came on and he actually nodded off…
    You couldn’t make it up.

  17. Mourinho = shades of Revie’s leeds utd

  18. Jose is my most hated person i world football.

  19. You say what you feel Scott… let it all out mate :D

  20. Kev, Matinez has really slated Chelsea for their antics.

    I hope they don’t win the league….

  21. super first half by the lads, Sunderland gave us room which is fatal. We used the lack of pressure very well and scored some fine goals. 1-1 after half time but job was done. Real tests getting closer and closer

  22. we did a masterclass of a football art. feels good at the moment. ..PS the chavs and shitty squeezed through

  23. Morning Wath.

    I was listening to Le Tiss yesterday evening and he too said Sunderland were awful.

    He didn’t have too many good words about Giroud either other than to say he took his goals well.

    Like you say though, we can only face who we do..

    Hopefully the injuries aren’t serious, AW certainly doesn’t seem to think they are. But then that means little really….

  24. pressure on Pool and Spuds now, both should win to keep it tight but you never know

  25. When we play fast, one touch, energetic football, we win.
    Wath, i always say what i think lol

  26. not all teams allow that unfortunately mate and that’s where your real tests lie. Top teams have played ‘in your face football’ against us this season and it’s taken it’s toll. Especially when your limited in your fast break options.

  27. over a million a month for Rooney – the world has gone completely mad

  28. Funny how People says that Arsenal`s season Depends on Ozil. Ozil doesnt play for one game, and arsenal have one of their best performences of the season. Do you know why? Because of Rosicky. He is so underrated, probably Our best midfielder! He moves the ball so quickly, and attackes going forward, rather that Ozil and Wilshere just playing the ball from right to left.

  29. Oz, i disagree……we have done it v top sides….Bayern 12 months ago.
    We must need to do it for 90 minutes, and from the start.
    Some days, you just know after two minutes we are not at the races.

  30. 300K a week!!!!

    the taxman is rubbing his hands in glee.

  31. So is his missus.
    Still, she deserves it to put up with that muppet.

  32. And Napoli Scott, that first half was possibly our best display for a long time…

    Totts in the FA Cup wasn’t bad either :)

  33. 300K a week Dev, When Rooney earns that a day he will be close to what Grandad Zimmer pulls in….!

  34. Jorgen, Rosicky isn’t underrated by any fans here, honest…

    He’s considered to be a ‘must start when fit’ player because he makes our midfield tick.

    Ozil is a top class player but one who could be struggling to adapt and he had no pre-season with us at all.

    Net season, and once we sign a striker with pace, I’m sure we’ll see a very different player….

  35. Jorgen, kindly go and read yesterday’s comments. And even the ones before them to know how much we value TR07.

  36. I liked the Rosicky one more. Thought they got a little bit lucky with the Jack one whereas the ball was under perfect control throughout the move for the one yesterday. Btw it’s amazing that Ramsey’s solo goal has been forgotten from the same game as the one in which Jack scored that goal – another amazing goal this season.
    Brilliant performance yesterday – especially from Jack and Rosicky.

  37. Top of the morning all,
    Fair to say Rooney was never ever gonna pull on an Arsenal shirt at any point in time.

    Only on the weekends wath…double bubble.

  38. This one is for you Ginge…….

  39. Jorgen – Rosicky has always been great but this season he’s been something else. Of course, he’s never been lazy in the slightest but he looks so much more determined and meaner this year and it’s translated into more “end product”, I think.

  40. he’s a superb player in every sense of the word

  41. not so sure about your summer striker Rico – Wenger is now comparing Sanogo to Anelke – could save him millions they say :-)

  42. davi, pleased to ear Jack had a good game…

    Morning Micko, did you have to watch in the pub?? ;)

  43. It seems that the spells that Mourinho had in Italy, where the Italian Press sussed him out, and in Spain, where he created a pile of druggery out of a multi-million pound, player investment, have caught up with him.

    There were a few free-thinking journos in England, who saw Mourinho for what he is the first time he was here.
    But that number has grown and you can see the effect it is having on him, especially following his last spat with Wenger.
    The Press/Media are slowly but surely seeing thru all his PR bullshit and seeing him for the cynical self-publicist that he is.
    Questioning his tatics and his negativity.

    The influence of Pelligrini and his attacking values only tend to highlight, more, the barren style of BBChelsea.

  44. :) Oz

    Nik will be gone, looks like Campbell will be sold and so that means we need a striker even more than we do already.

    And, Sanogo is still very raw but I really like is attitude and passion…

    Afobe and Akpom, well who knows where their future will be…

  45. Well said Kev. Wonder how long he will last this time…

    Di Matteo won the CL with very defensive/boring football but looked what happened to him….

  46. It was all about the rugby yesterday rico, didn’t get to see the goals until last night, worth the wait though, thought the rosicky finish was a bit lucky myself !

