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Has Jose done Arsene Wenger a favour?

Morning all.

Over the years and especially since the big money owners arrived in the Premier League, Arsene Wenger has often said that football will never be a level playing field when certain clubs can freely spend million after million on world class players after world class players. Not only are they able to spend vast amounts of money on many players but they can of course pay those players ridiculous sums of money.

He’s a moaner, he’s jealous, in fact he was labelled many things and his views would be dismissed as we failed again in our quest to get that piece of silverware on a shoestring budget.

Now FFP has been introduced and if it’s managed properly by the governing bodies and clubs who fail to adhere to the rules of footballing law, those big money spending clubs will need to be careful….

We are so darn frugal,we’ll have no problems that’s for sure but Manchester City look like they are struggling to conform.

So, instead of Arsene Wenger taking a swipe towards them, Jose Mourinho, ahead of last nights fixture, thought it was his perfect chance to lay the boot in about their free spending.

If they (football’s authorities) want to make it impossible to compete with City, it’s impossible. Chelsea are not competing outside what is important for us, the ‘fair’ Financial Fair Play.

We are working, thinking and believing that Financial Fair Play is going to be in practice. So there are things that are impossible for us (to do).

Not only that, he thought it was the perfect time to tell the world of football, well anyone who wanted to listen, that Manchester City have been lucky, very lucky with many decisions which have gone their way and helped them to win fixtures which maybe they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

They are lucky. The reality is they have many crucial decisions in their favour.

Against Liverpool, the (Raheem) Sterling ‘goal’. The penalty on (Luis) Suarez. Against Newcastle the goal that is a clear goal.

Against Tottenham, (Michael) Dawson’s goal, the penalty, the (Danny Rose) red card. They are having everything. I repeat, because I don’t want to be misinterpreted, (it is) just pure coincidence.

The referees, they try to do their best and sometimes they make mistakes and normally during the season the mistakes are split between teams.

In their (City’s) case, they have everything in their favour. 

He mentioned the wrong sending off of Tottenhams Danny Rose, the perfect Newcastle goal which was never allowed but of course, he failed to mention the goals/decisions which went against us at The Etihad Stadium. How sour are those grapes eh, but he has a point. A very good point.

When Arsene Wenger talks about such things, he’s dismissed as same old moaning Arsene but now Jose Mourinho has spoken, no doubt the world will listen because he is a great man, a great manager and a winner isn’t he?

No, of course he’s not but he is a good tactician and although his side can often play boring football it works. Saying that, there was no sign of boring tactics last night when his side battered Manchester City 1-0 at The Etihad stadium.

My point?

People in the media listen to Jose and are taken in because they are all loved up by his return and he’s just highlighted issues which may now be taken seriously.

Where as had Arsene Wenger made such comments, those same people would have probably nodded off to sleep….

I’m sure there will be ‘that’s a bit rich coming from him’ after he spent vast amounts of money when Roman first appointed him as the Chelsea manager but FFP wasn’t in then but now it is and I hope someone has the balls to enforce the rules and deal with the overspending clubs accordingly.

And referee’s getting a few more decisions right each week would be ideal too as yet again on Sunday we weren’t given a penalty when Olivier Giroud was mauled in the area. It didn’t cost us then but decisions like those keep going against us and on another day it just might make a difference…

Right now we are two points clear of both City and Chelsea and Liverpool sit in 4th place, eight points behind us.

It’s tight, very tight and the next 14 league matches will be very interesting for all of us.

Next up though is a trip to Anfield on Saturday lunchtime……

That’s it for another day, hope what I’ve written makes some kind of sense……

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171 comments on “Has Jose done Arsene Wenger a favour?

  1. Morning Rico and all. I tend not to listen to any of the news conferences, including Wenger’s. I find them shallow, self-serving and embarrassing.

  2. Morning again Adam..

    I quite like them, they remind me of watching the cat fights on Dallas and Dynasty a few years ago…

  3. watched the game just now, no wonder Mourinho has won so many trophies – master class in tactics again.

