Every reason to be proud Arsenal, Every reason……

Morning all.

So we lost 2-0…

But, all time the game was 11 verses 11, we matched the current Champions of Europe in every sense. In fact I’d say that until Szczesny was sent off, we were the far better side side.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was causing Bayern all sorts of problems down the right and but for Neuer being sharp, he may have got us an opener. Neuer prevented Sanogo from scoring his first Champions League goal too with a good save on seven minutes.

Kroos too had a chance for the Germans but Szczesny made  a stunning save to keep his shot out.

We started well, we looked the best we had done for a while and to be honest, we were good….

Then we were presented the best chance of the match after Mesut Ozil was tripped over in the penalty area.

Up stepped the German, well, more like up strolled the German and yet again his spot-kick was feeble and needless to say, Neuer saved with absolute ease.

What happened to power, pace and precision?? It’s not the first time Ozil has approached a penalty kick with such lethargy but I sure hope it is the last. That was our chance to take what would have been a well deserved lead and kick on. I wish Sagna had stepped up and blasted the ball into the back of the net….

Ozil’s head went down, his shoulders dropped and to be honest, his performance from then on did far from reflect his reputation and he was still caught shaking his head late on in the game. Flamini was clearly annoyed by Ozil’s lacklustre display late on in the game and let him know too……

Boateng was booked for the foul on Ozil and it wasn’t too long before he committed another foul either but this one, just before the 40 minute mark went unpunished.

The red card came out for Szczesny after he caught the forever diving Dutch cheat Robben as he went through on goal. Yes our keeper caught his leg but the ball was going away from goal so was a red card really necessary?

Maybe the triple somersault by Robben helped to convince the referee that it was.

Anyway, Santi Cazorla was the player to make way for Fabianski. I’d have oiked Ozil off!

David Alban fired the spot-kick against the post. Ha!!

We as a group defended well although Monreal, who was on for the injured Gibbs, looked all over the place at times and his task wasn’t helped by others who left him exposed on the left…..

It was inevitable that Bayern would make the breakthrough and they did soon 53 minutes through Toni Kroos and credit where it’s due, it was stunner and Fabianski could do nothing to prevent the ball from finding the top corner.

The sucker punch was dealt when Thomas Müller headed home Bayern’s second with just minutes to go…

We aren’t out just yet but it’s a tough task ahead…

There are plenty of positives after last night.

Yaya Sanogo, who was playing in his first Champions League match looked full of life and attitude and never stopped trying. Ok, he didn’t, maybe doesn’t have the finesse to his game yet but it certainly looks as if that might come any day soon. His pace and determination up front certainly gives us something different.

The defence looked totally untroubled all the time we were 11 v 11 and that’s a huge plus considering we were playing a side who is deemed the best in Europe.

The one thing I did find strange though was replacing Oxlade-Chamberlain with Tomas Rosicky. Our Englishman was having a decent game yet Mesut Ozil, who was awful, stayed on.

Is Arsene Wenger afraid to upset him by taking him off? Well he shouldn’t as in my opinion, he should have gone off when Fabianski came on, let alone when Tomas came on but somehow and for whatever reason which only Arsene Wenger knows, he remained on the pitch until the end….

Ok, it’s going to be difficult to overturn this result in Germany but if we can play like we did last night for the remainder of the season, we still have a huge part to play in the league title race, just as we do in the FA Cup..

Don’t be too disheartened – there’s a lot to be proud about after last night.

That’s your lot for another day….

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