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Sign up for Frank. Bitter Old has been, but does he have a point?

Morning all.

If I were picking the Premier League top XI, I wouldn’t have an Arsenal player in it.

I don’t think they have the quality of Chelsea, City, of half of Liverpool. They are punching above their weight. They don’t have the absolute quality to win the Champions League.

Ouch, that loss hurt on Sunday did it Michael Owen?

Well good, that little squirt has to be one of the most biased commentators in football, not to mention how poor he actually is at his job. At least pundits like Roy Keane, Gary Neville and a few others manage to remain impartial when commenting about their old clubs. Owen is just a bitter and twisted old has been who is clearly still in love with his old club and shares that Liverpool hatred towards Arsenal. Seldom does he resist being critical about us when commentating on BT Sport.

Mind you, if he truly loved and respected the Liverpool fans, no way would he have gone off to Manchester United to collect a final pay packet from the sick bay!

But does he have a point?

Are we punching above our weight?

I’d say no because the league is what it is and we have won the points which are registered on the league table.

Have we done that with a limited squad? I’d say for sure we have but for me that shows that the players we have have been totally dedicated and committed to grinding out results to make sure we win.

Ok, the way we have gone about that hasn’t always been to pleasing on the eye but ultimately, points are on the board and we sit second and neither can be taken away from us right now. Of course, where we end up at the end of the season is what counts and that will tell us the real story. Whatever that story is, we have to build on the squad we have and make sure we are a lot stronger after the summer transfer window.

As for the players which Owen thinks wouldn’t make his top league team, well what a plank!

Talking of which…..

I would say he's a dickhead for getting caught but.......

I would say he’s a dickhead for getting caught but…….

Back to us, Owen has clearly not been watching our defence, our goalkeeper and Aaron Ramsey to name just a few, at least one, two or maybe even more would surely make their way into the league team of the season so far.

Maybe he’s spent too much time watching Suarez diving off the 50 metre board!!

Finally, there is a petition which you are invited to sign if you believe our old boy Frank Mclintock deserves to have a statue outside The Emirates. After all, not many of our Captains can brag about how they lifted our first Euro trophy followed by the double a year later in 1971.

Click on the link HERE and help make sure those who did us proud a few years back don’t get forgotten.

And Frank Mclintock certainly made Arsenal FC and all fans very proud….

That’s it for today, Bayern tomorrow, that should be interesting…..

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138 Responses to Sign up for Frank. Bitter Old has been, but does he have a point?

  1. Scott from Oz says:

    I think people worry too much about what media pundits have to say.
    They offer an opinion…that is all….and listening to the opinion of idiots the likes of Michael Owen should reinforce the fact that because they are well paid to give their opinion, it is not worth two bob.
    I can honestly say i value more the opinion of people on here than i do of the supposed experts.
    Morning all.

  2. potter says:

    Well thank you kind sir , Problem being that so many in our small sceptred isle believe what they are fed by such people as Owen. They repeat it ad infinitum and bore the knickers off anyone within earshot. Such is the power of the media
    Morning Scot and all..

  3. tsgh says:

    Good read Rico and a very good link by Lee too…

    As an armchair football ‘expert’… (where is Micko btw? :-) ) I have no choice but to listen to Michael Owen’s false gospel and stats… during games…

    To say he is a bad pundit does not fully describe his ineptness imo…

    He was a lazy player with a long sick note (only rivaled by Diaby) who for some strange reason managed to win the Ballon D’or when the likes of Henry and DB10 could not even get a sniff of it thanks to UEFA’s dubious Spanish team policy…

    ‘Owen is just a bitter and twisted old has been who is clearly still in love with his old club and shares that Liverpool hatred towards Arsenal. ‘- the funny thing is he is disliked by the Scousers and so no matter how much gibberish he spills to try to make amends he will be disliked…

    He may have won a few tins/silverware but he is definitely not going to get a statute at Merseyside or Old Trafford imho…

  4. potter says:

    Dropped a “T ” somewhere , apologies.

