Has Jose done Arsene Wenger a favour?

Morning all.

Over the years and especially since the big money owners arrived in the Premier League, Arsene Wenger has often said that football will never be a level playing field when certain clubs can freely spend million after million on world class players after world class players. Not only are they able to spend vast amounts of money on many players but they can of course pay those players ridiculous sums of money.

He’s a moaner, he’s jealous, in fact he was labelled many things and his views would be dismissed as we failed again in our quest to get that piece of silverware on a shoestring budget.

Now FFP has been introduced and if it’s managed properly by the governing bodies and clubs who fail to adhere to the rules of footballing law, those big money spending clubs will need to be careful….

We are so darn frugal,we’ll have no problems that’s for sure but Manchester City look like they are struggling to conform.

So, instead of Arsene Wenger taking a swipe towards them, Jose Mourinho, ahead of last nights fixture, thought it was his perfect chance to lay the boot in about their free spending.

If they (football’s authorities) want to make it impossible to compete with City, it’s impossible. Chelsea are not competing outside what is important for us, the ‘fair’ Financial Fair Play.

We are working, thinking and believing that Financial Fair Play is going to be in practice. So there are things that are impossible for us (to do).

Not only that, he thought it was the perfect time to tell the world of football, well anyone who wanted to listen, that Manchester City have been lucky, very lucky with many decisions which have gone their way and helped them to win fixtures which maybe they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

They are lucky. The reality is they have many crucial decisions in their favour.

Against Liverpool, the (Raheem) Sterling ‘goal’. The penalty on (Luis) Suarez. Against Newcastle the goal that is a clear goal.

Against Tottenham, (Michael) Dawson’s goal, the penalty, the (Danny Rose) red card. They are having everything. I repeat, because I don’t want to be misinterpreted, (it is) just pure coincidence.

The referees, they try to do their best and sometimes they make mistakes and normally during the season the mistakes are split between teams.

In their (City’s) case, they have everything in their favour. 

He mentioned the wrong sending off of Tottenhams Danny Rose, the perfect Newcastle goal which was never allowed but of course, he failed to mention the goals/decisions which went against us at The Etihad Stadium. How sour are those grapes eh, but he has a point. A very good point.

When Arsene Wenger talks about such things, he’s dismissed as same old moaning Arsene but now Jose Mourinho has spoken, no doubt the world will listen because he is a great man, a great manager and a winner isn’t he?

No, of course he’s not but he is a good tactician and although his side can often play boring football it works. Saying that, there was no sign of boring tactics last night when his side battered Manchester City 1-0 at The Etihad stadium.

My point?

People in the media listen to Jose and are taken in because they are all loved up by his return and he’s just highlighted issues which may now be taken seriously.

Where as had Arsene Wenger made such comments, those same people would have probably nodded off to sleep….

I’m sure there will be ‘that’s a bit rich coming from him’ after he spent vast amounts of money when Roman first appointed him as the Chelsea manager but FFP wasn’t in then but now it is and I hope someone has the balls to enforce the rules and deal with the overspending clubs accordingly.

And referee’s getting a few more decisions right each week would be ideal too as yet again on Sunday we weren’t given a penalty when Olivier Giroud was mauled in the area. It didn’t cost us then but decisions like those keep going against us and on another day it just might make a difference…

Right now we are two points clear of both City and Chelsea and Liverpool sit in 4th place, eight points behind us.

It’s tight, very tight and the next 14 league matches will be very interesting for all of us.

Next up though is a trip to Anfield on Saturday lunchtime……

That’s it for another day, hope what I’ve written makes some kind of sense……

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