  4. Have to give him credit for that Oz…

  5. Dallas n Dynasty… A few years ago…………..? don’t u mean decades..? :D

  6. Tactically very shrewd however he could do with a couple of sessions on the rack, the vertically challenged bell!!!

  7. Now now Wath… Mind you, you have a valid point ;)
    :) Lee.

  8. morning everyone , well said rico monino didn’t metion us bcs he knows that it may turn to our favour .

  9. I had a few sessions on the rack when I had my back troubles. Didn’t make me any taller…

    Didn’t sort my back out either….

  10. Rico – with Fergie gone now, is there anyone close to his trophy hauls and lists of success? Not looking forward to the visit to the bridge at all and given his record against him, i bet Wenger isn’t either in truth

  11. pryce, he’ll soon start the mind games with us when our fixture against them get’s close..

    In fact he’s started it already by saying we are favourites….

    Apparently AW was at the game last night but will he have taken on board what went on and try to do something different when we play both Chelsea and City?

    I doubt it myself.

    My point is more about Jose highlighting the decisions City have been getting and the FFP rule. Clubs like City aren’t adhering to the rules, but I don’t think Chelsea can be either…

  12. No Oz, but we can get something at Chelsea, AW just needs to play the same way Big Sam did ;)

  13. Let’s not forget that City had plenty of chances to score but for once their players didn’t have their shooting boots on..

    Nikki B to get a hat-trick maybe ;)

  14. Morning all.
    Have to disagree a little about the ‘master tactician’. If $hitty had taken their chances in the first 15-20 minutes of the game, which they dominated and completely out played the chavs, for that period of the game, the outcome would have been very different. The counter attacking modus operandi would have gone out of the window and it would have become a game of attrition. They didn’t, no good strikers on display! The gold bullion team kept rolling along, last night rather unsuccessfully! Well that made a change. However, credit where it is due, the chav grubs did get it right thereafter.
    The result in some ways benefits us today, as both our nearest rivals sit 2 points away rather than one below or even one above had $hitty won, as everyone expected!
    Sod Maureen, and $hitty’s millions. We are still top! (For now!)

  15. Jose moaningHO doesn’t do favours for no one… Let alone Arsenal.

  16. Morning all.
    Suddenly, Jose is back, yet still, Arsene is on top.
    They have the Master tactician.
    Citeh have the cash and officials.
    We have a thin squad.
    Still, we lead, and i love it :)
    One thing we have in abundance is a group of men fighting for each other, and since the prima donna, aka our best players, have been sold, we now have a team.
    Morning all.
    Just thought i’d let you in on an i tersting “debate” i had oberight on an English based FB page.
    Basically, it is a new group started because they were thrown out of another grop by a dictator who had no idea what freedom of speech meant.
    They then went on to say any c**t who loves that french f**k Wenger can stay away.
    Naturally, me being me, i asked, bery dilpomatically, of course, was this not the height of hypocricy.
    I then dared them to ban me, so everyone knew they were the ultimate fools.
    It went on…me playing it cool…Rico,your boy is growing up lol….until one of the groups admin call an Indian gent a Baboon.
    I went to town, still keeping my cool.
    It went for hours, and i must humbly say it was an absolute TKO victory to me…not that it was hard.
    So they ban me.
    Yes, even Gooners can be the ultimate in scum.

  17. I was surprised to see City miss so many chances too Wavy…

    Overall they dominated the game according to those lovely things called stats but only goals count…. ;)

  18. Scott, that’s a classic :)

  19. got that right Rico and Mourinho does it far to often to be all luck – Scott why do you take every compliment to others as a slight against Wenger or the team? The world is full of footballers, teams and coaches etc Wenger is not the only man alive who knows anything mate

  20. I think he got lucky last night in some ways Oz.

    But like I said, goals count and his side got one and that’s all what counts really..

    When the season ends, no-one cares about stats etc, all they care about is whose name is on the trophy. We won the FA Cup in 2005 but other than us and the Mancs, will anyone really remember how we were battered the entire game and nicked it on penalties… ;)

  21. Wavy – agree, wasn’t sure what result i wanted to be honest but given their record i did think it was a city home win. I tipped Chelsea, largely because of Mourinho in the summer, as you may remember and still think they are the team to beat.

