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Mesut set for a day on the bench? Sunderland more important than Bayern Munich….

Morning all.

When asked about Mesut Ozil and whether he is over his gaff from Wednesday night, Arsene Wenger said:

Is he alright now? Certainly not because 48 hours is a bit short to get over that.

Mesut must be feeling pretty low mustn’t he, he knows he had the perfect chance to get us a well deserved lead against Bayern but he fluffed his lines. I know it’s easy for us all to sit back and slate the old fool for his sloppy spot kick but just imagine how he’s feeling. He’s been getting a fair amount of stick over the last few weeks and this will not have done his confidence any good whatsoever.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him sit this match out, I hope he doesn’t as I’m a firm believer that when you fall of your horse, get right back on and ride again….

Just don’t take any more penalties, just as Dennis Bergkamp didn’t after 1999….

As the unveiling of the Dennis Bergkamp statue takes place today and with the old magician being present for the match, let’s hope the boys can go out there and give a long overdue top class league performance topped off with three well earned points.

Despite Sunderland occupying one of the relegation places right now, they will be a tough nut to crack I’m sure, especially after the effort the players had to put in on Wednesday night.

Kieran Gibbs is out with a buttock injury! Not quite sure what he’s done there but back in is Mikel Arteta.

Just who starts today remains to be seen as Arsene Wenger has confirmed there will be changes:

There will be changes – that’s for sure. How many I don’t know yet. I have to decide today after training and tonight.

No doubt Olivier Giroud will return and hopefully Lukas Podolski will start too. Serge Gnabry surely deserves a starting place too and we’ll need his direct style of play against a side who will try and defend as if their life depended on it.

Well we need to do the same all over the pitch. Play like the players life depended on this display and result because in my opinion, this match is far more important right now than the return fixture against Bayern Munich.

We are second in the league and need to keep on going until May and make sure we at least secure third place and that isn’t me being negative, it’s me being realistic.

The best way to do that is by securing three points today and just maybe those around us will start dropping a few points here and there…


That’s it for another day..

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183 comments on “Mesut set for a day on the bench? Sunderland more important than Bayern Munich….

  1. I bet Mannone puts in a motm performance….

  2. You know he will Rico, they always do when they come back to play us as ex-players…!

  3. Morning rico and all. Good chance today to get the feel-good factor back with a two-goal margin win.

    I think too much has been made over Mesut’s miss. Frustrating for all at the time, but the sending off was far more damaging. And lets face it, we got Bayern because we deserved to, we were not good enough to win our group.

    Agree, Gnabry and Podolski must come back in otherwise no point having them. Don’t want to hear any excuse of tiredness. We haven’t travelled anywhere, so if we are tired, our squad isn’t big enough.

  4. Boring Boring Chelsea…

  5. Don’t they just Wath…

    Morning Ah. Good point there but if we slip up, I bet we hear some excuses about the CL..

    Giroud has certainly had a good rest, he should be up for this game. That is of course as long as he wasn’t up at 3am this morning….

  6. Loved that pic of the Germans taking the pis5 in training!

  7. Morning All
    Morning Rico, vgd post there M’dam…
    Morning Grumpy… ;-)

  8. hi Rico I will b going for gnabry poldi and giroud as my front 3…….champs ozil needs to b rested

  9. Podolski & Gnabry in the starting XI makes sense.

    Personally, I would go with Sanogo again, as a battering ram for an hour, then bring on Giroud.

    Rosicky to start as well…

    This game really is more important than Bayern.

    In fact, Everton in the FACup, is more important than Bayern.

  10. I did too Ah. Wonder if they’ve been ribbing Mesut ;)

    Morning Kev, thanks..

    Hi snaparse, they’d be my choice too for today..

    Get the shooting boots on too as Mannone will be nervous on his return, an early goal could upset him…

  11. Totally agree Kev re the fixtures but we all know AW will already be thinking of Bayern..

    FA Cup and at least 3rd would be a good season with the squad we have….

