What a wasted opportunity! Swedish midfielder joins the ranks…

Morning all.

What a sham that transfer window was.  Dreadful considering we sit second in the Premier League and are looking to press on and win it.

Well, from what we have all just witnessed, maybe the aim isn’t to win anything because sure as heck, Arsene Wenger has just sent out the clearest message that’s he’s not.

We needed a player who could get a few goals between now and the end of the season, did we get that player? NO!

Just when we all truly believed that a trophy could be just around the corner, well it looks like we’ll be waiting for a while yet. In fact my guess, based on this transfer window, it could be a long time yet…..

How long is Arsene Wenger’s new contract??

However, we did manage to bag the latest up and coming old Swedish international midfielder Kim Kallstrom. I won’t knock him though, it’s not his fault and I’d rather see how he performs for us before giving him a hard time…..

I would give you all a run down about the player but there’s no point, he’d have been googled more times than Solomon Kalou by now but if you do want to know more, check out afc.com, they are full of his history.

Well it is what is is I guess, we have who we have and I for one will be right behind them all.

As for Arsene Wenger, well I think he’s just blown our chances for this season although he thinks otherwise:

We are one point behind Man City, we have 15 games to make a difference on them. I believe we will have our chances, and what is even more important is we are fully committed to take our chances with full belief.

I am convinced we can do it. We just have to focus on our own run – if you look at the schedule [then] if we are consistent we have a good chance to do it.

You cannot speculate on any weakness in Man City in the coming months. So let’s focus on us, and our strengths, in the coming months. It is the way we must do it.

I believe we can [be champions] if we keep the consistency and manage to win the big games – one of them will be Man City at home. Of course that will be very important.

Our game on Sunday [at home to relegation-threatened Crystal Palace] is a great opportunity to win our game to respond to our draw at Southampton and come back and win the game.

Our target is to put pressure on them. Can you win the next game if you give absolutely everything? Yes, so let’s do it.

Let’s hope the players are prepared to put in a lot more effort than the manager just has…

That’s it for another day……

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