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Old favourite popping in, what’s your favourite Bergkamp moment?

Morning all.

Time to put the Champions League to one side and look forward to tomorrow as we get back to our league campaign and focus on getting three points.

Our old favourite and one of the greatest, if not the greatest footballer to ever play for Arsenal FC is back at the club for this fixture. Sadly it’s not to play a few minutes towards the end of our match against Sunderland, mind you I bet he could still teach a trick or two to some of our forwards. He’s here because his statue is being unveiled outside The Emirates above the Armoury Store. 

The grand event kicks off  around 11.30am and for those who won’t be at the stadium that early to set the old master, he’s staying to watch the game and will make an appearance on the pitch at half-time.

When things like this take place it makes me quite sad really. To think of where we used to be and the kind of players we used to have to looking at who we have right now.

Would Dennis have been caught with his pants down in some hotel room with someone other than his wife at 3am before a match? No, of course he wouldn’t as he was a true professional both on and off the field and watching him play was nothing other than an honour.

Signed from Inter Milan back in 1995 he went on to make a total of 423 appearances for the Club, scored 120 goals and treated us fans to some of the most exhilarating, graceful and magical moments in football.

Eleven years he was ours, a wonderful eleven years in which saw him win seven major honours, including the ‘Invincibles’ unbeaten Premier League season of 2003/04.

Dennis joins Herbert Chapman, Tony Adams and Thierry Henry, all of whom are set in stone around Emirates Stadium.

What a player he was eh and this recognition is well and truly deserved…..

He scored many wonderful goals whilst with us and the one which sticks in my mind as being the best is the one against Newcastle, mind you, there are so many to choose from.

What’s your favourite Dennis Bergkamp moment??

That’s it for another day….

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93 comments on “Old favourite popping in, what’s your favourite Bergkamp moment?

  1. It’s both emotional and depressing thinking about DB10 in an Arsenal shirt Rico…..

    Lets just say there is a statue of Jesus in Rio now there is one of God outside the Emirates…. Enough said….!

    Privileged to have seen the great man in an Arsenal shirt.

  2. Spot on Wath…

  3. Loved the fact that Keown says him and TA used to kick Dennis in training as they wanted to harden him up but then he started kicking back and they knew their job was done…!
    The man was simply amazing to watch and will be a long while before we see another like him.

  4. :)

    I don’t think football will ever see another player like him, he was head and shoulders above all others.

    What other thought about doing, he’d already done it minutes before….

  5. I don’t think he thought about it Rico is was just natural he didn’t have to think that was the difference… Will anyone ever score a better hat-trick than the one he scored away at Leicester..? Magical…..

  6. Good Morning Rico and the House. another great post Rico. I allso think the Newcastle goal was his best. How did he do it?
    Like Wath I feel very privileged to have to have seen him in an Arsenal shirt . Going out now will add about the great man later.

  7. Morning guys.
    Quick point…..social media has meant nobody gets away with anything any more :)
    Anyway, DB10…..well, the fact his statue will be up when i come over is the asolute icing on the cake for me.
    We have never, nor will we ever, see a better player in the Arsenal kit.

  8. Seeing the immortal DB10 in an AFC shirt is the greatest footballing privilege I have had.

    I agree with WATH.

    My favourite moment?????

  9. My favourite thing about the man was he stuck around regardless of one year extensions, lack of ambition etc, etc, etc.
    Apart from the obvious…..his brilliance as a footballer…..this makes him a stand out as my favourite all time player.

  10. Good point Wath…

    He was just phenomenal….

    Gibbs is out tomorrow with a hamstring injury.

    AW says Ozil is suffering after his penalty miss…

  11. His brace against Southasmpton ,the first volley and the second the roof came off the North Bank . Nos 1 & 2 at that point we all knew why we had bought him.

  12. Morning Dev, Scott, Rick…..

    Dev, watching the bloke now gives me goosebumps…! he was just sooooooooooo good…! He made that football talk….! Had a few favs over the years but Dennis head and shoulders above the rest for me…! That goal he scored against the Argies in the world cup…! Outrageous.

  13. Good Morning everyone.

    I am forgetting my manners.

  14. Potter lets be honest as usual it was good media to call him a waste of money and to slag him off… Anyone that watched the man on a pitch knew exactly how great it was the 2 goals were just a middle finger to the plebs and the media…!

