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5 Times European Champions in town… Do we stand a chance?

When the draw for the second round of this year’s Champions League was made on the 16th of December last year most fans and probably majority of the football world concluded we won’t stand a chance against the current reigning Champions from Bavaria.

The more positive one’s said that if Wenger changed habits and bought a top striker in the mould of Costa and added a top midfield player in the form of Draxler then maybe we might have a chance.

But we all know how our winter transfer window unfolded so…

Since the draw was made we have lost our best player of the year in Ramsey, Theo, who these kind of games are made for and Giroud has been caught with his pants down.

Meanwhile, Jack is struggling with his form and Diaby, well he is still Diaby but at least he has a new companion in Kim.

The Bavarian War machine.....

The Bavarian War machine…..

Listening to the media and pundits will make most Arsenal fans assume that there is no point in even turning up for the game but most forget that even the 5 times winners of this competition have not had it all their own way over the last twenty odd years.

As the club and German legend rightly said this week whilst singing the praises of our often under-appreciated manager and taking a dig at Jose for not being a Bayern material, the last 30 years has been very disappointing for them. If you consider that the Bavarians won 3 European titles in the 70’s but then had to wait almost 25 years to win another trophy in 2001 and another 12 years in 2013, it seems that they are not quite the efficient German machine we all assume they may be.

The Bavarians come into this tie having scored a respectable 13 goals in their last 4 games in the Bundesliga with even the ‘pensioner’ Pizario chipping in a few over the weekend.

Poor Giroud....

Poor Giroud….

We on the other hand have scored 5 and conceded 7 in the last 4 EPL games but do the last 4 results paint a clear picture of both clubs form coming into this all important game?

In my humble opinion I would say No!

Bayern have played against the likes of Stuttgart and Freisburg who are all lingering around the bottom half of their league whilst we have played the two biggest clubs in England based on history, although one might say United are not currently a force.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to diminish the scale and quality of the opposition we are about to face but merely trying to put things in perspective.

With this in mind, if we compared the form of both clubs in their respective leagues then a completely different and rather frightening picture can be painted. After all, FC Munchen are leading the Bundesliga pack by a colossal 19 points whilst we sit respectably one point behind the ‘special needs one’s’ team’ in the EPL.

But as a long term enthusiast of the Bundesliga all due to my fellow other country man Tony Yeboah, I have to admit that this is one of the weakest Bundesliga seasons I have watched in over 20 years. The gulf in financial power of the Bavarians, who I consider to be the most financial stable club in world football, is clearly taking a toll on the rest of their rivals.

Since Klopp’s Dortmond  beat Pep’s Bayern in the German equivalent of our community shield in the summer, Dortmond have regressed and misfired on a few occasions and they now find themselves sitting in 3rd place 17 points behind league leaders Bayern.

However, all is not well with the Bavarians. They come into this game with their own set of issues that include Ribery requiring surgery in his backside to repair a burst blood vessel…

Shaqiri who has truly improved under Pep is also missing from the clash but Bayern have a fit again Schweinsteiger and Martínez to call upon. But I suspect even with Schweinsteiger and Martínez back to full fitness, Pep will persist with Lahm and Kross in midfield with Gotze and Muller giving them the attacking prowess they may need to take a good advantage away to the Allianz.

I think the Bavarians will line-up with Neuer; Alaba, Dante, Boateng, Rafinha; Lahm; Muller, Kroos, Gotze, Robben; Mandzukic in a 4-1-4-1 set-up with Muller and Gotze interchanging places during the game and also overloading our left hand side knowing that again either Santi or Poldolski may not be very disciplined to help our left back.

On our side we have no new injuries and so ideally I would like Gibbs and Sagna to come in for Monreal and Jenkinson with Poldoski playing on the left hand side of our attack. I presume Podolski will have a big point to prove against a club he may feel did not give him many opportunities during his brief spell with them.

In midfield, we have Rosicky fully rested after having been given a break away from the FA cup game and with Arteta suspended; Flamini should resume his defensive role in front of our back 4. I am hoping that Wenger will play Tomas in the all important box to box role in a 4-1-4-1 formation, no doubt Bayern will line up in the same way.

Wenger will no doubt expect Giroud to put aside all of his off the field issues and lead the attack so that he can cause Dante and Boateng a few problems in their defence.

I am not sure why Bendtner has not been selected in the last 2 games but personally I think he is another big game player who may relish coming on if needed instead of Yaya. I would prefer Serge to be given the last place on the bench instead of the young Frenchman.

With Alaba and Rafinha likely to play in a very attacking mode, I expect Wenger to use Oxlade on the right of our attack in order to impress again and help stake his claim for a place in the England squad for Brazil.

Arsene may however think that it won’t be fair on Alex to be playing 2 tough games in 4 days soon after coming back from injury.

I also believe another big decision Wenger will have to make will be who to choose between Santi, Jack and Ozil in the second attacking midfield role.

Personally, I think he will give Ozil the nod over Jack and Santi and I don’t think Jack would suit the type of game Arsene would have to play at home in the Champions League against a very fast and technical F.C Munchen team oozing with confidence in their own ability…

I hope Arsene shows the world that the old dog still has a few tricks up his sleeve and shows Pep why Wenger is still the old master he publicly admits to respect.