  12. Good chance that i’ll get a ticket for BBChelsea. Not been to the Bridge in years.

    I got a good record there, and we’re long overdue beating JM’s cynicallly boring mate…

  13. You make sure you get there then Kev, as you say, we are long overdue a victory over the boring one…

  14. Got to go visiting today :(

    Catch up later this afternoon..


  15. Some players areenalty takers, others are not.
    The most disgraceful Aussie player of all time, Kevin Muscat, was the man i’d choose in the history of football to take a penalty to save my life.
    I kind of hope the Aussies take him to Brazil and point him at RVP when we take on the Dutch :)
    Morning all.

  16. Rico, I make you 100% correct.

    Offer me 3rd and an FACup win now, and i’d take that…

    Arsenal/Wenger, seriously need a piece of silverware.

  17. Kwv, i reckon the fans do even more :)

  18. God i detest typing on Ipads!!!

  19. OK, got more tiling ahead of me today, so that’s my lot for a few hours…

    Adam, keep cool mate, just twerk and give the boys a cheer for me…


  20. Hiya Scott…


  21. Morning Rico and all. I will Kev. I just can’t stop twerking these days. :)

  22. Game day, Kev…..don’t work too hard.

  23. Morning all, good post Rico.
    I agree, don’t want to hear any talk of tiredness, rotate with the squad that Arsene has put together, otherwise what’s the point.
    I really hope Rosicky starts, he ups the tempo and is a class player.
    Any news on Diaby….?
    Really pleased that Dennis is being honoured with a statue, what a gifted and thoroughly professional player he was.
    3 points today, I am going for 2-0.
    How are things Kev and WATH, hope life is treating you both well.

  24. Good morning
    Please don’t line up with Ozil-Wilshere-Cazorla again!
    Come on Arsenal!

  25. Joaquim, as exciting as Jack is as a player, he is still learning his trade. He gives the ball away too easily, and this is one facet of his game that needs improving. Any news on Ramsay?

  26. Hi Marinello, how you doing mate… all good I hope…!

    The Ozil thing lets be honest the media making the most they can and so called Arsenal fans who know sweet FA about football….!
    It’s over move on and lets give the bloke the support he needs and lets hope the players around him give him the movement and the options he needs when on the ball.

    Ramsey they say pencilled in for return Chavs away and Diaby is somewhere in the Indian Ocean relaxing on an Island…!

    Morning Grandad Zimmer….! Watch your old back with all the tiling…!

  27. Poldi, Ox and Gnabry, any two from those three on the wings will do me and gives us good attacking impetus…!

    Seems Wenger has admitted to sending Sanogo away for 4 months to bulk up as well, quite an admission that one but also seems to of worked. Could be a very rough diamond that one…

    A few names already being bandied about for the summer transfer window… We actually doing our headhunting already as we should be or just media bull as usual… we’ll see.

    Adam, how you matey… You still owe me an email or are you getting as senile as Grandad zimmer..?

  28. Just seen the headline “Hulk Hogan returns to WWE…..”

    There’s time for you yet then Grandad….! ;-)

  29. Wath. Mail on its way.

  30. I hope it’s not a parcel with a pair of those red spandex strides :D

  31. Marinello – Ramsey has entered that dark hole. It starts with AW saying, we think 2 weeks, that soonbecomes 3 then 6, then hiccup in training, and before you know it, we have the worst scenario of all, the perpetual Diaby dark hole!

  32. Good Afternoon Lady, Sir, Gwentlemen and Ladies.

    Grandad Zimmer???? :lol: now that is a fair crack.

    How are you folks???

    The moment of 4 and a half years ago when I was involved in a head on collision is still in my mind. And the moment after it, when my old Pa forced me to drive his own car barely three hours after the head on is also still there. I thank God for that forcefulness. If I had not driven again immediately who knows? As it is I am still driving.

    And likewise Ozil. Get back behind the steering wheel son. Your time will come.

  33. Well Dev, maybe Ozil does need a break and others to step up against a hard working Sunderland side who won’t be a pushover.
    We need to win the battle first impose ourselves then batter them… Wenger needs to pick the right team good balance and speed n width otherwise tikka takka will be hard work beating this lot.