  22. City made good progress down their left hand side and got a few good crosses in during the first 20 and could have scored a couple then Chelsea took the midfield by doubling on Toure and breaking his influence. It will be important that when we play them we don’t spend the match passing in front of their back 6 and get wide and cut in. it is pointless us trying to centre because Terry and Cahill will mop that up all day. We have played the pass pass game against them everytime that we have played them and they can defend against it with their eyes closed. we need to find speed out wide cutting in and shooting . it would be a whole new set of problems for them to sort out.

  23. no Rico they will not – winners are grinners and its only those that are remembered by the masses, you are right

  24. Good post rico, agree re Mour and Wenger and everyone’s perception of them. PS – sent you a PM via website yesterday.

  25. I think its fair to say a tactical change for Arsene against Mourinho might be a good idea potter :-)

  26. Oz, why do you never see the good in Wenger?
    Goes both ways mate :)

  27. Oh, and i tipped Arsenal, and am still looking good.

  28. The Man Utd final was almost as big a travesty as the Liverpool one where Owen nicked it at the finish. Still they won it and that’s a fact.
    I wanted a draw last night and was very disappointed with City, without their top top strikers they looked pretty ordinary to me. After last night I believe the title is coming to London , just where remains to be seen.

  29. No Aguero, Citeh lose plenty.
    If Yaya finally gets the red he deserves, or an injury, they will be in trouble.
    Even at their best, they are not that great.

  30. there are more than a few examples where i have passed on compliments to both Arsene and the team mate so not true to use the word ‘never’. Do i think he’s a great manager? No. Do i think he’s a great tactician? Even more of a NO. Do i think he’s a winner? No, because he’s all to ready to accept or excuse defeat. Was he the right manager for the previous years? Maybe. Do i think he’ll change his spots? No. Do i think he loves Arsenal? Yes i do. So…. thanks to FIFA he claims every year is a success, to me he’s a born bridesmaid and shows very little ambition/knowledge to change that.

  31. Decisions tend to even themselves out over the season …..and sometimes over history.

    Remember when we were going for our last double and had a fairly piss poor West Ham come to Highbury. Kanoute scored a valid goal which was adjudged to have been cleared off the line by Ashley Cole even though it was a yard over. The same season didn’t we lose 1-3 at home to Newcastle where we were hammering them before having Ray Parlour acrimoniously sent off?

    Morning all.

    Top of the league.

  32. Exactly Potter, we have to try something very new against Chelsea, and certainly do to Yaya what Chelsea did when we play City.

    We are too predictable for Jose…

  33. Oz, yet you say EVERY time someone praises another, i take it the wrong way?

  34. Syg, I was at Highbury for that West Ham game – a clear goal….

  35. Thanks Ah, which site did you message me on?

  36. I wanted a draw too Potter…

    Scott, I think City are all attack and have a weakness at the back, if we can get at them and defend as we have been, we can easily beat them at The Ems..

    But we need to be a bit more imaginative going forward, and less of the sideways slow stuff…

    We miss Theo….

  37. Agreed Rico.
    Citeh are good, but certainly not dominant.
    They do not worry me, WE worry me.

  38. I can see why Scott..

    But this is usually the time of the season where we step up our game, just hope we can do the same this time around because we sure need to…

  39. Rico, my theory has been we have gone through our little flat spot and will build, where Citeh have been riding high and are due for a form slump.
    Little signs are there on both counts, but we will know more in 2-3 weeks.

  40. Reports suggest Zenit are going to offer £18m for Vermaelen, if true, surely AW will tell them to take a long run off of a short pier…

  41. 18 million might tempt him, Rico.
    That is big money for a CB, and a third choice one.