The line-up will most likely be Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny; Gibbs; Flamini, Rosicky; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, and Giroud. I think Wenger will however drop Alex for Wilshere.

Those with interest in tactics may observe that Pep and Arsene have both reverted back to playing 4-1-4-1 after both played 4-2-3-1 in the past 6 or so years… an interesting move by both managers in my opinion.

I think the Bavarians have a weak area in central defence and so if we’ turn up’ and play without the proverbial hand brake on we stand a good chance of making sure that the history of no club retaining the European title continues for another season at least. The key in my view will be how and who Arsene chooses to stop both Kroos and Dante from playing the ball from the back.

Come on you Gunners… Let’s hope the players give the home fans something to shout about.

Have a good day…

Written by Tsgh

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266 comments on “5 Times European Champions in town… Do we stand a chance?

  1. Morning all , the count down to a big night is on. Personally I don’t complicate matters with the things that may happen, I will watch things pan out and comment later. I go into it with hope but not expectation.

  2. Me too Potter. To travel in hope………..?


    Good article Ts, but who knows…….?

    All will be revealed around 21.35! Let’s hope we’re all full of excitement and anticipation for the second leg and not full of dejection and calling for the heads of the coaching staff, the board and especially the rest all of whom will have had their ‘chips’!

  3. Good read ts
    What am hoping for in this game,is that we protect the draw we already have,let them go for the win,we have to get back behind the ball.So lets hope wenger gets it right to-nite
    Man city nearly got away with it last night but pushed up at the wrong time,once again the most stupidest rule in football came into play,penalty and a sending off……if a penalty is not a clear scoring position why send the player off..

  4. Liking your confidence that we can beat bayern with 10 men! Mj

  5. Top post, Ginge….very detailed and informative, but you are spoling Rico :)
    Morning all.

  6. Morning everyone

    Tonight, I will be watching the game relaxed. For the first time this season, I have no real expectations regarding progress to the next round.
    The only thing I hope for, is that we don’t get battered. That would destroy our confindence.
    But… Would it be a great thing to progress? Do we have a squad capable of sustaining a challenge on all three competitions?
    Personally I don’t think we can win the CL, and since Man City are halfway out, the will have fresh legs for the PL, whereas we would still be playing 3 games a week…

  7. ” The line-up will most likely be Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny; Gibbs; Flamini, Rosicky; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, and Giroud. I think Wenger will however drop Alex for Wilshere.”

    You don’t want us to start with 11 men instead? ;)

  8. Ts, my only problem is your team only has 10 players mate… Are you trying to make it even more difficult for us or you supremely confident that we only need 10 v their 11…?

    Morning All…

  9. ADK……………. Snap………….. lol

  10. I think that Wenger never changes his idea of how we sees us playing the game so he’ll set up a team to show our technical players are better than yours…….. He fails to address the fact that the technical players also have to put in a shift and to many of them don’t. We need the balance between graft and skill and we don’t have it…! If he got that rights we’d be a far harder proposition when playing the very best sides.

  11. Mike 10:27………… maybe just preempting us getting a crap ref as is the norm for us… lets hope so..!

    Ts isn’t good with maths apparently…! his computer does all his stats for him…!

  12. Thanks gents just something I put today over lunch yesterday and the Lady of the House help make it readbale…

    WATH/Adk I was just making sure you read my post.. ;)

    Scott, you know this my contribution done for the year… I think Rico promised me some organic hens from back yard so… :-)

  13. You want me to change it for you Ts…. How would you like your 11 to start…? You cant to add Santi, Serge or Jack to the ten mentioned..? lol

  14. I’d play Gibbs in front of Monreal… gives us balance and speed on the left…!

  15. I’d of blamed your editor Ts, seems Rico can’t count either….! :D

  16. ha ha WATH… well no comment on that one…

  17. WATHre. Gibbs in front of Monreal I will go with that too. It was interesting how Manuel played Kolarov and cliche together against BArca…

    Talkshite pundits are not pleased their prediction failed not only that Barca played 500 more passes than Shitty…

  18. Oi Oi Wath, put that wooden spoon away ;)

    Good post Ts, I don’t have a lot of confidence ahead of tonight but football always likes to spring a surprise….

    Morning all….

  19. I’d rather Gibbs at Lb and Monreal in front of him. Just to be awkward ;)

  20. We want to give them a chance……

  21. Gibbs quicker Rico and he puts in a decent cross….! He could cause them probs and would be very different for Wenger to do something like that which is why we all know he won’t do it lol.

    We spoon wooden….. Harsh……….!

  22. if i remember we beat them in 2005 with TH14 scoring…

    They are very beatable imho…

  23. Wenger has played Gibbs and Monreal before together, he might just shock us tonight Wath…

    Fair point about Gibbs…

  24. We beat them last season too didn’t we?

  25. Yes we did….
    but they beat us in 2001 too, 3-1 and we drew away 2-2

  26. About time we got revenge then….

  27. Good Morning Rico and the House.
    Excellant post Ginge did you really put it together over lunch?
    That would have taken me a month to think up and two months to write.