  5. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge, will he get one at Real? :)

  6. potter says:

    And then Ginge found it in his statue , weird

  7. Scott from Oz says:

    Poter, all good hahahaha

  8. tsgh says:

    Good point Scott and Potter…

    I was looking at our defensive stats last night and noticed that we have conceded a higher percentage of goals from set-pieces this season than the last 3 season…

    Oddly enough the so called experts have not mentioned that as compared to last season (I am not inviting them btw) because it does not serve their purpose to say that with us just a point behind money bags Chelsea and having the 2nd best defensive record…

    In the last 2 or 3 season s we have had the best away defensive record, its a shame 42% of the goals we have conceded this season has come from 2 games away…

    This just shows that what they choose to report is normally served by an underlining agenda imo…

  9. tsgh says:

    ha ha Potter/Scott re statue at the Bernabeu i don’t think so…

    Raul has not even gotten one…

  10. rico says:

    Morning Scott, Potter, Ts and all and thanks re the post Ts..

  11. Wavy says:

    Morning all
    Signed the petition. What a player and captain Frank McLintock was. Not a bad Sky pundit either, a bit biased on occasions though and often irascible!
    Owen on the other hand, is so out of touch with the modern game having not played for the last ten years or so hasn’t really any insights to offer. His attempts to big up the dippers is rather sad really. Probably has something to do with being hounded out of the club by R Benitez! Dumped and then got a few lucky moves to big clubs for whom he rarely played but paid him enough for him to buy a few racehorses, none of which are winners though. Says it all. The mans a loser!

  12. tsgh says:

    You are welcome Miss.. I could do with one of your organic chickens… ;) :P

  13. Scott from Oz says:

    I have shared that link for the petition around, as well guys….hope that is ok.
    Ginge, i am rapt that when i come over, the DB10 statue will be up…just in time for my first visit :)

  14. Kelsey says:

    Was a 1 dimension player, 1 dimension pundit and visually one dimensional, in fact if you turn him sideways he is the width of a piece of card.

  15. Hawkeye says:

    We all know that little Mickey is a dick-head with nothing substantial to say. He is trying to get work by being seen as controversial. If none of the Arsenal team are world class, then why are all (except poor MA8) first choice or squad members for their countries?

  16. ArsenalDK says:

    Screw Owen.
    Why even listen to the prick?
    Punching above our weight? Southampton were punching above their weight in the beggining of the campaign. Being number one until recently is NOT punching above our weight!
    (Sorry, I just hate the man)

  17. ArsenalDK says:

    Oh, and goodday to you all

  18. tsgh says:

    Most Probably Scott…

    How is DB10 coming over though ;)

    Hiya Adk…

  19. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge, Kev is picking him up :)

  20. tsgh says:

    :D well can DB10 afford the fare?

  21. rico says:

    So do I Adk….

    Not a chance Ts ;)

  22. Brian Buttle says:

    Agree totally with all the comments regarding Owen. However Andy Gray comes a very close second. Suarez this Suarez that. No mention of him passing with honours from the Kenny Dalgleish school of Diving though.

  23. rico says:

    Welcome to those just joining HH today….

    Good point re Andy Gray, how he is back commentating in the first place I don’t know…

  24. tsgh says:

    Spot on Brian…

    Andy Gray shocked me last weekend after Ox scored… he couldn’t hide his disappointment… I suspect he had a few quid on that game and he was losing it…

  25. rico says:

    And the penalty decision Ts, he was pretty upset about that too ;)

  26. tsgh says:

    Super German legend Rummenigge said: ‘I believe Mourinho is a very good coach but I am not convinced he would be the right fit for Bayern. There are many good coaches. We could maybe name 20 or 30, but we were all unanimous that we should go for Pep.

    Damn, Mauren-ho… so its not just HHers who think you are a *-end…

  27. tsgh says:

    Rico by the end of the match he sounded like his blood pressure was over the roof…

    Al-Jeezera football viewers thought he was biased too…

    I don’t remember him being that way before though…but he was clearly Rednose’s agent by I assumed it was because they were from that part of the UK…

  28. rico says:

    Ts, I don’t think he has ever favoured us or even spoken highly about us. I think he and Keys were the ones who started the ‘AW has fielded a side without an Englishman in it’..