  42. rico, Highbury House! (Only way I could find)

  43. Before the game I posted that without Fernandinho playing Jose will be smiling all night long…

    Demichele is like Le Squid with a pony tail especially in CM but all in all Jose played the midfield 3 he can rely on and ensured that Silva did not get the ball much in the hole between midfield and defense…

    Willian and Hazard ensured that their RB/LB could not overlap much…

    Unfortunately whenever Aw tries to play a similar tactic with AR16 on the wings the fans moan and like I always say we can never beat Jose with the likes of SC19, Theo, Poldi strolling along on the wings.

    Morning all btw and an excellent post..

  44. But would be risky, very risky. Even AW will surely see that Scott..

    I haven’t seen it Ah, try the email, I should get that one..

  45. Morning All.

    It’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting end to the season and we should know more about our chances by the end of the month.

    Really the next two games are massive for us – we could easily lose to Liverpool and draw again Man U, which would see us slip as I don’t see the City or Chelsea slipping up.

    Same time though, we could beat Liverpool and Man U and that would give us super confidence.

  46. Rico, i hope he keeps Tommy V.
    I’d hate to see him go.

  47. Oz, i think AW changes tactics subtly but it is the personal he deploys to execute the orders that is the issue imho…

    No commander will sent a fussilier to do the job of a mechanized unit on the battle ground…

    I guess it comes down to the issue of having options which we lack;

    We know that over the last 4 years or so we have lost less than 17% of games in the second half… unfortunately in most of the BIG games we lose the game before the first half is over…

  48. rico, I tried the email link from HH which says highbury.house @ yahoo.co.uk but it opens email client with highbury.house14 @gmail.com

    broken link?

  49. Not with spaces of course ;-)

  50. Thanks Ts..

    Woody, it’s easy. Win all ours and we win the big cup ;)

    Ah, that’s the old email, I’ll check it..

    highbury.house@yahoo.co.uk should work…

  51. Boring Boring Chelsea

  52. Hey Rico – I actually didn’t know that stat, interesting. Agree with much of the rest and also agree to leave the club with no real CB options would be silly to say the least. Sagna is a right back and a damn good one, speaking of which, come on guys get the boy signed up and lets move on. Especially now, we can’t afford walk outs

  53. that was to tsgh 11.26
    sorry guys

  54. Just going back to the Toure thing, he was mule red in the first 20/30 minutes, I don’t know how many times he got kicked up in the air! The result was plain to see, instead of dwelling on the ball, as he usually does he got rid of it as quick as he could! His normal, devastating accuracy for some reason deserted him. He was far less effective as a result.
    Much the same could be said of Silva, do t think they kicked him quite so hard but they certainly closed him down very quickly and allowed him ver y little space to move around in.
    Tactically spot on, violently achieved, mostly, but a lesson in how to dominate and subdue.
    Can we do the same when the time comes???

  55. Morning again…

    Good post Rico…. No really! ;-)

    Liverpool is all I am worrying about, everything else, will take care of itself…

    We just have to take it one game at a time…
    As long as we can keep this run going, then there will be more opportunities of a West Ham doing us a favour…

  56. I still say that Kanoute goal was offside.

  57. Was TV particularly friendly with AA23? If he wasn’t I can’t see that the long Russian winter would have much appeal to our present club Captain. And it would leave us short in back division!
    No not for me. I don’t think so.

  58. Fair call Kev

  59. Wavy – he faces dropping off the face of football if he heads there – no chance surely

  60. Guys, can any of you help?

    If you get the email each day from HH re the new post, how did you get it, never done it myself and can’t remember how it’s done.. ;)

  61. Wavy, there is absolutely no chance of Wenger sending out his team to intimidate the Oilers… We haven’t got those type of players with the exception of Flamini.

    But I’d like to think that we can set up to hit them on the break like CFC.
    Aguerro will be back by the time we play them anyway…

  62. Wavy… if we manage to get similar subs for Arteta, AR16 and TR07 then we will be able to dominate and subdue imho…

    My ideal options will be Kroos/Gundagun, Reus and Schnerderlein…

    Before Cabaye left he was my ideal option to replay Arteta

    All very mobile and tactically switched on…

    The 2nd goal against Crystal Palace to me epitomizes what TR07 brings to the team…

    The off the ball run he made to prevent CPs 2xCB’s from coming towards Ox was very crucial in creating the goal…

    Its no wonder Ozil’s game improves immensely when TR07 is on the field…

    Strangely enough even Gerv had his better games when TR07 was on the pitch too…

  63. you have wordpress set to notify of each new comment in the settings Rico – the mail comes in fact from comment-reply@wordpress.com. – is that what you are asking?