  28. Morning Rick.

    Ts has a five hour lunch break ;)

  29. Cheers Rick… how you doing Sir? You normally come on here when I am away…

    A bit of CTRL+C and CTRL + V is all it takes Rick. :P

    Cheeky Rico… ;)

  30. :) Ts, I hope you write a few more during your lunch breaks…

  31. If I get one of Madonna and Suarez’s Kabbalah red string I may get inspiration from the rain-man to turn out a few over lunch… :o ;)

    Maybe Kev and Adam could find me a spare one…

  32. :P Rico so far as its not Aleister Crowley’s old one I will take it…

  33. You lost me there Ts… ;)

  34. Good day all.

    Another good one TS!

    I’m not overly optimistic about this evening, going on our recent form and the fact we haven’t played a team this good since they knocked us out last year, we could get absolutely spanked. That would have the potential to derail everything so hopefully every one of our players turns in a top performance.

    That said we are due a great performance from the lads…….

  35. Hi Lewis..

    No Ts, I haven’t seen that…

  36. Does anyone know if it’s hard to get tickets for the homegames if you’re not a ST holder?
    Been to London twice now, tried to get tickets 3 months in advance, but no luck :(

  37. Hello Rico and all. Wtf is Pellegrini moaning about? Strange that Owen and that other total plonker Aldridge aren’t bitching that Barca’s good goal was ruled offside. We know what sticklers they are for mistakes. From what I saw Man City were outplayed for most of the game and as for a foul on Navas? I say that Navas is a serial cheat and that any foul on him should be celebrated rather than punished.

  38. I wouldn’t want to be a Totts fan heading out to the Ukraine….

    Mind you, I wouldn’t want to be a Totts fan, period!

  39. Thanks Lewis….

    We can only do our best come kick-off…

  40. Sorry Adk, I don’t know the answer there…

    Hi Adam. Pellerini is really unhappy isn’t he.. Hamman (spelling) thinks he is well out of order…

  41. The ref was the one who let Lewandowski get away with an assault on Koscielny….

  42. Yes a Rico. I could no more understand his point than I can comprehend the utter drivel that spews from Andy Townsend’s mouth.

  43. Are they speedos or a pair ofJack Palace,Giroud wearing.

    Little tip for those who like a bet to-nite.
    Paddypower are offering first time customers 10/1 The Arsenal to win.£100 for a cockle and hen….Now you like your chickens rico.

  44. DK you should try to find a Denmark supporters club. I have friends in Oslo and they get tickets from theirs. E mail the club and see if they know of one they like overseas supporters. Either that or next time you are in London wait outside the training ground and chase the team bus. That seems to work.

  45. I wouldn’t waste £100 fred ;)

    Potter, your last is very very funny.. lol

  46. hi everyone ……we can only hope the boys turn up and arsene send them out with a specific plan……..I think Bayern are very much beatable….we just have to keep it tight in the early stages as that’s when we usually lose this big games…..nice read ts….

  47. Hi snaparse, AW assures us that tonight we will see ‘a game for the purest’ …..

  48. Potter, that’s really useful. Thank you :)

  49. hope so Rico…….how u doing??

  50. you should have pointed out to the journous who claim we wont stand a chance against the Bavarians, that somewhere, someday our cycle has to begin no?????

    Good article Ginginho

    Good Afternoon Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

  51. Good thanks snaparse, you?

    Afternoon Devil. AW’s record against Pep isn’t good at The Ems. I’m hanging on to that stat ;)

  52. records count for nothing Rico. its about how many balls the players on the pitch have.

    I mean just one ball is kicked about during the match but there are supposed to be plenty running about. However it all goes tits up if some balls go missing.

  53. Off for a while now, catch up later…

  54. I agree totally Devil, was kind of suggesting that’s the only thing that gives me hope for tonight…. ;)

  55. Good Afternoo Rico and All

    Good Read T’s as well as your previous post.

    “I hope Arsene shows the world that the old dog still has a few tricks up his sleeve and shows Pep why Wenger is still the old master he publicly admits to respect.” That really sound like the one and only AW.

    I know we can beat them, but recently the Germans scare the hell out of me whenever we play them in the EMI.

    Off to read what all you nice people have to say.

  56. Bayern are favourites for a win tonight according to the bookies.

    They have them as 8/11 while Gunners are 4/1.

    Double chance has AFC at 23/20 while the Bavarians are 2/11

    GG would have pinned those on the dressing room wall and would have had the players snorting blood through their nostrils and every other orifice.

  57. Hello Dev, Ng…

  58. Damn, AW should have bought Cabaye his first appearance in the CL last night was impressive…

  59. Ts, of the bench and scored….

    Afternoon to you, Ng, Devil and all

  60. Nice post tsgh, not a laughing matter getting caught with your pants down or suffering from a bad back !
    Bring on the Bavarian minnows, I fancy us tonight, not sure about the away leg so a couple of goals breathing space would be nice.
    C’mon Arsenal.
    Who needs Gotze, we got Eisfeld.

  61. the most important thing is that we do not concede. 1-0, 2-0 will be fine. because if we get an important away goal we will be practically through.

    But we must not concede.

  62. :) Micko…

    Agree Devil, just don’t concede…

  63. tsgh, ‘those with an interest in tactic’s’………………I’ll be happy if they put in a real honest hard shift tonight, that’ll do me !