  34. Agreed WATH. he needs a game on the sidelines But it should not be given as a punishment or seen as a dropping. But as a rest. So that he can observe from the side. MAybe even a day or two off training so that he can recharge.

    I read somewhere that way back in the Chapman days he sent Alex James on a boat trip in the English channel. James expected a cruiser or yacht and he ended up on a rowing boat. But he came back reinvigorated and refreshed.

  35. Today I would go for a midfield of Arteta, TR07, JW, plus an attacking trio of Podolski, Gnabry and Giroud.

    OX, Cazorla, Flamini and Ozil will come on in the fabled 60th minute.

  36. If Ozil turns up on the beach in Dubai 2moro it would be good Dev, shows that Wenger has told him to take a few days to relax and get away from it all and come back recharged and ready to go again…! Would be good man management in my opinion.

    Poldi n Gnabry up front with Giroud works for me Dev, He may give Cazorla the nod if he rests Ozil though..?

  37. Arsenal have omitted Mesut Ozil from their squad to play Sunderland, as they take the opportunity to rest the German after a gruelling schedule, according to Goal.

    Ozil has come under fire from sections of the Arsenal support and the media after a string of poor performances, culminating in his vital penalty miss against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

    The German playmaker won and took a seventh-minute penalty that could have given Arsenal the momentum against the European champions, but saw his spot-kick saved by Manuel Neuer, with Bayern eventually running out 2-0 winners.

    Ozil has looked drained in recent weeks having regularly played 90 minutes, and Arsene Wenger suggested his head was not right after missing the penalty.

    The German apologised to his team-mates in the dressing room and then the fans over social networking sites for his miss, while Per Mertesacker claimed it was ‘eating away at him’.

    With his mental state being questioned and his performances lacking their usual energy, Wenger has pinpointed the home clash with Sunderland to rest the £42 million man in the hope he can return refreshed for the trip to Stoke next weekend.

  38. Not a bad thing Dev as long as we make sure we do the PR properly and say it was planned and it’s him having a well earned rest before the media pricks turn it into an Ozil was dropped circus as we all know they will…!

  39. I’d leave him out of Stoke away as well, give him the week off and report back to training Monday week…! Do the fella good.

  40. not a bad idea WATH

    it will give Cazorla the chance to play in the hole while Poldi plays on the left. Poldi, Gnabry, Ox can all rotate on the wings. TR07 can play both games vs Sunderland and Stoke while Sanogo and Bendy can help out Giroud.

    I honestly hope that AW does not drop Chesney and plays Flappy in the EPL till after the BM game. If Flappy gets injured we are tits up. Then after the BM game yes. Drop Chesney for a couple of games so that Flappy can play and the young Pole gets a rest.

  41. Right seeing as we have now sorted the Arsenal team for the next few weeks Dev we can now put our feet up and enjoy a beer/wine/GG :D

    Easy this football management lark……………

  42. and I can wash the plates in peace now. :lol:

  43. Pop round when you’ve done your’s mate I have a few for you as well…! Good lad ;-)

  44. #Arsenal team to play Sunderland: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

    Why no speed out wide… No Ox no Gnabry…. pisses me right off that does…!

  45. #Arsenal subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Flamini, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gnabry, Sanogo, Bendtner

  46. Width can come later on the game I feel. That is a strong looking bench.

  47. When is the unveiling of the Gervinho statue?

  48. Afternoon All,
    Nice one Rico, Our loss against the Germans should not be looked at as a bad result, before the sending off we had the better of them and if we had continued with 11 players and scored our penalty could well have ended the game as 2 nil winners. Many blamed Ozil for his lack of effort and of course the missed penalty, and many are saying he needs a rest so he can find his confidence again. Poppycock in my eyes Ozil is a positive kind of guy, Granted not the best penalty taker yet but still has an eye for a pass which is why Arsene brought him in the first place. Arsenal Ran for 60 minutes and done particullaly well in my opinion, For those that have played in competative football, you know how hard it is to play with ten men, but to play sixty minutes against one of the best teams in the competition, is a draining experience. I am not so bothered about us letting 2 goals in against. the reigning Champions as from what i saw when the sides were eleven against eleven we can go there and win. Our game today will be another draining game for those that have played of late, but as we all say one game at a time is the best way to prepare. Arsene will name the squad that he feels will best beat Sunderland, personally i think he’s doing pretty good but the doubters will no doubt know better

  49. Fooking Chelsea !!! Injury time winner, we won’t be going top tonite.

  50. Not in your or my life time hopefully Lee.

  51. good afternoon all in the house. I sure hope cazorla plays as a number 10 today. he only seems effective there. any penalties should be given to the vice captain, no experimenting.

