Old favourite popping in, what's your favourite Bergkamp moment?

Morning all.

Time to put the Champions League to one side and look forward to tomorrow as we get back to our league campaign and focus on getting three points.

Our old favourite and one of the greatest, if not the greatest footballer to ever play for Arsenal FC is back at the club for this fixture. Sadly it’s not to play a few minutes towards the end of our match against Sunderland, mind you I bet he could still teach a trick or two to some of our forwards. He’s here because his statue is being unveiled outside The Emirates above the Armoury Store. 

The grand event kicks off  around 11.30am and for those who won’t be at the stadium that early to set the old master, he’s staying to watch the game and will make an appearance on the pitch at half-time.

When things like this take place it makes me quite sad really. To think of where we used to be and the kind of players we used to have to looking at who we have right now.

Would Dennis have been caught with his pants down in some hotel room with someone other than his wife at 3am before a match? No, of course he wouldn’t as he was a true professional both on and off the field and watching him play was nothing other than an honour.

Signed from Inter Milan back in 1995 he went on to make a total of 423 appearances for the Club, scored 120 goals and treated us fans to some of the most exhilarating, graceful and magical moments in football.

Eleven years he was ours, a wonderful eleven years in which saw him win seven major honours, including the ‘Invincibles’ unbeaten Premier League season of 2003/04.

Dennis joins Herbert Chapman, Tony Adams and Thierry Henry, all of whom are set in stone around Emirates Stadium.

What a player he was eh and this recognition is well and truly deserved…..

He scored many wonderful goals whilst with us and the one which sticks in my mind as being the best is the one against Newcastle, mind you, there are so many to choose from.

What’s your favourite Dennis Bergkamp moment??

That’s it for another day….

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