  64. I’m good Rico………work and all but I’m kicking……I’m really nervous but I hope I’d have something to smile about after the game

  65. Hello rico, it’s on the box, happy days.

  66. Evening all, Solid post Ginge, but that’s to be expected :)
    I don’t think there is a team we cant beat at home, as long as we turn up. Play as we can, which we’ll need to, and i can see a tight victory. They will be worried about us of that i’m sure

  67. hi ts….rosicky was some player back then…..shame about his injuries dou……a true professional as well

  68. Afternoon all.
    Ginge sorry I have not ans your 1140. just as i was about to the doorbell went .My daughter and son in law called to take out for a celibration lunch.As I have told you he is a Barnett Bee (bess him ) and was in a good mood after beating the fish and chip boys last night. He thinks they are the best team he has seen at that level for a long time. This made me realise what a great side we all support.
    I made my first visit to Highbury in 1947 and I was on the Northbank.on the last game of the season when Ronnie Rooke scored 4 in a 8-0 tumping of Grimbsy. While they have dropped into
    the conferance we are the only team to remain in the top league
    I think you will gather I am doing ok at the moment and will be even better should we win tonight.

  69. So would I Micko. If we are going out at this stage again this season, let’s do it having put up one heck of a fight…..

  70. Happy days indeed Micko….

    Sky Sports do like to be so negative about us…. Anal really!

  71. snaparse, don’t be nervous, no-one expects us to win, just enjoy it. There may be a surprise on the cards….

  72. Off to get dinner, laters…

  73. Wow.Yaya starts ahead if OG12.

  74. 1947 Rick?Lucky man you are….

    Hi Micko… did you also get caught with your pants… :P

  75. No Santi over TR07 again?

    Arsenal team to play Bayern: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo

  76. BM start with my predicted line-up but AW ???

    pear shape comes to mind…

    Rest TR07 over weekend and then bench him in a big European game… pff

    Neuer – Dante, Thiago, Martínez, Mandzukić, Robben, Boateng, Götze, Lahm (K), Alaba, Kroos |

  77. It looks like OG12 and Poldi have been ‘frimponged’

  78. Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo

    Subs: Fabianski, Monreal, Jenkinson, Rosicky, Gnabry, Podolski, Giroud

  79. Hmm… 4-1-4-1 with Sanogo up front?
    He did a good job, but to start him against the best team in the world?

  80. Fire power on the bench .. Gnabry, Podolski, Giroud

    No wonder we didn’t need to buy,we were all wrong!

    Master-stroke or going to look foolish with egg on AW’s face, know in a couple of hours.

  81. Wenger: “Sanogo is playing well. It’s as simple as that. You can debate every position if you want.. hmmm

  82. Hell of a vote of confidence!

  83. Not sure can agree Sanago’s playing well, from my memory he’s been injured since we bought him …..

    But chucked in the deep-end here, be a good test!

  84. I kind of suspected that he would go with Yaya. but my head was saying OG.

    Maybe his lack of scoring when presented with clear cut opportunities in front of a gaping net or a kitten has led AW to such a decision.

    AW…”Mon Dieu Monsieur Olivier. you could not even score wiz a kitten in ze bed? and you expect to score against Neuer?”

  85. Ah, just noticed Thiago is in the DM instead of Lahm…

    So Lahm and Robben verse poor old Gibbs…

    As I always say the worse job in top football is being a full back for Arsenal…

  86. Wenger operating zero tolerance then….

    Hmmmmm, he’s going for a bit of pace up front maybe…

    Evening all…

  87. :D Dev… maybe you are right..

    But I think he must have been punished heavy for breaking a serious footballing/sporting rule right before a game ;)

  88. Ah, agree, one reasonable game against the dippers tells little…

    Hope Sanogo does well though, really well….

  89. Pace up front but we are a bit short defensively especially on the fronts imho…

    How will SC19 track back against Robben and Lahm?

    At least no Muller…

  90. maybe AW knows something which we do not. Maybe he has seen Yaya’s tackling in training versus the lack of tackle by Olivier.

  91. Guys and gals, just don’t judge Sanogo after tonight. If he plays badly (which wouldn’t surprise me), and we all start putting pressure on him, he will play even worse.
    Wenger must be desperate

  92. What I do not get is why has AW benched him if OG did nothing.

    I mean, does AW think that the lack of ‘scoring’ when presented with a clear cut opportunity may have affected Ollie’s self esteem?

  93. ADK…….you are right mate. The least I hope is that Yaya will give his all. The crowd will sense that. Even if he has a bad game, but still tries his best he will have the crowd behind him.

  94. I won’t Adk, not after playing the current CL Champions…

    Devil, probably because he has done something…

  95. Wouldn’t criticise YS, it would be AWs fault for not buying the forward that 95% of supporters and critics expected. Maybe higher than 95% but I’m being lenient ;-)

  96. just seen the lineup…….how is rosicky not playing????…… hope carzola put on a defensive shift cus I don’t see Gibbs surviving Robben and lahm alone

  97. I agree Devil.
    As long as he tries as he did against Liverpoop, it’s enough for me. But a goal or two wouldn’t hurt ;)

  98. Snaparse, Gibbs will eat them alive!

  99. Feel free to volunteer to write a match report anyone……

    Otherwise you’ll have to wait until midday tomorrow for a new post as I have to go out early in the morning :(
    ;) ;)

  100. hahaha adk I hope so……

  101. Here we go then, best of British Arsenal…


    Make it 150 victories at The Emirates…..