  64. as a user we can also select to be notified of every post within the comments – so every time Scott picks on me i’d be notified ha!

  65. £18 million is tempting, but if would be a very stupid move…

    Unless Vermaelen is agitating for a move, I think it’s a complete no-go…

    If Adsenal did sell, then it would be a total betrayal of the fans…
    And prove that the priority of the club really is financial, above anything else…

  66. agree with much of that tsgh mate

  67. What’s the situation with Sanogo?

    How much longer are we gonna have to wait for this geezer to get fit enough to at least have a seat on the bench???

  68. :) Kev, thanks…

  69. Thanks Oz…

    As do I Kev, a big no no, this time of the season anyway..

    I think Sanogo is back training now..

  70. Kev – last time we saw him he was miles off the pace, so not sure even he if stays fit he would be ready for any of the tests we have coming just yet?

  71. Rosicky is a huge disappointment to me – one of the worlds real class acts, a truly great player who’s career has been torn apart with damn injuries. He still offers so much, such is his extraordinary will and skill and yet so much of his career, we have been robbed of seeing.

  72. Thanks Rico, I’m sure that Ginge said he was fit a couple of weeks ago, and was just working on building himself up…

    Oz, tbh, the longer Sanogo is absent, the more he reminds me of Bischoff, another Wenger gamble (cheap of course) who was never fit and stayed barely a year before Arsene saw the light…

    It’s all very depressing, whether it be permacrock Diaby, Sanogo or now Kallstrom… :-(

  73. Sorry Oz :)
    I’m off guys… Have a good one.

  74. Bischoff Mark2 indeed Kev…

    But we have Nikki B ;)

    Night Scott….

  75. night mate – the Kallstrom fiasco has not done us any favours Kev that is for sure, thankfully the press has not made that big a deal of it considering how important this window really was. We must remember this player was signed to solve a short term injury crisis, dear oh dear. At least the Russians are helping out by paying his wages for 6 weeks or so or so the story goes

  76. Oz, the Kallstrom fiasco, had made Arsenal look really stupid and quite amateurish in the way the club conducts it’s business…

    We really are down to the bare bones, due to injuries, and Wenger’s ultra-conservative transfer policy…

    Tbh, if Arsenal go onto win the EPL this season, all things considered, like injuries and the lack of serious investment in players, then I think if would constitute a miracle…

    Even a bit of an upset….

  77. Arsenal ar doin gud ryt nw bt ar too predictabl. If u guys wil end ur tropyless yrs, wenger must find a way 2 prevail in top clashes lyk d one we won last nyt. Hate it or lyk it, Jose is a tactical genius nd wenger might want to borow a leaf frm him. Wish u guys well at Anfield. A chelsea fan here!

  78. I’m off for a while now, catch up later….

  79. Kev, it certainly has. He’s a shocking signing…..

  80. Nwali :- Is that how you talk down the Worlds end ?.When it comes in a legible form I will try and read it.

  81. Well I can’t work that out either Nwali, maybe you could take a leaf out of a dictionary… Or two…..

  82. True rico, it’s just like watching JR and Cliff Barnes, about time Arsene put one over that sleaze-ball Mourinho.

  83. Nwali, you have to stop using numbers for words, it makes your post very hard to read otherwise it’s all good.

  84. The good old days eh Micko.. And it’s long overdue, can AW get one over him this time around?

    All will soon be revealed. When do we play them?

  85. Just checked, 22nd of March, a lot can happen between now and then….

  86. Bayern, scum, Chelsea, Citeh, if we’re still top going into April it will be a bloody miracle.

  87. Hi Mick, u ok m8…

    Gd 2c u…

  88. I wonder if this is the season we should forget the CL and concentrate on the domestic stuff…

  89. Good to see Sanogo in training…

    Now I want to see him in the squad…

    Before Easter would be encouraging….