  47. I watched some of the rugby too Micko, great win for England..
    :) re Tomas..

  48. Morning all, Nice one Rico,
    Although a great result yesterday, Sunderland was far from a Bayan Munich. Happy of course, i am but we cut through a very ordinary team, and i am not going overboard. Keeping up the pressure on the leaders and the others is the most important thing, dropped points is what will decide the league, and we have to keep the concentration up. Wenger picked a team that showed it was a good selection, Football is easy when 4 goals have been scored, anybody with the slightest knock was hooked off and replaced with fresh legs. All the players played well, i was a little disappointed with Czezesney’s Punch out which was straight down the middle and in the path of a Sunderland Player, why couldn’t he had caught it or at least punch it to the side, good keepers catch and eleveate the situation. He did make some excelent saves but he always lets himself down. I could have shot him.

  49. Thanks Sp..

    You always surprise me with your comments …. ;)

  50. morning everyone…,it was a very good performance from the boys rosicky is like a false”10″ he won’t always get the goals or assist but the team plays better with him in the side…was really impressed with arteta too….I think he really help our defensive shape….upwards from here on.,…..COYG

  51. Barca play with a false 9

    Yesterday we had a false 10.

    I hope the next 15 teams we are against all play a FALSE KEEPER.

  52. Plus a couple of false CB. :lol:

  53. Afternoon all. that was a proper response by The Arsenal. the next seven fixtures are tough though and only two are at home. then the resurgent hammers in a derby! our squad better not pick up knocks now, wrong time.

  54. I never understand all this ‘false’ jargon..

    Or the pivot or double pivot. Sounds a bit too much ice skating to me ;)

  55. Only two at home lule, ouch, I didn’t realise…

  56. that is what wenger use to distroy our match against bayern if wenger could have start podolski and rosicky we would have won the match.if wenger can start rosicky,podolski,gibbs,chamberlain,giroud and use 4.4.3 against bayern in second leg we will beat them in front of there home fans.we will win by 3-0 but on that day wenger will use his foolish formation to distroy the game.on that day we dont want monreal to play that match at all and cazorla should be on the bench and come on in the second half.if wenger can use this players that i said he should use i bet my money on it arsenal will beat bayern by 3 goals to nothing.ozil too should be on the bench if arteta is not on the pitch podoski or sagna should take penalty.

  57. So Sunnypa in your own opinion we need to play 4-4-3????

    Do the rules allow 11 outfield players???

    I hope its the other teams who play with a false keeper and not us!! ;)

  58. Bit like the advert, Its a bit of advantage, but should do the trick.

  59. 443, good, sound tactical plan, we’ll play with a rush-goalie and have jumpers for goal posts.
    The thought is right though, we need a bit of creative thinking! As well as dubious accounting!
    But who will have the false teeth? Number 10 or number 9, and finally who will play in the pickle stabber role?

  60. yea Rico. thank heavens our away form seems decent this season. it shall still be a tough test though. by the way, who knows what became of that ryo guy from Japan?

  61. Liverpool 1 up…
    swansea wa played last Thursday…

  62. Ryo is with Wishy Washy at the laundry with all the shirts he was meant to sell in Japan. He can’t get a run of games due to injury , loans not working out etc.

  63. Hi all,
    Yep Lule, looks like another clean out end of this season. I reckon it’ll be Fabanski, Bendtner, TV, Arteta, Sagna, Campbell, Silva, Myacchi and maybe Podolski.

  64. He’s still around somewhere lule, not sure he’ll still be with us after the summer though…

  65. Dot Cotton is looking after him I think Potter….

  66. I rated that guy Rico but I guess he’s too humble for the epl. I’d still keep him though, for his pace and trickery.
    hi Potter, I think that guy is just not aggressive enough yet. he should be loaned to the Netherlands once more.
    @bradster, I still think all those guys apart from Niklas have something to offer arsenal

  67. 2-2 Anfield after 30 mins

  68. Dev my buddy, kicking a man when he is down as always ??? :D

    Good goal and performance by Hamburg …

    I wasn’t overly bothered about the bvb loss due to our first half performance..

    Saying that I am with WATH… Sunderland were shocking… we needed a performance like this going into the next few games…

    Good read btw Rico…

    Scott, you should know by now I am never right… as Rico says I copy and paste… :P

    Afternoon all btw…

  69. That’s a few players there Bradster, don’t think you’ll be too far off either…

    3-2 now Ah. Shame

    Thanks Ts… So do I…

  70. Hiya Ginge.

    just pulling your leg a bit mate.

    but honestly, if a chav or shitty or worse the dippers or plc scored a goal like that in the EPL we would not rest until its been rammed down our throats.

  71. ha ha ha Dev.. I know you were just pulling me skinny legs… :-)

    I see you and Snap have inverted a new position in football called false 10… perfect way to describe TR07 btw..

    that is why I love HH…

    I am glad most fans and the sky pundits are taking to the Mozart finally;

  72. Dev, yesterdays bvb game is one reason why I say I have gone off the Benders…

  73. Leon Goretzka of S04 is the new one imho… a poor man Arteta…

    A German Seb perez if you like…

  74. Afternoon Rico and all.

  75. :D Rico… so why do you copy and paste from then? ;)

  76. come on Swansea…

  77. Afternoon Adam…

    Ts, all quotes from players and Le boss…. Only way….