  52. so now we know, Tim Howard hates arsenal that much! damn!

  53. micko, they say Maurren-ho has not lost the league title top in february…

  54. Mannone plays today. Let’s hope he does not turn up

  55. Snap, note the beautiful triangle being fluidly formed…MA08 and TR07

  56. og12… jw10 assist

  57. Giroud………..a pants goal!!!!

  58. Ollie has managed to score now!!!!!! :lol:

    Mannone was in goal not a lass

  59. Giroud is good in the box!

  60. Nice start.

  61. Right the pub is calling, swing low sweet chariots!
    COYGS & foys!!!!!

  62. We seem more alive in this game than one’s we have a week’s rest in.

  63. Good Afternoon everyone.

    T’s. OG12 pant still down his ankles? :-)

  64. Let’s hope we do not concede today. Another clean sheet would be nice.

  65. good tackle by mikel…

    what a rocket by Poldi.. and a save by Don Vito…

  66. Rosicky and Podolski already showing their worth….

  67. we do way too many flicks.

  68. Podolski has a point to prove even though he has 5 goals in 6 starts.

    I feel the next goal will come from him

  69. We have to make the 75% possession count. We need to get a 2nd before halftime.

  70. He has a goal in him for sure…

  71. Why didn’t arteta shoot there?!

  72. Wish we had more players like rosicky!

  73. Typical… after 20 minutes no more movement upfront…

  74. So frustrating huh TS?!

  75. The majority of our attacks are coming down the right and that is to be expected since Sagna ventures more forward than Nacho. That is good since at least we are not to be found wanting with just 2 at the back. However this tactic will be sussed out by Sunderland I feel.

  76. Two more shots like that from Podi definitely one will go in

  77. That’s not though, haha. Get in.

  78. Giroud scores more against Mannone than he did with a lass in a hotel room.

    at least that is what he said.

  79. Intelligent pressing from TR07…

    I love the mozart …

  80. Another pant goal? :-)

  81. Giroud really is a donkey…well, so the model says :)

  82. Lewis… I have been saying that for donkey years now…

    At least Ramsey has some of those great attributes…

    We need to get Kroos for me…

  83. Bayern wouldn’t sell him though would they?

  84. Let’s kill this game before half time for once!

  85. When JW10 gets the ball TR07 and MA08 move around him.. when either of TR07 and MA08 have the ball JW is static…

  86. Did he manage to get his.eg over as he shot?

  87. Should add he obviously has a pair!

  88. Lewis…. maybe not.. but I heard the player wants to join…

    Pep does not fancy him much and so with Schweinsteiger, Martinez back he will be dropped even though he is arguably the best player in the BM squad after Ribery and Lahm…

  89. Maybe he will learn he can score more with his pants on.

  90. We need to hammer a good score in one or two games.

    Good for goal difference.
    Good for the team’s confidence.
    Good for the scorers’ goal tally.

  91. La Mozart…. super super player…

  92. Those energies are more useful in the pitch when he keeps his pant on, Scott.

  93. Mozart! Just what we needed today.

  94. amazing play and so happy it’s Rosicky

  95. That was incredible.
    We have the best two team goals of the season.

  96. shades of the game he scored vs the Scum.

    TR07 is a wonder of wonders.

  97. I just wet my self!

  98. Dev… will you add an inform TR07 to one of your fave no.10’s?

    The Mozart of bvb in the early 2000’s was just pure class… shame about his injury…

  99. When is the last time we scored 3 goals in one half?
    Come to think of ti… When was the last time we scored 3 goals?

