Sign up for Frank. Bitter Old has been, but does he have a point?

Morning all.

If I were picking the Premier League top XI, I wouldn’t have an Arsenal player in it.

I don’t think they have the quality of Chelsea, City, of half of Liverpool. They are punching above their weight. They don’t have the absolute quality to win the Champions League.

Ouch, that loss hurt on Sunday did it Michael Owen?

Well good, that little squirt has to be one of the most biased commentators in football, not to mention how poor he actually is at his job. At least pundits like Roy Keane, Gary Neville and a few others manage to remain impartial when commenting about their old clubs. Owen is just a bitter and twisted old has been who is clearly still in love with his old club and shares that Liverpool hatred towards Arsenal. Seldom does he resist being critical about us when commentating on BT Sport.

Mind you, if he truly loved and respected the Liverpool fans, no way would he have gone off to Manchester United to collect a final pay packet from the sick bay!

But does he have a point?

Are we punching above our weight?

I’d say no because the league is what it is and we have won the points which are registered on the league table.

Have we done that with a limited squad? I’d say for sure we have but for me that shows that the players we have have been totally dedicated and committed to grinding out results to make sure we win.

Ok, the way we have gone about that hasn’t always been to pleasing on the eye but ultimately, points are on the board and we sit second and neither can be taken away from us right now. Of course, where we end up at the end of the season is what counts and that will tell us the real story. Whatever that story is, we have to build on the squad we have and make sure we are a lot stronger after the summer transfer window.

As for the players which Owen thinks wouldn’t make his top league team, well what a plank!

Talking of which…..

I would say he's a dickhead for getting caught but.......

I would say he’s a dickhead for getting caught but…….

Back to us, Owen has clearly not been watching our defence, our goalkeeper and Aaron Ramsey to name just a few, at least one, two or maybe even more would surely make their way into the league team of the season so far.

Maybe he’s spent too much time watching Suarez diving off the 50 metre board!!

Finally, there is a petition which you are invited to sign if you believe our old boy Frank Mclintock deserves to have a statue outside The Emirates. After all, not many of our Captains can brag about how they lifted our first Euro trophy followed by the double a year later in 1971.

Click on the link HERE and help make sure those who did us proud a few years back don’t get forgotten.

And Frank Mclintock certainly made Arsenal FC and all fans very proud….

That’s it for today, Bayern tomorrow, that should be interesting…..

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