    And we all know where that went….

  29. Tim says:

    Hi everyone,owen will suck his words soon,did you know he once damaged his harmstring sitting on the bench?poor owen,i would rather have Diaby.

  30. tsgh says:

    Interesting Rico… you have a point..

  31. rico says:

    :) Tim…

  32. tsgh says:

    Tim very true…Owen wasted 3 or so years of his life sitting on Yanited’s bench but then has the audacity to go on about AFC signing KK…

    I guess it’s trophies that count…;)
    I don’t see any of those ‘winners’ wearing their medals around like war heroes on TV though…

    I guess most of our English stars are worried they may go backrupt in future and so they want the medals as souvenirs to auction off if it does happen…

  33. rico says:

    I can’t stand either of them Ts…

  34. agirlagunner says:

    Men always look silly when caught with their pants down; Giroud more than most. Ick. :D

    Owen says nothing meaningful; it’s beyond me why such a nonentity even gets airtime.

    Hello, rico! Howdy? Hiya, all!

  35. tsgh says:

    Difference between Mauren-ho and AW when asked about Barca this week…

    Jose- this season’s Barcelona as “the worst for many, many years”

    Wenger- If you’d ask me truthfully if they’re still dominating Europe as they did for some years, I’d say no. But can they still win the Champions League? I’d say yes.

  36. tsgh says:

    Hiya Agag…

    I am surprised you are defending OG12… ;)

    I would have thought you would be jealous.. :P
    As you said though the other ‘gal’ showed little class but hey… she is a z-list celebrity now…

    How you doing btw?

  37. rico says:

    :) agag, don’t they just.. Hello to you too… All good here thanks, you?

  38. rico says:

    Quite a difference there Ts…

  39. potter says:

    Men always look silly when caught with their pants down;

    Sometimes it’s best to leave the lights off.

  40. agirlagunner says:

    I’m NOT defending him, Ginge. I even said he looks sillier than most; and look at him preening like a peacock in that photo. Eeeek. But then again, footballers have no idea, do they? ;) I’m well. And you?

    rico, been having laptop/connectivity issues. :? You okay what with the floods etc.? :)

  41. rico says:

    Just sometimes Potter? ;)

    Agag, I share your annoyance with laptop problems, just had to say goodbye to one of mine.. The other doesn’t work well either :(

    Yes thanks, all ok…

  42. Bob John says:

    Frank McLintock is a true Arsenal legend. Loved his comment when asked which opponent he really hated. He said “I won’t name names but he was small, scottish, ginger and he played for Leeds!” Class act!

  43. agirlagunner says:

    Potter, I agree with rico re: “sometimes”. :D

    Good to hear, you and yours are safe, rico. And laptops don’t come cheap either. :(

    As for Mourinho, just when I think he cannot sink lower in my estimation; he goes and say something truly more stupid/offensive than what he last said. He and Chelsea are a match made in trashy, chavvy heaven.

    Hello, Bob John. :)

  44. tsgh says:

    I am well Agag… was just teasing as always..

    Rico, I may have a post for you for tomorrow so…

  45. rico says:

    :) Bj..

    Thanks agag, no they don’t come cheap… grrrrr

  46. rico says:

    Ts, what for the BM game?? Fab if you have and you have just brightened my day…. ;)

  47. tsgh says:

    Yes Rico another of my pre-match gibberish… ;)

  48. agirlagunner says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s match. We’ll turn BM over. :D

  49. tsgh says:

    I agree Agag…

  50. agirlagunner says:

    I’m hoping Poldi would have a great game. Can’t say I understand why AW doesn’t seem to keen on playing him. And the Ox can announce his “arrival” on world stage, too.

  51. devilgunner says:

    Good Afternoon Lady, Sir, Gentlemen and Ladies.