  15. Boring Boring Chelsea

  16. Morning Rick, thanks and catch you later…

  17. Morning Scott, Devil, Kev and Potter..

    Matt Le Tissier said he felt guilty during that game after he stood and applauded both goals…

    Le Tiss was a decent player too, he knew he’d just witnessed to great goals from one of the greatest players ever…

  18. Goose bumps, the man was the absolute nuts!

  19. Dennis was the best I’ve seen Bar none. The fact that he only got a 2nd and 3rd in the Balon D’Or and both before he joined us is a disgrace. This is especially so in relation to the 2001 winner – Owen.

  20. Morning All…

    Morning Rico, nice post…

    I recall the goal against Bolton, that clinched our UEFA Cup spot, end of 1996-97…

    Highbury bloody exploded…

    Mind you we had much lower expectations in those days.

  21. Ahhhh. Mr BBC is here.

    how are you Kev?

  22. Bergkamp was the start of the glory days , his impact on the club , the fans and the rest of the team cannot be underestimated.It would be nice to have him back in some capacity. So much class , so much to give .

  23. Spot on Billboy…

    Thanks Kev – they are pretty low these days ;)

  24. Potter thanx for the vid…. brilliant stuff and yes your spot on, Dennis took us up 5 notches as a club and announced our ambition to compete on the highest levels. He lifted the players the club and the fans like no other.

  25. Our next manager, if i have my way :)
    Well, maybe the one after that.

  26. He won’t ever be able to manage Scott how he gonna get to away games in Europe…?
    Get him involved at Arsenal with the youth set up that’s where he said he enjoys coaching….! If our lads can’t learn from the best they in the wrong profession.

  27. It was wonderful when he scored. Leicester, Newcastle, what a goal! Roy of the Rovers couldn’t have scored better goals! But, it was a privilege just to see him play. His touch, his vision his passing was incomparably the best I have ever seen. It was a real pleasure to watch him play. He was sublime.
    A statue? It only tells a little bit of the story.
    What a footballer! What a man!
    Will he ever come back to the Arsenal? Here’s hoping.

  28. Shall we see his like again? Bergkamp a latter day Norse god!

  29. Wath, Wenger is usually banned from CL games, so we will be now worse off lol.

  30. Heroes come and go.

    Gods come and remain.

    However I feel that although we will never see another DB10 somewhere someday someone will rise.

    He will not be here to erase memories of DB10.

    He will be here to make us appreciate what we once had and what we will have then.

  31. CJD, spot on…. never a bad word about Dennis from anyone and a quiet family man who loved the game loved our Club and even showed loyalty even when we only gave him rolling one year contracts…! Pure class…!

  32. Our best bever signing, watch him hold the ball upo against Juve and put Freddy throu!

  33. The man had broad shoulders , he had to have because every time he scored he grew a Wrighty.
    Just to think what he could have done with an emerging Wilshere . I am sure that if he took it on board he would have more awareness and wouldn’t give it away so often. As for what he would have done with Ramsey or even Cesc the thought is obscene

  34. Agreed Dev, The brilliant players are never forgotten and in time others do come along…!

    You have a point Scott but then we’ll need an away day manger as well to fit in when DB don’t travel lol….

    He’s already said he doesn’t want to manage he wants to only coach.. I suppose things change though so who know’s what the future holds but like you to have him involved at Arsenal can surely only be a good thing.

  35. Potter please stop it I am getting all nostalgic and morbid now……… ;-)

  36. Il nil carborundum W.A.T.H. It’s the memories that keep you coming back for more.

  37. Morning all,
    Although Dennis was a great player and a statue is a great way for fans who never saw him but have heard what a great player he was, I feel that in your post you play down the rolls of our team today. Giroud caught out and us commenting on it every day gets a bit tiresome. Bergy may well have done it as well but behind closed doors with out the press. Our team of today is second in the league still in all the cups apart from Capital one, and still in with a chance of a treble. Supporters i feel forget that fact, and like to belittle what the lads and Wenger are doing at the moment. Of course Berkamp Henry Adams and the like are praised but they also had their Demons Adams drink Bergy can’t fly which let us down on most away games and Henry that liked a lady. Not every body is perfect, so lets back what we have today, and remind ourselves that the football world is different now, big Money at stake and big money clubs make buying players that much harder. Bergkamp deserves his recognition but so may some of today’s squad in the future.

  38. Dennis deserves his statue. Class act on and off the pitch. And having seen his missus, I can’t imagine him even thinking about playing away! Now we need the Frank McLintock statue followed by Geordie Armstrong, Tom Whittaker, Bob Wilson and Bob John (check his record out!)

  39. Still in with a chance of the treple SP… You nicked my stash of GG and finished half of it this morning…?

    A few weeks ago when were top you were moaning our football was crap…!

