Jacks back. Match chit-chat & Arsene wants more of the same….

Morning all.

Despite hobbling around during the final stages of last weeks fixture against Crystal Palace, Mikel Arteta has been confirmed fit and healthy to face Liverpool tomorrow.

Jack Wilshere should be back in the squad too and there are no additional walking wounded after last weekend so all’s good..

As we know, Liverpool at Anfield will be a tough test. Perhaps the best attacking duo against the best defensive unit right now in the Premier League.

Martin Skrtel:

I am confident we can beat Arsenal because we definitely have the strength to do so.

They are the leaders at the moment but we can give them a hard time. It won’t be an easy game but I am sure we can do something in front of our fans.

Kieran Gibbs:

I think it would make a big statement if we won there – just like it did when we played Liverpool at home.

Whilst Arsene Wenger believes it’s simply about stopping the supply to their two front men:

[The key is] for us to dominate the game and leave them as few balls as possible. That will be one of our targets of course.

At Liverpool the task might be a bit more difficult but the philosophy on our side has to be the same – to master the ball and to have the ball and to dominate the game.

Liverpool have a strong offensive force with Sturridge, with Suarez, with Coutinho, with Sterling behind. All these players can score goals and make a difference. So what you want on our side is a strong defensive performance.

So it seems we are going to approach the game on Saturday in the same way we approach every other. I’d like to see us be a bit more direct because Liverpool don’t have the strongest of central defences right now but what they do have is a goal keeper who is in good form. Test him early and see what he’s truly made of.

Kieran Gibbs is right though, it would make a big statement if we can go to Anfield, put in a solid performance and come away with all the points.

History suggests we don’t like lunchtime kick-offs at the weekend and with Liverpool having dropped two points at home so far this season, it’s going to be a tough test for us…

But with Kolo at the heart of their defence, anything is possible….

That’s your lot for another day….

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