  78. What was the atmosphere like yesterday Adam?

  79. Indeed Jm, 3-3 now :)

  80. Dippers 4-3 now :(

  81. Wishy Washy, you made that up Potter !

  82. Shame Devil, hoped Swansea could have held on for a point…

  83. Remy scores again, I hope the rumoured interest in him is real…

  84. Hi Rico. Atmosphere was ok. It was quite chilly and the opposition was uninspiring but I think we needed a straightforward win and that’s what we got.

  85. Rico. Did you watch Vela last night playing against Barcelona?

  86. Thanks Adam.

    No, I didn’t see Vela, was he good?

  87. He’s a lot chunkier and tougher now. Barca couldn’t control him and Griezman at all and lost 3-1. Vela should have had a hat-trick and was impressive but they said he has said he doesn’t want to go to the World Cup. Odd! Different class to Remy but not sure whether the PL is for him.

  88. I was always quite sad to see Vela leave, he has so so much talent but like Reyes in a way, the PL seemed not to suit him.


    Mind you, I think there was something going on the pitch and his many miles travelled whilst playing for his country.

    Strange decision to make now for a player still so young…

  89. Tots v Norwich is quite boring….

  90. Afternoom Rico and the House.
    I think everything that happened yesturday had a touch of class something that the Boring Boring club can only dream about.
    The unveiling got the day off to a good start and Friar was lost for words when everyone started to sing Sign Him Up Sign him Up.
    As for the game I dont think I can add anyt hing to what has been said with one exception. Serge looks a bit rusty to me and needs more playing time. I would like Arsen to include him in the game against Shakita on Tues and then if possible to give a run out with Sanogo in the U 21. They have not played together yet and this would give us some indication if they can play together .
    Talking of Sanogo have any of you seen the artical by Rob KellyIn it states that he was out injured for 2 and half years with a back probleme, he is a massive gamble on Arsens part.

  91. Rico like you I was sorry to see Vela go . I thought at the time he was a victim of the 25 man squade rule. There was a item recently in a newspaper which alledged he had stated he would never play
    internationl football again while the present coach was in charge. Maybe something is going on between them.

  92. Capoue is fast becoming Mr Glass Legs like the greedy badger.

    Another injury.

  93. Hoy mates. Why is Clive Allen on the bbc?

    is he no longer involved with the spuddies?

  94. Afternoon Rick..

    Maybe thats why AW sent Sanogo away to strengthen his body. Well, so reports suggest…

    Agree on Serge and playing time…

  95. I just think AW gets annoyed with players who can’t be fit for club, but then make themselves available for their country.

    Vela did that a few times I think..

    Mind you, so did the old badger….

  96. Off for an hour now, got to trawl the internet for something to write for tomorrow.. ;)

    Rick, how about a post on the reserves/academy one day?? :P

    Devil, a post from you is well overdue too ;)


  97. Agree Lady. I will try to write one asap.

  98. Holy Cow…..1st half of the Norwich vs Totts and not one shot on target.

  99. Norwich !!! 1-0!

  100. yesterday was the first time that Barca have lost whenever Song has played from the beginning.

  101. Hello… Dev nice stats on Songiho… where is Syg to comment on it.. :-)

  102. Rico, I second Rick’s u-21 post request… ;)

  103. … and Vela’s infamous passport incident…

  104. Chris hughton the giant killer shame he can’t use the same tactics to bring the best out of his team against minor teams…

    Not saying the sperds are giants bw… :-)

  105. If I remember correctly, Song has played around 35 games since he has been there. Not much imo!!!!!

    They have put him up for sale in the summer.

    Price Eur8million.

  106. What are the odds that we win 3-1 vs BM???

  107. Very low appearances but more than Yaya and Abidal in their first 2 years…

    He was never going to last long imo…

    Will 3-1 take us through on goal difference?

    I think 2-1 with us conceding in last 10 minutes./.

  108. 3-1 win will take us through on away goals scored.

    3 to their 2

    same as last year but the other way round when they went through having won 3-1 at the Ems

  109. tbh…..I prefer we win the league and FA cup to the CL

    many will say otherwise but that is my preference.

  110. Did Norwich win then?? :P

  111. yes lady. 1-0 to the green good guys

  112. Good going for my local team.

  113. That’s my preference too Devil.

    In fact at least 3rd and the FA Cup would make me happy…

  114. I’m pleased for Delia…. ;)

  115. I’m off for the day guys…

    Have a good evening..

    Night all…

  116. Anybody about or you all pissed after laughing at the sperz result..?

  117. Moan moan moan… ;-)

  118. Oh hark at him counting his dosh…………….

  119. You were late to bed Wath… ;)

    Morning all…

  120. Morning Rico.

  121. Morning Scott..

    Good news re Tomas Rosicky…

  122. Sure is, Rico.
    The guy deserves it.

  123. He does indeed Scott…

  124. Sicko’s – Ramsey won’t even be playing!

    Morning Lee.

  125. Morning Rico…thick twats!

  126. Full of class, aren’t they?

  127. I hope we stuff them good and proper!

    New post up now.

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