    Football back then was big money and the same thing is the same now it’s just different money and we have tons of money so money isn’t an excuse anymore and ain’t been for a few years it’s just an excuse for people to hide behind in why we as a club have gone through the motions last few years.

    Best we can do this season with the current squad in my eyes is 2nd or 3rd and to win the FA Cup.

  40. Thanx BobJ………..

  41. Interesting to see he lost his place to Wilf Copping, my Grandad always used to say Wilf Copping was the hardest player he ever saw on a footie pitch and there was nothing of him…!

  42. Looked up Bob John Professor of fuzzy logic. Makes sense to me.

  43. Whats all the fuss over Szszesny going for a coffee.

  44. Afternoon Wath, Yes your right i was moaning about our football, I moaned and plenty wasn’t happy with what i was saying, Since then others have also been made aware with our backwards sideways passing and i notice that some other supporters also moaned. Moaning about your team is part and parcel of being a supporter. When Arsenal have played well this year, and i would say only a handful of times they have looked as good as any Arsenal sides of the past, but not as often. Of course Officials still hold the power, and i’m afraid that Euro cups May never come our way. I see that the sending off of Szezesney may still not be enough for EUFA and should the decision go against him he may face a 2 match ban. I assume should we lose the return Czez will also miss next years first game should we qualify but as it looks he won’t be alone as Wenger may keep him company. Officials are the key to winning any competition FIFA EUFA and The FA are the powers that say who wins what, nothing Wenger or anybody else can change that.

  45. One thing about football officialdom is that they never take cause and effect into consideration , they only look at the part they want to see and 99 times out of 100 they will have made their minds up prior to the hearing.

  46. Well said Potter, :)

  47. morning rico……………db10 was the most technically gifted footballer i have ever seen…….he was that good……i dont have a personal favourite moment cause every moment with dennis was magical……..he was a true gent as well

  48. Good afternoon all…

    Good read…

    I am with you SP1 at 10:58

    SWOLofficial ‏@SWOLofficial Feb 19

    Was wondering when Frimpong would say something he couldn’t while at AFC!“@IAMFRIMPONG26: What has Podolski got to do to get a bloody game”

  49. Sp1, return WATH GG immediately…

    He got his from Putin of all people.. :P

  50. Oddly enough DB10’s career could have been wasted if he had not be converted to the role of a 2nd striker…

    Starting off as a right sided attacker in the famous Dutch 4-3-3 formation he was the no.7 but was often criticized for cutting in too often…

    His debut against Italy was a master piece with Dev’s favourite Baggio starring for Italy…

    The good old days of proper number 10s….

    I guess no.10’s only suit 4-4-2

  51. Emmanuel Frimpong ‏@IAMFRIMPONG26

    Podolski plays Podolski scores Play him more often
    Wow, he is going hard on Wenger backing his mate Poldi…

  52. DB10 criticizing AW for not playing Kanu in 2001…

    “It is difficult for me to speak for him but I know from experience how he feels when the manager’s rotation policy leaves you out.

    “I’ve had things to say about it before and I do believe there is a danger that you can over-rotate – if there is such a word.

    “Sometimes I think it would be better if the manager just picked the players who were in the best form.”

  53. LMFAO……

    Arsene Wenger has fooled us all once again.

    The Gunners boss came under fire for only managing to sign a crocked 31-year-old Swede on loan for the remainder of the season in January.

    But we can reveal that Wenger had been working on a top secret deal that paid dividends for the first time during Sunday’s FA Cup clash with Liverpool.

    Wenger has managed to complete the signing of ‘top’ Premier League referee Howard Webb from Manchester United.

    Webb said on his unveiling at Arsenal’s training ground:

    “It’s great to be here. Obviously, I’ve been at Manchester United for many years, but once Sir Alex left, it didn’t feel right.

    “I don’t want to be working for an amateur manager like David Moyes.

    “I had a loan spell under Jose Mourinho in December, and did well against Liverpool.

    “But when Wenger came calling, I knew this was the right move for me.

    “I can’t wait to get started and bottle some more big penalty decisions.

    Thanks Geoff.”