  102. Morning all.
    Game time, and Giroud is nowhere to be found…….apparently, Rico has him bailed up :)

  103. Wow that was a bad penalty

  104. we missed a penalty.

  105. Wtf does Ozil take our penalties when he approaches them like he did…

    Fecking idiot!!

  106. Old school chums Bradster, should have let Sanogo put his boot through it, or someone else….

  107. Where was Arteta!!

  108. Believe in yourself Yaya, shoot, don’t pass….

  109. A German that misses penalties…could only happen at Arsenal.

    At least we started well unlike last season, gotta keep it up, Pep Guardiola has never won at the Emirates, a good omen.

  110. We need the fans to come alive again, gone a bit quiet after the pen miss…

  111. Worst is bloody Owen as commentator.

  112. Was a shocker Micko.

  113. Great stuff Yaya…So close for OC

  114. OC is causing them all sorts of probs…

  115. Ozil doesn’t like he’s up for this at all since the penalty…

    Shape up or get off I say….

  116. Ozil you total twat.

  117. Gibbs off :( :(

  118. Gibbs, looks like a hamstring, whats that 6 weeks out ! Nothing changes.

  119. Why wasn’t Boatang (spelling) booked and then off??

  120. Monreal on… Oh god…

  121. 6 months for us Micko :(

  122. Now Cazorla needs to work.

  123. So Gibbs has decided after 30 minutes he can’t be bothered 3 man job…;)

  124. I get your point there Ts…

  125. As I always say top teams overload our lb position… but AW persists with defensive passengers in from of our lb…

    The worst job in football i.e playing lb for AFC…

  126. AW needs to sort our left side out….

  127. Feck!!



  128. AW should never ave started SC19 on the lhs in the first place…

    They were there for the taking… now its all over!

    keep it at 2-0 at most…


  129. another missed pen

  130. Dev… what do you think? 3 at the back from 2nd half and go 4 in middle… take of jw10 and bring on CJ25

  131. Chesney never even touched their player.

  132. Its not over yet Ts.

  133. I didn’t think so either Devil, I feckin hate Robben!!

  134. nah mate. 3 at the back would be murder.
    4-4-1 for me
    and keep it tight

  135. 5-3-1 for me and just keep them out…

  136. This ref could even the odds if Bayern aren’t careful.

  137. Not a bad half at all for us…

    It could have been far better if Aw had been a bit pragmatic with a bit of street common sense…

    Pep, will bring on Muller after the break to hurt our lb even more…

    Our middle too porous..

    Gotze and Thiago are treating Flamini and JW as nobodies…

    Kroos is now too good imo…

  138. Boring Boring Chelsea…

    Evening All…
    Szczesny off, memories of Paris 2006…


  139. Come on Fab, another display like against Liverpool please

  140. I think it is important we flood the midfield after the break…

    BM hardly hurt teams with their striker unless a ball goes over the top. Mandzukic is getting frustrated already but we are not picking up Gotze…

    If Muller joins … ???

    it looks like JW and Flamini will need extra help in other to close the gaps being created by the side to side movement

  141. And don’t get injured Fab because I guess that’s Sch out of second leg.

  142. I tell you what.

    We will win 1-0.

    And still the dwarf would say that he does not rate us.

  143. The importance of Arteta shows… he would have buried that penalty…

  144. Brad, he already should have y giving Boeteng a second yellow…

  145. Good point Ah re Fabianski…

  146. Come on gunners..

    All to play for…

  147. Ts, I hope you are writing this match report up as I type ;)

  148. Sure is Kev… :(

  149. Szczesny took Robben out clear as day guys, don’t see how anyone can argue that.
    Bayern will pass us to death second half, a long 45 minutes coming up.

  150. Robben should not even have been on the pitch… he spat on Sagna…

  151. Our luck Jack or Flamini will do something stupid and get sent off too

  152. Took him out?? Check it again Mick. He did not even touch him.

  153. cazorla replaced… not agree
    Gibbs out for 3 weeks?
    Sosoko must work much more

  154. Rafinha in… brrrr
    Boateng out?

  155. Micko, just seen the replay and Robben was definitely caught by Ches, but the cheating git made the most of it…

    I hope Boeteng gets a second yellow and makes it even….

  156. 3 nned to go 3 at the back….

    Lahm in midfield….!

  157. And now, we will see the BM players dive dive dive some more.

    We are not closing down their players quickly enough. :( Plus, I bet Muller would be coming on. :( :(

    Having said that, Dante is there for the taking. Look at him panic!!

  158. Just a thought. A friend of mine just pointed out that Robben wasn’t going to get the ball so why a red and not a yellow??

  159. A yellow would have been fair Dev, but he caught him alright, not sure he would have scored from the loose ball though.
    Anyhow’s everything crossed.

  160. Ah Rico… I am on stats duty this evening so… ;)

  161. Ozil for Giroud and get Giroud to hold the ball up for Yaya and Ox…

  162. I guess Ozil isn’t gonna work and help defend

  163. :( Ts, I am gutted…..