    The problem with dwarfs is that they have to make a racket to be seen let alone be noticed. So being on the small side he has to say something controversial to be noticed. The thing is that he trying to lick so much arses that his taste buds are failing to notice that those arses he likes to like keep shitting in his mouth.

  52. devilgunner says:

    sorry should have said …..”so many arses” instead of so much arses.

  53. rico says:

    Saves me rabbiting on Ts, thanks heeps…. :)

  54. rico says:

    I don’t get that either agag, wonder if he’s in the naughty corner….

  55. tsgh says:

    JW next to AW in press conference… I guess he will start then… :)

  56. tsgh says:

    hiya Dev

  57. rico says:

    Afternoon Devil, say what you really think :lol:

  58. tsgh says:

    Interesting Dev/Rico…

    Bellerin has been recalled from his loan… he was on the bench for Watford over the weekend but trained this morning with the CL squad…
    Does that mean TV is not going to play for us again?

  59. devilgunner says:

    hiya Ginge.

    Seems that the OX will make way for JW since I presume TR07 will play.

  60. devilgunner says:

    is TV injured or else its just an excuse not to play???

  61. tsgh says:

    Not sure on that one Dev…

    My view is TV asked to move to Manchester and he has been binned but that is just my view…

    I heard from someone that Pellegrini wanted to buy TV to form a partnership with Kompany as they do with the Belgium national team…

  62. devilgunner says:

    This is one player who should have played for us…….

    Happy Birthday Divine Ponytail.

  63. tsgh says:

    I suspect so too Dev re JW… I think it will be a bad move by Arsene…

    AW can’t assume JW is defensively better than Ox when JW will lose the ball in dangerous areas allowing Robben, Gotze and Muller to break on the counter…

    Last season JW really struggled against FC Bavaria at home even when he was in form… it was painful to watch JW with no speed next to Arteta….

    It was when AW played Ramsey and Arteta that we won away…

  64. tsgh says:

    A true legend… shame about his penalty though… ;)

  65. rico says:

    That is interesting Ts, although I thought TV was injured..

  66. tsgh says:

    Dev, God does not make number 10’s like Baggio anymore ;)

  67. tsgh says:

    check your mail Rico…

  68. devilgunner says:

    No mate. God creates. People like AW, Mourinho etc destroy them with their tactical shapes

  69. tsgh says:

    well put… Dev

  70. rico says:

    No Arteta tomorrow, he’s suspended…

  71. tsgh says:

    True Rico… flamini gets the play by default…

  72. rico says:

    Flamini and Jack then…

  73. agirlagunner says:

    Hiya, Dev. How are you? Great points on the Poison Dwarf. :D

    rico, your boy Theo would be much missed tomorrow. ;)

    Ginge, interesting on TV5. But what makes him think he would get game time at Citeh? And seriously now, Man United is just a downgrade. :D

  74. tsgh says:

    Ha ha Agag- TV plays better for Belgium than Kompany so maybe Manuel had a plan…

    I wonder how Jose is feeling today after hearing another chairman of a top European club saying they wanted Wenger as a manager ahead of him…

    Perez also stated the same when he appointed Jose and now Rummeneige has said that when they could not get AW last summer Pep was the obvious choice… Jose was never considered… phew… that must hurt…

  75. BrainwashedKev says:

    Boring Boring Chelsea

  76. devilgunner says:

    so you keep singing the BBC tune all the time habib??

  77. rico says:

    I don’t get why Bellerin would be recalled, not when we have Sagna and Jenkinson ahead of him…

  78. rico says:

    He’s missed big time isn’t he agag..

    Hi Kev.

  79. rico says:

    :) Ts..

  80. devilgunner says:

    that is my concern Rico. why did he recall Bellerin? Unless TV is refusing to play till the end of the season and that makes BS the third CB.

  81. agirlagunner says:

    Ginge, Moanrinho must be seething. He is not nearly as exceptional as he has, in his delusion, led himself to believe. And a relatively lackluster stint at RM has taken the shine off his being the self-anointed Special One. He is beneath contempt, really.