  54. Ginge, that is a mistaken opinion mate. No 10’s like DB10 and RB10 are suited for only 1 formation,.


  55. What a player DB10 was for Arsenal. Today we hail him as a true legend of the club. But, I bet if he were in this current team some fans will find something about his game to use to flog him. Meaning that lots of fans don’t tend to appreciate current players untill later when they are no longer in the game.
    Unfortunately, this season no matter what the team has done, lots of fans still don’t appreciate the lads and the coaching crew. There are no perfect teams and I think that good fans will appreciate the kind of players they have and make them have that feeling of being valued even though they may not be the best around.
    That is I think that yesterday’s post was the best I have read in any Arsenal blog. I want to support a team where the fans make their players feel like they are the best players in the world, where the fans make their players feel they can beat any team in the world, where the fans make their team believe they can win the highest prizes in the game. I want to follow a team where after a disasterous game the fans will help lift the players up, not tear them down or single out one player or the manager for venting anger.
    Arsenal does not represent this for me. The actions of the fans after bad results, rather than performances of the players, is actually eroding my love for Arsenal and by extension football.
    Do I like bad result or losing? Not the players, fans or coaching crew.
    Certain things are not working the way I want it in Arsenal. Some players are not playing the want I them to, the manager is not doing some doing things the way I want it. It is cheap to see faults, see where a player should have passed the ball, the tactics the coach should have used, what players should have been bought. Analysis in the form of comment is easy. Coach a team or play the game, its different.
    And no matter who we buy or who takes over from this bad manager, fans will still find things to moan about. That is why I don’t want to be an Arsenal fan anymore from the end of this season and I can’t support ANY OTHER CLUB AGAIN. I don’t like fans anymore.
    SP, your comments have been the most reasonable for some time. I look out for them. Why don’t write posts.

  56. afternoon all!
    DB was a fantastic player!
    Frank Macclintock will be the next?

  57. Hi Coach…
    All good, down here on the coast, just a little hurricane passing thru….

    Mick, as they say down Holloway way.

    To bidet, or not to bidet.

    That is the question….

  58. SP the point am getting at is you were not happy when we were top you were saying our footie was not good yet we were top so is that not splitting hairs…? we want to win and if we not winning 5-0 who cares, the problem was even when winning yes the football wasn’t as good as in years gone by simply because in my view we do not have the same quality of player… Thing is now we’ve lost two influential players in the attacking department the backwards sideways has become even more evident and we battling to break teams down. When we winning we accept getting by but when the results don’t go our way it highlights where the faults always were…! I think we’ve done really well to be where we are but what jumps out at me is the fact we are still 2 players short who should of been bought last summer if not the summer before and if that had been addressed I reckon we could of won this league that’s my frustration and annoyance…! We lack the options in the squad and for that only one man is responsible.

    Now give me back my GG ya tea leaf….

  59. Grandad, to bidet or not…. use the hosepipe….!

  60. Moan moan moan… ;-)

  61. I had a great teacher :D

  62. Rejoice. Why not keep supporting the club and stop reading the blogs? We do have freedom of speech at HH and some people have interesting points to make, not all of them complimentary. The owner, the board and the manager and even the players are open to criticism surely. Whether you like it or not isn’t really the point.
    Try Le Grove. They’re a bundle of laughs over there.

  63. Rejoice, there is a huge difference between people moaning for the sake of it and fans talking utter rubbish because the internet gives them a voice and fans who voice an opinion. It’s also very easy to follow your team with a paper bag over your head and pretend everything is ok… Supporting a club means you take the rough with the smooth but also doesnt mean the club the team or the manager are beyond reproach when we think they are in the wrong. Constructive criticism and an opinion isn’t moaning for the sake of it…!

  64. Wath, Your a smooth talker, and you talk a lot of sense, Yes i would agree that a couple of players may well have us leading the table, but had we brought another couple at 40 odd million apiece and we still lay second i bet they would have been the wrong signings. Arsenal put out figures that make us look like a big club with loads of dough, but the way we have spent over the past few years makes me believe that money is far from plentyful. Selling Henry Fabregas and Van Persie plus quite a few others has made me think that they were sold in order to pay for something else and it wasn’t players. Many will say that Wenger is a skinflint and is also stubborn and won’t pay high prices. I believe that we are like a man who owns a big house but hasn;t the money to keep up the payments and sells his lawnmower to pay his mortgage. Ozil’s signing was in my mind a way of getting the fans excited, and not moaning and protesting outside the stadium with their black skarfs on and it worked. Ozil is a gifted footballer, and many will say he is a bargain i would say Flameney was a better deal, but what do i know. I expect to see more of Sanogo and maybe even the Sweede i reckon he may be a goer, I want Arsenal to be the best club out there, and i want to see attractive football as well, but 8 years may be a lifetime to some but i can wait, I have started seeing Arsenal move in the market i see sponsors rushing in , I am starting to see the things that makes a club successfull so i keep my finders crossed.