    5am alarm for me then :(


  164. Fab will be having a verrrrry busy night….

  165. Rather put Flamini left and swap Rosicky for Ozil in the middle

  166. Robben should go for 12 months for that….low grade piece of shit.

  167. Giroud will, as would Serge….

    Ozil is having a shocker, we need to keep a clean sheet and he has to go off surely…

    But we only have one sub left so I guess AW has little choice but to wait…


  168. Kroos… what did I say?

    BM will only score from midfield…

    Now Muller will come on and Martinez will go into CB role me think…

  169. Keep it at 2-0 and we will beat them at home…!

  170. Painful to watch…

    AW has not mitigated…side to side and ball over the top all night long from Kroos and Lahm…

  171. The 2nd dirtiest BM player is on…

  172. Bayern are having a great time. Even when they’re not playing their best, they are frightening…

  173. Muller on, have a heart Pep.

  174. We are tired. I’ll be surprised if Bayern don’t score again…

  175. I realized i hate Muller’s face as much as Xavi’s. :D

  176. Against ten men maybe Adk, but when it was 11 v 11, all things were pretty equal…

    Gibbs going off has helped them too…

  177. Mind you Monreal is getting no support whatsoever!

  178. Fair point rico.
    I would still not be devastated if we crashed out now, if it meant for us that we would lift the FA cup or PL trophy. Any trophy would do,..

  179. Pull Ozil out. He is having a mare.

  180. JW faking an injury… ;)

  181. I will keep Ozil on personally… he still has the legs…

    Just checked the distance covered Ox and JW are slowing down as onew may expect since they just coming back from injury…

    Good sub

  182. Unleash the Giroud!

  183. our subs for the night is done Adk

  184. Tomas for OC and not Ozil?? Doh!!

  185. What? Who did we bring on? Fabianski, Rosicky and?

  186. TR07 give me on….

    Pensioner Pizaro… pep is cruel man!

  187. Dammit! Monreal! :(
    We won’t be scoring any more.

  188. Adk, 2nd or 3rd and the FA Cup would be good..

    PL Champs would of course be the tops ;)

  189. Flamini reading Ozil the riot act….quality, the guy needs a rocket up his arse.

  190. He sure does Micko…

    1-0 I had great hope, 2-0, I think it’s too much…

    Night all……

  191. Adk, red card mate…

  192. I thought £25M for Kroos I will now swap Ozil for Kroos..

  193. Yeah ts, I forgot.
    Rico, we are out. Personally I won’t be watching the return leg. Actually I didn’t watch it the last time, and look how it went ;)

    It’s 22:35 here in Copenhagen, so good night to you all

  194. Game and tie over me thinks

  195. We’ll do better in Munich. We weren’t all that bad 11 v. 11.

  196. night guys…

    AW selection again cost us…!

    BM are not that good…

    Psg will win the CL

  197. Night all. Another injury, suspension, and euro ended. On the bright side Sanago looks like a poor mans Benteke and has youth on his side.

  198. Back to bread and butter..

    next 3 games 9 points and nothing less Monsieur Wenger!

    Sat: Sunderland (h) PL
    Sat: Stoke (a) PL
    Sat: Everton (h) Cup

    Good effort boys.. we didn’t have Theo and Ramsey…

    Ramsey vs Kroos would have been mouth watering… next time :)

  199. Jamie… its a red card :x
    Typical when its AFC..

    gone now!

  200. Nite tsgh, your post header was very apt, if I didn’t know better I’d say you were in the know !

  201. I posted a few days ago then all those who finished first in their groups, normally go ahead. It’s the statistic of thr Campions League. Look at the scores on Tuesaday and Wednesday. In normal conditions, thes four winners go to the next stage and all of them finished first in theirs groups.
    Back to the match:
    a) I wrote at the half time then I wasn’t agree with the replacement. For me, Ozil must be out. The reasons are: with 10 men, we need 9 runners, 9 men workers, 9 defenders. Ozil didn’t have no desire nor DNA to defend
    b) Wilshere-Ozil-Cazorla at the same in the team. We not win again. Is it very difficult to understand this?
    c) Guardiola: all the players close to the second yellow, were replaced.

  202. Predictable showing.

  203. Meuer on German TV said we were harshly done by on the red card.

  204. I am proud of the boys. they went down fighting and I couldn’t ask for more. I thought Wenger’s choices were brave. no shame in losing to a better team. am not going to dissect the game, serves no purpose. I don’t think we have adequate goal scorers to overturn the loss in Germany so, till next season. now focus is on sunderland and everton in the league and cup respectively.

  205. It’s a long way to Tipperary.

  206. Evening all, Its easy to slag a losing team, but those players worked their socks off. I was impressed with all of our players, Ozil never had his best night but when your goalkeeper gets sent off and your reduced to ten men that’s normally what happens. Ozil is not used to working like that, he usually has a free roll, and found it tough to maintain a defensive position, but he still did he’s bit. 60 minutes is a long time to play ten against eleven, and tiredness finally caught them up, 2.0 is an uphill struggle but its not over yet. For all those that have given up, man up and show a little Arsenal spirit, they haven’t given up yet and nor should you. Well done Gunners.

  207. Ozil is a SLACKER…

    Ask yourself this, why would RM sell a player as good as Ozil?