  100. That was an impressive 45 minutes, and why….plenty of players in motion.

  101. ha ha Adk…

    Sunderland have been poor…

    Very positive game…

    The last time we celebrated an event or unveiled a statue we fluffed our lines…

  102. stoke drawing… ha ha ha…

  103. Half time stats

    6 shots on target, 3 goals,

    75% possession

    5-1 corners.

    Let’s hope we have another half like the one we have seen.

    6-0 would do nicely.

  104. I do not see him as a n10 mate. I see him as an AM who can provide the little triangles which are so important to team play.

  105. A superb timing for DennisB.

  106. I guess he is more of a no.8 than a number 10 like Baggio, Del Piero,Hagi ,DB10 etc

  107. Borussia are getting HAMBURGED Ginge.

    Even little Hamburg are getting the better of them.

  108. I know Dev… shocking re Klopp…

  109. Hagi in that league???

    he was a poor man’s No10 compared to the likes of DB10, Del Piero and Baggio

  110. Lew and co struggling against Hamburg…

    They have a new manager so…

  111. Very positive…
    And without Ozil-Wilshere-Cazorla…:-)
    And like you can see the improve it’s showing!
    We only need two of the se players playing at the same time for not lost their own criativity and be lack in other positions.

  112. Nacho has been replaced.

    that means that now its3-4-3 with BS pushing into midfield.

  113. Djourou keeping PED and Lew quiet…

    I was referring to Gheorghe Hagi not the Algerian one… :-)

    Now Monreal is off too… no left back… Flamini may have to cover in Munich or next weekend if needed…

  114. Aw needs to understand that JW functions very well with Arteta and Tr07

    Ozil functions better with TR07

    Cazorla functions better with TR07

    But JW and Cazorla do not funcction together.

    Says a lot about TR07

  115. What a save by Scez

  116. BS at left back buddy…

  117. I think that NAcho is not injured, but its more tactical.

    At least I hope so.

    I know you referred to the Romanian one.

    but I do not see him on that level mate.

    The three we mentioned above were all superior to him.

  118. I agree Dev re Hagi… lol

  119. Dev.. the triangles and diamond shapes on the pitch is beautiful this afternoon…

    As I said in September AW needs to get 2 players in the mould of Ramsey and TR07 otherwise he needs to get a younger MA08 to accomplish the style he wants us to play…

  120. yeah I noticed that Ginge.

    and I think that it is wrong imo

    it should be 3 at the back.

    Arteta and Tr07 in front of them

    Poldi, JW, Cazorla in AM

    Giroud up

  121. no stopping Kozzer with this one

  122. Kosser!!!

    I am with you Dev…

  123. Good to see Kozzer pumping his chest and badge.

    in my book that means that if we do not win the league he will be off in the summer

  124. Time for subs imho…

    Serge needs a game

  125. Stoke still drawing with Shitty…

    As I always say fans are over rating Pelle…; he always balls it up with 10 games to go… Lets hope that trend continues…

  126. :D Dev re 4:14… Scott will be crossed with you for that comment… lol

  127. I know mate. And he is one player I like.

    but when I see that show usually it leads to 2+2=4

  128. Kozzer off to BM with Ramsey… lol

  129. There was no kiss though Dev so we can be a bit relaxed… :-)

  130. kozzer off

    Sagna to go CB

    Flamini to go left back.

  131. Shitty go 1-0 up

    Gnabry on for the Motm imo

  132. Good recovery by BS… it will be a huge shame if he walks for free…

  133. sloppy Cpl Jekinson…

    Oh no Shitty… Yaya Toure as you would expect…

  134. There goes my stream


  135. but why do we have to concede the customary goal?

    We should have scored a couple more

  136. I’ll swear that I’ve just heard the BBC commentator summerising the game and said, “Giroud with two girls in the first 30 minutes,” word gets round quickly, doesn’t it?

  137. Hmm, JW struggling with his leg…

  138. Nein Wavy.

    Giroud did it with Mannone.

    Unless its Vita and not Vito!!!!