  82. BrainwashedKev says:

    Afternoon All…

    Afternoon Rico, a very adult theme on the post today?! ;-)

    Agag, how are ya doing buddy.
    Doing a bathroom this week, full refurb…

    Ginge/Scott, remarks noted… :-)

  83. tsgh says:

    Hello Mr Kev… :-)

    Dev-That was my line of thoughts too re Bellerin recall

  84. devilgunner says:

    hiya habib.

  85. agirlagunner says:

    Hellooooo AK!! Boring, boring, I agree. :)

    rico, to be fair, even Messi thought Theo was scary when we faced barca three years ago. ;)

  86. BrainwashedKev says:

    Kif Int Habib… Tajjeb? ;-)

    Michael Owen, now there’s a subject….

    No-mark, with no creditability….

    Subject closed in my mind….

    Just a flying visit, tiles to purchase…

    Lata, you Gooners…

  87. devilgunner says:

    Had Theo remained fit we would be more points ahead than we are now.

  88. agirlagunner says:

    Kev, you’re a man of many talents, cab man, fence maker, and now bathroom builder. Not to mention, reverend and shopper. ;) :P

  89. rico says:

    I think you might be right Devil.. ButI can’t see TV refusing to play, maybe he just has a serious injury which is being kept quiet..

    Kev, I can’t think what you mean about the post ;)

  90. tsgh says:

    And a war historian… Agag

    Lets not forget his role model Fergie chose Moyes over Jose too…

  91. tsgh says:

    Bellerin can be an option for DM if needed too…

  92. rico says:

    Maybe Messi didn’t like his latest tattoo agag ;)

  93. rico says:

    Would AW think that though Ts?

  94. tsgh says:

    that is a tough question Rico…

    Catch you guys and ladies in an hour or so… I have to sort out someone’s appraisal…

  95. potter says:

    Bellerin is a right back , more likely Sagna , Wenger rarely plays players that say they are going , probably that’s why Vermaelen is not about.

  96. agirlagunner says:

    rico, haha. The has two tattoos that I know of, a smiley face and a walnut. Def scary.

    I’m quite intrigued now by this TV5 tidbit. Is he injured though?

  97. rico says:

    Later Ts, enjoy…

    I thought TV said he wanted to stay and fight for his place Potter?
    :) agag

  98. potter says:

    His agent might have , but they might be protecting themselves from injury before a move in the summer. Who knows? not me that’s for sure.Remember his best friend is RVP and look at his wantaway injury record.

  99. rico says:

    Very true – would be damaging to lose another captain though, especially if Sagna doesn’t agree a new contract too..

    AW will be getting nose bleeds worrying about how much those will cost to replace..

    Or will he simply promote from within I wonder, especially as our younger CB as just signed a new contract…

  100. Rick. says:

    Afternoon Rico and the house.
    I think you are all making too much about Bellerins recall.
    When he first joined Watford he played at right back and was given games but since they changed manager he has only played as a sub and then as a left back.
    With Nico and Boatang leaving Tarif Moore was the only R/back the youth team have and last night he picked up a bad injury leaving us very short. I expect to see Bellerin to feature for the U21 and U19 in the next games.
    I allso expect that Akpom will be playing thos games as well

  101. potter says:

    Good information Rick, your’e probably right.

  102. rico says:

    Afternoon Rick..

    Just seems strange that he’s not left at Watford to get playing time….

    Need to pop off for an hour, laters…

  103. devilgunner says:

    You might be right Rick. We failed to see that.

  104. Gonerjoe says:

    To go back to all the rubbish by the media on 2nd Liverpool penalty talkshite spent two days going on about it. Now it may have been a penalty but Arsenal had one stonewall penalty and a good shout for a 2nd not a word. Also Liverpool should have had two players sent off Gerrard’s lack off yellow cards and Sterling for putting a hand on the ref laws state it’s a straight red card.
    So why do this it’s my feeling that it’s to make sure that a ref never considers not given a penalty against Arsenal it’s going to be a carrier thing the media wanted Webb dropped from PL fixers this weekend.
    Now of course the British press has no record of corruption do they. I predict some very soft and non penalties given against Arsenal in the coming weeks.