    (a) because they’re broke and in need of cash
    (b) because they want to finance a better player than Ozil
    (c) because he’s a slacker and in need of attitude adjustment. Someone who careless what others think.

    Take your pick!

  208. Onwards and Upwards for the FACup…

    That’s the Holy Grail for this season…

  209. Just got home from the Emirates, I think the ref cost us the game, it certainly did not look a red from the North Bank, give them the same start in Munich and we might just get there in the end. I think this is not over yet…

  210. Well I officially blame Ts for last nights result…. He put out a team yesterday with only ten men talk about jinx the team….!

    Ts, hang your head in shame…..!

  211. Robben is in the Maureenhoe camp for me…another prick of Biblical proportions!

  212. I thought it was purely a yellow but there were so many other questions raised that we will no doubt be discussing later today. What was Wilshere thinking with that free kick stranding Kos in their area as they got their second. There is a lack of tactical nous in the team , they don’t think , they don’t look and seemingly they don’t appear to talk to each other. 1-0 the return is possible 2 – 0 doubtful.

  213. Morning all..

    Did he spit or was it sweat?

    Regardless, I hate the cheating, diving little squirt….

  214. Playing with 9 players on the pitch in the second half didn’t help either..

    AW needs to grow a pair and take Ozil off when he’s not interested in putting a shift in…

    When you are down to ten you need workers not shirkers…

  215. Rico, to be fair Ozil ran around a lot BUT it’s not his game to defend and get stuck in…. You can carry a luxury player but not 2 or 3… Ozil n Cazorla don’t work for me in the same side when your wide men have to also put in a shift and do some defending….!

    Still no excuse for one of the wankiest penalties ever… Whole body language was wrong… Why didn’t someone have the bollox to say Oz let me take it mate I really want this…!

  216. Like said I yesterday this stupid rule..A goal scoring opportunity.
    A penalty is a goal scoring opportunity.
    Why send a player off if you are giving a penalty.
    Surely the foul Ozil is scoring opportunity
    Ruined the game two nights running.This stupid rule.

    Stats for last night talking of effort milage:Flamini,Jack and Ozil.

  217. Morning Gooners,
    Don’t like to say i told you so, but the other day i left a comment saying that our continued involvement in the Champions league was down to EUFA and the officials, Two Premier clubs this week ended up with ten men against eleven and it just so happens that the two teams played are favourites to win the competition. Arsenals history in this competition has all been about sending off’s ever since this competition started. Controversial decisions all of them but always against and never in our favour. Last nights game was typical of controversial decisions. No denying that Czezesney made contact with Robben and that it was a penalty, but the ball was running away from the goal so was not a scoring opportunity so no red card should have been shown. This rule should be made perfectly clear as the Germans got two awards for one incident and that was a very good game over in one decision. What i would like to point out is had the incident been with a fullback and contact had been made this would not neccessarily had been a foul as contact is part and parcel of a contact sport, unless of course if you are a goalkeeper. This competition that EUFA run is a political competition What other teams suffer every year by EUFA officials always targeting British clubs, how long will this go on as it is clearly visibly Biassed.

    EUFA have continually banned Our manager from the touchline only this year has been different as it was clearly starting to stand out, What other manager has had that amount of touchline bans or any bans at all.

    Since the touchline tec has been in how often has it been utilised, but area Tec should be brought in as referee’s are making up the rules to please themselves.

    To win this competition you need to either be very wealthy, or be a favourite with EUFA we are Neither.

  218. I get that Wath but once we were down to ten, we needed grafters to why keep him on? He’s not going to roll his sleeves up and dig in. Whereas bring on Tomas earlier, Gnabry or even Giroud may have helped, at least Giroud will get back and defend, and he could have helped hold the ball up..

    I just didn’t get why OC made way when he was doing far more than Ozil…

  219. I think it’s a stupid rule too fred… In any case, the ball was going away from Robben so it wasn’t clear cut…

  220. Wenger says Ox took a knock at half time Rico and they didn’t want to keep him on and Ozil had more legs…!
    Loosing Gibbs early on also had a huge impact on the game, Monreal got roasted but also had no one helping him at all but positionally he was all over the place…! Gibbs is quicker and also gives BM concerns cos he gets forward well.

    Lots of things transpired to go against us last night but hand on heart we ain’t ever winning the CL but the result is a bitch when we started off so well and should of been one up in ten mins…!

  221. I didn’t realise Ox took a knock Wath. For sure Ozil had more legs, he was jogging around for most of the game ;)

    Spot on re the 1-0 up, had that gone in who knows what may have happened next…

  222. Why do have so many players that are perma-crocks? It’s a joke, imo they should all be moved on!

  223. I see that totally shit Costa scored the winner in Milan…….

  224. No way it was a send off, but so be it……
    What about the dive of Neuer?
    Went down like a two dollar hooker after Sanogo missed him.
    I detest diving……..pisses me off no end, and as for that scumbag spitting bald headed prick, wouldn’t i love to see him cop a season ending injury.
    Morning guys….i feel better now :)

  225. Good point, Wath.
    Why is it Nacho is suddenly shit?
    Does it coincide with the player in front of him bludging in defence, or is just me?

  226. Have you folk noticed that Ozil plays better with TR07? Compare and contrast the games he played with TR and the games without.

    AW should have started MF, TR and Ozil. JM points out that JW and Cazorla together do not work.