  139. how are we doing mates???

    my stream has gone

  140. all over and we have increased our goal difference between us and the chavs by 2…

  141. All over….4-1.
    Good result.
    Deil, don’t even whisper Kozzer and leaving in the one sentence :)
    Night all.

  142. Night Scott.

    Or should I say Good Morning now???? :lol:

  143. What is happening…

    2 games in a row.. not even a yellow card and a motm performance…

  144. for Frimpong.. I meant…,

    Wavy, Barnsley won…first clean sheet in donkey years too

  145. I am glad for Frimps.

    He was one (and stil is) of the players I liked.

    Shame he did not make it at AFC

    But he has a long way to go before he can be classified as Pv04, or MA08 etc.

    A far cry from Petit.

  146. Evening all..

    Good result, was it a good game?

  147. Chavs got lucky then in ‘Jose time’ ;)

  148. The first half was one of the best Rico.

    We never went below 70% possession.

    The 2nd half was a steady one. Shame about the goal we conceded. We should have added two more.

  149. Thanks Devil, 70%, that’s pretty good..

    Le Tiss was raving about Tomas’s goal, look forward to seeing that later…

    Few injuries?

  150. AW just said Jack’s is hamstring but thinks it’s not serious…

  151. Bloody hell Ts. I’ll have to tell the wife, she’s the tyke! I just dispense tea and sympathy! Yorkshire tea that is!

    Good win today. Better than I thought, more goals that is, I hope we’ve saved a few for the future.

  152. try this link Rico

    it was an amazing team goal

  153. Thanks Devil, I’ll watch now…

  154. 41st minute and an attack of Rooney, RVP, Mata and Januzay have their first shot on target.

  155. What a stunning goal, very similar to Jacks earlier in the season….

  156. No wonder RvP wants to go home Devil ;)

  157. Come on Palace ;)

  158. I hope that Palace win 2-1 after going behind. That will dangle the carrot in front of Manure’s faces and have it taken away.

  159. Darn, didn’t know the mancs had gone 1-0 up…

  160. no Rico. They are still 0-0

    what I meant was that I want Manure to go 1-0 up and then loose it in the last 5 mins

  161. Manure have a penalty

  162. and they go ahead.

    Now for the collapse. :lol:

  163. the greedy badger has scored.

    even if he comes back………he will always remain a greedy badger.

  164. I don’t think AW will re-sign him devil.

  165. 0-2…

  166. That is all from me for today.

    I am knackered.

    Cant wait to drop my head on the pillow.

    Gd nite all

  167. Night Devil sleep well..

    I share your tiredness so I too am off…

    Catch up tomorrow folks…

    Night all…

  168. Night Lady Rico and Dev…

    Wenger: “Koscielny has a back problem, Monreal has a foot problem. Both should be fit for next week.

    Don’t still rate BM as much but Bayern could win the championship on March 15…
    It could be a record in Europe…

  169. You still going to Stoke next week tsgh ?

    Bayern are unstoppable in the Bundesliga, 45 games unbeaten.

    Don’t worry about Kozzer, he’s faking it, that fella would be a huge miss to us.

    Italy had a ginger playing for them today against Scotland, I’m not having that, can you look into it for me please tsgh, cheers mate.

  170. Haven’t seen kev around, hope he hasn’t fallen in the bath !

    Enjoy MOTD tonite gooners, laters.

  171. Hey Mick, the bath is good. Tiling is a bit fiddlely around the window. Finish it off tomorrow.

    The pundits on MotD will be suicidal after an Arsenal 4-1 win… Feck ‘em…

    Night All

  172. OG12, with two goals on your bankroll we forgive you because you’re one of us. Please don’t do it again.

  173. Fantastic performance by the young men. They really showed why we’re top (second) in the league. If we continue with such a performance like that with our other games without a slip we’ll surely over take Chelsea. They’re very lucky yesterday with Everton.

  174. NG, i think if we do what we did in the first round, but take points off Citeh and Chelksi, we most definitely can win the League.
    Morning all.
    4 weeks from today, i will be carrying a hangover from my first ever Arsenal game live.

  175. Morning Ng, Scott and all….

    Fine result and just what the doctor ordered after Wednesday…

  176. New post up…

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