  90. I notice our new signing is not listed in the squad on afc.com…

  91. Wenger won’t do that Rico…

  92. Just written tomorrow’s post on him Kev ;)

  93. That’s a big 10-4 buddy !!!

    rico, but we always exit the CL in March anyway, the FA Cup won’t make us 28 million will it ?

  94. I know Kev, he loves the CL, get past Bayern and ker-ching, a few more pounds in his purse…

  95. Kev, good news, there wouldn’t be any Easter if it weren’t for miracles, it could happen.

  96. Stop Press;
    Steve Howie has stated, unequivocally ( one for Potter there), on TalkRubbish, that the England manager ‘cannot’ ignore John Terry anymore, and he ‘must’ be included in the squad for Brazil….

    Well that’s settled then, If Steve Howie says it, then it must be so…..

  97. Hey Mick, I think you might be onto something there mate…

    Bolts of lightning from above, atomising Mourinho.

    Sanogo returning to the squad on Palm Sunday…

    Adam joining the local choir…

    It all adds up…

  98. I thought Terry didn’t want to play for his country any more?

    I was believing that until I read ‘Adam joining the local choir’…

  99. Moyes wants William Carvalho in the summer…

    Wath mentioned him a few days back….

  100. Notice there was no mention of Diaby kev, that would be pushing it a bit alright.

  101. Bayern Munich have threatened to remove season tickets from their own fans, due to too many holders not bothering to turn up for less attractive Bundesliga fixtures.

    Despite every home match being officially sold out, there are empty seats dotted around the Allianz Arena as supporters stay away.

    Fans cannot pass their season tickets on to friends due to the strict personalisation of all tickets. You cannot even buy a bratwurst without your own ‘ArenaCard.’

    Bayern are lauded for their ticketing policies, with their cheapest season tickets sold for a mere €140.

    Recently, they have also garnered praise for rewarding fans by subsidising tickets to the club’s Champions League second round fixture at Arsenal.

    But the club is set to take a hard line against those who don’t actually use their tickets. Truancy will not be tolerated.

    Wonder if Arsenal have seen this…..

  102. Is my name being taken in vain again? :)

  103. Imagine that…. Adam n vain in the same sentence………….

  104. It’s hard to Wath ;)

  105. Are you two ganging up on me? :)

  106. Never Adam ;)

    Nipping off again….

  107. As if……………. :D

  108. Evening folks, roll on Saturday eh ;)

  109. All quiet here so night all…

    Catch up tomorrow….

  110. Cheers rico, its every new blog I’d forgotten how I set up. Once you comment, its just a tick to get follow-up comments.

  111. Long weeks now between games! Hope players don’t get rusty ;-)

  112. Breaking: Michael Laudrup sacked. 8 wins in 34 in the Premier League since Capital One cup win…

    History repeats itself…

  113. Breaking: Arsene Wenger set to sign a new contract extension, 8 seasons going on 9 without any silverware but there again it depends what you call a trophy.

    History repeats itself…

  114. ha ha Micko… #leave it #Dench

    How you doing Sir?

  115. I’m alright tsgh, it’s the others.

    Looking forward to the weekend, lunchtime kick-off followed by the rugby, cushty.

  116. Micko
    3 leagues titles 4 FA cups 2 doubles 1 unbeaten season new stadium a CL finel running a football club on a pittance compared to the last 3 winners of the PL title.
    Of course Arsene is worth a new contract no matter what you like to call continued CL football every year.
    Just asked spurs, Liverpool and man utd fans after this season.