    Rejoice, Pull yourself together man, Too many outside slating us off , we need supporters like you adding your views, of course you can’t support any other team your a Gooner son, Don’t worry mate a trophy will bring everybody together you wait and see and you will rejoice the same as the rest of us, Wath buy your own like me :)

  65. Rejoice :- A lot of water has flowed under my bridge since I first saw the Arsenal play at Highbury. During that time we have had good teams , bad teams , Dire teams. but one thing remains constant :- my desire to see the best for them. That of course means , that in thinking about how to achieve that , I will see not only the good but the bad too. If you wish to improve you have to address the bad , surely it’s a bit like bringing up a child , you praise when it’s deserved and chastise when it’s not.

  66. ‘FOUR-FOUR-ONE-ONE’ it is then Dev… :D

  67. The old beast has fired up again. Not sure for how long though…..

    Evening all….

  68. Bergkamp’s testimonial weren’t bad either, the first game to be played at the Emirates in front of a full house.
    Some of the all time greats took to the pitch that day to honour him, Marco Van Basten and Johan Cruyff for Ajax, Glenn Helder and Giles Grimandi for us.
    We ran out 2-1 winners, Dennis made his emotional farewells hoisted on the shoulders of the players, a day to remember, everyone in the door getting a free DB10 t-shirt and the beginning of a new era at the Emirates, just a shame we lost the key to the trophy cabinet.

  69. Micko………..I think we did not loose the key to the trophy cabinet. I think that DB10 wanted a memento of the Emirates and the first thing he laid his hand on was the key. :lol:

  70. Evening Devil, Micko..

    Didn’t Grimandi battered Edgar Davids that day Micko??

  71. evening all,
    I dont know if any of you have time for reading but if you do can I recommend DBs book Stillness and Speed.It gives a good insight to what made him a great player and to what he wants to achieve in the future. He states he has no desire to be a manager.

  72. Goes without saying he has the key to the red side of North London dev !
    I can just see him stopping off at tottenham for a quick pish on their stadium on his way to tomorrows game, go on Dennis, do us proud.

  73. Biggest cheer of the afternoon rico, De Boer stepped up to take the pen and done a waddle !!!

  74. I have that book Rick, it will be read on my next holiday, as will Mark Halsey’s book…

  75. :) Micko, was a great moment and a great day…..

  76. Some of the what he writes tells me every thing has noy been a bed of roses since he retired ( At Ajax)

  77. Should has not

  78. Good, I’d love to see him back at Arsenal. Lack of flying would mean he’s unlikely to be our manager but, what a great assistant he’d make…

  79. For anyone who hasn’t picked it up yet, read Stillness and Speed. Great read, and insight into the making of a genius!

  80. Rick said the same earlier Roger. Looking forward to reading mine…

  81. I’m off guys, catch up sometime tomorrow… Hopefully….

    Night all..

  82. Half Time fa youth cup away to Charlton 0-0
    Crwed 1,200.

  83. Goals by Iwobi and Maitland-Niles have given us a 2=0 win. This means we have beaten Norwich,Fulham, Chelsea and Charlton all away from home without conceeding a goal. The reward is a home game in the Q/F on the 8th march against Everton.
    This is the same day we play Everton in the FA cup.

  84. Sorry Guys I got it wrong Norwich Chelsea and Fulham in the U21 cup
    Im being told they want to play the Everton game at the Emirats so I yhink there will be a change of date

  85. Probably the biggest roar of the night as Grimandi cleared Davids out as he had a tap in. Became a cult hero in seconds.

  86. Rick, I used to watch the reserves at Highbury for free back in the late 80’s / early 90’s, then I had to start working for a living, a real bummer, ever since it’s always been about the 1st team for me so your updates on the reserves / youth team are a bit of a blast from the past, keeps me in the loop, if it wasn’t for you I never would have heard of Iwobi and Maitland-Niles, if you ever need a favour just give me a nod, it’s the least I can do.

  87. Morning all.
    There was one thing in particular from Dennis’ book that caught my eye.
    When he was a kid, he said all of his mates were juggling balls and practicing tricks, while he had is brothers throwing tha ball at him from different angles, and he was spending his time trying to control it with one touch.
    I reckon it worked :)

  88. Morning Rico and all. Lovely bright morning in London. The Sun should shine down on Dennis today.

  89. Morning Adam, Scott and all…

    It is a beautiful sunny day here too Adam, was up early and have been digging the chickens area and finding worms for them. :)

  90. New post up now..

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