  105. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, They say it and i suppose you have to report it Rico, Personally i couldn;t give a monkeys what anyone of the pundits comentators ex players or anybody trying to get a few lines in the papers say, Arsenal Football club is a club that is second in the league and they are there because the team has amassed the points. whether we will still be there by the end of the season depends on if we continue gaining points. These very biassed old has beens can say anything they like who gives a shit.

  106. rico says:

    Akpom is back out on loan I think Rick..

    Gjoe, we were saying the same yesterday, all too easy to spot the dipper one but forget our calls….

  107. rico says:

    Exactly Sp, it’s in the news, it relates to Afc so it’s written….

  108. Adam says:

    Arsenal have always been news Rico. :)

  109. Rick. says:

    Your right Rico he is. But I understand it is a youth team loan witch allows the parent club to recall the player should they require him for certain games. This has to be agreed to at the start of the loan and I hope that is what happened.

  110. rico says:

    In one way or another Adam ;)

  111. Gonerjoe says:

    Sorry I missed it yesterday work but I feel the last couple of days with the way the media have dealt with our match on the weekend has sinister reasons behind it. Sorry if someone has posted these thoughts all ready if they have I agree with them.

  112. rico says:

    But I think he scored for his club at the weekend Rick, no sign of Akpom returning again. Yet anyway..

  113. rico says:

    Gjoe, no worries at all, was just saying that we all agreed ;)

  114. rico says:

    Bayern and 1-0 down to Psg…

  115. Gonerjoe says:

    It’s good to see if I am conspiracy nut I am not the only one.

  116. rico says:

    :) Gjoe…

  117. tsgh says:

    the other Bayern? lol

    How is Lars playing Rico?

  118. rico says:

    No idea Ts, I’m watching Eastenders with the BBC link open ;)

  119. tsgh says:

    ha ha ok…

    night to you all…

  120. tsgh says:

    Gj, too many ‘conspiracy nuts’ on here… just don’t let Micko see that… lol

  121. rico says:

    I’m off for the day too…

    Night all and have a good evening..

  122. Gonerjoe says:

    Some times the nuts are right but let’s not forget conspiracies do happen it’s happened in football all over the world.

  123. Joaquim Moreira says:

    TV is the new Diaby or Diaby II ?

  124. potter says:

    12.45 kick off F.A Cup Everton Saturday 8th.

  125. Adam says:

    I assume the press who, as we know after Sunday, are fanatical that all on-field decisions are strictly correct will go overboard at Barcelona having a goal wrongly ruled out against Man City this evening.
    Or not.

  126. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning guys.

  127. rico says:

    That FA Cup kick-off time is no surprise….

    Morning Scott and all…

  128. Scott from Oz says:

    Geez, a tough week for the boys……3 games in 6 days.
    Hi Rico.
    We have your weather…..absolutley teeming down rain atm.

  129. rico says:

    Rain in Oz Scott, that’s unheard of…. Hope it doesn’t last too long, think ours has been around 2 months now….

  130. Lee says:

    Match day….COYRRG!
    Morning peeps.

  131. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico, better here than there…..well, in a month or so :)
    To tell you the truth, we can certainly use it.

  132. Lee says:

    Have you seen the picture of BFG taking the piss out of Giroud?

  133. Scott from Oz says:

    Yep…..how funny was it, Lee? :)

  134. rico says:

    It’s relentless here Scott, you are welcome to it for a while ;)

    Morning Lee..

    That photo is very funny..

  135. rogerbij says:

    If by punching about our weight, he means doing better than he expected well… we are doing better than I expected at the start of the season! In fact, we are doing great! I have to stop lamenting the fact that if we had one world class striker up front for Ozil to feed we would be nigh unstoppable.

  136. rico says:

    Nipping off first thing, see you on the new post in a while…

    That will be up just after 9.30…

  137. tsgh says:

    WoW, Sanogo is starting…

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