  117. nighth all !
    Why we sign Karslton injury if he only be able next March/April?
    In that time, we will be probably out of all competitions….
    I repeat what I wrote a month ago; Our main target was to have been Cabaye.
    Without a strong defense, combined with a midfield that argues that produces and makes the difference, we not going anywhere.
    For center forward, we have Giroud. And Bendtner. And Podolsky, since he plays with another player over the middle and on the right side.
    We are where we are, because we had played Flamini, who has the concept of defense, is the first to “kill” the plays and is a cap for defense.
    Without it, Arteta alone does not do the trick. Ozil does not going back; Cazorla does not have these features and defends wearing to what is essential; Ox does not, do not have anyone else besides Ransey to balance and properly balance the team.
    So, the question now is: who is available to play with Arteta in the midfield? None?

  118. aaaaaahhh cushty… lol

    lunchtime kick off may be a k.o for us… as you know…

    history repeats itself… ;)

    Not this time because Suarez is shite! :P

    Old man Di Natali and fat man Muriel scoring for Udinese…

    Hi Gj, JM

  119. Sorry Gonerjoe, I only started supporting Arsenal in 2005, didn’t realise they’d won all that under Wenger, supported Newcastle before then but got fed up of waiting for them to win something so switched over.

  120. Don’t go there tsgh.

    I’m off before Scott chips in and calls me an Arsene Basher.

    Catch ya tomorrow.

  121. Micko
    I find that hard to believe Newcastle?

  122. Gonerjoe, you were pulling my leg about us moving into new stadium right ?

    Nite mate.

  123. Micko
    No it’s a big shinny thing

  124. Fulham out of the FA cup

  125. I see that Arsenal are being strongly linked with some Portugese midfielder…

    Not sure about that, Portugese players are nothing but trouble…

  126. Top of the morning, boys and girls.

  127. Micko, Arsene is doing enough Micko bashing for himself mate :)

  128. Carly Simon wrote that song about Adam….apparently!

  129. Nasty, Lee :)

  130. He’s a brother from another mother…

  131. Arsene ya daddy??

  132. When are you over Scott?

  133. Morning Adam, Lee, Scott & all…

    RvP linked to return, Ashley Cole linked with a return, who is next….

  134. Fuck that brace of dick heads!

  135. Hi guys.
    Cesc is the only one i’d want back.

  136. Ah yes, Fabregas. Can’t see that ever happening either…

  137. WATH would love him back too….

  138. Don’t want that little tapas boy back for sure… shit stirring little wanker….!

    Oh and morning all….! Been listening to Carli Simon all morning… such dulcit tones…. Did she ever wear pink spandex strides..?

  139. You read my mind Lee……………… :D

  140. Gerv and Ade…two up front???

  141. Gus Ceasar n Chris Whyte at centre half…!

  142. See, we have options.

  143. Lets not forget Jim Fotheringham either…………. That’ll make Grandad Kev crash the cab…

  144. Wath….who??.
    How far back does he go lol

  145. Scott…… Learn your history you lightweight lol :D

  146. Scott, Grandad Kev going to grill you in the Pub one afternoon on all these historical AFC players….! Best you get learning…!

  147. He’ll probably bring up a bloke called Fingers Furnell as well…!

  148. Morning All

    Jim Forthringham was a centre-half Scott…
    As Wath well knows… ;-)

    I was thinking more of Mike Tiddy and Gordon Nutt, especially as we need pace on the wings…

  149. So how many of you are hitting the pub with me when i am over??

  150. I shall study before i get there….honest i will :)

  151. Yes Scott, I will be preparing an Arsenal test for you…

    Questions like, what is the original name of Arsenal and what year did they turn professional…..

    Failure to pass the test will lead to 3 match ban from HH… ;-)

  152. Nutt n Tidy…….. Yes speed does spring to mind Grandad…..! In need of…!

  153. Gotcha covered, Kev :)
    Our next race dog will be Goonerette, then after that, Dial Square.
    A certain Aussie born lad was the clubs first ever captain :)
    Oh and Kev, i have a test for you :)

  154. What game are you here for?

  155. Citeh at home, Chelski away.
    I have tickets for the Away Boys river cruise for Chelski, and am working on tickets to the game.
    Citeh is sorted.

  156. Sweet!
    Kev and Adam someone was saying the other day that Mangal has just won an award!!!

  157. New post up now…

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