  227. Good Morning bdw.

  228. Wath. would you put the new post up in a while please, have to dash…..


  229. Hi Devil, who does Jack play best with?
    Over the past two seasons, our win ratio is better when he doesn’t play……has Wenger worked out how best to use him yet?
    Ginge has been saying for a while Ozil goes better with Rosicky……tell Arsene :)

  230. Morning Rico and all. Arsene’s decision not to buy the striker that we so obviously need now looks a little short sighted since Giroud went off the reservation I think.
    I thought that, with the current rules, it was a red card and a penalty though there is something eminently detestable about Robben. Scott. You’re right about Neuer’s theatricals. Another tosser. We were unfortunate to concede that second goal but we were hardly smart in our play were we? We should have played for time just like we didn’t against Dortmund at home. That late conceded goal cost us dear.

  231. i read stats because i did not see the game, they had 79% possession. That has to be a record even with 10 men considering we had a recognised Keeper in goal – 38 completed passes for the whole second half, surely these can not be right?

  232. Hi all,

    I think the Wilshere conundrum is a combination of a few things:
    1) bulking up causing him to lose pace so taking on players doesn’t work like it used to
    2) not having Song being the every where in midfield man to cover if he screws up.
    3) No longer able to use the youth, inexperience excuse for running into blind alleys or silly passes.
    4) An attitude spurned on by the media that he has made it and is England’s next super star player.

  233. We missed Gervinho…

  234. Adam – looked at the video – how was that not a penalty – clearly stood the standing leg – red card 50/50 call but by the rules, it is. What’s up with Wenger not shaking hands with pep? True or false? Strange if true pep has been complimenting him all week

  235. took the standing leg sorry not stood

  236. Adam if it was a red card for Chez surely a red card on Ozil… the rule is a goalscoring opportunity and Ozil was clear through on goal to shoot…! Robben didn’t even have the ball under control so how it is deemed goalscoring opportunity pen and a yellow in my book…! Yet again grey area no consistency on decisions only when they all seem to go against us…!

    Dev, TR7 gives Ozil tempo and makes spaces for him to pass 2… The pen miss knocked the stuffing out of him big time yet why did no one in the side have the balls to stand up and say I want the pen… leave it Oz it’s mine…!

  237. Adam, i reckon i guys were out on there feet towards the end.
    How good was Kozzer?
    Best CB in the world.

  238. Excellent points Potter,Brad,Scott…

    Hey and WATH… its not my fault you spotted I fielded a 10 man team… :P too many observant peeps on here… ;)

    Well to me JW is overrated always does 2 things within the first 10 minutes of each game and then goes missing; As Potter said earlier we have a few players who can’t think on the field…

    All of a sudden every man on TV is going on about Kroos… he did not even celebrate when he scored…

    I can’t believe sky swapped JW distance covered for Sagna’s… pathetic!

    They trying to make JW look good…

    Morning all btw.. bad morning for me… my exhaust fell off whilst driving to work…

    The AA guy thinks someone tried to nick the platinum used in the exhaust and failed but I still have to fork out…

  239. Kozzer best in the world indeed…

  240. JW should learn to sit back and make the Arteta position his own. But he must learn not to hog the ball and not advance too much forward. He is not good at the number 10 pos. I think he will be better in the DM position, but first he must learn to harness his talent.

  241. ”You can carry a luxury player but not 2 or 3… Ozil n Cazorla don’t work for me in the same side when your wide men have to also put in a shift and do some defending….!”

    Ditto WATH, you summed it up perfectly imho…

  242. Hiya Dev… did you see how Lahm and Kroos did not even have to dribble…?

    You are spot on there re JW being a deep lying midfielder only…

  243. does he read the play well enough for that position full time Devil?

  244. Dev do you really think JW can be a defensive midfielder…? I don’t…!
    I am torn on him playing as a No10 as well I think a lot depends on the players around him and like Ozil he is found wanting when we lack tempo and movement from the players in front of them..!

    Even playing tika takka BM use the width of the pitch as much as possible and thats something we hardly ever do yet when Ox ran at them in the first half BM looked dodgy…! Speed and width how mnany times have we all said it…!

  245. Oz, at the moment he doesn’t…

    On 12th December 2012, this is what I said…

    ”Most fans will blame Gervinho for our lose but to me JW is the reason why we could not break them down and why we created 2 chances against a team that cost over £60M less than our starting XI”…

  246. New Post is up…!

  247. Honestly, Jack seems to play like an 8 year old to me….head down and go forward……no thought about what else is happening.
    He has all the ability in the world, but is he any worse at reading the the game Theo, who always cops that tag?

  248. tsgh – 26 shots to 9? Seemed very one way traffic – 79% overall possession not sure in today’s game one player should make those kind of percentage differences tactically – its why they are the best i guess

  249. fair call Scott – no worse than Theo no – How much are we missing him as well – big time. Is one player Ozil might shine with

  250. Neither can I WATH. but I think that with time he will learn it.

    He is definitely not a number 10. Not when we have been spoiled with players such as DB10 and Cesc. Even Cazorla is a better 10 than him.

  251. I am amazed how Gervinho is tearing it up over there -

  252. I think they had him tabbed for DM for England did they not? Seem to remember reading those reports

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